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William Samoei Ruto

William Kipchirchir Samoei arap Ruto (born 21 December 1966) is a Kenyan politician who is the Deputy President elect of Kenya.

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Wah, I say I am proud of our Deputy President William Samoei Ruto. What a man!. What a farmer!. What a leader!. Had to watch
William Samoei Ruto... I love the farmer in you, my dream when I settle
The Rift }. Deputy President William Samoei Ruto has laughed off claims of turf wars between himself and Baringo...
KENYA , ICC : Witness: A day before election, Ruto said Kikuyus should leave Eldoret A witness told International Criminal Court (ICC) judges that one day before Kenyans voted in the December 2007 elections, William Samoei Ruto told a crowd in Eldoret town the Kikuyu should leave town. On Friday, Witness 658 said Ruto made this statement in an impromptu address to supporters of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party after they had searched for ballot papers that allegedly would be used in rigging the election. The witness said this impromptu address took place near a bridge over the Sosiani River, which is just outside the center of Eldoret town. He said Ruto gave the speech after searches were conducted at the Eldoret police station and the Brookside Dairy’s branch just outside the town center. At the time he made the address Ruto was campaigning to be reelected the member of parliament for Eldoret North and was a key campaigner in the Rift Valley region for ODM’s presidential candidate, Raila Od ...
Uhuru Kenyatta and William Samoei Ruto politically disarm and subdue aging lion of Kenya politics Raila Odinga by...
John Kahera. William samoei Ruto carries the whole. blame for assisting a non performer to. ascend to power of...
Could the Very Nice Picture of Deputy President William Kipchirchir Samoei arap Ruto, a.k.a. Son of Sarah, and Mr.…
William Samoei Ruto Is not a factor in 2017 presidency. can win elections single-handedly.
Hosting our Deputy President,William Samoei Ruto, and Cabinet Secretary for Mining, Najib Balala at (GEOEACE) 2014 http:/…
Hon Raila Odinga and DP President William Samoei Ruto At the late chirchir funeral
Warning for criminals . "The Jubilee government will not negotiate with criminals", William Samoei Ruto .
The Fifth President (to be) of the Republic of Kenya His Excellency William Samoei Ruto practicing guard of honor.
Deputy President William Samoei Ruto - NYIKANET - during the commissioning of road construction equipment, which...
So now Pokot leaders are blaming William Samoei Ruto for Kapedo and Baringo disarmament ???. What is the...
wonderful...William Samoei Ruto.waw! this man!
William Samoei Ruto turns heat on lawmakers over claim. (
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HE William Samoei Ruto, Senator Kindiki Kithure, Hon. Aden Duale and Kipchumba Murkomen are greatest leaders of...
Without high profile cases like Uhuru Kenyatta and William Samoei Ruto, Fatou Bensouda will literary be jobless,...
Uhuru Kenyatta is a true statesman. His handing over of presidential power to William Samoei Ruto was patriotic...
Time for Uhuru Kenyatta and William Samoei Ruto to practice what they preach and for some of us to preach what we practise
For those who don't know where H:E William Samoei Ruto got his "Hustler" nickname. He was nicknamed by Korir K...
Situation: Republic of Kenya Case: The Prosecutor v. William Samoei Ruto and Joshua Arap Sang Ruto and Sang case: Appeals Chamber confirms Trial Chamber V(a) decision summonsing witnesses to appear The Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Court (ICC) dismissed Mr Ruto’s and Mr Sang’s appeals against Trial Chamber V(a)’s decision of 17 April 2014. With that decision, the Trial Chamber required witnesses to appear before it, sitting in situ or by way of a video-link, and found that Kenya was under an obligation to facilitate the witnesses’ appearance, if necessary by way of compulsory measure. During an open court session, Judge Akua Kuenyehia, Presiding Judge on these appeals, read the summary of the judgment. She explained that, in the view of the Appeals Chamber, article 64(6)(b) of the Rome Statute expressly gives Trial Chambers the power to compel witnesses to appear before it, thereby creating a legal obligation for the individuals concerned. The Appeals Chamber concluded that there . ...
The 48 hours transition of Power between President Uhuru Kenyatta and former President William Samoei Ruto come with two broad messages for the Kenyan community: 1.The reconcilliation between the Kikuyus and Kalenjins was real and very genuine, built on love, forgiveness and trust. 2.If it was possible for the two above to reconcile, then it is very possible for any other community to let go of the long inherited tribal ethnicity, start seeing each other as brothers and not arch-enemies the way thr paramount duo Uhuru and Ruto does.
How many likes for President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Samoei Ruto
Another history marked, Kenyan president who had the shortest term in office; Hon William Samoei Ruto
William Samoei Ruto makes history as the shortest serving president, serving just under 48 hrs
His Excellency the Acting President William Samoei Ruto visits Leopard Beach Resort & Spa stand at the the fourth...
Earlier today Raisi William Samoei Ruto officially opened the MagicalKenya Tourism Expo at Kenyatta International...
ICC FLASHBACK; Sunday, September 8, 2013, Speaking at a public rally in Ruiru on the eve of William Samoei Ruto's...
William Samoei Ruto's 2-day presidency ends tonight as Uhuru Kenyatta will be flying back tonight. Raila...
I just had to make this for bwana Samoei William Ruto acting President of the Republic of Kenya
President William Samoei Arap Ruto should be sworn in by cj Mutunga.
Cogratulations to Hon. William Samoei Arap Ruto for being the 5th President of the Republic of Kenya!!
President of the republic of kenya William Samoei Ruto
Set records clear kenya, the fifth president of the democratic Republic of Kenya is William Samoei Ruto
Eh and the Acting President HE William Samoei Ruto was smiling:)
lawyer Kiprono Matagei moves to court to have D.President William Samoei Ruto sworn in a : . . A ...
Barely a day after President William Samoei Ruto assumes his new powers yule jamaa wa kitendawili amefunga virago...
His Excellency The Acting President William Samoei Ruto first day at work at Harambee House
Just asking Now that William Samoei Ruto is the president, who do you think should be his deputy?. 1. Aden Duale.
William Samoei Ruto wins round one and heralds a crushing defeat for CORD referendum or is it too early. i say no...
Had mistakenly followed this person [William Samoei Ruto. ] thinking that he's the DP
I have missed a rare opportunity to meet the next big thing in Kalenjin politics after William Samoei Ruto and Isaac Ruto; I mean Hon. Alfred Keter. ***
To receive DP William Samoei Ruto at Bomet County. — traveling to Bomet from Kisumu, Kenya
William Samoei Ruto should be the last person in this country to lecture Kenyans on accountability.
MIGORI~ ~William Samoei Ruto-Leadership that perpetrates intolerance& hooliganism as was witnessed in migori today is primitive, backward & barbaric! Shame on them! ~SENATOR MURKOMEN- What happened in Migori is a clear show that some politicians would rather have their voters poor than to develop and have them liberated!.The ODM leadership in Nyanza should learn from Hon.Ababu & the people of western.Just compare and contrast President in Migori & Western -Hon Moses kuria -Whatever happened in Migori is despicable. Those Ogoons had their minds totally confused by whatever you know by now.I have cancelled fundraiser i was to conduct in Kisumu on Saturday.After 1969 Russian Hospital riots Jomo avoided Luo Nyanza like a plague. -Hon. Aden Duale -It's primitive & outdated politics to heckle the president. The presidency must be respected. We call for investigation into the incident. -Munene wa Njeru -We have SEEN and NOTED what has happened to our President in Migori,.THANK YOU - Matsanga David they are used ...
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We just Need A referendum to clear all leaders and let Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Samoei Ruto work...
I like the spirit of the Deputy President H.E. William Samoei Ruto, . After landing from the Hague this morning at...
H.E DP William Samoei Ruto will be free from the hands of injustice of ICC. witnesses are not failing they are...
Some of these photos of Uhuru Kenyatta and the No. 2 William Samoei Ruto will keep fresh in our minds
HE FP, DP William Samoei Ruto two years ago told Raila: a prayer is a serious business for those who believe in...
divide in Rift Valley lies a bumpy road for political genius Facts,...
The ICC must drop all cases againist our Deputy President William Samoei Ruto tommorrow when annoucing the the...
ICC prosecution is Chasing the Wind; Deputy President William Samoei Ruto's case has No Tail or Head; Fatou...
I once said: That Day when H:E William Samoei Ruto will be cleared in ICC that he has NO case to answer. I will...
Sirisia MP Hon John Waluke has said he supports Uhuru Kenyatta and William Samoei Ruto.
By Alfred Kimosop. Deputy President, William Samoei Ruto, has no political future under the Jubilee Coalition and…
Moses Kuria should realize that referendum it's not about personalities, but issues affecting common mwananchi, instead he should pass a bill that reduces production costs so that local manufacturing industries can produce affordable products to common mwananchi, but resolving target Raila by reducing the qualification age limit for any presidential candidate to 65 makes me ask my URP friends to think twice that their son William Samoei Ruto could be the hidden target, How old is he right now?? n how old will he have turned after Uhuru's agreed 10 yrs?
William Samoei Ruto is always traversing the country with one Kithure Kindiki.the 2 will be the duo to watch come 2022 if not sooner.
If there's one person who should formulate the first referendum question, he is one William Samoei Ruto; he...
The Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya, H.E. William Samoei Ruto together with his wife, H.E. Madam Rachel...
To President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy William Samoei Ruto on matters referendum kindly deal with only Cord...
.Sometimes i spend some time and listen to our politicians especially Deputy President William Samoei Ruto...
Will GEMA back William Samoei Ruto for the Presidential seat after Uhuru's second term ?
By HE William Samoei Ruto categorically putting it clear that the govt will be providing security for the ferried cocoon, he simply meant one thing. Saba Saba can go on, THERE WILL BE NO DIALOGUE. After CORD and cohorts breathed hot air, exhaling storms, steam and fire, they are now packing and fleeing their homes. My message to them: The govt will provide security for anyone peaceful , bumbulously and circumfoneously deal with anyone instigating discomposure, hate, and chaos. So stay safe! Preach peace. ni ushenzi
Janet Mwikali: Mpeketoni exposes Uhuru The Clueless Clueless Kenyan President is at it again. “President” Uhuru Kenyatta, who was installed as President after a manipulated electoral process, has now decided to politicize the fight on Terrorism. This man has lost the moral high ground to continue governing Kenya. Uhuru whose colorless and incompetent Cabinet Secretary for Security was heckled and jeered by the victims of Mpeketoni terror attack, is at pains to deflect the Al-Shabaab menace inwards, by branding it an act of ethnic genocide. Uhuru is himself a genocide suspect currently risking incarceration at the ICC for the 2007/8 violence in which he is accused of financing a terror network in which Kalenjin homes were torched, and Luos circumcised without anesthesia using blunt objects, then left to bleed to death. Even before he became president, Uhuru’s incompetence both as Shepherd of Kenya’s economy was in doubt both locally and internationally. Columnists like Makau Mutua, Rashid Wanjala, ...
When Raila Odinga and ODM was placed into a corner by one William Samoei Ruto, they went and fetched one Philemona Chelagat Mutai and paraded her on the media hoping that Chelagat will come out of her health predicament to chalenge Ruto in his sweeping popularity in the Rift Valley. After Philemona Chelagat Mutai passed on, these political adventurists were no where to be seen, Raila Odinga is an expert in using people, no wonder he is the Peoples number one political conman.
Deputy President William Samoei Ruto{FP} is a seer of our times. He said NO to an from the word go! Long live WSR!
When Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and William Samoei Ruto joined hands to take Kenya from Kenyans, the people did not think it was quite a mistake because their Kikuyu and Kalenjin tribes had just previously
Never again will we allow politicians to divide Kenyans along political and Ethnic backgrounds - DP William Samoei Ruto.
The only difference between Mr Uhuru's speech on Mpeketoni massacre and Westgate "sieke" is that this time round he was not flanked by full uniformed lazy looking security unintelligent team. Instead Mr William Samoei Ruto starred, and effectively so, in the role of HE's ADC. I hope they get the appropriate uniform/costume for Mr Ruto when he stars in the next presidential unintelligence security status drama
Thanx friends for the some many wishes on this auspicious day when am celebrating my 26th birthday, am humbled, The journey has been and is still long and must pass my sincere gratitude to my mum and dad,sisters and brothers, relatives, and all friends, but above all to God, who's given me the strength and energy to this day since I was born, I am rejuvenated in my path to a better me and know that with all of you we going to make as per our destined plans, I've harboured a very strong feeling of despair and hopelessness especially with the numerous problems my fellow Kenyans are going thru', the rampant insecurity, the Hunger strikes, the High cost of living, among the so many other pains we are going thru' But I choose to pray for our nation, and listening to one person who has always depended on God and in whose leadership I've always known that we'll always have the hope for a better tomorrow, I know God is going to deliver us from the evil and short comings we are facing, I dedicate this new year I'v ...
The William Samoei Ruto and Joshua Arap Sang trials resumed on Monday 16 June 2014, with the beginning of the...
When do you pray? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Or never? Do you love your country? It's time to PRAY. Join a million other peace loving Kenyans this coming Thursday 12th June in a day long fast(6am to 6pm) and prayer. Pray for the following items 1. H.E.President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. 2. H E.Deputy President William Samoei Ruto. 3.Our beloved motherland-Kenya. Pray against any evil scheme hatched to destabilise this nation and shed innocent blood. Your country is looking up to you. Pass this message to 10 Kenyans NOW! Don't delay, this is TOP PRIORITY!
William Samoei Ruto is ignoring URP supporters - The Council of Governors Chair Isaac Rutto now says via
I am supporting his excellency William Samoei Ruto for president 2017. So help me God.
From yesterday mpaka this moment am trying to come to terms with what happened in mpeketoni, my extended family is there, my fellow kenyans, regardless of their faith passed on. Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and William Samoei Ruto: at Kasarani you took an oath to defend the constitution of Kenya, which tells me we are a sovereign nation of which you are responsible for it's protection from external and internal threats, what the*are you doing politiking about with the lenku guy yapping all around politics and we are under attack, shame on you. This is Kenya, not some banana republic, and you are the commander in chief, not some rat hole fellows, you have lost it!
it is high time william samoei Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta became real and non-nonsense dictators...worse that of moi era..That the only way they will perform..let all those sleeping in their jobs in ensuring kenyans are safe be dealt with amicably.. Uhuruto must have checks and balances when it come to security.Let each and every person carry their responsibilities and if they find it difficult they should resign Uhuru should neglect the bureaucratic procedures provided by this constitution when dealing with security
I happened to listen to one benji ndolo KTN Kenya on . Its such a pity that most of us are going back to our tribal cocoons and forget our country Kenya. What do you people think will happen when people who support Uhuru Kenyatta and William Samoei Ruto decide to go on the road.(Am made to understand it has already started around Dagoretti area). We need to put Kenya first We have no where else to go. Raila Odinga and co will go back to the US Me and You will be left here with no where to call home
What William Samoei Ruto sees while sitting down Ketter cannot see on top of a Hill.
WSR!!: check this out William Samoei Ruto, is not DP by accident as some scumbags have made it appear so.t...
Its now clear that the DP Hon William Samoei Ruto was actually paid 6.5 Billion to back my president Uhuru Muigai the past General Mama Ngina Kenyatta.. I have always wondered why is this guy so calm when the kalenjin people are being harrased and isolated in this government.. just some months ago..Rugut was sacked from the NYS docket and Ruto came so strongly and said that he consulted that with the president before the sacking yet in real sense it was only a decision made by Waiguru.. just today another kalenjin was sacked and replaced by a Kikuyu.. and ruto sent his thoughts on the same to the media saying that ..that kalenjin who was sacked was not. competent. if Ruto wants to go against my president at anytime then he has to pay wat Mama ngina gave him.first...he is actually a 'Prisoner ' in this my kalenjin brothers.. take it easy.politics is a gambling game.
Kalenjin Nation : After last night debate with elders in my village today i shared the same with my senior Kinsmen in Government allow me to share the following about William Ruto. 1. He is not a tribal kingpin anymore, He is Deputy President of Republic of Kenya not Rift Valley. 2. If he defend Kalenjin Nation, who will defend Kenya?, If he speaks for Kalenjin, who will speak for Kenya?. 3. He was sworn in and he promised to defend constitution and to serve Kenya (Not Rift Valley) 4. Keter is now taking the vacuum post of Kalenjin spokesman, William Ruto is above that. 5.For any Vice President/Deputy to ascend to power he/she must be loyal to sitting President, Moi was branded "Bibi ya Kenyatta" Kibaki said removing Moi was like cutting a Mugumo tree with a razor. 6. William Samoei Ruto is walking on a calculated path. It is a matter of time.
Hon William Samoei Ruto should see himself as a national leader not Jubilee leader. So when opposed in anything that has interest in Kenyans, however upset it might be, he needs to be careful of what he says to those opposing him and leave it to akina Duale and Kindiki whose interest is in their party and not Kenyans
Erick Kiplangat Sitonik Joshua Kutuny was beaten pants down by a little known athlete by the name Wesley Korir as MP for Cherangany in 2013 election. Kutuny was appointed as the Political Advisor in the Office of the President a position which Kutuny is now using to create another centre of Power in Rift Valley. It is not secret to note that Kutuny has been receiving a number of delegation at his Harambee House office as he try to secure them an appointment with President Uhuru Kenyatta. It is unfortunate that Kutuny is undermining Deputy President William Samoei Ruto with reason only best known to him. Remember, Kutuny had sent his own personal statement to Kass FM against Aden Duale in solidarity with some known callers who has been undermining the DP. The former MP for Cherangany has teamed up with Alfred Keter and known ODM sympathizers in order to incite the locals against Ruto. Many of us are wondering whether Kutuny is working for Uhuru Kenyatta and Jubilee or he is trying to divide the people of R ...
Our Deputy President William Samoei Ruto makes people change their names to either Kalenjin or Kikuyu names depending on the topic they post on GBS. Am proud of who God made me to be and will never shy to express myself the best I can for my beloved country even as I am a grandson of a MAU MAU veteran. Daima Mkenya!!
The Euphoria that has deteriorated to Dysphoria in the Rift Valley of Kenya- DP William Ruto'S HOME AND POLITICAL TARF! VALLEY IS JUST awakening into reasons that made people like Henry Kosgey and Franklin Bett stick with Raila to the last minute against the euphoria and pressure from their Rift Valley masses over Joining Ruto Samoei in Jubilee via URP! They knew better what was good for Kalenjins and Kenya at large! BUT KALENJIN NATION HAD BEEN BEWITCHED BY THE GLIB TONGUE OF THE MASTER OF DECEIT- William Samoei Ruto! There is still hope to pickup from where you slided! KUTELEZA SIO KUANGUKA! Raila is still alive to be given HIS CHANCE TO PROVE WHAT HE HAS FOR KENYANS so that we can compare and contrast! But i believe from track record of the man that it would only be better than worse! LETS HAVE A FINAL GO IN 2017-Babaa!!!
Kenya's Deputy President H.E William Samoei Ruto has assured the Kalenjin community that its interest under the Jubilee administration is and will be taken care of.
"Maneno ya mkate nusu hiyo aiko"! Do you think the president was reffering this words to William samoei Ruto? Just asking!
Leshao Lontubu . I've done my best to see whether I can help you understand William Samoei Ruto... Hebu see...
We have an activist for a Deputy President in Kenya. This man prides himself in being a quick thinker and equally a fast talker. Here are my reasons why Kenya will never have President William Samoei Ruto as the Constitutional resident at the House on the Hill, that is State House. Unlike his boss (or his friend as he is fond of referring to President Uhuru), this man believes in issuing instant answers to statements not necessarily directed at him. Someone needs to read for this Honourable gentleman from Eldoret North a few guide lines and train him to watch his tongue. The president does a lot of damage control for this man because of his (Ruto's) quick tongue. In his book, The 48 Laws of Power, Robert Greene explains in the number 4 law of power, “Always Say Less Than Necessary. When you are trying to impress people with words like Hon. Ruto likes doing, the more you say, the more common you appear, and the less in control. Especially if you have intentions to appear as presidential as the president ...
William samoei Ruto selfmade hustler does too much talking bt that he can only dictate kales bt nt kenyans
I hope wherever Sir William Samoei Ruto is, he is watching House of Cards. He's in the best position to play some games.
William Samoei Arap Ruto is one sharp guy. He goes unmatched
William Arap Samoei Ruto so charged up I see. The effects of Baba just hours after his arrival.
this man William Samoei Ruto is a great man... talk of speech with a swag
Kidero: I want to welcome William samoei around Ruto. I admit he seemed tensed
It is over!. His Ex Uhuru Kenyatta you call him "Ouru" (Kamwana) is our president. His Ex William Samoei Ruto is...
According to the father of modern politics, Nicolo di Bernado dei Machiavelli (RIP), the greatest threat to a political supremo is that strong individual who thrust him to power. Towards the end of the reign the supremo must destroy those who thrust him to power. In Uhuru's case if history is respected, which is hard to run away from, he MUST destroy Ruto before 2017. Unfortunately for Uhuru, his fall out with Ruto will automatically make William Samoei Ruto the President with a Deputy President of his choice. In this analogy, Uhuru MAY become the 1st president 2b impeached, with impeachment coming from URP & being supported by CORD. Infact this is the easiest way for Ruto Ascend to power without the vote & therefore Uhuru must lie low and say yes to everything Ruto demands, bcoz he is the King. If i can quote the words of the King of Tyranny of numbers Mutahi Ngunyi, Uhuru's impeachment is expected, & will not originate from anything important, just play. But lets pray for our nation that peace & prospe ...
I want to remind Mutahi Ngunyi of tyranny of numbers fame that URP has never thought of William Samoei Ruto benefiting from the impeachment of President Uhuru Kenyatta. Even in Ruto's wildest imagination that thing has never ever crossed his mind. It is only through the prophets of doom that can only imagine that Jubilee will break up. Cord poleni sana.
H.E William Samoei Ruto,must you respond to every 'wind'?.at times revisit the laws of power:win by silence.
samoei Ruto Kenya is a great nation. It is our responsibility and business to make it better indeed ua excellency.
Via Joe Ngugi,. Kalenjins are eating their own -exactly like that proverbial ogre. William Samoei Ruto, a man who...
Between William Kipchichir Samoei Aral Ruto and Alfred Keter. Who is a constructive broker?
HON. KETER'S ANALOGY ON HOW DP HAD FAILED KALENJINS By Hills member of Parliament who was elected on a URP ticket has of late become candid on his allegations that HE the Deputy President William Samoei Ruto is losing out on his responsibility as a Kalenjin leader. The legislator has gone ahead to brand Ruto a sell-out saying that the Kalenjin nation is ready to contribute even as low as 20bob to pay the amount the DP was bought at. Keter has so far brought a new analogy that each Kalenjin can relate with as below: Hon. Keter: We sent H.E William Ruto to climb on the tree to harvest honey from the beehive for all of us but when he reached on top of the tree he suddenly went quiet yet we are waiting for him under the tree. We do not know if there is honey or not, whether he has eaten it or he has been stung by bees we do not know. But those waiting down can hear the guy murmuring some words which clearly tells his mouth is full of honey.The only solution remaining is for all of us waiting down here to cut ...
Come 2022,take this to KCB trust fund William Samoei Ruto,will get 90% of Central Kenya votes,anyone trying to divide us is day dreaming.
I have looked at the political landscape and came to the very considered opinion that Uhuru should be blocked from a second term as President. For his replacement we need not look inside CORD but outside it, particularly within Jubilee. Kalonzo Musyoka or Moses Wetangula cannot be President of kenya. They were not made of Presidential material neither can they Marshall Kenyans to get to State House. For the Luo community to remain relevant, we need to ask Raila Odinga to look out for William Samoei Ruto, iron out all the differences with him (Raila has trust issues which needs swearing with a Bible) and then convince him to run for President. I know the Luo community, they have a soft spot for Ruto. This is the only way we will send Dictator Uhuru home and get back our country. Raila cannot win in 2017 neither are the two freeloaders, Kalonzo and Wetangula.
The ICC trial of DP William Samoei Ruto and former radio journalist Joshua Arap Sang has been...
Now, I am not about to give up. One of you, Uhuru Kenyatta, William Samoei Ruto, RAILA FOR PRESIDENT, Hon Moses...
I have a strong reason to believe that Maina Njenga is running a secret organization under the cover of a church. Its time the government observes international ministry keenly. Mainas' support for Raila Odinga since 2007 was for his own survival at the helm of Mungiki leadership and with Orange Democratic Movement vanquished by Uhuru Kenyatta and William Samoei Ruto and his followers paid and coached by the likes of Makau Mutua and Hassan Omar Hassan to fix Uhuruto at the will find the going very rough.
We are already in 2017 political scene and the train has taken off without William Samoei Ruto. Someone in the corridors of power thinks that William Ruto might be locked up at the Hague or he'll be politically irrelevant by then, thus comes in Isaack Ruto and Evans Kidero. The mafia are already grooming Kidero as a possible replacement for William Ruto in 2017, since its an open secret that R.V will not vote Jubilee as ablock again. The opposition are aware of this plot thats why they are pushing Isaack Ruto as a possible running mate to whoever they'll nominate as their Presidential candidate. William Ruto amefika political dead end, propaganda zake zimeganda vipropa.
Published on Apr 20, 2014 Exactly one year and 11 days ago, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and William Samoei Ruto were sworn into office to lead Kenya for a period of five years. The ceremony followed a hotly-contested presidential election whose results were eventually challenged in the Supreme Court. That highest court in the land declared the duo to have been validly elected into office and gave them the green light to take the oath of office. But the failure in the electronic voter identification system, the collapse of the results transmission system, the intrigues in the tendering process for election materials all left a familiar, yet bitter taste in the mouths of many Kenyans. Now after a year-long investigation, KTN has uncovered startling flaws and failures whose impacts on the election, the country will perhaps never know. From missing tallying forms, inflated results in some areas and evidence of a commission with a divided leadership, it is an intriguing story that once again has exposed the soft-und ...
Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and William Samoei Ruto still earning full salary.
Decision to go into Somalia was not reached by Uhuru Kenyatta nor William Samoei Ruto , It was Mwai Kibaki , Raila Odinga , Kalonzo Musyoka and former foreign affairs Minister Moses Wetangula decision , so spare UhuRuto your antics Now that we are there, surrender is not an option, we must fight to the bitter end, I have lost neighbors and brother in the the battle field but I am optimist we will win this war, ignore this conservative lecturer Anyang Nyongo senile idea of withdrawing our troop, in fact we should write a letter to AU to let us fight under KDF and not Amisom , Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches most According to Sun Tzu the author of The Art of War, first you must starve your enemy , cut his source of income if there is any, and in our case we had to secure Kismayu , and cut their only source of revenue So far the Al-Shabaab are broke, they use to bomb us with Grenade and some crude weapons but now they only use EID improvised bombs, (positive sign) Our nightmare is not goin ...
Dear President Uhuru Kenyatta , Deputy President William Samoei Ruto and Inspector General IG Kimaiyo . Let us assume for a moment that I'm not an ordinary citizen, that you all NEED my opinion and that you will take it into consideration in discharging your divine responsibility of securing Us from those who have publicly sworn to not only harm but also annihilate Us(Kafiris).In order to effectively crush these vicious terrorists who continue to subject US(Kenyan Kafiris) to untold pain and anguish: 1.Choose between our blind obsession with the 'law' and "human rights" and the need to keep Kenya and innocent Kenyans secure.In conjunction to this: 2.Immediately sack and severely punish all government officials that man our borders especially in the Northern corridor. 3.Discharge your mandate without the Somali votes in mind. 4. Dismantle all Somali refugee camps in Kenya and FORCE its inhabitants to go and develop their country. 5. Give an ultimatum to all their Kenyan sympathizers to follow them to Somal ...
Is it true DP William Samoei Ruto will visit Murang'a on Sunday invited by Catholic Church?
Deputy President William Samoei Ruto made it who are you not to??He once sold stuff at the roadside,at 30 when he...
I have asked to give me her opinion on jicho pevu this how she respnded I have didn't have time to waste since even Uhuru Kenyatta & William Samoei Ruto knows they stole elections...Excuse me,I am shocked that you people are surprised with Official Jicho Pevu with Mohammed Alijubilee are not thieves--no,they are Ananiah & His Wife Saphira i.e if you read the good book.I have always said IEBC was but a conduit, a part of a well choreographed script.yes,there was nothing like Tryanny of numbers--no there was Tyranny of thieves.That's why as Uhuru Kenyatta's eyes keep getting red,red & blood red,William Ruto's mouth keeps getting Kasuku,kasuuku & kasu uku.Even when the Devil herd that Jubilee won round one--he screamed 'OH MY GOD' whats your opinion on jicho pevu?
HE William Samoei Ruto is very HAPPY that one of his MPs has given his life to the Lord-Turkana Central MP.
H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta,William Samoei Ruto, I can confirm that the Somali community are angry, there women...
Yes, Deputy President William Samoei Ruto was an ODM pentagon member, but I refuse to believe that he bore the greatest responsibility if any for the 2007/2008 post election violence. There's no justice that can be found for Victims without holding Raila Odinga & Mwai Kibaki into account.
one day William Samoei Ruto is gonna make a great president.
I am in support of the 1st Lady Margaret Kenyatta's The Beyond Zero Campaign! Come join me on Sunday @ Uhuru Gardens as we run for charity. Event Hosted by DNG "The Number 1 Hype-man!!" cc: Office of the First Lady Kenya, State House Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, William Samoei Ruto, Evans Kidero.
February 27, 2014 Hi all. The cases facing 3 Kenyans at the International Criminal Court ( ICC) have spawned interests in nearly every important sector of our country and especially our economy. This should be expected because the cases touch on three prominent Kenyans whose influence in government and private sector is not only real but palpable. This are individuals whose influence I am informed is in the media, banks and security to name a few of the important sectors. It has reached my notice that there are people especially individuals who used to work or work in the media and hence know or were part of the process that led to the establishment of the court who today work for the new government led By Muigai Uhuru Kenyatta and William Samoei Ruto or are sympathizers of both or radio journalist Joshua Sang who are identifying in public people sympathetic to ICC for reasons best known to them which might put their security in danger or lead to the being denied services in various sectors of the societ ...
TNA is in problems, and that is a known fact. What is not known is that its problems are engineered elsewhere. Ole Sakuda, Kanini Kega, boisterous Alice Nganga, Kimani Ichungwa are all kikuyu Mp's who are rather comfortable with William Ruto than Uhuru Kenyatta. Their allegiance to TNA is only to the extent that the party is the most popular in the constituencies. Sakaja Johnson, Onyango Oloo and Mr. Maathai are in office at the pleasure of President Uhuru Kenyatta. He has been and still is comfortable with them at the helm of Kenya's most popular party.The only way to stop him from second term is to disorient his 'watu wa mikono'. William Samoei Ruto is also an ambitious man. He knows his boss more than any other person. He as of now enjoys more support in Jubilee than his boss. The man is scheming. I only hope he does not outrun himself. He got the energy, he got the love but he needs God's wisdom to complete the picture. He need learn a few lessons from fallen Raila Odinga. The old man is still in deni ...
The wiper party of Kalonzo Musyoka did not manage to get at least 5% to qualify for funding from the political party fund. They managed 4.82...Tititihi. Now kalonzo is asking the concerned party to round off 4.82 to the nearest whole number, ie. 5. lol. Huyu mtu amezoea kupitia katikati sana. I thought during the March 4 election, he was among those who said that Uhuru Kenyatta and William Samoei Ruto should not have been declared winners since their margin of win was no CLEAR. as in, it was 0.03 No wonder Raila Odinga called somebody a watermelon.
Uhuru Kenyatta and William Samoei Ruto lets stop creating relief economies. Lets do irrigation, and offer...
The trial of William Samoei Ruto and Joshua Arap Sang opened on 10 September 2013 at The Hague
Musalia Mudavadi , then deputy prime minister threw/ hosted a big party at his Riverside home on the night of 23rd January, 2012 to celebrate the confirmation of International Criminal Court (ICC) charges against President Uhuru Kenyatta and His deputy William Samoei Ruto. The party was attended by among others, the then PM Raila Odinga and ODM top hierarchy... That's how things change in politics sometimes!
I got a feeling this week could be the turning point for UhuRuto and their Jubilee government. William Samoei Ruto's real face will manifest, Uhuru Kenyatta's men will say enough is enough, time for real politic, Musalia Mudavadi daliance with TNA will unsettle Mulembeland and offcourse Jubilee will not be Jubilee anymore.
Congrats to The Son of His Exellency The Deputy President of The Republic of Kenya.. William Samoei Ruto for...
The DP, William Samoei Ruto has urged Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka to join the Jubilee Government in order to...
"Uhuru Kenyatta secretly hands General Karangi another term in office"! Daily Nation. That obviously means, William Samoei Ruto is in the dark too, doesn't it?
H.E William Samoei Ruto nolonger at ease as frees President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. Kenyans will be caught in the crossfire
This is his opinion.I wl give my soon. CheruiyotMy good friends Ambasa Ellie n Raph Odero amongst others have inquired of my opinion of the current on goings in the Jubilee gov't. Their person of interest is none other than DP William Samoei Ruto . The million dollar question is ' HAS William Ruto ACTUALIZED AND CAN ONLY NOW SELF DISTRUCT?..I have reflected on this in the last few days. I would have quickly dismissed this assertion as erstwhile wishes of the CORD brigade who greatly begrudge the son of Sugoi for pulling the trigger that buried the dream of Jaramogi's son to rule Kenya. But I won't. Reason? I have heard the same question arise from the lips of folks who I am cork sure wish the DP nothing but success in his political endeavors. Looks like an open - shut case eh? The trappings of power have killed the dreams and skills of one of Kenya's 'A'class politician. But then again this is not just any politician. I found myself thinking of the emotionally heavy journey , from Kamagut village right to ...
THE STAR IS UNDERMINING Jubilee Coalition: The Star newspaper is one of the most notorious gutter press known not only in this green city but in my small village as well. The paper which nobody is interested in reading it want to be relevant by writing some articles against the Office of the Deputy President as well as Ruto himself. Its quite unfortunate that this paper which is still trying to walk on its feet is using it headlines to undermine the leadership of the Jubilee Coalition. As URP supporters we believe that this paper is working for the opposition party. The MPs from Rift Valley are fully behind the Deputy President. Joshua Kutuny is just an employee to the Office of President and as as such he is answerable to the two principals ie William Samoei Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta. Those claiming that Kutuny is now having a center of power a part from Ruto is not only confusing this young man but he is fattening him for a big disappointment in future. The Star newspaper is just trying to create a mounta ...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
We are in Coast and DP William Samoei Ruto is wearing a suit, we are not obeying the weather "joto''
So is Baringo County Governor Benjamin Chesire Cheboi listening? we are leading in terms of corruption. When are you inviting H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta and H.E William Samoei Ruto to come and launch that?
I was just listening to Hope this morning, when it it hit me. Bishop David Oginde, whose voice is part of the looping sound byte, was praying for William Samoei Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta on the day they were sworn in, that they would lead the country in rebuilding the broken walls- referring to the duty of Nehemiah in the Bible. This helps one to join the dots regarding the two leaders feverish activities in bridging the divide caused in part by inequalities of class and divisions brought about by years negative ethnicity, poor policies of governance, corruption and ineptness. The good bishop commissioned them, and the duty he burdened them with, wearies them not unlike Jeremiah's decision not to speak of impending disaster to the people of Israel. They have to move, lead, reconcile, mobilize, unite, steer and inspire, they were commissioned and it cannot be undone!
These fellows thought and were totally convinced that Raila Amollo Odinga was on the Ocampo list. Their chorus was echoed across the country. On the floor of the house, they ganged up led by Isaac Ruto and Adan Duale. The lawyers out here were busy discussing the possibility of Raila being on list. TV commentator now senator Murkomen was at every time. Jeff Koinange's faked accent was indeed something to watch. Raila Amollo Odinga is in the envelope. AND SO, the chorus was DONT BE VAGUE, LETS GO TO THE HAGUE! Both Principals were humiliated in Parliament. The debate to establish a local tribunal landed on a bunch of *** The envelope was opened after threats from politicians. 'Si afungue hiyo envelope. Anangoja nini', bellowed William Samoei Ruto. And so it was opened, rivalry started. Oh Raila is fixing us. Raila that, Raila this. 'Kwani Hague ni mama yake', President Uhuru Kenyatta spoke during the campaign trail in reference to Raila Odinga. So why now the change of heart to non-cooperation? Why now ...
Dear Kenyans, RE: My views on ICC. I SUPPORT EVERY ARGUMENT RAISED BY THE AFRICAN UNION BUT I OBJECT THEIR RESOLVE TO COMPEL OUR PRESIDENT TO COMMIT CONTEMPT OF COURT. I have never believed that the masters of black slave trade, Colonialism, Liquidation of Tasmania, and Apartheid who are now pretending to be the 'gods of democracy', 'human rights', and 'justice' while most, if not all our problems were caused by them. they funded the massacres in Rwanda, they funded illegal arms trade and blood diamonds. now they are the ones giving us 'aid'. Remember the words of John Adams, "there are two ways to conquer and enslave a country. One is by the sword. The other is by debt". However, in as much as it is good gesture by our African cronies apart from Botswana in support of Kenya, I believe it is misguided and inappropriate for Uhuru to boy-court the trials. We should employ political and legal means of defiance not the boy-court way. Yours sincerely, Andrew Simyiu cc: Uhuru Kenyatta, William Samoei Ruto, Afri ...
Before Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and William Samoei Ruto offered themselves for election, they knew they were ICC indictees. They knew the responsibilities they had to the court. They knew they would be required to travel to the Hague for the hearing of their cases. They knew they were (and indeed are) innocent until proven guilty. They should therefore continue cooperating with the court and ignore voices of impunity.
Lets equally rspect the following leaders of kenya: Raila Amollo Odinga, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta,Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka n William Samoei Ruto for they r all great in kenya
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko. sensationally told the Senate that security organs and intelligence officers were aware of an impending attack on key areas in Nairobi, including the Mall.Sonko claimed that he had helped two women of either Asian or Arabic origin to offer information to police on militiamen who were targeting sections of Nairobi. He gave the revelations as the Senate took time off its business to discuss the terror attack on the mall.He said the women had approached him three months ago with information to the effect that the gang, which had rented a house in and were planning a major attack. They mentioned Mall, and the as their targets. _My President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Samoei Ruto politics and friendship aside, if what Sonko said is indeed true it would be prudent for you to have ,GEN Karangi and IG Kimaiyo take responsibility for that attack.
The space behind President Uhuru Kenyatta is becoming smaller by the day. It cannot fit the two gentlemen DP William Samoei Ruto and Prime Minister (former) Raila Odinga. In the backdrop of the Westgate Mall siege a new political war has been precipitating. RAO had already "taken up" WSR's space on the lectern and cameras. I believe the President's team had a clear strategy here.
should William Samoei Ruto and Raila Odinga forget their political differences and join hands in helping...
May God bless our SECURITY OFFICERS and their families,they have done a great job for our nation, May God bless our Leaders,may he give them Wisdom and Knowledge they need: Our President His Excellency Hon Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, Our Deputy President Hon WILLIAM SAMOEI RUTO, Our Governors, Our Senetors, And may GOD bless the entire Nation of KENYA,her people,the foreigners,the refugees, and her boaders!! May God comfort the families affected during the Westgate Mall incident,may he give them strength,those in hospitals,i pray for quick recovery, WE DECLARE THAT WHAT HAS HAPPENED SINCE SARTUDAY,WONT HAPPEN AGAIN IN JESUS NAME!
Kipkogei Agui posted 34 minutes ago: Terrorists don't care whether the president or his deputy are in the country when planning to strike... They only hit after careful planning/surveying of their target. So I don't agree with William Samoei Ruto that the attack was meant to exploit the 'power vacuum' that never was.
His excelence the DP Hon. William Samoei Ruto arrived safely yesterevning. I gues u can sense sme stability in the country, ama?
We have defeated hatred with pure love. We overcame cruelty with kindness. We have conquered mindless anarchy with sanity and composure. We answered cowardice with solid courage. This way, the seeds of discord and despondency gave way to solidarity and resolve. And we have triumphed. Deputy President Hon William Samoei Ruto
Political analysis: From the Westgate incidence, Raila has emerged as a statesman. Whoever advised Raila to make that speech must not be Anyang Ny'ongo or James Orengo. He must be one of the new forces that wish him well. As for William Samoei Ruto he has scored zero if not negative from his speech. Who told him that this was the time to make political mileage? Too unfortunate. Why for heavenly sake could he allude that the attackers had planned that He would be in the Hague and the President away in New York. That is a shallow way of looking at things. And one other thing I have realized about Ruto, he like being massaged by sycophants. That is why some lined up at JKIA (clapping shamelessly to his every word) and the others are still in the Hague. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Final call for William Samoei Ruto; this is KLM departing to Amsterdam...! Jesus for the end the siege#
''They work for the devil,we work for the Almighty GODWe will defeat them.We will defeat them.'' ~William Samoei Ruto. Thats the greatest quote av heard all through.and i add that we will defeat them in JESUS MIGHTY NAME. Before i update any other thing i just want to say THANK YOU LORD GOD for your LOVE and GOOD PLANS FOR KENYA.
I told you we will make it..Let me congratulate President Uhuru Kenyatta Deputy President WILLIAM SAMOEI RUTO, the Kenya Police Service, the Kenya Defence Forces, Kenya Red Cross Society, our international friends who stood with us during this terrible time, Members of the fourth estate and all Kenyans..we share this well-deserved victory because have ashamed the enemy through unity and love
I salute His excellency the prezzo Uhuru Kenyatta and DPP William Samoei Ruto for da gud job at westgate attack[WGA],God bless you and add you 25yrs term.thanks alot.
William Samoei Ruto, Stop dragging the ICC issue into the terror attack. Please carry your burden and clear your...
Welcome back H.E William Samoei Ruto we needed your mobilization skill, discipline and energy in this saga especially this time our President H.E Uhuru Uhuru Kenyattais mourning his relatives.
Kenya now has been secured DP william samoei ruto iz in te country!
The people of Israel stand with the people of Kenya during this difficult time. Your grief is our grief. We will continue to support Kenya in its battle on terrorism - freedom and justice will prevail! Uhuru Kenyatta William Samoei Ruto
Welcome home our Deputy President William Samoei Ruto
Deputy President Hon. William Samoei Ruto, Jets in the Country.Currently he is addressing the press.
Its unfortunate that the terror gangs believed that they will attack while the president and I were away. It is unfortunate that the terror gangs thought that there would be a power vacuum when they attacked but, Shame On Them. I read politics here. Does William Samoei Ruto imply that Raila Odinga conspired with the attackers to take power. Shame on Ruto. Stupid and far fetched fabrications. As a leader i expect him to lead from the front and not engage in useless propaganda.
Powerful speech there from HE Deputy President william samoei ruto
Will defend and defeat them to make Kenya safe @ William Samoei Ruto
William Samoei Ruto: We have thwarted many (terror) attempts.We will up our game.Kenya is ready for them.They work for the devil.We work for God.
My good friend the Deputy President William Samoei Ruto fielding questions at JKIA now...while he was away some Kenyans are held hostage.
"Kenya is a Nation of wonder workers and i am proud to be a kenyan." - Deputy President William Samoei Ruto.
His Exellency Deputy President Hon William Samoei Ruto.! Thank God you are back at this trying moment.!!
Promoting Kenyan Tourism during this Hard time that we are facing as Kenyans. Vasco da Gama, malindi Uhuru Kenyatta William Samoei Ruto Larry Madowo
Deputy President Hon. William Samoei Ruto expected to land anytime from now. He has been allowed to fly back and help with
help me welcome the DP his excellency William Samoei Ruto
SUNY distinguished scholar at the Buffalo Law School-New York- Prof. Makau Mutua is of the opinion that by the International Criminal Court granting the Deputy President William Samoei Ruto , who has been at the Hague,a one week leave they made a big mistake. Ruto who is an ICC indictee has been attending to his court sessions and was expected to continue with the same till the end of the month when his Co accuser,Uhuru could check in for his turn. The emergency incident that happened on Saturday where thousands of Kenyans were strapped and tens mercilessly killed at the Westgate Mall,made the Deputy President to seek a special permission from the court to allow him fly in for back home to attend to the terrorism attack. The courts on Monday morning granted him the permission to travel back to attend to the cited reasons. A confessed critic of the jubilee government Makau Mutua wasn't however amused saying ICC was wrong to grant Ruto one-week leave. He went ahead to emphasize that Kenyatta and Ruto who ar ...
Am now headed to JKIA to welcome our Hon. Deputy President William Samoei Ruto. Good evening all.
ICC Prosecutor Steynberg. says that Kenya should appoint a temporary Deputy President while William Samoei Ruto is at the Hague!
Deputy President William Samoei Ruto is expected to jet into the country as from 7:45 PM this evening. The Deputy...
Uhuru Kenyatta and William Samoei Ruto its time all somalis without ID OF KENYA OR PASSPORTS go back to the land ,
OUR VICE PRESIDENT WILLIAM SAMOEI RUTO ON HIS WAY BACK TO THE COUNTRY FROM HAGUE ;- Vice President William Ruto expected back in the country from the Hague after the court granted a plea through his lawyers for him to get back to Kenya during this trying time.The court adjourned his case for 10days. He is expected to jet in at 7pm Kenyan time.
I have a big feeling WILLIAM SAMOEI RUTO can make a difference in this terrorist saga. Hope his plane can fly really fast.
9/20, 10:54pm Aahil Aahil Good My name is Asima Aahil,i like your profile and wants to get in touch with you,i will appreciate if you can write me directly to my email and not here(Aahil4uhave good reason for contacting you which i will tell you later,i waits your messages in my email ok.(Aahil4uhii si ni ngombe ya museveni mimi ni hustler kama William Samoei Ruto
"We should NOT politicize everything. William Samoei Ruto is the Deputy President of Republic Of Kenya. He is a senior member of the National Security Advisory Council. It is a prerogative, given his role in Government decision, that he should have been here even yesterday." - Governor Van Doddie
Deputy President William Samoei Ruto already at the airport ready to leave The Hague at 11am. He is expected at at 7pm where he will address the press."
Icc has allowed Deputy President Hon. William Samoei Ruto to return to Kenya for one week over Westgate terror attack;Bensouda and other judges send condolences to victims :)
Deputy President William Samoei Ruto allowed by ICC chamber to fly back to the country...
Hon William Samoei Ruto on his way back home from Hague- to jet in before 8pm
welcome our own gr8 leader...!H.E Dp william samoei ruto...we miss you journey bck hme.we are waiting
BREAKING: Deputy President William Samoei Ruto has been permitted to return to Kenya from the Hague immediately to attend to his duties as in wake of the terrorist attacks. ICC judges allowed the Deputy President to leave the courtroom immediately.
has allowed the trials to proceed in DP William Samoei Ruto absence , following We gather the DP is on his way home
The hashtag, is now dead William Samoei Ruto ghas been cleared by the Icc to come back home . ICC,
Yesterday on my last post on WILLIAM SAMOEI RUTO a friend posted a comment reading "My friend, could it be than you want to apease atwara or you have finally become a boot licker?" Well William Samoei Ruto has been granted a 1 week adjournment & this can be added subject to the situation on the ground.My question to these my friends;Has ICC also been bought? 2.Is the bench comprising of Chief Osuji also trying to please Kikuyus & Jubilee govt? Please when pocket our emotions & reason straight with our minds not hearts.The ICC had indeed set a precedent when it adjourned when the witnessed failed to turn up & then that day it was discussing the parliament withdrawal motion.Friends once again,lets put our minds forward not our hearts.
The ICC president Osaji has allowed Deputy President William Samoei Ruto back home to deliver his state duties to the westgate seige nd kenyan at large.his case wil continue wid his absense.GOD bless kenya.If you wsh gd wil and justice 4 all then lik dis
Fatou Bensouda must be a real saddist. Why would she appeal the decision by ICC to allow William Samoei Ruto to...
Even Hon. William Samoei Ruto is coming to join us at this moment of grief
Rambo,Van dame,Jacky chan a.k.a William Samoei Ruto to come back to county in 11AM with sole business of getting down the West gate's terrorist attackers!Oh yaps Ruto seems to have extra ordinary skillsto handle terrorism more effectively than My president man U.K. Lets wait and see KUSEMA na KUTENDA!!
Icc grants Deputy President William Samoei Ruto one week off the trial to get back home to dispense his constitutional duties . WeAreOne.
His Excellency William Samoei Ruto expected to land in Kenya at 8:00 PM after ICC judges grant him leave for one week... Journey mercies...
KENYA PONDER ON THIS: Dear kenyans and the world remember one thing these terrorist group dont work alone, they always work with Government, in 9/11 the trade centre was attacked and the attacker was al-qaeda. The US embassy in Kenya, Tanzania and other places were attacked again the same group was mentioned until the beginning of unrest in Syria US was accusing al-qaeda, so here is the big question turns up if al-qaeda was a terrorist group then WHY Financing them to fight the Syrian Government? And by financing them it tells us that US knew the where abouts of the organization, then why no action taken against them despite of killing American Civilians in 9/11 attack and other attacks? My opinion on the attack of mall (only turns up in 2 possibilities 1) Creating unrest in east Africa and try to break unity between Muslims and non-Muslims. Reason behind taking this as a possibility is, before this attack several Muslim leaders were killed in Mombasa by non muslim extremist but fortunately there was no u ...   10% Off
MY COUNTRY, MY LEADER. LONG LIVE KENYA. AWAY WITH IMPERIALISM. The International Criminal Court has allowed the Deputy President William Samoei Ruto leave to come and be with President Uhuru Kenyatta following the Westgate Mall attack.the proceedings will however continue in his absence.
DEVELOPING STORY: Deputy President William Samoei Ruto is on his back home after the ICC allows the trial to proceed in absence to allow him to travel back home, following the
sad moments without our very able D/P William Samoei Ruto.come back plz we nèed ur advice
While terrorism is a transnational problem, he state of insecurity in Kenya in the recent past is alarming. It is therefore not far fetched to speculate that the increased level of insecurity in Kenya has something to do with the ongoing ICC trials hoping that the killing of western nationals will change the mindset of the western leaders away from ICC and in favour of the suspects who are now in-charge of "investigating those behind the killings of westerners. Kenyans who have died are mere collateral damage as the target is western nationals. When you hear William Samoei Ruto, a suspect of mass murder, genocide and crime against humanity who is currently facing trials at the ICC in the Hague is reported to have asked the court to release him so he can go back to Kenya to execute duties of his office following the terrorist attack is ridiculous and hogwash since it suggests that Ruto's job description is the supervision of burial of Kenyans killed in cold blood and those injured in violent attacks. This ...
The ICC needs to consider adjourning its sitting to a later date to allow William Samoei Ruto be home with the rest of the leadership. Much as he is not going to be the one directly involved in the rescue operation of the under siege Westgate Mall, it is only human to be with your people when they are mourning loss of innocent lives in the hands of terrorists. That is my opinion.
Uhuru Kenyatta should address the nation on Etihad situation. Meanwhile William Samoei Ruto should request for court adjournment on the same
Deputy President William Samoei Ruto who's at the Hague asks for his case to be adjourned so he can return to help with the
Deputy President William Samoei Ruto through his defense lawyers has requested for adjournment of his case at ICC...
I place our beloved Country Kenya and its beautiful people in your hands oh Lord... God bless our President Uhuru Kenyatta and 1st Lady Margaret Kenyatta , God Bless our Deputy President William Samoei Ruto and 2nd Lady Rachel Ruto, God bless all our Servants of God, God bless all beloved Kenyans...
Kenya's DP WILLIAM SAMOEI RUTO at the requests € ICC to adjourn his trial for him to deal wit MALL tragedy!!
The Daily Nation is reporting that Deputy President William Samoei Ruto has requested an adjournment of ICC trial to attend to the national crisis.
ICC should suspend the trials with immediate effect,the issue is not a matter of life and death, Kenya is mourning- Hon William Samoei Ruto shouldn't undergo double trauma. we need him home!
Kenya Deputy President William Samoei Ruto has asked the ICC to adjourn his trial until a time when the security...
We should bring the former police boss ABONG'O JA NYANDO back to the job,Kazi imeshinda Kimaiyo. He should resign together with his bosses Uhuru and William Samoei Ruto
Can ICC drop the cases and we handle these goons now and forever? I miss William Samoei Ruto now. He will handle the situation properly!
Update your maps at Navteq
William Samoei Ruto message of condolences was sent to the victims and kenyans yesterday from hague where he promised the government will bring the attackers to book .a working government
KWAMCHETSI VS. BENSOUDA I want to take issue with a Daily Nation correspondent a Mr, Dr, Sir, Professor, Amb or whoever he may be in status in Society or in this Nation. Kwamchetsi Makokha can not be a COOK nor will he be a WATCHMAN even when he may appear by the nomenclature of his identification that he belongs so close to Minister Fred Gumo's blood clot rather than to the red blood cells of Minister Joseph Kamotho of Kangema.that brother of rattler of snakes . I am particularly disgusted with the article written by Kwamchetsi Makokha on page 13 of Saturday September 21, 2013 Nation newspaper as an opinion. So faulty, so messy and nasty is the opinion of Kwamchetsi Makokha that possibly it was intended for Kuku's to read and not cooks anywhere in the World. Kwanchetsi Makokha if he is educated and he ever reads, knows that Kenya's certain persons were taken to the I.C.C being accused by Kenyans including the mother and also the wife of Kwamchetsi Makokha to be the only Kenyans whom Judge Waki found to . ...
Uhuru Kenyatta, William Samoei Ruto and Kenyan Leadership, my humble opinion, if you want to kill a snake strike its head ! Cook while the pan is still hot ! As always
First it was Ittihad-al-Islamia, then came Akwhan al Musulmin and now it is the Shabaab-al-Islamia. Since the late 1990s successive governments in Kenya have never learnt their lessons. There is massive intelligence on these groups since the 90s to the New Millennium. We have been casual with Border Security, Immigration & Customs Control. All because people earn promotion and insignia of rank not because they are competent but because of tribal, regional and monetary expediency. When I served in the Armed Forces those who got promoted told us openly, "masomo miingi na kizuungu miingi haina maana hapa". This is one major reason that Kenya is very unsafe today. Right now, as we speak any terrorist can enter and leave Kenya at will. Kenyans love freedom, even stupidly so. Nobody wants to be questioned, registered or hustled by security agencies. This is what terrorists love. Our NIS.I reserve my comments. I am not sure their Excellencies Uhuru Kenyatta & William Samoei Ruto are getting the right info or inf ...
As Innocent Kenyans are losing life to the Terror men, Our Idle MPIGS are busy murmuring Our Lords Prayer at ICC instead of debating the anti-terrorism bill for CHIEF CRIMINAL WILLIAM SAMOEI RUTO.
Deputy President and URP leader William Samoei Ruto has just sent message of condolences to the families,...
William Samoei Ruto: I take this opportunity to commiserate with families of the bereaved & injured in the...
Since the PENTAGON days, i have a lot of admiration for William Samoei Ruto. It pains me to see him caged and helpless. He is a strong, honest man. But his other bang sniffing sidekick should rot there.
Elgeiyo Marakwet County Governor David Solit Sum asks this question. x Is William Samoei Ruto destined to be Kenya's fifth President ? These are telling signs; 1. President Dr Uhuru Kenyatta publicly endorsed his deputy yesterday in Eldoret. Daniel Moi become president because Jomo Kenyatta endorsed him after falling out with Odinga 2. I once visited Ruto's Mum who told me how elders approached them and asked for young Ruto to be anointed for leadership. They were living grass thatched house in Kamagut. Ruto's late dad protested they were too poor for leadership and besides Ruto was still a young man. Elders insisted they have seen his leadership gift and did not mind his financial status. Ruto family gave in just like King David was anointed by Samuel in the bible. 3. Ruto received the highest votes nationally in 2007 as Eldoret North Mp in cosmopolitan constituency because he has been educating children from all tribes ie Luo,Luhyas,Kalenjin,Turkana, Kikuyu etc. In fact ,when Ruto was a minister , i saw ...
General Ali will be a star witness for Deputy President William Samoei Ruto, during his trial at ICC. Remember Ali was the Commissioner of Police during Post Election Violence and as such he was in-charge of security within the country. He will therefore explain to the ICC all what he knows on what really happened. The judges are searching for the truth and there is no doubt at all that they will unearth everything from General Ali. Meanwhile, let us continue praying for our Deputy President and Joshua Arap Sang. We are confident that they will be vindicated at long last.though ICC is a political court but we have put all our trust on the judges.
Just in: President Uhuru Kenyatta will not attend UN Summit in New York. The President has said that him and DP William Samoei Ruto cannot be absent in the country at the same time.
H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta should call Hon. DP William Samoei Ruto and all MPs back to country urgently.
Mr William Samoei Ruto is the first serving official to appear at the ICC
Over a third of the paid and coached Witnesses against DP William William Samoei Ruto have recanted their...
1,000+ dead. 350,000 displaced. Is the Deputy President of Kenya guilty of crimes against humanity? via
Safe Journey to the Kenya Deputy President Hon. William Ruto. All the best. Tuko Pamoja. William Samoei Ruto
The Framing of William Samoei Ruto: How Martha Karua Made an *** Out of International Law -...
William Samoei Ruto lawyer Karim Khan faults claims that he is harassing
Ah I see,I was starting to fear for my country RT“William Samoei Ruto.”
I said earlier it was stupid and careless for Kethi Diana Kilozo to call Uhuru Kenyatta and William Samoei Ruto 'enemies of his father'.Now the High Court has just ruled that shes not a registered voter and hence UNFIT to run as the senator for Makueni and her law career faces an eminent threat if the Law Society of Kenya concludes that shes unfit to practice as an advocate.but i don't blame her,she just chose the wrong political mentors in Hon. Johnson Nduya Muthama and Raila Odinga.
The Librarian, Kericho Inter-College and University Students Association (KEICUSA) , has finally managed to classify the Coalition's manifesto as the core "nucleus" in Kenya's Budgetary Process 2013/2014 financial year. This is in line with the wish of the Kenyan people who went to the polls on March 4th and decided on a 1st round call that Uhuru Kenyatta and William Samoei Ruto were (are) fit to lead this country for the next 5 years (sorry, I meant 10 years, erhhh... actually 20 years). However, and coalitions' manifestos can be found in the Secretary's trash bin after it emerged that they've been rendered obsolete since there's no chance of them taking effect within the next 20 years, according to the Mutahi Ngunyi's theory of Tyranny of Numbers (2013). It has further been noted that Alliance's manifesto has been absorbed into the final draft of the budget since it's proposition and ideologies have shown achievable and realistic objectives that can contribute to a better and help achieve Meanwhile, ...
Your Excellency Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta, Hon. William Samoei Ruto. This one is for you. This is my take on Kenyan Education system and the frequent teachers strikes that have a dire consequence to innocent kids who are not tax payers and have nothing to do with leadership since they do not vote either. We now have the devolved government and the Education in this country should have been the first item in the list of devolution. By taking the education system to county level we shall achieve the following: - 1. We shall have the right number of teachers in the right counties, no need to over staff some areas and under-staff others. 2. Hardship allowances and transfer allowances will be greatly reduced but should be a thing of the past. We shall have people from these counties working in their counties. There is one cost reduction in the Teachers budget. 3. There will no longer be taking children so far for schooling because of lack of "Good school" and facilities. Counties will ensure their schools are as ...
RESPECT OUR CULTURE, William Samoei Ruto tells US leader. Deputy President William Ruto on Sunday urged US leader Barack Obama to respect Kenyans’ culture, saying they would not abandon their traditions that condemn same-sex marriages.In today's' DAILY NATION page 11, there's another group calling itself The National Association of Human Rights led by one skunk called wafula thats is supporting Obamas' stand on *** and faulting the Jubilee Coalition for condemning Obama.seriously???In today's paper too,there's a group Led by Ssesemakula Mukiibi,comprising of people who do not believe in God seeking more publicity. Mukiibi is of the opinion that faith in God has brought more harm than good,imagine! .i salute Uhuru Kenyatta and Ruto for leading reverence for God in this nation because blessed is the nation whose God is God.Christians should not be dismayed because earthly problems cannot and will not neutralize Gods' anointing over their life's because the Holy Ghost renews their daily!As Kenyans lets k . ...
SLAYING EVIL: Calling on Kenyans to stand for Kenya. Help # StopVATBill2013 Join the peaceful demonstration at the Freedom Corner at 10 am in Nairobi and in other major cities across the country. Do not be violent. Just pass the message that Kenya doesn't belong to the International Monetary Fund but to Kenyans. Urge President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP William Samoei Ruto to recall their oath on April 9, 2013 to protect the Constitution of Kenya 2010. Urge that Finance Committee of Parliament drops the offending and evil Value Added Tax 2013. Be persuaded that on matters of food, it doesn't matter which political party or ideology any of us subscribes to. Urge United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food to place Kenya on the red alert. Urge the Kenyan media to highlight the hypocrisy of this Bill meant to raise Sh10B at a direct and indirect cost of over Sh1 trillion. Urge the National Treasury Secretary to resign for misleading the President and denying Kenyans public participation. On this day, p ...
Hon. Bonny Khalwale wants Mr. William Samoei Ruto to step down on integrity issues!!
Just arrived from Laikipia to the news that Wilson Sossion the Kenya National Union of Teachers has announced that the mother of all strikes starts tomorrow.I SUPPORT THEM!! Uhuru Kenyatta and William Samoei Ruto these guys have waited for so long!Do the right thing,re-think on the laptops promise!!It was luscious to our ears but then again it makes more sense to employ more teachers first and implement the laptops issue with time.
Mr Ruto is accused of being criminally responsible as an indirect co-perpetrator pursuant to article 25(3)(a) of the Rome Statute for the crimes against humanity of:
Teachers have started, now it shall be a series, Uhuru Kenyatta, and William Samoei Ruto, its ua high time to know what it takes to head the country, sio bendera tu, salutI mingi mingi, body guards, now handle this successfully, remember our kids will suffer. .pliz my president State House Kenya solve this asap.
I no longer trust william Samoei Ruto as i was a stunch supporter of URP.i nlonger have any attachment with him
My fellow friendz how waz your church service thiz sunday?Okey mine waz so nice where i attended Aic kapsabet bible wellome next week coz hiz exellency Deputy President Hon William samoei Ruto will be present.Be blessed as you prepare for that day.Nice evening to ALL.
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Deputy President His Excellency William Samoei Ruto with us in Meru ¡ a Metropolitan Youth Mass
William samoei ruto will never be the president of kenya. Give 2 years frm now!
Up to date,I testify that there is God in me. It is my prayer for every friend here to succeed in all dimensions of life.And those who say there isnt God,ask my friend His Exellency William Samoei Arap Ruto and he will tell you how prayers are powerful.
WHITE HOUSE EXPLAINS OBAMA SNUB TO KENYA Us president barrack Obama is skipping Kenya in his Africa visit due to the crimes against humanity cases facing President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto. Ben Rhodes, a deputy us national security adviser last night said that "it just wasn't the best time for the president to travel to his ancestral home in Kenya at this point" due to the Kenyan cases at the International Criminal Court. Speaking during a teleconference mainly centered on the Africa visit starting Wednesday next week, Rodes however, insisted that Kenya retains a "special place" in the president's heart. Obama leaves Washington on Wednesday on the first leg of a three nation tour meant to emphasize economic potential and democratic development, in east, south and western sub Saharan Africa. Obama will visit Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania during in his Africa tour.
DP William Ruto has rescheduled his planned trip abroad just to manage the expected arrival of THE PEOPLES PRESIDENT tomorrow. All corded Kenyans are requested to receive the president tomorrow at 5.30am to shame the devil. Are you ready? Land and Real Estate Investment in kenya
This culture where everyone clamours for higher pay should come to an end. We need to focus on bettering the economy so we can survive the hardships of the day. Uhuru Kenyatta William Samoei Ruto encourage lower cost of living by ensuring lower production costs and friendlier business environment.
What one William Samoei Kipchirchir arap Ruto is upto is mischieveous, malicious and trivial. That is not how you keep intellectuals like us in check. On the same note, that is not how you win over us. We are not that cheap.
I want to say prayer is not a ritual,it is a serious business.If you are in doubt ask Uhuru Kenyatta and myself,said Deputy President William samoei Ruto!!!
OUTSTED AND EVICTED:You will find in soon to be released on how i lost my appointment in 09 due to my unwavering support 4 HE THE Deputy President WILLIAM SAMOEI RUTO due to machinations of close confidants of the EX-mp BOMET constituency helped with an environmental NGO operating in the MARA BASIN!
Salute honourable vice president mr William samoei Ruto!!!i salute you sir!!!you are eloquent sir!salute
c i lv ths man William Samoei Ruto..ths man is like President Uhuru Kenyatta.c thy love God.we hv the best govrnt in the proud to be a kenyan.i admire ths pple...I blesss thm wth Gods blessgs
Prayer is a serious bisiness. And if you are in doubt, ask Uhuru Kenyatta and me. We have seen God answer prayers. (DP William Samoei Ruto at the National prayer day)
President Kenyatta's trial at the International Criminal Court will now begin on November 12. The ICC judges Thursday said the decision to set a new trial was meant to give President Kenyatta's defence "adequate time to prepare its case". Initially, the case was scheduled to open on July 9. "On 26 April 2013, the Trial Chamber determined that the Defence should be granted additional time to prepare for trial due to the delays by the Prosecution in disclosing its evidence. The Trial Chamber invited the Defence to submit observations as to the estimated time it needed to adequately prepare for trial," the Trial Chamber V(B) judges said in a statement. "After receiving these observations, and responses from the Prosecution and the Legal Representative of Victims, the Judges decided to formally vacate the 9 July 2013 date scheduled for the trial’s opening. The new date was set taking into account the Defence’s need for adequate time to prepare its case as well as scheduling and logistical considerations," ...
William Samoei Ruto is the best VP we would have gotten. Listen to his speech n know he is truly a leader.
I have noted with concern a chain of chumpy updates from Robert Alai Onyango and Boniface Mwangi that are meant to mock the National Prayer Breakfast led by Uhuru Kenyatta and William Samoei Ruto. Kenyans need to outgrow this mediocrity of politicising everything.Its the height of folly,pettiness and ineptitude to think that anyone should not associate with God because 'they are not right'.For physiognomists like the two who are opinionated that the Jubilee government should not be in power,they should learn from the sentiments of Kalonzo Musyoka just after the meeting.maybe that will be enough empirical evidence to lighten and raise their blurred reasoning pedigree.
Am watching the National Prayer Breakfast. I think I am beginning to like this man-William Samoei Ruto the Deputy President. This duo of William and H.E UK make a great team and are steering the country in the right direction-acknowledging the greatness of JEHOVAH GOD. I am beginning to understand that this might be the reason why God said-"These are the men" during the last general elections.
William Samoei Ruto is one funny loving his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast
Is watching praying for Kenya as Hon vice president William Samoei Ruto make is amazing jokes
Rev. Hon. Bis. Pr. William Samoei Ruto there breaks the bread of heaven, brilliant
MR RUTO-We require you to attend court during the opening statements, testimony by victims and the closing statements.we will also decide on other instances when we require you to attend the only instances when he MAY be excused is during the witness testimonies.where is the waiver here?
The ICC rules that William Ruto's position as Deputy President does not grant him immunity from standing trial at The Hague. He must attend all sessions in person and not through video link. Mr Ruto's trial is set to open on September 10th, 2013.
The accused person over whom the Chamber is . exercising jurisdiction is William Samoei Ruto ( )
Trial Chamber V(A) conditionally excuses William Samoei from continuous presence at the trial starting on 10 September 2013
You built Kibaki a retirement home.(Ignoring that he's 86) using our taxes to the tune of 500 million. Now you want to build him an even more expensive office? For what.What is the guy who came up with that idea smoking? We shall like the Turkish young people r doing till you know the days of wasting Tax payers money are safely behind us. William Samoei Ruto...HIYO MANENO TUMEKATAA...Karigasii ii?
Hon. William Samoei Ruto just got that HELB txt
Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta...A TRAITOR. It is now clear that Jubilee's president is *** bent on killing devolution. After it is dead and buried, resources will flow again- unlimited to Central Kenya. The biggest loser will be that hustler-turned-executive jet traveller William Samoei Ruto. He'll soon realize that Francis Kimemia never changed. He should therefore not incite his kin in R.Valley to take up arrows against his Jubilee partners coz their marriage was consesual. As citizens of Bungoma,we have been veterans of creative suffering... Kenyatta and Moi never did anything for us but see us now...we boast of an educated citizenry,a booming economy,best schools any single county can have. America and Israel are great nations coz of this adversity. God save Kenya from these villains.
Who is Paul Kagame speaking for? Where was he when one William Samoei Ruto and his haguemate Uhuru Kenyatta lead a group of mpigs in trashing the idea of setting up a local tribunal?
William Samoei Ruto is stealing from the Kenyan People...why would you approve MPS salary to 1.1 million? What are you bribing these MPS for? smh
H.E William Samoei ruto , the DP , you owe taxpaying kenyans an explanantion as well as an apology, I thought the SRC was an independent body, 1.what were you doing at their meeting with the Mps? 2.Why would they meet at a private residence to strike a deal that will affect the entire country? 3.MP's salary hike is a matter of public intrest , and your jubilee system is stemed on transparency maxims..why are such negotiations done before cameras? one point the president is telling the mp's no pay, but behind the curtains the two of you a speaking a different sign language? aye...who is fooling who here? This is another NARC --baloon promises and killing wanjiku on gospel of naked hope. Eric J Kiarie
1.5 Billion Kenya shillings to be used in the construction of a dam in Marakwet which is set to serve more than 60,000 residents. This is the second time the project is being tried. Will it fail or succeed this time round?
REVEALED: A tabulation of the perks and allowances agreed during the meeting chaired by DP William Ruto shows that MPs came out as the effective winners. Each of the 416 Members of the National Assembly and Senate will earn at least Sh1.1 million per month, including allowances.
This is nonsense, these so called hustlers Uhuru Kenyatta and William Samoei Ruto are making it harder for Kenya poor to take some courses while reserving some for the rich hustlers like em
When i watch William Samoei Arap Ruto talk about combating corruption, i feel ashamed of being a Kenyan. What comes to my mind is YK '92, Amaco Insurance company and how it came to insure Min. of Agriculture Vehicles during Rutos tenure in the ministry, and how that land that belongs to an IDP called Muteshe came into Rutos position! If that is not corruption then maybe i need a new definition of this word called CORRUPTION.
President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Samoei Ruto will this morning be officiating the opening of the National Leadership and Integrity Conference at 11am - Kenya School of Monetary Studies -via PPS
KUDOS DP WILLIAM SAMOEI RUTO " DAILY POST › William Ruto finally brokers a deal with GREEDY MPs as they accept to earn Sh 532,000 Tuesday June 11, 2013 - Deputy President, William Ruto, has finally resolved a deal with MPs that will see them earn Sh 532,000 as proposed Salaries Remuneration Commission (SRC). In a meeting held on Monday night at Ruto’s official residence, the SRC and Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) resolved the stalemate that has been in public limelight for the last 3 months. Ruto, who was committed to seal the deal, pressurised the two commissions to agree as fast as possible and start working for Kenyans. In the deal which was struck around 4am on Tuesday morning, PSC and and SRC agreed on a monthly pay of Sh532,500 as well as Sh 5m car grant and other benefits. More to follow…. The Kenyan DAILY POST"
William samoei arap ruto was responsible for brokering a deal to see the salary of mpigs stay at 532k wapi makofi? Or is it not news?
Am beginning to love this man William Samoei Ruto
Your excellency, by ignoring the advices of two senior counsels Amos Wako and James ignoring top legal minds in Kenya Kipchumba Murkomen andMoses indeed confirm earlier fears of a plot to kill devolution. U have even ignored William Ruto, the professor of Kenyan politics? ***
Consensus on mps pay has been struck between the SRC and PSC in presence of Deputy President William Samoei Ruto. Now an mp will take home ksh. 530, 000 plus allwances, subject to tax.
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