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World Cups

Nintendo World Cup is a soccer video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy, developed by Technōs Japan and released in 1990. The NES version is a localization of , the fourth Kunio-kun game released for the Family Computer.

World Cup Michael Garcia New Zealand Kapil Dev Imran Nazir Sachin Tendulkar Robbie Rogers Six Nations South Africa 2010 Dan Roan New York

Brazil and Germany have both won World Cups while Ivory Coast hasn't, so therefor Can and Lucas>Yaya
finds no cause to block Russia and Qatar World Cups
FIFA finds no cause to block and Qatar World Cups
FIFA has published in full the report on bids for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups
Stan Collymore talking about 'World Cups' and 'head on' reminds me of Paris WC 98 and his head on Ulrika Jonssen.
The FA should have taken a stand and boycotted the World Cups. I always thought they didn't because of…
"Dave popped into the local Wetherspoons and bumped into the President of UEFA, who awarded Sevco 13 European Cups" https:…
Crosby just wins back to back Cups and you're calling mcdavid the best player in the world already? Are…
The 2018 and 2022 World Cups shoul've been in North America and the other in Oceania where Australia and New Zealands etc places are.
FIFA U-20, U-17 World Cups, and junior level AFC Asia Cup. These are the targets we should be aiming for. Ini tak, terus semb…
History maker: could become just the second 🇺🇸 to feature at two youth World Cups in the same year. https:…
World Cup of World Cups. Top team goes through in each of the 5 qualifying groups with the 3 best placed runners up. . Qualifying Group 1:
All those 5 World Cups need to be returned immediately Bt this is why nigeria always win it
Pakistan was hosting "World Cups" at one stage, Imran Khan is a player of that era. He can't see people compromise on PSL.…
Nike and FIBA extend partnership for next 3 World Cups, showing global spread of Phil Knight
Lukas Podolski. Played in 2006, 2010 and 2014 World Cups. He won FA Cup in Arsenal, Titles in Bayern and also with Galatasaray.
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Amazing stat about Beppe BERGOMI : he played in 4 World Cups but never played in a single World Cup qualifier despite…
Oceania to get direct entry to World Cup, maybe more?: New Zealand Football believes the expansion of World Cups to…
Confirmation will skip this month's Euro Champs to give max training time for remaining World Cups & World Champs.
Winning two World Cups in different formats is pretty special!
Asian Championships in Japan on the 23rd Dec, World Champs in Jan '16 and 3 Worls Cups in Jan-Feb '16
A lot to choose from but I can never look too far past winning the World Cups in 2009! Very special memories
I think I'm the only person in the world who could take a nap after drinking four cups of coffee😅
No. Two Asian team at the World Cups in 1994 and 2002 (Japan and Kazakhstan in both cases). Please learn your history!
Fifa really pushing for equality in all forms with their decisions. Only gonna have Racist, Sexist, Homophobic hosts next 2 World Cups
Going up I'm the world drinking from giant silver goblets. Plastic cups below you now.
Germany wakes up to the issue of waste with reusable coffee cups
Army surplus mess kits and canteen cups from all round the world,camping cooksets,bushcrfat cook kit: via
Sorry got my World Cups mixed up ! World Cup South Africa was 2010 not 2006 ! But they know how to build a stadium over…
The 7 of Cups reveals too many daydreams, fantasies & a world filled with potential "maybes."
Here's a thought for you. Coffee tumblers are adult sippy cups, filled with delicious liquid that makes you not cra…
He has a modified no-trade. But he also has two Stanley Cups and is one of the best three or four goalies in the world. ht…
25% of all World Cups have been won by Brazil.
Victory for Park Sang-young and Manon Brunet at the World Cups in Buenos Aires and Orleans, last weekend:…
To say I have played through four World Cups, two Lions tours, 91 in...
Clive Woodward, Gary Street and now Martin Haag. The RFU seem to have a real aversion to coaches who win World Cups
I'm not necessarily proud of the World Cups and the grand slams won ...
And here's a slighlty more general retrospective of v at World Cups, for
I hope this is a continental thing. The Big Sam is coming for all your World Cups.
There's no bigger than participating in all 11 World Cups & win nothing for a country which invented Cricket. https…
Sonny Bill and his sister could win medals for NZ, if so SBW would have won medals at World Cups in both codes and Olympics.
The Olympic roster drops tomorrow. Could Ellis's squad be the first ever to win back-to-back World Cups and Olympic gold?
Rob Green's taken stick for calamitous keeping at World Cups. That's more than Silvestri could ever dream of. 👍🏻
same with the four World Cups between '82-'94. By-product of not having 16 or 32 teams. Only same as 5th place being promoted.
not forgetting that Diana Ross played at more World Cups than Ryan Giggs
In recent World Cups commentators have had opportunity to recount rich history of San Siro. Or Giants Stadium. The(1/2)
Hamilton Collection
Infantino: Not enough evidence of corruption to warrant a re-vote of next two World Cups
Infantino stating that Mexico has already shown they can host World Cups. Decision may be made in 2020.
Better comparison to 20th century gymnastics World Cups are current indiv World Championships, like 2017 Montreal.
2 World Cups with Ghana. Premier League and La Liga too. My 🎵⚽️ interview with
Just need to win afew World Cups and champions leagues! :P
Veteran of two World Cups, Ali Krieger now pursuing her "childhood dream" of Olympic gold.
Geoff Marsh going into GoG: I've won World Cups n Ashes series but my greatest moments were winning Sheffield Shields for
Major sports advertising campaigns, have all been produced by us ! FIFA World Cups, Heineken Cup, IAAF Athletics, all banners by us !
New FIFA President rules out moving Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022 World Cups
Infantino urges Russia & Qatar to deliver best World Cups in history
About to be two cups of coffee in... WATCHOUT world
Y'all really don't remember some of the bums we've played in World Cups, Confederations Cups and Mexico matches?
USA has made it into the knockouts at 4 of the last 6 World Cups. You obviously haven't been watching this team since.
In World Cups England is very fragile specially against the Lankans . so its 75-25 in fvr of Lankans
So YES, our soccer youth system needs work, but NO, the reason we're not winning World Cups isn't because NFL/NBA All-Stars aren't playing
Seeler played in 4 World Cups. Some record.
They decide seedings for World Cups which make them more important than they should be.
With all the 'elite' pay 2 play clubs in the US you'd think we could handle Guatemala. Maybe aim for World Cups instead of N…
That was meant to be the plan mate but we had a mare! The World Cups at 9pm here, I thought it was afternoon racing, so can't go 🙈
Cruyff been born in a large football loving nation,his wife not interfered him winning 2 World Cups he would be by far the best player ever
Solid teams miss World Cups all the time. Many USMNT fans seem to think they are above, not a part of CONCACAF
Yes. Because before took over, we had won all the previous World Cups.
Imagine the world without cups of tea, I would be heart broken
Can't win a single match outside home, their fans behave as if they have won 2 World Cups. .
A skip who wins you two World Cups is super special
The World consumes 2.25 billion cups of every day. Have a coffelicious with Lloyd kettle.
Argentina won 2 World Cups, should have won none though.
Still we have 3 World Cups How much New Zealand got???
NZ does not win World Cups. They're finalists.
Shut up about crisps World Cups, you utter dangers.
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BTW I've got a nice tagline for you. Yashpal - winning World Cups since 1983 😁😂
u said they can't play, teams who can't play don't get out of their group in World Cups, that's all I'm saying
Watching football clips of Cruyff and 70s football brought back lush memories of being a kid watching World Cups etc.on telly
William Buick will be winning back to back World Cups
if there was a World Cup of corrupt World Cups this World Cup would be the World Cup champions.
Amy Nesse weighs in with her 5 fave Dubai World Cups
one of the reasons England will continue to fail at euros, World Cups . Roy dinosaur hodgson..
Amy Nesse weighs in on her 5 fave Dubai World Cups
yet they always advance out of their group during recent World Cups
TRAVEL ADVICE for TOKYO?!. We're making travel plans for the World Cups. Where should we stay/climb/hangout in Tokyo befor…
Yes last 3 World Cups but even in WCT20 in England 4/5 & 7/10 best economy rates I think we're spinners
Bangladesh bowling attack is on point they are gonna trouble lots of teams in the future World Cups
and in World Cups. Also won trophies at a domestic level.
Permanently injured and failing at World Cups?
Howdy Geoff, I had the pleasure of working with you at ..maybe .. 15 Dubai World Cups, so is something missing this year?
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Lala played against India so many times. Google his stats against India in World Cups. You will know. It's time for him to go
South Africa do bad at World Cups even our Umpires suck
Just think there will be people in Berlin singing about World Cups and world wars throwing inflatable planes about.
Bit of an awkward new launch... 'You know what the world needs? MORE NON-RECYCLABLE COFFEE CUPS.' ☕
Technically, cricket has 4 World Cups in 4 years. Of course, non fans scoff at ICC. Kind of ridiculous.
Because most World Cups have ended in March. Nothing spectacular about that. Players want to end their career in WC.
This video of styrofoam cups disappearing in a bowl of acetone is bizarrely mesmerising
Taribo West was capped 42 times for the and featured in 2 World Cups for Nigeria (1998 & 2002)
Happy 63rd birthday to Brazil legend Zico!. He scored 48 goals in 71 caps and played in three different World Cups.
A Scottish sport that qualifies for World Cups 8 March first match v.
You have no idea about the funny and strange facts around the soccer World Cups. Try this!
Fresh off his 4th straight national title win, kicks off back-to-back World Cups tomorrow morning in Der…
we could go into transfer values, tv rights, world class players, World Cups. Open market pays
Brazil's yellow shirts are famous throughout the world, but did you know they originally wore white shirts for their first 4 World Cups.
Must be A cups... Lol gotta make sure you don't suck a lung out
THE NEW WORLD. First of three remaining Malick pieces prior to KNIGHT OF CUPS's release
I'm gonna travel the world selling mac n' cheese in cups. Like an ice cream truck for mac n' cheese.
This is me alone in a hotel room drinking adorable tiny to-go wine cups. Hi world
said for years FA Cups aren't good enough! We need a world class strike remember goal machine Prem would have been in bag
Just like any other world class manager makes mistakes. We are still in the running for all the cups. We just need the summer
Since we have the best boss in the WORLD, we got new cups for put all of our coffee in to get…
England should be winning the Euros and World Cups in the future with Kane & Alli and Barkley & Stones etc.
The case for a World Cup hosting re-vote
Trail mix is my fav food. y does it have to be 3000 calories per bag? y is the serving size 24 pieces & not 3 cups? We live in an evil world
All he needs to do is win 3 World Cups and get 1000+ goals for club and country
If FIFA pres candidates want to expand the number of teams in World Cups, here are some possibilities.
Shakira made World Cups interesting!!
Stop giving Olympics/World Cups to 3rd world countries the
"news: Complaints over change to paper cups and plates at Chi Waitrose world problems...
Strange to say given he has won two World Cups, but Victor Vito will always be a "what could have been"
Update your maps at Navteq
Stat of the day: Wales have followed the last two rugby World Cups with a Grand Slam. Bring on the 6 nations!
Pelé, Brazilian, winner of 3 World Cups, arguably the best soccer player in history
But it's not just World Cup, northern teams hardly ever beat southern teams outside of World Cups either.
its ok we only win our World Cups in OZ easy pickings
I'm never going to buy real adult glasses, I'll just collect souvenir cups from around the world.
I asked because it seems to me that real rugby fans still live from game to game. Commentators fuss too much about World Cups.
It's starting to feel like major traveling sporting events (Super Bowls, Olympics, World Cups) are just giant Ponzi schemes.
Everyone always wants hot cups to save their hand from the cold but don't think about saving the world from death
Under-19 W/Cups and Mankadding seem to go hand in hand. Remember this?
All the charity work Becks had done! Lead them to two World Cups! & is starting a soccer team! & obviously all his united accolades! He can🙏
It could be considered cheating by the batsmen aswell we have seen SA get knocked out of World Cups for 1 run
La Viola even carved a statue in his honour, scored hat tricks in two separate FIFA World Cups (I think)
I would like to see a fifa World Cups game. Concept best squads to pick from from fifa World Cups since it started.
let m introduce official body of Indian blind cricket team. Indian blind cricket team has won last 2 World Cups
don't worry...he'll play T20 World Cups..Odis & Tests are more important
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The world consumes close to 2.25 billion cups of coffee every day.
Legend has it that years ago, my life essence was scattered across the world into a million cups of coffee. Slowly I bring it back together.
Plus 2 Bundesliga's, 2 Uefa Super Cups and 3 FIFA Club World Cups. If you're not worried about Man City you're deluded.
see I was Adidas World Cups faithful but change is good ☺️👏🏼
We have England and France with new coaching staff and starting a new era after disastrous World Cups. It's going to be very interesting
How many cups of tea are drunk in the world each day?
money I would guess, World Cups aren't cheap! Perhaps may be able to shed some light.
The Lemieux brothers in the NHL. Mario and Claude have racked up 6 stanley cups, not counting olympic medals and World Cups
virus. If Brazil spent its money on sanitation instead of World Cups and Olympics I don't think this problem would not have arisen.
Who took the most wickets for India as captain in ODI World Cups?
right. . so u do admit the what people remember is World CupS? no some bilateral series yeh?. 6:3. 😂
Making cups n hoodies n tees for the world!
work cafe now serves coffee in these new environmentally friendly cups and tbh I would rather the world just burned
- Appeared in as many World Cups as Brad Evans. (I AM SO SORRY.)
My first thought is Euros aren't as good as World Cups but if we compare Euro 2012 with South Africa 2010 that's not true
A man wearing Crocs travels on his Segway to pick up a box of soup k-cups. The world ends.
Hey remember when that guy who sampled the reaction of a girl stacking cups is now one of the biggest DJs in the world..
No change expected for Russia 2018 & Qatar 2022 after FIFA Presidential Election
Good luck to tomorrow away at Hereford - looks a great away day 3000+, if you're short I will dig my adidas World Cups out!
England's male national teams have gone out at the group stages of the last football, cricket and rugby World Cups
Today consisted of me and jada eating chipotle, exchanging cups, and figuring out the wizarding world. What a day
I mean that's obviously the only sexy thing left in the world but what about the logical inconsistency that dogs don't use cups
I watched you play in the last 2 World Cups. You are an amazing player! U will b missed!Thanks for making great history
good sports pres but rugby a bit error strewn basketball. We are not going to win World Cups like that.
is the only player to win three World Cups. He won them in 1958 1962 1970 respectively.
Progress is 2 FA Cups back to back. Is to sign 3 world class players: Ozil, Alexis, Cech. Is to be 2nd in league
two cups of coffee and I'm ready to run the world
Christmas has come & gone, & there are now more hover boards, drones, Yeti cups, & monogramed clothing than there are people in the world.
Out of the 18 World Cups, South America and European countries have won 9 titles each. No other continent has produced a world champion.
Doesn't matter how many World Cups or goals Pele's got... I can get a *** he can't. I win.
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don't have an exact number. But how many World Cups does Messi have?
CHAMPIONS! Barcelona are the first team ever to win 3 Club World Cups
update: I drank 3 cups of coffee and feel like I can conquer the world.
give me all the cute coffee cups in the world so I have another excuse to drink an excessive amount
Watch out world, I'm having 2 cups of coffee today.
No legal grounds to take World Cups from Russia or Qatar, says FIFA
‘Boom Boom’ Afridi has been only a bowler in World Cups
Beckham on Russia & Qatar: 'It's all about bringing football to new countries'
At least not before t-20 World Cup or Indo-Pak series as it happens with Pak players plenty of time in 2007, 2011, 2015 W. Cups
They don't have more World Cups you pikey nonce
Top performers in World Cups: Rulan, Peter, Mickey (in that order),
India should awarded World Cups in advance to stop them from banning any player that threatens them.
World Cups are totally what all the cats here wanna see and joined on!. //PawBot
Proteas are beginning to show signs of fear, we are going to struggle with the bat. I thought choking was only for World Cups
Overview: Trophies won by the Barcelona players who won 3 Club World Cups [marca via
World Cups, Olympic medals and the Queen: OLYMPIC medallist and r...
Zara and Mike talk World Cups, Olympic medals and granny the Queen
You can virtually travel the world through these six flavours of tea.
Fifa presidential hopeful Tokyo Sexwale has asked for an extension of investigations into bribery at soccer World Cups.
I have lost three World Cups, all on penalties. If you'll allow me this, it really gets on my nerves - Roberto Baggio
New sports strategy aims to help home nations win future World Cups via
David Beckham: FIFA corruption scandals are disgusting but the 2018 and 2022 World Cups should not b..
No legal grounds to take World Cups from Qatar and Russia, says FIFA
World Cups are won by Players not Coaches. The reason Mexico is kicking US' butts is bc their pool is much better
Blatter reveals the 2018 & 2022 World Cups were to go to Russia & USA until Qatar took France to lunch.
Both the US Foil Squads earned bronze medals at the first World Cups of this Olympic season (Women in Cancun,...
Italy responsible for knocking Norway out of three World Cups and two Olympics, while 2-1 win in '91 kick-starting great Egil Olsen era.
Germany has 4 World Cups and 3 European Cup. Six more than England.
AWESOME! No, you can't have him back (well not until he's won us a few World Cups & European Championships!)
Enyeama: "I played at three World Cups, won the Africa Cup of Nations and fought alongside brave compatriots so I am leaving on a high."
think how cheap you could get an English rugby and cricket strip this year. These early exits from World Cups sure drive the prices down
Marouane Fellaini has more goals than Eden Hazard at World Cups, therefore Fellaini is better than Hazard. That's your logic at work.
Isn't that England getting knocked out at the first hurdle of the most recent World Cups in rugby, football and cricket?
It's always all about winning Gareth - Autumn internationals, Six Nations or World Cups
FIFA: No legal grounds to remove World Cups from Qatar and Russia
level on goals in World Cups with, craig burley, junici inamoto, Darren Anderton, and Matt Holland.
Brazil played their first ever match against Exeter. They've won 5 World Cups. Alan Dunne wears 5 and has 5 caps for - Must be a sign.
European Clubs will recieve increased compensation for 2018 & 2022 World Cups
but the precedent for North American World Cup stops is huge. so in the end, I like World Cups.
Kumar's dad is so wrong. Didn't Sangakarra win one of the 5 World Cups he played in his career? Oh wait.
I remember day in Sydney Town Hall I held Bledsoe and World Cups together, with my colleagues. Those days can return
The Great Keith Wood tells us about the lows and this audacious high from his World Cups
"I love the Nigeria Super i have followed them to 2 World Cups&3 Nations Cup.I am a fan" - Rotimi Odusola
And hence the difference between 4 World Cups and 3 European Cups and just 1 WC half a century ago.
Danny Hart has won the Downhill National champs ! Hope to see the British guys on the podium at the World Cups
Fifa President Sepp Blatter will attend the 2018 World Cups preliminary draw in St Petersb...
Every woman of the world knows a man with Russian Nesting Doll measuring cups is a Smooth Operator.
Which is the only stadium to host two FIFA World Cup official finals? Be careful, some World Cups had no official final.
One of the finalists (at least) will come from The southern superpowers have won six of the seven World Cups. - The Telegraph
Heres a real project you could support, menstruation cups for the developing world to be provided by …
MSG plays 32 national n international games. Under His guidance, players have won asian and World Cups http:…
Tyumen will host World Cups in the seasons 2016/2017 and 2017/2018
Sometimes I wish I was born in the 80's so I can see boxing back then and the past FIFA World Cups. The legendary times of Brazil.
Bangladesh have now gone past their previous highest total in World Cups. LIVE:
Another thing that bothered me about the Harry Potter movies were the lack of school quidditch cups and the actual World Cup game itself :(
I wanna live in a world where you don't receive weird looks for ordering water or smaller cups bc you ordered water
HISTORY - Cristiano Ronaldo is the 1st Portuguese player ever to score in 3 different World Cups.
Grace Olivia Parry: How Your Five Cups-A-Day Really Curbs Cravings: It's not the world's best kept secret and...
This woman shares her secret on how she grew her breasts from B cups to D cups!. Try it:
A world Junior and 3 Memorial Cup rings truly a champion. is 1 of 4 players to win 3 Mem Cups http:…
I don't see how tf yall parents let yall have your bf/gf stay overnight, mine use to trip because I had too many cups in my ro…
Oh I did rate David villa in one of the World Cups. Spain won that time. What ever happened to him?
I want to live in a world where woman don't have to fear leaving their cups alone at parties because men can't take a rejection
By setting aim n wid guidance of MSG,players of SSJ Edu Institutes hv sharpened their skills and won world n Asian cups…
The U.S. Women are the first team ever to win 3 World Cups. Now the rest of the world has to start callin' it soccer. …
we get like this on the World Cups away from home 🔵🌞🔵
Nigeria is such a wonderful place. The rest of the world measures in cups, milliliters etc, we measure in deRica 😂
The most popular beverage in the world is coffee, with more than 400 billion cups consumed each year.
The U.S. Women's National Team now has more World Cups than Auburn has National Championships
Well, Tom Sermanni was a much better coach for the USA Women that Jill Ellis. And Tony DiCicco won 2 World Cups.
Christie Rampone is the 5th player and 2nd American to play in five Women's World Cups (Formiga, Sawa, Prinz, Lilly).
Ten years ago this FOX coverage is a revelation. After ESPN World Cups and now EPL on NBC Sports, though - ouch.
Referees are such a joke in World Cups. So many blatant fouls this tournament and so few cards.
It's 25 years since Italia '90, and here's why it was one of the greatest World Cups ever...
'Russia and Qatar could lose the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.'
FBI investigating award of 2018 and 2022 World Cups: The United States Federal Bureau of Inves...
World Cups hosted by France and South Africa in spotlight
If Chuck Blazer is sent to prison for accepting bribes for World Cups, who's taking over the Christmas Eve shift?
Alex Morgan soars in whirlwind between World Cups
German journalists were imprisoned in Qatar for investigating the 2018 and 2022 World Cups
Why the f...Tiwari open -- when Duminy was around. Manoj Tiwari play 100 World Cups...!
Hazard done nothing in big CL games. Muller scored winners in World Cups.
1bad season...2 World Cups and the death of his younger brother.not surprising really.
It's just to get votes for Blatter.Concacaf doesn't have four teams to compete in World Cups. Sepp being Sepp.
Out footballer Robbie Rogers: FIFA should only hold World Cups in countries with *** rights!
I'm on Sports Life Stories tomorrow at 10pm on Talk about childhood, rugby league, switch to Union, World Cups …
How come cricket World Cups happen summer & winter, without any fuss, yet footy WC swaps, and it's the end of the world!
It's 7 out of 7 in semi-finals for. Australia in World Cups . They. will play New Zealand at the. MCG on Sunday.
Ajay Jadeja is the only Indian World Cup centurion for India against Australia in the World Cups.
James Strong set up what is proving to be the best of the 11 World Cups so far, had a vision for genuine trans Tasman event: Wally Edwards
Update your maps at Navteq
Dear Aussies, Clive Lloyd, Kapil Dev & Arjuna Ranatunga never did "Mind Game" & yet won World Cups & hearts too. U can learn !
This is why German players/teams win World Cups and Champions League. They take coaching education seriously.
Glenn McGrath- Most wickets in all the World Cups combined.
Well played Raina! A champion innings that! This is the sort of composure and performance that wins you World Cups!
Something about World Cups in Australia that works for Pakistan eh? Both East and West I mean..
There is something about World Cups in Australia that spurs Pakistan to do well. Both West and East.
win, the most successful Indian captain (12 wins) in World Cups, going past Kapil Dev!
AB de Villiers’ century in 52 balls is also the fastest by anyone against West Indies in World Cups.
Last game, South Africa had their biggest defeat in a World Cup match. Today, they have the biggest win in World Cups
1 hour to Afghanistan's World Cup debut,They play B'desh who have a 31% win rate at World Cups
Milestones galore: Sangakkara brings up 1000 runs in World Cups and he also becomes second-highest run-getter in ODIs …
Imran Nazir, Ponting & Gilchrist are joint recordholders for hitting most 6s (8) in an inns during World Cups.
Robbie Rogers criticizes FIFA decisions to host 2018 and 2022 World Cups in ... -
German guy at the bar asked me how many World Cups we’ve won. I responded, “How many world wars have you won?”
Extended agreement will see Universal Sports Network broadcast UCI Track Cycling World Championships and World Cups
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Stuart Broad, Tom Latham, Mitchell Marsh & Stuart Binny have been included in squads and their fathers have played World Cups.
Thank you for the tickets and the possibility of being on the X my World Cups in Brazil BOBO KING
Surely it will be Sachin Tendulkar, who is the Master in World Cups..
Messi + CR= 0 World Cups, 0 UEFA European Championships and 0 Americas Cup... They are the best?
it worked for Scotland mate.the man lifted back to back European and World Cups!
With seven major club honours and over one hundred international caps (including playing in three World Cups) it is fair to say the Liverpool FC's Steven Gerrard has had a stellar career. But as it winds down, what does the future hold for one of England Football Team's finest footballers? British GQ sat down with the man himself to find out…
If only the Eastern Bloc could have replicated Happy Meal Kinder Surprise, we'd still have the Iron Curtain and World Cups with the USSR
As further allegations emerge about the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, Fifa faces more questions and scrutiny, says Dan Roan.
Dropping Kevin Pietersen was a 'ludicrous' decision, says former Australia batsman Matthew Hayden: Former Australia batsman Matthew Hayden has termed England's decision to constantly overlook swashbuckling batsman Kevin Pietersen as 'ludicrous'. Hayden said that World Cups were won on innovative batting and it was 'crazy' not to see him in the 15-man World Cup squad, the BBC reported. Also Read: Alastair Cook hopes to overcome 'disappointment' post WC sacking The England star was sacked in wake of the last Ashes tour and made reconciliation unlikely by releasing a book in October, which contained attacks on England's national cricket board and several of his former teammates. Earlier this week, Pietersen's hopes of receiving a re-call from the national selectors got reinforced after Alastair Cook was discharged off his captaincy responsibilities. However, England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) managing director Paul Downton said that they had parted company with Kevin in January because it was 'the right d ...
have a confession to make, football is my second wife. After my first wife this is one game I love so much. I am a huge fan since time immemorial. As a journalist, I have covered FIFA World Cups in Germany 2006, South Africa 2010 and Brazil 2014, interviewing world class footballers. I am also very aware that football is all about MISTAKES. The defenders and goalkeepers need to make mistakes for the opposition to score a goal and win the game. It's the same thing with our lives, romance, marriages and relationships. Soccer player, husband and father of three girls – Senzo Meyiwa, made some terrible marriage mistakes outside of his usual tuff, the football field, these I felt contributed in bringing an end to this great and passionate individual's life. For the records Senzo met his wife Mandisa Mkhize in Johannesburg in 2005. They got married in 2013 and barely a year later he was seeing (cheating with) singer Kelly Khumalo albeit without Mandisa's knowledge. Mandisa later found out and a saga ensued wi ...
"Six Nations titles can be won by sides of limited creative ability that have a dominant pack. World Cups cannot.”
Tgere have been 5 World Cups since Roberto Baggio shot the ball into the stands of the LA Coliseum.
Investigator Michael Garcia to appeal against findings in Fifa report on bidding process for 2018 & 2022 World Cups http:/…
Fifa’s investigation into the controversial bidding race for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups has taken another twist after Michael Garcia complained the summary of his report that cleared Qatar of substantive wrongdoing misrepresented his conclusions. Garcia, a former New York district attorney, spent…
Fifa vice-president speaks Football Posted at 12:27 More reaction to the Fifa report criticising England. Britain's Fifa vice-president Jim Boyce said he hoped lessons had been learned from the chain of events that led to Fifa's report. "The findings would appear to confirm that no further action should be taken on the decisions that had been made by FIFA in respect of the awarding of the World Cups for 2018 and 2022," he said. "The people charged with issuing this report, Michael Garcia and Hans-Joachim Eckert, are people of the highest professional integrity and following their extensive investigations I feel it is now very important that people should concentrate solely on the wonderful occasion that the World Cup provides to the many millions of people who enjoy our game." Wonder if he'll change his mind when he hears Garcia's comments about his report being 'misrepresented' and 'incomplete'?
Miroslav Klose becomes the joint record scorer at World Cups after his 15th finals goal rescued Germany a point against Ghana.
Sachin Tendulkar (India) 2278 runs from 45 matches, average of 56.95, SR of 88.98, 6 centuries, 15 fifties. Tendulkar has more runs in World Cups than most players have in their entire careers. He (with Javed Miandad) has played in the most number of World Cups - six - and many would agree that his defining knock in the premier tournament was 2003's 75-ball 98 against Pakistan at Centurion. The maestro helped India chase down a biggish score in difficult conditions, the highlight being his slashed six off Shoaib Akhtar, then the fastest bowler on the planet.
Tough Luck to the Aussies.they did not Play particularly well in the test Series.And in the End Result was a white wash after very long time. I feel Very Bad for the Skipper Michael Clarke.not only his performance but the whole team performance was bad after a very long period of time..It was not that Aussies Team which have have won 4 World Cups...but there is a certain phase in which every team has to passed. But Nevertheless We believe in you and Best of Luck for the Next Tours of India And Mighty South Africa/// ,C.BA .
Two Dar Academy boys to feature at the Sultan of Johor Cup Malaysia can rightly claim to be the busiest centre of international hockey. The country has hosted numerous title tournaments including World Cups (senior as well as juniors), Asia Cups, again senior and junior, plus other events such as World Hockey League. In 1983, Malaysia introduced an international invitational tournament. Sultan Azlan Shah Cup, initially a biennial event, is being held annually since 1998. It is the oldest surviving as well as the most prestigious invitational international hockey tournament. All the major hockey nations have figured though the Asian countries are the more frequent visitors. Bolstered by the success of Sultan Azlan Shah Cup, Malaysia, in 2011, introduced an international tournament for the juniors on similar lines. Sultan of Johor Cup would see its fourth edition pushed off in Johor Bahru on Oct 12. The participating teams are Malaysia, Pakistan, India, Australia, New Zealand and England. The Pakistan under ...
German midfielder Thomas Muller revealed that he could perform in two more World Cups, and possibly challenge Mirosl…
Franz Beckenbauer calls for release of corruption report on 2018, 2022 World Cups.
An article in The Week Fifa must put its corrupt house in order BuyWe can’t let Fifa get away with it, says Will Hutton. Football’s governing council, based in Zurich, is hugely powerful: it earned $4.5bn this year from the World Cup alone. Yet it’s run “with less transparency than a car boot sale”. Its president Sepp Blatter, now standing for a fifth term, controls it “like a tribal chief”. His first election in 1998 was notorious for the envelopes passed around containing $50k in cash: for many of the African and Asian football associations he relies on for his majority, bungs and bribes are the usual way to do business. Indeed, it was widely suspected that this was exactly how Russia and Qatar won their bids to stage the next World Cups. To quell such suspicions, Fifa had ex-New York district attorney Michael Garcia look into the matter. But guess what? Blatter now says Fifa won’t publish the Garcia report; it will simply act on its (unseen) recommendations. It’s a disgrace. European ...
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