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Winchester College

Winchester College is an independent school for boys in the British public school tradition, situated in Winchester, Hampshire, England.

institution and Winchester College Legend belated happy birthday to Colin "Coach"Nutbeem a…
Whitechapel street scenes (c.1970s) in basement of the former London Hospital Medical College Can you tell us an…
no because they come and stay at where I went to college in Winchester, England before going to uni here.
The 15-year-old Bellarmine College Preparatory sophomore will showcase his musical skills when he performs with the Winchester Orchestra of…
I haven't lived at "home" since summer of my year 2 at college and I'm happy about that decision everyday. So I understand
Geoffrey Howe's old desk from College, apparently.
Looking for the ideal family day out? Then Sparsholt College’s Countryside Day could be just the ticket. Save on...
Thursday and we are back at Winchester College with our and leading 😀😀
Tutor Aviva and the at Winchester College having a great day doing their management programmes😀
Brilliant lecture and dinner by at Winchester College tonight. Thanks for invite.
I know it's a free asset but undrafted college FAs don't inspire much confidence in me. Butler, DaCosta, Winchester, O'Connor etc
they don't know their brains LMAO dude are they supposed to get to college and be like "OH I just magically realised I'm ***
Hampshire college crowned king of social media
Wonderful Spring Ball tonight in Haslemere with Sixth Form boys from Winchester College. A perfect evening!…
I believe this is what the Winchester College Chapel looked like in 1867
A spring walk into Winchester via the Hospital of St Cross, Winchester College and Cathedral Close
Why is Shadowhunters so good that I debate whether or not to go back to college 😂
My boo is not coming to college until 12:15 and it makes me sad 🙁
*** NEW LISTING ALERT! ***. Charming 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home within walking distance to College Park. Home is...
Can't imagine going to college AND living in Winchester. That's 2 Ls right there alone.
While we were out visiting Art College we were called to a small car Luckily a false alarm caused by a blown engine
Looking forward to our concert at Winchester College June 11 raising money for See you there?
Winchester Fashion Week starts TOMORROW Looking forward to college contributions and FROW seats at the
BSDRA Southerns at Spinnaker won by Magdalen College School who beat Winchester Red 2:1
there's loads of Winchester college boys at secrets I guess they're on day release
What I have always missed from college.
A lot of people don't "choose" to burger flip. A lot of people can't afford college and "burger flipping" is the only job.
those loans off but does the college care? Nope because you went there and they got your money.
Not the 1st one i worked with but one of my favs and what we had at college (networked & corvus winchester)
thanks Lawrence. I hope to be in Oxford on Sunday - CCC & New College with luck. Another Winchester connection!
Wreck at Winchester Rd and College St in New Market. Use caution.
TRAFFIC ALERT: Two different wreck reports in TN Valley>> Wreck on Winchester Road and College Street and Bob Wade Lane and Northgate Drive
Currently watching cricket in the beautiful grounds of the 14th Century, Winchester College
Sad news for Winchester - Planning Committe turns down Sparsholt College's planning application for renewable energy
Sparsholt College's planning application for renewable energy scheme rejected by Winchester Planning Cttee :-(
Successful first event! Winchester College is rather beautiful
excellent poster at celebration of 2000 projects& 1,500,000 YouTube hits at Winchester College
Some lovely pictures of walk in from blogger inc. &
A 4-0 victory over Winchester College and we are under way chess challenge.
One of my college homes is being torn down😥 What a bummer!👎🏻 RIP WINCHESTER/SWEATSHOP 🎉🍻
When I skip class in college my mom still calls to check if I did go I'm like really 😒 I'm sick mom she yelled at me
Can have a cameo on as Sam Winchester's college bestfriend? 🤔
. "Manners MAKETH man". Motto of Winchester College not Waverley I. Assume unless a cardinal or Pope.
I'm gonna fake my death and donate my body to science so that when some college student tries to cut me open I can scare th…
Annals of Winchester College : From Its Foundation in the Year 1382 to the...
Big day for . Winchester highlight of Georgia State’s scrimmage
New post: A sunny spring walk into Winchester
Motto of Winchester College: "Manners Makyth Man". I've been shouldered off the pavement in that town. Eton High St?
A wide range of quality acoustic products from chosen for
Excellent Ralph STEADman show, Winchester Discovery Centre 'til 17/01, free, go see!
I've officially been in Winchester too long... Take me back to college 🙄
"Manners maketh man.". William of Wykeham (1324 - 1404), Motto of Winchester College and New College, Oxford
at today's Winchester-Woburn game. Threw for series record 345 yds in 2014 game. Now playing college hoop at…
"I'm currently a college student, or am I?" "get out."
You've got to check out the college girls! JC Winchester (.
Waitwaitwait, what are you doing going to Winchester College??
Check out this at WINCHESTER COLLEGE in
I hope it's your thankyou letter today, Binky.if you're in College Street, Winchester you're very lucky!
Now on A Winchester Christmas with the Royal College of Music Chamber Orchestra & Chapel Choir
Join Lucy Coward for a very special carol concert, recorded at Winchester College Chapel:
At 3pm we take you to Winchester College Chapel for a very special carol concert...
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
4 Miles Gone has a show on 12/26/2015 at 09:00 PM @ Matt's College Street... in Winchester, TN
I added a video to a playlist Adeste Fideles by the Winchester College Chapel Choir (2011)
We're looking forward to tonight in Winchester College Chapel.
Coincidences do exist. Bumped into Eka, classmate from college as she headed towards Rangkas Bitung as I… [pic] —
Sports Illustrated honors Chaminade Gold Star Alum Ron Winchester '97 in the following video.
Winchester reached peak State College weather today. Barely 40 in the morning and then almost 80 by the afternoon
Get your copy from us. Pop in the shop - 11 College Street, Winchester - or get in touch:
Charterhouse Football 1st XI Won vs Winchester College on Sat 03 Oct. Match Report now in. Visit
Short story on BBC set in College St Winchester!
Winchester College Drama - A big well done to all those involved in A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller. I...
there's something nostalgic about National Express. I used to do the 6hr from Winchester to Stoke at college. Still fulla crazies
I am quite busy with college and mid-semester exams so yeah time just flies by for the past few weeks... :/
HNW have recently completed the Hopkins Building at Peter Symonds Sixth Form College in Winchester. . This...
Cleaner: Driving licence preferred, but not essential. Winchester College have pe...
Nicholas Roe will be at the English Dept of Winchester College, tonight at 7pm, discussing "and Winchester".
Someone named Chris Harper Mercer lived in Winchester, 4 mins from Umpqua Community College, site of massacre.
Umpqua Community College is located in the Winchester community of Douglas County.
Winchester, a small community, north of Roseburg. This what the area looks like heading to Umpqua Community College.
Only in college will you see random watermelons on the floor XD
I'm not saying all college kids look the same these days but I swear 3 dozen Justin Bieber lookalikes just got off the train at Winchester
SPARSHOLT COLLEGE is looking for an Instructor - Agriculture in Are you a fit for this
We had Sports Leaders from and marshalling at the Winchester Community Games on Sunday!
Attn public schools: haven't been to a college fair yet? Make sure you come to AppleBlossom Mall tonight at 6:30 & check us out!
Looking forward to see this afternoon for the event at Sparsholt College Winchester
I just influenced a college friend regrading Supernatural. Winchester gospel is now contagious. Proud.
Excited to start my new accordion teaching job at Winchester today.
I told my dad that I made friends at college and he asked how many legs they had 😒
I got more hoodies today which is great news because now I don't have to scrounge around for some on some college mornings XD
Woke up, dragged myself to college and sociology is cancelled, in the words of David Tennant: I COULD HAVE DONE SO MUCH MORE
Five local universities (Brighton, Winchester, Solent, Surrey and Chichester) are taking part in today's...
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
I wonder what it's like to go to a college where the wifi doesn't suck.
maybe one day! My daughter trains at Winchester College so I'm there often 🏊
Good Morning from Winchester College. Breakfast under our belt at Lilleshall National Sports Centre.
Follow students of as they trek from Winchester to Brighton on Feb 16 with Find out more: http…
I'm sorry to the the college cant provide any aids in the middle of the year,Mr. Winchester... but I-I help you...
"Where are you going? Winchester?". Yes, I am visiting the college of Supernatural. Hopefully I can get a Dean's scholarship!
Winchester College gets green light for £3 million renovation and museum: ONE of the country’s oldest schools ...
Teaching english in a Language Institution got me thinking there are more grammar rules than I have ever encountered in college.
I was never kinda suit her anyway. The moment we went to college, we had gone into our own separate ways. I just realize it now.
Great recognition of success by Symonds students at the Winchester & District Sports Awards. Amongst the...
and the walk along the river past the mill and on to Winchester College and Wolvesey Castle is one of most beautiful in England.
A 4-0 victory for Fencing Club v Winchester College rounds off a very good half term. Great to see the strength in depth within the Club!
"Manners maketh man" -Winchester College and New College, Oxford motto
Peter Partner obit: 90. Historian of medieval Rome and the Middle East. Housemaster at Winchester College.
dated a Wilquister in college. guys started calling me Winchester. n that's the tame ones.
Archive of the day: letter Denmead PC to Winchester College re: filling in village pond, 12 Feb 1948 HRO AHH2/4/19
I have missed so many TV shows because of silly college assignments ugh gdi
Hilarious performance by the L6 with Winchester College in the Bedroom Farce. Directed by L6 girls Hope and Liv; hope you're proud!
Is that Winchester College? Love to know what's in the fireplaces at the base of those beautiful old chimneys!
I've seen some griping about Dean oogling college girls. Um, he's Dean's what he does. At least this canon is consistent!
Yay for going home early from college yay
I love London. On my way to Leadership Review for London College of Policing & stumble across Winchester Palace 😃
West Coast, Dean is haunted at a college, and it's got nothing to do with what happened that one time at a party.
College girl: "How do you deal?". Dean: "Whiskey. Denial. I do my best to make things right. Whatever they may be..."
Imagine having Sam and Dean Winchester in your college dorm room...
today I was in class thinking about what it would be like if Sam Winchester went to my college
The kitchen of Winchester College c1900. The poor unfortunate cook's face says it all.
Going to an Evensong in New on Wednesday with the combined choirs of New, Eton, Winchester College & King's Cambridge ARRGGHHH!!!
It's early Saturday afternoon. I guess that means it's time for a little matinée BotW. Without further ado, the Brit of the Week for the week of April 7 is . . . Hugh Dancy. Hugh Michael Horace Dancy was born on June 19, 1975 in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England. His father is philosophy professor Jonathan Dancy, who teaches at the University of Reading and at the University of Texas at Austin. Hugh is the oldest of three children, followed by brother John Christopher Dancy (born 25 May 1977), who is co-director of the travel company Trufflepig Travel, and sister Katharine Sarah Redman (born 5 March 1980), who works at the EFA Global Monitoring Report. At age 10, Dancy attended boarding school at the Dragon School in Oxford, then at 13, he attended Winchester College. At age 18, he acted in the Winchester College Players production of Twelfth Night which was performed in both Winchester and at the Minack Theatre in Cornwall. He went on to study English at St Peter's College, Oxford. After graduation ...
Who was you MP in 1955. In Co Armagh it was: Colonel Christopher Wyborne Armstrong (9 May 1899 – 8 July 1986) He was Ulster Unionist Member of Parliament for Armagh from a by-election in 1954 until he stood down at the 1959 general election. The son of Henry Bruce Armstrong, of Dean's Hill, Armagh, he married Hilde Kolz, with whom he had one son and daughter. Studying at Winchester College and Trinity College, Cambridge, he retired to farm at Gilgil, Kenya. His son, Simon W J Armstrong, married the daughter of Diana Miller, Countess of Mértola.
Apsley George Benet Cherry-Garrard (2 January 1886 – 18 May 1959) was an English explorer of Antarctica. He was a survivor of the Terra Nova Expedition and is acclaimed for his historical account of this expedition, The Worst Journey in the World. Born in Lansdowne Road,[A] Bedford, as Apsley George Benet Cherry, the son and eldest child of Major General Apsley Cherry (later Cherry-Garrard) of Denford Park in Berkshire (later of Lamer Park in Hertfordshire where he became High Sheriff) and his wife, Evelyn Edith (née Sharpin), daughter of Henry Wilson Sharpin of Bedford. He was educated at Winchester College and Christ Church, Oxford where he read Classics and Modern History. While at Oxford he rowed in the 1908 Christ Church crew which won the Grand Challenge Cup at the Henley Royal Regatta.
The Norman gate was built to secure the west entrance to the Ward.[84] In the Lower Ward, the chapel was enlarged and remodelled with grand buildings for the canons built alongside.[84] The earliest weight-driven mechanical clock in England was installed by Edward III in the Round Tower in 1354.[96]HP Pavilion dv7-3004el CPU Fan William of Wykeham went on to build New College, Oxford and Winchester College, where the influence of Windsor Castle can easily be seen.[84] The new castle was used to hold French prisoners taken in at Poitiers in 1357, including John II, who was held for a considerable ransom.[97]HP Pavilion dv7-4050ev CPU Fan Later in the century, the castle also found favour with Richard II. Richard conducted restoration work on St George's Chapel, the work being carried out by Geoffrey Chaucer, who served as a diplomat and Clerk of The King's Works. Windsor Castle continued to be favoured by monarchs in the 15th century, despite England beginning to slip into increasing political violence.[98 ...
Winchester College,1382, one of the oldest public schools in England, welcomed Wake Forest University yesterday with warmth and interest!
The Mallory Challenge This July, thirty pupils from Winchester College will undertake an ambitious and exciting challenge in England’s Lake District National Park in order to raise funds for the Royal British Legion. The boys, aged 15 to 18, will complete a 260km triathlon over four days in three relay teams. Between them, the teams will ascend an impressive 10,500m in height. The sections on foot will be speed marches covering some of the Lake District’s most iconic areas. The boys will scale over many of the peaks in the area, including Scafell Pike and Helvellyn; at 978m and 950m, they are England’s highest and third highest summits respectively. The teams will also go over some of the region’s key historical sites, such as the lofty Roman road of High Street and by some other ancient and Roman sites, such as the area’s famous stone circles. The gruelling route will see the teams tackling seven of the larger lakes in open top canoes. These include: Windermere, England’s largest lake which i ...
The Master and his Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World by Iain McGilchrist (2009) Reviewed by David Lorimer, 2009 first published in Network Review No 101 Read interview with Iain McGilchrist in TOWARDS December 2011 Issue 1 Twenty years in the making, this seminal book has been well worth the wait and could scarcely have been researched and written in less time. It has to be one of the most significant books published in 2009, since it addresses so directly the ways in which we understand the world and the systemic predicament of Western culture. I first met Iain in the early 1980s when his brother, like myself, was teaching at Winchester College. Iain was coming to the end of his seven-year prize Fellowship at All Souls College, Oxford. In 1982, he published his first book, Against Criticism, in which he argued against what he saw as the destructive analytical tendency in literary criticism, which failed to recognise that the initial apprehension of a work of art or literatur ...
Me and beki are dropping out of college and becoming the Winchester brothers bye
"You're gonna end up at bunker hill community college" the threat of Winchester
Lol at Winchester college boys. The next generation of toffs.
I remember having a final exam in college on the Saturday of Apple Blossom. It felt personal. Happy Apple Blossom, Winchester. Bloom strong.
Thinking about heading back to State College tomorrow. I dont care if its Apple Blossom. Winchester is not the town I want to be in, ever.
Guys my sister graduates college tomorrow, I remember when I used to flush all her toys down the toilet. Where has life gone?
Newman excited to be part of Festival: WINCHESTER -- Johnny Newman had a solid college and NBA career and scor...
Can't believe I'm hanging round Winchester for two hours waiting for to finish college
Spending my last night at college hanging out with my two favorite brothers, the Winchester boys!!
Dumpster diving in May in a college town. Like dangling meat in front of an alligator.
No. But I love Buffy. And Angel. Fact of the day - he went to Winchester College, in my home town (I was a cleaner there!)
Winchester :D Have you decided what you're doing, are you carrying on at college?
"Wish I went to a real college" "we go to the university of Winchester "
At the top of Sam Winchester's skill set is finding a book with a symbol he hadn't seen since college in under a minute.
Thanks to a chinese winchester college guy now has my number!
GREAT two hour wait in Winchester A&E now after my son has hurt his leg at college ;-(
just about to start from Winchester live from the college until 16.00 expeditions join the
Police Investigate Stabbing In Winchester: Police say someone was stabbed in the neck Tuesday night on College...
In College there is no assigned seating - But there is a unwritten rule if im sitting in the same spot for 2...
First lesson I ever learned in college, C's get degrees fool.
I know, I hate it!! I'm currently pouting, trying to talk her OUT of college!! Lots of opportunity in Winchester, right?!! 😁
literally in one staircase at winchester college they have this, a harpsichord and a piano... It's a joke
He's lovely really. Literally going to be sad for eternity after college finishes. Unless he goes to Winchester. There's always that.
We did a talk a Winchester School of Art, I promised if someone cycling from the college to GP towers would get a free set of business cards
A second photo of Mary Seacole was discovered in library of Winchester College in 2009 by Dr Geoffrey Day.
...and then the Winchester version of Dead Or Alive comes on and I'm cackling in the middle of the college social place. Good.
I'll be done with college by then so I might be able to go to Bournemouth AND Winchester. I refuse to miss out. :)
How educated are our Bollywood stars? Salman Khan - college dropout Aamir Khan - He never went to college. Imran Khan - He completed his schooling in boarding school in Ooty joined St Xavier's college Mumbai,before joining films he also did a filmmaking course in New York. Ranbir Kapoor - He attended HR College in Mumbai for two years, and then went to pursue method acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York. He is the only actor in the Kapoor family, besides cousin Kareena, to have attended college. Akshay Kumar - Khiladi Akshay Kumar left his studies to learn martial arts in Bangkok, where he also worked as a chef. Saif Ali Khan - Went to Winchester College in Oxford Shah Rukh Khan - Jamia Millia Islamia College in New Delhi for a Master’s degree in Mass Communication but could never complete
I'm taken to task (pretty effectively) in comments section by a Wykehamist for calling Winchester College 'Eton-lite'
Thomas Weelkes (baptised 25 October 1573 - 30 November 1623) was an English composer and organist. He became organist of Winchester College in 1598, moving t...
On 23rd December in 1556 Nicholas Udall, the English Playwright passed away. Udall was born in Hampshire and educated at Winchester College and Corpus Christi College, Oxford. He was tutored under the guidance of Thomas Cromwell, who mentions him in a letter to John Creke of 17 August 1523 as 'Maister Woodall' and he appears again in Cromwell's accounts for 1535 as 'Nicholas Woodall Master of Eton'. After graduation from Oxford, he taught at a London grammar school in 1533. He taught Latin at Eton College, of which he was headmaster from about 1534 until 1541, when he was forced to leave after being convicted of offences against his pupils under the Buggery Act 1533. The felony of buggery (sodomy), like all other felonies, carried a sentence of capital punishment by hanging, but Udall wrote an impassioned plea to his old friends from Cromwell's household Thomas Wriothesley and Sir Ralph Sadler; then joint principal secretaries of state, and his sentence was reduced to just under a year in the Marshalse .. ...
Police team up with Winchester college to crack down on drugs: POLICE have been working with a Winche...
Going to miss Winchester and college
I might try King Alfred W'end or Halloween Horrors or Hairy Scary
big group shot at Winchester College Wedding
One of the Winchester College buildings. What a place to learn, six centuries on..
Winchester College was founded in conjunction with New College, Oxford.
First up is the Bell/Ziadie Football memorial Celebrity charity Football matches, St. George's College's Winchester Football Field at noon
I'm not feeling very well, so please check out my latest Viva blog post and make me feel better thanks
Lt Evan Nepean was killed in action on 4 October 1918. See his photo & find out about him in Faces of -
If you are looking for a choral interlude today, BBC Radio 3 is broadcasting Evensong from Winchester Cathedral at 3:30
On Monday a team of alumni from King Alfred's College, Winchester
Jul 18 1817 - Jane Austen dies in College St. Winchester, attended by her sister Cassandra.
Winchester and Salisbury are some of the UK's finest cathedral cities
Winchester College - - I carried out paint analysis of the 17th C "School" building.
Off to see my 13 yr old, Dominic, play Vince in The Mighty Boosh at Winchester College later. Go Dominic!!!
walkway Winchester college ceiling ribbed like a ship, so beautiful..realized all memorial plaques on the wall were young kids, humbling
Winchester college backs teacher's bid to run at Olympics: A WINCHESTER college has raised more than ...
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