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Wonder Bread

Wonder Bread is the name of a brand of white bread. It is sold in North American stores and produced by Hostess Brands in the United States, George Weston Bakeries in Canada, and by Grupo Bimbo in Mexico.

Wonder Woman Olive Garden

I understand everyone has their preferences. But, if you prefer eating sandwiches with non toasted wonder bread slices, we can't be friends.
I JUST REALIZED none of u know who wonder bread is. well hes the only one who worked there that everyone hated.
Wonder if the subway people will let me stand next to the bread oven ? — feeling freezing
I remember as kid going to friend house that made us bologna sandwiches with kraft "cheese" & miracle whip on Wonder bread. Yuck!
I wonder how long it took to pick all that bread up😩
Only way this could be whiter is if this sandwich was made with Wonder bread.
Ricky Bobby appears to be unhurt, but that wonder bread car is toast!
He's a really funny guy and I love him, but his politics are standard-issue Liberal, like the crust on Wonder Bread.
Wonder if he knew someone was watchin 💭⚽️❤️
Here's a five star yelp review for a place that lets you put french fries on a slice of wonder bread
Wonder bread. and I feel like it's all a setup.
So it's and is trending. There's not only a sexist joke to be made, but Wonder is the best bread ever.
Remember, "P & J on Wonder Bread"? Sitting with your Pals, swapping Lunch,? Here's the "Bad Boy" that made it...
.used to eat his ham and cheese on Wonder Bread but was always biting his hand.
bro I don't remember shot but me too 😂
Been having some lag issues with I'll get it figured out soon though. I wonder if it's the piece of bread I put in the cd drive..
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I didn't know people actually ate wonder bread.
I swear girls are clues less , we take you around moms , spend bread , and take you on dates and y'all still wonder if we…
😂😂 I can see the visual in my head lmao
It’s National Sandwich Day! The sandwich is the best thing since sliced bread. Hmmm…I wonder…
i wonder if HI has a Kings Hawaiian Bread shop w fresh rolls. that'd be awesome! 🤔
Cream Cheese Banana Nut Bread from comfortable food! No wonder it's had almost 3,000 shares ;-)
I'd buy ten loafs of Wonder Bread if they did a sweepstakes for Wonder Woman.
Wonder Woman brought in part by:. Wonder Bread
No wonder people get bloated after eating bread.. just read what can be put into it legally eeek!!!
Wonder if megs trying to bring me some cheesy bread from dominoes
Congrats to code 2319 and wonder bread on reaching the finals…
ne wonder I get fat at uni, one bit of stress and I've already eaten half a loaf of bread and about 20 club biscuits today
.cooked for archeologists investigating a Native American tribe of whalers. more here:…
Sometimes when I'm feelin chill I bring out the slang and people get confused. Talkin' about bobo cheez wiz and wonder bread pizza like~
Do us a favor, and until you can make a glazed doughnut that doesn't taste like slightly sweetened wonder bread, stay away from the lavender
Been to San Diego 100s of times. Never knew the Wonder Bread building was "historic." Is it like Westminster Abbey?
you could almost taste Wonder Bread looking at him
That's the natural assumption, but Lanny Davis is whiter than mayonnaise on Wonder bread. Doesn't make sense.
Braunschweiger, Limburger Cheese, slice of white onion, splash of vinegar, Wonder Bread
Braunschweiger, Limburger cheese, slice of white onion, with splash of vinegar, on Wonder Bread
We were too poor for Wonder Bread. My mother made all our bread.
All white crime occurs in a Mayo soaked / wonder bread topped vacuum.
The only thing whiter than loving vanilla, Olive Garden, Wonder Bread and the color beige is loving Rob Thomas
BTW that crowd at is whiter than Pat Boone eating a mayonnaise sandwich on Wonder Bread. http…
Wonder Bread is back! The Pacific Northwest hasn't seen Wonder Bread since 2005...
Wonder Bread returns to the Pacific Northwest. . It hasn't been on shelves since 2005...
. Cruz events are like a rack of Wonder Bread loaves. Not a single rye...
I wonder if they mix bunny bread with dough to make these doughnuts 🤔
Wonder bread and old spice gon sponsor me
I wonder what bread made with dom perignon would taste like.
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I brought out supplies to cook dinner then I left the kitchen and my mom got home from work and saw the stuff and started cooking for me 😭😭💜
Got the boiled frank with the french's on some wonder bread livin life
Would flattened wonder bread work as tortillas... sadly the answer is no. Doesn't have the same pizazz. :-) :-) :-)
This video makes me so ducking uncomfortable
There are good vegan meals and then there's.wonder bread smothered in baked beans and cucumbers
Hmmm I wonder why they call it wonder bread🤔
21 years ago today, Hov and Big L spit one of the greatest freestyle sessions ever recorded
This was the first song I ever played in my car when I got my license 😭 RIP 🐐🐐🐐
never turn down free PR, especially when it involves legitimate statements such as the wonder of banana bread
Out's 100 Most Eligible Bachelors list looks like the Wonder Bread aisle at Shop Rite.
.you in? grilled cheese off?!?!?! My ingredients: Kraft cheese slices, Wonder Bread, bacon pieces and maple s…
Embrace Tha Struggle! Went from wonder bread to making my own bread, literally.
Already got my next two tats planned 😛
"What's Oprah up to?" I wonder. And then I see her in a Weight Watchers commercial yelling about how much she loves bread. Ok. Bread
Me: I wonder how red robin makes their grilled cheese cause it's the best. . Tanner: probably bread, cheese, & butter
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Wonder if she's got sub bread as well.
I wonder if has had the same impact on white Vans sales as Oprah's bread commercial had on Weight Watchers. Someone find out.
I wonder if A$AP Q ever found out where the bread at
I made some banana bread, I wonder if anyone wants any??🙆
I feel like Wonder bread surrounded by a bunch of tortillas. 🍞
I'm having chicken and corn chowder tomorrow, I wonder what bread we have at home...
I had a breadstick at school once and I expected it to taste like Olive Garden breadsticks and it tasted like wonder bread sprinkled w/ salt
I wonder if Oprah tells the kids in "her Ethiopian school" that "I lost weight and I eat bread every day!!"
Ever wonder why you don't see a picture of Rupp arena from the outside? Looks like an old Wonder Bread factory
Danielle & I are talking about how Justin would be in bed and I can't take her seriously with Stevie Wonder as her name & …
No one in the history of the NBA could beat Shaq 1v1
pasty-Wow sure is nice weather we're havingGangster-Shut up wonder bread, or I'll toast yo white *** pasty-...
Is wonder bread still relevant or am I the only one that likes it?
Often times I wonder, is this a good time for garlic bread? The answer is always yes.
Sometimes I wonder whether I will ever love anything as much as Oprah loves bread
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I wonder if I could make that with my Panasonic bread machine! 😀
Cheesy fried egg, bacon, avocado, all on some toasted wonder bread 👍🏻
You're not gluten intolerant. You're commercialized capitalist Wonder bread intolerant.
I wonder how much of my life I have wasted hearing talking about her love for bread and that she eats bread EVERY SINGLE DAY.
When I get old I wonder if I'll be talking about what kind of bread I like too😂
They call it wonder bread because you wonder what the *** is in it.
I wonder if anyone in this cafeteria is watching me eat my bread
The best part of columbus state is the smell of the wonder bread factory
Broke boy i wonder why u aint getting no bread
My favorite thing to do is walk into Whole Foods eating a loaf of Wonder Bread and watch people's heads explode
Seriously though, that firesuit is right up there with Wonder Bread from Talledega Nights.
I wonder what would happen if I put a load of truffle chocolates inside two pieces of bread in the breville.
I wonder if im still an otaku if im not much interested in figurines.
I still think it was still hot outside and I wonder if there's bread too
Some of the best convos I've ever had have come when I'm thrown with some ransoms on a ski lift
Saying "The Martian" movie is an adaptation of the book is like saying Wonder Bread + ketchup + Velveeta + pickles is an adaptation of pizza
Sometimes I really wonder about you Chadd. All I'm seeing is the beautiful face and you're staring at bread.
When you Asked your grandma for a plastic bag and she handed you a wonder bread bag... 😐😐😑 .
No wonder bread I won't be your exotic Latina fantasy. New year but still GTFO my face 😁
Straight wonder bread in here. Who told you about this party?
Well done. Still an older audience for mushy white Wonder Bread who are beside themselves over Janet Jackson and Miley Cyrus.
They using wonder bread as buns too? Struggle
When ya mind is elsewhere, I get my bread and let it wonder..
Oh hehe!! That's great, I'm feeding Hmm, wonder what's in the bread >.>
Creative quote:. "Advertising is the Wonder in Wonder Bread"!. ~Jef Richards~.
I need me a new year baby. Collect that bread. Wonder who gone win tomorrow🤔
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My artisan sandwich shop sells Kraft singles on Wonder bread for $19 but it's okay I donated to a third party candidate last election
I'm a white boy but my neck is red I put miracle whip on my wonder bread face is pale nah i've never been in jail
Scrawny Flash next to upset Wonder Woman. Is it because he brought bread rolls to the Pub?
All my dawgs purebred, all your crew wonder bread
White Americans would be more correct bc like what do we do other than eat wonder bread
Wonder when I will get around to stopping eating all the cheese, bread and sweets.
CBC News be like: Kitchener man spent $10 buying bread. No wonder is slashing jobs left and right.
BREAD SANDWICH I'll never not wonder what happened to her
"Wonder if this thing will cook down the insides of a golf ball". - My ten year old self with this Bread Machine.
then Imma knock their lips off and they can use the glow stick to find those puckers off the ground..
I wonder who'll be first to eat their bread in 2016
I've never heard a feminist talk about Sojourner Truth, or Ida B Wells, or any women of color. Wonder bread *** movement
I wonder where josh came from with all that bread... Thought he hit a lick
It's a fact: You can disable anyone by offering them a peanut butter on Wonder Bread sandwich.
Broke boy I wonder you ain't getting no bread 🤔😷
Samson came to my bed told me that my hair was red... And ate a slice of wonder bread.
The way people line up for bread at Roban Stores agbani Road, you will wonder if it is bread of life
The Wonder Years: Wonder Bread and Football Cards in the 1970s via
Give Us Each Day Our Daily Bread Available in 4 sizes with free delivery
wonder strikes are a bonus for any player. Tap ins & 1 on 1s are strikers bread & butter.
Wonder how hype everyone was when sliced bread came out
"government workers, eh?". I wonder how fast they can be bread?
How to make Chicken Salad sandwich:. Roast breads. Boil Chicken and shred them. Then feed them all to your pets. Eat that freaking bread alone
Stay strong, make them wonder how you're still smiling
2016 tomorrow, I wonder if they will finally start making toaster that toast an entire slice of bread and not just half..
The Our Daily Bread: "When we face difficult circumstances, fear may cause us to wonder if God is aware of our...
Do they still make Wonder Bread or did Hilary-ghazi Clinton say it makes the global warming?
That's upper middle class white. Poor white would be Mayo, Bologna, Wonder Bread, Chef Boyardee Spaghetti-O's, & Funyons.
What we now know as Wonder Bread was first made by the Taggert Baking Company of Indianapolis. In 1921 the company
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Wonder Bread? They have obviously never seen Eddie Murphy: Raw
Almost got smashed between a freaking Little Debbies and Wonder Bread semi truck on the highway. (-:
Wonder what people have me saved under on their phone
" I'd like to butter you down like a slice of wonder bread/ and pour honey all over yo neck and body"
Table Prayer for Summer . O God of wonder, the whole earth is full of your glory. We give you thanks for the...
"omg its freedom of speech chill" || "Freedom of prepare to have your life snatched. Ol' crustless wonder bread bout to make me pop off."
.you listed a bunch of synonyms for pretty. Though "well-executed" is bunk--Wonder Bread & the Patriot Act are well-executed.
not sure how you even notice Wonder Bread when JDM AND IDRIS are in the picture. *** girls, get it together
Me wondering if Wonder Bread makes you really wonder
I've used that one before. Very reliable 😌
I download mine from it's pretty nice too
I download all my music from there bro. Hella mariachi tho
Why he look like he about to hit the "civil war ending whip"
*** Wonder bread i havent seen you in a month, what happened to us ?
Bruh I need some WUE. I'll rep it at my school and get Yall sales😂
She was more pale than wonder bread
Putting Miracle whip on my wonder bread
I feel like some of yall cape for French Toast cuz your parents couldn't afford a balanced diet so they poured sugar on Wonder bread
"Ain't got time to party, I'm breakin bread wit Dominican *** over hot Bennigans dinner/ wonder how I'm gonna cop 6 @ the beginning of..
Hoping all gluten free people stumble into the street into a Wonder Bread truck causing a real "gluten death"
I used to work in food production and remember it being demo'd as like a wonder product, paneer I mean, not bread :-)
I had welsh's jelly, also & the crust was cut off my Wonder Bread!
Im bout to make me a wonder bread burger
Meat loaf, chicken, greens, mac-n-cheese, & corn bread󾌧󾌬 no wonder why Brook so lazy I fed her fat self to much...
Someone could just follow me around all day to get material for those accounts that make fun of white people like I am wonder bread
Camille should probably reincarnate into wonder bread
Are you drunk? I hope so because the Wonder bread + ketchup + Kraft single you would call pizza would prob still be good to you.
What a wise move by Save-On to put the white wonder bread under healthy bread and put the Mack's flax somewhere else
samson went back to bed. Not much hair left on his head. He ate a slice of wonder bread and went right back to bed
I wonder if fish think my feet are bread
When you go to toast your bread and wonder why the toaster doesn't work and then realize the power is out😑
I wonder if people would get mad if I deleted my speed uhc and iron wolf videos. And maybe I am bread
Tempted to coat myself in garlic butter. I wonder who I could attract with that. Myself of course, but anybody else? Mm garlic bread.
When the barley loaf thought it was Wonder bread via
the bread bags on them made me wonder if you are really Joni Ernst?
I wonder if they have some good bread deals at a restaurant because I love bread.
I wonder if chuck is gonna let me spend some more of his bread out there I'd be all set 😩🙇🏽
Swear I'm going to smack the next pretentious "gluten free" person with a loaf of Wonder Bread.
Yum! These were kiddos, so it was Wonder Bread and Velveeta, but it was fun (after they fed me coffee) 😅
MT "This woman open carries to buy a loaf of bread. I WONDER why? .
It's a lot better than wonder bread, I'll say that much.
should use Wonder Woman to promote Wonder Bread
I know it's unhealthy but we used Wonder Bread, as the healthy flourless bread was not going to cut…
Listen to enviroments 'taxi' by wonder bread
I wonder why so many men find female tennis players hot. The shorts underneath their skirts are SUPER TACKY and their screams are WEIRD.
I have a friend who needs their old Wonder Bread truck painted one color. CHEAPLY! Do you have anyone???
I did wonder how long it would take you to come running back because you're bored...💁. Go shag a bread bin.
I wonder how many mini loaves of bread it took to make a bowl of French Toast Cereal. 🍞
I wonder what people compared great things to before sliced bread came along???
Huh. The fact they include loafy fruit bread things makes this quiz 100% more intriguing. I wonder if zucchini loaf counts.
I'm having major DeJavu moment... wonder if the rest of that Zoo Magazine Interview is made of those stale-bread-kind-of revelations too? 💭
Look at this awesome new feature for Photo Wonder! ✌ (Excuse the Dutch interface)
[No wonder, the baker didn't care if his wares were taken!] *the bread was stale with a low grade poison.* [he set me up!
I wonder how many people will actually use it. Probably the kitchen on the 1st floor... Here comes the bread, now for the soup!!
Wonder if bread would ever get me back that piece of my mind . Lost in a cost weed & chasing these dimes
I been eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches ever since Jerome bought this wonder bread.
Too bad he's into this wonder bread type women. Why Odell why
I wonder oo...dipping bread in tea is mainstream biko
Has anybody gotten Randy Hayes on the Internet.i gotta offer him some bread to narrorate my life like the wonder years
"I want that major league money, Derrick Jeter bread. Used to WONDER bout the money, now I got that PITA bread" 😱
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Most Yall didn't even know that was apart a a group. Even more they release free music so go and cop
And it's not like I got wonder bread or skittles
It's about to be summer and I'm white as wonder bread👦🏼
Thinking about who's girl I'm gonna steal tonight 🌚
Making the perfect grilled cheese requires using double the butter and cheese you think you need. Also, white wonder bread.
Tries to give up carbs: sleepwalks to refrigerator to eat untoasted wonder bread straight out the bag
Sometimes I wonder if I don't have some sort of low-key wheat allergy. 2 of my meals today were bread-based and my stomach feels terrible
I wonder what people said was the best thing before sliced bread happened... I'd guess the wheel. Shows you how big sliced bread is
naw Bruh😂 i'm selling it so I can afford the mustang
I usually use Wonder bread for my sandwiches but not necceSARA LEE...
I look back and wonder why I ever tried to get my hair permanently straightened because curly hair is the best thing since sliced bread
"I'm like White Wonder bread. Everyone knows about me, but no one wants me."
We got here at 8:45. It's now 9:25 We just got our bread and cheese fries. No wonder Outback is empty. 😒
I wonder who invented toast. "Hey, guys, let's heat up this bread until it gets hard. That sounds good.". Bravo.
A.I. deserves more than this Wonder Bread Bleacher Report retrospective.
WHY WOULD YOU THINK THAT but ok true yea we're all just 75% mayo 25% wonder bread
"British Columbia has a palette.Wonder bread beers are done." Gary Lohin
"What's your ethnicity?". "I'm as white as the Wonder bread bag. "
cell onluy eats Classic White Wonder Bread (toasted but barely so itll still be white) slathered in Mayonnaise
“Wowowowowowow my mom called me ugly:')” that's right wonder bread, I'm the best looking Charles
my school is literally the Wonder Bread school.
The things I just did to that piece of garlic bread I'm pretty sure are illegal in several states.
This bread is nice no wonder you frenchies eat it with everything
I wonder if Harry went to his old bakery he used to work at in Cheshire to bake some bread
Wonder if I'll ever be able to butter bread without putting holes in it
Is he the bread or the circus, I wonder.
This makes me wonder if the duck I fed when I was little choked after I threw some bread at it.
"I wonder who was the first person to see a duck and think, hey, bread!". May 10th 2015
Barely wore a shirt all weekend...still whiter than wonder bread 😥
Literally stole a pack of bagels out of a wonder bread truck *** is my problem?
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
I wonder how many loaves of bread this bought?
I'm jus here to get the bread, I ain't tlkn wonder
I wonder what delights The Bread Kiln Spey Bay will be bringing along on Saturday to the Keith Community Market,...
I don't understand the white boy fascination of our generation. They're so bland, like wonder bread... What about middle e…
Soon craving a boloney sandwich in white wonder bread with mayo o_O
Ever wonder how dogs eat their bread?
I wonder what I would look like if I worked out and didn't eat bread 5 times a day
Isn’t it weird that after 30,000 years of eating bread, everyone is gluten allergic now? Makes you wonder what humanity did to it...
she has more rolls than a Wonder Bread Bakery
Broke boy i wonder why you ain't getting no bread.
I made wonder bread mad AF, *** I was just commenting can't stand the heat better find another career
I wonder if the low pop in the bread basket is reflective of the two famines that hit that area pretty hard
Makes me wonder why we ever put BLT on bread!
I wonder how biology can explain the physical pain you feel in your chest when all you want is a panera bread asiago cheese bagel
Excited to be at Wonder Bread this afternoon for their Lunch and Learn! Snacks from Get your book in hand today!
I wonder if anyone ever asked the sliced bread what the best thing is for them? It can't say "The best thing since they sliced me" can it?
Hey I had to explain to my mom yesterday that Dawn to you is my Boston Rob and that's the wonder of the bread!
no wonder I always feel sick when I have too much bread.
And *** wonder why you get bread and leave where they came from
Wonder if Falcao scores the winner how many will suddenly do a U-Turn and start acting like he's the best thing since slice bread.
Ma U dont got to wonder we like wonder with our bread lol
Oh Mashed potato between bread is a thing of wonder. You never had it as part of a cottage pie/ Sunday lunch?
I buy whole wheat bread, even though I like the taste of Wonder bread better.
I wonder who first decided one day that they wanted to toast their bread and see what the outcome was and make it a worldwide thing
no cheese no bread no wine. No wonder why they kick me out of France
No wonder you have small boobs “So today i finished three slices of bread...i have made it!”
I just ate 2lbs of low sodium deli ham with a side loaf of wheat wonder bread. u jelly??
Poor Calum. he can't listen to rnb anymore bc he's in a band full of mayo & wonder bread 😔
Sometimes I wonder if Wonder Bread really is all that wonderful. But if I wonder about it, then it IS wonderful. Or is it?. I wonder...
Coors light tastes like wonder bread don't fight me on this
Everyone kept trying to get you to fight.😂 I was the only one stopping it
If she makes you a sandwich and it's not texts wonder bread just get up and leave.
you better be talking about wonder bread because I'll beat you up if you're not
I wonder what communion bread taste like with cheese
If Justin ever sticks his *** in a black girls *** he most definitely will never go back to wonder bread
that fox is going to get diabetes with that bleached Wonder Bread... wheres the Jewish rye, or French peasant D=
He ranted in a sermon against Wonder Bread because it's white.
it taste good Horrified by Wonder Bread: Restaurant Nora was the last Washington restaura...
Listened to The Best of Gordon Lightfoot and read Hemingway's "In Another Country" while I ate supper (canned spaghetti and Wonder Bread).
On tomorrow's menu: Franco-American spaghetti and Wonder Bread. Because sometimes you just gotta go with the good old stuf…
Charles Manson, Bill Cosby, 7th Heaven's Dad, and the guy that invented Wonder Bread
I reached into a Wonder Bread bag once and came out with a hand full of green, liquid, slime. Neil Simon's writing.
Great content + turnout at the 4.1 at Wonder Bread tonight
I'm gonna throw a loaf of wonder bread at 5sos on Saturday. get ready
Everyone's excited for no school tomorrow, but remember why you get the day off... It's not just a holiday.
well he can have that. I wonder if she give cuhz like half the bread 🙇
The nerve of boy wonder to turn up his nose at my fantastic chocolate banana bread because I sinned and put white chocolate in too.
I wonder if there was one generic word for food in the semitic language tree, and later bifurcated into "meat" and "bread"…
dont push me cause I am close to the edge I am trying not to lose my bread. its a like a jungle makes me wonder how I don't go under
"Abuse to your girlfriends" it's not my fault Peri Look like wonder bread
I wonder if he had garlic bread with it
Tsk. Anagogic. It's a wonder I can buy a loaf of bread.
.My favourite delicacy from Swansea market is laver bread. Wonder if that has much nitrate in it?
I have a very dry personality, like wonder bread
Delivers man this is better than sliced wonder bread. I can get a pallet of coca cola dropped off. = Priceless
YES we will put roasted garlic and kalamata olives and prosciutto on wonder bread call it a pizza
These nowadays am struggling to finish two slices of bread, I wonder what's wrong with me ☹
I wonder where I can get a broccoli cheddar bread bowl around here..
I was gonna get a part-time job just for variety. I wonder what they pay the people who put twist ties on the loaves of bread.
"Don't eat anything your great-grandma. wouldn't recognize as food". —. Tonight I feast on JELL-O (1897). & Wonder-Bread (1921)!
Did you REALLY just call me wonder bread white? what is wrong with you?
Visible minorities can be ANYONE that darker than a slice of Wonder Bread. XD
Gettin money blind, call that Stevie Wonder bread🎶
If you need some cheap and easy bread crumbs, slap a loaf of wonder bread in your blender.
We are excited to be sponsoring tonight's at Wonder Bread. See you there.
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