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Willow Smith

Willow Camille Reign Smith (born October 31, 2000), often known simply as Willow, is an American child actress and singer.

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“You wanna run your fingers through mine but my dreads too thick and that’s alright.” ~Willow Smith
Willow smith really bled on this album and it shows
One thing I really respect about Jaden and Willow Smith is that they are working to make their careers NOT being Will Smith
Special Happy Birthday to Willow Smith who turns 17 today 🎉❤️
We gonna talk about Willow Smith giving us 2017 Paramore teas or nah?. No?
Happy 17th birthday to the wonderful Willow Smith
Willow Smith makes music for women who have excessive armpit and pubic hair. 😂
215. Whip My Hair - Willow Smith. At a very young age miss smith had the girls shaking with her debut.
Willow Smith just dropped new music... my life has changed
Jhene Aiko is going on tour with Willow Smith and Kitty Cash opening and they’re not coming here
Willow Smith talks coming of age on honest new LP
Willow 17.last I checked she was still 6
Willow Smith's new album, 'The 1st,' is out now! Listen today. .
Omg I miss working with and listening to Willow Smith at 4:30 in the morning
I thought you was Willow Smith for a minute 😂😂 that third pic had me fooled
We got Skai Jackson, China-Anne McClain, Willow Smith & srlsy they can look for others 😩 anyways im happy they got roles to begin with...
Willow Smith must be protected at all costs
Jaden and Willow Smith at the 27th Annual EMA Awards.
Will Smith got rlly strong genes Willow Smith look like light skin Timmy thick.
Willow Smith also wrote 14/15 songs on her album and produced 10! Willow & Miley queens of writing songs by themselves
please play some Willow Smith vibes please
I know *** well that wannabe black catch me outside girl didn't come for the queen of individuality aka Willow Smith
The People I want to make better music than;. Kid Cudi, The Beatles, La Roux,. Brian Wilson, Drake, Queen,. Willow Smith, Earl Sweatshirt.
Hayley Williams and Willow Smith should get together and like... make some magic
We need more people like Willow Smith in this world
new commercial with Willow Smith is far better than Kristen Stewart's hearing voices commercial.
I love Willow Smith and Jayden Smith. They wear their own skin comfortably regardless of the norm
Remember that time pranked Willow Smith on stage w/ + 🐮🔔
I added a video to a playlist Willow Smith feat SZA - 9
.sets projects with Willow Smith, Zosia Mamet, Rashida Jones, Evan Rachel Wood, more
Love will tear us apart idk by who or Wait a minute by Willow Smith
SZA, Daniel Caesar, Willow Smith, Kali Uchis, Miguel, & Frank Ocean will always have my heart❤️
Willow Smith & her partner Tyler Cole out In Los Angeles
*Willow Smith's PARTNER comes out as nonbinary. you misgendered them in the headline & you used masculine pronouns thro…
Willow Smith is , has a tongue ring, half her head shaved, and is bisexual. She needs to go live with her Aunty and Uncle in Bel Air.
The Carrie Fisher/Sean Lennon/Willow Smith collab we never knew we needed.
Carrie Fisher wrote a song with Sean Lennon before her death and Willow Smith recorded it! Listen now:
Jaden Smith by Peter Ash Lee for Vogue Korea // Willow Smith by Ben Toms for Dazed
A list of people that I'd let ruin my life:. Chance the Rapper. Kehlani. Syd (the Internet). Donald Glover. Frank Ocean. Both Jaden & Willow Smith
RollingStone: Hear Sean Lennon and Willow Smith's "Bird Song," which was co-written by Carrie Fisher
"Willow Smith, Madeline Stowe, and the clue of the tapping heels" is something I'd watch tf out of
Willow Smith wearing the collection in the 25th Anniversary issue of Dazed & Confused.
Willow Smith serving therapeutic visuals and sounds. I love this concept
'Rose Golden' by Kid Cudi & Willow Smith, is the kind of song I imagine will be blaring as I enter the pearly gates to heaven.
Willow Smith complimented Cudi so well on Rose Golden
Willow Smith is actually a really good artist she doesn't get enough credit
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Willow Smith- Female Energy is still one of the best songs I've ever heard.
Wait a Minute by Willow Smith. OR. Freak *** by Future. OR. Feedback by Kanye West
Remember when Kristen, Willow Smith and Zoë Kravitz took a bathroom selfie together at the Met Gala 2016
How I was looking at them pictures of Georgia Palmer when y'all was claiming it was Willow Smith smh
Gah. I will SURELY be glad when Georgia Palmer or Willow Smith makes a statement advising the world of WHOM is ACTUALLY in that badass shot.
"We're supposed to groove to our own tune." The message and production on Kid Cudi's "Rose Golden" with Willow Smith is perfect.
it's not Willow Smith, it's a model named Georgia Palmer
That girl's name is Georgia Palmer. This is not Willow Smith, people.
Please listen to "November 9th" by Willow Smith song on repeat at least 100 times. It is a warm blanket.
Trey Smith, Willow Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith support Jaden Smith at the…
I love whipping my hair back and forth s/o to Willow Smith that song is mad relatable
Willow Smith is a treasure to this planet
📷 cudinews: Kid Cudi with Jaden and Willow Smith at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival on April...
Lily-Rose Depp, Kristen Stewart, Willow Smith - who will be the first to step out in SS17
If you look like willow smith or dej loaf I'm going to wife you.
Jaden and Willow Smith are both children to one of the wealthiest actors and they STILL tried to do their own thing that wasn't about acting
Jaden & Willow smith for interview magazine
Is it just me or does sia sound exactly like willow smith?
Waiting on Willow Smith to do the same. She's ahead of her time, it's up to us to catch up.
Jaden and Willow smith do not know their dad's Birthday 😒😒 brehhh??!
Cree Summer's original version is perfection. Willow Smith tries to sing it well but ultimately fails.
oh. god. Willow Smith did a cover of "Naheo". i tried to listen to it but her voice is just so bad :/
CL is one of the 9 cover stars of BOF500 alongside Willow and Jayden Smith, Bella Hadid, Jared Leto, luhan ASAP Rocky,…
The awkward moment when Willow Smith can no longer whip her hair back and forth, because she has whip lash from doing it so much.
Will Smith’s daughter, Willow, teaming up with Kendall Jenner to fight back against cyberbullying.
Willow Smith was only 11 years old when her debut single 'Whip My Hair' out peaked Tinshake's ENTIRE career... ☕ https…
Wait A Minute by Willow Smith is a 100/10 song go listen
A$AP Rocky, Zayn Malik, Willow Smith and Beyoncé land on Business of Fashion 500 list for the first time!.
Ok Whip My Hair by Willow Smith goes hard asf still
Willow Smith daughter of Will Smith posting photos of and on her insta. What gans on
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Willow Smith and FKA twigs for Dazed's 25th Anniversary Issue.
📷 femmequeens: Willow Smith with her mom Jada photographed by Bruce Weber for CR Fashion Book Issue 9
"Beauty doesn’t exist. Beauty is something that humans made up.'' - Willow Smith :
Karl Lagerfeld shooting the latest Eyewear campaign with Willow Smith.
Jaden and Willow Smith are so enlightened bc their dad was in the Matrix
Jaden and Willow Smith photographed by Steven Klein for Interview magazine, September issue.
Jaden and Willow Smith want to know if this is all "real life"
Willow Smith in the Eyewear optical collection film
those tracks Willow Smith made with Micheal Cera make you wonder
"Among her peers, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Jaden and Willow Smith, Selena Gomez is the most famous new face in the front…
Willow Smith - Female Energy. This is amazing. One of he first songs after she became independent. so vibey.
It looks like Lil Kim and Willow Smith to me
I can't wait for Willow Smith to take over the music industry
Female Energy - Willow Smith, I know I always hype up Jaden but Willow is so under appreciated this is a BOP!
imagine if Willow Smith and SZA did an entire project together...
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
KD was fed up with Russel Westbrook dressing like Willow Smith
.has chosen Willow Smith as the face of his eyewear campaign:
Willow Smith stars in her first Chanel campaign, shot by Karl Lagerfeld
Willow Smith was chosen by Karl Lagerfeld to be the face of the Fall-Winter 2016/17 Eyewear campaign.
Jess was right about Willow Smith, she's great.
Congrats on your first Chanel campaign, Willow Smith:
Willow Smith for the new Chanel Eyewear Ad Campaigns. - I
Willow Smith in her first ever Ad Campaign
Listen: Willow Smith has a new song and it was produced by actor Michael Cera - hear it now
Willow Smith joins forces with Michael Cera for a song, develops a crush via
Tamar Braxton, Monica and Willow Smith on my playlist tonight 🔥
Willow Smith wearing Chanel & Jaden Smith wearing Louis Vuitton for the
Dreams do come true, Willow Smith made a song with her crush, Michael Cera
Willow Smith dropped a spoken word track produced by Michael Cera and it's actually amazing
Willow Smith and Michael Cera are the musical duo you didn't know you wanted:.
Willow Smith made a song with her hero, the divine Michael Cera - by Tricia Gilbride
Jaden and Willow Smith talk to Vogue's André Leon Talley on the red carpet. Kris Jenner invites herself in.
Whip My Hair by Willow Smith is his favorite song IM DYING
Willow Smith is pure talent. She's a gem.
Willow Smith is pure talent. She's a gem
Let me be Jaden and Willow Smith's sibling they are lowkey so cool
Jaden and Willow Smith are so cool and talented
Willow Smith and Jaden Smith showing off their unique style
The second verse on "Don't Hurt Yourself" sounds like Beyonce has been listening to some Willow Smith.
Thanks for featuring Willow Smith's cover story! 👍
Having dreads in a fight seems handy because you can whip your hair like Willow Smith into your opponents eye & blind them
Gostei de um vídeo do Whip My Hair lyrics by Willow Smith
"Who's Will Smith?! He's Jaden and Willow Smith's father," I say to my kid just moments before jumping to my death.
Willow Smith - Why Don't You Cry please and thank you
RiRi on Vogue, Bey on Elle, Zendaya & Willow Smith on W, & Kerry makes a statement on over-editing?
Lol guys if you play me a Willow Smith video ,that would not only give me but
Teen queen Willow Smith is Karl Lagerfeld's new muse at...
Pics: Willow Smith thanks Karl Lagerfeld as she's unveiled...
Willow Smith joins Keira Knightley and Diane Kruger as Chanel's new ambassadress
Leon Thomas 3, Nicole Scherizinger, Panic!, Sevyn, Usher, Willow Smith, sorry if that's a lot of suggestions lol
Willow Smith. carfree since day 1. eccentric with everything. shines bright in our generation
11 years old with a lip piercing, shaved head & "bisexual"? Willow Smith needs to be sent to live with her aunty & uncle in …
Kirk Franklin is Progressive & Creative. Kirk Should do Something with Willow Smith & Chanel. GOD is Vast & So Are Christians!. Amen.
S/o to The only place I go when I stream my Willow Smith.
I'm feelin her on this Great band backing her too. Willow Smith, "Whip My Hair" (Live at The FADER FORT) via
I've been a supporter of Willow Smith since whip your hair and she has turned into such an amazing individual oh my god
Willow Smith put out a song last week and *** still being negative I just don't understand it.
Not cool: W Magazine accused of 'whitewashing' Zendaya and Willow Smith on their cover
Willow Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith attend the Chanel Fashion Show in Paris
Chanel's new brand ambassador Willow Smith with Karl Lagerfeld, Pharrell, and Helen Lasichanh at…
Willow Smith just landed a pretty sweet gig with Chanel
Willow Smith has been chosen by Karl Lagerfeld as the new CHANEL ambassadress.
Willow Smith [revealed as the new ambassador for Chanel
Could the Smith kids get any cooler? Willow Smith confirmed as Chanel Ambassadress
Willow Smith just got the official Karl Lagerfeld endorsement:
Willow Smith, Pharrell Williams and wife Helen Lasichanh with Karl Lagerfeld at the Chanel Paris…
Willow Smith was keen to share a pic with Karl Lagerfield, Pharrell and his wife Helen
Willow Smith Chosen as New Chanel Ambassadress by Karl Lagerfeld Time for Willow Smith to update that résumé! Karl Lagerfeld has chosen Wil…
Karl Lagerfeld selects singer Willow Smith as new Chanel ambassador for fall/winter 2017 - Harpers Bazaar
the four people i have to see play this year: Chaka Khan, Remy Ma, Willow Smith and Brian Mcknight .. i would LIVE
Líbí se mi video Willow Smith: Behind the Scenes | London Sunday Times Shoot
THROWBACK: Lady Gaga with Willow Smith at the Grammy audience and backstage with Beyoncé and Nicola Formichetti.
willow smith is so cool I wanna b her friend
Willow Smith tonight, can't believe v day is gonna be lit after all
This *** jay z seen Willow Smith's talent when she was 9 and signed her. She's coming up to
13 year old Willow Smith is in bed with 20 year old Moises Arias. Innocent or Inappropriate?
new Kanye and Willow Smith tracks today
I love those quotes by Willow Smith in the Jayden LV video, about being boxed-in by expectations. 2 thumbs-up!
The reason Tyler, the Creator is cool with Jaden and Willow Smith.
I just listened to some of Willow Smith's new stuff and I *really* *really* like it? Like I'm kind of blown away by how up my street it is
Jaden & Willow Smith have this song called "Let it breathe" that's 10min34sec long. I think I may have found an audio recording of the Bible
I liked a video Jaden & Willow Smith don't know when Will Smith's Birthday is!
I liked a video from Jaden and Willow Smith are the latest stars in Dubai for DSS
If you listen to Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair" at half speed, it's a painful Tracy Chapman ballad.
Keke Palmer just told me that she found out about me because of Willow Smith and do I even have to explain how dope that is?!?!
Willow Smith has a debut album all of a sudden
Willow Smith dropped an album aka this is the best Friday ever.
Willow Smith dropped an album packed with spiritual teen angst: Willow Smith is primordial dust that has been swirling around the uni...
Willow Smith just surprised the world with a debut album (!!!) Listen here:
When you and Willow Smith have the same Nike Free Run's wowwy I'm cool 😏😍😂
Life goals is to one day meet Jaden and Willow Smith
Indigo child unleashes her inner riot grrrl in a totally punk performance:
New reports are suggesting that Willow Smith might be *** Media Takeout claims Will and Jada Pinkett’s only...
jaden and willow smith for example I've seen wearing bindis and its conveniently ignored.
"Oh honey, don't let Willow Smith ruin novels for you!" -Kat
I only want to go for Willow Smith and Tyler and Danny Brown and Jhene Aiko and Low End Theory :-/
blackfashion:. Willow Smith photographed by Karl Lagerfield in...
📷 blackfashion: Willow Smith photographed by Karl Lagerfield in “The world according to Willow” written...
Willow Smith will never know her mama tried to get with Dwayne Wayne while he was obviously engaged to Whitley
Willow Smith was 9 when she dropped 'Whip My Hair'
Photo: senyahearts: Willow Smith by Tyrone Lebon in “Fluorescent Adolescent” for i-D Magazine, Pre-Fall...
Chance The Rapper tells Willow Smith that he wants Will Smith to adopt him
Leah should be more careful when daydreaming about being Willow Smith. 😂😜
Willow Smith looking like Jaden more and more everyday. They both looks poor instead of kids of a millionaire but hey
Can we talk about how Willow Smith came bopping into the party to Hot *** ? Bobby needs to be out here to see this!!
Willow Smith signs with Kendall Jenner’s modelling agency
Willow Smith just signed to the same modeling agency as Kendall Jenner:
Willow Smith is following in Kendall Jenner's footsteps with her HUGE new gig:
Willow Smith, Amandla Stenberg, Quvenzhané Wallis, that girl from that show I like...
Eminem looked around and said Im Not Afraid,then Willow Smith began to Wip Her Hair,which scared The Far East Movement who began to fly like
Lmao because you don't know a Willow Smith song?? Naaah mahn. U have cooler things to.focus on, that's why 😊
Jaden and Willow Smith explain why they enjoy being "misfits"
OMG - this little girl is BRILLIANT - 9 yr old ICE DOING 'Whip My Hair' by Willow Smith. CLICK VIDEO:
I added a video to a playlist Jaden Smith - PCH ft. Willow Smith (music video)
Hayley was listening to Willow Smith's song Whip My Hair when this was taken
(When Willow kilt the game at 10, never forget!!!) Willow Smith - Whip My Hair (Live Ellen Show HQ):
im tryna see Eric Bellinger, August Alsina and Bryson Tiller live. oh and Sza and Willow Smith too lol
Willow Smith reacts to rumors that her parents are getting a divorce:
Willow Smith as Goddess Kali for Harper's Bazaar. Adding to the discussion of cultural appropriation.
Listen to Summer Fling x Willow Smith (Live) by nattychild on
Jada Pinkett Smith and her daughter Willow Smith are enjoying an all-girls getaway in Hawaii. Peep their family...
Photoset: willowlover: Willow Smith performs on stage at Finsbury Park at the New Look Wireless Festival...
"how old is Echosmith Will Smiths daughter? Me "Echosmith is a band" "Willow Smith is his daughter
Someone should probably tell Kayla Caldwell that Jaden and Willow Smith aren't Will and Jada's siblings...
I was always thinking that I'm younger than all of the celebs but when I found Willow Smith, Jeffrey Eli Miller, Mackenzie Foy, etc.
So...Kylie Jenner is "too young" to speak on social issues.. But Amandla Stenberg is 16 and Willow Smith is 14... http:…
Next you know Tyga will be dating Willow Smith
Marc Jacobs gives Willow Smith a goth makeover in new ad
I have made the realization that Zoe & I are Jaden & Willow Smith …
Mark my words, by this time next year Jaden and Willow Smith are going to get the fame they deserve.
For sure. And Zoe has some of their style. Think others influenced/inspired by them (Willow Smith, etc.)
Willow Smith performed a stripped-back version of Whip My Hair at Wireless Festival. Honestly, what is the point.
Do we think Willow Smith is going to perform Whip My Hair later?
I'm still wondering how Willow Smith didn't get a neck injury in her video that goes "I Whip My Hair"
Brandy, Adele, Beyoncé, Tori Kelly, Willow Smith, SZA, Dawn Richard, Jazmine Sullivan, Teyana Taylor, off the top of my head
Willow Smith has the best. I'm convinced. “Amy Winehouse had such a beautiful voice 😻”
as a family , you should all watch my music video " Willow Smith"
NXNE 2015: Five things we learned at Willow Smith via
Five things we learned at Willow Smith
In YBF Kids news, Willow Smith hit the stage for a live performance in Toronto, while Lauryn Hill and Rohan...
Calling on the spirits of Willow Smith, Tilda Swinton, Grace Jones, and Frida Kahlo.
After Cher, Willow Smith to be the face of Marc Jacobs' autumn-winter campaign
Willow Smith joins Cher as new face of Marc Jacobs
Willow Smith is the new face of Marc Jacobs — and that’s huge for fashion
14 years old, Willow Smith is the face of Marc Jacobs!
Willow Smith - New face of Marc Jacobs: 14 year old Willow Smith, has been revealed as the newest cel...
Willow Smith announced as model in Marc Jacobs campaign
everyone is sleep on Willow and Jaden Smith
Girls can wear pink. Guys can wear pink. If girls can wear makeup. Guys can wear makeup. If willow smith can wear a cropped top-
What if Willow Smith whipped her hair side to side?
Pocahontas can talk to John Smith because Grandmother Willow told her to "Listen with Your Heart".
Not for nothing but I rlly do like Willow Smith's music
Jada Pinkett Smith told her kids "we're rich, you're not" Jada and Willow took that seriously and went to work on there own careers!
please play the new video by Willow Smith 'F Q-C
Everyone should listen to Jaden and Willow Smith 🎶
have u seen the new video by Willow Smith yet?
Please Play Willow Smith's new song 'F Q-C on DatNEWNEW on mtvbase please moozlie :)
I need to meet someone with a very angelic voice. . Like willow smith
via . I've never seen anything more eccentric than a Smith
I love Willow! And her bro Jaden. Such talented yet lovely kids but hey, look at the parents??? What genes!...
Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Zoë Kravitz, Willow Smith, & Sza at the same festival would do some damage.
People sleep on Willow Smith. Her music sounds amazing
By the time Willow Smith is 17 she is gonna be my fav music artist i feel it
Hey also to everyone. I'm not a huge fan of Willow Smith but listen to "easy easy" by her I know you will like it. It soothes the soul
Jada Pinkett Smith admits she's advised Jaden and Willow against marriage
That Willow Smith gotta chill and give up the idea she's as talented as her dad in music.
Female energy by willow smith Is the dopest song I've ever heard I luv it 👏😻
Everyone is sleep but I'm listening to Willow Smith in my living room cause I have no life.
Lol my mom just walked in as i was blow drying my bangs. Which consists of me flipping my head around like willow smith.
9 by Willow Smith & SZA is prob one of my favorite songs ever!! So peaceful .
SMH Kirk did not know who willow smith was. But it's sick that she reblogged his runaway photo
I'd marry Willow Smith if i had to,cause she's bae. I love her!
imagine being the youngest Kardashian… and Jaden lol he's just weird cos Willow Smith is totally fine
Checked out Willow and Jaden Smith's music, then went to Rihanna and now Halo by Beyonce and now it made me sad.
🚨 Willow Smith braided Zoe Kravitz's hair in Paris and tagged Lenny Kravitz('s feet). What a time to be alive 🚨
Why is Willow Smith still slept on 🎶 🔥🔥
best thing I've ever done is follow willow smith on tumblr
Sometimes, I think we hate Jaden and Willow Smith because they are free black children and we don't know what free black …
Willow Smith dress like she from planet namek
Update your maps at Navteq
Really feeling this Willow Smith cover of King Krule's Easy Easy //
Proud of Willow Smith, I didn't expect her to sound like this? Cool Version of King Krule's song 💫✨
I might follow everyone back until 640K+✌️ (Vine by Willow Smith)
Kylie Jenner, Willow Smith, Blue Ivy and Justin Bieber are the most bullied tbh.
I swear if anyone is in the illuminΔti it's Jaden and Willow Smith
I want Kristen Stewart AND Willow Smith to punch me in the mouth
Amandla Stenberg, Willow Smith, and Zendaya for the next generation Powerpuff Girls
Willow Smith and Zendaya and Amanda Stenberg are the reason I'm trash
Wow I had a dream that Jaden and Willow Smith came to my house and invited me to the Emmy's it was great
Trying to study 1984 and everytime I see Winston Smith I read Willow Smith
Low key, Willow Smith's lyrics rock my world.
can Willow Smith run for president with Jaden as vp or?
I want Jaden and Willow Smith to run the world
when my friend got confused between Willow Smith and The Sam Willows 😂😂😂
"Jaden and Willow Smith need to make an album together asap. Their sound is actually pretty dope." Big Willie Style 2: Free Willy
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Everyone knows I love Willow Smith and Zoe Kravitz because they are products of strong women.
Jada Pinkett Smith with her mother, husband Will Smith and daughter, Willow Smith at the 2015 Black…
Michelle Obama declares 'Black girls rock!' as she enjoys night out with Satanic Scientologists, Jada & Willow Smith
14yr old Willow Smith with papa and mama bear Will-Jada at "Black Girls Rock Party": She...
Michelle Obama declares 'Black Girls Rock!'. via imagine if it was the other way around
Willow Smith looks like an actual ant
yall leave Willow Smith alone dammit dont sexualize her yet shes too awesome at a young age
WELCOME TO KINGS'S BLOG: Pics: 14yr old Smith is almost as tall as h...
Tonight, backstage, when Badu & Willow Smith met, Badu asked Willow how she was doing & Williow answered, "I'm on my jour…
A girl with dreads was dancing that hard She whipped me in the face with her dreadlocks. Pulled out some Willow smith head whip moves 😂
Michelle Obama declares 'Black Girls Rock!' via How about ALL GIRLS ROCK Mrs Obama?How about that message
Willow, from gawky to style icon> Will Smith plants a kiss on Jada Pinkett at Black Girls Rock via
14yr old Willow Smith is almost as tall as her dad, Will Smith
Willow Smith actually makes really beautiful music.
They couldn't get someone better? Zendaya, Amandla, Willow Smith, Amber Riley, Quvenzhane...
Electronic Device Insurance
Willow Smith is such a doll! I'm enamoured by her confidence and grace at such a young age.
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