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World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day is the primary global awareness campaign of the diabetes mellitus world and is held on November 14 of each year.

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World Diabetes Day urging to get you screened at early age
Excited to announce that we'll be working with the IDF on World Diabetes Day 2017! Here's some of our work from 2016
Do you always associate liver failure with alchol abuse? On World Liver Day, its useful to understand the growing...
Today is world diabetes day! Join me and show your support by wearing blue, tag me in your blue wearing selfies 💙. h…
One day I hope to live in a world with better understanding for Diabetes..some very uneducated com…
As a diabetes ambassador for I'm joining them in support of World Day & people w/ this…
Today is World Diabetes Day, as cliché as it sounds all I want is world peace and people spreading joy to eachother this year.
Depression can increase risk of NCDs like diabetes & cancer. We must accelerate progress every day. https:…
It was on Monday. Time to take diabetes seriously. That's why I support Find out more h…
World Diabetes Day - How diabetes affects your emotional health
My daughter Kyairria has type one diabetes we celebrate world diabetes day!!
Explore our collection of articles on Diabetes
↑ risk of Depression is aggravating factor for diabetes management.
Diabetes: You've Been Diagnosed, Now What? Today is World Diabetes Day and we should all be paying attention and
About 422 million people worldwide have diabetes, a number likely to more than double in the next 20 years.…
cutting out sugar is 1 of the best things you can do for your health. Click here to learn more>>
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Ahead of the World Kidney Day tomorrow, March 10, 2017, scientists have identified diabetes and high blood...
Depression increases the risk of other noncommunicable diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease. htt…
New post (An apple a day keeps diabetes away) has been published on World Fast News -
Wow! What amazing young people with type 1 diabetes. Check out warriors on World Health Day:
We discussed a devastating disease within the community with Dr. Van Yu, CMO of Janian.
Yesterday, in honor of World Diabetes Day, the Volleyball team from Warren High School wore blue to show their...
Blackpool Tower will be turned blue tonight to mark World Diabetes Day.
Today is World Diabetes Day. Share this message today to bring awareness to the disease. Here at Palmetto Health...
Today is World Diabetes Day. BRI is a worldwide leader in research to prevent, treat and cure type 1 diabetes!…
See Oxford's Magdalen Tower go blue for World Diabetes Day on Monday + research open day at Churchill Hospital 18/11 https:/…
The Harbourside Lions Tag fundraiser for World Diabetes Day will be held on November 12.
The theme of the World Health Day 2016 was “Halt The Rise Beat Diabetes”. . Government of India is implementing...
World Health Day 2016_ beat diabetes, type 2 diabetes risk in women, prediabetes, and ... -
BEAT DIABETES! Preventing and diagnosing diabetes is the goal of today.
Diabetes is burgeoning in developing countries. But with more affordable care, it can be controlled:   10% Off
Ace infographic from highlighting in The Americas
Check out this infographic from for Learn more:
We celebrate World Health Day this year by working w Member States & partners to raise awareness for prevention & management…
I've extended the viewing session for. The Diabetes World Summit…. Encore Day will now close on Wednesday at...
The Thin White Duke here. Soon, my child, soon all will be right in the world. Type 2 Diabetes will have her day soon. Patience.
Help me create a world without type 1 diabetes. $62.50 per day to meet my goal.
The World Health Organization has dedicated this year's World Health Day to diabetes awareness. Here’s some quick...
"World Health Day 2016" dedicated this year to diabetes by The Gulf Air Health Clinic.
On eve of World Health Day, WHO claims number of adults with diabetes has quadrupled since 1980
Stories from Tanzania to Tajikistan, Nigeria to Nepal- Older people stand up to beat diabetes April 7
Thanks 2 friend founder 4 this great piece responding 2 h…
It’s World Health Day and are calling for action on diabetes – read about it
The World Health Organization has chosen diabetes as the theme of World Health Day 2016. Advanced Allergy and...
My wife records carbs every day b/c of diabetes and it's the worst. There are so many carbs in everything. Nightmare world
It’s Encore Day at The World Summit! All 33 expert talks available for free!
It's Encore Day of the Diabetes World Summit! If you missed the event last week, there are more than 30 hours of...
ICYMI: World Health Day: Guidelines & other info on diabetes in mental health populations:
New post: Prime Hospital and Prime Medical Centers launches an awareness campaign for World Health Day to throw
"Walking/cycling to work has great benefits"-Shiv Inder Singh, CEO Firefox Bikes. Read more
Today is World Health Day! This year the World Health Organisation has chosen diabetes as the theme. Find more here: h…
World Health Day, 2016_ 'beat diabetes' with these ten fruits full of natural goodness! _ ... -
BEL Celebrates World Health Day Focus on Diabetes Prevention and Care read more:
NFTH celebrates World Health Day with awareness on ‘Beating Diabetes’
United Methodists use World Health Day celebration in Liberia to provide diabetes tests
There are so many things I want to do, but I have student loans and diabetes supplies to buy...I WILL TRAVEL THE WORLD ONE DAY!
was on April 7th, and the big goal for 2016 is to Beat Diabetes!
My PhD on type 2 diabetes 😀 The medical research charity that is replacing animals in the laboratory via
Diabetes awareness talk on World Health Day: The topic, diabetes, was remarkably suppo...
People with are more susceptible to infections, which increases their risk of
World Health Day 2016: Symptoms & signs of diabetes and how to prevent the disease - Metro
Have you seen infographics for on Check for more info! https:/…
If you missed the event, you can still watch online: .
Food: Seven Superfoods to keep diabetes at bay
Older people globally stood up to beat diabetes on See what they did:
World Diabetes Day: Is Bariatric Surgery the Only Tool to Send T2DM into Remission? Adherence to 6 Months of...
World Health Day 7 April focus - diabetes. A rallying point for health sector civil society and the private sector. Mobilization starts now.
We received a portion of the donations from Rhode Island's World Day:
The WHO is focusing this year's World Health Day, on 7 April 2016, on DIABETES.
Happy V day and 1 month to a beautiful person who I think is trying to give me diabetes & means the world to me♡
Wondering what the world would be like if the President of the United States was living with diabetes.
Pujya Swamiji inaugurates awareness program on world day in
What hope for the elderly health as World Health Day is fast approachingno to Diabetes
Diabetes will be the focus of World Health Day 2016; particularly the increasing prevalence in low-income countries.
World Diabetes Day at the new USF Diabetes Center published!
Happy Day, world! May chocolate and love triumph over diabetes and STDs!
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On World Diabetes Day we decided to target people when they were going for the sugar, with their tea or coffee.
We prepared for you a case study based on World Diabetes Day Campaign we did. . We decided to fight sweetness...
You might be surprised what kinds of things can lead to high blood sugar (other than food):
I'm off for a day out at Cadburys World. Hopefully I'll make it home without diabetes.
Happy Valentine’s Day . Ur big heart, smile & dancing feet changed our world. We LOVE U!
One day I think this man will be revered as one of the greatest medical minds ever. He proved to "cure"-not...
to spread awareness of Type 1 diabetes. Tomorrow is World Diabetes Day.
PDF of the day: Carbonating the World . Overweight, obesity, and diabetes vs the consumption of ultra-processed foods
World Diabetes Day: Simple tips to become a healthier you
Please check out interview on Mwandada website:
In light of today being national pizza day lets all go out and make the United States in diabetes throughout the world!
Apparently today is simultaneously national pizza, bagel, and pancake day. In my world it's a snow day... anything is possible.
We were in St Lucia for World Diabetes Day w/ new partners as we plan new project on gestational & type 2 diabetes!
Today is World Diabetes Day! Make an impact on the future of T1D by visiting
November 14 is World Diabetes Day 🎉🎉🎉 and I support my aunt carol and aunt jane, cousins and my… featured in NBC s Science of Love
World Diabetes Day: Governor Wike assures Rivers people of commitment to enhance quality ...: Rivers State Gov...
Today on 14th November - World Diabetes Day, The Indian Medical Students' Association has conducted an online...
natandaan ko tuloy po that I saw Gary V up close and personal Sa Festival Mall because of World Diabetes Day.
Foot care expo a step to good health: In recognition of Diabetes Awareness Month and World Diabetes Day, the C...
News: Newham CCG raises awareness during World Diabetes Day: Newham’s CCG group and the council are hi...
A9 And don't forget Nov is Diabetes Awareness Month and Nov. 14 is World Diabetes Day. Perfect time to take action!
Mark your calendars for November 14 World Diabetes Day. The Canadian Diabetes Association has planned a series of...
Today is World Pharmacists Day! We are thankful for all that they do to help the fight against diabetes.
Bluing up for the World Diabetes Day, Nov 14, 2015... It's your time to give back!...
November 14 is World Diabetes Day. See how you can get involved!
Goodmorning, today we are celebrating the world physiotherapy day by taking a look at "The role of physiotherapy in
6 years ago today the reality of diabetes entered our world :( That was a sad day. But I am so thankful for...
Today is the day we apply to join the People with diabetes around the world must be heard.
We've just had a commitment from that he will do a course for World Diabetes Day 2015
Cake toppers for our World Diabetes Day coffee morning on November 14th at Sheffield Cathedral!…
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2.1 million steps since Nov 14 2014 - World Diabetes Day, 400,000 to go by WDD 2015!!
4 shocking misconceptions person with diabetes have. Read More -
Looking for for a small on day on Nov. 14. . . Email: charvox.
With childhood diabetes and obesity still rising, how can we prevent health problems for future generations?
November 14th is World Diabetes day. That's a Saturday, oh bugger. Guess we'll have to think of something to do on Friday 13th😁😏
Americans consume 34 teaspoons of sugar a day and have the highest diabetes rate in the world
yeah definitely. I did it a few years ago for World Diabetes Day and it knackered me! Good luck :-)
how do we request to have your tower go blue for World Diabetes Day? The IDS tower is going blue.
Did you know Novemnber 14th is World Diabetes Day
A diabetes drug is being used in human trials to stop the progression of Alzheimer's .
A that appears to stop the progression of is showing promising results in the first...
Our next LCHF Keto event is in SFO! November 14th-The World Diabetes Day!. Thanks to Louison Labeaume for the...
Save the Date! We are excited to announce our 3rd Annual Diabetes Expo on World Diabetes Day, November 14, 2015...
In prep 4 World Diabetes Day (Nov 14) IDF have released a guide on how u can get involved -
Here are 5 facts about type 1 diabetes in honor of World Diabetes Day tomorrow.
Perfect for World Diabetes Day and Project Blue November coming up!
World Diabetes Day is 14/11/15 T1 Drama Queen is planning a day - support he…
Question 1 - Have you or your organisation got any plans for World Diabetes Day on Saturday 14th November or the week leading up to it?
There's a seat for u up to your say on World Diabetes Day in Derry City - come up between 2 and 4pm today!
Join the World Diabetes Day 2015 campaign on a…
November 14th is my birthday, which is also world diabetes day, which is also the day after I got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 😂😂
Top 10 scary risks faced by diabetics
MT World Diabetes Day launches campaign on healthy eating & at Join the campaign
Happy Check out the Pacific Science Center Arches in turned blue for World Day
Check out the launch of the 2015 campaign at the World Health Assembly’s side event
World Diabetes Day Event to be held Thursday Nov. 12th at Lone Star Park
Homeopathy can cure Diabetes through more ways than one.. Easy and without any side effects..
First full day back home in the real world after is quite an adjustment.
November 14th is World Diabetes Day its the birthday of Frederick Banting responsible for the discovery of insulin
Diabetes and the gadget that could end the ‘hypo’
Today's World Population Day: did you know that 387M people have T1 or T2
We're still seeing so much wonderful fundraising and so many great photos from World Diabetes Day! Children at St Benedicts School in Ealing took part in and they raised £800 for JDRF! Nicholas, one of the children in the photo, was recently diagnosed with type 1. Dean Horridge, who sits on the London Regional Development Group and also has type 1, also attended the school to deliver an assembly. Great job!
Landmark Group Invites UAE to Champion Blue for Diabetes Awareness •Registrations for Walkathon Open from 7 November – 6 December Landmark Group, the region’s leading retail and hospitality conglomerate behind the Beat Diabetes initiative, has opened registrations for the sixth edition of its annual walkathon in the UAE scheduled for 12 December, 2014. Interested participants are invited to register on until 6 December. In the run up to the walkathon, Landmark Group has lined up a series of activities at the Oasis Centre on 14 and 15 November to coincide with the World Diabetes Day. Landmark Group will unveil a special exhibition of portraits titled ‘Diabetes Champions’, lauding real-life heroes who live with the condition, clicked by ace photographer Siddharth Siva. With accents of blue reflected in their clothes and accessories, the photos celebrate the spirit of people who stand bravely in the face of diabetes and effectively manage the condition through leading discipline ...
World Diabetes Day: Apps that can make life easier for diabetics - Hindustan Times -
World Diabetes Day. Drove around looking at the blue buildings. Novo Nordisk building, the arches at…
Thank you to JDRF families & supporters that attended the annual World Diabetes Day photo on Signal Hill this evening
Lex is at it again! In celebration of World Diabetes Day and National Diabetes Month she shows us her version of...
November is National Diabetes Awareness Month and today is World Diabetes Day. Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes is...
It's National Diabetes Awareness Month + today is World Diabetes Day! Go support someone like my bro Jeffrey w
It is World Diabetes Day today... lf you are free please join us at the St Georges Shopping Centre in Harrow to raise awareness
Every year 14th November is celebrated as World Diabetes Day as this is the birthday of great scientist Fredric Benting who invented insulin, the life saving drug for all diabetics. This young scientist is even famous for his kind gesture towards his fellow assistant scientist Charls best (who was not offered Nobel Prize for the same invention) as he refused his Nobel Prize unless he was allowed it to share with Charls Best! We respect Fredric Benting for his life saving remarkable invention and also for his kind hearted behavior!
Walk to fight diabetes on World Diabetes Day 14/Nov - Alamogordo Daily News
Walk to fight diabetes on World Diabetes Day - Alamogordo Daily News
On November 14 - capital municipalities & cities in Davao Region PH will celebrate World Diabetes Day. Join our Diabetes Walk & much more!!
celebrated World Diabetes day for the first time in 2013 will you spread the word? We are passionate about diabetes
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The day World start eating what the body needs, Not the Soul Wants, world will be diabetes free.
An old one but appropriate - story from World Diabetes Day last year
Hopefully one day the world we find a cure to HIV,Cancer and diabetes!!
The 4th was Running Day, today is Donut Day...World Diabetes Day isn't til November? Seems like it should be this week too!
Good morning World! Start your day with Prayer and Praise! Thought I would share a cool link, Summer Time Budget...
November 14 is World Diabetes Day! In the U.S., more than 60% of non-traumatic lower limb amputations occur in people with diabetes. xXx
Tonight, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome will shine with blue colors in honor of World Diabetes Day. Hope you get a glimpse o…
WINNER OF THE KILDARE DIABETES GROUP PROJECT November 14 marked World Diabetes Day & Kildare Diabetes Group in conjunction with Naas Lions Club ran a competition among the local schools for students to present a project on Diabetes - Type 1 and Type 2. The main aim of this was to raise awareness among young people & for them to understand the differences between the two types of Diabetes. Davina told us that the standard was very high & showed that the students showed a great understanding of Diabetes. The winner was Molly Kelly from Scoil Mhuire in Clane with Sinead Casey coming second. Molly was presented with her prize of an iPad (sponsored by the Naas Lions Club) by Davina Lyon of the Kildare Diabetes Group earlier today. Sincere thanks go to everyone who participated, Ms Travers (teacher) for encouraging her 5th year students & Mr Padraig Nolan (Principal) for his support with the initiative. (Photos courtesy of Davina Lyon & Jenny Murray)
Endocrinologists suggest the use of an innovative technology called continuous glucose monitoring system for patients with diabetes and planning during pregnancy to get a correct picture of their blood sugar pattern The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that nearly 200 million people all over the world suffer from diabetes and this number is likely to be doubled by 2030. Even as nations prepare to mark World Diabetes Day on November 14, WHO says about 80% of the diabetes deaths occur in middle-income countries. In India, there are nearly 50 million diabetics, according to the statistics of the International Diabetes Federation. As the incidence of diabetes is on the rise, doctors say, there is a proportionate rise in the complications that are associated with diabetes. They point out that it is a very crucial stage and awareness on the part of people and administration about diabetes is very essential, adding that people should be made aware and educated about their health and fitness level to red ...
On 14 November, the World Diabetes Day, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden visited the Rolf Luft Research Center for Diabetes and Endocrinology at Karolinska Institutet in Solna that also owns several Leica Microscopes, for example the Leica M60 Stereo and the Leica DM3000 microscope that you can see on this picture.
It's not underwater but thought you'd like this? The colour green for World Diabetes Day! What you saw? ; )
Steve Wolf, a Santa Rosa family practice physician, is a diabetic who has hypoglycemic unawareness, meaning he does not sense the symptoms, such as shakiness, sweating and weakness, of a plunging blood sugar level. Kermit, a yellow Labrador diabetic alert dog trained to warn Wolf of such episodes — frequent for an insulin-dependent diabetic — is also proficient at intelligent disobedience, meaning he can ignore his master's commands when his nose knows better. Together, they are a perfect pair, as Wolf discovered on the first day with Kermit in March 2012. At a World Diabetes Day program on Thursday at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts, Wolf recalled that morning, when he was leaving home in Windsor and Kermit refused to get into the car. Wolf quickly checked his blood sugar level, testing a drop of blood in a small glucometer, and found it was 60 milligrams per deciliter, well below the preferred range of 80 to 130. “The very first day I had him he saved my life,” Wolf told an audience of about ...
17000 participants in 'walk 2013' at Yas Marina circuit ..Abu Dhabi..the seventh annual event was organised to coincide with World Diabetes Day ..yesterday.An estimated 382 millions people world wide suffer from diabetes.7,46000 in UAE only.The risk of type 2 diabetes can be reduce with daily exercise and healthy diet.
World Diabetes Day was 14 Nov to coincide with Sir Frederick Banting's birthday
Did you know? World Diabetes Day marks the birthday of Frederick Banting who was instrumental in the discovery of insulin i…
Dear Tom Hanks: Welcome to your first World Diabetes Day! Now roll up your sleeves and help.
It's World Diabetes Day and Dr. Frederick Banting's Birthday. He made his discovery in Canada. We are waiting for...
The least you can do on World Diabetes Day is google the birthday boy. Frederick Banting is awesome!
In 2007, the United Nations declared November 14th as "World Diabetes Day", in honor of Frederick Banting’s birthday.
Today is World Diabetes Day, and West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin officially proclaimed November to be...
Today is World Diabetes Day. You may know that Frederick Banting is credited with discovering insulin, thereby saving my life and the lives of so many others. But did you also know that he was in the Canadian Army Medical Core, he received the Nobel Prize, and he was knighted by King George V?
The first person with diabetes to receive insulin was a 14-year-old boy named Leonard Thompson. Frederick Banting and John Macleod were the researchers who discovered insulin and used it as a treatment for diabetes. They won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1923. World Diabetes Day takes place today. The date was chosen because it marks the birth of Frederick Banting. Also a big thank you to my friends, family, nutritionist, and doctor for continually helping me fight this disease!
World Diabetes Day 14 Nov read our briefings on new and emerging technologies for diabetes
november 14- Today is World Diabetes Day, Nat. American Teddy Bear Day (yay! i love teddy bears more than anything! i even have a teddy bear tattoo), Int. Girls Day, Nat. Pickle day & Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day. Prince Charles (cheated on princess diana from get-go with horse face camilla) is 65, Torence Hatch AKA Lil Boosie (singer) is 31, Travis Barker (drummer for blink 182) is 38, Yanni (new age keyboardist) is 59, Condoleeza Rice (66th secretary of state) is 59, Joseph Simmons AKA Rev. Run (run dmc) is 49, Patrick Warburton (rules of engagement) is 49, Brian Keith (uncle bill on family affair & dad in original parent trap) 1921-1997, Bill Farmer (took over voices of pluto & goofy in late 1080s) is 61, James Young (guitarist/singer for Styx) is 64, Gretchen Peters (singer/songwriter independence day, you dont even know who i am & many more) is 51. 1960 Georgia on my Mind by Ray Charles was 1851 Moby *** by Herman Melville was published. 1989 MCA released Vince Gills When I Call Your Name.
34 degrees under clear skies this morning in WW. Good luck today WHS Academic Teams against Roff! Today in 1851 Moby *** was published, in 1776 Ben Franklin made his choice to support America, in 1969 Apollo 12 lifted off, in 1982 Walesa was released from jail, in 1900 Aaron Copeland was born, and in 1965 the Battle in the Ia Drang Valley began. Today is International Girls Day, Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day, National American Jelly Bean Day, National Pickle Day, and World Diabetes Day. Fact of the day: Peanuts are one of the ingredients of dynamite. Have a great day.
It's World Diabetes Day and Diabetes Month - let's support research aiming to make life better for people with diabetes …
Today is World Diabetes Day. Show your support by liking & sharing this!. Being Informed could save a life!
In recognition of World Diabetes Day, the Diabetes Community Action Coalition of Fulton County invites you to...
going Lahore for event of "roche pakistan" on World Diabetes Day - 17 November 2013 at aleem dar stadium. cricket match pakistan star v/s roche pakistan. host Rj imran shehryar.
Please join The Frannie Foundation and The Johns Hopkins Hospital on World Diabetes Day. . Services offered are...
United Way of Central Massachusetts was asked and accepted the role of co-sponsor of World Diabetes Day; Diabetes...
We're here with Massawa_NYC (1239 Amsterdam) for World Diabetes Day! Stop by 1468 Madison Ave for FRirG
World Diabetes Day is celebrated every year on November 14. What is the significance of this date?
Please help support World Diabetes Day, add a now!
World Diabetes Day is Halloween for heroin junkies.
Do you know that world diabetes day is on (14Nov) !
Today is World Diabetes Day! I'm celebrating my Simple Wins today, what are yours? Check out my WWD video at
“Why doesn't McDonald's sell breakfast all day?? It's the only good thing they offer to the world” and diabetes
Today is the first day in the camp brave World Children Diabetes
Toms Shoes Outlet 3780: The group figures had been released on the event of the World Diabetes Day, organized by the...
One day in this world we will have a cure for cancer, diabetes, MS, all sickness, and our eyes will see Jesus rise once more.
It’s World Diabetes Day. Be sure to check out the video I made just for Every day brings us closer to finding a cure!
Can't wait for the next Have a 'look back at Read it in at
It's Valentine's Day and I don't have a valentine. But then again, I don't have diabetes on World Diabetes Day... So oh well.
A big SO to my girlfriend, who sent me 3lbs of candy for V-day. She knows diabetes is my favorite present in the whole world.
Support World Diabetes Day 2012, add a to your avatar now! -
"I Wish I Could Tell the World About Him"- letter from wife of man w/ Happy V-Day!
Dont be Sad if u dont have valentine in valentine day ... most of us Dont have Diabetes in World Diabetes day ...
Just digging this out of email, something I wanted to post back in November. Thought this was really fantastic: A radio station in upstate NY had a neat idea for a type 1 diabetes awareness campaign: not only did they run a public service announcement during the month of November, but they also had two DJs wear an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor (CGM) for 24 hours (on World Diabetes Day) so they could have some experience of life with type 1. After hearing about the campaign, which was also a fundraiser for diabetes causes, one local businessman pledged $50 for every hour that the DJs wore the pump and the CGM, a pledge that directly went to support the Faustman Lab.
MELTON Mowbray Lions Club has held its annual diabetes and blood pressure test day at Gloucester House to highlight World Diabetes Day.
World Diabetes Day observed:: The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in collaboration with Gamcel recently...
Several activities for World Diabetes Day: The Health Ministry are hoping to hold a number of activities spread...
The prevalence of diabetes in Kerala is 22 per cent which is much higher than the prevalence in neighboring states. Considering the seriousness of the issue, a state-wide diabetes awareness campaign 'Diabetes Kerala-2012' will be organised by Jothydev's Diabetes and Research Centre supported by International Diabetes Federation (IDF), here tomorrow. The increased prevalence of diabetes has resulted in complications of diabetes and escalating costs in treating heart attacks, diabetes foot ulcer, kidney diseases, eye diseases and mental depressions, the research centre said in a press release here today. As per the directions of the International Diabetes Federation, the global community had been observing World Diabetes Day since 1991. November is regarded as the Diabetes Awareness Month. The unexpected rise of prevalence of diabetes in Kerala has to be attributed to abdominal obesity, secondary increase in the intake of fat and reduced physical activity. Diabscreen Kerala, a major project of P Kesavadev T ...
World Diabetes day. World Diabetes Day It’s that time of the year when firecrackers and good food reign. But even as the city celebrates Deepavali with much gusto and a few bangs, diabetologists are gearing up to mark World Diabetes Day, which falls on November 14. Diabetes, a condition in which blood sugar levels are not under control, is a silent killer and affects the eyes, the kidneys and the heart. Despite the multitude of campaigns organised every year, the incidence of the disease is rising, and dangerously so — a possible indicator that awareness is still low. Each of the diabetology departments in the three major tertiary care government hospitals in the city receives around 800 to 1,000 patients every day. Around 98 per cent of patients have type-2 diabetes, a condition that is associated with lifestyle. PREVENTING DIABETES is within your own managed. What you need to know about diabetes and diet Eating right is vital if you’re trying to prevent or control diabetes. While exercise is also ...
Today is World Diabetes Day.just got back from a panel discussion on diabetes prevention ...stats show 79 mln Americans already have your diet and exercise folks!
Gracie Barra Orlando Today is World Diabetes Day, a day dedicated to encouraging others to take control of...
So today is World Diabetes Day. Somewhere Wilfred Brimley is smiling.
World Diabetes Day! I want all the sugar in Gotham, or Wilfred Brimley gets it!
Today on I have my blue mani for World Diabetes Day! Nails Inc Baker Street with a Pinke
Town Hall turns blue in support of World Diabetes Day - Next Wednesday, the 14th November 2012 is World...
Today is World Diabetes Day. You all know how impacted Meredith was by this disease, even with the best possible support. Others aren't so lucky. PLEASE, if you can, make a contribution to finding a cure for this disease: JDRF Houston Gulf Coast Chapter 2425 Fountain View Drive, Suite TX 77057
If you're passing the Town Hall in Romford tonight, check out the blue lights there which mark World Diabetes Day
A darker shade of blue - Havering Town Hall was illuminated in blue light to mark World Diabetes Day
Just got back from the State House in Boston for World Diabetes Day with State Rep Aaron Michlewitz
What do BB King, Patti LaBelle, Larry King, Paula Dean, Mary Tyler Moore, Randy Jackson, Anne Rice, Salma Hayek, Bret Michaels, Lauren Cash, Wendy Thompson Baldwin, and Julie Phillips have in common? They all have diabetes. Today is World Diabetes Day, so lets all say a little prayer that they will find a cure for this disease in our lifetime.
So today is World Diabetes Day so I'm inviting you into my world. First off ill tell you my story and then I am going to be posting all day when I deal with my diabetes and check my blood sugar etc. Chaz and I got married on August 8 2009 and just 8 short weeks later in October 2009 my life changed forever. I had gone to college station to participate in a Down syndrome buddy walk for the weekend and when I got back into town I just didn't feel well. I had no energy, couldn't get rid of a cough, had extreme thirst, my eye sight was even worse than normal and I weighed 106 lbs. I called Chaz's mom who is a nurse and she told me to go to the Dr. I went in on Friday and asked to have blood work because I thought I might have thyroid problems since I was loosing weight and was actively trying to gain weight. He decided to do a bunch of tests and send me on my way. I got a phone call on Monday that threw me for a loop, the Dr called back and said, "the test results are back and you have diabetes, you nee ...
Crowne Plaza Jeddah participates in World Diabetes Day today 14th of November 2012 and offers several healthy...
Please consider stopping at a Bob Evans restaurant today, World Diabetes Day. They will donate 15% of sales, from dinner in or cary out, to JDRF! Check out the JDRF Fundraiser info on my Miss Lori page.
Over one million people would die in India due to diabetes or its complications by the end of this calendar year, International Diabetes Federation (IDF) report revealed. In a press statement issued here on World Diabetes Day, IDF president Jean Claude Mbanya revealed a recent IDF report suggesting that India has 61.3 million people living with diabetes, second only to China. "Further, about 60% of diabetics in India have never been screened or diagnosed due to lack of awareness. A recent IDF survey shows that a staggering 62.6% of the people in India are not even aware about the complications of the disease," he quipped.
November-14: Today is the World Diabetes Day. Lets know some info about Diabetes Epidemiology. - world wide 171 million people are suffering,(2005 estimation),by 2025 the number will reach approx 300 million. - Nearly 3.2 million annual Death caused by Diabetic complications. **Top-10 countries with most number of Diabetic patients are 1. INDIA, 2. China 3. USA 4.Indonesia 5. Japan 6. Pakistan 7. Russia 8. Brazil 9. Italy 10. Bangladesh.
To mark World Diabetes Day celebrated today, APSA invites the public at Le Caudan for free foot check up and advises
November 14 is World Diabetes Day. Most people aren't aware that there are two types. Type 1 is the one that has had the most effect on my family (although several dear family members have had to deal with Type 2). A few facts: type 1 is not contagious, just for kids, caused by an unhealthy lifestyle or diet, something you outgrow, preventable, or curable. Type 1 is an auto-immune disease, which leads some to argue that Type 1 is a completely different disease than Type 2, but with similar symptoms. There has not been a significant advancement in finding a cure since the discovery of insulin 90 years ago. Type 1 does not receive the funding or publicity that Type 2 receives, but celebrities like Mary Tyler Moore and Nick Jonas (both T1Ds themselves) fight hard to change this. My family has prayed for years for a cure to this disease. Please help us pray!
World Diabetes Day is recognized on November 14 to help bring awareness to the disease and North Texas is hosting a symposium, expo and luncheon at Lone Star Pa
Hi~ What I'm about to share with you is information that your doctor has probably never told you. He's never told you this because quite frankly he probably doesn't even know it himself. The video that you'll see in a minute is from one of the world's leading medical doctors. One of those doctors that does his job... you know, keeping people healthy so that they stop having to see him all the time. His name is Dr. Joel Fuhrman and he's about to share with you specific details on what you can do to ensure that you never get sick again. And just as a warning...the information he shares about what most doctors know about health will shock you. You don't want to miss this video. Check it out by going here: video is part of the Simply Raw Video Series that's being shared with the public in an effort to get effective health information out leading up to World Diabetes Day on November 14th. The video series also includes interviews with raw Food expert David Wolfe, and health Reporter Morgan Spurlock. But for n ...
Diabetes Education and Prevention is the World Diabetes Day theme for the period 2009-2013. The campaign calls on all those responsible for diabetes care to understand diabetes and take control. For people with diabetes, this is a message about empowerment through education. For governments, it is a...
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ZUMBA® :THINK BLUE A National Diabetes Awareness Event, hosted by NCCU Campus Recreation, the NCCU Women’s Center, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. and the NCCU Royal Court. Wear BLUE to recognize World Diabetes Day! Let’s Recognize, Educate, and Bring Awareness! The event will be on Wednesday, Nov. 14, 5:30 to 7 p.m. in the L.T. Walker Complex 2nd Floor Gym. It is free and open to the public. If you need of accommodations due to a disability or medical condition, please contact Erica Dixon at edixon
World Diabetes Day is on Wednesday and I was wondering if Mr Mandela would wear the blue pin for Diabetes in support?
increases risk: Join the World Diabetes Day campaign on 14 Nov to support diabetes prevention
Today is World Diabetes Day. So how do you celebrate such a day? Do you invite Mary Kom home and request her to knock out your sweet tooth?
Spread awareness: World Diabetes Day on 14 Nov OECD will publish comparative health stats
World Diabetes Day - Nov 14 - is around the corner and in India one in six person is diabetic. India and China...
Text HEALTH to 300400 to fight diabetes! It's Diabetes Awareness Month & the 14th is World Diabetes Day. Show...
Open seminar on diabetes organised by Health Ministry: On the occasion of World Diabetes Day next Wednesday, the...
Beat diabetes with Naturopathy: Nov 14 is World Diabetes Day. This is part of a series of articles on alternativ...
Former Chris Dudley joins to World Diabetes Day and Pacific NW Health and Wellness Diabetes Week.
World Diabetes Day 14 November Komrades, Dr Awah and co have set aside 13-14 Nov 2012 to screen for diabetes and highblood pressure at the Fundong District Hospital in Boyo Division in Cameroon. I say this is Good work there and thank them so much for the opportunity offered and pray the traditional gongs or town criers to ring in all the quarters in the area to announce this good news. May the politicians who transport voters up and down during rallies and voting time and well wishers set aside some buses to transport the very wretched people to and from the venue. May all able men and women take advantage of this opportunity and trek over there as we used to do in the days of yore. I will convey some of my family members and friends there for the checks. Apart from this, I ponder everyday as more and more people in Kom in particular and Cameroon in general continue to die, one thing keeps coming up to my mind: Are our people aware that this is not normal? It is not and can never be. While other nations ...
Canadian Diabetes Association wrote: What does World Diabetes Day mean to you?: In Alberta the world's largest teepee in Medicine Hat goes blue to celebrate Diabetes Awareness Month as well as the upcoming World Diabetes Day! Do you have a community event you're part of? Share it here!
98FM Radio presenters David Moore and Joan Lea supporting our ‘Pin a Personality’ Campaign for World Diabetes Day!
Dear friends. In line with the World Diabetes Day, a Free Health Screening on Diabetes and few other will be Organised by LC Mega City on 4 Nov 2012 fm 10am-4pm @ Klinik Daljeet Sandhu, 23 Jln BK5A/3A Bdr Kinrara. I encourage all to take this opportunity to get a check. Please do share this info. Have a great Sunday, it's nice and warm outside now. God bless.
GNH Based road show by Druk Ecoms reaches Gelephu coming week. We celebrate the Children's Day and The birth anniversary of the 4th Druk Gyalpo on 11 November, World Diabetes Day on 14th November, Universal Children's Day on November 20th and much more. Youth in Gelephu please join us in the various awareness programs for 2 weeks in Gelephu. You will be certified and at times paid with meals as well. Lead by example. We are the future of our nation. Peace.
November is Diabetes Awareness Month and the 14th is World Diabetes Day!
Please see our November 2012 Health Observances Newsletter. Help us recognize World Diabetes Day on Nov. 14.
World Diabetes Day in Sevenoaks: Free health checks up for grabs
World Diabetes Day photo booth at Health Awareness Exhibition 11th November in the Burlington Hotel Dublin.
A photograph of Seattles Pacific Science Center in blue for World Diabetes Day
World Diabetes Day celebrated in Diabetes Health Fair on Nov 14 from 1 - 4pm at Aboriginal Centre 181 Higgins Ave. by NADA, AHWC & Kidney F
November is Diabetes Awareness Month and November 14 is World Diabetes Day! Let's all work together to bring awareness.
Join JDRF Northern California Inland Chapter on November 14th for World Diabetes Day at the State Capitol.
Just managed to persuade the powers that be to turn Trafalgar Square blue for World Diabetes Day, November 14th!
The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) has produced a selection of promotional items for use in World Diabetes Day awareness events:
Super Class Moms – World Diabetes Day | Friend Parade: For the past three years, we have held awareness events at Caleb’s school for ...
Today is World Diabetes Day. Help improve care for people with
Cross-country cause: 14 — World Diabetes Day. Obst, 28, was a student at Brevard College in North Carolina when ...
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