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Working Girl

Working Girl is a 1988 romantic comedy film written by Kevin Wade and directed by Mike Nichols. It tells the inspiring story of a Staten Island-raised secretary, Tess McGill (Melanie Griffith), working in the mergers and acquisitions department of a Wall Street investment bank.

Melanie Griffith Harrison Ford Sigourney Weaver Joan Cusack Cyndi Lauper Regarding Henry Carly Simon Diane Sawyer Mike Nichols Blade Runner Staten Island Ferry

Working towards carefree black girl status
Working Girl is coming to Broadway, and is handling the tunes. 👩‍💼🎶.
Book News Update: 'Working Girl' is Broadway-bound with music by Cyndi Lauper, book by Kim Rosenstock
When you working the desk and see one of the athletes come in with a girl you know not their gf, but that's none of your b…
If the Working Girl musical isn't a mash up with Die Hard I'm not interested
Mom asked if I'm working tonight, told her I was mashing a different kinda work tonight..she in the living room waiting to meet the girl now
tn I saw a blind girl working out at the gym with her guide dog right by her side smiling and wow if that's not motivation idk what is
Cyndi Lauper is making a Working Girl musical
Can't even explain how proud I am of my girl, she has been working…
You know the budgets I'm working with, I'm going to make you international girl!
despite how life has been testing my faith lately, I am such a happy girl & happier knowing God is by my side constantly wor…
⚡️ “Cyndi Lauper will write the score for Working Girl on Broadway”.
I guess this counts as being in the Harrison Ford Universe...
Me to myself: "You don't need a man, you working on you, you glowin, ya *** not fat but baby steps, you focused on ya mo…
Working Girl is the latest movie getting the stage musical treatment:
Cyndi Lauper Is to Write the Music for the Broadway-Bound ‘Working Girl’
Cyndi Lauper will score a new Broadway adaptation of the 1988 romantic comedy 'Working Girl'
'Kinky Boots' Tony winner Cyndi Lauper to make Broadway-bound 'Working Girl' her next musical-theater project
So I started my new job today as a RLA and this *** girl says "what's impairment" I was like BIIITCH YOU ARE WORKING WITH THE IMPAIRED
When a guy asks for your girl's number while she's working and you're sitting right behind him.
In his defense, the bag full of beer he was pulling around his ankle was empty. "I think I've seen this girl...working @ SONIC!" "Stop now."
Cyndi Lauper is doing the music for another musical! This is going to be fabulous! Can't wait to see and hear Working Gi…
Newswire: Cyndi Lauper is making a Working Girl musical
YES but the girl working wants to work a double tomorrow 😪😪😂
Cyndi Lauper to help turn film into a musical
In today's news from heaven is adapting WORKING GIRL into a musical. Let the river run...RIGHT INTO MY WALLET.
Harry:. - having a lgbt girl band as his opening act. Louis:. - working with an openly bisexual woman who is shading her o…
*Apple support*. South Delhi girl :my iPhone's camera is not working. Executive :submit it, we will update you in 2 day…
25 Photos of Extremely Hot Girls Working Out in Skimpy Gym Clothes.>>.
Cyndi Lauper has signed on to write the music and lyrics for the Broadway-bound adaptation of
You could go so far girl keep working you're almost there I am amazed by the talent you posses daily, keep shining✨…
Cyndi Lauper has a head for business and a bod for sin -- so exciting that will take on https:…
Broadway-bound 'Working Girl' musical to feature score by Cyndi Lauper and book by 'New Girl' writer Kim Rosenstock
Want SRK and Diana Penty in Working Girl remake. Somebody make it please.
I think my life is turning into Working Girl (the basement gorilla-muscial directed by Gene Belcher in Bob's Burgers)
Let The River Run by Carly Simon, especially in the movie Working Girl
Broadcast News, Age of Innocence, Quiz Show, Departed, Goodfellas, Working Girl, Sleepers and on and on. Michael Ballhaus was a master.
On a serious note... working on the new tonight and I'm in need of a vfx guy/girl.. any leads would be super awesome!
Imagine working on ideas wit your girl 😍
someone in LA come get food with me? ya girl actually has an appetite after staring at my computer screen working all day
Eating dinner in complete silence with the girl I'm working with today... "One time I had diarrhea" well gee, thanks for sharin
Working Girl without the competition between Sigourney Weaver and Tess
Working on a school girl from boredom, so far it's coming along nicely! (I think)
So excited to meet baby girl. working on baby registry!
Working long hours to on bills is the life I only dreamed about as a lil girl
I can understand wanting a businessman as President, but a working girl as First Lady?
{{ a guy tagged Microsoft and said his controller wasn't working but there was a girl sucking his *** in the pic lMFAO
It still a work in progress but me and my bf are working a lot on it. It's called It's new but growing.
Only difference is that the aesthetics are considered necessities to poor/working class black women, not "Black Girl Magic…
Hey, I'm actually working on building a site to make lists like this where anyone can add to it if you'd like to help that.
Behind the scenes last Sunday with working her magic on my girl
i was working and there was a girl who came in & was wearing a SHAWN hoodie and i told her how i love it and how i have the same one at home
Session 1 with Skit, the super pretty girl. She is leash reactive, so we are working on a "look" cue, to h…
Your crew is very lucky to work with the hardest working girl like you you are the best thing that has ever happened to us
Our girl didn't claim to be the hardest working 23rd year old on Earth. She works hard in studio too. An advert screenca…
Happy to announce that I adopted a baby girl w/o consent from her father but it ended up working out really well.
Working on my BSN and watching this hawks game.been studying all day. Get you a girl who can do both...aka me😍 😂
Saw this girl who played me working at D&B. If this were like a year ago I'd be sick lol
girl I ordered proactiv it ain't come yet though. But that stuff is definitely working I wish it came in a bigger bottle
God got a plan for you baby girl keep working and stay humble 🙏🏽🏀🤐
Met more girl bosses today and I couldn't be happier I love working with other business women we can all win if we work together.
Little Giant Ladders
girl you talking bout college, we talking bout pro, and he working your PRO TEAM
Between taking care of a kid and working, I don't really have time to watch SNL. Impressed by Trump's efficiency.
British strippers working in Australia 'are chosen for their accent'
Posting because I adore this girl so much! I had the pleasure of working with her last year &…
Ok I really need to start working out & eating right, but its Girl Scout Cookie szn
how every girl looks working out in Leach vs what i look like
In fairy tales, what the prince is usually rescuing the girl from is having the humiliation of living life as a member…
Girl: come over. Boy: can't, working at my mechanic shop. Girl: i'm home alone... Boy:
I had no idea a sitcom version of Working Girl exists, starring Sandra Bullock and Nana Visitor.
no what you need is facial reconstruction so you can look like young Harrison Ford in Working Girl
Working overnight/early morning is the new wave for ya girl.
Well done girl! It always feels so good starting working after everything's been cleared. 😉
That girl didn't see any of her followers at Ojuelegba working as a conductor abeg. Let's hear word
what really? Congrats ? I've been working, being a mom and turning up from time to time that's about it lol
I blocked the girl's number from calling me & she thinks that my phone isnt working & i need to get it repaired
no, I don't and i didn't say that. But this girl doesn't know what working is.
Current view! 😊 super girl working at 2 laptops at the same time :)
I have never seen such a hard working actress like you.. passionate girl.. may god give all the success to you
nothing girl just School and working. Wby?
Scout spies on girl working out in park
A girl who can cook? She's working on that for Sehun oppa 😂. Sexy? Hayoung's always chosen as the sexiest Apink member lo…
Hey is there any chance of you and working a girl/girl for either or please?
If you're working to educate marginalised girls, then could help. Check out the initiative
that's dope, isnt it great when ya girl gets you something really nice with her own dough she earned working hard? Love that.
Ninja Girl Rachel oiled up and working out!!
The only thing about working this shift is I'm missing talking to my girl😔😔 .
We all know a girl named who is hard-working
Saw a girl with a trump shirt on while I was working at target today. Turned my light off An said my lane is closed.
This little girl has more knowledge and compassion that half of this country.
im so chill abt all the queens except jinkx and dela like. I would be so calm working with any other rpdr girl but those two make me emo
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Every girl deserves to feel treasured, valued & loved. See how we are working to make that a reality!
Grateful for return of kidnapped girl Maryam & 1yo son. still holds 1000s more. Must keep working f…
Sexy 4 eyed working girl right here (;. Nothing sexier than independence. Except for naughty business women with glasses…
girl me either that's why I hate working nights
I liked a video from Shawn Mendes interview: Singer on his dream girl and working with The Vamps
now i'm a night owl. but this girl some typa night ant cause those things out 24/7 and Camila never sleeps. but she's working so
BODY GOALS ! ! ! okay girl imma start working on my summer body now 😍😍
When you're working an event in Hollywood & a cute girl buys you a drink. 😛
Team working hard to ready show court for today's semi finals Highlight's local girl Lauren McMinn…
Congratulations to the most hard working girl I know, off to do big things! 💙💙 love you girl!!
I was having dinner tn & I saw this girl w down-syndrome working at most beautiful thing I've seen this week.
same with you girl just let me know when you ain't working because I know you work a lot like me 😂💁🏽
Morning. . Helen, from our office, out last night nostalgia hunting, a hard day's night for a hard working top girl…
wow girl, you need to get a grip on saving😭😭 so you're working at Sports Direct at the weekend?
he already have a career. Earning some money. Girl, right now he might be working his *** off for you.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Fellas...just get you a Semi attractive girl working towards her degree and get out of the game bruh. Ain't nothing out here.
Hope this hood girl not working in the cafe 😐😞 everybody know I don't gt along w them
I love working with she really knows how to keep me up when I'm just over it all. Thnx girl. 💘
Girl working at starbucks just asked me what I wanted to drink but I managed to kick her kneecaps and escape with my virgin…
Honestly guys if there's a girl who is in college, is creating a future for herself, who is working, and not sleeping around DATE HER!
Writing about feminist frustration and 'Working Girl'. It may as well be one sentence about Harrison Ford getting the highest credit
I feel like we're months away from a Margot Robbie-starring reboot of Working Girl being announced and it's making me nervous.
You asked the impossible: I just watched Regarding Henry, Working Girl & Sabrina over the weekend All Favorites
there isn't one as such but Raiders, Blade Runner, Working Girl, Regarding Henry.
Tina Belcher as Sigourney Weaver in "Working Girl: The Musical". TV simply can't get any better for me
The 80s were wild but take a look at Melanie Griffith's style in Working Girl. I dig the reboks n socks/tights look
Tim looked it up. In 88 she got best actress nom for Gorillas and best supp actress for Working Girl.
Just checked Amazon. They have Working Girl & Mosquito Coast. Also forgot Witness and Regarding Henry really good!
Arthur Russell doc: listening to World of Echo while watching Working Girl on mute to get late 80s Staten Island Ferry vibes.
Working Girl reference. Love Melanie Griffith in that movie.
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The movie Working Girl w Melanie Griffith made a subtly big impression. Quotes keep bubbling up
Working Girl vibe on Capitol Square was strong today @ lunchtime. Sneaks/biz attire everywhere but sadly no shoulder pads in sight.
Working Girl - Griffith's dress in scene when Joan Cusack is shocked by the price and says "And it's not even leather!"
Described as "Wolf of Wall Street" meets "Working Girl"- are you reading great new book by my friend
Busy working on erotica involving pumping a chick full of cherry filling until she transforms into a human pastry. I ca…
[Serious]How does a hard working truck driver find and sweet British girl?
you are so beautiful girl!! Ya blow my mind I'm in love lol!! Any new big movies you working on or bout to come out with?
Hi Didi, a girl working at Faridabad Postal Department is under tremendous pressure of unwilling transfer.
Working at these times is just too early for me😞🙁 more of an afternoon kinda girl!!
Thanks girl I've been working on them for 22 years
sssh, have loved your evolution since 2008 u go girl!! :-) even if I'm a die-hard Bernie supporter. Diet is working:-) :-)
For reals? I've been working all day and my girl gunna wake me up to get her some ice. Smh
I also spent $30 on my date. So the morning of our date when I was working I was like "Smh 3 hours to pay for dis cute girl"
The merchant agreed .The old man (black knight) went to the fields.He saw the girl,working in the field.The girl saw an old
God bless this beautiful girl, He knows she's working hard and I wish her the best ❤️
Juvenile: Girl you working wit some *** yea, you bad yeah, make a *** spend his cash yea, his last yea. Her: .
A random girl at the meat market said she was proud of me for working and going to school full time but my parents won't dare say that
While the squad is out in the Bahamas he's at home working *tags on ig* on a yacht *tags on ig* out with his girl *tags on ig*
just like when you started working out to be like Nathan's new girl.
Looking forward to working with this beautiful and gorgeous girl soon :-D
Another detail pic of Girl with Flowers. Pretty much finished with working on it.…
the bleeding hurt of Islam, Armenian working for armenian genocide denier, the "rapes happen so let migrants rape" girl
Thanks girl! It's at Bubba's 33 so I'd be working with Megan & my roommate!
This girl made a go fund me for a new camera that's $700... Like does working not exist anymore or do we just resort to begging people
I've got the girl, I've got the friends, I'm working on the degree and I'm working on a home. I'll have it all in the blink of an eye.
Working on my edits for The Girl with Diamonds and couldn't be happier :)
. Farmers step up to keep construction companies working as oil patch slows. https:/…
WORKING THE CASH REGISTER. Me: that'll be 4.21. Dude: *hands $5*. Me: that'll be 4.21. Girl: *hands $5* ... WAIT ASDFGHJKL I HAVE CHANGE
A girl from class was working the register at Food Lion so she got the unique honor of ringing up a family-size box of Lucky Charms for me
Maude was less generic. I think she's going for Sigourney Weaver in "Working Girl"
I will girl. I would say i would get you what you wanted to eat after words but I'm not working for another 2 or 3 weeks.
A talented 12 year old girl, Rayna, is working on drawing this cover. Great Cover!
How are you going to be a brown girl and use taxi driver as an Insult when majority of taxi drivers are brown men/dads working hard wyd
This girl keeps doing things that's working on my *** nerves but acting so surprised and butt hurt when I don't want to talk 🙄
Went to work to realize my girl wasn't working 😂
24. Hard working *** Doesn't gaf about anyone's opinions, all about his money, can be a tad conceited but he will spoil h…
Working out in a gym full of huge *** men is kind of intimidating when you're the only girl 😅
How EXO Xiumin feels about working with AOA Jimin-. "I'm happy that I get to work with a girl after working with guys so long."
when you go to swig for a Monday pick me up && is working & her sweet smile does the job instead🙃 love you cut…
I will not consider myself imperfectly beautiful until ComeGetSum makes the list!😄... Workin…
supposed to be fixed tonight. Maybe. 🙄 my provider is "working on it"...
If working on your spring break bod means eating a roll of Girl Scout cookies, then I'm killing the game over here
this girl working in this store is so pretty I had to tell her and she got all shy s'cute
Ayye girl I'm working on getting a degree so I can be financially stable and support a family hit my line
I dunno what girl stole my aftershave but I hope it's working out for her
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Joan Cusack's hair is what upgrades Working Girl from comedy to epic fantasy.
IMDb. Linda Blair as Regan in The Exorcist. Robert Downey Jr. as Kirk Lazarus in Tropic Thunder. Joan Cusack as Cyn in Working Girl.
I want to sit women under 25 down to watch double feature of Iron Jawed Angels and Working Girl.
I love Working Girl not just for the three main characters but also for Joan Cusack, Nora Dunn and a young Kevin Spacey.
will Melanie Griffith play u in the Double Triple Down film w/the Working Girl theme?Can Joan Cusack play ur pal?
I also loved as Joan Cusack in Working Girl
There is so much to like about Working Girl: Carly Simon, Olympia Dukakis, Alex Baldwin, Harrison Ford being a babe...
you totally forgot Melanie Griffith in "Working Girl"
Hot guy in reception alert. Already provided with a cup of tea and a Time Out. I feel like Joan Cusack in Working Girl, "coffee, tea, me?"
I never got into Indy. I loved Blade Runner. For lighter stuff, Working Girl, Sabrina + Regarding Henry
Nebraska, Working Girl, Horrible Bosses 2. Which one wasn't nominated for an Oscar?
Saw the Staten Island Ferry in NYC and now I need to re-watch Working Girl. A movie where the girl gets the guy AND the dream job? God ***
So far, I've gotten Caitlyn Jenner and Celine Dion. Personally, I see Joan Cusack in "Working Girl."…
Nothing like working 15 hours at the HOF to come home & send out emails for big girl life at 11pm 😅
Imagine this. Clean house, meal ready, me gracefully working with quiet jazz in the air and my girl happily playing on the side.
The only thing i love more than a beautiful day is a beautiful girl.. I know you working hard.. Dont trip i am too.. We'll meet up soon
Shoutout to my girl for working all day everyday this week. ✔️
Girl, we working on it. Lol he living it up in Tampa doe
Went to Zarraffas starts talking to the girl working about of mice & men, fall out boy and soundwave. BE MY FRIEND PLEASE
Like I have 50 minutes til I have no working phone or wifi
Now this is sad, I thought cops was working to keep us safe.I guess not.
You are currently working forty hours a week?
Working out to type of motivation 👯
GIRL! I almost quit working retail for this VERY reason!
I'm going to start working on a drawing of you..I'm going to enjoy doing this 😊😊
A Little Girl and her Fox Doll! It was so great working with such talent! @ Margarita Mix Santa…
I swear ur gonna grow up n be on beyonce's level , ur so talented & so beautiful don't stop working girl
I've been working with a little girl who hasn't said a word in two years. As I knocked on their door today, she opened and screamed my name.
If you were wearing shoulder pads this could essentially be the plot of "Working Girl."
I'm a hard working girl yet you guys don't hire me? Well it's your loss
S/o toy girl Danielle for putting in work and working hard today!!! Make a better you people! Just…
Interview at Chipotle ya girl might be working two jobs 😁💅💰
10:47PM: Slight movement but so far so good. The big girl bed is working well.
The girl working at mandee asked me if my name had one or two "n's" because she thought I was 😂🙈
lol well he good! Least he aint out in the streets. He working. And he got his girl. Leave em alone 😂😂
I usually don't mind working for people if I can. But girl you are not going to make me work on my anniversary. 😤
A5 cont. if a girl I know I'll let them know what I'm doing and ask if interested in working 2gether
I leave in a week and all I've been doing is working, packing & Netflix :-)
Thinkin bout you girl , working my jug
I'm working with imbeciles. This girl is gonna drive me crazy
Girl you working with some *** yeah , you bad yeah , make a *** spend his cash yeah , his last yeah
Nothing better than a girl with her head on her shoulders, loves tattoos and piercings, has goals and likes working the trades 🙇
We should've but girl I've been working hard all summer. Barely had time to so anything
1 SMART girl friend is a former duckling of mine from my days of working at as Academic Administrator. She's at HQ.
I was the only girl working today so tbh I was pretty intimidated by all the male coworkers.
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girl I had just woke up so my brain won't even working 😂
Pretending you are a normal working person on a break but you are actually looking at anime girl butts
Read about Jenna, the working girl with an addiction. “True Confessions of a Libertine” by "
least my DVR is working for girl code🙌🙌
my mom told a girl working in Aeropostale (wearing a dress and thong) that everyone could see her butt when she bends over.
cus if i get this job then we'd all work at the same place and the girl said she gained 7 poUNDS already from working there
In the lab working on something special for my girl !!…
Cute boy shopping at The Third Planet,. Cute girl working at The Third Planet . Good day today
tough decision!! I rather like William Baldwin too, though Harrison was at his best in Working Girl.
[Swindon News] Album of the week: Working Girl by Little Boots: LITTLE BOOTS - WORKING GIRL
the pointy is too 80's for me. Reminds me of Sigourney Weaver in Working Girl.
I've seen Working Girl a dozen times, but just noticed Sigourney Weaver taking over meeting makes no sense. Why would they just accept her?
Watched some of "Working Girl" other night. NYC nostalgia & that song by the great Carly Simon, Let the River Run
omg made us get the Staten Island Ferry in NYC because of Working Girl. He loves it.
Listen to Working Girl by Sade'Poetry np on
Just seen Melanie Griffith's Oscar winning performance "Working Girl". Must be the best looking blonde out there in 80's! WOW!
Will be channelling my inner Melanie Griffiths/Working Girl with work gear & trainers out in Whitechapel later...does it count as normcore?
Lorde dressed as a cross between a Robert Palmer video girl and Melanie Griffith in Working Girl.
Portlandia is back! The Story of Toni and Candace. Working Girl meets Bosom Buddies meets
Just finished 's Working Girl. That man clearly loved women... and their hair. 1988 was a dangerous time to be a comb.
With another director, Working Girl would have been a crap romcom. With however? Brilliant.
Mike Nichols Dies. Director of 'The Graduate,' 'Working Girl' and 'Monty Python's Spamalot' Wife is Diane Sawyer.
The director, who was the master behind such classics as The Graduate, The Birdcage and Working Girl, was married for more than 20 years to TV news anchor Diane Sawyer.
Mike Nichols, the director of such films as The Graduate, Working Girl, and The Birdcage, has died at the age of 83. ABC News President James Goldston announced...
Sending out my condolences to Diane Sawyer & The Mike Nichols family. What an amazing Director he truly was and his movies, (The Graduate, Silkwood, Heartburn, Working Girl, The Birdcage, etc. R.I.P.
Barefoot in the Park,The Grad,Postcards..,Working Girl,V.Wolf,The Birdcage all favs and stored in my DVR! Thank you and RIP.🔥
Legendary film and theater director, writer and producer Mike Nichols has passed away. An Oscar winner for 1967's seminal The Graduate, he also was nominated for such films as Working Girl, Silkwoo...
Let The River Run Are You Trying To Seduce Me? "I AM THE PRINCIPALITY OF AMERICA" "What A Dump" "It's not even leather!" I will miss you every moment I quote The Graduate, Angels In America, Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf, Working Girl. Think of a Broadway Show (Spamalot, bunny scene), Barefoot In The Front, (those steps!), The Birdcage (Martha Graham), Heartburn (the itsy, bitsy spider), Postcards From the Edge (Carrie Fisher is brought back), Gilda Live and of course Wit I could go on and on. I grew up watching your films and it was a pleasure. I will miss you more than you will ever know. Thank you Mike Nicholas
Pretty Woman, Working Girl, Waiting To Exhale and Boomerang would all work on the small screen.
Before she was Working Girl, she lived with Neil, the lion
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It's all a bit like Michael Douglas ordering Beck's in Fatal Attraction or Sigourney Weaver speaking German in Working Girl.
"Working Girl". It came out when I was 19 years old and it is still one of my all-time favorite films. It was a movie that hit home for me!
I have to explain the world news to an American Girl working in Cambodia on a daily basis. Not looking forward to the episode
oh awesome! Yea I'm sure I'll be a the rec working out alot so I'll def see you around!
girl you slackin I still gotta put some in the truck too that im currently working on. All ya gotta do is ask
Not really a reporter, more like another Obama Pajama Boy working for the Washington ComPost
Hardest working girl group ever, this debut album is gonna take the world by storm and slay everyone. I'M SO READY.
For every girl that complains about working out but not seeing a difference
This girl walked pass me an said wyd here I said working she said aw u got ...
Sexy glasses and hot brunette pleasuretomeety
lol girl I been working there for a year , I'm a big girl!
keep Working Baby Girl no excuses We grind Harder your music turnUp
In bed but still working. Half hospital patient and half school girl again tomorrow - not missing a single responsibility.
Hi Mel, I am working on an interesting Sharepoint Opportunity you might be a good fit for. I look forward to speaking soon!
Best part about my morning was looking at Chance's snapchat story &seeing working on a roof! Poor girl is trying to make money!😂
Its not even my internet like my internet is working and its connected but like google chrome just stops I'm just a girl
Lauren and Whitney are working an event where they're launching some girl named Lady Gaga. Just one of those randoms on this show.
Prince Philip’s ex-aide accused of three child sex attacks while working for Royal Family:
I feel like I'm a working girl clocking such late hours then coming home to round 2-cook and clean😢
So much fun working on the music vid with Sam Wolfe! She played the girl in vid!
Hannah says that working out each day will keep you healthy and looking fit. Thanks baby girl!…
I pulled whilst I was working and in my head I was just picking out flaws with the girl and trying my hardest to not
girl I was working out. It's a sports bra
Big birthday S/O to my girl ! I'm gonna miss working with you, don't have too much fun in Hays 😘
Just saw a really old guy getting a pedicure. Feel bad for the girl working on those talons.
I promise U I'm working on it, until then go 2 I'm the fat girl in the pink sitting next 2 Curtis:)
So happy! :)) I got my first big girl job here in Knoxville! Going to be working at an orthodontics office getting hands-on experience!
when. Yah floss the ends working girl :)?
When the sign on the elevator reads "The elevators may or may not be working" 😳
We're SO excited to be working with Savvier Fitness! Bring on the Tabata Bootcamp, Barre Basics, and Flirty Girl Fitness!
Order Miche Bag Online!
LOL at the last part! 😂. I miss working with you so much girl
I'm mad this girl just put up a transformation picture after working out for three consecutive days
Nothing more attractive than a smart hard working girl 👌👍
The new girl at working is killing me. . IM talkative, and you irritate ME with how much you talk. . Ry would be impressed...
Today I spent all ma dollas in Lush cause it's great there and I have a girl crush on the lady working there. Also got my brows did
This week is going to be hardcore U Girl stuff.I want this more than anything.I've been working hard for how many months now can't stop now.
Got tons of people working on my logo but I hope my girl comes through with the best one!
my clothing style ranges from try hard white girl to death metal scene girl with ombré hair so this whole outfit thing isn't working out
I have to support my girl she is a hard working business woman with so much potential!…
I owe so much to the girl who is working for go transit today. You
BABY GIRL GEAR! Available online at: .We are working hard to make it…
Omfg this girl working line is such a ruDE BEYOTCh
Never mind working playing shops with your little girl is the way forward
We're planning a Wellesley-themed film festival for 2015 in DC: recommendations so far are "Daddy Long Legs", "Bell, Book and Candle", "Take Her, She's Mine", "Working Girl" ,"Mona Lisa Smile" and the two films in which Wellesley alum Ali McGraw plays a Cliffie ("Goodbye, Columbus" and "Love Story"). Any other suggestions?
Watching 1988 movie, Working Girl with Melanie Griffith and Harrison Ford. So 80s but love the flashback.
The movie is called Working Girl, soundtrack is Carly Simon, but top billing is Harrison Ford? Had it been Oliver Platt I'd be cool w it
I am looking for women willing to help me out and fill up my "Working Girl" portfolio with before/after makeovers and I need a woman from each of the following professions/occupations to model for me! Let me know if you or someone you know are in the following category. Also let me know if I left your profession out!!! I want all Careers to be represented:). 1. Medical Assistant 2. Chef/Cook 3. Hospitality 4. Nursing 5. Administrative 6. Physician 7. Counseling 8. Homemaker 9. Home based business 10. Real Estate 11. Computer Programmer 12. Nail technician 13. Hairstylist 14. Teacher 15. Bank teller 16. Mortgage broker 17. College Student 18. Nanny 19. Floral designer 20. Mom to be 21. Furniture sales 22. Artist 23. Personal trainer 24. Waitress 25. Graphic Designer 26. Marketing 27. Project management 28. Physical Therapist 29. Occupational Therapist 30. Yoga instructor 31. Zumba/Jazzercise/Aerobic Instructor 32. Fast Food Service 33. Airport personnel 34. Medical coding 35. Apartment manager 36. Landscap ...
Just watched Working Girl with Nora Grace and Regina Rafter Albinus. It was shot at my office building and the view from Sigourney Weaver's office is the same from my boss' boss' desk. Not sure what's more jarring - seeing the Twin Towers or the younger faces of Melanie Griffith, Harrison Ford and Alec Baldwin. I think time has been kinder to Sigourney out of all of them.
Working Girl (1988). A very likeable RomCom with Melanie Griffith's secretary trying to make it in the cutthroat world of business. 7/10.
now watching 'Working Girl'. Melanie Griffith's hair is epic!
Warning: Working Girl (1988) starring Harrison Ford, Sigourney Weaver, Melanie Griffith and more, is only available until 31/05/2014
So the villainous corporation in X-Men also exists and listens to Melanie Griffith in Working Girl?
Melanie Griffith looks amazing throughout Working Girl. Even with the coke bloat.
Working Girl - a reminder of great film. Melanie Griffith's nervous cough a thing of art(fulness).
Working Girl with Melanie Griffith & Harrison Ford? OMG the big hair & makeup but I love it! Enjoy!
Working Girl, 1988. A series of montages where Melanie Griffith's hair swings from awful to wildly awful.
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