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Wisconsin Senate

The Wisconsin Senate, the powers of which are modeled after those of the U.S. Senate, is the upper house of the Wisconsin State Legislature, smaller than the Wisconsin State Assembly.

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"We're working off of the governor's budget in all areas except Wisconsin Senate leader…
"No one's a better protector of the than and Wisconsin Senate leader…
Good morning from a joint Senate/Assembly committee hearing on changing regulations on high capacity wells. Bill -->
.says he hopes to advance high capacity wells bill to Wis. Senate floor as soon as April
You have to or it will be dead on arrival in the Senate if it makes it out of the House. VOTE…
* EXTRA EXTRA, Read All About It *. Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin meets with the Russians.
Note: In Wisconsin, Hillary overperformed Russ Feingold who ran for Senate on Bernie Sanders' economic platform.
Dr. Doug Brattebo will present a Library Forum in the Pritchard Room on the 2016 U.S. Race in Wisconsin, 3/15, 4:15 pm.
Today at 10:00 am I'll be testifying on Special Session Senate Bill 2 expanding Wisconsin TAD programs. Watch live:…
Medicare is called Badgercare on Wisconsin. 51 Senate votes is ObamaCare with different funding.
is considering running for Senate to unseat career politician in Wisconsin!
Russ Feingold is a true liberal Dem who voted against NAFTA & Iraq War. He ran for Senate in Bernie-loving Wisconsin and lost.
but Wisconsin interesting -- Johnson (senate) won WI with a totally different map than Trump did. Two different stories.
Wisconsin Senate unanimously approves bill that would grant people who overdose legal immunity…
Wisconsin Senate: Baldwin’s Bid for Second Term via Inside Elections - From recalls to top-tier ...
Recently spoke w/ about '18 WI Senate Race. Reflected on the past couple decades & looking to the future: h…
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This guy also wants to run for senate seat!
Whether u live in Wisconsin or not, please consider donating to US Senate campaign. .
The is a bipartisan program that is critical for Wisconsin and our
Senate) wins in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. However, West Virginia a huge Trump state but has many ACA
Thank God we have Senator Tammy Baldwin fighting for is off riding the Train.
In this week's Larson Report, we discuss some of the provisions included in the budget. . Read it here:
Hey Brandon- any clues on who'll run in the Wisconsin Senate race next yera?
reading the book now, Clarke is smart and gutsy, should run for Wisconsin senate. Baldwin is a weakling
I will be holding budget listening sessions next week Friday and Saturday. Hope to see you there!
Sean Duffy passes on Wisconsin Senate race - Washington Examiner
Wisconsin Senate to debate bill limiting union influence
Sen. Rob Cowles being sworn in to the Wisconsin Senate
Wow - a lot of outside money being spent on Wisconsin Senate races - as Dems sense opportunity with Trump on ballot.
- The Wisconsin Republican Party holds a majority in both the Wisconsin Senate and Wisconsin State Assembly.
Daily News Bin endorses Russ Feingold over Ron Johnson in Wisconsin Senate race in 2016 via
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Wisconsin Senate leader calls for uniting behind Trump - Trump defeated rival Ted Cruz in Indiana's primary on ...
In new ad, touts that he's been everywhere (in Wisconsin), man.
That moment your friend publicly announces he's running for Wisconsin State Senate! Couldn't be more proud of you, Mandela!
Organizers in Wisconsin, Florida, Ohio, Nevada, Illinois, Maryland, Arizona and Pennsylvania have their work cut...
Feingold launches his first ad in WI race for U.S. Senate.
Russ Feingold launches first ad of 2016 Senate campaign -
Trump's huge loss in Wisconsin gives GOP lawmakers new hope that he will be defeated:
Environmental champion is out with a great new ad in his campaign for Senate:
Mandela Barnes announces run for Wisconsin State Senate. It’s about time! I’m excited for this.
Just in: Rep. Mandela Barnes says he will run for Wisconsin State Senate. He will challenge Sen. Lena Taylor in Democratic Primary.
WI's judicial elections are rife with problems. and at its finest .
Mandela Barnes announces that he is running for the state Senate seat currently held by Sen. Lena C. Taylor.…
Should've taken time to explain his 270 votes in favor of higher taxes to
Feingold launches his first ad in Wisconsin US Senate race ¤
And has 270 votes in favor of higher taxes to explain to Wisconsin. Game on.
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I can't believe it was 8 years ago today I won a write-in campaign for University of Wisconsin-Superior Senate.
Republican Senators up for re-election this November. Noteworthy: Ron Johnson Wisconsin
from Wisconsin looks like a friendly candidate for Senate. I'll support his campaign.
Goddammit! She's a snake - NOT elected by US, but APPOINTED by our *** wipe governor.
Priebus He ran for election to the Wisconsin State Senate in 2004 but lost to the Democratic incumbent, Robert Wirch
Ex-GOP Wisconsin Senate staffer says GOP lawmakers pushed law to get election advantage.
The federal tax deadline is coming. And so are tax-based attacks in Wisconsin's senate race.
not in a primary in August for senate as in Wisconsin Paul Ryan had a challenger
Have supporters in Wisconsin selected their US Senate candidate? Take back the Senate & help B…
WI Senate staffer reveals inside scoop: Voter ID laws definitely are not about ensuring fair election.
How managed to slither his way into the Senate, wasnt from overwhelming support! ht…
No coat-tails (as we saw in Wisconsin) would pretty much spell disaster in the general. No way we'd flip the Senate
Wisconsin Senate to vote on voucher school compensation plan.
Ashley from Wisconsin did a wonderful job representing Hope After Rape Conception testifying before the IN Senate...
As Wisconsin continues to spiral downward, remember owns senate, assembly, Supreme Court and governorship.
Wisconsin Senate has voted 23-9 to repeal ban on construction of new nuclear power plants in WI
New poll finds Sanders leading in Wisconsin
sandesh: lifts ban on Nuclear construction, by djysrv
EnergyCollectiv: lifts ban on Nuclear construction, by djysrv
lifts ban on Nuclear construction, by
Should repeated acts of child abuse be considered a felony? Comment your thoughts below.
.Wisconsin wants the Senate to approve a Supreme court nominee. It's your responsibility.
con't. "...a friend long after our shared work in the Senate. I appreciate Nikiya’s leadership and commitment to Wisconsin families..."
There aren’t many public polls on the Wisconsin Senate race so far, but the results that exist are unambiguous.
Wisconsin Senate Committee looking to overtake local ordinances.
Grassley defends plans to block Supreme Court nominee
.announces she will not seek reelection to Wisconsin State Senate.
So, now in Wisconsin, you can be a city mayor and in the Assembly at same time, but not a county exec and in the state Senate?
Imagine. Cruz wins Wisconsin in presidential, Johnson loses Wisconsin in Senate.
Russ Feingold's old Senate seat is ripe for the picking in SCOTUS fight: . It took Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johns...
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keeps singing same old song and not properly representing the people of Wisconsin
My bill would allow a person to walk directly across railroad tracks to hunt & fish in WI.
doesn't expect Wisconsin Senate to take up sanctuary cities bill
Dan Durbin - Wisconsin’s railroad bill AB-876 passes Assembly: Help needed to get it through the Senate so spo...
Wisconsin Assembly has approved Gov. Scott Walker's college affordability bills. They head to the Senate next:
Why did Cruz help make PP climbs SAFER in Texas NOT defunded like Wisconsin?
Very useful! Here’s a rundown of the bills coming to the Senate next month and the ones going to Gov. Walker’s desk.
There are lot of senate seats next term that were missed in 2012 (Missouri, Wisconsin etc)
Thanks Wisconsin Voters for Companion Animals for writing this up. Thanks for letting me get my statement out.
.the people of Wisconsin sent you to Senate to to do nothing. https:…
Wisconsin Senate votes to lift nuclear energy ban
Wisconsin Senate votes to lift nuclear energy ban
Wisconsin Senate confirms Yash Wadhwa as state railroad commissioner.
Today a State Senate Committee is hearing debate on a bill to create a Wisconsin Family Medical Leave Insurance...
Senate Elections Committee to hold public hearing on photo identification cards
Bernie Sanders and only Bernie Sanders. I do also support Russ Feingold for U.S. Senate in the state of Wisconsin.
Wisconsin Senate passes cuts to Planned Parenthood "Backwards we go! Women will die b/c backstreet abortions.
Like the libs who took over the Wisconsin Senate?
Senate Committee to vote Thurs on AB 554. Sign the petition to let Wisconsin lawmakers know that you oppose AB 554:
.applauds State Senate for passing bills to curb use of taxpayer dollars
New from Wisconsin Watchdog: Senate committee to hold hearing on civil asset forfeiture reform bill
Victory For Life! 2 Pro-life bills PASS in Wisconsin Senate We still need AB305 passed.
I am ashamed to be from Wisconsin today and disgusted with the state senate.
Wisconsin Senate votes to strip Planned Parenthood of $7.5 million in federal funds
Ok Wisconsin Senate...which one of you are going to propose a bill to hold these teens more accountable for all the car thefts and deaths?
Scott Walker set to strip search all arrested persons detained for 12 hours in .
University of Wisconsin students to be striped searched if arrested under Scott Walker law. .
GOOD: Wisconsin Senate votes to defund Planned Parenthood, cut $7.5 million in funding.
Wisconsin Senate to vote on civil service changes
Good job, Wisconsin. I can't believe that nobody cares. Amazing.
Senate opts to end elections board - Iowa-Illinois-Wisconsin
Should changes in election laws that lower the bar on ethics pass on a party line vote?
Wisconsin Senate opts to end elections board
Wisconsin is getting even more effed up //
Corrupt Wisconsin Republican State Senate voting at midnight on a Friday night to increase corruption with more money in cam…
Wisconsin Senate to approve bill making it easier for retired cops to carry concealed weapons
Overnight update from state capitol as Senate passes bill to dissolve
Happy Anniversary Today '12 she won senate seat of Wisconsin making her the 1st openly *** US Senator! https…
In a year when we've lost over 10,000 jobs from Wisconsin, it's disappointing that rather than job-creation the...
Via Iziah: Freedom of Speech or Freedom of cash? Two Wisconsin bills update campaign finance with decisions.
Wisconsin Senate just passed a bill to fund new arena for Bucks. This appears to assure construction & Bucks' future in …
GOP Sen. Paul Farrow says he thinks the Wisconsin Senate will head to the floor a little after 1, pass a Bucks arena bill by tonight.
3 Republicans square off in Wisconsin Senate primary
Wisconsin Senate, New Mexico House pass Right To Work, WI looks to be the 25th Right To Work State by next week!
Wisconsin Senate passes right-to-work legislation The Wisconsin State Senate on Wednesday passed…
Tom Cotton now has a lifetime Senate membership.The crazier the better.Him and the Wisconsin jerk are leading the way:-)
Wisconsin advocate pleased by Senate bill
Wisconsin Legislature Votes to Turn Back the Clock on Labor Rights via
Wisconsin advocate pleased by Senate medical marijuana bill
Wisconsin advocate pleased by Senate medical marijuana bill
32K+ ppl have joined college student Anna in protesting against the proposed budget cuts to the
But technically, the Roman senate can be held in any consecrated temple. So, ya know, stay away from Wisconsin Ave.
Senate committee passes bill that would eliminate 48-hour waiting period for handgun purchases
Over 32,000 people have signed our petition to stop Scott Walker's UW cuts. Sign today to help →
is an opportunity for us to take a stand against violence. Join me on March 14th. Sign up today
Spread the word, is 11 days away! New deadline to RSVP is March 9th. Take a stand against violence! http:…
Feingold leads Johnson by nine time to reclaim your liberal roots!
Interesting. This is being reported by two authors of the Wisconsin-based progressive blog Blogging Blue, citing...
Wisconsin's Johnson backs off a bit from Iran letter
Wisconsin Senate will hold public hearing on next Tuesday, pass it Wednesday:
Wisconsin Senate to vote this afternoon on constitutional amendment changing how state Supreme Court chief justice is selected
It's almost hunting season in Wisconsin! Our new column on how we've worked to encourage this vibrant tradition:
THOnline - Illinois U.S. Senate candidates disagree over debates
Illinois U.S. Senate candidates disagree over debates
More than 100 ballots missing in 17th Senate District primary recount:
Forcing customers to pay more for using less electricity makes no sense. We Energies plan should be rejected
in 1957 William Proxmire of won a special election to the
Missing ballots in key southwest Wisconsin State Senate race.
I'll be making several stops for office hours in the 17th SD on Aug. 28. More Details Here:
Iowa Senate panel calls unemployment judges to testify
State Senate panel calls unemployment judges to testify in probe of Iowa Workforce Development
.uses WI-sourced materials to build equipment that's exported around the world
ICYMI the Fresh Coast Water Tour continued with visits to businesses in Marinette & Sturgeon Bay
Time to end partisan gridlock. Women like Penny will do it. Wisconsin Democrats 'Women in the Senate' effort : Ct
Shh! Walker said he reduced our debt. He lied see report
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Wisconsin vote & vote Democratic for all seats in house and senate up for election to rid cronyism
Recount sought in state Senate primary; Leibham accepts defeat
Bomhack seeks recount in state Senate primary; Leibham accepts defeat in Congressional contest
Recount coming in southwest Wisconsin State Senate race.
Pat Bomhack will seek recount in state Senate primary
Bomhack seeks recount in Wisconsin Senate primary
Spring Green attorney Pat Bomhack has asked for a recount in his tight Democratic primary.
Bomhack seeks recount in Wisconsin Senate primary via
.has requested recount of his 7-vote loss to in Wis. Senate D17 Democratic primary, confirms.
Pat Bomhack has asked for a recount in the 17th Senate District in southwestern Wisconsin. He lost the Aug. 12 Democratic primary by 7 votes
.has until 5 p.m. to ask for a recount in 17th Senate District. Still no word from him on a decision.
A great article about Women in the State Senate-Wisconsin: Penny Bernard Schaber (Peace Corps Brazil) is the...
See how your candidate for Wisconsin State Senate is doing on their campaign finance stats:
Will there be sammiches? MT Wisconsin Democrats hope to make history with 'Women in the Senate' effort:
Democrats only need to win 3 seats to flip the Wisconsin Senate. A good place to start: Penny Bernard Schaber
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For those in Sawyer County, Wisconsin who would like to sign, or pick up my nomination papers for Wisconsin Senate in the 29th District and circulate for signatures there are a couple of the locations in Sawyer County. Circle Systems and B & D Restaurant both at the corners of E & K on the LCO Rez and Winton Law offices at 15842 W. Second Ave in Hayward. Also the Tribal office has some at the information table while Sandy Bird is carrying a few sheets with her for elders and others to sign. I have some at the ICC/Trading Post office building downstairs, so call me at Indian Country Communications and I will see what I can do. I know that Waldo has sent an email to other counties with attached form for printing off and in Marathon County you can pick up nominations papers, or sign them at the Wausau Labor Temple on the 300 block (actually off the 4th avenue entrance) of South 3rd Ave. We need to get at least 600 signatures in place by Sunday evening, June 1st. We are planning to get together at the Flat C ...
By Kyle Maichle, Editor of Wisconsin Election Watch,  JANESVILLE – Former Assembly Speaker and AFL-CIO Lobbyist Mike Sheridan (D-Janesville) announced on Sunday he will seek the Democratic Party nomination for the open Wisconsin Senate seat in the 15th District. More: Andy Jorgensen to Run for Re-El…
Wisconsin Senate to vote on UW research bill
Wisconsin Senate to vote on ag tourism liability
Wisconsin Senate set to pass cancer drugs bill
THE GOLDEN GOOSE = Wisconsin Senate Author Tom Tiffany finally admitted the truth - that his Bill would not only allow for "adverse environmental impacts" to occur during mining, but that the Bill was written to protect the company [Gogebic Taconite and Spanish Mine Con...
Recently Introduced: 2013 Senate Bill 513. Relating to: the information contained in referendum questions to...
Wisconsin Senate Bill 508 will create 7 day work week. We need to say no, currently employers can ask for an exemption to allow this employees to work that 7th day. Why take away the protection of the one day of rest? Take action before it's too late.
UNANIMOUS SUPPORT! The Cancer Treatment Fairness Act, SB 300, passed out of the Senate Insurance Committee this morning 5 to 0. A huge thank you to Frank Lasee Wisconsin Senate District 1, Senator Luther Olsen, Senator Schultz, Senator Cullen, and Jon Erpenbach for voting in favor.
Wisconsin’s ‘Odd Couple’ in the Senate. Good ol' Ron John and Tammy Baldwin
The Senate Chief Clerk's office in the Capitol has a unique display of old maps of from the Wisconsin Historical...
The governor gave his annual State of the State address this week. Therefore, the latest Larson Report will...
Full Legalization of Marijuana Bill seeking co-sponsorship in Wisconsin Senate and Assembly... deadline of Feb 7th, contact your elected officials today!
"Larson Report will discuss our legislative priorities for 2014, including how Wisconsin should spend its surplus...
Get ready for more Koch money in Wisconsin: The billionaire duo's spending in U.S. Senate races acr...
CRAZY: WI SEN committee gives SPECIAL CLASS PROTECTION to bicyclists on roads.
Making 2014 a Year of Action for the Middle Class
Latest Larson Report discusses legislative priorities for 2014, including how WI should spend its surplus dollars.
A proposed constitutional amendment that would restrict the right of Wisconsin voters to petition for a recall...
Welcome all New and Transfer Students to the University of Wisconsin-River Falls form UW - River Falls Student...
.Once home page said Cheney was running for Senate in Wisconsin for a whole day
A bill currently in WI Senate would add several types of HC providers to volunteer HC provider liability law:
Great progressives like are standing up and rejecting "fast-track" authority for TPP:
Senate President Mike Ellis: You have to remember that the Wisconsin-Minnesota game starts at 8 p.m. tonight. Take your seats.
Wonderful news for my profession! “Wisconsin Senate passes mental health bills:
We're waiting for the State Supreme Court and Wisconsin Senate to enter the chamber.
Senate approves social media bill, on to for signature :
Coup 4 Drugs 4 all,esp. our children! . .
Coup 4 Drugs 4 all,esp. our children! . .No RUDs .
Wisconsin takes two steps forward on mental health.
Beyond humbled to sit on the Senate floor today while they read Assembly Joint Resolution…
Wisconsin bill to be reviewed in Senate and Assembly this week
- Support Iranian people struggle for freedom: Maryam Rajavi at French Senate meeting
VOD Update: Senate Floor Session: On January 22, 2014, the Wisconsin State Senate will hold a floor session on...
A look at us from the neighbor across the river: How weird is the U.S. Senate? Just look at Wisconsin:
Senate passes changes to college savings plan: The Wisconsin Senate has passed a bill that would allow more pe...
SB 594, which deals with the state's renewable energy portfolio, passed the Wisconsin Senate.
Wisconsin State Senate passes dozen mental health bills unanimously; they now head to
Wisconsin State Senate to vote on dozen bills designed to improve mental health services in the state. They have bipartisan support
Wisconsin Senate to approve mental health bills: A series of proposals designed to improve mental health servi...
Wisconsin Senate to approve mental health bills
Wisconsin Senate to approve mental health bills via
Wisconsin Senate to approve series of bills to improve mental health services
Breaking news - Wisconsin Senate debating stock (non-patient specific) epinephrine bill this afternoon! Email your support for this bill to your WI State Senator (if you don't know who your Senator is, click the link here 375 would allow schools in the state to stock epinephrine auto-injectors for use in the event of a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis). Approximately 20-25% of epinephrine injections in schools involve children whose allergy was unknown at the time of the reaction. If schools have access to epinephrine auto-injectors and staff trained to administer the medication, children are less likely to die at school when exposed to allergens.
I did mention that is challenging Senate Majority Leader Scott right?
Wisconsin: Bill to Allow Interstate Long Gun Sales Passes Assembly, Goes to Senate Committee: Today, in a...
After some tweaking by the Assembly, legislation returns to Senate for approval
A bill is now in the Wisconsin Senate that would allow schools to stock emergency epinephrine for anyone who needs it. SB375 would allow schools to stock doses of epinephrine and allow school nurses and trained staff to administer the epinephrine to anyone suffering an allergic reaction. Please writ...
The Republican-controlled Wisconsin Senate has moved just short of passing the state budget without making any changes.
Does the Wisconsin Senate realize that if they pass the mining bill there will be a historic level of civil disobedience to stop the mine?
Thompson's Surge in Wisconsin Senate Race Good News for GOP - Republicans battered by their Missouri U.S.
FASTTRACK DEMAND | WI Legislators want constitutional challenges be directly heard by SC and ruled upon in 150 days
Regional: GOP bill would make Wis. high court take cases: The president of the Wisconsin Senate has crafted a bi...
Senate GOP blocks Hagel vote for now - WAOW
WI 42nd in the nation in job creation. We should instead be focusing on creating family-supporting jobs now.
The latest Larson Report is now available. This week we focus on prioritizing middle class values when it comes...
Senate GOP blocks Hagel vote for now - WAOW - Newsline 9, Wausau News ... - WAOW
“BREAKING: Illinois Senate APPROVES marriage equality bill 34-21! So close to me! Wisconsin needs to be next!
Check out the latest Larson Report titled "Prioritizing Middle Class Values" by clicking on the following link:
Information from Chris Larson, Wisconsin Senate Democratic Minority Leader; it's not getting any better:
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Grover Norquist jumps in on bill!? Wonder if there is trouble in GOP senate caucus??
I agree but what's done is done. More blame should be put on senate for not taking up bill reversing it.
because they were fools thinking the cuts would never happen- they passed a bill reversing it- senate won't touch it. Blame senate.
Senate Rs' bill attacking sick leave law is based on a bill passed in Scott Walker's Wisconsin:
Gov's wrong decision means missing out on covering 175K more people,creating 10,500 jobs,& saving $495M over 10 years.
Wisconsin GOP leader opposes new tax on proposed iron mine: The Wisconsin Senate's top Republican says he's against...
What's going on? Tuesday State News Briefs: Immigrant workers in Wisconsin part of US Senate ... - Pierce County Herald
Hey Wisconsin: you'll be shocked to learn that Ron Johnson was one of 22 Senators to vote against VAWA.
2013 Assembly Joint Resolution 6: "Resolved by the assembly, the senate concurring, That the members of the Wisconsin …
A bipartisan effort led by U.S. Rep. Reid Ribble to force the Senate to adopt a budget blueprint won approval Wednesday as part of...
Walker admin admits Act 10 all abt defeating Obama, not abt saving $. And they failed
It ended not with a bang but with a text message to the Boston Herald’s Howie Carr: “U r the first to know I am not...
Tammy Baldwin (b. 11Feb62) from Wisconsin, is the 1st openly *** candidate ever 2 B elected 2 the U.S. Senate!
Yeah, that's the latest lie the desperate Obama Party is pushing.
A sample of why Wisconsin just elected Tammy Baldwin to the US Senate, but handed control of the Wisconsin Senate back to the Republicans.
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Democratic Rep. Tammy Baldwin won the Wisconsin Senate seat, edging out former Gov. Tommy Thompson and helping...
The 2018 Wisconsin Senate race between Tammy Baldwin and Sean Duffy will be epic
The Republican concedes the Wisconsin Senate race to Tammy Baldwin.
Photo: slavicinferno: Tammy Baldwin defeated Tommy Thompson in the Wisconsin Senate race, making Baldwin the...
The President is re-elected, Tammy Baldwin is now the TOP LGBT Politically in the USA and the 1st LGBT ever elected to the US Senate. I have my Wonderful State Senator Dave Hansen back in the Wisconsin Senate and I now have a New State Assemblyman my good Friend , Eric Genrich. I am sorry to say we lost one race tonight. Jamie Wall for US Congress. This is sad as Jamie would have been a good one. I have never worked this *** an election in my life. It is not over yet, one more to go. I am running for 2nd Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of Brown County. I have won 2 of 2 this year, got to make it 3. I will know the answer to this question soon.
Republicans were on track Tuesday night to reclaim majority control in the Wisconsin Senate and, with it, full control of state government.
Democrat Dave Hansen has won re-election to the Wisconsin Senate. Four races remain to be called.
Tammy Baldwin declares victory in Wisconsin Senate race:
NPR projects Tammy Baldwin winning the Wisconsin Senate race.
Tammy Baldwin wins Wisconsin Senate race: Though the AP is taking its time calling the Wisconsin Senate...
Democratic Rep. Tammy Baldwin has defeated Republican Tommy Thompson in the Wisconsin Senate race, AP reports.
Tammy Baldwin (D) declaring victory in Wisconsin Senate race.
Tammy Baldwin projected winner in Wisconsin Senate race:
Congrats to Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown on his reelection. Also, Tammy Baldwin is projected to win the Wisconsin Senate race and become the first openly *** Senator in US history!
BREAKING NEWS Tammy Baldwin projected to win Wisconsin Senate race & become the 1st openly *** Senator in U.S. history!
Fox News just called the Wisconsin Senate race for Tammy Baldwin. She will be the first openly *** Senator
ELECTION PICK-EM: Rules: Pick the winner in 10 contests to amass points. Winner has most points. Bonus points will be given for a candidate reaching or surpassing a certain victory margin listed in parentheses. Points are as follows: 10 points/5 bonus, 6 points/3 bonus, 2 points/no bonus. Two tiebreakers will also be given. Will be based on available data tomorrow morning, regardless of whether the race will be recounted. Electoral points for race will be based on who is winning as of tomorrow morning in states too close to call. I will use respective state Secretary of State announced data where possible. Please make your submission to Moorendiniby 6pm Central Time. Prizes as listed below in comments. 1. Presidential Electoral Vote Tally (Obama 300 EV, Romney 285 EV, Other Any EV) 2. Nevada Senate: Heller [R](by 3%) vs. Berkley [D](by 1%) 3. New Mexico Senate: Wilson [R](by 1%) vs. Wilson [D](by 7%) 4. Montana Senate: Tester [D](by 1%) vs. Rehberg [R](by 2%) 5. Wisconsin Senate: Baldwin [D](by 3% ...
Tammy Baldwin leads Tommy Thompson 51-48 in the Wisconsin Senate race, thanks to a 55/41 edge with independents:
New Poll Shows Dead Heat in Wisconsin Senate Race: The Wisconsin Senate race is neck-and-neck, according to a NB...
Wisconsin Senate candidate Tommy Thompson has apparently unloaded all seven of his stocks linked to Iran. Thompson, the Republican candidate facing Democratic Rep. Tammy Baldwin, had accused Baldwin of being soft on Iran, but then was revealed by The Huffington Post to have significant investments i...
Republican nominee Tommy Thompson launched an ad on Tuesday in the Wisconsin Senate race, using imagery of rubble from the 9/11 attacks to accuse Democrat Tammy Baldwin of disrespecting victims of it. "Tammy Baldwin had the opportunity to vote to honor the victims of 9/11 and she voted against it," ...
Wisconsin Senate: Thompson (R) 48%, Baldwin (D) 46% Former Governor Tommy Thompson and Democratic Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin are in a near tie in Wisconsin's down-to-the-wire U.S. Senate race
Wisconsin Senate candidate's debate on now. Tammy Baldwin and Tommy Thompson
Morning Joe, Chris Matthews Was Right About Racist Reince Priebus Last edited Mon Oct 15, 2012, 12:25 PM USA/ET - Edit history (3) "Send Barack Obama back to Kenya"? There's no wiggle room anymore for the Republican National Committee Chairman, Reince Priebus, who was busted red-hended again in an article by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for participating in yet another episode of racist humor about the President of the United States. Apologies are now clearly due to Chris Matthews who early on exposed this pattern of Reinece Priebus' race-baiting on Joe Scarborough's early morning television show to the great discomfort of the TV host at the time. Well, it turns out that Chris Matthews served the public well in pointing out Priebus' flirtation and employment of race, it now seems all the time. Chris was right and it needs to be said. The son of failing Wisconsin Senate candidate, Tommy Thompson, held the microphone and formally addressed a Republican gathering joking that the President should be sent ba ...
Former Governor and Wisconsin Senate candidate Tommy Thompson's son says at a brunch this morning "we have an opportunity" to send Obama back to Kenya. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus was also in attendance (
Wisconsin Senate candidates find agreement on filibuster reform
Thompson goes after Baldwin in Wisconsin Senate debate: Tommy Thompson worked to revive his U.S. Senate campaign...
Crossroads bashes Baldwin in Wisconsin Senate race -
First off, great big tip o' the hat to JamieG from MD , who diaried Thompson's jaw-dropping speechifying earlier today. I'm re-diarying because this needs more attention! Here's Wisconsin Senate ...
As 2012 falls apart, Republicans are starting to turn on each other. Wisconsin Senate candidate Tommy Thompson is blaming Mitt Romney for his nine point deficit to Tammy Baldwin.
Four polls confirm: Tammy Baldwin surges big-time in Wisconsin Senate race
Wisconsin Senate looks to iron ore mining - this time, with Democrats in charge: The Wisconsin Senate now controlled...
Thompson says Baldwin one of most liberal in Congress We rated similar Thompson claim
and will have new numbers for Prez and Senate races in Wisconsin. PPP is indicating a tight Prez race so far...
I have faith in WI. They will give her the win RTCan Tammy Baldwin Win Over Wisconsin? via
Not an expert on Wisconsin or their politics by any means, but didn't folks put the Dems back in charge of their Senate?
Election fatigue hits Wisconsin in Republican Senate primaryAppleton Post CrescentTommy Thompson, the former governor and Cabinet...
Republicans relying on veteran Thompson to win Wisconsin, help swing Senate - Politics at:
The Midwest needs to turn it up a notch in this key Wisconsin senate race! Please RT.
via We the People absolutely MUST defeat these liberals in ALL states. Lets CLEAN HOUSE in November.
Thompson surges into the lead in Wisconsin senate race. GOP is now on track to take the senate in November. Story at 11:00.
Tommy Thompson will face Tammy Baldwin for the US Senate in November.
With Republicans engaged in a bitter primary fight, Democratic Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin has a lead over all her potential GOP rivals in Wisconsin’s U.S. Senate race.
There were four Republican losers in the Wisconsin Senate primary. Unfortunately only three losers lost. One loser won.
Now that ex-Gov. Tommy Thompson has captured the Republican nomination in Wisconsin — winning with 34% of the vote in a crowded, four-way field — we are installing him as a slight favorite to capture the Senate seat now held by the retiring Sen. Herb Kohl (D). The Wisconsin Senate race now leans Re...
The 2 current candidates for Wisconsin senate appear to be a conservative who is attacked for being too liberal and too willing to compromise, and a democrat who I heard called the tea partier of the left. We really are a purple state. But I think I prefer that to two extreme ideologues.
In the month leading up to the Wisconson primary, outside spending groups poured more than $3.8 million into the state, much of it aimed at boosting former Rep. Mark Neumann's unsuccessful bid for the Republican nomination. But while Neumann's numbers fizzled last night, there are signs that point ...
Supporters from across the country are coming together to support progressive Tammy Baldwin with a massive 'Cheddarbomb' -- a special Wisconsin moneybomb to help her campaign all in one day. Contribute to the 'Cheddarbomb' now, before midnight tonight.
Tommy Thompson, who advocated for a federal individual mandate and as HHS Secretary helped set up RomneyCare wins Wisconsin Senate primary.
Longtime moderate establishment Republican Tommy Thompson crushed tea party candidate Mark Neumann in the Wisconsin Senate GOP primary. At the time of this post 87% of precincts have reported with the following results.
Wisconsin Republicans bucked Tea Party forces to pick 70-year-old former Gov. Tommy Thompson, a pillar of the GOP establishment, as their Senate standard-bearer Tuesday in a contest that could determine control of the upper chamber.
A look at why the Wisconsin Senate primary matters
Former Gov. Tommy Thompson has won the Republican primary for Senate in Wisconsin, surviving a heated four-way race — and likely giving Republicans their strongest candidate in what is expected to be a close race with Democratic Rep. Tammy Baldwin. With 82 percent of precincts reporting, Thompson ha...
Updated: 10:38 p.m. | Tommy G. Thompson won a fierce Republican primary for U.S. Senate on Tuesday on the theme of electability, as voters agreed with the former governor’s claim that he represented the best chance to win the seat in November…
Congrats to Tommy Thompson on winning the Wisconsin Senate GOP Primary! Now go beat Tammy!
For months, Republican Tommy Thompson, a former four-term Wisconsin governor, was the favorite to become the next U.S. senator from the state, filling the seat occupied by retiring Democrat Herb Kohl,
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