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Willow Smith

Willow Camille Reign Smith (born October 31, 2000), often known simply as Willow, is an American child actress and singer.

Jaden Smith Jada Pinkett Smith Will Smith Whip My Hair New York City Kylie Jenner Jimmy Savile

Sometimes, I think we hate Jaden and Willow Smith because they are free black children and we don't know what free black …
Willow Smith dress like she from planet namek
Really feeling this Willow Smith cover of King Krule's Easy Easy //
Proud of Willow Smith, I didn't expect her to sound like this? Cool Version of King Krule's song 💫✨
I might follow everyone back until 640K+✌️ (Vine by Willow Smith)
Kylie Jenner, Willow Smith, Blue Ivy and Justin Bieber are the most bullied tbh.
I swear if anyone is in the illuminΔti it's Jaden and Willow Smith
I want Kristen Stewart AND Willow Smith to punch me in the mouth
Amandla Stenberg, Willow Smith, and Zendaya for the next generation Powerpuff Girls
Willow Smith and Zendaya and Amanda Stenberg are the reason I'm trash
Wow I had a dream that Jaden and Willow Smith came to my house and invited me to the Emmy's it was great
Trying to study 1984 and everytime I see Winston Smith I read Willow Smith
Low key, Willow Smith's lyrics rock my world.
can Willow Smith run for president with Jaden as vp or?
I want Jaden and Willow Smith to run the world
when my friend got confused between Willow Smith and The Sam Willows 😂😂😂
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"Jaden and Willow Smith need to make an album together asap. Their sound is actually pretty dope." Big Willie Style 2: Free Willy
Everyone knows I love Willow Smith and Zoe Kravitz because they are products of strong women.
Jada Pinkett Smith with her mother, husband Will Smith and daughter, Willow Smith at the 2015 Black…
Michelle Obama declares 'Black girls rock!' as she enjoys night out with Satanic Scientologists, Jada & Willow Smith
14yr old Willow Smith with papa and mama bear Will-Jada at "Black Girls Rock Party": She...
Michelle Obama declares 'Black Girls Rock!'. via imagine if it was the other way around
Willow Smith looks like an actual ant
yall leave Willow Smith alone dammit dont sexualize her yet shes too awesome at a young age
WELCOME TO KINGS'S BLOG: Pics: 14yr old Smith is almost as tall as h...
Tonight, backstage, when Badu & Willow Smith met, Badu asked Willow how she was doing & Williow answered, "I'm on my jour…
A girl with dreads was dancing that hard She whipped me in the face with her dreadlocks. Pulled out some Willow smith head whip moves 😂
Michelle Obama declares 'Black Girls Rock!' via How about ALL GIRLS ROCK Mrs Obama?How about that message
Willow, from gawky to style icon> Will Smith plants a kiss on Jada Pinkett at Black Girls Rock via
14yr old Willow Smith is almost as tall as her dad, Will Smith
Willow Smith actually makes really beautiful music.
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They couldn't get someone better? Zendaya, Amandla, Willow Smith, Amber Riley, Quvenzhane...
Willow Smith is such a doll! I'm enamoured by her confidence and grace at such a young age.
Jaden and Willow Smith's new music is IT:
Willow Smith wearing those shoes hoping she tall enough to ask god for fashion advice
Moon in my Room x dylAn feat. Willow Smith
Willow Smith took a picture with Rico from Hannah Montana when he was shirtless and *** was asking Where Jada & will is
Aaron Carter, Jessie McCartney, Dream Street, Jonas Brothers, kids bop, Rebecca Black, Willow Smith, just some of my favorites
Beyoncé & Jay Z with Willow Smith at the Roc Nation Pre-GRAMMY brunch.
Jaden & Willow Smith are too legit. Seriously Talented.
Jack's top looks like something Willow Smith wore once
Willow Smith can control time but every time I look at a clock I feel like when Marty McFly figures out what year he's in?
Not accepting Willow Smith as my DGAF style hero, sorry timeline. That credit goes to Beatrice Dalle in Betty Blue every time.
I really don't think Jaden and Willow Smith have anything of real value or wisdom to impart to today's youth. Or to anyone, for that matter.
Obsessed with this picture of Willow Smith 🙌
Willow Smith wears shirt featuring nude breasts and posted it on her Instagram page. Naturally, as with anything else the Smith kids do, people are...
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the Smith family is very much a matriarchy; Will is not the "face" of his family, Jada and Willow are
Willow Smith is your new DGAF style hero:
Photo: curlyquirkysoul: wocinsolidarity: Willow Smith so can someone tell me where to get this shirt???
in the top from our Vintage collection Thanks for coming thru yesterday A photo posted by on Jan 21, 2015 at 12:22pm PST Willow Smith, no stranger to age-based concern trolling, is finding herself at the center of
I wish I was as confident in my femininity and sexual expression as FOURTEEN YEAR OLD Willow Smith
Willow Smith joined Miley Cyrus in the Free the Nipple campaign.
Lmaooo omg this so funny ! At this willow smith concert wow . Lol !
Willow Smith (14) is no stranger to controversy. This week, the famous daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, posted a photo (on Instagram) of her
I just remembered...I saw Willow Smith the other night in Chelsea LOL
Willow Smith is so adorable, smart, and aware for someone her age
Everyone is freaking out about Willow Smith's photo.
Jaiden Smith's cutie mark would be his own face. Willow Smith's would be Jiaden as well.
Lil *** Willow Smith is such a leader. Swear.
Shirt is fire. “People are freaking out over this instagram.
Willow Smith's Instagram nipple photo is freaking everyone out.
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People are freaking out over this instagram.
... Willow Smith like 11 trying to free the nipple. No Lil *** keep your shirt on...
Whts wrong w it tho? "People are freaking out over this instagram.
Fake stories on the Internet this week include two UFO items, a fictitious 40 pound baby and more.
Has Willow Smith joined the Free The Nipple movement or are folks overreacting over a simple shirt? The 14-year-old free-spirited singer is once again the subject of controversy after Instagramming...
Willow Smith has become the media gossip topic of the week after posting a picture on her Instagram account wearing a
Willow Smith performs on the first episode of The Queen Latifah Show. SUBSCRIBE: About Queen Latifah: Queen Latifah is a musician, .
The Internet is freaking out over Willow Smith's scandalous Instagram photo.
People Are Freaking Out Over This Willow Smith Instagram Jean-Paul Gaultier and the Venus de Milo breaking the internet. Read more...
In her usual bohemian self, Willow Smith took to Instagram and shared a breast-baring photo now deemed by many inappropriate for her age.
Willow Smith has joined the Free the Nipple campaign on Instagram, intentionally or unintention...
Willow Smith is catching heat for yet another questionable Instagram snap.
People aren't too pleased with Willow Smith's latest online campaign.
Fourteen-year-old Willow Smith is no stranger to controversy, but she is causing quite the stir after posting an eyebrow-raising photo of herself on Instagram.
Willow Smith is causing people all over the internet to freak out and question Will and Jada's parenting, once again. This time, it's not because...
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My Daughter dancing to willow smiths Whip My Hair. I think we got something here people.
There is never a dull day in the life of Willow Smith. The teen recently shared a picture of herself while wearing
In the year 2000, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston got married, Willow Smith was b…
Jaden and Willow Smith's Knowledge is on another lovely of Dope..
got my up in my feelings with this Willow Smith song 😂😂
the Jenners, all of Odd Future, and Jaden & Willow Smith kick it together all the time!!
Jhene x The Internet x Willow Smith x SZA. big thanks to from Universal for these 💖💖💖💖
The rumours are wrong... Oprah isn't play Amanda Waller, Willow Smith is, and Jaden is John Stewart.
Growing up and watching too many American movies, everybody fancied kid stars, Keke Palmer, Willow Smith, Lil Bow Wow, Romeo etc all wowed us because they w
Jaden and Willow Smith are what happens when a rapper who doesn't swear has kids.
Y'all stay on Jaden and Willow Smith *** like they got all the money in the world.. What do you have ?
Jayden and Willow Smith talk like I did the first time I got high, but like, they just ARE that way.
The Internet's most egregious failure is that it has not yet produced a think piece referring to Jaden and Willow Smith as W…
'Any minute we Willow Smith could be shot' Joseph Mathenge hadn't planned
One educated view here . Jaden and Willow Smith on Prana Energy, Time and Why School is Overrated, via
I hope all the grown men and women who made fun of Jaden and Willow Smith are laughing when they’re kneeling before them…
Just read that Jaden and Willow Smith interview to my dog, and he looks less confused than I am.
We had two stoners reenact the absurd Jaden Smith / Willow Smith interview. Here's the story:
If Jaden and Willow Smith are appropriately vaccinated, I will eat my shoe.
Jaden and Willow Smith sat down for an interview with T Magazine this week, and the pseudo-intellectual babble flowed faster than ever from the mouths of two nice kids clearly pushed into the entertainment industry far too early.
Jaden and Willow Smith are the children of movie stars Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. They were named after their parents -- a fact that still manages to go ...
I asked a philosopher to explain that Willow and Jaden Smith interview for …
Hila what? “Jaden and willow Smith are hilarious. Lol”
Jaden and willow Smith are hilarious. Lol
Unlimited interstellar. Unlimited TARS. Unlimited SPACE AND TIME and dust - we are all Willow Smith in space time
This is coming from me creeping in the comment section of Willow and Jaden Smith's interview. So much hate for children; different children.
In a recent interview with New York Times, Jaden and Willow Smith spoke about prana energy, time, quantum physics and meditation
Maybe I am dumb. People on my TL praising the Willow & Jaden Smith interview and I thought it was garbage
How to set an Instagram-worthy Thanksgiving table - Home This real-girl doll comes with stretch marks, acne, and cellulite - Beauty 30+ pretty iPhone wallpapers that don't cost a thing - Tech Watch this dad try not to laugh while scolding his paint-covered boys - Moms Classic gifts for any true fashion fan - Fashion Craving french fries? Bake up these crispy squash rings instead - Fitness Listen to the ultimate romantic Christmas playlist - Love & Sex Consider this kale and white bean soup your dreary day dinner prescription - Food 88 awesome DIY stocking stuffers - Smart Living Forget Chris Hemsworth - Thor is the sexiest man alive - Entertainment Jaden and Willow Smith's latest interview makes no sense at all - Celebrity & News from POPSUGAR Fitness
Getting this whole interview tattooed on my back
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"I want to be the most durable person on the planet.". Jaden and Willow Smith;Prana Energy, Time and Overrated School
More quotable gems in our exclusive, now-viral interview with the very smart musicians:
Subscribe for more of The FADER: Watch Willow Smith bring out SZA to perform "9" live at The FADER FORT Presented by Converse 2014 in Br...
Now that Willow and Jade Smith interview was very trippy.
Jade and Willow Smith are really, really deep. Because living.
Jaden & Willow Smith New York Times interview, general negative reaction tells me it's filled with truth
How Jaden and Willow Smith's bizarre quotes measure up to the words of Kendall and Kylie Jenner
Alien ata tong si Jaden at Willow Smith via
We compared Jaden and Willow's bizarre quotes to those of Kendall and Kylie so you don't have to …
Teen stars Jaden and Willow Smith have always been precocious. But did you know the cool teenage kids of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are also wise — or at least, for their age, they're confident that they are? Just 16 and 14, respectively, the "Karate Kid" actor and the "Whip My Hair" singer waxed p…
Why is Willow Smith considered to be endearingly stupid when he claims he can control time but I'm "delusional". What gives
5 things we learned from that Jaden and Willow Smith interview
Willow and Jaden Smith have given one of the oddest interviews ever via
crazycatladayyy: Please let Willow Smith and Jaden Smith be a little weird and say weird things. I feel...
Willow and Jaden Smith are extremely intelligent, and that intimidates people.
"There’re no novels I like to read so I write my own novels, and then I read them again, and it’s the best thing"
Did Willow and Jaden Smith write that Matthew McConaughey Lincoln car commercial
Will Smith has some trippy children. Mind Blown:
Couldn't have said it better.Nuts“Jaden and Willow Smith have gone over the edge of crazy this time.
I am honestly obsessed with Willow and Jaden Smith. They can transcend time and space as we know it
Wow, this brilliant interview with and gives me hope for the future of our species.
Comparing yourself to someone else is like comparing yourself to a bird. -Willow Smith
“I am 100% positive this is how Jaden and Willow Smith text each other. 😭
Lines from Jaden & Willow Smith that didn't make it into print. Read the full interview:
Jaden and Willow Smith are extremely intelligent. Their approach to life and their understanding of how society works lea…
If you're trying to be the next E.E. Cummings or Emily Dickinson but can't find the right turn of phrase, the Jaden and Willow Smith Poetry Generator
Jaden, Willow Smith joint interview is one for the ages
Jaden and Willow Smith recently agreed to an interview with T Magazine wherein they talked about their latest music endeavors; as you may recall, Jaden has been releasing what might be described as experimental music for the past few months, and Willow,
Do realize that Jaden & Willow Smith are not nuts. Their brains are light years ahead. They told us what they're reading to develop that frame of thinking.
In the essence of living, who has time for school? At least that goes for Jaden, 16, and Willow Smith, 14, who in their recent buzzworthy T Magazine interview, revealed their true feelings about education and the “unlearning of things.” Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s kids have a lot to say on ...
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Photo by Getty Images Kids say the craziest things. And when they’re Willow Smith, 14, and Jaden Smith, 16, the daughter and son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, they’re even crazier. The pint-sized musicians released two albums this month — Jaden’s “Cool Tapes Vol. 2″ and Willow’s “3”— and, to mark…
Jaden and Willow Smith may just be the most enlightened teenagers in Hollywood.
As the children of two Hollywood stars, they were never going to have the most conventional upbringing. So, perhaps it should come as no surprise that Jaden and Willow Smith are already espousing some rather unconventional views.
Today I learned about a revolutionary new concept in developmental biology, prana energy, from Jaden and Willow Smith
U2 how old were you Willow Smith when bono came to the stupor bowl in his jacket? Isn't Bono cool? He shook George W. Bush 's hand gave him his blessing on the crusade
5 things learned from Jaden and Willow Smith: Perhaps The New York Times' T Magazine should have had Stephen H...
Jaden and Willow Smith poem generator echoes your soul's stirrings.
New Episode! We discuss the awesome college basketball tip off marathon, Jayden and Willow Smith, and Thanksgiving!
I think I might want to be Willow Smith when I grow up.
The Jaden&Willow Smith interview reads like a Joanna Newsom song "I've been reading ancient tomes, quantum physics osho,time does not exist"
Do Jaden & Willow Smith have a valid point about school?: by Sara McGinnis posted in Celebrities Jaden and Wil...
Jaden and Willow Smith just gave one of the most insane celebrity interviews ever.
After watching this thing I almost want to read the Jaden and Willow Smith interview
TMZ : Jaden and Willow Smith gave the MOST BIZARRE interview of all time... and it's Wil...
Them kids just ain’t right: Jaden and Willow Smith, the alien space children of Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Sm...
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Have you guys read this bizarre Jaden & Willow Smith interview?: Just read excerpts from Jaden and Wil...
The world does not need Jaden & Willow Smith any more than it needs chocolate teapots, google glass, square watermelons or David Cameron.
Jaden and Willow Smith are the ultimate rich kids. No care of the world and they do whatever they want to.
Pitch: A reverse “Fresh Prince” where Jaden and Willow Smith have to go live in the hood of west Philadelphia.
Jaden and Willow Smith give their first-ever joint interview
Photo: gothvomit: Jada Pinkett Smith’s awesome defense of Willow’s shaved head: This is a world where...
Willow Smith means business on the cover of Wonderland Magazine
ok thank u for mentioning willow smith's ep it's So so so good
i am Truly vibin to willow smith's ep.
Jaden and Willow Smith are actually talented. I like them, they're awesome.
Willow Smith has created some of my favorite songs. +++
Homegirl‘s singing voice was giving me Willow Smith tease.
Willow Smith is really doing her thing!
when you indirectly meet willow smith at Disney
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My sister just made me realize that Jaden and Willow Smith's names are just gender opposite versions of their parent names
Listen to Willow Smith - Summer Fling (Memorecks Remix) by memorecks on another slapped omg!
That Willow Smith has a lot of hair... How she didn't break her neck whipping it back and forth proves she's a demon...
I love 21st Century Girl by Willow Smith. I actually love her lol
Comment on Willow Smith’s ‘V’ Magazine Photos — Pics by orenji: You're aware he's been in the m... ff
greeklesbian: Willow Smith is going to be the biggest thing in the music industry one day
Someone please tell me Jaden and Willow Smith did not really try to have sex
I'm so obsessed with Willow Smith's music and nobody will listen to it bc she made Whip My Hair. But her new music is so wavy.
l o l honestly I keep replaying 5 by willow/Jaden Smith, kill me !
Photo: morganacarta: Willow Smith for Teen Vogue I love Willow Smith. She’s the perfect example of the...
As a potential wind energy source. Please note that Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair" or a Juliani track is required for operation…
North will be a spoiled brat and Blue will end up like willow smith... you heard it here first
I really fck with Willow and Jaden Smith. They're spirits are so far ahead of this generation. They're doing life right.
Jaden and willow smith are just so musically entertaining. They're so dope but everybody's sleeping on them.
"Jaden and Willow Smith gonna be bigger than Michael and Janet Jackson"
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Can everyone do me a favor and listen to willow smith's song on's so good lol
“These changed my life are Willow Smith's arms really that long
I just love Willow Smith! She's is so soulful. Such a small little lady but so much heart in everything she does.
By  Willennium Faulkner LOS ANGELES – With the Smith family finally allowing their children an HBO subscription, Jaden and Willow Smith sat down and watched the first episode of Game of Thrones last week. Not twenty minutes into the episode, Will Smith’s son and daughter witnessed Jaime and Cersei L…
Willow Smith has come a long way since "Whip My Hair" became a worldwide phenomenon in 2010. Willow, the 14-year-old daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, has always marched to the beat of her own drum, and her latest single reflects her new vibe. The freestyle track, called "Female En...
Whip My Hair by Willow Smith is still my jam 👌
“Willow smith and her bother are indeed so bomb, idc.”
So did Willow and Jayden Smith really have sex??😳😳
Willow smith and her bother are indeed some weirdos, idc.
Imma shoot up heritage if alaina calls me willow smith 1 more time
Jaden Smith wants to be Willow so bad.
Smh Jaden and Willow Smith are some crazy kids
So willow smiths new song is actually really good
Willow Smith, your song "8" is just incredible. On repeat. Music lovers take note.
Wow willow Smith's new song female energy is nice...very soulful.
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What is all this foolishness I'm hearing about Willow and Jaden Smith??
Willow and Jaden Smith having sex? That is just gross, don't make no *** sense
I liked a video from Justin Bieber Pranks Willow Smith - Whip My Hair - Manchester
Willow Smith - Female Energy is so mellow and nice tho
Happy birthday! Willow Smith, Jimmy Savile, and Mateo Arias have the same bday as you!
A remake of Fried Green Tomatoes but starring Kobe Bryant and Willow Smith. Kobe plays the Jessica Tandy role obviously.
Willow Smith is 11 and has a tongue ring, half her head shaved, and is bisexual. SHE needs to go live with her auntie an…
Jada Pinkett Smith Responds to Willow Smith and Moisés Arias Pic - Extra
Updates on my life: Willow Smith reblogs my makeup looks, Kat Von D liked a photo of me. That is all.
Why isn't Willow Smith making more videos. I would stan.
Willow Smith goes for a walk with her pooch, Kristen Stewart chats it up at the Soho Apple store, Robert Downey Jr. gr...
Listening to Gloria Steinem and bell hooks chat, sitting next to Jada Pinkett and Willow Smith. Best Monday ever?
honored to be a part of the same musical generation as Kendrick Lamar, SZA, Willow Smith, Frank Ocean, Iman Omari, etc.
That ""Rae Sremmurd look like Jaden and Willow Smith."
Tim Tebow arrested in Gainesville for violating Mann Act; stopped for speeding with Willow Smith in back seat
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Remake of Little Darlings starring Willow Smith & Chloe Moretz is coming in summer 2015 (this is technically a lie but spir…
Well let me say this, I’ma live forever regardless how my doctor feels (Dr. Phil) Call it Willow Smith, my Father’s will -
When Toni Morrison spoke about the Jaden & Willow Smith everybody thought she was look.
[ ] Willow Smith: I Was Born to Make Mistakes: Willow Smith looks to be in a great mo... [ ]
I wonder if Jaden and Willow Smith ever used Will's song "parents just don't understand" against him when they get in trouble
11 years old with a lip piercing, shaved head & "bisexual"? Willow Smith needs to be sent to live with her aunty & uncle in…
After a controversial picture surfaced of the two in bed together, Willow Smith and 20-year-old Moises Arias are still hanging out. Source: Sheknows - Women's Lifestyle
I finally saw that no flex zone video and say what you want but that willow smith is talented
Am I the only person who likes Willow and Jaden Smith? Lol
Willow smith would acc be amazing to shoot, she's so stunning
Ain't gonna lie .. Willow Smith really owned that 8 song 💯💯
Jada Pinkett Smith: Don't Pollute Willow Smith-Moises Arias Bed Photo! - In an interview with the...
Willow Smith, you?re 11 years old. Nobody needs advice about ?being themselves? from you. Call us back when you get your period.
All About the August Issue, Featuring Kesha, Willow Smith, and Back-to-School Style -- Teen Vogue - Visit out blog
Willow smith has obtained all the goals I've set and she's younger than me bye
Her comp is iggy azalea, Lola Monroe and Willow Smith
i can only pray that one day I will grow up to be half as good as Willow Smith. TOO MUCH.
Please listen to that Willow Smith song. She is unreal and I want to preorder everything she will ever put out for the rest of her life.
"Willow Smith, Dan Rather and Vanilla Ice were all born on October 31st." so was
Jason Derulo x Willow Smith - Wiggle My Hair mashup by up next on stream it now!
Jaden & Willow Smith need to stay with my Grandma for 1 week
Dinah Jane puts Willow Smith to shame in that pic
Kylie Jenner and Willow Smith enjoy day out shopping in New York City together - 3am & Mirror Online :
Listening to Willow Smith while exercising lol
I've given myself a headache because I keep whipping my hair back and forth to that Willow Smith song.
Willow Smith is giving me life again 🙏
I wonder when willow smith is gonna get bad af like her mama.
Willow Smith rides her bike with her friend on Friday afternoon (July 11) in New York City.
When Harry's hair is wet, Niall makes him recreate Willow Smith's hair in her "Whip My Hair" music video.-buz…
When is Willow Smith gonna bless us with another jam for the summer?
In case you're wondering what Willow Smith has been up to lately
Willow and Jaden Smith Sleep with Pet Snakes in Their Beds, ‘She Has 10 Sleeping in Her -
it makes me laugh that Willow Smith teenage daughter of a millionaire couple with no life experience to speak of thinks she's a philosopher
Willow Smith"Which Celebrity do people say you look like?
Video: vinebox: Willow Smith made this Vine about her brother bruh
Funny fact.if u whip your head back nd forth u will lose 24brain sells per whip . Poor willow smith
Just want to thank Jaden and Willow Smith for once again throwing an amazing Eyes Wide Shut party.
How are Jaden and Willow Smith off springs of one of the flyest dudes of the 90's!
I liked a video from Celebrity Look Alike Tag!! Willow Smith & Amandla Stenberg
LOL Willow Smith's vine about Jaden is pure comedy gold.
Los Angeles, July 13 Willow Smith, daughter of Hollywood actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, says her style...
Willow Smith looks just like Jada when she was blonde...that's scary...😮
Does anybody else want to see a Cosby show remake starring Will Smith, Jada Pickett Smith, Willard Smith III, Jaden Smith and Willow Smith?
also, they think The Jenners and Willow Smith are grunge icons and Clueless is the ultimate grunge movie.
Why is willow smith so perfect and she's only like... 2 1/2 yrs old
Rimas thought of the day:. "Why did willow smith stop making music?"
Kylie was spotted with Willow Smith, wearing a Reformation “Aurelie” skirt in black, which you can purchase
Forget Willow Smith. People have been whipping their hair back and forth since the 80s!
Willow smith had one heat and lost her *** mind lol .
Willow Smith bedroom photo upsets critics -- but not her parents? - Willow Smith, the 13-year-old...
Man, it's like Willow Smith said "who would be the WORST influence on me?" Then she hung out with this girl.
Dead had a dream about willow smith
SPOTTED! | Willow Smith and were seen in New York City this weekend.
Whatever happened to Willow Smith's music career ??
I want my kids to act like Willow and Jaden Smith😻
In about 5 years holla at me willow smith
Willow Smith is going to be so beautiful when she’s older.
Photo: kxrdashjenner: June 27, 2014 - Kylie & Willow Smith out in New York City.
I swear we played a team this weekend with a dude that was a clone of Willow Smith
theres another one I look like willow smith
Willow Smith roasting her brother lmao
Nails did by Kelly Ripa and Willow Smith's manicurist
I think it's just the makeup, and her way of dress. “Willow Smith is ugly now
In case you missed it: Willow Smith & Jaden Smith are featured in the new issue of They…
Willow Smith looks like a *** alien who floated down from the planet NigAfrica smfh
***New Video***. Part 2 of the classic Willow Smith rant. 4 years in the making!.
Don't whip your hair kids, no matter what Willow Smith says...
I liked a video Willow smith summer fling by arabellah cover
Willow smith grew into that fade she got. She looks good
Jaden and Willow Smith, Bella Thorne, and 20 more up-and-comers ready to take over Hollywood.
.and photographed by Miguel Reveriego for our July issue
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