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World Heavyweight

The World Heavyweight Championship is a professional wrestling world heavyweight championship in WWE.

Seth Rollins Roman Reigns Royal Rumble Brock Lesnar Anthony Joshua Chris Benoit Tyson Fury John Cena Wladimir Klitschko Charles Martin Vitali Klitschko Joe Louis Kurt Angle Tag Team Mike Tyson Dean Ambrose Randy Orton Kerry Von Erich

Congrats on being the 1st to win WWE/World Heavyweight, U.S. title, I.C. title, Tag Team, European, Cruiserweight, & Hardcore
Not only I'll walk out of as the new TNW World Heavyweight Champ I'll will walk out as TNW Hardcore C…
I will walk out of as your new TNW World Heavyweight Champion
Heavyweight champion of the world steroids! Yes ma'am!
is who I'm talking about! Like, I care more for the world heavyweight championship than I do for the universal.
And, Jericho has held the World Heavyweight Title 3 times and WCW/World Heavyweight Title 2 times
Future heavyweight champ of the world
& still the World heavyweight champion later on.
A true nostalgia battle to happen soon in boxing's heavyweight division. My story
Dude made and painted his own Clemson-style WWE World Heavyweight Title lmao
in 1988, beat Kerry Von Erich to unify the WCCW and AWA World Heavyweight titles at Superclash 3…
See first moments as CZW World Heavyweight champion!
Congrats to NEW CZW World Heavyweight champion AND on the Indy Power Rankings! https:/…
Yeah, it was called David Arquette WCW World Heavyweight champion.
If is the first WWE World Heavyweight & US Champion. should be the first Universal & US Champ
18 fights. 18 KOs. Anthony Joshua still undefeated, defending his IBF World Heavyweight title. Next up, Wladimir Klitsch…
BOXING - Andy Ruiz feels he was robbed and demands a rematch with Joseph Parker for WBO World Heavyweight title.
this day 1950 - Ezzard Charles KO'd Nick Barone in 11 rds to retain the World Heavyweight title.
1980 defeated by Larry Holmes WBC World Heavyweight title in
Anthony Joshua is to defend his IBF World Heavyweight title against Eric Molina at the Manchester Arena on December 10
At defends the World Heavyweight championship against can't wait
check this out !!! World Heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury tests positive for cocaine!
Tyson Fury's World Heavyweight title rematch with Wladimir Klitschko called off for second time
World Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury will defend his titles in a rematch against Wladimir Klitschko on 29 October.
Watch me follow DAVID HAYE all over the world from 2004 till World Heavyweight title on Xclu
It's FIGHT WEEK! defends his heavyweight world title Saturday night vs. https:…
if you respect and want him to be the next Wwe World Heavyweight champion
future heavyweight champ of the world mark my words. Congrats.
Sir, Plz bring back the World Heavyweight championship again.Divide the WWE Championship!!
Daniel Bryan Wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship After Beating Batista and Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 30!!! https…
Seth Rollins Captures the WWE World Heavyweight Championship after cashing in his Money In The Bank!!!
yo crusaders don't wanna throw down with the canes, we got the Duco world heavyweight champ
LIKE if you want to see vs for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship!
Who in d world starts jacked at heavyweight and then is able to drop down to 185 after they're old?
Congratulations to the Heavyweight Champion of the World and his wife Paris on the birth of their baby.
Are WWE gonna Bring back the World Heavyweight title for Smackdown or design a new one
. my hero and next four time world champion heavyweight Roman Reigns
My dog is a 5x world heavyweight champion beat that
Finally the main event of vs for the world heavyweight championship
K. I hope an actual heavyweight is the World Heavyweight Championship..I hope they bring back the Light Heavyweight title (1/2)
do you think they'll bring back the World Heavyweight Championship for Smackdown?
So Dolph Ziggler became the World Heavyweight Championship, did he?
4 Years ago today won went on to cash it in & become World Heavyweight Champion
Hope you retained the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP at Battleground.
Please just give the opportunity that he deserves. the Chance to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He is the best SUPERSTAR
Yes, & eagerly waiting to hear "Here's your winner & the new WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Roman Reigns".
Congratulations Champ. Future heavyweight world champion right there!!!
I liked a video from WWE 2K17 - WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dean Ambrose vs.
.retains his Light Heavyweight World Title over Chilemba by UD 118-109, 117-110, 116-111. https:/…
BIRMINGHAM BATTLE: set to defend world heavyweight title in the Magic City
Deontay Wilder 226.2 vs. Chris Arreola 246.2. (WBC world heavyweight title) Difference in weight and Wilder is aware.
WORLD Heavyweight title Vs Arreola . 2 gente man who care , proud To be in
Deontay Wilder, fighting Saturday in Birmingham, wants to unify world heavyweight championship belts
*** 1.4M is not a lot for the heavyweight champion of the world WOWWW he got the green belt and he getting crumbs smfh
My hiring process:. 1) what is your favorite FPS?. 2) tell me about shotguns. 3) show me your resume. 4) are you world heavyweight champion
OMG that kid one day it's going to be Heavyweight Champion of the World his will is a Champion Will God Bless Him
I'm gonna be WWE World Heavyweight Champion one day
cena and Jericho in a thrown together triple threat for the world heavyweight Championship
got a question. Ambrose is introduced as WWE Champion. Does it mean you are bringing back the world heavyweight championship?
I have defeated World Heavyweight Champion 🏁🏁🏁 More on this later... @ Barcade
has been added to the World Heavyweight Championship Contenders Battle Royal for
The Heavyweight Championship of the World is on FOX tomorrow at 5 pm.
always loved that old World Heavyweight title belt
this day 2000 - KO'd Frans Botha in 2 rds to retain the World Heavyweight title.
And they can bring back the World Heavyweight title and put it on Raw
On this day in 1953 Leon Spinks was born. He defeated Muhammad Ali for the World Heavyweight title in February 1978.
"Here is another artwork I did on former WWE World Heavyweight champion
Not many people know this but David Warner is also a former World Heavyweight champion.
Drew Galloway the TNA World Heavyweight champion is unstoppable! 👍🏽
Ron Simmons was the first black World Heavyweight champion in both the WCW & The WWE formerly the WWF
Who do you want to win in WWE World Heavyweight championship at RT-RomanReings. Like-AjStyles.
Just purchased the ROH World Heayvweight Championship replica belt. Have the Big Gold and the World Heavyweight commemorative titles.
VIDEO: talks with Colonel Bob Sheridan on & the World Heavyweight title
wins the WWWF World Heavyweight title in 1963 at MSG from Nature Boy Buddy Rogers.
.cashes in...will he beat to be the next CZW World Heavyweight champion on May 14?
On this day in 2004, Vitali Klitschko stops Corrie Sanders in Round 8 to win the vacant World Heavyweight title
Hamilton Collection
Ten Years Ago Today: defeated to retain the NWA World Heavyweight title.
Ladies and gentleman It's Time! vs the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE World Heavyweight champion of the world
I was 6 or 8 years old. I remember Goldberg beating Hulk Hogan 4 the WCW World Heavyweight title on my 6th or 8th B-Day
this day 1986 - Trevor Berbick decisioned Pinklon Thomas in 12 rds to win a World Heavyweight title.
20 years ago today, Mike Tyson regains the World Heavyweight championship with a 3rd round KO of Frank Bruno. 1996
I might even go for the Tag Team championships once I win the WWE World Heavyweight title at
Triple H is currently 9th on the list of longest tenured WWE World Heavyweight champions, at 576 days.
I'm far more concerned about the result of the Divas Championship match (go Becky) than I am about the World Heavyweight at WrestleMania now
Mike Tyson retains the World Heavyweight title on this day in 1989 with this brutal 5th round TKO of Frank Bruno
Charles Martin is in a calm and composed frame of mind ahead of his World Heavyweight title fight against Anthony Joshua i…
Triple H vs Shawn Michaels vs Chris Benoit at Wrestlemania 20 for the World Heavyweight Championship
says he will 'light up' undefeated heavyweight world champion when the two face each other on April 9.
On sale in 15 - v Charles Martin for the IBF World Heavyweight Belt -
I just realized that Ambrose only needs the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to complete the singles Championship trifecta.
BREAKING NEWS: set to defend the RQW World Heavyweight title vs at in Norwich on…
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Kurt Angle was World Heavyweight Champion 10 years ago and I do hope even if it's just 1 match we see him again in the WWE one day.
10 years ago at No Way Out 2006 Kurt Angle retained The World Heavyweight Title vs The Undertaker in an instant classic. Great match.
Who's going on to 32 to face for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship?
Remember when Sheamus was the WWE World Heavyweight Champion? Neither do I.
We'll go to war... on his world title challenge against http…
Rose as a World Heavyweight Champion... Handed nothing. Worked for success. Worked for everything I've got. Tired of the disrespect.
What about a world heavyweight championship belt for last one standing during a night of binge drinking
Former world title contender Alex Leapai says can secure heavyweight belt v Chagaev a
Hopefully this time next year we'll be looking at World Heavyweight Champion
John Cena is your new world heavyweight champion!
Why Dean Ambrose needs to face Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at .
3 days wwe Fastlane winner of triple threat match will face hhh at for the wwe world heavyweight championship
Do you agree with Is the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion? http…
I have never lusted for the Heavyweight Championship of the World,"... but I need an "American Championship Belt"...
IBF World Heavyweight champion Charles Martin joins us to look ahead to his showdown with Anthony Joshua. https…
Update your maps at Navteq
I'm looking forward to is the new world heavyweight champion.
obviously Ambrose doesn't care about Ambreigns. What he cares about is the wwe world heavyweight championship
will be the new World heavyweight champion at Bealive Thath
December 14, 2015 unforgettable day new World heavyweight champion (BY ) https:…
Catch all the action of the WBF World Heavyweight Title Fight between Peter ‘The Chief Graham’ and Julius ‘The...
Im ready for FASTLANE to see who's going to to fight for da world heavyweight championship
EXCLUSIVE: joins this week to discuss why is GOING to
And your new world heavyweight champion fluffy fluffy!!!
Brock Lesnar's advocate explains why The Conqueror will win the World Championship . https:…
I liked a video Why Brock Lesnar will claim the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania:
Kaylee Burg is officially the most likely to be heavyweight champ of the world
TODAY IN WRESTLING-2/16/10: Ezekiel Jackson beat Christian to become the final ECW World Heavyweight
Ideal Main Event for vs for the unified WWE World Heavyweight & Intercontinental Championship.
"World Heavyweight champ Joe Louis (Barrow) sews on the stripes of a Technical Sergeant---to which he has been…
Matt Hardy def Kurt Angle in a good match to retain the TNA World Heavyweight championship , good show tonight
Tonight the main event is vs. for the World Heavyweight championship! Team Angle all the way!
Throwback-. The first ever cash in at WrestleMania. Seth claimed his first WWE World Heavyweight championship.
I would love to see Sting Win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and retire champion.
will pay for this !! Roman Regins will retain Your WWE world heavyweight champion 👌🏻
is back to win the Wwe world heavyweight champion and to win the 2016 Brock Lesnar .
Even the World Heavyweight Champion was not spared!
is coming to and get the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
I think it's pretty clear on who the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
"The Beast Incarnate" levels the World Heavyweight Champion with an to close from
OMG Brock Lesnar Destroy all Superstar and coming for Roman Reigns and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Of course he is gonna go after Roman.. He is the World Heavyweight Champion after all...
F5 to the WWE World Heavyweight champion Roman Reigns by Brock Lesnar
There's your lukewarm WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He's staring up at the lights! Put him in the microwave and heat him up.
Can we just award the WWE World Heavyweight championship to now & skip the
for how many months remain World heavyweight champion in your opinion?
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In 2016, I want to see "Miracle" vs for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.
It's like you can make Kevin Owens the WWE World Heavyweight Champion already & the fans with brains wouldn't have a priblem with that.
Nick Saban has a coach who is the World Heavyweight Champion!! Great hire, Saban!!
This 500 Pound eating jobber thinks he's gonna win the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at Royal Rumble XD
We want you to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship buddy!
Which wrestler would you like see going into wrestlemania as the WWE world heavyweight champion
mike bennett in 2016 will be the next TNA world heavyweight Champion
The McMahons: stacking the deck against World Heavyweight Champions for over eighteen years.
Paige should be out there too. She deserves her shot to win the WWE World Heavyweight Title! 💁🏻
Roman Reigns will win tonight and will retain his wwe world heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble match
woman I hope you prove to everyone that you will never give the world heavyweight belt up# one vs all
What a year...from of the year to World Heavyweight Champion.
If any women's wrestler could be world heavyweight champion, it's She is simply incredible!
Brock will win the wwe world heavyweight championship from
So... Can a diva go for the World Heavyweight Title?
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will be the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion
lets do this. Once again will show the world why he's the WWE World Heavyweight Champion!
The world heavyweight champion is here .
29 other men in the Royal Rumble? I got this. I'm not letting anybody walk out as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Believe that! 👊🏼
If it's tonight on RAW, is going to participate & be the new World Heavyweight Champion? 😮
V. McMahon: "The next time you'll defend the world heavyweight championship will be at Royal Rumble!" . *Reigns defends championship at MNR*
The match is up next on World Heavyweight Champion has quite a challenge to overcome!
WWE World Heavyweight . Tag Team title. USA Champion. Superstar of the Year . MITB winner NXT Champion all in 3 year
WWE World Heavyweight champion Roman Reigns explains how he became king.
hey Randy Orton when are you returning to WWE and win back the World Heavyweight championship
this day 2002 - Chris Byrd decisioned Evander Holyfield in 12 rds to win a vacant World Heavyweight title.
this day 2009 - Vitali decisioned Kevin Johnson in 12 rds to retain a World Heavyweight title.
Fancy meeting Tyson Fury? Tickets for an evening with the World Heavyweight champion in Gateshead can be bought via
History of the World Heavyweight boxing championship ... Thursday Dec10, at 10 a.m .. The World Bank fitness Center
Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat holding the NWA World Heavyweight title, just seems right.
is the World Heavyweight champion, his 'greatest moment'! See his post fight interview
You have done magic against Alberto Del Rio in the semi finals of WWE World Heavyweight championship tournament
On today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer speculated that the WWE World Heavyweight...
the Needs to give you Santino a push for the WWE World Heavyweight title
On this date 11/17/96 the WWF World Heavyweight title was won by
Isn't it basically the same title though? World Heavyweight?
NEWS: Semi finals for the WWE World Heavyweight title tournament set.
TODAY IN WRESTLING HISTORY-11/16/02: HBK wins the World Heavyweight title at
this day 2001 - KO'd Hasim Rahman in 4 rds to regain the World Heavyweight title.
Can't wait for the day when becomes WWE World Heavyweight champion 👊🏼
Why Kevin Owens should be your next WWE World Heavyweight ...
Roman Reigns is the next WWE World Heavyweight champion.
one Match Jay Lethal buddy and if u loose u ROH TV title u Still have ROH World Heavyweight champion title.
Heath Slater is gonna beat Brock Lesnar and then he's gonna be WWE Champion XD. Bo will be World Heavyweight too
i thought Bobby Lashley won a big title at some point? Maybe that was the World Heavyweight and not WWE title…?
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Nick Aldis explains why he joined Global Force Wrestling: Former TNA World Heavyweight and Tag Team Champion N...
this day 1955 - In his last bout, Rocky Marciano KO'd Archie Moore in 9 rds to retain the World Heavyweight title.
Both of belts he has. World Heavyweight and US Champion @ Royal Farms Arena
this day 2012 - Vitali KO'd Manuel Charr in 4 rds to retain a World Heavyweight title.
this day 1892 -- James J. Corbett KO'd John L. Sullivan in 21 rds to win the 1st World Heavyweight title in the gloved era
Jimmy Ellis, right, lands a right hook to the head Leotis Martin during their 12-round World Heavyweight title...
hey john I hope you get the U.S championship back and hopefully the World Heavyweight championship as well :)
is so beautiful. Am I right? Of course I am. I'm the WWE World Heavyweight and United States Champ!
I like how the guide preview for Smackdown is "WWE World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins brags about how he crushed John Cena's nose"
Hello and I will like to complain I bought a WWE World Heavyweight championship replica and when I got it in the mail it was broke
TNA World Heavyweight title has been defended in Japan and England. So it's a real World Heavyweight championship.
Would you ever come back to the WWE for another storyline and try and capture the WWE World Heavyweight title?
Heavyweight environmentalist group targets world's largest gold project in
Who want to The Rock as a WWE World Heavyweight champion once again ???. I want.
The rise of Juventus from Serie B relegation to European heavyweight once more - World Soccer Talk
Finally got my shirts to go with my wwe world heavyweight championship belt.
We've done many things like for example we pinned the WWE World Heavyweight Champion in the middle of--.
Thanks for filling in for bass while Tom is working his way to become the world heavyweight champion.
I believe you will be in the running for the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE in the very near future! Props to you!!
Worship your new TWE World Heavyweight Champion. I took down one of your heroes for good. If it wasn't for my boot to h…
WWE World Heavyweight Champion is part of the roster! Pre-Order at
July 19, 2015. Main Event vs w/ for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Does deserve another rematch for the World Heavyweight Title?. VOTE:
The WWE World Heavyweight Champion & Undisputed Future made his presence known tonight in
to AKA the heavyweight champion of my world, the undisputed rasslin'…
Major feuds and huge plans for WWE World title in 2015! -
here we are at the two main events the WWO World Heavyweight Championship followed by the WWO title match!!
On this day in 2002 - Lennox Lewis retains boxing's WBC world Heavyweight crown with an eight round knockout over Mike Tyson
if he feud with Lesnar, it would be youngest WWE Champion vs youngest world heavyweight champion.
Piledriver: Brock Lesnar will challenge for the WWE world heavyweight championship at 'Battleground'.
Seth Rollins is still World heavyweight champion
Donnie - The Garden ...THE biggest arena in the world! Been to world heavyweight fights there & concerts. Have a great time!
There was a miscommunication with the the title name this is the world heavyweight belt!! . ht…
Just not The Heavyweight world Champ a gentlemen as well...
one Brogue kick away from becoming your next World Heavyweight Champion. bare that in mind
The reigning, defending, undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and the best father in the…
The Beast is back to win back what's RIGHTFULLY his at Battleground! The WWE World Heavyweight Title!
Jay Lethal has won the ROH World Heavyweight Championship at
Heavyweight champions of the world 1882-1984
Dear I don't like your choice in WWE World Heavyweight champions as much but yet I'm still intrigued.
Live from the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland, Seth Rollins retained his WWE World Heavyweight...
but Haymon & are bringing THE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD to Alabama
World heavyweight boxing champion Joe Louis was born today in 1914
where beast becomes incarnate becomes so Brock Lesnar again wwe world heavyweight champio and kicks him back Seth Rollins?
Caring for the hands of the WBC Heavyweight Champion of the World prior to today's…
Y'all gonna regret it too, especially when I'm the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
10 fastest rises to the WWE World Heavyweight Title: photos. via on Android.
Happy Bday to Joe Louis, the World Heavyweight Champ from 1937-1949.
That was the World Heavyweight Championship. Not the same lineage.
THE linear BKB world heavyweight title passed on to me i am King http:/…
who do you think is walking out with the World Heavyweight Championship? I go with Ambrose
What would a world with Dean Ambrose as WWE world heavyweight champion be like?
On this day in May 13, 2006~ Keith Walker defeats Wade Chism in St. Joseph, Missouri for the World League Wrestling Heavyweight Title
Reverend and the makers heavyweight champion of the world
Miss you Daniel I hope you come back soon so you can become World Heavyweight Champion again will soon Yes Yes Yes.
On this day in May 13, 1984~ Rick Martel defeats Jumbo Tsuruta for the AWA World Heavyweight Title in St. Paul, Minnesota
This is why He is our WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
On this day in May 13, 1940~ The French Angel defeats Steve Casey for the Boston AWA World Heavyweight Title in Boston, Massachusetts
On this day in May 13, 1938~ Vic Christy defeats Don McIntyre to win the Montreal and Toronto World Heavyweight Titles
Second rumor: Dean Ambrose is going to help out Seth Rollins retain his WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
There was a reason why Ambrose was added to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship title match.
I can see Sami Zayn with the wwe world heavyweight championship
We miss you, Lennox. The last of the truly GREAT World Heavyweight Champions.
nah I won the world heavyweight WWE championship
I bet he got that line from the ALMOST world heavyweight champion ...
Our faces after wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Title AT 😋😋😎
At one point in time, he was the heavyweight champion of the world.
Black Pride remembers Joe Louis on his birthday. He was a professional boxer and the World Heavyweight Champion... http:…
Who will most likely leave Payback as WWE World Heavyweight Champion? |
23 DAYS to go FRANCE . VERHOEVEN VS ADEGBUYI . for the GLORY Heavyweight World Championship
Ex-ROH World Heavyweight Champion returns to in-ring action last night
this day 2013 - Wladimir KO'd Francesco Pianeta in 6 rds to retain the World Heavyweight title.
this day 2004 - Vitali KO'd Corrie Sanders in 8 rds to win a vacant World Heavyweight title.
Today in history: Backlash 2004: Chris Benoit defeated Triple H & Shawn Michaels to retain the World Heavyweight...
this day 1981 - decisioned Trevor Berbick in 15 rds to retain the World Heavyweight title.
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Seth Rollins comes out on top! Rollins wins WWE World Heavyweight title, cashes his Money in the Bank to beat Brock Lesna…
When Chris Benoit debuted in WWF in 2000 he was technically the WCW World Heavyweight champion.
Is it true that you'll be "turning" on your client, the raining, defending, undisputed WWE World Heavyweight champion?
At this rate Harry Kane might be the WWE World Heavyweight champion this Sunday
Doesn't matter who wins. Seth Rollins will not win the WWE World Heavyweight title at Wrestlemania
27 years ago today, "Iceman" King Parsons defeated Kerry Von Erich to win the WCCW World Heavyweight title in Dallas.
Look out Chris Benoit is coming for your WWE World Heavyweight title tonight on Raw. ht…
Who will win the WWE World Heavyweight title at Wrestlemania 31? I say Brock Lesnar
this day 1951 - Ezzard Charles decisioned Jersey Joe Walcott in 15 rds to win the World Heavyweight title.
"You're nothing compared to me". Says the guy who's never held a title to the former World Heavyweight and multiple IC Champion.
Today 1915. Crofton: ‘Jack Johnson’: first black winner of World Heavyweight title.
this day 1993 - Riddick Bowe KO'd Michael Dokes in 1 rd to retain the World Heavyweight title.
Some of the Pats celebrated the victory today w/ the World Heavyweight title!
Raw Results: WWE World Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar defeated John Cena and Seth Rollins in a Triple Threat match (Royal Rumble rebroadcast). Roman Reigns won the Royal Rumble match (Royal Rumble rebroadcast). Well a lack of wrestling but at least we kknow whats happening :)
Bring back the World Heavyweight championship and have Daniel & Dolph fight for it in a 60 min. iron man match at WrestleMania.
Who's leaving the Rumble as WWE World Heavyweight champion? Fan of the Royal Rumble? Check out my recent Universe Mode PPV:
Today in history: WCW Souled Out 2000: Chris Benoit defeats Sid Vicious to win the World Heavyweight title.
Triple H ended Randy Orton's first 3 reigns as WWE/World Heavyweight champion.
dear Mr Paul Heyman your beast the WWE World Heavyweight champion is going to get destroyed by Ha ha
Disclaimer: None of this footage belongs to me. this video was made for entertainment/educational purposes only, not for profit no copyright intended. PLEASE READ TO UNDERSTAND VIDEO!! So i made this video for a Uni assessment, we were asked to create some kind of instillation/performance piece with the stimulus of Hollywood. The following was the rationale I handed in along side the work. ‘This Horror is Real’ When you think of Hollywood what comes to mind? For most people its fame, fortune glamour, gossip and a sometimes a soulless industry, but when I think Hollywood I think Hollywood Hulk Hogan, The Rock and David Arquette becoming WCW World Heavyweight champion. Now when I say wrestling what comes to mind? The majority of people say fake or tacky, *** or stupid. The word fake is defined as ‘not genuine; imitation or counterfeit’, to me that describes Hollywood not wrestling. For this project I decided to look at the world of wrestling, most specificity independent wrestling through the ultra ...
Is there anybody out there, who was actually cool with the idea of David Arquette becoming WCW World Heavyweight...
My plea to World Wrestling Entertainment: Separate the WWE & World Heavyweight championship. via
John Cena vs. Seth Rollins in a Tables match for the contender spot for the WWE World Heavyweight championship...
And I can't wait till Seth Rollins cash in his money in the bank briefcase and win the WWE World Heavyweight title on Lesnar
so glad my World Heavyweight title belt came :D, gonna be an awesome
The new longest raning WWE, intercontinental, United States, Tag Team, World Heavyweight champion for the next 30 years.
Wondering why never let umaga hold the WWE or World Heavyweight championship
Maybe they took the ic title off so he can go after the WWE World Heavyweight championship!
After that performance need to give the WWE World Heavyweight championship! It's wasted on Lesner, he's never there!!
WAIT! Who is our WWE World Heavyweight champ I forget, haven't seen that guy in a while.. 😐😑
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
You know what's funny? On my WWE 2k15, Harper is Ic champ, Rowan is US champ, and Bray is WWE World Heavyweight champion
Today in history: Cyber Sunday 2006: def & to retain the World Heavyweight title h…
maybe it's enough with the US belt & it's time for the WWE World Heavyweight championship Fella love you
MIA AGAIN!!! WWE World Heavyweight should be vacated by the absent champ!!!
Who do you think will be first to hold they WWE World Heavyweight title? Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins of Roman Reigns? -fingerpokeofdoom-
2008 - Ukraine's Vitali Klitschko celebrates after winning his WBC World Heavyweight...
Randy's got amnesia, because he conveniently forgot about getting his WWE World Heavyweight title shot from his buddy Triple H.
Anybody who can talk to Pellecrying you read this and let him know what football says. Yesterday, the noisy half of Manchester (mis)led by one Mournuel Pellegrini needed a Chelsea legend to help salvage a help score their first ever goal against the Blues at the Etihad Stadium since, well, who cares to recall? What relief Pellegrini (Gawd blimey, grin? Nope, what grin? Does that specimen ever grin? Pellecryni!!!), the Chilean Premier League upstart must be feeling now as he hailed OUR Frank Lampard a "great professional" for sparing his blushes in his post-game mourning - a game his bulky captain, Vincent Kompany, and co. must have probably mistaken for a WBO/IBF/WBC/IBO World Heavyweight unification title bout, or an MMA championship bout, and quite literally gave it the fight of their lives. Well, all is fair that ends well I guess, and we know there's only how long Kompany and co. could fight that hard before another red mist befall them as a certain Argentine, Pablo Zabaleta would learn. We ...
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