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World Heavyweight Champion

The World Heavyweight Championship is a professional wrestling world heavyweight championship owned by WWE.

Roman Reigns Dean Ambrose John Cena Seth Rollins Anthony Joshua Brock Lesnar Muhammed Ali Happy Birthday Dolph Ziggler Survivor Series United States Drew Galloway Mike Tyson Ron Simmons Harley Race Alberto El Patron

Roman Reigns on WWE TLC 2015's main event by WWE World Heavyweight Champion
THE WSJ Intercontinental and World Heavyweight Champion next to each other 🙏
My Champion. So proud. So love him. He's the best in the world. 😍 World Heavyweight Champion
What's your thoughts on Chris Sabin as TNA World Heavyweight Champion?. Won: July 18, 2013 at Destination X...
But u talking to the best of the best former World Heavyweight Champion in wwe games ive…
Charlie Platt and *** Steinborn call Terry "The Hulk" Boulder the "Uncrowned NWA World Heavyweight Champion" on Memph…
It took Anthony Joshua only 16 fights to become the World Heavyweight Champion.
Fights taken to become the World Heavyweight Champion:. Anthony Joshua: 16. Muhammed Ali: 20. Lennox Lewis: 22. Mike Tyso…
4 years ago cashed in his money in the bank contract and beat Alberto El Patron to become the World Heavyweight Champion.
Seth Rollins cashes in the money in the bank at Wrestlemania 31 to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion https…
Wesley Snipes, the World Heavyweight Champion is about to meet his match, Ving Rhames! Watch them battle it out in…
The contracts have been signed! set to challenge WBO World Heavyweight Champion 💥…
BIG show coming up on Don't miss 2X WWE World Heavyweight Champion at 2pmET LIVE in studio…
. I no u r not TNA World Heavyweight Champion but 1 thing 2 me, u r a TRUE Champ n u can't take awa…
I will walk out of as your new TNW World Heavyweight Champion
Once I get my match for the World Jr. Heavyweight Champion, Hiroshi Suzuki will see his final seconds as champion.
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Dixie Carter reserving Alex Riley's spot as TNA World Heavyweight Champion with Hornswoggle winning the X-Division Championship.
Happy Birthday to former World Heavyweight Champion, http…
phew good 😊Billy hope the new light heavyweight champion of THE WORLD 🌎 🌎🌎🌎
Pensacola, my new World Heavyweight Champion on being voted by any day.
. Definitely is a TRUE TNA World Heavyweight Champion n a better 1. I'll tell you that as a 🐺Sister
It took a whole army to clown me... An still the heavyweight champion of the world foh lol.
With the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion of the world Great champion even better person
in 1985, NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair beat by countout at the Sportatorium. https:/…
For the 20th time, World Heavyweight Champion steps into the ring at
I for one can't wait to see crowned world champion again. Then BOOM! That's the heavyweight division electrified!
See first moments as CZW World Heavyweight champion!
Corbin needs to be the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion...
Hello Everyone! 🙋. **U can help me earn a phone call frm the retired undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World DM me 4 info!
Heavyweight Champion of The World - Reverend and The Makers. A classic! xxx
Congrats to NEW CZW World Heavyweight champion AND on the Indy Power Rankings! https:/…
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4,040 days as World Heavyweight Champion! Happy Birthday to the
The uncrowned world heavyweight champion!! You're welcome!
Terry O'Neill captures American world heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali in Dublin, training for his fight wi…
Name the former Heavyweight champion who won the world title at 16. Only for records to show he was 22 at the time, not getting the record.
. TNA World Heavyweight Champion. 4 badminton I've chosen this 1, hope u like it. Try my best 4 Feb…
Excited to Hear about the Biopic making of our very own INDIAN FORMER WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION 😄
Again, how was this man ever heavyweight champion of the world?
HE'S HERE! is BACK...and his sights are set on the World Heavyweight Champion!
Happy Birthday 2 the greatest pro wrestler of all time, the 6 time World Heavyweight Champion,
True Heavyweight Champion of the world is the Both and have their work cut out for them
Wow, the last time the Raiders made the playoffs, The Rock was World Heavyweight Champion of the World. Incredible.
And reigning out of PHILADELPHIA P.A.,the heavyweight champion of the world ROCKY BALBOA,BALBOA ,ladies and gentlemen.
actaully not even close. Not counting the world heavyweight. He has been wwe champion 6 times.
Yeah, it was called David Arquette WCW World Heavyweight champion.
*** but to bad i came out the World Heavyweight Champion last night 💪
Same. 1. . . 2. . . 3!!. Here is your winner and new World Heavyweight Champion. . . Rogue Cheney!.
🏐 it's the world heavyweight champion ...what you on ku ...but you my manns and we needa link again Mann 🤒
they did not acknowledge Sheamus his reigns as world heavyweight champion
so Edge retired as the world heavyweight champion, you don't think that can happen?
If is the first WWE World Heavyweight & US Champion. should be the first Universal & US Champ
so the Tour de France winner and the IBF Heavyweight Champion of the World not in the top 16 British sports people
I remember when was nwa world heavyweight champion
Congrats to on becoming a three time BJW Strong World Heavyweight Champion
This is a joke now. Have they really only give the Heavyweight Champion of the world a 3 second me…
5 years ago today defied the odds and became the World Heavyweight Champion. Everyone said he would…
It's been 40 years since Philadelphia decided to adopt a fictional heavyweight champion of the world over real-life champi…
Will Nevon McDonald do the unthinkable by becoming the next VTW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION?! Stay tune when VTW Pre…
A watch fit for a champion!. Get the World Championship Watch at today.
"Nature Boy" Ric Flair: WCW World Heavyweight Champion [1991]. The greatest of all time.
Not only that but as a heel value of a United States champion & a World Heavyweight Champion
43 years ago today, Chickasaw citizen Jack Brisco defeated Harley Race to become new NWA World Heavyweight Champion. h…
Wait, isn't Fred Yehi the FIP World Heavyweight Champion? Weird that he's not coming out with the title.
4 Years ago today won went on to cash it in & become World Heavyweight Champion
Please just give the opportunity that he deserves. the Chance to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He is the best SUPERSTAR
I'm gonna be WWE World Heavyweight Champion one day
I have defeated World Heavyweight Champion 🏁🏁🏁 More on this later... @ Barcade
7 years ago today at a Smackdown taping in Miami,FL def. World Heavyweight Champion in a Non-Title Match.
8 years ago today on Raw from Raleigh,NC World Heavyweight Champion def. by Count Out in a Non-Title Match.
because it will be youngest WWE Champion vs. youngest World Heavyweight Champion
Congrats to Dean Ambrose on becoming the "nneeewww" WWE World Heavyweight Champion !!
56 of 61 wins with 37 knockouts. 3 times World Heavyweight Champion. 1 Light-heavyweight Olympic gold medal. . One of the great…
"Here is another artwork I did on former WWE World Heavyweight champion
WWF "Andre 87" World Heavyweight Champion (Never used after Hulk Hogan defeat Andre the Giant at WM III)
The world heavyweight champion reveals he's gone VEGETARIAN. Full story:
Former World Heavyweight Champion is BACK, and here's what you NEED to know heading into
Tyson Fury gives up ‘disgusting’ meat before Wladimir Klitschko rematch: The world heavyweight champion says ...
The Big Dog has been waiting two years to get retribution against his former "brother," Seth Rollins at .
11:11 part six . My LOML bean wins MITB and goes on to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion ❤️❤️
FANDU antique gold texture world heavyweight champion belt…
And there you have it. YOUR next World Heavyweight Champion
walk out wwe world heavyweight champion Believe That 👊👊👊👊
Not many people know this but David Warner is also a former World Heavyweight champion.
It is great to see as the TNW World Heavyweight Champion
Yes!. is the new King of the Mountain Champion!. Next stop, the World Heavyweight Championship!.
Drew Galloway the TNA World Heavyweight champion is unstoppable! 👍🏽
Look who just became world heavyweight champion in my WWE 2K16 Universe Mode.
Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins both compete to money in the bank for the . World heavyweight champion. On the line.
"As long as this is on MY shoulder, I am THE guy..." - World Heavyweight Champion
We may be 0-2 but I'm still the World Heavyweight Champion so.
+ I look to continue on my war path as your WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Believe that...
I am the undisputed roshambo heavyweight champion of the world
Joseph Parker says he won't avoid anyone in his quest to get to the top of the boxing world amidst talk his...
The best part of is "Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the WWE World Heavyweight Champion 😊 https:/…
Ron Simmons was the first black World Heavyweight champion in both the WCW & The WWE formerly the WWF
I might do a bracket for my followers opinion of who they think should be WWE World Heavyweight Champion.. Who would be intere…
33 years ago today saw the REAL World Heavyweight Champion crowned in Houston for Southwest Championship Wrestling
for United States Champion! Then, Rusev for WWE World Heavyweight Champion. You are the best, toughest, deserving champion ever.
He is a future TNA World Heavyweight Champion even a could see that! Pure gold we need more Eli Drake
f.Y.I John Cena is a 12 time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, 3 time World Heavyweight Champion, 5 time U.S. Champion, 4 time...
I want you as the WWE world heavyweight champion
Got question for GEW World Heavyweight Champion? Ask him here:
fight me on wwe2k16 and if I win u will send me a replica of the wwe world heavyweight champion deal
Reason to remember my name world heavyweight champion!!!
would you of liked to have seen him become World Heavyweight Champion?
Knox O'Connor is on top of it all, the UFC's Heavyweight Champion of the world,...
Real heavyweight champion of the world
Neville as my WWE World Heavyweight Champion has made for interesting matchups against top stars.
Screw the IC. Can't wait to see KO hold up the big belt and be announced as the NEW WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION
One day i'll be walking out of the octagon as the NEW Light Heavyweight champion of the world. Future champ is here!
Someday I hope that will once again be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Hope to see it happen again. http…
who would you love to see as wwe world heavyweight champion, and why? :D
Hearn dropped confetti from roof after Martin fight, that was postcards saying 'Joshua - heavyweight champion of the world'
The World Heavyweight Champion and his family The are ready for battle!
The World Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury discusses in his latest daily camp diary & more:
Joe Coffey HAS to be World Heavyweight Champion by the end of 2016, period. Why? This video is why.
The World Heavyweight Champion took flight himself last night!
.cashes in...will he beat to be the next CZW World Heavyweight champion on May 14?
The World Heavyweight Champion is coming unhinged at the expense of
The World Heavyweight Champion wweromanreigns is coming unhinged at the expense of…
World Heavyweight Champion and many more came to Italy for
Let the celebration begin for NEW World Heavyweight Champion
Year ago today, cashed in his MITB briefcase &pinned Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion ht…
Triple H reminds why he’s a 14-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Raw,...
He won the SmackDown Money in The Bank contract & cashed in on the Big Show to become World Heavyweight Champion.
please Roman reign come back to WWE Dean Ambrose will fighting against Triple H for the World Heavyweight Champion
Today would have been legend Verne Gagne's 100th birthday (d. 2015). He was a 16-time World Heavyweight Champion.
all hail his greatness Lord Hardy! OUR! World Heavyweight Champion! How does it feel haters how does it feel! Well done Matt
Vintage photo of Joe Frazier, the undisputed World Heavyweight Champion. -
Remember when Sheamus was the WWE World Heavyweight Champion? Neither do I.
Rose as a World Heavyweight Champion... Handed nothing. Worked for success. Worked for everything I've got. Tired of the disrespect.
Hopefully this time next year we'll be looking at World Heavyweight Champion
Do you agree with Is the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion? http…
Jack Johnson became the first Africa American man to hold the World Heavyweight Champion boxing title in 1908. ✊🏾
OSW Poll . Do you consider "Ravishing" Rick Rude a former World Heavyweight Champion? . Rude held the big gold...
At least Daniel Bryan can say he was Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion
Ron Simmons was not the first black World Heavyweight Champion, Bobo Brazil won it in 62, Bearcat Wright in 61.
as a huge John Cena fan do you think he will be WWE World Heavyweight Champion again before he retires
Even the World Heavyweight Champion was not spared!
I think it's pretty clear on who the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
"The Beast Incarnate" levels the World Heavyweight Champion with an to close from
Of course he is gonna go after Roman.. He is the World Heavyweight Champion after all...
There's your lukewarm WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He's staring up at the lights! Put him in the microwave and heat him up.
It's like you can make Kevin Owens the WWE World Heavyweight Champion already & the fans with brains wouldn't have a priblem with that.
Nick Saban has a coach who is the World Heavyweight Champion!! Great hire, Saban!!
This 500 Pound eating jobber thinks he's gonna win the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at Royal Rumble XD
What a year...from of the year to World Heavyweight Champion.
will be the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion
lets do this. Once again will show the world why he's the WWE World Heavyweight Champion!
29 other men in the Royal Rumble? I got this. I'm not letting anybody walk out as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Believe that! 👊🏼
If it's tonight on RAW, is going to participate & be the new World Heavyweight Champion? 😮
Update your maps at Navteq
The match is up next on World Heavyweight Champion has quite a challenge to overcome!
He looks so good with Tag Team Championship around his waist. But he looks much better as The WWE World Heavyweight Champion! 😍😍😍😍
I could see Luke and Erick/Strowman being tag team champs, then Bray being the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
Photos of the Year:. defeats to become new World Heavyweight Champion of the world
WWE Raw results: Roman Reigns defies Mr. McMahon to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion:
Congratulations to the New WWE World Heavyweight Champion and Happy b'day to ur daughter Jojo roman.
best swerve/shoot ever was Shane Douglas throwing down NWA belt and crowning himself "NEW ECW World Heavyweight Champion!"
World Heavyweight Champion was hit in the head with an empty plastic bottle during the Huntington, West Virginia house show
A brand new World Heavyweight Champion will be crowned TONIGHT at
I think our new World Heavyweight Champion would be Roman Reigns or Dean Ambrose
Ladies and Gentleman. Here we go . WWE World Heavyweight Champion. . https:/…
Tommy Dreamer thinks Dean Ambrose should be the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion
Man I just gotta say thank you to for being the best preformer, and greatest WWE World Heavyweight Champion w…
More heat tensing up between and the XMXW World Heavyweight Champion
12 Nov. defeated in the '1st Round Tournament' for WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
...OR is a COSMIC World Heavyweight Champion written in the stars?
New Post: read case for Drew Galloway to remain ICW World Heavyweight Champion https:…
Triple H is right. The winner of Raw's main event should face Roman Reigns at Survivor Series to crown a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion
The greatest WWE World Heavyweight Champion of all time.
new World Heavyweight Champion to be crowned at Survivor Series
So.. For I dressed up as The WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Oh, wait...
I hope one day you become once again WWE World Heavyweight Champion
one Match Jay Lethal buddy and if u loose u ROH TV title u Still have ROH World Heavyweight champion title.
WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins as Mario and girlfriend, Zahra as Luigi
“Fill in the blank. _ should be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion after WrestleMania 32!” Dean Ambrose
That way, technically all 3 Shield members would have been WWE World Heavyweight Champion within a span of a year.
Because "I can and I will" believe in the next WWE world heavyweight champion Believe that
Princess Anna & the heavyweight champion of the world! 😸🎃
El *** Claw! Heavyweight Champion of the World here to lay da smackdown! Happy Halloween!
He Walk in The ring WWE world heavyweight champion and Walk out WWE world heavyweight champion 🙌
We are so excited to announce that WWE world heavyweight champion will be training at…
Ladies, gentlemen, and all other configurations of being, I give you our WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
Handing out candy as the world heavyweight champion.
Here is you're winner and New World Heavyweight Champion 🎮
World Heavyweight Champion. I miss and respect him so much.
Sonny Bill Williams; World Cup winner in both codes of rugby, heavyweight champion of NZ. What a guy.
On this day: (2013) Dixie Carter Reveals the Contenders for a New World Heavyweight Champion:
One more post... And the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion
took a heavyweight fight when the crusaders had a bye week. I suspect there is nothing he wouldn’t be a world champion at.
Heath Slater is gonna beat Brock Lesnar and then he's gonna be WWE Champion XD. Bo will be World Heavyweight too
Happy Halloween to the future WWE world heavyweight champion❣ 👻🎃🍁🍂
World Champion in both codes and Heavyweight Champion of New Zealand - yeah, he needs lot of publicity.
Dolph Ziggler cashes in to become World Heavyweight Champion: Raw, April 8, 2013
Dolph Ziggler was World Heavyweight Champion? The *** did this happen?
This here is the World's Heavyweight Champion of hot water heaters featured in NBC s Science of Love
Don't miss- World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins (on the in Dec 6th!
New World Heavyweight Champion defends his Championship against on November 30th as-
"you have a problem turn off your station ". Mike Tyson . Former undisputed boxing heavyweight champion of the world
Who deserves to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion more??. Dean Ambrose . Roman Reigns
Happy Birthday to 11 time World Heavyweight Champion & WWE Hall Of Famer, Edge (Adam Copeland) who turns 42 today.
Reigns WILL be your next WWE World Heavyweight Champion .. Believe that
World Heavyweight Champion was born in San Francisco and graduated from Sacred Heart High School.
The Knockouts have a chance to become the World Heavyweight Champion. That's a revolution. World Title Series, you got me.
October 4, 2009. Undertaker becomes the new World Heavyweight Champion. Randy Orton becomes the new WWE Champion...
We'll see you tonight at the Salem Civic Center! Can't wait to see the greatest TNA World Heavyweight Champion live.
Returning, SWA's first ever World Heavyweight Champion. Randy Orton has been re-signed to SWA!
Randy Orton was only 24 when he became the youngest World Heavyweight Champion
You are not going to walk out the new TNW World Heavyweight Champion, I will walk in as champ & walk out as champ
WWE World Heavyweight Champion; United States Champion WWE Tag Team Champion; two-time Royal Rumble Match winner MITB Winner Cena is the man
The last time The Dudley Boyz held tag team gold in was the WWE World Heavyweight Champion (summer of 2004)…
Matt Tremont is CZW World Heavyweight Champion and Heidi Lovelace is AIW Womens Champion. I love it.
will Become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at Night of Champions.
NXT Champ, Tag Team Champs, In the bank, WWE World Heavyweight Champion...And look at me, now!
YES! YES! YES! Seth Rollins is the undisputed United States and WWE World Heavyweight Champion!.
On this day in August 16, 1960~ Verne Gagne becomes the AWA World Heavyweight Champion for the first of a record ten times.
No, I don't, Sasha. You're not good enough for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
I want and whole wwe universe want to see John Cena as WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
So it's Rollins vs Cena at Summerslam for a title vs title match... "And your new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena!!!"
Come on people do you not know who is? Seth Rollins is the World Heavyweight Champion. He's better than John Cena OBVIOUSLY
And John Cena will be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion again after Summerslam.. Woo.. -.- God Vince needs to retire
At SummerSlam we will have a New WWE World Heavyweight Champion and he's name is John Cena.
So what we're saying here is that John Cena is going to be both WWE World Heavyweight Champion and U.S. Champion at right?
I would love to see Antonio Cesaro as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, in the near foreseeable future! He deserves it!
Mr. Money in the Bank faces WWE World Heavyweight Champion on Raw! DOWNLOAD...
I still legit think Buff Bagwell should have been WCW World Heavyweight Champion at somepoint. He was pretty great.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
WWE World Heavyweight Champion joins to play TMNT Turtles in Time on Superstar Savepoint! http:…
Alberto El Patron, former WWE World Heavyweight Champion and current AAA Mega Champion, would always be in the...
John Cena to lose the USA Champion at WWE Battleground, then John Cena will be next in the line for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion!
Happy Birthday to 4 time World Heavyweight Champion "Psycho" Sid Vicious (Sidney Eudy) who turns 55 today.
DUH! Because he's the undisputed future of the WWE! & he's the World Heavyweight Champion!!!
Proud to be a Roman Reigns fan & a part of the Roman Empire. Soon you'll be WWE World Heavyweight Champion. I believe that.
We've done many things like for example we pinned the WWE World Heavyweight Champion in the middle of--.
Worship your new TWE World Heavyweight Champion. I took down one of your heroes for good. If it wasn't for my boot to h…
WWE World Heavyweight Champion is part of the roster! Pre-Order at
The WWE World Heavyweight Champion & Undisputed Future made his presence known tonight in
one Brogue kick away from becoming your next World Heavyweight Champion. bare that in mind
The reigning, defending, undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and the best father in the…
Bullet Club vs Chaos. IWGP World Heavyweight Champion. IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions. Standing in some tall cotton as Flair would say
and for TNA Tag Team Champions and also For TNA World Heavyweight Champion
The National Wrestling Alliance is deeply sadden to say that Former NWA World Heavyweight Champion & NWA Hall of...
Hamilton Collection
When I come back to not only I will win the but I will be a five time TNW World Heavyweight Champion
Do you think Dolph Ziggler will every be WWE World Heavyweight Champion?
Happy Birthday to 2 time & current IPW:U.K World Heavyweight Champion "Bad Bones" John Klinger who turns 31 today.
Y'all gonna regret it too, especially when I'm the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
Me if walks out of as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
Miss you Daniel I hope you come back soon so you can become World Heavyweight Champion again will soon Yes Yes Yes.
This is why He is our WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
Black Pride remembers Joe Louis on his birthday. He was a professional boxer and the World Heavyweight Champion... http:…
Who will most likely leave Payback as WWE World Heavyweight Champion? |
Ex-ROH World Heavyweight Champion returns to in-ring action last night
Evander Holyfield, the only four-time World Heavyweight Champion, said Pacquiao won.
Don't miss a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion who will be telling jokes at the Kowloon June 26th! http…
Only man to ever retire as World Heavyweight Champion!! Thank you for a life time of memories!!!
Dolph your such an amazing wrestler, your the future WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
- sure that, I am still The WWE World Heavyweight Champion after Extreme Rules, so that title can stay - (
... How sweet...I love that... I want to see Roman Reign as World Heavyweight Champion.
& World Heavyweight Champion approves of the design of England's iconic
could be or World Heavyweight Champion. . *** he might even be able to capure the Knockouts Championship
he's a heel lol but I like him better as a heel when he was world heavyweight champion back in 2005
ONLY until Seth Rollins comes out and cashes in MITB to become the NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
Hope that win Wwe world heavyweight Champion at 💪
I have Roman Reigns as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion !
good luck tonight against Roman !! You can! You will become World Heavyweight Champion
Your winner & the new World Heavyweight Champion …
Tonight at WrestleMania, I tear asunder Brock Lesnar and I become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. There's nothing more to + [
My predictions for wrestlemania 31: reigns defeating lesnar and to become the new wwe world heavyweight champion.
WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman comes to the ring!
by DQ, HHH and the Reigning Defending WWE Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the world
Fight Club was originally about a chocolate biscuit's attempt to become the world Heavyweight boxing champion.
Tonight is the night will rise and be our new Wwe world heavyweight champion
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
And by 11 pm (Eastern) will be the NEW World Heavyweight Champion! BELIEVE THAT!
When Chris Benoit debuted in WWF in 2000 he was technically the WCW World Heavyweight champion.
“Watch World Heavyweight Champion announcement of his new contract with WWE:
Is it true that you'll be "turning" on your client, the raining, defending, undisputed WWE World Heavyweight champion?
The older ones will know this is John Conteh, Boxing Light Heavyweight Champion of the World 1974-77. Good golfer too
There has been a feeling within WWE that since the company had WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar make...
I'm hoping Roman Reigns be the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion tonight at WrestleMania 31.
I can't wait to watch your match tonight! Show the haters who the real world heavyweight champion is!
Roman Reigns will beat Brock Lesnar & become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, until 2 min later when Rollins cashes in
And later today...ITS Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion - The Man They Call wrestles his FIRST match!
"The winner of this bout... and NEW Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion...!"
Today is the day the undisputed, defending, one in 21 - 1, BEAST, and WWE World Heavyweight Champion DESTROYS Roman Reigns.
vs = ? ? Who will be world heavyweight champion ?
Are we set to crown a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion? As Brock Lesnar defends his title against Roman Reigns
He's the current reigning and defending Heavyweight Champion of the World!
Each time I hear I hear announcing "Here's your winner, and NEW WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, Roman Reigns!"
Who dies on The Walking Dead tonight? Will Rick be exiled? Will Brock Lesnar leave the WWE world heavyweight champion? Answers tonight
Your next world heavyweight champion 💪 http:…
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