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World Series

The World Series is the annual championship series of Major League Baseball, played between the American League and National League champions since 1903. The winner of the World Series championship is determined through a best-of-seven playoff and awarded the Commissioner's Trophy.

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Were you saying that when they traded for Cespedes, made the World Series & made the playoffs last year? Bad year,…
I'm going to Oklahoma and Penn State (as long as no World Series conflicts) and I need to sell my MSU tix cause I'll be in Detroit
HBD Deon Sanders, the first athlete to play in the World Series, and Super Bowl. 50 y.o! ✨✨
Geezer Joe Maddon - a total lightweight - will never lead the Cubs to another World Series. Last year was a fluke!
A successful Trump Presidency is as likely as Giants playing the White Sox in the World Series this season.
The true legacy of Don Baylor, an MVP and World Series champ, is his legendary toughness.
young for the summer is being used on little league World Series commercials!
252 putting in work! One more win til the little league World Series
let the kids in the little league World Series take steroids, they all could use some hgh dude, juice those boys up
Nothing like some little league World Series baseball to get you going down memory lane was lit
I love watching the little league World Series ⚾️
I could watch the little league World Series all day
Little league World Series is funny af to watch 😂😂
These little league World Series teams are decent.
Bro little league World Series is on I'm so happy !!‼️⚾️
When little league World Series starts it gets intense
Breast Cancer Awareness
They need to make the fields bigger for the little league World Series
Some of the all start teams I've played for at whaling city would've qualified for the little league World Series facts.
Wylie Juniors go 4-0 in Santa Fe to win Southwest, punch ticket to World Series in Michigan .
Judge me if you want but so hype the little league World Series is back on
Idk why but I just love the little league World Series
Two biggest regrets in life. 1. Not making it to the little league World Series and 2. Never winning a BCB championship
Yes sir. I know who I am rooting for this little league World Series.
'95 World Series. UF basketball and football championships in the 2000's. Seeing Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final in…
Don Baylor, who won MVP with Angels and World Series with Twins, dies at 68 - via App.
I don't like interleague play. It has reduced the magic of the World Series.
Moses Lake River Dogs give up three runs in the sixth to fall to Texas 4-2 in World Series opener
2017 World Series odds: Dodgers listed as betting favorite on updated futures
It's time for MLB to wrap up interleague play; would make All Star Game and World Series more fun.
I want DH in both leagues and no interleague play until the World Series.
.has a message for Baltimore Senior RBI Team ahead of their 8am World Series game tomorrow. | Good luck,…
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Do they play there for interleague play? You surely can't be talking about the World Series...
Will probably last up to game 7 of the World Series with the dodgers. Champs again 👌🏻go Sox go
I don't give a crap if the Cubs won the World Series last year. They are now playing like lovable losers again at times, not like champs.
World Series champs will do that to ya
Progressive field is beautiful, but I can't stop supporting my World Series champs.
FACT: Jim Leyland didn't win a World Series in his first 11 years as manager.
FACT: In 2013 Matheny took a team to the World Series that had Pete Kozma as its starting shortstop.
2016/2017 back to back World Series champs , nothing easy like beating kershaw to clinch , wait for it . If u don't agree ,ju…
we (Joelton)travel to S.Carolina tomorrow to play in the World Series and represent Tenn as 13U Dixie Junior Boys state champs
If you would like to watch our KM All Stars (The State Champs!) in the World Series now you can! . Go to...
Packers 12-4 and Super Bowl champs. Cubs win World Series again. If you disagree. You're wrong
Good night to the soon to be 2017 World Series champs
I have a top-10 swinging strike rate. I have a top-10 ground-ball rate. I am shutting out the World Series champs. Am I…
1990 World Series, first year in Canada, hated Chris Sabo
ESPN's Linda Cohn went all in on the Cubs for giving a World Series ring to Steve Bartman. 👀
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Game 3, 1991 World Series. Two worst to first teams, first world series game in Atlanta, walk off in extras by Mark Lemke.
after acquiring Yu Darvish, Dodgers World Series odds drop from 5/2 to 9/4 ... Yankees go from 10/1 to 7/1 after acquiring So…
Really disappointing, I was expecting creatures from another world that could be fought, not a spirituality series. Bad direction.
. uh, WRONG! never "deflected" a World Series ball in 2003. Get it right. Playoffs! https:/…
Nobody was even talking about World Series and you go t…
Oh man, do I love this story: Steve Bartman receives 2016 Chicago Cubs World Series Championship ring…
It's 3:00 am and all I can think about is the foul ball Kipnis hit in the World Series.
Dodger execs go deep in bottom of ninth to give team final piece for World Series run.
Chicago Cubs to Steve Bartman: Here's your own World Series ring. Really.
The Chicago Cubs gave a World Series ring to Steve Bartman, the fan who was reviled for a 2003 foul ball incident.…
Cubs issue World Series championship ring to Bartman via
The Cubs have officially forgiven Steve Bartman for that foul-ball interference by giving him a World Series ring
Giants win World Series in 2014. Then Bobby Evans gets promoted to GM. Now in 2017, Giants with the worst record in MLB. And…
The have won the same amount of World Series Championships since I've been born as times has decided to follow me.
Luis Severino is 14 innings past his career high already in July. With all the Yankees World Series predictions, no one is talking abt that.
Deadline moves a good World Series predictor
"We're back to the same old Yankees. The goal is to win the World Series. We're here now." -
So sad. that Indians World Series still makes me so sad 😭😭😭
Omfg...I just got a credit card just for the World Series games
Dylan O’Brien reflects on Teen Wolf, the series that put him on the map, and how it feels to say goodbye.
Giants need a year off from winning so many World Series 😴
The Macron summer series on how his businesslike media strategy is worrying the French press
If the Dodgers don't win the World Series this year i'll give everyone who RT's this $10
Are the Dodgers and Yankees World Series favorites after acquiring Darvish and Gray? | MLB WHIPAROUND - - ...
Want a complementary ticket into the bestselling Uncommon World series? Here you go!
Steve Bartman, an infamous Cubs fan, is getting a 2016 World Series ring from the Cubs
By acquiring Yu Darvish, executives give Dodgers what they need to make World Series dream a reality
On the surface, the world will see her as a murderer. But the truth lies beneath. . limited series
When you veto a trade to a team and the team goes on to make the World Series and now you stink
Chicago Cubs give ring to Steve Bartman, who deflected World Series foul (cont)
“Cubs fans have been waiting for a moment like this...Just to put their arms around the guy and say we’re sorry."
Time to get emotional watching the return of the 2007 World Series MVP.
Steve Bartman didn't deserve a World Series ring, but he absolutely deserved the gesture:.
So finally someone corrects history. YES. Imran Khan had left Pakistan team for Kerry Packer World Series' dollars. Well s…
Deadline moves a good World Series predictor: If recent history is any guide, the eventual…
Just four days till our keynote presentation with of at the World Series event in Mel…
'Inside during the storm', another from my series
Did the lock up a World Series berth by acquiring Yu Darvish from the
The Cubs giving Steve Bartman a World Series ring was thoughtful but the presentation seemed a tad insensitive.
In honor of Steve Bartman receiving a World Series ring from the we return 📽:
I think & Steve Bartman should auction off the World Series ring and give the money to charity.
The presented Steve Bartman with a World Series ring:
Classy all away around. Cubs give World Series ring to Steve Bartman via
According to my baseball knowledge, Getting wei yin Chen at this point would virtually guarantee a World Series
A 'Dore re-opens the World Series door for the Yankees. A Vanderbilt Commodore, Sonny Gray, from America's best school…
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Attention fans. History and Art combined in the 2016 World Series. H/t
Going back to Chicago for the World Series this year cause the are winning it all again. Whose coming with
Chicago is having a baby boom. The won the World Series in November. Do the math.
Does the Justin Wilson/Alex Avila trade make the World Series favorites?.
loaded for another World Series run with Justin Wilson and Alex Avila.
The Milwaukee Brewers are going to win the World Series this year. For Bud Selig. For America.
Biggest crowd ever tonight at Busch Stadium -- 48,052. Yes, bigger than All-Star Game and World Series
[ESPN]There continues to be talk about how the White Sox won the World Series in 2005 using t…
If 19 yr old Andruw Jones can hit a HR in the World Series against the Yankees, then 19 yr old Ronald Acuna can help us win a wildcard spot.
The Cleveland Indians will win the World Series this year.
Randy Johnson pegging that bird with a fast ball and the DBacks beating the Yankees in the 2001 World Series
2015: Wild Card, Beating Cardinals in NLDS. 2016: Pennant, World Series. 2017: "Crosstown Cup". This truly is the gol…
I think the Chicago Cubs World Series Win has turned all existence and humanity in total destruction
Logan Ketron 2019 catching in 16u PG World Series at Lakepoint.
Chicago hospitals see spike in births 9 months after Cubs' World Series win
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
When will the White Sox and Cubs meet in the World Series? Sooner than you think
The Senate right now is like the 9th inning of Game 7 of a 50s World Series except it's our lives on t…
My Mia bear competing in the Houston World Series Dog Show. Love her. Small breeds r the best
Need a bf willing to go to the Little League World Series with me😇
Avenue just hangin somewhere not rooting for a World Series game in the wifi this so done don't know what makes me sad actually...
The world as we know it is in peril - unless Jotham Fletcher can uncover the truth. Now available on Amazon. . https:/…
2020 3-7 with 4 RBIs and 2 3Bs in the 2-0 start for the today in the Sophomore World Series
Nope, you should see some of the insane low ball offers I've gotten in the past. After Cubs won the Wo…
The man VCs didn't want to invest in so had to IPO when couldn't raise Series B, is now the richest in the world: Jeff Be…
If the Dodgers make the World Series I'm buying tickets
Cubs finally lookin like the World Series team they were last year
This is the big leagues. ⚾️ takes fans inside the world of baseball in a new VR video series with
Verdugo won't be the reason they win a World Series in 2017. Darvish could be.
Magic: Dodgers are going to win the World Series
Billy Beane, loser who's never even been to a World Series so irrationally hates the that he's gonna pass on the best deal for Gray
When the world is in danger, theirs only one purple boi to summon to come save the day! 💎🐲 Part of my "Litt…
wins 5-1 in World Series! Reed Ditmer shoved and got big save!
We donate 10% to help feed hungry kids all over the world. Purchase your very own Yesah watch today.
.ready to bring World Series back to SETX. See story here:
I'm usually for keeping prospects but this year is truly World Series or bust. With CK hurt & no ace behi…
my fav was when he was mic'd up for the '77 World series and pulled Doug rau.. 😂😂
I wouldn't even stay up this late for the 7th game of the World Series. I'm praying that McCain stands by his convictions.
I hope the NATS go to the World Series in 2017July 28, 2017 at 12:45AM
This is the equivalent of listening to World Series Game 7 on the radio.
Excuse For Not Having Math Homework: I was watching the World Series and got tied up trying to prove that it converged.
My last evening in LaPorte, Indiana...such a gorgeous sight to see. I've enjoyed this view all week long. Wrap up t…
About 9 months after the Chicago Cubs won the World Series, hospitals in the area are recording a surge in births:
'Hermione Granger and the Quarter Life Crisis' centers a black Hermione in a post-Hogwarts world
does it right! Great event for the kids! Marucci World Series Baton Rouge 2017
It has been about 9 months since the Cubs won the
And then storm throught the playoffs, and win the 2011…
This is the like when they pulled the rain tarp out on the filed during the world series.
The Cubs beat a terrible team going through a rebuild, and are posting victory pictures like its the World Series win again…
Looking for the lowdown on where to watch this weekend and how to get there? We've got the details: https:…
I'm watching the Senate live like it's the World Series
Feel bad that the Cubs won the White Sox World Series
Hulu’s Runaways and Marvel’s Netflix Series to Share the Same World
Magic Johnson: "The Dodgers are going to win the World Series. That's the only ring that I want that I don't have."
I want nothing more than to win the World Series. Love t…
Rangers fans deserve to see 3000 but then Adrian Beltre deserves to battle for a World Series ring
Kirk Gibson celebrates hitting a go ahead home run in game 5 of the 1984 World Series
The Chicago Cubs won the World Series nine months ago and now Chicago hospitals are seeing a spike in births.
I can't wait for the controversy of Wilmer Font keeping the final out ball for the World Series.
I would equate it to being at the World Series of poker and telling everyone at the table you have an Ace before they even be…
It's 11:27 PM and I'm watching cspan like its game 7 of the World Series.
Off to 12 here at Spitz. . The last 12-inning game I was at was Game 5 of the World Series on Nov. 1, 2015. . Royals beat the Mets in NYC.
DEF. plus, its been 10 years since VA first released. they released a new cover for VA specifically but...WHOLE SERIES PLS
Kuraki Mai wins Guinness World Record in category "Most theme songs sung by the same artist for an animation ser…
Trying to win the World Series this year. Not next year. Do it
Schwarber hit two HRs tonight. He played in the World Series last year and was sent down to AAA this…
Playing with the in 2010 I had the amazing opportunity to be in a World Series. Texas have a spot in my heart.…
Chandler and the Jefferson Parish East team getting ready to head to World Series in Alabama. Good Luck guys!
ICYMI: Cubs fans, you can win a player-grade World Series championship ring: Here's how
It's always game 7 of World Series when Twins and Dodgers play on random Tuesday in July.
1986 World Series closer Jesse Orosco literally walked by me at Petco Park San Diego
"And the World War III. And the World Series. Will make the same size headlines in the news". —Jerry Jeff Walker, "Ballad of The Hulk"
10/14/1911: John McGraw and Christy Mathewson at the Polo Grounds. Game 1 of the World Series. (Giants 2, Athletics…
A relative today: My Brewers are going to the World Series. Me: Well I hope they get good seats.Wrigley Field is beautiful in October.
Watching the new play through commercials is like going to the World Series and watching it through or knot hole!
Anya Shrubsole: "I think it is a very fitting final for what has been a brilliant World Cup".
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Scott Blumstein, 25-year-old from New Jersey has won $8.1m and become the world poker champion at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.
And the made it to the World Series, nonetheless.
I'd never heard of Beep Baseball, let alone of the Blind Jays. Very interesting! Also sounds like a lo…
From the Cubs winning the World Series to Obama's farewell speech, here are some our favorite stories from Chicago.…
WATCH: Dramatic final hand at WSOP Main Event - Watch a man become a millionaire in an instant.         
***Amazon Bestseller in its category!!!***. The Uncommon World series. By Alisha Klapheke. Perfect for Kristin...
After leading the Chicago Cubs to a World Series win, Joe Maddon now wants to reunite his home town. His strategy t…
proud of these girls for an amazing job in the Softball World Series this week & grateful for all of the memories t…
.heads back to the World Series for the first time since 2008
A pair of wins on doubleheader day in the PG World Series on Saturday. Check out our highlights here:
World Series lasted only 17 months instead of the claimed three years. Imran Khan only played five matches.
His Well Done series slaps except a few joints. The world was sleep on Hotel California. Lol he had his moments tho…
2019 Hog commit continues to deliver playing up with at the 17uPG W…
Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! (Micro Machines World Series) live at
I have a headache, my teeth hurt and my sinuses are feeling more pressure than a closer pitching in Game 7 of the World Series.   10% Off
Scott Blumstein, Temple Alum, becomes 2017 World Series of Poker champion, wins more than $8.1 million.
Criminal how MSR in his newspapers has referred to this certification of how much I was paid for the Packer World Series…
Scott Blumstein had a 7% chance of winning the final hand. . He walked away a multi-millionaire.
When I was 25, it was a very good year.
Take a bow for these women, they showed tremendous fighting spirit throughout the series and shine like a star in world cricket.
Penn State Altoona grad Dan Ott finished second in this year's to bring home $4.7 million from Las Vegas.
Bracket plays starts today! Twelve final teams vying for a chance to play at Sloan Park tomorrow and be ringed 17U PG World Ser…
Southeastern Regional Junior League Softball Championship is at 1:30 - WV vs VA - Winner to World Series in Washington
Why are Venezuelans angry and taking to the streets? 10 NYT stories that give a glimpse into their daily struggles: http…
Parents: Just FYI. 0 of the 700+ players & the thousands before them played in a 8U National World Series. ZERO.
"It's a skill game. How do you think the same five guys make it to the World Series of Cornhole finals every yea…
Top 10 poker bluffs of the World Series of Poker WSOP 2016 Main Event
Dan Gladden documented the run to the '87 World Series with his camcorder. He and look back at that hi…
Fever Pitch. It's terrible... but the win the World Series every time!
Summer of '77: When Cubs and White Sox seemed destined for World Series
He plans to take Kamna's "Dump" World Series for two weeks, his private race in the Rose Bowl in Georgia and Canada in April.
players respond to Pablo Sandoval returning: “I hope he comes and rakes and we win the World Series.”…
How has the World Series ring evolved? Find out at 12p with , and Steve Lyons!
Yes most Lexington teams play Cal Ripken and many have advanced to the regionals and World Series. Surprised it's not covered more.
Is Phil Ivey sitting out this year’s World Series of Poker because of an international scandal?
Mike Montgomery also has a World Series title and Dan Vogelbach...well...doesn't.
Somewhere Madison Bumgarner starts warming up to pitch eleventy games in this years World Series against the Royals.
Red Sox may want to look at former World Series hero Pablo Sandoval as a buy-low candidate to fill the hole at 3B
Congrats to our Youth Academy teams for advancing to the RBI World Series! This will be our THIRD straight year all three have…
Of course, but the argument for GB sevens on the World Series is that currently they have three chances to qualify.
Mickey Craft steals show at World Series of Poker ...
Yeah, minus like three World Series rings...
jsonline​.com >> With current club in first place, Brewers honor '82 team that advanced to World Series
Huge 2017 World Series of Poker hand ends with all-in
Enjoying watching Willie Harris manage. Not as much as I enjoyed him scoring the winning run in game 4 of the 2005 World Series
I just asked Willie Harris if he had his World Series ring with him. I think dude took me seriously. lol
What is Richard Seymour up to these days? Playing in World Series
Jose Mesa literally blew a World Series. Nick Swisher was underwhelming, but he isn't Jose Mesa.
Wrong coach, manager and front office to lead a team to a World Series
Why? Theo dismantled a World Series team and turned it into an under .500 club!
For what the Twins would have to give up to improve the club for a World Series run, I don't find i…
More variations for 2017 Topps Stadium Club including several World Series celebration images for the
Bill Murray is still celebrating the Cubs' World Series win.
I'll take that. The Cardinals and White Sox have a longer World Series drought than the Cubs! Think about that!
In your opinion how many more years until White Sox are in serious contention to make a run at the World Series?
Bill Murray hasn't stopped partying since the Cubs won the World Series
I agree with Albert Bell, John Hart screwed up any chance the Indians had of winning the World Series in the 90's.
ESPYs are on tonight! Finally we find out who won the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals and Stanley Cup
… to appear for during the 1919 World Series were Sherry Magee (pinch-hitter) and Jimmy Smith (pinch-runner). (10 of 10)
Joe Stapleton Takes to the Stage at the World Series of Poker
Many are calling this the World Series of Poker ‘Hand of the
Richard Seymour playing in the World Series of Poker Main Event
Kent Tekulve leaps in the air as the Pirates pour out of the dugout after winning the 1979 World Series
World Series home-field advantage is now decided by winning percentage, no longer by the result of the All-Star Game
Is it fair to say tonight's Origin is bigger than every Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, NBA finals, Masters and Olympics combined?
Robinson Cano just gave the home-field advantage in the World Series. @ me all night long.
2017 World Series manager joe maddon disagrees with the cool is for the club approach
The 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event had an instant classic hand on Day 1B via OMG!
World Series of Poker bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth joins Cousin Sal to discuss the main event, starting this week
Which National League team will play in the World Series this year? ⚾️
Anchorage man headed to $10,000 main event of the World Series of
Red Sox won't win the World Series this year strictly because they have no club house leaders
A pic from my set at McCurdys Comedy Club in Sarasota, FL for the World Series of Comedy!
They're showing Josh Hamiltons legendary Home Run Derby round on ESPN Classic and I'm over here reminiscing. We should have 2 World Series 😥
Could the announcers tell us about this game instead of last years World Series & Andrew Miller? Please!
History of the World Series of Poker Main Event: 2000-2009
World Series of Poker main event begins in Las Vegas
It's amazing how this club won the World Series last year lol
Tyler Smith of Biloxi wins 2017 World Series of Poker event and
😅 If selfies had a World Series, these would win 💗
Boss about to play in World Series poker tournament next weekend so I get to run his club again 😛🔥
Sophomore year of college the Sox won the World Series and I was knocked unconscious by BPD with a billy club
" Mike Mastovich | From graveyard to World Series, Richie Hebner has seen it all "
Well, my World Series baby came a little early. Welcome to the world, Elliot Elizabeth.
I would hate to see it, but this is the same club that let Jack Morris go and he won another World Series with the twins.
If the Rays don't make it to the World Series, a Houston Astros - Milwaukee Brewers fall classic would be AWESOME.
So Smith gets an invitation for three World Series. Well deserved, but I don't understand why Daryl Gurney doesn't get an extra invitation?
Up next in our RMA run the World Series is Jessica Lee at Machu Picchu in South America!!
Kris Bryant is not an All-Star, so the Cubs are the 1st World Series champ ever with 0 All-Stars that made it previous y…
Savage is the Brewers kicking the defending World Series champions *** on their home field you nerd
Sculptures of 1955 World Series heroes Johnny Podres & Roy Campanella at
Cubs since Joe maddon left rays, 2 playoff appearances in 2 years and 1 World Series. Rays…
My mom didn't blow game 3 of the World Series. And then hitvlike Ted Williams for the Nats. Lol 😂
The Dallas Stars won the Stanley Cup, the Yankees won their third World Series in four years, and Broncos repeated…
Pujols had a 3 HR game in 2011 World Series. Smh sometimes I feel he doesn't get the credit he deserves as…
World Series that year, was basically demonized. The Cubs were up 3-1 games, so that 4th game would have solidified their place at the WS
San Francisco earthquake right before Giants vs A's game 3 of the World Series.
George W. Bush throwing out the first pitch before game 3 of the 2001 World Series at Yankee Stadium
The year the Oakland A's beat the Giants in the World Series. Also, an earthquake disrupted Game 3
Got to see the World Series trophy today, got to sit in the press box, the Cubs dugout and got to stand right beside the field.
And the Cubs aren't in this for the long game. They'd rather win 3 World Series than make playoffs 8/10 years. That…
Nats make it to World Series vs Astros. "THEY SMOKIN WEED EVERYWHERE"-Texas media.
I don't know why but I totally forgot Kelvin pitched 3 innings in Game 5 of the 2015 World Series until I got this…
So if World Series champs win 4 of 7 games, but were out scored. They're not the C…
Definitely the finale featuring the World Series trophy
Yup. Back again. This time, the 2009 World Series trophy is here to…
I'm not a big All-Star game guy but find 2 things remarkable:. 1. No Cubs voted in after winning World Series. 2. Avi Garcia…
Welcome to the start of the World Series of Junior Golf at Triggs Memorial. 14 GPC players in the field wh…
Remember when David Wright hit a home run in game 3 of the World Series
So proud of Matt whose paper on Houston rap was accepted for conference in Oct! He's already stressing World Series timing tho 🤞🏼
Big Dans squad won 15-2 in the state finals to become back to back state champs in major! Next up is Florida for the elite World Series!
One last World Series before we move to the Con hotel. Ready for
Third book of Adi's World series is sure to leave you breathless
Ben Zobrist, World Series MVP and DBU grad, is today's cover story in Parade magazine. Wonderful Christian witness!
.The mystery of a sentient world and a man who must become a warrior.
Good group, will do us proud, esp. I the World Series,,against the Dodgers,,
The Pirates probably won't be winning the World Series this year.
allies in July, World Series opponents come October
Thanks to major *** I hope the never see another World Series. Disrespectful pos.
You would take a team of criminals if they could win the Tigers a World Series!
When something as important as home-field in the World Series is on…
Vince goes on and says that the match at is better than any SuperBowl or World Series
Cubs win 1 world series and now they're one of the best franchises in baseball? Lol.
New artwork for sale 'Berlin' from the series 'World through glasses' via .
Tell me this doesn't look like the 2017 World Series Champs
That's why Mitch was so tired in the World Series
Who would you take as your pitcher in game 7 of the world series?
I’m proud American hero—Lt. Jim Downing, the World Series. (Should have an infamous Mexican criminal activity
I've gone from hoping for World Series in my lifetime to hoping for state budget in my lifetime. Strange days. https…
just placed my World Series documentary next to my roommate's signed LOTR DVD as a power move
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