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Winter Solstice

The winter solstice is the solstice that occurs in winter. It is the time at which the Sun is appearing at noon at its lowest altitude above the horizon.

Happy Winter Solstice Summer Solstice Northern Hemisphere Happy Hanukkah Happy Kwanzaa Merry Christmas

Do you remember this? Keeping warm with Highland Park on Winter Solstice
Saturnalia was pagan celebration celebrating winter solstice "return of the sun" Roman Catholics stole that/changed to christmas
Soon the Garden will be full of Winter Solstice fun! Come by at 2pm for FREE hot cider, coco, and coffee! 🌬
See, we get these doses of spring as we leave the winter solstice back in the station! Who is…
A3: Stone henge on the winter solstice walking 2 miles in the dark to watch ancient rituals amidst the stones via
A flock of warblers ... so close to the mountains on the winter solstice: Chris Dombrowski poem
Winter has officially arrived! The winter solstice which began at 2:44am is the day with the fewest hours of sunlight during the…
I always hear that Casey influence in Winter Solstice ft. Ryan Taylor
Happy Winter Solstice to one and all. Hail Sol Invictus! ☀️
Seasonal Affective Trump Disorder? Also, it would be interesting to hold elections closer to Summer Solstice rather than winter. had all YOU to do this. Why wait until nearly the Spring solstice!?
Stonehenge on the eve of the Winter Solstice
Winter Solstice Doll Baby of the Day - Bouncin' betwixed the sea oats!
On our way up to Carlisle to the Winter solstice, to see the Snow falling!
Winter Solstice is -77 days away, it occurs on Dec 21, 2016 at 5:45 EST
Exactly why I love the winter solstice
Orienting to the solstice is not a strictly pagan phenomenon (e.g. Stonehenge). Spanish mission churches did, too:
The suns rise at the time of winter solstice, Orion's Belt personified as the 3 Kings; Sirius being the star in the east.✌🏼
Christmas was put into place to replace the pagan holiday that is the winter solstice
Love and hate how grand classical music makes me feel, as if it was the sound track to my own movie..
Like the winter solstice, this is a time of new beginnings and opportunities.
On the winter solstice a light shines through the hole above the door illuminating the inner chamber
This is still my favorite song to play. Surmount - Winter Solstice (Featuring Ryan Taylor of Sine Cura) .
Sorry for the delay but we promise Winter Solstice 16 will be available online January 24th ❄️. Until Then Here is…
I added a video to a playlist Bros and Dragons Winter Solstice: Krampus Baby
A little fruity - Drinking a Winter Solstice Haze by at —
more mind expanding stuff from the theatre lab with winter solstice. Review
Uhhh, Winter Solstice never made it here. If I find it I'm buying a case.
I have been thinking about winter solstice lately as I am new and
Wishing all a great winter solstice.
Yo I forgot to post this on the winter solstice this year and I’m really embarrassed about it don’t tell anyone
You can tell the winter solstice is the shortest day of the year because it drives a muscle car and talks about core training.
Two island EDM songs from Iceland is shocking. Usually all they serve is pray circle under the full moon the winter solstice realness
Also:"Every day after. Winter Solstice there's more light!". 3am*deadsilent pitchblack cold. February night: Oh, OK. *goodformagic
Winter Solstice - ★★★. A truly pacey play with some novel staging.
Shortest Day of the YEAR: 5:44 a.m. ET Wednesday: It only gets better from here..
My review: "Winter Solstice" an 'extraordinary play'. at Richmond.
Some performances of are standing room only. Book quick to get remaining seats - must end 11 Feb…
Hey, can you believe it is already the 21st of January. We are 1/3 of the way between the Winter Solstice and...
The downpour outside feels right for this sad day. But like the winter solstice, it marks a beginning. Holding on to hope.
is when the dark half of the year relinquishes to the light half. The Winter Solstice, the rebirth of the Sun
WINTER SOLSTICE October's also a sequel to THE RUMOR.
Curl up with a on this cold winter day!
Woohoo!! Winter solstice has passed, the days are getting longer again.Merry Christmas everyone Roll on summer.
One of our fav playwrights Roland Schimmelpfennig is back with a pertinent and explosive new play, Winter Solstice.
Winter solstice fireworks captured on my camera in Brighton on 21/12/16
Winter Solstice an 'extraordinary play' - Richmond
I'm an optimist so I adore the winter solstice—every day after it means more light and warmth so I'm yet even more excited to get up. 😃🌞✨
First day of winter Google doodle marks Northern Hemisphere’s Winter Solstice 2016
Almost forgot how amazing James Turrell is. Winter Solstice Event recorded at Roden Crater on December 11, 2012
Winter Solstice review – liberalism is no match for a history of extremism
For some, Christmas, or any celebration at this time of year, for example the Winter Solstice and celebrating the
Shy Ronnie on the Winter Solstice, yet again the woman that had some kind of stigma placed on her.
Annie Dillard on the Winter Solstice and How the Snowy Season Anneals Us to Life vía
Around the time of the Winter Solstice we set up our shrine to Rufus Sewell
1st Day Of Spring,Summer Solstice, Autumnal market day,Winter Solstice and all round party dress. IMAGINE ACCESSORIZING IT!
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Festivus, Winter Solstice, Winter Veil, Hearth's Warming & many more to all of y'all!…
Happy Hanukkah. Happy Winter Solstice. Merry Christmas. Happy Kwanzaa. And if none apply, just happy "I hope you have time of…
Egg Nog, Mince Meat Pie, Charles Shaw Wine and Brie cheese increase life at Winter Solstice.
It’s the Winter Solstice, and on this shortest day are playing a rare gig at Shepherd’s Bush Empire:…
Butchart Gardens on Winter Solstice was the perfect celebration of the longest night of the year.
Winter Solstice: Today marks the turning point of the sun: the victory of light over darkness in the Northern Hemisphere ht…
Poetry for the Winter Solstice. Firstly, Robert Burns - Up in the Morning Early (read by Bill Paterson)
Winter Solstice menu: Pork loin in apricot sauce, mashed sweet potatoes and green beans sautéed with onions and pep…
Snow returns to Strathspey on the Winter Solstice. @ Cairngorms National Park, Highlands, Scotland
Winter Solstice at the women's mystery school is truly a healing portal.
Winter Solstice with the family, listening to Vincent Guaraldi Trio and A Charlie Brown Christmas, it's a great start to the holidays ❤
I felt the winter solstice energy yesterday. It is high vibrational, happy, peaceful. Perhaps my Yule ceremony will be the same.
I had a few friends over to celebrate the winter solstice. We ate apples and someone played a pipe. Let none know!
Did you know the Winter Solstice happens at the same moment no matter where you live?
ppomo,. Hello, today is our Chinese festival, winter solstice, to eat dumplings, do you like to eat?
Winter Solstice tomorrow!! Days start getting longer after that!!
Mobarak, Tonight is the Iranian winter solstice festival. Eat, drink, read poetry, be with loved ones. http…
The Winter Solstice is tomorrow! Only 8-10 hours of sunlight across the United States. Days will gradually get longer af…
THIS (December 21) is the shortest day of the year with the winter solstice at 10.44am with almost nine hours less daylight than in June.
844p-Tomorrow will be the shortest day of the year. The Winter Solstice occurs at 444 am CST.
Little Giant Ladders
This week I had a contemporary romance short come out in a Wattpad anthology. Winter Solstice themed!
Vedic year begins with the winter solstice, harmonization with the Sun as the Universal Self within the heart, the Cos…
As December rolls on, the winter solstice is right around the corner. Learn more about the shortest day of the year: http…
Celebrate the Winter Solstice with us Wednesday, 12/21 at 6 pm under the twinkle-lights with…
Did you know that being the Summer Solstice today has 5 hours, 15 minutes more light than the Winter Solstice. https:/…
The Sun is Savitr, the transforming light of consciousness, deity of the Gayatri mantra, which can be empowered on the…
Today is Winter Solstice, known as a day for sweet red bean porridge! Why not treat yourself a healthy bowl of…
December 21 is winter solstice and therefore the shortest day and the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.
Made some for the darkest night in 500 years + Winter Solstice.
Able to watch the sun setting on Marburg a day before the solstice. Winter is here - but the days get longer after tomor…
In the spirit of unity, we would like to wish everyone a Happy Winter Solstice ❄️ Bring on the glutinous rice balls 🍡
Winter solstice 2016: What time and when does the shortest day of the year occur?
The word “Yule” -- used to describe the Christmas season -- is believed to have come from the Norse word “jol”
Egypt's was built in alignment with the solstice to focus light on a sun god's shrine.…
Oh, tonight is an eclipse? On the winter solstice? Resulting in the longest, darkest night in over 500 years? Figures. 2016,…
The solstice is exactly 8 hours away. Read about it here:
When is the winter solstice 2016? Traditions, rituals and definition of the shortest day of the year - Mirror Online
The winter solstice is at 4:44 AM CST tomorrow. And just FYI, the 1st day of winter will be warmer than the last day of fa…
Still, bundled self can't last always Soon comes
Google's dueling doodles return to mark new season(s) - CNET
Winter Solstice is tomorrow, the only day of the year when RL and have almost the same amount of daylight
In honor of the Season and the Winter Solstice-join us for cheerful Caroling at the PHI on Wednesday 6-8:30!
Candles on the night of winter with my boys. connects us to
We still have room for Wednesday's (Dec 21st) Winter Solstice Celebration at Golden Bridge Yoga Santa Monica with...
Still, bundled self. can't last always. Soon comes
Winter Solstice is tomorrow! Here's what you need to know about the shortest day of the year -
Today is China winter solstice,I wish you all Happy Winter Solstice 🙄
Winter Solstice? Date varies each year. Planet Earth's natural inclination is incontravertible...brilliant days on the Falkland Islands.
I've measured 15.25" in Deerfield, MA and it's not even the Winter Solstice yet. Gonna go on rekkid and say I'm super happy ovah heah...
Excuse me? How dare you wish me a Happy Winter Solstice, you pious *** . I only celebrate a *secular* Winter Solstice.
Looks just like my bedding and me snuggled in (Aww, Theo looks like my Gordo used to).. Have a Happy Winter Solstice..
Christmas, Chanukah, Winter Solstice. And at the rates my cards are going, the New Year!!! Hope you have a Happy ***
Celebrate the darkest day of the year with this ray of sunshine! Winter Solstice flow with Jessica Baker 12/21 at...
To honor the Winter Solstice, SATTVA is hosting a very special event of singing bowl and gong sound healing by...
Can't make it to the Winter Solstice party in Clinton Township? We gotcha - stop by the Warren Taproom for our...
Join us in celebrating the Winter Solstice with Circle Worship at the Chattahoochee River this Sunday evening!
Fields of the Nephilim - Winter Solstice at O2 Shepherds Bush Empire this Wednesday. More details at
Everyone remember that the Yule /Winter Solstice ritual will be held by CUUPS (Covenant of Unitarian Universalist...
New blog dropping on Winter Solstice! If you don't know what day that is. Read my 'OMG' blog on -
On December 15 and 16, Music for the Winter Solstice comes to Heritage Hall
Casting announced for Winter Solstice at the Orange Tree, Richmond
The Summer Solstice. Or is it winter?. How many seasons before we meet each other?.
The celebration of the winter solstice isn't owned by religion.
pattern identification through the winter solstice. Pick a word to describe the pattern.
very very small inclusions - Winter Solstice Now playing on DKFM, at
Just celebrate the winter solstice if u don't wanna celebrate birth of a baby from a "virgin'
Tradition to eat pumpkins on winter solstice
Another Quilt - this time a Kenai T1 Winter Solstice - photo Noah Saydel
Rio's 30C day as it approaches winter solstice... XD
3 of 5 stars to Once Upon a Winter Solstice by Victoria Zak
Even Christmas was "appropriated" from pagans. Winter solstice, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, the whole bit.
Have a magickal Summer / Winter Solstice celebration in your part of the world. Love & Light https:…
The winter solstice has always been special to me as a barren darkness that gives birth to a ...
21 - December each year on the 21st marks the Winter Solstice! Just a few things that make 21 prominent.
Then it will leave her and began to scoff at the Winter Solstice was between the principles of Good, would chastise such
the government Autumn ends at winter solstice.
"She's all yours. Even if you only use her for defense. Her name is Solstice." she hands it to Winter "It's designed to work-
espn stats be like: The twins have never lost a game played on the winter solstice while the temperature was 81°F against th…
Celebrating the sunrise on the day of Winter Solstice. I wish I acclimated my body to the cold…
As we arrive at the winter solstice here in the southern hemisphere, schedules are heating up and busy-ness...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Just Pinned to Sacred Spaces: Join me this month for a warming Winter Solstice celebration…
2012 chevrolet winter solstice grinding only roadstead hearing: FghUo
Christ's birthday apparently replaced the pagan celebration of the Winter solstice.
I feel like I'm finished Soul searching. I feel like I know my Soul purpose. Colder than a Winter Solstice
The day after the is the sports equivalent of the winter solstice: the longest, bleakest, darkest night of the year.
Maybe we need to turn to Winter Solstice sacrifices to appease 2017.
A look back. Here's a Babalon sculpture given to me as a winter solstice present in 2005. The…
I think play shows in a cemetery at Summer Solstice / winter equinox?
Untying the bow that holds December bound.
• L. Townsend: A wounded knight and a witch must battle an evil necromancer before the Winter Solstice
is coming people just say it's a myth if I get people to celebrate winter solstice on then millions of people
obstacles out in Nature the second thing I learned about winter solstice it's about celebrating the longer days when spring
Stonehenge Sunset on the Winter Solstice by via
*12/22 it suits me Ima winter fall type girl & falls on the solstice & being so close 2Christmas everyones already in festive mood!
Over the Summer Solstice it's countdown to winter. Time to book your favourite week with us
Well don't turn on the switch 😒. Poor joke. Srsly in Brissy I noticed it days after winter solstice. Quick as.
Drombeg stone circle, Co. Cork. It appears to be orientated on the winter solstice sunset
The longest day is here & some birds are already getting ready for winter like the moulting curlew http…
We're starting a new tradition: An annual festival where every winter solstice we kidnap Chinese people from
Today is Inti Raymi (Peru). Inti Raymi is celebrated in Cusco, the 2nd biggest festival in Latin America, celebrates the winter solstice.
Find out how to deal with solstices!
The Winter Solstice is a big night. 😂
It's remarkable that zinnias growing from last summer's dropped seed are budding on the winter solstice
Happy to all! expeditioners celebrate with a swim.
on the Winter Solstice. Snapped yesterday during 45 minutes of blue sky :)
Even in the week of Summer Solstice, this wintery poem speaks to us. "in some ways a procession of earthly failures"
Summer Solstice is past. Winter is coming...
Celebrate the winter solstice with our Bourbon Porter. Perfect winter beer!
Appropriate & tasty for week of winter solstice & other recent dark days
Winter solstice brings record-breaking heat - It was the shortest day of the year on Tuesday -- but the mercury...
winter solstice at campsite I parked at, near Te Awamutu, with the Mitchell family pipes, drum, dog
Tonight's working! Creating something pretty for the winter solstice!
The winter solstice has passed, meaning the nights will be getting shorter. However, sunset time is still early - around 6pm.
How strange is it that NZ winter festival @ Queenstown has no snow, at 2 days after the winter solstice? Totally weird, skiers are bereft.
Maybe this can explain the occurence of seasons. Why it's Summer Solstice in the North and winter solstice in the...
I just celebrated winter solstice by siting on wet soil, wearing just a shirt with -0 degrees and talking to the moon, Earth and stars.
Well yes, the Summer Solstice was this week so winter is indeed coming.
And then I got a reminder that its Vortex Winter Solstice this coming wkend. I will not survive this year. Its colder that a witch's nipple.
. yep, it was the winter solstice down here. =D
Here's Winter and Summer Solstice in the same 6 month I took in Glenboig, N Lanarkshire
in one leap the days have just shortened. Seismic solstice a winter brings the early chill of xeno kings.
Root day on a descending moon around the winter solstice. Garlic planted. .
Channeling wintertime vibes with this week's Winter Solstice themed box, featuring the most…
Celebrating shades of yellow with all the bonfires lit for the Winter Solstice a powerful…
My neighbour just swapped out his winter tires today. Must have been waiting for the solstice
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
be ready for the second book: : The winter Solstice
That was in Taurus. The next one seems to happen near the winter solstice, in Aquarius, in 2020 (Dec. 21st).
:( At least you've got daylight. It's just passed the winter solstice for us.
See the Winter Solstice sunstar sunrise this year!. One click away! - 🌏 x
❄🚲❄It's bloody cold in Melbourne! Beat the winter blues and warm up on our friendly LIV ride tomorrow... 🚲❄🚲. 💜
Songs of mounains, dreams of winter solstice : my weekly ramblings in your mailbox.
22o this morning and 85% humidity and we've passed the WINTER solstice. I can live with this! Oz election, Britain refernd. USA sit in!
winter solstice –. scraping the last grains of rice . from the pot. Matt Hetherington
Freak warm day just after winter solstice 😎🙆
In 2 Strings: Winter Solstice Violin and Guitar Celebration... Yes, we have this dynamic duo in the Market this...
Andrea Deegan wrote, "Just before the Winter Solstice, the ISS passed over my town of Albany, Western Australia" https…
Hundreds of cheeky swimmers jumped into a freezing river for the winter solstice.
Always a good feeling to get the winter solstice behind us - every day is getting longer from here. ☀⏰
☀️ June Solstice Edition |Winter has well and truly set in for our listeners in south of the equator
So the Summer Solstice is gone, are we on the downward slope to winter already?
Solstice, the longest day of the year, was a few days ago. Days are now getting shorter. . Winter is coming! . *so sick of tourists
Antarctic expeditioners have braved the freezing temps of the Southern Ocean for the Winter Solstice, even having to cut a hole in the ice!
The June solstice is the in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.
Full moon| Summer Solstice What you planted during the New moon and Winter Solstice will start to bud and...
Oh, and Happy Winter Solstice to 15% of all Humans and 100% of free penguins who live down under.
We wish you a Happy Winter Solstice filled with love and happiness.
I want to wish everyone a special Happy Kwanzaa , Hanukkah, Winter Solstice and Christmas. May the…
Tell me about it. During winter solstice, I sometimes literally miss the sunlight.
Haul Glass Devil’s Britches, Winter Solstice was just added to the Ale Yeah Decatur Growler List
"I have gone through my winter solstice, and the dying god of life and fertility is reborn." Sylvia Plath .
Winter Solstice. Sun at left of photo. Spring equinox. Summer Solstice.
Envisagement high crescent fall down about the winter solstice: iOZt
this is why in New Zealand we have winter solstice parties. Now I need to organise a Summer Solstice party aka NZ Christmas.
What a wonderfully memorable day this was! Winter Solstice of 2014, at Woodland Cemetery and…
2012 chevrolet winter solstice journal alias toll road check up on: LcPO
Decades ago, I was invited to perform a Winter Solstice Ceremony on Baker's Beach in San Francisco. I was a visitor in town on…
It seems like only yesterday we were preparing for the Winter Solstice, soon we'll be resonating with the energies of the Spring Equinox!
Listen to what Rero Asylum thought of our last event Winter Warmer 2015:. Come get your retro fill at Solstice 2016!
冬至動画 -- bathing capybaras with shaddocks on the winter solstice. (Vine by
Look to an album of the Winter Solstice collection to find the clue to this weeks archive piece.
I did indeed! And according to Sean, he began coding NMS on the Winter Solstice on Dec. 21st 2012. Mayans Confirmed!
I love love love that Ichigo, Ran, and Aoi's subunit is named Soleil and I named Winter, Autumn, and Cambria's Solstice
it's all depends on the Sun and Moon position during the summer or winter solstice.
Last chance to grab you Winter Solstice treasures today (3/18) and tommorow (3/19). See post below for more...
Last day of winter & a lovely energy in class today. See you post-solstice with a new Spring sequence .
Are you sure that's not Winter Solstice? Oh, wait, it's daytime in the pic.
I figure I can come back to visit Nola on the winter solstice annually when I won't melt from the hotness 😄😄😄
This is the part in my life where I curl into a ball under my sheets and don't come out until the winter solstice
Imagine Peace Tower is lit for winter solstice until the end of the year.
What do you expect from GOP who doesn't know. history&doesn't get Xmas trees are a pagan ritual for Winter Solstice?.
Last time I wore a lab coat (winter solstice, confusing Druids at Stonehenge with
I just published “Winter Solstice Reflections: 5 Things I’ve learned in my 33rd year of Life…”
Morgan - one of our super-talented customers - playing Winter Solstice by Michele McLaughlin. Excellent job -...
it varies. The winter solstice is not always on December 21st either
I feel like the people that voted Great Lakes have never had Winter Solstice
yeee, and days are getting longer too, as we approach the Summer Solstice. When days were short during late fall/winter there
Getting closer! Final mixing. In a cpl of weeks we will tell you the full story. Here's a snippet of Winter Solstice http…
I bleed black on parchment,. Weave my soul in consonants,. I am the winter solstice. and a midsummer night's dream.
Hey Star Gazer fans! The Spring Equinox begins on March 20th. That means the Winter Solstice treasures from the...
I nvr get hot coffee in cafes bc Im too impatient for it to cool so if u catch me gettin an iced cappuccino on the winter solstice thats why
Because it's feeling more like Christmas now than it did in December! Winter Solstice. via
I liked a video from Pt.3 of Winter Solstice: Opening Sequence of 14 Ka
Beer with antlers. Bear. I meant bear. - Drinking a Winter Solstice by -
.features in the current issue. More at
I added a video to a playlist Black Scoters at Sachuest Point - Winter Solstice 2014
Website Builder 728x90
How do you explain 24 hour daylight during the winter solstice in the antarctic circle?
setting all the rocks. live for a clouds. winter solstice. - by little Pobot
Yule: Lighting up the night Yule or the winter solstice -- December 21 or 22 in the Northern Hemisphere -- was cele…
Can somebody slide me a winter solstice ticket ?
Anderson Valley Winter Solstice now available on tap.
This winter solstice 2015 image taken by is brought to you by the letter 'S'
"Of course you had a father! You were just conceived during a winter solstice orgy and it was not like I was taking names"
Easily one of my favorite winter seasonals Winter Solstice
The free Annual Kensington Market winter solstice festival -
Winter Solstice card. IAOW reboots your wildness w/the restorative magic of reflection for spiritual dream time. ~MH h…
Happy Winter Solstice folks. Here's to longer days and shorter nights!
The marks the rebirth of the light and bright summer nights -Anna
Milky on brightly moonlit winter night on the solstice of 2015. east of Craik, Saskatchewan,
Yes, I am as honest as the day is long. Happy Winter Solstice Day by the way.
Once I told my family that Christmas was only in December because of pagan winter solstice and they looked at me like I was crazy.
.the winter solstice used to be "midwinter", but that's from England's perspective; here, it's about a third of the way in.
Well... no, because I'm not sure what that even means. I do really enjoy the winter solstice, though.
Winter solstice today light a candle to the turn of the light & for those still held by the dark
Notice the more daylilght? We’ve gained more than an hour since the winter solstice. Colder tomorrow/Sat., snow Sunday, then milder...
It's the winter solstice and I'm still wearing shorts...
Super excited to finally share this Winter Solstice Elopement shoot we styled back in December…
On page 267 of 698 of Winter Solstice, by Rosamunde Pilcher: 2 mths in and Im literally f...
. They know so little of their own religion they don't. realize Christmas tree origins are a pagan Winter Solstice custom.
Boy. Listening to the Winter Solstice was terrifying.
your is BY FAR the best thing I've read on a Wednesday during the winter solstice between 4 & 6:30PM
Jonathan Fitoussi et Clemens Hourriere - Solstice Winter (from the Five Steps LP)
P.S. Do you know this? The track Scarecrow Hymn is pure winter solstice…
actually according to my astronomy class, the winter solstice occurred December 21, so it's already passed.
Stock up on forklifts because the winter solstice is almost here
Why are building standards putting emphasis on
Meet us where the sand greets the sea. (Photo by Nathan Coe for )
This month's issue of is simply sinful with gracing its pages. More at
I do. It's just called Winter Solstice, is all. Like, I tell Jesus Happy Birthday and stuff, but I don't buy
really wanna celebrate the winter solstice with someone TBH where did all my irl friends go
Celebrate winter solstice by admiring the magical landscapes and views from Slieve Gullion.
Tonight's tipple: time to get into the Xmas box. Winter Solstice (ok, so I'm a day late!). Dark …
Happy Winter Solstice. "Art is long, and Time is fleeting... "Conversion" by Egon Schiele
“Winter Solstice" from Lulworth Cove the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, south England
Our winter essentials for the A cozy scarf, a hot cup of coffee &
What did the world sound like at dawn on winter solstice? Find out here at Sounds Project
My Winter Solstice altar share and a few realizations I had during the holidays. "The soft lights, the music, the...
Hi Ms Fehr. I'd like your thoughts on this article: Thnx in advance. J
Winter Solstice by Allanegory and Lzlabs in italics - lzlabs: Through the frosted window I see Billowy...
Winter Solstice by author of THE ART OF LOVE AND MURDER. Enter to win a $10 Amazon GC
Happy Winter Solstice! "“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.” - Joseph Campbell
Update your maps at Navteq
Winter Solstice Sunrise 2015: . Our past is a frozen shadow, and the rays of the sun hold t… http…
📷 dodge: The Winter Solstice means you’ve got less daylight to drool over your Challenger. Start...
A home for writers at the Solstice MFA Program--winter reading series happens thru Jan 8!
It's weird being a nobody just a week ago, then the after the winter solstice I became famous. Mainly dilussional, but definitely famous.
I don't like Christmas, but I can be fabulous anyway. Happy Winter Solstice!
1000 years ago, in Winter Solstice of 1015 A.D., the tremendously brilliant spiritual master, prolific writer and sheer cultural genius,
As I write, we have celebrated Thanksgiving; Winter Solstice festival and Christmas. Soon it will be the start of...
Chinese New Year is celebrated the second full moon after the winter solstice. 
Grianstad an gheimhridh. Winter Solstice over the Blasket Islands
Five things to know about winter solstice.
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