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Woodrow Wilson

Thomas Woodrow Wilson (December 28, 1856 – February 3, 1924) was the 28th President of the United States, from 1913 to 1921. A leader of the Progressive Movement, he served as President of Princeton University from 1902 to 1910, and then as the Governor of New Jersey from 1911 to 1913. Running against Progressive (Bull Moose ) Party candidate Theodore Roosevelt and Republican candidate William Howard Taft, Wilson was elected President as a Democrat in 1912.

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If a dog will not come to you having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience. — Woodrow Wilson
Men are 3.8x more likely to vote for Woodrow Wilson on The Most Influential Politicians in American History
Woodrow Wilson was president of the United States when our Grandma Sue arrived from Italy. Think we know what we're doing?
Great Morning! It's awfully quiet on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge this morning!
All the extraordinary men I have ever known were chiefly extraordinary in their own estimations. Woodrow Wilson
What do Woodrow Wilson, Robert Byrd, & John Keynes have in common? They all agree w/ Margaret Sanger &
'A nation which does not remember what it was yesterday does not know what it is today nor what it is trying to do' - Woodrow Wilson
too bad he's only interested in Alicia from Woodrow Wilson 😒
What's going on DC? ACM presents: Revisiting Our Black Mosaic Symposium, hosted by the Woodrow Wilson Center
Well, it was a time of dangerous Presidents, like Woodrow Wilson.
a precursor to the disaster of Woodrow Wilson's presidency.
'Woodrow Wilson was the hottest president' a statement i have once uttered
Woodrow Wilson describes to a T, got the whole world burning.
With that being said, my 9/15 visits include Woodrow Wilson HS and Hope to see y'all there!
"You are not here merely to make a living. ...You are here to enrich the world.". –Woodrow Wilson
“I would rather belong to a poor nation that was free than to a rich nation that had ceased to be in love with liberty.” – Woodrow Wilson
Tuesday: Smith vs. Woodrow Wilson @ Smith at 7 . Friday: Smith vs. Creekview @ Creekview at 6. . Now you know. 😊
Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together. – Woodrow T. Wilson
Shout out to Ben Wasser: Star Spangled Banner + Johns Hopkins: Woodrow Wilson, then a founding member of the Johns Hopkins Glee Club sang a popular tune about the assault on the local Ft. McHenry during the battle of baltimore. In 1916 Woodrow Wilson, now president of these United States, passed an order to play the tune at all military and patriotic events. If it wasn't for college acapella at JHU, who knows what university of maryland football uniforms would look like.
9/11: The Mother of Big (They're an They date from the republic's inception. Notable ones began in the mid-19th century. They facilitated annexing Texas. Half of Mexico followed. America became Cuba's colonial power. Controlling the Philippines, Guam, Samoa, Hawaii, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Canal Zone, Puerto Rico and other territories followed. In 1917, Woodrow Wilson manipulated public sentiment. He did so with Big Lies. They turned most Americans into raging German haters. Big Lies work this way. Wilson got the war he wanted. FDR manipulated Japan to attack Pearl Harbor. Doing so let him wage war. He had to convince Congress and a pacifist public to go along. What better way than by manufacturing terror. Washington and Seoul conspired against Pyongyang. Numerous 1949/1950 cross-border incursions provoked its June response. Truman got the war he wanted. War against North Vietnam followed the fake August 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident. Congress passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. Doing so authorize ...
After setting a new school record of six rushing touchdowns in a game against rival Greenbrier East, Woodrow Wilson quarterback Brent Osborne was an easy pick for this week's C. Adam Toney Athlete of the Week. Take a look at the story!!
I blame Woodrow Wilson. Also what a Bloombergian hed | Milk Costs Most Ever to Signal Higher Prices for Pizza
"Woodrow Wilson is the most educated president we've ever had." -
Woodrow Wilson in everything...true. The first anti-American president. But not the last.
Former President Woodrow Wilson is not a scholar and has been dead 90 years:
“I am sorry for those that disagree with me because I know that they are wrong.”. — Woodrow Wilson (president)
takes 3rd set in tiebreak, leads Djokovic 2-1' first Japanese player in semi finals since Woodrow Wilson was president
W.W. What do you think that stands for? Woodrow Wilson? Willy Wonka? Walter White...?
Woodrow Wilson haunted the Pulitzer Prize winning author who will discuss the former president's life Sunday.
Woodrow Wilson leading Greenbrier East 28-0 in the 3rd Qtr Share Scores!
If you could have dinner with any political figure, dead... — Former President Woodrow Wilson. That was a joke btw
m!a Nanami is the former President Woodrow Wilson for 30 minutes — why even
Woodrow Wilson leading Greenbrier East 9-0 in the 1st Qtr Share Scores!
A humid but beautiful night for the between Greenbrier East & Woodrow Wilson
The game of the week is in Fairlea for Woodrow Wilson @ Greenbrier East. Ron and I on the call. Watch Saturday at 8pm on ch 2.
It's official! Woodrow Wilson @ Greenbrier East is our Game of the Week! Catch and live from the field @ 6 tomrw!
It's decided then. Willy Wonka, Woodrow Wilson or Walter White with the Anjuna sign is going on the *** next June
he will go down as the worst president since Woodrow Wilson!
Woodrow Wilson was the best president ever He would lower taxes and keep the world safe from diarrhea
Roberts just fell asleep while you were typing that. ;) Also, I'm not sure he's lived in KS since Woodrow Wilson was President :)
W.W. I mean, who do you figure that is you know? Woodrow Wilson? Willy Wonka?.. Walter White..?
Woodrow Wilson would not allow Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan warn Americans not to travel aboard British ships
“W.W. Who do you figure that is? Woodrow Wilson? Willy Wonka?” We all thought Walter White but really.WES WELKER! http:/…
Sep 3, 1919: President (& Woodrow Wilson started a tour to promote American support for League of Nations
"Woodrow Wilson was the president of. uh... America."
Ben Stein: Has there been any President since Woodrow Wilson who has explicitly set out to stir up race hatred?
Woodrow Wilson announces he will run for a second term as President of the United States.
“Absolute identity with one's cause is the first and great condition of successful leadership.” Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of US.
Woodrow Wilson was President of Princeton. So at least he had real management experience. Besides, that was over 100 years ago!
Woodrow Wilson was the first president since Jefferson to deliver the State of the Union address in person.
Happy 86th Birthday WWW. Designed by noted Dallas architect Mark Lemmon, the school opened in 1928 and was constructed in the Elizabethan style. At the cornerstone-laying ceremony in April 1927, a piece of the wedding cake of Woodrow Wilson's second daughter, Jessie, was included in the cornerstone "in memory of President Woodrow Wilson." At $700,000, the school's cost exceeded that of the district's previous four high schools by at least $100,000. The ornamental lighting was made by Potter Art Metal Studios of Dallas; a 90 year company still in existence. Special features of the building included a gymnasium boasting "one entire wall of glass windows" and an auditorium that was to be the "best equipped and best lighted" in the district, with footlights and a separately ventilated orchestra pit. A theater organ was later placed in the pit and pipes put in special lofts on the third level. Also on the third floor was 'the largest eating place in Dallas', the school cafeteria; in previous Dallas high sc ...
Read up on your Western killers. Winston Churchhill, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Tony Blair, Georgr W Bush.
Woodrow Wilson: Zombie Hunter. He sent Marines to Haiti to save us all from the legions of the undead.
Rock Creek Park Fun Fact: Presidents, including Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, exercised and picnicked in the park.
“"There is no higher religion than human service. To work for the common good is the greatest creed." -Woodrow T. Wilson”
"You are here to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision and with finer spirit of hope and achievement…
We should not only use all the brains we have, but all that we can borrow. - Woodrow Wilson -
94 years ago today, after decades of tireless advocacy, President Woodrow Wilson signed into law the 19th...
"War isnt declared in the name of God; it is a human affair entirely."~Woodrow Wilson
will they teach he was the worst President since Woodrow Wilson ?
.Yeah!! Sorry, not Harvard. I'm surprised that its Indiana U. WOW!! Woodrow Wilson did this. Hitler. Not so paranoid sounding?
Update your maps at Navteq
Woodrow Wilson opposed federal anti-lynching law. So give progressives credit for being consistent in their bloodlust for Of…
Re Obama/golf flap: Woodrow Wilson played golf daily during WWI, no matter how bad the news. It reassured the nation.
The new Woodrow Wilson High school jerseys are FILTHY
I wanna walk the Woodrow Wilson Bridge from the harbor to Virginia
Tune into KPOO 89.5FM tonight at 6:30pm! I'm going to talk up the Woodrow Wilson reunion an give away a pair of...
I live in New Jersey where the Progressives are slightly behind California - Remember where Woodrow Wilson came from
Who ordered segregation in the civil service and military? Why President Woodrow Wilson in 1913. Yes, he was a democrat too.
- walking on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge
R history & historical writings prove it & that's why is on a warpath 2rewrite history since Woodrow Wilson started
I think every Mormon American has mixed up Wilford Woodruff and Woodrow Wilson at least one time in their life.
We grow great by dreams. All big men are dreamers. - Professor Woodrow Wilson
100 Years ago Woodrow Wilson showed America how presidents could really suck it up. Today "president haten'" is a... ht…
I would rather fail in a cause that will ultimately triumph than to triumph in a cause that will ultimately fail.~Woodrow…
'Peace of mind: The contentment of the man who is too busy to worry by day, and...' - Woodrow Wilson
As naive as... John Adams, JFK, George Marshall, Woodrow Wilson, Adenauer, Keynes?? Keep on keeping on John!
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
The psychology of Woodrow Wilson at war, J. P. Morgan's role, and more from Adam Tooze
1914: Babe Ruth was a rookie, Wrigley Field opened, Woodrow Wilson was president and the Braves won their 1st World Series.
WELL WORTH READING: ECONOMY / By Bill Curry Former Bill Clinton Aide: The Democratic Party Lost Its Way Chasing After Wall St. Cash "My party has lost its way." 1. In 2006 the Atlantic magazine asked a panel of “eminent historians” to name the 100 most influential people in American history. Included alongside George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Mark Twain and Elvis Presley was Ralph Nader, one of only three living Americans to make the list. It was airy company for Nader, but if you think about it, an easy call. Though a private citizen, Nader shepherded more bills through Congress than all but a handful of American presidents. If that sounds like an outsize claim, try refuting it. His signature wins included landmark laws on auto, food, consumer product and workplace safety; clean air and water; freedom of information, and consumer, citizen, worker and shareholder rights. In a century only Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson passed more major legislation. Nader’s also the . ...
JEWS JOIN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY 1880: Rothschild agents begin fomulating a series of programs predominantly in Russia, but also in Poland, Bulgaria and Romania. These programs resulted in the slaughter of thousands of innocent Jews, causing approximately 2 million to flee, mainly to New York, but also to Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston and Los Angeles. The reason these programs were initiated, was to create a large Jewish base in America, who when they arrived, would be educated to register as Democrat voters. Some twenty years later, this would result in in a massive Democratic power base in the United States and be used to elect Rothschild front men such as Woodrow Wilson, to the Presidency, to carry out the bidding of the Rothschild's. “The History Of The House Of Rothschild”- By Andrew Hitchcock here..
The Woodrow Wilson football team is looking to rebound from a disappointing 2013 season but will have to do so without some fixtures in the lineup of years past.
My second house at Historic Columbia The Woodrow Wilson home, a very educational, I learned many things I did not...
Obama has the worst traits of Woodrow Wilson, Joe McCarthy, Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon. Wow, no wonder it's all messed up
One cool judgment is worth a thousand hasty counsels. The thing to do is to supply light and not heat. - Woodrow T. Wilson
Woodrow Wilson is a proclaimed master "progressive" to this day. He thought non-white humans and women inferior and needing special help.
Woodrow Wilson thought non-white human beings inferior and brought Jim Crow laws into federal positions. Such is not "progressive" at all.
Woodrow Wilson was regressive, racist, sexist, the opposite of liberal. It is no wonder Woodrow Wilson is a Fake Liberal "progressive" icon.
.He thinks racists A. Jackson & Woodrow Wilson would hang w/ a black guy, so he's pretty dense.
Apparently Thomas Jefferson & every President after sent written messages to Congress until Woodrow Wilson revived the visit.
I'm sorry, heirs of America's worst President Woodrow Wilson, but it's not our job to save the world
No, BHO is the worst. Jimmy Carter is second worst. FDR and Woodrow Wilson are 3rd and 4th!
Neoconservatism and progressivism share a lot in common. Especially when looking at issues impacted by Woodrow Wilson.
The truth, & teachers challenge!. "If you want to make enemies, try to change something." -Woodrow T. Wilson.
My answer to Daily's trivia question: Woodrow Wilson
director of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars until Reagan appointed him
This is the actual only reason I remember Woodrow Wilson.
You missed Woodrow Wilson. I am so disappointed.
"The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it". - Woodrow Wilson.
"A conservative is a man who sits and thinks. Mostly sits." ~Woodrow Wilson
I just walked the whole Woodrow Wilson Bridge 😁😁💪💪
“The only place in the world that nothing has to be explained to me is the South.”–Woodrow Wilson
A conservative is someone who makes no changes and consults his grandmother when in doubt. Woodrow Wilson
1909, Woodrow Wilson, then president of Princeton University, delivered an address to the New York City High School Teachers Association.
We elected Woodrow Wilson to make our country great!. Harriet Quimby flew the English Channel that we celebrate
I dread this quiz... Having a PhD from Johns Hopkins makes me a lot like Woodrow Wilson. Possibly my least favorite president.
It has come to my attention that we now know who the real perpetrators are of the Veterans are just so much Cannon Fodder Ideology. Below is a listing of all the 20th century's Presidents. In a recent vote The GOP refuse to want to fund the VA system. There is a 5-5 ratio for the wars or conflicts we have been involved in. but WW1 and WW2 were no brainers and had to be waged. So that brings us to 5(GOP) to 3 (DNC). The number preceding the name is the number of their presidency. 26. Theodore Roosevelt, 1901-1909 27. William Howard Taft, Republican 1909-1913 Border War(1910–1919) 28. Woodrow Wilson,Democratic 1913-1921 World War I(1917–1918) 29. Warren G. Harding, 1921-1923 30. Calvin Coolidge, 1923-1929 31. Herbert Hoover, 1929-1933 32. Franklin D. Roosevelt Democratic 1933-1945 World War II(1941–1945) 33. Harry S. Truman, Democratic 1945-1953 Korean War(1950–1953) 34. Dwight D. Eisenhower, Republican 1953-1961 Second Indochina War(1953–1975) 35. John F. Kennedy, 1961-1963 36. Lyndon Baines J .. ...
Woodrow Wilson voted against the Homestead Act only to have Congress override his vote. Congress has the power.
Why is it that when you know something for a fact and then you want to google for facts and sources, all you get are main stream media lies?? I just heard Charles Krauthammer speak on the UN arming two schools within the Gaza. They armed them and Hamas used them. It's no secret that they UN has come under Muslim control as of late. If not full control then direct influence by the Islamist's. The world doesn't stand a chance if we continue to allow our country to take part in this organization. Our ancestors had it right when they voted down the League of Nations in 1919 under Woodrow Wilson. We truly need to start campaigning to pull our country OUT of the UN. Most of our military actions have not been UN approved. So why do we stay a part? Humanitarian aid? We give more aid to other countries than any other country in the world. Protection? Don't need it. The UN spends money supporting policies that many in our country don't approve of morally. They disarm every country they go into. We can't say they of ...
Woodrow Wilson, 28th US President & founder of the League of Nations, attended UVA in 1879
I feel no "shame" for such a "critter" I do feel PITY, and Contempt! "War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself." John Stuart English economist & philosopher (1806 - 1873) I am not responsible for the faults, crimes, nor sins of Ioseph Stalin, Woodrow Wilson, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, Robespierre, "Bull" Connor, Vladimir Lenin, or Vladimir Tepes! Merely because of the color of my skin. Nor are the accomplishments of Benjamin Franklin, Leonardo da Vinci, Daniel Webster, Albert Einstein, Florence Nightingale, or Dame Margret Thatcher uniquely my inheritance because of my racial background. My "Band of Brothers" with w ...
Once again we can thank Woodrow Wilson for the creation of the League of Nations. Wilson's legacy is by far the worst in history
In real history, Woodrow Wilson was a bum. Calvin Coolidge was a Hero. Who would even know by the standards of our Histor…
Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter liked them? That might be the most damning thing I’ve read!
Quote from Woodrow Wilson after signing the federal reserve act
if you want to know my favorite president is Woodrow Wilson
Gotta say Happy Birthday to the great Woody Guthrir today - he knew a thing or two about good songs- this is from the fabulous WRITER'S ALMANAC: Today is the birthday of Woodrow Wilson — aka "Woody" — Guthrie, born in Okemah, Oklahoma (1912). Woody Guthrie never finished high school, but he spent his spare time reading books at the local public library. He took occasional jobs as a sign painter and started playing music on a guitar he found in the street. During the Dust Bowl in the mid-1930s, Guthrie followed workers who were moving to California. They taught him traditional folk and blues songs, and Guthrie went on to write thousands of his own, including "This Train Is Bound for Glory." In 1940, he wrote the folk classic "This Land Is Your Land" because he was growing sick of Irving Berlin's "God Bless America." Woody Guthrie once said: "I hate a song that makes you think that you're not any good. [...] Songs that run you down or songs that poke fun at you on account of your bad luck or your hard t ...
Just like President Woodrow Wilson warn'd of.. in so many words. Some say Progressive, Illuminati, Supremacists, Kabbalists,..
worst President in history except for Woodrow Wilson in causing biggest damage to the USA.
True of Not True: President Woodrow Wilson said he was so sorry he signed away the rights of the American people to the Central Banks.
in 1920, US President Woodrow Wilson officially opens the Panama Canal
Hey you know who was a good President? Woodrow Wilson. Created the League of Nations!
Currently visiting my mom, who was born when Woodrow Wilson was president.
100 years ago Woodrow Wilson was president and the author of our present state of affairs.
from the most progressive president since Woodrow Wilson
The Pittock Mansion going strong at 100: PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN 6) — Woodrow Wilson was president. Babe Ruth was...
Barack Hussein makes Woodrow Wilson look like Ronald Reagan...he is without a doubt the WORST president in American history
I got that nickname from high school history class (there was a US president called Woodrow Wilson)
The $100,000 bill was a Gold certificate with Woodrow Wilson as the face. When was it first printed?
Woodrow Wilson's Only Good Choice in WWI Was to Avoid It Altogether John Milton Cooper, Jr. has enorm…
Juli thinks Woodrow Wilson looks hot on the 100,000 dollar bill
Woodrow Wilson's first name was Thomas. Woodrow was actually his middle name.
I think from now on I'm going to use the term "Progressive" instead of "Liberal". The Progressive movement actually started with another autocratic Democrat president, Woodrow Wilson, much in the model of our dear leader today. The Progressive movement at the early part of the 20th century began with Wilson's open admiration for Germany's Bismarck. These Progressives believed strongly in the rule of a strong, unifying leader, and "disinterested experts", who would use the state to mold social institutions in the interests of the collective - that would be us. Like Obama, they believed in a "living constitution", and thought that our founding document of laws and limitations on governmental power, as well as individualism were both outmoded. Sound familiar? It is Progressivism that promotes speech codes on university campuses, forces the resignation of a CEO who opposes *** marriage, believes conservatives should be fired by newspapers or radio stations for "speech violations". Traditional Liberalism used ...
thanks to Woodrow Wilson. Roots go back to Crimean War & waning power of Ottoman Turk
“The First World War is the turning point of the 20th century. Had the war not occurred, the Prussian Hohenzollerns would most probably have remained heads of Germany, with their panoply of subordinate kings and nobility in charge of the lesser German states. Whatever gains Hitler might have scored in the Reichstag elections, could he have erected his totalitarian, exterminationist dictatorship in the midst of this powerful aristocratic superstructure? Highly unlikely. In Russia, Lenin's few thousand Communist revolutionaries confronted the immense Imperial Russian Army, the largest in the world. For Lenin to have any chance to succeed, that great army had first to be pulverized, which is what the Germans did. So, a 20th century without the Great War might well have meant a century without Nazis or Communists. Imagine that. It was also a turning point in the history of our American nation, which under the leadership of Woodrow Wilson developed into something radically different from what it had been bef ...
Amen Chris, got us condemned to 4 more of OB and will get us 8 yrs of Hillary. It took us since Woodrow Wilson to get here.
10 Presidents and their Sec. of State: 5. Woodrow Wilson and William Jennings Bryan
Woodrow Wilson by another name would be " BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!"
Obama has striven 2 B the most divisive, abusive, subversive enemy of America this country has seen since Woodrow Wilson. Congratulations!
Useless Knowledge, yet I found it interesting, because I’m BORED: (Please feel free to correct if you find anything to dispute. You can’t always trust what you read on the intranet.) The only President to have never married, who was a lifelong Bachelor, was James Buchanan. According to historians, although never formally engaged, he chose a life of bachelorhood due to the suicide of the only woman he ever loved, (Interesting at the least,) and it is believed that he suffered from guilt, and therefore never married another. Four Presidents entered the White House widowers: Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, and Chester Alan Arthur. They each remained unmarried throughout their terms. Grover Cleveland was a bachelor when he took office, but married during his Presidency. Presidents whose wives died while in office: John Tyler, Woodrow Wilson and Benjamin Harrison. Each never married again. Presidents who married their cousins: Franklin Delano Roosevelt married his 5th cou ...
Meanwhile, Andrew Jackson is still on the $20 bill and Woodrow Wilson has thousands of buildings and bridges named after hi…
ya know that cartoon looks like Woodrow Wilson . top 5 worst president s but not in same stratosphere as
Letitia died, making Tyler the first President to become a widower while in office, (later Benjamin Harrison and Woodrow Wilson also (8/22)
Woodrow Wilson was the only American president to have a Ph.D. Who knew?
LOL!! Looks like Woodrow Wilson was the only US President with a doctorate: PhD in History & PoliSci.
10) Fourteen Points: the principle making up President Woodrow Wilson's plan for world peace following WWI.
TIL Woodrow Wilson is the only US president to have called on the editor of the Guardian in his office.
O did more than any other president besides Woodrow Wilson and FDR to drive us further down the communist road.
Woodrow Wilson's Thomas Marshall considered himself more the of the than VP.
Worst President in US History:. 4) Jimmy Carter . 3) Lyndon Johnson . 2) Woodrow Wilson . and the winner is. Barack Hussein Obama!.
Woodrow Wilson's 14 points was about peace after WW1!!! Lbj was a big democrat!! Obama was the first black president!!
84...too monarchial he said. Woodrow Wilson, the 28th broke that law & every President after him has done the report in person..well..
“Government ought to be all outside and no inside” - Woodrow Wilson, U.S. President, 1912
From The American Minute by Bill Federer The first formal "Father's Day" was celebrated JUNE 19, 1910, in Spokane, Washington. Sonora Louise Smart Dodd heard a church sermon on the newly established Mother's Day and wanted to honor her father, Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart, who had raised six children by himself after his wife died in childbirth. Sonora Louise Smart Dodd drew up a petition supported by the Young Men's Christian Association and the ministers of Spokane to celebrate Fathers' Day. In 1916, Woodrow Wilson sent a telegraph in support of the Spokane Fathers' Day service. On Tuesday, December 6, 1904, in his Fourth Annual Message to Congress, President Theodore Roosevelt stated: "No Christian and civilized community can afford to show a happy-go-lucky lack of concern for the youth of to-day; for, if so, the community will have to pay a terrible penalty of financial burden and social degradation in the to-morrow. The prime duty of the man is to work, to be the breadwinner; the prime dut ...
The leaders of Pressburg declare the town a free town and rename it Wilsonovo mesto (Wilson City) after US-President Woodrow Wilson.
Would you agree the biggest conspiracy today would be the whole world bank situation and the Federal Reserve Fund? Jesse Ventura: "I do because it goes completely against our constitution. The constitution of the United States clearly states that there shall be no central bank. But that scoundrel Woodrow Wilson found a way with the bankers to loophole the constitution. They created the Federal Reserve and that’s truly who runs the country, because if you go by what Deep Throat said in Watergate: “Follow the money.” And the Federal Reserve prints the money, so they’re the boss. If you make the money – you’re the boss. Politicians are nothing but puppets, it’s the Federal Reserve that runs the United States of America – not your government." Woodrow Wilson signed the 1913 Federal Reserve Act. A few years later he wrote: “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated ...
2day 1916: POTUS Woodrow Wilson establishes Flag Day as an annual national celebration.
are limited: "Sometimes I wish I could him President and Congress too.". Woodrow Wilson would write of his duties, “… I am staggering (3/31)
.amazing coming from Woodrow Wilson the President who made us all debt slaves, The Federal Reserve.
Hailey- "do y'all know which president started Father's Day?" Shannon- "Woodrow Wilson" 😂😂😂
On June 11, 1903-111 years ago today-Dr. Woodrow Wilson (left), president of Princeton University, wrote a letter to Harry A. Garfield (right), eldest son of President and Mrs. James A. Garfield. Wilson wrote: "By resignation of Professor [John Huston] Finley...our chair of politics has become vacant, and I am today taking the liberty of writing to you to ask if you would be willing to consider at all to fill it? It is, I believe, the only chair of Politics in the country...The salary of the chair is $4,000. This, as you know, is large as college salaries go, but by every other standard, small..." Harry Garfield accept Wilson's offer and was chair and professor of politics at Princeton from 1903-1908. While at Princeton, he became friendly with Woodrow Wilson, who left the university when he was elected Governor of New Jersey in 1910. Wilson was elected President of the United States in 1912; in 1917, he tapped Harry Garfield to head the Federal Fuel Administration during World War I. Harry Garfield ...
Why is our education system collapsing? No surprise, Woodrow Wilson is involved… – Glenn Beck via
Our grandma Barnes passed away early this morning. She was 96 years young, and loved her family very much. She also loved the life on the farm, and her garden raised the best strawberries ever! We were very blessed to have her in our lives, and her spirit carries on. Grandma was born in 1918, and here are a few facts about that year; Woodrow Wilson was president, average cost of a new home was $4,800.00, price of gas was 8 cents a gallon, daylight savings time began, Red Sox defeated the Cubs four games to two in the World Series, and World War 1 ended in November of that year. Famous people who were born the same year as grandma included, Billy Graham, Howard Cosell, Art Carney, and Nelson Mandela.
What is the Council of Foreign Relations? In 1917, near the end of the first World War, Colonel Edward Mandell House advised President Woodrow Wilson to start an inquiry into how to keep peace after the war. Woodrow Wilson called the group "The Inquiry," and from the meetings of these 100 men, they devised a plan to eliminate economic barriers between nations and to form a general association of all nations. 1917 1+9=10+1=11+7=18 1+-8=9 the number game is a joke lol.
If you really want to know how the United States started to develop a monolithic government you should look from the beginning of this nation. When the Constitutional Convention was taking place there were the federalists and the anti-federalists. They debated back and forth on what nation they would set up. The anti-federalists like Patrick Henry were vehemently against The Constitution and had said that it would let government grow. The federalists like Alexander Hamilton said The Constitution will not let government grow. Turns out the anti-federalists were right! Now the United States has a government that is leviathan in nature and out of control. Not only that, but during the Lincoln administration government grew the most, and instead of freeing all the slaves, the Emancipation Proclamation made everyone a slave to the United State Federal Government while launching the most unnecessary war amongst the people. Then as the progressive era came with FDR's administration, Woodrow Wilson's administrat ...
W.W. who do you reckon that is? Woodrow Wilson... Willy Wonka... Walter White...? YA GOT MA
I just walked the entire Woodrow Wilson Bridge. There and back. I am BEAT!
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Decided to workout today on my birthday. Walked the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. It's not a game!!! 32 is…
DC looks so beautiful riding over Woodrow Wilson Bridge
Outing @ Woodrow Wilson Bridge with my love ones! ! Jah bless..
Just seen the and fireworks from while crossing Woodrow Wilson Bridge.
This morning I finished the World War special that was on History Channel this week. I enjoyed the format and indeed learned a few new things about this period in history. However, I had 4 big issues with the picture that they tried to paint. 1. Woodrow Wilson's Utopian view of world governance didn't get enough play. And the disastrous League of Nations concept didn't get a mention. This, along with the rest of the Versailles treaty, created the environment of resentment that allowed Hitler to rise. Wilson is one of the worse presidents of that century because of his foreign policy and he gets off way too easy in this telling of the history 2.They white washed FDR's shameful capitulations to Stalin which set the stage for the next 40 years of tension and wars during the Cold War. Doing this also mutes the greatness of Churchill to have the foresight to call out Stalin as the next great threat to freedom as he had Hitler some time ago. 3. I don't remember Eisenhower's role in D-Day being fleshed out ver . ...
Shout out to all of you walking the Woodrow Wilson Bridge getting it in.I'll eat one of these Krispy Kreme donuts I'm on my way to get! LOL...I'm so wrong but know that I'm cheering you on!
“The problem isn’t “governments,” at least in the West. They are not much involved in doctrinal management (though there are exceptions, like Woodrow Wilson and the Reaganites, both of whom ran huge state propaganda systems - illegal in the latter case; there were no relevant laws in the Wilson era). Doctrinal management is overwhelmingly the task of corporate propaganda, which is extraordinary in scale and very significant in impact; and [it is also] the task of the general intellectual community, including the acceptable dissidents who perform a very important service by setting the bounds of discussion and thus entrenching the unspoken presuppositions of the doctrinal system. Governments are marginal, outside of totalitarian states, though attention is always focused on them, to direct it away from what matters.” — Noam Chomsky
1913: On March 4, Woodrow Wilson is elected the 28th President of the United States. Shortly after he is inaugurated, he is visited in the White House by Ashkenazi Jew, Samuel Untermyer, of law firm, Guggenheim, Untermyer, and Marshall, who tries to blackmail him for the sum of $40,000 in relation to an affair Wilson had whilst he was a professor at Princeton University, with a fellow professor’s wife. President Wilson does not have the money, so Untermyer volunteers to pay the $40,000 out of his own pocket to the woman Wilson had had the affair with, on the condition that Wilson promise to appoint to the first vacancy on the United States Supreme Court a nominee to be recommended to President Wilson by Untermyer. Wilson agrees to this.
1916 Woodrow Wilson issues an Executive Order for a Presidential flag
A local middle school student is on a national stage Wednesday. Kimmie Collins is competing in the 2014 Scripps National Spelling Bee. Collins is a Woodrow Wilson student and qualified for the even after winning the Wabash Valley Regional Spelling Bee for the second year in a row.
Obama's foreign policy is so classically liberal-Democrat. He's the reincarnate of Woodrow Wilson: a hawk with a democratic humanist pose.
Answers to last week's trivia questions. Presidential trivia: The answer is Woodrow Wilson. Wilson entered Johns Hopkins University in 1883 and completed a PhD in history and political science in 1886. In 1902, Wilson became president of Princeton. First Lady trivia. The answer is Letitia Tyler (b. 11-12-1790, d. 9-10-1842). She was confined to a wheelchair after a stroke and died half-way through her husband's presidency. She was also the youngest first lady to die at 51 years of age. Shortly before their marriage, Tyler wrote her a letter in which he promised: "Whether I float or sink in the stream of fortune, you may be assured of this, that I shall never cease to love you."
Am I the only one who thinks that Woodrow Wilson looks like NBC's Brian Williams?
I like to think of myself as a cross between Biggie Smalls, Al Capone, Oprah, Woodrow Wilson, Bob Saget and Franz Fanon.
Woodrow Wilson is on the $500 bill. Forget the Benjamins, it's all about the Wilsons baby!   10% Off
The Obama administration is an utter failure on every front. Jimmy Carter meets Woodrow Wilson meets LBJ. Just awful.
The US has not been a historically free country. Even the precious constitution is a bad document. It was written to expand government from the articles of confederation. When it was written it permitted slavery. In the founding fathers' generation, Washington crushed a tax rebellion, the whole reason there was a revolution, then Adams signed the alien and sedition acts into law. Around 60 years later, a group of states tried to get out and Lincoln invaded them, killing 600,000 Americans. He also forced a draft and publicly executed draft dodgers, set up an income tax (that was eventually repealed by congress), got us off the gold standard, and set the precedent to ban state secession. At this point, any hopes of the constitution ever defending freedom were killed. Then we go to 1913 with Woodrow Wilson where he set up a permanent income and created the federal reserve where the country was sold to foreign bankers. A few years later he started imperialism by engaging in world war 1 and passed the seventee ...
.acquires rare photos of Woodrow Wilson — alumnus, University and U.S. president.
Princeton's Mudd Manuscript Library recently acquired a photo album that features a number of photos from the early 20th century of Princeton University's campus, the surrounding town and the Princeton Theological Seminary, as well as rare photos of Woodrow Wilson, an 1879 Princeton alumnus, the Uni…
Whooohooo I'm out! Ready to meet up with my Woodrow Wilson high school friend/also my neighborhood friend Cyndi Roldan its HH time🍹🍹for us!
Every general or flag officer who is going to take command of combat forces goes through that course.” 2. First job you ever had? Sam Clovis: “Picking ….. I would say for the reason of significance, Woodrow Wilson. He's not one of my favorites,… [ 26 more words. ]
When did a Standing Army make or keep anyone free i.e. the Vietnam War was fought over Rubber, Oil and to a lesser extent the Heroin trade? “Is there any man here... who does not know that the seed of war in the modern world is industrial and commercial rivalry? ... This war, in its inception, was a commercial and industrial war. It was not a political war.” - St. Louis (11 September 1919) – Woodrow Wilson
We just wanted to give a shout out of good luck to St. John's College High School & Woodrow Wilson High School (Washington, D.C.) boy's rowing crews. They will be rowing in the The Stotesbury Cup Regatta May 16 & 17 here in Philadelphia. This is the largest high school rowing regatta in the world. We are looking forward to serving these two out-of-state High Schools riverside at the upcoming Stotesbury Cup Regatta. Good luck St. Johns and Woodrow Wilson!
Mai Kari Hartvag Zimbleman Enemy Within - the Khazars Mai Kari Hartvag Zimbleman (& alike) did not lose WW2 according to Charlotte Iserbyt - 'Skull & Bones'? see Movie 'Skull' Mai Kari Hartvag Zimbleman The BBC reported in 1998: Throughout the century that I examined, which began with the Panic of 1907 … what I found by accessing the archives of each president is that through many events and periods, particular bankers were in constant communication [with the White House] — not just about financial and economic policy, and by extension trade policy, but also about aspects of World War I, or World War II, or the Cold War, in terms of the expansion that America was undergoing as a superpower in the world, politically, buoyed by the financial expansion of the banking community. *** In the beginning of World War I, Woodrow Wilson had adopted initially a policy of neutrality. But the Morgan Bank, which was the most powerful bank at the time, and which wound up funding over 75 percent of the financing for t ...
Congrats to Woodrow Wilson for winning the Middle School Softball Championship.
Portrait of U.S. President Woodrow Wilson formed by 21,000 soldiers at Camp Sherman, Ohio in 1918
After crunching numbers, I've decided that Woodrow Wilson high school would not be a clever investment idea.
Thank you parents, residents and advocates for your rapid response in securing our children safety. So proud of students from Camden High, Woodrow Wilson, Brim, Met East, Medical arts, Wiggins, and Whittier. Some chants were "save our schools", save our teachers", "free medical arts", "Camden stand up" and "no new schools". So proud of this day in history of our students!
NJ to offer fellowships to high-need teachers - The state will participate in the Princeton-based Woodrow Wilson...
so who goes to Woodrow Wilson high school?
tonight is 28th day of Omer. 28 is Birkat Hachama, Kahana, Yom Yerushalayim, Woodrow Wilson, February, average menstrual cycle,
Did you know Mother's Day was started by a little name named Anna Jarvis? and Woodrow Wilson was the one that signed the bill to pass it.
A little history. In 1910 Mothers Day was founded by Anna Jarvis and was only a holiday in West Virginia where she was from... And in 1914. Woodrow Wilson announced it would be a holiday for all states. Happy Mothers Day everyone.
Monday-. 10am weights. Lunch after at Chic fil a. 12pm freshman and soph at Woodrow Wilson middle school. 3pm workout at field
congrats on making it to the NFL. You are such an inspiration to everbody at Woodrow Wilson high school. GO MULES!
Visit Mrs. Wilson at Rome's Myrtle Hill Cemetery! “On this day in 1914, Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the first
hope excited for the day this morning (@ Woodrow Wilson Service Area)
Happy Mothers Day 100th anniversary thanks to Anna Jarvis and Pres. Woodrow Wilson
If you're in the area, stop by South District fire house on Randolph Rd. to get your car washed by Woodrow Wilson Middle School baseball and softball teams! thank you!!
"When men take up arms to set other men free there is something sacred And holy in that warfare" Woodrow Wilson And I will add that when men fight for the preservation of that freedom it is still sacred and holy
There are a good many problems before the American people today, and before me as president, but I expect to find the solution to those problems just in the proportion that I am faithful in the study of the Word of God. ~Woodrow Wilson~
gm 2 vs Woodrow Wilson live 1245p Eagles go for sweep after 10-0 win last night.
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The winner of & HP gets the winner of Woodrow Wilson & Prosper got a 5 inning run rule if WW last night.
Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft and woodrow Wilson. See the PowerPoint on the VLE for the progressive stuff they did.
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Mother's Day was founded by Anna Marie Jarvis in 1908 in honor of her mother. (Anna did not have children.) After years of lobbying, President Woodrow Wilson finally established Mother’s Day as an official holiday in 1914.
Still remember it like it was yesterday shooting dice in between the lockers all day at Woodrow Wilson r.i.p twin!!!
"..No one can worship God or love his neighbor on an empty stomach." - Woodrow Wilson (1856 - 1924)
in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson officially proclaimed the 2nd Sunday of every May “Mother’s Day” to celebrate Ame…
Do you understand to what this refers:. WOODROW [WILSON] ADMITTED HE SCREWED UP... BUT NO ONE DID ANYTHING ABOUT...
It's PLAYOFF GAME DAY gm 2 v Woodrow Wilson 12:45p today. Eagles go for area sweep
I'm suppose to be spending my day in Maryland, but my mom just ruined that. So I won't be crossing the Woodrow Wilson Bridge til tomorrow. 😒
Not to spoil the nostalgia of Mother's Day, but it is a historical fact that President Woodrow Wilson declared the first Mother's Day to appease the woman's suffrage movement and to get them to agree to quit picketing in front of the White House while World War I was being fought. They were picketing to have the right to vote. After the war, the administration decided not to honor the women's right to equality under the law. The rest is history.
On this day in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson issues a presidential proclamation that officially establishes the first national Mother s Day holiday to celebrate America s mothers.
Bout to get this work in up Woodrow Wilson Bridge a good six miles
It was Woodrow Wilson who proclaimed May 9, 1914 as a national observance of Mother's Day
thank you President Woodrow Wilson for May 9 declaration granting second sunday of May be the celebration of Mother's day ;)
.Woodrow Wilson, a hate filled anti-Constitution racist & believer in eugenics did more damage to U.S. than any president until LBJ
.Obama's enormous spending & horrendous failures have reduced America & its economy to near collapse-but is he worse than Woodrow Wilson?
The ear of the leader must ring with the voices of the people - Woodrow Wilson
It's the 100th day since Woodrow Wilson proclaimed Mother's Day a national celebration.. Advance HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the Mother around the world, especially my Mama :) "All that I am, or ever hope to be, I owe to my ANGEL MOTHER" - Abraham Lincoln I LOVE YOU MAMA!
President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation on May 9, 1914, creating the first Mother's Day. More at LOC:
To do things today exactly the way you did they yesterday saves thinking. -Woodrow Wilson
I wan to thank President Woodrow Wilson who made Mother's Day "May 11th" an official national holiday. However, To me everyday is mother's day. Mother's across the globe sacrifice for their families every single day. I can not emphasize enough but to say they are so amazing. Therefore to all the mother's around the globe Thank you for all that you do. And to my Love of my life, My rock, My everything, My heart and soul, My Beautiful Mother Diana Manglona Quitugua Mom On behalf of Dad and myself and Gwen and grand kids we want you to know that we I Love You and Thank you for all the sacrifices that you do just to put a smile on our faces. Even if there is no possible way you always make it possible. Even through the struggles you seem to make our lives easier...So Thank you we Love you and may the great Lord shower you with many blessing!Happy Mother's Day MOM! Your Son!
The second Sunday of May was declared by US President Woodrow Wilson as Mother's Day. . Anna Jarvis, the founder,...
America is the place where you cannot kill your government by killing the men who conduct it. -Woodrow T. Wilson
In 1914 Woodrow Wilson signed the proclamation creating Mother’s Day, the second Sunday in May, as a national holiday to honor mothers.
Bring your kids, bring your wife, bring your mothers to Taste & Tunes in the Garden at Woodrow Wilson Museum in Staunton. Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Mother's Day with local music, tasty brews, and local wines for free at the park!
Jane Ciabattari's interview with Oates re her novel The Accursed, which we're listening to on Talking Book right...
Does anyone remember Cora (her Mom called her Cathy) Reinert? She went to Ave. B school and Woodrow Wilson and would have graduated 1968 from Tee Jay but she dropped out of sight.
In the heat of World War I, President Woodrow Wilson pleaded for "peace without victory." He said that "victory would mean a peace forced upon the loser, a victor's terms imposed upon the vanquished. It would leave a sting, a resentment, a bitter memory upon which terms of peace could not rest permanently, but only as upon quicksand." The world rejected Wilson's plea, but within twenty-one years, his prophecy had come true. Germany, stung by the imposed Treaty of Versailles, lashed out angrily and started the blood bath of World War II. Tragically, world leaders with wisdom are few and far between. And when they do exist, too often, other leaders negate their influence. Solomon, ascending to his father's throne, knew he must have divine wisdom to judge his people, if his reign was to be peaceful and prosperous. Thus, his single prayer was for wisdom, and God was pleased by it (1 Kings 3:5-9). Solomon received his request, and Israel entered a golden age of prosperity. Today, let us pray for world leaders ...
. A1. President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed May 9,1914 as the first Mother's Day . --> 1
. 1. MAy 9, 1914. on this date Woodrow Wilson signed the proclamation creating Mother's Day.
Mothers Day! President Woodrow Wilson, his wife, and their 3 daughters 1912 library of congress
Your Prosper Eagles have run-ruled the Woodrow Wilson Wildcats, 10-0. Game 1 is in the bag.
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Here some reasons why New Jersey is the worst state ever. 1. New Jersey drivers are terrible. 2. Your highway system is retarded. 3. Apparently if you live in New Jersey you're not capable of pumping your own gas. 4. Woodrow Wilson 5. Snooki * numbers 4&5 are not open for debate.
100 years ago President Woodrow Wilson declared that Mother's Day should be celebrated as a national holiday on the second Sunday in May. On Sunday, go hug (or remember) your mom, people!
Did you know that this is the 100th Mothers Day originally set up by President Woodrow Wilson (not Hallmark or the florist) to be the second Sunday in May.
Love Changes Lives President Woodrow Wilson told this story. He said: "I was in a very common place, I was sitting in a barber chair, when I became aware that a personality had entered the room. A man had come quietly in upon the same errand as myself -- to have his hair cut and sat in the chair next to me. Every word the man uttered showed a personal interest in the man who was serving him. And before I got through with what was being done for me, I was aware that I had attended an evangelistic service. Because Mr. D.L. Moody was in that chair. I purposely lingered in the room after he had left and noted the singular effect that his visit had brought upon the barbershop. They didn't know his name but they knew that something had elevated their thoughts and I felt that I left that place as I should have left the place of worship. My admiration and esteem for Mr. Moody became very deep indeed."
Mother's Day will be 100 years old this weekend. Woodrow Wilson declared the 2nd Sunday of May be dedicated to moms.
This Sunday Mothers Day will be 100 years old thanks to President Woodrow Wilson. I love you mom ❤
Field Day was awesome! Everyone involved did a phenomenal job including the crazy amount of volunteers we had. The kids had snocones, inflatables, and got to throw water balloons at teachers. Then 5th grade had a Color Run. It beat every field day I've ever been to and I'm proud of our Woodrow Wilson students, staff, and volunteers!
Mothers Day is 100 years old this Sunday. President Woodrow Wilson signed it in during his Presidency. Little History lesson.
So Hallmark did NOT create Mother's Day, Woodrow Wilson did 100 years ago!
President Woodrow Wilson set aside the 2nd Sunday of May as Mothers Day.
President Woodrow Wilson made Mothers Day possible 100 years ago this year
As we were going over Woodrow Wilson Bridge, Natalie shouts "Wilson wasn't even a good president".. So we had a history lesson while driving!!!
Its Friday!! And I have your history lesson of the day :) In 1914, Woodrow Wilson, our 28th president, approved a proclamation declaring that the second Sunday of every May as Mother's Day. 1814, "Mansfield Park" by Jane Austen published in London. Have a fantastic weekend!!
100 years ago, President Woodrow Wilson officially made Mother's Day the 2nd Sunday in May. But, it was Anna Jarvis who earlier started this holiday in honor of her own mother, and she wanted each of us to simply be at home with our mother on that day to thank them for all they did. She spent her life and inheritance fighting the consumerism that ensued, and the lesson we take away is remembering what is most important. It's not the card, the restaurant, nor the flowers. It's not the $19.9Billion the US will spend on Moms this holiday. It is called Mother's Day, not Mothers' day, for a reason. So this Sunday, celebrate and thank the best Mom you've ever known - Yours!
"It's a man's business to be what he is . . . and be it in style!“ Lazarus Long (Woodrow Wilson Smith) ~ Robert A Heinlein
It turns out that on this day exactly one hundred years ago, Woodrow Wilson declared the first Mother's Day holiday. Just a friendly reminder that our government can, in fact, do some good things from time to time.
100 years ago to the day, American President Woodrow Wilson designated the second Sunday in May as Mother’s day. After everything mothers have done, it’s surprising it took that long for them to get their own holiday! In what ways do you show your mom or mother-figure how much you appreciate her?
1914: Woodrow Wilson proclaims first National Mother's Day Soon follows WWI. Not so soon: the right to vote
Congrats to the top three finishers in Lville's 2014 Woodrow Wilson Public Speaking Competition! First place: Jay Lee, second place: Veena Bhagavathi, and third place: Rafiq Majolagbe.
The history of Mother's Day isn't all flowers, love and sweetness- there is a sad twist. (It's also 100 years official this year- thanks Anna Jarvis and President Woodrow Wilson!)
Congratulations to the Woodrow Wilson International Baccalaureate candidates! Hats off to you for committing to this course of study and sticking with it to the end. All of you, including my daughter India Hearne, should be very proud of this scholastic achievement.
The very first Mother's Day was celebrated on this day, 100 years ago! That's right! President Woodrow Wilson declared the national holiday May 9, 1914!
"What this country really needs is a good 5 cent cigar." Tom Marshall, Woodrow Wilson's Vice President. Larf !!! http:/…
**TRAFFIC ALERT** MDOT says there's an accident on I-55 right before the Woodrow Wilson Ave EX 98A in Hinds County. The southbound left lane is blocked. Expect delays.
100 years ago this week President Woodrow Wilson created the first mother's day. Good job Woodrow.
Very excited to be managing the Chop Farmers Market this season. If you work in DC come see us for lunch at the Woodrow Wilson Plaza. We have everything from dumplings, paella, tacos, sausages and of course fresh produce. Support your
Today is the 100th birthday of the first Mother's Day. Started by Woodrow Wilson.
Friday, May 9th - Fun Fact Friday Woodrow Wilson declared Mother's Day a national holiday in 1914 Happy mother's day to all the amazing women in our and your lives!
This Sunday is the 100th anniversary since President Woodrow Wilson made Mother's Day a holiday! Better get mom something good! :)
It's not the 1900s would think I knew this, but it didn't kick in until I heard that today is the 100th anniversary of Woodrow Wilson declaring Mother's Day a national holiday. History teacher in me was like that's impossible..because WW was president in the early 1900s...*face palm*it is 2013. Why do I still think it's 1995?!
I just heard on the radio that Woodrow Wilson made Mother's Day an official holiday.
Interesting fact...Mother's Day was created 100 years a go today by Pres. Woodrow Wilson
Congratulations to my baby girl Niya Boo & all of the Woodrow Wilson 6th, 7th & 8th grade girls track teams for kicking butts & taking names at the county meet last night!!! Way to go ladies!!!
Be the smartest person in your workplace today!! ~Andy & Nichole *This is the 100th anniversary of WOODROW WILSON officially naming Mother's Day a U.S. holiday. *Mother's Day was originally started in the 1850's by a woman named Ann Jarvis . . . and it wasn't about giving gifts. It was a day for mothers to rally together behind causes like fighting disease, mourning soldiers, and promoting peace. *Americans will spend $19.9 BILLION on Mother's Day this year.
FBF: It was 100 years ago today that President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the first ever Mother's Day. And the very next day, the first Bath & Body Works store opened for business.
I got to find me an After Hour Joint... Hadn't seen one since 1990 on Woodrow Wilson & Leslie on West Side Detroit. lol Up in there til 8 in the what was I thinking.
" POLITICAL SCIENCE " Political science as a separate field is a relatively late arrival in terms of social sciences. However, the term "political science" was not always distinguished from political philosophy, and the modern discipline has a clear set of antecedents including also moral philosophy, political economy, political theology, history, and other fields concerned with normative determinations of what ought to be and with deducing the characteristics and functions of the ideal state. History is past politics and politics present history" was the motto of the first generation of American political scientists, 1882-1900. The motto had been coined by the Oxford professor Edward Augustus Freeman, and was enshrined on the wall of the seminar room at Johns Hopkins University where the first large-scale training of America and political scientists began.[5] The founding professors of the field included Herbert Baxter Adams at Johns Hopkins, John Burgess and William Dunning at Columbia, Woodrow Wilson a ...
Fun fact: The state that is the most common listed birth place of U.S. presidents is Virginia with eight. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, Zachery Taylor, and Woodrow Wilson were all born in Virginia. Ohio is second with seven, then Massachusetts and New York with four each and North Carolina, Texas, and Vermont with two a piece. Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina all have one each.
Throwback Thursday - Me & Mommy. Her 1st time joining me for some Woodrow Wilson Bridge Therapy! Love this favorite human being!
If I could go back in time to n do one thing it would b to stop Woodrow Wilson from connecting USA to central banking system of Europe!
How many presidents have cheated on their wives?. .Several. Eisenhower had an affair with his driver in England during the war. Franklin Roosevelt had a mistress of long-standing who served as his private secretary, as well as other occasional flirtations. JFK had women going out the back door as Jackie was coming in the front. He was even accused of having an affair with a Russian spy during the Cold War. Several of Bill Clinton's amorous adventures have been documented and several others are rumored with some evidence. Harding sired an illegitimate daughter while he was in the Senate. Woodrow Wilson became close friends with another woman . They spent considerable time together and wrote warm letters, but it is not certain that they ever were intimate. James Garfield had some sort of liaison with a married woman. So, why so much attention on Bill Clinton?. What should be told is this, he was a great president. The Republicans have gone too far. . Hillary Clinton is a very smart woman, with much experien ...
[The New Deal heralded a proud new America still reeling after a decade of economic misery. In short, infrastructure helped rebuild America.] John K. White here chants the chorus of American imperial soi disant "liberalism". In reality, the cryptic cripple & President-for-Life Franklin Roosevelt was the tool for the all-time arch war-monger Bernard Baruch, as Woodrow Wilson had been before him. In September of 1935, by successfully masterminding the assassination of the last great white American reformer, Senator Huey P. Long of Louisiana, BB also shot to death democracy in America, which ever since has languished under an increasingly severe despotism of the Jewish Secret Police. Huey Long was the first American casualty of the Atomic War aka WW2 which magnified the establishment of the U.S. global military empire and was also FDR's only but mighty powerful escape from the First Great Depression. In 1963 the aged BB teamed with David Ben Gurion to assassinate President John F. Kennedy, thus pulling off t ...
was 0-0-0 in away, playoff games, coached by John Waller, vs. Woodrow Wilson.
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