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Willie Robertson

Duck Dynasty is a reality television series on A&E. It shows the lives of the Robertson family, which went from poverty to being wealthy due to the sales of their duck calls, primarily the Duck Commander.

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support from locals. National attention bc of ESPN and Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson
Watching "God's not dead" and Willie Robertson is in the movie๐Ÿ˜
Kori Robertson who is married to Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty is a distant cousin of mine. (
Hey VINERS! Willie Robertson here! Just want y'all to have a Happy Labor Day!๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ
I just bought: 'Willie Robertson: The Funniest Willie... Reply w/ for a free sample via
Hot and Sexy Duck Dynasty On and Off the Show Charcter and Daughter of Willie Robertson 2 join the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars
Today, I feel a little like Willie Robertson on the first day of duck season. Time to get it on.
$$$ Let Willie Robertson tell YOU how he now creates as many for his primary >>>
Duck Dynasty' Willie and Korie Robertson appear in new movie, 'God's Not Dead
I also hope everyone enjoyed tuskahoma this weekend w/ chris Cagle an Willie an Corey Robertson there.
If I was Pardew, I'd blame Gordon Lee first. Willie Fcfaul might as well get blamed. I mean, he did buy John Robertson
These 3 girls waited in line 3 hours to meet Willie Robertson and today
Saw Kori and Willie Robertson.I dint get I picture tho :( but it was awesome
Got to see Willie and Korie Robertson today!
Look who we got to meet at walmart Willie's sister! :D Hannah Robertson lol tina_bill
It's not fair when I put on a Willie Robertson beard on, I end up looking nothing like him!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Cody is willie Robertson, without the money.
Liam was probably so excited to get that Willie Robertson birthday message and the Iron Man suit/mannequin oh boy
Do u guys think that willie robertson and liam payne text bc I bet they do
Willie Robertson wished Liam a happy birthday and it made me really happy and idk why lol
I look like Willie Robertson with my bandana but idrc
I love that willie robertson sent liam a happy birthday message two of my favorite things
Are Willie and Korie Robertson really gonna be at Tuskahoma?
Sophia got Willie Robertson from 'Duck Dynasty' to send Liam a birthday message. Aw.
Can't get over Willie Robertson saying happy birthday to Liam!
How sick is it that Liam got Willie Robertson to say happy birthday to him. I'm jealous.
Hello we are ULM not LAMR as you list us on your app. Willie Robertson knows!
I had a dream I smoke hooka with Blake Shelton chipper jones and willie Robertson last night . Weird
Can we appreciate how sexy willie robertson is without a beard for just a sec.
What a day! Won my first college game and then got to meet and shake hands with willie Robertson!
to the day I got to hang with Willie Robertson!
โ€œcoach Berry going Willie Robertson in postgame is the definition of awesome!!
Willie Robertson if i nominate you and jase in the ice bucket challenge wearing camouflage will you both accept?
Al, Si, Korie, and Willie Robertson on stage tonight @ A Night with Duck Dynasty. So much fun!
Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge RedNeck style: View Si, Willie, and Phil now:
Willie Robertson and his wife Korie at the Bass Pro Shop in Nashville
Willie & Korie Robertson talk Duk Dynasty ratings decline Its just the
Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson took the ice bucket challenge to raise money for research and treatment of ALS โ€“ amyotrophic lateral sclerosis โ€“ commonly known as โ€œLou Gehrigโ€™s Disease,โ€ and before
Dad got a Duck Commander duck call signed by Willie Robertson
Getting ready to see Flash Back Wednesday Robertson style! When Willie and Jase looked like they were from Hazard County!
Willie and Korie Robertson talk 'Duck Dynasty' ratings slump: 'We'll let the Lord guide us where he takes us'
Willie Robertson is rapping in a song? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Late change to the Albion team: David McClune injured in the warm-up so Willie Robertson starts against his former club
Willie and Korie Robertson talk 'Duck Dynasty' ratings decline: It's just the season |
โ€˜Ducksโ€™ talk ratings decline via the Android app
This is what Willie Robertson used to look like:
Willie and Korie Robertson talk โ€˜Duck Dynastyโ€™ ratings decline: It's just the season |
'Ducks' talk big ratings drop: news
true.Reminds me of when in God'sNOT dead Willie Robertson talks about how everything here isn't eternal, but Jesus Christ is.
I would have never known that Willie Robertson had 5 kids and not just Sadie and John Luke.. I feel bad for the other 3..
Zac Brown and Willie Robertson are long lost brothers
he looks like reality star Willie Robertson or country crooner Zach brown, lol
How did I not know Colt Ford has a song with willie Robertson?!
"What are you doing? Trying out for New Kids on the Block?" -Willie Robertson LOL!
Watermelon festival is on Saturday, July 26th. Parade starts at 9:00AM. Look for our party bus with the picture of Willie Robertson from DD
Happy days with Willie Robertson. Boyz in da hood (circa '94, and the 'hood' being Drummond Place Gardens!)
"People are quick to judge, but slow to correct themselves." ~ Willie Robertson, Duck Dynasty
"The best thing about family is that you know that there will always be someone there to take care of you" -Willie Robertson
hi Willie! I love the Robertson family! You have inspired me to have a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ! Thank you!
There's a Willie Robertson look a like throwing for the Dodgers. The way he is pitching they might be better off with the real thing..
Shaycarl is like Willie Robertson but with a soul.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Make sure you also watch Buck Commander this week as my buddy Willie Robertson and gang joins the DZ crew in camp!! Lots of laughs!
Duck Dynasty guys are attractive . Willie Robertson & Jave Robertson are literally my . ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘ณ
you were baptized by willie Robertson ?
Who let Willie Robertson work for the WWE bruh...?
On my timeline you just gave Willie Robertson a George Takei sandwich.
Does this Duck Dynasty star have a future in rap? ===>
Willie Robertson and Colt Ford's song cut em all is sick!
Willie Robertson raps. And he's pretty *** good. [LISTEN]
Rep. Vance McAllister turned to Willie Robertson for scandal advice.
Yes, because I want to sleep with Willie Robertson's face right next to mine...
Duck Dynastys Willie Robertson Attends State of the Union, Poses for Pics With ... - E! Online
Had a dream I went to an antiques shop with Willie Robertson last night ๐Ÿ˜‚
just watched an episode of Buck Commander, a hunting show that stars Adam LaRoche, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, and Willie Robertson. hmm
to when I met Willie Robertson and Bubba Watson @ Myers Quad
Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson raps with Colt Ford on his new album LOL
Willie says be careful making tea. Duck Dynastyโ€™s Willie Robertson will have to sit out the Greenbrier Classic Pro Am because he burned his legs. He really burned his legs. His message: Don't pour boiling water into a glass pitcher.
I liked a video Korie and Willie Robertson of Duck Commander
"A negative mind will never give you a positive life." ~ Willie Robertson, Duck Dynasty
If you mixed Jay Gatsby and Willie Robertson together, you'd have me. A little country, a little classy, and a lot of rowdy.
Zach Dasher (cousin of willie Robertson) is running for congress to bring God back into our country. Prayers for his success ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™
The fact that my dad and Willie Robertson were in the same town yesterday
I have major respect for Willie Robertson after watching God is not dead.
Dude just walked into my work looking like a mix between Santa and Willie Robertson!
I just found Willie Robertson at the beach๐Ÿ˜‚โœŒ๏ธ
It's a little early for Halloween, but if you shop now, you might actually get the costume you want, and at a...
My life and my whole eternity belongs to God. All this stuff is temporary. Even life is temporary. Jesus? Thatโ€™s eternal. . -Wiโ€ฆ
Zach Dasher (R), a pharmaceutical industry businessman and cousin to "Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson, announced Monday he plans to run for Rep. Vance McAlli...
God's Not Dead Trailer - Photos - IMDb 1hr 53min - Rated PG - Drama Director: Harold Cronk - Cast: Kevin Sorbo, Shane Harper, David A.R. White, Dean Cain, Willie Robertson Present-day college freshman and devout Christian, Josh Wheaton, finds his faith challenged on his first day of Philosophy class by the dogmatic and argumentative Professor Radisson. Radisson begins class by informing students that they will need to disavow, in writing, the existence of God on more ยป Wehrenberg St. Clair 10 Cine 50 Ludwig Drive, Fairview Heights, IL 1:35 4:20 7:05 9:50pm
SPIRITUAL HUNGER PANGS "JESUS ANSWERED, 'IT IS WRITTEN: MAN SHALL NOT LIVE ON BREAD ALONE, BUT ON EVERY WORD THAT COMES FROM THE MOUTH OF GOD." (Matthew 4:4). "Around our house, we love to eat a great meal. As you have seen on Duck Dynasty, there is always a spread of food at our family table. I have to admit that Willie is the main reason for the spreads at our house! At the end of the meal, when every one pushes back, there are usually only crumbs left. What about you? Do you and your family love to eat? Well, one thing we love even more then a traditional family meal is when we eat from the Bread of Life. Worship of God is the most important part of our week. Our busy days are just like your busy days; we have to make it a point to feast on the Word of God, to attend worship services, to sing praises to God. No, we don't live on bread alone; we live on God's Word." ---Prayer---"Jesus, thank you for giving us food to eat and allowing us to enjoy it., but we thank you even more for the Word that fills ou ...
Heading to the lake with Andrew Willie Robertson Kelly and Brian Wilson. Any one wants to go let me know.
Nuther day@ the office Willie n Korie Robertson at my store gig at
Willie and Korie Robertson at my store gig at
So Dodd chopped his beard. He went from Willie Robertson to Bieber. He looks fabulous. Love ya son! Check out his progression ->
Maggie wins friends and influences people as she takes Willie Robertson place (of Duck Dynasty) while she poses with the entire Harris family of The Trinity River Band. Her new identity will be DOG DYNASTY!
Willie Robertson gives Bobby Jindal a thumbs-up review for his 'Duck Dynasty' performance
'Duck Dynasty': Robertson family members ready to 'move on' - "We're just glad to be back to work," Willie...
Have a real Father's Day by worshipping your Father in heaven this sun Join us in hearing Willie Robertson preach the word.
"You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life." ~ Willie Robertson, Duck Dynasty
When life gives you lemons make lemonade- willie Robertson
Duck Dynastys Willie Robertson going to State of the Union - Los Angeles Times
Some dude looked like Willie Robertson at Chili's with brown hair, a beard, wearing an American Flag bandana!
ah yes I've always wanted willie robertson to watch me while i shower
Some people dream of success. Others stay awake to achieve it. - Willie Robertson
Hey Willie lov the show and lov seeing how the Robertson family r so real and how all of lov god..
hey Willie just wanted to say awesome show I love watching the Robertson family be a real family and the way all of u lov god
Willie Robertson says, "Know who you are and be it. Know what you want and go out and get it." I say, "Know you, be you, and build on it!"
That time you meet Willie Robertson and you step in an ant hill
"i really love my son, but sometimes he can be a real space cadet" - Willie Robertson lol
I'm 55 so I remember Roberto! He'll always be in my heart! Grew up watching him, Willie, Rennie, Manny, Robertson, etc! ;o))
Just realized my man sounds a lot like Willie Robertson.
"I was raised to never hit a woman and when you're young that gives them an unfair advantage" -Willie Robertson ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
I just now saw that Willie Robertson is a dipper. I'm honestly shocked
Put it on the card, but I got cash too! - Willie Robertson
Just realized that and are like Willie and Korie Robertson from Duck Dynasty.. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Cool I share a birthday with Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty
Willie Robertson sure has a big house for such a humble Christian
returns tonight! Get ready with this exclusive interview with Willie & Korie Robertson!
can you do Willie Robertson on Duck Dynasty
Just like most men I belted phone conversations should last no more than 10 seconds-Willie Robertson lol Amen!!
Please explain why Willie Robertson put goats in the escalade? I guess that's what rich people do
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Willie Robertson, a star of Duck Dynasty, has never let his life as a celebrity change his beliefs. He even went to his alma mater to talk about his beliefs and encourage others. He is an outspoken, awesome Christian!
So we have been pruning trees around the yard and I tell Tanner yesterday to gather up all the branches so we can bundle them and put them to the road for pickup. I came home yesterday afternoon and this was the product of his endeavor - a playset turned duck blind! He said, "Hey, Mom, I turned my tree house into a duck blind! Can you tell we watch a lot of Duck Dynasty on A&E? I think Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", Willie Robertson, Jase Robertson, Jep & Jessica Robertson - Duck Dynasty, and Si Robertson would be pleased at the attempt! Love this kid!
Did you know Willie Robertson achieved his business degree from Harding University?
Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson to attend State of the Union Address - Washington Times
Willie Robertson and a bunch of politicians went for a huge dinner. On top of the 17% added gratuity he threw down a $5,000 tip!
Does anyone have the 88-89 West Monroe yearbook page with Willie Robertson on it? I need to show a friend that she is on the same page. Thanks!
More Luke Bryan!!! Some of him with Willie Robertson and family
Florida-Georgia Line will be here in two days! For all of you that just can't wait, here are some highlights from their stop in Baton Rouge. It looks like they even got to hangout with Willie Robertson! Who will be here this Thursday night to see them with Nelly and Chris Lane?
Are you coming to the Battle on the Bayou? Besides all proceeds from ticket purchases and raffle ticket purchases going to the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team, you may not want to miss watching Willie Robertson play on the All Stars team against the WWAST in Sulphur June 20th! Purchase tickets at: McDonald's (Calcasieu Parish Locations)
Something tells me the GOP could use a little more Willie Robertson and a little less Phil.
PUMPED WILLIE ROBERTSON will be joining us Fri-June 20th 2 play in our game! Buy tix @
State of the Union guests: Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson - Politico
Coke gives up a grand salami to Willie friggin Robertson.
Willie Robertson thanks the followers of Jesus Daily and urges EVERYONE to COME OUT to see God's Not Dead OPENING WEEKEND! Get group tickets HERE:
Luke Bryan with Willie Robertson crash my party
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Gypsy giving Willie Robertson the once over!
Just got asked if I mugged Willie Robertson and stole his bandana.
I swear I just saw Willie Robertson playing right field for the Nats!
Jeffkcoach Quotes for the Day Monday, May 26, 2014: "Stop looking for reasons to be unhappy. Focus on the things you do have, and the reasons you should be happy." ~ Willie Robertson, Duck Dynasty "An attitude of "whatever is convenient" won't accomplish very much. An attitude of "whatever it takes" is impossible to stop." ~ David Rhodes
"We disown us(God), He'll disown us" Willie Robertson in the God's not dead the movie
Willie Robertson, CEO of Duck Commander, accepts speech invite from Rep
So there was a swimmer, a boxer, and a hunter... Michael Phelps, Mike Tyson and Willie Robertson!
The Best of Willie Robertson: Life Lessons From the CEO of Duck Commander & the Duck Dynasty Businessman (Wi...
Someone once asked, "What kind of role model has long hair?" I would answer Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", Willie Robertson and Jase Robertson. Just a few to start with!
A huge thanks to Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty on A&E for rocking our Camo Bow Tie at The White House Correspondents' Dinner.
Willie Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty" delivers the invocation before Sunday's race
I still have 135 tickets I need to sell!!! It's for a chance to win a Browning Maxus Shotgun signed by Willie Robertson, Jase Robertson, Si Robertson, and Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander". All proceeds go to Homes of Hope for Children. Tickets are $5 each or 5 tickets for $20. All money has to be in the mail by May 12! Please help these children out! A BIG Thanks to those who have already made a difference!! Please share with your friends!! I can accept check made out to them, paypal, or cash!!!
Went to Academy tonight and found Willie Robertson, Jase Robertson and Uncle Si Robertson Bobbleheads to go with my Miz Kay, which Jed and JennJenn got me for Christmas. Got two Duck Commander folding chairs, Happy Happy Happy shirt~ ON CLEARANCE! Whoop!
'Duck Dynasty' cousin may enter 5th District Race - - Zach Dasher, a Calhoun pharmaceutical representative with โ€œDuck Dynastyโ€ family ties, may join the 5th Congressional District race. Willie Robertson, chief executive of Duck Commander, said the Robertson family is trying to convince Dasher to enter the race. Dasher is Willie Robertsonโ€™s first cou...
I cannot believe how hard it is to get on the show. Willie Robertson, Dan Rather, Kevin Oleary no problem but Kirk..hard to get
WASHINGTON โ€“ In a video interview at the White House Correspondents Dinner, Willie Robertson from A&Eโ€™s Duck Dynasty said he does not support everything President Obama has done during his tim
Susan Rice asking "Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson for an autograph was really all John Oliver needed to see before bashing the White House Correspondents' D...
From my friend who attended the White House Correspondent's Dinner (I'm guessing Willie Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" is not a fan of my politics): "I HAZ A NEW FRIEND: Met the guy from Duck Dynasty; asked him if he's ever read Lamar White's blog - he got about as angry as Wolf Blitzer during the CNN jokes and walked away."
Good Gawd: Who invited neanderthal Willie Robertson to the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner?!
I always picture Willie Robertson singing every Zac Brown Band song for some reason when I hear them
Saw a GREAT Movie... Stars Kevin Sorbo (tv's hercules), Dean Cain (tv's superman) even appearances by Willie Robertson and his wife, and the Newsboys music. It's about a college philosophy prof who tries and fails to shut down free thought. It is called GOD's NOT DEAD. Saw it at Carmike in Plainfield, IN last night. GO see it while it's still available. Used my AAA membership to pick up discount vouchers at AAA. Wife and I really loved it. God bless!
God's Not Dead Trailer. My movie opened March 21 with Shane Harper, Dean Cain and Willie Robertson. Check here for theaters and more information: help me spread the WORD and SHARE.
Tracy Knauss 9 April CAUGHT ON CAMERA โ€” You already know this Congressman, Vance McAllister. He's the *** who took Duck Dynasty actor Willie Robertson to President Obama's State of the Union Address. So you already know he doesn't have too much brain capacity. And now he's really screwed the pooch. On Monday, The Ouachita Citizen in West Monroe, Louisiana, published a surveillance video showing McAllister and his scheduler, Melissa Hixon Peacock, passionately kissing in his office. Maybe he should have just hired a prostitute like his fellow senator, David Vitter, who used such services repeatedly. Say, what ever happened to the prosecution of Vitter?! Prostitution is illegal in D.C and Louisiana. That's an easy one. Powerful politicians have one set of laws and we the people have another set of laws. But we can be sure McAllister will be paying for his straying. Louisiana women don't take kindly to such stunts. Stay tuned for more Republican hypocrisy, now happening on a daily basis.
Deer hunting is not something new to Willie Robertson, one of the founding members of "Buck Commander." His wife Korie, however, has never deer hunted in her...
Duck Dynastyโ€™s โ€˜Uncle Siโ€™ barges into interview with Willie Robertson โ€” (video):
Classic: "Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday New Hope Church who loves Jesus... Happy birthday to you!" -Willie Robertson
Willie Robertson was at church this morning! New hope church celebrated their 25th anniversary at theโ€ฆ
The e2 Easter Eggstravaganza is going on at New Hope International today! A free event for the whole family! An Easter egg hunt, food, music, prizes and more! Thanks to all the great sponsors for this event! And thanks to our station sponsor Amerigroup! We'll have a chance for you to win tickets to see Willie Robertson between 10 and noon today!
Baton Rouge-based Marucci Sports announced Thursday (April 10) that acclaimed A&E star and Louisiana native Willie Robertson will join its board of directors and co-founder Kurt Ainsworth, a Catholic High graduate and former LSU baseball pitcher turned Major League player has been named the company'...
Fauxbilly Willie Robertson, one of the stars of Duck Dynasty, advised the 'Kissin' Congressman' Vance McAllister to work out his affairs in private and focus on
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Lets just take a moment to admire the Robertson men without their beards. . Ok willie. I see you.
In light of the recent controversy surrounding Rep. Vance McAllister (R-La.), Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson has advised the politician to "work things out privately," while a spokesperson for Focus on the Family, a social conservative group, has told The Christian Post that there needs to be moreโ€ฆ
Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson advises Christian politician Vance McAllister to stay out of limelight af
Willie Robertson to Rep. Vance McAllister: 'Work things out privately'
Im in love with Willie Robertson, sorry but he have my heart. I love u Willie Robertson.tell Uncle Si i have someone for him. LMAO!!!
Check out out SPECIAL guest for the Sat show The Great Outdoors on AM 1300 The Zone and episode of Buck Commander
TBT to last weekend when I met jep Roberson and willie robertson from Duck Dynasty and jason aldeanโ€ฆ
'I made out with a staffer on camera. Get me the duck guy with the disgusting beard. Only he can help me now.'
Willie Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty' advises Rep. Vance McAllister to 'work things out privatel via
Forgot DD's Willie was SOTU guest. MNS: Willie says he's a friend/needs to work things out privately
Because we definitely want Duck Dynasty "stars" advising elected officials.
Please, more advice from reality TV star to Congressman captured on video on how to be more private. o_O
Willie Robertson's advice to Christian politician Vance McAllister over kissing affair: Stay out of the l
From May 1 through May 4, the town of Haughton will celebrate the wonders of God, our beautiful town, the great outdoors and meet Willie Robertson.
โ€œDuck Dynastyโ€ star Willie Robertson endorsed Vance McAllister and now, the Congressman who planted his married lips all over a female staffer is asking Robertson for advice. And why not because McAllister took the Duck Dynasty star to the State of the Union Address.
Willie Robertson reminding his neighbors in LA-05 to get out to vote on Saturday for Vance McAllister in the special election for US Congress.
That moment when Willie Robertson says selfie on his show...
Should Vance McAllister resign from office? Some state GOP leaders are considering asking him to and his constituents feel betrayed. Mr. McAllister ran for office back in the fall to fill the unexpired term of Rep. Rodney Alexander and defeated State Sen. Neil Riser, by touring conservative, faith-based family values and garnering the support of Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson. This was his first political race. A surveilance video from his Monroe office dated Dec. 23, 2013, shows him passionately kissing his "aide", the wife of a friend and former coworker. He is scheduled for reelection this fall. What do y'all think? Given Louisiana's vivid political history, what do y'all think? I think he should because he has lost the respect of the people as evidenced by comments from constituents and the fact that he has missed the last three days of voting on Capital Hill dealing with this PR and personal fiasco/nightmare. You cannot represent people if you are not there and are too embarrassed and mad ...
"You cant pick and choose how u help somebody. You just help them cause they helped you" Willie Robertson
Hi everyone...just saw the most amazing movie tonight called God's Not Dead. A challenge was issued in the movie from Willie Robertson to send that message to everyone on your phone list, so if you got a text or email that's why.
"Time decides who you meet in life, your heart decides who you want in your life, and your behavior decides who stays in your life." WILLIE ROBERTSON
Just wanted to share the message that Willie Robertson asked of everyone in theI. The movie: God's Not Dead! Great movie . Go see it if you haven't yet.
I find it funny how the lead singer of the Zac Brown band and Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty sound ALOT
May just be me, but at times Willie Robertson can be a jerk!!
enjoy my fanpage of Willie Robertson and Duck Dynasty
"To give grace over vengeance is the foremost thing we can do to mirror our Divine Maker!" - Willie Robertson
We thank You for grace and forgiveness, O Lord. We deserve death, but You gave us life through Christ, and we praise You for it through Him, amen ~ Willie Robertson
I'd like to see Phil and/or Willie Robertson speak to this. They supported his election!
I love these so much.i bet I could eat Willie Robertson under the table on the bad boys
A friend who understands your tears is much more valuable than a lot of friends who only know your smile. ~~~Willie Robertson~~~
God's NOT Dead!!! Just doin what Willie Robertson told me to do!
They just showed Willie Robertson on the Braves Vision jumbo-tron!!!
Willie Robertson is at the braves game!! Lol
The Swamp People / Duck Dynasty marathon's are both AWSOME viewing g for a Monday night. Well.what else is on? Another basketball game showcasing teams nobody cares about? Yep.Troy Landry and Willie Robertson are cool!!
Watching Gods not dead with Matthew heard it is VERY good. And also directed by Willie Robertson aka Duck Commander CEO! Go see it!!! Don't see Noah very bad distorted Hollywood version of the real story of Noah.
As season 5 of "Duck Dynasty" wraps up, co-star Willie Robertson is not backing down from either his faith or the controversy those beliefs helped stir.
Phil Robertson wants to go duck hunting with Obama: Willie Robertson, star of the hit A&E reality show series ...
Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame was defended recently for his anti *** and racist remarks by his son Willie Robertson and Willie's wife Korie. The โ€ฆ
I've got 2 copies of the Duck Commander Family book autographed by Miss Kay, Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", Willie Robertson, Uncle Si, Jep and Jace. Going to the highest $$ on April 1st. This is no April Fools joke either. Both in excellent condition :)
This is just my thoughts and I wont push them on anyone..but when it comes to the movie coming out today called Noah starring Russell Crowe. Its a movie made by hollywood by a guy who has admitted he is an athetist and you still get mad when its not perfect in detail of what happened.WHAT DID YOU EXPECT FROM A MOVIE FROM HOLLYWOOD??? Take a note from Willie Robertson in the movie God's Not Dead if you dont like it, change the channel (or in this case dont go!)
Haughton Adventure Weekend Get ready for an incredible evangelistic weekend for the whole Haughton-area community May 1-4, 2014 during the Haughton Adventure Weekend! Invite your friends and neighbors to come see and hear Grammy Award winning artist Jason Crabb, nationally known singer and speaker LaDonna Gatlin, dog trainer Hank Hough, America's favorite fisherman, Jimmy Houston, and Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson!!! An event this size doesn't just happen by itself. We need volunteers to be ushers at the events, to be counselors, to help with the children's activitities, and many more areas! If you would like to know how you can be involved, contact Mark Hagerhjelm at 318.949.2441.
Turns out "Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson would really like to go duck hunting with President Obama. Robertson stopped by Laura Ingraham's radio show on Monday, March 24, and she asked him which Democratic politician he'd like to go...
Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson dropped by Laura Ingraham's radio show Monday, and Ingraham asked him what Democratic politician he would like to do duck hunting with. Robertson's answer: none other than President Obama himself.
Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson wants to โ€œsit out there and talk" to President Obama while duck hunting.
'Duck Dynasty' star Willie Robertson wants to hunt with Obama
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'Duck Dynasty' Star Willie Robertson to Obama: Let's Talk While Hunting LOL! Sure, he'll show up in some mom jeans.
God's Not Dead was a very good movie. The only thing I didn't like about it was Willie Robertson having a cameo...
'jase i am roughing it, i have no cell phone service' - Willie Robertson
Hey, look here, it is no surprise to me that Jase Robertson & Willie Robertson are probably cryin' this morning!...
Jase has totally redefined the term ADD, he's ADDD! -Willie Robertson
Watching the glades season 4 and jim just said he was eating mu shu with Jase and Willie Robertson
"Uncle Si drinks two gallons of unsweet tea a day." -Willie Robertson . I'm watching him and Cory live at Texas MS
I just wonder if will be big enough to fit all of Willie Robertson's beard in the shot.
If I was a guy Willie Robertson would be my role model bc that beard >>>>>
Willie: God's not dead via the Android app.
Stand up family.won't back down under obscene PC pressure
AMEN!! / โ€œDonโ€™t let someone bully you into not standing up for your beliefsโ€ ~ Korie Robertson
'God's Not Dead' movie trailer, shot in Baton Rouge and featuring 'Duck Dynasty' star Willie Robertson
Check out this article from Willie: God's not dead:
Willie: God's not dead via the Android app
Great article on and and their faith. God is Good!
โ€˜Duck Dynastyโ€™ Star: Show Was Started to โ€˜Get the Message of God Out Thereโ€™ Is โ€œDuck Dynastyโ€ just a big advertisement for the Almighty? At least one of the stars seems to think so. Sadie Robertson, the teenage daughter of Duck Commander boss Willie Robertson, tells Fox411 that her clan decided to do the A&E reality series in order to spread the word of the lord. Also read: โ€˜Duck Dynastyโ€™ Premiere Ratings Drop: Did the Phil Robertson Controversy Hurt the Show? โ€œWhen we began โ€˜Duck Dynasty,โ€™ we weren't starting it for fame,โ€ Robertson said. โ€œWe started it to get the message of God out there.โ€ The 16-year-old also lamented the lack of old-time religion on the small screen lately. See video: โ€˜Duck Dynastyโ€™ Star Phil Robertson: Marry 15 or 16 Year Old Girls โ€œWe could have easily done a reality show like everyone else,โ€ Robertson noted. โ€œBut it's our faith that catches people's eyes because sadly, it's not something we're used to seeing [on TV] these days.โ€ The series ha ...
These items are for the Team Pam Nance fundraiser at TRBC on March 22. ALL AUTOGRAPHED!!! Autographed books from Tim Tebow, John Smoltz and Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty on A&E.Also, a Duck Commander hat autographed by Jase Robertson.and a baseball signed by Darryl Strawberry. Thank you SO much to AACC for the donation.
Hey Cool Beans Bar and Grill! Your clues for the 9:30 show are: 1. Chicken chain that has Willie Robertson in ads. 2. Boss Hogg's joint
MOMENTUM '14 Update: $5 simulcast tix available for Willie & Si Robertson at
If you want to be trusted, then you have to be honest. Well said: Willie Robertson
~ Yes! Willie Robertson and Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander." and Jase Robertson and Jep Robertson Fan Club..the WHOLE family~
Well I won't be going to the meet and greet willie Robertson in April. I'll continue to watch him for 38.00 a month on satellite and save that 500.00. Please!
"Willie Mullins' yard contains more stars than an Ellen DeGeneres' selfie" - like it BBC Sport
Willie Robertson to appear at Coliseum via
Hey Willie Robertson,. "gettin' all Redneck up in here" isn't driving your new Toyota with 20" rims just off the road in a little mud. Gettin' Redneck is takin' apart three trucks, getting tetanus in the process, throwing the tractor tires on it after cutting the fenders off... and burying it to the doors!. that's Redneck. "thank you please drive through!".
Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson will meet with fans at Macon's Coliseum in April
"Hey, we're not trying to offend anybody, alright? If they don't want to watch the show, they can turn the channel. As far as my praying to Jesus, my life & my whole eternity belongs to God." --- Willie Robertson (as himself in God's Not Dead)
CONNIE'S BIRTHDAY!!! This post will take a few minutes to read but absolutely more than worth it. I will attempt to place the pictures in order to correspond with the story. In 1999 I met this wirery Red Head that weighed 98 pounds and was a vegetarian(old indian word for bad hunter). In 2004 we finally said our vows in front of family, friends and several full sized stuffed deer. Did I mention back then she was a card toting member of PETA! So things were not always easy for us since we had both had nasty divorces and we both had children from the previous marriages. For those who understand this it wasn't easy we didn't just tie the knot and all was awesome but we weathered the storms! Did I mention that my wife is absolutely smoking hot? Any way over the next few years I became heavily involved in a very unique fraternity and my wife blindly supported my every effort even doing the one thing she hates the most...sweating! Now we have come a long way since then and this is where I tell you who she is. . ...
Watching some Phil Robertson easy love god and your neighbor and try to be good simple
Willie robertson in his new movie God's not dead!!!
Does anyone think that meeting WILLIE ROBERTSON for a handshake and picture is worth 250.00 dollars that is what they are charging when he comes to macon for a charity ?
I'm getting more and more worried about Mary Elizabeth. It started today when we were playing Life and her "husband" fell out of her car and she ran over him, and then said "I'm getting a new husband" and traded men. Then she told her dad that Willie Robertson was her boyfriend and when he informed her that Willie was married to another woman, Mary Beth replied "She don't know who I am or where I live." We're in trouble. LOL!
Ok so Ashley Minton says daddy I need your opinion which automatically got my attention lol! The she proceeds to show me some prom dresses and of course I pull a willie Robertson like the episode when Sadie was getting one. I said don't they have one with a little more material! Smh
Willie Robertson has my couch in his living room.
I was called out for the YWEA 24 hour challenge by my wife Sonya Shook. I would like to call out Josh Patton, Bert Carpenter, Mike Penland, and from The Duck Commanders Phil Robertson, Willie Robertson, and Jase Robertson. Don't let me down guys!
If I come across as a good MCM ladies Lms I know I have The look of Willie Robertson and the swag of Si
That thing is like a bug light for rednecks. -- Willie Robertson
Buck Commander is at deer camp on Chipper Jones' Texas ranch, and today Willie Robertson decided to sleep in. It turns out to be a blessing in disguise. As a...
Willie Robertson, from A&E's Duck Dynasty, will be in Macon April 25th at the Macon Coliseum. Tickets start at $25 and are available at the Coliseum Box Office and through Ticketmaster. Special VIP packages are available only through Caring Solutions Pregnancy Center in Macon and Warner Robins! Quack!
Willie Robertson runs both Duck Commander AND Buck Commander. That means he is a very busy guy. This clip shows a typical day in the Buck Commander ...
Getting to see Tim Tebow and Willie & Si Robertson after spring break definitely makes this semester more bearable.
Does anyone els think that bob looks alot like Willie Robertson?
Mark your calendar for this community-wide spiritual awakening with Evangelist Jay Lowder, Gospel Singer Jason Crabb, Willie Robertson of AMC's Duck Dynasty, Ladonna Gatlin sister of The Gatlin Brothers, Jimmy Houston, and others! Sign up to be involved at your local church, or contact The Church of the Cross, Eastwood Baptist Church, or First Baptist Church, Haughton. Join us in prayer for lives to be transformed by the power of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. For more information:
Omg Willie, Korie, and Si Robertson are going to be at the Iowa State Fair. Easily best thing I've heard in my 19 years
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Cole Swindell is on tour with Luke Bryan and was "chillin it" with Willie Robertson after his s
Can some one tell me the point of Willie Robertson coming to macon?
So, i get to meet willie robertson ๎„๎€Ž
Did you see Willie Robertson on stage with Luke Bryan at the CenturyLink Center this weekend? Get the story here:...
Waiting anxiously for two movies this month. Divergent-with Shayleen Woodly(sp?) this was an awesome book! Distopian novel, a must read. And Gods Not Dead-with Willie Robertson, Kevin Sorbo(aka Hurcules), Dean Cain, and Newsboys! March 21-must see.
Wendy here btw yes National Napping day is a real holiday. bosses and teachers everywhere aren't amused. One such boss in particular who isn't amused is Willie Robertson C.E.O of Duck an Buck Commander who has to deal with his employee and uncle named Si daily celebration of the nap.
Are you a fan of Duck Dynasty on A&E? April 25, Willie Robertson will be at the Macon Centreplex Coliseum Arena!...
I'm waiting for the day you grow a Willie Robertson beard with a razor shaved head.
Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty hit the stage Saturday night at the Luke Bryan show. If you weren't able to be...
So Willie Robertson and I share the same birthday
My aunt was at a LukeBryan concert lastNight in Louisiana accidentally stepped on someone's foot it was Willie Robertson's from Duck Dynasty
Real friends don't get mad when you insult them... They just smile and call you something worse. -- Willie Robertson
I just herd Willie Robertson JR talk for the first time
Funniest part of the whole Luke Bryan concert was willie robertson getting on stage & dancing to shake it for me.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘
Oh no LOL!!! DNW. // Luke Bryan and Willie Robertson Shake it for me!!!: via –  10% Off
Ok just made eye contact with willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty
"I love Halloween. The only holiday where we get to eat candy and scare the crap out of little kids" -Willie Robertson ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Johnny Russell thinks he is a wee Coatbridge hardman, but he's not - he's a wee gimp. (Willie Robertson, Alloa)
I liked a video Willie and Korie Robertson on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Guest appearance by Willie Robertson! Mmm Luke can dance really good!๐Ÿ˜
When did Adam LaRoche and Willie Robertson become twins?
Is this real life? He looks like a ginger version of Willie Robertson
star Willie Robertson strutted his stuff on stage while sang "Country Boy, Shake it for Me!!"
Willie Robertson is coming to New Hope and I cannot be more excited!!
Not a fan of Duck Dynasty, but Willie Robertson came out and shook it for us with Luke Bryan duringโ€ฆ
After meeting Luke Bryan, backstage passes, willie robertson, James cook, and pit passes, you can say our night was ๐Ÿ’ฏ
Highlight of my night was to see Willie Robertson shaking it
All of the greatest men in history had epic facial hair.. Abraham Lincoln, Grizzly Adams, Brian Wilson, James Harden and Willie Robertson.
Ignore the the fact that I look like a total dork!!! But it's freaking willie Robertson in the pit!!โ€ฆ
Highlight was seeing Willie Robertson shake it with Luke Bryan
Willie Robertson and Luke Bryan! :) he shook it for you!!! Emily Michelle Strickland security would've taken me down if I would've tried to slap him! Lol
We were about 6 feet away from Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty! ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ™ˆ
Luke Bryan AND Willie Robertson shook it for me tonight ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Willie Robertson got on stage to sing and dance with tonight in BossierCity
Okay not only did Luke shake it but Willie Robertson?! My life is complete thank you Luke for the best performance I have ever experienced!
Willie Robertson definitely just got down with Luke.
Just Luke and Willie Robertson shaking it .. No biggie ๐Ÿ˜
Charlie's beard needs work if he's going for a Willie Robertson look. But he nailed the "young Rambo."
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