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Willie Robertson

Duck Dynasty is a reality television series on A&E. It shows the lives of the Robertson family, which went from poverty to being wealthy due to the sales of their duck calls, primarily the Duck Commander.

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Willie Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty' advises Rep. Vance McAllister to 'work things out privatel via
Forgot DD's Willie was SOTU guest. MNS: Willie says he's a friend/needs to work things out privately
Because we definitely want Duck Dynasty "stars" advising elected officials.
Please, more advice from reality TV star to Congressman captured on video on how to be more private. o_O
When Vance McAllister needed help in winning his Louisiana congressional seat last year, he turned to "Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson for an endorsement. When the newly-elected McAllister needed a date to January's State of the Union Address - his first as a congressman - he sent an invitation to Robertson. Now, barely four months into his first term in the House, the Louisiana Republican is once again turning to Robertson - this time for advice of how to handle being caught on surveillance video making out with one of his aides. McAllister is hunkered down in his district, largely avoiding the press, and he's reportedly turned to Robertson for guidance. According to McAllister, his famous friend advised him to keep the drama out of the public's view. "Willie told me that he was a friend and that I needed to work things out privately," McAllister said, according to the Monroe News Star, a Louisiana newspaper. McAllister, who has skipped two days of votes this week at the Capitol, also told the newspa ...
Willie Robertson's advice to Christian politician Vance McAllister over kissing affair: Stay out of the l
From May 1 through May 4, the town of Haughton will celebrate the wonders of God, our beautiful town, the great outdoors and meet Willie Robertson.
Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson endorsed Vance McAllister and now, the Congressman who planted his married lips all over a female staffer is asking Robertson for advice. And why not because McAllister took the Duck Dynasty star to the State of the Union Address.
Willie Robertson reminding his neighbors in LA-05 to get out to vote on Saturday for Vance McAllister in the special election for US Congress.
That moment when Willie Robertson says selfie on his show...
Should Vance McAllister resign from office? Some state GOP leaders are considering asking him to and his constituents feel betrayed. Mr. McAllister ran for office back in the fall to fill the unexpired term of Rep. Rodney Alexander and defeated State Sen. Neil Riser, by touring conservative, faith-based family values and garnering the support of Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson. This was his first political race. A surveilance video from his Monroe office dated Dec. 23, 2013, shows him passionately kissing his "aide", the wife of a friend and former coworker. He is scheduled for reelection this fall. What do y'all think? Given Louisiana's vivid political history, what do y'all think? I think he should because he has lost the respect of the people as evidenced by comments from constituents and the fact that he has missed the last three days of voting on Capital Hill dealing with this PR and personal fiasco/nightmare. You cannot represent people if you are not there and are too embarrassed and mad ...
"You cant pick and choose how u help somebody. You just help them cause they helped you" Willie Robertson
Hi everyone...just saw the most amazing movie tonight called God's Not Dead. A challenge was issued in the movie from Willie Robertson to send that message to everyone on your phone list, so if you got a text or email that's why.
"Time decides who you meet in life, your heart decides who you want in your life, and your behavior decides who stays in your life." WILLIE ROBERTSON
Just wanted to share the message that Willie Robertson asked of everyone in theI. The movie: God's Not Dead! Great movie . Go see it if you haven't yet.
I find it funny how the lead singer of the Zac Brown band and Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty sound ALOT
May just be me, but at times Willie Robertson can be a jerk!!
enjoy my fanpage of Willie Robertson and Duck Dynasty
"To give grace over vengeance is the foremost thing we can do to mirror our Divine Maker!" - Willie Robertson
We thank You for grace and forgiveness, O Lord. We deserve death, but You gave us life through Christ, and we praise You for it through Him, amen ~ Willie Robertson
I'd like to see Phil and/or Willie Robertson speak to this. They supported his election!
I love these so much.i bet I could eat Willie Robertson under the table on the bad boys
"All this stuff is temporary. The money, the fame, the success, temporary. Even life is temporary. Jesus—that's eternal." - Willie Robertson (Duck Dynasty)
A friend who understands your tears is much more valuable than a lot of friends who only know your smile. ~~~Willie Robertson~~~
God's NOT Dead!!! Just doin what Willie Robertson told me to do!
They just showed Willie Robertson on the Braves Vision jumbo-tron!!!
Willie Robertson is at the braves game!! Lol
Rep. Vance McAllister (R-La.) was caught kissing his assistant for almost half a minute on a surveillance video. McAllister made headlines in January for inviting "Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson as his guest to President Barack Obama's 2014 State of the Union Address. It seems McAllister hates on the *** but cheats on his wife. Typical!
The Swamp People / Duck Dynasty marathon's are both AWSOME viewing g for a Monday night. Well.what else is on? Another basketball game showcasing teams nobody cares about? Yep.Troy Landry and Willie Robertson are cool!!
Watching Gods not dead with Matthew heard it is VERY good. And also directed by Willie Robertson aka Duck Commander CEO! Go see it!!! Don't see Noah very bad distorted Hollywood version of the real story of Noah.
As season 5 of "Duck Dynasty" wraps up, co-star Willie Robertson is not backing down from either his faith or the controversy those beliefs helped stir.
Phil Robertson wants to go duck hunting with Obama: Willie Robertson, star of the hit A&E reality show series ...
Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame was defended recently for his anti *** and racist remarks by his son Willie Robertson and Willie's wife Korie. The …
I've got 2 copies of the Duck Commander Family book autographed by Miss Kay, Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", Willie Robertson, Uncle Si, Jep and Jace. Going to the highest $$ on April 1st. This is no April Fools joke either. Both in excellent condition :)
This is just my thoughts and I wont push them on anyone..but when it comes to the movie coming out today called Noah starring Russell Crowe. Its a movie made by hollywood by a guy who has admitted he is an athetist and you still get mad when its not perfect in detail of what happened.WHAT DID YOU EXPECT FROM A MOVIE FROM HOLLYWOOD??? Take a note from Willie Robertson in the movie God's Not Dead if you dont like it, change the channel (or in this case dont go!)
Haughton Adventure Weekend Get ready for an incredible evangelistic weekend for the whole Haughton-area community May 1-4, 2014 during the Haughton Adventure Weekend! Invite your friends and neighbors to come see and hear Grammy Award winning artist Jason Crabb, nationally known singer and speaker LaDonna Gatlin, dog trainer Hank Hough, America's favorite fisherman, Jimmy Houston, and Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson!!! An event this size doesn't just happen by itself. We need volunteers to be ushers at the events, to be counselors, to help with the children's activitities, and many more areas! If you would like to know how you can be involved, contact Mark Hagerhjelm at 318.949.2441.
Turns out "Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson would really like to go duck hunting with President Obama. Robertson stopped by Laura Ingraham's radio show on Monday, March 24, and she asked him which Democratic politician he'd like to go...
Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson dropped by Laura Ingraham's radio show Monday, and Ingraham asked him what Democratic politician he would like to do duck hunting with. Robertson's answer: none other than President Obama himself.
Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson wants to “sit out there and talk" to President Obama while duck hunting.
'Duck Dynasty' star Willie Robertson wants to hunt with Obama
'Duck Dynasty' Star Willie Robertson to Obama: Let's Talk While Hunting LOL! Sure, he'll show up in some mom jeans.
God's Not Dead was a very good movie. The only thing I didn't like about it was Willie Robertson having a cameo...
'jase i am roughing it, i have no cell phone service' - Willie Robertson
Hey, look here, it is no surprise to me that Jase Robertson & Willie Robertson are probably cryin' this morning!...
Jase has totally redefined the term ADD, he's ADDD! -Willie Robertson
Watching the glades season 4 and jim just said he was eating mu shu with Jase and Willie Robertson
"Uncle Si drinks two gallons of unsweet tea a day." -Willie Robertson . I'm watching him and Cory live at Texas MS
I just wonder if will be big enough to fit all of Willie Robertson's beard in the shot.
If I was a guy Willie Robertson would be my role model bc that beard >>>>>
Willie: God's not dead via the Android app.
Stand up family.won't back down under obscene PC pressure
AMEN!! / “Don’t let someone bully you into not standing up for your beliefs” ~ Korie Robertson
'God's Not Dead' movie trailer, shot in Baton Rouge and featuring 'Duck Dynasty' star Willie Robertson
Check out this article from Willie: God's not dead:
Willie: God's not dead via the Android app
Great article on and and their faith. God is Good!
Did you know Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty on A&E is in Tyler Farr "Redneck Crazy" video!? So is Colt Ford! Whats the video here and be sure to see him live on April 10 @ In The Venue in SLC! Tix @ Smiths Tix!
Duck Dynasty’ Star: Show Was Started to ‘Get the Message of God Out There’ Is “Duck Dynasty” just a big advertisement for the Almighty? At least one of the stars seems to think so. Sadie Robertson, the teenage daughter of Duck Commander boss Willie Robertson, tells Fox411 that her clan decided to do the A&E reality series in order to spread the word of the lord. Also read: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Premiere Ratings Drop: Did the Phil Robertson Controversy Hurt the Show? “When we began ‘Duck Dynasty,’ we weren't starting it for fame,” Robertson said. “We started it to get the message of God out there.” The 16-year-old also lamented the lack of old-time religion on the small screen lately. See video: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson: Marry 15 or 16 Year Old Girls “We could have easily done a reality show like everyone else,” Robertson noted. “But it's our faith that catches people's eyes because sadly, it's not something we're used to seeing [on TV] these days.” The series ha ...
These items are for the Team Pam Nance fundraiser at TRBC on March 22. ALL AUTOGRAPHED!!! Autographed books from Tim Tebow, John Smoltz and Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty on A&E.Also, a Duck Commander hat autographed by Jase Robertson.and a baseball signed by Darryl Strawberry. Thank you SO much to AACC for the donation.
Hey Cool Beans Bar and Grill! Your clues for the 9:30 show are: 1. Chicken chain that has Willie Robertson in ads. 2. Boss Hogg's joint
MOMENTUM '14 Update: $5 simulcast tix available for Willie & Si Robertson at
If you want to be trusted, then you have to be honest. Well said: Willie Robertson
~ Yes! Willie Robertson and Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander." and Jase Robertson and Jep Robertson Fan Club..the WHOLE family~
Well I won't be going to the meet and greet willie Robertson in April. I'll continue to watch him for 38.00 a month on satellite and save that 500.00. Please!
"Willie Mullins' yard contains more stars than an Ellen DeGeneres' selfie" - like it BBC Sport
Willie Robertson to appear at Coliseum via
Hey Willie Robertson,. "gettin' all Redneck up in here" isn't driving your new Toyota with 20" rims just off the road in a little mud. Gettin' Redneck is takin' apart three trucks, getting tetanus in the process, throwing the tractor tires on it after cutting the fenders off... and burying it to the doors!. that's Redneck. "thank you please drive through!".
Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson will meet with fans at Macon's Coliseum in April
"Hey, we're not trying to offend anybody, alright? If they don't want to watch the show, they can turn the channel. As far as my praying to Jesus, my life & my whole eternity belongs to God." --- Willie Robertson (as himself in God's Not Dead)
CONNIE'S BIRTHDAY!!! This post will take a few minutes to read but absolutely more than worth it. I will attempt to place the pictures in order to correspond with the story. In 1999 I met this wirery Red Head that weighed 98 pounds and was a vegetarian(old indian word for bad hunter). In 2004 we finally said our vows in front of family, friends and several full sized stuffed deer. Did I mention back then she was a card toting member of PETA! So things were not always easy for us since we had both had nasty divorces and we both had children from the previous marriages. For those who understand this it wasn't easy we didn't just tie the knot and all was awesome but we weathered the storms! Did I mention that my wife is absolutely smoking hot? Any way over the next few years I became heavily involved in a very unique fraternity and my wife blindly supported my every effort even doing the one thing she hates the most...sweating! Now we have come a long way since then and this is where I tell you who she is. . ...
Watching some Phil Robertson easy love god and your neighbor and try to be good simple
Willie robertson in his new movie God's not dead!!!
Does anyone think that meeting WILLIE ROBERTSON for a handshake and picture is worth 250.00 dollars that is what they are charging when he comes to macon for a charity ?
I'm getting more and more worried about Mary Elizabeth. It started today when we were playing Life and her "husband" fell out of her car and she ran over him, and then said "I'm getting a new husband" and traded men. Then she told her dad that Willie Robertson was her boyfriend and when he informed her that Willie was married to another woman, Mary Beth replied "She don't know who I am or where I live." We're in trouble. LOL!
Ok so Ashley Minton says daddy I need your opinion which automatically got my attention lol! The she proceeds to show me some prom dresses and of course I pull a willie Robertson like the episode when Sadie was getting one. I said don't they have one with a little more material! Smh
Willie Robertson has my couch in his living room.
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I was called out for the YWEA 24 hour challenge by my wife Sonya Shook. I would like to call out Josh Patton, Bert Carpenter, Mike Penland, and from The Duck Commanders Phil Robertson, Willie Robertson, and Jase Robertson. Don't let me down guys!
If I come across as a good MCM ladies Lms I know I have The look of Willie Robertson and the swag of Si
That thing is like a bug light for rednecks. -- Willie Robertson
Buck Commander is at deer camp on Chipper Jones' Texas ranch, and today Willie Robertson decided to sleep in. It turns out to be a blessing in disguise. As a...
Willie Robertson, from A&E's Duck Dynasty, will be in Macon April 25th at the Macon Coliseum. Tickets start at $25 and are available at the Coliseum Box Office and through Ticketmaster. Special VIP packages are available only through Caring Solutions Pregnancy Center in Macon and Warner Robins! Quack!
Willie Robertson runs both Duck Commander AND Buck Commander. That means he is a very busy guy. This clip shows a typical day in the Buck Commander ...
Getting to see Tim Tebow and Willie & Si Robertson after spring break definitely makes this semester more bearable.
Does anyone els think that bob looks alot like Willie Robertson?
Mark your calendar for this community-wide spiritual awakening with Evangelist Jay Lowder, Gospel Singer Jason Crabb, Willie Robertson of AMC's Duck Dynasty, Ladonna Gatlin sister of The Gatlin Brothers, Jimmy Houston, and others! Sign up to be involved at your local church, or contact The Church of the Cross, Eastwood Baptist Church, or First Baptist Church, Haughton. Join us in prayer for lives to be transformed by the power of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. For more information:
Omg Willie, Korie, and Si Robertson are going to be at the Iowa State Fair. Easily best thing I've heard in my 19 years
Cole Swindell is on tour with Luke Bryan and was "chillin it" with Willie Robertson after his s
Can some one tell me the point of Willie Robertson coming to macon?
So, i get to meet willie robertson 
Did you see Willie Robertson on stage with Luke Bryan at the CenturyLink Center this weekend? Get the story here:...
Waiting anxiously for two movies this month. Divergent-with Shayleen Woodly(sp?) this was an awesome book! Distopian novel, a must read. And Gods Not Dead-with Willie Robertson, Kevin Sorbo(aka Hurcules), Dean Cain, and Newsboys! March 21-must see.
Wendy here btw yes National Napping day is a real holiday. bosses and teachers everywhere aren't amused. One such boss in particular who isn't amused is Willie Robertson C.E.O of Duck an Buck Commander who has to deal with his employee and uncle named Si daily celebration of the nap.
Are you a fan of Duck Dynasty on A&E? April 25, Willie Robertson will be at the Macon Centreplex Coliseum Arena!...
I'm waiting for the day you grow a Willie Robertson beard with a razor shaved head.
Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty hit the stage Saturday night at the Luke Bryan show. If you weren't able to be...
So Willie Robertson and I share the same birthday
My aunt was at a LukeBryan concert lastNight in Louisiana accidentally stepped on someone's foot it was Willie Robertson's from Duck Dynasty
Real friends don't get mad when you insult them... They just smile and call you something worse. -- Willie Robertson
I just herd Willie Robertson JR talk for the first time
Funniest part of the whole Luke Bryan concert was willie robertson getting on stage & dancing to shake it for me.😂👏
Oh no LOL!!! DNW. // Luke Bryan and Willie Robertson Shake it for me!!!: via
Ok just made eye contact with willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty
"I love Halloween. The only holiday where we get to eat candy and scare the crap out of little kids" -Willie Robertson 😂😂
Johnny Russell thinks he is a wee Coatbridge hardman, but he's not - he's a wee gimp. (Willie Robertson, Alloa)
I liked a video Willie and Korie Robertson on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Guest appearance by Willie Robertson! Mmm Luke can dance really good!😍
When did Adam LaRoche and Willie Robertson become twins?
Is this real life? He looks like a ginger version of Willie Robertson
star Willie Robertson strutted his stuff on stage while sang "Country Boy, Shake it for Me!!"
Willie Robertson is coming to New Hope and I cannot be more excited!!
Not a fan of Duck Dynasty, but Willie Robertson came out and shook it for us with Luke Bryan during…
After meeting Luke Bryan, backstage passes, willie robertson, James cook, and pit passes, you can say our night was 💯
Highlight of my night was to see Willie Robertson shaking it
All of the greatest men in history had epic facial hair.. Abraham Lincoln, Grizzly Adams, Brian Wilson, James Harden and Willie Robertson.
Ignore the the fact that I look like a total dork!!! But it's freaking willie Robertson in the pit!!…
Highlight was seeing Willie Robertson shake it with Luke Bryan
Willie Robertson and Luke Bryan! :) he shook it for you!!! Emily Michelle Strickland security would've taken me down if I would've tried to slap him! Lol
We were about 6 feet away from Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty! 😳🙈
Luke Bryan AND Willie Robertson shook it for me tonight 😍😍😍
Willie Robertson got on stage to sing and dance with tonight in BossierCity
Okay not only did Luke shake it but Willie Robertson?! My life is complete thank you Luke for the best performance I have ever experienced!
Willie Robertson definitely just got down with Luke.
Just Luke and Willie Robertson shaking it .. No biggie 😍
Charlie's beard needs work if he's going for a Willie Robertson look. But he nailed the "young Rambo."
Willie Robertson & the rest of the Duck Commander family got a peak at the movie today! They LOVED IT! Spread the word!
No matter how poor we were, our family came together around the dinner table - Willie Robertson
Is it just me or are Zac Brown and Willie Robertson the same person?
I would marry Willie Robertson just for his house
This Willie Robertson talking bobble head is about to get murdered
My uncle sends me weekly snapchats of his chia Willie Robertson
Robertson just made the best purchase of the year so far Commander Devotional THANK YOU!!
Right guys and girls, We would like to do this months meet at Official Crail Raceway Page. This weekend is a memorial, to the late and great Willie Robertson, owner of Crail, who sadly passed away in the middle of last year. Fast Car Magazine will have a presence there, catching shots and a review of the weekend. Our very own David Waterworth and his Viper V10 powered Nankang Tyre Drift Team Silvia S15 and our good friend Steven Donnelly - Competition Drifting Page With his awesome JZ soarer will be at the event giving a fantastic Drift Demo. So we understand not everyone will be able to make it to crail as it is a fair stretch and dip into the pocket, but we couldn't justify holding our usual meet in a carpark when such an event was taking place the same day for a great cause. Anyone who attends the day and pitches up with us on our stand will be entitled to a free JDM Prestige Decal as well as the fun and banter that comes with our days out.
'Duck Dynasty': Ratings drop as Willie Robertson catches up with Obama
Celebrity Wala website is to provide a wide range of Willie Robertson Wallpapers for your desktops. Here you will find a quality collection of Willie Robert
Goalie should get mask with Willie Robertson guy with huge beard painted onto cow catcher.
'Duck Dynasty' star Willie Robertson caught up with President Barack Obama: Duck Dynasty: 'Duck...
To hear Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson tell it, he and President Obama get along like old pals. The two ran into each other when the A&E star attended the State of the Union and caught up after first meeting at last year's White House Correspondents' Dinner, Robertson explained on Thursday's Jimmy…
Can't wait for March 21st "God is not Dead" the movie featuring Willie Robertson!
What's willie Robertson doing wrestling on looks like Duck Commander isn't paying the bills
There is a lot of talk lately about "Duck Dynasty" and how Willie Robertson recently spoke about catching up with President Barack Obama as he attended the Stat
I'm about to make my own yoga pose: the dying fat man- Willie Robertson
Anybody else notice that bray wyatt look like Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty.
My brother went to the same school as Willie Robertson
Boutta pull a Willie Robertson and get an American flag bandana
The Willie Robertson Zaxbys commercial is indescribably bad
Gold Standard 2014 in Conde Nast Traveller - The Ubiquitous Chip in Glasgow. Willie Robertson was sommelier in...
Doing demos at CrailRaceway Sunday as part of Memorial Day for Willie Robertson. Lots happening
Hopefully some of Willie's manliness rubbed off on Obama.
Willie and Korie Robertson from “Duck Dynasty” talk about what it was like meeting Obama...
Willie Robertson (from Duck Dynasty!) Hand-Crocheted Doll! $20, and that includes shipping!! He stands approximately 10.5” tall, and his arms can cross or come uncrossed! :)
My chemistry teacher looks like Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty 😂
Korie and Willie Robertson shining on the Awards Red Carpet. Catch them on Reelz this Saturday at 2 pm ET.
Did you catch Willie and Korie Robertson on Jimmy Kimmel?
Will says he's doesn't look anything like Willie Robertson. What do you all say??? Yes or No. Comment now
The next event is on the 2nd of March, and is the Willie Robertson Memorial day with FAST Car. Willie was the brain child behind the Crail Thrash who tragically died in July last year, so this event is a bit of a send off and celebration of what Willie did for all us petrolheads. Keep your eyes on FB for some special announcements to come. Hope everyone will make a special effort to come to this event to show support for the Robertson family.
Duck Dynasty’ star Willie Robertson catches up with Barack Obama
But even in their powerful display of faith, they made no demands on God; they simply trusted in Him.-Willie Robertson
What are the anti-poverty policies of Margaret Curran, Willie Bain and John Robertson? Vote for me is their answer.
Willie Robertson nailed it when he says "Melted cheese doesnt seem right at a gas station but just right at any sporting event"
- Duck Dynasty Star Talks with Obama - Willie Robertson's Appearance at 2014 SOTU
Willie Robertson is such a sassy drama queen. Lol
Willie Robertson made the day of two servers in a restaurant that he recently went to with Sean Hannity. The bill for the meal totaled $5,000. The amount of the tip for the servers totaled $5,000. Robertson was in Washington, D.C. as a guest of one of the senators for the State of the Union Address.
Willie Robertson rain coming again to the track 40-45 miles out, stay tuned might be shorten.
I saw a guy that looked like Willie Robertson
“Willie Robertson is my spirit animal.”
Willie Robertson is my spirit animal.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
"When you're 21 and still in high school, yeah, you're pretty good at stuff." -Willie Robertson
I liked a video Willie & Korie Robertson on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Willie Robertson trying to stay up all night with the guys is the most annoying thing...
[WATCH] ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Willie and Korie Robertson chat about meeting Obama via
I don't know cokie Robertson but I know willie Robertson!
Duck Dynasty Obama, Willie “Boss Hog” Robertson said he ran into President Barack Obama and caught up with him at th…
I look like a girl version of willie Robertson lmfao omg 😂😂😂
With Willie Robertson from before the State of the Union
Willie Robertson coming on a graft with me. Red necks for life
“St Andrews notables with Tom Morris, Allan Robertson and Willie Dunn, 1850s.
Willie Robertson we locked your brother up first thing this morning @
My little brother is scaring the crap out of me. and I am about to commit suicide. What should. I do willie robertson?
spotted: willie Robertson at your local Aledo whataburger
Willie Robertson says: Better check yourself b4 you wreck yourself. But he's no rapper.
At party w/Willie & Korie Robertson, talked about & his chances of getting out of the system! http:…
Willie Robertson is it true that your mom mrs.kay used to live in idabel,oklahoma
Meeting Jase, Si, Alan and Willie Robertson (all on different days)
I think Jase Robertson and Willie Robertson are so attractive
"One thing Jase hates more than work, is no coffee" ( Willie Robertson)
Gonna be at Jimmy Kimmel Live to see Willie Robertson !!! Front row sounds great !
"it was indeed Sean Hannity who paid the tab and left the generous tip"
"All this stuff is temporary; money, success, even life...but Jesus, that's eternal." - Willie Robertson (God's Not Dead)
Willie Robertson just started watching show watched all five seasons on one week. Love it really is the
Willie Robertson.nacho libre is on today! A NACHOOO!!!
JAKKS is going w/the commentators on the Wyatt Fam. being a dark version of Duck Dynasty? Bray looks like Willie Robertson!
"Don't waste your time on someone who isn't willing to waste their time on you." Thanks Willie Robertson!
“I think I might grow out the flow” you'd be the next Willie Robertson
From Noon the Sunday Session LIVE with Willie Stewart:Find out about the SCDA One Act Play Festival with Guest Graham Robertson
I tell you what, Willie Robertson, Jase Robertson, and Jep Robertson we're pretty handsome when they were younger. Jase and Jep are still pretty attractive... but.oh well
7.5% unemployment rate in the State of Indiana... and you guys are selling Duck Dynasty on A&E IN State Lottery scratch offs? Willie Robertson you guys planning Ducky Dynasty Newport Menthols next?
Some 20 Million Americans waste over $1,000 a year on the Lottery according to Forbes, costing them a 40-year nest egg of $200,000. Duck Dynasty on A&E, Willie Robertson You guys really want to be a part of this.?
Swear to god I'm looking at willie Robertson in person right now
If I ever met Willie Robertson, I'd smell his beard in hopes of getting a whiff of his wife's vadge
All the stuff is temporary, money, success, even life is temporary. But Jesus, he is eternal🙏 -Willie Robertson
Uncle Willie Robertson says god still loves us,and wants us to belive that he can still save us with his grace threw jesus christ his son! Gods word tells us this out of his own mouth.God talks !
Willie Robertson spotted rocking his USA Flag bandana at The State of the Union speech
"If you can't get somebody off your mind, they are probably supposed to be there." Thanks Willie Robertson!
There comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page or closing the book -Willie Robertson
Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson leaves $5000 tip after dinner with top
I think I just saw Willie Robertson at Meijer
Willie Robertson on staying true to Your Roots
Was called willie robertson enuff already. Goin back to the hat.
Last night was pretty bad *** Ended up with a hotel room from some guy that looked like Willie Robertson.
. I Am Whole Life and Movie to Movement got to bring one of our "Meme's" aka Willie Robertson to LIFE... http:…
Alloa Athletic team news (SPFL): Jason Marr and Willie Robertson injured, Ryan McCord suspended. Scott Bain recovered from injury. Derek Riordan looks set for inclusion.
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I totally looked like Willie Robertson tonight
Television star and businessman Willie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame earlier this month reportedly left two servers a $5,000 tip -- on a $5,000 bill. That's a 100 percent tip. The Duck Commander CEO was in the nation’s capital as Rep. Vance McAllister's (R-La.) guest for President...
Willie Robertson using his front pocket the correct way.
Oscar Robertson is the only player in NBA history to average a triple-double for a season (30.8 points, 12.5 rebounds,…
Willie Robertson's Zaxbys commercial is probably the cutest thing ever 😂
Willie Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty' is a big tipper via
Was the 5K tip from Willie Robertson or Sean Hannity? via
'Duck Dynasty' star leaves $5,000 tip on $5,000 tab after dinner with Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich and Sen Ted Cruz =
On the night of the SOTU address, Willie Robertson and Sean Hannity shared dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Washington, D.C. Also in attendance ...
Willie Robertson Absolutely freaked when I saw you last weekend. Best night of my life!
I will tell you first hand Hannity is one generous man.
Alright here's our checklist so far. Willie Robertson spoke at chapel and Alan Robertson just spoke at chapel. My vote for our next "Duck Commander" chapel is Uncle Si.
nice broadcasting? Luke Bryan is on Outdoor Channel Buck Commander with Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame.
Duck Dynasty on A&E star Willie Robertson dropped a HUGE tip at dinner the other night. Click the link see how much!
Look out for the Duck Commander 500 this April. The Texas Motor Speedway announced this week that it had picked up CEO Willie Robertson's company as its title sponsor for the April 6 Sprint Cup race. As part of the three-year deal, the Robertson family will also be highly visible at the race. According to Sporting News, Phil, Uncle Si, the "bearded brothers" and their wives and children could potentially serve as race grand marshals and will likely make appearances throughout the weekend. In addition to the in-person attendance of the cast, "Duck Dynasty" merchandise based off the A&E show will be available for sale and on display. The concession menu will also bear the reality television show's influence, selling Uncle Si's Tea and offering dining options from Duck Commander Family Foods. The Duck Commander company was founded by Willie's father, Phil Robertson in West Monroe, La., in 1972. The fifth season of "Duck Dynasty" plays on A&E on Wednesday nights.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Willie Robertson- Duck Dynasty will be our guest speaker at our 25th anniversary of @ Toyota center April 13.
Wow! Such a privilege to be at the 2014 awards. Awesome to see Willie Robertson on stage accepting an award for
Duck Dynasty stars Willie Robertson and his wife Korie will appear at the twenty-second Annual Movieguide Faith & Values Awards broadcasting on March 1 and 2 on the Reelz Channel.
"NBC's Chuck Todd criticized the attendance of Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson at the State of the Union. Come on, Chuck. At least the Duck Dynasty guys have created jobs in the last 6 years." -Jodi Miller.
Duck Commander CEO, Willie Robertson, and his wife, Korrie, attended Barack Obama’s 5th State of the Union seven days ago as the guests of their Congressman, John Scott (R-LA).
if you ever feel unimportant just remember Willie Robertson has 3 other kids besides John Luke and Sadie
Sunday night's Super Bowl ad for Time Warner Cable's new online streaming service included a brief appearance by three-fourths of the Duck Dynasty cast: Willie Robertson, Si Robertson and Jase Robertson. Missing? Family patriarch Phil Robertson, who caused a firestorm last December with his controve...
Bill Maher shredded both Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson for disrespecting the American flag at the State Of The Union, and Republican hypocrites for not saying a word about it.
A number of prominent American citizens were the honored guests of First Lady Michelle Obama in her box during President Barack Obama's State of the Union Address this week -- among them out basketball player Jason Collins. And guess who was just feet away? "Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson.
'Duck Dynasty's' Willie Robertson: The True Star of the State of the Union Address
The Republican National Committee barred Ralph Nader from even ENTERING the venue, let alone JOINING the "debates". They didn't like his criticism of the party. Cindy Sheehan was barred from any official functions, and people were ARRESTED for wearing SHIRTS protesting the Bush Administration. Under Bush, licensed gun owners were absolutely barred from carrying outside Bush appearances. Did you FORGET ??? Prior to the election of our "n*gger president", ANYONE interrupting our State of the Union Address would have been ousted. "YOU LIE!" would likely have been a disruptive representative's final career move. ANYONE wearing a flag bandana ? No. Untucked shirt at the State of the Union? Not without being chastised and "advised" of respectful PROTOCOL. No tie? Well, there are RESTAURANTS that would turn away Willie Robertson'$ million$ without a tie. DID YOU FORGET THAT, TOO ?
My brothers snow men Si and Willie Robertson 😂
DEADLINE: Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson is expected to join Louisiana Rep. Vance McAllister at tonight’s State of the Union Address.
During NBC's live State of the Union coverage Tuesday night, chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd sneered at Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson being a Republican guest at the event: "...after the shooting with Gabby Giffords and for a couple of State of the Unions in a row.There was more o...
Tea Birds of a Feather. "Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson and wife, Korie, pose with Representative Paul Ryan,...
NBC might ought to take notes from A&E ratings down 30 per cent since their ridiculous run-in with Phil Robertson. NBC's Chuck Todd made light of the Senator that invited Willie Robertson to the State of the Union last night. I would demand an apology from this arrogance shown to Mr. Robertson by Todd!
Last night, Repubs cheesed w Willie Robertson at SOTU. Here's my re-upped piece on the political pull of Duck Dynasty
Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson a with at State of the Union 'Star of the A&E reality show ...'
Willie Robertson vs. Don Draper: TV symbols in the State of the Union |
The only reason i started to watch SOU was to see Willie Robertson but just couldn't take the chance of hearing the liar in chief.
Who was mist influential person at the SOTU last night? Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty!
More people wanted to take pictures with Willie Robertson than the President last night. Maybe we are going to be alright.
Wonder if Willie Robertson will blow a duck call every time Obama tells a whopper?
Members of Congress show 'Duck Dynasty' love via
If you doubt the irrelevance of the Republican party, consider State of the Union guests. The President and First Lady invite Army Ranger Cory Remsburg, recovering from catastrophic wounds; and NBA player and *** rights advocate Jason Collins. Republicans invite Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson.
Sunnie McDennon [stole your line] "Would really be cool if Willie Robertson blew duck call everytime Obummer lied.".LOL...LOL...
It scares me to think that Willie Robertson might play an important role in the next presidential election.
If Willie Robertson is then who exactly is ? Lets have some character consistency here. Phil obviously isn't clever enough to be Uncle Jesse. Must be Si.
Article - 'Duck Dynasty' star Willie Robertson attends 2014 State of the Union Address
Willie Robertson and Korie Robertson attended the State of the Union Address last night. Even politicians...
Willie Robertson vs. Don Draper at State of the Union gets all symbolic on us
Willie Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty' to attend State of the Union - Shreveport Times
Ok then, at the President's State of the Union Address; sitting next to First Lady, Michelle Obama, were 2 survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing, as well as, Jason Collins, an openly *** former NBA player. While Willie Robertson, a "star" of the TV show, Duck Dynasty, scored a seat in the House Gallery, courtesy of the Republicans. I guess Honey Boo Boo was too busy to attend. Need I say more?
'Highest approval in the building': Politicians anxious to meet Willie Robertson at SOTU
If you're annoyed about Willie Robertson being in Washington.
Hey, HuffPo: It was Phil Robertson, not Willie, who said that stuff about ***
HuffPo wrongly reports that Willie Robertson was Duck Dynasty member who got suspended... guess they don't watch show http:…
What is so special about Willie Robertson going to the Pres. speech?
Fox News reported that Willie Robertson had more people in line to have there picture taken, than the President did last night at the SOTU address. Willie for president!
Just ducky: Willie Robertson to be a guest at State of the Union snoozefest
Willie Robertson will be attending Obama's State of the Union. To bad we can't watch a episode instead of th…
Willie Robertson @ us capitol for SOTU. Highest approval rating in the entire building.
‘Highest approval in the building’: Politicians anxious to meet Willie Robertson at SOTU | Twitchy
Caught Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson trying hard to squeeze through the reporter scrum following the
What have we learned about the right wing of the GOP & this photo @ the State of The Union?
Obama had to play second fiddle to Willie Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" at the State of the Union Address last night. He was the most popular, most sought after photo-op person of the evening
I stand with Duck Dynasty! Chatted with Willie Robertson today.
The most sought after picture at the state of the Union Address was with Willie Robertson.
The most interesting person at the state of the union, willie robertson, lol. Sorry Obummer. And a standing...
Congress shows 'Duck Dynasty' love: Members jump at the chance to take their picture with the reality TV... p
Best part of last night was Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty
Only bright spot last night in Washington, was Willie Robertson. Numb nuts was his usual trash talking.
More lawmakers lined up for a pic with Willie Robertson than Obama! Awesome!
. Willie Robertson 2016 we need more down to earth people in Washington
Disrespect Blacks and *** congressman is bringing Willie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” to the State of the Union
Shameless politicians queue up for photos with Duck Dynasty's Willie at
Can't make this up: "GOP Congressmen Fight over Who's Taking Star to State of the Union"
Willie Robertson Vs. Don Draper, State of the Union Battle of the TV Symbols - TIME
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