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Woolly Mammoth

The woolly mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius) was a species of mammoth, the common name for the extinct elephant genus Mammuthus.

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Great story on China cashing in on extinct woolly mammoths by
Today we went in search of Woolly Mammoth remains, encountered lagoon crocodiles & witnessed a geological 'jewel/dual'
Your pup looks great posed with those Wilbur The Woolly Mammoth toys! :) So cute!
Lyuba - the female woolly mammoth calf who lived for just a month 40,000 years ago - is the best preserved mammoth in…
We are so proud to have been a restaurant partner with Woolly Mammoth Theater Company for their…
25,000 years ago, in what is now the Czech Republic, someone carved these simple human figures from woolly mammoth toe…
I hope these Tasmanian Tiger sightings are legit. Science needs to clone these, the Dodo, and the Woolly Mammoth in the next 15 years.
Please all help save wild African Elephants from first! and Africa. Stop .
DNA clues to why woolly mammoth died out - BBC News
Mammoth 'Butchered' by Ancient Man: On the frozen tundra of northern Siberia, scientists say a young woolly ...
DNA clues to why woolly mammoth died out.
Hendrik Poinar "point of de-extinction isn't to bring species back and put them in a zoo..."
New discovery reveals mystery of the woolly mammoth -
Woolly mammoth on verge of resurrection, scientists reveal - The Archaeology News Network https…
BBC News - DNA clues to why woolly mammoth died out This makes me so sad.
New discovery unveils mystery of the woolly mammoth: a small breeding population may have doomed them.
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Which renders the so-called woolly mammoth de-extinction efforts, pointless, expensive, vanity projects?
DNA clues to why woolly mammoth died out ~via small gene pool =
DNA clues to why woolly mammoth died out
'Woolly mammoth' will be back from extinction within two years, say Harvard scientists
We've seen Bally angry, we fit talk say en Don see Coje dey vex? That's like looking for a woolly mammoth in sub Saharan Africa.
New discovery reveals mystery of the woolly mammoth
Genetic diversity key for success. Meme interaction diversity too?
What can the last population of woolly mammoths teach us about endangered species? htt…
Woolly mammoth and ibex drawn on the walls of Rouffignac Cave in the Dordogne around 13,000 years ago
COMPETITION // We here at Woolly Mammoth are very excited to have Jordie Lane back from America to launch their...
Chace Lobley's Woolly Mammoth is coming soon to a West Side near you. Stay tuned...
Smugglers selling by claiming it’s mammoth, which looks nearly identical to the untrained eye.
Mammoth hunters mine for ivory tusks and woolly rhino horns in the Siberian permafrost
The world of Russian hunters illegally and selling woolly mammoth tusks
- Photographs reveal and selling of woolly
Elephant being sold as 'mammoth ivory' in new discovery
Woolly Mammoth Ivory Is Legal, and That’s a Problem for Elephants via
Mining for mammoth tusks. Amazing photos of digging for from extinct species in via
'Photographs reveal illegal mining and selling of woolly mammoth tusks' via
The oldest known image of a woman - sculpted from woolly mammoth ivory during the last glacial c. 26,000 years ago. ht…
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Woolly mammoth ivory is legal and that’s a BIG problem for elephants
Incredible story about the woolly mammoth ivory tusk business in Siberia.
A woolly mammoth is elected mayor of Budapest.
Stop what you are doing and turn on smithsonian channel, they found a frozen woolly mammoth and are trying clone it!
Photographs reveal illegal mining and selling of woolly mammoth tusks in Russia
Where fossils are so plentiful, you can balance your kettle on a woolly rhino skull ht…
Never in my life had I had a craving to eat woolly mammoth... Until I started reading this book.
They even have woolly mammoth and pirate shark plushies! Lol
Great review of The Nether - a play about the ethics of virtual reality - opening this week in DC :
Thanks for the cool article on Opens tomorrow
My niece just called Woolly Mammoth an elephant with a long trunk and horns.
Blue story woolly mammoth highland games: QNJ
Release your inner artist - three ways to draw a woolly mammoth
Our on Cloning the Woolly Mammoth has been nominated for a Webby. Vote for us:
I'm wearing capris and I forgot to shave my legs. Look out for the woolly mammoth.
For your play about VR pedophilia, is it creepier to cast a child actress or an adult?
'The Nether' at Woolly Mammoth is a creepy puzzle of a play
Impressive BIG Tooth of a Woolly Mammoth FOSSIL Pleistocene SUPER BIG for sale
Impressive Tooth of a Woolly Mammoth FOSSIL Pleistocene for sale
*** Ya! Coachella are bringing back the woolly mammoth again. =,)
Woolly mammoth in the winter. Also a "super napper." Dream to ride though - learning = finishing up.
The woolly mammoth pool champ cup up for grabs on Saturday
Climate change is man-made? Why was hey woolly mammoth just unearthed in Oklahoma?
New fave: The woolly mammoth was not prehistoric it actually lives in Hollow Earth & crawled out onto Antarctica where it was freshly frozen
- caused no end of grief last Saturday night for the 1st support act at Woolly Mammoth.
And their best friend, a woolly mammoth.
I liked a video Woolly Mammoth Closer to Being Unextinct
You've been in denial so long, dear, you ignore the the woolly mammoth in the room.
When you don't have time to shape your eyebrows in the morning so you look like a woolly mammoth
To reach woolly mammoth status, you must first push through the awkward razor blade stage.
Happy Birthday! A little baby Woolly Mammoth tooth from just outside Plymouth!
Check out our live review of EP launch w/ at >
The crew from 4ZZZ came down to the Mane Stage last Friday, and got a taste of the awesomeness of the local rock...
4 of 5 stars to How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth by Michelle Robinson
.performs tonight at Woolly Mammoth in Fortitude Valley
Scientists working on cloning Woolly Mammoth. Can Yankees ask them to work on cloning a Bird (Greg Bird)?
Woolly Mammoth takes on body image and humor found in a salad bowl - Washington Post
Woohoo! The mammoth kickstarter has made it!
"Woolly mammoth clones closer than ever, thanks to genome sequencing" WANT ONE!
All purpose parts banner
Stoked that I'll be able to pick up my mammoth at this year
"'Let Them Eat Chaos' is as fresh, funny and original as you would hope it to be.". READ:
I'm really happy that the Wooly Mammoth got founded. You can still get yours
oh my yes... ---Second City's LET THEM EAT CHAOS at Woolly Mammoth - via
Second City finds an edge at Woolly Mammoth – Washington Post
Great news! With 3 days to spare the Wooly Mammoth elePHPant (mammoPHP?) is fully backed!
Spotted this soldier at @ Woolly Mammoth Antiques, Oddities & Resale
Second City comedy finds an edge at Woolly Mammoth
This cloud looked just like an elephant till I got to my phone. By the it had gone Woolly Mammoth lol
I wanted to try supporting a small stuffed elephant ( ) but am not sure it will arrive to me, its postal issue :(
WOOHOO!!! Well done. Thanks and congratulation to the community /cc
Thanks to you, The Woolly Mammoth ElePHPant has met its funding goal!. Thank you, everyone!.
Only $3500 more of your support and the wooly mammoth elephpant will be created!
usergroup organizers. Can you send out an email to your mailing list asking to support our Mammoth kickstarter?
A woolly mammoth would be the last of your worries in Kirkcaldy!
BACK THE MAMMOTH - just made a $1000 donation to get the extinct Wooly back from the dead please help!
A 20+ herd of woolly plush mammoths will be visiting Italy. Please help project to reach the goal!
Please help meet their funding goal - 3 days left to raise less that $3k and that’s Canadian $$$!
At $27,723, just $2300 more and the wooly mammoth elephpant will get made!
are performing tonight at Woolly Mammoth in Fortitude Valley. Details here
Resurrecting the Woolly Mammoth! After this Fred Flintstone will be Almost There!
Via Jurassic Park is becoming reality! The woolly mammoth is coming back from the dead.
(1/4) After numerous plans and efforts, a team of scientists has taken the first real step to bring back the extinct woolly mammoth
Woolly Mammoth DNA Successfully Spliced Into Elephant Cells a You may get your wish.
Woolly Mammoth's bout to make the biggest comeback of 2015 fam.
A fine woolly on - check them out for more themed today
BRISBANE fundraiser Thurs 26th at Wooly Mammoth - supporting musicians in need
The woolly mammoth cloning experiment with elephant gerome has kids talking. A PBL topic for C21st classrooms, moral or ethical
Headline on MSN "Scientists move a step closer to reviving woolly mammoth" Why?
Very Good news. . Now if we can get some Reagan DNA infused into the elephant.
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Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Bringing back the Mammoth
R we going to experience a park someday???. Woolly Mammoth DNA Successfully Spliced Into Elephant Cells
Scientists splice DNA of woolly mammoth, elephant
Woolly mammoth could roam again as extinct DNA merged with elephant - Telegraph
Scientists successfully insert Wooly Mammoth DNA into elephant genome.
A scientist has inserted DNA from the frozen remains of a woolly mammoth into cells taken from a live elephant... http…
news Woolly Mammoth DNA Successfully Spliced Into Elephant Cells: A group of researchers are gettin...
Woolley mammoth DNA has been successfully spliced into the genome of an Asian elephant. via
Researchers are one step closer to bringing the woolly mammoth back from extinction
. Look at this Woolly Mammoth trying to seduce Fred Flintstone!
No spectacular, but still amazing! A fragment of a Woolly Mammoth tusk from Kitley Caves.
To Rolf Giddins and others who have been posting interesting comments on religion here recently, here is a short thing I wrote a few years back that may explain one of the reasons why it all went wrong somehow. A brief history of the world and why it all went wrong somehow. Bob sits at the entrance to his cave. He is somewhat perplexed. He stares down at the stone object that has taken him fourteen months to carve from a volcanic boulder, armed only with a sturdy femur and several sharpened ribs from a large, long eaten, hairy creature, which at this time in its existence, no one has actually given a name to. He studies the smooth curvature of his creation, confused by its spectacular roundness and regards the perfectly carved cylindrical hole, smack in the centre with a least a little pride and the hint of an idea. A name for it instantly springs to mind and Bob is happy. “Ugh.” He expels. A neighbour, Ted, who still hasn’t returned that Woolly Mammoth shawl that he borrowed last winter joins him a ...
Support Howard University s. Theatre Arts Administration students at. Woolly Mammoth!. ARGUENDO on April 5th at 3pm
Who will write the story when science tries to build an experimental nuclear device inside a resurrected woolly mammoth?
Can be create a GMO animal just like a woolly mammoth and call him
There is literally a solid amber lungfish collar because of this woman. I almost put in a woolly mammoth vendor. -
Could Mammoth be brought back to life? rescue of endangered species could it include x labour supporters ???
FUN FACT FRIDAY! The state we call home is celebrating 147 years old on March 1. Are you from the "Good Life"? NEBRASKA POEM Smack in the middle of our great nation Is a state that requires some explanation. To east and west coasters who'll come right out and ask ya',... "Is there anything of interest in the State of Nebraska?" It's true we don't have mountains all decked out in snow, But we do have the world's biggest live chicken show. We're the makers of Spam. We invented Kool-Aid, And this is where the first Reuben sandwich was made. Our insect, the Honeybee. Our bird, the Meadowlark. The strobe light, our creation, works best in the dark. Governmentally speaking, we're a freak of nature. Since we have the only one-house state legislature. On Arbor Day, when you plant a tree, Remember that it started in Nebraska City. We were once called a desert, but that name didn't take, Since we have the country's largest underground lake. We have the world's largest forest planted by hand, And more miles of river ...
If you thought the woolly mammoth and the dodo were gone for good, then think again – scientists in America are working to bring vanished species back to life.
Interesting. The Revive and Restore project aims to achieve the “genetic rescue of endangered and extinct species”:
Not quite Jurassic Park, but could Woolly Mammoth roam again?
"Jacob Sherkow...argued that de-extinction ought to be pursued on the basis that it would 'surely be very cool'.".
Wow, coffee in the travel mug went from piping hot to barely warm. At this point, do we wait for the first woolly mammoth to appear? UGH! Tonight will definitely be a mulled wine night, methinks. Bottling madness at Albert Street, naturally to be expertly handled by Sarah, Quiet day at Rochdale with bottlings, barrels and wines to work on. Stay warm and have a great day!
"Could scientists bring Wooly Mammoth back from the dead?" Yes!
This kinda science is actually pretty terrifying
Could a woolly mammoth be brought back to life? Passenger pigeon? Dodo? Thylacine? I would love it to be so.
I gotta walk to the library across campus to work with a stinky girl that high resembles a woolly mammoth.
I'm trying to imagine what the new "Woolly Mammoth Crossing" signs will look like
Could the Woolly Mammoth be brought back to life?
Seeds Of Perdition is proud to announce the addition of Chris Kerns (Crucifier, Pale Existence) on the bass guitar! Chris brings a ton of experience and an epic beard to the fold.. Come help us welcome Chris to the band tonight @ Woolly Mammoth on South Street for our CD release party! And buy the guy a beer, he likes beer..
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A team of scientists from the Revive & Restore project are working to resurrect the woolly mammoth.
I understand the whole March coming in like a lamb vs. a lion. But what now, when it's coming in like a polar bear? Or a woolly mammoth?
A group led by futurist is spearheading a movement to try to revive extinct species, such as the woolly mammoth and the passenger pigeon. In a Yale Environment 360 debate, Brand makes the case for trying to bring back long-gone species, while biologist argues that the idea is ill conceived and moral...
The Woolly Mammoth, also known as Mammuthus, means "Earth Burrower" in Greek. Join the fun by getting the game for free!
video by Ethan Long Somerville trio GEM CLUB performs its song "Soft Season" live at Woolly Mammoth Studios in Waltham, MA. "Soft Season" appears on the band...
There is a quiet debate going on--whether we have the scientific capabilities of bringing back the Woolly Mammoth. It is quite interesting. However, what would be the point of bringing back the Woolly Mammoth through some sort of DNA extraction/cloning method? I am now channeling the Jeff Goldblum character in ‘Jurassic Park’. = )
Random thoughts Thursday: 1) If Velociraptors were still alive and could sing n dance, they would look like my brother Sam. 2) My brother thinks I look Like a Woolly Mammoth 3) Just because you can sing loud, APPARENTLY doesn't mean you can sing well 4) Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Floor Layers, and Painters do not appreciate loud singing 5) I miss tap dancing. Gonna start an over forty, overweight, over awesome tap club. Lol 11 1/2 hrs til Friday!
Lolly is a cute little Bichon X Jack Russell who had to bring her appointment forward by several weeks today as she was beginning to look like a woolly mammoth. Always a Daddy's girl, Lolly gave a big smile for the camera when he came to collect her! Vote 'like' for Lolly to win our FEBRUARY free groom competition.
...and this blustering white out squall of white frozen $&is ok because???... Id better see a freakin' woolly mammoth go by soon so I can begin drinking heavily with good reason.
Thank goodness for the Woolly Mammoth coat!!! I had to break out my Snoop Dog rug just to make living in the Tundra more bearable this morning!!!
Today is International Polar Bear Day, dedicated to raising awareness about Polar Bears and to encouraging people to take action to protect them and their habitats. Are there any animals that you are passionate about protecting? If you could see one extinct animal what would it be? Perhaps you’d love to see a dodo or a woolly mammoth? Do you think we have a duty to protect animals, or should we prioritise other matters first?
Thinking of attending a schooling show on March 8th with my woolly mammoth mare. I still haven't shown her.
Okay all y'all folks in the south need to stop talking about its cold. It's 27 degrees in NYC! I don't even want to know how cold it is upstate and in Canada!!! Stop it just stop it! It's so cold up North, I think I saw the Woolly mammoth from Ice Age outside! It's so cold outside, there's a glacier forming outside. If y'all can be dramatic about 40 something degrees, I think I'm entitled to go in about 27! Shot.
REAL Woolly MAMMOTH (Mammuthus primigenius) sighting (Yakutsk city, Sakha Republic, Siberia 1943). After the conclusion of the WW2 Battle of Stalingrad, Nazi...
Matthew visited his first museum today. He slept most of the way round, but did enjoy it when I brushed the (replica) woolly mammoth fur over his hand.
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$19 for one Mighty Sabertooth or Woolly Mammoth (normally a $30 value)
I AM... Black History Month Celebration Day 26 I Am Michael Jackson I am I am Bad I am a Smooth Criminal. I am he who owns the record for best-selling album of all time. I was a member of the great Jackson 5 I am another famous MJ I helped popularize and coined the moonwalk dance as one of my signature moves I am he who helped pave the way for other African American artists to have their music videos aired on MTV I am he who was fortunate to have won multiple Grammys, MTV Awards, World Music Awards, American Music Awards, and Inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame I am the king of pop who believes the people, Black or White, can Heal the World together as one. And that the immediate changes we seek should always start with the Man in the Mirror. I am Michael Jackson *ART EXHIBIT ON FEB 28th MAMMOTH THEATRE COMPANY Melton Rehearsal Hall 6:00pm - 9:00pm 641 D Street, NW, Washington, DC 20004*
When it comes to audience engagement, Washington DC's Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company is considered by many to be one of the rock-stars. During its...
Report on birthday weekend: Friday nite--hosted my writers' group and felt very inspired and supported. Saturday morning--attended library workshop on house history. Ran into Ben and Rachel, friends we often have Sunday brunch with, so we made a date for, you guessed it, Sunday brunch on my birthday. Then buzzed into the National Portrait Gallery. Then introduced myself to Mark Shields. Then walked home in bright sunshine/blue skies. Got home and had a piece of the birthday cake Tom made for me. I got to pick: oatmeal cake with broiled walnut/coconut frosting. Saturday night--to go to play at Woolly Mammoth. Sunday morning--will open presents and cards received, then go to brunch at place of my choosing. Dinner at The Hamilton--Tom made reservations. Very happy. :) (just discovered the FB emoticons):
How far is too far? Do different rules apply when you’re discussing the subject of race? Can you truly ever walk a mile in someone else’s shoes? Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company continues to boldly p...
Ten thousand years ago, large mammals of the Arctic, like the woolly mammoth, went extinct. What caused it? Climate change? Disease? Over-hunting by humans?
During the Ice Age, the mighty woolly mammoth and woolly rhinoceros relied on protein-rich wildflowers.
Forbs, flowering plants, were the food of choice for woolly mammoths, woolly rhinos, horses and bison until the last glacial maximum, new research shows
I'm very excited to have been invited to read my stories at 'Sticky Stories' in Bristol, at the Create Centre on 26th Feb! I will be reading Scary Mary, What Goes Up, and the world premier of 'Little Lou and the Woolly Mammoth' (which isn't even published until May!) so come on down and make yourselves comfy :)
The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus is back in town with a new show, Legends. It starts tonight and runs through Sunday at the Amway Arena. Performers from around the globe perform feats of daring, spectacles of strength and thrills of wonder to summon the mythical and the mysterious: a Unicorn, a Pegasus and a Woolly Mammoth!
Many thanks to the top notch kids of Oxfordshire for long listing Woolly Mammoth :)
How To Wash a Woolly Mammoth is long listed for best picture book in the Oxfordshire Book Awards 2014! Giddy!
Meet Yuka, the 39,000-year-old mummified woolly mammoth scientists want to clone
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Sometimes you just have to erase the messages, delete the numbers anbring back the Woolly Mammoth?
we have, I saw a woolly mammoth today
In Texas too.yet to see any woolly mammoth's though.hmmm what to do when bored.;)
aww cute, I wonder what she's chasing down (woolly mammoth?)
Just got gored by a woolly mammoth, these conditions are too bad for school…
turning into a woolly mammoth as I haven't shaved in the past hour I should shave hourly guys
BBC News - De-extinction: Mammoth prospect, or just woolly?
# Astrology. Today's forecast: don't ignore the woolly mammoth in the room with Mars-Uranus opposed. .
What happened to the that drove them to Likely a perfect storm of factors. Read on. GC
The African Bush Elephant is the largest of all living creatures on land today, with some individuals growing to weigh more than 6 tons. The Elephant is thought to have been named after the Greek word for ivory, meaning that Elephants were named for their uniquely long tusks. Although many of the ancestors of the African Bush Elephant became extinct during the last ice-age (including the Woolly Mammoth), there are three distinct species of Elephant remaining today which are the Asian Elephant (of which there are a number of sub-species), the African Bush Elephant and the African Forest Elephant. Although these two Elephant species are very similar, the African Bush Elephant is considered to be generally larger than the African Forest Elephant, which has rounder ears and straighter tusks. *Ocelot
I'm not saying it's cold, but I think I just saw a woolly mammoth walking down the road...
- At least stick around for the Monday Raw in case theybring back the Woolly Mammoth?
I needed a hair cut about a month ago, now I'm just a freaking woolly mammoth.
Another colleague looking for the woolly mammoth. Should I tell? Nah!
is definitely looking for the Woolly Mammoth! Should I tell her?
So it might have been a woolly mammoth at some point but it's really an elephant! Just letting you all know, lol.
Breast Cancer Awareness
"Woolly Mammoth" is a jam recorded between me and at On Fire Production Studio. Check it Out:
Can Purported Mammoth Blood Revive Extinct Species?. A reality check on a new find out of Russia and hopes for...
dude like jerry Walter spine is bigger than a woolly mammoth
yup found last remnant of a woolly mammoth, just happened to have an Xmas bow on it ;-)
The Urban Dictionary formerly defined the "Snuffalupagus" as "the woolly mammoth Big Bird sees when he drops acid"
The in the ascendant sinus touching woolly mammoth defluent - 2012 kentucky harness race strut triple time: kKQPTAg
Hedgehogs have managed to outlive the sabre-tooth tiger and the woolly mammoth but for the first time in the past 70 million years, their numbers are in serious decline ... 'help a hog' this Christmas x Ross On Wye Hedgehogs have a special place in the hearts of Ross people. Did you know they are an endangered species because their numbers have dropped so much? We have our very own hedgehog rescue centre in Ross called Furzepig Hedgehog Rescue which is run by volunteers. You could help by sponsoring a hedgehog this Christmas. Donations can be sent to: Furzepig Hedgehog Rescue,Buckcastle Hill, Bridstow, Ross-on-Wye, HR9 6QF Bank transfers should be made to Furzepig Hedgehog Rescue bank account at The Coventry Building Society sort code 40-63-01 No. 074476828
Also, the TARDIS sounds like an angry woolly mammoth.
Just chipped a Solero from the top tray of my freezer. Like extracting a perfectly preserved woolly mammoth from a Russ…
And everyone knows that Mr. Snuffleupagus is the spawn of a woolly mammoth and a dinosaur.
Someone has to ask the tough questions: is the best bar by the woolly mammoth? lol
Who will meet by the woolly mammoth by 8:30 tonight?
Really excited about Woolly Mammoth and Esmerine at the cathedral tonight - think it's going to be epic
When I look outside and see a Woolly Mammoth in my parking lot it means stay in bed.
Well, it's not massive compared to, say, a woolly mammoth, but it's big for a paper cut.
Someone should come over and do my eyebrows for me because I feel like a woolly mammoth.
WOOLLY MAMMOTH PROJECT - Reach Out And Pass It On! Pass on your old clothes, woollens, blankets, shoes and love to those in need this winter. a. We call out to all our friends to make sure this project has a mammoth impact all over the world - and on the same day, similar drives are conducted across various countries and continents so as to reach the maximum number of people in need - a drive that surpasses geographical boundaries of time and space and unites us all in this act of giving. We need to encourage all our friends and family abroad to help us achieve this mission so please INVITE ALL YOUR CONTACTS to this event. If you'd like to join in, POST A MESSAGE HERE and EMAIL US at reachoutwith your plans and country/region of action so that we can put up a map of what's happening where around the world. b. We ask you not just to distribute clothes but interact and engage with the recipients, share your lives with each other, and make sure that we spread a smile and make someone feel special and noticed ...
It was so cold today on the Trinity, I saw a Woolly Mammoth cross the river.
I'm bout to fire this ol woolly mammoth looking *** *** up
I just got my second CCI pup to raise. He looks like a 14 lb woolly mammoth and has a bladder the size of a pea (e) - lol
Fun night celebrating Woolly's birthday with Glen Plake . Come to the Mammoth Lakes Pavilion stage...
De-extinction. I'm for it. How cute would a baby Woolly Mammoth be? Also, a crazy feat of science.
I would fight a woolly mammoth for you. That's how much I would love you.
Problem at my house---the woolly mammoth that is disguised as a great pyrennes who has identity crisis cuz she wants to be a lap dog-hates cats-its way cold outside and the poor cats are outside--- solution --- a hot pad under the cats blanket in the garage--sometimes ya gotta sacrifice yer foot warming hot pad for yer furry friends, cuz they need a warm place to snuggle into in this weather too !!
Smithsonian artifacts can be printed at home Want my own Woolly Mammoth
Ringling Bros. Commercial- "Come check out the mythological Unicorn, Pegasus, & Woolly Mammoth" Last time I checked the Woolly Mammoth was extinct, not mythological. Lol
why does Anna look super cute while going outside and I look like a woolly mammoth
Last night I had the woolly mammoth of migraines, and got very sick from the pain. Luckily I have a wonderful man by my side and he took wonderful care of me and did everything right including going out in the cold weather just to get me a gatorade.
De-extinction: Mammoth prospect, or just woolly?
Piece of the Week: Crocodile Bangle - Mammoth Collection. 18ct yellow gold with woolly mammoth ivory ★
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Finished off that woolly mammoth yet Emma ?
Buzz Words Review: How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth Don't miss this to learn how!
How bad did the Bears look last Sunday you ask me?.ICEMAN Died 35,000 Years Ago, Flash frozen in Antarctica, Killed by a Gorilla Spear from a Rival that stole his leather shoes made from a Hippo.NO TEETH, Dead for Millennium x 60.Thawed then Re Frozen 16 TIMES over, Thawed Half eaten by a Woolly Mammoth then the Woolly Mammoth was half eaten by a Saber Tooth Tiger.half Iceman...dead, Refrozen.Dandelions Growing inside his eye sockets - 600,000 Fire arts made him home for 16 days.refrozen then a Mountain Climber throws up on this mass he thought was a ROCK.ICEMAN DISCOVERED. That's How bad.
Just killed a spider that was the size of a woolly mammoth. Brittanny helped. The spider was obviously in cahoots with the devil.
I'm off to work, looking like a woolly mammoth..night duty calls! Peace out lovely people :-) x
Playing the cup song on each other's faces when we're suppose to be watching a woolly mammoth show.
Pics of a woolly mammoth or it didn't happen. (Seriously, be careful, safe and warm.)
another creative Woolly! RTWhat Wooly the Mammoth teaches about fostering employee creativity:
Great trip to Kenosha to see the illustrations of Brian Selznick. We saw a woolly mammoth found in 1992 near Kenosha. Awesome view of Lake Michigan and the Pierhead Lighthouse from the second floor. I had to take a picture of the dinosaur dung (poo-poo) for the grandkids. We went to an Italian deli called Tenuta's. Charlette Davidson (Chuck Davidson) could spend hours enjoying that place.
Made eye contact with wtw crush today & looked like a windswept woolly mammoth. On the upside I can only improve after that surely.
Oh my gosh. For the first time in her life, Paige resembles a woolly mammoth Not sure where all the coat has come from.
This kind of cold weather took out the Woolly Mammoth & my X MIL. Guess I'm next
Here ends my associations with public restrooms. Whilst relieving myself at the urinal in shopping centre, guy come in and a) did not respect the urinal + 1 system and then whilst pissing let out an air biscuit that could have awoken a hibernating woolly mammoth. He also says whilst delivering this end of days rain maker '*sake, not again' then dives into the cubicle. With my eyes narrowed and taking only the shallowest of breathes, I'm washing my hands and he shouts out ' can you get me some toilet paper, big man, none in here' it's a laundrette and a tk maxx you need son, not a paper towel. Christ.
"Your Scientific Horoscope: Scientists are very near cloning the currently extinct woolly mammoth."
If anyone needs a ride this weekend I can't drive my truck but I can always borrow my Uncle Lesters Woolly Mammoth..
all I want is a freaking woolly mammoth with freaking lasers on its back
Unlike most of my musician brethren and um, sisthren, I am a morning person. Today's session at Woolly Mammoth begins at 9 AM. This makes me happy. Hope Mike Piehl, Edward Riemer,William Loosigian, and Dave Minehan are equally enthused! Shooting for 5 basic tracks...4 brand new and 1 plundered from the vaults.
that's why I'm like a woolly mammoth.
shall I compare thee to a woolly mammoth finally defrosted from the Ice Age cause I'm gonna
I think bell is half woolly mammoth half jack russel. Her weight is just amazing for her breed, shes breakin records.
I need a small pack of men to come hunt a woolly mammoth with me. One mammoth will supply everything we need to survive this frozen tundra
They are injecting woolly mammoth DNA into Indian elephants egg cells
Im so hungry I can eat a whale that just ate a woolly mammoth of which has just ate a horse...
A view of the mighty Woolly Mammoth this morning before heading in to work... By the time we got home from work tonight there was 11-14 inches to remove. Had to move the Goldwing out of the way to get at the snow blower. Took 3 hours to blow the driveway tonight with Diane Nast's able assistance. And the good news? More snow on the way!
There comes a time in every Buffalo's life that it changes form like a caterpillar entering a cocoon later to emerge as a beautiful butterfly. In the life cycle of a Buffalo it emerges from its pupa as a great Woolly Mammoth. This happens when the Buffalo reaches a score and eight years of age. It will occasionally happen sooner if a congregation of four or more Woolly Mammoths come together and grant status upon a mature Buffalo and agree to show it the way. Woolly Mammoth's can often be spotted by their preferred drink of Bourbon and Ginger, which means you can often smell them coming when the odor of fermented barley and rye and a hint of sweet ginger is in the air. Woolly Mammoths will often sometimes follow the order of the Buffalo and drink with the non-dominant hand. The Woolly Mammoth having learned the ways of the Buffalo and evolved passed it will sometimes take full right and deny the Buffalo with a swift ninja like and very effective Woolly Mammoth call. The call cancels the Buffalo's call and ...
oki soki I'm off to take my dear woolly mammoth to be sterilized - both your daddies loves you Bea Glenn Wayne Kirkwood-Eales
Join us for Theatre Show - The Pajama Men: Just the Two of Each of Us! at Woolly Mammoth Theatre on Friday, Dec 20th - 30s & 40s Going Out Group.
Today is our two-year anniversary! Many thanks to our amazing clients who made year two HUGE: Playwrights Realm, Diversionary Theatre, Theatre Bay Area, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, The Arden Theatre Company, The Fox Theatre, Agency212, Seek New York LLC, Sunlight Foundation, our fabulous interns Lauren and Erin, and all of our friends and business partners for their continued support!
We had a tripping good time at The Woolly Mammoth! Thanks Philly.. See you next time. Next stop.. Atlantic City next week!
Over ate? Sick of sitting in the cabin? Get out and get your surf on tonight at the Woolly Mammoth ! The Surf Jerkz hit the stage at 11pm Only the cool stuff Daddy O !
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TONIGHT! Drew and I play, Sean plays, and then a special performance from a band I was in that recently broke up. Surf Jerkz is also on the bill. If you're in the South Street area come over to Woolly Mammoth and if you're not around...well now you have something to do. We start after 8. See you tonight.
Though scientists don't expect a real-life "Jurassic Park" will ever be on the horizon, a species that died a few tens of thousands of years ago could be resurrected as long as it has enough intact ancient DNA. How scientists hope to revive the woolly mammoth:
This weekends exciting night life Open mic friday night at trackside with the whole family, then off to shaffers...Saturday Save the woolly mammoth with be at the lyric room in Green bay...Seems like a fun weekend coming up :)
"You're like a woolly mammoth. but skinny." Lol. The things we say in public. My brother talking to his little friend. Gosh a great night so far and it's only beginning
Dear power company. .. Please oh pretty please get us reconnected. I'm refusing to be clean shaven for Thanksgiving, but I'm not shooting for the woolly mammoth look either. Also 63 is quite nippy.
Last week to see Appropriate at Woolly Mammoth! Six more shows. 8pm Tuesday and Friday. Saturday 3 and 8pm. Sunday 2 and 7pm.
Thrilled to see APPROPRIATE at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company tonight. A few ATMTC student performers are in the cast!
The first day of the woolly mammoth at Apni Jagah went great, we brought new woolen clothes, note books, pencil, rubber, scale, sharpener and some food to the children and they left us with there priceless SMILES :) Vastra Sammaan, ye hai Jaipur ki shaan, aao kare roshan aur de de muskaan :)
I'm getting pretty annoyed with all the retail stores that will be opened tomorrow. I know you absolutely have to buy those over priced woolly mammoth feet (aka Ugg boots) or the new season of Keeping up with the Kardashians on DVD on seriously can't wait another day.
Off to DC for the day to meet with Michael J. Bobbitt and to see Beth Hylton Delehanty and Deb Hazlett at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company in Appropriate
Taking my lil man to the groomers.we missed his last appt. He looks a lil like a woolly mammoth! lol
Event this Sunday on South Street!!! Come out to support your favorite South Street bars and enjoy $3 Sam Adams and $4 Titos Vodka drinks. Join us for South Street SURVIVOR. Cheer on teams consisting of your favorite bartenders and locals who will compete to win the title of South Street Survivor. Participating bars: Woolly Mammoth (HOST), Cavanaugh's Headhouse, O'Neals Pub, and Lickety Split. Event starts at 4pm at Woolly Mammoth then we will be moving to each of the bars and ending back at Woolly. Invite your friends and enjoy Sunday Funday with Sam!
"Beards turn me on, which means that fall&winter are very exciting seasons for me." good thing Jer is a woolly mammoth.
Hey, if any of you are looking for something fun to do this weekend, we could get together and clone a mammoth.
Woolly Mammoth Comeback? via Humans will Force extinct remaining on this Planet n then Cry!
This Woolly Mammoth Tusk and skeletons were recovered when a glacier melted down
Bring back Ronald Reagan while your at it.Woolly Mammoth Comeback? 5 Ethical Challenges via
Chanyeol would seem like the person who would nickname his *** woolly mammoth
Woolly Mammoth Comeback? 5 Ethical Challenges via and it shows how far we've come in 100 years
Wicked Yes to all esp' -- Woolly mammoth, gastric brooding frogs, Saber-toothed CAT!!
Here is how you could bring back the Woolly Mammoth
"The Edge of Innocense" 18K Gold, 0.81 carat black diamonds and fossilized woolly mammoth bone! by
Classroom discussion topic- what challenges would we face with. de-extinction-
Can I have a go on your woolly mammoth?!? Great show :-)
Has new made it possible for us to see a living Woolly Mammoth?
How to Bring Back the Woolly Mammoth (Infographic) vía
Interesting, but bring 'em back alive - Woolly Mammoth Comeback? 5 Ethical Challenges via
Gotta get these eyebrows threaded!! Feeling very woolly mammoth at the moment.
Comeback of woolly mammoth plausible!
I would be so happy if the Woolly Mammoth was brought back to life
Accessories Magazine features Nan Fusco Jewelry Woolly Mammoth Ivory Earrings as Item of the ... via
Woolly Mammoth Comeback? 5 Ethical Challenges | LiveScience And a stupid 50 Shades of Grey reference at the end.
Bonkers and Bubbly - that describes me and and our free event this Saturday!
go interview a dinosaur and a Woolly Mammoth and ask them how much evil man caused those climate changes?
The pyramids of Egypt are so old that woolly mammoths still existed when they were being built...
CHUCK LORRE PRODUCTIONS, when I hit a particularly bad golf shot, I find myself looking for the ball where I want it to be, rather than where it most likely is. On a personal level this could be written off as a harmless bit of wishful thinking. But on a macro level, it reveals an evolutionary character flaw that has Darwinian implications. What are the long term survival chances of a species that is unwilling to see things as they are - when "as they are" is not how it wants them to be? The answer, of course, is slim to woolly mammoth. In fact, it's a hop, skip and jump from a missing Titleist to mass extinction. We want to believe that nuclear weapons will not fall into psychotic hands. Or that if they do, heroes will stop them. We want to believe that catastrophic climate change won't upset our plans for the weekend. And if it does, scientists will build space stations where a select few of us will live happily ever after (and that they'll need middle-aged sitcom writers with bronchitis). We want to be ...
What is going on with this age thing!? I'm loosing all the hair on my head but starting too see it elsewhere! I'm like turning into a bald woolly mammoth! What is happening! Awe I'm sad now.
WHO IS DOING WHAT TONIGHT. i got dressed and left the house for A Stranger in Your Arms: Brad Rohloff, Kate McQuillen, Woolly Mammoth and Wrekmeister Harmonies and it was awesome but i'm fighting my old lady ways of just calling it a night at 9pm...
A thick coat of fur doesn't provide sufficient protection in an Arctic gale. That's why Woolly Mammoths also had four inches of solid fat underneath their skin, an added layer of insulation that kept them warm and toasty. (By the way, Woolly Mammoth fur ranged in color from blonde to dark brown, much like human hair.)
Next Woolly Mammoth Panic Attack Scheduled for October 26th! We're taking the show all the way to Queens this time!
Performance report from last night's performance of THE Laramie Project that was displaced from Ford's Theatre by the government shutdown: "Well, this is one for the memoirs for sure! This morning we learned that the government shutdown would in fact mean we could not perform onstage at Ford’s Theatre. Kristin secured the Woolly rehearsal space and stage management worked with the crew to move the show to Woolly. We performed for a select group of invited guests and members of the press. We used all costumes, props, and sound cues. Lighting was essentially lights up and lights down with a few internal cues. Major thanks to Woolly Mammoth for being more accommodating and gracious than we deserved—They answered with “Yes!” to every request we threw their way. As expected, our backstage and wardrobe crew transformed the space and dressing rooms in just a few hours (because they’re that awesome!) The cast made spacing adjustments with Matthew during a rapid-fire 90-minute rehearsal session. It all c ...
The Medicinal Miracle of Heroic Cures by The Baron I have come down with a cooling disease. I toss and turn, my stinking black fire blazes and I wear more layers of clothes than a woolly mammoth-clad Neanderthal. I visit Dr Benjamin Rush at his world renowned pharmacy in search of solution to this damned affliction. He prescribes a heroic cure - six pints of brandy per day. Water is not an option as it is that evil substance that has given me this frigid disease in the first place. The solution lies in the warming arms of Madame Brandewijn. She will save my ailing body form its freezing paralysis. The inebriation that follows will heal my body if not my mind; if my mind can last through the coming alternate realities, I will be completely cured. And I am not alone. Apparently, Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, has been treaty with the very same therapy. Alcohol has been used medicinally throughout recorded history; its medicinal properties are mentioned 191 times in the Bible alone. Early civilisa ...
OK, Now I'm mad...I had tickets to Laramie Project tonight... FORD'S THEATRE AFFECTED BY GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN Because of the ever-changing situation with the government shutdown, we have received conflicting messages over the last several days about the fate of Ford’s Theatre National Historic Site. Ford’s Theatre Society is a private non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and we do not use any federal funding or federal employees for our performances. Because our productions do not utilize public money, we were able to continue performances during previous government shutdowns. However, we have now been told that we cannot perform in the theatre during the shutdown, which will affect performances of The Laramie Project and upcoming Lincoln Legacy Project events. We have moved tonight’s press night performance to Woolly Mammoth Theatre, which has generously offered us its rehearsal space. We have space only for press tonight; all other guests will be rescheduled. As the shutdown progresses, we will be in ...
Shutdown got YOU down? Not tonight. Ford's Theatre is making sure the show goes on by bringing The Laramie Project to Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company 's Rehearsal Hall tonight. WE can work together, even if Congress can't!
Props to Woolly Mammoth for housing Ford's Theatre's production during the shut down.
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Also, I just read a beautiful thing on my news feed. The shutdown kept Ford's Theatre from performing their press conference performance of Laramie Project (to which I have a ticket tonight), so Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company opened their rehearsal space. The show will go on, thanks to love among DC theatres. Proud to work for theatre, not the government!
Thank you Rockstars known as Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company for hosting the press night tonight!
So the ability to bring back some endangered species has changed from the "can" we category to the "should" we category. So...should we bring back species like the messenger pigeon and the woolly mammoth?
Working on a remix of Tripolar Maneuvers from Black Sheep Screaming for his forthcoming remix album. That track is a woolly mammoth on meth! ain't even trying to reel this one in. Grab the fur and hold on! If you haven't grabbed you some BSS, why the *** not? Downloads for less than a Starbucks coffee. Get some!
Enroute to the famous ground with Gary Bain Egg heads on tour Eat ya heart out Shaun Long u woolly mammoth. Ba
Get the guaranteed best price on Bass Effects Pedals like the ZVex Hand-Painted Woolly Mammoth Fuzz Bass Effect Pedal at Musicians Friend. Get a low price and free shipping on thousands of items.
A woolly mammoth trunk found on a Siberian island is the best specimen ever found. Semyon Grigoriev, head of the Mammoth Museum in Yakutsk, Russia, is hoping to find "living cells" in the trunk, which would allow the best DNA analysis and would help speed up cloning efforts.
Carly wrote a song the other night. It. Is. Awesome. Some of it goes: We smash the ladybug when we should welcome it home. Pet the deer, don't get your gun." Its called "Hear the Cry of the Whippoorwill" i'm telling you, she's the coolest kid ever. Except last night when she told me we needed to make a woolly mammoth. I wasn't so happy with her then. Any of you faith moms keeping up with their school life with some trick I don't know?
Pete Miller, Board Member at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company asks "How Might We Turn More People into Playgoers?" in this Innovator Series video from
The Cohoes Mastodon (Mammut americanum) Image of the mastodonThe Cohoes Mastodon was discovered in 1866 during construction of Harmony Mill No. 3 near Cohoes Falls on the Mohawk River. The mastodon's remains were found deeply buried in two potholes, which had been worn into the bedrock by the swirling action of water and stones at the end of the last Ice Age. How and why this young male mastodon died is unknown. It is known from skeletal evidence that it had been in poor health and may have died a natural death, although some research on the skeleton hints that it may have been killed by native American hunters. In life, the Cohoes Mastodon stood about eight and one-half feet high at the shoulder, was about fifteen feet long, and weighed between 8,000 and 10,000 pounds. Evolution of the Cohoes Mastodon Harmony Mill No. 3 near Cohoes Falls oon the Mohawk RiverPhotograph of the bones of the Cohoes Mastodon displayed at Harmony Mill shortly after its discovery in 1866.Photograph of the first display of the C ...
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