World Series & Chicago Cubs

The World Series is the annual championship series of Major League Baseball, played between the American League and National League champions since 1903. The winner of the World Series championship is determined through a best-of-seven playoff and awarded the Commissioner's Trophy. The Chicago Cubs are a professional baseball team located in Chicago, Illinois. 5.0/5

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My interest in the showdown between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians focused on the question: Could Chica…
I would like to thank the Chicago Cubs for the amazing opportunity to be part of a great tradition and organization for the…
Reminder that cheers me up about my 2017 Chicago Cubs ... NO MLB team has won back to back World Series titles since 2000. It's hard.
Los Angeles Dodgers lead Chicago Cubs 3-0 in the NLCS. The defending World Series champions are almost finished for the season, alas.
.may not have another World Series crown. But we have our candidate for Cook County Board President.
Chicago Cubs: We may not win the World Series often but when we do we always make noise in the Natio…
I always knew this day could come. Keep me in your thoughts. I’m told the Houston Astros could face the Chicago Cubs in the World Series.😳
Today In 1945: The Chicago kick Billy Sianis & his goat out of the World Series, starting the now broken "Curse of the Bi…
Hours after won the World Series, Ian Happ went to work in the batting cage, thinking about the next title:
Glencoe native Rich Cohen needed the to win the World Series before he could write the 'Curse'…
Bill Murray is in talks to play Cubs manager Joe Maddon in a film on the team's World Series win. What do you think?
Welcome to ChiTown! How Chicago's drive to solve violence will // the Cubs' drive to win a World Series!
NFL is doing something nearly as remarkable as Cubs winning a World Series - Chicago Tribune
Chicago Cubs vs Cleveland Indians for the World Series part 2
Well, that's incorrect because the Chicago Cubs won the World Series in seven games.
Rumor is the Chicago Cubs didn't advance to the World Series?
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Do you remember November 2, 2016, when they lost game 7 of the World Series to the Chicago Cubs?
Yeah, the Indians won 21 in a row, but remember when they gave up a 3-1 lead in the World Series to the Chicago Cubs?
Who has a better chance of making the World Series... the Chicago Cubs or Chicago White Sox?
Kyle Schwarber, as you may remember, played in the AFL last year just days before playing in the World Series for the Chicago Cubs.
Which team did the Chicago Cubs play in the 1945 World Series?.
Under 2k for Game 7 of the World Series with the Chicago Cubs? Deal of the CENTURY.
Chicago Cubs to Steve Bartman: Here's your own World Series ring. Really.
Chicago Cubs give ring to Steve Bartman, who deflected World Series foul (cont)
Attention fans. History and Art combined in the 2016 World Series. H/t
Going back to Chicago for the World Series this year cause the are winning it all again. Whose coming with
Chicago is having a baby boom. The won the World Series in November. Do the math.
Does the Justin Wilson/Alex Avila trade make the World Series favorites?.
loaded for another World Series run with Justin Wilson and Alex Avila.
About 9 months after the Chicago Cubs won the World Series, hospitals in the area are recording a surge in births:
After leading the Chicago Cubs to a World Series win, Joe Maddon now wants to reunite his home town. His strategy t…
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The Chicago Cubs celebrate their first World Series win in 108 years.
This question no longer pertains to me, because, in my lifetime, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series!
The pilot just welcomed us to Chicago, "the home of the World Series champions Cubs." Well, that's new.
Boston vs Chicago Cubs in the World Series? Cubs manager Joe Maddon hopes so. .
A look at the Chicago Cubs' World Series championship ring. -->
Does Andrew Friedman have the Dodgers on the same World Series track as Theo Epstein and the Chicago Cubs?
MARK MY WORDS: win the 2017 World Series against the Chicago Cubs...
Ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls the starting lineup for your defending World Series champion Chica…
10/14/1906: Gm 6 of World Series. 2B Frank Isbell is safe at 1st, avoiding tag of 1B Frank Chance. Sou…
Besides, how can I compete against my new Friend David Ross? The retired Catcher from my hometown Chicago Cubs, World Series Champ…
Home plate game of Sloan Park, spring training home of the 2016 World Series champions, Chicago Cubs baseball, on...
It has been 108 excruciating days since the last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series
if the Chicago Cubs can win a World Series after 100+ years, the Blues can win one eventually.
on the Cubs and the World Series: When the Chicago Cubs return to Wrigley Field this weeken...
President Barack Obama welcomes the World Series champion Chicago Cubs at The White House, just five days before...
.President Obama honors World Series champion Chicago Cubs before handing power to Donald Trump.
Obama honors the 2016 World Series champion at the White House today.
President Barack Obama will welcome the World Series champion Chicago Cubs at the White House on Monday
The modern Planetarium was invented 15 years after the Chicago Cubs last won the World Series.
The Chicago Cubs winning the World Series after only 108 measly years
World Series trophy will be in Schaumburg, 5-7 pm CT tonight. Check schedule here:
Behind the scenes at Wrigley: Cubs going full speed ahead to defend World Series title
This year the Chicago Cubs made history and won the World Series! Reflect back and read about it on pg. 9 of El Pue…
ha running your mouth on the year Chicago Cubs win the World Series. Jason Heyward was right.
The most important thing to remember about the 2016 Chicago Bears is that the Chicago Cubs won the World Series after…
Seen on FB: "Congrats Chicago Cubs for winning the World Series! Last time they won the World Series, the Deltas were sti…
Joe Maddon dissects his key World Series decisions in the Cubs' Games 6 and 7 wins
This is no joke. It just hit me that the Chicago Cubs won the World Series.
.is a man of his word. After losing a World Series bet to the King arrived in Chicago donning the…
LOOK: LeBron wears full Cubs uniform to pay off World Series bet with Dwyane Wade
Contreras - 2016 World Series -- Wilson Contreras of Chicago Cubs to catch Jake Arrieta for Game 6
read this PR pitch as "Chicago Cubs win World Series in best selling romance book". carry on.
Cubs to pay City of Chicago $388,000 for repairs and clean up after the team's World Series rally earlier this month
Budding superstar Kris Bryant overwhelmed by response from fans since winning World Series --
The Chicago Cubs starring in Game 7 of the World Series.
But the Chicago Cubs just won the World Series on the road after being down 3-1 i feel like KG rn
Chicago, home of the World Series winning is host tonight to the All-Ireland winning Dubs! Privileged to mee…
1908: Chicago Cubs win second consecutive World Series; why they'll dominate the league for decades to come
I flew from LA to Chicago to surprise my dad with World Series tickets
Hey remember that time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series? Tomorrow is the LAST DAY to buy your raffle tickets...
I got to perform in Chicago the night the Cubs won the World Series! Check out my Instagram for all our tour videos!. https:/…
Carl Edwards Jr. 'nervous' in Cubs' World Series — but Mike Montgomery called it via…
Remember when the Cubs won the World Series? Relive the glory with our exclusive Championship gear:
Verducci: How an unexpected brotherhood saved the Cubs' season and ended their World Series drought htt…
But the cubs won the World Series so we straight chicago ⚾️✊🏽
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If the Chicago Cubs have won more World Series than you have Heismans and National Championships combined
Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Donald Trump won the election. Nebraska had a screen play go for positive yards. The worl…
BREAKING NEWS: Chicago Cubs are being forced to give up their World Series title. Cleveland Indians fans rioting
The only positive moment(next to Ken Bone) in 2016 was the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series 😊
Step into the crowd outside Wrigley Field before the Chicago won their first World Series in 108 years. 360°:
Check out this (REALLY accurate) Lego version of the Cubs winning Game 7 of the World Series https:…
The Chicago Cubs tied the World Series up yesterday!!. Get all your Cubs gear here: https:/…
BREAKING: Chicago Cubs being forced to give up World Series title!.
A 108-year-old fan died a week after the team's World Series win.
Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs on winning the World Series!!!
I am so exited to say I am the wedding planner for a World Series champion! Congratulations to Kris Bryant and the Chicago…
Exactly 1 week ago today, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series 💙⚾️
5 reasons the Cubs will repeat as World Series champs
The happiest photo of the Chicago Cubs celebrating their historic World Series win
- Chicago Cubs win the World Series in drama to match Liverpool in Istanbul... an American fairytale! , T...
Chicago Blackhawks welcome the World Series champion Cubs with special tribute
How did support the during their World Series run?
Illinois church reminds Cubs fans of World Series promises
Bill Murray sings with Chicago Cubs on Saturday Night Live after World Series win. .
Hey, Cubs fans! Save this moment forever. You can get our World Series championship cover here:
A 108-year-old Cubs fan, born just months before Chicago won its last World Series, celebrates the Cubs' victory. https:/…
Two different takes on the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series.
Bill Murray reacts to the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series
Bill Murray reacting to the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series is just the best...
Just gonna leave this here. Harry Caray "Someday the Chicago Cubs are going to be in the World Series"
The Chicago River has been dyed blue to celebrate the World Series champion Chicago Cubs.
Chicago Cubs, World Series champions via . and just how many Countries compete in this "World" series?🙄
Chicago Cubs win World Series for 1st time since Ford built the first Model T.
BREAKING: Chicago Cubs win the World Series, defeating the Cleveland Indians in Game 7.
World Series, Game 7 TONIGHT @ Tantrum. Rock with me tonight as we cheer on the Chicago Cubs to victory. Catch a...
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My pal Nathan and this goat predict the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series tonight. Who will prevail? We shall…
Bill Murray Gave a Random Chicago Cubs Fan an Extra Ticket to Game 6 of the World Series — Next to Him! - Us Weekly
"If you’re a fan of baseball, this is the best outcome that you could possibly hope for in a World Series"
suburb plans noisy celebration if win World Series
It's a baseball thing. World Series is going on right now. Go Chicago Cubs, Go!
This beautiful World Series has been a respite from this ugly election
Chicago keep World Series hopes alive: Chicago Cubs beat Cleveland Indians 3-2 at Wrigley Field to trail the best-of-seven World Series 3-2.
Chicago Cubs vs. Cleveland Indians: A Money-Focused Look at the World Series - by
Chicago Cubs avoid elimination from World Series by winning Game 5. Cleveland leads the best-of-seven Series 3-2. https…
Cleveland Indians beaten at their own game as Chicago Cubs win Game 5 of World Series, 3-2
The Chicago Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians 3-2 in Game 5 of the World Series, which the Indians lead 3 games to 2.
World Series: Historic chase continues for Cubs, Indians: CHICAGO — The World Series is going back to Cleveland.
you do realize it's Chicago Cubs first World Series win in Wrigley since '45 right? You are such a tool
Bryant shakes struggles to keep Cubs in World Series
Why I didn't use a free ticket to Game 5 of the World Series -
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World Series: Here’s How the Chicago Cubs Won Game 5: The Cubs got an offensive boost from Kris Bryant and An...
Your viewing guide to Game 4 of the World Series: The Chicago Cubs hosted their first World Series game at be...
With the Chicago Cubs back in the World Series, the goat curse is back on the forefront
Bill Murray to sing anthem in World Series? This may be the best weekend in Chicago since they put out that big fire.
Breathe easy: Kyle Hendricks was built for his World Series moment: Breathe easy…
Chicago fans crowd around Wrigley Field waiting for World Series tickets to go on sale! (October 1935)
Cubs superfan Bill Murray will sing ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’ at the World Series tonight | For The
Ya so happy the Cubs are in the World Series but why does it have to be the one weekend I am going to Chicago U can all suc…
No Cubs No, No Cubs No! Hey Chicago what do you say, ain't gonna win the World Series today
Chicago Bars Are Charging $100 to $1,000 to Watch the Cubs in the World Series on TV
Check out Chicago Cubs catcher David Ross' glovework in Game 1 of World Series
This is how are preparing for a possible World Series win
Indians win Game 1 of World Series - Until Tuesday night, Corey Kluber had never pitched in the World Series.
Roberto Perez joins this remarkable list of the World Series' most unlikely heroes:
Indians win first game of World Series: Corey Kluber struck out nine and…
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Roberto Perez joins list of unlikely World Series heroes: It's almost always the unlikely players that become...
Record performances lead Cleveland Indians past Chicago Cubs in Game 1 of World Series
And, Game 1 of the World Series goes to the Cleveland Indians. Final score: Cleveland 6, Chicago Cubs 0.
Indians blank Cubs 6-0 in World Series opener: While the Chicago Cubs returned to the World Series after a 71-year…
ABC - Cleveland crashes Cubs' party in World Series opener
Average sale price for World Series tickets is $3,870, more than double previous record
I'm watching 2016 World Series - Chicago Cubs at Cleveland Indians on Bell Fibe TV on SNH-O.
Wrigley Field erupts as Chicago Cubs reach first World Series since 1945
The last time the Chicago Cubs were in the World Series, the Ottoman Empire was still a thing.
Chicago Cubs defeat L.A. Dodgers 5-0 to win NLCS and advance to their first World Series since 1945. https…
The Cubs finally get into the World Series as soon as I leave Chicago. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!!!
Just got an email from "ICYMI: The Cubs are headed to the World Series.". Who the h missed that?
WOW!!! Congrats to the If you're under 71 years old, you've never seen the Cubs go to the World Series! Celebrate big…
If the Cubs get to the World Series, they're hopeful Kyle Schwarber could DH. He's been out since the third game.
Best part of the going to the World Series is I previously booked a flight to be in Chicago for games 4 & 5
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It's official: Cleveland Indians will play against the Chicago Cubs in the World Series. Game 1 is Tuesday.
Chicago Cubs look ahead to 1st World Series in 71 years after conquering Dodgers | Cubs
Even President Obama is happy the Cubs are going to the World Series
Average ticket price on secondary market for World Series game 3 from Wrigley Field: $4,080.
And you know we are in a new time in age, in the world when the Chicago Cubs might win the World Series. That's kinda dope lol
The moment Hillary Clinton learned the Chicago Cubs are World Series-bound
Has anyone checked with John Hagee to see if the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians being in the World Series is a sign of the last days?
World Series questions -- Chicago Cubs versus Cleveland Indians: It will be, no matter the outcome, a histori...
The Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs are in the World Series as a reality television star runs for president... https…
That's correct Pam.Chicago Cubs vs. Cleveland Indians in the World Series. It starts Tuesday night in Cleveland
One more game to go, then its off to the 2016 World Series! Let's make history Chicago Cubs⚾👏
The Chicago are 1 win away from the World Series!!
Just one more victory, and for the first time since 1945, the Chicago Cubs will be in the World Series.
The Chicago Cubs are one win away from going to the World Series... . *trying to take a moment to enjoy that thought an…
"As it stands now, both the Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs have a 38 percent chance to win the World Series"
The Chicago Cubs need 108 outs to reach World Series for first time in 108 years.
Three reasons why the Chicago Cubs could make (or miss) the World Series: Joe Maddon of Chicago Cubs is havin...
Will it be Francisco Lindor & the Cleveland vs the Chicago Cubs or Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series…
This new data shows why the Chicago Cubs should win the World Series
Bears' WR Alshon Jeffery speaking today about the Chicago Cubs: "I believe they are going to win the World Series."
Could U do the same in Chicago, it's been forever since the Cubs won the World Series! Might stop the violence! 🤗4 a day!
Cubs - Bob Newhart, at 87, is hoping the Chicago Cubs finally win a World Series
Highest price paid for a World Series ticket in Chicago? A fan paid $71,800 for 4 tickets on StubHub to Game 5. Refunded…
World Series - The Chicago Cubs are favorites to win the World Series, according to the Westgate SuperBook in Las Ve
Prediction: Ken Bone shows up to a Chicago Cubs game and screws them out of World Series by interfering with a foul ball
I really hope the Cubs win the World Series for you buddy and all of Chicago.
Chicago Cubs the clear Vegas favorite to win 2016 World Series -
How Cubs used World Series video to woo free agents - Chicago Tribune: Chicago TribuneHow Cubs used World Ser...
The Cubs Confront the Curse: Is This the Year? I hope it is the year the win the World Series again.
Game 5 of the World Series, in Chicago, and the Cubs lose to lose the series. How many people get killed?
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Will the Chicago Cubs break 'The Curse' and win the 2016 World Series?
Gracing this week's cover of Sports Illustrated: Our pick to win the World Series, the Chicago Cubs…
SI picked the Cubs to win the World Series with the most creative, beautiful cover I've seen from them in AGES…
MLB Baseball : Cubs picked to win World Series on this week's Sports Illustrated cover
Fill in the blank: If the Cubs win the World Series, _ million people will immediately descend upon Wrigleyville. htt…
Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Soxs in the World Series this year with the Red Soxs winning ⚾️🔴
If you're a Cubs fan hoping to score World Series tickets at Wrigley Field you better have deep pockets
The Cubs have 5-2 odds to win the World Series and the Bears have a 3% chance to make the playoffs. What a time to…
Texas rangers beat Chicago Cubs in the World Series
You baseball guys gonna think I'm crazy but this is my World Series prediction: Chicago Cubs v. Cleveland Indians. Cubs win in 7.
Today's Cubs win was so nice, build on it tomorrow! Could be a potential World Series matchup
The entire NL infield for the all Star Game is Chicago Cubs players, talk about World Series bound
Aerial of Wrigley Field during the 1935 World Series, Detroit Tigers vs Chicago Cubs
Here's a Fun Fact! It's been 39,241 days since the Chicago Cubs have last won a World Series.
Climate change caused Isis,premature male baldness. deflated football scandal and the Chicago Cubs failure to make the w…
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Did you know the Chicago Cubs never won a World Series while Murphy Brown was on the air? That's no coincidence.
The Mets won 8-3 and swept the Chicago Cubs in 4 games to go on to the World Series! ;-)
After sweeping the Chicago Cubs, the New York Mets are heading to the World Series.
Spirits of 1908: Wisconsin Badgers football victorious over Indiana ... and Chicago Cubs win World Series
Remember the William Howard Taft Administration? The 1908 Chicago Cubs do. AFTER they won the World Series.
The last time the Chicago Cubs won a World Series, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc was founded. Yes, 1908. 💗💚
yea, those "lowly Chicago Cubs". Who won 7/10 from StL, 3rd best record in MLB, & are about to win World Series
You could win a free DeLorean if the Chicago Cubs win the World Series via
Tracks of all 432 hurricanes that formed in the Atlantic since the Chicago Cubs were last in the World Series (1945).
October 3, 1945 - The Detroit Tigers + Chicago Cubs face each other in the World Series for the 4th time. Hank Borowy pitches a 6-hitter.
Heads up Chicago Cubs/horseracing fans. Games 3 & 4 of World Series fall on same days as Oct 30-31 at
If MLB playoffs started tomorrow, I'd want the World Series to be Houston Astros vs (either) Chicago Cubs or Los Angeles Dodgers.
Kling helped the Chicago Cubs win two World Series championships in 1907 and 1908.
On this day in 1918, the Boston Red Sox beat the Chicago Cubs in Game 6 to win the World Series. It was their last before the "curse" began.
75 rts and I'll get a Chicago Cubs 2015 World Series champions tattoo
"If wins the election, we will grant automatic World Series entry to the Chicago Cubs" - MLB Commissioner Bud Selig
Chicago Cubs being favs for the World Series proving to be one of the funniest things of this sports year.
“Think back... What is your favorite memory of the Chicago Cubs?” When they won the World Series in 2015.
In the movie "Back To The Future" the Chicago Cubs win the World Series 😏
the Chicago Cubs have not won a World Series since the Ottoman Empire ruled
Win a Back To The Future Delorean if the Cubs win the World Series. That's a big IF though.
Museum giving away DeLorean time machine if Chicago Cubs win the 2015 World Series -
I have been a Chicago Cubs fan my whole life and this is the year we finally do it. Winning the World Series for Mr. Cub Ernie Banks
Chicago Cubs can now brag that It's been 107 years since they won a World Series title.
In baseball news: Justin Masterson, Rick Porcello, Wade Miley. All names we're either familiar with or should soon be familiar with considering these young pitchers have just been added to the Boston Red Sox rotation in what can best be described as a bulky move made to offset the fact that the Red Sox Nation lost pitching ace Jon Lester in an all out bidding war to the Chicago Cubs earlier this week to the tune of six years and $155 million. With the addition of these three young men to our staff, the question remains: do we need an ace in the starting rotation, and if so, who will be the likely candidate? Jeff Samardzija, Cole Hammel or Max Sherzer? With the Front office having made known the fact that they have no interest in Sherzer, that would leave either Samardzija or Hammel. If I were a gambling man, I would place my money on both men and begin molding an already bulging roster into the type of World Series team the Red Sox Nation have become accustomed to seeing in recent years. The talent is the ...
Well if you're strictly a Redsox fan. it is a very disappointing night. Jon Lester is going to the Chicago Cubs. If you are a Baseball as well as Redsox fan. this is still a pretty good night. Sox fans that are baseball fans have kindred spirit with Cub fans. If you're also a Lester fan... even better. Because Jon Lester's story is amazing. Early in his career he was diagnosed with Lymphoma... and just staying alive was his main concern. Yet after 1 year off for treatment he came back to have a great career and win 2 World Series as a Redsox. Now he as a chance to bring a World Series ring to another storied franchised that seems to be under curse. They haven't won a World Series since 1908. The last time they played in one since 1945. They are oldest sports franchise in America still in their city of origin. One of the only two remaining charter members of the National League, the other being the Braves. But of course the Braves started in Boston, moved to Milwaukee, and then to their current home Atl .. ...
I would like to ask all of my friends who are Chicago Cub fan some questions. Every one of you was happy as *** when they hired Dusty( we trusty) Baker. He had a history of being a winning mgr before he became Cub manager. He had success while with the Cubs in which he led the team to the 2003 NL championship. That's the year in which ALL the Cubs fans blamed him with so many stupid, silly excuses such the Bartman situation in which( GET THIS!!) they say if he would have walked to the mound and calmed a dominant pitcher(Pryor) down along with the entire infield, they would have been in the World Series. Never mind a Gold Glove shortstop booted the next play or Bartman himself received death threats because of 100 or more years of failure from a franchise fan base. Anyway, cub fans ran Baker out of town even though he has been more successful than the ENTIRE org in his career. Then, the Chicago Cubs hire another winning manager in Lou Pinella who also has had more success in his career than the org in the ...
Giants won the Series. I preferred the Royals. But, more importantly, Joe Maddon will manage the Chicago Cubs next year to their first World Series victory in 107 years! Now, that will be big news!!!
Guess what guys! There's still time for the Chicago Cubs to sweep the Miami Marlins in the World Series in 2015.
This week's MLB games that are key match-ups: After a very interesting weekend of baseball, the Major League Baseball season rolls along as teams continue to jockey for position on their march towards the playoffs. Here's a look at the more interesting match-ups in the early portion for this week: 1. Chicago Cubs vs Cincinnati Reds: As mentioned in our preview of the Cubs vs Orioles series this past weekend, it got really ugly for Baltimore as the Cubs magnified the glaring holes for the O’s. The Cubs will leave the “Friendly Confines” and go down to southwest Ohio where they are scheduled to face Reds’ pitching ace, Johnny Cueto. The Reds will try to make a late push of sorts for the NL Central, but their offense, even their base running, has been in a rut in the last couple of months or so. Both teams’ pitching staffs are evenly matched, but the deciding factor might be the Reds’ defense which ranks among the elite at the moment. 2. Miami Marlins vs Los Angeles Angels: After a tough match-up ...
And now it's time for... Boning Up on Baseball The 1906 Chicago Cubs went 116-36. They posted a win percentage of .763 -the best season PCT in baseball history. The team ERA was 1.76. Incredible. They had four starting pitchers with 17 wins or more. Mordecai Brown went 26-6 and still holds the NL single season ERA record at 1.04. Their offense defined consistency. Aggressive running, solid hitting and small ball with the threat of deep ball. Player manager Frank Chance led-off with a .419 OBP. He stole 56 bags in '06 just ahead of the high speed EL train batting after him, Johnny Evers, who stole 49 bags. These two set the table for the Vienna all beef meaty lineup- Johnny Kling, Wildfire Schulte and Harry Stienfelds. These guys had a combined batting average of .333, RBI’s galore and swagger to hit the longball before it was a thing. And they made it to the World Series and lost in an enormous upset to the cross town rival White Sox.
Blogging from Albuquerque New Mexico about the Los Angeles Dodgers, Albuquerque Isotopes, and Baseball. Just like millions of Dodger fans around the world I Bleed Dodger Blue 2. A member of Rio Grande SABR. All photos were taken by me Evan Chavez SUNDAY, DECEMBER 22, 2013 DAMON BERRYHILL NEW MANAGER OF THE Albuquerque Isotopes Damon Berryhill The Dodgers announced former Major League catcher Damon Berryhill as the new Skipper of the Isotopes. Berryhill will replace Lorenzo Bundy who was promoted to third-base coach for the Dodgers. Berrhill who is from Laguna Beach California, was drafted by the Chicago Cubs in the first round (4th overall) of the 1984 draft. Berryhill a catcher, spent ten years playing in the Major Leagues for the Cubs, Braves, Red Sox, Giants and Reds. In 1992 he appeared in the World Series and hit a game winning three-run homer for the Atlanta Braves in game one. Photo Credit Evan Chavez: Glenn Dishman Will return to Albuquerque as the Isotope Pitching coach In 2008 Berryhill began .. ...
So this kid in my class swore the Chicago Cubs won the World Series in what?
Willie Hernández originally signed by the Philadelphia Phillies as an amateur free agent pitcher in 1973 out of Aguada, Puerto Rico. After three seasons with the Phillies, he was selected by the Chicago Cubs in the 1976 Rule 5 Draft. Before to the 1984 season, Hernández was traded to the Detroit Tigers. That season he had a 9–3 record, 32 saves, a 1.92 ERA in 140 innings pitched and recording 112 strikeouts. In the entire season, Hernandez gave up only 6 home runs, 30 runs, 36 walks, and 96 hits. In this amazing season Willie had 32 saves in 33 appearances. The Tigers finished with 104 wins and 58 loses that season, and went on to sweep the KC Royals lead by George Brett, Frank White, Willie Wilson and Dan Quisenberry in the American League Championship Series and defeat Tony Gwynn’s, San Diego Padres in the 1984 World Series, (four games to one). Hernandez pitched five innings in the series, had two saves, and gave up only one run. The 1984 season became historical for Major League Baseball and Lat ...
Chicago Cubs are so bad again this season... We are giving away Bobbleheads figures of other teams players. Babe Ruth playing for those dreaded NY Yankees...pointed to the centerfield bleachers during the 1932 World Series at Wrigley Field and hit a home run on target. Last good game played against the Cubs. Yikes!
In 1914 the Chicago Cubs moved into Wrigley Field. Since moving into the ” Friendly Confines ” the Cubs have only won one playoff series. Losing the World Series six times from 1918-1945. The first playoff series to be won in Wrigley didn’t happen until 2003, when the Cubs defeated the Atlanta Brave…
What if John Mozeliak made a secret deal with the devil that guaranteed the Cardinals GM a fist full of World Series appearances and titles in exchange for giving the Chicago Cubs super powers only when they play us?
Happy Mayday! Did you kmow that the Chicago River wasn't dyed green for St. Patrick's Day until 54 years after the Chicago Cubs 1908 World Series win?
Something to think about. Wrigley Field - home to the Chicago Cubs - celebrates its 100th birthday this year. So many fans love this ballpark. However, the Cubs have never won a World Series in the 100 years playing in this park. Time for a new venue???
Today in Georgia History Greg Maddux April 14, 1966 - Atlanta His teammates called him “Mad Dog” or “Professor.” We can’t say what opposing batters called him. He was unhittable, one of the best pitchers in Major League history. Greg Maddux was born in San Angelo, Texas, in 1966. Drafted by the Chicago Cubs, he struggled after making his Major League debut in 1986, so he adjusted his mechanics. Lacking a blazing fastball, he studied opposing batters’ tendencies, then dominated them with pinpoint control and off-speed pitches that were virtually impossible to hit. Maddux won his first Cy Young Award as the majors’ best pitcher in 1992. The next year he signed with the Braves and won three more Cy Youngs -- the only pitcher in history to win the award four years in a row. In 11 seasons with the Braves, he led them to 10 division titles and a World Series championship in 1995. He retired with over 3,000 strikeouts and 355 career wins. This Hall of Fame shoo-in was born on April 14, 1966, Today ...
The called shot ( B Bennett, Getty Images ) Legendary player Babe Ruth of the New York Yankees hits a home run in the third game of the World Series against the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field on October 1, 1932. It was during this at-bat that Ruth gestured before hitting a home run, giving birth to the legend of the "Called Shot."
20 Events that Have Occurred Since the Chicago Cubs Won Their Last World Series 1.Both radio and TV were invented 2.Fourteen teams were added to Major League Baseball 3.George Burns celebrated his 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th, 90th and 100th birthdays 4.Haley's comet passed Earth, twice 5.Harry Caray was born, and died 6.The NBA, NHL and NFL were formed, and Chicago teams won championships in each league 7.The US fought in World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War, Iraq War, Afghanistan War 8.Man landed on the moon 9.Sixteen US presidents were elected 10.Eleven amendments added to the Constitution 11.Prohibition was created and repealed 12.The Titanic was built, set sail, sank, and was re discovered 13.Wrigley Field was built and becomes the oldest park in the National League 14.Flag poles were erected on Wrigley Field roof to hold all of the team's future World Series pennants, which have since rusted and been taken down 15.A combination of 40 Summer and Winte ...
The Chicago Cubs are an easy target for critics, what with their not winning a World Series since 1908 and all, but at least during this century of ineptitude for the “Loveable Losers” the members of the team did manage to all wear the same uniforms. That was not the case this afternoon when the […]
Wrigley Field. The 1935 World Series featured the Detroit Tigers and the Chicago Cubs, with the Tigers winning in six games. The Tigers won despite losing the services of first baseman Hank Greenberg. The Cubs had won 21 consecutive games in September (still a record as of 2013), eventually taking the National League pennant by four games over the defending World Series champions, the St. Louis Cardinals.
Congrats to the Chicago Cubs on their first Win!! Beginning of our World Series parade.
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I think the Chicago Cubs will finally be good this year, win the central, and win the World Series.
Chicago Cubs, you gave it a great run. Sorry you won't be going to the World Series this year. Better luck in 2015!
Another Opening Day is here! The Chicago White Sox & the Chicago Cubs are in first place! Anything can happen, who know they both can make it to the World Series. Please, Please, Lord don't take me before I can see my Cubbies win a World Series!! Who all is with me?
The Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros will play each other in the 2019 World Series.
Chicago Cubs vs Toronto Blue Jays in the World Series this year
Opening Day is a special day in America for man, woman, and child. It's the recognition of a national pastime, the bringing together of families, and the chance to start anew, believing that this year will be "The Year." Hope springs eternal. That will be the thought when I wake up tomorrow morning as another year of Chicago Cubs baseball begins. Its been 105 years since the Cubbies last hoisted the World Series. The chances are slim with this group, but there is always a chance that this could be the year, thus hope springs eternal. Go Cubs Go!
Baseball season has started but Opening Day officially starts tomorrow, my Chicago Cubs is ready to make a run at the World Series this year!!!
I am watching this ESPN special on the infamous play between Steve Bartman the Cubs FAN and Moises Alou of the Chicago Cubs. Just unbelievable footage from the 2002 National League Championship Series and how one play can determine an outcome of the series. Even the *** Governor Rod Blagojevich, at the time jumped on the bandwagon of lynching Bartman. Why would ESPN relive this and open old wounds that never will heal (unless they make the World Series) and Hartman goes back into Witness Protection? Watching this makes no sense for a CUBS fan to relive this.
As I am working on my paper, I looked up sports psychology and found this statement: "With the right training — and luck — you could land a job helping the long-suffering Chicago Cubs try to win the World Series or guiding the Cleveland Cavaliers to a shot at an NBA championship in the post-LeBron James era." I chuckled and said to myself, "Good O' Chicago Cubs"
Waiting for the shuttle bus at Ball State is like waiting for the Chicago Cubs to win a World Series.. It's never coming y'all!
The Chicago Cubs last won the World Series before the Titanic was built.
Today is the birthday of William “Sliding Billy” Hamilton, born in 1866, he was an outfielder for the Kansas City Cowboys, the Philadelphia Phillies and the Boston Beaneaters. He holds a number of records that still stand. He was elected into the Hall of Fame in 1961. Yesterday, I made a mistake on the sports birthday it was not art Howe’s birthday it was the birthday of Ron Cey, born in 1948, he was nicknamed “The Penguin” by Tommy Lasorda because of his slow, waddling gate while he ran, he was a third baseman for the L. A. Dodgers, Chicago Cubs and Oakland Athletics, he was a 6 time All-Star and a 1981 World Series champion and MVP.
The funny part about your photo is that even by 1935, the Chicago Cubs already had a hefty World Series droug…
On Oct. 1, 1932, in Game 3 of the World Series, New York Yankee star Babe Ruth hit two home runs against the Chicago Cubs to lead his team to…
If the Cubs ever win the World Series, the National Guard will be deployed to Chicago the same evening.
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Hey, can you move to Chicago now so that the have a chance at a World Series?
Part of a discussion right now about Chicago rioting if the Cubs won a World Series.
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