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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a fictional character, a DC Comics superheroine created by William Moulton Marston and H. G.

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I refuse to watch Wonder Woman or any other superhero movie. The Bible said Adam and Eve not Dax Exclamation Point
I'm at Regal Cinemas Division Street 13 - for Wonder Woman in Portland, OR
May not have loved the film as much as I'd hoped, but way stoked about how full our screening of Wonder Woman was this eve.
12 questions with Patty Jenkins, director of 'Wonder Woman'
If you enjoyed the movie entitled "Wonder Woman" I recommend this podcast with Elvis Mitchell & director
Yeah first superman is a bigger franchise, second Wonder Woman is new to the big screen and they were…
We're back to talk Wonder Woman, Justice League, Adam West, and more on today's podcast
Gal Gadot *is* Wonder Woman the same way Robert Downey Jr. *is* Iron Man
Wonder Woman in 4dx has just changed my cinema viewing FOREVER! Salute Gal Gadot, u did womenfolk proud!
Gal Gadot's 'Wonder Woman' paycheck was surprisingly small
Finally caught up with Wonder Woman. Magnificent; a proper comic-book fillum. Also now a bit in love with Gal Gadot
get in on that Atomic Blonde! Charlize is fantastic, Gal Gadot got my top spot since Wonder Woman. Cant 4get Black Widow/Avengers
great job have to admit though we love Linda Carter she will always be the original Wonder Woman
Just saw the new Wonder Woman and I have SO MANY mixed feelings.
Wonder Woman was dope, 3rd act was trash tho.
I liked a video At the Movies: Wonder Woman
Update your maps at Navteq
my main issue with Wonder Woman is that even though she's a God her weakest moment is spent crying over some *** https…
Hope I the Pack incl Visa card and more giveaway
I added a video to a playlist At the Movies Wonder Woman
No, it was a lady. I did tune out a bit when she called Wonder Woman "an untouchable sex object".
Just finally got to see the Wonder Woman movie and I gotta be honest. it was really hyped up
I screamed when I saw Robin Wright in Wonder Woman 😅 that's my everything right there
Nerds and gender balance in pop culture. Great post
Gal Gadot As Camille: How the Wonder Woman star was convinced to try out for a Bond Girl role but lost
Brb crying in PUBLIC at the end of wonder woman 😢
Mood: Wonder Woman casually handing Mjolnir to Thor and flying on past while Thor is flabbergasted that someone else is w…
Wonder Woman flexin' thanks for the ref!
Top 4 Facts you didn't know about Wonder Woman
Interesting article about and the rest of the
Throwback to 3 years ago when I cosplayed Wonder Woman. With all this hype around the new Wonder Woman, I want to s…
All I'm saying is I've never seen and Wonder Woman in the same room.
Wanted to watch the mummy but... I didn't waste my money with Wonder Woman at all.
If I could be one person I'd be Wonder Woman 😍
He's as much a Presbyterian as I am Wonder Woman. As in, are you kidding? Mr. Two Corinthians? Mr. the Bible is my…
Yah Baby!!! Time to experience pure sexiness ❤ — watching Wonder Woman at Grand Cinemas Walla Walla
Movie idea: Wonder Woman, but the Amazonians are from Amazon, the site and instead of fighting germans and gods, they fight shipping costs.
Wonder Woman was badass and now I want to fight all men
"Even Oracle, even Wonder Woman, even BATMAN recognizes that about her. The audience loves badass, big-hearted, imp…
Police shoot and kill a black woman who called them to report a burglary. I wonder how it's reported...
reading the wh*don wonder woman script was never any fun but after seeing/crying at actual WW it becomes a viscerally insult…
& follow for the chance to win a Amazon Wonder Woman Rock Candy!
I painted a picture of you as Wonder Woman, because that's what you are to us ❤️
"Men are necessary for procreation but not necessary for pleasure" WONDER WOMAN DID THAT
Friendly reminder that in the Marvel/DC crossover comics, Wonder Woman is worthy of Mjolnir
I nominate Wonder Woman Julia B for TC Candler from philippines
Happy Father's day to my Mom!!! The original Wonder Woman who did the job of two parents while working a 9 to 5! Badass.
[after seeing “Wonder Woman”]. Me: What was your favorite part?. 5-year-old: The part before there were boys.
'Cars 3' speeds past 'Wonder Woman' at box office
I got the Warner Home Video Edition of Wonder Woman: Gods and Mortals (hardcover).
The top 10 things about Wonder Woman, ranked by Anthony Lane.
Oh absolutely. Wonder Woman was completely superior to Ultron. Patty Jenkins has way more talent as a director than Whedon.
Found this gem after seeing Wonder Woman today. @ Uptown Theater (Washington, D.C.)
Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth ride at America -
Saturday with and binging NCIS. how does Abby have time to volunteer at so many places? Answer: Wonder Woman.
You guys...if ya didn't know, Wonder Woman finally has her own ride at Six Flags America. It's called the Lasso of Truth & it looks awesome!
Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth ride soars over Six Flags America
GO! It's open now and you will love the new ride: Wonder Woman's Lasso Of Truth at Six Flags America
Diana Princess of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyta, aka Wonder Woman, aka my hero and aspiration in life
Eeekkk!!! Here we go! — watching Wonder Woman at Studio Movie Grill Lincoln Square
So excited to see Wonder Woman, Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3, Gifted and Baywatch on Sunday at Busy cinema day 😎
Lady in a red Wonder Woman tee at Pune airport, you look stunning.
.tells Elvis Mitchell she wanted to highlight the principles Wonder Woman fights for in the new film 💥
Chicago's is hosting Ladies in Liquid 2.0 @ 3pm this Saturday. Wonder Woman has nothing on these gals!…
What do Wonder Woman and Pastor Steven Furtick have in common?
How to make disgusting published review of Wonder Woman by David Edelstein worse? Post article of him manspl…
Unbelievable delusion she's a winner who is fit and fabulous:. Hillary Clinton Compares Herself to Wonder Woman https:/…
Oprah threw a Wonder Woman themed birthday party at her house for 28 10-year-olds and she was VERY excited about it!
How AWESOME was Wonder Woman?!!. original comic art from the brilliant Amanda Conner available for online sales!…
Abby we may not aggre on politics, but thank you for standing up for us on the Left from Newt. Your a true Wonder Woman. 😁
compared herself to Wonder Woman the other day. I'm thinking that she's more of the Miss-Havisham type.
Oprah's 'Wonder Woman' themed party is the ultimate celebration of girl power
Robin Wright Penn Jillete The Best A Man Can Get 😂. PS Beauty needs to watch Wonder Woman again (on more than 4hrs sleep)
Emma with Patty Jenkins ("Wonder Woman" director) at the AFI Life Achievement Award Gala Tribute to Diane Keaton
Actress of"Wonder Woman"was SOLDIER in Israeli army,contributing in Israeli crimes a…
Wonder woman was such an awesome movie. I can't wait to watch it again. The underlined lesson truly added to the fire & strength within me 💪
Since we're all still high from Wonder Woman... Comics Breakdown! Featuring Wonder Woman
I love Wonder Woman so much and everything she stands for. ☺️❤️
Check out how Wonder Woman is inspiring fans everywhere!
I want to watch wonder woman again 😭 shes babe
Wonder Woman's low 2nd-weekend drop helped it close in on previous DCEU movies; it's nearly caught up with Man of Stee…
According to the amazing the rest of the will follow lead in tone.
Yes, I can totally see Wonder Woman wanting to keep people in prison so the state could have cheap labor and then pretending…
Surprise! We turned perhaps the biggest Wonder Woman fan we know into Wonder Woman!
NEW PODCAST: Our conversation w/ Director of Photography, Matthew Jensen. Listen now.
Check out easy meal ideas that will make you a
- NO MATTER WHAT, you are still wonder woman, girl wonder, and my HERO- SUPER SEXY NUMBER 1. GO KO.YOU WILL GET IT BACK.
New podcast! and wrap themselves in a golden lasso and talk . Listen now!
I'm at Orient Cinemas for Wonder Woman in Petrolina, PE w/
& follow for the chance to win a exclusive Wonder Woman Pop!
I take my time machine from my brain and I see this sexy video of our love Wonde…
It's PODCAST WEDNESDAY!! Today we Wonder Woman! We wonder about the film, the response and how it's discussed.
listen i loved diana and steve's romance 10% but delete this. stop discrediting wonder woman as a strong and IND…
The surprisingly normal diet Gal Gadot ate to become Wonder Woman by https:/…
When your boyfriend says your Wonder Woman, but you're just not feeling it today. 😁
In short there is still a LONG way to go on the studio level for women directors but Wonder Woman's success should…
After watching Wonder Woman maybe . I'm not too big into superhero movies , both movies someone bought the tickets for me
Wonder woman! Based on the new look for her, which I love ~
I'm truly overwhelmed with joy over Oprah's "Wonder Woman" party .
going to las iguanas tonight before Wonder Woman with and all I can think about is how they don't do happy hour up here
TBH, Wonder Woman trying to walk through a revolving door is every family from Iowa trying to get in the lobby of the Empire State Building.
Using to help Wonder Woman escape the forest. Urban Institute.
Oprah's private screening of Wonder Woman invite must have been lost in the mail. it's fine. I was busy anyway.
I'm surprised thought I'd have to give you a run down on how Wonder Woman and Superman alone could ruin Marvel lives
Arrived in our invisible jet and ready to get it on like any good Amazonian — watching Wonder Woman at Cineworld...
She's the symbol of hope in all these superhero movies. Love her character. Gal Gadot is perfect as Wonder Woman.
Y'all. I read a Wonder Woman comic, fell in love, and guess what? IT GOT CANCELLED 🙃🙃
Trinity! I'd love to see Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman in action
Wonder Woman overcomes being libtard & realizes earth life in the balance between good and evil- makes love, honor all the more real, strong
Wonder Woman's Aunt wasn't at the rehearsal for this bit, if you're wondering where my chill was in this instant.
. With the success of Wonder Woman, I think right now is the perfect time to resurrect Superman Lives.
Park Bom is the Wonder Woman because everyone be wondering what is she currently doing with her life.
I saw Wonder Woman so I finally read the David Edelstein review and like yeah it's sexist but more importantly he's a real bad writer?
I love living in LA - as we left the screening of "Wonder Woman" (which is amazing!) we passed Sam Elliot and Nick Offerman going in.
Warner Bros. was surprised by the success of 'Wonder Woman' — and it'll have to pay for it
What if Warner Bros announces a Wonder Woman video game
Wonder Woman and Thor are royalty. Batman and Iron Man are CEOs. When’s Prince Harry or Mark Zuckerberg gonna grab a sw…
I'm still waiting to give DC films & Warner Bros my money for Wonder Woman
I saw Wonder Woman for the second time and I wish Gina Torres had been Hippolyta
Seeing woman (at Playa Vista and XD for Wonder Woman 3D in Los Angeles, CA)
Stephen Miller disappointed nothing happened when he showed up at the women-only screening of Wonder Woman as no one re…
'Wonder Woman' scene-stealer Antiope is returning for 'Justice League'.
Gal Gadot is fantastic in Wonder Woman, but can we take a moment to gape at the fantastic Robin Wright as Antiope?
Wonder Woman roars to $200M, with a better 2nd weekend than Suicide Squad or BvS, despite both with higher openings.
my Daytona beach trip I ride in a race car see a white dodge demon which I will post later,saw Wonder Woman dope captain underpants meh
Eww, just read a horribly sexist review of Wonder Woman, and the author, David Edelstein, is the chief film critic for New Yo…
Finally, Wonder Woman. First time to try the Premier Seats. (@ Power Plant Cinemas in Makati City, Metro Manila)
1. Took on the grand tour of Frankfort ✅. 2. Saw my boy on his birthday ✅. 3. Wonder Woman ✅. What a good day 😁
I saw Wonder Woman and now have had enough to drink and a bad enough bus ride to forget the heterosexual romance. What a great movie!
Between Adam West (RIP), Wonder Woman, and Bill Finger... Today has been a big DC day for me
Taking mom and Vic to Wonder Woman (@ Regal Cinemas Hamilton Mill 14) on
Has Diane Paulus acquired the stage rights for Wonder Woman yet?
my child/me. why is my cousin called Rose. bc your aunt really likes roses. what about me. that's enough, Wonder Woman (2017) dir. Patty Jenkins
ALSO last night I was half asleep and told her to tell me a story so she did me like a rhyming version of Wonder Woman's origin story 😍
Wonder Woman becomes Record Holder for Opening Weekend Box Office at 103 million. Writers/Story by Allan Heinberg,…
Wonder Woman is so fine. I just can't 😍🔥
Everyone taking wrong lessons from WONDER WOMAN and DEADPOOL. Lesson isn't "people like female action movies!" "people like R-rated heroes!"
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Wonder Woman was so dope but it made me sad lol :-(((
Having that hard talk with your boys ... about Wonder Woman
just finished watching Wonder Woman, amazing!
Watching Wonder Woman (with Rully, ettysurya, and 2 others at —
I thought Wonder Woman was best DC movie as of late, and better than Thor 2 & Iron Man 3. But why were…
I am so tired of being told that Wonder Woman only represents white women when for once, for ONCE, I have someone who represent…
There are only two Superhero movies this year... Wonder Woman and Black Panther... the rest are just supporting acts.
I just saw Wonder Woman. It was great, Gal Gadot is a franchise.
Surprising and lovely words from my former producer Thank you Clark! xoxox via
Well i'm okay- i'm out with my brother. We're going to watch wonder woman.
why didn't Wonder Woman react to the snow falling in the village in France, I mean she would've never seen snow before amiright?
Black Panther is the movie. Sorry not sorry Wonder Woman.
Should have gotten Wonder Woman to smack him around.
Yoji Shinkawa, who most might best know as the artist for Metal Gear Solid, did the cover art for a Wonder Woman an…
Some of you need to understand and acknowledge that films like Black Panther and Wonder Woman are *exceptionally* impo…
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
If Wonder Woman remains the same and someone wins CEO using ONLY her, I'll send one person who RTs this $1000.
Doesn't every woman wish she had that Golden Woman lasso of truth to use on your man! Wonder Women Unite lol
I'm so sad cause Steve deserved better in Wonder Woman and Diana couldn't eve say I love you back like ***
Can't believe Marvel did this the second week Wonder Woman was out... I see ya'll.
If I could be Wonder Woman for a day, I'd just beat all men up all the time just for nje.
This is so not my lane, but I kinda hope the theaters that did women-only Wonder Woman showings do Black Panther showings fo…
There are more Black women in the Black Panther trailer than in all of Wonder Woman.
I used to never cry over movies but now I literally cry at every movie I watch lmao I just cried watching Wonder Woman, I hate myself
Wonder Woman: "This is London? It's hideous!". Me: "It's not actually that bad, ma'am, you're just looking at the DCEU versi…
like 'i'm bout to blow that Wonder Woman back out...'
Wonder Woman 2017: Maybe the real Ares was the friends we made along the way
Gal Gadot was pregnant while filming "Wonder Woman"
We need Wonder Woman and the golden lasso of truth, so Trump can't lie:
Male tears spilled over women-only "Wonder Woman" screenings are the last gasp of a myth that can't die fast enough
"And I was thinking what if I was there instead of Chris Pine" -(about Wonder Woman)
it very much was! ^_^ saw Wonder Woman and then played Red Dragon Inn and did some drinking! it was amazing!
Cruella deville and Wonder Woman are stuck in a nurses office in a dog.
Have a strong feeling that Wonder Woman's going to make me feel some type of way
People are really mad that Wonder Woman isn't "American enough."... she's literally of Greek god/goddess origin and Amazonian trained 😑
Time to chill. — watching Wonder Woman at Harkins Mountain Grove 16
Is a total sacrilege to compapre Wonder Woman with the Dark Knight. Nowhere near!
Carol Danvers and Natasha Romanoff won't be at par with that Wonder Woman film. Neither aren't even Marvel's female lead.
I liked a video Wonder Woman vs Stevie Wonder. Epic Rap Battles of History.
⚡️ “Robin Wright's Wonder Woman character will return in Justice League”.
Pictured: David Edelstein reading criticism of his skeevy Wonder Woman review
This is a GREAT thread in response to the whole David Edelstein/Wonder Woman kerfuffle. It's all about context, fol…
I think Steph is thinking of the response to David Edelstein's review of Wonder Woman.
Best thing about Wonder Woman's movie was Doutzen Kroes' cameo
Where are the DC heroes? No love for Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman or Green Lantern Kyle Rayner?!?!?!?
I hope the next Labour government will enhance inclusion and diversity by supporting Idris Elba as the next Wonder Woman.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I'm gonna be mad if I don't see Michelle Yeoh in Wonder Woman.
Just saw Wonder Woman in IMAX 3D at the providence place mall. Honestly was the best DC movie I have ever seen.
I saw Wonder Woman today and her sick electric guitar theme makes me wanna get in 8 righteous fistfights & drive 100mph on an empty highway
'Wonder Woman' needed a Lucy Lawless cameo, search your heart, you know it to be true
y'all really only have 2 showings of Wonder Woman at Universal Citywalk!! Who does that!
Some thoughts on why the First World War was such an interesting setting for Wonder Woman: https:…
I refuse to watch a Wonder Woman film that has made the decision not to cast Michelle Yeoh
The comics to read after you've seen Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman is basically Xena with a new face 😯. Xena (as portrayed by Lucy Lawless) will always be the best shero 😍
So I watched Wonder Woman yesterday & did anyone else spot Doutzen Kroes dhdjdj she was a VS model and I was like so taken aback seeing her
You should really read on Wonder Woman
Top Gun marries Wonder Woman at the U.S. Air Force Academy and they become US magazine's Couple of the Year !! This date in 1969 !!!
I just remembered... wth was Doutzen Kroes doing in Wonder Woman? Looks tough and amazon-like though
Remember when everybody just knew Lucy Lawless was going to be the one to play Wonder Woman in the 90s 😂
How did Wonder Woman get her sword back if it was destroyed during her fight with Ares?
Doutzen Kroes acted in Wonder Woman?!?!?! How did I not realise this?!?!?
Drew Magary bears witness to David Edelstein's 'Wonder Woman' saga, including one of the great non-a…
Doutzen Kroes was super cool because she's part of Wonder Woman.
I imagine I'm probably not the only person who scoured Amazon crowds in the first 15 minutes of Wonder Woman hoping for a Lucy Lawless cameo
$50 says Wonder Woman gets nominated for costume design
I'm feeling personally attacked that Lucy Lawless wasn't asked to be an Amazon in Wonder Woman.
Both David Edelstein's 'Wonder Woman' review and his response to the outrage it provoked do disservice to criticism:
Think I'll see Wonder Woman, have a free dinner by myself with a gift certificate I won at an Oscar party, & check out an open stage jam.
Attempt for Wonder Woman will be Thursday. Pregaming at East Coast Wings.
Don't have time to draw Wonder Woman for so here's some classic Garcia Lopez .Diana Prince spinning into W…
This week we're talking Ghost Rider, Wonder Woman's triumph and our fallen Bond, Roger Moore.
At first glance, I already knew it was Doutzen Kroes in Wonder Woman. You can never miss that face.
I knew it! That was Doutzen Kroes in the Wonder Woman movie! 😳
Why, yes, we love talking about influences and literary theory. You missed a big one, though - Wonder Woman herself.
Wonder Woman theme, by Tina Guo: Wrap your ears around this, right now:
Nope! Greg and Nicola took a break to tell their exceptional Wonder Woman story. BLACK MAGICK is back at the end of…
Tina Guo is the cellist behind Hans Zimmer's Wonder Woman theme:
Wonder Woman opens at Ayala Malls Cinemas today! Grab your free collectible poster when you get two 4DX tickets!
-- "Wonder Woman" is -- Ariana Grande is defying ISIS. -- Reality Winner is exposing Trump and Russia. And it's only Monday…
"Wonder Woman beat out Captain Underpants this weekend. . Too bad that didn't happen in the election ." . -Charles Dav…
I love that the WONDER WOMAN dolls are boxed like this, with Steve's drowned ***
Wonder Woman made me feel like a kid again
I already said she was the finest woman that ever walked the earth. I'm good with that assessment after seeing Wonder Woman…
This is one of my favorite trivia tidbits about the new Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman officially the World War I movie of all time.
Wonder woman hit theaters this weekend and this is what the director had to say about her film
She was pretending to be Wonder Woman. Go see the movie. Amazing job by and
Hollywood's ideas about audiences are outdated. Wonder Woman's record-smashing debut proves it.
"I came here to parley. But don't mistake a desire to avoid violence for the inability to deal it." -Diana Prince /…
I just liked this song "Wonder Woman Main Theme" by Hans Zimmer, Junkie XL, Tina Guo
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Little known fact: Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, has a cameo as the Governor in one of the greatest comedies of all time, Supertroopers.
Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins totally get it! opening nationwide today. xo
If he thinks my working on "Wonder Woman" is going to turn people all pagan, wait'll he finds out I worked on "Lucifer" a…
Wonder Woman is officially my favorite movie ever.
I loved everything about the first half of Wonder Woman & everything about HER, so like the first Cap movie I'm just gonna ignore the rest.
How real life made up the badass cast of Amazons in Go see this beautiful film 😘👍 https…
Movies don't instantly change everything, but I saw Iron Man 9 years ago & now I travel the world building robots. How…
Wonder Woman is awesome. Funny & refreshingly sincere. Her 1st fight in costume is my favorite superhero coming out party sinc…
dear Lord, please bless the 10yo boy sitting next to me in Wonder Woman who whispered, "Diana, no!" as she put herself in da…
my fav part of Wonder Woman was when she was afraid to kill that spider and had to have the dude help her
My mom saw Wonder Woman and I just need you to read this whole thing.
My new sounds: Ep 104 Wonder Woman Review Discussion - Sorta Funny on
Still blown away that women watching Wonder Woman are feeling something we've never felt before ❤️ Representation matters
just listen to Wonder Woman's Wrath on repeat for the duration and you'll do fine 👌🏻
Wonder Woman. In her satin tights, fightin' for our rights!
Hidden Figures, Get Out, Wonder Woman. The bankable formula is no longer white male leads.
‘Wonder Woman’ makes history with huge opening weekend at box office:
Favorite part of the WONDER WOMAN movie -. . . . Oddly,. the Lasso! As an artist... 1/2.
Lebanon bans "Wonder Woman" because its lead actress, Gal Gadot, is from Israel
How the in the world is it ridiculous to explain Wonder Woman or any fictional character story? Angry Joe has completely lost me big time.
I've watched Wonder Woman twice. Such a great movie with a great soundtrack!
PopnComics: Check out our review of in our latest episode!
The only thing that could've made Wonder Woman better is if her email to Bruce Wayne at the end said "My movie was bette…
Wonder Woman was amazing. Thank you for getting it right.
There's a generation of girls growing up right now where Wonder Woman is their first superhero, Rey is a Jedi, and Ghostbuste…
I can’t wait to go up to every guy in the theatre for Wonder Woman and condescendingly ask if they’re just here with their gi…
Hidden Figures, and Wonder Woman - these crowd-funded group tickets for young women are a great initiative!
Hollywood's ideas about audience are outdated - Wonder Woman, Get Out, and Hidden Figures buck conventional wisdom - h…
Moonlight, Hidden Figures, Get Out & now Wonder Woman... how much more proof is needed to see that people WANT & NEED diverse casts/leads???
Wonder Woman made more money in its opening week than Green Lantern did in its entire theatrical run -
Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins: ‘People really thought that only men loved action movies’
Wonder Woman is a superb film. Outstanding story. Perfect choice of director. Incredible per…
Wonder Woman is a fictional comic book superhero CREATED by two men. Their scheme was to sell four-color funnybooks to kids.
That time again Matt Cahill — watching Wonder Woman at Plaza Cinema Truro
Just love superhero movies! — watching Wonder Woman at AMC Universal CityWalk 19 (Los Angeles)
Chris Pine makes a strong case in Wonder Woman for winning The Popcast 2017 Chris-America Pageant.
Wonder Woman Concept Art. Since Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman costume that was first designed by Michael Wilkinson and...
Wonder Woman = Like Captain America, except if Peggy Carter had super powers and saving a guy named Steve.
Because the men in the theater watching Wonder Woman are the same type of sexist people in the comic book shop?
So, the only characters in the DCU that are liked are Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman and Captain Boomerang. The direction forward seems clear.
PIC: Kyle Richards’ Daughter and Dog Dressed Up as Wonder Woman and It’s Too Much
One of the other inspiring bit about Wonder Woman is hearing a Wonder Woman in her own right, Tina Guo, being the...
Diana is Wonder Woman in DC universe, Peggy is Agent Carter in MCU. And yes they are strong female chara…
The weirdest part of Wonder Woman was how her mother, Queen of the Amazons, was also named Martha.
Wonder Woman is the most loved female comic book character of all time. Both Men & Women love her…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Patty Jenkins: "I have ideas for the Wonder Woman sequel...". Catherine Hardwicke:
Already seeing comments about how Captain Marvel won't be able to beat Wonder Woman. . PLEASE DON'T PIT WOMEN AGAINST EACH…
Catwoman (Halle Berry) or Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and why? I'm talking presentation of lead female character.
Sadly there'd be no more Thor and Jane Foster. Is it possible to have Thor and Wonder Woman collide worlds? Yaaay. ❤❤❤
The backlash against the all-female Wonder Woman screening refuses to die via
'Wonder Woman' conquered milestones and movie myths at North American theaters.
Like how many comic book movies and shows aren't centered around white men? Spawn, Blade, Wonder Woman, Cat Woman Supergirl and Electra?
Chris Pine is great and all, but I love a Wonder Woman who has no time for Steve
Just watched Wonder Women - fun movie. Now back home for the Dubs! (@ Balboa Theatre for Wonder Woman)
Men look at Wonder Woman as a cool comic book here women look at her as a feminist icon. I've seen *** mad she wasn't beefy and hairy.
Sunday inspiration coming from this Ariana Grande benefit concert, the Wonder Woman box office, Hillary Clinton's refusal t…
I added a video to a playlist Wonder Woman - Tina Guo
Never have I seen so man old fat guys reliving their Linda Carter glory days than I did at this morning's Wonder Woman screening.
Record: Wonder Woman marks the first movie to shatter box office records without any promotions or advertising...
Does anyone know this "ex-employee" of Warner Bros who said Wonder Woman was a mess? I'd like a word! 😂
Wonder Woman has already outgrossed Green Lantern’s total box office haul just in its opening weekend -
Who is willing to bet that Warner Bros takes the wrong lesson from the Wonder Woman opening. "More war movies!"
Me and Samantha are seeing Wonder Woman tomorrow and I'm actual so excited
"Wonder Woman" earns more its opening weekend than Marvel's landmark first "Iron Man" movie. Warner Bros./DC...
Wonder Woman was so well done. Absolutely fantastic. Hope this is a huge stepping stone for the DC Extended Universe.
.Wonder Woman is Warner Bros.’ best superhero movie since Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy:
at an 11:15 showing on a Sunday in Alabama the theater is packed for Wonder Woman
Warner Bros. Pictures hasn't officially announced a Wonder Woman sequel just yet, but director Patty Jenkins is...
Hope the $100.5 million holds with actuals on Monday for Wonder Woman. Probably Warner Bros. best mktg campaign since Grav…
In fair, Wonder Woman's new theme by Tina Guo sound so nice. Pwede pang air cello. Charotsz
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