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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a fictional character, a DC Comics superheroine created by William Moulton Marston and H. G.

Gal Gadot Lynda Carter David Thewlis Princess Buttercup Justice League Patty Jenkins Jill Lepore Tony Leung Black Panther Maggie Cheung Baltimore Comic Con Chris Pine Warner Bros Ryan Reynolds Baby Driver

Nahhh the way Diana just transitioned from Princess of the Amazon to Wonder Woman . Son there's hope for me 😩😂
The gorgeous and wildly talented who has been voicing Wonder Woman for many years with Lynda Cart…
Never forget this happened! Gal Gadot, Patty Jenkins, and Lynda Carter all came together at the Wonder Woman film p…
for Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, Like for Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman. Quote for other.
Well I finally sat through all of Wonder Woman. Chris Pine was meh. Gal Gadot was okay. Lucy Davis was amazing. Story was blah. 4.5/10.
Dis girl is stronger than Princess Diana of Wonder Woman. If i ask dis same we shuld pray for an hour, she can't ki…
LAST NIGHT to see Nut Job 2 & Wonder Woman at the drive-in. Perfect temperature plus a breeze to keep away any bugs!.
Hey here's Wonder Woman by my husband
Had a great time with TomTom Newby in Overland Park and seeing Wonder Woman (finally). I really liked it.
Outside concert line in Central Park, little girl in Wonder Woman dress points at rock formation & says "my mountain!"
Beauty and the Beast. Fate of the Furious. Guardians 2. Pirates 5. Wonder Woman. Spider-Man. Despicable Me 3. Thor. Justice League. Star Wars
Kate Beckinsale on turning down the role of Wonder Woman
Hillary and Bill Clinton attended a special screening of "Wonder Woman" in Brooklyn over the weekend https…
Wonder Woman crossed the $400M mark in North America and it needs only $7M to cross $800M worldwide! . Incredible. https:…
Ms. Marvel, America Chavez and Kate Bishop: Hawkeye are the new Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman.
Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, & some balloon 🎈people at the Vancouver Pride parade. Thanks 🌈…
Why has there never been a Wonder Woman video game?
Wonder Woman needs Super Man. Otherwise, she's just a woman, and he's just a man. Love=Power
Fiesta Texas is is getting a Wonder Woman roller coaster and should come to the park when the ride opens up
Injustice 2 top grossing console game of Q2 DC Comics fighter and Wonder Woman movie help fuel WB revenu…
Power Rangers (2017) and Wonder Woman are the only superhero movies in existence fight me victor
"Wonder Woman" Beat "Deadpool" in the box office and Ryan Reynolds's reaction is priceless
...the respective eras cast as the heroes. Ava Gardner as Wonder Woman, Mickey Rooney as Johnny Thunder, Newman as GL, etc.
Happy bday to the most amazing woman. 🎉🎁. Wonder Laur. 💪🌈. We love you baby. 🇧🇷 . .
Just watched a video of comforting a young Wonder Woman fan. I love her. ❤️
'Wonder Woman' Might Become the First Comic Book Film to Be Nominated for a Best…
Merle Haggard's totally like "I can't believe they're letting me touch Wonder Woman."
Wonder Woman!!! And also The Big Sick! Basically it's my life story hehe (I'm from 🇮🇳 and hubby is 🇺🇸)
It's really simple. What would Superman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, or Spider-man do?. NOT applaud 45's remark…
I'd specifically like to see Wonder Woman try to take her efforts global in a more varied way- Par…
I hope they at least seriously consider Wonder Woman.
Omb. Morales is our Wonder Woman! Courageous, honorable, a stickler for the Law. She's tougher than most men, tougher than…
‘Wonder Woman’s’ Chris Pine, Patty Jenkins to Reteam on TNT Series ‘One Day She’ll Darken’
Hey I got the Wonder Woman. But I still think are better gam…
These might be the most comfortable athletic capris you will ever feel anyplace.
Lebanon - Country which banned Wonder Woman just because it had Israeli actress. . Drivers are pawns for agenda…
Me and my uterus are feeling like Wonder Woman FYI
8th wonder of the world: The Black Woman ✨
Just saw Wonder Woman. You really walk out of that thing in love with Chris Pine and Gal Gadot.
Gal Gadot takes a moment at Comic-Con to comfort young Wonder Woman fan – Women in the World & The New York Times
Honestly I am not a fan of the chick they cast as Wonder Woman. Her acting is subpar
I'd like to see a version of the middle Batman Inc. stories for Wonder Woman
Thanks to you and our newsroom, we got some great “Wonder Woman” inspired songs for our Listen here! h…
is officially joining the Oscar race. Here's why it has a shot at Best Picture and Best Director:
"No, I have a mother, I'm adopted. I also have a real mother and I've met her. My adoptive mother is…
has joined the Oscar race. We look at the film's chances for Best Director and Picture nominations:
Is it December 13, 2019 yet? Wonder Woman 2 is officially happening!
Wonder Woman overtakes Guardians of the Galaxy 2 to become the summer’s biggest movie
The popularity of Wonder Woman cosplay at Comic-Con is a message to Hollywood. via
Alyssa Edwards performing at Seven in Chicago looking like Wonder Woman
I'll assume this also means there's only one movie you've seen thrice in theaters this year and that movie was Wonder Woman.
My Wonder Woman triathlon suit has been delayed so it wont it here in time for my triathlon and I don't know if its even worth going anymore
'Agent Carter' star champions 'Wonder Woman': 'I came out of that walking on air'
'Wonder Woman' might become the first comic book film to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar: https:…
Cap, Thor, Wonder Woman, Black Widow, Black Panther... With a extra dollar I can I can get Deadpool too.
Fans: "We want comic book movies to be taken seriously by the academy!". *WONDER WOMAN receives Oscar buzz*. Fans: "No, no…
Hey, so just pointed this out, but if WONDER WOMAN gets a best picture nomination, the lord Zack gets one too.…
I want to be Wonder Woman when I grow up
I finally saw Wonder Woman and now I feel like I need to go run a mile and single handedly take down the patriarchy so…
Keep fighting for what is right, hold our officials accountable, Omb. Morales! You are our Wonder Woman! http…
.talks making Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
The best moments from 2017 Comic-Con, no surprise here Wonder Woman wins big
Director Angela Robinson's 'Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman' makes its world premiere at
“Now you know why people have been calling her Wonder Woman lately.’ Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick cracks. The amendment fails 11-20.
Calling all Wonder Woman fans. Get ready for the holiday extravaganza
No less than Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, praised actor and host Paolo Ballesteros for his “Wond.
I admired Dunkirk, but in Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins did what Chistopher Nolan cannot: tell a story.
I liked a video Nikki has seconds thoughts on her WONDER WOMAN outfit before signing autographs!
Exhibit A: Batman AND Superman cower behind, and are saved by, Wonder Woman.
It is insidious and grotesque that children are being used to justify a movie that is flagrant military propaganda http…
Wonder Woman was such a good movie ✨🔥
Warner Bros has confirmed at the San Diego Comic Con that Wonder Woman 2 will officially be happening.
"think thin" with Wonder Woman branding? This is misogynistic and is bad for people with…
I don't know why everyone seems to ignore this, but not only drew Wonder Woman before any woman artist d…
Today in HIstory, mader her first appearance way back in Wonder Woman
I wonder how some of the men would feel if they woman go out and wild like Lawrence
Best SDCC moment: giving a little girl in a Wonder Woman costume the whole set of PIB & seeing her face light up.
I can already see kids dressing up as mera, and wonder woman, and many other badass female characters. It doesnt even…
Yesterday's workout with our very own Wonder Woman, ⭐️
No work tomorrow!! I'm staying up for some Injustice 2. Wonder Woman kicks butt!!!
Wonder woman? More like I wonder when a faithful woman is gonna walk into my life
Yo, where's Wonder Woman with her Lasso of truth. I need it for oomf :/
Batfleck, warehouse scene, Alfred and Wonder Woman are the best things about it to me. And it all looked pretty.
I still haven't seen Get Out, Moonlight and I probably won't see Black Panther or Wonder Woman until they're randomly aired on TV. 😂😂
That's one of the reasons why Wonder Woman is so important
I really do wonder if I'm gonna be that super successful woman that never gets married or has children
Wonder if white people who were mourning & protesting the white woman shot by police will have the same energy for krystle…
Looks like Jeffrey Dean Morgan is teasing that he and Lauren Cohan could be involved in
Turns out Wonder Woman isn't the only recent discovery that comes from a primarily matriarchal society... https:/…
Wonder Woman was utter rubbish. . If you need a good superhero fix (with writing and acting that isn't embarrassing), just watch Kill Bill.
WB just announced that Wonder Woman 2 is officially happening!! 💪💪💪
Hooray, it's another movie about Wonder Woman being backed up by one hot wet guy and three boring rando dudes!
Look down? I'm for all attractive women dressing like Wonder Woman
. As if we're not excited enough about the Wonder Woman sequel, more good news was revealed at Sa……
'Justice League' trailer brings back Wonder Woman and delivers a mighty Aquaman hair flip
Just remember, today we got a confirmation of Wonder Woman 2 and S3. Good things happen too. ❤️
Yay! Found them on the Roddenberry Shop site! That Wonder Woman one is amazing too! Ugh, it was so har…
A 'Wonder Woman' sequel is officially in the works
I see your Wonder Woman and Atomic Blonde and raise you a The Big Sick
Here are the masterpiece, must-see films of 2017: Get Out, Wonder Woman, Planet of Apes, Dunkirk. Honorable mention: Logan
Lana Lang will show up working for Lois's prostitution ring dressed as Wonder Woman, right?
Wonder Woman / The New Adventures of Wonder Woman stars Lynda Carter & Lyle Waggoner, the TV show aired for three s…
.shared a moment with a young Wonder Woman cosplayer while signing autographs with the Justice League at San Diego
The crowd at Hall H is head-over-heels in love with everything with Wonder Woman.
Amazing artist Nicola Scott explaining her favorite scene from Wonder Woman.
Change: "The disparities are clear. Wonder Woman has been short-handed & has been overlooked by DC & Warner Bro…
Wonder Woman has now been banned in a third country
Wonder Woman banned in Tunisia where 70% of the female population suffers from gender-based violence - The Indepen…
Just Released: Exclusive Wonder Woman! Limited qty available online, $150 — get it before it's gone here: htt…
Kingsman, Wonder Woman, and Harrison Ford: Here's what the movie studios are bringing to Comic-Con 2017…
Lunatic- Sonic screwdriver 1st thing that's made me laugh since reveal. If 9/Maisey didn't kill it Post Wonder Woman will be OK
This new movie trailer reveals the dramatic origin behind 'Wonder Woman' 👉🏽
The only reason I went to see Wonder Woman. 🤣
Spider-Man is wicked good and I loved Wonder Woman to bits. Can you tell I'm a superhero fan?
Wonder Woman to surpass Guardians 2 as this summer's biggest hit:
The first step towards building an entire wardrobe:
Same. Also, bitmoji. Mine is currently dressed as Wonder Woman and I love it lol
Complimented someone in the elevator this morning on his Wonder Woman bag. Wonder Woman was my first childhood crush, and I never recovered.
1/ Wonder Woman's co-creator:. "Not even girls want to be girls so long as our feminine archetype lacks force, strength…
Say what you want about the movie, but the Wonder Woman soundtrack is excellent ambient noise while working.
This book is wonderfully written and gives the backstory of Marston and family.…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
A new Wonder Woman Art Print by Olivia has a preview on our website. . Take a look:
Saw & over the weekend. Both were great, but Wonder Woman was fantastic. . 🤞for Justice League. Plz be good
I never knew wonder woman knew voodoo? I hope you don't use the laso of truth on me like you do do 🎶
im really glad u took it upon yourself to make Joss Whedon's defunct Wonder Woman script "more feminist"
BTW I'm doing a review on wonder woman tomorrow and I'm gunna talk about equality 😆
Wonder Woman is and Deadpool is . You can fight me on this, but you'd be wrong. It's canon. And it's g…
Enter to win this awesome from Dave Lackie.
Thanking the entire universe for not allowing the sexist & terrible Joss Whedon Wonder Woman to ever get made.
Wonder what wages a dogging, woman beating, drunkard gets in the media
Idea: Wonder Woman, but it's a man.
Lynda Carter has had talks about cameo appearance in Wonder Woman 2...
I often wonder, what makes a cougar woman think? And how can i seduce them. I find pleasure in a challenge 💦💪.
Interesting! Saw that on history of Wonder Woman on a news program. Pretty radical for the forties!
This is incredible! 🙌 Thanks to all of you for making this possible 😀😘 .
I'm going to see Wonder Woman today, and my ticket cost me $13.50 US dollars.
Heard good things but I'm a bit oversaturated on superhero films lately. May make an exception for Wonder Woman though.
I wonder about his ideal type of woman ; ; `jkjk.
Guardians 2, Wonder Woman, Baby Driver, Spider-Man, Apes, Big Sick, Dunkirk... Weirdly good summer for movies so far.
The origins of Wonder Woman are revealed in the first trailer for 'Professor Marston & the Wonder Women':
Wonder woman is seriously overrated.
Nubia ✦ Wonder Woman. Amazon warrior. Wonder Woman of Earth-23!. brought to life by Aphrodite
It takes courage to run for office. It takes Wonder Woman to run for office as a Muslim in Arizona. 💙http…
Stay ready, so you don't have to get ready. With the real wonder woman
I saw Wonder Woman finally and honestly.. I would pay her to kick my ***
I wonder what the Governor's reaction would B if a woman in the family was(God…
We're here at and to celebrate we're giving away this cool collectible statue! Enter at link:
Summer's highest-grossing film! Screened by WFTV at 7 weeks ago. Congrats,
New Ilustration/Fan art of Wonderwoman since i loved the film, Hope you like it!! Nueva ilustración de Wonder Woman, espero…
Hideo Kojima on how saves not one world, but three
A concept: Amazons going to their battle all dressed up as Wonder Woman
Kojima: 'Wonder Woman' saves not one world, but three in latest film by
Great article from on Wonder Woman. Mild spoilers.
Like Wonder Woman was a strong female character that obviously sold fantastic but th…
It took me too long to realise Robin Wright is Princess Buttercup from The Princess Bride. And only a moment for Antiope à la Wonder Woman.
Yeah, cause it's not like Wonder Woman has existed for decades, and Leia sure didn't exist. Neither did Storm or Jean Gray.
2 of 5 stars to Wonder Woman by Grant Morrison
Princess Buttercup became a bad *** general, Wonder Woman ruled the movie world, and the is a woman!
"Wonder Woman cant be a man, so why should the doctor". Wonder Woman is an Amazonian not a time lord, cannot regenerate.
Jodie Whittaker is Wonder Woman was 🔥, Rey is a Jedi and the Ghostbusters are women. What a time to be alive!
Ben Affleck would've been a great Wonder Woman.
Have you guys seen that movie where Princess Buttercup helps Wonder Woman kill Professor Lupin?
Going to see Wonder Woman tonight. Love Gal Gadot, but best part will be Princess Buttercup kicking ***
Wonder Woman's buff aunt, Antiope, whose tiara was posthumously bestowed on her was Princess Buttercup.
I just remembered that I got to write Superman for John Byrne, Wonder Woman for George Perez, and JLA for Jose Garcia Lopez…
“My Aunt dressed up as Wonder Woman in the ‘80s.”
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Jill Lepore's history of Wonder Woman has many fascinating side roads, for ex:
You really are confused. . I suggest you read "the secret history of Wonder Woman" by Jill Lepore
The Flash teams up with Batman and Wonder Woman in an exclusive new look at
Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman were way way way better. Goodnight!
Me: have u seen GLOW?. Person: not yet . Me: have u seen Wonder Woman?. Person: not yet . Me:
to begin with, y'all said it was "just a movie". I'm gladly gonna watch Wonder Woman 2 now to show y'all how it feels. (Not…
2 might be coming and it might be set in the '80s. Picture the fashion, people!. http…
I was actively listening in this movie, because I wanted to hear that Wonder Woman theme every time it played. And, two things:
Thought you all ready were Wonder Woman...
If we're keeping it a buck, the only thing dope about "Wonder Woman" is the new DC Comics opening sequence that appears at the begin 😒
Wonder Woman 2 Set in '80s, Chris Pine Returns?. -
One of our members has the Wonder Woman and is showing her off with awesome photos.
I also hate Wonder Woman male-bashing, that never works and makes her look gross.
All respect to the creators involved, it was a constant pull to make Wonder Woman's book and story have more guys in it. Co…
Wonder Woman: Damien never liked you anyway . Batman: You can keep him
It undoes a lot of vital threads. It changes Hippolyta, it makes Wonder Woman's origin about fatherhood, not motherhood, on…
Wonder Woman by and is a lovely one!. An issue that makes readers feel warm😌 htt…
ICYMI: begins a new era for Wonder Woman in issue and you can read our full review here! -
All that said, man, I still love the Wonder Woman movie, holy crap. Cry every time.
It's here! The WARBRINGER exclusive pre-order poster by Here's how to get it:
Hi! I wonder if you can follow me so i can ask you a question via DM about woman pro cycling? :)
Own the School Year Like a Hero. Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman get ready in new back-to-school ad. http…
He draws the attention of Diana, the Wonder Woman, a legendary warrior from the early 20th century, after stealing a valued…
Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman in new Back-to-School ad.
Lmao Wonder Woman 2 is gonna be propaganda regarding the Cold War, and now leftists are mad but when we told y'all not to s…
her name is Mimi and she worked at the comic book store where Rome would tke Paris every saturday they love wonder woman and spiderman
Let your kids dress as Spider-Man or Wonder Woman while doing their homework to increase perseverance.
.Richards is a political Wonder Woman, one who bakes pies & runs marathons.
Wonder Woman kidnapped by Scream Joker. Frozen Disney Elsa in real ...
Woah.Wonder Woman 2 credits already leaked...DC has done it again
domain names
Boston's traffic and honking bothered Wonder Woman in 1986. "How can people live like this?"
Wonder Woman passed Deadpool's box office today. Ryan Reynolds posted this photo.
Wonder Woman is love. Wonder Woman is life.
Wow 🙏 A huge thank u to all for making a success ❤️ thx for this piece . .
Wonder Woman fights communism in the Salvadoran village of El Mozote
Yo so mandem's at the Cinema watching Wonder Woman, then this character named charlie pop…
Kelly, You ARE Wonder Woman!! saw you take on that twit this morning.. . Melany Morgan…
"Wonder Woman" actress Lynda Carter will perform at Baltimore Comic-Con this fall.
12/07, Vancouver Roundhouse Community Centre, 7.30pm: The VFX of Wonder Woman with Dneg's CG & 2D Supes on the show!
'Wonder Woman' actress Lynda Carter to perform at Baltimore Comic-Con
"Wonder Woman" took in over $100M at the box office in its first weekend. But where did the character come from?
Wonder Woman surpasses Suicide Squad's global box office and is heading towards $800m+. Can't stop her!!!
I'm at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema – New Mission - for Wonder Woman in San Francisco, CA
Im doing a live reading of sum of Whedon's Wonder Woman script at in NYC. Who coming? https:…
Can I be a blonde Wonder Woman and save the world
Get 6 Free VitaTops
I know you're wondering how can a man be a feminist? But tonight I let my wife go see Wonder Woman.
only 2 good things about the DCEU at this point is batman & wonder woman that is it
He thought he spotted Wonder Woman's invisible jet.
What better than a picture of in her amazing Wonder Woman outfit to wish all our American friends a Ha…
finally getting to see Wonder Woman today 🤘🏼
'Wonder Woman' is the most successful DC Universe movie to date
. SAY IT! IM SUPERIOR. Did u know X-MEN FLASH WONDER WOMAN SUPER MAN all comic heros was based off of us…
ICMN Told You First: Comic Nerds Wild for Chief as Demi-God Napi in Wonder Woman via
Saw Wonder Woman. Enjoyed it! Resisted urge to yell at screen: "Ares was the PATRON GOD of the Amazons!" Hollywood's gon…
just saw Wonder Woman on the weekend finally! It is a great film. I can finally watch your Wonder Woman review video! Lol
TIL that when under the influence of Wonder Woman's lasso of truth, Batman still states his name as 'Batman'.
Come and sketch your own ideas on drawing board in our Judge Dredd to Wonder Woman exhibition
My Wonder Woman link died on me. Smh.
I was extremely conflicted by the Wonder Woman movie, 'love conquers all' except she was an IDF soldier and that's obviously not true.
SISTER: Mom have you seen Wonder Woman yet?. MOM: No, not yet-. ME: [placing hand on hers] She sees Wonder Woman every day.…
Wonder Woman vs Predator. It has to be set in Themyscira. Makes too much sense!
I just saw Wonder Woman. I liked it. I knew nothing about her origin story. Also, I didn't know Claire Underwood was in the movie.
I'm not sure there's a better sibling bonding experience than watching Wonder Woman with your sister.
I know the feeling Wonder Woman, we're not robots its time for a mini vacation for you. None of us can do our…
want you to get your Wonder Woman on and enjoy with the kids
"This Wonder Woman is steadfastly committed to her goals!.
Must-Make Wonder Woman Wrap by Carissa Browning - the Knit Pattern is FREE!
ask my daughter,do she want to see wonder woman and spider man as a double feature. she look at me with a smile and nicely say NO! lol
Heard a seven year old say she was going to marry Wonder Woman, girl me too
Was going to go to sleep early, but then I just imagined Wonder Woman suplexing everybody in sight and well ¯\_(ツ)_…
Fan art celebrating 75 years of Princess Diana of Themyscira, warrior princess of the Amazons.
I LOVE THE MOVIE WONDER WOMAN! I see This movie five times! You are a wonderfull actress, and a amazing woman.I send you a big hug
Eric Bailey I have finally seen Wonder Woman and it was Amazing!
Like six weeks late but man, Wonder Woman got me feeling like I can do anything.
The CG in Wonder Woman has a real retro Matrix Reloaded feel to it.
The little girl who thought I was really Wonder Woman gave me a hug after pushing my cousins aside and saying she needed to talk to me 😭
absolutely DESPISED Dirty Grandpa, it just can't be compared to Wonder Woman
My sister preferred Dirty Grandpa to Wonder Woman. The family discussed this and we have decided adoption is the only way forward from this.
'Wonder Woman' now biggest Warner Bros. film in PH
On page 51 of 320 of Wonder Woman, by Nancy Holder
"During this period, Wonder Woman joined the Justice Society of America as the team's secretary.". Well, screw you Golden Age of comics.
Is my family the only one of you that was really disappointed with Wonder Woman? This is the kind of movies I love, Logan was way better!
‘Wonder Woman’ just edged past ‘Batman v Superman’ to become the highest-grossing DC Extended Universe movie in the US.…
Wonder Woman was great! Except now I've got this theme in my head forever.
Okay SO 😳 Wonder Woman has me rethinking my life purpose 🤣.
That's the only thing I haven't seen yet, and I've seen The Mummy, Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, Wo…
Just saw Wonder Woman with my wife. The Wonder Woman of my life. Good movie 🎥
I cried watching Wonder Woman today and I did not cry watching Baby Driver also today
I wanna be Wonder Woman when I grow up 😭
Wonder Woman was honestly so good I can't put it into words
Since everyone went to sleep and they wanna watch Wonder Woman as well they turned it off now I'm bored :(
Wonder Woman movie has a WW I version of The Losers
Just saw Wonder Woman and I'm high off estrogen
Wonder Woman is not bad but this joint drags on smh
Just seen wonder woman .WOW great freakin movie
Wonder Twin Power! But no one is as good as the real Wonder Woman, Amber Matthews!
That was my exact thought when I saw it before Wonder Woman today
Lolol, I'd be *** Willpower Wonder Woman of my nervous system worked properly.
also I'm so glad Patty Jenkins will be directing the wonder woman sequel. everyone knows men can't be trusted with good things
Casting Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was a perfect choice, as I'm pretty sure she's a goddess herself.
when Wonder Woman comes out, can you do a Needs More *** episode on bi-erasure??
In terms of "Calling out BS in comics could get you blacklisted", I find myself paraphrasing Wonder Woman: Who would I…
I wanna watch wonder woman but Gal Gadot.
Okay so I just saw Wonder Woman and it was really good. And I know nothing about super heroes. It was super long and drawn out tho.
Married at 9, Anandibai Joshi died before turning 22. In between the wonder woman became first female doct…
Check out the new DC Comics movie intro from Wonder Woman right now!.
VIDEO: The awesome new DC Comics intro from is online in 1080p
If it's about 45 it is the greatest threat he can imagine & from a woman. I wonder if wifey has to sl…
Man, Wonder Woman was an awesome movie
Just saw Wonder Woman. Enjoyed it. But, um, David Thewlis was great except he should have lost the 'stache as Ares…
Steve may have longed for Wonder Woman, but every night he went home to Ma Bell.
David Thewlis is 90 billion times more frightening in Fargo season 3 than he is that last third of Wonder Woman.
David Thewlis plays the same character in Wonder Woman as he does in season three of Fargo except with a moustache
I love Gail Gadot in Wonder Woman, talented actresses and directors should be fairly treated. I don't like her role and connection to IDF
also i spent an uncomfortable amount of my rewatch of Wonder Woman admitting to myself i would let David Thewlis be my sugar daddy i hate it
On page 89 of 320 of Wonder Woman, by Nancy Holder
Meet our Wonder Woman of the day: Hon. Kathleen Jimino, Rensselaer County Executive. Register here:
I thought David Thewlis's facial hair in Wonder Woman was ridiculous but this goes way beyond that
Reminds me of when Frank Miller made Wonder Woman a *** man hater in All-Star Batman & Robin to make her ideals look bad.
new inductees to the Academy include Tony Leung & Maggie Cheung, The Hulk and Wonder Woman, and more...
Me: [checking 4 easy reader Wonder Woman books out of the library] ...These are *mostly* not for me.
Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung waitin on that Wonder Woman screener
I saw Wonder Woman but all that happened was I remembered how much I love Star Trek and accidentally got nostalgic for 2009: my life now
Get a guy who celebrates your new book contract with a Rosie the Riveter inspired Wonder Woman model because he's p…
Wonder Woman was fantastic. Great cinematography, Gal Gadot was a great actress, final boss fight was terrific. 👍🏼👍🏼
Wonder Woman is proving to be a continued 'monster' hit, wouldn't one you say? 😉😁
Wonder Woman's credit sequence reminds me of Spider-man 2.
You're welcome! I'm looking forward to your Wonder Woman run! :)
When tear each other down, we ALL suffer sez
If you still think Wonder Woman is like an MCU movie, here's a brilliant video on why it isn't.
I've been told that I have to see "Wonder Woman". Seeing it here: Making mental note for
Wonder Woman is pacing ahead of Jungle Book, Secret life of Pets and Deadpool. All finished with around 360-370M domestic.
Struggling to find your Inner Wonder Woman?. Feeling generally overwhelmed and burned out? . Searching for the...
I went with the Wonder Woman page :)
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