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Wishing Well

A wishing well is a term from European folklore to describe wells where it was thought that any spoken wish would be granted.

Magic Kingdom

Wayne Livesay this is so true. Remember playing in grandmas yard with ya on weekends. That wishing well is still there...crazy ha?
People are asking what we want for our engagement party my answer is simple we aint having a party for prezzies but if you want to give us something heres a poem More than just kisses so far we've shared, Our home has been made with love and care, Most things we need we've already got, And in out home we can't fit a lot! A wishing well we thought would be great, (But only if you wish to participate), A gift of money is placed in the well, Then make a wish but shhh don't tell! Once we've replaced the old with the new, We can look back and say it was thanks to you! And in return for your kindness, we're sure, That one day soon you will get what you wished for. Please don't be offended at this type of request, As our day is complete having you as our guest.
This kid Bianca Arellano Sanchez is the punk I love even though I want to drop kick her into a wishing well and wish she would stop being a punk!!
Cute wishing well bird feeders with real cedar shakes on the roof and lathe-turned wooden bucket attached to the well. Available in two styles: one with stone base and the other with wood beams and stone base. $75.
Looking for a wishing well to hire for our engagement party 15th February?? Thank you xxx
Ultimate light up package *12ft x 12 ft led dancefloor *starlight backdrop *twinkly top table skirting *8 uplighters *free postbox or wishing well £499 (within 20 miles of St. Helens longer distances may occur a small fuel charge) Limited availability left for summer months now £50 deposit to secure this package x
Do you have a wedding coming up this year or next year, then take a look at our website: www.yourspecialdaywe handcraft wishing well post boxes, Mr & Mrs signs and various other items, so take a look and message me for any further information and prices, these are just two of our most popular items
Free performing at the Bracknell Sports Centre, Berkshire . October 14th 1972 . Wishing Well .
I'm not hung up on some fairy tale or dreams at the bottom of a wishing well! What I want most, are the LITTLE THINGS.
Went to the wishing well in Vegas where me and my kids threw pennies in and made wishes and I made a few again,I hope they come true.I love u kids
This weeks Monday evening training is at Porth for hill reps with Des. Meet by wishing well for 6/615. I will not be able to take it this week so Des will be there to do the session. A good turn out each week, so get that training in, all Penguins welcome.
Hand made wishing well 40 dollars if interested in Louisiana mo
We are offering a ton of items for sale, please have a look. Thanks Adirondack swing and A-frame - this swing is 48 inches wide with a 19 inch deep seat and high backs, very comfortable. this comes with the frame and heavy duty chains. Being stored inside. Very solid and in great shape. Asking $ 250.00 or best offer. The white wishing well is made with treated solid wood with a shingled roof. It stands about 7 ft tall abs has a square base of about 28 inches. the bottom is slats so water can drain and it can hold a plastic tub to plant things in. Hate to sell this but can't take it with us. Asking $200.00 or best offer Barn board bird house - never used, stored inside and asking $ 30.00 or best offer. Reclaimed wood feeders - Have 2 of this style and size. 10 inches x 12 inches. Never used. Asking $ 20.00 each
Had a nice "date night" with my man at the Wishing Well. Never been there it was awesome!
Just missed train @ Palmers Green so stepped into none other than The Wishing Well for a couple til the next one, ah the memories
22hrs!!! 2hrs away!!! DIDN'T THINKVIBWOULD MAKE IT. IF YOU BEEN UP WITH ME, OR CHECKING IN HERE AND THERE MUCH LOVE. KEEP IT and live to push the limits. Behind the Bar Can u remember me b4 the sunrise? Like Mid day to do's Am I on that bucket list? Or just a swift moment That almost never happened. When clocked in shifts end And we've had our last toast Am I that someone u wanna end your night to? To a midnight tune That only we can do? On top of linen sheets that resemble the sky, Can I send your body into flight? UR my rendevue Midnight diva Swirling around my mind like a ballerina, I just wanna be the rhythm for u to dance to. Take a chance to. Get lost in lust, And find trust inside these naked truths. Forged between the forbidden Lingo our body frames mingle out. I wanna be owned by u. Watch u Ride down mountain peeks With your valley stream, Do u have what it takes to Break down this grand canyon? Cuz I'm built like a stallion, And my love below's on a thousand. Bar tender. Youve become my favorite ...
$100. Wishing Well. Approx 59" H x 22.5" W x 23" D. Grate comes up. Painted White and distressed. Located in Center Point. Pick-up only.
Getting married need your venue dressing, have a christening/birthday coming up visit are show room in knowle/Solihull we have chair covers black/white/ivory/purple we have table runners and sashes in a huge range of different colours, pop corn machine, pukka powder machine, Jelly bean machine, candy table/cart, pick and mix stands, chocolate fountain with dips. Cake stands, a huge range of centrepieces, start light back drop, star light cake table and top table, star light grand entrance, wishing well, post box, confetti, balloons, wishing tree and so so much more visit are face book page!
Never pitch a penny in a wishing well.
Lovely Yankee candle tea light holder! Called wishing well! It is a water feature aswell but that part no longer works! Looks lovely as a feature! Tea lights included! Collection is welcome or can deliver for a small fee! Inbox me for more details! £10 or near offer!
English Translation of Hadith Anas (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: Messenger of Allah [SAWW](PBUH) said, "Help your brother, whether he is an oppressor or is oppressed". A man enquired: "O Messenger of Allah! I help him when he is oppressed, but how can I help him when he is an oppressor?'' He [SAWW](PBUH) said, "You can keep him from committing oppression. That will be your help to him". [Al-Bukhari Volume 3, Book 43, Hadith Number 624]. Lesson : as mentioned above in Surah Al-Qasas Ayat 05. “And We wished to do a favor to those who were weak (and oppressed) in the land” This Hadith contains a very comprehensive injunction to eliminate disturbance and tyranny in the Muslim society. It not only ordains helping the oppressed but also encourages people endowed with moral courage to stop the oppressor's oppression. Doing so requires great courage and boldness, but Muslims would be able to do full justice to their duty of wishing well to their fellow Muslims when they develop the moral courage . ...
Subscribe to the Official Queen Channel Here Queen + Paul Rodgers perform 'Wishing Well' live. Taken from Queen + Paul Rodgers ...
Photos of the garden at the Upwey Wishing Well Tea Rooms yesterday. Only a 20 min walk from the camp site on the foot path or 5 min drive. The food is all home made and yummy
I threw a penny in a wishing well and made a wish to meet u!!
Awww mi little Frankie just *** out with I wish we had a wishing well mam so I cud wish everyday that no one wud get poorly in world and wish everyone safe . proper sweet x
The essence of religion is wishing well for all humanity.
Had a blast with my mom at the wishing well.. got to dance..
I now have 1 glossy white painted wishing well!!! It took more effort than I was expecting that's for sure but YAY its done :)
Our family favorite restaurant to have dinner on Sundays was The Hapsburg INN on River RD. They had horses too and a wishing well ! I may have an old picture.
I'm not that same dude With the thug image from highschool Some called me Duff, others remember me by $mooth Some thought I'd never graduate I won't take this time to rub it in your face The mindset had to match the gimmick I could have been an A student if only I paid attention I loved Science & English If only I had applied myself or tried I could have been Val or Sal one of those guys which ever is for the male Graduated highschool only to make petty drug sales Trying so hard to be someone I wasn't meant to be so I failed I made my life a Living *** throwing change into the wishing well but not wishing well for change Thought I'd be gunned down or chained Wrestling with who I had became Ashamed the very name my mom gave me Entangled with issues I created My habits enslaved me Skip forward several years to when Christ Jesus saved me
If you drop a bitcoin in a wishing well, all your digital dreams will come true.
I think i lost that phone for a reason because some of yall aint worth the penny i tossed in the wishing well.
Everyday I throw a coin in a wishing well and make the same wish. I'll continue to do so until it comes true.
Steve: My mother-in-law fell down a wishing well the other day. Angie: I can’t believe it! Steve: I know! I didn’t think they really worked!
New!! Wishing Well yard art. This cute Wishing Well will be a great addition to any front porch or yard. $45.00.
This is a poem I wrote a few years ago which was inspired by today's date and distant memories! Diwrnod Santes Dwynwen Hapus to all you lovers :-) For the Love of Llanddwyn I take a path where pilgrims walked before, And think of wishes made from hearts entwined, I follow fingers pointing to the sea And touch the grasses strewn amongst the dunes They sigh and whisper “Dwynwen” Within the blue I watch the seabirds soar And on my lips a splash of ocean spray I taste the salty bitterness of loss A ruined church, a wishing well, a cross They hold the prayers of “Dwynwen” Here in a valley pilots lived to save ‘Twr Mawr’ was built to guide them on their way From out of Valley rookies learn to fly I watch them trailing letters in the sky They stir the words “Dwynwen” Then on a pillowed rock I lay my head To listen to the sounds around me now Jets, a barking dog, a laughing child As to the west I watch the setting sun But on the breeze - a curious cry ….. "Maelon, Maelon" © Carol Mead, 2010
Enjoying this new album...Wild Cub - Wishing Well
What song did you most recently get tired of due to i... — You - Keaton Henson. I fear Wishing Well by Blink 182...
One of these days I'll figure out why Paul Shaffer & the band play "Wishing Well" when Brian Williams comes on. .
When I see this pic of I think of Terence Trent D’Arby & get "Wishing Well" stuck in my head.
Kwanzaa Jam Session: Vanessa Williams jumped in with Darius McCrary as he jammed "Wishing Well" by Terence Trent D'Arby. Cornelius C. Mims - you and the band killed Friday night. Geoff Gil rolled through the set :-)
December 13th, 1931: Wayne Bennett was born in Sulphur, Oklahoma. Bennett was a guitarist originally known for his jazz-tinged blues guitar work with Bobby "Blue" Bland. He worked with Bland for a long time, and his solo on "Stormy Monday" on Bland's album Here's The Man is still considered by many guitarists to be a classic, drawing both from T-Bone Walker and jazz influences. Another standout solo on Bland's "Wishing Well" displays a compelling virtuosity in the blues idiom that would become a model for young guitarists in England such as Eric Clapton who would become part of the British Invasion of the 1960s. Bennett himself never liked to claim to be a blues player, preferring instead to be as versatile as he could be, and taking pride in being able to quote from a wide variety of popular music, including TV theme songs. In his earlier years he played a Gibson Byrdland hollow-body, but in later years he was also seen playing a custom Tom Holmes Cadillac solid-body. At one time or another Bennett had a ...
All my tears started in a wishing well..
I got bars like a prison cell, now wish me well, you wish me *** I'll leave you at the bottom of a wishing well
- now Wishing Well is all up in my head...thank you
RSD Radio is playing Maggie Bell with Jimmy Page - Wishing Well
We don't follow no crowd. They follow us. Don't follow no sound. It follows us. Don't sit in *** Look down that wishing well. Unorthodox
I'll be your wishing well, tell me what you want...
"I'll take it out of the wishing well. I'm thinkin' I have a plan. Go on with your bad self. What do you see in your self?"
I went to a wishing well, and sank to the ocean floor.
I went to a wishing well for this month ♫ Wishing Well by Blink-182 —
But there wasn't any water in the wishing well
People drop pennies down a wishing well so that a desire is equal to the cost of a thought.
If you think you a dime you should be tossed in a wishing well
Happy Halloween Katie. I did this digital painting of you next to a wishing well in a kind of Pre-Raphaelite style.
The clock struck nine,. The heart struck *** Your lips struck silence,. Despite of that wishing well...
New Gig announced in Wilton, NY at The Wishing Well on 12/6/2013
The women track and field team wishing well to the XC teams competing this weekend. Thank u for the support.
Crazy Heart, Pt. 2 (Wishing Well) by Beth King and the Hemingway Collective on Blak 'n' Deadly
A couple came upon a wishing well. The husband leaned over, made a wish and threw in a penny. The wife decided to...
I went to a wishing well that sank to the ocean floor
He Should Be, his motor runs, the best of the best,weOnly get to sit by the side,dreaming from a wishing well,HeBe passin bye.
I threw a penny in the wishing well
If I had a million dollars, id throw it to the wishing well. Just to wish for you, to be in my arms. cuz without you it's perfectly ***
Welcome child, to the wishing well. Where u ask for Heaven, and we give u *** …
My website pre-sale tickets are now released for the Midnight Wishing Well Tour. I can't wait to see you on the road:
The festival season is in full swing. A month when we all generate immense positivity by wishing well to others.
provided myself and fellow Tims with a pantomime hate figure and the odd moment of hilarity.. wishing well against
WebcomRadiobot is playing Five For Fighting - The Devil in the Wishing Well [
Getting excited for my feature "The Wishing Well" to debut tonight on and Watch at 6 pm across the province!
Should the Diana memorial fountain become a wishing well to pay for a joint Maddie/hurricane victims wind turbine?
Drake the type of *** to throw pennies in the wishing well
Thanks but that guy behind me is out out to get me. I'm hiding at the wishing well hoping he won't find me
I'll dig for water and fashion our very own wishing well Then we'll throw our coins down hoping to rid of us of this little ***
Welcome to the wishing well You ask for Heaven but we give u ***
"Want to know a secret? Promise not to tell? We are standing by a wishing well. Make a wish into the…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
If I had a wishing well for every negative thing I come across ... It would be full to the top
"I'll be your wishing well tell me wat u want"
Listen to Wishing well, harbor lights, leave a mark and rustle of the stars >>> Faves
Walk past the wishing well today and your quarter!
Its coming on, check out Wellbeing Wishing Well
Great grub at The Wishing Well, Pondwell Hill, Ryde on the Isle of Wight. I can highly recommend the 8oz burger and the Eton Mess *rubs tum*
Watch Danny, Dakota & the Wishing Well by A Silent Film and more videos on VEVO.
Like look at Alabama sitting next to Travis lol blink-182 - Wishing Well (O2 Apollo Manchester 24/07/12)
I think it's your fault that I listen to Wishing Well and have conflicting feels re: Sam/Tron, Jim Kirk, and Steve/Howard.
Procession will most likely be in Wickenburg around 1:30 p.m. We will have bottled water and umbrella's set up at the Wishing Well. Please park at the community center, restrooms opened at that location and at the Town Complex near Stone Park. 300 motorcycles are in Town to honor the fallen 19, our Kellis Draper Post 12 American Legion Post added American Flags from entrance into Town and along the route. We will continue to add information as we receive details.
I would like by start by telling you about the history of the Wishing Well preschool, it started almost 40 years ago by a group of mums to serve the local community, and it was located in the front room of a woman’s house that had a wishing well in her front garden hence the name. It was then relocated to a hut behind Upshire School, a few years later the wishing well moved to Popular Shaws in Upshire. Finally, 21 years ago our final move to King Harold. We are sad to report that on 26/6/13, King Harold Academy endorsed their right to terminate our agreement of tenancy and will not be issuing a new lease, therefore they have given the Wishing Well notice and we can confirm that our agreement end’s on 31st December 2014, thus giving us 18 months to relocate. The Wishing Well preschool will still stand strong for the families within the local community. It has come as a great shock and has saddened us that we now have to relocate. We will now be looking for new premises to relocate the Wishing Well pres ...
LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla., June 24, 2013 – For decades, Cinderella’s Wishing Well at Magic Kingdom has been the launching pad for millions of wishes. Today, it was the place where one of those wishes came true.
Garage sale is over, and I wish I could say it was a resounding success, but not! I guess the stuff we sell just doesn't work well in yard sales!
An Ode to light It's morning again, but on a night, The face teases, as I greet the sky; You've walked afar, too far to seek, Too far to walk against the breeze. I will mourn not your gentle leave, So to remember the broken piece, That I remind against my memory, Of times those lips sought my fury. Times, you had teased and pleased. Times, you'd exploded and ceased. Times, when you had lost your-self. Times, you made lose mine as well. You know not, yet my loss was gift, For the love you had spent, to lift. Once you were proud, you'd said, You'd wish my wife were the best. At times, my light too dim to shine, My world of darkness, in its prime, looks for your eyes, which I sought, Not for your shine, but a simple nod. It is time to say, a final good-bye. World ain't big enough to occupy, Love we'd held in meet of the eye, Or words of silence as passers-bye. For pride you'd had, I lurch ahead. For love you'd spent, love is bred. For gentle teases, I brazenly smile. In silence at times, walking my mile.
Well, my jokes aren't even funny anymore. To all of you that THOUGHT you were my friends, I wish all of you the best. I realize at this point who my real friends are. To those of you that have been here .and .helped me in any way you can, I thank you. You will always have my eternal gratitude. I could not have accomplished this 4.0 feat without you. No man is a mountain. I love you guys and gals. If you only knew how much. All of you that have propped me up when I was down, all of you that stayed up listening to my determined ravings, I am truly speechless in your presence. I would be amiss, if I didn't give credit where credit is due. Professor Denton Harris, until the day you passed from this world, you were not only my greatest teacher, but my best friend and mentor. I hope I can live long enough to make you proud me. To your dear sweet wife Carrie, I am and will always be in awe of you. You are my continuing inspiration. You have my deepest and most profound gratitude. Thank you for always believing . ...
The insults on the person of President Zuma 21 June 2013 The African National Congress will not enter the recently fashionable fray of trading insults in the public domain. Indeed as recently articulated by the Secretary-General of the African National Congress, Comrade Gwede Mantashe, "the ANC is convinced that the mainstay strategy of the opposition forces in all formations and structures is that of agitation for discontent. These opposition forces have nothing to offer. We must seek to avoid responding to these provocations and lies, trying to correct every individual detail or allegation" We however wish to speak to the provocations and lies that are touted daily with the intention to harm and degrade the person of President Jacob Zuma and by necessary implication the ANC and the very core of our struggle. Such is a farce that has perhaps gone unattended for too long and has morphed into a normal part of national discourse. The African National Congress is not led by a single leader as purported by wr ...
Career Path of a Graduate: June is the month where graduates leaves university and embark on another new chapter in their life to join the work force. Welcome! In short, they are on jobless status until they find employment. Perhaps what I am going to share might benefit those in this life cross road. I am going to use my career path as an example (not claiming that my career path is the best, just sharing). You don't have to agree. The Pressure after Graduation: Different people have different environment; different abilities. 1. Some fresh graduates need to finds a job really fast because their family need them to contribute to the family expenses. They go for high paying job regardless of whether they like the job or not. These type suffer during mid career when they lost motivation because they don't like their job. They stayed on because of the pay and a large majority falls under this category. I call this 'Can Food' career path (After graduation, get a job, get hitch by 30 years, have children befo ...
Cant wait for holden and missy 2 get here. ..wish dylie would come over as well
To the Pastor and people of Eastland Baptist Church: As I entered the Council Chambers and approached my seat for Friday evening's Special Meeting of the City Council, I found a new Bible at my place, with one at each of the other four Councilor's places as well. I am deeply touched by this wonderful gesture and want to thank you from the very depths of my heart for this thoughtful and meaningful gift. A Christian for over four decades, I have come to love the Bible and this new Scofield will be a welcome addition to my Bible library. I just wish there was a bigger and better way to say THANK YOU. HIS service... Patrick D. Ross City Councilor, Ward 4
Well its almost time to start the bbq steaks and chops with potatoe salad sounds good I just wish Jim was cooking I could sit and put my feet up lol later peps
There dayz u wish u had ur own world well mine z today...
Im so bored on this saturday i wish i stayed in philly alittle longer. back to delaware well i love my girlfriend she is the best. love you boo.
Thank you Lord for answering my prayer's .I have had my grandson Marcos since Thursday night. We are going to go buy new shoe's for him later today and maybe go swimming.We have been outside on the floor playing all day. He loves to play with his trucks. I wish Caleb my other grandson was here because I know they play so well together...Thanks again Lord
It seemed so right and you walked away what was i to do beg you to stay? Not in this life its not my style But you lost a good one mean while I thought u were different I thought we meshed so well But boy was i wrong that was all a fairy tale I wish you meant the things you said It could have been great But now its dead I told you how i felt and you lied to the game But little do you know i was doing the same Not really i was truthful all along You showed your true colors that were so wrong I should have known to stay away i just needed one more day... ..unknown author No this isnt me i just liked it:))) so dont be thinking crazy lol
Who hear this "Let me know now if you gonna be out all night so I don't stay up" "Don't wake me up drunk when you get back" "Well I see its already midnight and you ain't back yet. Wish you had told me you was gonna be out all night..woulda made plans" But the absolute WORST one "So you knew all week you was going out & you JUST now telling me the day of?" "Don't go crazy spending money at the bar either" "So what am I supposed to do while you're out?" "thought you said you were gonna be tired after work?" "Funny how your never tired when time to go out but when its our time you're always tired" The next day she gonna ask you what you did the night before at breakfast, lunch & dinner to see if the story change. "See I don't like you going out with that dude cause I KNOW he ain't got a girlfriend and I know how you Men are" "Why you ain't got no friends in relationships? You better not be being no *** wingman" F.F. USPA!!!
wish i had some company. Day was well wasted. so bunked.really not liking being done school. Must say this isolation is going to torment me all the way to *** and back.
2 scoops of frozen fruit, cinamon & 120g of protein, that is my lunch, Wish I wasnt raised eating Mexican food so I can feel satisfy with just the shake ;( ... Oh well !! Time to do some cardio
Acts 4:10-12 - HRB let it be known to all of you, and to all the people of Israel, that in the name of Yahshua, Messiah, the Nazarene, whom you crucified
Well me brysen and dane went down to the creek.i have never seen so many crawldads (it that is how you spell it) in my entire life) and minnows.they freaked out it was so funny. we broke the *** we made last year and watched the water pour into the other side of the creek. dani got sick so she came home and me and brysen went swimming and played in the its serious time!! English midterm online yuck... wish me luck!!
a message from Mrs. Sharon Blake Clarke Dear members, well wishes and friends Thank you for your encouragement, support and prayers during this election campaign. I truly appreciate all of the words of wisdom and advice. for me the campaign has been civil and for me has been one of the most hard fought in the Association's history. We have presented our proposals and model of representation that is revolutionary when compared to what exist as well as what is presented by contending teams. I am encouraged by the manner in which we have campaigned. We have shared what we interpreted as the needs of members, we have had surrogates endorse us at departmental and division levels and we have presented by far the most innovative package. Our team with minimal resources answered all queries, shared manifestos, developed all advertising and visual messaging. I wish to place on record my appreciation and praise for the campaign management team who all volunteered to share this exciting vision of the future of the A ...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Hmm well I'm alive another day there's something to be thankful for. Sure wish my papa was here.
Time to enjoy a Stella or five and some savoury treats , wish the football season would hurry up !
Today My Granddaughter and her Mom Brittany Wagner Are on there way to Ohio to unite with her Daddy Lance I wish the three of them all the Happiness in the world enjoy each other and take one day at a time everything will be just fine I was so Glad to Here Lance was doing well and loving it out there and I am sure My girls will to God bless keep you safe And call me later Britt
I wish I could make you see this Brightness. Don't worry. All is well. All is so Perfectly, Damnably well. I understand now, that the Boundaries between Noise and Sound are Conventions...
Heated discussions will solve nothing. One thing I have seen in India that everyone has something to say and that's exactly what we do, we keep talking and do nothing. We can't blame the government for everything that happens. Its we who elected them in the first place. Its so easy to point fingers but so hard to actually do something. Thing is, its not that hard, we just don't bother. Lets stop the blame game. It'll get us no where and we'll achieve nothing by it. Let us do our bit. Do not stand for what is wrong. Do not let yourself be corrupted. Have heart to help people who are in need. You are more than your society, caste, race or religion. BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE.
I cant believe in love any more how dare u chuck me with out a reason u the last to hurt me&u made me to hate any specie so called a lady,i thought u had a difference but u r da same as the rest any way let me just force to let the strong feeling&belief i had in u wish u well
Well we are finally home from what I can call a truly magical spectacular holiday in Florida! Thank you Jaff Titchiner for the wonderful surprise, and for the best kids I could ever wish for. It's been absolutely amazing. Only wish I was on typhoon lagoon now. :0(
Can't believe my two sisters went to see that knob ed Robbie Williams wish they could come down to see Chas and his band cause he's one hunk of a man!! And the lead singer of the support band, well don't get me started cause he's just one fine specimen!!
Religious freedom in the military is a hot topic following a controversial meeting between Pentagon officials and an anti-Christian activist seeking to remove God from the military, and now Congres...
Well I am laying here in Eric Riggs and my new apartment thinking about what to do before I go to work, I wish eric was here with me but I know he is here in sprit! By the way does anybody have a extra dresser I could have?
I know alot of you are trying to look out for me and I do appreciate that, I really do.But when your concern starts causing problems and more stress its a lil over the line.We cant help who we fall in love with and yes I love him with all my heart, yes I wish certain things had not happened but they did and all we can do is forgive and try to focus on the future...Ive learned everybody at some point is going to hurt you but its up to you to decide which ones are worth the pain.I love him enough to forgive him and I wish some of you could forgive him as well.If you are a friend and you care about me then let me make my own choices, dont text or call me everyday putting him down bc Im sick of hearing it...You can either be my friend and support my choice to be with him or you can remove yourself out of my life.
My 2 poor sons are very poorly with that tummy bug thats going around they arent a bit well, my 2 babies i feel so cruel the poor buggers are starving but cant eat on the advise of the pharmisist who gave me care of the chemist so i cant eat, not in front of them anyway i wish i cud take it away i them the poor little mites. I hate it wen my boys are ill. The *** tummy bug!!! Arrrggghhh!!!
The Lover Trees There are two trees that grow near here. They are tall, over forty feet but young by tree standards. They are about the same size though they are different kinds of trees. They lean together and some of their limbs intertwine. To my eye's they are hugging each other in an eternal embrace or, at least, for as long as they both shall live. I call them "The Lover Trees." I'm convinced that if by some mishap one were to fall the other would soon follow as neither could long stand without the other's love and support. I once told this story of The Lover Trees to my dear friend, Natalie, and now I'm sharing it with you. I have not seen Natalie in years and probably never will again but I miss her and wish her well just the same. I think of her each time I go out walking and pass The Lover Trees. Randall
I wish I had a X-ray machine, so I can look through people to see if there real or fake!
I want to wish my dad Happy Birthday may all his Birthday wishes come true!!! I hope all is well with all of you everything here is fine good luck and God-Bless
My week of freedom has officially started. Freedom is quite overrated, LOL. I would rather have him here. Oh well, i do have macy to tend to.
*** I wish schools taught how *** sex worked that way there would be safer sex in the *** community but I mean. Whatever.
today has been a day filled with different emotions but im handling it real well I must say I hurt for my mom and I love that I can still be in Arianna life and I wish I had someone to share my days with as a family but I kno that my lord will bring that in time and he will be the right one and until then I got my mommy and daddy to show me its worth the wait and let me not forget my kids make sure I don't be alone..
Thanks everyone for your well wishes! Brian and I had a wonderful anniversary! A big congratulations to my cousin Mike and his bride Antonella Ronca on your wedding day today! We love you and wish you your "happily ever after"! Xoxo
It was good to see some of my classmates today even it was a somber occasion. It was good to see El Markhamjo, Kimberly Key-Williams, Sonia Nelson, Tonya Caldwell Colen, Derrick TuFace Ross, Mario Reeves and Dwight Deshazier. I wish we had a few minutes to catch up. Love you guys!! C/O 86 RIL Maurice Brooks.
WHY When it comes to healing there are no ifs ands or buts Jesus will do what he has said, he always does Not one of his words has ever failed He knows your past; he’s read your mail What happens to you is according to your faith Problem is, some folk don’t even have a trace Faith is to agree with what God has said If you don’t do that you just as well be dead Some people think that answers come in degrees If that were so you could go to *** and freeze Health for our bodies is not a heavenly suggestion Following God means ‘SOLD OUT’ it’s not a progression We wonder why the answer has been delayed We’re told to be patient – the answers on the way All we must do is believe – there is no waiting list Sometimes we replace faith with a hope and a wish Many churchs have died there’s not much it can do Hope has vanished from the pulpit to the pew The crowds keep coming but most don’t know why Answers, for now, are put off till the sweet bye and bye We’ve taken God out of Good and 0 is le ...
Pursuing entrepreneurship during University, 8 tips to get you started When is the best time to become an entrepreneur? Should I start my business during the University or should I work for a big multinational corporate for one to two years? Should I wait till I’m stable financially and probably start my own business after my kids get married? You can find lots of debates , however the answer is that only you can decide when is the best time to start your business, you’ll pursue entrepreneurship when it feels right, when you have an idea/project/business you believe in and by then it wouldn’t matter if you’re 17 or 60 years old. Certainly, starting your own business during the University can be better than other times because it’s less risky and there’s much lower social pressure, so yes we recommend that you take a shot at entrepreneurship during the University, but most importantly we recommend that you make the best out of your time during the University, at Egypreneur we lov ...
My story Edited Part one This is edited due to content. I am an adult survivor of childhood abuse and childhood sexual abuse. I want to make it clear that neither of my parents sexually abused me. While both of them did things that were very damaging to my sisters and I also know that neither of them would have done any of those things if they had been aware of what result it had on their children. I need to make it clear that a lot of the really “bad” physical type of abuse occurred before I was 4 years old, so I did not really remember, or probably choose to remember, those things. I am going to have to avoid any descriptions due to the fact that the issues have been resolved and forgiven, and I do not wish to harm my surviving parents. It is a fact of life that we all have issues and that 90% of parental units will unwittingly repeat a lot of what their parents did, or their issues will land on their children, but usually not on purpose. I can, if you request, give you the percentages of fami ...
Thank god my shoulder is feeling better today Dr. Appointments next week to find out exactly whats wrong with it hopefully nothing to bad and im almost half way done with the police academy thank god
Frndz dis is very sad n heart breaking moment for me n my frndz n dat is one of my dearest frnd JAGGA is missing in Kedarnath's flood n he was doing his duty dere at kedarnath temple's door he was in uttranchal police he lived near my home at policeline in bly one of his has said that he was dere when d flood came at d back side of temple they both were doing dre duties but his quickly climb to the top temple n JAGGA WAS standing dere at down n je holded d gate of t temple den suddenly a big rock stone has came wid d flood n it thrown away d JAGGA n d gate as well and he was luking at him on d bottom of d temple n he said dat JAGGA drawn in d water n still d family n police party didn get his body. I wish dat GOD plz give him alive to his family he was such a nicefrnd missing him very muchh.
Well I'm making a big change in my life!! For the best i hope!! I'm on my way to Indiana I'm going to miss everybody!!! Wish me luck!!!
I don't feel like there is enough coffee in the world to get me going right now, but my exhaustion was definitely worth it. I want to give a shout out to Kevin Little-Paw McCreight, Maria Hayes and Joey Ahlm for putting on such a fantastic show last night and a thank you to everyone who showed up to it; I loved seeing all of my beautiful friends again, I've missed you all and you're awesome for coming out and supporting this fantastic group! Thanks for the musical entertainment and I hope to see you guys perform again soon.
What a beautiful day!!! Wish I didn't have to spend it at work. Oh well, time to make some money!!! :)
FB 247 -Prayers for the devastated in Uttarakhand .. May all those that have survived remain well and protected, may they be united with their loved ones soon ... and may those who have lost loved ones, be in our thoughts and in our prayers for their peace and calm ..
Oh Lawd help me! Not The Mighty Clouds of Joy, Bishop Hezekiah Walker,Ricky Dillard & Donald Lawrence, John P. Kee and New Life, and Kierra Sheard at The McDonalds Gospel Fest this year and it's free again at Ellis Park on 37th & Ellis my old neighborhood where I grew up, as my mama says, "That's my old stomping ground!" Lord how I wish I could go into my Dorothe mode and click my heals to be there to get my praise on with these people, well I don't feel too bad because last year this time me and my family went together.
Open your eyes and open your souls, for this government is no less corrupt then no other, why do you think your life is any different to them then some person over in Asia? Or Africa? For we have been blinded of the obvious, they are pulling us away from our true purpose and true potential, these news stories and tragedies are just set ups to blind you from the obvious, notice how they are attempting to disarm us as a public as they arm themselves to the teeth? It’s about a line of control, and it’s about wealth, not well being, we must live in the order of what we know what is right, not by some corrupt law system, live by your morals and be true to yourself inside, live by how you know the universe will work, and the universe will treat you well, for how shall we know who or what is in charge? God? Allah? Sentient species? It is all but a game of order, and we must bring order to the chaos in our soul, mind, and to those around us, for you must shine so bright, and be your unique self that others wi ...
All my prayers for Abdul Sattar Edhi Sahab Who has been admitted to the ICU in critical condition at the SIUT Hospital in Karachi, Kindly pray for him & wish him Good Health I salute him May the Angels be with him at all times & May he get well Soon Ameen !!!
If I had one wish today it would be that one Special girl would call me just to hang out with me . Even if we was around ten other people that would not even bother me Conversations everywhere Keeping it alive and Amusing and I can make any Conversation interesting. Well can't blame a guy for wishful thinking. Am I day dreaming will she wake me . Only time will tell.
Whats on my mind now well it is to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a young man that I love sooo Much he is turning 16 to day I remember like it was yesterday he was learning to ride a bike now comes a car, love you Isaac I hope you have a very happy birthday we are so proud of you. Love you
Thanks to all that wish me well today may God bless u exceedingly abundantly more blessings from above 1luv
The philosophy and mission of Core Fitness System is to design and market fitness equipment and programs that promote the appearance and performance of the body while maintaining and preserving its’ health and integrity “from the inside out.” The philosophy rests on the fundamental and holistic prin...
My dad amezidiwa,hii ugonjwa wa diabetes gosh!he was wek but now very sick,sijui sugar level imepanda au imeshuka,oh,
Another day at work.wish I could stay home to enjoy the rest of my time with my fiancee. *** Well hope you all have a wonderful day everyone! =)
Hi friends, hw is d season...hp there will b enof (plenty) harvest in all aspect. Wish u well in all u do.stay cool & fell in love with PEACE
Well another broken phone the joys eh!! *** you cans of pop :@ Wish I could pull 119 pound out to get a new one!!! But unlucky a haven't so no phone for a while :(
Okay so Greg Walker always calls me thirsty and y'all know something, he's absolutely correct. I am thirsty. I'm thirsty for knowledge, love, sex, companionship, a better life, dreams to come true. I'm thirsty for friendship, blessings, a better way of life(not just for self but you all as well). I'm thirsty for art, music, health, wealth, reasoning, common sense, ethics, morals and romance. I'm thirsty for honesty, truth, loyalty, being blunt, no games or BS. But most importantly I'm thirsty for 2 things: 1. A much better relationship with the most high. 2. To continue to increase such a beautiful relationship with my daughter. So as I stated Greg was absolutely right I am thirty and I'd wish he'd teach me is slayer ways ASAP! Lol
Could have such a rant on here but will save everyone the agony! Some people.. Urgh!
PLEASE READ. Here are the top five regrets of the dying, as witnessed by Ware: 1. I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me. "This was the most common regret of all. When people realise that their life is almost over and look back clearly on it, it is easy to see how many dreams have gone unfulfilled. Most people had not honoured even a half of their dreams and had to die knowing that it was due to choices they had made, or not made. Health brings a freedom very few realise, until they no longer have it." 2. I wish I hadn't worked so hard. "This came from every male patient that I nursed. They missed their children's youth and their partner's companionship. Women also spoke of this regret, but as most were from an older generation, many of the female patients had not been breadwinners. All of the men I nursed deeply regretted spending so much of their lives on the treadmill of a work existence." 3. I wish I'd had the courage to express my feelings. "Many ...
Well what to do today...wish the sun would so much to do outside...
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On my 10 minute break. We ainy bidy but we havr been makin pizzas off and on. Mostly for front counter and carryout. But anyways. I have an hour and a half before i get off work. Really pumped and excited about tonights dinner but also nervous. I really hope it goes great but wonderful mostly. I wish we dint get any interruptions tonight. I want tonight to be a night where we both wont forget. Well back to work. Love you babe. :)
A very big thank u to those who created time out of there busy sheduce to wish me well. I can't help it but to say thanks in a million fold am honored.
Well gud afternoon everybody ... here in pland chillin outside the bar waitin on these pplz .. Blah .. Wish it would stop rainin already hate this rain :(
Not feeling so well feel really tired to wish I had my energy back
As Heat fans prepare to celebrate during Monday’s championship parade, they should relish these good, ol’ days now as the success from Miami’s other sports teams have come and gone.
Wish we had more time with the girls. Every child should be so well behaved.
Gilbert O'Sullivan - Alone again naturally. I remember this song so well in the 1970s. I will make a proper note of it later. It just came to mind. I wish I'd practised the piano more. I only got to Grade 4 and failed that.
Wish my pizza, kebab and garlic bread would hurry up.bloody starving!!!
DISCLAIMER: This may be long and rambling. It might be upsetting to some of you. I'm not really sorry about that.   About an hour ago I was standing next to the street talking to my dad who was in his van in front of my house. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a figure was laying in the middle of the street about a block down. I didn't think a whole lot about it at first, I hadn't been paying attention before and he could have just tripped or whatever. A second or two passed and the man started to stand up. He walked about 3 steps before collapsing again. At that point I became concerned so I started walking that way. In the time it took me to walk down there 3 cars went by, none of them stopped, no one slowed more than they had to to go around him. Like I said he was laying in the MIDDLE of the road.   As I got a little closer I could easily see that it was a young man, maybe 25 or so. He was breathing and had a pulse, but was completely unresponsive. Within half a second he had begun having convul ...
Well wish me luck I don't get snake bit, going to check hog traps with Tom!!! As well as fishing! Does anyone want to take my place at hog hunting?
What would you do if your man of 5 years tells you he’s going to leave you if you won’t start having freakier sex with him? Would you attend to his request or would you continue doing the same ole thing?
Well after months of Paul telling me to sell cakes I now have orders coming out me ears.the phrase be careful what you wish for springs to mind
Getting your hair done usually means free therapy. Today I got that from a new hairstylist that gave the how to and what for aaand all these years I've wearing my bangs swooped to the wrong side! I've been enlightened! It's a great day!! :) Anyone want to meet me for lunch I'm free! Oh wait I have no friends here. Hence the therapy. Oh well my bangs look good anyway.
well I took Nate to put in an application for a first job a Publix today... I wish him luck. he is feeling so good about applying. Anyone know of someone that has work for a good 15 year old... ? that he can be dropped off at or walk to? came home and pulled weeds for a while hopefully we will go to Nashville Shores sometime... today or not...
Well, today's the BIG day. Jake and Alex wedding day!! I have got to say how proud I am of my son.he has raised this precious little girl, Mazely, for almost 3 years while working a full time job, coaching two sports, working a summer job and getting his Masters all at the same time! He deserves this wonderful wife that will now make his family complete.I love you Jake Ball! Through all our ups and downs and my many thoughts of putting my hands around your neck, I love you more every day!! Happy Wedding Day to my little boy!!
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41 years ago today, I was attending the last day of my first grade waiting to start my summer. i then remembered my father walking into tmy classroom to take me out of school. I was confused because I knew he worked in the city during the week so I didnt know why he was back in Carmel. Then we took the ride to Putnam County Hospital where my mother and father gave me one of the best presents I could ever ask for. My baby sister. As most brothers and sisters go we had our share of ups and downs, fun times, bad times and sometimes no times. As we've gotten older Ive realized what a special person my sister is and despite both our shortcomings she's always been there for me, I just didnt know it. I am proud to be her brother, Uncle to her boys and Godfather to her youngest son Andrew. But most of all, I'm proud of the woman she has grown into and her her family she has. I wish you all the best for a happy and healthy year to come, and hope you have at least 41 years more. Not only am I proud to be your broth ...
Well everyone. T minus 9 months and I'll be a daddy. Wish me luck.:)
Well done to everyone in Totton carnival enjoyed it wish I stay in the beer tent and listen to the bands in the rec but got work tomoz 󾌦󾌦󾌦
// I may be slapped in the head by some people for saying this..if they are reading it...but..I must get it off my chest.. Every night since the break up...I wonder if my actions were to far...instead of working things through..I jumped the barrel..I was so tired of the fighting..and not talking or attempting to work with each make things right..I was so tired..of feeling like the only one who was really trying... Seeing that your gone now..out of my life...well..not fully... But..I miss calling to talk to you...getting your text message all most every morning with a start of a rp of are favorite couples and continuing from there..(no ones business with how far we take it.) I miss calling you every night..even if I got off of work at were still awake to speak to me and see how my day was...and I was there the same for you. Looking back now..I see everyone that I have ever been with...Alex, Keith, Devin...and you...they done nothing wrong to hurt me.I got scared of something..and ju ...
I had the pleasure of visiting the Stanley Kubrick Exhibition at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) last week and I have to say it was incredible.     To those of you in L.A… if you haven’t seen it, go now before this exhibition closes. The final day is June 30th. I spent a couple of hours and wish I would have had more time. To see the breadth of Kubrick’s career laid out in set stills, costumes, production notes, cameras, lenses and a myriad of artifacts dating from his early days as a photographer for Look magazine to his very last film, “Eyes Wide Shut,”  was fascinating to say the least.    From the sheer aspect of filmmaking, it was fun to see the march of time through the changing technology Kubrick utilized. Long before the light-sensitive digital cameras of today, Kubrick made cinematic history by shooting “Barry Lyndon” by mere candlelight and natural light. The famed Mitchell BNC Camera and the super-speed Zeiss lens developed for NASA are part of the treasures to be og ...
Hi pals the has elapse well 2 me then am glad to wish u goodnight
Well...after spending 4 days either laid out in a dark room or walking about in dark sunglasses it feels good to b sat watching tv :/ I wouldn't wish a migraine on my worst enemy! They proper knock you out :( x
Getting all dolled up for Aaron Lewis tonight. I just love that man.
well i am proud of my self i used my pain to drive myself to luck for a better future i have to make myself happy before i can make the one i love happy wish i realized that a month ago should of listened to you but got what i deserved i spent all this mourning researching thing and have an appointment with admission adviser for the universal technical institute in Chicago and based on talking to him today i will be accepted no problem :) cant wait i will prove everyone wrong and be somebody and the hope of being with her in the future
Well, might as well: 5 likes and you get ABC's A-Available B-Birthday C-Crushing On D-Last Drink you had E-Easiest person to talk to F-Favorite Song G-Greatest Memory H-Hometown I-In love with J-Jealous of K-Killed someone L-Longest friendship M-Middle Name N-Number of Siblings O-One wish P-Person who called you last Q-Question you're always asked R-Reason to Smile S-Song you last sang T-Time you woke up U-Underwear color V-Violent moment you had W-Worst habit you have X-# of X-rays you've had Y-Your last kiss Z-Zodiac Sign
Wish I was at the beach instead of boring *** pa.
The day before day-off, I can ignore some restrictions which I make a rule, The time I’m supposed to go to bed for tomorrow’s sake. What sort of meal or drink I’m supposed to choose. Sitting up in the middle of the night is one of things. I make it a rule to go to bed at 10.p.m usually, but I’m good at doing my things at night because I’ve been doing so since I was teenager. I wish I could let my style change into the one: rest in the noon, and respect the moon like people living in desert especially in the summer. Halfway in my midnight activity, my buddy suggested to hung out for supper three of us: he, his wife and me. This kind of thing hardly happens. Unfortunately, I had already had my dinner, though, I have no move to decline. It hardly happens to me having supper with my friend’s girlfriend. Well, no wonder. At first stage, it make me write about that in fairly hoity-toity way like this. And secondary, I had had some promiscuous matters where girls concerns. Let’s see, it was one win ...
Doctor told me to rest... You must be joking in this house! from 8 am this morning I've been cleaning, washing and shopping just sat down :-(... I'm shattered. Time for a well deserved cider and DVD I think :-) x
Good afternoon , I thank you Lord for have giving me another day ! I'm well rested and really to spend my weekend in peace . I usually like going to the local Harley dealership and drinking a couple of cool beers out there with some friends . To whom which are usually the same guys . My daughter is visiting the Zoo in S.A. with her Mom . I'm not saying that her Mom lives at the Zoo , but anyways . I wish them the best of luck out there . I like lessoning music , girls that like bike , and slow dancing in the moon light . Which reminds me there's going to be an Awesome full moon this weekend . According to our meteorological news cast the moon is going to be the closiest ever to our earth . Wishing everyone a great weekend ,, and plenty of sun to shine their way . Never forgetting who's our Savior .in God's name . Amen
well bday weekend so da grills bout to get started,cold beer on deck,an hard liquor ready to pore up. So wit tht said thts get it done.REAL TALK
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On Amazon I just ordered... A flatiron. A commemorative Thor mug. A keychain shaped like Mjolnir (Thor's Hammer). A bottle of spray tan mist. A book about vodka. A t-shirt that says 'Hakuna Some Vodka (It Means Get Wasted).' Let it never be said I don't have a very predictable sense of identity lol
As we get the little things done for tonight, it makes u look back wow it's been 10 yrs since we've all been together. U have flash backs of the good & bad times. I'm sooo HAPPY I get to see ppl I haven't seen in 4 ever n also the ppl I seen yesterday. I will miss those ppl that couldn't come home but know we rep. The class of 2003 n we r Simply the Best !! 󾔚󾔚
Thank you all for the birthday wishes hope you all have a great day
Garage power washed out-check, grass mowed--check, stuffed jalapenios stuffed-check, steaks marinating--check, corn hole set up in the backyard--check, cold drink in hand--check. This is gonna be a good day!!!
I would like to take the time to wish a very special woman in my life i love the most well other than my own mother :) Happy 23 rd Birthday to my lovely first cousin Ashley Elisabeth! Love you sweetie
Tired as *** ! wish i could go back to bed.! but my friend want's me to go swimming cuz she is camping && wants to see me :) well hmu
Well papa your little girl is 20years old today!just wish i could hear your voice one more time too wish my Happy birthday:/but i hope and my only wish today is you come visit me in my dreams tonight!!!i love you and miss you sooo much papa♡
Well Greyson had one big puke today and like 3 small pukes. He would laugh and play in between them. He screamed for a bottle like a 1/2 hour after his last puke and ate it and went right to sleep. No fever just some congestion. Hopefully it's just allergies or drainage. Agh. Wish daddy and grandma barb and grandpa Dan good luck today since ill be at a wedding :-/ poor buddy.
Wish I was. In Monroe to see miss Velma for the last time we had so many laugh together Man imma miss her. I hope her family is doin well n I pray every thing gets better for all..# Ms.Velma live ya beautiful life with your king in HEAVEN
Well today my son starts ice hockey. Wish him luck. Totally different than playing in-line hockey that he been doing for four years.
My reflections on Ascot? 5 days of top quality racing with some eye catching winning horses. Very emotionally charged atmosphere, especially on Thursday and will never forget Lady Cecil after the win of Riposte, which brought a lump to the throat and a tear to the eye. Then the reaction of the Queen after Estimate was another great memory. Finally the reaction of most people today after a horse gave it everything to win a race and a few yards after the winning post paid the ultimate price. Memories that will last with me always. Good and bad. Cannot wait for next year.
Well I saw your post about not being happy but I still want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY David Lee Hayes
Well my night sucked I got maybe an hour of sleep. Then tossed and turned all night you not being here sux I miss you and wish you where home I love you boo!!!
Well Rocky, it was great while it lasted, but it's time for a new chapter in my life. Wish everyone the best!
I wish my job was punching rich kids in the face. Business would be booming.
Gujarati Funeral . Excellent one... A family in Gujarat was puzzled when the coffin of their dead mother (Ba) arrived from the US . It was sent by one of the daughters. The dead body was very tightly squeezed inside the coffin, with no space left in it when they opened the lid; they found a letter on top addressed to her brothers and sisters: Dear Chandrakantbhai, Arvindbhai, Neetaben and Varsha, I am sending Ba's body to you, since it was her wish that she should be cremated in the compound of our ancestral home in GUJARAT. Sorry, I could not come along as all of my paid leave is consumed. You will find inside the coffin, under Ba's body, cans of cheese, 10 packets of Tobler chocolates and 8 packets of Badam (peanuts) please divide these among all of you. On Ba's feet you will find a new pair of Reebok shoes (size 10) for Mohan. There are also 2 pairs of shoes for Radha's and Lakshmi's sons. Hope the sizes are correct. Ba is wearing 6 American T-Shirts. The large size is for Mohan.Just distribute the res ...
Really wish people in thiswould stop complaining about how hard they have it. Appreciate what you have.
Happy Birthday to our wonderful daughter Zandra Tinker Louise its your birthday on Monday but we will be away on holiday. Happy Birthday Daughter, Congratulations too, You always do so very well, In everything you choose, We wish you every happiness, And may all your dreams come true, Were so very very blessed...To have a wonderful girl like you! x
Care for the one who sharez with you, share wid the one who knowz you, know the one who MISSES you, MISS the one who have WELL WISHES for you, Wish you all the Best
RugbyRocks Edinburgh Sevens was awesome craic today! thanks for the game The PIGBARIANS RFC for a run about today, needed to stretch the legs (even in the pissing icy rain)!! so... who's hitting town?! the jack n'coke is calling!
Thanks! Another Brazilian told me he thought they were related, but doubtless that's a v subjective point. Wishing well! x
It's a lazy Saturday. Wish my baby was off work...well, until then, maybe it's nap time :D
The Empire Of "The City" (World Superstate) The 130 Years of Power Politics of the Modern Era by Edwin C. Knuth The Five Ideologies of Space and Power 1. "One World" Ideology 2. "Pan-Slavic" Ideology 3. "Asia for the Asiatics" 4. Pan-Germanism 5. Pan-American Isolationism Table of Contents Original PAGE 4 I. The Fundamental Basis of Internationalism 7 II. Geopolitics and the Background of Modern Wars 11 III. The Eastern Question 17 IV. The Concert of Europe 23 V. The European Concert Ends in the East 26 VI. The New Order of Freedom 34 VII. The New Order Ends in the East 43 VIII. The Liberals Against the Conservatives and War 50 IX. The Money Power in Power Politics 59 X. The Secret Sixth Great Power 67 XI. A Study in Power 72 XII. The Problems of The Peace 79 XIII. The Five Ideologies of Space and Power 86 XIV. Conclusion 98 Index 106 "I know of no way of judging of the future but by the past." — Patrick Henry [[4]] INTRODUCTION TO 2ND EDITION At the end of World War I, the writer, then 27 years old, wa ...
Mignolet's agent: When you play Man United, Man City, Chelsea and Arsenal every week, this is European football, so what is the problem?
It's your loss hun, it ain't no skin off my back :) go with love, you've had your chance, you let it slip through your fingers, you won't get another. So a wish you well and send you on your way with love
At age 21 in Thai culture it's customary to be a monk for 30 days. I'm with my mom and her Thai friends and they all asked why I didn't become a monk for 30 days & even my mom. I said,"Well lets see um. I JOINED THE MILITARY AT 20. What do u want me to tell the government? I gotta leave for 30 days from the Gulf War to be a monk cuz my mama told me so?" Lol I'll do it eventually just not right at this minute.
I wish Holly Willoboobie would put them away ! Not a good look x
Wishing Loz a wicked gig tonight with dave hope it goes well!!!
Well.its another lonely day without pedro. Only 2 more days to go. Wish someone would call or come visit me.
I hate air shows!! I wish they wouldn't even allow them. Praying for the people on the plane at the Dayton show today as well as their families and all who witnessed this horrific accident. It is all so very sad. :(
A FB friend posted this on my page - I wanted to share it. Van (TX) lost another youth yesterday. When you come from a small town and something like this happens it's devastating. I've tried to talk to my kids about this but sometimes the words don't hit home like they should. I'll share the status of one of the smartest women I know and she has a way with words like nobody else. Big prayers, Wyrick family. Suicide. It's a scary word, and I believe a lot of parents avoid the subject because they don't know how to handle it with their children and they don't want to put ideas into their heads. Yeah, and we know that not talking about sex keeps that subject under wraps too. Suicide affected my life before I'd ever heard the word. As a small child my grandparents kept photos of family members on a bookcase, and as children do, I asked about them. But there was one picture my grandfather never talked about. When we got to that picture, conversation ended and he would pick up his hat and walk out the door. My ...
Still hear still working Brian Wotherspoon ach it's no easy !!! Cha Ching lol
I wish to thank all of my friends/family that wish me well on my B'day, i love U all, God bless U. Amen.
Saturday market at white street was HOT! and by that I mean well attended - Roaring river bread sold out - I sold out - Thanks to Bossa Screwanova and Ron the slide player for comming out and jamming at the Ivan of the Ozarks booth with me... next week even more off the hook with more music BBQ RUB and gotcha focaccias!
Well back in the hospital. i wish thay wouldn't send you home is your not all the way better *** i think some of theses doctors are crazy .got a god sindrum...or if you not sick.can't get more.keep you have sick.always rolls in that way.doctors like the government.keep you have down.
Ok today's the day to make it jump for jump hope to see all of yall today at ewell arena to watch all the fantastic barrel racers and bull riders ride and help baby riley with his Dr bill's so come out and help donate for this 3 month old baby we would do it for halls baby if they was really sick to yall have a blessed day
Pontoon washed. But won't run. Seadoo washed but stickers are expired. Why do I bother. Lets see what else I can wash just to be busy!!
Come to me, I’ll be your wishing well with cigarettes to save you
I get more head an tail than a wishing well
I'll be your wishing well. Tell me what you want
"You're a carousel, you're a wishing well, And you light me up, when you ring my bell."
The Goonies. It's when they are at the bottom of the wishing well and Mouth is taking his wishes back.
Jumped in a wishing well. Now wish me well.
Even if they didn't have actual wishing well,invitations all referenced it. Some used it for theme gifts (kitchen etc) or unisex
Gonna go dream about glazing a fistful of quarters and throwing them into an acid bath wishing well. Goodnight.
A "wishing well" is a thing they put at showers where people give the bride-to-be little gifts anonymously. Very old school.
I have no idea what a wishing well at a bridal shower is.
just left mate I'm in wishing well if u fancy it
I also think my sister should have explained "wishing well" on the invite. I bet lots of ppl don't know what that means.
Ill be yur wishing well, tell me what yu want bby
I just used to tag Wishing Well by Love Is All.
. 1. I miss you. 2. Aliens Exist. 3. What's my age again. 4. First date. 5. Wishing Well
No names no cuz I don't like to kiss and tell, I throw it right into her water like a wishing well
So far today I've thrown a penny in a wishing well & been shat on by a seagull. Come on lottery!
you there have i got your attention. you left my dreams in the wishing well . 'attention please' - DMC feat. Pauley Perrette
I got one hand in my pocket and the other flicking a penny into the wishing well . Kelso
No brunch plans yet? Head down to the wishing well for our awesome bottomless brunch!
Wishing well, wishing star, wishing amulet. So many ways people create to make wishes.
I threw a penny n a wishing well and made a wish 2 meet u girl so thats y theres no coincidence that ur wit me girl
Stuck in this wishing well, death creeping like splinter cell.
All purpose parts banner
Aint no wishing well that can wish a *** well
Wishing Well by Lazy Bones @ - Listen to Wishing Well, Free Wishing Well, Download Free MP3's from {Lazy Bones} and other artists. is where music and people connect.
Wishing Well to Andy Murray! Get Better! Here a pic i took of him at indian wells
MAY SHOWS!!! *(Be sure to check Band and Venue pages for Event Details) *(Starting in June we are having our Monthly Events Post printed in Lifestyles Over 50 Schuylkill, Carbon & surrounding Magazine so we MUST have dates by the 25th of each month) * If you have a show to add, Feel free to post it in the "COMMENTS" of this post. * Karaoke Contest at Liam's Place, WB (Sponsored by OTR and Weekender) More details at 24th * After Hours at the Brickhouse Grill, Orwigsburg 7-10 * Open Mic at Fast Franks Place, Middleport, w/Bob McIlhenny of Modern Day Molly's 9-1 * Friendship Fire Co. Block Party, Frackville w/Hooligan 7:30 * Wellspring 2013 at Kimmels Church, Orwigsburg 6:30 w/ Talain Rayne, Wishing Well, Jesse Baker Band, Eli Perron * DJ Uranko at Oyster Bar, Shenandoah * Gas Station Disco at Hollywood Casino, Grantville 9-12 * All Age show at Tamaqua Elks w/A.D.D. 8-11 * DIG13 & Frayed Nott at Red Carpet Inn, Hanover * The Switch at the Rattler, Pittston * Big Things at Big Daddy's, Bartonsville * Funny Mo ...
YEOW! Get the song "Help Me" sung by Alison Krauss for free when you subscribe to the Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt blog, Wishing Well. I know many of you will be moved by this touching song's lyrics. (Disclosure: I am part of the content team for this blog.)
The official video for 'Ghost Town', the new single from spoken word/indie band, Wishing Well. Merch at
May 1, 2013 - Lighthouse Point, Florida.  LHP residents had a great time on Saturday April 27 while helping families in need.  The Chili Cook Off, Tennis Round Robin and Corn Hole Tournament were a success and the residents raised enough money to finish the San Jose Ulloa project in the Dominican Republic; a project the Foundation started June 2012.  San Jose Ulloa is a Batey in the DR near La Romana where 50 of the 200 families on the priority list received filters last year and now everyone in the village will have clean, safe drinking water.  The project will be implemented by "Hospital el Buen Samaritano" (Good Samaritan Hospital) who manages a Safe Water Team distribution center.  Safe Water Team has funded 5 distribution centers: Kenya, Ghana, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Honduras.  Wishing Well has teamed up with Safe Water Team in Ghana and the DR, and the organization is looking forward to implementing other projects in other countries through their partnership.  The two organization ...
I'm on the verge of releasing my new EP Wishing Well, but I need some help. Over the next 10 days I'm hoping to raise funds for duplication of the EP!
There is a blackbird in the garden doing a note-perfect rendition of Terence Trent D’arby’s Wishing Well.
I know you do Bill. But it is what the donor wanted And sure he or she is smiling up from Heaven and wishing everyone well
all is well w/u & Greg. Congrats on da show & I no bigger things will follow. Much Love & wishing the best 4 u both.
I'm so proud of u, MC! ☺ U rep the very well. Wishing u well in the industry & ur future endeavors.
Thanks, I am good, wishing the same for you as well.
I'm writing this letter an wishing you well, Mama we all go to ***
Hi Kellep, hope all is well. Wishing you a great and productive week.
Thanks for the follow. And wishing your son gets well soon.
pay ur rent only with wishing well coins that u collect OR eat meat that only u hunt and catch
Well tomorrows Monday. Time to start wishing it was Friday again. 😞
I love when I get random messages wishing me well from people I haven't heard from in a while ♥
Wishing was here, I hope he's sleeping well at least
well wishing all positive energy your way. Keep me posted. Miss u!
Well I was sitting, waiting, wishing🎶
Well you had something great, then you downgraded. Now you're wishing you never did
Sleep well, wishing sweet dreams for you.
hits the as and arrive today. Wishing well for his first year as chaperone
You're a carousel, you're a wishing well
As of right now I'm watching tv w. Dealriel ... Lowkey wishing I was somewhere else *shrugs* oh well
Well, now I feel like a *** for not wishing you a happy birthday before this. Happy birthday anyway!
"Each new idea is the flip of a coin into the wishing well of consciousness." said Chad after he nearly gave himself a - Eli
hehe well the time isnt up to me is it? ;D but when i do youll be wishing you wouldn't of said anything!(:
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
my thoughts and prayers are with you & your family. Wishing Denny well.
Id change it to pennies and find a wishing well.
I'll be your wishing well girl tell me what you want
Threw a dime in the wishing well at Magic Kingdom. Few hours later I found a dime on the sidewalk 👼
Well Im not otp but since you wishing it ig I will
Here it goes again... Wishing that, that never happened. Oh well, nothing I can do about it. Have to live with it.
It doesn’t cost a penny, but you can throw a few into a wishing well. Its started!
Wishing I could get that text but oh well ⏩⏩⏩⏩
Thank you so much! Wishing you a great week as well :)
S/o to my BESTFRIEND lol He cute ,&Need a REAL women in his life besides me ,Follow him ladies OR fall down ah wishing well lbvvs
"The best friend is the man who in wishing me well wishes it for my sake. ~ Aristotle"
Still wishing that I could have you, oh well
sleep well. Wishing you the best for tomorrow. Jic you need it.
Word spread so FAST. Lmfao mfs wishing me luck on a pregnancy lmfao mfs acting like I'm beyonce lol Geeesh well THANK YA
I'm writing this letter and wishing you well, mama we all go to ***
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Wishing you both a good night, sleep well, and nail that Monday coming.
~ Well, just think positive. Wishing you the best! ~
Well I've been sitting, waiting, wishing
Bob Mould - Wishing Well: via I think the word is.majestic. (Still miss Husker Du, btw)
Jason Spooner performs "Wishing Well" in the Bing Lounge at KINK.FM. Portland, OR
ty"gone back 2 the Wishing Well w' Neal Schon & Slash)" ♫
Is currently gathering other artists to paint with this summer for the Wishing Well of Wildlife Project Welcome : Vi Taylor , Kazezsemaka Myra Pierre, Joy Hanser , I am still hoping to hear back from Cathy Rycroft, Linda Robb, and Jay Peachy will you also join us , you can paint the Cultus Lake Coho Salmon in oil on stone ?
Last one! Terence Trent D'Arby~ Wishing Well, That's right I went there people!
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