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Willie Robertson

Duck Dynasty is a reality television series on A&E. It shows the lives of the Robertson family, which went from poverty to being wealthy due to the sales of their duck calls, primarily the Duck Commander.

Duck Dynasty Left Behind Si Robertson Luke Bryan Phil Robertson Korie Robertson Larry King Zac Brown Las Vegas Nicolas Cage Sadie Robertson Bobby Jindal

Just talked to Willie Robertson WATCH LIVE from the Red Carpet NOW:
Willie Robertson of gets the biggest crowd reaction so far
Just took an elevator ride with Willie and Korie Robertson
Can't have a (Duck Dynasty) Willie Robertson look a like on the mound!
Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson would endorse Gov. Bobby Jindal for president bec. he's a Godly man
"All this stuff is temporary, but Jesus is eternal" -Willie Robertson
I just made eye contact with Willie Robertson and Shooter McGavin was on my elevator! Boom
B4 the tornado warnings started had a chance to interview Jep n Willie Robertson at Cabela's celebrity Archery event
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal joked he thinks Willie Robertson of AE’s reality show “Duck Dynasty” would make a good runn…
Heart advice for young families. We need to break the cycle growing tantrum throwing adults and it starts with...
Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty is wearing the shirts I designed at the ACM archery event today!!
Willie Robertson from "Duck Dynasty" is one of the celebs competing in the ACM Cabela's Archery event in Arlington.
'Duck Dynasty' Musical Kicks Off in Las Vegas - click for our interview with Willie and Korie Robertson!
Every time I hear or see Willie Robertson I can't help but think I've seen him "perform" so to say, Country Girl with Luke 😂😂😂
INTENT Willie Robertson brought to tears over Duck Commander Musical: It is a bit unusu...
Bobby Jindal has his first campaign endorsement, and he hasn’t even entered the 2016 race
So my friend who plays in a mariachi band played for Willie Robertson and his wife last night! This is AWESOME!
As heard on interview with the Robertsons from "Duck Dynasty"
Just got sat at a table at Pappasito's & got told Willie, Korie, and Sadie Robertson were sitting at the table right behind us 30 min ago...
Next time Adam LaRoche is in town with Willie Robertson, Luke Bryan, and Jason Aldean; someone PLEASE tell me lol. I NEED to meet them all😀
... Still not entirely convinced that Zac Brown and Willie Robertson are not the same person.
Are there any photos of him at the wedding? Just saw one of back of minister and can't tell if it was him. Can't believe that he would provide that kind of support.
Duck Dynasty Stars Willie and Korie Robertson to Appear on THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON Tomorrow to Disc...
I like all men think phone calls should last 30 seconds - wise words from Willie Robertson
5 of 5 stars to Willie's Redneck Time Machine by John Luke Robertson
Miss had a blast eating at Willie's Duck Diner in West Monroe, LA with Bella Robertson!
"Whatever I see I aim at and shoot when I shoot it I kill it, then eat it" Willie Robertson from Gods NOT dead
"Life is temporary and Jesus is eternal" ~Willie Robertson
My life and belongs to God, Everything Is temporary, money, fame, success,even life is temporary. Jesus! That's eternal! (Willie Robertson)
So so much respect for Willie&Korie Robertson always standing up 4 their faith&speaking the truth 2 the world🙏 Hollyweird needs more of them
My question is, where was Willie Robertson when Amy needed him?!
An ambush interview with Willie Robertson? How can you ambush someone hiding behind that beard?
"Why would I do it if I wasn't proud of it?" -Willie Robertson
Willie Robertson how does it feel to know the team you picked to beat Kentucky in the championship game aint makin it!!! Quack quack!!!
"Money, fame, success is temporary, But God is eternal." -Willie Robertson
The celebration was attended by Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson and Aldean's daughters, Keeley, aged 12, and Kendyl, aged seven, from
His wife better be ready - he went to Aldean's wedding in Mexico! Love that he supports what Aldean and his mistress did - you know what they say about dogs and fleas! Wonder if he has his own Brittany? What message did he send his kids? Phil says get them young so maybe that's the plan!
My life and my whole eternity belongs to God. All this stuff is temporary. Even life is temporary. Jesus? That’s eternal. . -Willie Robertson
Words of wisdom, Willie and Korie Robertson via
talking football strategies with Willie Robertson.
How rich is Willie Robertson?: Willie Robertson Net Worth $ Willie Robertson is a part of the Robertson family...
Excited I get to see Willie Robertson and Bobby Jindal in a couple weeks 😄
It was Westbrook's 4th triple-double of season w/ at least 35 Pts. Oscar Robertson & Jordan are only ones to do it in las…
Don't try to explain any colloquialisms to me. My urban dictionary is the equivalent of "Phil Robertson with a watch" …according to Willie.
your picture makes you look like the Willie Robertson from Alaska 😂😂
"We just always kept to our faith and the roots of who we were and that comes out in the musical.” Willie Robertson
Johnny Eblen's season is done after a 10-4 loss to Illinois' Brunson. Willie Miklus up 2-1 in his match against Wisconsin's Robertson.
Miss Robertson also delighted with signed book! says Mods is 'the best subject'
I got an opportunity to meet Korie Robertson at Willie's Duck Diner, tonight. It's so awesome to…
Looks like Willie Robertson in that one episode of Duck Dynasty. 😂
Problem is I want Willie Robertson love, females are looking for Kim and Kanye love 👎
I got to see Drake, Willie Robertson, and some ESPN anchors get escorted too. But I wasn't allowed to take pictures. 😑
Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson picks to win the via
"I'm erasing all of the unwanted drama out of my life because at the end of the day I'm just trying to be happy.". ~ Willie Robertson
CEO Willie Robertson picks UofL over UK in the championship game
just sent some more lures to willie Robertson,hope he can give me some business advice, GOD knows I need it. GOD BLESS. smilin joe
Is this a pic of savannah or Willie Robertson???
Willie Robertson picked Lville to beat UK in the national championship... So there's that.
Willie Robertson picked Louisville to win the national championship 💯💯
Got my bracket filled out. Cant wait for the Madness. via
I see your Willie Robertson and raise you an Uncle Si, which didn't sell at all!
"You should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the last time you see them.". ~ Willie Robertson, Duck Dynasty
Willie & Phil Robertson talk about fake bleeps and praying in Jesus' name .
What time will Willie Robertson, Phil Robertson, and Sarah Palin be playing Duck Duck Moose?
Loving Louisiana and staying in an amazing hotel. :) here with my youth group. Willie Robertson jr is here too!
Hey willie Robertson jr is here I'll see him tomorrow
Willie Robertson and I at CPAC. Probably the best selfie I will ever take.
Phil Robertson calls STDs "revenge of the hippies," ironic, coming from a bad Willie Nelson impersonator
Ugh I knew I should have stopped by Harrington's to pick up my check...Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty was there 😥
I just had lunch with Willie Robertson. I mean he was sitting at a totally different table but details aren't important
Attention attention Phil Robertson and Willie are sitting one table away from me help me
Met Willie Robertson at a restaurant while at CPAC!
Sitting like 25 ft from Willie Robertson- OMG I can see his flag bandanna!
Willie Robertson in the audience at
I am in the same room as Phil and willie Robertson. I repeat Phil and willie Robertson 😳🇺🇸
Willie Robertson just shown greeting and their sons. Good men fighting for our beloved country!
Update your maps at Navteq
Coming up at spotted Willie Robertson & Phil Robertson
Willie and Korie Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame have a history at camp. You can read about what they have to say...
What's going on this morning? Just Willie and Phil Robertson walking by me.
I liked a video from Willie Robertson Warns Atheists Jesus Is Coming
Congrats to Willie Cauley-Stein on being named a finalist for the Oscar Robertson Trophy
Willie Robertson of sang an impromptu serenade to his bride,
Cauley-Stein a finalist for Robertson Trophy - Willie Cauley-Stein has been named a finalist for the 2015 O...
Willie Cauley Stein one of 14 finalists for Oscar Robertson trophy as National Player of the Year
what about Si Robertson or Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty
Willie Robertson heeds the call of Las Vegas in ‘Duck Commander Musical’
"john luke we gotta work on your rating system"-Willie Robertson 😂😂 ✌
Look who flew in to surprise Dream Kid Angel! Mr. Willie Robertson himself! Angel had an amazing time hanging out with the Boss Hog...she even challenged him to a game of basketball! Big thanks to Willie Robertson for taking the time to come & meet one of his biggest fans. And shoutout to Adam LaRoche for putting the surprise together! Thank you! Photos by Themba Imagery
Stay tuned for an awesome video interview The Drive with Alan Taylor did with Willie Robertson and...
Willie Robertson paired up with country music start Luke Bryan to bring you the HILARIOUS new Christmas song ‘Hairy Christmas’. And I cannot tell you how loud I was laughing during this one!
Am I the only one excited that willie Robertson is on a country song?
My mother in-law got me a Willie Robertson bobble head. Christmas is cancelled.
When Chia Willie Robertson becomes one of the hottest selling stocking stuffers of 2014, it's finally time to say...
Throw back to Halloween when I was willie Robertson
Someone said they thought I was Willie Robertson in a snapchat.
I bet one person Pharoh never thought he would receive an award from is Willie Robertson.
Oh my god I just heard a country song where willie Robertson made an appearance... America at an all time high right now
“Pharoh Cooper with MVP trophy: and willie robertson in the back 😂
Enjoyed seeing General Vander Hamm and Willie Robertson @ the Independence Bowl today. Two great Christian men!
My toes were numb for 3 hours, but we met Willie Robertson, so I guess I can live with it!…
Got a with Willie Robertson today at the
Willie Robertson presented the Duck Commander Bowl Trophy to South Carolina with a "Go SEC!"
Willie Robertson was here close by in La Perla ranch!!🙀
Tommy Suggs says Willie Robertson of Duck's Dynasty gave out a trophy about as big as he was. LOL.
Coach Spurrier and Mike Davis receiving the trophy from Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson!
I believe I just heard Willie Robertson give a shout out to the SEC during the postgame trophy ceremony. Because Shreveport.
Willie Robertson just after he walked on the field for the pregame ceremonies today
A referee shakes hands with Phil Robertson as sons Willie and Jace look on before the coin toss
I suppose players can't be excited anymore. These refs are like Willie Robertson taking the basketball hoop out of the warehouse.
Willie Robertson has scored a marketing 1st down. Every 1st down the Independence bowl is a "Sweet Willies sauce first down."
Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson on Spurrier: 'I know he said he met one of us but it was actually Lar…
It's been exactly one year since GQ magazine published Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson's views on homosexuality, which essential co-opted the entire news cycle for the rest of 2013. Now, Phil's son Willie Robertson has given an update on where he stands on the *** to Larry King.
Willie Robertson on *** I’m Not the Judge, Only God …: Source: The Hollywood Gossip:– Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson said in a new interview with Larry King that he is not the judge when it comes to others, specifically *** people, only God. “I’m not the judge,” Willie said when King asked whether he thought being *** or *** was a choice. “Larry, I’m trying to figure that out right now, I really am.” “God’s going to be the judge, so it’s not my job to convince people to change their lives,” the Duck Commander CEO added. “If I just introduce them to Jesus, He’ll do that.” Willie also explained that he did not necessarily agree with the infamous Phil Robertson GQ interview last winter that triggered a national controversy. The younger Robertson’s sentiment follow those he made in March, when he diplomatically said that people have to read the Bible and make up their own minds. “You have to decide and God will ultimately decide that,” he said. “We don’t pro ...
Willie Robertson talks his dad's anti *** comments & the LGBT community:
"Love of God and live of neighbor are the two highest ranked commandments of the bible". Willie Robertson. DD
Choice or not, we all deserve equal rights and freedom from persecution by guys like your father!
Make sure you catch Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson on w/ Larry King, Terri!
Since when was Willie Nelson part of the Duck Dynasty family? If u cant get the Robertson name right the rest is unreliable
Duck Dynasty’ star Willie Robertson on *** lifestyle choice and judging others
In less then a year Willie Robertson Will come out as *** and be a munched loved super star. :-)
Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson asks Jesus for help with the *** Willie Robertson is ...
Well, at least this is a step in the right direction. A year after Duck Dynasty patriarch, Phi...
Sadie Robertson, one of the stars of A&E’s Duck Dynasty and the daughter of America’s favorite CEO, Willie Robertson and his wife Korie, seems to be taking America by storm. When many teen stars like Bieber and Miley are maintaining
Have you seen Duck Dynasty? I like Si Robertson, Willie Robertson, Jase Robertson, and Jep Robertson. Si is really funny! it's a good show.
Willie: "This is Willie Robertson, signing away. Jase: "'Signing away?' What does that even mean?" Willie: "Shut up!"
Funniest hour in a while. Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty taking yoga classes with wife followed by episode of karate with 10 year olds. Thanks for the laughs.
my final guesses are Tim McGraw cause of ha and Willie Robertson
ibet you are right! I was thinking willke Robertson before u said Tim.Willie cause I've seen him on DD with white pants/boots
it was supposed to be on a picture if willie Robertson and zz top but it didn't work.
I never thought about him I think either Willie Robertson or Elvis
people were comparing me to Willie Robertson
Robertson, Willie "at college, kids really have to learn their own faith" Christian Post. March 17, 2014
Jep Robertson, the younger brother of Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson and a cast member on the popular A&E...
Jep Robertson had a seizure while hunting and is resting in the hospital. Glad he is okay but what Willie said...
Apparently my Willie Robertson beard and bandana are scaring St. Catherine's teachers...
Congrats to the Buck Commander! What do think of Willie Robertson's shorts?
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
"If his lips are gonna be on something I've made, I rather it be a duck call!" Willie Robertson 😂😂
Si and Willie Robertson in the building. 😏
Sadie Robertson, daughter of Duck Dynasty star and cultural icon Willie Robertson...
Any Duck Dynasty fans out there? We're giving away another family four pack of tickets to The Real Life Faith and Family Festival tomorrow morning at 7:50am. It will be a day full of rides, games, Christian music, great food and a chance to see Willie Robertson, of Duck Dynasty and Z artist Switchfoot. Hope you win tickets!
Willie Robertson explains the power of the Left Behind movie as a way to explain the Rapture to people who may never otherwise even hear about it. It’s a great evangelism tool! Who do you know that needs a wake up call? Left Behind is in theaters now. Grab a friend and get ready for some great conversation today!
About a month away from looking like Willie Robertson with the beard growing out
Hey, you folks who want better movies, go see Left Behind; get the Word out! Thanks to Willie Robertson for being a big part!
Sunday Night @ Merwin 5:00 Supper 6:00 Classes for all ages Tonight's topic: "Rowdy Kindness" featuring Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty on video Come out for food, fellowship & faith-building!
Willie kills me in The Robertson Family Christmas album
What do Mr Potato Head and a Willie Robertson bobble head have in common? Watch!
Real life church faith & family festival Oct. 25 @ 12:00am-10:00pm come out & celebrate, Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty will be here! 💛😄
Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty thinks the Rapture is imminent;
Movieguide | The Family Guide to Movie Reviews ~ Willie Robertson responds to Dancing with the Stars
2060: Ducks conquer humans. With his dying breath, Willie Robertson whispers "I told you so."
Willie & Korie Robertson are in my town right now, and my work is catering to them.. THATS SO COOL 🙊
I ran into Willie Robertson last night. Nice looking guy 😁
69 Red card for Willie Robertson for what was deemed to be a headbutt on Colin McMenamin, who received a yellow card
Last night we ran into Willie Robertson and I hung out in his Limo briefly. Good Times were had.
"Millions of believers will suddenly vanish into thin air,” Willie Robertson, best known for his work on Duck…
Willie Robertson responds to Dancing with the Stars
Luke Bryan and Willie Robertson Shake it for me!!! Forever will remember this !! Willie crazy!!
High School Cube Announcer's dream threesome: Willie the Wildcat and Isaiah Robertson.
Pat Robertson is the drunk wife-beating old man who just sits in the corner and spews his sexism... dunno why y'all still ou…
Pat Robertson airing America's dirty history by reminding the rest of the world that Smallpox infested blankets were given to…
Willie Robertson figured out the purpose of the front pocket.
Willie Robertson: hey Si you cook like habachi chef I don't understand the word you saying, lol
Explaining to my grandmother that Hagrid and Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty are not the same person! Gotta love the simple things!
You may have a sales ad that says Willie Robertson is coming to the store. He's not. Jase is.
Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson is the Exec Producer...and today on we sit down with Producer Paul...
Check out this special message from Willie Robertson and share it to help us spread the word about Left Behind - coming to theaters on October 3!
Hey Willie! Thanks for catching up and chatting about the new movie! :)
My little trouble makers, named after the Robertson brothers, Willie & Jase!
Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson Talks Sadie's 'Dancing with the Stars,' Isn't Worried that Robertson ...:...
Not sure this qualifies as a love song, ha! The Song - Willie Robertson Serenade vi…
I was a skeptic of the movie until I realized the gun-totin, animal-shootin, Duck Commander Willie Robertson was endorsing it.
Who were you most excited to see make an appearance in God's Not Dead? Willie and Korie
The upcoming Left Behind movie starring Nicholas Cage and endorsed by Willie Robertson is going to be unbelievable
OLD TESTAMENT IN 60 DAYS: DAY 24: I Kings 4-14. After you get done with today's Bible reading, go check out this...
On page 201 of 272 of The Duck Commander Family, by Willie Robertson
Welcome to East 93! Home to fat hipsters, Willie Robertson, body builders, and hockey players 👊👨💪…
Willie Robertson: "Just because you're older doesn't mean you have to act like it" AMEN!! I act like I'm about 8 - 12! 😜😜
I'm so jealous my dad got to meet Willie Robertson
My dad just met Willie Robertson without me 😭😭
so jealous of my dad meeting Willie Robertson 😩😩
Oh...just resting in Willie Robertson's office!
Willie Robertson, MGK, Jack Nicholson, and Amber Heard to name a few!
John Luke is Incredibly Wise Young Man! I would be Proud too Willie. Your Robertson Family is in itself a Blessing to us.
If more fathers were like Willie Robertson more daughters wouldn't seek love in all the wrong places
Great article by Ben Giselbach. I was studying to work on a lesson to preach soon dealing with The false teaching...
Up for a free date night? Listen to Willie and Korie Robertson and at ht…
it looks like Willie Robertson's truck without the paint job.
Watching the hunting channel just because Willie Robertson is on here & I find him so adorable and he looks like a good cuddler.
I saw Dad and Mom Willie Robertson were at Dancing With The Stars watching their little girl, good idea!
Willie Robertson produced the movie Left Behind with Nicolas Cage.
cant decide on Lil wayne or willie robertson... :c such decisions.
Macklemore and willie Robertson used the fusion technique
Today, as Willie, Korie, and Kay Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame officially endorse The Song, Faith Driven Consumer™…
willie Robertson one producers of Left Behind col !!
Appearing on Glenn Beck @ 5 p Eastern Monday with Willie Robertson to promote Nic Cage Left Behind movie opening 10/3. C…
Cunliffe or Robertson are not the answer! What about Nanaia? Jacinta? Or Willie Apiata??
When you have 'Merica Monday at your school and almost every single guy becomes Willie Robertson in booty shorts.
I love how willie Robertson is always reppin his look
I would love if Donald Trump and Dinesh Dsouza could help me organize the March. IM sure Willie and Phil Robertson could Help.
Nicolas Cage has officially runout of movies to get a paycheck from:
Yay! & Willie Robertson all on the same show!
Like this post if you'd like to see more A-list actors starring in Christian films! "Left Behind" opens this weekend.
Willie Robertson, Korie Robertson, and John Luke All in one picture.
"Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson has made it very clear that he doesn't want his daughter, Sadie, getting "down and dirty" on "Dancing With the Stars" this season, but her latest performance Monday night left one of the show's judges so surprised that she wondered aloud whether Robertson approv…
This Duck Dynasty star didn't hide her faith before wowing the Dancing With the Stars judges! Also, is the Willie Robertson shedding a tear??
Cameras caught up with "Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson after his daughter's performance on "Dancing With the Stars" last week, with the reality TV star issuing a strong — yet comical — response to one of the judge's claims that his daughter needs to get more "down and dirty" on...
Wall St execs are less white than MT What is Willie Robertson doing at
Wait...what is Willie Robertson doing at
Willie Robertson has a response to the claim that Sadie should get "down and dirty" on "Dancing With the Stars."
My boss is having a meeting with a guy named Willie Robertson.too bad its not
Why would you keep jason aldeen on your show he is clearly an adulterer and is that not a Brocken commandment. We count on you and your family to be leaders of god and all his promises
omg willie Robertson crying during Sadie's performance on dancing with the stars! That's a real family right there! 🇺🇸…
Willie Robertson weighs in on Sadie's 'Dancing With the Stars' outfits
See how Sadie Robertson's dad Willie responds to her DWTS costumes! . airs tonight at 7 on WISN 12
After seeing that seen with willie Robertson saying what he did, it make me like him that much more🙌
lmfao ole dude looks like Willie Robertson Jr.
It seems that dress up parties are all the rage again. I'm going to get a wig, bandana, and Willie Robertson can insult your kids for cash.
Willie Robertson looks like King Robert Baratheon from Game of Thrones.
Guess what Dancing with the Stars and star is reading right now?
Could've used that tape as armpit wax. Looks like she has Willie Robertson in a headlock.
Thanks to Willie Robertson, who introduced to Fox and Friends.
Sadie Robertson dances on 'DWTS' while Phil Robertson was in hospital
Four changes from last week: James Creaney, Darren Smith, Steven Doris and Willie Robertson all start
Jindal for president, Willie Robertson for VP! Si for secretary of defense!
The Project H.O.P.E. Springfield 16th Annual Pig Roast and Auction is coming soon! Join us Saturday, September 27 at Fellowship Farm on Farm Road 205 in Rogersville. You will have the opportunity to bid on Willie Robertson's personal shotgun autographed by Willie himself. Please share this post with your Duck Dynasty friends!
Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson says we atheists will surely be converted if we see the upcoming Left Behind movie ht…
If "Heaven" means eternity with Kirk Cameron and Willie Robertson, then please leave me here with the fun people.
It looks like I'm related to Willie and Si Robertson!! lol
support from locals. National attention bc of ESPN and Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson
Watching "God's not dead" and Willie Robertson is in the movie😍
Kori Robertson who is married to Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty is a distant cousin of mine. (
Hey VINERS! Willie Robertson here! Just want y'all to have a Happy Labor Day!🇺🇸
I just bought: 'Willie Robertson: The Funniest Willie... Reply w/ for a free sample via
Hot and Sexy Duck Dynasty On and Off the Show Charcter and Daughter of Willie Robertson 2 join the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars
Today, I feel a little like Willie Robertson on the first day of duck season. Time to get it on.
$$$ Let Willie Robertson tell YOU how he now creates as many for his primary >>>
Duck Dynasty' Willie and Korie Robertson appear in new movie, 'God's Not Dead
I also hope everyone enjoyed tuskahoma this weekend w/ chris Cagle an Willie an Corey Robertson there.
If I was Pardew, I'd blame Gordon Lee first. Willie Fcfaul might as well get blamed. I mean, he did buy John Robertson
These 3 girls waited in line 3 hours to meet Willie Robertson and today
Saw Kori and Willie Robertson.I dint get I picture tho :( but it was awesome
Got to see Willie and Korie Robertson today!
Look who we got to meet at walmart Willie's sister! :D Hannah Robertson lol tina_bill
It's not fair when I put on a Willie Robertson beard on, I end up looking nothing like him!
Cody is willie Robertson, without the money.
Liam was probably so excited to get that Willie Robertson birthday message and the Iron Man suit/mannequin oh boy
Do u guys think that willie robertson and liam payne text bc I bet they do
Willie Robertson wished Liam a happy birthday and it made me really happy and idk why lol
I look like Willie Robertson with my bandana but idrc
I love that willie robertson sent liam a happy birthday message two of my favorite things
Are Willie and Korie Robertson really gonna be at Tuskahoma?
Sophia got Willie Robertson from 'Duck Dynasty' to send Liam a birthday message. Aw.
Can't get over Willie Robertson saying happy birthday to Liam!
How sick is it that Liam got Willie Robertson to say happy birthday to him. I'm jealous.
Hello we are ULM not LAMR as you list us on your app. Willie Robertson knows!
I had a dream I smoke hooka with Blake Shelton chipper jones and willie Robertson last night . Weird
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Can we appreciate how sexy willie robertson is without a beard for just a sec.
What a day! Won my first college game and then got to meet and shake hands with willie Robertson!
to the day I got to hang with Willie Robertson!
“coach Berry going Willie Robertson in postgame is the definition of awesome!!
Willie Robertson if i nominate you and jase in the ice bucket challenge wearing camouflage will you both accept?
Al, Si, Korie, and Willie Robertson on stage tonight @ A Night with Duck Dynasty. So much fun!
Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge RedNeck style: View Si, Willie, and Phil now:
Willie Robertson and his wife Korie at the Bass Pro Shop in Nashville
Willie & Korie Robertson talk Duk Dynasty ratings decline Its just the
Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson took the ice bucket challenge to raise money for research and treatment of ALS – amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – commonly known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease,” and before
Dad got a Duck Commander duck call signed by Willie Robertson
Getting ready to see Flash Back Wednesday Robertson style! When Willie and Jase looked like they were from Hazard County!
Willie and Korie Robertson talk 'Duck Dynasty' ratings slump: 'We'll let the Lord guide us where he takes us'
Willie Robertson is rapping in a song? 😂😂😂
Late change to the Albion team: David McClune injured in the warm-up so Willie Robertson starts against his former club
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Willie and Korie Robertson talk 'Duck Dynasty' ratings decline: It's just the season |
‘Ducks’ talk ratings decline via the Android app
This is what Willie Robertson used to look like:
Willie and Korie Robertson talk ‘Duck Dynasty’ ratings decline: It's just the season |
'Ducks' talk big ratings drop: news
I would have never known that Willie Robertson had 5 kids and not just Sadie and John Luke.. I feel bad for the other 3..
Zac Brown and Willie Robertson are long lost brothers
he looks like reality star Willie Robertson or country crooner Zach brown, lol
How did I not know colt ford has a song with willie Robertson?!
"What are you doing? Trying out for New Kids on the Block?" -Willie Robertson LOL!
Watermelon festival is on Saturday, July 26th. Parade starts at 9:00AM. Look for our party bus with the picture of Willie Robertson from DD
Happy days with Willie Robertson. Boyz in da hood (circa '94, and the 'hood' being Drummond Place Gardens!)
"People are quick to judge, but slow to correct themselves." ~ Willie Robertson, Duck Dynasty
"The best thing about family is that you know that there will always be someone there to take care of you" -Willie Robertson
There's a Willie Robertson look a like throwing for the Dodgers. The way he is pitching they might be better off with the real thing..
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