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World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day, observed June 20 each year, is dedicated to raising awareness of the situation of refugees throughout the world.

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We are excited to partner with to equip leaders to respond to the global refugee crisis:
Urgent call: Are you up for leading biggest programme in the world? - Norwegian Refugee Council is…
Great inauguration today in of the largest solar plant ever built in a refugee settlement. The power generate…
C and S made this great artwork inspired by Outright campaign and Paddington’s story. Did you know Paddi…
I'm are you? Sign the petition and let's get 5 million signatures to the UN General Assembly
Been out in Malawi with on a mission. Spent the day at Dzaleka Refugee Camp and met so many beautiful souls and learn…
UUCA Honors International Human Rights - Nov.17-19. You are invited to join in honoring International…
Great! Refugee Week 2018 is 18 - 24 June. It's always the week of 20 June, World Refugee…
World Refugee Day - June 21st look for the information regarding a huge block party here in Nashville!
Day 2 in Berlin, the World Refugee Council discusses the role of media in changing the toxic narrative around…
“The refugee response for Central Africans is one of the most underfunded in the world,”
20th June is World Refugee Day. Can't help but feel that o…
"I thought it was going to be my last day.". Harrowing stories continue to emerge from with this 13-ye…
StrangeWorld. Mikdad on World Refugee Day: Syria deals with refugees within the humanitarian framework via
Soo00 sad when the Polish them selves have been forced to become roaming refugee's having to creat…
The problem is, as I have been saying, Europe is stuck between its preachy human rights, Christian evangelism and t…
Did you know? My “aha” moment of the day at Grad School. Lancaster, Pennsylvania has taken 1,300 refugees since...
"Dear family...". What would YOU write if you had been separated from your family while fleeing violence?…
Between October 2016 and August 2017, some 1,415 children have been born at the unit, which averages six…
These despicable are escalating in South Africa and their level of sadistic brutality & violence is wor…
A3: we have awesome people like on our campus who serve our large refugee population and we see…
Refugee scientists: quiet pioneers dedicated to discovery. Today on World Science Day for Peace & Development this…
Syrian refugee from Canada will address this
Every day we are fighting for the world’s most vulnerable. Take a look at the 70 in DC pushing for
In honour of World Refugee Day, our new tells the story of one family of Vietnamese Boat People
On World Refugee Day we recognise the wonderful contributions to Australian life, here we have Dastyari,…
Millions displaced, out of school, fleeing home - Refugees by the Numbers
Migrants drowning every day in the Med. Right-wing vows to sail innocent people back to war torn Liby…
1/4 of all refugees, displaced persons & disaster victims are women & girls. How can we meet their needs?…
Check out my latest video: Young Spit - World Refugee Day ( Live Performance ).
Spent the morning volunteering @ WNY World Refugee Day with Buffalo Zen Dharma Community
from the belated World Refugee Day Celebrations at Tongogara Refugee Camp
Would love to see a refugee football tournament called the Les Murray invitational based around World Refugee or Harmony Day.
They are more than refugees. They all have stories and are human beings looking for peace. Can we do more?
from belated World Refugees Day at Tongogara Refugee Camp in Manicaland
Proud to be working with on our latest research: quality education for refugees
Unfortunately we have had to cancel the rest of our World Refugee Day event due to the severe flooding downtown. Stay safe.…
Later this month, 27 Aug 2017, Australia marks 103rd World Day of Migrant and Refugees
All-Ireland Football World Refugee Day as soon as he was s…
cnn: Born in a refugee camp, she's now flying solo around the world
cnn: George and Amal Clooney are sending 3,000 Syrian refugees to school
Why millions of children still can't go to school this World Refugee Day
If you missed our event last month here is your chance to see the whole event. Get some popcorn & Enjoy.
Great to see such widespread media support to help raise awareness of
Learn about a vital resource for refugees; an IRC collaboration with &
Article by Mercy Global Action re our World Day conference in conjunction with
I added a video to a playlist Gaziantep Child and Family Support Center-World Refugee Day
Is there still a World Refugee Day Football Tournament in Queensland?
Women in settings still need access to explains its importance:
What's going on? Portland celebrates World Refugee Day -… Get found ->
In a Rohingya refugee camp, soccer is a joyful escape: A soccer match on a soggy day at the Kutupalong…
Photos: Refugees, migrants stuck in limbo in Greece on World Refugee Day
Thai man from north London, four injured during World Refugee Day as Article 50
World refugee day. Spare a thought for the 65m displaced persons around the world!
On World Refugee Day, we honor people like Marwa who learn languages to pursue their dreams, even when home is far.
This is what happens when you surrender your sovereignty!...😏
On World Refugee Day, estimates show 66 percent of Palestinians became refugees in 1948.
In advance of hear directly from the refugee youth and learn about how you can support them
Marking with messages from around the world
Hi! Tuesday is World Refugee day & I know you're hungry for an opportunity to help out so here's an easy one! Go to https:/…
On and every day, we stand with refugees and the nonprofits that serve them →
Malaysia, UNHCR to organise Marketplace event in conjunction with World Refugee Day via
Check out Rep. Paul Tonko's floor speech from yesterday to recognize World Refugee Day:
ICYMI: World Refugee Day rally held in front of White House via
In celebration of World Refugee Day: Refugee women learn independence, sewing one STITCH at a time.…
Tonight, on World Refugee Day, we launch our choir at Parliament itself! With Mabel Ray an…
Athens, Greece, 9 mar 2016, Post for World refugee day (20 jun) - today 65 million people are on the move! ……
Spare your thoughts today for the many families displaced from their homes as a result of man-made conflicts. World Refugee Da…
World Refugee Day is Tuesday. Swing by Seattle Center, view this exhibit. Watch my story to see what it's all about.
Egypt celebrates World Refugee Day with commitment and solidarity with refugees around the world
Today is World Refugee Day, but what is it like to be a Syrian refugee?. ht…
Plus on World Refugee Day, have we forgotten the millions of migrants still desperately seeking a home in Europe? .
Today is World Refugee Day. More than 25% of refugees in Kenya are children (April 2017,UNHCR).
Today is World Refugee Day and we are honoured to take part in the raising money for people in need! Donat…
20 June is World Day. Tell the world YOU stand . - via
June 20th is World Refugee Day. A day the world commemorates the strength, courage, and perseverance of millions...
Anglican Alliance joins ecumenical statement for celebrating solidarity and mutual learning
This World Refugee Day, please ask your MP to support refugee family reunion & with refugees:
"Coping with life’s difficulties is a tremendous achievement for refugees", latest press release:…
Today is the World Refugee Day, nourish your reading skills and read this article then tell us what do you think?...
*NEW* hackathons and 3D printing: apps for the world's displaced people
This 06/20, IRC offices across the United States are hosting events. Join us at an event near you:
'HOME' global premiere now on Vimeo for WORLD REFUGEE DAY
Pope calls for solidarity ahead of UN World Refugee Day - Vatican Radio
20th June commits into the Acknowledging of World Refugee Day . I stand
Today is World Refugee Day: let's stand and ensure those fleeing persecution and violence have a safe place to l…
Cabramatta West students and teachers send their love to the World on World Refugee Day
World Refugee Day: What you should know - We are in the midst of the WORLD'S WORST refugee crisis in history. A...
Pauline Hanson will use World Refugee Day to call for Australia to withdraw from UN refugee convention.
Today is world refugee day, and IDO family salutes all refugees across the world. We therefore support UN in...
World Refugee Day: 65.6m people forced from their homes
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World Refugee Day: What you should know -
On World Refugee Day let's not forget the innocent people our govt continues to warehouse on Manus & Nauru
Two Albury residents share their emotional story, this World Refugee Day details at 6pm
TODAY IS WORLD REFUGEE DAY. This day is to commemorate and honour those who have fled their home countries...
"We should be happy that, as a global community, we have committed to Leave No-One Behind.".
Today is Let us all recognize the resilience and potential of
The on World Refugee Day is now LIVE!. Stand with refugees and people seeking asylum today.
World Refugee Day... Care for the Needy.2. Care for the affected in Warfares and Zones. 3. Care for the Religious persecuted... PROF.GBOY...
Today is World Day. There are many ways to show the world YOU stand . - via
Happy World Refugee Day! So grateful that NZ gave me safety & dignity. And that as Kiwis we still stand for inclusion…
You Have to Understand, That no one Puts Their Children in a Boat . Unless the water is Safer than the Land.
World Refugee Day, 20 June. Pray for all refugees and aid workers too.
On we honour refugees' strength, courage & resilience in the quest for peace. Let's stand
Violence, detentions, refoulement = the real walls of refugee crisis in the Americas
on World Refugee Day, the Senate (thankfully) votes down Hanson/Bernardi motion trashing the Refugee Convention + linking i…
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Senator to move today on World Refugee Day that Australia withdraw from irretrievably broken UN Refugee…
Join us 4 a special event at City Hall on June 20th in honour of World Refugee Day! Excited to be the k…
To mark World Refugee Day, the Immigration Museum is opening its doors with free entry tmrw
Tucson is celebrating World Refugee Day at Catalina HS. Music, dancing, swearing in to be a US citizen all on…
This Monday I'll be a guest of the United Nations at a private concert in observance of World Refugee Day.
UNHCR's PSA for World Refugee Day will again meet the passersby via the big screen outside Seoul City Hall.…
Participating and attending World Refugee Day at Miami Dade College - Wolfson Campus. Building…
Hundreds of people visit ’s World Refugee Day info session at Mazi Mall In
highlights World Refugee Day in Port Moresby and Manus Watch Olsem Wanem edition here..
Bush Releases New 'People at War' Video in Honor of World Refugee Day via
Bush releases new 'People at War' video in honor of World Refugee Day
We raised the UN flag at City Hall to honour World Refugee Day. Thanks to all working to make inclusive.
New study on building resilience of vulnerable migrants
"Today, we commemorate the spirit and strength of refugees worldwide"-
Calgary event showcases refugee contributions on World Refugee Day
On World Refugee Day the UN says 65.3 million people displaced in 2015, a new record
Statement by the African Union Special Representative to Somalia on the occasion of World Refugee Day -…
Refugees and immigrants help make America great. They are not our enemies.
It is world refugee day there are people currently dying as I type this because they have no where else to turn this is the world we live in
Today is World Refugee Day. Will they avoid the elephant in the room? Lives depend on it
According to there are 65.3 million displaced people globally.
a reminder to turn away from indifference. Read Zakiya's story:
Lethbridge offers ‘some place safe’ as city celebrates World Refugee Day
Celebrate diversity at World Refugee Day today (diversity of diseases returning to US)
On World Refugee Day, thousands wait in Greek limbo
These 2 graphs fail at humanistically representing data for explain millions facing displacement - why?
Over 1m people crossed the Mediterranean to the EU last year. Where are the now?
On learn how Internet access is helping refugees rebuild their lives →
I got a response, they called, spoke at length. See .
Today is World Refugee Day. USAID offers life-saving assistance to refugees around the world.
On this World Refugee Day, feeling extra grateful for the important work of Healey, Volunteer...
On World Refugee Day, I thank & recognize the work many have done especially in Waterloo Region to welcome refugees. https:/…
Ban Ki Moon is a former refugee. On World Refugee Day & w/ 65 million displaced, here is his message on
World Refugee Day! Refugee children can fall victim to Remember them.
19 heartbreaking pictures that will make World Refugee Day hit home
Today is World Refugee Day. I was a refugee. Thanks to welcoming people, families and nations, I can chase my dreams.
Special ceremony in NYC naturalizes 19 people, mostly refugees and asylum seekers, as US citizens.
I decided to watch "Mockingjay Part 2," on World Refugee Day of all days and that was just not good for my emotional state. Like, at all.
On World Refugee Day, the chart that shows just how bad the global crisis has become https//
HHS is proud to play a critical role in helping refugees rebuild their lives in the U.S.
Alicia Keys releases powerful short film with new music for World Refugee day:
The Countdown is on! 10 DAYS until World Refugee Day on 6/25 in Providence
Happy World Refugee day. Today we celebrate and commemorate the many people around the world who…
Members of Council wearing their orange ribbons for World Refugee Day! We stand
The number of refugees in the world is at the highest level it's ever been
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The disease-immigration link is something the MSM *really* does not want to report on
Gross National Happiness cap shines World Refugee Day: Purna Dahal, an octogenarian became one of the  center...
In S Sudan, we joined forces with to organize a vball game for IDP youth for World Refugee Day
Street kids and local youth practise yoga in before a World Refugee Day event
Taking a look at the positive contributions of those seeking safe haven on World Refugee Day on the daily newscast
Inspiring start to World Refugee Day with presentation of scholarships. Great stories of success, and real generosity from community
Today at Tuckahoe was the 3rd annual World Refugee Day resource fair. A great event partnering with ReEstablish...
Mayor celebrates the contributions refugees have made to Houston at World Refugee Day
Monday is World Refugee Day. Stand in solidarity WRD events on the Refugee Mental Health CoP blog
Jack O’Connell and Holliday Grainger star in new short film HOME to be released nationwide on World Refugee Day.
A refugee drama w/ Jack O'Connell and Holliday Grainger to be released on World Refugee Day:
COMING UP: is live at the Utah Refugee Education and Training Center for World Refugee Day.
World Refugee Day features refugee stories and artistic practices, to honor their lives. Join us June 11!
i hope that you will one day endure what a refugee in turkey is enduring. As it is the best in the world!
The world's oldest known tree (not this one) is 4,800 years old. Its location is secret
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Baby under six months old are being given just 100ml of milk a day, a quarter of the recommended intake https:/…
Norwegians are having a field day with jokes-'I’ll sleep with the window open to feel what it’s like to be homeless'. htt…
What sad story of every day of life ! BBC News - Somali refugee : 'All my friends have died'
World Refugee Day by the is June 20th 2016. Learn more:
In the Islamic world it is est. that there are "39,000 child marriages/day"
Come experience life in a Refugee camp through World Vision's Virtual Reality experience. Get in before day 2 of starts.
Nic Moyer ED briefing on world refugee day campaign
TODAY @ 10am- with + to launch World Refugee Day campaign
TODAY @ 10am- + to launch World Refugee Day campaign
So distressing: refugee babies detained on Greek island 'not getting adequate milk' - as little as 100ml, once a day htt…
"On the last day of her short life, – 6-yr-old refugee – stepped out to buy an ice cream" |
Tomorrow in @ 10am- + members to launch World Refugee Day campaign
Today & every day, I'm proud to stand with & the 60 million total displaced around the world
Migrants will continue to arrive in Europe at the rate of 3,000 a day until November, says UN’s refugee agency.
Thank you This blog on the global crisis has a bit more detail:
"We want to live. We want to work" - says a Syrian refugee. Peace to the world. We will have it one day sooner...
Tomorrow is World Refugee Day.We remeember those who have been displaced from their homes, like this Afghan girl. http:…
Community Connector Justine with E3 students and Opportunity ZOne Coordinator, Annamaria on World Refugee Day
VIDEO: Hungary station 'like a refugee camp': More than 120,000 migrants have travelled through Budapest...
Anti-refugee rally turns violent in Germany: … and anti-refugee demonstrators in eastern Germany a day after ...
Our FilmAid International staff in Dadaab refugee camp, with their medals from World Humanitarian Day!. World...
Maternal health is being addressed well as a public health issue..we need more people like her in refugee camps..
One of only 17 midwives in Zaatari refugee camp in serving 100-200 women in labor each day .
Ugandan celebrates and supports their local refugee communities:
Remember works of mercy on World Migrant and Refugee Day 2016, Vatican says
Heroes helping "We may not have much, what we do have we share. Are we not called humans after all?"
More refugees arrive on Greek Island Kos. Estimates of 1000 people / day.
VIDEO: Haiti calls for delay to refugee return: The Haitian Government asks the Dominican Republic to de...
.sheds light on a Syrian refugee circus school for World Humanitarian Day
Inside a modern-day "tent of meeting," the makeshift church serving those passing through the refugee camp in Calais:
Check out the parish resources available for the 101st World Day of Migrants and Refugees
is over but our task isn't. Learn why we need to work together to support
day theme is 2) to link migration phenomenon to response of Church and the world.
Cody Simpson performs during 2015 World Humanitarian Day held at United Nations in New York City on Tuesday af...
Check out our latest blog on the human stories behind the crisis
Education is a right and a priority for internally displaced and refugee children. On we...
On we demand that refugee children have a right to go to school -->
It’s World Refugee Day on 20th June. Almost 60 million people are displaced by conflict. Check out ac… …
World Refugee Day protest: Most citizens of Slovakia do not want via
We admire the for their courage and generosity: via
The plight of Nigerians displaced in the country's northern border areas due to violence:.
WORLD REFUGEE DAY. In Eastern Chad, where RET has been present for over a decade, was celebrated...
Angelina Jolie and daughter Shiloh visit Turkey for - See the pics!
Today is World Day. Churches of Britain and Ireland started because of refugees
Refugees as survivors: . Refugees are survivors. On the occasion of World Refugee Day, which wa...
When the most dangerous place for is your photojournalists from
The pictures are in! Thanks again to everyone who came out to World Refugee Day Chicago- 2015. Each of you made...
North Carolina Baptists work to plant churches among refugees
Angelina Jolie marks World Refugee Day with stirring speech in Turkey
Read story of our World Refugee Day Cup soccer tournament & the work RefugeeConnect is doing in Cincy:
South Africa reflects on on World Refugee Day -
June 20 is World Refugee Day, I could never imagine the strength it takes to leave home, the only place you've known: http:/…
START World Refugee Day Auction in Art Herd New York! Still time to make bids! .
Angelina and her daughter Shiloh toured a Syrian and Iraqi refugee camp for World Refugee Day http:…
Last Saturday was World Refugee Day. I was privileged to spend most of my day with the amazing refugee ...
Don't stop standing alongside refugees and asylum seekers after World Refugee Day via
Stand alongside refugees and asylum seekers this World Refugee Day via
More photos showing our World Refugee Day celebrations with
"These aren’t just numbers, they’re people." Anne C. Richard, Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of...
On World Refugee Day, you might be surprised who was a refugee!
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My profile for on a Somali that asked for asylum in 4 states: http…
Turkey is the world's largest refugee host with almost 2 million …
4 mil Syrians have fled to neighboring countries since May 2011; Here’s where they are:
Take Action and Help World's Refugees: World Refugee Day (June 20) is a call to action…
Today is the World Refugee Day. International human rights law protect their right to education. Find out more on...
It's World Refugee Day - FactCheck :51% of the refugee population are children under 18. It's our duty to help them. h…
Today is World Refugee Day. On this occasion, the Commission calls on leaders in Europe to follow through on...
Press Release Regarding the Visit of Mr. Antonio Guterres to Turkey on the Occasion of the World Refugee Day
World Refugee Day - Photo Exhibit and Films Screening today at Goethe Institut, free admission
I liked a video from Volunteering in Bangkok (& Somali Food for World Refugee Day
First in my new series, this one on former refugees in Nelson ahead of World Refugee Day
To honor the cultural contributions of local refugees, is hosting a World Refugee Day event on 6/19
Our limited edition "I (MN) World Refugee Day" shirts will be sold exclusively at the Twin Cities World Refugee...
Join us in honoring World Day today. "Remember, Jesus was a refugee" - Francis
builds relationships with local communities in on World Refugee Day
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UN World Refugee Day And Internally Displaced Persons - That this House notes that 20 June 2014 has been...
I remember being at a UNHCR world refugee day talk given by Chris Evans in June 2008. There was so much hope in that room...
Gaza toll passes 1,300 as rockets strike at a UN-run school in Jabaliya refugee camp
On World Day Against Trafficking, we are finalizing reunion b/w girl & her mom after 6 years. Daughter was trafficked across Africa
Child marriage among Syrian refugee communities has increased alarmingly, and in some cases has doubled:
is home to about 78,000 refugees. Making it the perfect place for our Fellows to celebrate
World on 20 June 2014 observed World Refugee Day to draw attention to the plight of refugees and renew commitment to solv…
African news: From Syria to Central African Republic, how to invest in refugees
World Refugee Day at Holot/ Interview with a victim of Torture in Sinai
“50% of the world's 51.2m are children . Here's how that breaks down - http…
Pro-life. Unless that life is a refugee from a 3rd world nation and is seeking asylum in my country. Then *** nah. But embryos? All day
Oxford University and World Refugee Day: Five things they tell you about refugees that aren't true
The man holds the drum with his teeth and jumps high in the air. Awesome performance. From World Refugee Day in Nakivale Refugee...
"Dance is the hidden language of the soul." Martha Graham (From World Refugee Day in
On World Refugee Day today, a look back at portraits of Afghan Refugee Children
World Refugee Day observed on 20th June across the globe.
ICYMI: See how our Houston Fellows are teaming up to help empower women and adolescent girls:
Love for represented during World Refugee Day in Nakivale Refugee Settlement in
This will absolutely blow your mind, this invasion has been planned for a very long time. Grants being given out like STD to house the illegals. We tax payers are paying for every *** penny. I highly suggest you send this to your representatives and ask why in the *** they approved these funds? Readers, in honor of World Refugee Day, today June 20th, 2013, I am happy to report we have a new fact sheet! Since we first posted a fact sheet in 2007 and updated it again in 2010 we have had 31,236 visitors access this post. Please help spread the word on the new 2013 Fact Sheet a collaborative effort between RRW and others! 1. Since 1975, the U.S. has resettled over 3 million refugees, with annual admissions figures ranging from a high of 207,000 in 1980 to a low of 27,110 in 2002 (in the aftermath of 911) . The average number of refugees admitted annually since 1980 is about 98,000. Additionally, in recent years, another 40,000 or more per year come in as asylum seekers and Cuban/Haitian entrants – all ...
Here is last Sunday's sermon, in honor of World Refugee Day, by Archbishop David Moxon:
World Refugee Day: Shameful That Tens of Thousands of Children in South Sudan Could Die From Lack ... via
Live in the DC area? Join us today at Pentagon City Mall for a World Refugee Day event!
Commemorating World Refugee Day Press Statement John Kerry Secretary of State Washington, DC June 20, 2014 World Refugee Day is more than a moment marked on a calendar. It is a time to honor the strength and resilience of refugees around the world and renew our determination to support them as they rebuild their lives and communities. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees now counts the number of refugees, asylum-seekers, and internally displaced persons at 51 million. That number is staggering by any measure. It represents children, women, and men from Syria, South Sudan, the Central African Republic, and now Iraq, who face death, destruction, and dislocation. For them, daily survival is a gamble. The dreams refugees harbor have special meaning for Americans. Even before our land was a nation, America was a haven for those seeking freedom from persecution, hunger, oppression and war. Today, refugees continue to look to America for relief and opportunity. These refugees, many of whom arrive ha ...
This afternoon, we raised the World Refugee Day flag at City Hall. World Refugee Day was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2001 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees. It is marked globally each year on June 20 to highlight the courage and resilience of refugees and the need for our support.
June 20 is World Refugee Day. Created by the United Nations, it's a day to celebrate the courage of the mothers, fathers, sons and daughters — the men, women and children who are now homeless after escaping violence and persecution. Today, there are 50 million refugees spread across the globe.
World Refugee Day should remind us of the challenges of human migration attributed to war, conflict, famine, and disease. More often than not, women and children are the primary victims. Such is the work of the Kenya Gender-Based Violence Partnership and our work in Western Kenya and South Sudan. We dare not abandon this work or our pledge to come alongside the forgotten and the oppressed.
It's World Refugee Day today. Learn how one Cdn organization supports refugees in Canada:
Today is World Refugee Day! is hosting their celebration 6/22 in Freedom Park. Come check it out! http…
“22 people around the world become every minute - Pls support
News - AFDP marks World Refugee Day with football festivals in Zaatari and Sareeh | the AFDP ™
World Refugee Day is today. Please visit page: to find your customized graphics for your state
On remember that 7 million have fled violence in & ...
User speaks out on Australia's actions against refugees Let's reconsider our policies on World Refugee Day
From 'Maleficent' premieres to Myanmar: Angelina Jolie shares a joke with tribeswoman
Today is World Refugee Day! Find your shareable graphic by state here:
World Refugee Day at City Hall- a room full of stories and hope and kids laughter
Over 50M people are uprooted across the world right now. shares his photos.
It's World Refugee Day! Find out more information and how to help at
Today is World Refugee Day. Pray for refugees, migrants and internally displaced. And help those who help them
44 million refugees and displaced people in the world today. Reach out on
Today is world refugee day. Check out this link to my friends new documentary
(Historic tidbits about Ethiopia on this date on June 20) - --- Woizero Mirtsit, was believed to be of royal Abyssinian blood by being closely Jun 20, 1920 - --- Today hosts Martyrs' Day in Eritrea. --- Today hosts World Refugee Day, an United Nations recognized day. Ethiopia has historically been known as a land for refuge, its most notable legacy dating back to the early days of Islam, where many adherents of the Quran found refuge from persecution in the Aksumite kingdom. --- On this date on June 20, 1941, Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selaise, now restored as Emperor of Ethiopia, ordered the arrest of his own son-in-law and two powerful Ethiopian tribal chieftains for their "treachery in trafficking with the Italians in their conquest and five year occupation of Selassie's kingdom. "Reliable information received from Addis Ababa said the three were Ras Haile Selassie Gugsa, who married the emperor's daughter, Zenab Wark. Ras Seyoum. and Ras Hailu." --- On this date on June 20, 1936, the Pittsburg Press rep ...
Today is World Refugee Day. Take a look at the UN Refugee Agency's website...
World Refugee Day. May God watch over all of the Eritrean refugees around the world, as well as those from other countries.
Free community event downtown for at 11am PDT. Hear inspirational stories from
FREE TONITE at 6: Women & children of Pihcintu Multicultural Chorus, part of UNHCR World Refugee Day (
WORLD REFUGEE DAY. Alarming figures from the UNHCR and the European Commission - Humanitarian Aid & Civil...
It is The believes Canada can and should do more to help.
Juanes, Colombian Musician (UNHCR High-Profile Supporter) - World Refugee Day 2014, The most urgent story of our time
Today is World Day. What is the number one wish of most refugees? To go home.
.will be reading today in Portland, Maine for World Refugee Day: …
More refugees fleeing their home countries in the Middle East-North Africa.
Join us & tonight from 5-7 at Mt View Lions Park for World Refugee Day!
One family torn apart by war is too many. Share to take a stand with
Replug: On this World Refugee Day, my humble appeal to Prime Minister Mr. .
On World Refugee Day "10 words for Syrian refugees - they're not what you might think...
On World Refugee Day, these photos remind us why we can't forget the world's refugee children ht…
On World Refugee Day, a few things you may not have known about the world's 45 million who have been displaced.
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