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Wonka Bar

The Wonka Bar is both a fictional candy bar, introduced in the 1964 novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, and a type of real life candy bar inspired by the fictional confection.

Golden Ticket Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory Charlie Bucket Quaker Oats

The candy at the center of Roald Dahl’s perennial children’s best seller has gone missing
This ain't Willy Wonka's Factory, but you just found the Golden Chocolate bar
Saw it in London. Looking forward to revisiting!
He does look like Willy Wonka. I need a chocolate bar. Yum!!!
Hey Highlanders! keep your eyes open next week for Wonka Bar's hidden around the school! If you find one bring it to sac…
A Second Bite of the Wonka Bar: Reimagining 'Charlie' for Broadway - New York Times
nytimesarts: A second bite of the Wonka bar: "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" reimagined for Broadway
if you didn't see this re: Now I really can't wait
Here comes "Charlie": The musical adaptation of Roald Dahl's classic children's book is reimagined for Broadway
well I'm completely sold on the creative decisions for now! can it be May 6th yet? .
Get a chocolate bar and slip it in there then hide the bar you could be like Willy Wonka cause that carnival ticket…
COMPETITION TIME!!. like and share this post for your chance to win a wonka bar. Help us get rosie apples back up...
Creating our new chocolate bar for Mr Wonka - to strict Mathematical criteria!
It breaks my heart knowing I'll never have an actual Wonka bar
you did nt buy a Wonka bar Charlie Bucket?
wait tell me why the wonka bar I'm holding is literally almost as big as me, smh
Asked kris if he was strugglin openin the chocolate bar & he says "No I am looking 4 Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket YES KAIT I AM STRUGGLING" 😂
Now I know how Willy Wonka feels. Walked into a bar w/my apron on & all waitresses descended upon me, happily pleading for chocolate.
If you've never wanted a wonka bar you're wrong.
They were playing Willy Wonka on TV at the bar, so... this @ The Glendale Tap
That crunch sound of biting into a Willy Wonka bar in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is my spirit animal.
If she like you enough she gon suck yo *** like it's the golden wrapped chocolate bar to get into the Willy Wonka factory ...
Happy Nothing better the. Big huge cake! using…
am sitting next to somebody at this bar. and this person has never seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory before. Never. What is life
How to make a real Willy Wonka chocolate bar (Part 2 of 2): via
Nothing is more exciting when you find a KitKat bar with just chocolate inside. It's like finding a Golden Ticket to Willy Wonka's factory.
I got mugged. I got mugged for the chocolate bar I was eating. By a dwarf. I couldn't help but ask, did you get the sack from Willy Wonka?
i watched Willy Wonka at the beg of 2016 and I literally ate a bar of chocolate every single day since then bc of the chocolate river scene
aight lemme get one of those wonka bars. Sir-. yea a wonka bar. SIR PLS
Im eating a chocolate bar & I pull out part of the wrapper & I felt like the fat boy from Willy Wonka when he pulls the ticket out his mouth
College is like finding a Golden Ticket in a Wonka bar but then drowning in the chocolate river within the first hour of the factory tour.
A wonderful write up about the Wonka event hosted at Sweet - Kitchen & Bar Nicely done Mass Foodies and Giselle...
I said, my darling, you look Wonka Bar tonight
Willy Wonka eat your heart out! Chocolate shop featuring chocolate bar opens up in Stokesley
Show me the way to the next Wonka Bar
Please dress up as Willy Wonka next year and slip a 'BLUE and GREEN ticket into my candy bar! 😜
lol so being drunk and having Willy Wonka appear to give u candy at a bar is like the grown up trick or treating I frickin get iTTT!!!
I rly miss Wonka chocolate bars and also that limited edition Buzzlightyear white chocolate bar w/rainbow rice krispies in it
Wonka Candy needs to step thy game up and put Gene's picture on every bar.
- Willy Wonka week at Sydney's Bar Luca, A Sydney bar has celebrated the life of...
I got a Wonka Bar from Willy Wonka for wearing a costume to work. No though 👎🏼
clutching my ticket like Charlie and his wonka bar!
I'm dressed up at work and a co-worker is dressed as Willy Wonka and gave me a Wonka bar loll.
I actually feel like I've found the Golden Ticket in a Wonka bar or something.
Like a black *** Willy Wonka about to drop the best candy bar of 2016
So Willy Wonka and Bruno Mars walk into a bar.
Rubio broke his tooth on a candy bar. Trump says if he is Pres he will build a wall around Wonka factory and make him pay for it.
We had some alien action at our spaceship bar. video shoot was real fun
Listening to the latest episode of w/ now off to find a chocolate bar
Now I am craving for a Wonka bar. Why do I keep watching these things?
The original name sounds like it could be a Wonka chocolate bar!
Enough candy to fill up Willy Wonka's factory, all kinds of chips, A&W orders and my fave... Open bar
Thnks to (for helping me discover in Manchester, just bought wonka bar on iTunes 🍫😜
The second song I heard was wonka bar. When Charley explained it to me - he said…
Finally getting my Wonka Bar collection framed.
How much out of 10 would you rate Bottle Caps
We're the Golden Tickets Willie Wonka put into the Wonka bar!
every email I get I pray that it's an invite. Its like opening a wonka bar for the Golden Ticket 🍫
Getting a ticket to Beyoncé is equivalent if not better to finding the Golden Ticket in a Willy Wonka chocolate bar.
Helping Charlie Bucket get to the Wonka bar whilst avoiding Mr Slugworth! 🍫
Trying to get Yeezys is like trying to find the Golden Ticket in a Wonka bar!
the gold Power BI package makes me think of Willy Wonka and the Golden Ticket. So hopefully it's a chocolate bar.
He look like a Willy Wonka bar with a Golden Ticket inside 😂
I've always wanted to try a Wonka chocolate bar from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it looks real good
and a Wonka bar for afters - find the gold wrapper & get a visit to Willy Wonkas choc factory
Idk this movie but when I read "wonka bar" the first that came on my mind was "Conchobar" lmfao
Bruno Mars looks like he's wearing the outfit from the tv scene in Willy Wonka when they shrink the candy bar
this is about as exiting as looking for the Golden Ticket in a Willy Wonka Bar
You know those small but long nipples? Those are really rare. Its like finding the Golden Ticket in a Wonka bar when I find out she has them
Posting title...why does Willy Wonka not let me have a csndt bar: Walking through the yellow pages. i am not…
Join us for the Wonka Bar Hunt at our Charlie & the Factory Afternoon Tea!
Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory was financed by the Quaker Oats company to sell their real-life Wonka Bar.
Buying a Powerball ticket makes me feel like Charlie Bucket, spending his last few dollars on a Wonka Bar in search of th…
Feeling like Charlie Bucket when he opened that Wonka Bar on his birthday
wins are like finding a Golden Ticket in a Wonka Bar. Makes your free coffee taste sour.
Justineee Skyeee is like a golden Willy Wonka chocolate bar
If Willy Wonka's factory had a bar, it would be Loving the Sour Patch Kid Sour & Nerd Mojito.
Two Golden Tickets! Come buy a Wonka bar for your chance to win tickets for the movie on the square on Friday!
Getting your hands on Paul Weller tickets are like getting the Golden Ticket from a Willy Wonka's chocolate bar 😩
Meet Willy Wonka, get a famous Wonka bar and look for one of the five Golden Tickets at Kicks Mix Books, one of...
The film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was financed by Quaker Oats to promote its new Wonka Bar candy.
These pieces look tasty, seriously tasty. Like I could unwrap and down this gold brick like its a Wonka Bar. -
Being Christian is a way of life, not a Golden Ticket you found in a Wonka Bar because you want to bribe your way into heaven.
We watching Charlie and Chocolate Factory. Here comes the giant Wonka bar!
Andrew won a Golden Ticket in his Wonka bar.
There has to be a Golden Ticket in this Wonka Bar :-) "The suspense is terrible... I hope it'll last." by
I could really go for a wonka bar rn
I can't watch Breaking Bad, I have to pause and run out to buy a chocolate bar when watching Willie Wonka ***
It's never too early for a Wonka bar! Just ask Augustos!
Time for the amazing hoping will have a Wonka Bar for us later!
I want someone to look at me like I'm the Golden Ticket inside of a wonka bar
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
ugh! Toasted rice... There I'd used to be the best chocolate bar a few years ago - the first of the Wonka bars
"Remember in school where they had a comp to find a wonka Golden Ticket?". Jasmine: YES! I tried so hard to win! I bought one bar.
"I felt like the Golden Ticket inside of a Wonka Bar".copy Rogue Two.
Giant Wonka Style Chocolate Bar raised £1500 for the charity. Thanks to Simon Lilley's efforts
The Willy Wonka in me comes out a lot... so.. anybody want a Wonka bar?
Greece soldout god to the euro 's bent over Bankruptcy to a wonka bar in their Gyros & gave Property to Israel
i cant remember the last time i saw a Wonka bar . but Cadburys its everywhere so dont fret !!
The sorta factory a boozy Wonka'd be proud of, brightens up Bethnal Green with brilliant bottles.
When your Wonka bar didn't have a Golden Ticket
I have one question to you young man... do YOU need a wonka bar?
although Willy Wonka was right you can build this out of chocolate, Imagine a chocolate bar x1000 heavy
Does anybody else buy these and pretend it's a Wonka bar?
Sugar is the root of all evil. No, really.
Dylan's Candy Bar...the kids will love it...60th St. And Third Ave...It's like Wonka's factory...Trust me
This Wonka bar cake is sure to cheer up little Charlie! . Artwork done in all buttercream!
The wonka bar my mum got me is staring me down
Only three days till Wonka Bar buying begins! What a great idea, OCP! Please go out and support one of our...
Tomorrow is the last day to order chocolate bars for Fathers day. £2 per bar, lots of fab prizes to be won Golden Ticket wonka style! 👍
The WONKA bar is made and distributed by Nestlé USA. We recommend emailing them at Best of luck Ryan!
Hey where can I find a chocolate bar?
. Loves Willy Wonka and always looking for the bar with the Golden Ticket.
Someone bring me a wonka bar. K thanks.
Finding a blanket in my grandparents house that isn't full of cat hair is like finding the Golden Ticket in a wonka bar
Custom Hershey Bar decals to personalize for a birthday party themed to Wonka Chocolate Factory, gate will be PVC!!!
How do you expect me to trust the government when I get Hershey's bars in wonka bar wrapping. What has this world come to?
I'm learning all about Wonka Bar Exceptionals Domed Dark Chocolate at
The 'Wonka bar' is on its way my friend. With Pearson and Uwe, and who knows else, it just might be an interesting season.
Haven't seen a battle from either 1, but if the Willzy vs Conker B battle doesn't have a "Willy Wonka" bar = missed opportunity
all this sun makin me look like a walking dark chocolate bar, some1 call Willy Wonka 😂😂
Hi Zaquirah. Wonka bars are no longer availablein the UK & didn't have a promotion on them. Your bar may be an import?
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
indulge your *** off at Max Brenner Chocolate Bar & marvel at all the chocolate flowing in pipes overhead Willy Wonka style.
Quick go buy a Wonka Chocolate bar, I hear there is still one ticket left.
Wonka bar and `Selfie` photo booth packages for children ( and big kids too! ) are now available at Club V.
"The Willy Wonka of cocktails in an underground bar"
Genuine Wonka bar auctioning on Sellebrity Auction right now!! Get bidding!
This is one chocolate bar Willy Wonka didn't have. 😝
aye back off he's mine. I call him Wonka Bar
I really want a Wonka Bar right now! I found a Golden Ticket.. *** song. Why did I watch that movie earlier.
And every day is like a battle, but every night w/ us is like a dream 💋 @ Wonka Bar
It's a themed Who better to help but make your own
Introducing.the wonka candy bar. Available to hire from.
And you know, we're on each other's team (marcando Mayla mentalmente) @ Wonka Bar
Finding a coke bottle with my name on it is the equivalent to finding a Wonka bar with a Golden Ticket.
The ultimate Willy Wonka candy dessert bar by Candylicious
I wonder what Wonka's chocolate bar tastes like.
If I ever a see a chocolate bar with a Wonka wrapper like in the movie I am buying it SO FAST.
I don't want to open my wonka bar but I want to eat it WHAT DO U HAVE TO SAY 4 YR SELF lol xxx
we don't have the power but we never say never @ Wonka Bar
Thought only chance of getting a ticket would be in a Wonka bar. Though I've never actually seen Boro win with you
Something a little different to my usual... A bespoke Wonka Bar wedding invite and matching evening invite...
When Charlie opens the Wonka Bar with the Golden Ticket he drops the chocolate bar and runs off with the ticket. What a waste.
Today we're remembering a FUN and colorful display of desserts for a Willy Wonka dessert bar!
So in love with my chocolate bar palette. The packaging reminds me of a wonka bar!
Craving a wonka chocolate bar but nowhere sells them😣
The first 2,000 fans thru the door at the 2015 NBA Christmas games will receive a free Wonka Bar & Red Ryder BB gun.
Morgan wants to find a Willa Wonka ticket in his chocolate bar.😂
I feel like a wonka bar with no Golden Ticket
My bracket is literally more golden than a Golden Graham. If my bracket was a Wonka Bar, I'd have a Golden Ticket.
“I'm not Willy Wonka *** I dont just get chocolate for free” it was just one bar of chocolate but no 💔
Peeling the plastic off my concert DVD like I'm Charlie Bucket uncovering the Golden Ticket in his Wonka Bar.
Told her Willy Wonka is my uncle I'm a walking Hershey bar, come cop a taste
Got to eat a wonka bar whilst watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical.
What's your favourite chocolate bar? — Willy Wonka.
Woo came home from work to a wonka bar 😁
find a Golden Ticket in a Wonka Bar and get an Everlasting Gobstopper from Mr Wonka's factory!
I was curious if u would like to indulge in my Wonka bar cuz you are definitely the Golden Ticket of my eye!XOXO hugs & kisses
Does this look remind anyone else of a wonka bar? Maybe I just need some chocolate.
Im pretending to be Willy Wonka in this real Chocolate Factory @ Chocxo Bean to Bar
So tempted to buy Willy Wonka chocolate bar but it's $15 dollars
This is the worst thing Wonka has done since discontinuing the Wonka Bar! D:
I've always wanted to try a Wonka Bar but those things are so hard to get ahold of
This sounds like what a Wonka bar must taste like. Gene Wilder would be proud. 🍫🍭
Willie Wonka Chocolate Waterfall.No more be said on the matter. If God were chocolate, it would be this bar~
I really want a Willy Wonka chocolate bar 😞❤️
Finding Copenhagen mint is the equivalent of finding a Golden Ticket in a Wonka chocolate bar.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Going downtown and not spending any money is better than getting the Golden Ticket in a wonka chocolate bar
There's open bar in my bulidings lobby. And I'm watching Willy Wonka in my apartment. Turn up
Paused Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory to get hershey bar. This is why I can't watch breaking bad.
Y'all!! and Encore slayed the risers of Wheaton North tonight and now I want a wonka bar. The girls were so fierce!!!
Fulfill your Willy Wonka fantasy and make your own chocolate bar at the Concord Branch Monday!
Ohmygoodness! That's a huge chocolate bar! Yep, talk about being the best Glam-ma ever! Willy Wonka Glam-ma style! ~Love it!
All I want right now is a Wonka Bar. 🍫
Willy Wonka bar all too important on this occasion for
Charlie Bucket’s Wonka Bar turned into a wunderbar - he’d found the Golden Ticket!
Great first half at Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. Even got my own Wonka bar!!!
At first I thought this pic was of Mike Teevee holding a Wonka Bar.
.This 1 invention caused me the most problems this yr. WHO INVENTED THE CANDY BAR?
I ain't seen these in tiiime. Client brought 1 in the office for me, Ricky you are a legend! Wonka bar is lush! htt…
We bet you'll love unwrapping today's tasty Wonder! WHO INVENTED THE CANDY BAR?
I won't give up my chicken 4 a wonka bar.
Willy Wonka was the best show ever!!! The Chocolate Bar cast is so amazing!!
I'd say a Wonka bar from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tastes like Cadbury's tbf
Smores pancakes with Wonka bar stout @ Mispillion River Brewing
Enjoying our first Wonka bar at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with
The only chocolate I really want to eat is Willy Wonka chocolate bar.
The design reminded me of a wonka bar and that I'm gonna find a Golden Ticket in it xD
A Hershey chocolate bar, Willy Wonka, Max Caulfield("Life is Strange"), Titanic(the ship)
I feel like I just had a REAL Wonka Bar !! Loving the Hello my name is Caramel Brownie
Triggers agent thrashed out talks with capello/warriner sunday afternoon big 1year deal pint of binders finest ,wonka bar and space invaders
This augustus gloop lookalike is eyeing me down like I'm a wonka bar. Brah...
Enough kitkats, I want wonka bar now!
The will do a Willy Wonka competition to select the top up players. Buy yourself an AFL Wonka Bar to win. Make that an AFL Wanka bar.
Jay-Z gotta drop Blueprint 4 and hand deliver it to people around the US in a Blue Willy Wonka suit..the bar has been raised
Bring me the caramelc bar with the key on it. The big one, the giant one, the Wonka one.
Don't forget the tungsten bar escalator. Those are fun. It's like Willy Wonka & the gold* factory.
I'm watching Willy Wonka and craving a chocolate bar. Why don't they make them anymore?
I ordered a Wonka candy bar case for my phone today because I'm a proud seven year old
I feel like Carlie Bucket buying a Wonka bar whenever I get powerball tickets
Played the for once and feel like Charlie holding a Wonka bar and hoping this baby has a Golden Ticket! But I'll probably lose.
So upset I didn't get a wonka bar at the theatre tonight! Just a tad bit devastated 😩
it's like having a Wonka Golden Ticket in every bar! No white chocolate though, I'm not the milky bar kid!
Fave meal gotta be the homemade Wonka Bar & made for my mama before we saw 😊
Can someone please get me a Willy Wonka chocolate bar
ate the last Wonka bar and everyone's mad at me
When your mom brings a chocolate bar home from Italy and you win a Golden Ticket to the Wonka Factory
I have not seen a Wonka bar in years, even in the candy shop. Whoah.
I would give anything to have a Wonka bar right now. 🍫
Studying with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on background... now I want a Wonka Bar.
Willy Wonka & his Oompa Loompas are taking over Central Bar! Join them all on Halloween night for the…
"I feel like that kid who found that gold ticket in the candy bar in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I asked my dad how I can send jade a kit kat bar and he goes "wonka television"
This bespoke invitation order was something a little different for me, a Willy Wonka chocolate bar inspired...
it was like being a child & finding a golden Wonka ticket in a chocolate bar being invited down to
“Welcome to New York” sounds like you would hear it in the Times Square Toys’R’Us, where I once bought and ate an entire Wonka bar
Thought it was the Wonka Bar ummm no
You're a wonka candy, and I'm just a Hersey bar.
Girl look like the mascot for a Willy Wonka bar. Whatchamacallit *** ***
/Share this tshirt for a chance to win this week!
The best phone case ever: Wonka Bar !.
Watching Willy Wonka really makes me want a wonka bar
I've got a better chance of getting a Golden Ticket in a Wonka bar than getting a ticket to anything at the Garden
Yep... number 4... they set the bar high for the season!
If I ever eat a Wonka bar, I'm going to assume there is some Augustus Gloop inside 👦🍫
*watches Willy Wonka* *eats a king sized Hershey bar in the process*
There's this candy shop next to my college that do all different candy & they have the original wonka bar from ccf :D
Finding the iPhone 6 is like buying a wonka bar
Dylan's Candy Bar is better than Willy Wonka's factory 😍
Greatest invention in the whole entire world a wonka chocolate bar and the ticket is to go to hogwarts omfg I wish
I got a Willy Wonka chocolate bar case 🙌
Getting an appointment at the Genius Bar when you need one is like winning a Golden Ticket to Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Nearly impossible.
excellent! It's a little like finding the Golden Ticket in a Willie Wonka chocolate bar!
When Charlie finally finds the Golden Ticket in the Wonka Bar 😭🍫
The Wonka bar just sitting a straight up innuendo now !
Got myself a wonka bar, will their be a Golden Ticket, that is the question !!!
4 cubes of that Wonka bar has 160 cals more than my dinner had it in it 😳 ffs
Looking through old pics and saw these two. One has a dirty face from the wonka chocolate dessert bar…
RS has any one ever had a wonka chocolate bar ?👀😁. Seriously thou 😂
All practiced up for our first show tonight! WONKA BAR in CURITIBA, Brasil with the band Dunas! 22…
Great invite arrived today using a personalised bar along with our
My new iPhone looks like the chocolate bar from Willy Wonka. As is, not because of a case.
Golden Birthday Dark Chocolate Bar | Zazzle - Now you can become Willy Wonka! Be him today!
How cool it would be if Google names Android W as Willy Wonka Bar.
Finding a girl in Texas who likes Hockey is like finding a Golden Ticket in a Wonka Bar.
Hanging in Curitiba! First show TOMORROW at Wonka Bar with Dunas! frbley bruhlcity
Would of had more chance at finding a Golden Ticket in a wonka bar than buying tickets for Noel Gallagher this morning :-…
Factoid: The Gene Wilder Willy Wonka movie (1971) was made, paid for and owned by the Quaker Oats Company to promote their new Wonka Bar.
Its not an Easter egg its Willy Wonka bar
well I have a wonka bar so you be jealous
48 mini milks box of 36 wonka bars 24 mixed cans bottles £20 all in date
48 mini milks box of wonka bars 36 and 24 mixed drinks cans bottles fruit shoots £20 all in date can deliver
This Willy Wonka chocolate class from our friends at looks delicious!
Personally, I wouldn't. Willy Wonka would not be amused. How was the 10,000 miles travelled slight broken bar ? Passable ?
Wonka bars 3 for £1, refreshers 10p each and popping candy 20p each .also have 100g bags for £1 each of mini haribo starmix and delivery inside Yeovil
I had a dream that I ate a wonka was amazing
Why the *** aren't Toot Sweets a real thing? That savory fife, that sweet of your life, is clearly the best of the bunch! I guess it was because no one thought to launch an actual product in conjunction with a movie. Not for another year (with Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Wonka bars).
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
What's your favourite chocolate bar? — wonka♡
I feel like as if winning the lotto is like getting the Golden Ticket from a Wonka Bar
I feel like the person who got the golden chocolate bar in Willie Wonka!
Tucked up in bed eating skittles and a wonka bar😋
Lol. When Luna thinks she needs to get a Wonka bar ever time we go to the store. Crazy girl has a bunch at the house.
I always feel like Charlie when he's opening his bar of Wonka chocolate when opening a pack of football stickers 😆
Got our Wonka bar... Is there a Golden Ticket? 🍫🍫🍫
Am I the only one as a child who want a Willy Wonka chocolate bar?
Did Charlie ever tip the Candy Man for selling him the Wonka Bar with the Golden Ticket?
Find a Golden Ticket in a Wonka bar, it brings its own problems.
Looks like the Heat found the Golden Ticket to the finals in a Wonka Bar...
All I want for Easter... is any of these ;-)
*** .. Well I guess ima savor a wonka bar every 6 years or so
Willy Wonka bar framed but glass smashed so took out due to this few scratches inside x 10 pounds
Yes, this is true, could b a pencil or perhaps an energy drink, or snack
Eating Willy Wonka bar: tastes like disappointment. Rang 000 to report a hoon in the rain but heart wasn't in it. All is meh.
ŠÑÊĤÑÊ bad *** wonka bar was just iced by Hootie, who has whacked a total of 31,541 rivals.
Willy Wonka just turned over in his grave: 100-Pound Chocolate Bar - Epic Meal Time:
Here are the 13 most influential candy bars of all time via
Bottle of bitter shandy,bag of chiken crisps,wonka bar n a dairymilk n IDEAL 2 on dvd.
Driving home from super gig at - just discovered millionaires shortbread Wonka bar. They're good :-)
Now I'm going to eat my Wonka bar. .
Just had a wonka bar...not right fussed about them, tastes cheap 💩
I've got my wonka bar, a full pack of chocolate fingers, a packets of double sized Maryland cookies and 2 bottles of coke to myself, idec
I got a Wonka bar and a Harry Potter chocolate frog yesterday and i'm a tad overly happy with it😃
LoL yea. Deikoloreoluwa or Diekolopemi "Wonka Now, I'm lost! Is that really a name?"
Diekolopemi "I like adeola. My fave yoruba name Wonka: Yea, really good :) " sounds real good
Literally just played an insane game of glow in the dark capture the flag, dressed as a giant wonka bar.
is harder to come by than a Golden Ticket in a Wonka Bar
Man, i really really really x a million, want a Wonka Bar 😓🍫
Chocolate anyone? Yum - Drinking a Wonka Bar by Mispillion River Brewing Company at —
I haven't had a Wonka bar in like 8 years. That's really sad.
had to embarrass joe by singing I've got a Golden Ticket through the street when I brought a wonka bar
Every time I open a package of Godiva and see the gold foil, I feel like I won a Golden Ticket from a Wonka Bar.
Mama has her own candy bar. Move over Willy Wonka lol
I had to pause Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory to get a Mars Bar. I don't think I should watch Breaking Bad.
Well guess i'll have half a square of Wonka Bar - millionaires shortbread 😞
Im not gonna forgive you. Unless you gave me a wonka bar. With a Golden Ticket inside.
I have 2 eggs, 3 creme eggs and a Wonka bar. Oh and apple crumble.
But when we were at morrisons i did buy a wonka bar. For Because chocolate still is a major thing
Just ate an entire bar of Wonka's chocolate in the space of five minutes oops I'm such a fatty.
I feel like the 24 writers who are accepted into the is equivalent to kids getting a Golden Ticket in a Willy…
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