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Willie Lynch

The William Lynch speech is an address purportedly delivered by William Lynch (or Willie Lynch) to an audience on the bank of the James River in Virginia in 1712 regarding control of slaves within the colony.

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If you haven't read the Willie Lynch letter please do so and then see it still in full effect in 2015
Proves that we are still enslaved...mentally. and it's sad as *** Willie Lynch was right...smdh
This *** gave an entire speech at his concert about willie lynch theory then said thesis am don't focus on racism , we are all people
S/O to look out for his short film willie lynch letter with
you NEED to know the Willie lynch letter. This is where self-hate comes from.
Some people still suffer from Willie Lynch really breaks my heart when people of your own race say get over it!
Willie Lynch Mentality . For more information please go to link provided in…
Checking out "Willie Lynch 'The Making of a Slave'" on MrArchersNyC:
Break the hazardous brainwashed cycle *The Willie Lynch Letter*. So what your parents did to you what…
READ: Breaking the Curse of Willie Lynch: The Science Of Slave Psychology. History is illuminating for the work of social justice.
The Willie lynch letter and the making of a slave. (full book with narration)
"You must use the dark skinned slaves vs the light skin slaves you must use the female vs the male, and the male vs the female"-Willie Lynch
The Willie lynch letter was wrote by a black man .
Willie Lynch Letter - The making of a slave. women on top & men on the bottom
Time to wake up FOLKS, it's : Willie Lynch letter: The Making of a Slave
I'm Willie Lynch in reverse, you show boat but shoulda bought a yacht first.
Update your maps at Navteq
Please come to my page and read Willie Lynch letter: The Making of a Slave
This is why our people are confused. - Willie Lynch letter: The Making of a Slave
"The Making of a Slave" - the Willie Lynch letter (1712) repost blackmenmatters. It's sad that we allow…
If your a person of color and don't know who Willie Lynch is or the letter he wrote, Think called "The Making Of A Slave…
the doctrine was written by Willie Lynch. How to make a slave. Destroy the mind, keep the body.
I encourage everyone to read the Willie Lynch letter. I promise your mind will experience a shift.
If a Black person uses "the man" & references Willie Lynch, listen to nothing they have to say. Consider nothing they say.
LYNCH TAUGHT YOU NOT TO ADMIRE IMAGES,,,so i get alot of shade from my own people sometimes ***
we have to teach the children. When I posted the about the Willie Lynch letter being a myth the people on my fb fell to pieces.
Willie Lynch letter, that's all I'm going to say.
Same with Willie Lynch letter. Creative lies that invoke respectability politics & pathology sell better than painful truth.
Oh God, you *** and this Willie Lynch letter on my TL. Pick up a book, please.
I keep having to bust out the Willie Lynch letter so they know it's real
this was a REAL letter sent out by this guy Willie Lynch in the 1700's to slave owners..
This is faker than the Willie Lynch letter
domain names
dropping will be dropping short film Willie Lynch letter with
This reminds me of ppl who love lies of Willie Lynch letter. Pretend Whites were "jealous" & had to oppress vs. just colonial & violent AF.
So, whether or not Willie Lynch was a 'real' person, da psychological damages of the concepts of that letter has creat…
I have the Willie Lynch letter in my room somewhere... I cry every time I read it.
Willie Lynch letter divide & conquer why we don't trust each other, part of our social engineering mspoemwtr
I was so very proud today to hear about a significant accomplishment by none other than the Rev Jesse Jackson. Through tough negotiations and relentless pressure he and others were able to force Intel to provide $300,000,000 to HBCU's, small businesses and and to open up jobs in Silicon Valley. Yes the man many of you dare to call the poverty pimp, etc quietly went about bringing about significant change that will affect our community for generations to come. And for all the people who don't know their history he has done this for over 40 years. This is why the media continues to call him names, and blackmail the public to denigrate the Rev. So that he will stop what he does. It is modern "Willie Lynch" mentality. And please don't tell me all about what he has done for his kids because if I were in his shoes I would have done even more. And please don't tell me about his baby. He is my civil rights leader, not my husband. That's between him and his wife. And lastly PLEEZEE don't tell me he loves the camer ...
I bet there's a direct correlation between folk that think Stringer was the brains and folk that think the Willie Lynch letter is real
di Afrikans. & none of that amounts to the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Willie Lynch, Jim Crow, or systemic racism.
people have a tendency to turn on one another when thing don't go their way.I call it the Willie Lynch syndrome.
Our suffering is a result of Willie Lynch ... Jim Crow
This is what I do while Im alive while black. Encourage the black community. "Willie Lynch" RT
I call it the Willie Lynch syndrome.Blacks made 77.5 billion dollars in 1977,yet less than two percent
Im not gonna let silent warfare stop me from happiness. Willie Lynch syndrome if they can affect one it will have a snowball effect
If you use house *** to describe another Black person it just shows how much of a slave you are to the Willie Lynch syndrome
Nobody told Jill Scott about the Willie Lynch letter being fake yet? Smh.
You can still like Jills music. Just remember she RTs Lord Jamar and probably thinks the Willie Lynch letter is a historical document 😂😂
Steel & Leather I walk my dog with it To keep him under control For when he sees those cats I have to take a stronger hold He starts to have a fit Or even a stranger Just passing on through I have to keep him under control Because he is going to try you I mean scare you with his bark With the threat of locking his jaws with a savage bite He’s a sweet heart He does not like to fight But some times he is over protective And does not like any one in his Cadillac space So he puts on the evil face I put steel around his neck Cause it is the strongest thing to hold At least that is what I was told I do hate to say I have to jerk it to choke his neck Sometime To keep him in check Hold on know don’t think I’m abusing him Or doing a Michel Vick Just a quick jerk of the steel to tell him to calm down and sit Sometimes his listens and sometimes he don’t That’s when I become more discipline then respect when he want That’s happens every few weeks But besides that he is a good boy and truly sweet Why do I ...
Hm is that like the pic-nic thing and the Willie lynch letter?
Jill Scott gonna quote Willie Lynch & I'm just gonna weep softly into the night
Gotta put her in the *** who think the Willie Lynch letters are real" category now
I think I know whose been putting out these conspiracies. It's Bud from the Cosby Show older brother. Troop and KKK, Willie Lynch, etc.
RE: Jill Scott. At least... it... wasn't... about a willie lynch letter...?
I need to meet the person who fabricated that history fact. Probably the same person who wrote the Willie Lynch letter in 85
"Can't we all just get along?" The answer is NO! You want us to get along as long as I continue to serve you and buy and accept your way of living...your superiority over me. I am NOT thankful for what you have done to my ancestors has now cause my IGNORANT brothas and sistas to function in this Willie Lynch society. You named us and molded us into the docile 3/5ths of a human we are today continuing to build your wealth and privileged way of living. Once we decide to come into the knowledge of self and understand what OUR true culture is, Babylon will begin to crumble
The folks upholding the "black-on-black crime" false eqiv prob still believe the Willie Lynch letter exists. I implore you, pls stop.
“Bruh: Marshawn Lynch trolled the media after beating Arizona emoji
If anyone doesn't know who Willie Lynch is look him up he wrote a letter to other slave masters on how to make a slave creating an idea to hold us captive for more than 400 years creating a cycle of ignorance and hate once the seed was planted our mine set for violence between African-American people against our on continued. No its not right destroy our property but if you even 1/4 black then your black in everyone eyes and if we have to protest to get justice so be it. Yes my president is half black so ima speak on it I dislike how you address american about the situation bc if it was sasha or malia they would want justice to be done.
As I scroll through my news feed and news channels I'm plagued by story after story of unjust murder by the so called "authority." This morning I watched recaps of the Atlanta Police Department protecting PROPERTY; to the point where they were taking people to jail. So why isn't the LIVES of Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin and a plethora of other young Black Kings & Queens more valuable...or at least equal? It's modern day programming. Just as they whipped the male slaves and beat them, hung them, ripped their bodies apart in front of their families with out a care in the the name of their god (that one was, they are shooting our people dead in the streets to drive in the message of FEAR and SUBMISSION. If they make us fear them, they will have total domination! (As if they don't too). MIND CONTROL...PAVLOV...WILLIE LYNCH, Etc!
I believe "Black on Black crime" is a learned behavior taught to us by Willie Lynch.
"Willie lynch tactics that separated the masses, and taught us all to think backwards"
"Keep the body, take the mind." It really is psychological. And what Willie Lynch spoke about in 1712 is still happening today.
"That's the Willie Lynch tactics, that separated the masses & got us all to think backwards" -
Willie Lynch letter is only a tool . that language didnt exist in the 1700s. and white people are not that intelligent
the only way a non-black person could MAYBE understand is if they read Willie Lynch letter. For black folks its just a major eye opener.
Everybody needs to read the Willie Lynch letter. I know yall *** dont like to read but its only a page long. Its worth the time.
What speech did he give the white slave owner 2 control them
I just read willie lynch letter and it's obvious what you are saying is true. If we decolonize together then naturally women ...
I was feeling some type of Way and had to express it in a civil way.
She obviously needs to read the Willie Lynch speech.. He set the tone for our catastrophic nation!
what's up Jaz, got something With a message, can you tell a friend to friend .
its the of KKK, Willie lynch and G. Wallace gov of Alabama ect. to their beloved racists children.
Please listen to my new track and spread the word
that WILLIE LYNCH syndrome is still slive today!
I agree but we kill with the guns "they"gave us over the drugs and money "they"created.Willie lynch program still in full effect
Dont tell me about some law. The law could have people openly hung -lynched, a term coined from willie lynch- with 0 consequence.
All those who claim blacks victim card educate yourself.. willie lynch letter of 1712. This is the foundation of another system of america
Willie Lynch letter: The Making of a Slave -
So many black folks out here posting about the Willie Lynch letter and the origins of the Black Friday/slave auction sale.
That people still post the Willie Lynch letter as fact on the Internet in 2014 is just...
Its like the Willie Lynch letter...pitting the young versus the old smh
Just broke the Willie Lynch system down in pics in my last RT(s) inform yourself
On a personal note, I've been trying to stay only informed - but not feed into this ongoing "Willie Lynch" agenda...
right and Nautica was a slave ship, the Timberland tree is where they hung blacks & did you read that Willie Lynch letter!?
People treat you like you treat you. As a people we hurt ourselves. It is ok for us to kill each other, but as soon as an outsider does it, we want to act up. The way the black men are treated in America is a shame. But the way we treat ourselves is even worse. It a mindset the has been haunting us for centuries. Almost four hundred years ago we were taught to stay divided. Willie Lynch theory. A light skinned black held more weight in the master's house. A light skinned black ruled over the dark ones making sure the master's will was done. There job was to keep the *** people in the quarters separated. If they unified,they may try to take over. Get this people there is fear in a unified black race. The fight is to keep us separated. We are a chosen race. Find the special thing in us as a race and you will discover why there are so many attacks on the black race. Change your thinking. Change your life!
Google Willie Lynch - The Making of a slave. You will began to understand some generational things about the black race.
The aftermath of this Ferguson case is quite disappointing. My question is, why do we not see this kind of aftermath on white on white, black on black, or black on white crime? We are not acting righteously. We are acting like savages. The Willie Lynch movement is still in existence.everything that is happening now is created by design!!!
Can someone explain to me and I'm particularly asking Mr.Andre Chatmon and Mr.Michael Javon Henderson since they seem historically inclined why are black people blaming a so called white slave owner named willie lynch for our behavior to this day on the 93% of blacks being killed by the hands of another black man yes he did state the letter on how to control slaves and create separation beyond them but how does that play into this world today because I feel that parenting and the strong belief in our almighty creates a house built by stone not straw will cause no penetration of the stupidity this man intended to inflict amongst black people and I don't feel that man has so much power as to why this exist today so please explain?
When others face injustice and people add black on black crime as a counterarguement. First of all I would say stick to the topic at hand or there will never be justice. There is a time and place to address it, but during injustice is counter productive. Stop feeding into the willie lynch bs. Furthermore, blacks are the orginal people so they came from us. Is all crime not black on black on a deeper level?? Secondly, stats show that blacks are targeted by police more than any other race by a disproportionate amount. In fact, their revenue from tickets are paid mostly by blacks. Third, the same mental & cultural conditioning that makes people jump ship to talk about black on black crime during racial injustice is the same conditioning that makes blacks take their anger out on each other bcuz they were taught to fear people in authority. Fourth, to some it many not be a race issue. However, although I love humanity my skin is brown. I am a woman who also deals with adversity and racism. So yes I feel obliga ...
the light skin vs dark skin debate always reminds me of Willie Lynch's how to make a slave.
What about Blk on Blk crime?Excerpt from the New Willie Lynch Manuel on how 2 keep Blks from spkg up standing up & protesting
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How many inappropriate or unjust verdicts before we admit that our legal system is broken, not in theory, but in practice? Racism is a factor that the American legal system was not designed to accommodate. Around the founding of the nation, there were folks like Willie Lynch who expected to own slaves and profit off Blacks for centuries; that one variable, racism, continues to trip the system. No matter how well the judicial system was designed, like any machinery, it does not account for human manipulation, due to racism or whatever prejudice/bias, whether intentional or otherwise. We are afraid to judge the legal system by its consistent failures, because we are afraid to admit that we may be incapable of producing a better one. If we are honest, however, we could at least have a fighting chance at amending or tweaking the current system as best as possible against these ills, but we are lazy; we are dishonest with ourselves, and there are certain interests profiting off the system as it is currently co ...
If people would stop thinking they know the truth, and actually take the time to read the Willie Lynch…
I liked a video Irritated Genie on Willie Lynch
But it's understandable the goal of the Willie lynch letter has succeeded . And its sad we're so strong and mentally weak simultaneously
Most of yall won't read this but it's the most heart breaking thing you'll ever read . " the willie lynch letter "
of course whites deny the existence of Willie Lynch.
- now that Willie Lynch is out the window.. Who's fault was it?
because this article states different, states WLS is still prevelant.
Willie lynch letter... Is how they programmed us.. And made a system 4 us to lose,must learn to reverse thi...
You are blaming all black on black crime on the Willie Lynch syndrome. That's ignorant
obviously not educated on Willie Lynch syndrome then. If you were actually smart, you'd know.
black on black crime is a deep rooted psych. effect caused by the Willie Lynch agendas from the slavery eras.
Willie Lynch wrote a letter on How to control Black people.
Read the Willie Lynch letter, it'll open your eyes.
The willie lynch method is still alive today ..
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# Ferguson, talking about a demon.Could this doctrine be the 21 century playbook of WILLIE LYNCH
Read the Willie Lynch letter & y'all will see that white people got what they wanted
Willie Lynch this to get a sense of who you are ? & what you mean in the world!
It is scary for me to be A BLACK WOMEN living in America!! The American Dream doesn't apply to us Only the 'WILLIE LYNCH SYNDROME '
Willie Lynch was a lie if you don't know who Willie is looking up. stand for something or you'll continue to fall for anything
"Lets make a slave" by Willie Lynch . Think about that .
I agree on the black on black crime totally. if you read the Willie Lynch letter you'll understand how it came to be this way.
oomProfessors thought today would be a good day to talk about the verdict + Willie Lynch theory + black ppl and = disaster
Has to be some kind of conspiracy. Willie lynch letter.
Willie Lynch Jr. says "success is relative," then drops some serious knowledge in BLAHZ Martell's new show...
Been free physically for years. When we gone brake them mental chain willie lynch put on us
Either that or the Willie Lynch letter. I'm also gonna throw in that Magic Johnson giving blood picture
Willie Lynch letter what America is really built on. Cant be surprised of reactions like this
Please get off the Willie Lynch ish
as I said look up Charles Lynch and do your research, Willie Lynch is what everyone knows it as
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I encourage everyone to google the Willie Lynch Letter but only if your ready for what it has to say just saying lol
you do realize the Willie Lynch story is a fabrication, right?
Have eachothers back regardless what is going on is what we need to be askin of eachother today.Stop letting Willie Lynch''s method effect u
Read the whole willie lynch letter that man is CRAZY 😡
Ever read the Willie lynch letter?!? Now tell me if this system is for our people? NO. This system was never meant to protect us
Willie Lynch letter: The Making of a Slave This is one of the roots to the problem, awareness of the origin is key.
Never forget Willie Lynch. They weren't hanging whites from trees and coming up a system to oppress them.
Willie Lynch syndrome. I'm aware. I see it all the time & I do agree... I despise ignorance, but this system created that
That self loathing we've conditioned ourselves in. Is the Willie Lynch letter 2014
The people who say Black Friday started in slavery are the ones that say that quote is from DuBois & believe the Willie Lynch letter is real
If you don't know, black on black crime comes from the "Willie Lynch Letter".That's how all of it started.
I really had to go pee...i'd hold it. Just to save the world from another Willie Lynch reference
Mofos need to believe that Willie Lynch's 400 enslavement system is over! is REAL.
Half you *** have no idea who willie lynch is smh
If they can Willie Lynch our First Black President and try to trump up reasons to impeach him, what make you...
How much of yall know about willie lynch or the Tuskegee project smh go research tht b4 u come at me and wen you done with that I have more
It took 300 years to make black people the way they are it'll take 300 plus yrs to undo what's been done, good job willie lynch
The Willie Lynch Letter said this will happen. And if u don't know who he is and what the letter is…
straight out the Zimmerman play book. Mark O'Mara is like the Willie Lynch of how to kill an unarmed black kid and get off
Eugene Robinson, Tavis & Cornell are " Willie Lynch" crabs. Sad to witness blk men so jealous of another.😕
Is it? What was slavery again? Heard of Willie Lynch? Who was Jim Crow? You think YOUR vote makes a difference? To whom?
I wish more people new about Willie Lynch, William Cooper, Winston Churchill, these guys had a major part in our history good and bad
OR civil rights. OR Willie Lynch theory, OR Jim Crow. They don't even know why KKK burns the cross.
Stop thinking individually when we face the same problems collectively as a people. That's that Willie Lynch syndrome.
It seems like is suffering from severe Willie Lynch syndrome. Stay positive & keep up the good work.
im.up on Willie Lynch syndrome..still in effect.
Authorities don't value black lives bc we don't value ourselves. However, who taught you to hate yourself? Enter the Willie Lynch syndrome
It's the modern day Willie Lynch syndrome if you ask me...
If you utilize any images similar or same to this, you are the product of the "Willie Lynch" experiment. This is a form of mental genocide. It's no different than giving your black children white dolls. Mental illness comes in many ways.
Definitely. Willie Lynch syndrome.. its surprising that the stigmas still there but living in a visual world ..
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external internal Willie Lynch syndrome self inflicted passed down from our parents
Majority of our people still have a slave mentality. Willie Lynch syndrome.
Things the NAACP won't tell you. (1) Some slave owners were Indian or Black. (2) By the time the US got into the slave thing it was already a thriving business. All you needed was a ship to pull into a port in West Africa and load up.(3) The West African slave providers were Islamic. This is how these slavers got rid of the non-Islamic population and others who were a political threat to the political hierarchy.(4) Not all slaves were beaten. Some were schooled and worked in the skilled trades. (5) Willie Lynch the slave owner from the Bahamas taught the southern slave masters how to control it's slave population without violence. You can look him up and see how he controlled thousands of slaves without beating or hanging them. (6) The slave women were used to control the slave population, using sex. (7) The slave family was controlled by the women (Matriarchal) which is the exact opposite of the family unit in Africa.(8) The illegitimacy problem in the black communities is a direct result of the Racist P ...
That's King James! Read Willie Lynch praise him on the river bank he was named after
How many of y'all know about the Willie Lynch theory.
To even point out that blatantly obvious fact makes you an agent of white supremacy, falling into the Willie Lynch trap, lost, etc.
You know what citing the Willie Lynch letter is like? It's like those Tea Party *** citing Joe the Plumber.
When I was 13 I had to read The Emancipation Proclamation letter and the Willie Lynch letter . So…
I understand fighting to stop our young men from going to jail and being caught up in such a troubled and prejudice criminal justice system...but what I don't understand is how this here keeps happening our young people are just living out the letter, yes that letter...Willie Lynch letter the one that promise that this would work, fool proof to keep em' in slavery. He said it would work and by golly it did work...praying for our City we must start to stand for something or we will keep falling for know how it goes.
!!TRUTH is the BEST WEAPON We do Not Need Fake History!! * 12 Reasons to Stop Promoting the Fake "Willie Lynch" Speech ~ Prof. Manu Ampim It is well-documented that slavery was a brutal anti-Black institution organized by Euro-Americans, and thus there is no reason to add silly myths to this fact. However, many people are lazy and do not want to research and read important works on slavery, but rather they want a Ripley's Believe It or Not version of history to summarize the entire 400 year experience of Black people. Even the alleged forger of the Willie Lynch "document" has stated that the speech "will not show you how to control a population, you have to go deeper" than this. - 1. No one has ever found the location of the *original copy* of the "Willie Lynch speech." Likewise, in the longer version of the fake Lynch speech Frederick Douglass' name is mentioned as the author, but the 20th century fabricator never considered the fact that the Douglass Papers are in the Library of Congress (Washington, DC ...
A good number of influential men planned out their dreams for society in some form of confinement. Hitler wrote Mein Kampf (My battle) in jail. Today, I had a short conversation with Johnnie, a young African American man, who was incarcerated for 17 years and just recently released. "How can Africans in the US help African Americans? What role would you like us to play?", I asked. "Understand us. Let's understand each other." He then asked me to read a couple of literary works, one of which is Willie Lynch's letter "The Making of a Slave." I think its important for us to be curious about what happened to our immediate ancestors here in the US. There is a reason why the name African American has stuck. Imagine if I found out that one of my great aunts was a slave in Texas. Here's the letter incase you would like to read it. Please feel free to share your thoughts with me.
Donald Sterling, former Mississippi Senator Trent Lott, Strom Thurmond, Willie Lynch, Jim Crow all one in the same game.
We need to wake up. If you have not read the book The making of The Willie Lynch Letter. Then this is a surprise...
It's time to wake up Black Men !! Stop inslaving urself it's time to brake losse out of the mentally of the *** Slave ! In the old *** Slave the White man said to Control the *** we must Place Fear and Envy in the Slave to Control him ! It's 2014 and some of you show yourself to Be just that A Slave in This life we live in Today ! It was said in the year of 1712 in The Willie lynch letter !
Wow, reading and hearing some of the comments about the Clippers organization, the Willie Lynch Letter is working out pretty well. I just wonder what would Wilt Chanberlain or Bill Russell would have done if they played for this owner!
Little Giant Ladders
Hey Family this post is lengthy and worthy of your time. Be blessed " As I read all over social media about the owner of the LA Clippers compounds my belief on the reasons why ; That when people who have conversation with me about race and my issues about racism, will so quickly judge my view about the subject that they misunderstand my passion about the subject. This fool owner; on the Clippers is the exact reason why I draw a line quick when racism show's it's head, whether it's thrown at us consciously or covert subconsciously. So we won’t (rather I won't) get shocked or in awe when it shows it's ugly head... Because if you did not hear the tape, whether this jacka$$ said it or not irrelevant. This owner allegedly said to his Mexican/African American woman... Speaks to a deep dark reality; the race question raises at the core of inter- racial relationships that goes back to a past from the Plantation to the screams of the hull of the ships of black women being raped and abused, The African wome ...
"Caucasians don't differentiate between shades of white in their race. Why do AA's? Slave mentality." Willie Lynch
New Era - Same Evil! Shame on Owner Sterling, but More Shame on Black Folk who assumed that the enemy was gone - read that Willie Lynch Letter! CSoM
Read the Willie Lynch Letters and leave the players alone! We are all responsible for ourselves and our own opinions. That's my opinion. Do your part to be the best you.
Somewhere someone is penning an open letter to Donald Sterling from Tommy Hilfiger...they gone mention Willie Lynch too... Watch...
What are your thoughts on the Willie Lynch theory ??? True or false ? If believed to be true do you think it has a major impact on today's African American race ? Comment
Willie Lynch. Goes back to the days of slavery.
But I did not grow up in colonial SE, where a lot of population has been programed by 'Willie Lynch'.
They paint Hitler as the worst of the worst, but he was nothing in comparison to willie lynch!
I guess the Willie Lynch method is true install fear in them and it will pass down from generation to generation
Black folk! We have a great deal of internal racism to deal with before we can expect to correct it from other sources. Too many blacks don't even like each other so why expect other races to? We dont like dark skinned blacks we even joke them for being black, SOME OF our women try to make their hair and skin look less black, we show favor to blacks with lighter complexion because they must not be "all black" big dark skinned black men are feared and stereotyped and we call each other *** publicly more than any white man has in the course of the last decade. Its generations of mental poisoning brought to us in part by the Willie Lynch system yet Its all part of GOD's plan and his will...We have a great deal of rehab to go through and we need to start understanding things beyond a basic surface level. The media incites stuff to start trouble They can tell you an 80 year old white billionaire is racist and get everybody in an uproar. He didn't just develop that mentality he was born in 1933 he was raise ...
The biggest problem that I see in the black community is our false sense of entitlement of access to the "American Dream". If you don't know by now, the perception of the American Dream was NEVER initially designed for us (and we still have the highest unemployment rates). In most ways, we lack the knowledge of creating opportunities for ourselves in our communities because of the "Crab In A Barrel" type of mentality and the "High-Risk" attitude of Small Business Loaners. When the Koreans and people from the Middle-East (foreigners in general) come to this country, they live 10 or 15 to a household, put up their own money to open a business and end up owning every corner store in your neighborhood! They own property, houses, land and are driving a Lexus or a Beamer maybe after 5 years of being in this country. Us as black people, we always say, "Shxt, I need my space, I want my own" but what's really sad is that space that you live in, you can barely even afford or once you get done paying all of your bi ...
Fun times ahead tonight at Jazz and Jokes 7pm at the Mojito Lounge live music and comedy with feature comic, the Kevin Hart endorsed Willie Lynch Jr.! Reservations still available 813.381.9916 to reserve seating.
We as a race have got to learn to love and embrace OURSELVES!! Until then we will continue to be imprisoned by Willie Lynch's plan!
you know the willie lynch programme you will understand European Americans
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When you talk and act like that you make Willie Lynch Proud.
The results of this system in America have been especially tragic. Black people, kidnapped from peaceful and prosperous homelands, were sold in the Americas, stripped of their language, ideologies, and culture, and brainwashed. The brainwashing never ceased. In fact, examination of the Willie Lynch letters shows us that further brainwashing was instrumental in continuing the oppression of the Black male beyond his physical bondage. In the Bible it states that “the last shall be first and the first shall be last.” During the time the Egyptians were building pyramids, Europeans were creating large mounds of waste in Europe. The garbage piles these cavemen created were often so large, there have evolved into modern-day hillsides. Today, the reverse seems true. But there is a sleeping giant awaiting awakening. Even in the worst of conditions, in jails and ghettos throughout the U.S., Black men continue to awaken to the knowledge of themselves and begin the journey back to their true nature. For every indi ...
I'm tired of these folks always showing us what happened in slavery & Civil Rights but never let the kids & ppl know about what we were in Africa as Kings & Queens and the beginning of civilization. Between willie lynch syndrome, news, weak education & us as a whole putting each other down & hating dark skin...we NEED to know about Africa.
Y are the Prettiest Women the meanest ...Willie Lynch did a number on us...
Larry Elder and his uncle Tom syndrome. Willie Lynch. Smh.
Some people you have to leave in the hood with they hood mentality it hurts my heart but that Willie Lynch letter...
Check out my first blog post titled "21st Century Willie Lynch" on
It's society bro. Same willie lynch syndrome that has fully grown into a monster. Strategic separating of the masses.
"Blacks ain't living we dying,how to make a slave by Willie Lynch is still applying" -(voice)
I could care less what that old dude thinks about minorities and neither should any of you. One: he is old and is probably gonna die very soon. Dos: last I checked minority meant of a few. I am not in that group. Three: I am not black. Black is a color. I am a decendant of royalty. African by birth. My skin tone protects me from the sun.besides black only comes in one hue. All these man made words to describe others got you all emotional yet you quick to defend the worst word of them all. Willie Lynch is somewhere smiling. CHUUCH!
My African Americans brothers & sisters I encourage y'all to read Willie Lynch Letter: Making Of A Slave. And see how we became poisoned!
Donald Sterling exemplifies racism and white supremacy and how he can pay our people but do not desire to socialize and have his side piece except her heritage even its Magic Johnson just be their entertainment and have our women be their side piece and teach and tell both that they're better than the rest. It's displayed in how Donald Sterlings circle of wealth call job creators they believe in the Willie Lynch theory have the black athlete to separate themselves from their communities, not encourage ownership but seek Hall of Fame status and no women ownership. This is the ultimate male Fraternity.
Are we still affected by the Willie Lynch effect? If so what can we do about it?
Willie Lynch really did a number on us.
The Willie Lynch letter is still active.
To understand racism/white supremacy, you have to understand the history of it so you can recognize it when it revolves itself. Our history was erased!! They changed the color of Jesus and made us worship a graven image. Then they told us that we evolved directly from the primates, and that we're only 3/5 of a human being!! They changed the ethnicity of the Egyptians...they blew the nose off of the Sphinx to hide his Africanism!! Then, they used the Willie Lynch program to turn us against each other and to only love them. I don't love thy enemy!! We've been mis-educated!! We're modern day slaves! And if you think you're not, then please provide to me your explanation of freedom! Donald Sterling just got caught saying what MOST of them think...if their parents were apples, then they'll be apples. I've never seen an orange grow on an Apple tree.
The laws were made against us that's how they Willie Lynch us.
Willie Lynch instituted the Light skin vs Dark skin debate 100s of years ago and *** are still keepin it alive today
I got balls searching for Willie Lynch and his speech. Repararations as other culture's got. Need security while searching.
aye if y'all see a white iPhone 5 with marshon lynch on the lock screen it's tyres
Why is everybody surprised that there's a bigoted land owner in Nevada that thinks blacks were better off as slaves? Had the Willie Lynch letter worked as planned Cliven Bundy would be a slave owner with no government interference. What's funny to me is how Republican leaders came to his defense themselves, but retracted through spokespeople; meaning they can claim at those "private" fundraisers that they fully agree with Bundy. Better wake your *** up!
Good Moaning everyone I made a post this morning about the Clippers but I deleted it because of one maybe two reasons n it was some people are so shocked to see that racism is alive. Well my thing is how and why didn't you think that when you're living in modern day slavery. Or is because boss/massah pet u on the head n say job well done boy/girl. I never said they're aren't any Caucasian ppl that wasn't down for Black America but It's only 2% so let me say this u read Willie Lynch letter n see how he helped break your black family down n not only then did it work it's still working we as a black community friends or family are not a unit anymore. So I pose this question to you ARE YOU YOUR BROTHER/SISTER KEEPER?
First off, a black woman being powerful and bread winner was a plan!!Lynch# how are the children benefitting? Look around
People read the willie lynch letter which explains manipulation techniques to separate us... It's not real! It's a technique see what I mean
Donald Sterling (Owner of the Los Angeles Clippers): Made racist comments (which were recorded) about "black" people to his "girlfriend" because she has black friends. Please note Mr. Sterling who is married, denied the comments alluding to the fact that the tape may have been altered. There is an "outrage" throughout the NBA about the comments but, let's be very honest. Mr. Sterling is a multimillionaire and there is a double standard in this country for the rich. And let's keep it very real, Mr. Sterling is not the only professional sports owners who see's black people as less than human. At the end of the day, all of the sports channels, news papers, social media sites etc; etc. will play the tape over and over. Why? Because they want to expose racism? (please see Willie Lynch Letter) No, it's because it's a "hot" topic and all of the news media will have increased ratings i.e. make more money off of racism as they have done for hundreds of years and will continue to do.
...alot of us making Willie Lynch proud living these gangsta lifestyles, continuing the cycle of broken families, crucifying those who want to do better labeling them sellouts...we are the biggest threats to ourself...alot of us probably never even read the Willie Lynch Letter, smdh...
Sterling said his player were like horses?? Sounds like he read the willie lynch letter.
Just saw a Willie Lynch reference on my timeline. The dogged rumour that he (and his letter) was real is really something to behold.
As our Savior fulfilled the laws of Moses, why today we fulfilling the laws of willie lynch.
I strongly recommend every African American to read "The Willie Lynch Letter and the making of a slave".
Please pay attention!!! Some White people MORE THAN OTHERS are still living by the WILLIE LYNCH teaching and so are some BLACKS! *** SHAME
I suggest every black person Google's: willie lynch letter and take the time to actually read And digest it add add subtract the circumstances of today start to see how relevant this still is and wake tf up
Racism is still alive and willie lynch is still winning
A *** shame that we are the only race that seperate ourselves.. and for skin shade most of the time? How *** ignorant is that? Especially when to every other race we are just black regardless... ugh .. ignorance will keep us losing and it was all in the governments plan .. sad people are to stupid to see it... and your shunned by your race if u wear phat or Sean Jean... black owned companies??? Willie lynch is living out his dream smh
The Willie Lynch Text Live Reading! Audio Version. I ask everyone not to be offended or take this the wrong way. These are facts and true history but please ...
So I guess now black America we are going to stop listening to these rappers who is promoting only money cars and *** and start paying attention to our past history and understand the movement from which our forefathers had to endure for use now in 2014 here the same bs "we don't like blacks". Read the willie Lynch letter learn some history from the beginning of slavery to this modern day slavery and than tell me how much we have overcome.The Malcolm x, Martin Luther king Ralph Abernathy ,rosa parks, medgar Evers and so many others either killed or lynched didn't die for us to be so stupid and blind to the truth.
So, Donald Sterling clippers owner. Makes racial comments saying, what was broadcasted in movies and the Willie Lynch letter. I quote: " You can love and hang with black people in private, but you can't do publicly". On tape saying that statement. Interesting lets see what the NBA will do to this "White owner".
Power to the People! That's what people need is to be Empowered. Racism and White Supremacy tactics (Transatlantic Slave Terrorism, Jim Crow, Willie Lynch and Other Ruthless, Dehumanizing Acts) have helped lessen the People's God- Given Powers. Revitalize at Once! Restore Mind to the Thinking of God. When We Move as Gods we make all the dehumanizing, devil rituals of condition diminish. When we think like God, the enemy has a hard time trying to get you caught up in devilishment madness. That's why so much sport and play is emphasized, so as to keep you from thinking as God. PEace!!!
We have Sick Star Nation playing tonight at 10 & The Willie Lynch Band playing tomorrow at 5!! Come out and enjoy some awesome live music!
The so called independent black women is helping destroy the black man. In it's the Willie lynch syndrome, but we need our women n rather they know or not we need them. Black women stay strong but don't push as away because of your strength.
Are you guys familiar with Willie Lynch? Most people still follow his method today and done even know it.
If High School American history classes started off with someone reciting the Willie Lynch Letters would it have an impact? How can the problem be dealt with if our children...all of them don't understand the origin of the problem? We make movies about sell.profiteering off the lashes and drama.but what about the actual letters of slave owners.Why haven't we seen a movie about a BLACK King or Queen, but a movie with us selling dope to one another is COOL right? I'm 29 and I still get confused...I had no dad...grew up in public housing...I was a lost child and in many ways am learning how to be a "man" on the fly.
I Ras Lazarus AzarEL Nazari present the guarantee to ending Black on Black Crime and repeat offenders in high numbers in the Black Community. The past formulations of policies in dealing with the crimes in the Black Community and comitted by the Black Community. Let it not be held that this post suggest that all Babylon's LAWs are set in Truth and Justice the principles of MAAT. For if it was set in Truth the Black Core of Liberation Education Minister of the Blue Nile Order of Melchizedek would not have to bring this information to the 5th Dimensional War Front. Policies of Babylon incorporate the Slave Master and Slave enforcement through physical and mental trauma. Confirmed by the Willie Lynch Letters the psyhce of the African Black Gods/Goddesses were Lynched out of them and they were trained to be a good slave. This process was implanted in the DNA/Genetical memory which many still respond to as held in the previous BLACK CRIME topic. This memory incorporates the Mental Truama of Fear beyond belief ...
how are you a black male or female with false pride its sad you see what willie lynch can do ,everyone is the same its just that peoples perception of reality is different most of them are distorted .Dont be prideful stay humble because your only proud when you have more than someone but when you have less you feel ashamed .now thats a clown and negroes stop hating on your own people try to find out how you can do what they are doing that you envy so much .
"I got the job= 75 Likes I know how you can start your own business so you won't have to work= 2 Likes Lynch wrote the script on how to control others for 300 years...that was in the 1770's... what year is it now? Majority of us are still under his rule!!" -Prentice Griggs Great post frm my wun biz partner. But sum ppl still sleep to the reality
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Willie Lynch is the Jesus Christ of the "Conscious Community": via
Why do some of y'all think being lighter skinned gives you an advantage? Does that put you above the next? *** no, looking good is looking good. It doesn't matter the color of your skin smh. Willie Lynch did his job. Smh.
Watching 12 years of slavery, I wonder did most people realize the supporting details on religion and most important of all the actions of Mr. Solomon refusing the brainwashing procedure (Willie Lynch chip).If you only knew how many clues are given out in this movie.Great movie, if I must say so myself
I hope you're watching the Mantashe is telling us to look back 21years ago. Willie Lynch Syndrome
Wonder if black women have read the willie lynch chronicles i highly doubt it though
Big up to what has been dubbed by Willie lynch as the phenom, for seeing it you way! AND EVEN BIGGER BIG UP FOR THE SOURCE THAT INSPIRES THEM !!! ;-) peace to all you teachers and educators that inspire change. You are appreciated !
I do "Who in here knows who Willie Lynch is?"
Who in here knows who Willie Lynch is?
SEE,one thing as BLACK/AFRIKAN people we forget to talk about is that the 'EUROPEANS' never intended on us READING,therefore they wrote everything down,and now that we do read MASSA still got a strangled hold on the mind because we don't even want to believe what is in our face!!!That ''WILLIE LYNCH CHIP'' is strong!
Dam shame it's not even hot out and the animals are loosing their minds. crap in the I'm going to post the Willie Lynch letter again and pray people read it.
When you think about how disoriented as a whole we are it's sickening. Our own feed off their brothers and sisters ignorance meanwhile enjoying the best of life has to offer within the matrix and the very folks you attempt to wake up resist and deny your position labeling you a conspiracy theorist lol .Willie lynch syndrome alive and well . So I have to agree when the question is asked who gets paid to keep us stupid .it's our own .but they're not totally at fault its also us so called moors who share the blame . I took a glance at one of the movement pages I joined on fb it's over 3,000 so called moors but yet we still haven't come together . When are we gonna put foolishness aside and put in work and stop letting what temple this group is from alienate us or what house of moors another group is from prevent unity. as long as we fight each other the hostiles will continue the genocide of us and our babies.
The industry'll have em thinkin they pimps...not knowin it ain't been a gangsta since Willie Lynch
Okay. Again for the ones in the back, THE WILLIE LYNCH LETTER IS NOT REAL.
Wat??? Listen I don't acknowledge White Jesus and Willie Lynch as my Lord and Savior. I'm immune to the white gaze fcoon
The Willie Lynch syndrome is a killer within Black People still till this day !
Due to all the after effects of Willie Lynch & propaganda.. "It takes half of yo soul just to trust another black man." - Butch Jacobz
Skin Lightening is a problem. Willie Lynch Syndrome still in full effect!
Good Morning! I am sure that I will have no problem getting any help from all the "real educated" folks who love to teach those they call NEGROES in disdain that.wait for it. it.. THE WILLIE LYNCH LETTER IS NOT AUTHENTIC! Here are some hints to help you discover the truth. 1993 or 1995.St. Louis.. .librarian.essay.The word foolproof.20th century verbage.
I can actually feel the effects of willie lynch...when I am in a predominantly white area surrounded around them I immediately feel as if I am not equal. I feel threatened and beneath them. Although it's only for a moment, I feel out of place and that I must be on my best behavior for them. Smh. I am the conscious black female and willie lynch still has an effect on I can only imagine what it's like to the ones that are still sleeping.
If you really wanna know why it persisted thru the '60s and still does, you should lookup the Willie Lynch letter
such movies keep Willie Lynch syndrome alive and in the end makes us slave for an eternity mentally.
Willie Lynch's theory of divide & conquer is alive & well 2day.Writing this paper is truly a learning experience that I genuinely appreciate
Beware of these cyborg ni**as with the Willie Lynch chip in them! My people were destroyed because a lack of knowledge
“I dont want to sound ignorant but who is this lynch person you speak of?” Willie Lynch
Black History 101 Willie Lynch: The making of a slave! IS WILLIE REAL OR MADE UP? I'm glad you asked... I've heard the "letter" is fake because the words used were not apart of the English language in I ask, what language was the bible originally? I've heard Willie Lynch wasn't a real person person because when researched, he didn't show up in the US I ask, did you grandparents? Probably not! Did the US take census in 1712? No, first census wasn't until 1790. But more profoundly, Oh Willie wasn't an American anyway. The letter says he was a British slave owner from the West Indies! Where did the term "lynching" deprive?
The people that claim to know a La-a are the same people that swear that Willie Lynch is real.
I don't believe in the legitimacy of the willie lynch letter. So please stop using it in conversations with me.
Start postin the Willie Lynch letter all in ya mentions...
that willie lynch letter is to *** long , but I understand what he's saying ... we have been basically programmed
Blacks against blacks for self hatred that willie lynch syndrome kicking in Our black soul destroy our black mind felt into the white slave master spell Turn us blacks each other tear down One another take our issues out on
Willie Lynch outlined the social disorder of today
As I read page 2 the second column of this (Willie Lynch letter ) I close my eyes and I silently say a prayer for Humanity... No weapon formed against us shall prosper.. I post this letter today as a reminder always say a prayer for humanity ... In God all things are possible with pray and faith... The devil is a lier ... We will not be broken under this demonic plan..
Nicki Minaj new song Chiaq ,reminds me of the Willie Lynch letter.
Tonight: Irish Night with The Willie Lynch Trio! 5th Annual Golf Outing: May 5th! Sponsorship spots and 4-some slots are still available!
Why were people so *** Kobe for saying what he said...he's right...the truth hurts...before we all toss on our hoodies and march for Trayvon what about the dude who died on your street who was shot by his own for no reason at all as well.. Great racism, and equality are now "trendy" too. This is not to devalue Trayvon's life but the fact that we devalue our own by picking and choosing what to stand for when we blur the lines ourselves. The revolution in my opinion needs to start in your own neighborhood. We kill our own now faster than anyone else ever could, and seem to be okay with blaming that on the system too. Willie Lynch died...but his plan still lives.smh
Just read the Willie Lynch letter for the first time.smh wow
Might you know Willie Lynch. The name in itself makes me cringe.  Trust and believe that Lynch was not the only one whose reputation precedes him but he is the subject at hand right now. Never have...
I liked a video from TSP ft. Defiance Willies is Crooked/ Willie Lynch Letter
Everybody don't have the same opportunity to be successful.. Read about Willie Lynch somebody put me on him y'all should go read it.
Re-elution: Durham resident is the author of the Willie Lynch Letter
Alot of these groups have this Willie Lynch destruction manuel in play.
Willie lynch was the first european recorded in history. To come up with the idea of keeping the black women away from the black man so they can consider they self independent. Read the document he published. It's called the willie Lynch papers
Willie lynch is sitting in his grave saying to his self look at what eye started. Got all people of color going at one another. Stop the nonsense y'all
I had to share this post because it caught my eye, Sultan Ali Bey you spoke on this subject somtime back, pay close attention to the last satement that is made, the third eye can clearly see the Willie Lynch Syndrom in action, what she need a man for and she got the power, and is letting it be known, they will give a asiatic woman a job before they will a man
I don't understand how one black person can look at another black person and say," You cute to be dark skinned," as if black isn't beautiful. Sound like some Willie Lynch stuff.
giving life to such an ignorant thought process breathes life into the Willie Lynch letter 302yrs later. Let our women flourish!
Up early Fb.. Finally finished my research paper the Willie Lynch chip.
amazing watching Willie Lynch doctrine play out day after day. We need more of us to want more for ourselves.
All u got to do is ask ya self is jayz a Willie lynch *** *** Is he tryna restart slavery. Take it back to blackness when dealing with this issue not just the holy Koran or Bible. Js.
One of the things I don't like... The fact that we sit and argue if the Willie Lynch letter is real instead of realizing its manifestation before our eyes.Stop d Willie Lynching!
The willie lynch letter was not real it fooled me too but not real
read the Willie Lynch letter and tell me that it's not what society is today mostly. go ahead ill be waiting
Willie Lynch endorsed the King James Version of the bible.. Study it.
Time to deactivate the Willie Lynch CHIP my people.
The Willie Lynch Letter is actually a myth
papers than the Bible you'll realize the King James version was meant to enslave you Willie Lynch said he was
I know I said that. That's what I meant by systematically programmed. Willie Lynch stuff
Half of our problems stem from adopting European ideals instead of African ones if more ppl read the Willie Lynch
We need more tribes, with no *** only men and women, while we eating off each others plate, most not all white people kicking back watching us take us out, it's all part of the Willie lynch plan, appreciate that knowledge R.A.W. CITY for y'all who don't know about it look into it, thank GOD for JESUS because if it was up to us to save us smh we wouldn't stand a chance. BRAVIS"
Is your Willie Lynch chip active? Let me tell you what's happening from this view i have: The males are against...
What is a "Conspiracy"? And do conspiracies actually and historically exist? Conspiracy- the act of conspiring. An evil, unlawful, treacherous or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons, a plot. By this definition yes conspiracies do exist, but to sheeple and sleeple they don't. If one needs to examine a conspiracy all one needs to do is look at the willie lynch letters. This is the definition of an existing conspiracy.
Did you know the Willie Lynch Letter was hoax???
If you dont know what Willie lynch probably have it lol
Get rid of the willie lynch syndrome inside of you
These knock head country but not cross the mason Dixon classmates of mine ignore me. This is crazy. I must stay focused. But if they try to dip on me ima play Fred Sanford and tell Elizabeth I'm coming because that will be the day I'm down with jayz and the Wu...and Willie lynch affliates think they styling!!!
Read the Willie Lynch letter then ask me why I am so serious about accomplishing my goals.
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