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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a fictional character, a DC Comics superheroine created by William Moulton Marston and H. G.

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That Movies Anyway is working well. I bought Wonder Woman on Amazon Prime for $10 and Mad Max: Fury Road for $10 on iTunes today 🎥
Stitch Marker brackets from back in stock! Harry Potter, Dr Who & Wonder Woman. They went fast last…
James Cameron, could you lay off dissing Wonder Woman & those unnecessary Avatar sequels to give us The Abyss on blu-ray already?
Actually, boycott Justice League just like you guys said you’d do with Wonder Woman. I’ll love it.
Some of y’all are “girl power” only when it’s black canary, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, catwoman, Hawkgirl and Batgirl. Aka wh…
However, after watching said movie with the kids, my boys now think I'm the cooolest because Wonder Woman shares my name.
Don't know if I wanna be a . Dark style Wonder Woman. Zombie. Clown. Shedevil. Vampire
Every hero needs a sidekick. Don't miss Wonder Woman and the E-Class Cabriolet in theaters November 17th.
I wonder if that would have happened if it were a black woman..? 🤔
I wonder if all men who ever sexually harassed a woman spontaneously disappeared, how many men would be left on the planet?
But JL has Wonder Woman and after her movie I'm sure everyone will gonna watch it,…
My buddy's girlfriend doin' her Wonder Woman cosplay! 😮. you've got some competition!
Priscilla is going to be Wonder Woman this year for Halloween 🎃😩❤️
Day 11: Riot Grrls. WONDER WOMAN: WARBRINGER and ROAR are two recent faves that feature badass ladie……
Do you like my new wonder woman pants...was going to take work pics but forgot my phone
How many press releases before Justice League is up for reshoots with Wonder Woman killing Batman?
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Wonder Woman is so underrated I don't get it
I'm very happy that she is wonder woman because she is lovely and cute.
I liked a video Wonder Woman is Primed for DEATH BATTLE
I still haven't watched Wonder Woman or IT (2017).
Thank you Naomi from taking me from mom hair don't care to feeling like wonder woman! I needed…
If Wonder Woman kills Affleck, the movie does $200mil+ opening weekend and saves the DC cinematic universe
Trailer opens with Flash asking Batman what his super power is. "When you're rich they let you do anything". Shot of Won…
10/11/17, 10:34pm, my Manson, IA apt...nothing new. Watched the rest of Wonder Woman then napped. Not surprising: stomach ache.
girlfriend: I wonder if he’s thinking about another woman. boyfriend: how many onion rings does it take to fill a bathtub
I wonder if my bad luck with guys now is just karma for the way a friendship ended several years ago.
So, instead of Wonder Woman, will Batman wear the cuffs?
By the way I loved Wonder Woman she is so pure and sweet and I cried 4 times total during
Wonder Woman could stab me and I'd thank her
Catch her helping those Mujahideen "freedom fighters" against the godless Soviets in the next Wonder Woman.
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A poignant reminder of the impact Wonder Woman has had on so many people!!
Oh, lmao, I thought we were talking about Wonder Woman 2 (which is Cyclone, not Paperclip)
I found Wonder Woman on a google drive link y'all know *** im doing
Here's how the cast of 'Wonder Woman' got into superhuman shape
Quote of the Day: Patty Jenkins on Her Duty to Fight for Equal Pay on “Wonder Woman 2” https:/…
Accordingly to Wonder Woman will be one of the most popular Halloween costumes of 2017. Check out
I want to hang out with people but I also have zero desire to change out of my Wonder Woman pjs and emerge from my blanket cocoon:
If Gal Gadot is busy this girl can do the wonder woman
I wonder if that woman was given healthcare by jimmy
The director Angela Robinson explains how Wonder Woman’s surprising back story got a film of its own
Friendly reminder that is Wonder Woman as much as is!
If he were a woman? Ppl wld be saying he's too emotionally involved. I just wo…
Hollywood is a male centric industry, that’s why the success of Wonder Woman was such a…
next DC tries to outdo them with a buddy cop movie starring Wonder Woman and Bill Cosby
They also refused to send me Wonder Woman costume accessories even though I am not referring to CURLY W (Chicago Cubs) and Im told the
Wonder Woman vs Circe by Terry and Rachel Dodson with Alex Sinclair
'Wonder Woman' Director to Cam Newton: Get with the Times, Bro via Ken Londoner
them women ain’t these new age *** that think they Wonder Woman and Lara Croft gtfoh
Spartantown says "Wonder Woman '77 Meets The Bionic Woman is a series that welcomes new readers but really...
Saw a lady tell her son he couldn’t have a Wonder Woman doll because “that’s for girls” and it got me thinking... (1/3) h…
Wonder Woman '77 Meets the Bionic Woman + working on Rebirth. Not a bad Tuesday.
This is interesting news & given the right creative team could be really good, like the recent Wonder Woman '77 Mee…
So has choreographed a fab Samba routine. I lead and spin him for a change. Well, Wonder Woman would take cha…
Come out to our showing of Wonder Woman tonight at 7:00 in the SC Ballroom! We'll have free pizza, popcorn, drinks and door pr…
Three that stand out: The Bionic Woman, Wonder Woman, and Strawberry Shortcake.
Lynda Carter to James Cameron: 'Stop dissing Wonder Woman, you poor soul'
Lynda Carter goes after James Cameron for his Wonder Woman comments
We are here for Lynda Carter's perfect defense of Wonder Woman.
Lynda Carter, who played the original Wonder Woman in the 1970s' show, has slammed filmmaker James Cameron
Lynda Carter is and will always be Wonder Woman.
Thank you Lynda Carter - for this and for continuing to carry the mantle of Wonder Woman!
Lynda Carter calls out James Cameron: STOP dissing 'Wonder Woman' with your 'thuggish jabs'…
Me: Who would win if Supergirl fought Wonder Woman?. 5-year-old: Girls don't fight girls. Only bad guys.
Lynda Carter calls out James Cameron over his 'thuggish' Wonder Woman criticism
Then he is also involved in this Success that was Wonder Woman since it was also him who chose Gal Gado…
Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman deal with it 😎😎
Wonder Woman is already bi in the comics. Why not show that in the next movie? .
James Cameron stands by his controversial 'Wonder Woman' remarks.
Now that JL is clearly being marketed less, it's just "taking a page from Wonder Woman" and not being marketed until a month before release?
No good night of watching Wonder Woman without a Mars bar to your left and a Mountain Dew to your right!
I don't have an issue with the way JL is being marketed, but please don't say it's using the "Wonder Woman model"
just imagined nayoung in a wonder woman outfit i HAVE to take a moment x
Finally watched Wonder Woman and it’s so good
BHU-VC tried to make sexual assault convict hospital head. Still wonder why girls got molested on his watch?
That's what seemingly happened with Wonder Woman so that's not a hard prediction to make.
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James Cameron is not backing down about his criticisms of WONDER WOMAN
Should've watched Wonder Woman, so I could get sleepy
We are glad to help! Did you purchase Wonder Woman with Disc + Digital or digital HDX only?
Wonder Woman had 0 marketing and still made $820m. Justice League doesn't need *** and people will still lineup to watch it.
To my DC friends, Wonder Woman or Harley Quinn? I’ve always liked Wonder Woman more myself.
Calm down man => James Cameron Doubles Down: ‘Wonder Woman is Just Too Hot to be Feminist!’
Not excited about this new Wonder Woman story arc? . Well, I'm here to help. Got a few books WW fans will enjoy.
James Cameron is still full of hot air. Now Avatar 2-5? I remember blue people. Does that make the movie memorable?
Wonder Woman has a lot of siblings especially Hercules
IGN is reporting that Hercules is Wonder Woman's brother, and they're wrong. It was listed as Jason in the Rebirth one-shot.
James Cameron is unrepentant over 'Wonder Woman' criticism, says it was not grounbreaking...JEALOUS MUCH NEITHER WAS Titanic LMAO 😂🤣
I was gonna be Wonder Woman but now *** Hef 😭
I read the first two pages of today's Wonder Woman at a comic shop and I think I'll just skip this brother arc.
Most of you men go around hurting great woman and then wonder why your life ain't going well? It's karma baby boyyy
Surely I am not the only person who noted that steve mnuchin was executive producer on Wonder Woman movie?
Hamilton Collection
Wonder woman was so amazing. I'm literally in tears. I can't wait till 2019 for the next one
Next we have Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Now this one was a page turner. I literally re…
Dudes glorify this then wonder why the can’t find a good woman. Because you’re being a disrespectful pig.
Yeah but imagine Diana just went "is that how I hit send?" and Harley just got Wonder Woman's very first sext
So this week’s issue of Wonder Woman had my girl Grail. Honestly can’t wait for the next issue.
. My mom and I always watch Wonder Woman together on Saturdays!
Ash is cosplaying as Wonder Woman! He's ready to watch perform tonight! Thanx for a wonde…
James Cameron has some more things to say about Wonder Woman
I'm real jealous of your wonder woman outfit.
He wanted Wonder Woman to be more Sarah Conner and less Raquel Welch but why cant we have both?
"I mean, [Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot] was Miss Israel and she was wearing a kind of bustier costume that was very…
James Cameron on Wonder Woman: "Not breaking ground. They had Raquel Welch doing stuff like that in the '60s"
Is America Chavez Marvel's answer to Wonder Woman?. Are you reading America?
Today in Geek fashion. You can own your own pair of Harley Quinn or Wonder Woman workout sneakers. -Daniel
Just watched Wonder Woman for the first time (no judging!😑) . It was pretty good.
Alright. Wonder Woman. Easily the best DC movie since the DK trilogy. Maybe even better than Rises. But the bar was set pretty low
FC had a cosplay contest today. Shown are Luffy, Wonder Woman, Red Sonja, Ezio... 1/2
Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL whenever Wonder Woman appears in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
All in all, I think Aubrey Plaza was great as Wonder Woman.
Surprised that Trump's Treausry Secretary (Mnuchin) was the executive producer for "Wonder Woman", which is about the banalit…
Can't believe Zack Snyder gave us the best onscreen Superman, Batman, Alfred, Lex, Zod, Lois Lane and Wonder Woman. Wow.
Clay Enos, Zack Snyder and Patty Jenkins on the set of Wonder Woman.
The WONDER WOMAN blu has some wonderful special features.
He doesn't think WONDER WOMAN is attractive, like?
Most men:"she looks strong she can take it, I dont see her as a girl". Bobby:"just bc wonder woman is strong doesn't mean its o…
Just watched Wonder Woman for the first time. Definitely cracked my top 3. Thanks for such a great movie.
Thread: how Wonder Woman paved the way for Witchblade which paved the way for Wonder Woman, and why I want a new Wi…
Our hearts are big enough to appreciate Lucy Davis' Etta Candy, too:.
I been so busy I forgot Wonder Woman dropped lol
Justice League FIRST REACTION from test screening: Is it as good as ?
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shame on u. Calling a woman a *** on SM? No wonder from where the Bhakts get thr inspiration to abuse WOMEN…
Alright, it's past midnight so time to pop in Wonder Woman!
Just watched Wonder Woman... Can't tell you how many times I fell in love with Gal Gadot..
In the bonus stuff for Wonder Woman, they straight up officially shipped WW and Batman. I agree with this ship. WonderBat. Since JL and JLU.
NDZ...WONDER WOMAN!!. Should not hold any form of Office!!
I wonder how Guys can stay committed/stick to ONE Football club all their life but CAN't even Be committed/stick to ONE Wo…
My mom and I watched Wonder Woman last weekend and she just sent me these pics of our dog
So we can have six different James Bond, six Batman, three Spider-Man and two Wonder Woman, but not two Lara Croft? St…
Cool petition from to encourage to make
Touching piece from mum - she has a wonderful positivity, no wonder he is proud! .
More Wonder Woman and Uchiha clan t shirts arriving this Saturday!
What? Someone didn't like him in Wonder Woman apparently cause I've bee…
The wait is almost over. is available on Digital Download in 3 DAYS.
Fans are calling for Warner Bros. and DC to make Wonder Woman bisexual in upcoming film: .
Wonder Woman and Green Lantern starring in a movie together? Seriously, get him DC. Marvel's wasting his talent on a tal…
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There appeared a great wonder in Heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, moon under her feet, a crown of 12 stars on her…
Why is Wonder Woman helping them kill Germans in wwi? They're not even evil in wwi.
This year has been the year of the overrated movie. Get Out, Logan, It, and wonder woman. Over hyped and overrat…
It's midnight. And this woman pumping gas next to me is putting on makeup in her pink juicy jumpsuit. Wonder where she's going😏
Had some time to digest Wonder Woman - I don’t think it’s very good. It’s important, and I’m glad it exists and has had the impact, though.
So I love the new Wonder Woman movie but who’s idea was it to make Professor Lupin from Harry Potter Ares the God of War
Linda Hamilton announcement feels oddly fishy after Cameron's recent elevation of her over Wonder Woman
I just realised Professor Lupin was in Wonder Woman. Idk how to feel
I watched Wonder Woman video and while I agree with most of it, he really undersold Danny Huston's Oscar-worthy performance.
Patty Jenkins even said that was the source for inspiration for Wonder Woman was Richard Donner. Yet,…
I'd love to hear your thoughts! BGN Talks "Wonder Woman" with stars Danny Huston and Connie Nielsen.
Finally watching Wonder Woman, and let me just say, I'm totes disappointed in Professor Lupin.
I saw Wonder Woman and now I want to punch men, especially men who are Nazis and who look like Professor Lupin
Seriously Hollywood, where's the movie with an Indian American lead? A real life female Bond and Wonder Woman.
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I can't decide between Maynard James Keenan or Wonder Woman. Two of my fave Superheroes.
It's official: Patty Jenkins is back on board to direct 'Wonder Woman 2'
Finally, Patty Jenkins officially signs up to direct the Wonder Woman sequel. The film will be released on December 13th,…
Couldn't be happier that is officially on and she's getting paid what she deserves.
"I can't find a good man!". Ever wonder if it's because you aren't a good woman?
I just watched Wonder Woman and I think she is
Patty Jenkins will return to direct Wonder Woman sequel
I wonder why we take from our woman ,why we rape our woman, do we hate our woman ? Rest In Peace young lady! 🙏🏾😒
I opened 22 bronze boxes, 12 silver, 8 gold, 4 platinum, and 3 diamond boxes all at once and got ONE piece…
Patty Jenkins will helm the sequel, scheduled to hit theaters December 2019:
Patty Jenkins officially signs on to direct 'Wonder Woman 2,' which is scheduled to hit theaters in Dec. 2019:
*** yeah, Patty Jenkins will be the highest paid woman director ever for 2
Praise be to the Amazons: is BACK to direct sequel!
How about better gear bias? I've been playing as Wonder Woman and I'm getting barely any epic gear for her
Wonder Woman is a great movie because the right people, both men and women, worked together.
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Patty Jenkins was paid $1 million to direct the 1st WONDER WOMAN. For WW2, she LEAPS to the $7M-$9M range, + backend https:/…
WELP this news just made our Monday a little bit more AWESOME. PATTY IS BACK YALL! .
Wonder Woman bloopers: Gal Gadot shares adorable blooper video
Patty Jenkins isn't just directing she's also producing and co-writing with Geoff Johns
Patty Jenkins has finally closed a deal to direct Wonder Woman 2
No but if you find one that will teach me to kick a man in the face like Wonder Woman, do share
I hope I get to see Gal in like 8-10 DC movies as Wonder Woman before she moves on from the role
We can't wait for the 'Wonder Woman' sequel 😍 .
The next Wonder Woman movie should be called "WW 2: WWII" there done it is decided
and it makes you wonder why this insipid woman is so obsessed with HRC? Geesh!
I never get tired if these kind of COMPLETELY SEXIST comments from the wonder bread man who doesn't trus…
Patty Jenkins to return to direct Wonder Woman 2 – reports
At the end of the day, Wonder Woman is a peace seeker. But when fight arrives... she can fight.-
Wonder Woman (2017). "I've touched the darkness that lives in between the light. Seen the worst of this world, and the b…
Congrats, By signing on for she's now the highest paid female director ever:
Patty Jenkins has officially signed on to direct the “Wonder Woman” follow-up movie
Patty Jenkins to direct 'Wonder Woman' 2019 sequel: reports
Patty Jenkins reportedly becomes highest-paid female director in history with deal
'Wonder Woman' 2: Patty Jenkins Officially Set to Return as Director - Glad she's getting a good pay day!!
It's official, fans: Patty Jenkins will be back to direct the sequel!
Now I'm working on a Wonder Woman wrap!
If watching Wonder Woman doesn't make you want to go kick somebody's butt, then you're not doing it right
I’ve not seen Wonder Woman yet but I presume it’s about Gina Miller. .
Wonder Woman & Girls Trip break records. Movies with white dudes bomb. Hollywood:
For someone who struggles with being ok with herself on an hourly basis, it feels really nice to feel like Wonder Woman
A real Wonder Woman keeps rocking the numbers!
Wonder Woman: with Linda Darnell as Wonder Woman, Tony Curtis as Steve Trevor and Burt Lancaster as Ares.
A week before getting called about the role of Wonder Woman for Batman v Superman by Zack Snyder FTFY
Artemis, in her Roman counterpart, is Diana, which is like Wonder Woman... her brother is Ares but he's the Greek g…
Earlier Today: See Wonder Woman for the 2nd time, feel empowered. Later Today: Find giant spider, shriek in terror, but cope. Baby steps.
I picked Michelle Obama, Hillary, Liz Warren, Kamala Harris, and Wonder Woman for my fantasy football team and the men s…
Rating for movie I watched today :. Nerves : 8.8/10. Mike and Dave need Wedding dates : 8/10. Wonder Woman : 9/10
Got to namedrop Wilfred Owen in a question for the Chemical Warfare in Wonder Woman panel. Best panel. Dark af, but best.
Wearing a Wonder Woman shirt at last. Toy hunting is our sacred duty...
Put Wonder Woman on to show my grandma the scene where speaks Blackfoot and she keeps making me play it over…
Even though i think wonder woman is just a good and only a good movie i still loved it, but god *** is it overrated
Did you know that is best known for his highly detailed comic work? See it this weekend >>
Moana and Wonder Woman on parade route!
Special mostly Wonder Woman has been banned in Lebanon over Gal Gadot's casting:
Under that an official wonder woman stand in.
. I wear my Wonder Woman bracelet to remind me that I'm strong & I deserve love. It…
It is SEPTEMBER 2017. I think we already answered the question of whether Wonder Woman can represent a universally flawle…
I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: Sale WONDER WOMAN DC COMICS HOODIE LARGE. via
What do we watch today?. "Girlstrip Nutjob 3, Despicable Me 3?". or. "Wonder Woman Kidnap Spider-Man?"
Some guy told me I look like Wonder Woman yesterday 😂😂that's a first 👌
I swear, the smile of might have been the Wonder Woman movie's best secret weapon.
More power to a wonder Woman, Ms Plame Wilson continues in the path she ,Ambassador Wilson paved... Of…
I had a dream last night wonder woman crushed me between her thighs and honestly that's the way I want to go
Let's do this for our own Wonder Woman
Seriously??? That's what you wonder this poor woman is in legal trouble
Bodega guy asks me about my Wonder Woman necklace. "You should be wearing the 'beautiful woman' symbol."
Gal Gadot reveals what she loves about playing .
Since buying Wonder Woman on digital, I watch it once a day. Patty Jenkins direction is SUPERB! This film is endlessly e…
I agree with you on how wonder woman isn't innovative but how was spiderman or guardian 2 innovative either?
Gosh. I wonder why no woman thought of that.
I love how one minute we're boycotting L'Oreal than BOOM Fenty Beauty. 😍😍😍 Rihanna is a real life wonder woman
I wish I could wear my Wonder Woman apron all the time, I feel so much more capable in it.
Can you guys please make a "Baby Wonder Woman" car window shade?! I'll buy it!!! I could only find the Baby Batman one.
| "Sorry fellas but it’s 2017, put the ladies first." - Louis on superheroes and Wonder Woman
'Wonder Woman: Warbringer' was fate for author Leigh Bardugo
Wow, you're so fast. Are you The Flash? Because I am Wonder Woman.
📲 | Louis talking about Wonder Woman for the Last Big Summer Weekend! . Sept 2, 2017 • ©https:/…
The BBC and Wonder Woman herself weighed in. Amaya, Seshani, very proud of how sensibly you two dealt with this. https:/…
These are some of the nicest workout carpis you will feel in the world.
Yes there's exceptions. Wonder Woman, Deadpool, GotG. Please be good Black Panther!
Wrong woman with loud mouth! I wonder what u stand to gain for exposing your weakness and foolishness over KANU
I think Wonder Woman is the worst DC movie so far. Gal Gadot cannot act and she'd earn better living by being a mannequin at K…
Like I thought James Cameron's rant re Wonder Woman was kinda fair. I like my female crime fighters…
She's right, I didn't think Wonder Woman did anything for women past the lead character for 5 minutes.
New post ('Wonder Woman' Director Patty Jenkins Slams James Cameron's ...) has been published on -…
The journalist who did the original James Cameron/Wonder Woman interview has published a response titled "Is Wonder Woman…
You don't have to think Wonder Woman is a master piece to think James Cameron shouldn't be the arbiter of what's a step back fo…
The Guardian: My interview with James Cameron prompted outrage – but is Wonder Woman worth the fuss?
Just saw Wonder Woman and why on God's green earth does it have a 7.8 on IMDB? That movie is like a 5 at best and that's being…
Wonder Woman cares not for your bounty hunters. Preview of this week's Wonder Woman, out August 30!
Copyright was removed from my Wonder Woman review.but if tgis was an automated program that flagged it, I hope John Co…
Wonder Woman! Check out my latest article in Gulf Coast Woman Magazine!. Who's in your League?
Feel and look like a super hero with our Wonder Woman gloves, wrist wraps, and weight lifting belts!
Happy week family and happy week for our love Wonder Woman Much love and happiness fo…
I now have Wonder Woman with me wherever I go! Yeah digital downloads!
Assassins attack! And Diana and Etta have zero patience for these clowns in our preview of WONDER WOMAN
Finally watching Wonder Woman cause I don't have class today and IDK what to do
The whole James Cameron vs Wonder Woman thing, I'd be curious if you stacked up both films and their investors, how progressive either are
Turns out, James Cameron criticized Wonder Woman because she was glamorizing Heroine Chick.
James Cameron criticized Wonder Woman for ""objectifying"" its female lead, and I am here with RECEIPTS.
James Cameron thinks the Wonder Woman film is "a step backwards". & I discuss this & more!
Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins fires back at James Cameron for saying the film is a "step backwards" for women
"He is not a woman" - Director Patty Jenkins fires back after James Cameron calls "Wonder Woman" a "step backwards"…
I can't believe the 'drama' surrounding James Cameron and Wonder Woman... it's a garbage film. Patty Jenkins wants to question James Cameron
Better tell Daddy to giddy up with Matt Dylan Spencer Tracy *** Tracy and Wonder Woman
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Top story: Patty Jenkins Slams James Cameron's 'Wonder Woman' Criticism - Rolli… see more
And while I do think he was being unfair in minimising Patty Jenkins' role in Wonder Woman, and that she…
Patty Jenkins hits back at James Cameron: 'He doesn't understand Wonder Woman'
An interesting reply from Patty Jenkins, director of Wonder Woman, to criticism of the film from director James Cameron. What…
Wonder Woman's Patty Jenkins hits back at James Cameron for mansplaining 'strong' women via
The director of 'Wonder Woman' responds to James Cameron calling her film 'a step backwards' via
James Cameron will think twice before messing with Wonder Woman again. . .
James Cameron said "Wonder Woman" was a "step backwards", this is how Patty Jenkins responded . https:…
'Wonder Woman' director Patty Jenkins fires back at James Cameron
Once again James Cameron acting like he's the best filmmaker ever; Wonder Woman is a better female character than t…
James Cameron says 'Wonder Woman' is “an objectified icon”
Same. Also, Sigourney Weaver in the original Alien > Wonder Woman
James Cameron practically rewrote Pocahontas but with aliens and thinks he has a say in Wonder Woman
Patty Jenkins responds to Cameron: "I believe women can and should be EVERYTHING just like male lead characters"
Well said, Patty, thank you!!! Wonder Woman means so much to me and many other women!
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has the best response to James Cameron’s controversial critiques:.
No deadass I thought she was the next Wonder Woman
But James Cameron, Wonder Woman was directed by a woman not "make Hollywood".
Gotta love Wonder Woman. She was always my favorite super hero. Linda Carter, Gal Gadot; wonder why?
With how successful Wonder Woman's been, it's downright shameful that there's no other women involved in any other upcoming DC mov…
James Cameron says objectified its star and was "a step backwards" from Sarah Connor
James Cameron on "She’s an objectified icon, and it’s just male Hollywood doing the same old thing"
I guess the question on my mind right now is "why does every dude feel the need to weigh in on Wonder Woman?" Like, maybe, hush?
WONDER WOMAN sequel is going to reveal the secret origin of the invisible plane *SPOILERS* she makes it out of the glass ceiling *SPOILERS*.
Patty Jenkins has the greatest response. Completely disagree with Cameron. Wonder Woman was needed :)
gonna sit here and pretend like wonder woman was even that feminist or like... idk Good
I wrote this about James Cameron while covering the 2010 Oscar campaign. Thought of it today when I saw his Wonder Woman…
I mean, with all due respect, the fact that James Cameron can't see how Sarah Conner led to Wonder Woman and how they're…
I mean no disrespect when I say I can't imagine why I would value James Cameron's opinion of Wonder Woman.
Me: This quote about Wonder Woman not being feminist because she's hot can't possibly get worse. Narrator: It got worse. ht…
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Dear Thank you for being awesome. . Sincerely,. Everyone . P.S. WONDER WOMAN is still playing in cinemas!…
And this is coming from someone who thinks Wonder Woman was overrated.
Phew! I was feeling empowered, but thank goodness James Cameron stepped in and mansplained how I should feel watching Wond…
Hint to Cameron: Being derisive, insulting, and condescending towards women and girls who loved Wonder-Woman doesn't furth…
Wonder Woman becomes DC's top performing movie, so it makes sense to announce a slate full of nonsense no one's interested…
James Cameron called the standalone female superhero film "a step backwards" for Hollywood.
According to James Cameron, all the "back-patting Hollywood’s been doing over Wonder Woman has been so misguided." http…
James Cameron should probably shut his mouth forever after those Wonder Woman comments.
James Cameron has time to talk about Wonder Woman but not enough time to side with me in my argument on the titanic…
James Cameron: 'Wonder Woman' was a 'step backwards'
James Cameron: "Wonder Woman objectified it's lead & was a step backwards from Sarah Connor.". Linda Hamilton:
Gal Gadot points out exactly how absurd "Wonder Woman" body-shaming is via
Gal Gadot discusses becoming Wonder Woman, feminism and more
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