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World Heritage Sites

A UNESCO World Heritage Site is a place (such as a forest, mountain, lake, desert, monument, building, complex, or city) that is listed by the UNESCO as of special cultural or physical significance.

Indian Ocean National Parks Taj Mahal World Heritage Committee High Seas Madhya Pradesh Sargasso Sea Kathmandu Valley South Africa Northern Europe Sri Lanka South Asia

facilities at marine site run for nearly 100-percent carbon free. Read more:…
King Faisal Bin Abdul Aziz’s historic speech (With English subtitles) calling upon the leadership and people of Islamic World n…
Situated on a small island and about an hour drive away from Split, is a historic small town, listed on the…
A beautiful story of placing other's needs before own. Loved it!. 10 cents will be donated in your name f…
Thanks for this one. 10 cents will be donated in your name for preserving world heritage sites. You're awesome.
Spain has a lot to offer, and this is something officially endorsed by UNESCO: Spain is the country with the third greatest numb…
is an ideally placed destination for Beach, Bush & Berg holidays: Hluhluwe Game Reserve, the oldest…
Eritrea, Africa’s hermit state, now has a world heritage site. Will you visit?
Say, speaking of Old City's been on UNESCO's World Heritage Sites in Danger List for yrs
really? An Israeli was convicted of fire bombing a Christian church in Nazareth today. Hund…
So pleased to read that is the second best world heritage site in the world. I always enjoy visiting the…
The Cradle of Humankind is one of eight spectacular World Heritage Sites in South Africa. There will be various activitie…
Goslar is a historic town in Lower Saxony, The Old Town of Goslar and the Mines of Rammelsberg are UNESCO Worl…
These iconic sites occupy not only the center of Moscow, but the heart of the Russia's history
A number of word heritage sites are at risk due to climate change, learn more here:
Taj Mahal among Best UNESCO World heritage sites; check out where it ranks in top 10 list…
Update your maps at Navteq
Italy is already the country with the most UNESCO world heritage sites at 53.. Regione...
Cambodia, Southeast-Asia is innately blessed with the diverse culture and heritage sites that could offer to touris…
CLIMATE RISK: Number of natural sites affected by nearly doubles in three years; 7% o…
The Shore Temple in Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu, is one of the oldest stone temples in South India and is included in UNESCO’s…
The temple state of is a gem of temple architecture in South India. The state is home to staggering 33,000…
Queensland boasts five World Heritage-Listed sites, can you name them?
Burgate Street, Canterbury. A lovely scene that shows one of the most beautiful Cathedrals and UNESCO World Herita…
Kluane National Park and Reserve! Don’t forget, we’ll announce which places in Canada are candidates…
It’s & we're celebrating 26 UK World Heritage Sites, as 22 are funded https…
Visit 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites on a new 28-day called the Best of China, Korea and Japan. Af…
10 irreplaceable World Heritage Sites that are on the brink | MNN - Mother Nature Network
US pulls out of Unesco. Total madness. I'll be talking about the politics of World Heritage Sites on Mon http…
From England's Lake District to French Polynesia, 10 new UNESCO World Heritage Sites to add to your bucket list https:/…
becomes country with most World Heritage Sites with inscription of Kulangsu. http…
The Hoh Xil area of Qinghai, it was inscribed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in recently.
The Historic Center of Warsow Poland is one of the only 2 reconstructed sites in UNESCO World Heritage List. The 2n…
World Heritage Committee adopted the recommendation & draft decision to inscribe on the World Heritage sites l…
Are these the most disappointing World Heritage Sites on Earth? via
Has Port Royal been placed on the list of World Heritage sites yet?
Cilento, in Campania: sea, nature and culture all in one site. Let's discover it: https…
The unmistakable di Alberobello are among the 51 sites in Italy
We have to be much more careful with our home: Natural world heritage sites under threat – in pictures
World Heritage reefs will die of heat stress unless global warming is curbed, a new UN study finds >>
Natural world heritage sites under threat – in pictures
😥😥 Natural world heritage sites under threat – in pictures
World heritage is not just a list of marvelous sites - it is a vision for peace. It is a place for excellence and dialogue…
Natural world heritage sites numbering to 57 are said to be under threat is a serious dev…
Won't need 3 guesses to figure out cause of this catastrophe Natural world heritage sites under threat – in pictures
Protecting wilderness areas as Natural World Heritage Sites will help us reach the goal of Half-Earth. To learn more htt…
Natural World Heritage sites under threat - in pictures via
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2/3 of the 57 natural world heritage sites monitored by are under threat. Read more: 📷 Paula A Olso…
Himeji Castle (姫路城). Registered in 1993 as one of the first UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Japan.
UNESCO, National Parks, and over 100 countries, check in with on this
Illegal fishing, logging and poaching are damaging two thirds of the 57 natural world heritage sites.
I'd tell UNESCO to swivel. They have classified so many areas as "World heritage sites" that it no longer has any prestige.
The immense nation of China offers an incredible wealth of World Heritage Sites, just begging to be explored.
Morning session on the third day of the 'Understanding OUV of World Heritage Sites in India' saw…
NOW: Should Mount Royal be added to UNESCO's official list of World Heritage Sites? LISTEN:
Turn National Parks into fully protected UNESCO World Heritage Sites, beyond the reach of POTUS? 👀. *** yes. Count me in. h…
11 Apr brings Scotland’s World Heritage Sites to life, activities & interactions with https…
Need some vacation ideas? Check out these 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, courtesy of
UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India. (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) . Name of the Site=== Location=== Year of Inscription. 1.Agra...
The Geirangerfjord is one of Norway's most visited tourist sites. Listed in 2005 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. https:…
Sargasso Sea among spots in the High Seas identified as potential World Heritage sites
All 5 sites, says are at risk from threats including climate change, deep sea mining and overfishing.
United Nations report urges expanding sites to
Sargasso Sea among spots in the identified as potential sites
wonders may become World Heritage Sites ht…
From the archives: Ticking Time Bombs: Threats to World Heritage Sites in Danger
.has named new world heritage sites! Find out where -
Shirakawa Village at night - One of the UNESCO World Heritage . Sites in Japan.
World Heritage in the High Seas: An Idea Whose Time has Come - new UNESCO Report - how & possible sites put...
UN urges expanding World Heritage sites to High Seas
Congratulations The have been added to the world heritage sites list.
Saudi to open 85 new museums, and triple World Heritage sites in the Kingdom
Last day in doing an ATV tour around world heritage sites and nature trails!
sadly Agra is a really dirty city which is so wrong with so many world heritage sites, shameful
The Dome of the Rock shrine is one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.
themmailonline: Seven new Unesco world heritage sites you can actually visit
Sargasso Sea included in potential World Heritage sites in the High Seas.
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If you need ideas for your next 7 new World Heritage Sites you can actually visit via
BLOG: 11 ways to explore two World Heritage sites from Cairns
Why you should visit the newest sites on UNESCO's World Heritage list
Read our article about the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Beijing and you will be on the next flight out!
7 downright stunning new World Heritage Sites yo... via
Visit one of Scotland's 6 World Heritage Sites this summer - historic New Lanark in Lanarkshire!
Turkey has 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Archeological Site of Troy
A priceless glimpse of Kathmandu Valley from one of the UNESCO's World Heritage Sites,…
Conservation in Brazil: Protected Areas of Brazil, World Heritage Sites in Brazil, Zoos in Brazil, Brasília, Iguazu Falls, Salv…
Proof that some World Heritage Sites are best seen from above:
A fantastic entry point into information about the UK's 29 World Heritage Sites
It’s – a chance to high-light some of the amazing World Heritage Sites we’ve helped to fund over the years.
World Heritage Sites in India - Qutub Minar and its Monuments, New Delhi. It was inscribed under…
India's three major natural World Heritage Sites - the Western Ghats, Sundarbans National Park and Manas Wildlife...
Among all countries in Northern Europe, excluding the British Isles,. Sweden where is has the most World Heritage Sites, 15
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My answer to Which city has the maximum number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites?
Get inspired by achievements in sites in 2015:
interviews about his pet panda "Santorini" & performing at UNESCO World Heritage Sites
The Rideau Canal (ON), the oldest continuously operated canal in N. America, opened in 1832: ht…
I went to the Himeji Castle Japan, one of World Heritage sites. It was truly beautiful white one. why don't you come?
Watch "Stunning China (UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Guilin and Yangshuo)" by on
is an iconic place full of 13 UNESCO World Heritage sites, here's the full list:
Congrats to Giuseppe Calogero. the breathtaking city of the "Sassi".
group of Hindu & Jain temples are one of the World Heritage Sites in India.
15 amazing World Heritage Sites you might not have heard of | Metro News
Rhododendron lowii, Mt. Kinabalu, Borneo: UNESCO World Heritage & one of the world's most important biological sites h…
"World Heritage in Europe Today", an in-depth look at the trends on the management of European sites h…
🚨Graffiti at NPS rock art sites is like world heritage...humanity...historic crime...thing!
Let's show the world our sites❤️We have 2 World Heritage sites: Bahrain Fort & Pearling Trail.
TravelEditor: Friday fun - take our UNESCO World Heritage quiz!
Friday fun - take our UNESCO World Heritage quiz!
Four more UNESCO World Heritage Sites have been added to the endangered list:
Of 1,031 sites on the @ UNESCO World Heritage Sites list, 46 are marine sites:
UNESCO World Heritage Sites under threat around the world via
Few reasons why this basilica is listed on UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites!.
I liked a video from The 5 World Heritage Sites of Queensland
'World Heritage Sites, and Groundwater Protection Zones could end up circled by rigs as fracking firms try to drill horizontally.'
'...fracking 1,200m below National Parks, Areas of Outstanding National Beauty, the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads and World Heritage Sites...'
MP's vote for in World Heritage Sites, read the full story here:
Nineteen World Heritage sites, a simpler visa system and the arrival of big hotel companies mean Iran’s tourism...
Get to know where Argentina's heritages sites are located.
Congratulations capturing heritage sites around the world in case they are ever lost to disasters!
Lesson plans for using 3D files of world heritage sites:
Touring is like experiencing a forgotten past -
An overview of all World Heritage sites in Italy - via
MPs approve plan to allow below National Parks and world heritage sites
One should look at the World Heritage sites destroyed by ISIL to see the kind of war they are for.
Nine World Heritage Sites you could visit in 4 Days or Less
My score is 8, a lot to catch up in my Bharat
.. and a country willing to rent out its Unesco World Heritage sites I do…
Fancy a quick escape? 21 World Heritage Sites in India are now live! https:/…
The Government just quietly legalised fracking
Belgium may seem to only have 11 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, but there are actually many more. Did you know, for e…
Mapped: all the world's 1,031 World Heritage sites
MPs back controversial plans to allow fracking below National Parks, world heritage sites and other areas
Japan Times -. The three sites, together with one in Bangladesh, were officially recognized as GIAHS at a joint...
Fracking for fossil fuels will now be allowed under Britain's National Parks and world heritage...:
yes to fracking National Parks, AONB and World Heritage Sites
16/12 voted for Fracking under world heritage sites. 06/11 he promised protection against Fracking
Recent development: the voted this week to expand hydraulic and directional drilling...
Did you know the Gold Coast boasts more than 100,000ha of nature reserves and world heritage sites?! This beautiful… ht…
Looking forward to hearing defending decision to frack under World Heritage Sites to the people of Bath
to host kick off event launching promotional campaign of 15 Spanish World Heritage sites next 30th nov
Some stunning photographs of Tamil Nadu's heritage sites. Check them out
China's chieftain heritage sites were inscribed in the World Heritage List.
Significant Serbian Sites: UNESCO World Heritage List:   Do you have a favorite site of cultural, historical, ...
Inconsistent approach to protection of World Heritage Sites by the National Trust.
I added a video to a playlist Top 7 World Heritage Sites in India
Worried that by the time I'm done university I won't b able to see some of the UNESCO world heritage sites bc they will…
See the historic center of w/ a historic walking tour on our Curated Journey this Feb.
Another World Heritage treasure from - Prehistoric Rock Art Sites in the Côa Valley and Siega Verde
ICYMI - Visit some of the worlds most breathtaking Sites in Alices' latest blog
So many to see, so little time! 15 amazing Unesco World Heritage towns in you just have to visit
The 10 World Heritage Sites in Lombardy? That's a lot to check off the
Step up to Blenheim Palace, filming location for with our 360 image https:/…
The Sonohyan-utaki gate is the smallest of Okinawa's World Heritage Sites
Planning to on Where better than one of the 23 US World Heritage sites!
From For your next trip how about combining luxury living, fine dining and spa therapies with ...
A wonderful way to spend visiting World Heritage sites!
3 vegan friendly resorts in Vietnam near UNESCO World Heritage Sites: For your next trip how about combining l...
World Heritage Sites in North Wales put thousands of pounds on ... - Daily Post North Wales
The Rusinga-Mfangano Island complex are on the tentative list of World Heritage Sites!
We have World Heritage Sites, do animals need World Heritage status? If you think so, sign:
Experience Ha Long Bay. 1 of many World Heritage Sites to see on
A less common view of Qutb Minar in one of many UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Did you know? Parts of the Champagne and Burgundy wine regions are now official UNESCO World Heritage Sites!
There are over 1000 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in total, here's 25 of our favourites.. enjoy! h…
Wine produced celebrates Unesco's recognition of French 'climats' as World Heritage Sites.
Just 40 km west from the Taj Mahal is Fatehpur Sikri, one of 32 World Heritage Sites.
is filled with many World Heritage Sites like the Historic Centre of
Hamilton Collection
Circular logic. Remember: the animals that do this are the ones who kill their own people, destroy World Heritage sites,. 1/2
These are the world's 24 newest UNESCO Heritage Sites
See four UNESCO World Heritage sites and more on a visit to
You might want to add some of these new UNESCO World Heritage Sites to your
A world of experiences waiting to be had at Japan's cultural heritage sites: Shirakawago
OPINION: EDITORIAL - Tourism competitiveness: The Philippines has several World Heritage Sites and many other ...
Check out this list: Must-Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites via
The World heritage tourist site wipe off the map by Islamic ISIS
Ten best world heritage sites in via
Location and details about the World Heritage sites in
Rain getting you down; transport yourself around heritage sites with our quiz
World Heritage Committee. Now 24 new sites in Bonn and announces 2016 meeting in Istanbul via via
Travel Tip: New UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Read the full article on at - Travel Tip: N...
In Italy for 6 days so far, already two volcanoes visited and 4 World Heritage Sites include Pompeii
Scotland has six UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Click for more information
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I've been lucky enough to see 15 of these - Id love to visit the Galapagos. Which is high on your list?
.MT SA removes sites from UNESCO world heritage tentative list
SA quietly removes six local sites from the tentative World Heritage Site list at
SA removes sites from the UNESCO world heritage tentative list.
crowd has one thing in common with . Cleansing history.
Trail of destruction: The world heritage tourist sites wiped off the map by ISIS htt…
that South Africa is home to eight World Heritage Sites? Like the Mapungubwe Cultural Landscape and Robben Island.
Latest places to be added to Unesco's list of World Heritage Sites
The new World Heritage Sites that you should put to the top of your list! via
The Surprise Behind Menorca’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites: . The Stories the Stones Tell in Menorca. No, not the...
Dubrovnik is famous in the world for its Medieval walls. In 1979 they joined the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.
RTDurbar Square, one of seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
AirForce is destroying World Heritage Sites. Why is the Left so scared to criticise Saudi Arabia?
ETHIOPIA - with its nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the 12th century monolithic rock-cut churches at...
How many UNESCO World Heritage Sites are there in Italy?
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Three of Romania's World Heritage Sites are: the medieval fortified churches of Transylvania, the historic centre...
Good day to see Britain's World Heritage Sites for Blenheim Palace? New Lanark? Stonehenge?
"The Grand Canyon, the Statue of Liberty, and Yellowstone National Park are all UNESCO World Heritage Sites — so...
10 buildings are 1st pieces of nominated for World Heritage Sites
Did you know London contains 40,000 listed buildings, 860 conservation areas, 3 World Heritage Sites and over 600 protected London squares!
speed cameras,csg fracking and world heritage sites wont do Tasmanian LNP any favours that's 4 sure
US nominates 10 Wright buildings for world heritage list: Hollyhock House is one of ten sites nominated by Uni...
Don't you love world heritage sites? This list of the Top 10 for Kids is a great read:...
The biodiversity in the Western Ghats is under extraordinary pressure
Inspirational pictures to dream this weekend (why not booking a plane ticket?)
Unity Temple one of 10 Frank Lloyd Wright-designed sites to receive World Heritage nomination-
Breaking news: 10 nominated for UNESCO World Heritage status.
Frank Lloyd Wright buildings to be nominated as World Heritage sites
Did you know that France is home to 29 UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Mont St. Michel Abbey & Versailles Palace.
Congrats to for such a good report card from World Heritage Outlook
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Just stunning. These are the 20 most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world
NP among World Heritage Sites threatened by and other effects of
is the home of seven (7) World Heritage Sites. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural...
State is home to one of World Heritage Sites (the Osun-Osogbo Grove)
Gorgeous afternoon today at Branscombe in East - Jurassic Coast one of 28 World Heritage Sites in the UK
Rock Art of the Mediterranean Basin on the Iberian Peninsula.World Heritage Sites in Spain by UNESCO.
Set in the Indian Ocean in South Asia, the tropical island nation of Sri Lanka has a history dating back to the birth of time. It is a place where the original soul of Buddhism still flourishes and where nature’s beauty remains abundant and unspoilt. Few places in the world can offer the traveller such a remarkable combination of stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, captivating cultural heritage and unique experiences within such a compact location. Within a mere area of 65,610 kilometres lie 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 1,330 kilometres of coastline - much of it pristine beach - 15 National Parks showcasing an abundance of wildlife, nearly 500,000 acres of lush tea estates, 250 acres of botanical gardens, 350 waterfalls, 25,000 water bodies, to a culture that extends back to over 2,500 years. This is an island of magical proportions, once known as Serendib, Taprobane, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, and Ceylon. Discover refreshingly Sri Lanka!...
Sudeep DalviAmi Niz Goenkar 1 hr · To, The Chief Secretary, Government of Goa. Porvorim, Goa. CC: District Collector, Panjim Sarpanch, Village Panchayat, Old Goa Director, Archeological Survey of India, Old Goa. Subject : Regarding violation of Archeological Survey of India Laws and Norms by undesirable activities being conducted in the vicinity of World Heritage Sites and Protected sites at Old Goa. Dear Sir, In past few days, there have been blatant violations of Ancient Monuments and Archeological Sites and Remains (Amendment and Calidation) Act, 2010, Section 20 A & B read with Section 30 A & B at the sites called as Viceroy’s Arch, Adilshah’s Arcinal and St. Cajetan Church in Old Goa. The mentioned sites comprise of sites declared as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO as well as those declared as Protected Sites by the Government of India. The destruction of the outer wall of Adilshah’s Arsenal and Construction of two laterite stone and mortar platforms within two meters of Viceroy’s Arch by the ...
Ready for a magical journey? How about taking a trip to see the world-famous Fairy Chimneys that are listed amongst the World Heritage Sites? Or an ancient underground city, large enough to house 30,000 people? Would you rather hike in the gorgeous trails, surrounded by roses, vineyards, berries and pomegranate trees? If that’s not enough, hop on a hot air balloon and take a peek at Mars on Earth! Prepare to be enchanted by the marvelous blend of cultural history and natural wonder.
War has damaged all but one of Syria’s World Heritage Sites, satellite images show | by for WaPo:
Never hurts to check the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE sites list before heading off to parts unknown ;)
Ford is proud of its deep roots in the racing world. Find out why this heritage matters for drivers in the real...
A beautiful day filled with a trip to two UNESCO world heritage sites: the tiny island of Trogir and Diocletian's Palace in Split. I love the history of these places!
major historical sites to be listed as World Heritage Sites by
Did you know that Luxembourg has 3 sites listed as world heritage?. Read more: .
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Blue Bay Marine Park is considered one of the finest dive sites in the world. national heritage
Payback for destruction of world cultural heritage sites and the murder of innocents.
How many of us can guess the number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are in Zimbabwe? Comment any of...
FROM TODAY: Australian states unable to protect and world sites – report
Check out my blog on 15 great sites to see in winter on a
Discover some of the World’s most exciting UNESCO Heritage sites with Banyan Tree and Angsana Hotels & Resorts...
The ruins of the ancient Roman cities of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Torre Annunziata ... >> ... http…
Do you know your UNESCO heritage sites? Prove it with this World Heritage Quiz!
Australian states unable to protect and sites, says report
4 World Heritage sites in and around by
Australian states unable to protect nature and world heritage sites – report
Pakistan is a archaeology lovers dream, with 6 UNESCO world heritage sites & 18 in the tentative list..
The landscapes of and site since June 2014
Wander around one of the Unesco´s World Heritage sites the national park Wadden Sea in Denmark with
Proud of our world class heritage Tanzania boasts an enviable total of seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, placing it among Africa’s most richly endowed countries. Indeed, these seven Tanzanian properties represent some of the most spectacular real estate on the continent - the sultry island of Zanzi…
There are now more than 1,000 UNESCO World Heritage Sites -- here are some of our favorites.
Here are 4 World Heritage sites in and around Marrakech, via A Luxury Travel Blog: |...
Thanks for the rt! Our Student Ambassadors have found more movies featuring world heritage sites -
AUS States can't protect threatened species and world heritage sites, says report via
Australian States can't protect threatened species & world heritage sites.
London is home to 4 World Heritage Sites – The Palace of Westminster, the Tower of London, Maritime Greenwich, and Kew Botanical Gardens.
These photos are of ‘The Holy Trinity', La Martine Cedar—one of the world’s largest wooden sculpture (39 meters), Lebanon. The sculptor, Rudy Rahme, carved these figures out of dead cedar tress in The Cedars of Lebanon, referred to as the Cedars of God. Look closely and you’ll see the face of Jesus sculpted into the tree. According to several sites, the sculptures (3 in total) contain 70 human figures that represent the birth, life and death of Jesus, as well as the relationship between time and place. It took Rahme 6 years to complete, according to the Guinness Book of World Records The Cedars of God, the grove of trees in which this sculpture is located, was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1998.
Visiting World Heritage Sites is a great way to see Japan. Since the sites are scattered all around the archipelago, you're bound to be close to at least one of them no matter where you are in the country,...
May seem unimportant next to human lives but the intl community has responsibility towards world heritage sites
A great global partner, supports World Heritage Sites
In Holland there are 9 sites that are placed on UNESCO’s world heritage site list.
There are 32 UNESCO World Heritage sites in India out of total 1,007 World Heritage sites.
Port Arthur Historic Site is one of the Australian Convict Sites, a World Heritage Property. It is a…
[Vintage the city where time stopped in 79 A.D. 👉
.takes the Ampera for a special roadtrip and visits 39 German World Heritage Sites. Follow him at
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Suzhou, a weekend trip to Unesco World Heritage Sites - Suzhou with all its ancient places which have been...
UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the USA: By Jim Ferri Most travelers have heard of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Do u know UNESCO has categorized 6 major cultural sites of Pakistan as UNESCO World Heritage Sites?
you can take a guided tour of the Houses of Parliament:
"The world's 12 most beautiful World Heritage sites:
3 cities to be developed as world heritage sites - Official Blog
Interesting facts about the Cradle of Humankind and other World Heritage Sites . * There are now 962 cultural and...
🇬🇧the country with the most recognitions in the World. Do you know them all? 👉
Here are details of our trip to the World sites of Hampi-Badami. C u there!
Last couple of RTs: been to Kegon Falls, as well as six World Heritage sites on the list. I highly recommend the book that was mentioned. :)
3. Italy is home to the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites – more than 40.
The 12 most beautiful World Heritage sites in the World:
Calakmul officially received the 'mixed natural and cultural' World Heritage Sites certificate by UNESCO
Congratulations to The Ancient Maya City and Protected Tropical Forests of Calakmul in Mexico's Campeche State for receiving the "mixed natural and cultural" World Heritage Sites certificate by UNESCO. :-) Stephen
New post: "20 of the world's most beautiful World Heritage Sites"
go-ahead on UK's National Parks, World Heritage Sites, nature reserves - The Ecologist
15 World Heritage Sites you haven't heard of yet: See the latest picks!
10 iconic World Heritage Sites and the places to stay when visiting
“in the state of has been named World Heritage Sites by UNESCO
Other US sites that've been placed on UNESCO World Heritage Sites list: Statue of Liberty, Independence Hall, Monticello & University of VA.
The 38th Session of the World Heritage Committee (15-25 June 2014 in Doha, Qatar) has agreed to inscribe the Okavango Delta on the list of World Heritage Sites.
Cultural activities are a major contributor to national development, job creation and social cohesion. The master in World Heritage and Cultural Projects for Development aims to impart the necessary competencies and skills to participants in the conservation and promotion of World Heritage Sites as…
There are 981 World Heritage Sites. If the Australian government gets its way there will only be 980 by Sunday
Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove. Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove is one of the TWO UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Nigeria. The...
Tallinn is the capital and largest city of Estonia. It occupies an area of 159.2 km2 (61.5 square miles) with a population of 416,470. It is situated on the northern coast of the country, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, 80 km (50 miles) south of Helsinki, east of Stockholm and west of Saint Petersburg. Tallinn’s Old Town is in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is ranked as a global city and has been listed among the top 10 digital cities in the world. The city was a European Capital of Culture for 2011, along with Turku, Finland. Tallinn is the oldest capital in Northern Europe. and was known as ‘Reval’ from the 13th century until the 1920s. The main attractions are in the two old towns (Lower Town and Toompea) which are both easily explored on foot. All I can say is... it was an amazing day out in Tallinn. Definitely a place to consider for a holiday!
There are 30 UNESCO declared World Heritage Sites in India. Three of them are in Madhya Pradesh : - Khajuraho Group of Temples - Sanchi Stupa - Bhimbetka rock shelters
Very happy to announce that in addition to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, we will be visiting the 12 Jyothirlingas at Somnath & Dwaraka (Gujarat), Grishneshwar, Trimbakeshawar & Bhimashankar (Maharashtra), Deogarh (Jharkhand), Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh), Kedarnath (Uttarkhand), Srisailam (Andhra Pradesh), Ujjain & Omkareshwar (Madhya Pradesh) and Rameshwaram (Tamil Nadu). An Epic Trip!!!
Seychelles’ 115 granite and coral islands extend from between 4 and 10 degrees south of the equator and lie between 480km and 1,600km from the east coast of Africa in the western Indian Ocean. This Indian Ocean republic occupies a land area of 455 km² and an Exclusive Economic Zone of 1.4 million km². It represents an archipelago of timeless beauty, tranquillity and harmony that is famous for its world-beating beaches and for its great diversity which rolls from lush forests down to the warm azure ocean. Of these 115 islands, 41 Inner Islands constitute the oldest mid-oceanic granite islands on earth while a further 74 form the 5 groups of low-lying coral atolls and reef islets that are the Outer Islands. Seychelles is home to no less than two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the legendary Vallée de Mai on Praslin where the wondrously shaped Coco-de-mer nut grows high on ancient palms and fabled Aldabra, the world’s largest raised coral atoll, first seen by early Arab seafarers of the 9th century A.D. ...
One of the finest Master Pieces of World Heritage Sites, considered to be the Jewel of Muslim Architecture in India, Taj Mahal was Built by Shah Jahan in m
Axum or Aksum is a city in northern Ethiopia. The original capital of the Kingdom of Aksum, it is one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in Africa. The town has a population of 56,500 residents (2010), and is governed as an urban wäräda. Axum was a naval and trading power that ruled the region from about 400 BCE into the 10th century CE. The kingdom was also arbitrarily identified as Abyssinia, Ethiopia and India in medieval writings. In 1980 UNESCO added Aksum's archaeological sites to its list of World Heritage Sites due to their historic value. Located in the Mehakelegnaw Zone of the Tigray Region near the base of the Adwa mountains, Axum has an elevation of 2,131 metres (6,991 ft). Axum is surrounded by La'ilay Maychew wäräda. Axum and Islam The Axumite Empire has a longstanding relationship with Islam. According to ibn Hisham,[8] when Prophet Muhammad faced oppression from the Quraish clan, he sent a small group that included his daughter Ruqayya and her husband Uthman ibn Affan to Axum. ...
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KENYA TOURISM TAKES FIRST STEPS TOWARDS RECOVERY The Kenya Tourism Board is clearly wasting no time to take the battle for market recovery and more tourists to the world, courting existing, new and emerging markets as KTB today announced the dates for their Magical Kenya Travel Expo. The Kenyatta International Convention Centre will once again be the venue for Kenya’s premier international tourism fair, allowing the showcasing of all of the country’s varied attractions, from the sundrenched beaches of the Indian Ocean to the shores of Lake Victoria, from Tsavo and Amboseli to Lake Turkana and from Mt. Kenya to the Masai Mara and everywhere in between, including the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Great African Rift Valley, lakes Elementaita, Naivasha, Nakuru, Bogoria and Baringo and the conservancies on the Laikipia plains and beyond which are at the forefront of private wildlife conservation. The dates for the 2014 event were announced as from October 08th to 10th inclusive and this year some 150 ...
Sta. Maria Church, Ilocos - One of the four Baroque Churches in Philippines under the World Heritage Sites
The "Tower of London", home to the "Crown Jewels" and part of the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites..
Alberta is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking places on earth, as vast as it is varied in landscape and experiences. It's a destination you won't soon forget, filled with incredible mountain views, unique activities, urban charms and cultural jewels. Create a memorable Alberta Experience today! Summer Fun in Alberta ! If you aren’t already thinking about summer... Its time! Alberta is a popular summer location and we want you to advise your clients to plan and book ahead! Guarantee them the best Ultimate Alberta Experience today. Summer is the ideal time for visitors to explore some of the most hauntingly beautiful landscapes on the planet. Alberta’s spectacular Canadian Rockies, silent boreal forests, rolling prairies and strangely compelling Canadian Badlands can be experienced on foot, on horseback, by canoe, or from the air. Check out their five UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Take in world class events like the Calgary Stampede and the Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival. Experience outdoor adv . ...
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