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Wolf Blitzer

Wolf Isaac Blitzer (born March 22, 1948) is an American journalist and television news anchor who has been a CNN reporter since 1990. He is the senior anchor of all CNN programs currently in production.

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Thinking of writing a political/western about a soldier crossing Indian territory campaigning for office.Calling it Dances With Wolf Blitzer
"See dis right here? dis ends all debates.". - when you realize the luggage sizer is a better moderator than Wolf Blitzer.
One degree of separation from Wolf Blitzer! Yeah!!
Wolf Blitzer and Anderson. Cooper CNN seem to be neutral, stay unopinionated
We don't need no stinking Wolf Blitzer. We need a Wolf-Pac.
Hey Wolf Blitzer news thanks for the follow!
Is it sexist that I call Brooke Baldwin a presstitute? I also call Wolf Blitzer a presstitute, just so everyone's clear.
I enjoy watching Wolf Blitzer. No humor and matter-of-fact presentation style.
Wolf Blitzer: "...where the Buffalo Sabres normally play hockey." . Well...maybe not "normally."
Wolf Blitzer: "Trump will be speaking in Buffalo. That's the home of the Buffalo Sabres."
PR guy and Wolf Blitzer were experiencing a failure to communicate. RNC dodging questions left and right.
Wolf Blitzer is a reptilian infiltrator. Him and his whole demon lizard network.
If Wolf is from Buffalo why isn't his name Buffalo Blitzer. And what's Trump doing there insulting Lion Ted?
Tad Devine Lying to Wolf Blitzer infering Bernie supported HillaryCare when indeed Bernie spoke out against it. Bernie is…
If Wolf Blitzer won the Pulitzer Prize he would be Pulitzer Prize Winning Wolf Blitzer, the Pulitzer Prize winner thanks for following.
Jason Sudeikis and Beck Bennett both rock the 'Blitzer' look. Hungry for the truth, hungry like the 'Wolf'.
Hey Wolf Blitzer - should apologize to the families of our brothers and sisters who died in the
Wolf Blitzer looks like he'd be a cool grandpa.
Wolf Blitzer is not one of Santa's reindeer but because of his name he should. have to pull the sleigh!
Wolf Blitzer? Related to one of Santa's reindeer? Raised by wolves? Looks feral to me. He has that werewolf look? Never laughs. :(
Just heard kinzinger on wolf blitzer show...whose giving him so much $.obvious.Illinois...home of the payoffs.. ***
When Wolf Blitzer was born, he announced, "Happening now, breaking news: I have exited the birth canal." True story.
I bet Wolf Blitzer is a laugh riot at home.
Will the real Wolf Blitzer please stand up
I am just putting this out there as an observation. Wolf Blitzer loves Tulsi Gabbard. Congreeesss woman we haveee more to dizcuss. Gag me.
CNN debate hosted by Buffalo native Wolf Blitzer. Buffalo native Tom Perez in the audience.
Going to spend the rest of my shift today watching video of Wolf Blitzer saying “what is Julia Childs” and cackling
Fox News or CNN? I'll watch Fox. Shepard Smith or Wolf Blitzer? I'll watch Wolf!
WATCH: Cruz hits back at Wolf Blitzer for playing liberal media "gotcha" game.
CNN has to be the biggest Trump enabler. Why is Trump's interview today with Wolf Blitzer the only one to be aired twice?
I hope Max Boot and Wolf Blitzer don't walk through that Trump Sturmabteilung crowd right now. Looks dangerous.
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Wolf Blitzer was doing his own Marv Albert impersonation once declared Florida for Donald Trump
Hello, I'm Wolf Blitzer. And this, is Austin's quarter-life crisis
If they were "right wingers" they would be on the news every day like Wolf Blitzer howling at the moon.
Yikes...I really hope that Wolf Blitzer and the rest of the CNN Election Center team have a "Special Set of Skills."
ugh Wolf Blitzer and Charles Gibson are in it too
After Ben Carson announced that he would not be at tonight's debate, Wolf Blitzer said "Wait, was he in the last one? I didn't notice him."
I didn't think anyone could shield Trump from getting hurt more than Wolf Blitzer, but Fox News has turned even more pro-Trump this week.
Bill O'Reilly on moderators allowing GOP candidates to go after each other in previous debate: "Wolf (Blitzer) went out for a burger."
Hopefully he won't be default guy again for the moderators when Rubio starts decimatingTrump. Wolf Blitzer: "Gov Kasich? HELP
Bill O'Reilly just said that Wolf Blitzer "went out for a burger" during the last CNN debate while the candidates attacked each other.
don't act like that *** Wolf Blitzer who was solely interested in getting candidates to fight.
You told Wolf Blitzer that the RNC had no idea what Romney would say. Liar, you and the rest of the est…
Watch: Wolf Blitzer attempts to reign in a chaotic as Trump, Cruz, and Rubio argue over each other.
Only Trump would use his phone call to Wolf Blitzer to diss his ratings
Still can't believe things have gotten so bad at Fox News that I wish CNN's Wolf Blitzer was hosting this debate.
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TV Update: I'll be on CNN International tonight at 10 PM Pacific and CNN with Wolf Blitzer tomorrow morning at 10 AM Pacific.
Wolf Blitzer just threw shade at this young guy on tv lmao
blitzer thinks Romney speech is relevant, but shows no interest in the latest on Clinton scandal. Double standard. Wolf is a tool
Wolf Blitzer doesn't even try to hide his pro Israel credentials. Feel nauseous just watching him
Is wolf blitzer getting paid for the # of times he says "extraordinary" ref Republican infighting? At least a break from "breaking"
Sad that Wolf Blitzer won't say that Mitt misrepresents Trump when he babbles about "Trump saying things about KKK". HE SAID NOTHING ON KKK.
Wolf Blitzer must sleep in the CNN studio
priebus "RNCC"on Wolf Blitzer was elequent and gracious, confirmed the party will stand with the nominee.
He just earned every penny after that masterful manipulation of Wolf Blitzer on
Reince Priebus - Great uplifting, unifying & positive comments on CNN's Wolf Blitzer's show just now!
Wolf Blitzer doesn't believe a word the Republican Party Chairman is telling him.
Wait, why is Wolf Blitzer moderating on Fox News? lol
LIED to Wolf Blitzer. His face showed it - he *** well talked to Mitt and had knowledge of his attack. So Evident
Wolf Blitzer is skewing the Republican on live television the dude is deflecting like Donald Trump would
Wolf Blitzer throws so many subtle jabs. ***
Wolf Blitzer needs to ask Reince Priebus why he is such a shady little twerp? He sounds like a f**king creep.
Trump has gotten to Reince Preibus. Seems exhausted and annoyed on CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer.
I almost feel bad for Reince Priebus having to stand in the snow and get gutted by Wolf Blitzer with nothing but old rhetoric as protection
"Is the Republican Party essentially falling apart at the seams?" -Wolf Blitzer . "*laughs nervously* No??" - some *** on CNN
remember when Wolf Blitzer went on Wheel of Fortune and kept guessing "WOLF BLITZER"
Scottie Nell Hughes discussing the speech of Mitt Romney today with Wolf Blitzer Thursday, March 3,: via
I'm not tryna go for that Wolf Blitzer spot just yet
Does the wheel on the desk adjust it's height or return Wolf Blitzer to a Bacta Tank?
Wolf Blitzer eventual GOP candidate stepping in that'll bring in the black vote
Whoa, hold on. there's a Cruz supporter on Wolf Blitzer's show right now. Yay! PS: I'm writing in Ted in November.
When is the last time Wolf Blitzer laughed?
And no wolf blitzer acting as his life line every time he was getting hit. Blitzer was a terrible moderator.
I can totally imagine CNN having a 3D holographic map where Wolf Blitzer zooms in and breaks down the categories by county.
I think I've found my perfect diet. The Wolf Blitzer diet. I can't eat while he's yelling. And he's always yelling.
Jane Sanders is crushing it on Wolf Blitzer's show on now. Her husband is pretty cool, too.
Breast Cancer Awareness
I think Wolf Blitzer to you is Pat Tabler/Buck Martinez to me.
the moment Wolf Blitzer realizes Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer
Wolf Blitzer is a legitimately retarded man. His job is a result of Make-A-Wish foundation. Bless them.
Wolf Blitzer is obviously voting for Donald Trump.
This is as good as I have ever seen Wolf Blitzer. A couple of good follow up questions. Credit where credit is due.
Wolf Blitzer has become Will Ferrell in SNL's celebrity Jeopardy.
All I ask is for a confused Wolf Blitzer to ask Ted Cruz why he made Vanilla Sky
Rubio VS Trump. This should be moderated by Mean Gene Okerlund. Not Wolf Blitzer
Declining CNN likes to pad the stories for Hillary. Dopey Wolf Blitzer will be out of job soon. Loser!
Wolf Blitzer, of CNN fame, lives in Bethesda.
Listening to the live feed of these *** at the bird refuge is even better than Wolf Blitzer on color commentary during Desert Storm.
.is running against Obama & legacy. In 2012, he told Wolf Blitzer he was thinking about running/sought s.o. to run
About to join on for South Carolina talk. And perhaps this:
When Ted Nugent called Obama a "subhuman mongrel," pointed out he used Nazi terminology.
Never thought I would watch Morning Joe but do so. And CNN Wolf Blitzer is ok ab Trump & Anderson does not Sneer
Cannot bear to watch Fox I have weaned myself to Wolf Blitzer who is a Pro--Anderson ok at least they do not sneer
- Dennis looks like a young, spry Wolf Blitzer.
Which is the exact point Rubio just made to Wolf Blitzer that so long as there are 5-8 candidates, Trump will stay in 1st place.
Lol, pretty sure Wolf Blitzer isn't known for his brains.
Rubio repeats 'open source reporting' to Wolf Blitzer. Clueless and absent most of his career.
let's move on listen to his interview w wolf blitzer today. Brilliant
Will chicken out of next because he might face hard questions from Hispanics?
Wolf Blitzer will moderate the Feb 25 GOP debate in Houston
CNN's will moderate the in Houston.
RNC drops NBC as host of debate later this month. CNNs Wolf Blitzer will be host at the University of Houston. Just before Super Tuesday.
CNN's Wolf Blitzer will moderate Republican debate in Houston
Excellent interview of Rubio by Wolf Blitzer. Tried to get Rubio to bash Christie and he didn't. Said he doesn't take it pers…
You were excellent tonight on Wolf Blitzer. You might have just changed my thinking.
Breaking news from the Situation Room...Wolf Blitzer just farted.
Wolf Blitzer did an interview with Wolf=good. He didn't interrupt, he didn't ask MR abt G08, he asked about NK/…
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when someone says the name "Wolf Blitzer". Christmas is 11 months away, go back to the south pole
Scottie Hughes discussing the CNN WMUR POLL with Wolf Blitzer in The Sit... via
Bring on Matt Goode, Mamie Gummer, and the Wolf Blitzer look a like guy.
Wolf Blitzer legit just asked why Martin O'Malley isn't polling better than Bernie Sanders. I don't have time for this foolishness today.
Why is not hosted by Wolf Blitzer and Andrew Dice Clay
Here show him this picture of a baby by Wolf Blitzer n Candy Crowley.
Despite his aggressive surname, Wolf Blitzer prefers a shot-passing 3-4 defense, rather than rushing in.
How you get a name like Wolf Blitzer
nah man... Wolf Blitzer had a better shot last night
So poor, so black - Wolf Blitzer. Just in case one might forget that CNN ...
does cnn have any heterosexual anchors at all ? Wolf blitzer doesnt count the jury has been out on him a long time
Was thinking of all the dumb names over the holidays .. Wolf blitzer on cnn... Garth brooks .. Garth? Star Trek alien?. Burl Ives .. Burl??
Wolf Blitzer MUST ask Huckabee about his barbaric,dog murdering son as soon as he says how awful Islam is!
Wolf Blitzer & Barbara Starr announce our Special Forces are now in Northern Syria. Is this an Heraldo moment? Wolf was this necessary?
Just watched Obama play golf on Wolf Blitzer. Wolf was so proud of Obama. I just wish Obama could play president as good as he can golf.
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loved you on CNN Wolf Blitzer today.
If Hillary runs against Rubio I think it will only be fair to ask if she's incontinent - given Wolf Blitzer's water feti…
Thank you for not allowing Wolf Blitzer to back you in a corner. Your response was right on target. He is such a loser.
CNN like. "Happy Holiday season! Now off to Wolf Blitzer". "This is Wolf Blitzer's Situation Room today;ISIS, School Shootings, and a bombing"
Very interesting to watch stark difference in tone of coverage of Trump latest outpouring b/w Lester Holt & Wolf Blitzer
Scottie Hughes did a great job defending Trump and trashing Hillary when interviewed by Wolf Blitzer this evening
Wolf Blitzer: "What's disgusting about a woman going to the bathroom?"
Trump spox telling Wolf Blitzer she's angry Hillary Clinton played sexist card. (In response to Donald Trump saying she got schlonged.)
Watching CNN, Wolf Blitzer. The theme seems to be "Trump's lead is slipping to Cruz as people tire of his vulgarity."
I wonder if Ted Cruz dyes his hair ( Just For Men) I know Wolf Blitzer should dye his
Wolf Blitzer is the Flo from Progressive of news. It's like they're the factory outlet of annoying
I'm sure Wolf Blitzer and CNN are overjoyed their hard work has been recognized.
Wolf Blitzer should've let Trump fight that heckler in the audience. The rating's would've been YUGE.
This explains why Wolf Blitzer was yelling "HE... COULD... GO... ALL... THE... WAY!" the other night.
I am smarter than Wolf Blitzer and that is not an accomplishment
Interesting, Huckabee praising Wolf Blitzer debate hosting on radio. He previously repeatedly hated on the hosted debate.
"Everyone stand by. We're only just beginning..." -- Wolf Blitzer
The *** for war on Wolf Blitzer is raging.
Her: What should we name him?. Him: I dunno. Her: How about WOLF?. Him: BLITZER!. Her: This is too cool!
Still not entirely sure who Wolf Blitzer is or if I like him but *** what a name
I wonder if Wolf Blitzer will run with this real story on CNN
When Romney was running WHILE exporting jobs to China, Wolf Blitzer simply could not go there. Today he can.
Why did Wolf Blitzer announce the Miss Universe winner incorrectly? Did they finally fire him from CNN?
Wolf Blitzer, Hala and Ms Amanpour. He will reach there, one broadcast at a time
Don Nason CNN loves his RAMBLING Wolf Blitzer wants to ADOPT him.
Wolf Blitzer would look ridiculous trying to interview complex people. He's too lazy.
Wouldn't it be cool if Wolf Blitzer became an ACTUAL WOLF and attacked the candidates when they go over their time?
Jeb even backed off when Wolf Blitzer yelped at him. Anyone notice that besides me? Incredibly timid.
wonder who this moron trump would appoint to the Supreme Court? LOL maybe wolf blitzer or oreilly as payback for air time
."I have evidence Sanders' staffers did this 24 times!". Wolf Blitzer: "Over how many months?". Fallon: …
Today's now streaming @ --> Wolf Blitzer & his ilk can sux it. CATCH THE CRABS
. Wolf Blitzer: You've heard it first on CNN.
Honored my shots of the were used in the package Wolf Blitzer introduced to millions of viewers!
I think I am beginning to DETEST Wolf Blitzer. He should go work for Fox. His questions are usually loony but...
.Cowardly media will not call out Trump BS,and have audacity to worry about HRC having the stones to do it. You hear this Wolf Blitzer?
🎶Devil went down to Georgia..🎶. *CNN BREAKING NEWS scrolls across screen*. Wolf Blitzer: CNN can now confirm Georgia is …
Wolf Blitzer -The 3 supposed experts on police brutality tonight should change places with the 3 cops subduing the bad guy-no clue of facts
.Exactly right about media, Wolf Blitzer would yell "FIRE" in every theater if he thought he could get away wit…
Wolf Blitzer was not objective in his presentation this evening of police punching a bad guy.The bad guy got what he deserved-he resisted!
"Watching the debate other night and Horatio Caine's voice popped up everytime Wolf Blitzer's name was said."
I've been interviewed by Wolf Blitzer. Like trying to respond to a barking harbor seal
As I get ready for the I'm wondering, is Wolf Blitzer this guy's real name? He made it up for Operation Desert Storm, right?
Dylan Byers is like a pupal stage Wolf Blitzer. So stupid that you wonder if someone cuts their meat for them
No countdown clock on to tell us when Wolf Blitzer will cede his post-slot to Anthony Bourdain
Oh dear Lord, Tony Blair talking to Wolf Blitzer, that's my nightmare , those 2 as seat mates on a flight and I'm in the middle seat.
Any indication that there is some troubled family history behind Wolf Blitzer's dead, dead eyes?
If you are a reliable, honest journalist, sources will open up and trust you and share good information. Wolf Blitzer
Is the all celebrity Bills fan team consist of the following: Chad Michael Murray, Luke Russert, Wolf Blitzer, Nick Backay Shooter McGaven?
"Was he wearing a mask?". "Was he speaking in French...or Arabic?". Wolf Blitzer, fishing for the reporter to say the …
Senator Lindsey Graham "Russia got what it deserved" talking about plane being shot down on with Wolf Blitzer.
Hey do you know if Wolf Blitzer is working on Mama Mia 2?
So many good people who could moderate debates - Anderson Cooper, Chris Wallace, Wolf Blitzer. No need to bring in the far-right circus
Soon holograms will be more than just Tupac and Wolf Blitzer.
I am targeting the opposition.It's called challenging your position.Wolf Blitzer would agree with you I'm sure..
Wolf Blitzer--gather 5 retired generals and spend three days telling us why there is always wind and rain associated with a cyclone.
Wolf Blitzer: Bush suffering from karma of the hanging chads! Gore was blessed with millions!
Still unbelievable that I Saw Wolf Blitzer from CNN today. Easily one of my favorite CNN journalists.
Why is Wolf Blitzer still on the air
Yeah...but this is such a "newsreader *** play. It's like Wolf Blitzer climbed in his skin or something...
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Said hi to Wolf Blitzer and Scott Wilson this morning. Lol.
Last Thursday international students had the wonderful opportunity of meeting Lew Klein and Wolf Blitzer!
Wolf Blitzer had the opportunity to meet with aspiring journalists at Temple University's School of Media and Communication and received
Can you imagine being at the Christmas party and hanging out with Chris Cuomo, Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper and Don Lemon?
My interview on Wolf Blitzer, CNN about Iran and China ...
- 'the situation ...'? Wolf Blitzer called & wants his tag line back. Is anything you do original?
Wolf Blitzer is kind of a complete ***
Actual Wolf Blitzer quote about the blimp:
Wolf Blitzer frustrated b/c Hillary wouldn't name "no. 1 accomplishment" as SecState. Guess he misunderstood. Question-do…
Hey, Wolf Blitzer, Lincoln Chaffee was valuable to the Democratic Debate this week.
If Don Lemon can only ask about black people and Juan Carlos Lopez can only ask about Hispanics, Wolf Blitzer only gets to as…
Mark Regev w Wolf Blitzer on the recent wave of Terrorism - CNN Video
Reminder that Wolf Blitzer finished in the red on *Celebrity* Jeopardy
Cable news w/ horrible post-options: Chris Matthews in a ballroom, f'ing Wolf Blitzer or an f'ing Frank Lutz focus group.
After the break Wolf Blitzer interrogates candidates about missing Malaysian Flight 370.
I remember watching Wolf Blitzer on celebrity jeopardy. By Final Jeopardy he was in the negatives. . Lost a lot of respect that day.
Huma “Carlos Danger” Abedin comes out to test podium for Hillary. Wolf Blitzer wonders why the queen herself didn’t come out.
I love Ben Carson. Watching him deal with Wolf Blitzer only increases my respect for him.
So 90 minutes after anchors emphatically tell Mike Huckabee the shooter's name won't be uttered, here's Wolf Blitzer doing JUST that.
Wolf Blitzer just said, prior to commercial break, they will be back shortly w/more from shooting that "took place just outside of Portland"
Wolf Blitzer is doing his best Fred Willard from best in show
Fox News no longer any less biased than CNN. Gets higher ratings because Martha Washington is easier to look at than Wolf Blitzer.
Why do people pay money for Wolf Blitzer to talk?
Wolf Blitzer now comparing the Virginia shooter *** cheese to ISIS
Senator Joe Lieberman, Senate intelligence committee, spoke about this in 2005, and 2007! Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer!
If Trump threw a punch at Wolf Blitzer or Dan Rather, his polls would go up even more. Megyn Kelly is no sacred cow (2)
Wolf Blitzer talks with Stacia Hylton, Director of the U.S. Marshals Service about the New York prison escape.
6th floor. Daniel Boone throws a blueberry at Bob Dillon. Ray Lewis kisses Wolf Blitzer all the while.
MT Wolf Blitzer now asking Huckabee if he would revoke Cosby's medal.
Is it contemptuous to know or listen Wolf Blitzer or Peirs Morgan?
Wolf Blitzer is an *** He asks Lyle Mitchell's lawyer if Lyle is in custody. Lawyer answers no. Then asks, "but his wife is, right"?
Wolf Blitzer giving a clinic on why u should be well read as a journalist. Confusing Lyle Mitchell and Gene Palmer is not ok.
You all should do Shepard Smith vs. Wolf Blitzer!
Zeus is visiting Lake Erie. Bob Barker and James Cameron are burping. Garbage is going to see Wolf Blitzer. Pee Diddy is seducing bugs.
Ask Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, Chuck Todd & Andrea Mitchell how much they give to Israel every year.
Sad that CNN has now become Fox News. Erin Burnett & Wolf Blitzer shutdown like Geraldo Rivera trying to degrade black people :-(
“Just catching up on this. just masterfully crushes Wolf Blitzer here: // amen!
Bravo for this truth! Wolf Blitzer tried to selectively pick POTUS's words. Epic fail.
"White people love Wayne Brady because he makes Bryant Gumbel look like Malcolm X." - Wolf Blitzer
Sure I like Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer but I TRUST people like Jon Stewart and Jon Oliver and Larry Wilmore - how messed up is that?
Activist smacks down Wolf Blitzer: ‘You are suggesting broken windows are worse than broken spines’
Wolf Blitzer doesn't deserve such a cool name, make him legally change it to like, idk Merv
but according to SLATE Wolf Blitzer should go right in that crowed and report.Slate wants more Reginald Denny incidents
Wolf Blitzer keeps saying "I can't believe this is happening in a major American city." . Has he not been paying attent…
Marie Harf and Wolf Blitzer fawn over Jane Fonda at White House Correspondents Dinner . What a combination .
Marie Harf, Wolf Blitzer swoon over Jane Fonda at That statement says more than any snarky comment I might add
Wolf Blitzer brings Jane Fonda and Marie Harf, then says it does not get any better than bringing Fonda. Ouch.
Marie Harf vamping it up next to Jane Fonda and Wolf Blitzer. State of the Union is strong. No worries.
Wolf Blitzer is the Tommy Lee Jones of the White House Correspondents dinner. Every reaction shot finds him stiff, unsmiling.
On an average day, how much food do you think gets lost in a Wolf Blitzer's beard?
Wolf Blitzer talks to Brett McGurk, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Iraq & Iran.
Al Qaeda doesn't need to have its own magazine to spread propaganda when it can count on Wolf Blitzer & CNN
Tom Cotton’s Dear Muslima: Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton said it to Wolf Blitzer on CNN:…
I love Wolf Blitzer. He is an excellent and . is lucky
Oh you know chillin with bae and my boy Wolf Blitzer...
Even your homeboys Wolf Blitzer and Chris Matthews say so. And if the media says so, then it must be true!
If I tried hard enough, I can probably do anything I wanted to do... Tomorrow.
CNN's Wolf Blitzer speaks with Frederic Helbert, reporter for Paris Match, who claims he's seen cellphone video of the fatal Germanwings
Channels Tv will become a great as CNN. How I wish they be allowed to declare results as they come like Wolf Blitzer.
Senator: Iran will hang you for ...: Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton told CNN's Wolf Blitzer that Americans should...
Richard Quest and Wolf Blitzer endlessly speculating and rehashing the same story angles for days is pretty much the worst of journalism.
I prefer Scott Pelley to Charlie Rose. But I would give Rose the edge over Wolf Blitzer, who I would rank below Connie Chung.
Sam Hinkie just traded Brian Williams for David Muir and Jon Stewart's expiring contract. He even got CNN to throw in Wolf Blitzer's beard!
Pretty good people watching at all-star Saturday night - Steve Kerr, Rick Fox, Wolf Blitzer, Prince Fielder, John Starks (w security escort)
It's not just The Al Sharpton Network it's David Muir, Scott Pelley, Wolf Blitzer, John King time
Do you want to be a fraternity brother with Mark Zuckerberg, Wolf Blitzer, Gene Wilder, Art Garfunkel, Paul...
Don Lemon saw the mountain of ignorance that is Wolf Blitzer and went all George Mallory. He will out-ignorant Blitzer. Because it's there.
" Wolf Blitzer and Fareed Zakaria are almost as devastated as the sons of the King"
There is a guy on named Field Yates. Even Wolf Blitzer thinks that's a stupid name.
Wolf Blitzer keeps PESTERING Bobby Jindal about ‘no-go zones’ in Europe but Jindal WON’T back down
Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, Barbara Starr, Brooke Baldwin, etc.. CNN should get rid of these propagandists and hire some journalists.
Sen. Marco Rubio talks to CNN's Wolf Blitzer about the latest elections, a potential presidential run and Hillary Clinton.
While channel surfing, I came across CNN's Wolf Blitzer telling Brooke Baldwin that the White House has said all...
Wolf Blitzer bends over backwards to deny his heritage!
Drew Griffin on CNN is just as moronic as Don Lemon and Wolf Blitzer. Period
If the was a missing plane, would already have a hologram of it being analyzed by Wolf Blitzer. http:/…
Dr. Ben Carson, world renowned surgeon and Professor Emeritus at John Hopkins appeared on CNN's show 'Wolf Blitzer' and gives the host an education on just how the US is
As if anyone would WANT to take Wolf Blitzer. :)
so the Feeb fell for this: And lost credibility here:
Why are Jews so powerful and Muslims so powerless?? By - Dr Farrukh Saleem. There are only 14 million Jews in the world; seven million in the Americas, five million in Asia, two million in Europe and 100,000 in Africa. For every single Jew in the world there are 100 Muslims. Yet, Jews are more than a hundred times more powerful than all the Muslims put together. Ever wondered why? Jesus of Nazareth was Jewish. Albert Einstein, the most influential scientist of all time and TIME magazine's 'Person of the Century', was a Jew. Sigmund Freud - ego, superego - the father of psychoanalysis was a Jew. So were Karl Marx, Paul Samuelson and Milton Friedman. Here are a few other Jews whose intellectual output has enriched the whole of humanity: Benjamin Rubin gave humanity the vaccinating needle. Jonas Salk developed the first polio vaccine. Alert Sabin developed the improved live polio vaccine. Gertrude Elion gave us a leukemia-fighting drug. Baruch Blumberg developed the vaccination for Hepatitis B. Paul Ehrlich ...
Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP Wolf Blitzer A confidential bulletin sent by the FBI to companies across the US
Firecracker detonations going off nearby. 2015 is minutes away. Wolf Blitzer and a CNN news crew would feel right at home.
get Wolf Blitzer to do the same and then say "It's CNN policy."
Live your washed and swirled around pretending to wolf blitzer in buildings made of the universe if you?
I'd heard that but I love to hear it again. Must be tough being Wolf Blitzer's bro and trying to break news.
Dear Both you and should do your best Wolf Blitzer imitations. Vacant stare and all.
Next year do the show with Wolf Blitzer..
Cnn New Year's Eve is so unpredictable wolf blitzer could show up wearing nothing but glitter body paint who knows anything can happen
The words "Wolf Blitzer" and "glitter body paint" should never be used in the same sentence.
This CNN coverage from Havana, Cuba, is like watching Wolf Blitzer's Situation Room on a bad acid trip.
Sony hackers demand CNN 'turn over' Wolf Blitzer
Sony hackers are now threatening CNN, FBI warns - Kollman Catholic Digest -
Happy New Year's to all of you except you Wolf Blitzer I hope you have the flu
Sony hacker threat against CNN 'is a hoax'. via
After dead bodies from AirAsia Flight 8501 were found floating in the ocean, Wolf Blitzer was spotted swimming toward …
That was a good 6 hour run at the top of BI but I've been replaced by Wolf Blitzer. Thanks to for the help and to all of you.
Sony hackers are now threatening CNN, FBI warns
Are the Sony hackers planning to come after next?
hackers are now threatening demand Wolf Blitzer -...
Has CNN given Wolf Blitzer to the terrorists yet?!?!?!
Sony hackers are now threatening CNN, FBI warns ...and demand the network turn over Wolf Blitzer: submitted...
Hilarious!Sony hackers are now threatening CNN, demand Wolf Blitzer. via
Don't get Don Lemmon or Wolf Blitzer involved! The next White House Correspondents dinner will again be a disaster for CNN.
Wolf Blitzer is such a cool name. Much better than Fox Mulder.
MERRY CHRISTMAS YOUR FIRST CHRISTMAS CARD Twas the month before Christmas When all through our land, Not a Christian was praying nor taking a stand. Why the PC Police had taken away the reason for Christmas - no one could say. The children were told by their schools not to sing About Shepherds and Wise Men and Angels and things. It might hurt people's feelings, the teachers would say December 25th is just a ' Holiday'. Yet the shoppers were ready with cash, checks and credit Pushing folks down to the floor just to get it! CDs from Madonna, an XBOX, an I-Pod Something was changing, something quite odd! Retailers promoted Ramadan and Kwanzaa In hopes to sell books by Franken & Fonda. As Targets were hanging their trees upside down At Lowe's the word Christmas - was no where to be found. At K-Mart and Staples and Penny's and Sears You won't hear the word Christmas; it won't touch your ears. Inclusive, sensitive, Di-ver-is-ty Are words that were used to intimidate me. Now Daschle, Now Darden, Now Sharpton, .. ...
Yes CNN, that's a compliment in your direction. More reporting from Havana and less Wolf Blitzer please.
The PC police are at it again. Listen as Wolf Blitzer completely misses the point or refuses to acknowledge logic. If you really want to make a difference and restore this country, please sign the petition. Please visit today
Is it me or does wolf blitzer kinda look like councilman Jamm...
Wolf the Communist Blitzer is beside himself with Obama love.
Wolf Blitzer saw his shadow yesterday, which means five more months of missing plane search [Followup]: [l...
Wolf Blitzer of CNN calling change in US policy towards Cuba, "Momentous & Historic".
wolf blitzer says CUBAN CIGARS allowed back into United States BREAKING BREAKING BREAKING
Waiting on President Obama's speech. Currently watching Wolf Blitzer on CNN news 😊
Just fast forward past the Wolf Blitzer part though.
Wolf Blitzer, Meghan Trainor, and the plague of the fake paraphrase:
Thank god Wolf Blitzer is live on CNN to ask inane questions, bumble around and tell guests to "STAND BY"
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