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Willie Lynch

The William Lynch speech is an address purportedly delivered by William Lynch (or Willie Lynch) to an audience on the bank of the James River in Virginia in 1712 regarding control of slaves within the colony.

Jim Crow

Read about the controversial racism slave agenda known as The Willie Lynch Letter in 9.0 Magazine ISSUE 2
If you're sincerely bringing up the Willie Lynch letter or agreeing with Tariq Nasheed, I know we have nothing to discuss.
How do you react to someone bringing up The Willie Lynch letter in conversation?
It's Slick Willie and his dear friend, Loretta Lynch!
Every time I read the Willie Lynch letter the more I.
A lot of y'all black men still suffering from the Willie Lynch syndrome.. Educate yourself and get your money up. Invest in something.
Your WCW thinks that the Willie Lynch letter is real .
of course I mean now. And willie Lynch letter is a hoax. laws now,you mean. Spend a little time reading Willie Lynch Letter be a nice starting place
That he really believes in the Willie Lynch Letter.
Protocols of Zion? It's a made up hoax. Like the Willie Lynch letter and the Albert Pike WWIII letter.
Even the answers that don't exist like the Willie Lynch Letter.
That time Marshawn Lynch drove a cart on the field in college! .
The idea that lighter skin trumps darker skin is sickening. Divide and conquer at its best. (Willie Lynch Speech) https:/…
Im baffled as to how the methods Willie Lynch taught still controls us to this day...fear, distrust, and envy...speechless and ashamed
Thanks! Will check. It’s not on the news. Another Willie Lynch letter, eh?   10% Off
I just sent link to the Willie Lynch letter. i can only guess some sort of twisted self hatred.
we got to stop this WILLIE lynch crap. Just respect cam comments b/c that's how your brother feel. It doesn't mean he wrong
just because you feel like he is wrong doesn't mean he is wrong. What you doing is exactly what WILLIE lynch wants
And Willie Lynch ish...u better think or they will continue to think for you without u knowin…
To paraphrase "How to make a slave by Willie Lynch is still applying"
Uncle Tom Willie Lynch Syndrome test tube baby house "N" that's right do what the "Master Say" clearly u…
The Willie Lynch letter suggested that if you break the black mother she would break the family for you. Abortion stats suggest mission done
Willie lynch got folks mixing up loyalty & slavery
speech was said to have been delivered by Willie Lynch on the bank of the James River in the colony of Virginia in 1712. 
Lynch was on the plane with slick Willie... $
The Willie Lynch letter says teaching your enemy your language is dangerous; we should've never taught our enemies Hebrew for trade or taxes
For all you black people who are saying he isn't black. 🎉Congrats you have let Willie Lynch letter succeed 304 years late…
neighborhood, get over it, Slavery, Willie Lynch, Jim Crow, "get over it". Put white faces and
years, real people were affected by the Willie Lynch protocols, we still use his name to talk
My foster sister is on fb talking about the "Willie Lynch letter". I couldn't imagine how dumb I'd be if I never got outta that house Amen🙏🏿
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Oh, yes, thanks, the Willie Lynch letter! I think Anne Taylor posted that in the late '90s. Wonder what's been discovered since.
Really desperately wish y'all would stop sharing the Willie Lynch letter as if it were real...
BECAUSE of the Willie Lynch letter these so-called conscious brothers should want to listen to us MORE and protect us.
SAY IT! YES!Everyone using the excuse of preference, refer to a letter by Willie Lynch. Colorism was bred on purpose
If you're black and you've never read the Willie Lynch letter, you need to.
Believing that the Willie Lynch letter is real is to believe that the enslaved never resisted enslavement .
Your WCE thinks that the Willie Lynch letter is real .
I once was having a good convo with an old coworker then he brought up the Willie Lynch letter and I didn't have the heart to tell him..
Yaw keep saying he cured a million diseases and proved it at court, why does this feel like the Willie Lynch letter myth?
Please read Willie Lynch: The making of a slave letter. You really need to self educate my brother.
Stop quoting the Willie Lynch letter. It's a fake. There is more than enough info available for in the Slave...
If you've never read the Willie Lynch letter, please take 10 minutes to do so.
Everything that black ppl have experienced up until right now, in the Willie Lynch letter from 1712.
2016, where the Willie Lynch letter is stil working!
I refuse to be A statistic, & fall in to the writings of the Willie Lynch letter. I'll never be A weak man. Doubt me & look stupid❕
hey thank you for everything you do. Can you speak on the Willie Lynch letter at some point?this is the perfect time
I just keep thinking back to the Willie Lynch letter
Y'all ever read Willie Lynch's 1712 letter. He outlined how to not only make a *** slave but also how to break the *** woman and the +
the way blacks have been broken down. Men being removed from the homes, etc. Willie Lynch syndrome.
They have specified us by Gender,inequality & racial discrimination...whooping us with the Willie Lynch hurt one another..
Willie Lynch syndrome...welcome to the system😒
Slavery. Willie Lynch syndrome. People have been scorned by it. Many a time.
The Black Community is suffering from the Willie Lynch syndrome, they cannot stop hating and killing each other
Pivot young against old - man vs woman. This is how you control... for years to come. Willie Lynch hasn't left look at our socie…
don't like black girlz WHAT 😒, He suffers from Willie Lynch syndrome. 🙄
And the Willie Lynch Syndrome continues even four years afterwards it was predicted to last up to. Willie Lynch...
My account was just blocked on for making a comment about Black ppl being stuck in Willie Lynch syndrome
That day when Willie Lynch syndrome crossed the color barrier!
it was a lot of clues. Main one. Willie Lynch did own a plantation in the West Indies & the tactics stated were obvious tactics
You being a "independent black woman who don't need a man" plays right into the Willie Lynch letter and you ain't even know it🙇🏾
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Willie Lynch letter: The Making of a Slave. SGI USA’s Ian McIlraith has mastered this devilish teaching!
Willie Lynch syndrome playing out full scale. Bro just pointing out perspectives. Yet the programming has it as hate
program instituted over 600 yrs ago imposed by Willie Lynch Syndrome other programs against Melanoid people
Slavery started here in 1619 ... The Willie lynch letter said the curse they used could only last 400 years .. Times almost up
Willie Lynch syndrome is in effect. It's sad man
We are out own worst enemy. The Willie Lynch syndrome is real!
! Whether Willie Lynch was real or not, this applies.
Learning about the curse of willie lynch and the effects it has on black ppl still to this day I must say its a eye opener
Anger keeps us divided. That's Willie Lynch too.
>Willie Lynch wants to thank Ken for keepi…
>Willie Lynch wants to thank Ken for keeping his dream alive.
How to reverse the Willie Lynch theory http…
Break the female and they'll train the children . -Willie Lynch
I dare you to read it ... . Willie lynch told you they used them stories to take the shackles off the slave as in...
the first one , i put Malcolm X instead of Willie lynch
Coloured term should fall. I know the Eersterus/Mamelodi feuds. Willie Lynch letters come to mind when I think about this.
Next Sunday Willie McBrides presents THE WILLIE LYNCH BAND for the last time until next year!!…
ASA Brett Mereness convicted Willie Lynch of Sale of Cocaine.He now faces up to 30yrs as a Habitual Felony Offender.
Currently breaking the curse of Willie Lynch
& if ya haven't do yourself a favor & Google the Willie Lynch letters.
I'm sure most ya haven't, but has any of ya read the Willie Lynch Letters??
Read Willie lynch how to make a slave, crazy that the teaching in this brochure are still being applied today,...
Part of "Willie Lynch letter: the making of a slave, y'all still do this stuff. Better wake up & unite..
They have better variety. Like she said: Black bookstores are 50% hotep nonsense & willie lynch letters & 25% urban fiction.
Among white ppl yea but civilized black ppl abandoned that Willie lynch brainwashed mindset
Willie lynch got me changing my dating style because light skinns feel too good about themselves
This black is speaking Willie Lynch here. Go read Willie Lynch letter: The Making Of A Slave, you will understand...
Agreed. Folks must learn to de-activate the Willie Lynch Chip and be free from the Negropean Dis-ease. Peace Beloved!
,Lincoln freed us 2 save himself,political lies.Willie Lynch hatd us.1wanted us dead 1 didn't care if we lived. Vote
the Willie lynch complex is so real 😕
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1. 100 Years of Lynching by Ralph Ginzburg. 2. Making is of a Slave by Willie Lynch
Another great day! Read The Willie Lynch Letter to the youth of
So post traumatic slave syndrome is a combination of Stockholm syndrome, Willie Lynch syndrome and the after effects of slavery
Willie lynch syndrome still alive and well smh
Based on the last name, my guess is that Willie Lynch and family enslaved Loretta Lynch's ancestors.
Time will tell. Since the late 1700s coupled with Acquired Willie Lynch Syndrome.
Loretta Lynch: "We have to make the 0.04% tranny population comfortable by making the 50% female population unsafe" https:/…
The Willie Lynch letter was a made up lie. No such letter. It was made up to keep black people angry.
You see ppl get pharoah or Nefertiti tatted like they ain't have us on slavery that's equivalent to gettin Willie lynch tatted on you
throws away from Jim Crowe and 1 stride away from Willie Lynch. we all don't value black lives with all other human lives. . And that can
Somewhere Jim Crowe and Willie Lynch are rolling over in their graves mumbling not our $20s.
Typical. When your first instinct is never to protect but put down and criticize your own. Willie Lynch syndrome
Willie Lynch syndrome is alive in 2016
Willie Lynch syndrome creates distrust, fuels self hate, and keeps you in mental slavery!. Black History:via
That is why when women speak out against oppression from men, you hear men saying "Stop that. You must have Willie Lynch syndrome."
Some people call the lack of unity among blacks is b/c of the "Willie Lynch" syndrome, but I am going to start calling it something else...
Despite the Willie Lynch syndrome Black American Athletes and Entertainers dominant on the International level.
Felt the need to post this. It is a must need . Willie Lynch syndrome is very real and is still working today 😒
There are so many black people that have the Willie Lynch syndrome.
This whole convo about Cam being "blacker" than Russell is evidence the Willie Lynch syndrome in full effect..they BOTH BLACK ***
Willie Lynch syndrome. Too many of us have this mentality as black…
The advanced Willie Lynch syndrome. Divide and conquer.
is being used as the modern day Willie Lynch syndrome. She's so STUPID. She is being exploited & she doesn't even know it.
Not gon argue about child support with folks who think the Willie Lynch letter is real and that Bill Cosby was going to buy NBC.
This day I have the Imani that we'll erase more of the Willie Lynch syndrome that has taught us to hate ourselves...
post traumatic slave syndrome, Stockholm syndrome, are good topics to research and also read about Willie Lynch
It happens Laura. Colorism is still an occurrence in the Black community. Willie Lynch syndrome does exist.
It's 1965 all over again and people still have the Willie Lynch and Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome! Wake up!
Then folks play a cold manipulative game... Willie Lynch syndrome 300 years later still in full affect we victims...
If we were being honest most of us suffer from the Willie Lynch syndrome. This is why you are still considered a...
Anybody tht believes this bs ur the same chumps who believe Willie Lynch is a real person. U *** believe in the Loch Ness monster
I liked a video from Judgement Day 2 - Willie Lynch, The Black Woman & the Destruction of
Rereading the Willie Lynch Letter and it's truly saddening but I recommend that everyone read it.
start with the willie lynch letter and happy bday by the way you know I got love for you
I know I'm the type of *** to discuss the Willie Lynch letter an how we as a ppl need to do better an still call u a *** afterwards
The Willie lynch letter was written in the 90s
Let's not confuse the matter; the "Willie Lynch Letter" is mythical, yet its implications ARE VERY MUCH FOR REAL!
We all should read the Willie Lynch letter because it is still relevant
Dont believe me, just read Willie Lynch's letter Lets Make a slave
Trump's original copy of the Willie Lynch speech . . .
Willie Lynch Letter: The making of a slave.
If you don't understand that the Willie Lynch letter is fake, we cannot have a productive conversation about anything race-related.
If you're talking about the Willie Lynch letter in context of 2015 race issues, you're not complex, you're confused.
Willie lynch said we would wake up after 300 years and it's been 303
If you wanted to write a letter to Willie Lynch on behalf of our ancestors... What would you say?
Let the Willie Lynch theory reverse a Million times.
I re-read the Willie Lynch letter periodically to remind myself what I believe in and to inspire myself to inspire others
African Americans practice Willie Lynch's laws & don't even know it...
Willie Lynch's ideals will unfortunately forever live on...
as a black person who loves the outdoors I am never 100% relaxed because you never know when willie lynch and crew might show up
A young black conservative asked who's Willie Lynch was. Im thinking "he's the one that helped program your ***
Look at this future Uncle Ruckus. The Willie Lynch syndrome is alive and well.
Willie Lynch letter: The Making of a Slave People of color are to never forget why we're so separate as a people.
I liked a video The Willie lynch letter and the making of a slave. (full book with narration)
willie lynch letter - Google Search "We ain't meant to survive it's a set up"- TuPaC
Ppl especially a *** does not know how to be loyal to someone are something that's loyal to him are she lynch.
Reading the Willie Lynch letter and it's absolutely astonishing how his words are disgustingly prophetic.
300+ years later and the effects of Willie Lynch's tactics for controlling slaves are still going strong.
I added a video to a playlist JUST FLO: Willie Wonka Lynch: Chaotic Culture
The Willie Lynch letter. Study up brothers and sisters.
“Dr. Ben Carson surging in the polls Ben is a Willie Lynch Jeff get a clue moron. . Finally, real conservatives are waking up.
the dog salivates whenever they here the bell. That's how they did/do us. Willie Lynch is alive and well (Will He Lynch)
yea but in a Willie Lynch papers type of way.
The stark reality is that Willie Lynch's control advice can be updated and re-named the Divide and Rule (Conquer) ploy
The descendants of those so-called freed slaves are now maintaining and perpetuating Willie Lynch's divisive game-plan.
The more thing change, the more they remain the same. Willie Lynch's 1712 advice is still al...
It's the Willie Lynch syndrome all over again
If you're black and you have not come across/ read the Willie Lynch Letter, I highly suggest you do so (find online). An eye-opener
I suggest all black people, Man & Women, Young & Old read the book Breaking The Curse Of Willie Wake You Up…
All I see are Black people that are trying so hard to Murder us an I have been told that they are using the Willie Lynch letter for refer...
" Willie lynch and the control of the black woman" via
"Aye bro, you know that Willie Lynch never existed, right?"
The new Klan comin @ you w/ a new look// No hoods when they tryna Willie Lynch you .
To the this made you afraid of them!. Undo it!!!. Willie Lynch letter: The Making of a Slave
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So many of my sista's are stuck in Willie Lynch Mode and dont even know who or what he did to our people to make the slave mentality!
refer the good Christian of America smh to the willie lynch letters,break the cycle teach your children right
Y'all worrying about gender roles when we haven't even reversed the Willie Lynch letter yet...fix one problem first
Learned behaviour. I've never called my grandparents or parents the n-word. I wouldn't Willie Lynch it towards anyone else either
Willie Lynch & Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome.did a number on Our Psychic.
it's the Willie Lynch syndrome of the 21st century divided the ppl so a small group has full control
I know the Willie Lynch syndrome & conditioning that has taken place.I also have life experience gives me another perspective.
Watch Mr. Paul Mooney drop knowlege about Race and Willie Lynch in this recently discovered clip from The...
Willie Lynch letter of 1712 . and it shows the break down of families of 2015 . 300 years of…
glad to make y'all laugh...haven't heard about Willie Lynch letter in my classes...
Doing Laundry day and readying the Willie Lynch letter
Doing Laundry and reading the Willie Lynch letter
Im starting to think this hashtag is like the Willie Lynch letter. Something made up to give black folks a villain
Please take the time to look up the Willie Lynch letter. It explains a lot & will help us come together & overcome.
This was in the Willie Lynch letter... Overstand me.
No individual can be colonised, and enslaved without given in. "Willie Lynch letter: The Making of a Slave" read it and see.
Why is Loretta Lynch not in San Francisco investigating.Oh that's right the victim was a White Woman,move on.
Nah she was, but you could only be *** if you were the choir director. It’s in the WIllie Lynch letter.
Nope, that's not hip-hop culture they are appropriating. It's Willie Lynch culture. HUGE difference.
Just bought Stolen Legacy: includes The Mis-education of the *** and The Willie Lynch via 📚
word isn't black on black crime an upset of willie lynch schematics?And pushing melanin into projects post WWII?
Bc blacks rather spend money with foreigners or white ppl to show that they can. But despise black owned – "affect of Willie Lynch Letters"
This Willie Lynch describes what they did to you.
Y'all black men feed right into that Willie Lynch brain washing.
The Willie Lynch letter "How to make a slave" explains a lot they been put a plan together to destroy black people 😴😴😴
its sad Ryan our boys and men are so angry this is the reinforcement of the Willie Lynch syndrome
this makes your point.[PDF]The Willie Lynch Letter And The Making of a Slave. INTRODUCTION. The infamous
The Willie Lynch letters, Black Wallstreet.. things that I wasn't taught that changed the way I view the world
Ref shud be made 2 Willie Lynch letter of 1712, pupils shud be taught how this segregation amid blacks came 2 being
it was apart of the plan to get blacks to go against their on people smh. Willie lynch theory in full effect
abuse, BW performing within the fictive frame work of mammy to be deemed "loveable", family dynamics & Willie lynch theory
Willie Lynch thought he was prophet
Willie Lynch letter still being felt
Man, you fine, but have you read the Jim Crow laws and the making of a slave by willie lynch?
Is "feminism is out to get the black family" the new willie lynch letter because it sure is stated as frequently by the saaame type of folk
But at your age, and in your position, citing Willie Lynch to tear down Black feminists is pretty pathetic, kiddo.
We have to honor our ancestors and surpass them. The Willie Lynch Syndrome is still prevalent to this…
The willie lynch letter is just Soviet Union cultural subversion applied to black slaves. Don't think it stops...
.I guess you need to address your Willie Lynch Syndrome, some blacks just have to prove they're better, or more like Massa'
The "WILLIE LYNCH" letter taught slave owners how to brake the slaves down mentally and physically! So why cant...
Consequently, it is believed the term “lynching” was derived from his last name as a way to pay homage to him for...
Lynch said, "I have a foolproof method for controlling your black slaves. I guarantee every one of you that if insta…
Willie Lynch has many Blacks (mostly Black males) by the throat, even more than 300 hears later.
Must read! Very similar to the Willie lynch letters!
This is what it look like when the Willie lynch syndrome succeed
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This is an excerpt from the Willie Lynch Letters on How To Train A Slave. Ladies I ask you... Have you mated &...
Those Willie Lynch methods are still working as planned I see
Trying to deactivate that Willie lynch chip that's still operating at high capacity in too many…
Every black person should read the Willie Lynch letter
Willie Lynch is smiling in his grave 😂
Listen to Black Women, Bibles and Bobby Pens by Willie Lynch Jr. on
HOW TO KEEP A BLACK MAN DOWN. In the words of Willie Lynch in 1712, there are many ways in which you can keep...
Willie Lynch Syndrome 2.0 aka Modern America. But you have a black president. "He's related to ***
Willie Lynch Syndrome... Still so real... And a lot of people still don't see it
you're making the Willie Lynch letter that much realer. Those images portray a man to be physically strong and mentally weak.
Willie Lynch wouldn't believe how long his divisive philosophies have lasted
Black satire sites really the new Willie lynch letter
read the Willie Lynch letter .. That'll explain everything to you .. It's deep. Read it and tell me how you think
"I'm just in here tryna find books cause that Willie Lynch got us in bondage.". That letter was fake. And it wasn't deep. Resear…
Believing in the Willie Lynch letter is like believing in the bible .. Are you serious? Grow up
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After slavery colonialism the African holocaust Jim Crow Willie Lynch the kkk for a Black person to be praying to a white man (1/2)
You have a chip in your brain placed inside you from 400 yrs of Slavery & Jim Crow. It's a Willie Lynch chip & it's decieved you.
There's a man named Willie Lynch at this neighborhood association meeting.
A system called divide and conquer. Been used since early civilizations, Willie Lynch letter, making of a slave, whatever you wanna call it
The Willie Lynch theory in full effect.
If Willie Lynch could see us today he wpuld just smile and laugh.
Just had craziest convo about god with my cousins, literally almost an hour, yall got that willie lynch syndrome hard af
idk...I believe blacks still suffer from Willie Lynch mindset. I can't be mad at someone for not wanting to deal
aye this *** Willie Lynch Jr need to hand these Chucks back to Morgan Freeman and say thank…
Willie Lynch letter: The Making of a Slave - true or false in 2015
Blacks will never learn because they are too busy letting Willie Lynch determine how they are supposed to feel in 2015 smh.
but the willie lynch letter is not a historical document w original authentic source in antebellum Amerikkka Nor is it referred to in any so
The willie lynch letter cannot be traced back to slavery. It wasn't written then at all But it's content is still relevant af for Black life
Destroying Willie Lynch one post at a time! * .
Never forget Willie Lynch a slave owner who over 300 years ago devised a plan to help keep Black people divided...
The Willie Lynch Theory should be taught in highschools
The willie lynch letter is deep af. It's makes my sad for my ppl
Whenever I see/hear someone reference Willie Lynch
You're missing your "Willie Lynch Chip". You're missing your mental chains. But, you aren't missing the plot!
Let the Willie Lynch Letter reverse a thousand times
Willie lynch taught us to see ourselves as less than.hundreds of years later!!!
At the bar and they start talking about willie lynch 😩. Nobody came here for that
Because of the willie lynch chip that is in most of us, we much rather see each other struggle. Black unity can drive it out!
Now I don't believe the whole story but I do believe there's truth to least the willie lynch papers.
I've never read the Willie Lynch letters until today and I must say.
The evolution propaganda of the 1800s was nothing but an attempt to justify the practices of the Willie Lynch Letter, [+]
At the time Hitler redefined political propaganda, it was around the time the effects of the Willie Lynch practices were wearing off.
The problem folks think the Willie Lynch Letter is some joke. Well, like I said on April 1st, the jokes on us black people.
If y'all haven't read the willie lynch letter y'all need to. It's so eye opening. I'm telling you it's essential if you are of color.
oppression certainly see things in a different way. with that said, do you think the Willie Lynch theory has
It's sad that in 2015 we STILL talk abt complexion. I've nvr subscribed 2 the school of Willie Lynch, just honored 2 live in the skin I'm in
Cops stick together and never snitch on each other..that's a gang, *** out to destroy each other...that's Willie Lynch
Why do people call they self . *** / *** / *** . Seems to me many of my people are inslaved in the mind . Willie Lynch syndrome
same with the labels etc Willie Lynch's methods are still alive & well in all aspects of every profit margin that phases us out
Let the Willie Lynch theory reverse a million times with complexion ..
Willie lynch method was to make "black"man physically strong but mentally weak.
have you ever read Willie Lynch's speech "The Making of a Slave"
excerpts from the Willie lynch Letter. Here we are 300 years later.
... White co - worker of mine says the willie Lynch letter is a fake and says his speech was never delivered.What do u think?
Willie Lynch meay not be a real person, but the syndrome IS
Willie Lynch syndrome need to change some thinkers.
Let's talk about the Willie Lynch syndrome.
Willie Lynch syndrome, and sadly this is still being done. Not every part of is happy.
The concept of the Willie Lynch syndrome is still effective. Sad! All of you ladies are talented Ok
is the feared phenomenon written of in the legend of Willie Lynch...the truth he speaks breaks the cha…
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What if Jim Crow and Willie Lynch were black?
Im so confused. Did Willie Lynch not write that separating your slaves will keep you in control of them for another 300 years
So you will also discuss how Willie Lynch's model of breeding and dominating slaves was used or Whether Reparations are due?
Black Americans need to stop being jealous, envious, and competing w/ each other. Prevent the Willie Lynch theory frm reaching our kids..
Kendrick preaching but he still feeding into the Willie Lynch theory. Smh
Willie Lynch said using his method will keep black ppl in the same state for the next 300 years - was he right?
If you haven't read the Willie Lynch letter please do so and then see it still in full effect in 2015
Proves that we are still enslaved...mentally. and it's sad as *** Willie Lynch was right...smdh
This *** gave an entire speech at his concert about willie lynch theory then said thesis am don't focus on racism , we are all people
S/O to look out for his short film willie lynch letter with
you NEED to know the Willie lynch letter. This is where self-hate comes from.
Some people still suffer from Willie Lynch really breaks my heart when people of your own race say get over it!
Willie Lynch Mentality . For more information please go to link provided in…
Checking out "Willie Lynch 'The Making of a Slave'" on MrArchersNyC:
Break the hazardous brainwashed cycle *The Willie Lynch Letter*. So what your parents did to you what…
READ: Breaking the Curse of Willie Lynch: The Science Of Slave Psychology. History is illuminating for the work of social justice.
"You must use the dark skinned slaves vs the light skin slaves you must use the female vs the male, and the male vs the female"-Willie Lynch
The Willie lynch letter was wrote by a black man .
Willie Lynch Letter - The making of a slave. women on top & men on the bottom
Time to wake up FOLKS, it's : Willie Lynch letter: The Making of a Slave
I'm Willie Lynch in reverse, you show boat but shoulda bought a yacht first.
This is why our people are confused. - Willie Lynch letter: The Making of a Slave
"The Making of a Slave" - the Willie Lynch letter (1712) repost blackmenmatters. It's sad that we allow…
If your a person of color and don't know who Willie Lynch is or the letter he wrote, Think called "The Making Of A Slave…
the doctrine was written by Willie Lynch. How to make a slave. Destroy the mind, keep the body.
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