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Willie Lynch

The William Lynch speech is an address purportedly delivered by William Lynch (or Willie Lynch) to an audience on the bank of the James River in Virginia in 1712 regarding control of slaves within the colony.

Jim Crow Black Friday Jill Scott

I liked a video from Judgement Day 2 - Willie Lynch, The Black Woman & the Destruction of
Rereading the Willie Lynch Letter and it's truly saddening but I recommend that everyone read it.
start with the willie lynch letter and happy bday by the way you know I got love for you
I know I'm the type of *** to discuss the Willie Lynch letter an how we as a ppl need to do better an still call u a *** afterwards
The Willie lynch letter was written in the 90s
Let's not confuse the matter; the "Willie Lynch Letter" is mythical, yet its implications ARE VERY MUCH FOR REAL!
We all should read the Willie Lynch letter because it is still relevant
Dont believe me, just read Willie Lynch's letter Lets Make a slave
Trump's original copy of the Willie Lynch speech . . .
Willie Lynch Letter: The making of a slave.
If you don't understand that the Willie Lynch letter is fake, we cannot have a productive conversation about anything race-related.
If you're talking about the Willie Lynch letter in context of 2015 race issues, you're not complex, you're confused.
Willie lynch said we would wake up after 300 years and it's been 303
If you wanted to write a letter to Willie Lynch on behalf of our ancestors... What would you say?
Let the Willie Lynch theory reverse a Million times.
I re-read the Willie Lynch letter periodically to remind myself what I believe in and to inspire myself to inspire others
African Americans practice Willie Lynch's laws & don't even know it...
Willie Lynch's ideals will unfortunately forever live on...
as a black person who loves the outdoors I am never 100% relaxed because you never know when willie lynch and crew might show up
A young black conservative asked who's Willie Lynch was. Im thinking "he's the one that helped program your ***
Look at this future Uncle Ruckus. The Willie Lynch syndrome is alive and well.
Willie Lynch letter: The Making of a Slave People of color are to never forget why we're so separate as a people.
I liked a video The Willie lynch letter and the making of a slave. (full book with narration)
willie lynch letter - Google Search "We ain't meant to survive it's a set up"- TuPaC
Ppl especially a *** does not know how to be loyal to someone are something that's loyal to him are she lynch.
Reading the Willie Lynch letter and it's absolutely astonishing how his words are disgustingly prophetic.
300+ years later and the effects of Willie Lynch's tactics for controlling slaves are still going strong.
I added a video to a playlist JUST FLO: Willie Wonka Lynch: Chaotic Culture
The Willie Lynch letter. Study up brothers and sisters.
“Dr. Ben Carson surging in the polls Ben is a Willie Lynch Jeff get a clue moron. . Finally, real conservatives are waking up.
the dog salivates whenever they here the bell. That's how they did/do us. Willie Lynch is alive and well (Will He Lynch)
yea but in a Willie Lynch papers type of way.
The stark reality is that Willie Lynch's control advice can be updated and re-named the Divide and Rule (Conquer) ploy
The descendants of those so-called freed slaves are now maintaining and perpetuating Willie Lynch's divisive game-plan.
The more thing change, the more they remain the same. Willie Lynch's 1712 advice is still al...
It's the Willie Lynch syndrome all over again
If you're black and you have not come across/ read the Willie Lynch Letter, I highly suggest you do so (find online). An eye-opener
I suggest all black people, Man & Women, Young & Old read the book Breaking The Curse Of Willie Wake You Up…
All I see are Black people that are trying so hard to Murder us an I have been told that they are using the Willie Lynch letter for refer...
" Willie lynch and the control of the black woman" via
"Aye bro, you know that Willie Lynch never existed, right?"
The new Klan comin @ you w/ a new look// No hoods when they tryna Willie Lynch you .
To the this made you afraid of them!. Undo it!!!. Willie Lynch letter: The Making of a Slave
So many of my sista's are stuck in Willie Lynch Mode and dont even know who or what he did to our people to make the slave mentality!
refer the good Christian of America smh to the willie lynch letters,break the cycle teach your children right
Y'all worrying about gender roles when we haven't even reversed the Willie Lynch letter yet...fix one problem first
Learned behaviour. I've never called my grandparents or parents the n-word. I wouldn't Willie Lynch it towards anyone else either
Willie Lynch & Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome.did a number on Our Psychic.
it's the Willie Lynch syndrome of the 21st century divided the ppl so a small group has full control
I know the Willie Lynch syndrome & conditioning that has taken place.I also have life experience gives me another perspective.
Watch Mr. Paul Mooney drop knowlege about Race and Willie Lynch in this recently discovered clip from The...
Willie Lynch letter of 1712 . and it shows the break down of families of 2015 . 300 years of…
glad to make y'all laugh...haven't heard about Willie Lynch letter in my classes...
Doing Laundry day and readying the Willie Lynch letter
Doing Laundry and reading the Willie Lynch letter
Im starting to think this hashtag is like the Willie Lynch letter. Something made up to give black folks a villain
Please take the time to look up the Willie Lynch letter. It explains a lot & will help us come together & overcome.
This was in the Willie Lynch letter... Overstand me.
No individual can be colonised, and enslaved without given in. "Willie Lynch letter: The Making of a Slave" read it and see.
Why is Loretta Lynch not in San Francisco investigating.Oh that's right the victim was a White Woman,move on.
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Nah she was, but you could only be *** if you were the choir director. It’s in the WIllie Lynch letter.
Nope, that's not hip-hop culture they are appropriating. It's Willie Lynch culture. HUGE difference.
Just bought Stolen Legacy: includes The Mis-education of the *** and The Willie Lynch via 📚
word isn't black on black crime an upset of willie lynch schematics?And pushing melanin into projects post WWII?
Bc blacks rather spend money with foreigners or white ppl to show that they can. But despise black owned – "affect of Willie Lynch Letters"
This Willie Lynch describes what they did to you.
Y'all black men feed right into that Willie Lynch brain washing.
The Willie Lynch letter "How to make a slave" explains a lot they been put a plan together to destroy black people 😴😴😴
its sad Ryan our boys and men are so angry this is the reinforcement of the Willie Lynch syndrome
this makes your point.[PDF]The Willie Lynch Letter And The Making of a Slave. INTRODUCTION. The infamous
The Willie Lynch letters, Black Wallstreet.. things that I wasn't taught that changed the way I view the world
Ref shud be made 2 Willie Lynch letter of 1712, pupils shud be taught how this segregation amid blacks came 2 being
it was apart of the plan to get blacks to go against their on people smh. Willie lynch theory in full effect
abuse, BW performing within the fictive frame work of mammy to be deemed "loveable", family dynamics & Willie lynch theory
Willie Lynch thought he was prophet
Willie Lynch letter still being felt
Man, you fine, but have you read the Jim Crow laws and the making of a slave by willie lynch?
Is "feminism is out to get the black family" the new willie lynch letter because it sure is stated as frequently by the saaame type of folk
But at your age, and in your position, citing Willie Lynch to tear down Black feminists is pretty pathetic, kiddo.
We have to honor our ancestors and surpass them. The Willie Lynch Syndrome is still prevalent to this…
The willie lynch letter is just Soviet Union cultural subversion applied to black slaves. Don't think it stops...
.I guess you need to address your Willie Lynch Syndrome, some blacks just have to prove they're better, or more like Massa'
The "WILLIE LYNCH" letter taught slave owners how to brake the slaves down mentally and physically! So why cant...
Consequently, it is believed the term “lynching” was derived from his last name as a way to pay homage to him for...
Lynch said, "I have a foolproof method for controlling your black slaves. I guarantee every one of you that if insta…
Willie Lynch has many Blacks (mostly Black males) by the throat, even more than 300 hears later.
Must read! Very similar to the Willie lynch letters!
This is what it look like when the Willie lynch syndrome succeed
This is an excerpt from the Willie Lynch Letters on How To Train A Slave. Ladies I ask you... Have you mated &...
Those Willie Lynch methods are still working as planned I see
Trying to deactivate that Willie lynch chip that's still operating at high capacity in too many…
Every black person should read the Willie Lynch letter
Willie Lynch is smiling in his grave 😂
Listen to Black Women, Bibles and Bobby Pens by Willie Lynch Jr. on
HOW TO KEEP A BLACK MAN DOWN. In the words of Willie Lynch in 1712, there are many ways in which you can keep...
Willie Lynch Syndrome 2.0 aka Modern America. But you have a black president. "He's related to ***
Willie Lynch Syndrome... Still so real... And a lot of people still don't see it
you're making the Willie Lynch letter that much realer. Those images portray a man to be physically strong and mentally weak.
Willie Lynch wouldn't believe how long his divisive philosophies have lasted
Black satire sites really the new Willie lynch letter
read the Willie Lynch letter .. That'll explain everything to you .. It's deep. Read it and tell me how you think
"I'm just in here tryna find books cause that Willie Lynch got us in bondage.". That letter was fake. And it wasn't deep. Resear…
Believing in the Willie Lynch letter is like believing in the bible .. Are you serious? Grow up
After slavery colonialism the African holocaust Jim Crow Willie Lynch the kkk for a Black person to be praying to a white man (1/2)
You have a chip in your brain placed inside you from 400 yrs of Slavery & Jim Crow. It's a Willie Lynch chip & it's decieved you.
There's a man named Willie Lynch at this neighborhood association meeting.
A system called divide and conquer. Been used since early civilizations, Willie Lynch letter, making of a slave, whatever you wanna call it
The Willie Lynch theory in full effect.
If Willie Lynch could see us today he wpuld just smile and laugh.
Just had craziest convo about god with my cousins, literally almost an hour, yall got that willie lynch syndrome hard af
idk...I believe blacks still suffer from Willie Lynch mindset. I can't be mad at someone for not wanting to deal
aye this *** Willie Lynch Jr need to hand these Chucks back to Morgan Freeman and say thank…
Willie Lynch letter: The Making of a Slave - true or false in 2015
Blacks will never learn because they are too busy letting Willie Lynch determine how they are supposed to feel in 2015 smh.
but the willie lynch letter is not a historical document w original authentic source in antebellum Amerikkka Nor is it referred to in any so
The willie lynch letter cannot be traced back to slavery. It wasn't written then at all But it's content is still relevant af for Black life
Destroying Willie Lynch one post at a time! * .
Never forget Willie Lynch a slave owner who over 300 years ago devised a plan to help keep Black people divided...
The Willie Lynch Theory should be taught in highschools
The willie lynch letter is deep af. It's makes my sad for my ppl
Whenever I see/hear someone reference Willie Lynch
You're missing your "Willie Lynch Chip". You're missing your mental chains. But, you aren't missing the plot!
Let the Willie Lynch Letter reverse a thousand times
Willie lynch taught us to see ourselves as less than.hundreds of years later!!!
At the bar and they start talking about willie lynch 😩. Nobody came here for that
Because of the willie lynch chip that is in most of us, we much rather see each other struggle. Black unity can drive it out!
Now I don't believe the whole story but I do believe there's truth to least the willie lynch papers.
I've never read the Willie Lynch letters until today and I must say.
The evolution propaganda of the 1800s was nothing but an attempt to justify the practices of the Willie Lynch Letter, [+]
At the time Hitler redefined political propaganda, it was around the time the effects of the Willie Lynch practices were wearing off.
The problem folks think the Willie Lynch Letter is some joke. Well, like I said on April 1st, the jokes on us black people.
If y'all haven't read the willie lynch letter y'all need to. It's so eye opening. I'm telling you it's essential if you are of color.
oppression certainly see things in a different way. with that said, do you think the Willie Lynch theory has
It's sad that in 2015 we STILL talk abt complexion. I've nvr subscribed 2 the school of Willie Lynch, just honored 2 live in the skin I'm in
Cops stick together and never snitch on each other..that's a gang, *** out to destroy each other...that's Willie Lynch
Why do people call they self . *** / *** / *** . Seems to me many of my people are inslaved in the mind . Willie Lynch syndrome
same with the labels etc Willie Lynch's methods are still alive & well in all aspects of every profit margin that phases us out
Let the Willie Lynch theory reverse a million times with complexion ..
Willie lynch method was to make "black"man physically strong but mentally weak.
have you ever read Willie Lynch's speech "The Making of a Slave"
excerpts from the Willie lynch Letter. Here we are 300 years later.
... White co - worker of mine says the willie Lynch letter is a fake and says his speech was never delivered.What do u think?
Willie Lynch meay not be a real person, but the syndrome IS
Willie Lynch syndrome need to change some thinkers.
Let's talk about the Willie Lynch syndrome.
Willie Lynch syndrome, and sadly this is still being done. Not every part of is happy.
The concept of the Willie Lynch syndrome is still effective. Sad! All of you ladies are talented Ok
is the feared phenomenon written of in the legend of Willie Lynch...the truth he speaks breaks the cha…
What if Jim Crow and Willie Lynch were black?
Im so confused. Did Willie Lynch not write that separating your slaves will keep you in control of them for another 300 years
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So you will also discuss how Willie Lynch's model of breeding and dominating slaves was used or Whether Reparations are due?
Black Americans need to stop being jealous, envious, and competing w/ each other. Prevent the Willie Lynch theory frm reaching our kids..
Kendrick preaching but he still feeding into the Willie Lynch theory. Smh
Willie Lynch said using his method will keep black ppl in the same state for the next 300 years - was he right?
If you haven't read the Willie Lynch letter please do so and then see it still in full effect in 2015
Proves that we are still enslaved...mentally. and it's sad as *** Willie Lynch was right...smdh
This *** gave an entire speech at his concert about willie lynch theory then said thesis am don't focus on racism , we are all people
S/O to look out for his short film willie lynch letter with
you NEED to know the Willie lynch letter. This is where self-hate comes from.
Some people still suffer from Willie Lynch really breaks my heart when people of your own race say get over it!
Willie Lynch Mentality . For more information please go to link provided in…
Checking out "Willie Lynch 'The Making of a Slave'" on MrArchersNyC:
Break the hazardous brainwashed cycle *The Willie Lynch Letter*. So what your parents did to you what…
READ: Breaking the Curse of Willie Lynch: The Science Of Slave Psychology. History is illuminating for the work of social justice.
"You must use the dark skinned slaves vs the light skin slaves you must use the female vs the male, and the male vs the female"-Willie Lynch
The Willie lynch letter was wrote by a black man .
Willie Lynch Letter - The making of a slave. women on top & men on the bottom
Time to wake up FOLKS, it's : Willie Lynch letter: The Making of a Slave
I'm Willie Lynch in reverse, you show boat but shoulda bought a yacht first.
Please come to my page and read Willie Lynch letter: The Making of a Slave
This is why our people are confused. - Willie Lynch letter: The Making of a Slave
"The Making of a Slave" - the Willie Lynch letter (1712) repost blackmenmatters. It's sad that we allow…
If your a person of color and don't know who Willie Lynch is or the letter he wrote, Think called "The Making Of A Slave…
the doctrine was written by Willie Lynch. How to make a slave. Destroy the mind, keep the body.
I encourage everyone to read the Willie Lynch letter. I promise your mind will experience a shift.
If a Black person uses "the man" & references Willie Lynch, listen to nothing they have to say. Consider nothing they say.
LYNCH TAUGHT YOU NOT TO ADMIRE IMAGES,,,so i get alot of shade from my own people sometimes ***
Who is Willie Lynch!? William (Willie) Lynch, was a British slave owner in the West Indies, and came…
we have to teach the children. When I posted the about the Willie Lynch letter being a myth the people on my fb fell to pieces.
Willie Lynch letter, that's all I'm going to say.
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Same with Willie Lynch letter. Creative lies that invoke respectability politics & pathology sell better than painful truth.
Oh God, you *** and this Willie Lynch letter on my TL. Pick up a book, please.
I keep having to bust out the Willie Lynch letter so they know it's real
this was a REAL letter sent out by this guy Willie Lynch in the 1700's to slave owners..
This is faker than the Willie Lynch letter
dropping will be dropping short film Willie Lynch letter with
This reminds me of ppl who love lies of Willie Lynch letter. Pretend Whites were "jealous" & had to oppress vs. just colonial & violent AF.
So, whether or not Willie Lynch was a 'real' person, da psychological damages of the concepts of that letter has creat…
I have the Willie Lynch letter in my room somewhere... I cry every time I read it.
Willie Lynch letter divide & conquer why we don't trust each other, part of our social engineering mspoemwtr
I was so very proud today to hear about a significant accomplishment by none other than the Rev Jesse Jackson. Through tough negotiations and relentless pressure he and others were able to force Intel to provide $300,000,000 to HBCU's, small businesses and and to open up jobs in Silicon Valley. Yes the man many of you dare to call the poverty pimp, etc quietly went about bringing about significant change that will affect our community for generations to come. And for all the people who don't know their history he has done this for over 40 years. This is why the media continues to call him names, and blackmail the public to denigrate the Rev. So that he will stop what he does. It is modern "Willie Lynch" mentality. And please don't tell me all about what he has done for his kids because if I were in his shoes I would have done even more. And please don't tell me about his baby. He is my civil rights leader, not my husband. That's between him and his wife. And lastly PLEEZEE don't tell me he loves the camer ...
I bet there's a direct correlation between folk that think Stringer was the brains and folk that think the Willie Lynch letter is real
di Afrikans. & none of that amounts to the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Willie Lynch, Jim Crow, or systemic racism.
people have a tendency to turn on one another when thing don't go their way.I call it the Willie Lynch syndrome.
Our suffering is a result of Willie Lynch ... Jim Crow
This is what I do while Im alive while black. Encourage the black community. "Willie Lynch" RT
I call it the Willie Lynch syndrome.Blacks made 77.5 billion dollars in 1977,yet less than two percent
Im not gonna let silent warfare stop me from happiness. Willie Lynch syndrome if they can affect one it will have a snowball effect
If you use house *** to describe another Black person it just shows how much of a slave you are to the Willie Lynch syndrome
Nobody told Jill Scott about the Willie Lynch letter being fake yet? Smh.
You can still like Jills music. Just remember she RTs Lord Jamar and probably thinks the Willie Lynch letter is a historical document 😂😂
Steel & Leather I walk my dog with it To keep him under control For when he sees those cats I have to take a stronger hold He starts to have a fit Or even a stranger Just passing on through I have to keep him under control Because he is going to try you I mean scare you with his bark With the threat of locking his jaws with a savage bite He’s a sweet heart He does not like to fight But some times he is over protective And does not like any one in his Cadillac space So he puts on the evil face I put steel around his neck Cause it is the strongest thing to hold At least that is what I was told I do hate to say I have to jerk it to choke his neck Sometime To keep him in check Hold on know don’t think I’m abusing him Or doing a Michel Vick Just a quick jerk of the steel to tell him to calm down and sit Sometimes his listens and sometimes he don’t That’s when I become more discipline then respect when he want That’s happens every few weeks But besides that he is a good boy and truly sweet Why do I ...
Hm is that like the pic-nic thing and the Willie lynch letter?
Jill Scott gonna quote Willie Lynch & I'm just gonna weep softly into the night
Gotta put her in the *** who think the Willie Lynch letters are real" category now
I think I know whose been putting out these conspiracies. It's Bud from the Cosby Show older brother. Troop and KKK, Willie Lynch, etc.
RE: Jill Scott. At least... it... wasn't... about a willie lynch letter...?
I need to meet the person who fabricated that history fact. Probably the same person who wrote the Willie Lynch letter in 85
"Can't we all just get along?" The answer is NO! You want us to get along as long as I continue to serve you and buy and accept your way of living...your superiority over me. I am NOT thankful for what you have done to my ancestors has now cause my IGNORANT brothas and sistas to function in this Willie Lynch society. You named us and molded us into the docile 3/5ths of a human we are today continuing to build your wealth and privileged way of living. Once we decide to come into the knowledge of self and understand what OUR true culture is, Babylon will begin to crumble
The folks upholding the "black-on-black crime" false eqiv prob still believe the Willie Lynch letter exists. I implore you, pls stop.
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“Bruh: Marshawn Lynch trolled the media after beating Arizona emoji
If anyone doesn't know who Willie Lynch is look him up he wrote a letter to other slave masters on how to make a slave creating an idea to hold us captive for more than 400 years creating a cycle of ignorance and hate once the seed was planted our mine set for violence between African-American people against our on continued. No its not right destroy our property but if you even 1/4 black then your black in everyone eyes and if we have to protest to get justice so be it. Yes my president is half black so ima speak on it I dislike how you address american about the situation bc if it was sasha or malia they would want justice to be done.
As I scroll through my news feed and news channels I'm plagued by story after story of unjust murder by the so called "authority." This morning I watched recaps of the Atlanta Police Department protecting PROPERTY; to the point where they were taking people to jail. So why isn't the LIVES of Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin and a plethora of other young Black Kings & Queens more valuable...or at least equal? It's modern day programming. Just as they whipped the male slaves and beat them, hung them, ripped their bodies apart in front of their families with out a care in the the name of their god (that one was, they are shooting our people dead in the streets to drive in the message of FEAR and SUBMISSION. If they make us fear them, they will have total domination! (As if they don't too). MIND CONTROL...PAVLOV...WILLIE LYNCH, Etc!
I believe "Black on Black crime" is a learned behavior taught to us by Willie Lynch.
"Willie lynch tactics that separated the masses, and taught us all to think backwards"
"Keep the body, take the mind." It really is psychological. And what Willie Lynch spoke about in 1712 is still happening today.
"That's the Willie Lynch tactics, that separated the masses & got us all to think backwards" -
Willie Lynch letter is only a tool . that language didnt exist in the 1700s. and white people are not that intelligent
the only way a non-black person could MAYBE understand is if they read Willie Lynch letter. For black folks its just a major eye opener.
Everybody needs to read the Willie Lynch letter. I know yall *** dont like to read but its only a page long. Its worth the time.
What speech did he give the white slave owner 2 control them
I just read willie lynch letter and it's obvious what you are saying is true. If we decolonize together then naturally women ...
I was feeling some type of Way and had to express it in a civil way.
She obviously needs to read the Willie Lynch speech.. He set the tone for our catastrophic nation!
what's up Jaz, got something With a message, can you tell a friend to friend .
its the of KKK, Willie lynch and G. Wallace gov of Alabama ect. to their beloved racists children.
Please listen to my new track and spread the word
that WILLIE LYNCH syndrome is still slive today!
I agree but we kill with the guns "they"gave us over the drugs and money "they"created.Willie lynch program still in full effect
Dont tell me about some law. The law could have people openly hung -lynched, a term coined from willie lynch- with 0 consequence.
All those who claim blacks victim card educate yourself.. willie lynch letter of 1712. This is the foundation of another system of america
Willie Lynch letter: The Making of a Slave -
So many black folks out here posting about the Willie Lynch letter and the origins of the Black Friday/slave auction sale.
That people still post the Willie Lynch letter as fact on the Internet in 2014 is just...
Its like the Willie Lynch letter...pitting the young versus the old smh
Just broke the Willie Lynch system down in pics in my last RT(s) inform yourself
On a personal note, I've been trying to stay only informed - but not feed into this ongoing "Willie Lynch" agenda...
right and Nautica was a slave ship, the Timberland tree is where they hung blacks & did you read that Willie Lynch letter!?
People treat you like you treat you. As a people we hurt ourselves. It is ok for us to kill each other, but as soon as an outsider does it, we want to act up. The way the black men are treated in America is a shame. But the way we treat ourselves is even worse. It a mindset the has been haunting us for centuries. Almost four hundred years ago we were taught to stay divided. Willie Lynch theory. A light skinned black held more weight in the master's house. A light skinned black ruled over the dark ones making sure the master's will was done. There job was to keep the *** people in the quarters separated. If they unified,they may try to take over. Get this people there is fear in a unified black race. The fight is to keep us separated. We are a chosen race. Find the special thing in us as a race and you will discover why there are so many attacks on the black race. Change your thinking. Change your life!
Google Willie Lynch - The Making of a slave. You will began to understand some generational things about the black race.
The aftermath of this Ferguson case is quite disappointing. My question is, why do we not see this kind of aftermath on white on white, black on black, or black on white crime? We are not acting righteously. We are acting like savages. The Willie Lynch movement is still in existence.everything that is happening now is created by design!!!
Can someone explain to me and I'm particularly asking Mr.Andre Chatmon and Mr.Michael Javon Henderson since they seem historically inclined why are black people blaming a so called white slave owner named willie lynch for our behavior to this day on the 93% of blacks being killed by the hands of another black man yes he did state the letter on how to control slaves and create separation beyond them but how does that play into this world today because I feel that parenting and the strong belief in our almighty creates a house built by stone not straw will cause no penetration of the stupidity this man intended to inflict amongst black people and I don't feel that man has so much power as to why this exist today so please explain?
When others face injustice and people add black on black crime as a counterarguement. First of all I would say stick to the topic at hand or there will never be justice. There is a time and place to address it, but during injustice is counter productive. Stop feeding into the willie lynch bs. Furthermore, blacks are the orginal people so they came from us. Is all crime not black on black on a deeper level?? Secondly, stats show that blacks are targeted by police more than any other race by a disproportionate amount. In fact, their revenue from tickets are paid mostly by blacks. Third, the same mental & cultural conditioning that makes people jump ship to talk about black on black crime during racial injustice is the same conditioning that makes blacks take their anger out on each other bcuz they were taught to fear people in authority. Fourth, to some it many not be a race issue. However, although I love humanity my skin is brown. I am a woman who also deals with adversity and racism. So yes I feel obliga ...
the light skin vs dark skin debate always reminds me of Willie Lynch's how to make a slave.
What about Blk on Blk crime?Excerpt from the New Willie Lynch Manuel on how 2 keep Blks from spkg up standing up & protesting
How many inappropriate or unjust verdicts before we admit that our legal system is broken, not in theory, but in practice? Racism is a factor that the American legal system was not designed to accommodate. Around the founding of the nation, there were folks like Willie Lynch who expected to own slaves and profit off Blacks for centuries; that one variable, racism, continues to trip the system. No matter how well the judicial system was designed, like any machinery, it does not account for human manipulation, due to racism or whatever prejudice/bias, whether intentional or otherwise. We are afraid to judge the legal system by its consistent failures, because we are afraid to admit that we may be incapable of producing a better one. If we are honest, however, we could at least have a fighting chance at amending or tweaking the current system as best as possible against these ills, but we are lazy; we are dishonest with ourselves, and there are certain interests profiting off the system as it is currently co ...
If people would stop thinking they know the truth, and actually take the time to read the Willie Lynch…
I liked a video Irritated Genie on Willie Lynch
But it's understandable the goal of the Willie lynch letter has succeeded . And its sad we're so strong and mentally weak simultaneously
Most of yall won't read this but it's the most heart breaking thing you'll ever read . " the willie lynch letter "
of course whites deny the existence of Willie Lynch.
- now that Willie Lynch is out the window.. Who's fault was it?
because this article states different, states WLS is still prevelant.
Willie lynch letter... Is how they programmed us.. And made a system 4 us to lose,must learn to reverse thi...
You are blaming all black on black crime on the Willie Lynch syndrome. That's ignorant
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obviously not educated on Willie Lynch syndrome then. If you were actually smart, you'd know.
black on black crime is a deep rooted psych. effect caused by the Willie Lynch agendas from the slavery eras.
Willie Lynch wrote a letter on How to control Black people.
Read the Willie Lynch letter, it'll open your eyes.
The willie lynch method is still alive today ..
# Ferguson, talking about a demon.Could this doctrine be the 21 century playbook of WILLIE LYNCH
Read the Willie Lynch letter & y'all will see that white people got what they wanted
Willie Lynch this to get a sense of who you are ? & what you mean in the world!
It is scary for me to be A BLACK WOMEN living in America!! The American Dream doesn't apply to us Only the 'WILLIE LYNCH SYNDROME '
Willie Lynch was a lie if you don't know who Willie is looking up. stand for something or you'll continue to fall for anything
"Lets make a slave" by Willie Lynch . Think about that .
I agree on the black on black crime totally. if you read the Willie Lynch letter you'll understand how it came to be this way.
oomProfessors thought today would be a good day to talk about the verdict + Willie Lynch theory + black ppl and = disaster
Has to be some kind of conspiracy. Willie lynch letter.
Willie Lynch Jr. says "success is relative," then drops some serious knowledge in BLAHZ Martell's new show...
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Been free physically for years. When we gone brake them mental chain willie lynch put on us
Either that or the Willie Lynch letter. I'm also gonna throw in that Magic Johnson giving blood picture
Willie Lynch letter what America is really built on. Cant be surprised of reactions like this
Please get off the Willie Lynch ish
as I said look up Charles Lynch and do your research, Willie Lynch is what everyone knows it as
I encourage everyone to google the Willie Lynch Letter but only if your ready for what it has to say just saying lol
you do realize the Willie Lynch story is a fabrication, right?
Have eachothers back regardless what is going on is what we need to be askin of eachother today.Stop letting Willie Lynch''s method effect u
Read the whole willie lynch letter that man is CRAZY 😡
Ever read the Willie lynch letter?!? Now tell me if this system is for our people? NO. This system was never meant to protect us
Willie Lynch letter: The Making of a Slave This is one of the roots to the problem, awareness of the origin is key.
Never forget Willie Lynch. They weren't hanging whites from trees and coming up a system to oppress them.
Willie Lynch syndrome. I'm aware. I see it all the time & I do agree... I despise ignorance, but this system created that
That self loathing we've conditioned ourselves in. Is the Willie Lynch letter 2014
The people who say Black Friday started in slavery are the ones that say that quote is from DuBois & believe the Willie Lynch letter is real
If you don't know, black on black crime comes from the "Willie Lynch Letter".That's how all of it started.
I really had to go pee...i'd hold it. Just to save the world from another Willie Lynch reference
Mofos need to believe that Willie Lynch's 400 enslavement system is over! is REAL.
Half you *** have no idea who willie lynch is smh
If they can Willie Lynch our First Black President and try to trump up reasons to impeach him, what make you...
How much of yall know about willie lynch or the Tuskegee project smh go research tht b4 u come at me and wen you done with that I have more
It took 300 years to make black people the way they are it'll take 300 plus yrs to undo what's been done, good job willie lynch
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