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Windows Phone

Windows Phone is a mobile operating system developed by Microsoft, and is the successor to its Windows Mobile platform, although incompatible with it.

This is a couple days or years late, but RIP Windows Phone. Loved my 920. Ditched it because no mobile banking.
Remembering those conferences where you powered up your Windows Phone and left the iPhone at home to not offend. Glad that's ov…
Windows Phone 8 Nokia & Microsoft :: Why are some of my contacts missing from the phone
First, takes away the Windows Phone 8 Messenger. Okay, fine. But now we can't access it on the mobile site either?! F*** you. -.-
What App do you need that is not in Windows Phone those days? Snapchat and Pokemon Go... I…
iPhone 8/8+: People who hate change. iPhone X: People who embrace change. Android: Hey we embraced this change years ago. Windows Phone: plzhlp
Data layer abstraction for Windows Phone and Windows 8: An exercise in futility
WhatsApp Messenger: Android + iPhone + Windows Phone - Hey, I just downloaded WhatsApp Messenger on my...
Wells Fargo ends support for its Windows Phone app - Windows Report
Windows Phone: Forgot your password – You can reset your d.. - via
Windows Phone 'Flash Sports' app is showing there will be live Leeds Vs streams come 3pm so some should be accesible via the net
Y'know what's crazy about Android phones? Their apps update ALL THE TIME. When I had a Windows Phone, I'd update like once every 6 months.
Just wanted to share the Windows Phone link when it's live.
Check out WhatsApp Messenger for BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, Nokia and Windows Phone. Download it today from http:/@
News Updates Microsoft ends all support for Windows Phone - It's time to pour one out for Windows Phone 8.1, as...
will not be available for Windows Phone 7 OS: The system makes LumiaModels limited in some resources.
Smart people already knows Apple iOS 11 is copying Windows Phone 7 Metro UI. However Apple only gets the superficial ones, not the essences.
Iconosys Gets in the Windows Phone 7 Game With Mighty SMS(TM) Schedule Reminder System for Personal and Profession
Free Range TV on a Windows Phone, desktop link leads me to Google Play store. Any known work around?
what's going on with the Windows Phone app? It tells me to update via the Apple or Google app store!
I'm a Windows Phone user. I could not able to see your news app in my store. Once I'm a regular re…
What about Windows Phone? I see it's still in version 2.0 in the store.
;) Can't help you if you're on Windows Phone though, sorry!
Any idea why the Windows Phone app was pulled from the Mac App Store?
Geometry Dash is now available for Windows Phone!.
TaskAngel To-do List is back on your Windows Phone! Download it now to your phone.
Windows Phone is dead! Walked to Microsoft Store. The only phone they had was Samsung S8. Can you imagine it at Apple store?!
We currently have a Windows Phone app, and are working on a UWP version – no target date to share just…
I worked at Microsoft. I saw saw more iOS on campus than Windows Phone and mor…
After killing the Windows Phone app have still not updated the mobile banking site even though it was promised
I don't even know how to use windows phone ***
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
I still use Windows Phone for some reason. So I'm very familiar with holding down the power button.
You know the difference between Beam & Twitch? Twitch can actually be viewed from a Windows 10 phone & Beam can't even start up!
In some ways, thinking about it, Windows Phone in 2010 still feels more modern than Window…
Forget the Surface Phone: Microsoft Sells Mobile Solutions Via Android Winners No one cares about Windows Phones, …
the minecraft pe (and other apps) on Windows Phone don't update and everyone complaining about it! I can't take it anymore.
Look what I found on my new Windows Phone I am set now.
No Creators Update, no problem. Here’s how to simulate night light for your Windows Phone
ACC Hilton has a Windows Phone. Stone cold psychopath.
For that day is part of the Windows Phone OS ☹️🙁 Soon I`m switching to Android.
Breathtaking array of 'learn to code' Apple, Android & Windows phone apps
Oh boy! That was a Windows Phone. BBC Drama doing a better job at neutrality than BBC News.
just getting a bit ridiculous now. As if someone uses a Windows Phone.
Phone. We have to be aware of the power of the tools between our two shoulders or become as lost a…
A Windows Phone version is still the number 1 voted feature in the Mobile App section of Dream Land and still no word on it...
Roger, Windows ME had a higher uptime. Please phone technical friend before continuing to assist Chinese mining car…
Electronic Device Insurance
No ma'am, we don't have Windows Phone game if it was a time when I last played Minecraft.
Microsoft seems all too willing to replace Windows Phone with Android
I liked a video Speed up your old Windows Phone! Increase virtual memory!
That's the exact opposite of windows phone. Best part was no ads
Windows 10 Mobile Store updated for with UI improvements for games
ana its been a while chi chahr. Eh fi 3nde app bs am a Windows phone. Wanna try the fb one?
hi. Can i use a tablet to present my boarding pass with the ryanair app? My phone is windows and i can't get it on that
The HD2 was literally the most versatile phone ever for a 5 year stretch. Could dual boot into Windows or Android.
Also receiving phone calls today from people claiming to be from "Windows Tech Support". They want access to yo…
Good thing I only ever tried installing Uber once, back when I had a Windows Phone. That I haven't used in over a year 😂
available on phones all over the world. WhatsApp is available for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone, and uses your phone's Internet (3/4)
How many people on this reddit group use Windows phone as daily driver? If so, what device. submitted by /u/cy…
Windows Phone didn't fail because of anti-trust, any more than Nokia did
haiii, i'm a user of windows phone.. Coming again into store pleaseee.. 😢😢😢
. I'm windows 10 mobile user..(unique one 😅 . What you think about windows phone??. Any future or i switch to android or iphone?
So it's legal to bot grind this game I play on my phone. Thinking...could I VM a windows+android emulator I could remote into to monitor? 🤔
Why not dere s improvement in App for windows phone..who is the developer.??
Windows 10 Mobile Store updated with UI improvements for games -
That is not why Windows Phone failed. They didn't miss mobile - tried hard and failed
That isn't why Bing and Windows Phone didn't win
as demonstrated by the success the Windows phone!
Occasionally while playing music on the windows player the stream will randomly switch and start playing from my android phone.
Uber probably didn't bother with fingerprinting their UWP app. Windows Phone users were left alone once again, for good.
Hey, uh, Can I get a Windows Phone app?. No, I know. . *sigh*. I know.
Shoutout to Bruce Wayne (the Affleck version) for having a Windows phone. Courage can't be bought.
7 people used windows mobile phones to have unique sessions on Firehouse Hockey yesterday. Isn't that like 1/3 of all windows phone users
Jewellust Adventure Match 3 for Windows Phone goes free as myAppFree app of the day via
dude, I can't sync my contacts from google in my Windows 10 phone. Help pls? Tried all suggestions from people in net.
Dear Is opera mini not available for windows phone in indonesia? What is this explanation?
See, this is why I love Windows Phone/Platform. I can tell Apps "You shall not pass" running in the background.
Adventure Match 3 for Phone goes free as app of the day
Windows Phone for the win! There's only one model so you can't screw up flashing :P
Mad UX props to the Windows Phone (Nokia Here?) maps app for its insistence that "national theatre, Southbank, London" is in Reading.
Toshl Finance drops support for its Windows Phone app
Lumia 650 proves that 'Windows Phone' is dead - Newcastle Herald
The app has over 200 million users and is available for Android, iPhone, and Symbian, MIDP, Windows Phone,...
Do you have timeframes for offering BEAM to laptop or Windows Phone customers? Your FAQs say "in the future" - any update?
I'd keep at it but I'm in bed and my phone doesn't do them lol. *** Windows Phone
Feeling goodwhile seeing tis on a Windows Phone today.
Feeling good & bad at the same time while seeing tis on a Windows Phone today.
WhatsApp is bringing video calling to Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 'in the coming days' by
This is such a beautiful day. Microsoft Authenticator for Windows Phone is Generally Available!
Major: Windows Phone: Ming's friends often try to play cool at satellite
Microsoft Teams now available on Android and Windows Phone go to
. Good night Gameloft, you could update the spider-man unlimited game with Doctor Octopus and Mysterio for Windows Phone please.
Candy Crush Saga now has 2000 levels on Windows 10 and Windows Phone:
Windows Phone dives into irrelevant-like-Blackberry territory: Android is the Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt o...
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