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Wishing Well

A wishing well is a term from European folklore to describe wells where it was thought that any spoken wish would be granted.

Wishing Well is thrilled to introduce you to , our new Executive Director! htt…
yeah, I'm kinda wishing I got that $20 DLC pack too, oh well!
Wishing well for everyone around you is utter selfishness!. Cause at the end of the the day. if they're happy. You're happy
Last Night at wishing well with fam 👪 and chocolate factory 👌👌
Wishing you a wonderful Saturday as well.
Today is a great day! Wishing you well from and our friends from
Aw, well I did have sweet dreams. So thank you for wishing me those. [Grins]
Yas thank you for the bday wishes and wishing me better health well now I lost my voice but your voice helps me get well
Now you're wishing me well like you miss me.
just doesn't feel right wishing Leicester well.kind of dirty
No truer statement have I heard than this! thank you for sharing. Wishing you both well. until :)
But I am wishing that you're all good and well, that you are happy with you new friends
good well soon Jen, wishing you a speedy recovery!
Good morning everyone keep safe and well 🍃 wishing you all a day of peace and tranquility 🍃 sending miles of smiles🍃 http…
oh matthew. Don't believe everything you hear but GL at CH. How the tide turns! There was me wishing you well. Never mind
I'd love to upgrade my 85 Gates to this 98. I'd also love to get 99 Gronk. *drops a jar full of pennies in the wishing well*
🌸💜🌸 Thank you dear Sitara! Wishing you all the best and many happy moments as well...🌸💜🌸
Nabbath held up very well. Congratulations on making it this far. Wishing you well in your future endeavours.
Going for the wishing well bucket (list) and coming up in the Wild west of Ireland! :) Expect great things in... https…
may give the iwc a story on Monday so this *** wishing well match will die
I basically present stuff I support. Products in this internet site are very well worth sampling. Wishing each of u
just wishing they were releasing it in 3D as well like they do with Marvel and Pixar movies!
I know we don't know each other but I've been thinking about you and wishing you well. Hang in there.
lol.same here & wishing 4 the same warm weather.So glad 2 hear all is well. Yes, I'm blessed so all is well...4
Well eventually it has to end... Wishing for another day of the Tournament in Fresno. Had so much funn:))
I be wishing you well, I be wishing you well even though we're not..
Ladies support Hillary R. Clinton for PRESIDENT...the first woman ..history making..Obama wishing you well love
See ladies, she prolly got a wishing well for a throat
watching watford leicster and wishing we had Ingahlo and Kante in our squad. Quality players both. Would suit us well.
Dump coppers in the water like a wishing well -
Wishing a special happy birthday to my guy hope all is well deuce. Much Love 🙏🏾
Wishing you all the best for the festive season & hope Santa treats you well.
A corporate philosophy that all should employ: Doing Well x Doing Good. Wishing Reinman's Harley-Davidson in Kewane…
I thought of all fans from all over the world ...i told people were thinking of him and wishing him well from 😊
Wishing Well | Goodgame Empire Tutorials. The wishing well can bring you ...
"They're saying they wish you well. But to see you fail, they're wishing."
sending well wishes to the many great people I have met ...wishing you the best this weekend...smiles and respect sent S
My friend, Red, made a wishing well so I wished that my enemies would die.
Wishing that each day brings your renewed strength, brighter times, and a happier you. Get well soon . https:…
If you toss the right coin, into the correct wishing well. Look what you might get. "NO WOODEN NICKELS" Ha Ha Ha
Well as I head off for the early AM gymnastics competition. Wishing my boy an incredible wedding day in Las Ve…
Wishing all our Hokies a happy and safe spring break! Well earned.
Our delicious "Wishing Well" cake is back!! Made with white chocolate mousse, strawberry…
Kissing like a bandit stealing time. - Wishing Well by Terence Trent D'Arby ♫
Now playing on : Terence Trent D'arby - Wishing Well. 80's : Nothing but the best!
wishing you guys well out there and I hope to see you guys on Friday
Hey like guys listen to this bc it's dopery it's all la flames
I'm sure Richard Gere is wishing you well for the
Bar One to replace Wishing Well at 9th and Catharine via
I'm actually confused about which hashtag to use. Is it or others? Well, it has the same intention on wishing u though.
Happy Birthday Kim Taehyung (V). Wishing you another year of blessings. Hope you get well soon. Have a wonderful birthday🎁🎂.
ikr. Cant accept the fact that ikon is doing well. Well, wishing our 7 bae bae doing well. 💞💕much feels.
Well- happy birthday for this precious alien! Wishing you all the best!
Take a breath and sit a spell while reading words that make you feel so well. Wishing everyone a 'Top 10 Tuesday!'
I've been wishing this for the new year for 20 years! Still hasn't happened. Oh well. 💁🏻
Happy Birthday Alien V :) Kim Tae Hyung ~ get well soon :( wishing u good health and more blessings. iloveyou :D
On our way visiting family. Had beer. Been talking to my love. Listening to Jethro Tull in the car. All is well! Wishing you all the same. ❤
Thanks for the follow Hope you had a great Christmas! Wishing you well for 2016 🎉
Lovely! Wishing you well and happy new year wishes.
A true gentleman in all he's done over the years. Wishing him many happy years in a well earned retirement.
We're so thankful that you are well. Wishing you a day that is as special in every way as you are. Lovely birthday
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
I did, thank you, and hope you & your family did as well. Wishing you & yours a very "Happy & Healthy New Year."
In 2015 so-called Irish Republicans are wishing this Colonial *** Party well. Brit Labour enemy of Irela…
Wishing M Noonan well but did he have his own personal ? If that was me I'd still be waiting
The importance of A little boys life saved. Wishing him a speedy recovery. Well done to the officers.
You're a carousel, you're a wishing well. StayFocus NikkoNatividad
Wishing well to those who were sick or very sick over Christmas, like myself, many of my friends & family! Never had a Christmas like this!💓
Well ya, im not longer a part of GJS team. But let me wishing you a very happy Christmas & a wonderful New Year 💝💝
sad to hear the news about Martin Ling. Wishing him well in his recovery as he'll always be one of my fave ever Blues players
Do you wish you could change??? Well stop wishing and start changing! I wished for years I would…
I didn't know that it's like wishing well. I literally was like Confused when I saw a lot of coins
Everyone keeps asking me what my plans are for New Year's Eve. Well, I'll just be crying and wishing my boyfriend was in town 😊
Mama, we all go to *** I'm writting this letter and wishing you well, mama we all go to ***
4 days till the release of Wishing Well!🎉 Here's a sneak peek of the song 👀 I hope you like it! Thanks for watching! https…
Wishing all our friends and family well this holiday season! We are looking forward to 2016!
hi Melanie. Hope you are well. I wanted to personally thank you for your support on periscope. Wishing you a blessed day ❤️❤️
Thank you for you're like. Wishing you a great recovery, get well/fit soon! Greetings from Portugal.
This death threat is way too hilarious, wishing someone's death might be the death of you as well. Careful
wishing you a lot of happiness and well being. Happy birthday
GoodMorning to all of you too All's well with me Wishing the same to all of you :D
wishing him an injury now as well which I know is wrong but RM as made to get this point.
" Great to see back in the anchor's chair, looking well! Wishing you & the baby all the best, have a wonderful New Year!
It's Vicki's birthday! Please join us in wishing her well on her special day!
I'm hoping you a long last life. Well, idk what to say anymore now. I'm just wishing you all the best. May God bless you! +
"do you wanna go do karate in the garage?". Wishing you a happy break as well Step Brother.
» childhood friends. "My best friend is the man who in wishing me well wishes it for my sake." Quoting Aristotle, as »
. Hey Luke. Just wishing you the best and hope your leg is doing better. We sure do miss you. Get well soon.
Wishing a quick and full recovery. Get well soon!
Looking to speak to those affected by in Leeds - wishing everyone as well as they can be
hi roisin hope alls well X wishing you all the best for 2016 😉👍xx
She runs to the wishing well, with her pockets full of dreams!
There's hope to believe in, living off the water at the wishing well.
Cabriolet Paris and David Berkeley presents Wishing Well (Stoneface and Terminal Remix) on Euphonic
we still love this! Wishing Well by Bob Mould Alternative Rewind Radio
I need to get to Wishing Well farm animal sanctuary and/or the donkey sanctuary before the warm weather leaves!
Pinned to Wishing Well on Architect, artist, magician, Robert Harvey Oshatz is all of that and so much…
if there was a cover of Wishing Well by Hall & Oates, Rite Aid would explode.
Is it just me or does Ray ("You Are the Best Thing") LaMontagne sound like Terence Trent ("Wishing Well") Darby ??
Wishing *** to get well soon & get back to what he loves.He will miss the race in Spa & it's a shame,I so much wanted to see him race there
Sounds like you had a long night, Carlos. Consider sharing your experience with us: Wishing you well.
Any of my brother's gf that is not wishing my mother well oya disappear. Rubbish.
Well I'm just wishing she could get rid of her contract. Actually few members from other groups who got kicked
Thanks Dan! Love that quote. Wishing you a fabulous Sunday as well!
Well tomorrow will be in Charlotte and I'll be at home wishing I could go still pretty cool she'll be 45 mins away
I loved making our wishing well, wedding ready!
Stop wishing. Start doing. . Well, actions speak louder than words right?💁
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Task Time! Big Brother might well make our housemates' wishes come true...
"Push his *** In a wishing well then wish him well" - 🔥
Well, that's no fun. Wishing you a speedy recovery!
I suppose all my time would tell, if all my wishes, were wishing well
Here's wishing well to all doing Northumberland Tri with today.
Yes, definitely, wishing her well.healing thoughts
Title: Wishing well - You can view / purchase this image on my web site -
June is busting out all over. It is going to be s very hot first Sunday of the month. Wishing all well. God bless.
Tomorrow is starting of d class ! Thank u 4 at least wishing me a best luck especially im taking a degree. I do hope and pray all goes well.
Thanks for all the well-wishing today. The kid is no Spring chicken.
Well I see you standing there and your eyes are unaware. That I've been staring at them all night, wishing the brain behind them cared
Wishing our well today in the finals at the
Happy birthday to my fellow blessed Wishing you well and more birthdays to come!! :))
Wishing all June takers much success on the test and in fulfilling your dreams. Rest well before the test and stay…
Hiya Holly how are u today Hope your ok.? wishing u well.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Thank you for your wish, Cemil! Wishing the same for you a adorable Sunday as well! :) Lovely birds :)
❤❤❤ You are like an Oxygen of my life.❤❤❤ . wishing you every good wish for your well being ❤❤❤
Ian Gregson's reasons for wishing to stand for the aforementioned position. As always, this is well worth a read. -
well now, wishing I was attending your yoga class ;-) but instead probably killing time between meals. LOL
You're every line, you're every word, you're everything. You're a carousel, you're a wishing well,
∗˚೫˳hi !. how're you? hope you're well!. could you please take a second to FOLLOW me?. wishing you the best & much love˳೫˚∗. 2311
wishing you the best of hump days too Julie!! Hopefully you'll escape the storms too, we've been lucky so far as well. U know u
Wishing you a fun, successful trip to Toronto. Enjoy your well-earned shepherd's stardom!
wishing her well. And hope she feels better soon.
To all The Lord's children, am wishing you well. Happy children's day
My mother-in-law fell down a wishing well. I was amazed, I never knew they worked.
Us radio anoraks will be wishing you well. Tip: Go with your heart!
Forever wishing cramps were a good enough reason to skip class this morning and sleep. Oh well.
Shame on me: You both are on the road and me (seems to be a blockhead😉) not wishing well. Be blessed and always
excellent news John. Wishing you well.
Wishing well by Jason Reeves & Colbie Calliat is the song I've been singing all day... One of my thousands of favorites lol...
Feeling free in Wishing Well Playsuit, White, $55 + Free express shipping...
Wishing well for Michael Schumacher. Glad he's doing progress after his accident.
Out CL, wishing I held my ES buy at 2105.75, O well.
hope whatever you're nervous about goes well Jim, wishing you all the support in the world!☺
Off to another fun-filled day at work.Well, it's work, anyway. LOL! Wishing a fantastic day to all!
You're a carousel, you're a wishing well, And you light me up, when you ring my bell.
(or, well, I hope if anyone got hurt, they were terrible racists. I'm not wishing harm but I don't care if harm comes to them)
. Answer probably, because the wishing well told us so
Wishing all our young people well in this exam period. Continue to stay focused throughout your last exams, your doing amazing
GO TEAM Hope all aboard are smiling:) is watching your progress & wishing you well
wishing you all well while I'm away. Stay awesome, love you all 💗💗
Kind of wishing I signed up for full IB, I honestly might as well have...
Repost furks1 my lower leg wishing is and I will
Happy Birthday Wishing you well 🍰 Will we see you up against the red & blacks this weekend?
It was great meeting you and Jenna I was Jennas therapist @ Elements Hope all is well Wishing you both the best always!
Whence the vitriolic howls from an embittered people, against the gentil well-wishing for the salvation of another's soul?
I agree that it hasn't been the hottest May that I can remember. Wishing you well with your harvest!
Thanks to favs for all the lovely messages even tho you've had a tough year. So many of you still wishing me well!
Wishing I have the guts to approach you. Oh well just life heheeh
Rory Kellet (aka Ron Weasley) comes on for his 1st Team debut! Wishing him well, hope he doesn't get too sunburnt in the 9 degree heat!
Wishing well for tomorrow at on stand no47
Wishing you have a great Wednesday and all goes well today for you and the crew. 🎥🎬
SPECIAL OFFER: Wishing Well Keepsake/Luminary P/U Template - Have a go at making your own keepsake or luminary, y…
. Good morning to you as well. Please tell Bob we are wishing him the best and too get well soon. Sure do miss the big guy
they are doing incredible things! Wishing you all well on the rest of the chal…
Josep ... Com T'Estimo, Amor meu ... ! I am wishing you to be well...
President wishing Brian Campfield well after delivering his final conference address (Brian is retiring in Jan)
Good morning! Wishing you all a most wonderful day. Mine has already begun well, my bonus this 2 week period is...
Thank you for raising awareness I too was diagnosed in 2013 but had episode several years earlier wishing you well Carla ..
"Whats that Lassie? Little Timmy fell down the old wishing well and you're too fabulous to care?!"
I hate wishing death on people but oh well.
well done to Mr Jones for completing the Slateman triathlon this weekend. Parents wishing to sponsor Mr Jones a…
signed & RT'd wishing you well.This has to stop!!!
I am supporting everyone and wishing them well, but I still hope you get the win. : )
"I'm wishing you well with all the success in the world and all the help cause you gon need some help, just know that I'll see you in ***
Hey Jared heard you not feeling well. We're all really hoping you feel better soon. Wishing you well.
ok but consider this you tiny breadloaf: wishing well's bass guitAr PaRT oH MY GOSH
Wishing you a speedy recovery. Hope all is well and you are back racing soon.
Wishing you the very best and hope all goes well !
Forever wishing I had a good relationship with my family, oh well
Wishing you a super special day, well, as much as it can be in a car!! 22 looks great on you,…
seeing you both releasing something together reminds me that this earth is properly small and well made! Wishing you the best:)
Looks like I won't get to watch tonight... Well it is a summer in the south. wishing you all the luck. 💞
Well that's Pride season about to start this weekend. Wishing everyone going to Birmingham Pride all the very...
Breast Cancer Awareness
Edits going to plan. Is there a better feeling? Wishing it for you and you and you as well!
This Fics Recs list is a bottomless pit. A wishing well too... there's everything a fangirl's heart might need and desire.
Well past the point of wishing all my stuff had been lost in a freak matter transporter accident; now…
Far away, but really thinking about them and wishing well
Here is a funny today for U Remember the naughty Wishing Well I think might
congrats on the contract extension. Well deserved & wishing you much success as a Dolphin. Fins up!
Wa alaykums-salaam wr wbr. Alhamdilillah. Maasha Allah. I am fine by Allah's Grace. Thank you for wishing me well.
Well, YOU can actually save the very show we're wishing to help! http:…
wishing u well in your recovery Lamarcus! ;)
Wishing to get well soon! We hope that and gets better quick!
Legend B.B King in hospice at his Vegas Home.Prayers and wishing him well tonight.
Ohhh same to you ENJOY!...Wishing you a great night as well:)
Redoing a little Wishing Well Thanks Larry for building it
Wishing well on his wedding yesterday. From all the Bhoys and a speedy recovery.
Tbh dench abs n biceps and a fit tan on myself would be gr8 also tho if I'm wishing for things might as well wish for that instead xx night
Lmao well I wish you a wonderful weekend with all of your plans. Enjoy your Spurs game too tonight. Wishing you all the best.
IMHO Koreans are the most well-wishing people in North-East Asia. Lotta people helped me in any situations. In Shanghai - nobody.
Have I told you I love you? I'll be your wishing well tell me what you want.
Meadow and everyone else here at Wishing Well Sanctuary wishes you all a peaceful night.
"I've thrown my fair share of pennies in the wishing well and still caught *** but I guess that's what makes you a man"🎶
Thanks again bro wishing you much success as well!
Watching the game plan wishing the a happy birthday as well.
I'm working on my first book too. Wishing us both well!!
aww. 😝 well let her know I'm wishing the best and I can't wait to see pics of the baby! 😍
If I had a wishing well, I would have you right here
Everyone getting into a relationship and I'm just here, alone, crying, wishing I wasn't so ugly so I'm not alone, oh well, I'll sleep
good night sleep well. Wishing you Many Hollstein dreams
Forever wishing I had someone to talk to about my day or to talk to me at all really but oh well 😌😌
wishing I could watch the boxing but in work tomorrow for overtime from 12pm... oh well.. the bank holiday is mine for the taking :D
Wishing you all the best for the future. I hope everything go's well!
Huge well done to our talented cast on a successful leg of the tour! Wishing them all a lovely summer break - hope to …
Respect to wishing him well at his gig at the Lodge gonna be some nice bangers in the bag
352,999 'other' babies born around the world today. Wishing them just as well.
Remember to use when wishing the boys in blue well tomorrow!
*Looking deep into your eyes, wishing I knew what you was thinking, sitting back upright on my stool* well I couldn't have that +
Huge congratulations to the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their baby girl. I know Londoners will join me i…
Sometimes I feel like I'm in a wishing well... 😍😋❤️
It's nice to see you in my timeline Erica. Wishing you well.
looking fab in your yoga gear, even if you don't feel your best. Wishing you well!!! : )
Seniors, thank you for everything this year and wishing you well as you move on to the next chapter
WELL DONE STUART! WORLD. SNOOKER. FINALIST. Wishing you the very best of luck tomorrow.
Oh poor Jake, but at least there's a solution for you. i know we'll all be wishing you well for your op, keep us...
Well they can.. I think it's more you wishing they dont 😂
Ian, you still wishing people dead you cretin? You people all fall for him as we…
❦❥. hi harry. Sending you love. wishing you well. & all the happiness. in the world. Please consider . FOLLOWING me?. Take care❦❥x
2 of 5 stars to Aunt Dimity and the Wishing Well by Nancy Atherton
Wishing Well by Terence Trent D'Arby is in Ramada Encore. Download it now at
SUNDAY SILENCE (USA) Br/blk c 1986. Halo - Wishing Well. Winner of the 1989 Kentucky Derby and Preak
On air now:. Terence Trent D'arby - Wishing Well. Listen to Concept Radio!
We are the feature charity from Jan 16-31 at Stew Leonard's in Norwalk at the Wishing Well! Throw your change in...
Thank for the wishing, and Happy New Year to you as well.
I be wishing you well even though we not together,
AlanB rehearsing Gary Moore and Free's 'Wishing Well' on a cold December day 2014
happy new year my friend. Wishing you nothing but the best! I love you. Keep well and stay blessed! Say hi to the little man!
One day. Thousands of wishing . Hope you feel well and having a great day . Lots of love and hope you'll follow me one day
have you ever heard "Danny, Dakota and the Wishing Well" by A Silent Film? This just made me think of that, check it out!😁
Good night too sleep well...wishing you sweet. honey filled dreams...Take. care...!!!
They be countin coins but my pockets deeper than a wishing well
> get you the Wishing Star, its prettier, and completely harmless as well. I dislike collars on my cats as it is
Lol I know these people probably wishing I would turn my music down but oh well 💁
Everyone just go blow up Nat's DMs by wishing him to get well soon!
You don't feel like cooking breakfast tomorrow? Why not visit The Girls' Coffee Bar, Marburg and relax in the country. While you are there feel free to add a lock onto our memory lock wall and throw the key into our wishing well... yes wishing well unfortunately some people prefer to use it as a rubbish bin ew :/
Well I was sitting waiting wishing.
If ure wishing to meet ur k-idol in personally. Well, its not even one in a million chance. Ok. Lol
Wish you were one of the unnirs. well, keep wishing for that.
if javon couldn't get a taste you know *** well he ain't getting one & javon is 😍😍😍😍 low key wishing I did
Walking to the train station, past all the houses with lights off and curtains closed still wishing I was still in bed as well:(
Thank you!! Wishing you a happy, healthy 2015 as well!
Not feeling ever well wishing was home already this is stupid
Don't forget to put out fresh water, as well as food, for garden birds during cold weather. Please share.
Hi everyone, I'll be back again! Thanks for all your lovely and well intentioned messages wishing me to get better soon. Spe…
wishing I could sing as well as lauren😭😩
Mason always wanted me to go to a wrestling meet when he could wresting again. Well I'll be there tomorrow bud. Wishing you could be too. ❤️
They countin coins , my pockets deeper than a wishing well 😈
Practicing my guitar and wishing I could play like and already! Oh well I guess practice makes perfect 🎸🎶🎶
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Very sad to hear about Yuzu condition. I wishing him fastest recovery. Rest well buddy,but dont forget we will wait yo…
age wise no, thinking? Hmmm, well, you know how either of us would go loco and serious randomly right xD keke. /wishing hard/
thanks! Means a lot that. Much obliged. And to you as well. Wishing you a great day and a great year ahead.
Posted on Wishing you well in 2015 in your new trading business
*watches you biting my lip wishing I was well enough for sex*
I talk to you every now and then, never felt so alone again. I stop at a wishing well. My thoughts send me on a carousel
Wishing our Kim Donghyuk a very happy birthday! Hope you will do well in the future. Fighting!
Morning wishing y'all happiness and progress for today!! All will be well, can't wait to hear of the good report
TY and wishing you the best for 2015 as well, Kem! :)
I really thought we have connected here so you can always contact me. Well, Happy New Year 2015 to you! Wishing you good and great.
Thank you. Thank you to all of the people that have sent me messages wishing me well through my surgery, the...
Thanks to all you Well Wishing MUHFUGGAZ, I had a Great Birthday!! Got A Rise Up in there too! Much Love!!
Sleep well Papa Tuan :) ... wishing you, Mark and Yugyeom to have sweet dreams ^^
so great being back in the parks today! 💗 @ Snow White's Wishing Well
"Cute girls. Wish I said hi." Oh, well I'm not cute but I be wishing you be saying more than just hi😂😭
« pouring himself a glass, and vaguely wishing it was more red and viscous. Preferably human, as well. After a »
My Japan Fam wishing me well for the new year. They visited a shrine for good luck
Night.Need rest family. My legs are bothering me.Can't think.Wishing you well. And sweet dreams of 💕
its more about class to most people. He's the only coach I know of who sends letters to his opponent's wishing them well.
I'm in Nashville..insane party downtown NYE! Wishing you & yours a wonderful New Year and hope ya'll are well!!
My advice to you would be instead of wishing for the day to go by fast, use those days to help you become well prepared for UNL
Stuck @ the bottom of a wishing well. Desperate to shout what I want, but I don’t know what that is. I know only what it isn’t
Visiting Siena Italy with Niki Gulley and Scott Williams on their Tuscany Art Trek: "Wishing Well," Siena ©201...
This is the long-awaited list of upcoming talks through Animal Rights Academy. The location is still TBA, but will be at the University of Toronto St. George campus, near St. George subway station. All talks will be on Thursday evenings from 7 to 9 p.m, roughly. The first hour is the talk, followed by a 10 minute break, then a lively discussion. Some discussions go overtime. On Sept. 28 we have a special event at Wishing Well farm sanctuary, but this schedule starts mid-October and goes to December 2014. Quiet, well-behaved nonhuman animals are welcome. Baby and Buddy are regulars (we have also had rabbits and a bird attend, and numerous other dogs). If you want to bring vegan snacks, that is welcome too, of course. All talks are free to the public. Tell your friends! AR academy is a good way to understand animal rights and veganism in more depth, and it is also a good community-building exercise, fostering the free exchange of ideas within our community, and providing a bridge to other ethically minded c ...
theres an Aussie version ofHush by Russell Morris and also an Aussie version of Free's Wishing Well by Sherbet (Highway)
Blush bridesmaids dress and formal tux for groomsmen! Wishing Well at the Prado. Stunning Great Gats
“Jackson is moving on to bigger and better things. Wishing him luck in his future endeavors!” Thanks man, preciate it!You as well
I bet if you threw quarters in a wishing well instead of pennies you will have a better chance of that wish coming tru
Exciting new chapter begins for wish them well &hope Vikas will lead them 2 new heights.Congrats -wishing u the very best
Threw a dime in a wishing well, the mistake was it should been a quarter. Yeah that's it.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
good morning lovely Jane, wishing you the most beautiful day. It's sunny and bright already. I hope your day goes well, and you
Wishing you well. salaams to my other niece. Is she still seen on these streets?
Good Morning. Long time, not seen on these streets..>> I'm well thank you; just wishing you God's grace and wisdom
A big thanks from my side, as well!! Wishing both of u a successful day and let it be full of positive emotions!
Well here I am once again wishing my room had a kitchen in it
Here's wishing our President Jacob Gegleyihlekisa Zuma a well deserved rest and speedy recovery.. Mzantsi is missing your notable presence.
Wishing the hosts of the 2014 WC a successful event!! Philip is here, well there lol
"In a Wishing well, a wishing well." ♥ "this is all that I have, this is all I can stand."
Good morning my dear friend. Hope you slept well? Wishing you a good day. Hope you get your housework done quickly & have
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