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William Still

William Still (October 7, 1821 – July 14, 1902) was an African-American abolitionist, conductor on the Underground Railroad, writer, historian and civil rights activist.

One more still from 6x09 "Irreconcilable Differences" the mid season finale 😁🙌 Diggle, Thea, William, Rene and Cu…
If you're in Exeter there's still time to visit the 'Strong Women' art exhibition at the CoLab, King William Street…
Tickets are still available for The Winter's Tale matinee performance at 1pm today and tonight at 7pm. You can book…
On set with for scene wrapped and still rock hard
Thanks William...mum says I'm still like a pup 😃😃
"Cyberspace—I thought it sounded like it meant something while still being essentially hollow.” William Gibson.
the fact that william and deban from wiwibloggs sing horribly and still they're in San Marino's NF 1in360 and are asking peopl…
[MELON] . According to the weekly chart released on 12.4, Blood Sweat & Tears has stayed on chart for 55 week…
A friend is one that knows you as. you are, understands where you. have been, accepts what you. have become, and still, gen…
Miguel's cover of SZA's 'The Weekend,' is still one of the best thing i've heard in 2017. Miguel got vocals for days!
We are on track, looking so much more solid mentally and physically. Few winnable games coming up, hope…
ION, guy still think kids watch Kiini Macho. Kids pressure parents to buy stuff they see on TV, hence it makes sense to put Fro…
how is it possible that traffic lights on cnr of Sandton drive and William Nicol are STILL O…
Death of Petty Office William Ryan Owens ordered in Yemen by Trump when there was not en…
Not every kid is middle class. Do you think Nakumatt Junction is for middle class? Go chec…
still less is he obliged to assume it in advance as the basis of his discussion. LOL
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
I still love the end of 304 when he launched like a rugby player after little…
agreed, the point being the fisherman in Prince William Sound have never recovered. It only takes…
RIP William Lewis King II. One year ago and still trying to be as great as a man that you were
Their dad is still alive, then it’s William, then it’s George etc etc and by the time it gets that far George will…
[She smirked]. "You can thank me later. Right now i want you to meet someone who will give you the…
JK. William and I are still together.
Cause Eli got benched and still talked nice about his coach didn’t complain this dude has a old coa…
Still one of the greatest commercials in recent years
Or just franchise him again. They had (and still have) the money. Maybe he connects with Mitch.
Sure, the High Court is just interpreting the law. It’s for political leaders though to m…
any odds of 12 year financing on a Tesla so I can still pay my student loans??? 🙏
Still not enough characters ...more alumni competing in college: (UMaryland); (Carne…
STATS!. With an assist on the Corsi God's goal, William Karlsson now has 25 points this season, tying a career high…
It's no longer trending but it's still happening! Also a reminder that Atlanta is the biggest hub of sex trafficking in…
Reckless tax-cutters say "balance budget with spending cuts!" Ok, end Medicare, SSI, Defense, and all of government. St…
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I can cut you off and still wish you the best in life. Your failures, heartaches and setbacks do nothing for me personally.
If you’re wondering why I’ve gone silent for this game, it’s because I’m still in shock im in the same room as William karlsson right now
oh definitely, I was picturing this scenario assuming charles is gone at that point and in the unfortunat…
“Venice, it's temples and palaces did seem like fabrics of enchantment piled to heaven.” Percy Bysshe Shelley. 🎨 Still…
William Beckett is still just as cute as always.
Good Morning, Everyone, except people who are still against 280 characters. I still have 2/3 of an orb to explain why you'…
Morning ! Have you seen we have a new way to enter & our ? A link which send you an email to confirm y…
Prescient article. Still applicable to the right-wing ideologues today... except they are "winning.". R…
Yep! And she's still a pervert! Evidently liberal women don't count when it comes to sexual harrassment! She grabbe…
and no to Edward scissorhand my back still hurts william
God I really hope I end up marrying someone who still acts this way after years of marriage and kids
I'll be honest, I still love Braveheart. Site of William Wallace's execution. St Bart's Hospital, Smithfield,…
GOVTS NEED TO SAVE OUR THREATENED SPECIES | Habitat loss is still the biggest threat...
You are still celebrating birthday as young teenagers Do not be shy about your age؟؟ older than William
The video of Kentucky fans watching their team lose is still funny. We're sorry.
All purpose parts banner
Two years and we still look each other as if we first met. Happy 2th anniversary william.. Lv u…
Nice to see Karl Power is still knocking about
YURS. The give footballers wages to nurse brigade are brilliant. Country be bankrupt in a day but still.
I admire people who have the ability to touch you and still be thousands of miles from your presence.- William Chapman
William Hague is right! I spend a lot of time in EU parliament, and feeling from all sides is Brexit won't happen...
WILLIAM HAGUE: Too many in Europe still think Brexit can be stopped. We must show them we are serious
Our proprietor William Penn still watches over the Delaware Valley and Bay from his perch atop Philly's city hall,…
time the Ulster united together like Drumcree block the roads and bring the country to a stand still until sfira give in NSE
Still unsure whether that is a before or after pic?
well despite the drift already this morning, I'm still going with William Sayle (W2:50) today. tasty 7/4 available atm :)
Glue ear update: Still clearing up in left. Still mutton in right.
Still one of my all-time favorite lines of poetry. From William Carlos Williams's "Asphodel, That Greeny Flower":
Looking for your next crime read? Get your hands on gripping new novel - out now:…
Wizzil - William Steig and Quentin Blake (2000). Strange tale with weak plot but somehow still really charming... https:/…
I don't care what y'all say I still love William and Noora
hey, are you guys still at on Saturday? 😀💋
To where I was able to safely have both of my children. William would be fine and dandy. But miss Charlotte. Would she still be here? Would
With our system Spread is not very important, but it shouldn't be too high. Spread up to 4-5 pips is still OK.
After all these years, William still loves me 💓
If you are still looking to buy an Espresso machine, William Sonoma is doing 40% off all coffee/espresso makers!! 😊😊
The Office - William M Buttlicker [I think I watched this 10 times & I still found it funny every single time]
In theory he can still resign before the 100 days are up, meaning he only has to beat William Henry Harrison
Morgan William made my daughter Aiyanna lose her mind yesterday! She is still talking about her!
We are still accepting applications for Foreign Student Program Scholarship for academic year 2018-2019 - htt…
. WOW❗. Crimes of the FBI & CIA -. Bill Still's part 4 interview with William Benny.
8/2/1850: William Still was born today; among the most active conductors on the "Underground Railroad". ht…
I love making historical documents more accessible but it's amazingly great when it's William Still's records.
I still think the series ultimately comes down to Whiteside. If the Raptors can get him off the court, then it opens up drives
When you get 6 birdies but still shoot a 73.
When someone tells you a story that they already told you before, but you still sit and listen like it's your first time hearing it Lmaoo...
ah, William, I'd still take you to the prom.
I still think you should have canvassed William Rennie
NY Fed President William Dudley says giving more firms access to the discount window is "worth exploring"
So my question is still why have they only flipped at Dega this year, where they go the fastest?
If you're still experiencing issues connecting, head over to this page for assistance - ^DL
tru. also I still think P.S. I'm William is a great name.
This! ✔ Why Quality Content is Still the Key to Blogging Success via
{{Bursts into obnoxious hysterics}} I will still mourn for us both then. Kids, this is how I met your Uncle William.
I wonder why my mom still has my ex on social media that child is a lost case
Still using sevco william: For all sevconians looking for the name of their club before being chang...
Leopold, William, and 2 of the interns are still alive
oh and William Daniels our space son is still alive
that will be a jolly affair, how exciting 😊 is Lola still sneaking up to William's room?
Still Matilda was insulted that her father was considering William's suit, loudly proclaimed she was too highly born for a ***
William is probably out having a jol back in Cape Town but mina I am stuck here still trying to work my way around this sed BS ugh -___-
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Record sentence for a state public official (14 years) still belongs to William Boyland Jr.
If you're still up, hit me with some good questions for a Q/A that I'm filming to be featured on my YouTube channel! Use hash…
I'm still here but planning on going home soonish. This essay is killing me
I hear if you hold perfectly still and heil Hitler, Trump supporters can't see you
Looks like we're still doing sneak peeks from Check out "Taxed" by Scott William Taylor:...
I read The Infernal Devices In January 2015, It's been over a year now and I'm still not over William Owen Herondale ➰📖💙
Still waiting for your promised response on the William Ngene Njuguna verdict.
Still waiting for the promised response on the William Ngene Njuguna verdict.
[May] the worm of conscience still begnaw thy soul. William Shakesphere
sorry pal, you can still buy the majority of our range in Harrods...
Well thank you very much for this we really appreciate that. I would still like to raise this with the team concerned if..
I just have good legs.💁 she has nice glutes.😉❤️ but still fat. Ask cam, she knows that I'm "chubby"😂😂
400 yrs after his death,the immortal prose of William Shakespeare still rocks!Love the BARD!.
4 of 5 stars to The Work of The Pastor by William Still
Two years down the road, Daniel Olivas's book is still ahead of its time--add it and other San Diego State...
Happy anniversary to Kate & William. We are still dreaming about Kate's beautiful bouquet, filled with h…
Voting is still open for the William Shakespeare teacher challenge - get online to vote for your favourite!
need your help spread the word park renaming Dr James Still brother of William Still
I still thank about you // William Clark Green. Best song ever.
that's awesome man can't wait to see them. That Lighting def wasn't not working with you but it still looks super ill!!
you ah? Ceh. You spend spend still got money wan. You eat eat still slim wan. Ceh.
...William Morris' at Tynemouth market a few years back. Think it's still in print/available online. Thoroughly recommend.
do I still need a William hill email address to sign up for yammer
INEOS force majeures on HDPE at Sarralbe, Rosignano still in place
William woke up laughing , went pee still laughing and now he's sitting on the couch still laughing tf
Traffic lights are still not working in Fourways at William Nicol & the N1 Interchange. Expect heavy delays on all approaches
Just over 24 hours still to go in the nominations stage for the awards 2015
William Graham says he's still in the running for the South Wales list. "There's no reason not to," he says. But he won't comment further.
wasn't William Foley buying the team and moving them to Vegas? Still waiting for official word on that
I'm still not over the cast for L.O.R.D: William Chan, Aarif Lee, Chen Xuedong, Fan BingBing, Amber Kuo, Yangmi and many others TT
to our first small group Still proud to say these people are like…
Couple BANNED from naming son 'Prince William' to avoid 'lifetime of mockery'
"I only killed 50 people...there's still 7 billion I haven't killed! See? I'm a good guy!" Ugh.
William Dutton was apprenticed to George Graham and partner with Thomas Mudge whose lever escapement is still used.
He was indeed bad, but I still vote for Richard Griffin & William Nathan Stedman as the best of the worst.
Supposing William Ruto was still in ODM would Moses Kuria confess to fixing him?
I'm not a perfect person, I make a lot of mistakes but still, I love those people who stay with me after knowing how I…
I imagine that William is still with his friends and Henry will be in bed soon.
How does William still look like TJ Hooker with maybe a few frown lines? 😆
have you read any William Mcgonagall? He was apparently the worst poet, an exaggeration I'm sure but still
Paedophile ring linked to Britain's most prolific child abuser William Goad may still be at large, say police. .
And you can still nominate our fanzine in The FSF Awards | Football Supporters' Federation via
William Brown St is closed to traffic from Sun-Wed. Don’t worry though! It’s still open to pedestrians, as are we!
Fantastic talk today from allergy world hero Dr William Frankland.103yr old & still so much enthusiasm for improving a…
William Shatner's Common People is still the most majestic thing to happen in music ever.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
What are you all trying to do? McCain did you fictate William A Williams to fight against the president
*-something else, when he stops, perfectly still. Slowly, he puts down the bags he's-*
What a legend! At least England can still win at some form of Rugby!
Tickets are still available for Simon Winchester’s Talk this evening as part of the William Smith Bicentenary.
so we found Roxella but we are still missing the puppy 😣we just searched for another hour&no luck 😥 h…
Nice to see you again William,Sybil and Matthew.You guys are still alive in S1🙌🏻. I MISSED YOU SO MUCH. I can't wait to see you Tom❤️
I still hope they do. They are better then William & kate
A Hillary ad. The Big Chill. William Hurt on the couch. "I was evolving. I'm still evolving."
Playgirl is still gonna have tons of photos of dongs in case you were worried.
Still reeling from the recession? Here's a little known secret to refinancing your ..
William Gibson Talks To EMA About Getting the Future Right - William Gibson still has interesting and smart...
I had Crawford and Bob tonight. Lundqvist and Bishop last night. But I'm still destroying your boy Jimmy
I hope he gets better and I did not know you were still married. It must be hard for you as wife to see him like that.
Neighbours haunted by 's disappearance n missed chances via
Great in-depth review of William Parker's brand new in today by Do read & share!
And I ask myself wat is my purpose for still being up
Our EA works with all MT4 and MT5 brokers. Spread can be up to 4.0 pips and it can still make money every day.
Ill get the same food as William and still take a bite of his food 😩 his food just always tastes better
Still feel in a William Castle kinda mood... — watching The Tingler
The lights are out at Drake Stadium, but I'm still here. wins opener:
William Penn won tonight in triple overtime😆 still sad I wasnt there😔
# poor William what he must be going through if he is still alive
Peavy talked to us then hustled off. "I gotta go see Phish." Their concert started at 7:30. It's 9:45 now. So ... still on …
There's still no face guarding in college though, right?
Ⓜ️- the m stands for Mady, but you're pretty and cool!! I'm still salted that your parents are upset @ me
Yes William is havin a baby . Yes he is still with his baby's mother. No you cannot come to our baby shower . Go tf away we don't like yal 😒
but I still have no idea where you live. Like I know where Jason lives, William, Alex, Lexi, even John George but idk about you
writing by Robert Bloch; Barbara Stanwyck &Robert Taylor. Yet still has this creepy b movie William Castle affect?
Photo: Coffee put my workout into overdrive. Still wired. Who wants to go run right now?
Provide an address to this building! There is still zero evidence of this "office" existing!
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
There is still no address of this supposed "office". Even with NDP staring they use a generic ad!
It still remains common sense ethics not to spend MILLIONS on partisan offices in regions w/o NDP MP's.
Just over 20 minutes left to play between LWC Women's Soccer and William Carey. Still 0-0.
Northwestern coach probably still say he "cut a rug"
At the half, LWC Women's Soccer and William Carey still scoreless. Just two shots taken in the first half, both by the Blue Raiders.
Client William 4 month progress. 271 on left, 240 on right.. Still natty... Deadlifts are his…
CLOSE! Yvonne Ploeg hits the post. Still scoreless between LWC and William Carey.
I still have a crush on William Ragsdale. Omg...remember Mannequin 2???
Great charging play by William Cuicas saves a run for the Cutters ... Sutter McLoughlin 91-94 on a notoriously slow gun ... Still 1-1
Also, hear chapter one of our podcast series, Little Boy Lost:
The day chance and life conspired to allow someone to abduct William Tyrrell without a single witness:
You still going...William...Big fan of yours always was.But have a great day :)
William works 1 day a week and still somehow calls out every other week.
"Still in thy right hand carry gentle peace, to silence envious tongues." ~ William Shakespeare
*Kisses him lingeringly. Hannibal still tastes of Vytenis' blood.* You are in pain? *Kisses him again*
Cutters get a lead off single by William Cuicas, but fail to plate a run in the top of the 3rd. Still scoreless in State College.
William Cuicas with a leadoff single but nothing comes of it for the Cutters, we're still scoreless, bottom 3
Still growing come here to the page and Like..
Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal still wants Gareth Bale or Cristiano Ronaldo 
shady like Cassel did. EJ had less weapons and still out played him.
And if all these facts still aren't good enough for you, I'm sorry you're too stupid to grasp facts.
I don't know why William is still in the field.
and it's silly to say bc a govt and a few banks have William. H.R. Smith IV on file that somehow reifies the name, it's still an abstraction
Northwestern is still dancing over their victory over Stanford.
I wish william would finish work now, but its highly likely i still have another 3 hours to kill😒🔫
All we know is still infinitely less than all that remains unknown. William Harvey
Maryland's William Likely has 233 punt return yards today--a new Big 10 record, which has stood since 1931. Still 3 minutes left.
Still ... Gotta watch this at least 5 times when it comes across the TL
Does Daniel O'Donnell still brew up for all those spinsters?
This William Likely from Maryland is goin off! Its against Richmond but still he looks like he's the truth.
none of William 's production was against starters. Big difference. Still talented.
Speaking of coffee. I still haven't heard from you old friend. Thought you still had my number?
Is the amazing William James bookstore still running?
William Young collected this Asplenium marinum in Crail in August 1891. The plant still thrives at Fife Ness! htt…
William McKinley still has a mountain -- right here in Southern California
Important to know, because kept Still on last year, he and Leah now have 5 years of NFL health insurance regardl…
Was an own goal, but still a beautiful croos from Shaw
Sometimes I still get mad at William Hurt for being a subpar Gen. "Thunderbolt" Ross.
STILL MISSING from the Route 213/William White Road area of ESOPUS, NY! Please share this. Thank you!
Memoir and Remains of Robert Murray M'Cheyne; William Still, The Work of the Pastor; Murray, The Fight of Faith (2nd vol on MLJ)
Oh. Well, that's still cool. Shortbread is kinda bland, but sometimes it's good.
Still prefer and always will want McCoy back in the midnight green
If you're still there by the time I'm back I'm all in. Been wanting to finish the Prison Break all day
My calves are still a bit sore from jumping so much 😂
HA! thinking the same. I guess he didn't like or got along with Shady, oh well. they still won't have an impact
My hearing still isn't back to normal.
William Shakespeare’s Prospero knew that “we are such stuff as dreams are made on,” but scientists are still figuring out the meaning of...
: Not true or better still Celtic have NOT made any contact whatsoever with William Ekong.
just a quick question do you still think william is cool or just another corrupt tosser cover up of murders not cool FREEMASONS
Very wet day in Glasgow but still great weather for campaigning in the dry in high flats!
Still, Dinosaurs was the easiest show to end when it got canceled. "Ice Age. BOOM. The End. Roll credits."
This time last year we were still revelling from our epic exploration of Killarney, Ireland.
This fanart made me laugh at the time hehehe, poor William, he is still cutie tho
ive still failed at putting American Netflix on my PS3 😭
ooc: it has been a terrible off season for my Niners. Ugh. I still can't believe they passed on Vic Fangio for HC
"Still cannot get over game yesterday now on our mind!"
James Brown's chauffeur: 'He still hasn't been buried'
Ep. 15 of Hillary Clinton's mailserver. Well known territory for Infosec folks, still interesting.
Waited for a bus that never came. Still in Ft William and I'm fcking freezing!
“William will not do yall right , he still in training”you a liar dude!!
One handbook must still be in a box somewhere:
I've still got a white one like that with red/blue stripe somewhere, and number 8 on the arms
. I bought this. It's still in the wrapper. It's beautiful.
I was looking at William Hill it's still early days though the UK hates it but Europe seems to like it
to the recording of Still In The Fight summer 2011. L-R: Robert William Bates, Mike Corrado, Kyle Carpenter,...
But then you realise that you're at strode and your knob is still probably more aesthetically satisfying than a top-knot
Barder still: continues with William Houston as in cinemas on 26 Mar
You are still juggling a variety of scenarios, so it's nearly ... More for Gemini
Killer of Greg Smart is up for parole today. William Flynn has already served 25 years & his former teacher Pamela Smart is still locked up.
Every time DP William Ruto is in charge, Raila flies out of the Country (Runs away really). Is he still around?
found my old William Hill Manager's card, Wonder if I can still get money out with it! ;-)
Work starts now! Thank you to those who gave me the opportunity and trusted me
Me and William are doing the colour run this summer it's not a long distance at all but I still feel a little training is needed☺️
Is Kate still married to William? How old is Blue Ivy? Who is the president Idk man my phone died.
Thanks William, hope you're still playing
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Morning William, not good to see this! Can you tell me if thi is still happening? Ross
Why Williams song Happy still makes the entire World Happy. :)
uh… AlienIsolation scares the William Shatner out of me,Playing by yourself in a dark house at 2am doesn't help, still
Even though has always been an enigma, it is still one of the seven wonders of psychology. William S. Kroger, MD.
As if anyone still believes this rubbish.
retcon? "Just William" - read 'em all and still listen on Radio4. I know, the cold shower again.
p.s. I'll still say Lil Wayne a modern William Shakespeare
a wee clip from when installing column still at William Grants, Girvan.
We saw William Beckett instead and it was a great time but still
I'd say to some it seems it's still just a laid back popularity contest rather than a true vehicle of change.
Police are being heard saying this is what the protesters wanted. Police being shot. Stop it. 215 days and we still have …
It was an act to stay on and hang the jury. She still didn't deliberate just obfuscated that's not true to her promise.
Hello William, what kind of voice you? Greetings still so many I like your covers, I hope your own theme ✌
Still have not heard from regarding promise made by William Foushee to resolve GIgi's Cupcakes Lovers Rewards issue.
oh I c,,, but still can't believe!!! I've heard your height is now around 165 right???
Photoset: lucyandlouise: William Still was born in Burlington County, NJ on October 7, 1821 (or November...
Still proper giggling away to myself about a situation in work, I love working for William Hill!
old Brillo Pad as the Eye still calls him. Night out with him Diane and Portillo in Annabels would be my dream
An interesting read on the Sunday Independent. 'Apartheid may be dead, but racism is still with us by William Gumede'. Time to be honest
. [William mutterd underneath his breath]...You still have your beauty~ that I admit it,but you're still a Templar.
Even though William Angliss is a 4 min walk from flagstaff station, I can almost guarantee that I'll still get lost on Tuesday 😒
Dear God! I like I still need to dress her, I have to take care of the but I'm just better mates with xx
Phisically gone but still alive in our minds, hearts and spirits. rest in heaven Paul William Walker. Ily
William Draco Potter Cosby is still the USA's big popppa.
William Keegan in Guardian still does not understand THERE IS NO DEFICIT to eliminate. Never has been. Deficit is a MYTH, LIE, Deceit
Wisdom of William Morris still strangely relevant to situation at
|one year ago today💔 still breaks my heart... RIP Paul William Walker IV
This little guy is still. Missing. William Please share. It, if you know anything please call...
Soccer legend Pele is lucid and talking, but still in intensive care, Brazil hospital says.
Still feeling grimey from last night but still going.. Rough tempo with this man rinsin it. Alex Piggott powering...
William F. Buckley & other conservatives believed blacks should still be counted as 3/5 a human being.
u still have William balbonet problems
and I bet people still don't know that she's Brian William's daughter. Poor kid.
"The most fantastic thing about the present time is that we’re actually still here." — Sci-Fi legend William Gibson
A writing table still life by William Michael Harnett, 1877
I'm planning a trip and wondered if you were still there! Still on the Ferris wheel??
I'm still waiting on my air maxes from William!
this is William, I believe you've met him before? [My arm still on his as I place the other over his chest to portray >
don't worry William she's still salty from losing... To tech... At home
1, 2, 3, or 4, we still have the most beautiful place in America.
apparently they were chanting about the death of Lutzenkirken, so we're still classier
Great game, Marshal, Coates, William, and Artis-Payne are still tanks. 👍 always next season boys.
Still as beautiful as the day we got married. So thankful for in my life @ The William…
Daddy's still talking about William Penn winning
Here's the game summary: Amari cooper is good at footballing, Auburn has kicked 5 FG's and Musberger still ***
Still think Rashad should be a Biletnikoff finalist.
timouthy : True Life: I just got freaked out by a William-Sonoma still being open then I realized it was 7:30.
With William Penn still looking over his city and the spirits of the gentlemen of 1776--Godfather
Eleven weeks on and still no sign of young William
I'd do that if I was still 185 like high school. I need to work on my body too.
Anyone out there still reading for the ? Any updates? I'm reading Jacob T. Marley by R. William Bennett.
Nope. Searched around today and still have to order online.
Will Muschamp on Gerald Willis (pen. for hitting Winston): “If I were still the head coach he would be kicked off the te…
“It's 3:56 and Clemson still *** Hey bud, it's 8:37 and you missed a kick today.
Yep! Probably because it was so upsetting. (Er..assuming this is still William. :) )
25 years after in Pacific Herring in Prince William Sound has still not recovered
Apparently still no download of this NYPL Gibson talk?
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