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Willow Smith

Willow Camille Reign Smith (born October 31, 2000), often known simply as Willow, is an American child actress and singer.

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If You Were Born Today, October 31: You are a dependable person who can also be spontaneous and unique while steady and reliable overall. Some people might call you hard-headed! You can stick to something (or someone) longer than most people, and your ability to read between the lines is outstanding. People generally admire your conviction and your wit, and you inspire trust in others due to your "no-nonsense" approach to life. Family oriented and committed, you are also typically quite organized. Famous people born today: Jane Pauley, Deidre Hall, Dan Rather, Xavier Roberts, John Candy, Michael Landon, Rob Schneider, Chris Tucker, Piper Perabo, Willow Smith. Your Birthday Year Forecast: The Sun conjunct the North Node in your Solar Return indicates that you may assume a leadership role this year. You are likely to establish connections and/or relationships with people that help forward your own personal growth. Teamwork and camaraderie, as well as meaningful connections, are themes. You feel your life h ...
Is Halloween your birthday? If so, you share it with celebrities like Vanilla Ice, SHSU alumnus Dan Rather, Willow Smith, Rob Schneider, Peter Jackson, Vanessa Marano, Frank Iero, Dermot Mulroney, Piper Perabo, and Adam Horovitz.
Willow Smith wanna be Dennis Rodman so bad.
"Will Smith is recreating the movie "Annie" this year with new music from Jay-Z. -- Willow Smith will be Annie." at John Jay
Willow Smith wants to be Kilo Kish so badly.
Watching Red Table Talks with Willow Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. That baby is blowing my mind. I definitely hope to have a daughter something like her!
We have been hearing rumblings for years now that the marriage between Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith is rocky at best and the proof seems to be in their children. Both Jaden and Willow Smith have popped up online posting things that seem to indicate…
Willow Smith is 11 and has a tongue ring, half her head shaved and is bisee cannon and a case of arrested development,
Who is in the Illuminati? The Illuminati is made up of the world's political and financial elite, and also, rappers. Theoretically, membership rolls are kept secret, but most YouTube intellectuals agree that the following people are members: - Barack Obama - the Pope - Queen Elizabeth II - George Soros - Ben Bernanke - George W. Bush - Jay-Z - Kanye West - Rihanna - Bob Dylan - Beyoncé - Lady Gaga - Jim Carrey - Willow Smith
Another Jersey girl makes good! Dana Owens AKA Queen Latifah has her own show now. Its on CBS @ 9am in NY, The only bad thing is its bing filmed in LA, CA which takes her out of the NJ area. Now there is little to no chance of running into her in North Jersey establishments. Oh well our loss! She's had phenominal guests, John Travolta (no pun intended) Willow Smith. Will Smith Alec Tribeck, Jake Gyllenhaal, Lisa Kudrow, n I haven't watched the others I taped yet. Jake Gyllenhaal said his mom was Jewish n his dad Christian. So @ 13 he had 1/2 a Barmitzvah. My mind immediately went to his Bris! Hm!
Lol man said Willow Smith looks like Sid off Ice-Age.
Tattoos: How young is too young? Osbourne, who has said she regrets getting some of her tattoos, shows a star on her neck. Pop star Rihanna has several tattoos, among them reportedly one that is grammatically incorrect in French. Singer/actress Demi Lovato, 19, displays a tattoo of a cross during a book signing. Actress Mena Suvari shows her tattooed back as she arrives at the Australian premiere of "American Pie: Reunion" in March 2012. Heavily tattooed and pierced musician Trace Cyrus, pictured with actress Brenda Song (left) attend a party in April in Beverly Hills. A man displays tattoos, earplugs and a conch piercing. A tattoo artist works during the II Tattoo Expo in Guatemala City on June 16, 2012. Belgian model Jade Foret shows off tattoos during a French Open tennis match. An Italian player flashes a smiley face tattoo during a training session in June 2012 before the finals of the Euro 2012 football championships. Some people may consider removing tattoos that others find offensive. Willow Smith ...
Willow Smith was the youngest Roc Nation artist in attendance at the VMAs last night, at the age of 12 years old http:…
Willow Smith is a the future female hottie. Keep that in mind.
with special guest appearances by. Lolo jones. Armie Hammer. Yosemite Sam. Papa Smurf. He-Man. the KKK. and Willow Smith
Blue Ivy and Willow Smith are too rich to always be looking like Kony's Invisible Children.
Willow Smith & Beyonce dropping an album this fall
Jaden and Willow Smith are just so ♥
“Willow Smith is doing the most now. they do that so they won't be noticed
Willow Smith's weave in the "Summer Fling" video is what's wrong with the world.
Willow Smith, you're 11 years old. Nobody needs advice about "being themselves" from you. Call us back when you get yo…
If you got soul you gotta love Jade Novah and Willow Smith.
Willow Smith is doing the most now.
Willow Smith ain't YO CHILD so why you mad?
Yall love to talk about Willow Smith like she ain't got more money than you.. lol
LOL imagine this girls pm is"18 years old" when she looks the same age as willow smith,not falling for that trap soz
I'm suing Willow Smith for my whiplash. We whipped our hair back and forth too much .
Why is willow smith so trashy like your dad is one of the most successful people ever ***
Willow smith is going to end up a drugged up shipwreck because Jaden will become the star child in the family
Willow Smith, I'll pray for you sha, 5 day night vigil
“Willow Smith is dressed like she about to deliver the Book of Eli
"You aint willow smith, this aint the Whip My Hair video" Jazmone was READING janelle and Janelle was mute AF
"Why does Willow Smith look homeless !? Ima need her to get it together ...
Please Play The Video by Willow Smith Summer Fling tonight on NEW please play it Please dont disappoint me i luv Trace
Got damnit “Why “Willow Smith is doing the most now.
From reviews, thought I would like Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. But it's all just as artificial and self-conscious as Willow Smith.
I wonder is Blue Ivy gonna turn out like Willow Smith
Willow smith looks like her dad with a wig
Willow Smith makes me not want to marry Jaden Smith anymore creepy ***
That awkward moment when Willow Smith looks more like a boy than Jaden Smith
Charlie Sloth for is like buying a Willow Smith album instead of Jay-Z
Willow smith looks like Jaden Smith with a wig on lmao
when did willow smith become British is the real question here!!??
Wow I can see it now, willow smith the next britney spears orMichael Jackson lol
That new Willow Smith song is really disturbing. "It's only for the summer, but we do it anyway." That's bc she starts Sea…
Poor Willow Smith . adolescents in the public eye...trinna find herself. But oh the torture to me.
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Willow're 12. You shouldn't be having a "summer fling" ✋
Willow Smith look like a tired stripper
Just when I thought Willow Smith had it together.
I really thought... Wahm to Willow Smith tho. Has your dad seen this pic? I know say he aint proud...
Think Willow Smith is too young to sing abt a Too late! The song is recorded & the music video shot -->
Willow Smith is in that awkward stage of her life. we were all there once before. leave her, she'll [hopefully] find her way.
I feel like willow smith will have a feel similar to Aaliyah's
Why is Willow smith trying to act as if she's already 18, the song and video is a big NO.
Willow Smith is 12. Singing about summer flings is inappropriate. She should be singing about some books in school. Let kids be kids.
Willow Smith lives young, wild, and free in the video for Watch:
Weigh in: Is 12-year-old Willow Smith's new music video too sexy? debate:
Can we please strip trying to make Willow Smith happen.
I don't think Willow Smith's problem is her lyrics or music, it's the hair… That mullet is bizarre!
Willow Smith new video is kinda tough. How old is she again? 12. Tru
Today on I'll be talking Justin, Selena, the royal baby, Bill Clinton, Willow Smith, & Adam Lambert on Glee. W…
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Summer fling by willow smith is literally the worst song/music video ever.
Tell me what you think about Willow Smith's new song. Too mature? Or harmless fun? Weigh in on our poll!
What the *** was willow smith thinking when she put on this wig for the summer fling video. ugly
We're now! For more on Justin, Selena, the royal baby, Clinton, Willow Smith & Adam Lambert,
Willow Smith is overdoing it, where are her parents?
I think willow smith is going to end up like Katie Osborn.
I kno all her friends laugh at her behind her back “Willow Smith looking like a Sloth..
Just watched Willow Smith's new music video. SMFH
Here's my thoughts about Willow Smith's video: I have none! If here parents say it's okay, then that's all that matters! Not your child!
Forget the fact that Willow Smith song maybe a little to grown for her age group what's good with her hair in that video though!? Like 4real
This was one of the strangest videos I've done LOL Fireball Willow Smith . Remixed by GloZell: via
Willow Smith is a prime example of why parents need to beat their children.
"Is Willow Smith's new song too racy for a 12-year-old? The video is harmless but, the lyrics shouldn't come from her
Willow Smith is 12, I doubt she's even started her period yet and her new song is called "Summer Fling" ***
If you look carefully, you can spot boobs on Willow smith
What kind of life is Willow Smith living pls
Willow Smith & her friends look like they all play pop warner football .
Interview Transcript: Willow Smith? Rebecca Scott: I saw a picture of Willow Smith and she had all of these different symbols written in black magic marker all over her body. Now let’s look at the parents that are known swingers in Hollywood and Scientologist. We are not paying attention… Anna Nicole Smith? Rebecca Scott: Anna Nicole Smith was married to a wealthy man named Howard Marshall and his sister-in-law was Dorothy Bush Couche (President Bush’s Sister) and Anna Nicole Smith overdosed… Marilyn Monroe? Rebecca Scott: Marilyn Monroe was connected to a President and she supposedly committed suicide… Kanye West? Rebecca Scott: Kanye before his mother died he was very spiritual he had the Jesus Walks song he was very grateful for not dying in the car accident that messed up his face he was very grateful! Now, Kanye offended some very elite people when he made the comment that Bush doesn’t care about black people and other comments. My suspicion ...
2nd single from music group Melodic Chaotic, comprised of MVSIC and Willow Smith. Download here: Filmed by ...
Okay... another Music Critique and then I'm done with that for a minute... Willow Smith. I don't want to hear her music anymore. ALL her songs sound like Rihanna rejects. Like, what? I know they share the same production label but really -- can they switch engineers or something? That one dude is worse than Jermaine Dupri with a Mariah Carey album. It's like he's sitting tightfisted at the controls going, "I am going to squeeze every last penny I can out of THIS loop until it kills me."
I am finally emotionally ready to address some things. 1st My Team the 76ers must be letting Will Smiths daughter Willow Smith run the organization because we stuck on stupid right now. and 2ndly 1 of my favorite players of all times Paul Pierce gets traded like he means nothing to the Boston Celtics organization. Why not let him finish his years as celtic great?
Bruno Mars had a GRENADE and Taio Cruz had DYNAMITE and they threw them both at Katy Perry who exploded like a FIREWORK the bang was so loud the Black Eyes Peas forgot THE TIME while Rhianna had memory loss and ran around saying WHATS MY NAME and then Eminem looked around saying I'M NOT AFRAID then Willow Smith started to WHIP HER HAIR which scared the Far East Movement and they started to fly LIKE A G6, Avril Lavigne saw this and started shouting WHAT THE *** and then Nelly woke up saying it was JUST A DREAM :)
MattyBRaps Matthew David Morris is called. He is originally from Atlanta, Georgia, and its height is 1.35 meters and a fearsome phenomenon in social networks. Matty B is the name of a child who is the YouTube sensation, the boy hung several videos performing songs from famous artists such as Eminem or Justin Bieber, on the web and has a good amount of visitors. As we know, Justin Bieber's career began in the same way, the number of visits to Matty B's videos make probably the closest competition by Justin Bieber, so he compared the blogger Perez Hilton- The U.S. small state is Atlanta just beginning in the music world ensures that its musical tastes this Michael Jackson. By the way, Matty B's mother, Tawny Morris, believes that his son is too young to consider doing some touring recordings or Matty B. writes his own lyrics and make your own videos like the one made of Willow Smith's song, 'Whip My Hair' Its director is Blake, who is her father. He has three brothers, the oldest named Blake Jr. (like his f ...
I know there has been. Lot going on in the news this week but one tragedy not getting the proper discussion is that 1. They are remaking Annie. 2. Willow Smith will play Annie. 3. Cameron Diaz is playing Miss Hannigan!! Oh the humanity!!!
And that is a video of Willow Smith, Jada Smith, and the grandma sitting at a table talking, by the way. In case you're afraid to click ;)
Thank The Lord Jesus above that Willow Smith will NOT be playing Annie in the new Annie movie. 🙏👌
Why do rappers always have to name their children *** names like they are possesions. Blue Ivy Carter, North West, Willow Smith.
can't forget jayden and willow smith. I mean thts pretty creative
I gotta say, for a ten year old. she killed it, lip sync or not. KILLED it. Ellen-Willow Smith performance:
North West is going to be a mixture of Amanda bynes & willow smith I can already see it
PS Petition for WILLOW SMITH to star in the North West biopic starts now.
an oldie. Willow Smith enjoying the Autumn season
Lol willow smith is a freaky little girl
"Pay no attention to them haters cause we whip them off" -Willow Smith
I miss my long hair, with short hair I can't Whip My Hair back and forth like Willow Smith
hey nicki I love your music your so pretty too lol you and willow smith should do another song dedicated to your fans we love ya
I am so hoping for a good nights rest, I could not tell you when this last happened...
I accidentally got the car wash vacuum too close to myself and sucked up my whole pony tail! Thought I was going to have to cut my hair off 󾌱
willow smith couldnt be my daughter thats word 2 my O i woulda whooped that lil heffa's ***
Anyone have any suggestions on what I can do with my hair to keep it from falling out so much. I don't know why but I shed a LOT and esp in shower and it causes the tub to constantly clog up.
If her parents write a movie about her she should be a strong, no nonsense super heroine, on a preordained mission. Like a young Harriet Tubman. On a different note, Its a shame how grown people talk about a little girl. She's a little girl! She should wear her hair how she likes, try new crazy non life-threatening things while going thru puberty and figuring life out. What's sad is looking at GROWN people who search for attention thru crazy hair styles and acting out. Stop the mass attack on this baby.
/..Willow Smith went from whippin her hair back & forth to not havin hair.. Looking like a cute lil lamb ^_^
Thank The Lord my neck is starting to feel better! I hate feeling helpless and being stuck in bed! Ugh this has not been fun!
I am so OVER the infestation of Mosquitos!!! Go away, you filthy little bloodsuckers, and leave my babies alone! It stinks not being able to enjoy the outdoors without being eaten alive. Poor girls were attacked in seconds, after being covered in bug spray. :( So over it.
Iight yall bugging with that willow Smith status now Lml like ten of yall just posted that same status
This is definitely my new favorite Disney movie! Been watching this nonstop, I need to buy it!
My dad and I keep listening to rap music... We're such a cool ghetto father and daughter were like Will and Willow Smith
Willow smith be like Wen you see me pull up I whip it real hard. I Be Like Pull in wat yo Moma back seat!!! Lmao
Willow Smith is 11 years old.. Shaved her head, pierced her tongue and sings about partying. I think its time she moves with her Auntie and Uncle in Bel-Air.
'Thumbs up' if you love Shopping! What 5 products have been in your B&M's shopping basket this week?
:putnam: Let's play this Game to Relax. We are goin' to write names of Rnß and HipHop Artists in a alphaßetical order,from A-Z. Let me start with Acehood,Avant,Asap rocky,Adele,. continue to Z. ~sir saxena Vl~
Annie has a wonderful place in my heart. However, I am not too happy that Will Smith and Jay-Z are remaking the movie or the plans that they have for it.
"You think Willow Smith has to live by rules? No! That girl is out whipping her hair back and forth til dawn...doing drugs."
Why do people insist on telling people how to raise their children? Quite frankly as long as they lives don't influence me or my happiness raise them in a nude colony for all I care. Leave Willow Smith alone she is just a kid for crying out loud!
Factwhen you whip ur head back and front, you lose 24 brain cells per whip.. *Poor Willow Smith* :p
Please stop hating and enjoy the music MAN ! These are good kids, leave them alone and let them enjoy life just the way they are !
big big thanku for all my birthday messages been a normal day but been spolit some new converse armani diamonds perfume willow tree ornaments and money :) think off out for tea coz i aint cooking its my birthday lol :P oh and little sis Stephanie Jayne Edmeads is taking me out for dinner tomoz and thanx to Peter Smith hubby for my pressie love u loads :) x x
Willow smith is 12yrs old, has half her head shaved, a tongue ring and is bisexual... 󾍐 What?
"Your validation is just not that important to me." -Willow Smith
To all my childhood friends.Thank you for the awesome friendships that made my childhood terrific! Just took a stroll down memory lane and had to smile.Thanks to Terry Epling's field of dreams that housed our baseball field, our basketball court, football field, a game of war with chestnut briars (crazy) and the old building that we called our playhouse. Thanks to the 77 flood that turned our playhouse into a playhouse fit for princesses (it's a 1000 wonders we didnt die of typhoid from all the cool things we found in the flood mud...Here goes and I hope I dont leave anyone out; Rhonda McClanahan, Pam Dixon, Audrey Doyle, Beth Lambert, Shannon Lambert, and Angie Lambert, Danny Scott, Bryan Huddle, Eddie Huddle, Brad Akers, Greg Smith, Mark Cook, Tangie Cook, and Kelly Norman. Did I miss anyone from the Buskirk gang? I miss all of you and wished we could go back and play one more game in the Epling Field. BTW Thanks Danny Scott for taking it over and keeping it a wonderful place even today.
I'm an Uncle again :') to little baby Willow Smith. Can't wait to have a hold on Sunday. Congrats to Charlotte Golding and Anthony Smith. Tyler has a little sister now.
anyone have contacts for a pantsula crew based in or around Cape Town? Sydelle Willow Smith Alexia Webster?
Ooo yeah I had a dream Jaden & Willow Smith made a song touch my snake and Will Smith was being questioned bout it on Sky News !?
21st Century Girl for willow
Considering a chiropractor appointment today, my back is hurting to the point that it hurts to breathe deep.
Willow Smith can get it. In the butthole
"Sometimes the right path isn't the easiest path." Said grandmother willow to John Smith.
i love Willow Smith, she's amazing.
When you dance, you look like…? — Whatta a question xD. Will my friends says I look like willow smith in 'I whip ...
I think Willow Smith good singer.She is not boring,than everybody.She have only her style.Maybe she's not perfect,she's original
Konje Willow Smith is also a rapper :'''). I give up!
It could be worse. Imagine Willow Smith headlining...
Crana report,There's a fish or two in the willow Derek Smith seen then this morning/ Seatrout , three men out last night only got small ones/ farling seen some good trout / it looks like sunday and monday is the days in give a wet weekend and spring tides
I am jamming to Jaden and willow smith song (find u somewhere), oooh, I just luv it. I listen to it every day lol;)
I remember when someone said Willow Smith was illuminati. I wanted to slap them. She was like 11years old then
Finnish DJ and producer Timo Juuti started Wicked Recordings together with his fellow colleague Sami Saari together with Mike Shiver’s Captured Music imprint a few years back. Lately he’s been taking the more housy side of things, and when teaming up with Hector 87, they decided to join forces on a…
Windows in the office building gave up and jumped rather than live in this weather... Plastic bags started auditioning for parts in American Beauty... The city flickers like an electronic candle from the 2 dollar shop... Surely, this is the winter of our discontent... Or a low front passing over the country... I'm thinking discontent though
Will Smith says ow. willOW smith. ba dum ts
The best artist to listen to when your blazed out of your mind?
ST International 13:36 A teen raped his mother for revenge, according to police. Police said a Marshall County, Alabama teen raped his mother for revenge after an altercation with his brother. Police said 19-year-old Gary Helms, Jr., raped his 45-year-old mother at the trailer park in Willow Terrace Doyle Drive in Albertville. It is a twisted crime that police said Helms admits. "From what I understand the rape stemmed from an argument between him and his brother. And apparently they were arguing over a girlfriend. And the rape was some sort of revenge against his brother," Sgt. Jamie Smith of the Albertville Police Department said. It was an unusual retaliation on an innocent victim. Authorities said Helms' mother was apparently passed out drunk on the couch when the rape started. "During the attack she has come to recognize the assailant was her son," Smith said. That's when, according to the police report, the mother "tried to escape, but she was held down until the act was completed." "It's totally si ...
So AcE the half brother is DJ for Jaden and Willow. Daddy Will Smith probably supervises the lyrics and delivery. Mum Jada Pinkett directs the video. This is so ill, it should be illegal.
Hey guys is really late here but if you want An edit just tell me from what serie and what character you want i Will leave this open until tomorrow morning and i Will have your edits ASAP good night :) *Phoebe*
Name a Singer that doesn't have the letter "E Or A " in their name
A very preggers Shellby with my future step granddaughter, a Miss Willow Hazel, cant wait to meet her!!! And her Papa is so excited to have a precious granddaughter (as is her future step Meme) this little girl has lots of family to love her!!@
Patty Gonzalez: Looking for a local Algebra tutor. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
No one knows this but back in the day Chris Brown made a song much like Willow Smith. The only difference is his lyrics. His lyrics read, "I whip my girlfriend back and forth."
After months of just pretending I was in the loop I finally just googled, "what is dubstep?" I have never in my life felt older than I do in this moment.
***OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE*** Granger Smith returns to Davis, OK's Arbuckle Ballroom on Saturday, October 19th. Granger Smith, along with his alter ego Earl Dibbles Jr. have been selling out venue's across the midwest, and radio airplay for his newest single "Silverado Bench Seat" has been recieving national praise, and has been featured on ESPN. Tickets for this event are expect to go quickly once the sale date is announced. Please contact the Arbuckle Ballroom in regards to sale date and ticket outlets.
Well well well welcome back to fb lol ms check u out with the new stuff jealous nah do i have a time to do my dance like with mr myles did in summer bridge ms willow smith heck yea hey hey sis!
Hello all Weird request I have recently been told that my current vet that I give all my personal and rescue work too does not wish to continue giving a discount as its nit financially beneficial for them to do so as we dont bring in as big a litter as a breeder. So instead of helping rescue they'd rather help breeders. This has been very disappointing for me as over the last 12 months my own dogs had become very very ill and I must have spent upward of $3,000 that doesn't include what ive spent on the rescues I had brought in! I plan to call AAPS today and further discuss things with them however if everyone can have a word to their own private vets to see if they would like all our publicity our business and my money. They cant be too insanely far from cranbourne south but if theyre willing to match or come close to aaps prices I will have 4 desexing and 4vaccs by the end of next week needing done. They will also be the people I use for the hugs costs of willows testing etc. It would save me a huge eff ...
Willow and Jaden Smith should not sing Started from the bottom :|
Are there any authors you love but feel they aren't getting the recognition they deserve? Tag the author on this post and name of their book(s)! If you love them..chances are someone else will too!!
counting sylllables mentioning cherry blossoms this is not haiku (from Zen Rampage, back cover) Haiku Everyone knows what a haiku is, right? A poem in three lines, with seventeen syllables divided ...
Just call me the invisible girl. *** really this is getting ridiculous.
Feel like a new woman with my hair done shout out my cousin Tiffany Adams for hooking me up thanks girl
Willow smith is 12,hz a tongue ring,hlf her head shaved,nd is biosexual..she nidz 2go live wit her Aunt nd Uncle in Bel Air
Question: Can you teach dancing in shorts ?
Is going to bake some bannanabread for us at Willow Man
Two Saudi women have been found guilty on a Sharia law charge of incitement of a wife to defy the authority of her husband.
Overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and selflessness of a few very special people. Those that know me well, know that I'm extremely independent and always try to do it all myself. I'm moving and had no idea how I would get it done... Praising God for Tammy Cotton Smith, Myra Morgan, Robin Cain, Tracy Culp and many more that I'm sure have just as busy schedules as I do but have offered up their help, vehicles and more. There are no words except that I am praising God for you all this morning.
Honestly, professional athletes are paid WAY too much. Who can disagree with that?
It was a pleasure to be able to hang with this little family at the park and have the opportunity to be able to freeze a few special moments between them. Miss Willow loves her family so much and is very excited to meet her baby sister. Thank You again Kevin Dueck and Carrie Smith Dueck for allowing me to snap a few photographs of your family. making memories w/ Annette Aguiar Photography
RIHANNA, Nicki Minaj, WILLOW SMITH are all mine im not SHARING with you PERIOD!
Do you think Will Smith never argued with Willow Smith because he knew that parents just don't understand?
If I get 5 likes I will post a video of a cute little girl doing willow smith I Whip My Hair.
What a LuvLi conversation Jada Pinkett-Smith and her mother have with Willow Smith about what's on her mind :)
Someone better call a doctor she going to break her neck Vine By: Jonathan Vaz
Michael and love each other Liyah Simmons
This is a woman's world. I know it because Cher just said it no less than 1,764 times in a 2.5 minute song on the Voice.
After seei.g me twist her sister's hair n mine, Jalise just had to have some. I was hesitant since her hair is still growing bck but not Ms. THING...From the time I finished, she had willow smith cued up on the phone and she been whipping it ever since...too dang on GROWN LOL...
OUCH! Just took one *** of a fall over the puppy gate! My back, arms and leg! :( I think I will be hurting pretty good tomorrow morning! flat on my arms/face!
Like if u like the song I am me by willow smith
Vet visit for the redheads today ! Vaccinations updated, nails trimmed, Spartan had something "else" trimmed, not feeling so "manly," resting his head on a towel sorta groggy yet !! Willow, poor little girl is really out of it yet ! Long procedure to spay her when you have to remove 15 pups, about 3 to 4 weeks along !!! I kept bugging him, emails/calls, so fortunate that he decided it was best for her to go to a new home ! Dr. Val was surprised when she got 7 out of one horn & there were 8 in the other !!! Prolific little girl !!! 13 her first litter !!! This is what concerns me about intact female mals on CL ! The outcome could have been so much different, and unfortunate !
Iove you sweetie successfully happy fun thank for family willow smith love you
Would you all rather go to club 60 in mountain grove and then go bowling or open range in willow and hang out at my house? Need opinions!!
The Plaza Roller Rink lost a very special person yesterday. Vaughn Hurlburt passed away. Vaughn was a very important person in the rink for over 25 years and we are all going to miss him. Please pray for his family during this time. RIP Vaughn. I will post details about his funeral as soon as I know them.
Just read that Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith and Jay-Z will be directing/producing the remake of Annie. Willow Smith will be playing Annie, and the part of Daddy Warbucks will be played by Jamie Foxx. The characters name will be Benjamin Stackz. Lol
Katy Perry's living her Teenage Dream.. Lady Gaga's ignoring her Telephone... Doctor dre and eminem went to get a doctor, While Justin Bieber is having a Baby...Adele said she's hoping she'll find someone like you...When Ke$ha went to Take It Off, Bruno Mars threw a Grenade which made Katy Perry a Firework and Taylor Swift rode away on a White Horse. Now Rihanna is the Only Girl in the World which made Lady Gaga Just Dance. Nelly soon woke up saying it was Just a Dream Katy Perry shot fireworks from her chest which made Usher scream "OMG" so loud that Rihanna became mentally retarrdedd and then walked around saying 'What's My Name.' Well, Willow Smith became so annoyed she threatened to Whip Her Hair at Rihanna if she didn't stop. So Bruno Mars got a grenade and threw it at her. Niki Manaj and came to check it out but then Ke$ha, defending Willow, said We R Who We R! , but Eminem came in, saying 'I'm not afraid. then nelly woke up and said it was just a dream :]
As soon as Asanda Jezile started singing next doors dog started howling . Then Amanda likened her to Willow Smith . That would be IRRITATING then .
Kate Winslet: I don't know who she is. Willow Smith: I'm kinda annoyed at the song Wip My Hair Liam Payne: :) he's amazing :) Comment more :) -Em
Willow Smith wearing our black leather hi-top sneakers
Oh my goodness my mom is a trip?! (Talking about Willow Smith) Mom: "don't she gotta song called my hair whipped upon the side or something?"
IDEAS FOR 12TH DOCTOR: -Idris Elba, preferably shirtless -Willow Smith -Christopher Eccleston in a wig -John Barrowman with his Scottish accent -Lucy Liu -Ian McKellen, constantly stoned -A balrog voiced by Morgan Freeman -Alex Kingston in drag BONUS: Benedict Cumberbatch, with Jonny Lee Miller as his companion, but every episode they switch characters ~Victoire
After the commercial letdown that was her last collaboration with Nicki Minaj entitled "Fireball", Willow Smith is back with a vengeance, joining forces with DJ Fabrega to form the music duo Melodic Chaotic. The pair is now aptly dropping single "The Intro" as the debut release from their forthcoming four-song EP. Serving as Melodic on the vocals to the DJ's Chaotic on the instrumentals, the 12-year-old Smith is reinventing herself, sounding more mature from her "Whip My Hair" days as a child singer. It's a natural progression she first tried to do when she released "Sugar and Spice" early this year, singing about the struggles of ridicule and dejection.
Ok So now American Idol has no judges. I propose Roman Polanski, Howard Stern, and Willow Smith (Will Smith's 13/yo daughter). You have Stern sitting in the middle while he insults Polanski, Polanski occasionally making advancements to Willow and Willow looking uncomfortable as well as the only judge to comment on singing. Let's face it, no one watches Idol for the singing anymore just the judge drama.
I feel like Jaden and Willow Smith have serious attitude problems
At the peak of “Whip My Hair,” she’s like, “Daddy, I’m done.” - Amazing. Will talking about Willow Smith (from here:
(L-R) Jaden Smith, Willow Smith, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith and Trey Smith attended the Red Carpet Premiere of AFTER EARTH at the Ziegfeld Theatre last night in New York City! See plenty more pics of this event in our photo album called "CELEBRITY PICS PART 8"
Stupid ole me! I could never understand why Jayden & Willow Smith were so pretentious but now I totally understand! How big is Will Smith's ego exactly?
Watched a girl go all Mariah Carrie in her car. With a little Willow Smith. Some people shouldn't listen to music when they drive.
Willow Smith?? Yeaahh, that's my baby!! Set aside from Nicki Minaj and Kiana Madeira. And Stacey Dash.
I know all jaden Willow Smith jada. Pickett smith and Will Smith
Willow Smith is how old again??? she got her tongue piercing for 15000usd..she must go and live with her aunt and uncle in BEL-AIR
As if we needed it--yet another reason Willow Smith is super cool!
Which celebrities do you suspect are really aliens walking amongst us?... — Willow Smith and Sarah Jessica Parker
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Aloha, Jada Pinkett Smith! We spotted the star looking amazing as she hit the beach in Hawaii. The 41-year-old donned a white bikini while on holiday with daughter Willow Smith in the tropical location. Pinkett Smith flaunted her flawless, toned ……
Uncle Phil wouldn't approve of Willow Smith 》lol
"I slick my hair back in court, I slick my hair back in court." -Gordon Gekko covering Willow Smith
Willow Smith, 12 years old, lip pierced, shaved hair and " bisexual?" She needs to be sent to live with her uncle and auntie in Bel-Air.
I used to hate Willow Smith because I thought she sang "I whip my hare back and forth" and I don't support rabbit abuse.
I can't lowe a man who dresses like Willow Smith. Didn't for lil Wayne and won't for that battifish Westbrook
I feel like Willow Smith has been channeling her inner Slim Jim man.
News today: Willow Smith "whips hair back (& some reports say... Forth)" - & Jay from The Wanted arrested for assault after "hitting hay". X
Shaved head, pierced tongue and bisexual at 11 years old? I think Willow Smith needs to move with her auntie and uncle in Bel Air.
imagine Willow Smith started her own company of furnishings and bed accessories Pillow Smith
I just realised that Willow Smith is named after Will Smith and Jaden Smith is named after Jada Pinkett Smith...
This 'princess pia mia' girl, I thought she was Bella Thorne's best friend, but now she's all Kylie Jenner and Willow Smith ?!
I still wanna know how Willow Smith knew she was bisexual!!!
Disney star Coco Jones vocally reminds me of Rihanna and Beyonce mixed together, along with a dash of Willow Smith.
Tony Perry whips his hair better than Willow Smith
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
"I'd put higher on that list but idk." Idk man Michelle Obama and Willow Smith could get the D
For me,China Anne McClain sounds like Willow Smith when she's singing.
Rihanna has directly influenced artists such as Justin Bieber, Kesha, Demi Lovato, and Willow Smith.
I'm listening to Kite by Jaden Smith ft Willow Smith
"'My presentation is on the Louisiana Purchase. The Louisiana Purchase was the purchase of the territory west of the Mississippi River by the United States from the French in 1804... Until it was bought by me just now. Lousiana is now Mary-Kanada. Mary-Kanada has lots of holidays: My birthday Ashley's birthday' 'Same birthday...' 'Christmas and you hear that Channnakkkan girl?' 'Kill yourself.' 'Public transport is blimps, *** people can marry because that's adorable, our state color is silk, and our state flag is Gucci. Marijuana is legal... As is cocaine, mushrooms, ecstasy... And if you take them all together, you can see our state bird, the Evil Dragon.' '..Are you on drugs right now?' 'Evil Dragon, I'm trying to give a presentation... I haven't decided on our national anthem. It's either Whip My Hair by Willow Smith or Rub My Feet by Me when I've walked a lot.'" -Very Mary-Kate
Well this is how tonights Youtube session panned out in order, videos of Conan... A B'ball prodigy... Marianas Trench... Mac Miller... Wiz Khalifa... Bieber... Willow Smith... Ashley Tisdale... Behind the scenes HSM vids... which ultimately got me loving the song "one in a million" by Miley Cyrus! Hey, at least I accomplished something!
Natalie Nunn looks like she could be dancing to "Whip My Hair" by Willow Smith and stab herself in the chest with her chin.
LOVE from my heart to Quvenzhané Wallis, Willow Smith, Gabrielle Douglas and Amandla Stenberg ("Rue" from The Hunger Games).
Kids performing at a political rally!!! They should be at home fapping to pics of Ivy Blue & Willow Smith.
Sony to release 'Annie' Christmas 2014 Feb. 27, 2013, 5:50 PM EST By Lucas Shaw TheWrap Sony will release "Annie," a new movie based on the iconic play, on Christmas Day of 2014, the studio announced on Wednesday. Quvenzhane Wallis, fresh off an Oscar nomination for her performance in "Beasts of the Southern Wild," will star as young orphan who wins the heart of everyone around her. Willow Smith, the daughter of "Annie" producers Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, had been set to play that role, but opted out of the project. Bing: Quvenzhane Wallis' puppy purse Smith's Overbrook Entertainment is producing the film with Jay-Z's Marcy Media, while Will Gluck, who made "Easy A" and "Friends with Benefits" for Sony's ScreenGems imprint, will direct. The story of "Annie" stems from Harold Gray's comic strip "Little Orphan Annie," which first appeared in 1927. Thomas Meehan, Martin Charnin ad Charles Strouse then adapted that into a Tony-winning Broadway show, featuring now legendary songs like "Tomorrow" and ...
After grabbing our attention with her strong and Oscar nominated performance in Beast of the Southern Wild , 9-year-old Quvenzhane Wallis has secured the lead role in Overbrook Entertainment's adaptation of the beloved stage musical Annie . She fills the spot originally planned for Willow Smith, w...
So, Jaden and Willow Smith stopped by the office today.
Just saw Jayden and Willow Smith. I acted like I've known them my whole life calling them " Jay " and " Low-low."
Will Smith and Jada Smith have 2 kids called Willow Smith and Jaden Smith, is there only me who thinks that there's some sort of pattern going on between this family...x
Wow. I was anticipating response for a black Doctor, Superman or James Bond 'someday'. Willow Smith is set to play Annie and the mob is out.
Q: How do you know Jaden Smith,Willow Smith,Kylie jenner,Kendall jenner,The Arias brothers,and more big celebs ? (: A: My dad is a big legend singer so he's friends with the Smiths and thats kinda how we all kno each otherr (:
Willow Smith made her acting debut in the blockbuster film I Am Legend at the tender age of seven. Even though dad Will Smith was the star of the film, she was made to audition like anyone else. Her budding sense of professionalism and drive shone through on the set of I Am Legend. When subzero temperatures at the filming of several outdoor scenes put Smith to the test, her father said, "Willow was out there and she has her stuff on and she's cold and she's getting a little irritable. And she looks at me and says, 'Daddy, I don't care how low it goes. I'm going to finish.'" Smith's second foray into the film business came in 2008 when she played the supporting role of Countee in the family-friendly Kitt Kittredge: An American Girl. The G-rated movie was produced in part by Julia Roberts and based on the Kitt Kittredge stories by Valerie Tripp. Set in the United States during the Great Depression, the story follows a young girl (played by Abigail Breslin) who sets out to be an investigative reporter and en ...
Will and Jada have strapped Willow Smith to a chair, "A Clockwork Orange" style, to make her watch Quvenzhané Wallis.
Little Q (Beasts of the Southern Wild) snatched the role of Annie from Willow Smith. Work.
The nine-year-old Beasts of the Southern Wild star will play the beloved orphan after Willow Smith drops out
☞♫ Dear God☀ if you give us George Harrison, John Lennon, and Michael Jackson back, we'll give you Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and Willow Smith ♫☜ . :v
Spotted in the Michael Douglas, Willow Smith, Rachel Zoe. AW13. More in our live stream:
... I just got that Jayden and Willow Smith are gender-swapped versions of their parents' names. Ugh.
Brroke Shields, Shay Mitchell, Vanessa Hudgens, now waiting for Jada and Willow Smith to arrive. A star studded front row in deed
“Willow Smith just lost it completely tbh. FFS
For the past week, reports have surfaced that  Willow Smith  dropped out of the highly anticipated movie  Annie , and there are accompanying rumors as to why Willow threw in the towel.  While many believed that the 12-year-old "Whip My Hair" singer pulled out of the …
Dear God: If you give us John Lennon, George Harrison, and Elvis Presley back, we will give you Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Willow Smith. We will even throw in all the Kardashian's. :)
Jaden Smith feating Willow Smith with KITE... If you have a track please kao kopa please E-mail it on Kokindlovuor ko BBM 2294AC5F please
Willow Smith dropped out of the urban remake of Annie. Obviously she's waiting for the urban remake of Hair.
Looks like Willow Smith whipped her hair a little too much! Nine-year-old Best Actress nominee Quvenzhane Wallis (Beasts of the Southern Wild) is ...
Stephanie could borrow her bras from Willow Smith tho.
I just witnessed Willow Smith reblog a post of The Mountain Goats lyrics
Ok, friends, let's play a little game. Apparently NBC is doing a remake of "The Sound of Music," with country singer Carrie Underwood in the role of Maria. Let's list bad ideas for actor/role in Broadway musicals. Only actors/actresses who are among the living, please. I'll start: Willow Smith as Annie. Oh, wait...
Will you ask Corbin Bleu,Willow Smith,Harry Styles,Liam Payne and Cody Simpson for a follow to me It will really mean the world. x
“40. Start the action with your hair pulled up. While on top of him, shake it loose and whip it around.” Thanks for the tip, Willow Smith.
Birth Name Matthew David Morris Nickname MattyBRaps Matt Matty Height 4' 5" (1.35 m) Mini Biography MattyB first became interested in hip hop music at the age of five. He said that he was drawn to the beats and right away wanted to take dance lessons! When his cousin Mars, a 19-year-old rapper, moved in with his family, he listened to Mars' music and rapped his lyrics to him. Matty pestered his cousin to help him write a rap and make a video so they finally did it. And he nailed it on his first try. In it's first week on YouTube, MattyB's rap video "Eenie Meenie" had over 500,000 views and made the front page! He's covered hits by stars like Willow Smith, Ke$ha, Rihanna and Justin Bieber. He even rapped "Like a G6", complete with a music video where he wore purple shades, a leather jacket and danced around in front of a fancy car! He writes his own lyrics and even made a music video making fun of Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair" song! His mom says he's still to young to tour or make a record but he's definit ...
Will Gluck, producer of the films "Easy A" and "Friends With Benefits," will direct "Annie," the upcoming film remake of the 1982 movie musical that will be produced by Will Smith and Jay-Z, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Willow Smith, who was slated to…
"THE WORST NEWS OF 2013: Willow Smith will no longer be appearing in Jay-Z’s Annie remake" bet Bonnie Langford's available
Ken Nuggent could make a really good case against Willow Smith for all those who've injured themselves whipping their hair back & forth.
Will Gluck in Talks to Direct Annie Remake: He'll have to find a new leading lady if he takes the gig -- Willow Smith has dropped out.
Home after a great weekend with my girls. Drove to West Palm beach Saturday afternoon and spent the evening with great pals. Got to Competition Sunday morning around 9:30. We had a blast at our first cheer competition. Calista's team placed 3rd which is FABULOUS for their first time. Awards were done at 6, raced to car and drove an hour south to Miami to attend the Justin Bieber Concert. After being a nervous wreck all day worrying that we were going to miss the concert, we got there just in time as Cody Simpson came on stage. Also got to see Jaiden and Willow Smith as well as Mike Posner, Ludacris and some other rapper guy. The bad news is that we thought that Carly Rae Jepsen was opening for him, but the good news they were filming for his next movie last night! Wahoo, we may be famous -lol There was one point when the girls were dancing in front of the camera, but given that our seats were front row balcony, I doubt we will make it in the movie, but it is still so cool. We had a great time and ...
and Big Sean, Mike Posner, Jaden and Willow Smith, Cody Simpson, and Ludacris were so good too
when Jaden and Willow Smith, Moises and Mateo Arias came out the arena - Miami, FL - 1/26/13
Why is Jaden Smith a female and Willow Smith a young man? God has no chill button at all.
Ludacris, Willow Smith, Jaden Smith, Mike Posner, Cody Simpson, and ofcourse, Justin Bieber 😍 all in my first concert 💕
Chris Brown is blonde and he dresses like Willow Smith. Can't take that *** serious bruh
Besides being within 5 ft of Justin Bieber all night, getting to touch him, & getting to be a part of his new movie, I got to see Ludacris, Mike Posner, Big Sean, and Jaden & Willow Smith perform. Needless to say, this was one of the best nights of my life. I'm sure this makes me sound a little crazy, but I'm okay with it(:
Tonight was amazing . I was filmed to come out in Justin Biebers new movie Believe3D . I got to see Cody Simpson , Willow Smith , Jaden Smith , Mike Posner , LudaChris , Big Sean , I I took a picture with Justin's manager and I saw Justin Bieber perform !! Unforgettable night
Ok just got back to the hotel and we not only saw Justin Bieber, he invited some friends...Jayden Smith, Willow Smith, Cody Simpson, Ludacris, Michael Posner, and Big Sean to sing with him!!! Can I say AMAZING night! Oh and not to mention that we actually got to do a meet and greet with Bieber himself!
Cody Simpson, Jayden and Willow Smith, Mac Miller, Big Sean, Justin Bieber & freakin LUDA! Yup that made my night ;) Filming his new movie Believe!!! Great Concert!! Well Worth It!!
Bieber was amazing! Jaden and Willow Smith for starters! Then Big Sean, then old school Ludacris! I'm missing 2 more! So worth it, great performer, he really rocks
Just fell in love with Justin Bieber all over again. He restored my faith in men once more. And it was amazing to see Cody Simpson and Jaden & Willow Smith and surprise guests Mike Posner, Big Sean, and LUDACRIS!!
The concert was amazing!!! Tonight he filmed his Believe 3D movie and jazzy and I met Justin ..:) Ludacris, Jaden and Willow Smith, Cody Smith, Big Sean, Mike Posner...Amazing Time! Now time to drive home! Pray for safe travels please cuz I'm exhausted!.. Thx
"Willow Smith gone have a sextape before high school." With Lil Mouse
Willow Smith and Malia Obama just wreck my self-esteem
HIP HOP, R&B, SOUL. Bridget Kelly. Despite her pretty face and beautiful voice, Bridget Kelly sings some straight up thug love songs about drinking, guns, and murder. There are some more traditional love songs in the mix, but the lady is a bad *** She would have to be to hold her own on Jay-Z's Roc Nation label. With Jay-Z as her boss, and label mates like J. Cole, Willow Smith and Jay Electronica, Bridget Kelly is in good company n the music industry, but it's no wonder that she feels a lot of pressure. "There's a ton of pressure! My boss is married to the No. 1 chick in the game." -- in November interview with The Boombox Her debut album will launch this spring, until then, treat yourself to her free 8-song demo, Every Girl. [click "download", not "download all"] license: traditional copyrights Labels: hip hop, New York, rhythm and blues, soul Posted by The Oddio Overplay Team on Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Love this! Will and Jada Smith's home in Malibu. This is their daughter, Willow Smith's bedroom. Follow us on Pinterest!...
Ai,uongo ! "In central Kenya, Willow Smith and Will Smith are pronounced the same."
Wow I didn't know Willow Smith was signed under Roc Nation haa
Artist use music to create the things that you enjoy looking at but have you ever wondered what they listen to get that artistic inspiration or when they paint ? do they listen to something sad? something fast? something with a good beat ? Well heres my songs I listen to when im painting to. you can find most of these songs on spotify or youtube. try them they are great if you want to hear something new, sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone to enjoy something new! Shutters Mix. 1 Aahun Aahun -Pritam, Master Saleem, Neeraj Shridhar 2 Bole Chudiyan -Jatin Pandit, Lalit Pandit , Amit Kumar 3 Danza Kuduro - Don Omar, Lucenzo 4 Chaiyya Chaiyya - Sukhwinder Singh,Sapana Awasthi 5 Gangam Style - Psy 6 I am me - Willow Smith 7 Breath of Life - Florence and the Machine 8 Shake it out - Florence and the Machine 9 No lights No lights - Florence and the Machine 10 Seven Devils - Florence and the Machine
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
do u notice that Justin followed u on 21st, Greyson followed me on 24th and Dana replied by Willow Smith on 26th ✌ swaggy!
Has anyone seen Willow Smith? Is she well? Did Jaden lock her in the basement again? Is Xenu doing upgrades? We need answers.
Whatever happened to Willow Smith??? 13 years old with a lip piercing, shaved head and bisexual?? Bet she got sent to live with her aunty & uncle in Bel Air
*New Music Fab* Jaden & Willow Smith 'Kite'!!! Check it out on 'FabU Music Of The Day'!!! GO
I have Jaden & Willow Smith- Kite on shy, when kids start defining your cool what do u do -_-
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