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Willie Mays

Willie Howard Mays, Jr. (born May 6, 1931) is a retired American professional baseball player who spent the majority of his Major League career with the New York and San Francisco Giants before finishing with the New York Mets.

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That was not to be confused w/ the time we met Willie Mays. My bro got the Say Hey Kid to sign a picture of The Phillie Phanatic.
Not having Wild Thing throw out a first pitch for the Indians is sad but they better let my boy Willie Mays Hayes😤
Jake Taylor laid down that sent to the playoffs. Willie Mays Hayes scored the winning run. They should throw out 1st pitch
I don't understand people upset that Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn isn't throwing out the 1st pitch. Willie 'Mays' Hayes & Jake Taylor should.
I think anybody who saw him will tell you that Willie Mays was the great...
But for the 2nd game, bring back Pedro Cerrano, Willie Mays Hays, maybe Jake Taylor...
with Obama we were hoping for Jackie Robinson or Willie Mays but we're just disappointed
Man how great was Monte Irvin? The great Roberto Clementes hero. Helped mentor a young Willie Mays w NY Giants. Deputy MLB Co…
all I need is Vaughn, Roger Dorn, Willie Mays Hayes and Pedro Cerrano
, can you get Tom Berrenger to come out as Jake Taylor and Wesley Snipes to come out as Willie Mays Hayes, too? .
To be fair, Jake Taylor & Willie Mays Hayes were the real heroes of that pennant. Vaughn pitched well but the tribe…
Let's do this right: Invite some dignitary to throw a pitch, but then have Willie Mays Hayes steal home base.
They better get "Willie Mays Hayes" before they call up Charlie. Either one. Don't matter. Lol. J Reed already fami…
I think they should bring them all back. Let me see Willie Mays Hayes out there.
Willie Mays Hayes throws it out for Game 6, and if there's a game 7, it's Jake Taylor.
how cool would it be if they got the whole cast? Wild thing,Cerrano, Willie Mays Hayes, Dorn,Eddie Harris,Taylor etc.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Yeah I've flip flopped on this. Willie Mays Hays?
hey guys where is your Willie Mays Hays shirt? I tried to buy it just now and couldn't find it
This would be awesome... with Willie Mays Hays!
In fact, Rice widely considered best player or all time never won MVP. Ridiculous. That's like Willie Mays never being MVP
I want Willie Mays Hayes to throw out first pitch.
I would rather have Willie Mays Hayes throw the first pitch.
Bring out Jack Parkman and then have Willie Mays Hayes pants him
Is Wesley Snipes in jail or can he throw out the first pitch as Willie Mays Hayes? Or can we get to throw out every pitch?
Now if you want to say Willie Mays Hayes should throw out the first pitch, I'm on board with that
I very well may name my first child "Willie Mays Felix Hayes."
.wants to throw out the first pitch at the Will he brings Willie Mays Hayes w/ him?:…
Say hey, Willie Mays Hayes, play like Mays and run like Hayes
And Willie Mays Hayes could show how fast he is running from the IRS!
He was great, no doubt, but Willie Mays was better, IMO!
How are Cleveland Indian fans gonna invite Sheen, but forget to invite Willie Mays Hayes ? should get involved
Yes! And bring the others with you! -- Jake Taylor, Roger Dorn, Willie Mays Hayes, Pedro Cerrano, Eddie Harris, Rac…
Willie Mays Hayes: What the *** league you been playing in? . Rick Vaughn: California Penal... . Willie Mays...
Jim Edmonds is laughing at Dexter Fowler right now. So is Willie Mays.
Today in 1973, Willie Mays delivers an RBI single off Rollie Fingers in Game 2 of World Series, the final base hit of h…
Trivia: A-Rod on deck when Edgar Martinez drove in winning runs. Just like Willie Mays was when Bobby Thomson hit S…
grandfather was a big Willie Mays fan and never got to witness a WS win. I don't take any trip to playoffs for granted
No it's because it's nonsense. People are acting like Willie Mays is retiring. Basically he's Edgar Martinez in a larger market
The last Hall of Famer elected with more games in center field than Jim Edmonds was Willie Mays.
Today In 1951: On Willie Mays' fly ball, Mickey Mantle tears up his knee after Joe DiMaggio abruptly calls for the ball (World…
Today In 1951: Monte Irvin, Willie Mays & Hank Thompson become the 1st all African-American outfield in World Series history
.vs. in NL Wild Card: The best rivalry’s moments from Willie Mays to Bobby Jones’ one-hit wonder
Giants announcer Duane Kuiper just instagrammed a picture of Vin Scully and Willie Mays
Today in 1954, Willie Mays makes the most famous catch in baseball history. And, yes, it was a World Series game in Sep…
Today, in the 1954 World Series, Willie Mays makes the now legendary catch off Indian's batter Vic Wertz at the Pol…
On this Date in 1969: legend Willie Mays hits his 600th career HR, a pinch-hit shot for the Say Hey Kid at San Diego St…
Boo Williams played baseball like Jackie Robinson and Willie Mays. What up w/this 4%?. .
one minute they're borderline bench warmers in little league, the next they're Willie Mays and Greg Nettles.
B/R Exclusive: They call him the Cuban Bryce Harper, with the speed of Willie Mays, and the power of Bo Jackson https:/…
"There will only ever be three Willies: Willie Mays, One-Eyed Willy and Willy Wonka." We'll miss you Gene.
Alex Rodriguez's 1,275 XBH rank 6th all-time. The only right handed batters with more.. Hank Aaron and Willie Mays http…
The TV crew on are opening packs of 2016 Baseball!! Drew Goodman talking old Willie Mays cards and flipping!
Stan Musial, Willie Mays, Frank Robinson, Frank Howard and Sandy Koufax tagged him in 1963. Lemaster hit two of his four home runs in 1963.
Still talked about,over 60 Years later,Willie Mays robs Vic Wertz in the 1954 Giants-Indians WS.
That was a routine play, Apple, not Willie Mays robbing Vic Wertz...
Ticket stub from Willie Mays' first HR/hit. Took Warren Spahn deep as a 20-year-old:
Baseball you have Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Jackie Robinson, Barry Bonds etc., Jim Brown & Tiger arguably the best ever in La…
Carlos Beltran with his 522nd career double tying Johnny Damon, Garret Anderson & Ed Delahanty for 46th all-time. Next up Willie Mays at 523
Trout is 1st AL player w/ a hit in each of 1st 5 5x in NL: Joe Morgan, Willie Mays, Garvey, Beltran & Wright
On this day in 1965, Ron Santo singled in Willie Mays in the 7th inning with the winning run for the NL in the All-Star Game.
"He’s going to be Willie Mays, he’s going to be Joe Montana, in a diff. uniform"--J.West (
From The Beatles to Willie Mays, images of San Francisco's Candlestick Park through the years http:…
Carlos Lee had more grand slams than Willie Mays and Frank Robinson combined. But he had one fewer than Robin Ventura.
Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle another great one said that Willie Mays was the greatest player ever to play the game of baseball. Ruth?
Once we're in the game, everything changes!. Bob Hayes. Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Arthur Ashe. Willie Mays. Sugar Ray Robinson. Bi…
.No. 3 prospect showed off a spot-on Willie Mays impression yesterday:
Growing up, my three sports heroes: Willie Mays, Spencer Haywood ... and Muhammad Ali. RIP, Champ.
My three sports heroes when I was young: Willie Mays, Spencer Haywood ... and Champ.
Throwing a party at 24 Willie Mays plaza tomorrow night all seniors invited!
Why can't they put an athlete I know on the cover like Willie Mays and Fran Tarkington?. Um Mike they. & Ty Cobb
Today in 1951, a 20-year-old Willie Mays makes his Major League debut for the New York Giants.
Alissa Miss goes all Willie Mays on a catch to straightaway CF. in the immortal words of Lou Brown ...
Oscar Charleston was the Willie Mays of his day. Nobody ever played ce...
Today in 1972, the Giants trade Willie Mays to Mets for Charlie Williams. Not pictured: the $50K San Fran also got. htt…
This date in 1972, trade pitcher Charlie Williams to the Giants for Willie Mays
Former MLBer Kevin Youkilis shares childhood note he wrote to Willie Mays.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Read the adorable letter a young Kevin Youkilis sent to Willie Mays.
A young wrote a letter to Willie Mays, and it’s adorable:
Happy Birthday, Willie Mays, Scott Lang, Joe Bonamassa, just to keep you tied over. 15 when I saw him
Mike Shannon, Willie Mays hit historic HRs in final game at original Busch 50 years ago today. The story:
Willie Mays birthday celebration in the clubhouse 🎂
Yes, yes what I really want to hear is Walt Weiss' opinion on Willie Mays
They throw the ball, I hit it. They hit the ball, I catch it. -Willie Mays
Vin Scully recalls the greatest play from the greatest player he's ever seen. Happy birthday, Willie Mays!
If there was one ball player I could go back in time to watch, it would be Willie Mays
Say hey! Willie Mays turns 85 today, so watch "The Catch" again.
Willie Mays was born to play baseball.
ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: Babe Ruth, Willie Mays and Kerry Wood all make today's list. To find out why and to learn...
"The All Star Game was invented for Willie Mays." - Ted Williams. Happy Birthday Willie!
Willie Mays turns 85 years old today. Greatest baseball player ever, IMO. Here's the SportsCentury piece on him.
"Now go sit down little boy!" Satch to Willie Mays,16, after striking him out on 3 pitches. RT
4/21/1972: Audio: The César Cedeño robs a home run from Willie Mays. Lon Simmons has the call:
Not joking here by the way. It starts a precedent that could have anyone from Dr King to Clara Bow, Daniel Webster to Willie Mays. Exciting.
I know, right?! Saw an ep w/Lionel Hampton, Tallulah Bankhead, & Willie Mays over the weekend, too! ♡
Oscar Charleston? There were only three Major League players better - Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner and Willie Mays!
Hey may not be Willie Mays...but at least his belt didn't break following the "high end speed" and difficulty in making catch!
Willie Mays met Richard Nixon during the greatest (and strangest) in history:
Willie Mays eludes the tag of Pete Rose in a 1966 game at Candlestick Park
Babe Ruth, Derek Jeter, Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Ken Griffey Jr, Ted Williams;we are better than them at baseball https…
Don't be silly. Andrew Benintendi is the next Willie Mays.
If you feel that Bill Mazeroski should be on the same stage with Willie Mays, Clemente, Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle, JoeD you don't know baseball.
Is it just me or does Bill DeBlassio's wife look like Willie Mays?
San Francisco Giant minor leaguer Jalen Miller (Raider Class of 2015) got to meet Willie Mays today!
pretty diverse group at 156 with Willie Mays, Frank Thomas, Joey Votto, and *** Allen.
calmed down a bit at Willie Mays plaza listening to have a World Series in a city with a World Series.
Willie Mays and Roberto Clemente before a 1965 game at Forbes Field.
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Never forget that time Barry Bonds took a picture next to Willie Mays' dead body
Before it's too late, i feel like we need Jim Brown, Bill Russell, Oscar Robertson and Willie Mays roundtable interview.
Larry Walker had 409 total bases in 1997. That's more than Hank Aaron or Willie Mays ever had in a single season. https:/…
Had little metal picture caps from baseball cards: Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, stole from my brothers. Mom threw away. :(
My top 5 list for best players of all time:. 1) Barry Bonds. 2) Babe Ruth. 3) Hank Aaron. 4) Willie Mays. 5) Ken Griffey Jr.
Every time I look at my pocketbook, I see Jackie Robinson.
I always enjoyed playing ball, and it didn't matter to me whether I played ...
An Indians minor-league team is giving away a Willie Mays Hayes bobblehead and we want one
Oh my god this is amazing. Willie Mays Hayes!? Shooter McGavin!? Hot Rod!? You are the best
The are making a Willie Mays Hayes bobblehead. I hope it looks like this:
"It isn't hard to be good from time to time in sports. What is tough, is being good every day.". - Willie Mays, MLB Hall of…
*** Allen had a career wRC+ of 155, ahead of Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Joe DiMaggio, and Frank Robinson.
Does anyone have the 1964 Topps Giants cards of Sandy Koufax (and Willie Mays (for trade? Last 2 cards I need for s…
Remember when Harold Reynolds compared him to Willie Mays?
. I saw Willie Mays, Reggie Jackson, Kenny Stabler, Rickey Henderson, Montana and Rice, and now Steph. Nice.
Peter Gammons was once the best baseball analyst on the planet. Now he's Willie Mays stumbling around in CF with the Mets.Call it a day Pete
re best outfield... '70s Giants had Willie Mays, Bobby Bonds, Gary Mathews, Garry Maddox, and George Foster.. at the same time
Monte Irvin was a friend to Ted Williams & a mentor to Willie Mays.
Hall of Famer Monte Irvin, boyhood idol of mine, left fielder when Willie Mays played CF in Polo Grounds, died today at 96. *** Lea. star.
What about Willie Mays and Tom Glavine and Yogi Berra?! All know mostly as Mets.
Ty Cobb, Henry Aaron, Willie Mays, the list goes on and on because no one has ever been a unanimous selection.
If Henry Aaron & Willie Mays were not unanimous selections, neither will Griffey. Not saying it's right; just the way it is.
If Henry Aaron and Willie Mays were not unanimous, The Kid won't be either. And I love Ken Griffey Jr but that's the way it is.
He's the most recent deserving of it, I'd say Maddux & Randy Johnson both did. Not to mention Ted Williams, Willie Mays, etc.
All 30 MLB teams will scout 16 y.o. Cuban OF "Lazarito" Armenteros on Jan. 8 in the D.R.. One AL scout: signs of Willie Mays and Bo Jackson.
Let's be real here, Babe Ruth was a great player but sure as *** wasn't an athlete. Bo Jackson, Willie Mays, Jackie Robinson all better ath
drawing comparisons to Bryce Harper, Willie Mays, and Bo Jackson. Not really fair for the kid
After including a poem about Willie Mays in his book, “Take Me Out,” Bill Littlefield got some exciting news:
I grew up watching Curt Flood and Willie Mays. I never saw a CF that I thought was possibly better than Flood till Jimmy.
My 3 favorite things from America's past time are: Frank Sinatra , Willie Mays & Johnny Carson.…
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Cubs went from Castro, Fowler to Zobrist, Heyward. Definitely an upgrade but cmon. People talking like its Joe Morgan and Willie Mays
ep.137. Barry Bonds is not the greatest of all time. It either Willie Mays or Joe DiMaggio.
here's otherside of my museum. Signed pics of Tom Brady eli Manning Micky mantle Willie Mays e sanders
'A Charlie Brown Christmas' first aired 50 years ago today. You can thank Willie Mays:
Rickey Henderson had more 1st inning SB than Rod Carew, Derek Jeter, Willie Mays, Tony Gwynn, and Andre Dawson in their ENTIRE careers.
Kadir is my hero. Willie Mays first, then Kadir Nelson
Willie Mays with Ernie Banks. Plus, as an added bonus,. Willie Mays & Mickey Mantle. .
Bonds learned from two of the best in Willie Mays, the greatest player of all-time and his late father Bobby Bonds. He'll be a great coach.
As 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' hits 50, don't forget to thank Willie Mays:
.Robinson, Thorpe, and are probably in my top five, though I'm tempted to include Jackie Jensen and Willie Mays.
Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Ozzie Smith, Bob Gibson. That's just a start. I have more
Congrats to the late Yogi Berra (a Legion alum) and his family, as well as Willie Mays, on such an outstanding honor
Hall of Famer Joe Torre, Chief Baseball Officer of on a great day for Willie Mays and the late Yogi Berra:
Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell: 'I couldn't tell if that was Golden Tate or Willie Mays!': The...
This makes me happy: Willie Mays, Sandy Koufax, Hank Aaron are all still young enough to be with us for another 10+ years.
I appreciate the juxtaposition of the two all-time great SF players listed: Willie Mays and Madison Bumgarner.
The only two players billed: Willie Mays and Madison Bumgarner. K.
Willie Mays to get Presidential Medal of Freedom. Waiting for Vic Wertz react.
*** Allen's career OPS+ is tied with Willie Mays and Frank Thomas and is ahead of Hank Aaron.
TUESDAY TWINT: Only he, Willie Mays and Ernie Banks did Kirby Puckett list as his on-field heroes during Puckett’s HOF induction speech.
Yogi Berra managed Willie Mays. They're both getting the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
Yep, decent when you have CF like Willie Mays and Richie Ashburn getting all the votes ahead of you
Harold Reynolds just compared Yoenis Céspedes to Willie Mays so I’m going to sleep soon.
Someone please tell me Harold Reynolds didn't just compare Cespedes to Willie Mays.
Harold Reynolds compares Cespides to Willie Mays. On the first batter last night, he looked more like Pele.
He will. Remember Harold said he's just like Willie Mays...
Tonight, Cespedes reminds Harold Reynolds of Willie Mays. Last night it was Bo Jackson. Game 3 it'll be _.
I'm a Bama grad, but one of , if not, the best athletes out of Alabam( Joe Louis, Jesse Owens, Willie Mays etc.
My fav Ken Griffey my dad favorite be Willie Mays
.What will you do to ensure Willie Mays never ever dies?
Daniel Murphy has as many HRs (7) in 9 postseason games as Hank Aaron & Willie Mays combined for in 42 postseason games.
I can't envision Willie Mays or Ted Williams doing anything but rounding the bases in a respectful manner.
Birmingham Black Barons with Willie Mays after winning the 1948 *** American League championship …
Richard Benjamin was right about Willie Mays deserving all those MVPs, though...
Last night in the presence of Omar Vizquel baseball's greatest defensive shortstop as Willie Mays was it's total player, d…
apologizing in advance for presence in your beautiful country. If found, mail to 24 Willie Mays plaza pls.
The decisive blow in series was Vic Wertz's go ahead 2-run double off Don Liddle in 8th inning of game 1, just over the glove of Willie Mays
B4, 0 out: And we're back with the bottom of the 4th, which begins with a Willie Mays liner, snagged adroitly by Rogers Hornsby.
a young man by the name of Willie Mays.
Any time you make a list w/Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle, and Willie Mays, you're doing pretty well for yourself
On this day 46 years ago, Willie Mays became 2nd player in MLB history, behind Babe Ruth, to hit 600 HR.
A-Rod 2 runs away from passing Cap Anson for 8th place on the all-time list with an even 2,000. Could pass Willie Mays next season.
"Steve Henderson is a Willie Mays type of player." Dude played 2 innings in his entire career!
Caught METS Yearbook just now. Joe Torre back then invoked Willie Mays re Steve Henderson. 1st I heard of that. Wow...
The only 2 players to have a better h akf I f baseball than Joe Votto; Ted Williams and Willie Mays
Happy 45th birthday to overlooked slugger Jim Thome. 612 HRs (only 38 fewer than Willie Mays) no hint of PEDs.
8/29/1965: Willie Mays breaks Ralph Kiner's record for HRs in a month on an HR off Jack Fischer. Kiner calls the shot on WOR-TV.
Howard Cosell was a lawyer before becoming a sports reporter. One of his clients was Willie Mays.
Just bought a Will Clark jersey from you guys. Now I want a Willie Mays and a Barry Bonds. Can you hook me up?
In 1973 - Willie Mays hits the 660th, and last, HR of his career off Don Gullett of Cincinnati.
1960's all-decade National League outfield.. Billy Williams.. Willie Mays... Hank Aaron.. Roberto Clemente off the bench..
Willie to me at lunch late 90s: "Without baseball there is no Willie Mays." His godson, the next day: "Barry Bonds doesn't need baseball."
I'll pass this along. I don't think Henry Aaron (sore hip) or Willie Mays (really old) were available in the platoon
Only Hank Aaron, Frank Robinson and Willie Mays have more "legit and accepted" 20 HR season than
Only Hank Aaron, Barry Bonds, Frank Robinson, and Willie Mays have more 20 HR seasons than
Denied access to an elevator so Pete Rose can ride it. At the World Series, Willie Mays had no problem riding with mortal…
Before the four all-time greats (Hank Aaron, Johnny Bench, Sandy Koufax & Willie Mays) took the field.
If keeps playing will be 50/50 each week to make the cut. Doubt he wants to finish career like that?? Fat Elvis/Willie Mays.
Hank Aaron and Willie Mays' ASG appearances are greater than Mike Trout and Bryce Harper's age combined (49>45).
Willie Mays is a ball player, city I his turfs and a ball cap.
Willie Mays is the greatest player of all time.
I like that Willie Mays still sports his baseball cap.
If you ever meet me in person, I will tell you my Willie Mays story. It's another in the series "Joey Acts Dumb In Front Of A Famous Person"
Awesome tribute to Franchise Four. Hank Aaron and Willie Mays arguably the two greatest ball players ever. At least top 5. Legends.
Still can't believe Willie Mays wears that old BP cap.
Bringing out Willie Mays, Sandy Koufax, Hank Aaron and Johnny Bench is a great way to show why baseball is the greatest sport.
Stan Musial is tied with Willie Mays for career most total bases in at 40.
did you know Willie Mays' dad is William Howard Taft?
Houston manager Leo Durocher chats up Willie Mays in the Astrodome as his young superstar Cesar Cedeno looks on.
I got into an argument who is the greatest Willie Mays or Alex Rodriguez. In modern terms Emanuel Sanders against Brian Urlacher.
In order to excel, you must be completely dedicated. - Willie Mays @ Kings Park High Performance Centre
Lol! Andruw Jones was supposed to be the next Willie
ICYMI: The place where Willie Mays hit HRs and Joe Montana threw TD passes now looks like this. R.I.P., Candlestick
+Glasspool of LA, CA may be Jackie Robinson, or better yet, Willie Mays.
no you won't because Reimold will be DFA to keep Willie Mays here
when they option Gausman again in order to keep Willie Mays on the team, you will cange your tune
The free agents the Knicks picked up have me feeling like fans on Major League reading about Willie Mays Hayes and Rick Vaughn.
It *** sometimes having a lead off guy who has a low batting average. We need Willie Mays Hayes
i disagree with Ruth as best ever definitely best of generation but I'd have to say Willie Mays cause of the parity in the MLB
Rodriguez was to receive separate $6 million bonuses for tying Willie Mays 660, Babe Ruth 714, Hank Aaron 755.
Willie Mays?! Heck Christian Colon never would have hesitated.
Willie Mays Hayes never would have hesitated.
Alex Rodriguez joins Hank Aaron & Willie Mays as only players in MLB history with 600 HR and 3,000 career hits.
Alex Rodriguez passing milestones of Hank Aaron and Willie Mays is like mentioning Justin Bieber along side of John Lennon and Jimmy Hendrix
Birmingham *** Leagues museum set to open July 4th. Fairfield native & baseball great Willie Mays to get honor. .
Willie Mays is the only player to have hit a home run in innings 1-16. Wow
Monte Irvin and Willie Mays are in attendance.
A special moment for Monte Irvin and Willie Mays
Pres Obama pays special tribute to "trailblazing Hall of Famers" Monte Irvin and Willie Mays.
Willie Mays and Monte Irvin. Now that's a winning ticket.
The only 2 arguments I would listen to would be Willie Mays and Ted Williams.
Daniel Robertson makes a Willie Mays play robbing Sweeney of a RBI extra-base hit. But trail 3-0 as we go to the Bottom 2nd
Alex Rodriguez Speaks of His Regrets (a Few) and Willie Mays (the Greatest Ever) -
Baseball Quotes: "It was his solemn duty to catch a ball that wasn't in the stands." -Monte Irvin on Willie Mays
May 7 (Reuters) - Alex Rodriguez blasted the 661st home run of his career on Thursday to pass Willie Mays for fourth on th…
Alex Rodriguez hit his 661st home run to pass Willie Mays for fourth on the career list, but the Yankees, who edged the Orioles, were not
A-Rod is great and all, but he's no Willie Mays.
Don't believe the hype around A-rod. Willie Mays is and always will be better.
MLB fans react to Alex Rodriguez passing Willie Mays on the home run list.
Alex Rodriguez hits home run No. 661 to move ahead of Willie Mays
The Meck Report: Alex Rodriguez passes Willie Mays with 661st home run ...
ICYMI: Alex Rodriguez hit his 661st career HR to pass Willie Mays for sole possession of 4th on the all-time HR list. htt…
Tired of people saying Alex Rodriguez passed Willie Mays in HRs. He's tied with me with ZERO. His HRs don't count because he cheated.
HISTORY MADE!. Alex Rodriguez launches career home run No. 661, passing Willie Mays for No. 4 all-time.
On Thursday, A-Rod passed Willie Mays on the home run list. So why is no one cheering?
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Alex Rodriguez passes Willie Mays with his 661st career home run
Alex Rodriguez passes Willie Mays with 661st career home run
Alex Rodriguez passes Willie Mays on all-time HR list in 4-3 Yankees win over Orioles
Willie Mays way better than Alex Rodriguez even tho he never dated Madonna
Alex Rodriguez passes Willie Mays on career homer list
A-Rod passes Willie Mays on home runs list.
It took Alex Rodriguez 1,041 fewer plate appearances to reach 661 HR than it took Willie Mays to reach 660.
Alex Rodriguez and the road to Willie Mays - no. 661
Alex Rodriguez surpassed Willie Mays & used PEDs before. He is still a better example than crackhead Josh Hamilton:.
Gosh I hate A-Rod so much. A classless *** like him doesn't deserve to pass a class act like Willie Mays.
The only good thing about is this story about Willie Mays.
ICYMI: Here's the HR that moved past Willie Mays into 4th place on MLB's all-time home run list.
BREAKING: Alex Rodriguez hits career home run No. 661, breaking a tie with Willie Mays for 4th place on all-time list http:/…
Alex Rodriguez homers, moves ahead of Willie Mays for 4th on MLB career list -
VIDEO: Alex Rodriguez hits HR No. 661, passes Willie Mays for 4th on the all-time list.
A-Rod hits homer No. 661, passes Willie Mays for fourth place all-time
Happy Birthday to Willie Mays, George Clooney, Tony Blair... and absolutely most importantly, my daughter Lindsay.
Happy 84th, Willie Mays! The legend tops our list of the best CFs in history:
Say Hey and join us in wishing the happiest of birthdays to legend Willie Mays.
they could have had Jackie Robinson and Willie Mays but passed on them because Boston hates blacks!
NYY Star Ledger: 5 Yankees things to know today: Alex Rodriguez chasing Willie Mays, strikeouts galore
Alex Rodriguez tied Willie Mays with his 660th home run to go level fourth on the all-time list as the New York...
Alex Rodriguez hits 660th home run, ties Willie Mays
Alex Rodriguez's bonus for tying Willie Mays supported by MLBPA - Newsday.. Related Articles:
Willie Mays congratulates Alex Rodriguez for reaching 660 career home runs
Alex Rodriguez hits a pinch-hit home run to tie Willie Mays at 660 home runs | HardballTalk.. Related Articles:
Willie Mays (523/140/660), Babe Ruth (506/136/714), and Jimmie Foxx (458/125/534) are the only members of 500 club w/ triple–digit 2B/3B/HR.
Say hey Willie Mays was one of the greatest ever. Saw him play in person at Connie Mac. Hit for avg & power, run bases &great fielder
Yankees beat the Red Sox 3-2. A-Rod hits his 660th HR over the Green Monster to tie Willie Mays.
Willie Mays also had to play during Jim Crow & keep Jackie Robinson-like disposition & never lash out, criticize, or even acknowledge racism
River Avenue Blues - A-Rod hits 660th homer to tie Willie Mays for fourth place all-time, leads Yankees to 3-2...
Alex Rodriguez is now tied with Willie Mays on baseball's all-time home run list.
A-Rod hits 660th home run, tying Willie Mays for 4th all-time.
The Yankees win as Alex Rodriguez moves to 4th all time on the home run list, tying Willie Mays
History! Alex Rodriguez hits home run number 660, trying Willie Mays for 4th all time!
Breaking: Yankees' Alex Rodriguez hits 660th career homer, ties Willie Mays for 4th all time (ESPN)
660! Alex Rodriguez hits his 660th career home run to tie Willie Mays for 4th most all-time.
Say Hey Rod: Rodriguez matches Mays milestone with homer 660: Alex Rodriguez has matched Willie Mays for fourt...
BREAKING: Alex Rodriguez matches Willie Mays for fourth on the career home run list by hitting No. 660
Alex Rodriguez and Willie Mays shouldn't be in the same sentence
Alex Rodriguez just matched Willie Mays with his 660th home run
Here's the pinch hit blast (1st in his career) that tied Willie Mays. The Sox fans all stood up to boo ARod...
With his homer in the 8th inning, ties Willie Mays with No. 660.
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