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Willie Robertson

Duck Dynasty is a reality television series on A&E. It shows the lives of the Robertson family, which went from poverty to being wealthy due to the sales of their duck calls, primarily the Duck Commander.

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Come on , really ? Willie Robertson , Oklahoma advertisements stated you was coming to Oklahoma WITH Mr Trump to the Okla state fair
Robertson Backs Trump ABC News - via ,Willie was asked to come speak as the advertising stated before hand
Willie Robertson Takes Command of his Lawn with Dixie Chopper: via
Can someone explain why there's a Colt Ford song with Willie Robertson?
I Baptized Willie Robertson...kind of...on this VLOG Episode.
In 2014 Willie Robertson went to after his daddy's meltdown showing RW stupid,only fitting the meltdown continues with Kim Davis
Adoption stories warm our hearts, especially those that help to bring awareness to children waiting for families!
A good one from awhile back: Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty shares his heart for adoption.
Did Willie Robertson just shoot that kick in mid air?
Looks like Willie Robertson in the background.
If you went to the ATA Trade Show, you may have seen these guys.
On Sunday, Korie Robertson, 42, announced that she along with husband Willie Robertson, 43, was adopting a 13-year-old s…
ICYMI: and his squad hang out at archery show.
You know. It's staying next door to Jace and across the street from Willie Robertson in the Duck Dynasty village. It's casual.
Willie Robertson, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan pose for group pic at ATA Trade Show
'Duck Dynasty's' Willie and Korie Robertson to adopt 13-year-old
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Asked Eason who he's recruiting hardest to "Um there's a lot of guys. Big Willie, Isaac, Mecole, Demetris Robert…
28. Willie Robertson with a great sliding challenge on the halfway line to break up the ICT attack.
My dad got home from a business trade show and casually tells us how he met Willie Robertson,Chipper Jones,and Luke Bryan like it's normal.
stars Korie and Willie Robertson are adopting another son!
I cannot believe I got to meet Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty on A&E ! I am still on cloud 9! I...
'Excited' Willie and Korie Robertson bare plan to adopt another child: 'He's amazing' -
Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan & Willie Robertson Hang at Archery Show: A good time was ha...
Love the latest news from the Robertson Family ... thanks, Korie Robertson and Willie Robertson for the way y'all...
Better get a move on bro, they might be open to adopting you into the family😉.
. Willie Robertson. "Hunting closer to God". Closer to being a smegma stained *** maggot on the face of humanity!
I swear I've seen the name Vitter before...Ah, yes!
Sen. Vitter enlists 'Duck Dynasty' star to help him address his past prostitution scandals:
Willie: Hunting is spiritual via the Android app Interesting
The fact that Willie and Sadie Robertson are touring my college.
Davis Love III giving Willie Robertson some pointers at the Pro-Am today.
When Willie Robertson is in Brunswick your like 🙌🙌
on how hunting brings him closer to God |
Jindal exited race after Willie Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" withdrew his support of Jindal to endorse Donald Trump. http…
Willie: Hunting is spiritual via the Android app
What do you think of Willies answers?.
Willie Robertson has a new book out which delves into America's storied history of hunting.
Willie Robertson on how brings him closer to God: Willie Robertson has a new book…
Willie Robertson returns from suspension but Ross Smith is banned. Ross McMillan, Phil Johnston and Craig Beattie out injured.
The 2 most famous Rednecks of all time! Willie Robertson and Joe Dirt!…
Go as the Joker or Willie Robertson or Uncle Si?!
Duck Dynasty” star Korie Robertson is constantly asked how she and husband Willie Robertson raised their children
Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson, "I do like me some Trump! We both have wives that are like 1000 times better looking than us!" RT
The fact that my dad is having supper with Jason Aldean and Willie Robertson tonight 😅
"I do like me some Trump I've got to admit"says Willie Robertson!
30 Willie Robertson with a low shot from 18 yards but Ryan Goodfellow saves
Ha ha somebody draw Bobby Jindal and Willie Robertson as Sean Payton and Rob Ryan yelling at each other on the sideline.
Bernie Sanders has the Steve Wozniak celebrity endorsement. It's only fitting that Trump scores Willie Robertson.
And in case y'all didn't know they are Willie Robertson, Todd Chrisley, John Stamos, & Chace Crawford.
I heard met Si and Willie Robertson yesterday?
Willie Robertson pulls one back with a low shot across the keeper and into the far corner
Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell, his brother Morgan and Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson throw out first pitches
I liked a video Duck Dynasty's Willie and Korie Robertson Met at Summer Camp
A beautiful moment for the 'Duck Dynasty' clan. I am sure Willie Robertson will NEVER forget this... . Do you...
Same here, my wife was AA and 2 daughters too! Those people are the Willie Robertson and Honey Boo Boo's!
Hi! Awesome ! Proud wife of Willie Robertson. Mom to four awesom.
“My life and my whole eternity belongs to God. All this stuff is temporary. Even life is temporary. Jesus that’s eternal.”-Willie Robertson
Asked a freshman girl's dad if he was willie robertson and he was not pleased.
The Duck Commander Family by Willie and Korie Robertson for sale:
That one time a Banana and Willie Robertson almost fought.
Milestone brings 'Duck Dynasty' star to tears:
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Willie Robertson pranks son before ‘Duck Dynasty’ wedding: “What You Missed”: John Luke finally got hitched on...
Willie Robertson tears up at the wedding dinner. Good man.
I we have character day this year I'm going as Willie Robertson. That's all.
Can't wait to move into my dorm tomorrow with the help of and Willie Robertson 😂😂😂
Is it just me or does 1984 Hillbilly Jim look like 2015 Willie Robertson???
You'll see a second familiar face in new music video:
Huck and Willie Robertson just begging to be mocked.
."ran into" Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson in Jerusalem this weekend:
Take a look and in Colts new video.
my iPhone wants to duck you like Willie Robertson
Does anyone know how to contact Willie Robertson while on visit in Israel?
When you and your boyfriend get called the 'Robertson family' cause you look like Korie and Willie Robertson.
My public speaking professor looks just like Willie Robertson!! 😅😂
Never a dull moment at Starbucks. From one Robertson to another. Willie Robertson meet Tyler…
Just made eye contact with John Luke and Willie Robertson.
My friends just met Sadie and Willie Robertson... 😭💔😫
Willie Robertson last seen playing for Stirling Albion and Brian McLean now playing in Singapore!
The comedy tour. Larry the Cable Guy, Brian Baumgartner and Willie Robertson
Korie and Willie Robertson love each other so well
Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson has endorsed Bobby Jindal. And enjoys tax breaks for filming in LA
Bobby Jindal's mailing list is getting emails from "Willie Robertson" soliciting donations, so that's where we're at.
I got an email this morning from Willie Robertson asking me to donate to Jindal's presidential campaign. may b a wast of $
Had the pleasure of meeting Willie Robertson this weekend!
Willie Robertson is aiming to bounce back to League One at the first attempt as the new season approaches.
Willie Robertson on Whose Line Is It Anyways, life is great 😂😂
Willie Robertson wants to know why you're a Buck Commander fan for a chance to win! Tag your videos...
shout out to the scary vegan leftist reporter who can't hold an iPhone or ask good journalistic questions to WILLIE ROBERTSON
You grow a beard and people just start comparing you to famous people with beards. I got Willie Robertson and Abe Lincoln today
Duck Dynasty’s John Luke Robertson Married Mary Kate McEacharn!: John Luke Robertson, the son of Willie Robertson and Korie of the r...
hi Willie Robertson I just love being with the Lord Jesus because doing missionaries with my church family is best
domain names
It's a movie on Netflix! Feature Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty lol
Had a dream I married a guy that looks remotely like Willie Robertson
Keegan-Michael Key & Willie Robertson on tonight's at 8p
Come on willie robertson, its like the last week of school
Willie and Korie Robertson attend worship on the water at the Flora-Bama!...
Willie Robertson and Korie take in church service at the Flora-Bama
Have you even been to church at the Flora-Bama? Willie Robertson and his family were there this past Sunday
Watch the latest episode and ten (TEN!) other seasons of NOW, only on Seed:
Willie, Korie Robertson attend church at the Flora-Bama while on vacation
I'm watching Whose Line Is It Anyway? 11x06 "Willie Robertson" laying on the couch...
I liked a video Whose Line is it Anyway US | Season 11 Episode 6 | Willie Robertson | Full Episode
Willie Robertson. The oatmeal joke was good. Lol!
Pull out the camo and duck calls and join me and guests Willie & Korie Robertson from this
Umm how do you react when your aunt tells you, you look like Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty?!? (do I have a beard I don't know about?!?)
Of all the comedians or actors that could've guest starred on they chose Willie Robertson? Really? 😒
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Haven't been able to confirm it but pretty sure I randomly found Willie Robertson "cliff" diving spot
Whose Line is it anyway Season 11, Episode 6 - Willie Robertson
Watch last night's new episode and ten (TEN!) other seasons of only on CW Seed:
Love ya, and know you didn't book him, but... Willie Robertson?
Miss 'cuz you were enjoying some fava beans and a nice chianti? Watch it FREE:
Willie Robertson on Whose Line is it Anyway...I think yes! 😂😭😂😭
Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson is the guest on a NEW Whose Line Is It Anyway? starting now on CW11!
Willie DuckDyNASTY Robertson on on w/ w/
Willie Robertson brings his big personality & big laughs to tonight at 7 - then
TONIGHT: Willie Robertson & Jaime Camil drop by 4 laughs on at 7.
Watch an all new Whose Line featuring Duke Dynasty's Willie Robertson at 8pm on WCCB!
is NEW this Friday at 8/7c and we've got a trailer to prove it. Exhibit A, your honor:
Willie Robertson brings his big personality and big laughs to tonight at 8p & Jaime Camil 830p on
They say not to make life changing decisions when you're not feeling well but I'm going the full Willie Robertson
Biz to beat the heat: 'Balls of snow with amazing flavours' go on sale in Louisiana: Willie and John Luke Robertson, the father-and-s...
That time in the Junction when people thought was Willie Robertson & we had to stop and take pictures.
Daniel Robertson makes a Willie Mays play robbing Sweeney of a RBI extra-base hit. But trail 3-0 as we go to the Bottom 2nd
Was confused as to why the cashier at Publix was showing me his tattoo of Willie Robertson but then he said "your DAD changed me life" gbye
What is it about teuchters in the Labour Party? Why do they hate their own people so much?. Robertson. McConnell. Lamont (of island parents)
Can't get enough of Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson? Have no fear! Watch him play the guitar with Chord Buddy!
Throwback to when I saw josh duggar and willie Robertson
Well that was fun! . Willie Robertson told us "I don't look so different. I'm with my people...I fit in here." h…
My baseball coach is related to willie robertson i swear
.is hanging with a local Louisiana celebrity Willie Robertson.
MattyB raps with "lil Will" Robertson, the adopted son of Willie Robertson
I was down at my grandmother the other day & saw your dad. He reminds me of Willie Robertson off Duck Dynasty. 😂😂
when I got to hang out with Willie Robertson 😉😄
Tomorrow, is a rerun, but you should still watch. New episode next week. Willie Robertson Trailer:
This is an old picture of Willie Robertson and I'm in love.
Can't forget that he want's one of the Ducky Dynasty's Willie Robertson to be his VP YUK
*** director of Duck Commander Musical said Willie Robertson's acceptance of him 'speaks volumes'
You gotta admit, cheesey weenies are awesome. - willie Robertson
ISIS, EBOLA, AND NICHOLAS CAGE - There are fresh signs that the end times are near. Willie Robertson
"All this stuff, money , fame , success, it's temporary. Even life is temporary. But Jesus, that's eternal." - Willie …
I liked a video Duck Dynasy Willie Robertson plays guitar with The ChordBuddy
Was even better times after willie robertson took a glue overdose and died. Cos he was a ***
Great speech by Angus Robertson. Took the rip nicely.
And if does run, he already has an endorsement from
Whatever happens I hope he invites Willie Robertson to be by his side when he makes it.
"The biggest lesson about women that Willie has yet to learn is: they browse.". -Phil Robertson
SNP will form the real opposition to the Tories, says Angus Robertson
willie Robertson could coach. change mascot to "ducksters"
Bobby has to somehow reconcile the fact that people who swear by Willie Robertson don't trust people named Piyush.
needs to give up baseball and pursue a career as Willie Robertson's stunt double.
Not sure if dusty or Willie Robertson
Hamilton Collection
'Duck Dynasty' star Willie Robertson wants Bobby Jindal to run for ...
Willie Robertson was a babe back in the day holy cow
When the people just want Willie Robertson to grab Bobby Jindal and Run.
Also, Willie Robertson calls "one of the smartest guys I have ever met."
Willie Robertson (from tells Fox News should run for president.
Happy 44th Birthday to Missy Robertson (from Crazy that she and Willie share a Bday! h…
Report: *** director of Duck Dynasty musical says he bonded with Willie Robertson, opened heart to ‘people who are…
Breaking news Willie Robertson used to be hot as ***
Happy birthday! Celebrities Jack Nicholson, Amber Heard, and Willie Robertson have the same bday as you!
Am I the only one who thinks it's BS that willie Robertson officiated the Aldean wedding when the robertsons are so public about their
Dear Mr. Willie Robertson , I a am a big fan of your family, and your products
Peters daughter on A.D. looks like willie Robertson's daughter
Just talked to Willie Robertson WATCH LIVE from the Red Carpet NOW:
Willie Robertson of gets the biggest crowd reaction so far
Just took an elevator ride with Willie and Korie Robertson
Can't have a (Duck Dynasty) Willie Robertson look a like on the mound!
Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson would endorse Gov. Bobby Jindal for president bec. he's a Godly man
"All this stuff is temporary, but Jesus is eternal" -Willie Robertson
I just made eye contact with Willie Robertson and Shooter McGavin was on my elevator! Boom
B4 the tornado warnings started had a chance to interview Jep n Willie Robertson at Cabela's celebrity Archery event
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal joked he thinks Willie Robertson of AE’s reality show “Duck Dynasty” would make a good runn…
Heart advice for young families. We need to break the cycle growing tantrum throwing adults and it starts with...
Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty is wearing the shirts I designed at the ACM archery event today!!
Willie Robertson from "Duck Dynasty" is one of the celebs competing in the ACM Cabela's Archery event in Arlington.
'Duck Dynasty' Musical Kicks Off in Las Vegas - click for our interview with Willie and Korie Robertson!
Every time I hear or see Willie Robertson I can't help but think I've seen him "perform" so to say, Country Girl with Luke 😂😂😂
INTENT Willie Robertson brought to tears over Duck Commander Musical: It is a bit unusu...
Bobby Jindal has his first campaign endorsement, and he hasn’t even entered the 2016 race
So my friend who plays in a mariachi band played for Willie Robertson and his wife last night! This is AWESOME!
As heard on interview with the Robertsons from "Duck Dynasty"
Order Miche Bag Online!
Just got sat at a table at Pappasito's & got told Willie, Korie, and Sadie Robertson were sitting at the table right behind us 30 min ago...
Next time Adam LaRoche is in town with Willie Robertson, Luke Bryan, and Jason Aldean; someone PLEASE tell me lol. I NEED to meet them all😀
... Still not entirely convinced that Zac Brown and Willie Robertson are not the same person.
Are there any photos of him at the wedding? Just saw one of back of minister and can't tell if it was him. Can't believe that he would provide that kind of support.
Duck Dynasty Stars Willie and Korie Robertson to Appear on THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON Tomorrow to Disc...
I like all men think phone calls should last 30 seconds - wise words from Willie Robertson
5 of 5 stars to Willie's Redneck Time Machine by John Luke Robertson
Miss had a blast eating at Willie's Duck Diner in West Monroe, LA with Bella Robertson!
"Whatever I see I aim at and shoot when I shoot it I kill it, then eat it" Willie Robertson from Gods NOT dead
"Life is temporary and Jesus is eternal" ~Willie Robertson
My life and belongs to God, Everything Is temporary, money, fame, success,even life is temporary. Jesus! That's eternal! (Willie Robertson)
So so much respect for Willie&Korie Robertson always standing up 4 their faith&speaking the truth 2 the world🙏 Hollyweird needs more of them
My question is, where was Willie Robertson when Amy needed him?!
An ambush interview with Willie Robertson? How can you ambush someone hiding behind that beard?
"Why would I do it if I wasn't proud of it?" -Willie Robertson
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Willie Robertson how does it feel to know the team you picked to beat Kentucky in the championship game aint makin it!!! Quack quack!!!
"Money, fame, success is temporary, But God is eternal." -Willie Robertson
The celebration was attended by Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson and Aldean's daughters, Keeley, aged 12, and Kendyl, aged seven, from
His wife better be ready - he went to Aldean's wedding in Mexico! Love that he supports what Aldean and his mistress did - you know what they say about dogs and fleas! Wonder if he has his own Brittany? What message did he send his kids? Phil says get them young so maybe that's the plan!
Words of wisdom, Willie and Korie Robertson via
talking football strategies with Willie Robertson.
How rich is Willie Robertson?: Willie Robertson Net Worth $ Willie Robertson is a part of the Robertson family...
Excited I get to see Willie Robertson and Bobby Jindal in a couple weeks 😄
It was Westbrook's 4th triple-double of season w/ at least 35 Pts. Oscar Robertson & Jordan are only ones to do it in las…
Don't try to explain any colloquialisms to me. My urban dictionary is the equivalent of "Phil Robertson with a watch" …according to Willie.
your picture makes you look like the Willie Robertson from Alaska 😂😂
"We just always kept to our faith and the roots of who we were and that comes out in the musical.” Willie Robertson
Johnny Eblen's season is done after a 10-4 loss to Illinois' Brunson. Willie Miklus up 2-1 in his match against Wisconsin's Robertson.
Miss Robertson also delighted with signed book! says Mods is 'the best subject'
I got an opportunity to meet Korie Robertson at Willie's Duck Diner, tonight. It's so awesome to…
Looks like Willie Robertson in that one episode of Duck Dynasty. 😂
Problem is I want Willie Robertson love, females are looking for Kim and Kanye love 👎
I got to see Drake, Willie Robertson, and some ESPN anchors get escorted too. But I wasn't allowed to take pictures. 😑
Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson picks to win the via
"I'm erasing all of the unwanted drama out of my life because at the end of the day I'm just trying to be happy.". ~ Willie Robertson
CEO Willie Robertson picks UofL over UK in the championship game
just sent some more lures to willie Robertson,hope he can give me some business advice, GOD knows I need it. GOD BLESS. smilin joe
Is this a pic of savannah or Willie Robertson???
Willie Robertson picked Lville to beat UK in the national championship... So there's that.
Willie Robertson picked Louisville to win the national championship 💯💯
Got my bracket filled out. Cant wait for the Madness. via
I see your Willie Robertson and raise you an Uncle Si, which didn't sell at all!
"You should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the last time you see them.". ~ Willie Robertson, Duck Dynasty
Willie & Phil Robertson talk about fake bleeps and praying in Jesus' name .
What time will Willie Robertson, Phil Robertson, and Sarah Palin be playing Duck Duck Moose?
Breast Cancer Awareness
Loving Louisiana and staying in an amazing hotel. :) here with my youth group. Willie Robertson jr is here too!
Hey willie Robertson jr is here I'll see him tomorrow
Willie Robertson and I at CPAC. Probably the best selfie I will ever take.
Phil Robertson calls STDs "revenge of the hippies," ironic, coming from a bad Willie Nelson impersonator
Ugh I knew I should have stopped by Harrington's to pick up my check...Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty was there 😥
I just had lunch with Willie Robertson. I mean he was sitting at a totally different table but details aren't important
Attention attention Phil Robertson and Willie are sitting one table away from me help me
Met Willie Robertson at a restaurant while at CPAC!
Sitting like 25 ft from Willie Robertson- OMG I can see his flag bandanna!
Willie Robertson in the audience at
I am in the same room as Phil and willie Robertson. I repeat Phil and willie Robertson 😳🇺🇸
Willie Robertson just shown greeting and their sons. Good men fighting for our beloved country!
Coming up at spotted Willie Robertson & Phil Robertson
Willie and Korie Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame have a history at camp. You can read about what they have to say...
What's going on this morning? Just Willie and Phil Robertson walking by me.
I liked a video from Willie Robertson Warns Atheists Jesus Is Coming
Congrats to Willie Cauley-Stein on being named a finalist for the Oscar Robertson Trophy
Willie Robertson of sang an impromptu serenade to his bride,
Cauley-Stein a finalist for Robertson Trophy - Willie Cauley-Stein has been named a finalist for the 2015 O...
Willie Cauley Stein one of 14 finalists for Oscar Robertson trophy as National Player of the Year
what about Si Robertson or Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty
Willie Robertson heeds the call of Las Vegas in ‘Duck Commander Musical’
"john luke we gotta work on your rating system"-Willie Robertson 😂😂 ✌
Look who flew in to surprise Dream Kid Angel! Mr. Willie Robertson himself! Angel had an amazing time hanging out with the Boss Hog...she even challenged him to a game of basketball! Big thanks to Willie Robertson for taking the time to come & meet one of his biggest fans. And shoutout to Adam LaRoche for putting the surprise together! Thank you! Photos by Themba Imagery
Stay tuned for an awesome video interview The Drive with Alan Taylor did with Willie Robertson and...
Willie Robertson paired up with country music start Luke Bryan to bring you the HILARIOUS new Christmas song ‘Hairy Christmas’. And I cannot tell you how loud I was laughing during this one!
Am I the only one excited that willie Robertson is on a country song?
My mother in-law got me a Willie Robertson bobble head. Christmas is cancelled.
When Chia Willie Robertson becomes one of the hottest selling stocking stuffers of 2014, it's finally time to say...
Throw back to Halloween when I was willie Robertson
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Someone said they thought I was Willie Robertson in a snapchat.
I bet one person Pharoh never thought he would receive an award from is Willie Robertson.
Oh my god I just heard a country song where willie Robertson made an appearance... America at an all time high right now
“Pharoh Cooper with MVP trophy: and willie robertson in the back 😂
Enjoyed seeing General Vander Hamm and Willie Robertson @ the Independence Bowl today. Two great Christian men!
My toes were numb for 3 hours, but we met Willie Robertson, so I guess I can live with it!…
Got a with Willie Robertson today at the
Willie Robertson presented the Duck Commander Bowl Trophy to South Carolina with a "Go SEC!"
Willie Robertson was here close by in La Perla ranch!!🙀
Tommy Suggs says Willie Robertson of Duck's Dynasty gave out a trophy about as big as he was. LOL.
Coach Spurrier and Mike Davis receiving the trophy from Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson!
I believe I just heard Willie Robertson give a shout out to the SEC during the postgame trophy ceremony. Because Shreveport.
Willie Robertson just after he walked on the field for the pregame ceremonies today
A referee shakes hands with Phil Robertson as sons Willie and Jace look on before the coin toss
I suppose players can't be excited anymore. These refs are like Willie Robertson taking the basketball hoop out of the warehouse.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Willie Robertson has scored a marketing 1st down. Every 1st down the Independence bowl is a "Sweet Willies sauce first down."
Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson on Spurrier: 'I know he said he met one of us but it was actually Lar…
It's been exactly one year since GQ magazine published Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson's views on homosexuality, which essential co-opted the entire news cycle for the rest of 2013. Now, Phil's son Willie Robertson has given an update on where he stands on the *** to Larry King.
Willie Robertson on *** I’m Not the Judge, Only God …: Source: The Hollywood Gossip:– Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson said in a new interview with Larry King that he is not the judge when it comes to others, specifically *** people, only God. “I’m not the judge,” Willie said when King asked whether he thought being *** or *** was a choice. “Larry, I’m trying to figure that out right now, I really am.” “God’s going to be the judge, so it’s not my job to convince people to change their lives,” the Duck Commander CEO added. “If I just introduce them to Jesus, He’ll do that.” Willie also explained that he did not necessarily agree with the infamous Phil Robertson GQ interview last winter that triggered a national controversy. The younger Robertson’s sentiment follow those he made in March, when he diplomatically said that people have to read the Bible and make up their own minds. “You have to decide and God will ultimately decide that,” he said. “We don’t pro ...
Willie Robertson talks his dad's anti *** comments & the LGBT community:
"Love of God and live of neighbor are the two highest ranked commandments of the bible". Willie Robertson. DD
Choice or not, we all deserve equal rights and freedom from persecution by guys like your father!
Make sure you catch Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson on w/ Larry King, Terri!
Since when was Willie Nelson part of the Duck Dynasty family? If u cant get the Robertson name right the rest is unreliable
Duck Dynasty’ star Willie Robertson on *** lifestyle choice and judging others
In less then a year Willie Robertson Will come out as *** and be a munched loved super star. :-)
Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson asks Jesus for help with the *** Willie Robertson is ...
Well, at least this is a step in the right direction. A year after Duck Dynasty patriarch, Phi...
Sadie Robertson, one of the stars of A&E’s Duck Dynasty and the daughter of America’s favorite CEO, Willie Robertson and his wife Korie, seems to be taking America by storm. When many teen stars like Bieber and Miley are maintaining
Have you seen Duck Dynasty? I like Si Robertson, Willie Robertson, Jase Robertson, and Jep Robertson. Si is really funny! it's a good show.   10% Off
Willie: "This is Willie Robertson, signing away. Jase: "'Signing away?' What does that even mean?" Willie: "Shut up!"
Funniest hour in a while. Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty taking yoga classes with wife followed by episode of karate with 10 year olds. Thanks for the laughs.
my final guesses are Tim McGraw cause of ha and Willie Robertson
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