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Willie Wilson

Willie James Wilson (born July 9, 1955) is a former professional baseball player. He played nineteen seasons in Major League Baseball for the Kansas City Royals, Oakland Athletics, and Chicago Cubs.

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Golf Reunion The following is a repeat of the original email,,, we only had 7 responses and 3 of those were from out of state,,, I am not sure that they will be interested if we only have 7 golfers. Please,,, if you would like to play (probably a scramble,,,) please email (MSG) me ASAP so we may proceed with scheduling,,, I do not remember everyone,,, but I am listing golfers that I can remember at this late age of my life,,, do you know how to contact: Brian Nelson,,, Aaron Smith,,,Ron Smith,,,Jim Payan,,, Jim Lamantia,,, Kathy Marchant,,, Willie Wilson,,, Rich Whitehill,,, Leroy Venteicher,,, Warren Schnibbe,,,Don Shanner,,, Jerry Kelly,,,Jan Kroll,,,Mike Jacobs,,,Rob Ault,,, John Blakesley,,, Ed Armstrong,,, Rhonda Fleming (sp?),,, Robbie Mork,,, Please forward this to anyone that you may know,,, please do so,,, even if you do not intend to play,,, ask them to email me,,, To those that have responded in the affirmative,,, do you want to play with 2 or 3 foursomes and have lunch? Thanks,,, JIm
So happy for my son, David. He's "living the dream" right now at Royals Alumni Fantasy Camp out in Surprize, Arizona. Hangin' out with George Brett, Kevin Seitzer, Willie Wilson and I think his coaches are Joe Randa and Mike Sweeney (for his team). Go Dave !
HaPPY BIRTHDAY Shout go out from bossier city to Benton to Willie Wilson have a great day and drink a couple of coolers light for me
PBA 2014 Preview: Can Ginebra’s skyscrapers keep up with the Gin Kings’ star guards? Expectations for Barangay Ginebra San Miguel coming into the season are sky-high after the team put together the tallest frontcourt in the PBA. The Gin Kings drafted 7-foot center Greg Slaughter as the top overall pick in the draft earlier this month, and will him up with ultra-athletic 6-foot-9 forward Japeth Aguilar. It’s certainly an upgrade for Ginebra, which was one of the smallest teams in the PBA last season, when they trotted out undersized players such as Rudy Hatfield and Willie Wilson to battle other teams in the frontlines. With a frontcourt of Slaughter, Aguilar, and new acquisition Jay-R Reyes, who stands 6-foot-7, Ginebra’s guards will spend a lot of time this season with their necks craned up. The additional ceiling already has players thinking about the end of the franchise’s title drought; Ginebra hasn’t won a PBA tournament since the 2008 Fiesta Conference. Veteran guard Jayjay Helterbrand i ...
Always nice to see John Wathan, Willie Wilson, Dennis Leonard, Al Fitzmorris and other almuni. We celebrated tonight for George Brett.
that's when we got autographs back in the day ie: Amos Otis, Cookie, Willie Wilson, *a kid in the 70's
Willie Wilson, 2nd mate on the ferry Tacoma, called at 1:35 pm to report a large pod of at least 20 orcas about...
Only if Willie Wilson goes out for the bobsled team.
Does Drew have more post-season strikeouts than Royals' Willie Wilson in 1980? and I remember that was bad.
Met one of the greats, Willie Wilson!
TRADE RUMORS : rob labagala and willie wilson for eman monfort and 6th pick
Last time it was Japeth Aguilar, tonight it was Willie Wilson! Great game!!
Tug McGraw tells the story of Willie Wilson's fateful at-bat
Just realized it was a year ago yesterday that Willie Wilson became an angel of Heaven. We miss you
he put on a Willie Wilson jersey in KC and led off if first. PJ loves them some baseball.
that's awesome. I have Willie Wilson and Frank White on the same ball
Update your maps at Navteq
what I did *not* expect to see on my way to the cafeteria for lunch: Willie Wilson of the signing "Inside the Park"
In the late 70's, when was rebuilding the NOI, Rev. Willie Wilson was the first/only pastor to let him pr…
Mary J. Blige looks like Willie Wilson in that powder blue coat
. Tug McGraw jumping in the air after strikingout Willie Wilson for the win in the 1980
Reverend Willie Wilson's sermon . Youve Got to Fight to Be Free: "sisters making more money than brothers" leads to women being ***
Did you miss Willie Wilson's talk at the Library? Watch it online!
Willie Wilson: "I've been there ever since I met Nika." The child's mom, Nika Robinson, declined my request for an interview today.
Willie Wilson said he cared for Mariah Johnson like she was his own, "that was my little girl, I loved her."
Willie Wilson: "like, nobody know there was a hole over there so people just thinking crazy, tell me like I buried her, that's a lie..."
"God just ready for the baby to go" said mom of Willie Wilson, the man caring for a toddler found dead in a ditch this past weekend.
Unknown fact: Willie Wilson gave 1 million $ in charity which Royals used on tickets to set team's all time attendance …
fans - Willie Wilson book signing tonight at Jayhawk Central Student Union. Be there at 5:30 pm!
Today's team is the Kansas City Royals. Some great players have donned the baby blue uni's. George Brett is probably the greatest Royal of all times. Bret Saberhagen, Dan Quisenberry, Amos Otis and Willie Wilson were all great Royals. However my all time favorite Royal is Vincent Edward Jackson. Jackson hit some monster shots well over 450 feet and is the only player I have ever seen snap a bat over his knee or head after striking out. The fact that Bo was an all star in two sports is very impressive. My most memorable Bo moment isn't a baseball memory. But rather a Touch down where he drove the loud and brash Brian Bosworth deep into the end zone on a Monday night!. Favorite Royal Vincent Edward "Bo' Jackson
It is the ninth inning. Time for George Brett, Willie Wilson and Frank White to show up and save the day!
Wanna see what we have for the Chad Rogers Memorial Silent Auction? Signed by Fred Patek & Willie Wilson
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Today that same kid steals bases like Willie Wilson!
when Willie Wilson comes back I'm all in.
he a mix between Biggie and Willie Wilson
Cant wait to get my willie wilson royals jersey. Curious as to the quality of it since i got it from a cheapo site
I saw Willie Wilson steal his 100th base in a sason in Waterloo for the Royals 2a team in the mid 70's.
Jamie Quirk scored from first when LF Keith Miller misplayed a two-out fly ball by Willie Wilson…yes, Quirk and Wilson on the A's.
I was at AL West clinging game in 84 on last Friday of season vs HS fball. Only 18K saw Willie Wilson win it in extra's.
Going through baseball cards at my parents house, pretty stoked to find a 1991 mint condition Willie Wilson!
Only KC Royals player I follow is Willie Wilson. I don't follow you new guys because you suck or are so good you'll get traded
It Woz willie wilson who is on the sjfa committee
AL career (min 300 Att) record for Stolen Base % is 83.3 (Willie Wilson). Thru his first 277 Att Jacoby Ellsbury checks in at 83.4%
since I was a kid George Brett Willie Wilson and Bret Saberhagen killed them
Inside the Park: Running the Base Path of Life by Willie Wilson via
right prob don't even know who booty mac,or Willie Wilson,etc..etc.. are
I predict 2 Willie Wilson stolen bases and a Hal McRae home run.
With two doubles last night, Billy Butler tied Willie Wilson for 6th on the career list with 241.
Not so fast. Willie Wilson sped to the fore and caught Billy as he slipped on a banana peel at the KC Zoo
Fairly sure that will be the only time Billy Butler and Willie Wilson will be in the same sentence.
With that double Billy Butler ties Willie Wilson for 6th on the all time list. 241 career doubles.
Yes I was there when Billy Butler tied Willie Wilson for KC doubles all time.
At 27, Butler has already climbed to 4th all time amongst doubles with Willie Wilson.
I associate the Royals with Willie Wilson OPSing 4.000 against us every year of my youth. That guy KILLED us.
Willie Wilson, the in the park home run king!
This is a clip from our Sunday morning service on 07/28/2013. This Word delivered by Pastor Willie Wilson...
me 2 and Willie Wilson and Frank White, etc...
Today is the birthday of Willie Wilson, Courtney Love, Richard Roundtree, and Orenthal J. Simpson. This day in 1937 Oliver Law, commander of the anti-Franco Abraham Lincoln Brigade, was killed in the Spanish Civil War; 1850 POTUS Zachary Taylor died of natural causes after he was poisoned--oops, did I let that slip out?
I GUESS OUR DADDY TOMIE C BARNES DID KNOW HIM FROM THE AIR FORCE :) car Willie, born as Lecil Travis Martin (September 1, 1931 – April 12, 1999) was an American country music singer, who sang in the "old-time hobo" music style, complete with dirty face, overalls, and a floppy hat.[1] "Boxcar Willie" was originally a character in a ballad he wrote, but he later adopted it as his own stage name.[2] Contents Biography Born in Sterrett, Texas, Martin joined the United States Air Force in 1949, and served as a pilot and flight engineer for the B-29 Super Fortress during the Korean War in the early 1950s. In Lincoln, Nebraska, Martin was once sitting at a railroad crossing and a fellow that closely resembled his chief boom operator, Willie Wilson, passed by sitting in a boxcar. He said, "There goes Willie." He pulled over and wrote a song entitled "Boxcar Willie".[citation needed] It eventually stuck and became Martin's nickname. There is no relation to the fictitious character, bearing the same name, as feat ...
PBA TRADE: GINEBRA gets: Asi Taulava, Noy Baclao MERALCO gets: Josh Urbiztondo, John Wilson AIR 21 gets: Vic Manuel, Willie Wilson this trade will be send to the Commissioner's Office on Monday for approval. -dehx
Trade has been sealed. It will be delivered on Monday for the approval of Mr.Salud. -Asi Taulava along with Noy Baclao to Ginebra. -John Wilson and Josh Urbiztondo to Meralco. -Vic Manuel and Willie Wilson to Air21. source: PBA LATEST RUMORS ~ada~
Very Happy Father's Day to my son Milton Adams, brother Willie Wilson, nephew Rod Nelson in Africa protecting our country miss you, in San Diego nephews Ramad Wilson, Cornelius Lambert, Brian Nero, Tyree Newton, Kenny Strickland, William Waggoner, To my grand Kids father Willie Willow Jojoworld Murray, I can't name you all so many to the rest of my Family and friends on FB Happy Father's Day
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I remember watching this game with my Dad ... From Kansas City Royals THIS DAY IN ROYALS HISTORY: In 1979, Willie Wilson becomes the first Royals player to hit home runs from both sides of the plate leading Kansas City to a 14-11 win at County Stadium in Milwaukee. Wilson hits a three-run shot off Mike Caldwell in the sixth; then a three-run inside-the-parker off Bill Castro in the ninth. Photo courtesy of the Royals Hall of Fame:
EK 68-40, 11 Game Lead in AL Central Wed. Evening game - [Cincinnati] Houston 12 Eggshell Kabuki 3 WP - 1905 Addie Joss (15-9) LP - 1907 Cy Young (21-9) star - Hou cf 1979 Willie Wilson (.302-4 HR-39 RBI-87 R-98 SB) - Wilson was 3-for-4 with a Walk and an RBI. His more remarkable numbers were 4 SB and 3 R. Hou's attack was 18 Singles and 1 Double. Eight Walks and 1 EK Error fed the beast. But, those SB magnified the Hou attack. Standings - EK is swept by Hou (88-42), the AL West Leader. EK still has the best record in the AL. Hou is next best. Two teams are tied 11 GB EK in AL Central. San Diego (61-47) of AL West has won 5 in a row to take a 4 Game Lead in the AL Wildcard Race, with the 3rd best record. This ties the longest losing streak for EK this season. They have lost 3 in a row 4 other times. But, EK has avoided the streaky play that has plagued the Franchise in earlier seasons. Even with this sweep at the end of the month, EK went 18-9 in July. Their record at this point is ...
They just had former Royals center fielder Willie Wilson on television. They said he had 13 inside the park home runs in his career. That's unbelievable! I don't remember the last time I've seen one.
Bo Porter was a guest at the *** Leagues Legends Luncheon today in KC. Former KC star Willie Wilson was a host.
Willie Wilson and Bo Porter talk at the *** Leagues Museum's Legends Luncheon.
Marvyn Wilson's the assistant manager at Linlithgow and David Dunn and Willie Wilson were in the squad for them but didn't play
Amos Otis was the best , till Willie Wilson came along.
Oh for the days of Willie Wilson..Amos Otis...& Darrell Porter ! B4 your time ?
Ended up having a great holiday.let me shout out my military folks. Richard Royal, Heaven Royal, Aloysius Royal, Roy Johnson, Gabe Royal, Gabe Walker, Zachary Royal, David Royal, Brendolyn Marie, Martelli N Crystal Major, Quinn Harvey, Danielle Johnson, Tanisha Johnson, Steven Bynum, Pastor Pattmon, John Wise, Willie Wilson, Sharday Lacy, Antwon Byrd, Joey Chavez.just a few of some of the finest and bravest people i know
According to sources GlobalPort wants Willie Wilson and Elmer Espiritu for Japeth Aguilar.
A sad day... We have so many memories in this old lady. May she rest in peace. Mark Dicken, Willie Wilson, Roddy Puckett, Josh Hamburg, Chris Christopher Jacob Welch, Tyler Dingle
Bo Jackson, Willie Wilson, George Brett, Frank White, Kevin Seitzer, Steve Balboni.. These guys have been a part of a lot of my memories growing up as a Royals fan. But the common denominator with all these guys is Fred White, the voice of the Royals on radio. His passing today leaves me very sad. Let's win one for Fred tonight boys!!!
On that day in in Baltimore, KC's 1-3 hitters Kevin Seitzer, Willie Wilson and George Brett combined to go 8-12, 6RBIs
Paul Konerko passed Willie Wilson for on the alltime hit list. Next is Wilie Randolph 2 away.
Lorenzo Cain is a good player, but Willie Wilson was great. would have been MVP in 1980 if not for some guy named Brett
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At the "42" screening in KC, George Brett, Frank White, Willie Wilson & more showing appreciation for Jackie Robinson's legacy.
continues for the legendary Willie Wilson! Please give him a follow at
My game is grown. No more Big Willie. I prefer you call me Wilson!
1980 WS rematch for Phillies home opener today. Tug McGraw (RIP) > Willie Wilson.
"Liam hit Harry in the balls on stage tonight, and Niall said "Harry got hit in the Willie" ( Via ) -Zach"
.think about giving World Series Champ & Inside the Park HR champ Willie Wilson a shout out sometime?
With Wilson, Mochan and Mc Phail and Willie Fernie scored as well as Celtic beat the Rangers 7-1.
Phillies/Royals, lets go! I remember KC teams from the 80's. Poor Willie Wilson, great OF, but couldnt put ball in play in 80 WS
.how 'bout a mention for Willie Wilson? We're trying to get him to in KC! Please help? RT
.help us get Willie Wilson to in KC? Please let your followers know!
.help is get Willie Wilson to in KC? Please??
.help get 1985 World Series Champion Willie Wilson to in KC? Please RT?
.help a KC Legend Willie Wilson get to in KC? Please RT?
.help us get KC Legend Willie Wilson to in KC? Please? RT
Uh, that was Tug McGraw who struck out Willie Wilson to end it, wheels you ***
.help us get HOF'er Willie Wilson to in KC? Please please please?
.we KC fans are trying to get WS Champion Willie Wilson to Can ya help? Please!?
.We fans are trying to get Willie Wilson to in KC! Can ya help us out?
I would be honored to have a Willie Wilson bat!
Royals great Willie Wilson (will be this year's special guest at the Mickey Mantle Classic in Commerce. Tourney starts on Monday.
Did they strikeout trying to get Willie Wilson to come? Sorry, couldnt help myself
"I'd bring back Frank White as a coach, Willie Wilson as a base running coach, Seitzer as hitting coach," (cont.)
They were doing signings with Rollie, *** Mudcat Grant, Willie Wilson and others, so I'm not sure WHO I got! Excited to find out
Why again do we need to follow Willie Wilson?
"Need 203 followers to give away the autographed bat." How amazing would it be to own an autographed bat from Willie Wilson?!?!
FOLLOW WILLIE. C'mon... It's WILLIE WILSON.“Still beleive I can get to - that's Royals Home Opener!”
Hey peeps. If you grew up on the Royals like I did, you need to follow Willie Wilson
What do you think Miguel Cairo, Willie Harris, and Wilson Valdez are up to these days?
Willie Wilson would be ashamed of this bunch.
Mr. James D. Wilson aka J Willie (1943-2013); Dunbar Sr. High's music man 1977-2004. A giant has fallen but the band plays on!
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Boxcar Willie knows a story or two. Boxcar Wilson is a Kentucky senator.
He's Super Cute? Maybe he'll be the next Willie Wilson!
I imagine Didi will be in AAA for a stint. Josh Wilson will probably stay until Willie is ready.
U gotta set the record straight. Willie Wilson had the toothpick. I know u know it was really U.L. Washington
Come on .. Toothpicks and Willie Wilson?! You can't forget who was synonymous w/ toothpicks - U.L. Washington!!
Rod Carew late in his career and Willie Wilson early on his. Lost art, to be sure.
Frank White and Willie Wilson came into our restaurant to eat last summer. Big deal for
Are u planted or potted? Potted plants can be knocked over or turned over and easily uprooted. It is very easy for a strong wind or a careless movement to demolish or destroy a potted plant. Potted plants may be beautiful to look at, but they are fragile. They require intensive care, and they die easily under adverse conditions. Things that are planted have strong roots. They are usually outdoors and able to withstand the winds and the storms. When something is planted, it makes the best of adverse conditions, by grabbing on to whatever is available, to the ground itself, until things get better. When something is planted, it may be nibbled on by varmints; it maybe stepped on by the careless; it will be pushed and prodded, but never uprooted. Planting requires reliance on God. Potting is subject to the whims of humans. ~Rev. Willie Wilson and Dr. Iyanla Vanzant So again I ask are you potted or planted? I'm planted!
My baseball team is the KC Royals. Translation: I grew up in KC going to the games in the era of Willie Wilson, George Brett, Bret Saberhagen, Dan Quisenberry, Frank White, etc. I can't even tell you one player's name on the team now. All I know is they are terrible. But I would still wear a KC hat to an Angels game. This concludes my only sports post ever. Not sure what got into me.
New Ginebra import Macklin quick to impress teammates in practice HE lacks sleep and is still battling jetlag, yet new Barangay Ginebra import Vernon MacKlin has already made a big impression on teammates. “Ang lakas niya. Talagang nangangalabaw siya sa ilalim,” said Ginebra forward Rico Maierhofer at the end of the Kings’ practice on Monday at the Xavier School gym. “Bigat bantayan,” he added. Maierhofer even recalled one play during the three-on-three drills where Macklin put an emphatic finish on an alley-oop pass by Kerby Raymundo with a slam dunk. “Ang lupit 'nung dunk niya. Puyat at may jetlag pa yun ... kaya tingin ko mas lalakas pa siya,” added the newly-wed Maierhofer. Another Ginebra big man, Willie Wilson, described Macklin as a Denzel Bowles type of import who can make a big difference inside the paint with his size and behind-the-basket moves. “Ang lapad niya, na may kilos, na malakas mag post up,” said Wilson, who guarded Macklin during the one-hour drill which coach Alfran ...
Had an Awesome day full of the Lord with my Hubby Jim Sliker and long time friends Willie Wilson and Deland JazzDigga Wilson at Mars Hill Church in Seattle!!! Thanks guys, you are doing great things out there!!! Love you all!!!
Ok just 1 more then I resolve to not steal another posting from Michael for at least a week. Anyone with a dance card not yet full tonight the amazing WILLIES at Park West in Ridgewood NJ. Gotta love Willie Wilson he's been thru a lotta stuff lately and still rockin'
Second Congressional District hopeful Joyce Washington: Good Morning. Two weeks ago, right here at this intersection, two blocks from my home. Willie Wilson, a 33 year old African-American, was murdered. So far this year, 47 Chicagoans, two in this neighborhood, have been murdered in 2013. Six were children. Four more were shot two blocks from here just yesterday in broad daylight. We need to ask: How did we get here? How did we get to a place where the neighborhoods on the south side of Chicago and the south suburbs have become a killing zone with substandard schools, too many guns, too few cops, not enough jobs, and enough despair and hopelessness to cause entire generations to turn to drugs and a life of crime as the only way out. The answer to that question is exactly what this election is about: Professional politicians are the reason we are in this mess. They are the problem. They are not the solution. My major opponents in this election are all professional politicians. They have more baggage ...
Congrats to Willie Wilson and George Brett are the only players w/ at least 100 career triples as a Royal.
This may be the best squad KC has brought to the dome since the days of George Brett, Bo Jackson, and Willie Wilson.
Happy Birthday to my grandmother.You are long gone but never forgotten. I know you had to go too a better place. To a place I dream of and hoping one day I will be. Their will never be another like you( 4 sure). I know each day I smile it's God and you watching over me. I promise I won't let you down. I will rise and be who you said I will be and who God made me to be. I Love You Vera Sharpe... We Love you.. Paula Brown, Toni Lovely Brown, Willie Wilson, Freddie Wilson, Michael Wilson, Sheveka Williams, Porshia Lewis, Chiquita D Clark,Darryl Devoe, Rosevelt Lewis, and etc.
Russell Wilson is the same down 20 or up 20. In other words, exactly what you want from your QB.
He already is! “Russell Wilson gon be a problem tho.”
Russell Wilson gon be a problem tho.
After watching Russell Wilson the past few weeks. Its hard to argue against him being Rookie of the Year.
Oh well. Good game. Can't blame Wilson for that loss.
Russell Wilson is a G though. No reason to hang his head.
Russell Wilson rookie of the year no matter wat!
Atlanta so sad breh.. Russell Wilson deserved this game
I said the dolphins should have drafted Russell Wilson but look who they took smh
Russell Wilson as a rookie has as many playoff wins as Romo.
Russell Wilson is the real life Willie Beamon
Russell Wilson is what Falcons fans once dreamed Mike Vick would be.
Wow what a game!! Russell Wilson out there cool as ever
Wilson with the Qb for the go ahead td
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Russell Wilson looking like Willie Beamen out there
Russell Wilson is an elite athlete. And an amazing quarterback.
Let's see what Russell Wilson is all about on this drive. I believe in him.
It's time for Russell muscle and bustle and tussle Wilson!
Russell Wilson doin it did the light skins!
Russell Wilson already has 329 yards passing plus 55 rushing. He's going Kaepernick on Falcons.
Collegiate High School's Russell Wilson. Can he keep his dream season alive?
nah actually kaepernick is the real life Willie beaman Russell Wilson a Hindu ***
No quit in Russell Wilson. Can't say that about Seattle defense. Falcons looking good.
Babineaux with HUGE sack of Russell Wilson back at the 25, and Seattle - out of time outs - scrambles to spike it. But they ran out of time.
Wilson's pass intended for Tate sails out of bounds, incomplete. Now 3rd & goal from the 11. Now 0:17 in half.
Wilson's pass complete to Zach Miller - his fifth catch of the day. It's now 3rd & 1 at the ATL 10.
Wilson hits Miller for gain of 20 to Atlanta 32. Then another first down strike by Wilson has Seattle with 1st down at ATL 19.
Seattle starts at their 20. After a 6-yd run, Wilson hits Tate for 11 and a first down at SEA 37-yd line.
Russell Wilson will turn into Willie Beamon on this drive.. I'm positive
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Russel wilson got fear in his eyes he aint ready
Another first down on a Wilson 16-yd pass to Tate at the 20. Two plays later, Wilson hits Lynch for short gai, setting up 3rd & 1 at the 11.
Russell Wilson & Russell Westbrook should get a HUGE endorsement deal from Russell Athletics
Now 3rd & 8 from the ATL 42. Wilson feels pressure, throws wide of his receiver about 15 yds downfield. 'Hawks to punt.
Ok Willie tell it like it is Kapaernick is far superior to RGIII and Russell Wilson I say best QB in football Right NOW
is Rusty Wilson the closest thing you've seen to Willie Beamen since 99 season with the miami sharks?
ok imma have to catch that Benji Wilson then
Just got complimented for my Brian Wilson shirt. Slight problem, it's Willie Stargell.
Luke Wilson is my favorite Wilson, sorry Willie.
Loyalist community worker Jim Wilson confronts Willie Frazer over people' s forum not engaging with unionist forum
A few pics from a walk with Lisa Michelle Harris in the Wilson River Reserve in the Willi Willi National Forest on 2 January 2013. Strangler Figs, Staghorn Ferns, a Waterfall, and some general outdoor pics.
Excited to teach Doctrine class with pastor Willie Wilson at Mars Hill Church | Rainier Valley today.
DK 11-7 2 GB, 2nd Place in NL East Thurs. Evening game - [Houston - Astrodome] Houston 5 Dachshund Kabuki 4, 10 innings WP - 1963 Ray Washburn (1-0), in relief LP - 2009 Jonathan Broxton (0-1), Blown Save - Hou cf 1979 Willie Wilson (.451-0 HR-6 RBI-12 R-10 SB) - Wilson just would not accept losing. He went 3-for-5 with a SF, 4 SB, 2 CS (5), 1 R and 1 RBI. Broxton was just as surely the goat. DK scored 2 Runs in the 1st. Wilson led off the Bottom of the 1st with a Single. Wilson was SC, but his attitude was contagious. Hou 2b Luis Castillo also Singled and was CS ( But the next 3 Batters went Walk-Single-Walk and a PB by DK c Duke Farrell (allowed Hou to salvage 1 Run out of all that aggressive Base Running. Hou took the lead with 3 Runs in the 3rd, but DK got the lead back with 2 Runs in the Top of the 4th. DK Starter 1904 Jesse Tannehill (1-2, 5.45 ERA) left after 6 IP with a 4-3 lead. 3 DK Relievers protected that lead and turned it over to Broxton in the 9th. Wilson opened the Home ...
In 2007 Jimmy Rollins broke Willie Wilson's record of 705 at bats with 716
The numbers of George Brett, Bo Jackson, Dennis Leonard, Mark Gubicza, Dan Quisenberry, and Willie Wilson---all Royals legends
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On the eve of his 33rd birthday, Mark Caguioa made sure it will be a memorable one. Caguioa buckled down to work in the payoff period as Barangay Ginebra San Miguel continued its resurgence by holding off hard-fighting Alaska 96-93 Sunday night for its third straight win in the PBA Philippine Cup at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. The reigning league MVP, Caguioa drilled in 13 of his game-high 24 points in the fourth, including the team’s marginal baskets, while getting needed help from veteran center Billy Mamaril and Willie Wilson as the Gin Kings racked up their fifth win against as many losses. Mamaril came up with 16 points while Chris Ellis and LA Tenorio combined for 22 markers for the Gin Kings, who got a needed lift from Wilson, who only had six points but also made big plays in the stretch. “It’s good we were able to squeak out this win,” said Ginebra coach Siot Tanquingcen. “Pahirapan dahil malakas din Alaska. We’re blessed to come up with a win tonight and make the plays. It’s good w ...
Kudos, Dr. Ron Daniels and the Institute of the Black World for a stimulating town hall meeting at Howard University. I was on a panel with Mark Lamont Hill, Jeff Johnson, George Fraser, Susan Taylor, Mtangulizi Sanyika and Rev. Willie Wilson. Mark Thompson did a great job hosting the conversation. I always enjoy Susan Taylor's gentle push for us to heal ourselves, and was impressed by the chess/checkers example offered by Jeff Johnson. Of course, as always, we have to get past the talking stage to action. That is always the challenge.
Don’t Blink: Everth Cabrera: Comparing Everth Cabrera to the likes of Davey Lopes, Willie Wilson, Otis Nixon and...
I think GINEBRA should trade Willie Wilson and Rudy Hatfield for Mark Pingris
Lady Antebellum and Keith Urban had no business sharing a stage with, or singing one Willie Wilson's songs. So disappointed in whoever chose the artists to honor him.
One Game, One Cause, Tackle Cancer. This one is for you Willie Wilson. About to shock the world.
Never thought that an old teammate and friend would die this young. RIP Willie Wilson
Bro I just found out one of my close friends past away from high school he played football with me so Iam grind for him rip Wilson
Hard to put to words how sad I feel for Willie Wilson's family. Great kid. It is an honor to have known him for 4 years of his short life.
jajaja thats why I thought ella no es suicida lol Wilson Willie Walter William Wendell
Crowd gathers for Sir Wilson Whineray's funeral: Former All Blacks and Willie Apiata are among a crowd gathered for...
Everyone wear purple shirts tomorrow! If you don't have one then buy one at lunch! Wear them in commemoration of Willie Wilson
I feel like I should know who Willie Wilson is
Lol I thought Willie Nelson the Musician died today...but it was Willy Wilson the football equipment sorry Willy!
just received word that former manager Willie Wilson passed away. prayers for his family and friends.
S/o to my dad attorney Willie Wilson.
Just had an awesome conversation with my big brother Willie Wilson!! Love you!
Seems that Congressman Joe Wilson’s “You Lie!” comment has now accurately summed up the entirety of BO presidency
will a Willie Wilson please report to the southwest ticket counter, your hair is waiting
On This Day In Baseball History: 1908 - Baseball's anthem, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, is introduced by singer Billy Murray. The songwriting team of Albert Von Tilzer (music) and Jack Norworth (words), who created the immortal tune, had never seen a game before composing the immortal number. 1911 - The World Series between the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Athletics is resumed after six days of rain, and Chief Bender beats Christy Mathewson, 4 - 2, to give the Athletics a 3-1 lead. 1939 - Joe DiMaggio is named American League MVP, with Jimmie Foxx the runner-up. 1951 - Larry MacPhail suggests there should be four major leagues, including one located on the West Coast. 1956 - The Associated Press names Cincinnati Reds manager Birdie Tebbetts as its National League Manager of the Year. 1963 - Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Sandy Koufax is the unanimous winner of the Cy Young Award. 1972 - Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson dies of heart disease at age 53. Robinson had become the first black major league pla ...
Scarborough: Willie Geist..We [as a country/government] are as bloated as the Yankees payroll.
I liked a video How to Pressure Flip - Willie Wilson
I just talked to my uncle thee Rev. Willie Wilson...I love my family! S/O to Wilson's Funeral Home :)
On this day in 1962 Rangers beat Third Lanark 4-1 courtesy of goals from Willie Henderson (2), Ralph Brand and Davie Wilson.
New category being created? I´ve really been enjoying L.I.E.S. stuff, for example so for now the hype is justified IMHO
Very interesting read about 'outsider' music
great team to root for. Saberhagen was my favorite. Quisenberry out of the pen. Willie Wilson and some guy named Brett
Ooooh that's cold on my Willie Wilson!
Inspired by on the Hessle Audio show last week, I wrote about five records on the theme of "outsider dance":
Nice write up of Nonplus+020 on Junoplus. Admittedly & happily, I veer into meandering deep house sometimes ;)
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Sad news of Sir Wilson Whineray's death. One of NZ's greatest rugby players and ambassadors. "Willie Away!"
It never fails that Black people will discuss our condition and always end the conversation with, "What can we do?" So let's look at some things that may help. THIS COULD BE DONE WITHOUT THE MIDDLE MAN!
Tonight, another chance to catch an inspiring roundtable discussion by 6 CEOs or Presidents of companies or corporations. They are faced with economic challenges, employee development, working with the State of Illinois, and expanding their markets. What else do they have in common? They are all African-Americans. CEOs like Dr. Willie Wilson, Steven Davis, Pat Terrell (yes, the former ND Irish Football standout), Deborah Sawyer, Eric Standiford, and Robert Blackwell. If you've never heard of them, Google them. Tune in CAPtions tonight at 7 pm & Midnight. Don't have Comcast Cable? It's on Youtube and here on FB.
I will trade you a Willie Wilson or David Concepcion for a Jeff Samardzija or intentional talk boddle head.
i will trade you David Concepcion or Willie Wilson for Jeff Samardzija or bobble head
focus pics done thanks to Willie Wilson and is going to the Strathallan Lib Dems dinner in Auchterarder tonight
I went to the Royals game tonight, it was pretty fun. The place looked different, I think they remodeled the place. The last time I went to a game George Brett, Bo Jackson, and Willie Wilson were playing.
Just got back from where my son was taught today by Dennis Leonard, John Mayberry, Les Norman and Willie Wilson. Epic, epic day.
Now Bill Mueller and Willie Wilson can sleep soundly knowing their ranks will not be sullied with the likes of Melky Cabrera.
If he makes it, Trout will join Barry Larkin, Davey Lopes, Jerry Mumphrey, Tim Raines, Jimmy Rollins, Willy Taveras, and Willie Wilson.
So I just compared the stats for battign leadoff of Willie Wilson, Johnny Damon, and Alex Gordon. I think I'm going to be sick now.
On this date in MLB history: "the inner-Ryan Varner is channeled.." 1969 - Twins' manager Billy Martin punches Dave Boswell sending his pitcher to the hospital to get twenty stitches. The incident happens after a scuffle between Boswell and teammate Bob Allison. 1992 - Following a brief shouting match with Willie Wilson in the previous frame after the Oakland outfielder had tripled off him, Rangers right-hander Nolan Ryan hits him the leg with a pitch with two outs in the eighth inning. The incident, that causes a ten-minute delay with both benches emptying and fans littering the field with paper, will result the future Hall of Famer being ejected from a game for the first and only time during his 27-year major league career.
I followed him, you follow back please! (:
willie wilson mate, a think he's sleeping cause he's no read my Imessage man
you know that Frank White and Willie Wilson will be at Stony Creek Inn for autographs Friday 530-7pm?
"Can't and Quit should never exist in no person's vocabulary" -Willie Wilson Amerson May You walk with the Angels Dad.
16 years ago my father was killed at his job I was on 17yrs old at the time. 18 days before my 18th b'day. Today my family live in remembrance of Willie Wilson Amerson. In the physical he never got to see me as the man I am today, spiritually he never left me. Dad You would've been proud of me this day symbolizes your homecoming thank you Dad for all you done for me, your wife Juila, my brother Archie, my sister Lisa and my entire family you were a great man. Hard to look in the mirror when I see your face on my physical person See you when I get there Pops 1up.
Serial robber charged in 3 of 5 crimes -WOOD-TV
T-Bones to bring back Willie Wilson Legends game - Join talk at:
Mock Draft Version 2.0 1st Round 1. Air21 Express (to Petron Blaze Boosters) -- Junmar Fajardo -- Eala has already confirmed it.. 2. Alaska Aces -- CLiff Hodge -- still the best talent in this draft.. 3. Barako Bull Energy (to Petron Blaze Boosters) -- Chris Tiu -- SMC gets a good pg and coach Olsen wants the Ateneo connection here... 4. Meralco Bolts -- Calvin Abueva -- losing espinas creates a need for a foward who loves to rebound .. 5. Petron Blaze Boosters (to Barako Bull Energy) -- Aldrech Ramos -- Barako gets a foward who can score inside and out.. 6. Powerade Tigers (to Barangay Ginebra Kings) -- Kelly Nabong -- a strong big ... his stock will rise depends on his showing in the rookie games.. 7. Rain or Shine Elasto Painters -- Alex Mallari -- a great wing who plays 1,2, or 3.. 8. Barangay Ginebra Kings -- Keith Jenkins --- plays like tony dela cruz with no defense.. 9. B-MEG Llamados-- Chris Ellis -- a big wing but heart is always a question.. can do lots of things but isn't great at any one thin ...
hall of famer Willie Wilson came out to support Special Olympics!
Willie Wilson was the best RBI Baseball player ever.
legend Willie Wilson and I at the Special Olympics clinic before
Come out to Stoney Creek and meet Baseball Legends Frank White and Willie Wilson. This Friday 5:30p-7p! Donations collected at the door benefit Second Harvest.
A Smoothe Mixx featruring DR. Willie Wilson, Chicago philanthropist and successful entrepreneur on
Huge thanks to especially &Willie Wilson for making today special for some athletes
phone is officailly dead/broke if you trying to reach me, sorry :( AnyWho happy bday to my daddy Willie Wilson from your favorite !!!
no number of blocked shots and hacks to the shins could take away the feeling of being a Willie Wilson champ
Praying 4 my little Bro...llittle Willie Wilson III.Down 4 life.yaya
Pastor Willie Wilson inviting you to come "Grill & Chill" with us at Othello Park THIS SUNDAY at 2pm... For more...
Hamilton Collection
Ced. I will keep you in my prayers .Uncle Willie Wilson
“you've got plenty of wall space in your room... Where that blue will stay”what about my Willie Wilson bobble head?
I am up there friday for a signing with Frank White & Willie Wilson @ Stoney Creek inn. Bring some canned food @ get free autos.
Based on MLB Network's highlights of Dempster, you'd think his only Ks this year came against Willie Harris, Ryan Ludwick and Wilson Valdez.
I grew up watching what many Royals fans call our greatest leadoff hitter ever in Willie Wilson...he never walked
If you want a guy to absolutely hit and never take a walk (Willie Wilson style) I give you Reed Johnson.
Rev. Willie Wilson is taking us to school. "Old Chains, Same Pains, Little Gains"
About to meet with Rev. Willie Wilson at Union Temple Baptist Church about NAACP joining forces in Ward 8!
Frank White and willie Wilson signing autographs Friday at 5pm at whiskey Creek in st joe. $5 donation is asked but not required.
Ha haaa Jeez Bet 20 bucks that Jake has no clue who Bo is!!! *** getting old. Had to explain who Willie Wilson was to JR.
"!!!"the teacher in detention is always DTF"" mrs. wilson? 0.o
Willie Williams charged in hour-long robbery spree of five businesses: Willie Lee Wilson Williams, 20, is in the...
Serial robber charged in 3 of 5 crimes WOOD8
Sports Legends Appearance Show Friday, August 3 at 5:30 p.m. Stoney Creek Stoney Creek will be host to an autograph signing session with sports legends Frank White (KC Royals), Willie Wilson (KC Royals), Theotis Brown (KC Chiefs), Calvin Daniels (KC Chiefs) and Jerry Blanton (KC Chiefs). A $5 donation is encouraged at the door. All donations collected at the door will benefit Second Harvest Community Food Bank!
Serial robber charged in three of five crimes in Kent County
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
finalists, Willie Nel and Meran Wilson What would you like to know about our dashing dads?
Willie Wilson installed as Lead Pastor, 15 baptisms, and a total of 477 ppl today... Much to celebrate
Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Pastor Willie Wilson as Lead Pastor of Rainier Valley!
Jesus Loves His Church + Baptisms + Willie Wilson will be getting installed as Lead Pastor today at 9:15a &...
"Your Situation is not your Destination" - Rev. Willie F. Wilson
The "Bash" was at Marsden Liberal Club Huddersfield West Yorkshire. In appreciation of Richard "Willie" Wilson.
Willie needs your help to cover his medical bills. He has Stage 3 Multiple Myeloma. We need your gracious and kind support please
I would like to wish my God Son Willie Wilson aka Booty Bandit a Happy Bornday.U are the best keep making me proud!
was skating with Willie Wilson today.
All I really want out of Lorenzo Cain is to vanish my bad memories of David Howard and Tony Pena Sr. who tarnished Willie Wilson's #
Flip on over Blue Zone with and Willie Wilson starts now. CH30/1310HD on TWC.
Watching the All Star Game in KC at Royal/Kaufman Stadium brings back great memories of going to games as a kid and then a few years ago as an adult with my own kids. George Brett, Freddie Patek, Willie Wilson, Frank White, Amos Otis, Al Cowens, Hal McRae, Darrell Porter, Dennis Leonard, Dan Quisenberry, Paul Splittorf, John Mayberry, UL Washington, Steve Busby, Whitey Herzog, *** Howser, and so many others.
Watchin this film on the history of the Royals and listening to them talk of Frank White, George Brett, and Willie Wilson...reminds me of my Gma Lucille and Gdad Don! I remember bein at their house as a little girl and they'd listen to the game on the radio. They were huge baseball fans! I know they are lookin down...excited that we got this opportunity tonight!!
Billy Hamilton, Danny Hultzen and Willie Wilson meet with kids at the Make-a-Wish reception:
Had a great time at Fanfest! I got to see Mike Sweeney, Dave Winfield, Rollie Fingers, *** Perry, and Willie Wilson. Brought back memories of when the Royals were actually good.
Juan Pierre > Willie Harris + Mike Costanzo + Wilson Valdez Is Pierre the answer? Maybe not but he sure can't hurt.
I had so much fun at the T-Bones game! Just got Willie Wilson, Fred Patek, Frank White, Amos Otis, John Mayberry and Hal McRea's autographs! Totally awesome. Thanks Chad!!
I did get to see Amos Otis, Hal McRae, Willie Wilson, Frank White, Freddie Patek, and John Mayberry though.
Former great Willie Wilson chats with about the Fanfest:
Willie Wilson and John Mayberry themselves both told me Jack Stack BBQ.
While growing up in Kansas City Willie Wilson was one of my favorite Royals !
Get to meet some great royals tonight. Amos Otis, Mayberry, Fred Patek, Willie Wilson, Hal McRae and of course Frank White.
.great Willie Wilson is here signing autographs at the Enjoy Baseball Better Experience at the ASG FanFest!
Hall of Famer Willie Wilson joins and fans
Tune in to "MLB FanFest LIVE" tonight at 6 pm on The guys will talk & chat w/great Willie Wilson!
Don't forget to swing by the TWC/Enjoy Baseball Better Experience at the FanFest today from 4:30-5:30 & meet Willie Wilson!
Autograph signing with Willie Wilson is going on now! Hot 103 at the MLB FANFEST!
Come meet KC Hall-of-Famer Willie Wilson today at 4:30pm in space at
.legend Willie Wilson will stop by the Baseball Better Experience today from 4:30-5:30 for a meet & greet!
Pumped for FanFest today with Excited to chill with him, Willie Wilson and Rollie Fingers.
Mario West elbow to Willie Wilson's eye. Isa pang gunggong to!
Best singer in Day26.GO!! (my opinion its Willie but my favorite was Que)
I don't want the most famous players or anything..I am sure my list will grow as time comes. I got Willie Wilson. Want Frank White
always thinking about you Willie.. You uncomfortable?
true. I'm thinking bout you Willie.
Willie Eaton will be live in the club tonight ... Wait I mean Dani Wilson
Somewhere between Memphis and Crawfordsville Willie Wilson is ridin to "Puff Puff Pass" by his grandsons.
God , I wish Wilson Goode and Willie Williams were dealing with these losers
Willie Wilson is a world series champion, batting champ, all star, silver slugger. part man part machine
RIGHT whAt teacher we gone do like Willie . Lololol & I miss that *** .
you definitely don't want to force the comp. So Willie Wilson maybe?
Check out a new episode of "Hometown Heroes" tonight at 7 pm on Tonight Dave Stewart chats with great Willie Wilson.
Just interviewed Willie Wilson for an All-Star special. He suggests one of the players in the derby step aside & let Billy Butler in.
Tonight at 7 on Metro Sports a new Hometown Heroes with Willie Wilson. Amazing to see the man he's become
Jason P. Webb thinks they're exact opposites. Charles Tiu says Calvin's weakness is his Basketball IQ. Miakka Lim says "Malakas katawan ni Calvin, my gahd." FTW: Calvin Abueva in the PBA = Willie Wilson?
Wishing my brother Willie Wilson a Happy Happy birthday he went thru so much this year doing better he has his days but God has still allowed him another year here with us! I know he will have a wonderful & blessed day
My Muncie Central Graduating Class is need of help to find a few friends that graduated in 1957. If you know any of these friends, please let me know. We are planning a reunion and can't find them: Barbara Syphers Davis, Jack Rees, Earlene Clark, Robert Fifer, Barbara Poor Johnson Holt, Jon Ogburn, Lloyd Pritchard, Lisa Rivera, James Smith, Joyce Marie White, Willie Wilson. Thanks so much!
I'm movin' to first shope @ 2207 Camp Jackson Rd. Cahokia IL, down the street from County Line, the grand opening is on July 11, will have hot dogs and refreshments, come and celebrate this event. Until that memorable moment, take advantage of this two week promotion Like this and you use your like as a coupon. Your hair cut will be 1/2 OFF, also come and experience a hair to remeber. I'm currently @ the Barber College in Belleville. Come in and ask for Kutz inbox me if you want more info.. Thanks hope to see you soon!!
Filmed&Edited By Kevin Perez Filmed With Vx 2100 Mk1 Willie teaches you the STEEZY way to do pop shuv its
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