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Wooden Clogs

Wooden clogs should come with a foot damage clause
I'm Anethea, originally from NJ, now wearing wooden clogs in Holland. :-D
I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: Green flower wooden clogs. via
Last time I was oop north I had to have a shin-kicking fight wearing wooden clogs on the walls of Durham Cathedral.
Cliff side cemetery, baby grave tree and wooden tatau effigies in Tana Taraja, Indonesia
Looks like my wooden clogs need to be fixed.
Yeah, too much ketchup always clogs me memories too
Happy 4th of July to all of you clog lovers out there!
Check out what I found. Pair White Junior Childrens Kids Dutch Wooden Clogs Made in Holland via
I've been standing in wooden clogs for the past six hours can someone bring me a stretcher
Those French look like Dutch players with wooden clogs.
tell that to these kickass wooden clogs I made from small intertwined twigs!
Gotta love these custom Loubie wooden clogs courtesy of Uncle Teddy.…
Clogs - the traditional wooden shoes from Amsterdam and hand painted
History is full of the sound of satin slippers going down the steps & wooden clogs going up.
Germany: Forget clogs! 'Sustainable' WOODEN sneakers unveiled in Berlin
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Enjoy warm summer days in a pair of our classic and cute Milan clogs!.
Tree of wooden clogs. Visually sumptuous.
In Bologna, you get a massive crowd for a 10pm outdoor screening of Tree of Wooden Clogs
Packed square about to watch Olmi's imperious Tree of Wooden Clogs in Bologna.
Must-Have: Our Top Pick From Zara's Sale: These wooden heels are as useful as they are chic.
When people ask me if I'm Dutch, I interpret it as them saying "you look like someone who would wear wooden clogs."
New Wooden Child's Size Red with Gold Decoration Clogs from Holland by TheBunnyHutch: 18.95 USDThis is an ador...
I don't know why my parents have a pair of wooden clogs, but I'm wearing them.
Those look like wooden clogs on her feet. My mother had them as well.
Although I am looking foward to what Claudia will do with the theme ... Statue of Liberty headress? Wooden clogs?
Schipol ... the home of a million wooden painted clogs
I'm supposed to go to Austria for Thanksgiving but I've misplaced my petticoat and my wooden clogs.
looking at a watch "Just think about it. Someone had to, like, put all the little clogs in it". Yes, little wooden shoes
Now we’re talking about proper care of wooden clogs. So weird.
heh thanks Sam 😂😭 I'm gonna bring wooden clogs for tap at the callback
Before metal taps were used, tap dancing was performed with wooden clogs on leather shoes
Take your awesome summer maxi into winter by replacing your sandals or wooden clogs with some boots
My fav purchase at the Swedish Christmas market yesterday...Swedish wooden clogs!
I saw a group of men in Morrisons all legitimately wearing actual clogs. Legit. Actual. WOODEN. CLOGS.
He was given a pair of authentic wooden clogs for his dress-up bin, but they were simply everyday footwear to him
You would look gorgeous in a pair of wooden clogs,
I'd love to be a little mouse with clogs on. . Wooden shoe?
Comfort is great as long as shoes don't look too clunky :-) Like wooden Dutch clogs (does anybody really wear them?)
.and I are listening to the neighbor with the wooden clogs fight with his boyfriend. That explains the stomping..
Next up: The land of windmills and wooden clogs. Hallo Nederland!
And as for the project managers...I just want to put on solid wooden clogs and two foot them in the face.
Had a dream I was back in college, wearing wooden clogs that allowed me to skate through campus super fast. . Gonna go to work now...
In the countryside of Holland... Trying on my clogs, sleeping on a wooden clog shoe and accidentally…
Mikki thinks wooden clogs are equivalent to chacos and that I can pick up chicks with them
What doesn’t the World know about the country you liv... — That we're not farmers with wooden clogs that are hig...
We didn't have to go through customs ^_^ it was just like "what do u have to declare?" "Uhh these wooden clogs" "k. Just go to the exit"
"Wooden clogs for Turn" tell me wut ur best friend buys u ok
Traditional Dutch wooden clogs of one of the passengers of
I hope that the Dutch "whoop" Putin's *** with those heavy wooden clogs they like to make... tlot
This blog is about a boy and a pair of old wooden clogs. Take a seat, put your feet up.
Grimmjow to ulqiorra and yammy "you got beat by a guy with wooden shoes and a female" now im picturing urahara in old school dutch clogs
you mean the Dutch don't wear wooden clogs?
"Now seems like a good time to start stomping around my apartment in wooden clogs," thought my upstairs neighbor.
This crowd is running deep on wooden clogs & frazzled old man ponytails.
Hotel and flights all booked up for the Amsterdam Half Marathon. I can't believe they make everyone run in wooden clogs.
now I'm thinking of those wooden shoes isn't that what they're called clogs omg
in the Netherlands, I found some wooden shoes 'ice clogs' for Laval's next ice climb!
If you're an upstairs neighbor, remember it's never too early in the morning to slip on a pair of wooden clogs for a game of…
tbh he carried it off. Dutch hipster slant. But still, bloody wooden clogs. As for *** i have stories.
If Belgium is so good then why don't they play in wooden clogs?
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when I think of belguim I picture pointy wooden clogs and tall fat women named helga wearing viking hats
now I'd be impressed if he did it along with dancing in his wooden clogs
the typical wooden shoes that resemble the Dutch clogs
I just think in this age, stereotypes are wrong, i don't expect the dutch to wear those wooden clogs anymore.
My question is if, Mexico had won and they showed a pic with wooden clogs, would the Netherlands be crying racism?
How do you know you're in the Netherlands? Wooden clogs, tulips, and postcards with windmills on them,…
i’m sure that guy would be FINE if they showed the dutch team all wearing wooden clogs and playing in tulips under a windmill
remember they wear Clogs. The wooden boot in fields, not allowed here though.
Yep. But it appears that .needs to put on their wooden clogs and plug a hole in that PR *** :D
Never, ever under estimate the power of cheese and wooden clogs! Great come back ! :)
I'm surprised how well the Netherlands are doing despite playing in wooden clogs
Do u think the Dutch wear wooden clogs when they play soccer? I do.
Too bad I don't have grandpa bargy's wooden clogs to bust out after that NED win
But the wooden clogs clash with the sombreros.
I did an oral report in the 5th grade of Holland, even wore wooden clogs for the assignment. I feel obligated to support..
Whatever people in Holland wear stupid *** wooden clogs
I'm gonna happy dance in my wooden clogs now
The Gilles of Binche wear bells & wooden clogs when on parade. Our 5 fave Belgian traditions:
I used to have some wooden clogs that affected the way I walk. Forevermore I have ten~to~two feet.
Who remembers Wild Pair in Lakeside? I can't even begin to tell you how many pairs of wooden clogs I bought there.
I went to the Netherlands and was enamored with some authentic Dutch wooden clogs I found hanging outside of a house in the countryside.
I'll try not to do this TOO often, as I clearly got myself into this mess, and knew what I was getting myself into. That said - Pregnancy Complaints and - - All food tastes like slugs - My chest feels like Andre the Giant strapped on some wooden clogs and had a tap-dance party on it That is all.
Wooden clogs are very much alive in
// JUST LISTED //. vintage 70s sandals CLOGS leather and wooden sandals / by MsTips via
Why am I always forgetting that clogs are so uncomfortable; they are just wooden planks with heels after all
closest I will get to Amsterdam for now ... three hr stop over... waste of time...waste of life...but not bored enough to buy wooden clogs lol
I want to win a pair of wooden clogs with
I hope hipsterism eventually turns into sweat pants, sombreros, and wooden clogs
The famous wooden clogs are still worn by people when they do their gardening and other outdoor activities...
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Breanne wears wooden clogs around the house; its tradition
Who else is wearing wooden clogs to project night
There are four 3~hour Palme d'Or winners standing between me and the finish line. I'm taking you down first, Tree of Wooden Clogs.
😂😂😂 He is wearing a collared, checkered, short sleeve, button up. with wooden clogs. He. is not. a. Samurai. 😂
Kid just walked into my job wearing wooden clogs. I literally cannot deal 😫😂
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Be still my heart! wooden healed clogs have arrived at the shop, right from Sweden. Come on in…
There's a guy here with wooden clogs on
This kid wears wooden clogs and can't clog dance?
only if you wear the long jean skirt and wooden clogs.. lmfao. LOVE THAT HOME MOVIE!
And the other guy is dutch and is walking around the garden in wooden CLOGS singing in dutch
Are clogs comfy to wear? Couldn't imagine wooden shoes to be decent at all
"The wooden clog sat on the aluminium table. You couldnt see the scratches and wear in the clogs reflection."
well look who i found... Would you like a jumping jellybean sandwich weasel party? P.s. all attendees must wear wooden clogs!
Only in would I have to stop while the marching band parades through town in wooden clogs.
When I was in 8th grade I wanted a pair of wooden clogs but my mom told me they were impractical. I blame that moment of time for everything
I want a pair of those wooden shoes, clogs aha thats what i want santa to bring me this year ;)x. Jokes xx
Just saw a man walking in the mall with white pants and full out red wooden clogs
I swear the people who live above me march around in wooden clogs
Carved Butterfly Clogs Wooden Wedge AVAILABLE NOW in by karenkell via
The children that live above my apartment must be high on Gushers and wearing wooden clogs.
Liam also wore clogs, not the real wooden ones but the shuffles
Runners world would give a positive write up to wooden clogs
My math prof just put wooden clogs on in the middle of class 😂
seen it all now,Portslade;man walking down high street making ridiculous noise...he's wearing wooden shoes 😃
Who wants to sand their wooden clogs on my skin? Anyone?
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I feel like I got kicked in the back by a bigfoot wearing wooden clogs. But thats not going to stop me from training to day. Eu Sou Angoleiro!
and Charles both own and proudly wear wooden clogs.
They are wearing wooden clogs like in Holland.
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Wonder if will be sporting those wooden clogs tmrw or if mother invested in some new kicks
It's really sad that when all you wanna do is sleep but the stampede of elephants that live above you won't stop walking. How does one person not stop walking for a hour straight? Apartment life *** *** sometimes.
Emme put on Zac's wooden clogs on St. Nicholas day and decided to do a jig! I think River Dance may be in her future.
law of attraction, maybe you're gonna be in the Netherlands with wooden clogs on? Don't get the blue ones.
Aaaahhh, those first beautiful seconds in the morning, before I remember why Im sleeping in the yard...
Love the start of a new journey. 3 hours on bus across Ireland not very auspicious. But tonight, Edam, wooden clogs & Van G. hello Holland!
If I can't get better i wanna be as high as a kite on a mountain in the Hindu Kush! (thats pretty high!)
From the sound of it my neighbour got Rock Band, alcohol and actual wooden clogs for Christmas.
I see you're wearing TOMs and not wooden clogs, thats not very dutch of you.
Only in Holland! Played golf today between the sheep and cows with mini footballs and wooden clogs on the end of broom handles. If you didn't aim correctly then you either sent a sheep turd flying or your ball ended up floating down the canal! Fun, fun, fun.
I really wish my mother would find a more quiet shoe to stomp around the house in like...I don't know ...wooden clogs.
In 2001 there were 571 injuries in the UK, caused by wooden shoes or clogs.
ha! Oh no not the clogs. Clogs and wooden teeth are de rigueur round my way. But Dangermouse repeats on CITV not so much.
To the people who live above me: Are you all wearing wooden clogs? I swear they are going to fall through my ceiling..
Stupid side note, I bought Clogs, yes clogs and they feel wonderful. I will be wearing them when I am not actually on a motorcycle or actually on the beach. If I could have I would have bought 10 pair because my arthritic feet feel really good in them. My happy high arches are not crying for 2 days now. My mean bones are not crashing against each other. They are like a boot for the summer. They were also 75 % off... so that matters a great deal as well.
I got my clogs today. I hope they're not as awkward to walk in as some people seem to find them. I tried on a pair (they weren't wide) but they seemed to be ok to me. Can't wait to get home and stomp around in them!
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Why are boys notorious for clogging toilets? Anyone have any pointers to unclog? I have tried the plunger, coat hanger, and pouring hot water in and using dishwashing liquid. Nothing is working and Beaker is growling at it!
Says who? The guy from land of wooden clogs, tulips and oh yeah legal weed... NEVERMIND LETS GO TO NETHERLANDS AND GET HIGH.
You could tell they were Dutch mice because of their tiny wooden mouse clogs and bicycles.
Going back to Amsterdam this summer!! @ mention me in May if you want in on some wooden clogs.
I've got clogs less wooden than Brian Dowling
Just remembered that I had wooden soled clogs wen I was in second grade.
What am I seeing here.a grown man in yellow wooden clogs!
1st place I saw ppl wearing wooden clogs in earnest was Suurhuisterveen. It's considered the "deep south" of NED. Weird dialect.
Convinced my neighbor walks around her apartment wearing horseshoes attached to wooden clogs.
kids mill from holland , Dutch guys even ce over in actuall wooden clogs and make it up for you
Women wearing dad pants is more of a *** block than granny panties under a floor-length denim skirt and wooden clogs.
This lady is wearing heels she cannot walk in. Like why? Shes walking like a freak and sounds like she's wearing wooden clogs.
There was a marching band that has typical Dutch dress complete with wooden clogs
Wow, marching in wooden clogs. God that has to suck.
That band in the parade of roses has to march 5 miles in wooden clogs. my feet hurt thinking about it
The band members from the Dutchman school, who wore authentic wooden clogs, were pretty intense, btw.
I must admit to being slightly impressed by the Dutch marching band in wooden clogs. Effort that.
love the wooden clogs Al. I had a pair growing up in MI
The rose parade has their own wooden clogs... O.o lol?
please stop talking so we can just watch!! P.s. also, no one care about the wooden clogs.
Amazing! The students in the Orange City Iowa band are walking in wooden clogs in the Rose Bowl! (Remember it's a 5 mile walk!)
Just saw MOC - Floyd high school marching band from Orange City, IA in the They marched on wooden clogs. Go MOC-Floyd!
Cannot imagine marching 6 miles in wooden clogs. Craziness!
Fuq it let's all just go to Holland & party w/ the Dutch & their wooden rave clogs. day lol
Safest plan; for if you put her out of wooden clogs into high-heeled.
Jackie Chan, wearing wooden clogs, saving a puppy. This is suddenly the best movie ever.
are you buying wooden shoes for ?...// LOL! They wooden Dutch Clogs don't come in heels!
Wearing super fly wooden clogs from the 70's. Nobody can top this.
Pantlegs and Shirtsleeves. The Dutchmen and the Wooden Clogs. Indigestion at the Supermarket.
Thirteen began at once arming themselves, some with wooden clogs.
More of beating out brains with wooden clogs.
It's so dangerous waddling around in the bathroom with wooden clogs when ya' have null balancing.
Wooden shoes must hurt. Note to self. Ask about Clogs.
I think the hyena is back upstairs, and this time he's wearing big wooden clogs.
Yeah but who's wearing clogs at the end of November anyways? Wait, who's still wearing wooden clogs period?
I used to have real cow furry wooden clogs. But that was back when I used to be cool.
I'm wearing clogs. They are so noisy on my wooden floors. Like living with a lumberjack who never stops working.
Either barefoot, or have strong shoes-wooden clogs good.
lol she said Amy's wooden clogs were hideous.
Love it when dad asks mom if her shoes are "Dutch clogs and if they're wooden".
My grandma actually bought me wooden clogs to wear once you know
Katlynn thinks my Dutch wooden clogs are lame.
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I think I would look good in a pair of wooden clogs.
For some reason I imagined big wooden clogs when I read that :)
Taking your shoes off has to be my favorite feeling after a long day of work. Its like releasing my foot from wooden clogs.
flip flog with clogs!! Yay for Dutch Wooden Shoes and Hot Man on Pasture Action! Moo! Wood! Shoes! HOT! ;)
Every-Minute Zen Zen students are with their masters at least two years before they presume to teach others. Nan-in was visited by Tenno, who, having passed his apprenticeship, had become a teacher. The day happened to be rainy, so Tenno wore wooden clogs and carried an umbrella. After greeting him Nan-in remarked: "I suppose you left your wooden clogs in the vestibule. I want to know if your umbrella is on the right or left sideof the clogs." Tenno, confused, had no instant answer. He realized that he was unable to carry his Zen every minute. He became Nan-in's pupil, and he studied six more years to accomplish his every-minute Zen.
My parents are the kind of people who decorate their hearth with pairs of wooden clogs. We're not Dutch.
My upstairs neighbours wear wooden clogs and move a pile of bricks from one side of the apartment to the other. One at a time. Every night.
Whoopi Goldberg has on wooden clogs . On national television, Okay
I'll get the soil for her Xmas present. Or would prefer some traditional wooden clogs?
Mr Allins wooden clogs are so distracting from the lesson Haahha
It's not all tulips and wooden clogs and windmills in a pretty picture. It's not only coffee shops and people getting high.
TAKE AN AMBLE THROUGH AMSTERDAM ON YOUR NEXT HOLIDAY! Famed for its canals, tulips, windmills and wooden clogs, Amsterdam has a picturesque charm that makes for postcard-perfect photos at every corner. For a truly European holiday experience, plan a trip through QVI Points to this city which has all kinds of accommodations to suit your needs and budgets, from stylish designer boutique hotels, to quaint traditional inns. And after you've booked your hotel, take a look through the wide range of enjoyable tours and activities that you'll remember forever!
guy upstairs is wearing wooden clogs with nails in the soles and has tiled his entire apartment with crockery. Also, he's shuffling.
Wearing my mexican fajita with baby blue dorsel fin & bloody tights with matching wooden clogs
I'd like to walk around in wooden clogs for a day tbh
I found wooden clogs in Whitney's attack
To the man on campus today wearing the t-shirt stating "the best thing to come out of Holland is the train to Germany": you sir, have never owned wooden clogs.
Dutch Clogs Shall We Dance in These Wooden Shoes by mamiezvintage via
(Video in Spanish with English subtitles) As you travel throughout Asturias you will notice that many of the locals are wearing wooden clogs known as Madreña...
Omgosh this guy is wearing Japanese wooden clogs in the train(:
Wooden sandals or Japanese clogs Yo we gotta copp u a real mask that v for vendetta flimsy shot ain't cutting it.
another: In a long time past, in a certain country at the foot of the Himalayas, there dwelled a rare species of monkeys. Their blood, of a deep translucent red, was highly prized as a dye, for it would neither fade nor streak. The monkeys were therefore sought after by cloth merchants, as well as by kings and princes. The monkeys themselves were clever and savvy -- adept at escaping all the traps and nets set out for them. However, they had two weaknesses: they loved rice wine and they enjoyed parading themselves in fancy shoes. One day, a group of hunters, having discovered the monkeys' whereabouts, set up several huge kegs of wine on a hill and let the wind carry the bouquet afar. They also scattered hundreds of brightly colored wooden clogs near the barrels before hiding themselves in the surrounding bushes. Sure enough, the monkeys, attracted by the aroma of the wine, approached the hillside. Furtively looking over their shoulders and surveying the area with their piercing eyes, they told one another ...
Just saw a bug so big, I could hear it walking across the cement driveway. Sounded like it was wearing wooden clogs.
Who the f is wearing wooden clogs on the floor above me I'm trying to sleep
They said nothing would change but all of our lab safety shoes have been replaced with wooden clogs.
It's obvious an assassin wearing clogs wooden get far.
some belting 1s in primark with flashing lights wen u walk... Wil treat u, or wil get u some wooden clogs in Greece 2mrw
Well I think I'm gonna be Amish this year... I'll be rockin' wooden clogs!!
If the Shoe fits... Colorful and Cute Wooden Clogs in Amsterdam 5x7 Fine AJrt by PerfectArt via
Q. How many clogs are there in Holland? A. Wooden shoe like to know.
I think I'm going to walk around in an October feat outfit with wooden clogs as casual attire
Ok friends in Boston, anyone can get me Japanese wooden clogs? Its part of my costume. Nancy Wong, Shirley Wong, Charlie Wong?
I want a pair of wooden clogs. NEXT EBAY PURCHASE!!
A collection of stories, Buddhist, Christian, Zen, Hasidic, Hindu, Sufi and others, with comments by Anthony de Mello.
Are clogs hard to walk in. Are they noisy. Wooden clogs.
You know your mum is not fully Asian when she tells you to 'chill'. I expect further advice on wooden clogs and windmills.
Yes definitely! The Fashion Bash was an amazing event. Thx so much for posting our wooden clogs design. ;)
God bless him...lest we forget our heroes..may they continue to grain in our hearts and memories...
Well lying should cause you pain :). & really that would be wood on wood, no pain 4 him,not really“ wooden clogs? Ouch!”
Have just got back onto the Scenic Ruby from being in the Dutch countryside looking at windmills. We also saw how the wooden clogs are made and visited a cheese factory - Chris was in heaven there!!
it probably wasn't the best idea for you two wear your wooden clogs while working at the LIBRARY
yep a nice pair of Mr and Mrs wooden clogs would suit us nicley :-) Ha !!! What garden you working on at the moment hun?
But my mama want some wooden clogs tho.😒😒😒😒
Man if this woman with these wooden witch clogs don't pick her feet up imma trip her!
Clogs. Are those what those wooden shoes are called? The lady next to me is wearing them. Doesn't look too comfortable.
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I would.but I'm in holland. And no, I'm not wearing wooden clogs.
Wooden clogs seem really uncomfortable
lost shoes or new shoes? If only u had levelled ur cobbling skills instead of wood carving...hang on- wooden clogs!
so much harder. And I have blisters from those stupid wooden clogs.
my odd duck of a neighbor apparently. He also sound like he walks around in wooden clogs.
Finally got my pair of authentic wooden Dutch clogs! Woot! Time to start designing an illustration for them :-)
We found wooden clogs at Shannon's house:)
In the North of England they walk on cobbled streets in wooden clogs eating coal.
Ah, that reminds me. When I was little the man next door wore wooden clogs. His friend Ziggy used to send them from Amsterdam.
nothing beats Madame wearing slipper socks and wooden clogs at the same time...
Okay I'm about to round house you with wooden dutch clogs in the throat.
fake wooden slipper clogs from Holland
Just saw a women walking about in clogs. Real wooden clogs. Shut the front door!!
Rayna looks good in my wooden indian clogs :)
This girl is wearing wooden clogs like it's nobody's business.
I'd rather wear wooden clogs than be in this pain
I wouldn’t wear these if my other choice were wooden clogs… that have termites
Just got letter about needing carpeting on 80% of my floor b/c neighbor ( complained. Time for wooden clogs & P90x.
I regularly sacrifice lambs in my loft as a religious exorcism of demons from my pair of dynamite wooden clogs
Mom dukes got on some wooden clogs... Smdh!!!
But wait...did she just walk in this airport with galoshes on? And this bitty walkin round in wooden clogs!
these shoes are like trying to break in a pair of wooden clogs. Ouch!
Whats up my mogs, my dogs and my wooden clogs ;)
Nothing like wearing real wooden Dutch clogs to let people know you've arrived.
In Victorian times, clogs were wooden soled working mens' shoes, commonly worn in the factories of Northern England
I also looked round Windsor and went to Eton boys school. There were no posh boys, but I saw a dutch teen in actual wooden clogs - bell end
Standing on a snail usually produces a guilty feeling. Standing on a snail whilst wearing wooden clogs is so much worse.
River dancing in my wooden clogs like I just came from the Netherlands...
Happy Swedish National Day! Wear wooden clogs and any Swede would take you for a fellow countryman!
Just seen a man walk past wearing huge wooden clogs and Tobias Funke style never-nude denim cut offs. New fashion trend I missed out on?
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I'm just for sketchers to come out with wooden clogs
Kristin Cavallari rocking Miu Miu wooden clogs and our Mignonne Pouch in Black Python, gorg via
A pair of wooden shoes has joined Mensa. Bloody clever clogs
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Dear Upstairs Neighbours, I can only assume you are taking bowling balls and dropping them on the floor and then running around with wooden clogs on your feet with 20 of your closest friends. SHUT UP! AH!
So I've spoken before about a certain little girl that Z speaks of. . .often. He was telling me last night, how she has a pair of ruby slippers, "just like Dorothy, Mom!!" He then proceeded to tell me she also wears a pair of wooden clogs, occasionally AND wore a skort to school today. Me: "Sounds like she's caught the attention of a young man, to me." Z: "Who?" Me: "Umm. . .Zach Austin." Z: "Oh Mom. . .she plays hard to get, you know." Me: "Smart girl." Z: Sheepish grin. (He's laid out a vest and tie to wear today). Hmmm. . .the laws of attraction are in full bloom in the 2nd grade, at the Arts Based Elementary, it seems.
A quick question or my Florida friends: Is crotchless German lederhosen, combined with Dutch wooden clogs, considered proper beach atire? Oh .. uh ... again, not for me. Nooo ... just ... uh .. some guy I saw. Yeah.
Fun Fact of the Day: Prior to metal taps being used, the dance was performed with wooden clogs on leather shoes.
I have to present a powerpoint on Dutch Americans tomorrow for my cultural geography final... might as well go all out and wear the wooden clogs!
Channeled the latest crew cuts by jcrew campaign w my outfit today, complete w silver metallic wooden clogs & sweater w cut out flowers.
How to sing beautifully in the Vierne: imagine satin pumps, not wooden clogs, you too men!
My mom had leather-topped, steel enforced toe-tip, Dutch wooden-based clogs for mowing the lawn back in the day, LOL
you could always choreograph a lively jig to the music. You'll need wooden clogs or tap shoes... >:D
"I have wooden clogs. For little small children. ... Like a cow could step on it and it wouldn't hurt my foot."
Wooden clogs, hash, space brownies and canals
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
WHERE THEY DO THAT AT?: suede jacket mock turtleneck leather shorts, and wooden clogs leading praise and worship. WTDTA and why?
The girls having fun with wooden clogs from Holland (at La Casa De Little) [pic] —
RVP throwing his wooden clogs out of his pram.
Who the *** wears wooden clogs ... My teacher -,-
Directed by Ermanno Olmi. With Luigi Ornaghi, Francesca Moriggi, Omar Brignoli, Antonio Ferrari. The life inside a farm in Italy at the beginning of the century. Many poor country families live there...
Was it a bad idea to wear my new indoors with them being stiffer than wooden clogs? Yeah, yeah it was.
ek! like riverdance in wooden shoes/clogs - amazing!!! they'd have all dutch ppl on their side! xD
I swear it sounds like the lady living above me is square dancing in her kitchen with wooden clogs on...
Tree of the Wooden Clogs...three hour Italian movie.highly tecommended
They now gave me a pair of wooden clogs--benches in.
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