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World Series Champions

The World Series is the annual championship series of Major League Baseball (MLB) and concludes the MLB postseason.

San Francisco Giants Boston Red Sox Detroit Tigers World Series Championship Stanley Cup Detroit Tiger Chicago Cubs Fenway Park Hunter Pence American League Joe Buck Tim McCarver New York Yankees Kirk Gibson Toronto Blue Jays

Joe Maddon was the same way.. made it to some World Series, but cudnt win it all. Now look at him. Champions
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I'm having my morning coffee in my 2016 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS MUG. Are you?
Friendly neighborhood reminder that the Chicago are your 2016 World Series Champions
2016 is still a great year for me though, Banks. And u. Cubbies are World Series champions!!
Just in case you forgot.. The Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions.
It's a Friday night in mid November and all I can think about is that the Cubs are the World Series Champions
The podcast episode we've been waiting 8 seasons to record: The Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions.
108 years later, the Cubs are World Series Champions
Afternoons with Ed : They dye it green for Saint Patrick and "Cubbie Blue" for the World Series Champions.
The Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions. And a supposed grown *** man sheds tears in Central Connecticut.
What a joke FS1. Interviewed members of the Dodgers 1988 World Series Champions team and NO ONE from the Cubs 1908 Champi…
Finally home after a trip of a lifetime. Nevada Club Baseball Division 1 World Series Champions.
nice! Dan Shulman repping the 2016 World Series Champions. Yeah I said it.
T-17&1/2 hours until the 2016 World Series Champions play, along with the pitcher who wins the next 7 Cy Youngs
Why? Because we are better than everyone else. Including the 2016 World Series Champions
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Who's getting the 2016 World Series Champions Tattoo on them??? https:/…
The Kansas City are no longer the World Series Champions of this year so we're already in a better place
"Swing and a miss the St Louis Cardinal's are World Series Champions!"
I attended a parade recently that was much better than the one I'm watching. Something involving the Royals and World Series Champions?
363 days from now the St. Louis Cardinals will be crowned the 2016 World Series Champions.
Every girl rejoice, Eric Hosmer and the team he plays for are now World Series Champions!!!
This day 25 years ago the Reds became World Series Champions with a 2-1 victory over the Oakland A's for a series sweep.
Attended a reception in 1992 held at Rideau Hall for the World Series Champions. The
60 yrs ago today. Da Bums are MLB World Series Champions !!!
Tracey Moseley and Richie Rude are the 2015 Enduro World Series champions
See the results from the first competition on Misano World Circuit, last round of Competition102 GT4 European...
So in 35 years, Yogi played/coached/managed in 21 World Series, 13 were World Champions. All in NYC.
saving all our hits for the playoffs, that's what World Series champions do
Chicago Cubs will be 2015 World Series Champions. ... My last post till November when it happens.
Can't you hear Joe Buck now: Groundball, stabbed by Ross, underhanded to Shaw, and the Redsox are World Series Champions!
Update your maps at Navteq
Congratulations to South Carolina American Legion and more importantly World Series Champions!
Calling it right now. Boston Red Sox 2016 World Series Champions and Joe Kelly won't be part of it
Well my giants still World Series Champions and my warriors still the best team in the NBA so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I'll get over this 49ers loss. Hey, My SF Giants are World Series Champions! They can't take that from me!
My article on the World Series Champions was published a few days ago. ---The Giants Dynasty
Your San Francisco Giants are World Series Champions! Pick up your World Series Champion Merchandise at the...
World Series Champions 3 in 5 years, No arguments! See you on Friday at Civic Center plaza for the parade! . http:/…
Barry Bonds is cruising around San Francisco, handing out high-fives: No big deal. World Champions A…
For the third time in five years the San Francisco Giants are World Series Champions. Hear how the final call sounded on KNBR 680!!!
CHAMPIONS: powers to third victory in five years.
Happiness is singing "We Are the Champions" in the street with after your beloved city wins the World Series.
dear dodgers,. congrats on winning the NL west. sincerely,. the world series champions, giants
What could have been — actual 2014 champions merchandise. Lots of pics: h…
What a night for the books. 2010, 2012 and NOW 2014 World Series Champions! Gotta love my city and…
I am sooo happy for the San Francisco Giants!!! Congradulations to Our 2014 world series champions!!…
Congrats to the 2014 World Series Champions... the !!! and a slew of former
.say whatever you want. Still doesn't change the fact that my team are WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!. Again!!
The San Francisco Giants are the World Series champions for the third time in the past five seasons, but none were consecutive and they missed the playoffs two of the five years. Are they a dynasty?
I've been working for the world series champions, San Francisco Giants, now for 11 years. I've worked 3 world series(2010, 2012, 2014) . this will be my 2nd parade, I missed 2010 because I was in Portland, Oregon with my mom. I'll see you at the parade on Friday, October 31st. love you all. good night and God bless you all. also, don't forget your umbrellas on Friday.
I have champagne in my hair, dried up tears on my cheeks, my cheeks hurt from smiling. People who don't follow or have a team don't get it, and that's ok. But this feeling, this CHAMPIONSHIP Feeling, is phenomenal. San Francisco Giants are the World Series Champions. Not only that, but records were broke on the way! This is special people, this is special.
Going to bed now proud and happy in the home of the World Series champions! It's been a good day. Now, good night.
congratulations to all my Giants fans together we are World Series champions San Francisco Giants win the World Series sorry I'm doing this so late you guys out celebrating the city I'm home 2014 World Series champions San Francisco Giants :) yes yes yes yes
In 2010 I scared my 5 year old son when the Giants beat the Rangers, in 2012 I could sense he was beginning to understand, but tonight in the 9th when he said to me "dad, my heart is racing and my palms are sweaty"...I knew he understood. The orange and black is in his blood. I was fortunate enough to take him to game 4, but regardless I love being able to share the love of baseball my father and grandfather instilled in me and along with that a passion for our beloved Giants. Congratulations to the 2014 World Series Champions!
World Series Champions!! Ecstatic to celebrate another Giants Championship 2014-there's nothing else like it! Another year of believing in the impossible!
If the Giants overcome the Kansas City Royals in a do-or-die Game 7 on enemy soil to win the World Series Wednesday night, get ready for a party - a big one. San Francisco will welcome home the World Series Champions again for a Halloween-day bash.
Congratulations to my beloved San Francisco Giants! This on the edge of my seat, holding my breath, crying when it's all over just doesn't get old. World Series Champions 2014...BOO YAH!
Bruce Bochy, Hall of Fame manager? The Giants are your World Series Champions!
Congratulations to the awesome San Francisco Giants - 2014 World Series Champions!
Another Baseball Season comes to an end..Giants are World Series Champions..Bud Selig is officially retired now...My Cubs are young n bringing the young kids up n now we just added Joe Maddon as our new Manager..Our Future n Our Time is Almost here...Madison BumGarner had a World Series to remember... Congrats to San Francisco Giants n their Fans on another World Series Championship.. 3 Championships in 5 Years...See You MLB in 2015.
celebrates World Series Champions such as Hank Aaron with these commemorative rings
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So the Boston Red Sox are technically still World Series Champions winning their 3rd World Series Championship in the last 10 years , most than any other Baseball Franchise. Now that the Kansas City Royals and San Francisco Giants have won their one game playoff, the Baseball playoffs are all set. Who do you think will win this year?
And again second year in a row they go undefeated in Tulsa Ok for the World Series Champions and making the paper! Couldn't be more proud of how this team keeps it together and the wonderful job the coaches have done with them!! And big thanks to Coach Chris Ross for getting these shirts made!! Till next season...
Detroit Tigers 2014 World Series Champions. I can see it now.
I have been selected in the NZ Baseball team to go to the Cal Ripken World Series in Aberdeen, Maryland. The Cal Ripken World Series is where the best 12 year old baseball players in the world come together each August to battle it out to become World Series Champions.
Sounds like there's a lot of "I'm a Braves fan unless the World Series Champions come to town" fans at the Ted today.
We are still the defending World Series Champions!
Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Rays after defeating the 2013 World Series Champions ( Boston Red Sox ) three straight games. It was a great hard fought series.
The Angelina College softball team is the 2014 NJCAA World Series Champions after beating Central Florida 8-5!
The New York Yankees will be the 2014 World Series Champions. We look very unbeatable. White House in 2015 here we come. Just a prediction but we look *** good. Oh and Let's Go Rangers! 4-1 over those pesky Flyers.
The White House is objecting to the selfie that Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz took with President Obama. What appeared to be a fun moment on Tuesday when the World Series Champions were being honored in Washington developed a commercial tone when it was revealed that Big Papi is an endorser of…
In honor of the World Series Champions opening the season at Fenway Park, tomorrow will be Red Sox day at Matthew Thornton!
So cool that the Red Sox went to the White house yesterday to visit our president! Not many people have the chance to do that. Congratulations to the World Series Champions on a great season last year. let's win another this year... GO SOX! (I refuse to post the preplanned "selfie" that Papi got paid to take...)
Do not worry Red Sox Nation it is only 1 game. I can guarantee there will be more games lost. In the end we will be saying the Red Sox are World Series Champions. "Can you believe that".
On this Opening Day of the 2014 Major League Baseball Regular Season (The 146th overall year of MLB existence,) the Baltimore Orioles edge the defending World Series Champions, Boston Red Sox, by the final score of 2-1 at Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland, i.e., "The Charm City!" This year particularly commemorates the orange and black birds 60th Anniversary Celebration of the franchise's existence in the Baltimore, MD area, which of course, first transpired in 1954! Way to go, O's!
On baseball's opening day, I just have to gloat a bit about my beloved Red Sox. I am honored I got to hold the bats Shane Victorino, Red Sox right fielder, used to get us to the world series, and the one he used to knock in the runs in game six of the World Series to win it for the Red Sox. The one from game six is cracked. Our attire is from an ugly sweater and shirt party he hosted in December at his Las Vegas home. Go Red Sox, defending World Series Champions! kj howe
Little Giant Ladders
Baseball is Back.St. Louis Cardinals 2014 World Series Champions. That has a nice ring to it!
The Boston Americans became the first ever World Series Champions when they beat the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 1903 World Series.
Opening day for our World Series Champions in Baltimore. Can't wait !!
I've waited my entire life to see the New York Mets win a World Series, and I truly believe that the 2014 World Series Champions will be the New York Metropolitans, because, YA GOTTA BELIEVE!
So excited for the St.Louis Cardinals - 2011 World Series Champions!!. 11th Title
Did you know that Extreme Dance Arts was named the 2012 National League Top Studio from Hall of Fame Dance and the 2013 World Series Champions!! This is only possible because our amazing staff, phenomenal students, and supportive parents work so well together!! ❤️❤️
The are 2-0 this spring and 2-0 against the defending World Series Champions. 2-0 = First Place of Grape Fruit League!
World Series Champions getting recognized at the South Carolina State house!
World Series Champions. Love my red banner in room!
I predict that for the 106th year in a row the World Series Champions will not be the Chicago Cubs.
Yes, the World Series Champions are headed to Fort Meyers tomorrow! For my friends in St. Louis, yes that would be the Boston Red Sox. Peter Dunn
This season we share one goal: to become World Series Champions!
some 1 post this, anyway spring training starts Feb 28th. And here's da coment. :) Jamie Connors Red Sox will be back to back World Series Champions. Xander Bogaerts is going to have an amazing year. I think Sizemore will fill in perfectly for that traitor Ellsbury.
Today's Date in History: 1939 - Eddie Collins, Willie Keeler and George Sisler are elected to the Hall of Fame by the Baseball Writers Association of America. Sisler set a major league season-record (later broken by Ichiro Suzuki) with 257 hits in 1920 and batted .420 in 1922 on his way to a .340 career batting average. Collins batted an even .333 for his career and stole 744 bases as a member of four World Series Champions. Keeler, who "hit 'em where they ain't", batted .341 and collected 2,932 hits.
Good morning Red Sox Nation - Texas: And WELCOME to the 2014 Boston Red Sox Season !! Lucky for us, we roll into 2014 as the reigning World Series Champions and with that, a very shortened hot stove season. Nonetheless, after football season wraps up for our respective teams, we are left with boring reality t.v., chilly days and nights (especially in Houston today), late sunrises and early sunsets and constant re runs on The MLB Network and NESN. But Truck Day at Fenway is fast approaching on Saturday Feb 8th, so finish up all those Food Network shows, left over Breaking Bad episodes and random sitcoms you have left on you DVR because Spring Training is almost here !! Even though our off-season becomes slow at times, good news is that your Governor has been hard at work making sure that we all have another great season enjoying Sox events here in Texas, so here is an update - Our 6th Annual Texas Jimmy Fund Golf Tournament - Something that has been quite a tradition into itself, Our 6th Annual Texas Jimmy ...
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So anti-climatic..oh well World Series Champions it is, thank you Sox.
NORTHWEST COLLEGE CLASSIC UPDATE - Meetings with the head baseball coaches at Linfield College (Scott Brosius) and George Fox University (Marty Hunter) have been confirmed - Thursday January 30. Linfield is the 2013 NCAA Division III World Series Champions while George Fox was the 2004 NCAA Division III World Series Champions. Click below the get registered or give us a call with questions.
"welcome to Fenway Park, your host of tonight's Eastern college hockey match up & the home of the 2013 World Series Champions" ☝️👏
For nore important news, the Red Sox are still World Series Champions...
Idk we will see I feel like losing Jacoby is gonna hurt. Plus not many reigning World Series champions do well
One of my Xmas gifts was a World Series Champions plate frame for my car. I felt compelled to put it on the car before driving to NY.
yea I did this year for the first time... RED SOX world series Champions
My Nana got me a 2013 Red Sox World Series Champions tee-shirt and told me to wear it all the time at school to rub it in their faces 😂
My sick new world series champions jersey...
I got a Boston world series champions shirt... I'm good
think about it this way, Red Sox are still 2013 World Series Champions:) lol
2013 World Series champions. Has a certain ring to it. Never gets old
the blue one is AL champions and the grey one is world series
2013 world series champions hoodie and lanyard makes for a good Christmas.
Watching the 2013 World Series Champions recap with my brother and dad. What a merry Christmas it is!!
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Bro Nick got me a 'World Champions' hoodie that has all the years we won the remind me we didn't make it this year.
Santa got me a Red Sox World Series champions shot glass. He knows me so well 🎅🎄
Still grateful for that most wonderful of Christmas presents - Boston Red Sox World Series Champions, 2013!!!
No one in my family got me World Series Champions memorabilia. They have failed me & shall hear about it until next Christmas.
Bruins in 1st place, Patriots in 1st place, Celtics in 1st place, and the Red Sox are World Series Champions. Merry Christmas, everyone!!
My sister got me a World Series Champions shot glass!
got the World Series DVD. and a World Series champions shot glass.
Straight from the hearts of the future 2014 World Series Champions to ALL the hearts of ALL the beloved fans in ALL of Yankee Universe!
I'm super excited to draw a moustache on Jacoby Smellsbury's pic in my World Series Champions Red Sox calendar!!
Santa brought me the World Series DVD's & World Series film. You'd think the were World Champions or something. Oh wait... :-D
Santa hooked me up with some WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS gear!
home of the 1989 World Series Champions sweeping the *** ***
Oddmakers like Dodgers to win World Series, but is that a good thing? - But to be champions, the...
Ty and Gigi are the World Series of Griffin Family Sequence CHAMPIONS 👦👵🃏🏆
like a world series champions jacket made by majestic. Different from the team jackets.
The Red Sox are World Series Champions! I got my gift early! ;)
Best gift of the year goes to the 2013 World Series Champions
Got that National League Champions pin given at World Series vs the tigers!
Christmas Eve and the RedSox are still World Series champions
18- Boston Red Sox 2013 World Series Champions, that is all.
Kirk Gibson and Dave Rozema of the 1984 World Series Champions these guys are
Please stay with the Boston Red Sox 2013 World Series Champions!! You are the best Mike Napoli!
Hey, just in case the good feelings are fading, just remember our Boston Red Sox are the 2013 World Series Champions
Fans don't forget you still have a chance to purchase tickets to meet two recent World Series Champions as well as many other great guests. One of those recent World Series is from this past year! Mr. Jonny Gomes belted a huge home run for the Red Sox this recent World Series.
RemDawg World Series Champions 2013 Boston Red Sox!! still such an amazing feeling
World Series Champions 2013 Boston Red Sox!! still an amazing feeling
Really tempted to buy some of these pints... 2013 World Series Champions. (PDF file)
Today I am thankful for baseball. I have watched the Sox since Carlton Fisk hopped down the first base line waving like a madman. I have enjoyed watching my own boys play and each have had such special moments on the field - Tyler Edwards hitting his first homerun off his cousin Trevor who high fived him as he rounded second base, watching Lucas Edwards throw a pitch to get the third strike on someone always makes me happy and Jeremy Edwards sheer love of the game and passion for catching makes me smile. oh I love the baseball. and the Red Sox being World Series Champions. just makes life a little sweeter!
The Boston Red Sox parade went off without incident today and it was a well deserved celebration for the World Series Champions! We'd love to see some photos from those of you that were there!
I was overjoyed to watch the Red Sox Parade (on TV). The Duck Boats carried our World Series Champions through the streets of Boston. Then, the Duck Boats floated our Red Sox down the Charles River. When the Players arrived at the Boston Marathon Finish Line (the site of last year`s bombing), they placed the World Series Cup on the ground and proudly displayed Boston Strong T Shirts. I cried.
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The weather beacon on the Old Hancock Building is still Red & Blue tonight for the 2013 World Series Champions.
So Fenway Park didn't waste no time putting the 2013 World Series Champions banner up on the outside of the park with the rest of them!
is gonna just fly on down to Burkina Faso and get one of those sweet Cardinals 2013 World Series Champions hoodies.
Friends, Countrymen lend me your ear. 1. Holy S. Drew! First he couldn't hit a ball off a little league "T" stand, and then he hits a home run. Thanks for coming out of your post season slump on the most important game of the series. 2. Lackey was on fire...until he wasn't. He is one *** of a pitcher and has a pretty decent beard going. Tazawa came in and pitched one awesome pitch to save the inning. Talk about teammates and working together. Lackey was done but "his brother in arms" came in for the save. 3. Workman "worked it" to keep the momentum alive. Not sure why Tazawa didn't stay in, but that's neither here nor there. 4. Do we not have the best friggin closer? Koji just kicks *** (and so does his son). 5. Five Alive. The Red Sox are the World Series Champions and did it at home in front of the Fenway Faithful. This was the ending we all needed after a tough year of enduring and dealing with the marathon bombings. To be in our home away from home. To have our guys play their hearts out for them an . ...
Congratulations to Clay Buchholz and the entire family on this huge win!!! MLB World Series Champions!!! But we wouldn't expect anything less from the Buchholz family... Enjoy this wonderful moment. You deserve this. Hope to see you soon. Miss you guys at CT...
Congratulations to the Red Sox...World Series Champions! Fans can now breathe easier.LOL! (Selfishly.happy that life can return to normal...those games were on so late!!!) Vlad Leonidovich Molochkovsky I miss snuggling...just saying!!! ♥
Happy Halloween ! No tricks just treats. The Boston Red Sox are World Series Champions !!!
“World Series Champions! Congrats...but why is it called the World Series?
Baseball's new champs, with the hardware to prove it World Series Champions!
Not only was it amazing to watch the Red Sox become World Champs...but seeing the camaraderie in the dugout and on the field should make all fans remember why they love the game of baseball! Leadership at its finest Big Papi! Red Sox 2013 World Series Champions!
Congrats to the Boston Red Sox Organization and all the Boston Faithful!! 2013 World Series Champions!! Watching you guys celebrate @ Fenway gets me thinking of how great it will be when CUBS NATION celebrates a World Championship @ Wrigley Field!!
I can only imagine how full of joy your hearts must be witnessing your son, Robin Brown Buchholz and your brother Ashleigh Buchholz Lavergne be a part of the 2013 World Series Champions the Boston Red Sox. Is was a great game to watch. United Cheer has enjoyed cheering you on Clay Buchholz.
The Boston Red Sox are World Series Champions! Tune into 7News for full post-game coverage.
As promised, here are the possible (or mentioned) managers for the Tigers: thoughts and comments will be mentioned next weekend!! Tim Wallach-3rd base coach for L.A. Dodgers Lloyd McClendon-Tigers coach/former Pirates manager (also to interview for Seattle Mariners Manager job also) Gene Lamont- Tigers Bench Coach/ former White Sox manager (made it ALCS in 1993) Tom Brookens-Tigers 3rd basecoach/managed in minor leagues for the tigers/played for the Tigers in the 80's Ozzie Guillen- FOrmer White Sox/Marlins Manager (2005 World Series Champions with the White Sox) Dusty Baker- Former Cincinnati Reds/San Fran. Giants managers (post season with Reds past 3 years) Manny Acta- Former Cleveland Indians manager Brad Ausmus- Former Tigers player, new to managing (good or bad) Torey Lovullo- Boston Red Sox Bench Coach (in the world series now, could be a good thing) Kirk Gibson- Staying with the D-backs as Manager, but what if???
Is it wrong to be a Tampa Bay Rays fan and cheer for an in division opponent aka the Boston Red Sox that you lost to in the ALDS to say you lost to the World Series Champions, baseball's number one team? I say *** no go Cardinals! These "Rays fans" tisk tisk!
"Red Sox fans have longed to hear it. The Boston Red Sox are World Series Champions"
Classic Neal Cotts pitching to AJ Pierzynski in this game. 2005 World Series Champions
ONE is not the loneliest number. ONE is the MAGIC NUMBER for the Red Sox to clinch the American League East title. One more step on the way to 2013 World Series Champions!
1st place in the NL West sounds good but World Series Champions sounds better. Stay focused. Stay healthy. Stay hungry. …
Wow. The last time Ottawa played without captain Daniel Alfredsson, the Toronto Blue Jays were the defending World Series Champions.
Still can't believe I met Mickey Rivers of the New York Yankees 77-78 World Series Champions team yesterday
see that shirt said world series champions. Thats something you wouldnt Know about in the last 100 years
Cincinnati reds 2013 world series champions
The are the 2013 Incoming Freshman World Series Champions! Congratulations athletes and fami…
Congrats to the big homie yesterday from smoov707... Next step World Series Champions then…
World Series Champions, the SF Giants trust Box to run their business while they win games. Will you?
It's not the end of the world fans. And if it was, at least we'd go out as World Series Champions.
Bruh, the are playing like 2013 World Series Champions! Real talk!
Omw to an Astros game cause they're going to be the world series champions 20 years from now.
Drinking sunkist orange soda in my giants World Series Champions cup
Homer Bailey became the 9th pitcher in MLB history to no-hit the defending World Series champions – Johan Santana also d…
Will be at Busch Stadium Saturday to see the 35-17 St. Louis Cardinals play the defending World Series Champions. Anyone care to join? Plan to swing by Urban Chestnut Brewing on the way downtown. Still can't beat that Winged Nut Ale. Although, the New Glarus Spotted Cow Ale is definitely way up there.
The Giants have lost 3 in a row to the A's. Guess that means the season is over and everyone should stop playing... 2013 World Series Champions: The Oakland Athletics!
M.V.P Buster Posey does it again giants World Series Champions
Holy Smokes! Man, freshman class in HS, listening to Game 7 on the radio: I remember Jim Northrup hitting a liner over Curt Flood's head to drive in 2! The class went wild! As history records it, The Detroit Tigers are the 1968 World Series Champions!!!
This Day In Baseball History, March 12, 1991 Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Palmer's attempted comeback at the age of 45 comes to an end when the newly elected Hall of Famer tears a hamstring during spring training. Jim Palmer won at least twenty games in each of eight seasons and received three Cy Young Awards and four Gold Gloves during the decade. His 268 career victories are currently an Orioles record. A six-time American League (AL) All-Star, he was also one of the rare pitchers who never allowed a grand slam in any major league contest. Palmer appeared in the postseason eight times and was a vital member of three World Series Champions, six AL pennant winners and seven Eastern Division titleholders. He is the only pitcher in the history of the Fall Classic with a win in each of three decades. He was also the youngest to pitch a shutout in a World Series at age 20 in 1966. He was one of the starters on the last rotation to feature four 20-game winners in a single season in 1971. Since his retirement as an ...
Sure is tough buying good seats for World Series Champions...
As a Detroit Tiger fan since 1961 who has lived in LA since 1978, I have never been more excited to watch daily games of the Angels and Dodgers (sorry Magic, but until you win one.Artie's team goes first) as well as my beloved Tigers who have me convinced that Jim Leyland will lead our Tigs to the 5th jewel to our World Series Champions crown along with 1935, 1945, 1968 and 1984. GO TIGERS in 2013 !!!
First day of San Francisco Giants Spring training. Rare photo op with the Commish trophy. San Francisco Giants 2012 World Series Champions
Tonight I will take you back to a time when the Toronto Blue Jays were World Series Champions, The Toronto Maple Leafs were Stanley Cup contenders and the politically correct hadn't stripped the English language of some of its best words.
Calling it now!! Bay Area teams are at their highest!!! Sf Giants are World Series Champions, predicting Sf 49ers Super Bowl Champs, Sj Sharks Stanley Cup Champs and the Golden State Warriors winning the Larry O'Brien Champ. Trophy. Pretty exciting stuff and pretty exciting to live here :)
Your 2010 World Series Champions: Part V Jan 29th, 2013 at 7:00 pm by Ashley VarelaGiants Giants » Your 2010 World Series Champions: Part V The Giants’ 2010 journey to a World Series Championship was characterized by a band of ‘misfits,’ players who arrived at just the right time and battled through injuries, slumps, and Mark DeRosa’s single-wristed efforts to build a championship run. Here are five more players who, if not instrumental in the Giants’ push towards a title, at least came along for the ride. Juan Uribe National League Championship Series, Game 6. With the score knotted 2-2 after eight innings, Juan Uribe stepped up to the plate against Philadelphia reliever Ryan Madson, who had made short work of Pat Burrell and Cody Ross on just three pitches. Pitch Uribe swung. The sushi chefs in a San Francisco bar where I was nervously eating my playoff feelings stopped in their tracks. As we watched the ball land in the first row of right field seats, the restaurant exploded. With that home ...
Just read that the year I was born the New York Yankees were World Series Champions, Jack Nicklaus won the U.S. Open Golf, the Dallas Texans & Green Bay Packers were "Pro Football Champions" (I guess the NFL didn't exist yet in present form), Cincinnati won the NCAA Basketball Championship and USC was the College Football Championship. Postage stamps were 4cents each, movie tickets $1 and gas 28cents per gallon. Demi Moore, Sheryl Crow, Ally Sheedy, Garth Brooks, Roger Clemens, Mathew Broderick--we all were born the same year. That was fun.
"The Road to the National Championship" will kick off with the first Super Regional, February 15, 2013, in Miami, Florida, and broadcasted live on ESPN3 and USSSA Live. This event will set the NEW standard in tournament play, by featuring many of the best organizations from all over the country, including 10 of last year’s Travel baseball National and World Series Champions. - Friday @ 6:30 Two top 10 nationally ranked 10U teams Team Florida faces 2012 9u Travelball National Championship runner-up, Team MVP Elite (FL) @ 8:30 USSSA Elite World Series Champion, Central Florida Wolverines vs AAU & AABC World Series Champions Florida's Team MVP square off in this year’s talent rich 11U division. ESPN3 - Saturday ESPN3 @ 3:30 will open the day featuring a cross region clash between the nationally ranked California SY Titans (vs Texas Team Mizuno (gets even tougher when ESPN3 @ 6pm will have the ranked Houston Banditos (TX) vs Team Miami (FL) In the night game, ESPN3 @ 8:30pm will feature t .. ...
Today is the 103rd anniversary of the birth of the legendary Hall of Famer, sparkplug of The Gashouse Gang (the 1934 St. Louis Cardinals, who were World Series Champions that year): Jerome Hanna "Dizzy" Dean (note: some sources give Dean's birth name as Jay Hanna Dean vice Jerome Hanna Dean). Not only was Ol' Diz one of the greatest pitchers of all time, he was also one of the most memorable characters the National Pastime ever produced. Dizzy pitched one game for the Cardinals in 1930 (a complete game win, in which he allowed only three hits and one run), and then made the team for keeps in 1931. In 1934 his brother Paul, also a Cardinal farmhand in earlier years, made the team along with his brother (the Dean brothers both hailed from rural Lucas, Arkansas, then squarely in Cardinals territory, so it was unremarkable that both came up in that organization). Dizzy, never modest about his own ability, was not modest about his brother's ability, either. "Me and Paul will probably win forty games." People t ...
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Happy Birthday ~ January 13 ~ Robert Herbert Forsch (January 13, 1950 – November 3, 2011) Forsch spent most of his sixteen years with the St. Louis Cardinals (1974–1988) before finishing his playing career with the Houston Astros (1988–1989). He was a member of the 1982 World Series Champions and National League (NL) pennant winners in 1985 and 1987. A twenty-game winner in 1977, he is third among all Cardinals pitcher in victories with 163. He is also the only player in team history to pitch more than one no-hitter, achieving it twice in 1978 and 1983. Along with Ken Forsch, they are the only brothers to have each performed the feat in the majors. After nine seasons in the majors, Forsch made it to the postseason for the first time in his career in 1982. He also earned his first career save on May 15 against the Atlanta Braves. He got the game one start in the 1982 National League Championship Series, and held the Atlanta Braves to three hits while striking out six. He also went 2-for-3 with an R . ...
I consider myself to be one of the luckiest people to have grown up and lived in Baltimore and had the opportunity to watch Johnny U., John Mackey, all the old Colts, Brooks, Frank, Boog, Cal, Eddie, Earl, Ed Reed, and Ray Lewis, not to mention Michael Phelps as well. Baltimore is a city that can boast of having some of the GREATEST atheletes to have ever graced a sports venue. World Series Champions, Greatest Olympian EVER, and a little known fact that Baltimore is the only city that has won football championships in 3 different leagues and with 2 different teams; the Colts in 1970 and Ravens in 2000 (NFL), Baltimore Stars in 1985 (USFL), and the Baltimore Stallions in 1995 (CFL) and to go with that, Baltimore is the ONLY American city to have a team to win the Grey Cup! BE PROUD!!! Good luck this weekend Ravens! RAY LEWIS, thank you so much for the many great football memories!
The Blue Jays are your 1992 World Series Champions! Thank you for broadcasting the series over the holiday break!
Even in my track pants and stained "Toronto Blue Jays 1992 World Series Champions" t-shirt, I feel overdressed for this Wal-Mart.
kinda like leaving the World Series Champions out of the top 10 2013 baseball rankings?
A blog about the 2010 and 2012 World Series Champions. Looking for contributors, so feel free to contact if you want to write for this blog.
Exhibit Honoring World Series Champion Giants Opens on Friday at Hall of Fame Sandoval’s Bat, Scutaro’s Spikes Highlight Autumn Glory’s Year-long Salute to Baseball’s Champions November 14, 2012 (COOPERSTOWN, NY) – The San Francisco Giants’ incredible postseason comeback story ended with a fairytale finish in the Fall Classic. Starting Friday, Nov. 16, visitors to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum can re-live that magical ride through the Museum’s Autumn Glory exhibit, the annual tribute to the World Series Champions in Cooperstown. Following the Giants’ World Series-clinching win on Oct. 28, the Museum acquired several artifacts from the Giants, who notched the franchise’s seventh Fall Classic title with their victory over the Detroit Tigers. Artifacts donated by the Giants and featured in the exhibit celebrating the 108th World Series include: The bat used by Pablo Sandoval to hit the first two of his three home runs in Game 1, tying a World Series record held by Babe Ruth, ...
Any college guy that is balding and tries to cover it up with a Florida Marlins 2001 World Series Champions hat is ok in my book
San Fransisco Giants - 2012 World Series Champions returning home with Pablo Sandoval holding
So here's what I think should happen with Josh Hamilton. Hamilton signs a multi year deal with the Dodgers and the Dodgers sign on Mark McGwire as their hitting coach. If that happens, Los Angeles Dodgers, 2013 World Series Champions.
I wanted to post these photographs of one of the very finest people I have ever met, Mr. Richard P. "Fish" Fischer. He had a huge heart and was such fun to be around. It was one of the honors of my life to have called this gentleman my Dear Friend and Brother. If this fellow was your friend, you truly were fortunate. Rest In Peace Brother, may the St. Louis Cardinals always be the World Series Champions, and may your beloved Harley ride fast and Loud. I Love You, Thank You from the bottom of my heart for your Friendship and Love. Stephen
Comparing Mike Redmond to Mike Matheny is ridiculous. Matheny was given the World Series Champions. Redmond was given an anthrax sandwich.
After beating the Cardinals in seven, an almost unbelievable outcome, the Giants swept the Tigers and became World Series Champions for the second time in three
They overcame some incredible circumstances! Most teams would have faded out after falling behind in two playoff series...but not these guys. They deserve the trophy and title-World Series Champions!
Perfect Day for an Orange and Black Parade! Happy Halloween and Congrats to the World Series Champions, the San Fransisco Giants!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
A big parade today to celebrate our 2012 World Series Champions!
Baseball: There's a big Parade in the morning and it's also Marco Scutaro's Birthday. I want to get up early and bake cupcakes. Time to go to bed and dream of being in the Cove and a ball coming my way in 2013. Dreams of all my friends and the experiences we've shared in our love for S.F. Giants Baseball. Congratulations to the Giants and to all the Fans! World Series Champions!!! It's been a Season that we'll remember forever.
World Series Champions at Leftys: Gregor Blanco Sunday 11/4 6-7:30 pm World Series MVP Pablo Sandoval Saturday 11/10 from 1 to 3 pm more info on our website. Sorry about some of the mixups it was a long day.
Hm. Meeting with career services or . The ticker-tape parade and civic celebration in honor of the 2012 World Champion San Francisco Giants is to be held tomorrow, Wednesday, October 31, 2012. The parade will begin at the foot of Market Street at Steuart Street at 11 a.m. then continue westbound on Market Street turning onto McAllister Street to proceed to City Hall and Civic Center Plaza (map below). Following the parade, on the steps of City Hall, Mayor Lee will present the entire team with a Key to the City and honor the World Series Champions in a civic celebration.
Today was awesome. I went to AT&T park to see the Giants return home to the stadium. I was wearing my gold lettered 2010 giants championship jersey and it caught Hunter Pence's eye and he asked "Hey man, sick jersey where did you get it? I've never seen that jersey. Who do you have on the back?" So i explained to him and i told him Lincecum. He said hold on let me go get him. After high-5in' the entire team lincecum came up to me and thanked me for supporting him and the Giants! and we talked for a bit. And when Pablo came out with the trophy i was able to touch it!!! World Series Champions! Gigantes Por Vida!
Congratulations to my man Hunter Pence and the San Francisco Giants. 2012 World Series Champions.
Well, pretty sure the Detroit Tigers "2012 World Series Champions" shirts are on a plane right now to third world nations.
So now the Kings have the Stanley Cup, The Giants are World Series Champions, The Niners are on their way to the Superbowl. I guess it's a good year to be a Warriors fan, huh?
NORTH ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-The St. Louis Cardinals are the reigning World Series Champions for just a few more days,...
Giants. World Series Champions. Can't believe it. ...but I can believe it. The Giants had no weaknesses. The Tigers got by on classic American League ball - Big hits by their sluggers. What happens when there are no big hits? Small ball. Defense. Starting pitching. Bullpen. Tigers had one out of four there. National League is real baseball. The 2012 Giants showed what happens when a TEAM commits to each other with no ego and will sacrifice to win no matter what it takes. Great games pitched by Fister, Sanchez, and Scherzer. Not good enough. We beat the best pitcher In baseball, Justin Verlander. Barry Zito, Madison Bumgarner, Ryan Vogelsong. Matt Cain. Tim Lincecum. Jeremy Affeldt. Sergio Romo. In Bochy we trust. Scutaro. Belt. Pence. Posey. MVP Panda. Crawford. Pagan. Gregor MF'ing Blanco. THE RIOT. Thank you Giants. Thank you.
Congratulations San Francisco Giants...World Series Champions 2012...their second one in three years! Horray! Parade this Wednesday 10/31/12..FANTASTIC FOUR GAMES!
Congratulations to the San Fran Giants, they earned it shutting the doors down with their pitching, keeping the World Series Champions in the NL for the 3rd straight year!!!
In 2004, this wisecracking superstar baseball player on the UTA Mavericks dared me and my radio broadcast partner to hold hands for the entire bus trip home from the Southland Conference Tournament. Eight years later, that player is now a member of the MLB World Series Champions. Congratulations to Hunter Pence.
Goodbye Dodgers. Goodbye Reds. Goodbye Cardinals. Goodbye Tigers. Oh, and goodbye Tim McCarver and Joe Buck and the rest of the east coast biased media! Oh did I mention that the San Francisco Giants are the 2012 World Series Champions?!! Now I have. How sweet it is!"
Let the Giants off season begin as World Series Champions!!! Their focus needs to be. Re-signing Hunter Pence, Angel Pagan, retaining the Pitching staff and most importantly going after Josh Hamilton so the can make a run at their third championship in 4 years!!!
Unbelievable! Congrats to the new World Series Champions . San Francisco Giants! A clean sweep with 3 shutouts! The New York Yankees don't even win the series in that manner. What a great tribute to Brian Stow!
On a bright note for you charitable Tiger fans, Africa will be getting a load of "Detroit Tiger World Series Champions" tee shirts
What a upset to all my friends that are a Detroit Tiger fan. Congrats to the San Francisco Giants for becoming the MLB World Series Champions.
Congratulations to the the 2012 World Series Champions! - ok, where's our Stanley Cup?!
Go San Francisco Giants! 2012 World Series Champions! You swept the team that swept the Yankees in the ALCS ... and you did it away from home! It's celebration time in the San Francisco Bay Area!
Next year, the dodgers will celebrate their 25 anniversary as the 1988 World Series Champions. This happened to be my favorite series probably when I was 2, and all I can remember was Kirk Gibson had two bad legs and gutted out a hard hitting homer to beat the Oakland Athletics in game 1. Next year, I would like to see the Dodgers return to the World Series to quite possibly face the A's in commemoration of the 1988 classic. If this happens, I predict this will be the greatest world series of all time. Til' next year Dodgers.
I can't wait for in 365 days when it is the Washington Nationals as World Series Champions.
Tomorrow all the poor Romney supporters will be wearing donated Detroit Tiger 2012 World Series Champions shirts...
Now maybe Joe Buck and Tim McCarver will stop talking about how good the Detroit Tigers are. Another World Championship for a true team. They never quit and won it all on being the best fundamental team in baseball - 2012 World Series Champions! Go Giants!
San Francisco Giants, your World Series Champions. I have been a fan since I was 6, watching Chilli David, Jeffery Leanord, Will Clark and co. Never thought I would live to see one World Series Championship, let alone 2!
inb4 Cards fans say "We lost to the Stanley Cup champions and the World Series Champions in the same year." All I have to say is..if you ain't first, you're last.
Monterey Bay checkin' in to congratulate the 2012 World Series Champions. What a remarkable team these San Francisco Giants.
That's right baby!!! Only three outs and we are once again World Series Champions! Bring it on boys! ⚾⚾⚾⚾ lucky number 4!
Questions: Will Obama still be President? Will Idris Elba get be the next James Bond? Will the San Francisco Giants be 2012 World Series Champions tonight? Will Disney make a hispanic princess?
The SF Giants are on win away from being your 2012 World Series Champions
Looks like the San Francisco Giants are still hitting and scoring. World Series Champions? Very likely
7 years ago today my biggest sports dream ever came true: The Chicago White Sox are World Series Champions.
Ladies and gentlemen, your future world series champions!
"A bro should be able to recite anytime the following reigning champions: Super bowl, World series and Play Mate of the year." Kuajajaj XD
2 games in the bag. 2 more to go to become WORLD CHAMPIONS. Motown, are you ready for the red-hot GIANTS?
Game 6 1993 World Series Joe Carter with the three run homer!!! The winner and were still world champions the Toronto Blue Jays!
Next time it's going to be a World Series Champions T
Little slideshow I made celebrating the 2012 CWS champs. Most are pictures I took over the week, some are filler pics from the internet. The song is "Bitters...
- 2012 World Series Champions. We can &will do it. We will fight. We will persevere. We will defy the odds.
1 Stanley Cup, 2 World Series and 3 Super Bowls: What can we learn from Boston?
Is congratulating the 2012 World Series Champions San Francisco Giants on their victory, and four game sweep of the Tigers!
Happy 7 year anniversary to the 2005 world series champions
Marlins win 1997 World Series Champions!! Thanks to Edgar Renteria on is base hit in the middle and Craig Counsell on third base headed home for the win!!
October 26, 1985. They had it all wrapped up. The champagne was ready to pop. And then Don Denkinger went and ruined it all. IMHO, the worst call in World Series history. The Cardinals lose Game 6, and then game 7 as well, and the Royals were World Champions.
from one of the worst year of my life to one of the best thing that happen that year. the 2005 World Series Champions Chicago White Sox! Happy Anniversary!
Made up for the giants. Hoping they can nail the next two games and become world series champions
Wakefield track star set to go wheel-to-wheel with Olympic and World champions in Revolution Series: ...
Wakefield star to go wheel-to-wheel with champions in Revolution Series -
Another great Giants win!! Thanks, Bumgartner!! The best aspect of this Giants run is that they're not just getting lucky.they're playing nearly perfect baseball and they just keep overcoming the best that the other teams have thrown at them!! They DESERVE to be World Series Champions!!
Metro Event Help - USA-AZ-Tempe: . Stars and World Series Champions taking the field again in a...
Win 2 before we lose 4 and are World Series Champions
Hello Giant fans!! We are up 2-0!! Madison stepped up when we needed him and the guys did the rest!! Game 3,saturday nite in Detroit,Vogelsong vs Garcia!!Lets get it done and come home as World Series Champions!!! GO GIANTS!1
Giants become first team in division series history to win despite losing the first two games. Giants fall behind the defending world champions 3-1 and win the pennant in a 7 game NLCS. Giants defeat the consensus best pitcher in baseball in Game 1, that bizzare double play in Game 1 to end an inning, that bizzare hit off a base to score a run, Barry Zito earning his money by winning Game 5 of the NLCS, winning Game 1 of the World Series with a solid start and also singling in a run when we all know he can't buy a hit. Prince Fielder being thrown out at home in Game 2 when it looked like he was going to score, the Giants winning Game 2 despite not producing an RBI hit. These things don't usually happen to postseason teams. Something is going on and I don't know what it is but we're 2 wins away from a world championship when we had no business even being in the World Series. Most improbable season I've ever witnessed and that includes 2010. Don't want to say the D word just yet but I'm definitely thinking ...
Great win two more wins and 2012 world series champions
Giants 2 games up in world i smell champions
2 More wins N the Giants will be your 2012 World Series Champions!!!...
The giants have shutout the tigers 2 times in there 2-0 series. they won tonight 2-0 and they only need 2 more wins to be the world series champions.. they could be champions 2 times in three years.. Go get em giants..
Nine defend to the Eighth and the bats come out to play. Flags fly low in the city of Detroit as the SF Giants move one more game closer to the World Series Champions.
I guess my next hat will be WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!!
Giants win again!!! Lead tigers in series 2-0.2 games away from being the World Champions!!
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Dear Rather you take it home in 4, but... World Series Champions on Halloween... I can settle for that too. :)
Giants are playing good baseball. Now 2-0, World Series Champions is coming to em
Giants beat the Tigers 2-0 Giants lead the Series 2-0 Giants are gonna be the World Series Champions
What a Night ...Game Two SF leads series 2-0 Go Giants Great Game ..Let's go to Detroit and take care of business let's bring the World Series Champions to S F Win Win Win.. Thank you Giants for outstanding pitching and great defense
And The Giants Win Again! Yeah baby. 2 more wins and the Giants are the 2012 World Series Champions !
I think I’ve figured out my Giants good-luck charms - my Eureka 7 shirts, and my 2010 World Series Champions hat.
I Love these Sf Giants! Great start for MadBum, great save for Romo. World Series Champions for sure!!!
San Francisco Giants 2 up, Detroit not looking good at all... 2012 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!!
The Giants just won Game 2! 2 more games until World Series Champions!
It's over Giants are world series champions
Ok so what ive seen in these past 2 games its pretty much going to be the giants as world series champions, and as for the TB/MINN game i like where its going so when the vikings keep losing after tonight and the niners continue to whoop *** that loss against the vikings game wont matter, now as for the ny giants i hope there game against dallas is a tie because they both suck
and people say there's nothing to do in Fresno! We make World Series Champions! :0)
here we go! 2 World Series Champions disagreeing on strike!! Ill check it tomorrow! Not home! Best WS team 2004
lol I don't even care about baseball that much and I don't want them to win! Bidhimish el world series champions title
Tigers need to win I have to buy something that says 2012 World Series Champions!
Update your maps at Navteq
Meaning they beat the Cardinals. The infamous cardinals? The world series champions? The season ending cardinals?
“Miami marlins 2013 world series champions.” . Right.if we do, I'll go streaking on Calle 8!
Miami marlins 2013 world series champions.
the winner of this series will be named World Series Champions
Cards are still the World Series Champions. At least for a few more days. Don't care who ya are.
What happen with the almighty "Justin Verlander" and all the hype that came with the Detroit Tigers. With people saying that they are one of the best teams baseball and there going to destroy the Giants. That there one of the best teams that people have ever seen play in baseball in decades. Evidently, that wasn't the case last night. Giants won 8-3. How are people going to label the Tigers already, when they haven't won a championship since the late 1980's, and just base there status on this year alone? Giants have been to the World Series 3 times within the last 10 years. When the Tigers get on our level, then people can start to label then. Just like in 2010, all of the critics,sports columnist said that. "Cliff Lee" and the Texas Rangers were going to crush the Giants. It ended up being the opposite of what everyone thought, and the Giants won the Championship that year. Keep doubting the Giants, The Bay Area, and watch us come back and prove all the critics wrong, and come back stronger than ever, ...
good job tonight (GIANTS) one down -three to go to be world series champions too out of three years.
I just wanted to RE-POST this.This was posted on JUNE 13th! CALLED IT!! Who!!!
Catch the SPAR Protea Netball team vs the Australian Diamonds live on SS2 at 06:55 this morning in the Quad Series from Wellington, New Zealand - Good luck Proteas! You are impressing "Down Under" the game vs England on the weekend was a thriller ... Keep up the momentum and rattle the world champions today!
1 win down, 3 more to go til we're World Series Champions!!! Let's go San Francisco Giants!!!
Giants secure game 1.. just 3 more to go til were world series champions again!
Way to go Giants! Three more games and world series champions. On a good pace. Keep it going!
Yes sf giants 3 more games to win 2became 2012 world series champions:)omg
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