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World Series

The World Series is the annual championship series of Major League Baseball, played between the American League and National League champions since 1903. The winner of the World Series championship is determined through a best-of-seven playoff and awarded the Commissioner's Trophy.

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Terrible. thinks the Dodgers advanced to the World Series.
On the 29-year anniversary of Kirk Gibson’s famous World Series home run, Justin Turner delivers. .
"I thought about doing the fist-pump around the bases, but we'll wait until we get to the World Series for that, hopefully"
We're totally meeting on the Flight Deck next year, sometime before we reach the World Series.
.may not have another World Series crown. But we have our candidate for Cook County Board President.
Game 2 & 3 of the fall World Series have been postponed due to weather. We will reschedule for next Sun. Time & place to be determined.
Corey Seager unsure of status for World Series if Dodgers advance
Bill Plaschke: The Dodgers have to get through those sweetheart Cubs to reach the World Series
Sports illustrated predicted a World Series win in 2017 back in 2014 when they were the worst team in baseball
My interview with Kevin Cook author Electric October about the 1947 World Series
The Dodgers have to get through the Cubs to continue their World Series hunt by Bill Plaschke via latimes.…
I would include playoffs as well, from 2x in first round to 5x for World Series. If there's more than a…
10/13/84 . Alan Trammell drives in all four runs as Detroit goes up three games to one in the World Series.
My baby 🐻 win again! Now to win the NLCS and World Series 🏆!
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a fair warning if it's Yankees Cubs World Series we will have to take a break from you being bae
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The third and final game of our Blue-Gold World Series is underway!
Yes u r right.. I was simply counting World Series.. Brb
The open the ALCS in Houston, 90 years to the day Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig were in Asbury Park, fresh off the 192…
As long as the Yankees don't go to the World Series I'll be good
Imagine Judge and Bellinger in the World Series after the year they had. The talent just keeps imp…
When the Cardinals won the World Series last, my stress levels were sky high
I’m a little late but I’m gonna have to tell you that the Met…
This day in Bill Mazeroski hits the most important homerun in Pirates history. A game 7 walk-off to win the…
1903: The Boston Red Sox win the first modern World Series, defeating the Pittsburgh Pirates in the eighth game.
Congratulations to all winners 🏆 Join the next series of the Steep World Tour on October 13th!
The Great Tommy Lasorda turns 90 years young today, All I want for my Birthday is a Dodgers World Series
Who do you want to win the World Series?
IF the nationals went on to face the Yankees in the World Series who would you trash the most 😂
The case against: Why a World Series isn’t in the cards for the Astros, Cubs, Dodgers or Yankees. https…
i would like an NL team to win the world series. ideally the cubs, but the important thing is that neither NY nor are happy
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Im no historian, but the World Series started in 1903. 224 total.. Being that 1904 & 1994 WS 's didn't take place
On this day in 1960, the Pittsburgh Pirates defeat the New York Yankees to win the World Series.
In 1960, Pittsburgh Pirates defeat New York Yankees to win World Series. How is this like our Electoral College?
Jake is working towards getting back for the World Series
7s | Who's excited for the World Series to start up again? Scotland have been drawn against England, France & Spain at
Today in 1978, the Yankees beat the Dodgers in game 3 of the World Series, 5-1.
I really don’t want to be a fan of the only existing franchise In baseball to have never played in the World Series. So go Cu…
World Boxing Super Series: George Groves expects to beat Jamie Cox and retain title
Yanks have won me over with their mental toughness. Why I'm picking them in 7 over the Astros.
How I'd love to see my boys in blue sweep their way to a World Series title . 🤞🤞🤞🤞
Today in 1960 Bill Mazeroski hit a walkoff homerun as the beat the 10-9 in Game 7 of World Series
Enjoy these Cincinnati Reds 1990 World Series memories (because, why not?)
legend Tommy Lasorda says all he wants for his 90th birthday is a World Series win https:…
If you're a Mariners fan... The good news tonight is the Nationals are still w/M's as the only teams to *never* play in…
ALCS tonight!! Two teams will fight for the pride of representing the American League in the 2018 World Series. Who ya go…
At this point, I don't care who wins the World Series, I'm just happy the Nationals are out.
4 teams remain. Who will make it to the World Series?
A discussion of family immigration in IZA's World of Labor series, written by Harriet Duleep and Mark Regets.
Imagine blowing a 3-1 lead in the World Series, then next season go on a 22 game win streak to only blow a 2-0 lead in…
Flashback: 10/13/93—Phillies clinch NL pennant with win vs. Braves at the Vet; advance to World Series. Great memory. https…
Good morning to only the Yankees and the Yankees’ fans. Tonight, we continue our path to the World Series. . Yes, the Wo…
I'm sorry baseball fans, but it is absolutely HILARIOUS that they celebrate during the playoffs before the world se…
Obviously pulling for the Yankees but any of the potential World Series matchups would be great.
It's GAME DAY!! Central Michigan plays Game Five of the Fall World Series Classic today at 3:05 p.m.
That's the divisional round it goes to best if 7 in conference championship & World Series
Today in 1960, Bill Mazeroski clouts a home run to end Game 7 of the World Series, then is forced to navigate through t…
No Washington baseball team has won a playoff series since the Senators in the 1924 World Series
Magic promised a World Series for LA. Can the Dodgers make good on his word?
I'm a writer currently working on a novel and animated series with Black/Afro-Latina leading ladies in a fantasy world…
With the World Series coming up ponder this. Christy Mathewson was 3-0 3cg 3sho 18ks 1bb in the 1905 WS against the Philadelphia Athletics
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Chicago Cubs: We may not win the World Series often but when we do we always make noise in the Natio…
And then there was Christy Mathewsons 1905 World Series against the Philadelphia Athletics where he wa…
The Nats are the Braves of the 1990's. Well, you know, without a World Series title or National League pennant
1914_In MLB's World Series, Boston Braves defeat Philadelphia Athletics, at Fenway Park, completing the first World Series sweep in history.
Boston Braves beat Philadelphia Athletics in 1st World Series sweep in history 1914
Interview with Kevin Cook about his book "Electric October" 1947 World Series
I slept so peacefully last night knowing that Bryce Harper wasn't going to the World Series
Wade Davis, Game 5 of 2017 NLDS, plays the role of Aroldis Chapman, Game 7 of 2016 World Series. Fair to neither but job got done.
I want Aroldis Chapman to get ROCKED pitching in the 9th inning of game 7 of the World Series against the Cubs more than I want to breath
I always knew this day could come. Keep me in your thoughts. I’m told the HOUSTON Astros could face the Chicago Cubs in the World Series.😳
Houston Astros/Washington Nationals to the World Series .. Palm Beach for spring training!! Orbit ..I gotta crush…
John Farrell won a World Series and the AL East 3 times in 5 years. You're crazy if you don't think he'll be a manager ag…
BOSTON — racked up a lot of wins and a World Series title with the Boston R…
John Farrell is available. Five years, made postseason 3 times and won a World Series. I’d like to get Farrell
The Red Sox fired John Farrell who won a World Series but didn’t make it out of the ALDS last two years. So what is waiting for?
congrats to the Yankees. Indians made it to easy. But this Yankees team could be in the World Series
I can’t really watch games until the win the World Series. My brain can’t focus on two teams.
Nah, it’s not too cold for Razorback Baseball. We came prepared. Arkansas Fall baseball World Series at Baum St…
Correction: that article which I read mentions Buck retiring after the 2019 World Series.
60-yrs ago today, Milwaukee Braves won the World Series. The Bucks only title was 46-years ago. Which team ends the streak?.
Philadelphia ace Eddie Plank throws the final pitch of the World Series vs. Giants (Polo Grounds, NYC -…
On this day in 1957: The Milwaukee Braves win the World Series.
Watching Addison Russell on defense is just a warmup before we see 2018 Gold Glove SS Orlando Arcia in the World Series next season.
in 1969: The name 36-year-old George Lee "Sparky" Anderson manager. He would lead the club to two World Series titles…
Today is 1st postseason game at Wrigley Field since Game 5 of World Series
Flashback: 10/8/83—Gary (Sarge) Matthews is NLCS MVP after Phils beat LAD, 7-2, at the Vet to advance to the World Series.…
The World Series guys looked flat at the Matchplay this year. World Series is a load of rubbish for me.
.fan turns 102 in two weeks and his only wish is to see the in the World Series. https…
Team Navy wins the World Series in walk-off fashion in extra innings on an RBI single by J. Aira! What a way to end it!
I should add that this is a one off podcast for world mental health day. 2nd series of in new year!
Late October/Early November is always the best time of the sports year. World Series. NFL is in full swing. NBA starts
I entered to DreamBreak and Surf World Series in at ends Friday 10/13
Beautiful day in Marshall, MN (73 degrees), after the Southwest Minnesota State University baseball Brown & Gold World Se…
It's really sad how when the Mets were in the World Series I was pulling for them so hard but every Mets fan LOVES seei…
On this day in history - Don Larsen's perfect World Series game
On October 8, 1956: Yankees pitcher is perfect in World Series game
Hope you won't be too disappointed when your Cleveland fans are celebrating the Tribe's World Series victory this year!
I'm playing for a chance to attend a World Series game. You can play too! Register on:
Stfu you Sasquatch look alike You ain't going to watch your A's win a World Series lmao
Friendly reminder: Owner Paul Dolan cut a check around $4 million to bring in Jay Bruce as a two-month rental for this…
Today in 1956, Don Larsen of the Yankees pitches the only perfect World Series game.
If you want to help get jacked for today’s Game 3, here is my cover story on the Astros from last week h…
Just placed my vote for NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Most Popular Driver! Who’s got your vote? Grant Enfinger
The Importance of a temple (Becoming a devotee series). Its Common in Modern world to ask such question what is...
Don Larsen pitched the only perfect game in a World Series on this day in 1956.
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the problem with the world is that 9 series of Peep Show isn't enough Peep Show
Stood the entire time at the World Series. No problems. Then again winning a title helps.
ESPN should have and air the Little League World Series of Poker
Series concept: a world of sword users. Everyone uses swords. Every swords' ability is unique.
New signs are up in honor of the 2017 Regional Champions and College World Series team!
Don Larsen pitches only World Series perfect game on Oct. 8, 1956via App
They've won a World Series and playoff series before. Pipe down
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‘This man is not allowed to make any more bets until the Nationals win the world series’
61 years ago today Don Larsen threw his World Series Perfect Game. To commemorate: I shared the only known color photos…
Game 4 of the Fall World Series is underway at Peaceful Valley! Black team is Home and leads the series 2-1
Tonight just shows how Dragon Ball as a series surpasses "Anime" as a genre. No anime on this planet has the world thi…
Look. Cleveland is winning the World Series whether you like it or not.
If the Indians make it to the World Series I will buy this shirt
Best performance of the World Boxing Super Series tournament (so far) 🤔
. John. I get the strike zone issue in game 2. But c’mon man,inthe 1995 World Series,Braves got zo…
Join me in my new film series where we together can travel meeting *** artists & communities all over the world. https:…
“I know, I know. It’s gotta be that can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, World Series kind of stuff, right?”
Of course to all out Canadian friends! Pulling for Red Sox to stay alive and get you that Dodgers World Series game!
Only World Series perfect game pitched in World Series was 61 years ago today by Yankees Don Larsen vs. Dodgers.
Today in 1956, Don Larsen catches Yogi Berra in his arms after hurling a perfect game against the Dodgers in Game 5 of…
in 1961, Whitey Ford breaks Babe Ruth’s record of 29 2/3 consecutive scoreless IP in the World Series: http…
That the LA Dodger are going to win the World Series this year. . It swimming time!
I think he's only safe if a miracle happens and we win the World Series
Today in 1964 World Series: Yankees 8, Cardinals 3 – Tom Tresh gets 2 more RBIs (5 for the Series)…
The wave was popular the last time the Dodgers won a World Series. Come on sports fans time to create something new.
"You're not gonna knock us down," said Rizzo, who then reminded everybody of that time the Cubs overcame adversity in Game 7…
Kino's Journey -The Beautiful World-: a solid reentry to the series, even if it's nowhere near one of its stronger stories.
It’s the end of the world as you’ve never known it. . Fans are calling the series “Mad Max meets Monty Python.”…
Me too! Astros-Dodgers World Series would be bizarre.
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Imagine being someone who received A CUBS WORLD SERIES RING and selling it.
in 1956, Yogi leaped into Don Larsen’s arms after the completion of the first and only Perfect Game in World Series h…
Wow! Double play to end it. Ron Darling, key cog for 1986 World Series champs, did an outstanding job calling game.
You may see me at the World Series handing out championship gear thanks to &
Zyara is the only doc web series in the web series World Cup top 10 - oct 2017 charts…
I don't really follow hockey right out of the gate, I wait until after the World Series is done. Sim…
4 years later Briles would win game 5 of the World Series for the Pittsburgh Pirates
"Three Generations of the Grove Family" - Philadelphia A's Lefty Grove with his father & son at the World Series (O…
All the feelings that come with watching game 5 of the 2015 World Series!! it was magic!! Best dvd to own!
WCOD, World Series, UK Open there is no issue. I assume Euros too as many bdo/WDF players…
Remember when the Royals won the World Series. Guys.
all this because the Royals had the gall to make 2 World Series with the most awesome bullpen ever.
Would be so great to go to World Series again! Wish Ernie Banks & Jack Brickhouse could have seen the…
Same as going to the World Series and losing to the royals
Ned Yost’s entire Royals managerial career has occurred since the last time the Yankees went to the World Series
I'm with you there. Royals went to 2 World Series and lost the first one. The next year the won…
Do you know what the Amazon dog commercial was when the Royals were in the World Series?
Remember when his defense helped the Royals beat the Mets in 2015 World Series? Whatever happened to t…
And yes, Progressive Field was shaking again...similar to the Rajai blast in the World Series. Wild.
That’s disgusting! KC really needs to step it up! I heard stories from the World Series about royals fans too
Warren Spahn goes the distance vs. the New York Yankees in a ten inning 7-5 win in game 4 of the 1957 World Series.
You could say this for almost every World Series winner lately besides the Royals.
I keep thinking "how can the Cubs win with Zobrist leading off?". And then I remember the Royals won a World Series with Escobar leading off.
Today In 1945: The Chicago kick Billy Sianis & his goat out of the World Series, starting the now broken "Curse of the Bi…
Hours after won the World Series, Ian Happ went to work in the batting cage, thinking about the next title:
wouldn't be the first team to struggle late in the season but still win a World Series, via…
Greg Amsinger bringing heat on preference for easy World Series travel.
He typically only leaves after a World Series win so no worries there.
People said small market Royals could never win a World Series again in current MLB landscape. Look how that turned out.
2015: Royals trade for Cueto, also signed Volquez. Won the World Series
Cleveland is so *** good. They're gonna pull off a 2015 Royals where they lost the World Series prev. yr and come back to win it next yr.
Only joy I have is that Red Sox got torched by Jose Altuve and the Yankees winning the World Series
ballparkprints Vault Roger Maris 1964 World Series batting gage workout. Joe Pepitone off to the lef…
No, but I take pride in saying the Royals would win a World Series, and a few years later they did.…
20 years ago I had the privilege of covering the ALDS between the Indians and Yanks along w/ World Series thanks to the Akron Beacon Journal
But this Brett HR in 1980 clinched the Royals first trip to World Series. Great moment!
October 2015 - Mrs. Prosser's 1st and 2nd graders cheering on the for the World Series.
High fly ball, Motley going back to the track, no outs to go. The Royals have won the 1985 World Series.
Royals not even LISTED on Bovada's odds to win the World Series. Really sick of these haters.
Oct. 5, 1984: 1, Royals 0. The Tigers are going to the World Series!
Bill Plaschke: This time, the Dodgers can't settle for anything short of a World Series - Plaschke: This time, th...
Hours after Cubs won World Series, Ian Happ was already in an Arizona batting cage working toward the next title:.
Onix scored the game tying run for the in the bottom of the 9th in Game 6 of the '85 World Series. He turns…
the already won a World Series using this model as a small market team.
Royce Lewis. The wild card to boost us to the World Series. Keep the f…
One of the best farm systems of the BA era grew up, went to two World Series, won one and then said goodbye Sunday. htt…
The Royals and Cubs won World Series with a massive wave of prospects maturing, what are some lessons we learned?
Ideal: . Arizona v Washington NLCS. Cleveland v Houston ALCS. That's, functionally, three teams who have never won a World Series.
Honestly... Royals and Giants were both WC teams went to the World Series in 14. In 2015 the ALWC winne…
Jon Lester won't concede anything: 'We should win the World Series' --. (
Jon Lester sees changing of the guard in Cubs rotation, but won’t concede anything else: ‘We should win the World Series.’ - …
Joe Maddon is supposed to be that and he nearly singlehandedly blew the World Series and deserved to…
manager led his teams to 6 pennants and 3 World Series titles. Tony! (📸:
A wonderful color image of Bobby Richardson at old Crosley Field in Cincinnati during the 1961 World Series.…
star Roger Maris leads the Guy Lombardo Band before the 1st game of the World Series (Yankee Stadium - October 4, 1961…
10/4/1924: George Sisler, Babe Ruth, and Ty Cobb at Game 1 of the World Series in Washington
If more Twins means more Little Big League, I’m firmly in support of an unexpected World Series run
Cal Ripken Jr with the final out and an Orioles Championship in 1983 World Series
I’ll be angry if Leonys Martin has the last catch of the World Series just as Mike Montgomery had the last pitch last year. Ex Mariners luck
The Yankees should win the World Series for Pete Kozma who would get a ring.
1983 World Series, game 5. Cal Ripken Jr. caught the final out. Only WS in my lifetime.
National League Championship Series:. Washington Nationals beat the Los Angeles Dodgers in 7 games to go on to their first World Series.
Twins end the season at 85-77... exact same record they had in 1987. . The Twins won the World Series in 1987.
Who u got to win it all? I say LA beat the Houston Astros in 6 games in the World Series.
Wining a ODI Series by 4-1 against World-Champions AUS is the Biggest Achievement of 's ODI Captaincy. (recent…
DiamondBacks are going to the World Series I’m calling it right now
The World Series should start on the 4th of July
Forgot to mention our New Year's Resolution--win the 2013 World Series. If any other teams had the same resolution, they…
Lmfao imagine thinking the dodgers really gone win a World Series let alone make it
A twins World Series would probably give the MLB absolutely zero revenue or growth of the game
What’s your purpose? Jim Munroe of will be here Mon., Oct. 9!
So who do you want to see in the World Series I mean who would you choose if you had to
Picked a few upsets (Red Sox over Astros, Twins over NYY, Rockies over DBacks)...but all roads lead to a Nats/India…
This series should be extended and cover other events in the "IT" world of write once and debug everywhere.
4th Amendment Origins and Court Battles that Lead to the American Revolution and changed the world:
congrats! One day you are going to take over calling the World Series too 😉 keep up the good work.
Will be there to support one of the best rooms, staff, and well ran series anywhere in the world. . Cant let fear a…
Need to go to the College World Series next year.
I'll give you Fatso, but we traded Gonzales and Crawford and one a World Series. Money is no issue with our owner
It's possible to find happiness in the unhurried child's view of the world, but we're more likely to find it with a mature, m…
Wow congrats to the Orioles on winning the World Series after the other 29 teams forfeit the season
First page of Power POP, the adventure color!. Check out the motion comic at
Trophy's the star of the 2017 Postseason logos. Our post on the logos around the . https…
Enter a world of lawlessness and passion ~ *** of London ~ Romance
Great note from about the (likely) farewell of the World Series core today at The K.
Imma say this rn the World Series would be between for sure CLV vs either Nats or LAD truly can’t wait
Why the Arizona Diamondbacks will win the World Series. FTFY
If you switch the winner of the World Series you will have a perfect 👌bracket
That would hardly be the only reason to offer him the job. Very highly regarded GM, built a World Series champion in KC. ht…
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The Astros will fueled themselves by the events that took place a couple of weeks ago & go all the way to the World Series.
I hope for a Cubs and Indians rematch for the world series
Workman will make it probalby becausr he pitched in the world series before. Austin Maddox should be…
Impressive discussions tonight at the Speaker Series at to support the empowerment of women in the d…
Brushing aside our cover from three years ago, here's why the Astros will come out on top in October.
I got the Indians going back and winning the World Series like the 14', 15' Royals. I got the Dodgers winning the N…
Who you got winning the World Series?
If the Indians win the World Series, tears will be shed
Cleveland Indians will be your 2017 World Series champs...
Why the Colorado Rockies will win the World Series.
The Dodgers are the 2017 World Series Champs. You heard it here first.
3 reasons Red Sox can win the World Series via
Survived Finale Enduro World Series again and with good company.
in 1903 the 1st World Series began, between the Pittsburg Pirates and Boston Americans. Boston won in eight games…
It's not the "World Series". And the New England Patriots are not "world champions"
Chicago fans crowd around Wrigley Field waiting for World Series tickets to go on sale! (October 1, 1935)
85 years ago today, Babe Ruth called his shot in game 3 of the 1932 World Series at Wrigley Field. ht…
Gov. Franklin D. Roosevelt tosses in the 1st pitch at the World Series - vs. (Wrigley Field - October 1, 1932)
It's Official, Terry Collins is resigning as manager after seven years. Took team to World Series & consecutive postseason…
(Today in Afro History ! Joe Black becomes the first Afro American pitcher to win a World Series ...) - -…
Raúl Mondesí jr is the first player in modern MLB history to make his debut in the World a pinch runner
Raul Mondesi Jr. made his ML debut in the World Series in 2015 for the Royals
KC did it with Raul Mondesi Jr in 2015 in the World Series! Worked out for them.
Bobby V brought timo Perez, bubba trammel, Todd Zeile and Jay Payton to the World Series
Going where the sun don't Schein on Rams, NFL OT, Dan Quinn, and World Series home field next!
Comics battle for laughs at the World Series of Comedy.
I had a great time at the World Series of Comedy earlier this month in Las Vegas. I got this video of my first...
| Is this the year for the Indians to win the World Series? Jim Leyland tries to answer with
Glencoe native Rich Cohen needed the to win the World Series before he could write the 'Curse'…
Bill Murray is in talks to play Cubs manager Joe Maddon in a film on the team's World Series win. What do you think?
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Welcome to ChiTown! How Chicago's drive to solve violence will // the Cubs' drive to win a World Series!
Bill Murray in talks to play Maddon in World Series film:
An upcoming film about the World Series win could feature Bill Murray as manager Joe Maddon, per http…
Bill Murray could play manager in new movie about 2016 World Series. -
The Cubs are NL Central champs again, the first defending World Series champs to win their division since 2009
Matt Cain is retiring. He pitched the 1st perfect game in SF history and was part of multiple World Series titles. https…
If terry collins can take them to a World Series anyone is possible to do the same
Kent Tekulve and Steve Nicosia at the end of the 1979 World Series... the last World series title
NFL is doing something nearly as remarkable as Cubs winning a World Series - Chicago Tribune
Still learning? That quote was from Ben Zobrist. He's been on the winning side of the past two World Series.
Connie Mack's & Gabby Street's would face each other days later in the 1930 World Series
Jim Leyland couldn’t even win them a World Series. Bad contracts, bad trades, old players. Their run was just over with. Not on him
Comiskey Park, Chicago - Action during the infamous 1919 World Series between the Cincinnati Reds and White Sox. The f…
White Sox acting like this is game 7 of World Series.
As Nationals prep for World Series run, Bryce Harper has one goal: 'Do it for J-Dub' via
Thanks to Frankie, we also all got a free Taco Bell 🌮 b/c he stole that base in the World Series last year... Mr. S…
Hey pls, if Puig hits a walk off in the World Series do you think he'll French kiss turner ward?
If the Nationals are ever going to bring a World Series title to D.C., this is the year to do it.
1916 World Series - no one gets to leave the game early from this sardine-filled parking lot outside of Braves Field i…
I love colorized photos. The White Sox in the 1917 World Series. You think Shoeless Joe was wondering if those pant…
Bill Buckner walks off the field after committing an error to end game 6 of the 1986 World Series
Well it's Official Dave,Taylor, Kathy, and I bought our post season tickets for the Indians. Bring on the World Series boys!
This year my first baby girl was born VIOLET JAMES HOLT she will be born oct 28th so she is a World Series baby , w
Aside from the Giants winning the World Series twice in the last five years 😉
Going to the World Series, going up 3-1, winning 22 games in a row, the best or second best record in American League
Chris Russo predicted the Tigers to beat the Mets in the World Series this year
There’s a narrative out there that the Indians winning streak won’t matter unless they win the World Series. d…
And Kansas City winning a World Series is less likely than any club in baseball other than maybe Milwa…
This man predicted the cubs going to the World Series, and then there's this person with the realist quote 😂🙌🏼
[Japan Times]CHICAGO – The Chicago Cubs’ first World Series championship in 108 years was …
This kid belongs in CF. All the time. Did everyone forget what he did in the World Series? Cubs need to thin ou…
Say, I don't remember. Did the Cubs win the World Series in'35? Oh. Too bad!
I look forward to the World Series rematch with the Cleveland W
Chicago Cubs vs Cleveland Indians for the World Series part 2
Sorry losers, but I just bought great tickets to the '17 World Series for only $500 apiece. Just waiting for Craig Carton to deliver them
Please win the pennant. And when we win this time, I'll buy a 2016 World Series champs hat.
Cubs and Indians are a World Series ratings hit for Fox
Don't let their winning streak distract you from them blowing a 3-1 lead in last year's World Series against the Cubs.
Mets trail the Cubs 17-5. The last time the Mets were this out of it in a game was the 12th inning against the in the World Series
Haters: "Cubs will never win a World Series.". *November 3rd, 2016*. Haters: "Took 108 years.". Baez: Want some salt?
I've got a cubs World Series ring customized just for you
As a Cubs fan its too easy to say the World Series last season. So I will go back to 2005 when the Illini…
Video: Ernie Broglio reflects on Cubs' World Series, allegiance to Cardinals via…
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