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Wilson Fisk

The Kingpin (real name Wilson Fisk) is a fictional supervillain that appears in the Marvel Comics Universe.

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So are The Hand going to be the big bad in the Defenders or can we get Wilson Fisk please?
So apparently the first appearance of Vanessa Fisk involves her confronting Wilson over the apparent suicide of their adult son. Wow
Interesting artist!Cool tunes and also fantastic and tracks. Perhaps an MC can push attention
I'm 3 episodes off the end of Daredevil, and do you know, I don't think Wilson Fisk is a very nice person.
thank you! I'm still waiting on a Netflix Wilson Fisk costume for KP though. Come on guys.
JB is my first name, homie. And my - 5,000% Abest bad boy on television: WILSON FISK!…
Wilson Fisk goes to Japan. ... Wilson Fisk goes to Japan. h
That was the first name that came to mind. They'll have to use assorted Wilson Fisk hirelings
Yes! My favorite bit of backstory is that they start out co-financed by Tony Stark & Wilson Fisk.
Thanks, brother. We all loved Wilson Fisk and wanted to do him justice.
After two seasons, you know it's down hill for Marvel from there. Can't do better than Wilson Fisk & The Punisher.
Does Antifa know the whole world is laughing at them?
also reinvention is encouraged, as long as you're doing something creative with it. see: Fisk, Wilson.
Wilson Fisk from Daredevil. He just wants to be loved!
Both Power Brokers, Robert Moses and Wilson Fisk, are brilliantly portrayed by
- "I needed it to fight Wilson Fisk. And I need it now. It saved my life when I fought the Punisher, but…
Fisk. Wilson Fisk. Yeah..I said your name. You might've lost weight..but I'm comin after you. sign…
"Young man, life is not a fairytale. Not everyone deserves a happy ending." - Wilson Fisk
*** Wilson Fisk, you are now my favorite villain next to Loki and Kilgrave. Such villainy. .
Your fans want Vincent D'Onofrio as Wilson Fisk with Vanessa in their own spinoff.
If Wilson Fisk doesn't get a cameo or post-credits appearance in Spider-Man: Homecoming, I'll burn the MCU to the ground
which character was tougher to play, Pvt Pyle or Wilson Fisk? Where did you draw inspiration to play th…
Poor Wilson Fisk, still staring at the cracks in the wall
Wilson Fisk seeks to better understand himself as Kingpin enters our Psych Ward:
Wilson Fisk is honestly one of my favorite villains on TV/film if I'm being completely honest
Halfway through season two rewatch. The Punisher and Wilson Fisk (and Gao) are MCUs best villains. End of story.
That is a shame. Wilson Fisk is a great villain.
Wilson Fisk is the alter ego of Thor... Major arc on Daredevil season 3
Dude...believe it or not, you're very handsome. I've watched you thru your career. You're a dreamboat even as Wilson Fisk.
At least 3 people in the restaurant look like Daredevil characters, including our waiter, Wilson Fisk.
Oh dammit. What the *** ?! Bleh... Best portrayal of Wilson Fisk I have yet to see!
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If you got approached by Marvel and they said you could be in any upcoming movie as Wilson Fisk, which movie would it be?
I wish you were! The jail scene between Wilson Fisk and Frank Castle was the best!!!
you're brilliant as Wilson Fisk. Hope to see you in season 3. What was like working with Stanley Kubrick?
I totally agree with this. Kingpin definitely deserves a spinoff. Me and my dad are big fans of Wi…
Should be a rule that you appear in all Netflix Marvel shows. Your Wilson Fisk is too good to stay hidden in the shadows
Hi, I'm Argentine and I like how you act. I really like your wilson fisk character. I congratulate you
Let's all pray his cell mate is Wilson Fisk.
Finally watching 5 episodes in. Man, for a dude so socially awkward, Wilson Fisk has MAD GAME. The date sce…
3 if you are a comics fan you'd know Netflix's Daredevil has given us the definitive versi…
Can Kingpin turn over a new leaf? Writer makes the case for Wilson Fisk:
When Wilson Fisk and Captain America both want to 'have a word' with you, you know you messed up
Waid even continues teasing Wilson Fisk's absence early into his second volume. (Daredevil
Gomer pyle to wilson fisk. What a character
If you're talking about just the movies. Yes. If you're talking about the whole MCU. No. There's Wilson Fisk and Ki…
Your Wilson Fisk is a badass. Every hero needs a well done bad guy.
Kingpin preview. Wilson Fisk. People love him. Kids look up to him
In Laura's origin she does a mission for Wilson Fisk, in Target X she's being questioned by Matt and Steve Rogers
But the show knows how to do villains right. I want to see a spinoff featuring Wilson Fisk and James Wesley!
I really wish they had also made a Michael Clark Duncan version of the Wilson Fisk.
Any and all Matt Murdock (out of costume) and Wilson Fisk scenes are the most intense of scenes to watch.
Are we just not talking about the fact that Trump met today with noted crime lord Wilson Fisk
Marvel, Running with the Devil: Matt Rosenberg ci mostra Wilson Fisk dietro le quinte
3 of 5 stars to Wilson Fisk by Bruce Jones
The Frank Castle meets Wilson Fisk episode in series 2 of Daredevil. Prison bloodbath.
Who is more dangerous as an enemy: Wilson Fisk from MCU, or Amanda Waller from DCEU?
That's Wilson Fisk's plot in season three of Daredevil.
Any chance Wilson Fisk will be in other Marvel shows besides DD such as Defenders, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, or Luke Cage?
I bet Christopher Cross is a total badass. Given the chance, he could prolly go Wilson Fisk on your ***
Frank Castle meeting Wilson Fisk is such an incredible moment
Lex Luthor, Wilson Fisk, Norman Osborn and Donald Trump - which super-villain ran for president best?
Matt Murdock is one bad day away from becoming Wilson Fisk or Frank Castle. well, i'm one bad day away too. i guess.
I'm watching DAREDEVIL again and Wilson Fisk is just a real-estate developer whose enormous project is falling apart
You mean like Hans Gruber, Wilson Fisk, Darth Vader, Sidious, Ramsey Bolton, Saurmen and every evil rich white guy.
also includes Eliza Dushku as the Black Cat, and introduced Wilson Fisk, both players in 4... ;-)
Although I think I prefer Wilson Fisk during the first season of when he looked like the grown man version of a Faberge Egg.
Wilson Fisk looks like a look a giant baby.
I had completely forgotten that it had both Daredevil and Wilson Fisk in it.
They need to put Wilson Fisk back on Daredevil. His character was raw af.
Dude that played Wilson Fisk in it too?!
It was very underwhelming. I got tired of all the characters except The Punisher and Wilson Fisk
Daredevil season 2, I find I’m not interested unless Wilson Fisk is on screen
is like Wilson Fisk. The name which cannot be mentioned.
the 2nd photo reminds me of Wilson Fisk from the Netflix Daredevil series
daredevil follows the trend of making villian powerful than the hero n executes it superbly . Wilson Fisk is amazing
Back from a tough workout and my haircut session. I look like slim brown Wilson Fisk again.
The actor who plays Wilson Fisk in Daredevil is Private Pyles in Full Metal Jacket. That'll do.
*Wilson Fisk voice* you...give city...will's full...potential
Brett Dalton is killing it as Hive. He's probably the best Marvel villain in the MCU, right behind Loki. And maybe Wilson Fisk too.
I liked a video Wilson Fisk threatens Matt Murdock in prison
Oh hey, we review Daredevil season 2 on our latest episode. Also, I do a pretty solid Wilson Fisk impression.
Wilson Fisk is gonna mistake me for a piece of fruit and eat me.
oh we can use shows too? Then swap out Ra's and put in Wilson Fisk
I forgot Wilson Fisk escaped prison to militarize dinosaurs.
I wish Wilson Fisk would've gone after that thing in Jurassic World.."the raptors have proven to be...quite difficult.."
Wilson Fisk in Daredevil sounds remarkably like Spock. . Vincent D'Onofrio as Leonard Nimoy.
When you are in México eating in a restaurant and realize that Wilson Fisk is in front of you
"Im so swift with it you try to hit and you miss. Its like Wilson Fisk calling on the sinister six. Im a magician...
I never despised/was more fascinated by a character than Wilson Fisk in Daredevil. Brilliant acting, that.
Now Wilson Fisk in Daredevil looks like the Kingpin. In mannerism, appearance and all...
Binging Daredevil S2 again today.Wilson Fisk is the most intimidating and scary MCU villain PERIOD
My studio room needs art on the walls. I'm not Wilson Fisk, no way do I deserve to stare at white walls to conjure creativity.
I know opinions on Foggy Nelson'll turn around in season 3 when he blows cigar smoke in Wilson Fisk's face
Rosenberg seeks out real underworld power in Marvel's "Kingpin"
My primary complaint about Daredevil S01 is that Wilson Fisk did not brutally murder Foggy and Karen & spare us their blademax dialogues
FIC REC: This Nightmare You're In (Isn't Over, Yet)  by Veldritch - Karen Page decides to get Wilson Fisk...
Wilson Fisk tells Daredevil that they're a lot alike (twin transference). A possible indicator of NPD
Malik riaz is Wilson Fisk of Pakistan. Dawn is like Ben urich.Question is who is gonna be the daredevil? in advance
It's good to see Vincent D'Onofrio reprising his role as Wilson Fisk. He's the best at portraying the character.
Wilson Fisk... Tony (via flashback)... Coulson (probably the least likely but I can dream)...
Wilson Fisk from Daredevil should be a playable character in the next Super Smash Bros. game. Anyone agree?
Imagine Captain Kirk & Wilson Fisk having a conversation. Just do it
I feel like the actor who plays Wilson Fisk in Daredevil is channelling fat Marlon Brandon
if Vincent D'Onofrio recorded Rain Dogs, the full album, in character as Wilson Fisk, i would pay up to one thousand pounds
Interesting thing I picked up on while watching Daredevil: Wilson Fisk's girlfriend is played by Ayelet Zurer aka Kal-Els mother in MOS.
Wilson Fisk. 2015, Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo. A fantastic closet cosplay... he w…
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Billy Corgan is going to be so good as Wilson Fisk in the Daredevil musical
iTunes shuffle played part of Mozart's Requiem mass as I stepped out the shower. I immediately felt like Wilson Fisk or some other kingpin
Wilson Fisk is not a good guy, Ben Urich (black reporter) dies
I think the way Patrick Stewart was born to play Prof. X, Vincent D'Onofrio was born to play Wilson Fisk.
Can someone please just edit that scene of Wilson Fisk destroying that guy with the SUV door so it has the Disney logo in the corner
Wilson Fisk is played by Vincent D'Onofrio. He's the guy that played the Bug in the first Men in Black. Now you know
oh *** well the guy who plays daredevil does the comic book character justice as well as Wilson Fisk
loving Season 2, gotta give his own Wilson Fisk show ! What a bad guy and he plays it so well :)
nailed the roll of Wilson Fisk, he was absolutely terrifying. His best work since Full Metal Jacket.
Rex Smith as Matt Murdock, John Rhys-Davies as Wilson Fisk, Bill Bixby as David Banner, Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk.
Nelson and Murdock took out Wilson Fisk and them *** STILL BROKE
For example, I enjoyed Wilson Fisk's origin story far more than Matt Murdoch's The villain's are always more interesting.
Matt Murdock: You were right, what you told me on the radio that night. Not everyone deserves a happy ending. Wilson Fisk: You!.
Remember in season 1 of Daredevil when Matt Murdock angsted over the ethics of killing Wilson Fisk, but didn't care about…
Harvey Dent, Wilson Fisk, Jimmy Olsen. All good casting choices. Change a single PoC character to white, though, the world loses its mind.
Watching the snooker. Ronnie O'Sullivan starting to look like Bruce Campbell; Stuart Bingham is Wilson Fisk.
I am in awe, absolute awe for 's portrayal of Wilson Fisk, I salute you Sir, I hope you're rightly proud of yourself. 😘 x 🎭
Compare to Wilson Fisk in Daredevil, who is both genuinely awful, and an actual person who wants basically human things.
someone mentioned the name Wilson in Jessica Jones and it might related to wilson freaking fisk. i knew it, easter egg!!
Just finished watching totally didn't put it together that Wilson Fisk is Kingpin...
Wilson Fisk is such a good character
Finally finished Daredevil. Vincent D'Onofrio really does steal the show as Wilson Fisk.
Actually Madam Gao has been one of my favourite Marvel villains coz even Wilson Fisk feared her in Daredevil & she was so mysterious
Why do I feel like Wilson Fisk has Hydra ties? Marvel
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Meanwhile some guy in a suit has been beating up dudes 2 streets over, and Wilson Fisk is changing the whole neighborhood.
Strangest thing about Jessica Jones so far: you'd think they'd leave a TV or radio on in the background mentioning DD or Wilson Fisk, no?
I know I'm late to the party, but is addictive and my new favorite show. is Wilson Fisk.
[Wilson Fisk voice] I'm just trying to make this city a better place
I'm now 4 episodes into & I'm really beginning to enjoy as Wilson Fisk
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But I thought Wilson Fisk already did that? /s
Dam agree with Wilson Bam Bam Fisk hard to watch Roy is still and always be the man
Me: Imagine right before sex, Vanessa whispers into Wilson Fisk's ear, "Let's get fisky.". Scott: 😐. Me: 😎. Scott: 😎.
Wilson Fisk on is just as good a villain as Loki. Fisk has more depth and you grow to like the guy. You understand why he's evil.
My goal is to watch three more episodes of Daredevil. The end is almost near. The actor that plays Wilson Fisk is good.
I do think the best thing in the MCU is Daredevil though, Wilson Fisk definitely should be a villain in a few of the movies.
MCU movie villains need to step up their game when Netflix has villains like Wilson Fisk and Kilgrave
"A woman who can be brought,isn't worth having" -Wilson Fisk,the Kingpin; Daredevil S1
Best part about Daredevil : Wilson Fisk's house. Specifically his walk in closet.
*Wilson Fisk voice* it IS...My bear..ANDBEAR it ISHALL.
The nurse that told Wilson Fisk off after he yelled "Don't you know who i am" is the real super hero in Daredevil and must join the Avengers
Memoir binge: "Pudge: The Biography of Carlton Fisk," by Doug Wilson. Who can forget his Game 6 HR?
Comic tv shows had some of the best villains this year; Reverse Flash, Zoom, Kilgrave, Wilson Fisk, and Damien Darhk 2015 Shows > Movies
Shkreli is like Wilson Fisk of Daredevil except small/meek/likes to peacock on social media, but awful in equal measure.
"A woman who can be bought, isn't worth having." -Wilson Fisk, .
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Wilson Fisk was ok (kind of threw a lot of tantrums though), never saw Jessica Jones so don’t know anything about Kilgrave.
also netflix please stop recommending rupaul's drag race because it makes me want to Wilson Fisk myself in a car door
*** Wilson Fisk's love interest is also Supermans mom? Hm
you will be missed. I wish I had an assistant/friend like you were for
I think Wilson Fisk is a better villain on instead of killgrave
Kilgrave and Wilson Fisk are the top villains this year. Ramsey was way more villanous than Cersei.
Wilson Fisk had it for a while but then came Killgrave! David Tennant for the win!
Speak of the Devil revolves around Wilson Fisk taking control of *** s Kitchen while Matt Murdock is forced to...
Happy Birthday to the first Wilson Fisk I saw on the big screen, Michael Clarke Duncan. Personally I liked his performance in Daredevil. RIP
Wilson Fisk in Daredevil is a masterful example of complex character acting
Slater & Lewis get best supporting Golden Globe nominations for TV drama, but Vincent D'onofrio doesn't for Wilson Fisk in Daredevil?
hm Wilson Fisk is pretty awesome in Daredevil
Finally finished Jessica Jones on Netflix. Welp, that was underwhelming. Kilgrave wasn't that intimidating anyway compared to Wilson Fisk.
love portrayal of Wilson Fisk. Like that he plays Kingpin as mostly controlled, professional businessman, + rage & crime!
After Loki, Jessica Jones' Kilgrave and Daredevil's Wilson Fisk, you can't tell me Marvel can't produce quality live acti…
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Omg I feel bad for Wilson Fisk and like...
to bring justice to David Cameron, he is the Wilson Fisk of the UK
That man you´re talking about wouldn´t be a blubbery behemoth by the name of Wilson Fisk, would it?
Maybe not as much as Wilson Fisk loves *** s Kitchen, but still.
Wilson Fisk really reminds me of Pugsley Addams. Well, the 30-40 year old version of Pugsley that is.
Not Robert... but "Kingpin" is Wilson Fisk (and then later, his son, whose name I forget).
"what would jessica say if she met daredevil and what would kilgrave say if he met Wilson Fisk?. KR: Wait and see."
Daredevil is just so much worse than Jessica Jones because Wilson Fisk is the least convincing and least scary villain ever
I'm two episodes into Jessica Jones and deeply invested already. Kilgrave and Wilson Fisk should do a buddy comedy
now that I know Private Pyle is Wilson Fisk, I am going to pretend that the Marvel Universe is an alternate timeline of Full Metal Jacket
He was great, however I preferred Wilson Fisk in Daredevil. Jessica Jones is still a fantastic show though.
Why do Daredevil and Wilson Fisk never get mentioned at all in Jessica Jones? They're in the same neighbourhood, for crying out loud!
It's worth is for the parallels between Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk. It's just amazing.
Michael Chiklis would have been a great Wilson Fisk
I only went for Andy Dywer and Wilson Fisk
I didn't recognize Wilson Fisk in Jurassic Park until he started talking ... because all Wilson Fisk did in Daredevil was talk
Guy in front of me to pick up pizza looks like Wilson Fisk. I'd ask him but I don't wanna get pistol whipped
Frank and Claire Underwood, Wilson Fisk and Vanessa... Netflix needs to make memes for their original s…
Wilson Fisk and Vanessa have some serious Frank and Claire Underwood vibes going. Fantastic.
Then again, I was on Wilson Fisk's side when watching Daredevil, Frank Underwood's for House of Cards, etc etc lol. I root for the schemers
*** gonna be an abusive father, son might off him like Wilson Fisk lmao
Heh. De gast die Wilson Fisk speelt in Daredevil, was Pvt. Gomer Pyle in Full Metal Jacket
[Wilson Fisk voice] I will not be... INVISIBILIZED... this is... the foulest... VIOLENCE... my callout post will be... LENGTHY
characters I want to see. Victor Creed, Stephen Strange, Matt Murdock, Danny Rand, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Wilson Fisk.
I JUST finished this. as Wilson Fisk. One of the most riveting performances I've ever seen. Ever.
On the last episode of Daredevil. So far, so good. So when does Wilson Fisk turn into Michael Clarke Duncan?
"I am untethered and my rage knows no bounds!" - Wilson Fisk at the end of e10, also Dennis Reynolds
Oh, and Grant Munro really looks like Wilson Fisk from Daredevil these days. Making Joe Mbu look positively weedy.
Your portrayal of Wilson Fisk was stunning. Thank you for an amazing season one of Can't wait for more.
I kept bouncing between this Wilson Fisk and head canon Michael Clark Duncan.
Wilson Fisk, a.k.a.The Kingpin makes an appearance in Jason Elliott's review of Daredevil episodes 3 & 4, and he...
Wilson, Fisk right hand man, reminds me of Mr. Smith from The Matrix
"A woman that can be bought.. isn't worth having" - Wilson Fisk A.K.A Kingpin
Wilson Fisk is running the new Jurassic World! Sweet!!
The kid is channeling Wilson Fisk today
just last week I said "man, I wish there was a movie where Star Lord and Wilson Fisk would beat up dinosaurs". Prayers answered
It's also pretty bold of Jurassic World to include Wilson Fisk in a Daredevil crossover. Welcome to Marvel, Jurassic franchise.
And Wilson Fisk's giving the orders in the park,not surprised everything went downhill eventually...
Fisk sounds like whisk. Someone make an edit of Wilson Fisk's face on a whisk I will pay you .
But hey... B. D. Wong and Wilson Fisk wants to make a nicer place too. (hehe)
When someone says let's go to the nursery home to talk to Wilson Fisk's mom, you gotta take a pass on that.
Finally some great shots of Indominus and I forgot Kingpin was in this! MY NAME...IS WILSON FISK.
In re-re-rewatching Daredevil, I find myself so deeply sad for Wilson Fisk this time around. More so than before for some reason.
I put Wilson Fisk up there w/Heath Ledger's Joker. Just my opinion, I thought he was fantastic.
Post credit scene: Wilson Fisk speaks into a dino-translator. "I've got an opening in *** s Kitchen. I'm sure it will be to your... taste."
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I wonder if any of the construction workers in my building work for Wilson Fisk
Holy crap! Wilson Fisk became a park security admin for Jurassic World after serving his time in Daredevil!
omg molina is wilson fisk. Or sharpe is. Conspiracy.
See Wilson Fisk - The Kingpin, Peter Quill aka Star Lord, & Gwen Stacy together in their new movie!
Vincent dorofrino deserves an Emmy for his portrayal of Wilson Fisk in daredevil
*Wilson Fisk voice*. Jurassic World seems.REALLY INTENSE. lives up to it's.POTENTIAL.
Loved Daredevil, especially Wilson Fisk’s monologue that derided “videos of CATS."
New trailer. I don't think that monster dino stands a chance against Wilson Fisk.
I wonder how much Wilson Fisk is worth.
NEVER show her back story. PLEASE make her part of IRON FIST. Thanks! — Patton Oswalt (April 16...
I half expected a "WILSON FISK, YOU HAVE FAILED THIS CITY" in there ;)
weird that Wilson Fisk's father was Herc
They got the perfect guy to play Wilson Fisk
My name is Wilson Fisk and I'm the fastest man alive
Frank Underwood, Wilson Fisk ... Netflix sure does know how to develop a villain.
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my new ringtone is wilson fisk saying "videos of CATS" on an endless loop
*wilson fisk voice*. Perhaps I've eaten too much... peanut butter and SALTINES... this afternoon
Young Wilson Fisk on Daredevil has the same face as Maisie Williams.
I wish I had that omelet that Wilson Fisk makes every morning. I'm starving.
Charlie Cox as Daredevil and Vincent D'Onofrio as Wilson Fisk were perfect casting choices. Both bring complexity to their characters
I dunno, in terms of villan names, Wilson Fisk doesn't sound all that intimidating to me...-_-
According to leaked emails, Sony was going to have Kingpin/Wilson Fisk in the 2019 Black Cat movie. Glad that fell through.
Which yes, it's a neighborhood unto itself but Wilson Fisk-inspired corruption feels weird next to Tony Stark, if that makes sense
Also forgot boss is off today so I am free to treat everybody as though I were Wilson Fisk all day long.
Man, if the Saints take Shane Ray I'm just gonna put "The Lonely Shepherd" on repeat and stare at a white wall like Wilson Fisk.
Really, really fascinated by the character they're developing for Wilson Fisk. He's not a cartoon villain, he's a flawed, sympathetic human.
I think I could be very happy in Wilson Fisk’s apartment.
Firstly Vincent D'Onofrio as Wilson Fisk(Kingpin) was amazing choice he was so different from law and order and was a perfect psycho! 1/2
Daredevil is top notch. Vincent D'Onofrio really owns Wilson Fisk. You watch yet?
*methodically sprinkles chives on eggs pretending to be Wilson Fisk*
You somehow have made me sympathetic to the internal struggle Wilson Fisk. Routing: Kingpin. Phenomenal.
Anger and rage are in Wilson Fisk's blood in the fourth episode of Check out our review
Still feel the strongest episodes of Daredevil are 7, 8, and 9. Stick, Wilson Fisk backstory, and confrontation
If is *** Kitchen, who is Wilson Fisk and who is Daredevil?
that feeling when u want justice but Wilson Fisk owns the media + police
If only Michael Clarke Duncan were here to play Wilson Fisk. Rest in Peace brother.
…Bruce Boudreau kind of looks like Wilson Fisk.
Kingpin! Wilson Fisk for president 2016 DareDevil themed by PowerUpDesigns via
It occurs to me that Daredevil's enemy Wilson Fisk (Netflix version) was based on real-life NYC builder Robert Moses.
what if? Detective Robert Goren were to go face to face with Wilson Fisk?
The best line I have heard from a Villain in a long time was by Wilson Fisk. "A woman who can be bought, isn't...
Vincent D'Onofrio is amazing as Wilson Fisk. Doesn't have Michael Clarke Duncan's raw size to intimidate, uses sheer presence just as well.
The shapeshifter stuck changing from Vince D'Onofrio to Brian Dennehy is amazing as Wilson Fisk on
I love the Wilson Fisk / Charles Foster Kane parallel. Rabbits In A Snowstorm is his snow globe. His Rosebud.
Going to dive back into Had seen 5 heading into a crazy day. LOVE D'Onofrio is fantastic as Wilson Fisk. What d…
Hey you're doing the internet wrong cause I googled Wilson Fisk and he came up on the first try!
The only one I like was when Michael Duncan Clarke played Wilson Fisk.
Michael Clark Duncan I thought played a great Wilson Fisk for the Daredevil. For that specific time, I believe he was the best bet.
.will Wilson Fisk be the new Tony Soprano? Nobody can match Tony Soprano. Gandolfini rocke…
'Daredevil' scoop: Vincent D'Onofrio cast as major villain Vincent D’Onofrio is the new Kingpin. Marvel TV has cast the acclaimed actor in Daredevil, its 13-episode super-hero series for Netflix. D’Onofrio (Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Men in Black) will play Wilson Fisk, “a powerful businessman whose interests in the future of *** s Kitchen will bring him into conflict with the blind attorney Matt Murdock and his alter ego Daredevil.” Previously we announced that Boardwalk Empire alum Charlie Cox will play the Murdock/Daredevil in the show. With the launch of Daredevil next year, Marvel will have at least three television shows on the air, including ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and the upcoming Captain America spin-off Agent Carter, which ABC plans to launch in midseason.
OKAY! Marvel is really PLEASING ME w/ this new choice for "The Kingpin"...A very suitable actor! Hopefully, he will be cast in various movies as well, as Wilson Fisk was often tied to so much dirt in Marvel's Universe! Gotta send a big shout-out also to the only man to play The Kingpin in any Marvel movies thus far! R.I.P. Michael Clarke Duncan!
Vincent D'Onofrio cast as Wilson Fisk in upcoming Netflix original from
Now that we know who is playing Matt Murdock I'm REALLY interested in seeing who will play Wilson Fisk
can you guys make dlc of Wilson Fisk, black cat, green goblin, kravin the hunter, and electro for free roam
Day 4 of the 30 day Superhero Challenge! This one took a lot of thinking, which I figure is the point right? Fourth day, favourite Marvel Supervillain? Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime I considered a few people on this list. Doctor Octopus? I like him, but not for his villainy, so we'll come back to him? Next was the Hood, a young man given a demonically powered cloak and boots who decided to take over the criminal underworld with supervillains. His chief rival, Mr. Negative, lord of an immortal band of warriors who runs Chinatown, was another option. And then I realized . . . Both those men, though their codes conduct and their powers and their stories were interesting, they had simply come to the table and taken the food laid out by the big man himself, Wilson Fisk. Perennial Daredevil, Punisher and Spider-Man villain, Wilson Fisk has been around since before comics even got dark really. But he makes them darker and bloodier and more pulpy than ever. Any issue he's in, any arc of a story he has a hand ...
Bradley Cooper as Matt Murdock. as Wilson Fisk. Save Elektra and Bullseye for sequel(s).
I would love to see a comic version of Dragons' Den with comic billionaires: Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, Wilson Fisk. Who else?
Michael Clark Duncan, totally okay with. Love him. A great Wilson Fisk
Rest in Peace to tha Big Fella Michael Clarke Duncan who past away with a heart attack we all remember him in the Green Mile as John Coffey comic book fans also remember him in the Marvel Comic movie the Daredevil as the Kingpin aka Wilson Fisk and the DC Comic movie Green Lantern as the voice of Kilowog a member of the Green Lantern Corps. R.I.P. Michael Clarke Duncan you will be miss.
Todays marvel hero is your favorite web slinging, wall crawling dynamo known as Spiderman. Peter Parker became Spiderman via a spider bite. That spider bite gave him the powers of a normal spider. Mary Jane Watson, Peter's girlfriend, was the one who designed the suit for him. He has fought villains such as The Green Goblin and Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin. His powers include wall crawling, web swinging, and spider sense. To whoever plays Avengers Alliance, save up your command points cause he costs 90 command points.
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Kingpin of the ink pen, similar to Wilson Fisk. Luke Cage Powerman with the IronFist. Feeling like Bobby Drake with all this ice on my waist.
I may go as Wilson Fisk the Kingpin (Marvel Comics) for Halloween this year... What do you guys think?
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