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Willie Wilson

Willie James Wilson (born July 9, 1955) is a former professional baseball player. He played nineteen seasons in Major League Baseball for the Kansas City Royals, Oakland Athletics, and Chicago Cubs.

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Royals great Willie Wilson loves Kansas City | Great article on
I bet when Ciara not around Russell Wilson calls baby Future "baby Russell"
Asia Dozier, A'ja Wilson and Tiffany Mitchell are accompanying Seventh Woods at the exhibition today.
Scottish Party elections: Willie Wilson: My pitch for Convener by
Willie Wilson is right at home in KC
Wilson Chandler just murdered Tyson Chandler on this dunk.?
Wilson: KC Royal-ty in store for '15 champs - The joy that Willie Wilson experienced as an outfielder o...
sophomore transfer forward Willie Carmichael's waiver for immediate eligibility was denied.
Asia Dozier, A'ja Wilson and Shay Colley have minor injuries. Bianca Cuevas sick. Doniyah Cliney surgery on hand
Godzilla is a Japanese rendition of Willie Wilson' first visit to Tokyo.
Such a great day with my friend Senator Karl Allen and meeting 2016 Presidential candidate Dr. Willie Wilson.
I'm endorsing Dr. Willie Wilson for President . Please join me!
Remember now has over 14K followers & I have this memory forever. via
Big Oil, Big Tobacco and now Big Pot. And Willie ain’t having any of it.
Dawn Staley will be missing Asia Dozier (ankle), A'ja Wilson (foot), Doniyah Cliney (hand) and Shay…
Democratic presidential candidate Willie Wilson will attend the USC Upstate NAACP meeting at 7:30 p.m. TONIGHT in Tukey Theatre.
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The Willie Wilson for President (!) ads (!!) are basically just shots of his mailer (!!!).
Just recieved news that former mayor of Chicago and 2016 Presidential candidate, Willie Wilson will speak after our forum!
With 230 hits for the in 1980, today's PotD is Willie Wilson
Willie Wilson might be slowed down at his age, but what are the chances we try him at rf to start next year?
Next time Ben Carson swings thru Chicago he can get his wife Cookie to sing a duet with Willie Wilson
True. There's still time yet for Willie Wilson to get it together.
Saberhagen, Brett, Frank White... I think Willie Wilson was there. Charlie Leibrandt... But you're right.
Offering without comment: I just saw a TV spot for Willie Wilson. For President. Of the United States.
Willie Wilson again. Man, we got a lot closer then!
I dunno. Good for them! And I'm interested in all-Royals team. Amos Otis in center or Willie Wilson or Caine?
Dr. Willie Wilson says as president, he'd cut & military spending to invest in more communities like Fergus…
with criminal justice reform on the horizon, Ted Cruz has gone full-Willie Horton
"PURPOSE does NOT start with a COLLEGE DEGREE. It starts with WHO YOU ARE!" -Pastor Dr. Willie F. Wilson
Great time to read about the quirky contracts signed by George Brett, Dan Quisenberry, and Willie Wilson in 1987:
But as of right now? Brett, Frank White, Bo, Willie Wilson, Amos Otis & Sabes all come to mind.
Hamilton Collection
Willie Wilson was the most solid strat-o-matic lead off hitter this side of Tim Raines.
The Royals have to feel good right now. They have yet to pinch hit George Brett, Bo Jackson, Willie Wilson, or Steve Balboni.
The way people talk about Amos Otis and Willie Wilson and Paul Splittorf is how we will about Alex Gordon and Lorenzo Cain and Wade Davis.
If Mets can keep Willie Wilson off the bases and Steve Balboni in the yard, they win this series.
Dennis Leonard and Willie Wilson last year at *** Sporting Goods!!…
It'll be interesting to see how the Mets pitch Willie Wilson, Frank White, and George Brett. And don't underestimate Steve Balboni.
More than 100 kids got to play ball with legends George Brett, Willie Wilson and Mike Sweeney…
"You have a spark of divine in you but you have to nurture and develop what God wants you to become!" -Pastor Willie F. Wilson
"You ARE NOT the curse of the choices your family has made. You can BREAK the curse!" -Pastor Dr. Willie F. Wilson
"We have things called CHOICES! We have the ABILITY to CHOOSE what happens in our lives!" -Pastor Dr. Willie F. Wilson
Turning on WGN this morning made me realize that we voted for the wrong Mayor. Willie Wilson is the best.
ha and Frank White Bret Saberhagen Willie Wilson Ortiz come on man!! I gotta go here oh remember when we drafted Bo Jackson
Wow. Had the most amazing time hanging out with George Brett and Willie Wilson today. Willie signed my hat 😃
George Brett and Willie Wilson helped the host a event this morning for KC youth.
when Lorenzo runs it reminds me of when Willie Wilson hit Inside park homer to beat Yankees in extras when I was a kid featured in NBC s Science of Love
In his prime, Willie Wilson could've played CF at La Guardia.
Samantha Kinder. Dr. Willie Wilson, an Education for We the People. I’ve never been nor considered myself deeply...
Ok.. Go ahead and rank them, 1, 2 and 3. Who's the best Centerfielder? Amos Otis, Willie Wilson, or Lorenzo Cain?
I knew someone that said they went to High School with Billy Joel and Willie Wilson.
Willie Wilson and Lam Le from Kevin Perez's new video Exhibit. DVDs are nearly here >>>>>
. Good point!Marquess Wilson pulled a hammy Sat.,Alshon ailing. Might have to bring Willie Gault out of retirement
Thoughts and prayers with Justin Wilson an his family.
Willie Wilson hosts presidential campaign fundraiser in Harvey: The already-crowded race for the…
Owen Wilson talks about friendship with Willie...US Stories
Willie Nelson’s Unlikely Connection To Owen Wilson And Texas Family: Willie Nelson may not have friends in low...
Looks like the can tell Willie and Johnny Morris they're not needed ... yet ... as Marquess Wilson returns.
Owen Wilson talks about friendship with Willie Nelson on Th... |
So Marquess Wilson limps off the field, meaning Willie Gault is about to suit up as the next WR.
LISTEN UP: A MUST READ: If like me you wanted to know why we haven't heard from DR. WILLIE WILSON, Announced...
Live on WVON with the Governor - Cliff Kelley and Dr. Willie Wilson!!!
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I liked a video Willie Wilson and Lam Le in Exhibit | TransWorld SKATEboarding
First 5 Star review for "My Life - My way" - Congratulations Willie Wilson. 5.0 out of 5 stars This is an amazing...
Razor lining courtesy of Willie Vern Wilson 2morrow will be epic.yes sir
.shares a story that DOESN'T involve weed. . JK. It totally does htt…
VIDEO: Owen Wilson & Johnny Knoxville on Hanging with Willie Nelson on THE LATE LATE SHOW
Watch the homies!!! Willie Wilson and Lam Le in EXHIBIT | TransWorld SKATEboarding via
Willie Wilson and Lam Le in EXHIBIT: Another bangin' part from EXHIBIT outta Florida. T...
All skills baseball camp August 29th and 30th with Willie Wilson, Bob Dernier and Tom Burgmeier. Check it out!
Is Brent Strom the brother of Kent Strom aka the guy who threw at Willie Wilson in 1986 and got tackled?
Thanks to my Granny, Willie Wilson from Louisiana.Thanks Granny for your cash donation of $300...
"The DMV should have at least 1 Million people alone at the movement!" -Pastor Willie F. Wilson
"What is the "OR ELSE" aspect in It's NOT about toting guns when I say we're going to war!" -Willie F. Wilson
Pastor Willie F. Wilson address the 10 Focal Action Points for Justice or Else!
Pastor Willie Wilson explaining the "Or Else" aspect of the 10.10.15 Movement to over…
My pastor Willie F. Wilson of started the Millions for Justice Meeting for the 20th Anniversary!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
"10/10/15 is not only a March, IT'S MOVEMENT" -Pastor Willie F. Wilson
Pastor Willie Wilson starting the Local Organizing Committee meeting at
Dr. Willie Wilson believes that young people do not grow naturally into hate, they follow the examples of their elders.
Vote for Dr.Willie Wilson for President for 2016 visit the link below.
Super B-Day to Royals speedster Willie Wilson, who swiped 668 bases in his career and led AL in triples five times. htt…
Willie Cauley-Stein went for 15 points in 22 minutes in NBA Summer League action tonight. Oh, he also had one really nasty…
yeah. Willie Wilson does a lot in London, though he;s a Midland Showman I think. We can go back 6 generations
Willie, Antony, Wilson and the best MC in all the land.
Wilson got a crazy skill set. He 6'8 with a handle, good shot, he got lock ups. But something missing
Iam very bless yall I'm going to wedding in Willie Wilson Penthouse downtown I never thought this would happen💯
We fuel Pirates. Had the pleasure of having CJ Wilson and Willie Smith in the store today! Both NFL ballers, both...
maybe ol can tell me a story about Willie Wilson because I have no idea who that is and I doubt he was even real
Special s/o to Jessica Wilson ッ and her friend drove all the way from Lincoln to Help patrol OUR community last...
What's going on? Dr. Willie Wilson Notes National Urban League's Snub -… Get found ->
Kansas City Hall of Famer, WILLIE WILSON, turned 60 on July 9th. No doubt he could still leg out an inside-the-parker!
An exclusive introduction to fashion designer Wilson PK
Great day at Willie Wilson place caught 5 nice size bass And Charlie Henderson caught 2 the girl 0 lol couldn't...
Willie Wilson has hit the most inside-the-park home runs in the expansion era (since 1961) with 13.
Snake called John Parker Wilson "Willie Park Johnson" once on the radio and I'll always laugh when I think about that.
Funny sitting here with Willie Wilson on his 60th Happy BEarthday cousin ⚾⚾⚾⚾
Dr. Willie Wilson meeting with the Democratic Central Committee of Scott County Iowa.
Last time 2 inside park HRs in MLB was 1997; last time Royals 1980 v Yankees: Willie Wilson and Bucky Dent
Dr. Willie Wilson is set to meet with the Central Committee of the Scott County Democrats in Davenport, IA tomorrow.
A prez debate for the ages. Donald Trump vs Willie Wilson, at Zanies, moderated by Linda Kollmeyer.
What if the presidential race ends up being Donald Trump vs Willie Wilson?
I can't wait to see Willie Wilson debate Donald Trump.
Donald Trump and Willie Wilson are running for president. Just let that sink in.
Maybe a split ticket of Trump and Willie Wilson? That'd be a hoot: Trump to declare assets as he reveals 2016 plans
one can only hope. Maybe Whitey Herzog can manage and Willie Wilson can lace up the cleats and start in Trout's spot.
They're all unemployed crackheads who don't work, get free rocks for voting from Willie Wilson or John Mayberry
Oh, and don't forget LIFETIME ROYALS Dan Quisenberry and Willie Wilson (seriously, they were until they weren't)
Rev. Willie Wilson opening the leadership mtg at Shiloh Baptist Church.
Willie Wilson! Can't wait to hear how Debbie Wasserman Schultz skewers him.
ESPN's picks George, Frank, Sabes, and Willie Wilson as the "Mount Rushmore." Agree?
LCS QB Micah Wilson commits to Boise State! 3rd D1 player from the Wilson family ( not counting dad )
I'm giving away: Willie Wilson Kansas City Royals baseball card. Check it out -
If Willie Rennie thinks Tories are "despicable" why hasn't he ruled out a deal with them?
I just cant see LibDems staying in Scotland with their rather unostentatious policies.
Willie would never play divisive politics, oh no...
"and I don't wanna be prt of a team that doesn't wanna fight for each other" - Willie Wilson 💯
Bobby Bell, Trent Green, Willie Wilson were terrific tonight in benefit for Heartstrings foundation at OP Sheraton. A really evening!
love Willie Wilson t/original Royal for that poplular saying that's what speed do
When Willie Wilson got in trouble my dad told me "he broke the rules, needs to pay the price & make it right Everyone deserves forgiveness"
.Lib Dems will lead on climate change if SNP won't
Check out Willie Wilson's Royals take from yesterday's 610Sports 5PM The Drive podcast for a professional perspective. 610 always brings it!
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Im much more interested in Hoyt as Slade Wilson & and Big Willie Style as Deadshot
Brand new on Willie T's Chili Dogs by Allen Wilson aka: Willie T
is willie Wilson is ok with what the royals are doing, then so a I.
PODCAST with Willie Wilson who passionately told us why he has zero problem with how they're conducting themselves
Willie Wilson on 610 is everything I needed to hear & confirms the feelings I have for these Royals and how they play the game
is part of the reason why I want a 6 jersey. Everyone loved George Brett. Willie Wilson was my favorite
loved the Willie Wilson spot. Excellent point of view from the past greats.
Very honest & candid stuff from Willie Wilson on I disagree with a few things he said but always enjoy having him on
Now that Willie Wilson interview deserves a replay
Willie Wilson: "You got a bunch of guys tryin to tell the Royals how to play ball that have never won anything. They ever been to a WS?"
If you didnt know now ya do, Willie Wilson is the man
.The Willie Wilson story of charging the mound from 1st base is a classic! Parkins: "Whaaat?!l
that Willie Wilson interview was the best interview you guys have ever had. Great stuff
did Willie Wilson just put the nail in coffin? Need willie on every day!
Willie Wilson on with and was one of my favorite segments in a while. Good stuff, fellas.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Willie Wilson is changing my views on this whole situation.
nothing much I'm just teasing my guy Willie Wilson interview was great
Remind me to never throw at Willie Wilson.
Willie Wilson is having none of the apologist talk. Love it.
I love Willie Wilson. So happy he's on right now.
If it's cool with willie Wilson it's cool with me
Love this take on by Willie Wilson Royals aren't instigating, and this is baseball.
Willie Wilson basically saying what I said earlier they used to fight all the time in 70s-80s wasn't a big deal
Now y'all know Willie Wilson wasn't gonna disagree with these boys' actions lol
The Willie Mays Hayes School of Small Ball Market Inefficiencies. I like it. Maybe you find the next Willie Wilson.
"Due to popular demand we will extend the mayoral games by two weeks, Willie Wilson shall also rejoin the games" President Coriolanus Snow
Willie Wilson, Jesse Jackson, Danny Davis among speakers to join Chuy at rally today!
.Unity was in the message and in the air as Willie Wilson endorsed Chuy. Momentum is the word!
Willie Wilson’s off again/on again endorsement for is officially back ON. For now.
Willie Wilson says he'd vote for anybody but Rahm. Chuy Garcia promises Friday release of financial plan | WGN-TV
Read the full statement on today's endorsement from Dr. Willie Wilson:
Willie Wilson: "I'm glad to say I've had a small part in shaping the future of this city. The citizens have spoken."
Willie Wilson never ran third in anything.
Willie Wilson, who ran 3d in first round voting, and Howard Dean endorse Chuy Garcia over Rahm Emanuel in Chicago.
Sun-Times: Willie Wilson officially endorses Chuy Garcia today. “I had the opportunity to...
"[Obama] came up and said, ‘You know, you’ve got to vote for my boy Rahm, you’ve got to support my boy Rahm'"
Black voters will not just follow Wilson, but I hope his endorsement of opens some conversations.
Willie Wilson: "We are here today to officially endorse Chuy Garcia, after consulting with the community." ht…
So says the Willie Wilson endorsement for Chuy is a "devastating blow" for Emanuel...really.
Willie Wilson, a businessman eliminated last month from the Chicago mayor’s race, on Thursday...
Willie Wilson: "This is not about black and brown. It's about black and brown and white and Asian. It's about everyone.…
chasejohn: Willie Wilson and Howard Dean back Chuy Garcia. If you think that really matters you haven't been payin…
Willie Wilson's on-again, off-again endorsement of Jesus 'Chuy' Garcia is official—for now
“Willie Wilson: Not even PresObama couldconvince me to back Rahm Does anyone care?
Willie Wilson: Not even President Obama could convince me to back Rahm
Update your maps at Navteq
Willie Wilson & Jesse Jackson have endorsed Jesus "Chuy" Garcia for Chicago mayor.
Mayor Rahm to Willie Wilson: Will you be my friend?
A green & green coalition. MT Rauner has twice called Willie Wilson asking him to endorse Emanuel.
SNEED: Gov. Rauner has called Willie Wilson — twice! — asking him to endorse Mayor Emanuel.
I partially take back what I said...Willie Wilson voted for Bruce Rauner, so I think he'd be an alright mayor.
Bob Fioretti was dusted by Willie Wilson? That's like losing a chess game to Gomer Pyle.
I can't with Willie Wilson. He's a Bruce Rauner supporter.
Willie Wilson and Aaron Schock's advisor are learning some tough lessons right now.
Willie Wilson's response to the question if dogs should be allow in Maggie Daley Park...he said, 'We don't allow...
UPDATE: Willie Wilson in custody after murder charge filed in case:
Why is Doc Walls attacking Willie Wilson & not Rahm Emanuel? So viciously.
Willie Wilson shares his story of "mopping floors at McDonald's" to owning a medical supply company.
CITY HALL — The mayor's campaign has confirmed a schedule of five debates with the top challengers running against him.Emanuel has agreed to five forums with the top candidates running against him: Fioretti, Cook County Commissioner Jesus "Chuy" Garcia (D-Chicago) , Willie Wilson and William "Dock" Walls . They'll meet before the editorial boards of the Tribune on Jan. 27 and the Sun-Times on a date to be determined. On Feb. 4 they'll tangle on the WTTW-TV Channel 11 program "Chicago Tonight," then the next day in a debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters and carried by WLS-TV Channel 7 and Univision WGBO-TV Channel 66. Their last meeting, set for Feb. 10, will be sponsored by the Chicago Urban League and carried on WBBM-TV Channel 2 and WVON 1690-AM.
mayoral candidate Willie Wilson opens up about his troubled past.
team dinner tonight with Charlie Leibrandt, Willie Wilson and Mark Huissman. It WILL come up. Ha ha
These Willie Wilson commercials are hilarious to me
Can anybody understand what Willie Wilson is saying in these campaign commercials?
This week Willie Wilson deposited $1 million dollars to his campaign account, which is more money than any Black...
If Russel Wilson come out playing like Willie Beeman from the first Half of Any Given Sunday again, the Seahawks getting R.I.P.'d
The same trolls who think Russell Wilson graduated from Wisconsin also think Unitas was a Charger & Willie Mays a Met
Thank You Magic Russell Wilson threw 4 INTs and was still able to lead his team to victory.
True enough, although no one has stopped Wilson since and Johnson has stopped no one since...
Russel Wilson is all act! Quit on his marriage before he got paid! Has GF before divorce final? And he's a crappy QB! I…
I hope this win doesn't cause Russell Wilson to dump his girlfriend for an even better girlfriend.
Russell Wilson's value to the Seahawks was shown today so hopefully everybody realizes how overrated he is
What an all-time amazing turnaround of a game by Russell Wilson: goat to hero.
Russell Wilson was out there playing like Willie Beaman.
I didn't feel anything when I saw Wilson's tears. I got an ice box where heart used to be.
Cliff Matthews actually broke Wilson's collarbone in one of the games
Give 10 minutes till they begin some joke with Wilson's face rn
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Wilson crying you ain't Willie beamon ***
That Wilson moment made this even more classical
Packers should have called Ellis Johnson to find out how to stop Russell Wilson!
That run by Wilson why are both men falling for the fake when 1 is definitely assigned to Wilson
Apparently Russell Wilson spent this past week working on his golf game.
Russell Wilson is out there looking like Willie Beamen in his first start.
Wilson looking Willie Beamon after that invisible juice comment
Don't think I've ever seen Russell Wilson play this terribly
I know Russell Wilson sick bout to be throwing up in the huddle like Willie Beamon hed ***
Aaron Rodgers had 5 Int this season, Russell Wilson had 7 Int. They each have thrown 2 in the first half of NFC Champion…
Time to pull Wilson and put in Cardale Jones or Willie Beamin.
Clay Matheus just hit Wilson so hard
looks like Dr Willie Wilson fixed his tribune answers on his website... too bad the old answers will stay up on the actual trib site!
Did I really just see a Willie Wilson For Mayor commercial promising to re-open Meigs Field? Is that really his plan?
ICYMI, we took a closer look at mayoral candidate Willie Wilson earlier this week.
Willie Wilson's mayoral ads feel like something that belongs on Don't feel real.
Willie Wilson will be one of my guests tonight! Tune in 8p-12a CST each Sunday to start you week off right!
Willie Wilson will be visiting St. John MBC at 211 E. 115th Street today at 11:00am!
Willie Wilson has met w/several groups & answered their questions, it has be a great addition to his reach in the communities
Does Willie Wilson meet w/ citizen groups where he gets asked questions? Or has he figured out that's a bad idea?.
Willie Wilson will be visiting St. John Missionary Baptist Church until 10:30am located at 1256 N. Waller!
Willie Wilson for Mayor? I'd rather vote for Goldie Wilson from Back To The Future.
4 opponents. One named Willie Wilson (not the baseball player):
Though they'll be missing Brian Wilson, they got Willie Nelson, Boyz II Men, and the Beach Boys.
I didn't expect the first mayoral yard signs in Logan Square to be Willie Wilson's. It's starting...
Questionnaire raises questions about Willie Wilson's mayoral candidacy
Willie Wilson will be on WBGX 1570AM TODAY at 12pm. Tune in!
Chicago mayoral candidate draws attention with strange survey answers
If u are not praying regularly for or children u probably don't care for them like u should. Pastor Willie Wilson
Ur only effective in communication if u know who or talking to. Pastor Willie Wilson
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We are so busy pursuing our idea of greatness that we miss what we were actually called to. Pastor Willie Wilson
Preachers need to find balance between kingdom work and being a father to ur children. Pastor Willie Wilson
If ur children spoke about u as a father what would they say? Pastor Willie Wilson
If u were arrested for being a father would there be enough evidence to convict? Pastor Willie Wilson
Willie Wilson will be at Indiana Ave Pentecostal Church of God 3520 S. Indiana Ave at 12:15pm CST. Come meet the candidate!
I said I was not going to do this but you have to give props to a strong protege in your life. That was my daddy Willie Wilson, may he RIH. He died one year ago today, on my birthday. He was the best father you could ever have and if you ever got to know him, he would be the best friend but some may say a different thing about him because he was truly a workaholic and demanded good work ethics and excellence. His name meant everything to him and that was one of his best memories, to me, was to not mess up his name. We didn't understand then what he meant because we were to spoiled but now we do. He use to always say tell them you Willie Earl Wilson daughters and we use to look crazy but we didn't understand that he was just saying keep your credit straight, work hard, smart and all ways keep your word. This day is dedicated to my daddy Willie Wilson, Father of the Year! I love you Daddy!
Dr. Willie Wilson announces his candidacy for Chicago Mayoral Election 2015 in Chicago with supporters from all walks of life.
Supporters of mayoral candidate Dr. Willie Wilson gathered at the Chicago Board of Elections on Monday. They are calling for complete transparency in election board proceedings.
As of tonight, Dec. 22, 2014 Dr. Willie Wilson has 12603 confirmed signatures! Rahm can not stop us from this mayoral race!
Willie Wilson supporters call for election board transparency
if you think Russell Wilson deserves MVP consideration.
Big crowd here at Willie Wilson hearing, plenty of anger too.
Tyrann Mathieu had russell wilson dead to rights and whiffed on him. Wilson just too elusive.
MT "Congrats to Tiffany Mitchell and A'ja Wilson, named to Subway All-Classic team for effort in Minnesota!
Willie *** misses tackle. Wilson goes for 33.
3 Points:. 1. Hear and Believe what you hear!. 2. Once you get it, go tell it!. 3. Act on your faith! -Pastor Willie F. Wilson
"The good news about a baby being born in a major was just for you! -Pastor Willie F. Wilson of
"The days of being upset about your future are over." -Pastor Willie F. Wilson of
You can write directly to federal and state prisons for shirts with black men's names, they have thousands, X's
Love to hear a reporter ask Willie Wilson who is faster or Willie in his prime? Who faster to 3rd on a triple?
Look forward 2 the day when U up in KC all year long. Reminding me of when Willie Wilson first came up. Same excitement
Dr. Willie Wilson addressed media in a press conf. about Rahm challenge to the signatures on petition.
Emanuel challenging Willie Wilson petition signatures, including his own
Can I tell you what I think about Casey Wilson? Willie McGee? Raul Allegre?
isn't the only one playing the election-challenge game. Meet Willie Wilson.
Potential challenger Willie Wilson says he has more than 11thsd signatures, close to enough
Board approves subpoena package (approx 16) for atty objecting to Willie Wilson's candidacy
UPDATE: Sunday at 9:30 p.m. on 'At Issue' on mayoral candidate Dr. Willie Wilson is the guest! cc:
.please ask Willie Wilson if kicking Amara Enyia off the ballot was racist too.
And queue the manic Clan responses about Wilson & Craig.
Emanuel denies Willie Wilson petition challenge is racist ploy -
Rev. Willie Wilson, pastor of Union Temple, asked mourners to write checks for Barry's family. Make checks out to his church.
Willie Wilson says Barry left no assets behind, Union Temple Baptist Church is collecting donations to pay for today's ceremony.
Willie Wilson soliciting donations for the costs of the service. Make your checks out to Union Temple Baptist Church, memo 'Barry Fund.'
Rep. Danny Davis now supports Dr. Willie Wilson for Mayor of Chicago
This day in baseball history: November 17 1. 1983: "Willie Wilson, Willie Aikens and Jerry Martin become the first active players ever to be sent to prison for drug violations. The judge hands down three-month sentences to the three members of the Royals for attempting to purchase cocaine." 2. 1971: "Vida Blue becomes the youngest player ever to win the MVP award. The 22-year old A's southpaw is only the fourth hurler to capture both the Cy Young Award and the MVP in the same season." 3. 1965: " By an unanimous vote of the owners, retired Air Force Lieutenant General William Eckert becomes the fourth Commissioner of Major League Baseball, succeeding the retiring Ford Frick, who served 14 years in the position. The game's unfamiliar new leader, who hasn't attended a game in a decade, will quickly be dubbed in the press as "the Unknown Soldier." 4. 1976: " Receiving 18 of the 24 first place votes, Yankee catcher Thurman Munson (.302, 17, 105) easily outdistances Kansas City third baseman George Brett ...
Eric Hosmer: ties Willie Wilson's team record for most hits in a postseason with his 20th. Wilson did it in 1985
Now: at-large candidate forum at Union Temple Baptist Church beginning, welcome by the Rev. Willie Wilson
No surprise: Willie Wilson says KC should run: "It would put a little pressure on Posey. It would really change the outcome of the game."
By the way, Willie Wilson stole 2B 13 times (in 62 chances) after a hit by pitch, but never attempted to steal 3B in any of those instances.
Hey What do you want on your KC team - Lorenzo Cain or Willie Wilson?
Asked the greatest all-around player, Frank White says "Willie Mays." Willie Wilson says his favorite player was...Manny Sanguillen.
Speedster Willie Wilson, on panel with other '85 champs, recalls being told: "A one-legged Willie is better than a 2-legged somebody else."
Frank White would pick Willie Wilson over Terrance Gore in a 100 yard dash because of his long legs.
Willie Wilson thinks Gore is even quicker than Dyson and likes fact he slides feet first and can then see if there is an overthrow.
Willie Wilson: Jarrod Dyson is a vital part of this team, but needs to let his ego go.
Willie Wilson: Moving Lorenzo Cain to right field may lose him the Gold Glove b/c he is playing to positions. limit themselves.
Willie Wilson says he's never seen an outfielder like Nori Aoki. Some guys get the job done ugly.
Willie Wilson says it is unfair to compare Lorenzo Cain to him. He has his own career and will be a great center fielder.
Willie Wilson, speaking at the *** Leagues Museum, said he used to tell pitchers: "If you hit me, I'm going to steal second AND third."
Willie Wilson on this year's "You can put numbers out all day, but you can't judge a man's heart."
Willie Wilson says 1985 was not the best team, but he "felt like we were destined to win."
OF COURSE Eric Holder will hold a press conference and announce that Darren Wilson was defending himself...
One more time: If you're in KC I host a panel discussion today, 11:30, at *** Leagues Museum w/Frank White, Willie Wilson, Danny Jackson.
Relive the 85 WS w/Willie Wilson, Frank White & Danny Jackson. Hosted by 11:30 am today.
Just talked with Panel with Frank White, Willie Wilson, Danny Jackson begins 11:30a tomorrow at *** Leagues Mu…
Izack Wilson 3, Willie Wright 1 in the 157 lb bout.
We must learn to endure our afflictions while still doing our assignment. Dr.Willie Wilson
You're right. A prayer to RETRO WILLIE WILSON would be more effective.😉
34 yrs ago tonite Willie Wilson K'd for like the 12th time in the series as Tug McGraw jumped in excitement at the final out. '80
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
On this day in 1980, Willie Wilson struck out
I remember all of Willie Wilson's strikeouts in the 1980 WS. So, yes.
Where are Cookie Rojas, Fred Patek, Amos Otis, Steve Busby, Larry Gura, Willie Wilson, Charlie Leibrandt - all should be part of this
Lorenzo Cain is able: Royals center fielder wins ALCS MVP KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Lorenzo Cain capped the AL Championship Series with his best catch yet: an MVP trophy. The smooth center fielder snagged MVP honors after helping the Kansas City Royals to a four-game sweep of the Baltimore Orioles with a 2-1 victory Wednesday. Along with making a series of splendid defensive plays, Cain batted .533 in the series and scored five runs. He had eight hits, matching the franchise record for an ALCS set by Willie Wilson — who also wore No. 6 and roamed center field — in 1985 against Toronto. “Unbelievable feeling,” Cain said. “I’ve enjoyed every moment of it.” Indeed, what a month it’s been for Cain, who went home to Oklahoma between playoff series to be with his wife, Jenny, for the birth of their first child, Cameron Loe. Cain rejoined the team in plenty of time to torment the Orioles all week, and held his newborn son, dressed warmly in a baseball-styled stocking cap, on the Kauffman Stadium ...
I hope Willie Wilson and Mark Belanger get more playing time in the
Royals-Orioles ... Back to the 80! George Brett, Willie Wilson, Cal Ripken, Rick Dempsey. Gotta love it.
In the 1985 Willie Wilson had the most hits (20) and John Tudor had the most strikeouts (22).
They actually got in front of the camera again. The deception is nauseating, and stinks of high *** and lower bowels. Here's what we know: 1.) The father, Willie Wilson, was questioned in a previous child abuse case were the mother is currently in prison. 2.) Willie Wilson was seen on camera leaving the house without the baby shortly before calling 911. "But the camera doesn't face the alley." Wilson says, but we saw you *** did you place the baby in the alley then walk around to get it. 3.) These salty fake tears, chile! I can't take it. Yet, the parents say; "We have nothing to hide." The problem is sometimes stupid people think everyone else is as stupid as them. I'm losing hope that the baby is okay. It's sad, but hearing a black baby getting kidnapped from the arms of his father in the hood sounded suspect the moment I heard it. This all just adds icing to the cake.
At the plate: Alex Gordon is 2 doubles from matching Willie Wilson (241) for 7th-most in club history.
In '85 Willie Wilson had 21 triples in 4 "Inside The Park" homeruns. There hasn't been an "Inside The Park" homerun in MLB since he did it!
By Russ McQuaid INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (August 28, 2014)-- Freshly released from a night in custody, Willie Wilson made an emotional appeal for information on the whereabouts of his missing child. "All...
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