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World Book Day

World Book Day or World Book and Copyright Day (also known as International Day of the Book or World Book Days) is a yearly event on 23 April, organized by UNESCO to promote reading, publishing and copyright.

Gangsta Granny United Nations Educational St Vincent Super Mario Roald Dahl Ian Fleming Courtyard Cafe David Baddiel Happy World Book Day

I am fully dying at pictures of my nephews as the Super Mario bros for World Book Day. Moustaches and all. I'm weak. 😂
Where was World Book Day when I was a child? One day a year I would have been cool.
World Book Day! 🌎📚 what did everyone's little ones dress up as? We had Alice in Wonderland and um.Super Mario 😂
My 3 boys all ready for World Book Day, Peter Pan & Captain Hook! Have a great day peeps!
Our 4th annual World Book Day celebrations 2016 was taking place here in APK, University of Johannesburg.
World Book Day is on Thursday 2nd March (next Thursday)!. Please can all children bring in either a favourite book...
Win a bundle of fantastic books for World Book Day via
Just finished WHEN THE MOON WAS OURS, and I'm sure I will remain in this world for the rest of the day. Such a gorgeous book.
We are in this world in a journey, short for some, long for others. We will answer one day to our creator with ur book of life.Birth & Death
Take a step towards a healthier you on World Anti-Obesity Day! Book an appointment with us & start your weight-loss…
Plus i found my guiness world book of record.It was tough and many people passed out dat day plus with Bersih2.0 😂gladly i kept this sijil
which of you wonderful ladies wants to be a latter day Amazon? This will tell you how to do it.
From the archives: my favourite women in literature
Nxt time I go to a bierkeller remind me to book the day after off work x dead 2 the world x
Congratulation to all for the Constitution Day, The Holly book of India, the greatest democracy in t…
I could be in the Guinness book of world records for amount of L's taken in a day 😂😅
Obesity, apart from kidneys, can also affect your heart. This World Anti-Obesity Day, book an appointment with an O…
On this day we pay our respect to the documented book that guides the largest democracy of the world.
Support World Day 2016, because is still here. Book for our free community event at…
FYI, fam: and have their copy of the book. We handed them during Elnella day last Nov. 23 .
I'm about to cry. Just got to chapter thirteen of the book 'To Selena, With Love by & its named 'The Day The World Stopped'😢
I'd prob make it into the book of world records for how many times I roll my eyes in a day
Book of the day: Orignals by Adam A great read for the innovators of the world. Fascinating stuff...
$9.41 for our next book? With Prime? Amazon are you kidding me!? Friends and fam ... today is the day. Buy here:
Join us for great day hemel hempstead with book here last few places!…
Story sacks for world book day years
It's our ANNUAL BLACK FRIDAY MOUSETRAVAGANZA!. One day only!. Book your 2017 Walt Disney World® Resort, Disneyland®...
Less than 12 hours left to get your £5 tickets to Around the World on Christmas Day in Walthamstow! Book now at…
Mirror of Souls by Angella Ricot " This book is a breakthrough in modern day poetry. It is an eclecti
This exercise would be fun to run sometime - the next World Book Day? The ultimate reading list
World's smallest coffee table book is a 365 day racing calendar! Gift a smile-a-day today.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
my nephew went to World Book Day dressed as Edgar Allen Poe last year. It was almost unbearably cute.
So delighted to be part of the Biggest Book Show on Earth again in 2017. World Book Day is one of the highlights of…
It's Friday, it's sunny, I managed to get The XX tickets and we're sharing cover with the world in a bit. Good day so far.
Australia Amazon Black Friday bargain deal. 0.99 One day only! Bestseller
£5 TICKETS to all performances of Around the World on Christmas Day available 24 HOURS ONLY! Book now! ht…
Diabetes awareness campaign conducted by on occasion of World Health Day. For Appointments…
"a completely new take on an intergalactic world". Black Sci-day sale. ASTRAL FALL .
Watch us today as we unveil the book to the world this morning on TV3's New Day @ 8am.
On world prematurity day, Rainbow hospital set a Guinness book of world record by assembling 440 plus children. Delighted to be…
(Aiming for entrepreneur aims at planting 11,000 plants in a day…
Amazing day, Richland Center, Wisconsin enters Guinness Book of World Records for the longest continuous chain of carved pumpkins. 3975
I'm so excited!! Our last book store visit I got Brave New World and finished it in a day so I'm definitely excited for this
Exactly!! He has been an open book from day one.He has been honest…
Learn about Singapore’s World War II history on this day tour of the island with an informative guide. Book today! https:…
Kihei's very own Kimaree created this "coloring book" style design for the World Whale Day t-shirt contest.
You do make me lol Alice. Right on the money. The same phenomenon seen every *** World Book Day etc. Exhausting. :)
."This book becomes more essential with every passing day. Not just a superb cookbook, a classic of world food".
Wondering if one day my words will be as celebrated and as known as other authors. Or will they stay in a book that the world never sees?
In Japan with nothing to read? Don't despair. You can already order my book, one day before the rest of the world.
Every year on Oct. 30th Is 'Donnie Darko Day' in my book. The day Donnie saved the world 🙌🏼
Today is the release day for my collection! I have a book!!!
I feel you. You should see the stuff that comes up when teachers have to hunt for World Book Day costumes. 😐
Anthea went as Yaa Asantewaa for World Book Day in primary school 😭😭😭😭
Frocester author Jane Ryan inspires budding writers at Gloucester Academy on World Book Day
Open a book, open your world. Have a beautiful day! 💥
Are the World Book Day books any good? - via
5th annual Day of the Dead dinner in London on Tuesday. Book one of the final places for this World Vegan Day event…
nOTHING better in the world than a book and a rainy day. (and candles. and hot chocolate. and good music)
Enjoy "Pom Pom Gets the Grumps" by the 2015 and 2016 World Book Day Illustrator - Sophy Henn.
hey my best friend Faith b day is in Jan how much to book you for her birthday party it would mean the world to her
. 11thHour History ka 1st weekend naa???Everyday was day... Capable to write in gnezZ Book of World record☺☺☺
I met Steven and he's honestly the most kind person in the world he even signed my badge bc I gave him the book ! Love him…
Tomorrow is the latest day of the world's biggest book sale in Surabaya namely "Big Bad Wolf…
in primary school I wore the same outfit for Viking day and world book day (I was Jacqueline Wilson)
That's what he has been working for: "The Post American World" book by the rat faced islamist Fareed Zakaria. It wa…
The pancake costume from last year's World Book Day is being re-purposed into a pumpkin for Halloween. Hopefully.
Lived in Bridgeport CT as a kid. The World's Most Haunted House (great it) remains in my memory to this day. Chilling!
: . The dark god of that every day brings the world closer to a ! .
I don't get people that are dressing up as normal characters.. it's Halloween not world book day, you're supposed to be…
Fantastic article ✨ we would love to read the book review of
Today is World Stroke Day, hlp raise awareness stroke can hit any1 any age but is treatable. My book is now downloadable S…
day 28 Fav book cover. Poe was my first dive into the world of horror. I was fascinated! Totally.
plz, Niall,the lady's name,"2 Strokes"?and name of her book? Today is World Stroke Day - found out trying to google her.thanks
DavidBaddiel: David Baddiel: Hmm. I think about 9,000. But it was a short one for World Book Day. My other two...
At mass our priest wore a long red cloak. Daughter said: "Is it World Book Day? Is that why Fr William's dressed as Superman?"
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Our local World Book Day, Charity Shop Sweep title this year was 'The Sound of One Hand Clapping'. Winner rounded up nine copies for her £1.
Even Katie Morag wants to join the fun at St Vincent's on World Book Day. Thanks to everyone who donated books.
Great effort from St Vincent's staff and pupils for World Book Day last week. good not very good but excellent.
Writer John Sexton judging the Design A Book Cover competition on 'World Book Day'
In honor of World Book Day, dive into the rich, inherent symbolism of the national library.
Our nursery class enjoyed dressing up as characters from their favourite book on World Book Day! literacy
Our 'LibraTree' is finished! Thanks for a fun creative World Book Day morning.
Congratulations to the winners of the World Book Day costumes. Great effort from all other children too.
PICTURES: World Book Day in schools across Essex, Chelmsford, Braintree, and Maldon.
It's our World Book Day event today! 12noon-4.30pm Free entry to the Hallk & Courtyard Cafe open - all welcome!
Today is World Book Day! Dublin, 4th UNESCO City of Literature, welcomes you…
World Book Day. Win the mystery books. Up until Thursday 10th March to enter. Guardians have some answers already. . More clues on Monday.
Looking forward to celebrating World Book Day on Monday when we will have fun using the "Stick Man" to explore our outdoor environment!
Watch Steven Spielberg's emotive message about the power of books on World Book Day - Mirror Online
My crazy grand-daughter as Gangsta Granny for World Book Day.
Jessie won best dressed as Gangsta Granny (her fav book) at school today for World Book Day 👌🏻
So here are some photos of the children's fantastic outfits for World Book Day! . Dorothy and Tin Man, The Very...
Pippi Longstocking and Matilda are ready for World Book Day!
What an amazing World Book Day! A big thank you for the effort that went into costumes and the books sent in for the book swap 📚
World Book Day! Atticus Finch is my favorite character ever, but the struggle of Edmond Dantes in The Count of Monte Cristo is my fav book.
Today is World Book Day & Jean Harlow's bithday! Carroll Baker decides to multitask it.
World Book Day book swap We love books!
Class 7 enjoying their quality reading time and book swap on World Book Day.
OK - lesson learned. I can state with confidence that next year, on World Book Day, the child won't go to school dressed as Gregor Samsa.
Chris Riddell with Sarah Cox, World Book Day: "Keep a sketchbook with you all the time and draw in it everyday"
We are celebrating World Book Day with a story swap this morning. Miss Tripp is back in nursery!
World Book Day and Salford have Robert Lui Stevenson playing for them!
BUNK off school on World Book Day by simply changing your name to 'Wally'.
What a great day we had today on World Book Day. Thank you to everyone who came to our Mad hatters tea party!! What fantastic costumes too.
It's World Book Day. Phil's autobiography is an enthralling read :-) .
BBC Radio Stoke for World Book Day. Go to 1hr 22min to hear talking book cover ...
my little sister is going as Phil Lester for World Book Day. I did the whiskers 🐱
is off to celebrate World Book Day with the African Monsters / Skulk at Happy World Book Day, people!
Who would you have dressed as for World Book Day? I probably would have been Amelia Bedelia
Apparently today is World Book Day. This week’s book cosplay has been, for the most part, Anton Chigurh.
What better way to celebrate World Book Day than coming to Willesden Green Writers' Group! Starts at 6pm, see you there...
It's World Book Day. I'm reading Mightier than the Sword the 5th volume of the Clifton Chronicles by
New: It's World Book Day! Peter Rabbit in the Lake District and 8 more great British places that inspired our favo…
Dr Alan Grant (Jurassic Park) and Skullduggery Pleasant head off for World Book Day
World Book Day: hats off to Sunderland player Duncan Watmore, who nominated a Michael Morpurgo and To Kill A Mockingbird as his top reads
Twas the night before World Book Day, . and all through the house, . not a child was sleeping….
Jo March, Lyra Belacqua and Anne Shirley: I v much approve of this poll of World Book Day heroines!
'Am I really one of the few disappointed my kids can't dress up for World Book Day?'
Students would love to know what your top picks for World Book Day are? Share & inspire.
Dressing up for World Book Day on Thursday? We have child and adult costumes starting from £8. . Open until...
Kent and Sussex Courier published World Book Day: Last minute costume ideas and tips for parents
World Book Day ideas - Alice in Wonderland, Robin Hood and his Merry Men, Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears...
We're still here! Courtyard Cafe is open every day now. World Book Day on 6th March with Mary Oldham!!
Fancy a Thrill? come along to Bolton Central Library on World Book Day for a talk/signing by John Donoghue it's FREE too! 6.30pm
Fabulous day getting some World Book Day inspiration from the Roald Dahl themed scarecrows
Ready for world book day on the 3rd March? We are at with 40 different costumes on sale!
Are your children dressing up for Here's some great ideas from
We are looking forward to this in our LRC 22nd Feb - 50 KS3 students taking part!
Any childrens authors willing to come in and read their books for children on a saturday for world book day?
World Book day is next month and I'm already stressing about what I can go as
Today is world cancer day. Let's kill this disease off by blasting it with strong love. Read book mums list. It's about…
How about The Cat In The Hat for world book day? Full costumes and accessory sets in store now!
One book can change the world. Support your local library today (they're FULL of books) day
WORLD BOOK AND COPYRIGHT DAY. The secret for the development of any nation is only and only knowledge.Develop reading habits…
Thank you JK Rowling Happy World Book Day.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
. 😈*BOOK LAUNCH*Wanna see a Gargoyle do her thang for *FREE*at Central 3rd March,World Book Day?…
Our World Book Day week is on its way!
An old post about the vital role of the library in our daughter's complex world
I've said it before, I'll say it again, we LOVE the library!! An old but relevant
Firstly, here's Tom Harper's Orpheus Descent - he will be joining us for a Literary Lunch on World Book Day!
My book called is coming out any day now. As is my web series called . Welcome to my world.
Happy birthday to the best mom in the world ❤️ so great she spent the day driving 7 hours to take her daughter to a book signing. Love u mom
The annual struggle is upon us: finding a black, female character for my daughter to dress up as at World Book Day at her school…
‘The Choice’ review: This Valentine’s day flick, based on a Nicholas Sparks book, is ...
Hey family and friends! is celebrating world book day 2016 on Thursday March 3rd. WeekFeb...
The one day that I eat Nutella turns out to be World Nutella Day. How
Looking for authors or illustrators who could come into school for World Book Day???
Happy friend day — reading The Amazing Book Is Not on Fire: The World of Dan and Phil
HDU: WIN! A full set of Roald Dahl books (email competition) @ World Book Day: Found by billcAre you ready for...
Was looking for ideas of what to dress up as for World Book Day. Cheers fella 👍
Make everyday a Good Hair Day and take the World By Storm! Book with me at Snips in Historic…
thank you for taking me from this world for a day with the book: "As I was before you." I do not wait to start, "After you." ❤
Explore the history of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission at our free study day on Fri 26 Feb. Book here: https:…
Head along to this World Book Day and enjoy loads of Swashbuckling Stories and Pirate Fun!
World book day costume sorted for Diddley. Feeling super Organise!
Are you ready for 2016? Win a Kids costume in our latest Enter now|
On this day in 1958 we beat Israel 2-0 (4-0 aggregate) to book our place in the World Cup.
My book is officially out in the world + we definitely celebrated last night! One more day to get your bonuses at:
It's a short story that I wrote for World Book Day, a literacy holiday in the UK. Right now, it's only available there.
Been told our theme at work for World Book Day is I'm interested! I'll slip …
David Baddiel entertaining girls and boys from local Primary schools - inspiration for World Book Day - brilliant!
ICYMI the cover for my World Book Day book has been revealed today
World Mental Health Day yesterday; my review of Matt Haig's book 'Reasons to stay alive'
Queen of the Geeks Felicia Day hopes the gaming world will find its
YOU KNOW THAT BOOK I’VE BEEN TALKING ABOUT? Well, today is the day it’s finally unveiled for the world to see! –...
Got tickets? Book & collect rail tickets before travel to beat the match day scrum
Children's book price In the Bushland is lower. And now it's available world-widely, just as the two comics on Amazon. Wish you a sunny day!
Oct 14th is World Photo Book Day, so I’m gifting a print with my book. See >>
There comes a day when u realize turning the page is best feeling in the world-cause there is much more in the book than the page u stuck in
Der comes a day wen u realize turning page is d bst feeling n d world-coz u realize der s much more 2 d book than pg u stuck on
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away - talks about his 2016 World Book Day… h…
For World Day of mental health on Oct 10, my friend Enoch (Noch Noch) Li published her first free e-book! Check it o…
Babe it's complicated and I could write a book there's no sense in downing every prostitutevin world at this time of day. I'm sure you
Darkest Day (What She Knew Trilogy Book 2) by various On the tragic day of John F. Kennedy’s assassi
Just took a few seconds out of my day to think about how great the book World War Z is and how angry I am about the movie.
Good Morning Friends and have a great day ahead.:). The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a...
1-Day Admission to Disney World Theme Park with Transportation from Miami! Only: $188.99 Book now:
Our world changes completely irreversibly & forever htt…
Our world changes completely irreversibly & forever
Nothing in the world is ever completely wrong. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day - Paulo Coelho.
If you're looking for a book to read for Columbus Day (and who isn't?) I recommend "The Fourth Part of the World"
my dream is to one day, write a book and share it with the world. I hope Jk Rowling reads one of my books one day! .
Time for a bedtime story! It's world mental health day, take some time to relax with a fun book.
Miriam Toews' SWING LOW... good book for World Mental Health Day... a fine piece of writing...
it was great, but sorry to say this was the last day. There should be a catalogue coming out though...
Bummed to miss the last day of Comic Book Apocalypse: The Graphic World of Jack Kirby, but has pics!
Wounded Animals (Whistleblower Book 1) by Jim Heskett While nursing some drinks after a terrible day a
Help break the world reading record for the most people reading the same book on the same day!
ICYMI I wrote a blog of YA recommends for - hopefully there's a book here for you -
October 14th is World Photo Book Day, so we're doing something to mark the ocassion. Details will be announced tomorrow..
A book a day can keep the real world away.
Nothing in the world as wonderful as coming home after a long day's work to a warm cup of and a new, yet unopened
VERY excited to report that the wonderful author is coming to our school around World Book Day!
The Five Purposes of the Koran, the holy book of Islam, which is read every day by millions of Muslims around the world.
Share your memories with us. What was your favourite thing about 2015? Can you spot it in this video? htt…
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
that sounds like the perfect day. Book editing coupled with the best ice cream in this world. Phew!
So many 2015 memories floating about - what did you love best about it?!
World Book Day UK . World Book Day is the biggest annual celebration of books and reading in the UK.
I deserve an award for not crying over this you know. Sorry world. Your not in my good book this fine day.
Easter's Lilly (The Easter's Lilly Series Book 1) by Judy Serrano It was Easter Sunday; the day Lilly'
I will visit schools on World Book Day about the Billy-William Bigheart books Ask me. mailPlz RT
Incredible book review by one of the best, The A Nigerian war hero in Burma’s jungle.
Largest-ever parade of 38,000 Indian Americans at Independence Day in New York, recorded in the Guinness Book of World records
Barnaby Phillips will be talking about his book 'Another Man's War' at Asia House on Sep 10. See this Observer piece:
You guys are the best fans in the whole world & I am so grateful for you all every day! Thank you for supporting glee eve…
Don't forget to book your tickets for 'World Mosquito Day 2015: Binkie Meets the Tsar'
Its that joyful time of year almost upon us. Book Week dress up day. This years theme, Books light up our world. I'm over it already.
Feel Fabulous this Friday! Book now to join us for World Men's Grooming Day!!
It is world book day - "Jack" by Helen Victoria Bishop is an illustrated children's book to help children deal with di…
I been pumping mad ad etisement your way maybe one day I can display my book on ur show to let the world know that it's good
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Pop-up events to showcase rare literary treasures around the globe tomorrow: find one near you h…
Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Plenty of politics popping in the dog day...
I'm back only to raise the point that I should and will one day write a book based entirely on how I hate the world and everyone in it
4 weeks to go until we unveil the 2016 £1 books! Look back at the best bits of 2015 in this video: http:/…
There are a lot of sports people around the world who could take a leaf out of Day and Spieth's book...*cough Kyrgios*
By dropolo "Happy g'day to via book 2 chainz now world wide
Some more ideas for this Wednesday's Book Character Day!
Foto: theglossdotcom: Happy World Book Day! Click here to see 20 stunning literary tattoos, including the...
Latest Book News... The Silk Roads: A New History of the World by Peter Frankopan: All loud on the Eastern Front
Saturday 12th Sep is Heritage Open Day & we are offering free Top of the World Tours! Book at 01606 786777 htt…
A day I found in a library the book of Jurassic World and on the cover there is a big raptor omr😂
Our world changes completely, irreversibly & forever h…
Our world changes completely, irreversibly & forever
Thx for following. Poetry Thursday 150 – Reading on World Book Day - plz follow
my sister loves your books so much she even went as Gangsta Granny for World Book Day
Check out my guest book review on blog, for World Book Day - Gangsta Granny
Seems an 11 yr old went into school as Christian Gray for World Book Day. once went as Horrid Henry's Nits. No c…
Today is "World Book Day". Read this quote from Nassim Taleb's The Black Swan
Sharmistha Ray shares her favorite books on World Book Day. "Invisible Cities" by Italo Calvino. "The Hare with...
Photo: Today is World Book Day! It is organised every year on this day by the United Nations Educational,...
World Book Day is a yearly event on 23 April, organised by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and...
Literary notes: World Book Day, great libraries and Pakistan
Here's our latest project working with Saint Paul's Catholic High School in Manchester for World Book Day
Another page of books in today's Loved chatting to Helen Skelton about World Book Day & Frank Lampard about kids reads.
I know a certain stalker who could dress up as Alex Forrest from Fatal Attraction for World Book Day!!!
[txt] World Book Day. Had to open. Still alive, still in London. x
Heading home after a great World Book Day event at Henrietta Barnett Grammar School.
lots of love for Hermione, Ron and Mrs Weasley in our World Book Day pow wow tonight!
Is it World Book Day then? I am reading all of Ian Fleming's James Bond books. Simultaneously.
In honour of World Book Day, we present Ian Fleming's holiday pad
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
One of Herbie's T-shirt designs for World Book Day. It's Mr Big by Ed Vere.
You should actually buy your good friend Louise a big old cider, as she's been battered by World Book Day nonsense. Cheques OK.
World Book Day tomorrow 👻 wish I was still in school and I could be Hermione Granger again 😭😆
Dressing up as a Jedi for world book day tomorrow at work
Here is the link to Class 4's World Book Day Assembly from this afternoon:
Helping sort the kids' world book day costumes. No doubt gem will veto Jess' choice.
Today is 'World Read Aloud Day.' What is your favorite book?
It's world book day tomorrow. We sell Snazaroo face and body paint and coloured hairspray.
World Book Day tomorrow - Thursday 5th March - Come dressed as a character from a favourite book or bring a book to school!
Busy day today.Preparing for our world book day tomorrow at OLG Autism Centre. There will be lots of fun reading& dancing for them.Join us
Gutted I don't have an outfit for world book day. 😭😔
World book dress up day tomorrow rehearsal
My brothers world book day character 'Willy Wonka'
World Book Day Teen Fest is happening TONIGHT! Get involved from 6pm:
We have celebrated World Book Day in style! Hugely proud of everyone for their efforts and enthusiasm - great team!
Buy Miche Bag Online!
World book day tmr. Busy making a wig as we have to dress up as a book character or an author. Fingers crossed it turns out well. :)
Got to pick George's where's Wally up and I'm done for world book day costs to much really for 1 day oh well as long as they have fun
World Book Day costume planning tip: raid dress-up box then look for a book that features whatever you've got.
World book day tomorrow so tempted to go in college in my frozen dress
I don't remember World Book Day from when I was a kid……you're making me feel old now!
Pop along to the project tomorrow for World Book Day. Throughout the day, and for the following week, the project...
Look at the dress me and my mom made for world book day when i was around 6
Remember it's World Book Day tomorrow...looking forward to seeing all your book character costumes tomorrow!
Lily is excited to see her friends at Nursery dressed up for World Book Day tomorrow, I love seeing them all dressed up! 👸
20% off our huge selection of children's books. . One day only to celebrate World Book Day - Thursday 5th of March
has your little one got world book day tomorrow? My little cowboy for tomorrow 😄
I forgot it was world book day tomorrow 😩
I found my old handmade dress i did for world book day when i was 6
It genuinely only just occured to me that World Book Day is for the promotion of reading and not actually about dressing kids up.
Apparently counts as a character for World Book Day? Either way my sister looks awesome :)
I'm so excited for world book day tomorrow 💁📚
For tomorrow, on childhood memories of dressing as Mr Greedy -
Looking forward to going to school in full Arya cosplay for world book day tomorrow :D
It's the annual World Book Day costume making panic - I've had a late request for an Aslan costume. Hiding now, planning my next move.
going to attempt to make this Spider-Man mask for my cousin's world book day contest thing tomorrow
Just uploaded a new image: Today is Read Aloud World Day I just had to read my Hoda Kotb Book hodakotb here in New…
FREEBIE BOOK: FREE for 1 day on Amazon to celebrate World Book Day 5th March 2015
my sister's dressing up for world book day tomorrow, I'm not walking into school with her dressed like a witch.
What fantastic entries we have had for world book day! Don't forget your costumes or pjs tomorrow! 📚📖
They put up a whole page on the Internet about my World Book Day talk in Rathmines tomorrow!
Oh yes, it's World Book Day tomorrow. Which book will each teacher choose to read?
Whoever invented World Book Day really, really dislikes parents.
World book day tomorrow , I will cry when I see 😂👵
World book day tomorrow and I don't know what character to dress as to work 😟😟 someone help please thanks
Don't forget we're celebrating World Book Day on Friday as Class 3 are out tomorrow... good luck at the dance festival!
Tomorrow is World Book Day! Make sure you come dressed as your favourite story or book character :)
Here are some last minute easy World Book Day costume ideas for tomorrow!
World book day for Olivia tomorrow and I haven't got her a costume to wear to school 😔
World book day tomorrow. Which class will win the door competition? Find out tomorrow!
SCHOOL NEWS:. It's World Book Day tomorrow and apparently NO-ONE'S going dressed as an atlas. . Livid!
The World Book Day shoe box competition ends today. Look out for a winner. Announcement coming tomorrow.
Don't forget it's World Book Day tomorrow boys! Who will you dress up as? Don't forget to bring your book!
World Book day tomorrow looking forward to seeing all the crazy hats !
In discussing Cameron's costume for world book day, in my wisdom I mentioned the use of mascara. Having asked...
Join us at Hamworthy Library tomorrow 3-4pm to make Cat and Mouse bookmarks to celebrate World Book Day h…
- What are your kids dressing up as tomorrow?
I forgot it's world book day tomorrow oops
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