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Willie Lynch

The William Lynch speech is an address purportedly delivered by William Lynch (or Willie Lynch) to an audience on the bank of the James River in Virginia in 1712 regarding control of slaves within the colony.

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The industry'll have em thinkin they pimps...not knowin it ain't been a gangsta since Willie Lynch
Okay. Again for the ones in the back, THE WILLIE LYNCH LETTER IS NOT REAL.
Wat??? Listen I don't acknowledge White Jesus and Willie Lynch as my Lord and Savior. I'm immune to the white gaze fcoon
The Willie Lynch syndrome is a killer within Black People still till this day !
Due to all the after effects of Willie Lynch & propaganda.. "It takes half of yo soul just to trust another Black Man." - Butch Jacobz
Skin Lightening is a problem. Willie Lynch Syndrome still in full effect!
Good Morning! I am sure that I will have no problem getting any help from all the "real educated" folks who love to teach those they call NEGROES in disdain that.wait for it. it.. THE WILLIE LYNCH LETTER IS NOT AUTHENTIC! Here are some hints to help you discover the truth. 1993 or 1995.St. Louis.. .librarian.essay.The word foolproof.20th century verbage.
I can actually feel the effects of willie lynch...when I am in a predominantly white area surrounded around them I immediately feel as if I am not equal. I feel threatened and beneath them. Although it's only for a moment, I feel out of place and that I must be on my best behavior for them. Smh. I am the conscious black female and willie lynch still has an effect on I can only imagine what it's like to the ones that are still sleeping.
If you really wanna know why it persisted thru the '60s and still does, you should lookup the Willie Lynch letter
such movies keep Willie Lynch syndrome alive and in the end makes us slave for an eternity mentally.
Willie Lynch's theory of divide & conquer is alive & well 2day.Writing this paper is truly a learning experience that I genuinely appreciate
Beware of these cyborg ni**as with the Willie Lynch chip in them! My people were destroyed because a lack of knowledge
“I dont want to sound ignorant but who is this lynch person you speak of?” Willie Lynch
Black History 101 Willie Lynch: The making of a slave! IS WILLIE REAL OR MADE UP? I'm glad you asked... I've heard the "letter" is fake because the words used were not apart of the English language in I ask, what language was the bible originally? I've heard Willie Lynch wasn't a real person person because when researched, he didn't show up in the US I ask, did you grandparents? Probably not! Did the US take census in 1712? No, first census wasn't until 1790. But more profoundly, Oh Willie wasn't an American anyway. The letter says he was a British slave owner from the West Indies! Where did the term "lynching" deprive?
The people that claim to know a La-a are the same people that swear that Willie Lynch is real.
I don't believe in the legitimacy of the willie lynch letter. So please stop using it in conversations with me.
Start postin the Willie Lynch letter all in ya mentions...
that willie lynch letter is to *** long , but I understand what he's saying ... we have been basically programmed
Blacks against blacks for self hatred that willie lynch syndrome kicking in Our black soul destroy our black mind felt into the white slave master spell Turn us blacks each other tear down One another take our issues out on
Willie Lynch outlined the social disorder of today
As I read page 2 the second column of this (Willie Lynch letter ) I close my eyes and I silently say a prayer for Humanity... No weapon formed against us shall prosper.. I post this letter today as a reminder always say a prayer for humanity ... In God all things are possible with pray and faith... The devil is a lier ... We will not be broken under this demonic plan..
Nicki Minaj new song Chiaq ,reminds me of the Willie Lynch letter.
Tonight: Irish Night with The Willie Lynch Trio! 5th Annual Golf Outing: May 5th! Sponsorship spots and 4-some slots are still available!
Why were people so *** Kobe for saying what he said...he's right...the truth hurts...before we all toss on our hoodies and march for Trayvon what about the dude who died on your street who was shot by his own for no reason at all as well.. Great racism, and equality are now "trendy" too. This is not to devalue Trayvon's life but the fact that we devalue our own by picking and choosing what to stand for when we blur the lines ourselves. The revolution in my opinion needs to start in your own neighborhood. We kill our own now faster than anyone else ever could, and seem to be okay with blaming that on the system too. Willie Lynch died...but his plan still lives.smh
Just read the Willie Lynch letter for the first time.smh wow
Might you know Willie Lynch. The name in itself makes me cringe.  Trust and believe that Lynch was not the only one whose reputation precedes him but he is the subject at hand right now. Never have...
I liked a video from TSP ft. Defiance Willies is Crooked/ Willie Lynch Letter
Everybody don't have the same opportunity to be successful.. Read about Willie Lynch somebody put me on him y'all should go read it.
Re-elution: Durham resident is the author of the Willie Lynch Letter
Alot of these groups have this Willie Lynch destruction manuel in play.
Willie lynch was the first european recorded in history. To come up with the idea of keeping the black women away from the Black Man so they can consider they self independent. Read the document he published. It's called the willie Lynch papers
Willie lynch is sitting in his grave saying to his self look at what eye started. Got all people of color going at one another. Stop the nonsense y'all
I had to share this post because it caught my eye, Sultan Ali Bey you spoke on this subject somtime back, pay close attention to the last satement that is made, the third eye can clearly see the Willie Lynch Syndrom in action, what she need a man for and she got the power, and is letting it be known, they will give a asiatic woman a job before they will a man
I don't understand how one black person can look at another black person and say," You cute to be dark skinned," as if black isn't beautiful. Sound like some Willie Lynch stuff.
giving life to such an ignorant thought process breathes life into the Willie Lynch letter 302yrs later. Let our women flourish!
Up early Fb.. Finally finished my research paper the Willie Lynch chip.
amazing watching Willie Lynch doctrine play out day after day. We need more of us to want more for ourselves.
All u got to do is ask ya self is jayz a Willie lynch *** *** Is he tryna restart slavery. Take it back to blackness when dealing with this issue not just the holy Koran or Bible. Js.
One of the things I don't like... The fact that we sit and argue if the Willie Lynch letter is real instead of realizing its manifestation before our eyes.Stop d Willie Lynching!
The willie lynch letter was not real it fooled me too but not real
read the Willie Lynch letter and tell me that it's not what society is today mostly. go ahead ill be waiting
Willie Lynch endorsed the King James Version of the bible.. Study it.
Time to deactivate the Willie Lynch CHIP my people.
The Willie Lynch Letter is actually a myth
papers than the Bible you'll realize the King James version was meant to enslave you Willie Lynch said he was
I know I said that. That's what I meant by systematically programmed. Willie Lynch stuff
Half of our problems stem from adopting European ideals instead of African ones if more ppl read the Willie Lynch
We need more tribes, with no *** only men and women, while we eating off each others plate, most not all white people kicking back watching us take us out, it's all part of the Willie lynch plan, appreciate that knowledge R.A.W. CITY for y'all who don't know about it look into it, thank GOD for JESUS because if it was up to us to save us smh we wouldn't stand a chance. BRAVIS"
Is your Willie Lynch chip active? Let me tell you what's happening from this view i have: The males are against...
What is a "Conspiracy"? And do conspiracies actually and historically exist? Conspiracy- the act of conspiring. An evil, unlawful, treacherous or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons, a plot. By this definition yes conspiracies do exist, but to sheeple and sleeple they don't. If one needs to examine a conspiracy all one needs to do is look at the willie lynch letters. This is the definition of an existing conspiracy.
Did you know the Willie Lynch Letter was hoax???
If you dont know what Willie lynch probably have it lol
Get rid of the willie lynch syndrome inside of you
These knock head country but not cross the mason Dixon classmates of mine ignore me. This is crazy. I must stay focused. But if they try to dip on me ima play Fred Sanford and tell Elizabeth I'm coming because that will be the day I'm down with jayz and the Wu...and Willie lynch affliates think they styling!!!
Read the Willie Lynch letter then ask me why I am so serious about accomplishing my goals.
9/10 ppl who use the 'feet like like wool' verse 2 say jesus was black ALSO believe willie lynch was a real person.
I'm wondering if we thru a listening/bday party at this club and I were to perform my music along with other local artist performing theirs; who would come just to show love and support or did you let Willie Lynch(an old slave owner) totally brainwash you to continue to hate and envy your own kind instead of supporting each other and grow as ppl which we're felling to do !!
Tonight: Come in and enjoy one of our delicious entrees and get the second on us! That's right! 2 for 1 entrees served all night!! Tomorrow Night: The Willie Lynch Trio! Come sing and dance along to your favorite Irish tunes!
smh that's a *** shame they under Willie Lynch spell and don't even know it
Everywhere where *** suffer from Willie Lynch syndrome.
Willie Lynch's method to control slaves for 300 years. Ima just let this sit here.
Y'all read this speech by Willie Lynch to slave owners in 1712 and tell me what y'all think...
We as a people need to read the Willie Lynch letter and see the methods employed to divide us.
jus look up Willie Lynch it'll pop up
Black People look up willie lynch and do better. I just meet a 50 year old dude who never heard of him.
Willie Lynch taught slave owners who to control slaves by making them have conflict within their selves.. That's crazy…
Willie Lynch still in effect. That's crazy
Right...and its sad that the main people who view Black Empowerment as racism is our own people, (guess you win after all Willie Lynch) smh..I've actually been called a racist and anyone that knows me know thats not true...I have friends and loved ones of different races; I have never been one to view color..however, I am one that would love to see my people united and encouraging one another, instead of this senseless killing and twerking epidemic...we have to position ourselves to rebuild Black Wall St so that we as a people can be respected by leaders of other countries, and we as a people can began to produce commodity and create jobs, rather begging our former slave master and their children for jobs. THAT is not racism; thats just common sense. I love ALL people of ALL races; however, I have an unspeakable love for my people; and the sooner people begin to see that power and magnificence of being Black, the sooner ppl will see WHY this country have "keeping Blacks divided" at the top of the list...a ...
-yall see this whitewash. Willie Lynch lil boy bryant I guess Jordan Davis was wrong 2
Just finish reading the willie lynch letter. Every black person should. Almost brought tears to eyes. To my black men, I never really understood your struggle. You are loved. I will never put a Black Man down ever again. I promise to only uplift and encourage you. My promise to black men.
Even if there was no Willie Lynch, the behavior is a reality. Its obvious we have been conditioned2 be that way
How to Overwrite you Willie Lynch Programming with C + +( Christ, plus the laws, plus a revolution of your mind) {Complete constructive change} To those of y...
Wish we could stop this willie lynch movement btwn us African Americans. All this light skin, dark skin bs competition we are in; why? Knowing us brown skin brothers are role models to all!
Plc my bloved 4rnds pls google the name .(willie lynch ) and u tell me if we have realy gained our freedom.sad#
It's so obvious black women want to BE white women or idolize white women. They copy every thing white women do from their hair to their mannerisms , the way white women sound, and everything a white woman likes black women love it. Talk about followers. That's beyond Willie Lynch.
Independence is an illusion, the crops depend on the sun,rain and soil to sprout. I depend on people to love art in order to sell.The tattoo artists depends on tattoo lovers in order to sell his craft. U depend on the people who create jobs in order to clock in and get ur money up.The architect designs the house the builders build the house and the carpenters carve the hardwood floors. Now unless you're going to be independent and design, build, carve, put the motor in your car go and dig up oil for it to function etc etc etc.,then cut the big talk.We are a human race nobody is a island we are part of an environment. We all hard a part in the cycle of life. Let he or she with OVERSTANDING find the beauty of this jewel. Black men and women are at war because we think we don't need one another, Willie Lynch said on the banks of the James River in 1716 "that he would pitch the old slaves against the young,light against dark and most importantly divide the black household by separating the woman from the man. ...
All purpose parts banner
Tota go thata straight Willie Lynch letter: The Making of a Slave
Pls people read a letter written by :willie lynch how to break a black person
Listening to Motsweding fm. The breaking Process of the African Woman *By Willie Lynch. Psychology.something we all have to be aware of.
Harsh Truths Black People Don’t Want to Hear Your own jealousies, competitiveness, in-fighting, unwillingness to support one another and pettiness with other Black People is what’s keeping you from moving forward. We never learn from history because we believe: That white people can change. That things are "getting better". God will help us if we just pray and do nothing to help ourselves. That just because we lack the capacity for evil, others lack it too. Your sense of "morality" is your greatest weakness, and provides OTHERS with evolutionary advantage. "Treat others how you wish to be treated" doesn't necessarily play well in the "white" world. The world doesn't "play fair". Ex., Trayvon Martin. Having the latest gadget, like a 50″ flat screen TV for showing off, is more important than building stronger communities. Eurocentric education is by far the worst thing that has ever happened to us. Educating yourself IS your best defense against YOUR ignorance. Ex., Willie Lynch Letter: The Making of ...
I said know about Willie Lynch nor live there
Tbh i just gotta thang for fine toned dark skin woman an brown skinned woman me bright red don't mix i mean they cute n all just not my thing so do yall think i got the willie lynch syndrome lmao really though
PSA: The Willie Lynch letter is still in effect and it is sad that uneducated and educated black men and women allow the white man to confuse and trick them into hating each other and they are blind either your elders didn't warn you or u was just hard headed and dint listen come on now brothers and sisters wising up
Its sad to say tht us black ppl are STILL and probably will always suffer frm the "WILLIE LYNCH SYNDROME" think about this for a minute and if u arent aware of what this is pick up a book and read
I think I'm gone read the willie lynch letter today...I was told every black American should read this book.cause the writing is on the wall...and in this book... A lot of the hood winking and swindling that has happened to us derived from what's in this book.
Today's summary of the Willie Lynch letter -
Black People often wish the worst on other Black People. The willie lynch letter is a perfect weapon.
You have to at least know of Willie Lynch or we make no progress
I've been knowing of Tommy after listening to his shows for a month, finding out his background i.e. education, childhood issues, gender issues, work experience etc. and his YT videos. After careful analysis, Tommy Sotomayor is the real life example of Willie Lynch( even though this well thought out short book/pamphlet is a hoax). The damage Tommy has done are word for word a Willie Lynch strategy. Nonetheless, this event has given us a clarification on the divide and gullibility of our people as whole. The lack of black standard has given a rise to fake leaderships such as Tommy, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the rest of the lackeys. These fake leaders has given us more of nothing to where we have accepted our Lego like existence, in which we easily attached ourselves to anything or anywhere we can fit in. This is a dirty game ya'll! However, no one can clean a house without getting dirty.
Bruh let the lightskinned/darkskinned thing die you're making Willie Lynch smile in his grave lol
JUST MY RANDOM THOUGHTS: Now things I don't understand is this trend people got going on and or now this stuff is pure ignorant at its best. First of all y'all people need to look in the mirror you are BLACK if I need to remind you they *** sure don't got Team Light Skin, Dark skin and Brown skin on a job application smh. I know WILLIE LYNCH is smiling big in his grave. Well if you don't know who WILLIE LYNCH is thats explain a lot about how you think. Black People come in all shapes of color! JUST MY RANDOM THOUGHTS!
Deep thought. I wonder do the blacks of my generation realize that a lot of our issues is a product of the infamous Willie Lynch letter not slaves physically but when think about it, it's still in AFFECT MENTALLY. To figure out if you are a product of it read the Willie Lynch letter. DON'T BE FOOLED
Before Mandela became President in South Africa,my distant cousins became,like field hands and house slaves,and started killing each other. They decide to label some of their own,informants. Deklerk ad Mandela went out and started speaking to the people to stop killing each other. You will never show any one you deserve to self rule if you take that type of position,in any society. Labeling some one a informant or uncle tom is just a part of Willie Lynch syndrome. In the end innocent people usually die.If you are part of the oppressed,you are trying to survive,just like the rest of the group.You can spend more time judging and labeling and miss the opportunity to unite as one. SMH.
I challenge everyone to read or listen to the Willie Lynch letter
A lot of yall need to read about Willie lynch
That's crazy how Willie Lynch still got *** on lock though.
To all my young black brothers everytime I look its another brother killing a brother take the the time and read the Willie Lynch speech he say white men doesn't have to kill us any more we doing to ourselves over proud, greed and money let's do better let's make him out of a lie
The Willie lynch letter still in full effect. As Black People we can't seem to understand that this is what they want to happen. We are killing each other over nothing instead of coming together to do something. Ignorance is being glorified but intelligence, respect, and love are looked at as a sign of weakness. If we put the same effort towards building our communities and our families and towards teaching the next generation how to become REAL MEN & Women as a people we wouldn't feel like we're always behind the 8 ball. Everyone talks about the opportunities we don't have the things we cant do Instead realizing we do it to ourselves. To many daddy's not Fathers. To many mamas not mothers and to many gangstas and not graduates. We got to get it together Black People.
The Willie Lynch, Jr. Show every 1st Sunday at Jokes and Notes! Next show is April 6th!
Lots need to read them Willie Lynch documents and then look in the mirror!
Sad but true to this Day, There is a myth perpetrated, feminist, the media and truly sad Black religious institutions that a Man{BlackMAN} is not needed to complete the Black Family. Woman thoy art Lose, Or just about any of the Stage productions, I do not need d a man i can do bad by myself. Even though most are fully aware of the Willie Lynch doctrine, and the negative affects on not having a strong Black Man in the Home. James Evans Sr was beaten up by society, he was poor, living in the projectz of Chicago, plus He was under educated. However He was not beaten down, He never stop trying to find honest work, He pushed his children to get an education & be their very best all the time. However John Amos was to strong a Black Man for that role, he never projected weakness and what is not mentioned is that he was fired because He did not agree with the charecter of JJ. No Black Men have not been at Our best in a VERY VERY Very long time. But what group of people have thrown their MenFolk under the Bus. " ...
This all goes back to the Willie lynch letter..ok I'm done
"To all of the sick old black men who ignore young brothers like myself, while simultaneously trying to screw practically every black woman under the age of forty, stop molesting the youth with Willie Lynch."
have you ever read about the Willie Lynch syndrome ??
R.I.P to ignorance, miseducation, and most of all them factors of the Willie lynch theory. ... its time to break the curse and take back our families and communities. ..
THE WAR ON POVERTY... The War on Poverty; Who Has Control?: 03.25.2008 Mr. James Edward Johnson RACE IN AMERICA?!: Truth comes from long away and far ago, when I was with God. Back when God was looking out upon His Creation; the various periods, ages, eras, and mens' 'paradigms'. God asked the question, "why are they so inhumane to one another; and then they always ask for My Help; and I send my sages, apostles, soothesayers, diciples; I, even sent My Son; who else can I send?" And for some reason, I, James Edward Johnson, responded, "send me". The next thing I knew, I was upside down, with bright lights blinding my eyes, and someone slapping me on my butt. It was a Sunday, about 2:30 am, on December 19th, 1948. I was born. On May 14th, 1948, Israel was made a $tate, as it was after WWII and the Holocaust, yet, there was Apartheid in Africa and Austrailia; whatever was going on in America, was called Jim Crow and $egregation, and practiced as the 'law of the land' in 'sifting, tracking, and marginalizing' ...
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. This is from the Willie Lynch letter written for his speech given in 1712 to the American…
that's the foundations for a solid journeyman career, I'll be shocked if anyone wins the belt, Willie Lynch is a mad man.
be my big bro? Lol, wanted to know ur views on willie lynch letter and how it compares to black America today
My life is insignifigant 2 all but 3 people that make up my reason fa living. I CANT FAIL THEM CANT LET MY JOB JUST KEEP ME FRM THEM COUNTLESS DAYS. Without the time I take with them how r my kids expected 2 grow up? I REFUSE 2 NEGLECT THEM AND LEAVE THEM 2 BECOME A PRODUCT OF A WILLIE LYNCH STYLE OF CONTROL.
Why black women are so "strong" in this country...Willie Lynch Therefore, we shall go deeper into this area of the subject matter concerning what we have produced here in this breaking process of the female *** We have reversed the relationship; in her natural uncivilized state, she would have a strong dependency on the uncivilized *** male, and she would have a limited protective tendency toward her independent male offspring and would raise male offsprings to be dependent like her. Nature had provided for this type of balance. We reversed nature by burning and pulling a civilized *** apart and bullwhipping the other to the point of death, all in her presence. By her being left alone, unprotected, with the MALE IMAGE DESTROYED, the ordeal caused her to move from her psychologically dependent state to a frozen, independent state. In this frozen, psychological state of independence, she will raise her MALE and female offspring in reversed roles. For FEAR of the young male’s life, she will psych ...
All u *** haters y everytime a black person make it big other blacks hate my bad lynch said how to keep us as slaves nd we still
I always think back to the Willie Lynch letter when I see them doing that. SMH!
How do we reverse the Willie Lynch system today?
How many of you know that the Willie Lynch theory has lasted more than 300 years? . I HAVE A FULL PROOF METHOD FOR...
ppl dumb it's straight Willie lynch and they don't even know it
If one more person uses slavery anThe Willie Lynch syndrome as an excuse for the black populations behavior I'm gonna snap we have no right to even compare our situations to their! It happened 400 years ago! Take accountability for Ur actions an quit making excuses! An people wonder why we can't get ahead
if you ever go read the Willie Lynch letter. He explains how to Make a Black Man a *** And after he explains it to the
"Distrust is stronger than trust, and envy stronger than adulation, respect or admiration." - Willie Lynch, 'The Making of a Slave', 1712.
I urge you all to read Willie Lynch's Letter 'The Making of a Slave'. .
Ladies and Gentlemen... the Willie Lynch letter in full effect! Smh...
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"Willie Lynch" By PR, Willie Lynch speaks to the African American community.
I haveta stop myself from the Willie Lynch I mean, folks should know its a hoax... but does that really matter?
the Willie Lynch syndrome is quite well running through still today, Even after the Hidden Colors movie lol..
Just got done reading the willie lynch letters, it was my first time and I got to say that's why certain blacks act like that ..oh
Has anyone ever read the Willie Lynch letter??
that Willie Lynch letter is no joke
Being light skin or mixed does not make you prettier than anybody else. Our society is messed up. Willie Lynch smh..
Research Willie Lynch and the letter he wrote n it will explain a lot
Was to finish read this Willie lynch magga
Once again folks seriously need to look up Willie Lynch
It's 2014 and people are still on that "light skin/Dark skin stuff" ... Willie Lynch is still alive ..
Ignorance is Bliss!! In order to find out why we black folks act the way we do. Blame Willie Lynch
I think some of these *** are studying Willie lynch and using the same tactics he used with slaves they are using it with women
Seems the Willie Lynch syndrome is alive and doing well on the coast...smh
knowledge of self is what I am today also knowledge of self insulates me from the Willie Lynch syndrome
Willie Lynch - The Making of a Slave: This speech was delivered by Willie Lynch on the bank of the James River in...
I bet some people would bump a Willie Lynch record if Bugsy on the beat produced it and had Chris Brown on the hook
This is why that lightskin vs darkskin stuff is foolish. A section of the Willie Lynch letter.
Jim Crow and "Willie Lynch" need to cease being "respectable" and self-described "intelligent" Blacks' behavior modification trigger words.
WHEN THA DEVIL SMILED AT ME AND ASKED ME LAUGHING "WHAT WEAPON you GOT TO ATTACK ME, EXACTLY???" With this Light Shining upon my Soul from tha Stars!!! With this Benton Harbor Bred SelfMade&Fed Power Called BARS!!! With this Chas Henry Knowledge that Numbers don't Lie, people do!!! With this Molly Beckum Knowledge of 144,000 in Heaven's Kingdom Crew!!! With this Kit Fisto Speed of speech without tha mumbling!!! With this Willie Lynch fool on my hit list, disrupting unity where we Struggling!!! With this Ruby Vuittonet Love and Respect for my Family so Pure!!! With this Justine Trowbridge Common Sense, some places I share it would call it a Cure!!! With this Cameron BigChef Sheppard "Mind of a Gangster" Playing on Loud!!! With this Curtis Mayfield Ghetto Child playing when I step out ta tha Crowd!!! With this Bruthamikex Hinton Style speech I wrote for a school speech!!! With this Shane Meloy Persistence going tha Distance ta see these Goals Reached!!! With this Trident, Mind-n-Body-n-Soul, 360 Degrees of ...
I think of how our love for one another was used to punish us. We understand the Willie Lynch letter is inauthentic- but its …
For ppl who are “AWARE” I admit to being guilty of doing what I’m about to state. Now that more ppl are learning our history and we have ways to communicate over great distances, we have more responsibility to share “right knowledge”. What I mean is we cannot afford to teach half truths to our ppl when we have been lied to for so long. So it is up to us, the ppl who seek knowledge to maintain a certain level of discernment when liking and sharing posts on Face Book. We should take time to check and double check information and include references when possible. Years ago, I posted the Willie Lynch letter. Not long after, I found it not to be true. A brother hit me with that info and I felt bad about it. Now it is talked about everyday. We waste too much time arguing about things that are not real/true. So when I posted King Leopold’s letter, ppl were reluctant to read it simply because the Willie Lynch letter was a fabrication. This is where we hurt those who don’t know. If you post something ...
One of my morning reading rituals include the Willie Lynch letter. Free your minds guys!
Black history by ChrisMoses Tolliver Kings and Queens,African,spectacular beings, Captivity, The new world ,introduced to slavery, became slaves, many died, Willie Lynch, break them like wild horses, make them obey,cross bread all the best slaves, give them religion, now separate, don't teach them nothing but to fear the white man for 100s maybe 1000s of years, we got smarter, never lost our African traits but lost our African faith, the great escape Harriet and the rest of the greats, Lincoln abolished slavery with the help of a few good white men, years pass with the struggle of segregation the lynchings and killings, civil rights movement, rights to vote pass, bloody Sunday, Montgomery bus boycott, bombing in Birmingham, Martin assassinated, Malcolm assassinated, many black men lost their lives desegrgation ,Watts riots, Black Panthers, then came crack, a revolutionary setback for the blacks, gangs, Bloods and Crips, sports, entertainment, the Arts, and hip-hop, President Obama, Trayvon Martin kille .. ...
If you don't know about the "Willie Lynch letter" you should look it up and see how its still going on today, as planned!
Willie Lynch was a confederate major in the war. He's the only one on record and he never wrote a letter concerning slaves.
tell me was it a hoax for slave masters to use black children as alligator bait? was that a lie? if the oppressor can feed black children to alligators why wouldn't they write a book on how to control the slaves? the Willie Lynch letter is too real. go check out the movie goodbye Uncle Tom. our story is written in the scriptures.
I try to tell people that the Willie Lynch "letter" is fake but few believe me. Perhaps the research of another...
About to read the Willie Lynch letter
If you have never read it, Google the "Willie Lynch letter." Hopefully it will open your eyes on some things
Teach your children that they will be better than the outcome of the Willie Lynch letter.
can you explain the whole issue with the Willie Lynch letter?
The New Jim Crow is really not necessary with Willie Lynch running wild in our blood but remains in…
I challenge any African American as it relates to Black History to share with your congregation, community, and crowds the Willie Lynch letter. This will help explain some of the thought as to why some people even in the year of 2014 have this mindset. Read it, Process it, & Share it. You can Google Willie Lynch letter to read it.
I encourage every black person to read the Willie Lynch letter.and I'm out
As an assignment for Black History Month every black student from the fourth grade and up, in public school and private school, should be assigned to read and study the "Willie Lynch Letter". I believe that a study of Willie Lynch's letter will give black students a clear understanding of our black society, how we became the way we are and it will help them make plans for better outcomes in future generations.this is just my opinion! 2/15/14.Lolita Goree
If you could *** on anybody's grave without consequence who would it be? Hitler is too easy. Be creative. I'd start with Willie Lynch and then run over to Woodrow Wilson
Rise & Shine 72am. They say why live in a city that's all messed up, I must be crazy waiting for it to come back up when I can live in the suburbs and not worry about the mess ups, I told them to each its own why leave a city I helped mess up without helping clean it up, white supremacy help divide it up, that Willie Lynch letter if true it adds up, A.D.D.- BIPOLAR- SCHIZOPHRENIC-ABANDONMENT- POST TRAUMATIC SYNDROME has led to high divorce rates broken families and homes and black folks saying the *** with Detroit let them die on their own.
Why my Arlando Travis has his white friend reading the Willie Lynch letter?
Nicki Minaj- Lookin *** *** the Willie Lynch letter, turn the man against the woman...
It's ashamed although a fact, that one group of intelligent race of creatures could even allow themselves to be as demonic as this. So filled with over zealous selffish self centeredness, false pride, egotistical, dark evil hearted, sheep clothing , so vindictive as to place themselves above all other human being, seeing themselves as a race of gods, using others unlike themselves meaning in terms of skin, Measurering here for Workers benefit I cruse this thought, this position, those attempting to use these young boys and men as commodities, as experiments. I bind the minds and hands. I bind even the idea this day calling forth the tents of thousands protecting and warrioring angels, casting confusion into all minds attempting to confined innocent Human beings as servants ands slaves. May these curses called forward as the Willie Lynch letter affects be set upon the heads of all thise who have benefited from the lives and deaths of those used in the the demised of families may these horrible conditio ...
Willie Lynch letter was/is so powerful it don't make no sense 😩😩😩
Tough Love: the Willie Lynch letter begins at 7pm in the UC Redhawks Room!
do you men understand the Willie Lynch letter ? AND WOMEN .. do you think it still affects the offsprings of our slave brother and sisters ? if so , how do you think one can not be affected no more ? if no , why do you think not ? .. AND what are the effects , still shown today ?
For those who've heard but never read or understood the Willie Lynch letter, I have it ready to be emailed to you...
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Nicki Minaj's song about dudes in the club is evidence to me that the Willie Lynch letter really existed. I haven't seen this much division b/t men and women since the Mike Tyson rape trial.
Not that anyone cares but it's Black history month.I know Justin Bieber is way more important,but I would like to say something.If you were to ever read...The Making of a slave,by Willie Lynch circa 1712,you would understand that what he feared most was sympathetic white people knowing that blacks would never stick together.during the decades period of the underground railroad made famous by Harriet Tubman,Blacks were more afraid of being returned to slavery by blacks along the way North than by much so that a white man came up with a handshake based on reflexes called shake,still used by black men today.Harriet Tubman was of course a woman betrayed by Black People and killed in Connecticut and unsung by her own people who she tried to save ..till this Harriet Tubman your people have disgraced you so
whom ever put the billboard up is under the Willie Lynch Act
If you haven't read the Willie Lynch letter, you should. Bet money you'll think about a lot of things differently.
Idk it's probably because that willie lynch letter bugged me so much
Does the Willie Lynch Syndrome really exist among Black People? How Do you get rid of this Disease ???
I encourage all to read The Willie Lynch letter.
I bet the person that started the Tommy Hilfiger Rumor is also the person who wrote the Willie Lynch Letter.
These memes like little express versions of the willie lynch letter
I often read the Willie Lynch letter to remind me how fcked up in the mind *** really are.. U been bamboozled mfs.
“But just who came up with that concep of dark vs light skin ctfu”. Willie Lynch
You're all still slaves to the willie lynch letter, half of you dont even know what that is, what. *** shame
I know all about willie lynch I just really enjoy disagreeing with you
"We hate each other more than we hate our oppressor" willie lynch was the goat
The Mis-Education of the by G. AND The Letter by Willie Lynch
If you refer to the Willie Lynch letter, you'd see what the plan was. To continue to blind you, keep your distracted and bleed you dry.
The spells of all the malevolent ad the curses off willie lynch we will surely overcome as evil shall not prosper the real raw truth is ..
The whole Willie Lynch ordeal makes me sick to my stomach but it was the beginning of the curse ... For the love of money g…
Girlfriend Learned about Willie Lynch yesterday for the first time, and she can't stop telling it.
This is what willie lynch laws have done. Light vs dark skin. Only liking white women
We're the only race who dogs and disrespects the opposite sex constantly. y'all should look up the Willie Lynch letter.
If I hear one more thing about that fake *** Willie lynch letter! Someone brought it up at my hob this week...
Willie Lynch syndrome make em can't handle it, step back fore I burn yo *** like a candle wick -Me
Every Black Man need to read the willie lynch letter
I stopped making light skin and dark skin jokes after a man told me to read "willie lynch's letter." I learned a lot, do the same
One day I hope to be able to show folk to the Snopes link wholly debunking the Willie Lynch letter.
From Willie Lynch to Willie Hutch, right on, we Superfly!
I recently bought Willie lynch letter makings of a slave. Try that. I'm waiting for that one
When *** quote the willie lynch letter to me.
You guys should really read the Willie Lynch Letter! It's deep! I'm almost in tears.
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"How To Make A Slave" by Willie Lynch is still applying." - .
Willie Lynch, founder of the black hair police. Bet most of its policy enforcers didn't even know that.
Willie Lynch was a diabolical genius
K. Mack Lil Willie Double Ron & L'$called themselves the Lynch Mob. I put my 1st raps & freestyles on tape over there wit dem niggaz!!
“Someone enlighten me on this Willie Lynch drama.”
Someone enlighten me on this Willie Lynch drama.
Thank you. I refuse to believe that Willie Lynch came up with all that. Yall are Def. Giving him TOO much credit. Too much.
exactly what I'm saying. We can't root our education in the Willie lynch mindset to prove something. We have to REALLY educate
the Willie lynch letter doesn't educate, it perpetuates.
So, absolutely read the Willie Lynch letter. Then critically destroy every piece of crap it tries to feed you 😘
You can kill Willie lynch, right? But, a system? Our oppression is much more insidious than one man's supposed evil genius.
So, there's no confusion, the Willie Lynch letter is so wildly fake and distracting.
Ok I went back and read the article. The blogger compared our weave jokes to Willie Lynch.
“Let's talk about the Willie Lynch letter...”. Let's
Let's talk about the Willie Lynch letter...
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"The fact that it is black condemning their own race is BEYOND me!" Willie Lynch letter is still bein…
Kill the Willie Lynch Technique and Love Black! Black Pride will Defeat the Oppressors! They Lose ALL CONTROL!
Willie Lynch Syndrome. Dark v. Lite. U been brainwashed to hate ur own kind. Smh. I gotta apologize for bein lite skin too.. *** I cnt get rite!!! U can go blind chasing the lite. -Alley Boy
Willie lynch theory. my mind just had an epic eureka on the black family structure and just society in general.
This is awesome! Congrats Willie Lynch Jr. I'll laugh extra loud!
The Willie Lynch Letter was written in the 60's by a Black Man in an attempt to wake some folks up.
Reading this Willie Lynch speech is powerful and truthful...FB friends take one hour out your time and read it...Willie Lynch Letter: The Making of a Slave...
Willie lynch promise that his method of breaking a slave would last for 4hundred years is it still working?
The Willie Lynch Letter and The Destruction of Black Unity frame of mind is alive and kicking smh wake up people
deactivate your Willie Lynch chip today!
Why Willie Lynch ? I would neva make a brother a victim to keep the slave master rejoicing.
The willie lynch letter shaped this country it taught us to hate r own kind it's still being used against us today
For those who don't know, Willie Lynch was one of the smartest men to ever curse this earth. This was a letter written in 1712, and is still relevant today. Happy MLK day.
Lemme go Deactivate This Willie Lynch Chip before I head to the Plantation.
ALWAYS QUESTION THE STATUS-QUO A MASTER AT MASKING THE UGLY . The Imamu Amiri Baraka now an ancestor has always oppose the ugly . The ugly is war, poor education , poverty ,taxation with no participation , the events of Abner Louima , Willie Lynch , Emmit Till , BOOMB BOOMB BOOM Bombing ! Church boom ! Dr. King home, boom ! Malcom X home ,boom ! Pam Afrika's house, boom The ugly bomb the MOOVE's House in Philadelphia We got 'On the Move' in Newark to oppose tanks that boom THE UGLY IZ A BUM that locked EMS from crossing the George Washington Bridge down . THE UGLY IS A BOMB & THE STATUS QUO IS UGLY .
Willie Lynch Syndrome is among us stop the curse that destroyed us from the beginning slavery is over but it seem like we are slaving ourselves Stop the Violence n learn how to forgive not hate
Frm willie lynch to willie hutch we fly now, right on " You Can't Stop Us Now " by NAS, now we gettin our papers
Read the Willie lynch letter Jovon Allen Put me on , real food for thought . Overcome this trap that's been set since 1700's
Just read my son the Willie Lynch letter!
Listen to G.R.I.M.M. Rippa / WILLIE LYNCH!! | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio.
Now that Willie lynch is well known it's made up smh they will do anything to protect the white man
Willie Lynch a slave owner who over 800 years ago devised a plan to help keep Black People divided... Think
Willie Lynch is sitting back in his grave laughing at what he described as your marriage a *** marriage!!!
Willie lynch spoke about controlling us for 1000 years..welp that time is up , but everything he spoke about and how to get us under control are the most famous insta quotes , in popular songs . Hmm
Black fool why you doing willie lynch job still
the Willie lynch syndrome is all to real don't believe me look outside
My plight for 2014 and beyond is to dissect and eliminate, amongst people that look like me, the "Willie Lynch syndrome". For further research it can be googled at your fingertips. This was/is a demonic method that has plagued our forefathers, ourselves and intended for our future offspring, if not recognized and combatted.
Know this name Willie Lynch let it forever be etched in your memory banks.
Our situation as a ppl is getting worse. We need to reverse the evil Willie Lynch syndrome
While ya'll so quick to Google celebs other women. Research the Willie Lynch syndrome and identity those around you that are its prime example.
Got to admit it. Willie Lynch did a good job!
Young brothers clowning older brothers, not knowing they're a victim of that Willie Lynch syndrome! Learn YOU
iTunes ---WHO IS WILLIE LYNCH? On the bank of the James River in the colony of Virginia in ...
The Willie Lynch Speech is as real as the Santa Claus "I'm Sorry for Eating all the Cookies" Letter. PERIOD!. - Clecquot
Please read the Willie lynch letter.Just went over it again and it hurts my heart every time!
Look In To My Eyes: See what I see. A people thats filled with hate and destruction. I guess we can place that in reference of human nature. We good for blaming everybody else and each other accept ourselves. While other nationality rise over and beyond the occasion with honor. Got one even better less point the finger at our society. I ask am I my brother keeper. The reply I get is only when I need you. And when its necessary better fit for me. There is no us or we. We base our lives on materialistics. Fasion designs. Who got the most money. Taking risks thats life threatening. Dacing on poles. Shoots fired dying over these dollars. In retrospect it doesn't belong to us. I believe you forgot. Same people who makes the money literally is destroying the souls of our people. Willie Lynch syndrome break up there unity. Make them powerless. We once was recognize as kings and queens. Now were considered ignorant and followers. Master say jump you say how high. Just to put food on your table. Question ...
Willie Lynch is alive and well to this day. How do I know? Black People still tearing each other down and being racist towards one another more than any other race in the world. Surprise surprise.
Our hate will deplete our race. Willie Lynch syndrome.
We have lost it/once a prideful race/who would've thought this. We have lost our pride/we never had it/Willie Lynch letter destroyed our foundation/face it/nothing can erase it/racists/systematic/mind rapists/save it/society is corrupted/. No pride/Martin Luther King Jr. Malcolm X/Mandela/ fought for peace/Rosa Parks fought for a seat/freedom riders/this is science/exact science/L'Ts thought this was a challenge/I took it see I live in the city of Chicago Where the shooting and killing is ridiculous/no pride/senseless killing/killing ourselves into extinction/we need to extinguish the fires of ignorance and hate/...we need to... but Willie Lynch still has a grip/we have slipped/cycles of degeneration/faceless leaders/Bill Cosby complaints/. You see there is no pride/no men/the good ones get ignored/the thug/metrosexual/pseudo homosexual. the only one to get attention/the feminism of the Black societal manipulation/like managing the applications in your phone/society is managing t ...
Was jaust talking about the Willie Lynch syndrome and how it affects us up to this day. They really…
I think YAOHU UL the eternal creator for truth. The average person sattle for almost anything. We should be digging for knowledge with all our power. My brother Yaohu -shai Ben (Johnson) for the knowledge he has shared with me, it has been very helpful. The thing I call Willie Lynch syndrome , is where doing slavery times for African American blacks and brain washed them in a way that would last over 300 years. Willie Lynch was from England but when he come here to America, he saw the white masters not able to control their African slaves. He communicated to most of the Slave masters that it was a waste, to see them beat their slaves to death and kill them . so he told them that he had a program if they would follow his instructions, they would have control of them for over 300 years. He told them, first divisions had to be put in place, where they would be put in small living space, and all their resources would come from the master, and it would always be limited and not enough. they would be always ...
Well actually there was one brush with Law Enforcement last night. Here's the short story version. While I was dancing inside the Rave Dance Club with my boy Doug, the one-armed man as my back-up, the other third of our happy crew was Unhappy Robert, a dark-skinned African-American male wearing a black "NY" billed baseball cap. It seems Robert had gotten into fisticuffs with one of the Hispanic bouncers. Doug told me there's a lot of tension between Black People and Hispanics. Read the story "Willie Lynch" to understand why. So Robert's yellin' and hollerin' with the bouncers and Doug and me we're tryin' to get Robert back in my Subaru Forester to make our getaway before the Chicopee, Massachusetts police cruisers show up and jeopardize Doug's freedom since he's out of jail on Special Parole. Finally, after quite and angry and sustained confrontation with the bouncers, Robert finally gets back in the car. I quickly exit the parking lot and drive two blocks to get gas so we three bros' can get on to ou ...
Willie Lynch syndrome still going strong...
Education (OURS) ..and edification...RT How do we cure Willie Lynch syndrome?
Willie Lynch syndrome: pit the *** against each other to demoralize them and cause chaos
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Was pondering a little about how people have a hard time liking people who have treated them bad for so long and how when the oppressor is ready to be nice and treat them like equals, the oppressed holds onto the past transgressions, etc, even though they are somewhat aware of the tyrants change in character. It made me think of slavery in this country, and how a lot of blacks still hold resentment towards whites and often cite the Willie Lynch syndrome and that slavery is still alive. Then I think of women, who were basically treated like property throughout the history of civilization, and in some cultures still are. In fact, Slaves got rights before women as a whole got their's. I've met women that, no matter how good you are to them, a part of them will never be able to truly respect men because of the MILLENNIA of persecution. And now that they are equals, they are definitely a force to be reckoned and respected, even though I think some take it too far with the Women Scorn role. But really, men, how ...
That sht is so deeply embedded it'll take generations to rid us of it.. How do we cure Willie Lynch syndrome?
Willie Lynch syndrome we still getting over the sickness...
"How do we cure Willie Lynch syndrome?" Pause before we judge or hate & ask what can we do for one another
How do we cure Willie Lynch syndrome?
I really hope yall let go of this light skin vs. dark skin beef for 2014. It's really basic and ignorant. I've seen my fair share of ugly in all hues. Let's break the Willie Lynch syndrome please.
Black men still being hanged in trees, so tell me what is really new in 2014/ mental slavery got a hold of you like a disease, thats that Willie Lynch syndrome putting yall *** to sleep. Peace
Check out the video I shared earlier today... compare that video with this post... we as a people have to strive for much more in life... the "Willie Lynch syndrome" can be changed, we have to better epuip ourselves, and knowledge is the key...
It's crazy how Black People always tense up when thet get around another black person that they don't know. its like we feel we gotta stick our chest out and show how hard we are but then we get around other races especially white people we're all teeth and hey sir hi mam good day aint it? That s*** is sad and we need to quit, pull our selves together, and break the Willie Lynch syndrome. I make it my business to speak to any and every black person I meet or pass regardless of whether I know them or not. And in a respectful way just as I would anybody else in passing. Deflate your chest some and smile you old cool *** *** =)
"If I can't have it, neither can u"...This "crab mentality" that we possess is gonna keep us from going anywhere or doing anything collectively as a people. 300 yrs of slavery and the Willie Lynch syndrome is still alive and well! Envy, conspiracy, and competitive feelings have us willing to pull down any person looking to achieve success!
Google "Willie Lynch letter" "The Making Of A Slave". Take note to the date he reference "the year 1712". 301 years ago. Then my brothers and sisters think about where we are today.
just read the Willie Lynch letter and it got me thinking, like Black People have been enfueled with soo must distrust, envy and hatred towards each other by White slave owners and as they said it would last for 100's maybe thousands of years, sad part is we Black People are making what was said come to past smfh, young males against old males, light skin against vs dark skin, male vs females ...Fathers leaving their family, ALL MANEUVERED BY WHITE SLAVE OWNERS TO BID US AGAINST EACH OTHER! smh it's disgusting how we can succumb to such displeasing way of life all preordained by the white man. I IMPLORE ALL MY FELLOW Black People TO READ THE WILLIE LYNCH LETTER AND EDUCATE YOURSELVES AND LETS MAKE AN ATTEMPT TO BREAK THIS CYCLE !!! IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT WE OVERCOME THIS HORRENDOUS BURDEN PLACED ON US!!!
Willie Lynch stated in his letter that the effects of his methods would last 3 hundred to 1000 yrs. It's almost 2014 and we're still slaves
In 1712, Willie Lynch wrote a letter that seems to state the problems of African Americans in today's society which is so accurate.
I took a moment of my day 2 read the Willie Lynch letter now I see things a little bit more clearly when I call my bros a *** I hurting us
Hello fb I want all the men and boys who is on my fb read the Willie Lynch letter. It's a most. And tell me when you done read it in my inbox.
Willie Lynch letter " theory" had NO effect on me. I had a GREAT education. I it well ; understood it I read it
Also, again, the Willie Lynch letter is fake
"Willie Lynch letter: The Making of a Slave" read that book if you haven't and it literally break down the history in 30 pages
Just as the Willie Lynch letter said Color Of Skin can be used to keep African Americans enslaved mentally I believe fashion is the same aspect when you think about it the house slaves quality of clothing was so called better so field slaves resented them for that even though being of the same race.If you look at it today at how society is we doing the same thing just because someone doesn't have on the latest Jordans, Aeropostale, Hollister, Versace, Gucci, Or Whatever really people today will use the Amount of Income, Car You Drive,Even Education To Set Out Differences But Society Has Everyone So Brainwashed We Don't Notice
Has anyone else read the Willie Lynch letter? Black People look it up. Read all of it.
This and stuff would make you sick if you read the Willie Lynch letter. The division in pigment continues...
Racism has always been there it was uncover, but now its allowed to be said on television radio in print. Because blacks have been brain washed since slavery read the Willie Lynch letter I see it and refuse to let you treat me like I'm third world when my fore fathers built this country and died for it before there was an enlistment! This country may not believe in equality but its there and when your ignorance don't let you see that Martin Luther King Jr dream has come true you will be abolished and we would finally be rid of you and your ignorant followers! Racism and its racists take a back seat cause we been moved forward!!! That's my "people power" for now...
In the Willie Lynch letter Willie Lynch states "Rome would be envious of us today" because Willie Lynch knew the slaves were Hebrews & Jews
not people abusing the system or helping Willie Lynch letter stay relevant
Willie Lynch mentioned using limited sneaker releases to keep black ppl divided in his letter
You can argue that the Willie Lynch letter was authentic or either forged by the CIA but the fact of the matter is that the methodologies are effective,potent and are still ever-present today.
Know I should be sleep but my *** still up. Got so much to do and I'm procrastinating like a mfer. Oan: I gotta get my hands on that Willie Lynch letter.
Willie Lynch letter wild story and fuked up but sad tht its the truth and still going on and will go on for 300 more years
The fact that the word *** has actually become part of a dictionary shows that not only the propaganda that the Willie Lynch letter enunciated would happen, but the self delusional term of African-American is still a qualified term in itself is disturbing. People that are afraid to produce open dialogue because of social norms is more frightening than any disenfranchised youth with a weapon.
Peace and Confrontation. 2014 Moving Forward and Willie Can't Come! "No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper. Any tongue that rise against me shall be condemned. The Willie Lynch spirit is so crafty; and those who are pawns of this deceptive spirit, eagerly purse to continue the vicious circle of divide and conquer. What are my crimes that you ostracize me, my Christian sister, my Christian brother, my very own daughter, son, father, and uncle? What is the price to be paid that you would yoke up with the world to overthrow the divine mandate that God has placed on my life? My, how I love you, but you don't love me... For a piece of change, envy and fear you auction me off to limit the progress. God knows that economic empowerment would expand my vision beyond my wildest imagination Stop the Willie Lynch syndrome; or either be truthful of why you label me as a troublemaker. Your lies keep coming. Your persecution is unstoppable. Now, the latest plot is to take away the “porch.” My brother and my sist ...
slave owner named Willie Lynch delivered a speech to slave owners during the 1600's outlining three ways to keep slaves in line. He shared with other slave owners the developmental psychology needed to keep the Niggras in line. He said that if these tactics were used, the effects would last for hundreds of years. They were: 1) Pit men against women. How many times a day do you hear Black women man bashing??? How many times do you hear Black women saying, "I want a good man, but there are none out there." Black men come in last place and seem to be on the media's hit list, White men's hit lists, and Black women's' hit lists
PlayaJay32 1 year ago in reply to David Scott You have that Willie Lynch syndrome to blame. We are slowly waking up. Just hope it's not too late.
We don't even consider people with a brown hue black...if the Willie Lynch letter is fake,the message definitely wasn't
When I figure out how to reverse the Willie Lynch syndrome plaguing my people, they might wanna kill me.
😒 Too many black folks across the world still suffer from the "Willie Lynch syndrome"
In the Vein of the Willie Lynch Letter. Well here we go…a white writer recently wrote this post and it was read...
not for Willie Lynch. i mean that what i saw in the movie Goodbye Uncle Tom aligned with things in the letter.
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