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Wolf Blitzer

Wolf Isaac Blitzer (born March 22, 1948) is an American journalist and television news anchor who has been a CNN reporter since 1990. He is the senior anchor of all CNN programs currently in production.

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CNN does not report best facts or you would have seen me interviewed. I have emaile…
Your network colluded with the Clinton campaign & DNC…
Your network colluded with the Clinton campaign &…
This GOP senator doesn't think it's his job to say when Trump is lying
This is just important please get this to the desk of WOLF BLITZER POST HASTE
"We're sorry to interrupt John "I defended arming terrorists & drone striking civilians while at State" Kirby to sw…
Executive Director Greg Scarlatoiu on CNN's Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer tonight, addressing defection of a NK…
No wrestling results there Dave.maybe Wolf Blitze…
WOLF BLİTZER 11/20/17 Jared Kushner insists he’s got nothing to hide when it comes to Russia: via
I read this past week, Patti Solis Doyle was able to use on Wolf Blitzer saying that if you do well for our roads are going
Could u b a little nastier?? You’re twin brother wolf blitzer would b so disappointed...
I'm so sorry...when I go to dinner at my mom's...CNN is on ALL the time. And it's always Wolf Blitzer...ugh...
My fellow patriots this is one of my most prized photos watching Wolf Blitzer declare Donald J Trump our…
Wolf Blitzer is the direct evolutionary ancestor of the modern day Dog Blitzer
This is what I took away from the Wolf Blitzer interview with Gloria Allred:. Judge Roy Moore accuser Beverl…
Donna gave Hillary 1 question. 1. And it was a very predictable q…
True. I briefly watch them now. Wolf Blitzer is more professional. The other programs all a sideshow.
Get rid of lemon a.c. tapper they are horrible they are the ones bringing down your rating along with wolf blitzer..
Was she an employee of CNN? Yes she was. CNN gave debate questions t…
CNN's Wolf Blitzer also asked Gloria Allred if the yearbook was a forgery and she refused to answer. I thi…
Have you ever seen Wolf Blitzer do this? Brian Williams?
Over to Wolf Blitzer who has Jeffrey Lord on set
How is Jesse Watters dumber than Don Lemon, Wolf Blitzer, Mika Brzezinsky, Chris Cuomo, or Brooke Baldwin?
My sources tell me that Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer have teamed up w/ Huey Lewis to create a super band "Huey Lewis…
Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert speaking yesterday on CNN with Wolf Blitzer. It isn't just Ameri…
Google Wolf Blitzer on Jeopardy if you want to see some stupidity.they truly are a bunch of ***
To stop the establishment media's free fall the deep state has to kill a Wolf Blitzer type t...
A solid performance they should go on Jeopardy NewsMakers week. An…
Wolf Blitzer asked juror HOW he thought Scott did it. Crickets.
😂 Wolf Blitzer made that phrase famous however Amy Goodman uses it too. In her defense though Democ…
Not sure, lotta soccer highlights. Future hosts from "the view" & Wolf Blitzer soon
How about he debates any scientist he disagrees with? Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Wolf Bli…
Now Wolf Blitzer takes sides with N Korea on their claims that Otto was never tortured by Kim nut! Wolf is such a patriot!
And everyone at CNN too. Wolf Blitzer is rich
Hey Wolf Blitzer, do you want to play Fart On The Wheel? Shahrukh Khan wins. I let you win. Prize: chicory-based cornmeal
Lo dice Wolf Blitzer, no yo:"Has the President treated PR , the same way he treated Texas or Florida?" TODOS sus invitados responden q NO!
That time you turn on the news and realize your brand new glasses are the same as Wolf Blitzer. 👀😎😂
Someone on Wolf Blitzer said, " if you get a bottle of wine and drink it, you don't pay for just one glass."
Must Wolf Blitzer & other MSM bring up the Sec Clinton every single time something happens with Trump? She carried out Obama's agenda
Wolf Blitzer great interview with Jim Hines excellent made some really good point regarding Russian Interference
Wolf Blitzer asking a Dem congressman about TrumpCo's use of private email AND dismissing the importance of the story at the same time.
Wolf Blitzer stop acting like Sec Clinton did anything different then her predecessors. Fact she used a private server vs a public server
This guy Wolf Blitzer just can't stop trying to force-feed the comments he wants to hear from his interview guests. It's terrible journalism
Wolf Blitzer "If they don't get this ... I mean, these people are going to die". Puerto Rican Congresswoman "Wolf, people are dying already"
Wolf Blitzer sounds like the name of a boss on Mega Man.
Hi Reba. Mail from Czechoslovakia. Dear Pee, Last month I went to Italy and passed gas. It was meowing. Go away, Wolf Blitzer.
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My professor said "Breaking News: Wolf Blitzer just had lunch" 💀💀
Jennifer Lopez and James Monroe have carpal tunnel. Michael Crabtree and Wolf Blitzer have cavities.
Hi, my name's Wolf Blitzer but you can just call me ***
Not sure what's worse , the election rigging or people thinking and Wolf Blitzer are respected
CNN Wolf Blitzer With DR Sanja Gupta on the State of Puerto Rico's Hospitals: via
The interview of Wolf Blitzer of Retired Lt. Gen. Russel Honore' Commander of hurricane Katrina was AWESOME
Wolf Blitzer: Have you seen evidence Jared Kushner provided the info to Russia?. Blumenthal: I can't talk about the evid…
"Next on CNN, Wolf Blitzer asks Spike Lee what black people would do if China monopolized the market on grape soda and ja…
But you look at Ohio and our country, Lester. HOLT: Back to get them have to be almost can't bring up on Wolf Blitzer saying
I don't see Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, Dana Bash or Gloria Borger standing in the rain waiting for the hurricane to hit.
i think we going to see a CNN meltdown tonight similar to Fox News in 2012 like Karl Rove . Wolf Blitzer is going to breakd…
Maybe CNN should follow ESPN's lead & remove Wolf Blitzer for resembling Confederate General Robert E. Lee like they did that…
Wolf Blitzer is quite delusional. Terrorists have been using vehicular attacks for sometime. Liberals are all about a False…
Flashback: when Donald Trump obliterated Wolf Blitzer and Megyn Kelly in one fell swoop. h…
Commentator Wolf Blitzer of CNN claimed that the attack in Barcelona may be a "mock-up" to a terrorist attack in Sc…
UNBELIEVABLE CNN's Wolf Blitzer raises prospect that Barcelona van attack could be copycat of https:/…
Wolf Blitzer makes the most bizarre comparison to the Barcelona attack
Wolf Blitzer Slated To Play Dual Lead Roles In "Dumb and Dumber" Reboot. Because it takes two people to be that stupid.
Former CIA director slams Trump's comments in letter to CNN anchor
CNN's Wolf Blitzer says Barcelona is like a 'Copycat' of Charlottesville: via
And just when I think cnn couldn't get any dumber there is wolf blitzer. I think wolf is a "copycat" of Hitler.
Well, Wolf Blitzer suggested it might have been a "Charlottesville copycat" attack - dumb enough for you?
Nope. It's Trump's fault. and Wolf Blitzer said so.
I speculate that wolf blitzer is an ***
CNN's Wolf Blitzer once again proves he's a complete fraud who bows to Islam and implies attack was a Charlo…
Lol Wolf Blitzer posed that this was a copycat of the Virginia attack. Instead…
Wolf Blitzer is out to lunch and is an ANTIFA supporter!
Will wolf blitzer issue a public apology for his copycat comment ? . Won't make any difference but I think he HAS to
Wolf Blitzer's head is so far up his *** he needs a windshield wiper for the plexi-glas window just installed in h…
broadcast by CNN HITS NEW LOW: Wolf Blitzer actually said that the Isla...
He may be right. After all, no attack of this kind happened before Charlottesville, did it?. Oh, wait... 🤔
CNN's Wolf Blitzer Portrays Barcelona Attack as 'Copycat' of Charlottesville // CNN is fake news, in case you haven't…
CNN's Wolf Blitzer suggests Barcelona attack is "copycat" of Charlottesville
Congrats . You just disrespected every victim of Islamic terror to push a bs political narrative. Classy. htt…
+Wolf Blitzer made a very bizarre comparison to the Barcelona attack, and got torc...…
Yes, I bet the Jihadis in Spain watch U.S. news for ideas on murder. CNN's Wolf Blitzer must be freebasing! Right out of it!!
Disgusting! CNN's Wolf Blitzer raises prospect Barcelona van attack is 'copycat' of Charlottesville
👉DISGUSTING Wolf Blitzer suggests the Barcelona terror attack is a copycat of Charlottesville. .
Liz McDonald just rpd: Wolf Blitzer said Spain copy of C-ville. How desperate are u to get rid of our President. What an *** 😱
Carr caller"So they hate Robert E Lee in Spain, also?. "Wolf Blitzer asks if Barcelona is a copycat attack of Charlottesville"
CNN's Jim La costa & Wolf Blitzer are doing such a terrible job. They need to quit telling Americans what to think. They are disgusting
Listening to John Brennan &James Clapper talking to Wolf Blitzer was an eye opener. They are working agai…
I've cited Wolf Blitzer and WaPo Ed Rogers, go and call them "agents of Gremlin" because…
Richard Belzer does the fusion dance with Wolf Blitzer.
CNN conservative pundit Ana Navarro did not mince words Thursday when Wolf Blitzer asked for her thoughts on...
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Dude, Wolf Blitzer, Daniel Patrick Merica, David Chalian, Don Lemon, Brian Stelter and Erick Erickson all just actually got doxed. was me. Want my address? Please don't send over anyone intimidating like Anderson Cooper or Wolf Blitzer.
Trump activist Jack Posobiec published the personal information of CNN anchors like Wolf Blitzer, Daniel Patrick...
Me: Wolf Blitzer's Jewish? Who knew? H: You will never make it in Trump's America. (Same response when I said, Ed Asner's Jewish? Who knew?)
Reporters Committee is nothing more than a liberal joke. Steering committee includes Wolf Blitzer, & Andrea…
Josh Harris and Wolf Blitzer only care about the money from the Prudential Center and do not care about the Devils. I resign. -Ray Shero 2/2
Nancy Pelosi, Rachel Maddow, Wolf Blitzer, Fareed Zakaria only people who believe it's fair and balanced.
Who's promoting violence? --> Ahead of NBC profile, Alex Jones talks about bullets in Wolf Blitzer's head
Nothing to see here. Just Alex Jones threatening Wolf Blitzer's life. Carry on,
If these *** think Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon & Wolf Blitzer are ISIS, they need to be sent to Mosul STAT! These signs say… kindergarteners performing 'YMCA' to sea cadets singing "In The Navy" and I feel like Wolf Blitzer confronted with Ron Paul's blimp.
Wolf Blitzer: So, if the President cracks my head open and feasts on the tasty pink goo within, it’s legal?. Paul Ryan: Yes…
Why am I supposed to believe Charlie Rose, Wolf Blitzer, Scott Pelley and Anderson Cooper are important.
Wolf Blitzer asks Dianne Feinstein if there's evidence of collusion between Trump campaign & Russia. Her answer:
+ this:. Wolf Blitzer: Did you read the health care bill?. Chris Collins: "I will fully admit, Wolf, I did not."
Little Giant Ladders
The PoliTicker: Election results for garbage man of Foot Odor: Tyler Perry def. Wolf Blitzer, 37-32
Scottie Nell Semler Hughes earlier speaking to Wolf Blitzer about Trump and…
Mo Brooks R-Ala on CNN with Wolf Blitzer talking about debt & US path 2 insolvency at a time when Trump wants 2 cut taxes on the rich. What?
CNN's Wolf Blitzer has just determined that Michael Flynn "was no Colin Powell or Brent Scowcroft" Just FYI.
Wolf Blitzer is 2 Mossad what Anderson Cooper is 2 CIA : an…
Rep. Ted Yoho (R) is talking about the flaws in Obama's Syria "strategery" with Wolf Blitzer. What is it with these guys and that word?
Wolf Blitzer grills Sean Spicer on Holocaust: Did you "not know" Nazis used gas chambers? https…
Wolf Blitzer made his name on the very first Gulf War.
Did I hear Wolf Blitzer right? The FBI declared Michael Flynn a foreign agent for Turkey?! That can't be right, can it?
Wolf Blitzer answers intense questions about fake stories generated generated by Obama-Ben Rhodes and Valarie Jarre…
Diane Sawyer, Wolf Blitzer , shame on you for colliding with Hillary Clinton.
He is looking for some sheep for Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Copper to fuk as they no longer report the news on the clinton news network
"I'm Wolf Blitzer, and I'm going to phone it in right now." WOW, YOU CAN'T TELL!
wont happen ever. Conservatives will lynch wolf blitzer before they ever turn on Trump
Going to see nice stories about him is that too much to ask Wolf Blitzer while on stage at the end of 2016.
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- well put, I am surprised WaPo and Wolf Blitzer didn't say a gun-loving Christian white male Tea Partier on vacation did this.
I read this in a Wolf Blitzer voice, and it made it 10x worse
Mario Kart racers just zipped by. No Wolf Blitzer this time.
.The Left loves to use corrupt journalists like Wolf Blitzer to RIG debates. Yet Democrats support it /facepalm
I’m pretty sure Wolf Blitzer just rode by me on a bicycle in Tokyo.
Same here. I'd rather embrace the healing power of the arts than give Wolf Blitzer and Don Lemon a minute of my precious time.
Remember her groveling to Rahm about her mom's sculpture lol
Are you kidding? ;) Wolf Blitzer would have a field day! ;-D
Wolf Blitzer's nervousness during this broadcast is, shall we say, circumstantial evidence of media bias.
. Lol i know! Did you ever see the one where he told wolf Blitzer is show real went downhill? I'm gonna find it.
I know but it's OK it's your job. It's kinda like watching or Wolf Blitzer on 🤡
Sit down with Wolf Blitzer. We get that channel
Why don't you turn off Lying Wolf Blitzer?
Wolf Blitzer should regret everything he has ever said.
too late, he already sold them to get an inch closer to Wolf Blitzer
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Wow.. you should be on CNN, could take Wolf Blitzer's job
There's a huge sign in my local LA Fitness. Its got Jim sciutto & wolf Blitzer looking like Pinocchio, its hilarious & fitting
CNN is really out of control, their campaign against Trump and truth is led by Wolf Blitzer and obviously sanctioned by…
Vedic prediction on '16 election (& Hillary 'Ides of October') more insightful than Wolf Blitzer -
Or Wolf Blitzer, Brian Williams, Anderson Cooper, Dan Rather… All who are more qualified than Bannon.
Wolf Blitzer, the rest, etc. Should be Fired. Analogous to the Chef Poisoning the Food. Zucker, Chiefs Condone Frau…
Ummm, we go to war, Spicer tells us to watch our mouths and Wolf Blitzer tell us to fall in line?
I did hear the hijacking cyber spoofed with resume sending. Wolf Blitzer reported on that in 2003.
CNN and wolf blitzer are beyond a joke now especially inciting assassination attempts
So the would have celebrated Wolf Blitzer in the NSC vs. Intelligence and Military for Obama.
Reminder that Wolf Blitzer helped Hillary cheat in the debates and still hasn't been fired
CNN sponsors asassinations. Wolf Blitzer should be arrested for inciting an assassination on the POTUS! Ins…
Imagine Obama removes Military/Intelligence from National Security in favor of Wolf Blitzer. The GOP would go crazy.
apparently you've never seen Don Lemon or Wolf Blitzer
because of people like GEORGE SOROS and WOLF BLITZER who control the press!
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Wikileaks new 8,263 emails shows DNC helped CNN anchors for interviews
My sentiments exactly & they can go live with the Celebtards, & stay with Wolf Blitzer.
--->proves, once again, that he is a paid Dem shill.
. Shocker. WOLF BLITZER thinks this story is obvious.
Wolf Blitzer: We interrupt this meme to you
I'm a season ticket holder to the Washington Wizards, and I love going...
It is 8.59 CST and you are still stuck in 'The Eighties.' Where is Wolf "Right Now" Blitzer?
The bad news is Wolf Blitzer will tell us to rally 'round Trump after his goons start their war.
. He must have never watched Wolf Blitzer.
Stupidity. What do you call it when CNN Wolf Blitzer goes on about assassinating Trump and Pence
watch the proven corrupt members of the media like Wolf Blitzer or jake trapper either be silent or say it's bad
more worried bout weapons manufactures "revenue & jobs" than human catastrophe in No wonder itS CENSORED
'I'm sure Blitzer's mono tone head is spinning like the exorcist
People like Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer sold their souls to the devil in this case the devil is the Muslims
The mainstream media like Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer they don't understand or they don't want to understand ...
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Journalists literally don't know what to do. Wolf Blitzer has been self-destructing since election night
you're a piece of garbage satanic garbage on your way to *** you and Wolf Blitzer the Lost Jew boy
are you listening to me boy you better you're on the road to *** with Wolf Blitzer
"Here's an alternate fact, I'm Wolf Blitzer, and you're in the Situation Room" -
Max Keiser: 'Wolf Blitzer should blow his brains out live on CNN' Oops!
CNN's Wolf Blitzer says Dr. Sanjay Gupta is an "expect on the Affordable Care Act" - all 20,000+ pages
Wolf Blitzer and Van Johnson are just sour if this was Hillary that won they would never talk about this stuff
Wolf Blitzer is the worst interviewer in the history of interviews. Asks FL Senator Bill Nelson:. "Was there any...
Wolf Blitzer was looking forward to dancing and drinking champagne on Election Night like he did at the Democrat convention. Sad!
. Wolf Blitzer was jubilant after Hillary's Clinton's acceptance speech in Philadelphia.
- Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, white, white, white, - Erin Burnet white - oh hey, Don Lemon
"Wolf Blitzer" is suddenly worried about Trump's business and impropriety. . P.S. Blitzer was dead silent about Clinton Foundation
Wolf Blitzer is to Murrow as Gomer Pyle is to Sherman.
At my fitness center today one TV on the other on Wolf Blitzer one hour was nothing but anti Trump. No on at my home
Wolf Blitzer is to news what Mitch McConnel is to politics - the turd that floated to to top
breaking news: Raul Castro just announced Wolf Blitzer as the new Cuba's press Secretary
I just watched a rerun of CNN on election night. Wolf Blitzer was literally hyperventilating. He was yelling at John Ki… that the network Van Jones and Gloria Borger work for?...and Wolf Blitzer?
yeah.. Surprised he hasn't given one to Martha Raddatz, Anderson Cooper or Wolf Blitzer
Wolf Blitzer,Gloria Borger dance to Sweet Caroline at Democratic Nation...Who is dancing now Main Stream media? Wolf
Wolf Blitzer, Gloria Borger and AC tried frantically to destroy him.
That was Wolf Blitzer... Rumor has it Blitzer, Cooper and Anthony Bourdain are CIA assets
This man Juan Williams of Fox News is corrupt and crooked; just as corrupt and crooked like Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Coope…
Prediction: John King punches Wolf Blitzer before the election is called
Wolf Blitzer said "very unique." Sam Seaborn taught me that was bad.
Go Chuck! We're watching you on MSNBC. Like you better than Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer on CNN.
New Wikileaks shows that the DNC fed questions to Wolf Blitzer for his Trump interview
WikiLeaks -DNC had Wolf Blitzer debate questions prior to the debate.
Oh look, the DNC was directing which Wolf Blitzer questions should be asked of Trump. .
So much for UR internal review,Donna Brazile, now Wolf Blitzer, fire him for collusion with DNC!
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New DNC Wikileaks drop tonight - DNC coordinated w CNN on questions for Wolf Blitzer to ask Trump
Shoeless Joe has nothing on Wolf Blitzer. And the evidence is Joe never did nothing wrong. Not so with Wolfie.
Hey Cooper, does facts matter, as your Hillary shill Wolf Blitzer. Corruption Fire Wolf Blitzer
Wolf Blitzer interrogating Rudy Giuliani, who is saying he never said he got inside information from FBI. “If I did say that…
He told a Radio station that he is in contact with current FBI he told Wolf Blitzer he has NOT. Liar!!! ht…
Hey, CNN's Wolf Blitzer & Jake Tapper: Stop trying to sound like "regular guys" during the World Series. We all know you…
I thought Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper were serious journalists, their bias in this election now proves they are o…
Penetrating analysis by Wolf Blitzer and Dana Bash: Trump will either take the high road, take the low road, or do something i…
*Wolf Blitzer* Welcome to the Situation Room I'm now joined by *checks card* internet irony boy Woke Enver Hoxha 69
Psychic Miss Cleo, Dies at 53 and Don Lemon, Wolf Blitzer, Gloria Anne Borger is filling the void.
I dunno how much more I can take of Britt Hume. He's as boring as Wolf Blitzer. I think he's a closet Democrat too.
to Wolf Blitzer: Please don't interrupt Cornell Williams Brooks again just to give some stats that could have waited.
is Wolf Blitzer actually a Zach Galifianakis character? Well, we can't say "no," exactly...
Mike Pence to Wolf Blitzer "I'm really not sure why the media keeps dropping David Duke's name." Hm.
The SAME who WOULD NOT denounce as 'deplorable' just now with Wolf Blitzer.
Hamilton Collection
Wolf Blitzer: Would you call David Duke "deplorable"?. Pence: "I'm not in the name calling business..."
Wolf Blitzer brushes off moral plight of bombing kids in Yemen, demands guest consider the jobs of bomb-makers
Beware BREXIT email thru aol. These statements have not been evaluated or endorsed by Suze Orman, CNBC, CNN, FB, Wolf Blitzer
Our coverage of ArenaBowl media day begins now with Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, and Michael Smerconish
When a Hall of Fame reporter like Wolf Blitzer is clearly in HRC corner we have hit a whole new level of…
Remember that this was breaking when Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper and Chuck Todd were on the air, and they blew it off.
Barack and Hilary discussed if they should kill Osama bin Laden on Wolf Blitzer's TV show set?
Tim Tai receives his '16 Aubuchon in the company of lifetime achievement awardee Wolf Blitzer.
Wolf Blitzer: in math like, a negative times a negative makes a positive so i was thinking hillary and trump-. Anderso…
Good News! Now, will somebody get rid of Chris Mathews, Wolf Blitzer, Shawn Hannity, & that Butch Woman on MSNBC?
"No matter how Wolf Blitzer framed the question... Hillary would not stop lecturing the police."
Wolf Blitzer on always makes me think of Floyd the Barber on Andy Griffith due to his breath cadence.
Guest is Trump; Parker Posey is Melania; Bob Balaban is Wolf Blitzer; Michael McKean is Newt; Paul Michael Higgins is Corey Lewandowski;
Wolf Blitzer grills ex-State Department spokeswoman: 'Is it ever justified to lie to the Am…
keeps saying "I love you" and "One more point" Now attacking Wolf Blitzer. Where is the FOCUS?
He's the biggest embarrassment in Celebrity Jeopardy history. Who is Wolf Blitzer?
Wolf Blitzer's unusual first name is short for Wolfen. He was named after the 1981 crime-horror film, and is only 35 years old.
Pass it on: Todd Gitlin, Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, Rahm Emanuel, Janet Yellen, Bernie Sanders. What do they have common?
TFW Wolf Blitzer, of all people, announces he's joining because "what's the *** difference" and walks off set. https:…
Pamela Brown is ten times smarter than Wolf Blitzer and a thousand times more attractive.
national spokesperson said to Wolf Blitzer that is against "any" gun control...amazing even NRA supports some!
I can't wait for Trump to pull of a Reagan and win 44 states When you, Obummer, Rachel Madcow, Wolf Blitzer all cry and scream
A look back at Wolf Blitzer's infamous 'Jeopardy!' downfall - Hamilton Spectator
I'll be glad when the media grows a pair & calls these GOP *** out on their lies. Wolf Blitzer, Joke Scarborough, Chuck Fraud
Wolf Blitzer once got -$4,600 on Celebrity Jeopardy. Andy Richter mopped the floor with him. Andy Richter.
Wolf Blitzer: "And of course we all know the taco bowl refers to Cinco de Mayo, when the Alamo sank at Pearl Harbor"
Why do esteemed journalists such as Lester Holt, Chris Matthews, Joe Scarborough, Matt Lauer, and Wolf Blitzer...
Wolf Blitzer praises Prince's "Purple Haze" as right up there with The Beatles' "Eleanor Roosevelt" and The Eagles' "Hotel Arizona"
Wolf Blitzer - Yeah, I know, black guy with a guitar. I got it, I got it.
Understandable--I just confused Wolf Blitzer with Wolfman Jack. Was I entirely wrong❓
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Wolf Blitzer, interviewing Berry Gordy's son, suddenly feels much more comfortable and wants to talk Motown.
Bound to happen; didn't Prince burn his guitar? "CNN's Wolf Blitzer confuses 'Purple Rain' with 'Purple Haze'
Wolf Blitzer just said "We all remember Purple Haze"... I think he is remembering the wrong guitar playing artist. smh
CNN get Wolf Blitzer and Don Lemon off. I don't want to hear their commentary on Lemon just skipped over his guitar talents
Wolf Blitzer: Prince was a "great musician, especially on the guitar."
Wolf Blitzer should be registered as an agent of foreign power, given his decades of propagandizing for Isr…
Reminder that Wolf Blitzer is a former staffer who publicly propagandized for Apartheid Israel
Wolf blitzer is the guy fieri of cnn
.I've been annoyed with Wolf Blitzer's reporting. is just another establishment tool. Not real news
Wolf Blitzer is an *** That's not hyperbole, look at his Celebrity Jeopardy appearance.
few things are as baffling to me as Grover Norquist's decision to constantly look like he's wearing an SNL fake Wolf Blitzer beard
Wolf Blitzer did his best to twist Tulsi word's.
Thinking of writing a political/western about a soldier crossing Indian territory campaigning for office.Calling it Dances With Wolf Blitzer
"See dis right here? dis ends all debates.". - when you realize the luggage sizer is a better moderator than Wolf Blitzer.
One degree of separation from Wolf Blitzer! Yeah!!
Update your maps at Navteq
Wolf Blitzer and Anderson. Cooper CNN seem to be neutral, stay unopinionated
We don't need no stinking Wolf Blitzer. We need a Wolf-Pac.
Hey Wolf Blitzer news thanks for the follow!
Is it sexist that I call Brooke Baldwin a presstitute? I also call Wolf Blitzer a presstitute, just so everyone's clear.
I enjoy watching Wolf Blitzer. No humor and matter-of-fact presentation style.
Wolf Blitzer: "...where the Buffalo Sabres normally play hockey." . Well...maybe not "normally."
Wolf Blitzer: "Trump will be speaking in Buffalo. That's the home of the Buffalo Sabres."
PR guy and Wolf Blitzer were experiencing a failure to communicate. RNC dodging questions left and right.
Wolf Blitzer is a reptilian infiltrator. Him and his whole demon lizard network.
If Wolf is from Buffalo why isn't his name Buffalo Blitzer. And what's Trump doing there insulting Lion Ted?
Tad Devine Lying to Wolf Blitzer infering Bernie supported HillaryCare when indeed Bernie spoke out against it. Bernie is…
If Wolf Blitzer won the Pulitzer Prize he would be Pulitzer Prize Winning Wolf Blitzer, the Pulitzer Prize winner thanks for following.
Jason Sudeikis and Beck Bennett both rock the 'Blitzer' look. Hungry for the truth, hungry like the 'Wolf'.
Hey Wolf Blitzer - should apologize to the families of our brothers and sisters who died in the
Wolf Blitzer looks like he'd be a cool grandpa.
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Wolf Blitzer is not one of Santa's reindeer but because of his name he should. have to pull the sleigh!
Wolf Blitzer? Related to one of Santa's reindeer? Raised by wolves? Looks feral to me. He has that werewolf look? Never laughs. :(
Just heard kinzinger on wolf blitzer show...whose giving him so much $.obvious.Illinois...home of the payoffs.. ***
When Wolf Blitzer was born, he announced, "Happening now, breaking news: I have exited the birth canal." True story.
I bet Wolf Blitzer is a laugh riot at home.
Will the real Wolf Blitzer please stand up
I am just putting this out there as an observation. Wolf Blitzer loves Tulsi Gabbard. Congreeesss woman we haveee more to dizcuss. Gag me.
CNN debate hosted by Buffalo native Wolf Blitzer. Buffalo native Tom Perez in the audience.
Going to spend the rest of my shift today watching video of Wolf Blitzer saying “what is Julia Childs” and cackling
Fox News or CNN? I'll watch Fox. Shepard Smith or Wolf Blitzer? I'll watch Wolf!
WATCH: Cruz hits back at Wolf Blitzer for playing liberal media "gotcha" game.
CNN has to be the biggest Trump enabler. Why is Trump's interview today with Wolf Blitzer the only one to be aired twice?
I hope Max Boot and Wolf Blitzer don't walk through that Trump Sturmabteilung crowd right now. Looks dangerous.
Wolf Blitzer was doing his own Marv Albert impersonation once declared Florida for Donald Trump
Hello, I'm Wolf Blitzer. And this, is Austin's quarter-life crisis
If they were "right wingers" they would be on the news every day like Wolf Blitzer howling at the moon.
Yikes...I really hope that Wolf Blitzer and the rest of the CNN Election Center team have a "Special Set of Skills."
ugh Wolf Blitzer and Charles Gibson are in it too
After Ben Carson announced that he would not be at tonight's debate, Wolf Blitzer said "Wait, was he in the last one? I didn't notice him."
I didn't think anyone could shield Trump from getting hurt more than Wolf Blitzer, but Fox News has turned even more pro-Trump this week.
Bill O'Reilly on moderators allowing GOP candidates to go after each other in previous debate: "Wolf (Blitzer) went out for a burger."
Hopefully he won't be default guy again for the moderators when Rubio starts decimatingTrump. Wolf Blitzer: "Gov Kasich? HELP
Bill O'Reilly just said that Wolf Blitzer "went out for a burger" during the last CNN debate while the candidates attacked each other.
don't act like that *** Wolf Blitzer who was solely interested in getting candidates to fight.
You told Wolf Blitzer that the RNC had no idea what Romney would say. Liar, you and the rest of the est…
Watch: Wolf Blitzer attempts to reign in a chaotic as Trump, Cruz, and Rubio argue over each other.
Only Trump would use his phone call to Wolf Blitzer to diss his ratings
Still can't believe things have gotten so bad at Fox News that I wish CNN's Wolf Blitzer was hosting this debate.
TV Update: I'll be on CNN International tonight at 10 PM Pacific and CNN with Wolf Blitzer tomorrow morning at 10 AM Pacific.
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