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William McKinley

William McKinley (January 29, 1843 – September 14, 1901) was the 25th President of the United States, serving from March 4, 1897, until his death.

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William McKinley High School where glee was filmed 😍
Is "William McKinley and the chamber of late 19th century American politics," an acceptable title for a college level course?
William & Ida McKinley had 2 daughters. Katie died at age 3 & Ida died before her 1st birthday.
"We want no war of conquest.war should never be entered upon, until every agency of peace has failed" - William McKinley (1897)
For those of you who graduated from Linden McKinley in 1969 and knew Bill Seagle...
EDUCATIONAL TELEVISION: Weeks & weeks at William McKinley High School were seen on this coming-of-age Fred Savage sitcom on ABC
an old myth goes that William Mckinley may have had an Iroqoius Cheif-Woman ancestor; Onwe wing of that Family came thru on the Mongehelia
When will we get to drink William McKinley!?
and here's 25th president of the United States of America, William McKinley.
Would Trump really be that bad of a president? Could he be any worse then Bush, Reagan, or William McKinley?
Memorial Address on the Life and Character of William McKinley... by Hay, Joh...
William McKinley was first to ride in a self-propelled vehicle—the electric ambulance that took him to the hospital after he had been shot
that William McKinley was quite the looker.
It is unclear when William McKinley began to seriously prepare a run for president.
Later President of the United States, he enlisted at age 18 to fight in the Civil War
Service in memory of our deceased president, William McKinley
On top of all that i think we're figuring out who killed william mckinley & why. Oh u already figured it out
"We are all going" - President William McKinley. RIP Nicole, thank you for being a part of my life. Nauna ka lang, but we are all going.
The answer to this week's trivia question is Sergeant William McKinley.
They then decided to support William McKinley, governor of Ohio. They poured money on his campaign.
Very true! Of course William McKinley, also had it rough. And what about Millard Fillmore?
Least funny President? That would be tough. I'm thinking Martin Van Buren, Millard Fillmore or William McKinley
we can move to William McKinley High School (glee) they'll accept us
9. William McKinley beat William Jennings Bryan, and the recovery (due to gold strikes elsewhere) was organized along corporate lines.
William McKinley, Andrew Jackson, and JFK had a lovely dinner at PF changs together @ presidents unite
Dressing room ready for our VIP performer. @ William McKinley Elementary School
My fav is here! 👍Thank you, Dr. Paramo. @ William McKinley Elementary School
.I guess William McKinley was too unfamiliar a name for the British? A president of the USA :).
William McKinley campaign poster - illustration of him standing on a giant gold coin that reads "SOUND MONEY,"...
My dream is for Glory Days by Bruce Springsteen to be played at the end of graduation like in Glee😍. "William McKinley High's Class of 2012!"
The 2 other books are the same, I only now see: William McKinley is dropped from the British title.
William Thomas McKinley ~ Elegy for Strings (2006). . written in tribute to Rodger Ryan. RIP my two great teachers
I got a photo with the beautiful Ida McKinley, First Lady of the 25th president, William McKinley,…
The last time it was this cold in DC, President William McKinley was in office, 119 years ago! Vacation in Alaska, it's …
You seem to have linked to James Garfield. This McKinley's page
Sorry to hear of Tom McKinley's passing. He was an inspiring figure when I was at New England...
Look what Mr. Dru Smith made for McKinley. Thank you! @ William…
So I suppose you are not related to William McKinley?
Mar 4, 1897 William McKinley inaugurated as 25th President of
On this date in 1897 William McKinley was sworn in as our 25th President of the United States. You can enjoy a...
1897 William McKinley inaugurated as 25th President of US
1901 William McKinley is inaugurated president for the second time Theodore Roosevelt is inaugurated as vice president
That's all a man can hope for during his lifetime, to set an example,and when he is dead, be an inspiration for history. . William McKinley
August 11 1901: President William McKinley declares willingness to forge ties with Israel in the event it ever exists
RIP William Thomas McKinley, composer, record company boss, and crazy old man
NEC Mourns the Death of William Thomas McKinley - Multifaceted musician served on 1972–1995
Update your maps at Navteq
NEC mourns the passing of an “ebullient mentor whose unbridled creative spirit was infectious”
William McKinley High may have found its brightest star yet! (Pssst he's not even a high schooler yet!)
I liked a video from William McKinley at Home, Canton, Ohio (1896) - 1st United
RIP William Thomas McKinley.Classical and jazz composer, cousin to 25th Prez, knuckle ball thrower to Sox batters:
Condolences to on the loss of the great composer, performer, teacher William Thomas McKinley.
via alumnus and "prolific American composer" William T, McKinley has passed away at age 76
March 1, 1901: Paul Laurence Dunbar as an honorary colonel at President William McKinley's inauguration parade -
Jul 7 1898- U.S. President William McKinley signs the Newlands Resolution annexing Hawaii as a territory of the United States
William Thomas McKinley, 76, Jazz-Loving Composer - one of his best known pieces is the 1982 tone poem “The Mountain”
I live in the Canton OH area, home to William McKinley and his tomb.
William Thomas McKinley, Jazz-Loving Composer, Dies at 76: A hallmark of Mr. McKinley’s music was his acu...
Robert Lincoln witness the assassination of his father—Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, and William McKinley.
You fish for Studs Terkel. You lose Play-Doh. You stay at the William Mckinley Hotel. Good night.
William McKinley was inaugurated as the 25th President of the United States on March 4, 1897.
Denali is the Athabaskan name, which predates William McKinley's political career by several thousand years.
did you see William McKinley's catch though? 😍👌👌👌
did the william mckinley titans win the super bowl? lol XD
Depressed because I don't go to William McKinley High School 😢😂
William McKinley with the clutch play too 👌
ikr, didn't William McKinley play so well in the first half!?
William McKinley only took the job so he could get a mountain in Alaska named after him.
The life of President William McKinley was celebrated in a wreath laying ceremony at his Library and Museum in...
"You shall not press down upon the brow of labor this crown of thorns. You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold" -William McKinley
Omg! Another item to an to my crack list. 😋 @ William McKinley Elementary School
Happy birthday FDR. you were not half bad. and happy belated birthday william mcKinley. at least ya made the...
172 years ago today, President William McKinley was born on January 29, 1843 in Niles, Ohio.
William McKinley is my 9th cousin five times removed.
I am related to William McKinley, 25th President of the USA:
Happy Birthday to (the 25th president) William McKinley (yesterday, so mad at myself for forgetting) & Happy Birthday to (32nd pres.) FDR
1843: Future President William McKinley was born. He later became 3rd president to be assassinated.
William McKinley, elected US President in 1896, Hiram Lodge 21 of Winchester, OH, was born on this date (1/29) in 1843.
Jan 30: William McKinley: 1843—1901, American President. See biography and links to other…
Gotta shout out my great great great great grandpa William McKinley (25th president) we share the same birthday RIP .
The final resting place of William McKinley and his wife Ida
The man that shot William McKinley in 1901 Leon Czolgosz
Remembering William McKinley, the former US President on his Birthday.
William McKinley, born on this day in 1843, was honored on this 1931 stamp issued in the Philippines
William McKinley is featured on this 1904 U.S. postage stamp
William McKinley's face is featured on the U.S. $500 bill
Fun Fact: William McKinley was the first President to have his inauguration filmed! 🇺🇸🎥
Our martyred president ... Memorial life of William McKinley-1901
"6 Days That Felled Sheldon Silver, the Speaker Who Ruled Albany for Decades" by JESSE McKINLEY, THOMAS KAPLAN, SUSANNE CRAIG and WILLIAM K…
President William McKinley would be 172 or so today. If alive. He's not. But he would still be a better president. Currently.
Today in 1843: William McKinley, 25th U.S. president, is born. This is a ticket to his 1897 inaugural ball.
OTD in 1843, 25th U.S. President William McKinley was born. See his memorial here:
On this date in 1843, William McKinley was born. One of 8 Ohio presidents, he was the last to serve in the Civil War.
Pres. William McKinley (born today 1843) in Buffalo, on way (1901) to Temple of Music, where assassin waited: http:…
..for Grocer Cleveland, really fat, elected twice as a democrat. Then Benjamin Harrison and after that it's William McKinley up to bat!
My wife's got another bun in the oven. Should I name him William Rutherford or James McKinley Taft?
CANADA IMMIGRATION JUDGES WHILE HEARING CUBAN ASYLUM SEEKERS ARE TREATING THEM LIGHTLY AND ACCEPTING THEIR REFUGEE CLAIMS Some judges at Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board treated Cuban asylum seekers lightly, arguing that since the one-party government controls all jobs it denies dissidents proper employment and that this amounts to cruel and unusual punishment and persecution. Other judges asserted that Cuba was no harsher on dissidents than other communist countries and authoritarian regimes such as in Iraq and Libya and Cuban asylum claimants must meet the legal requirements that apply to all asylum seekers. I held this view and the Federal Court, on appeal, upheld my decisions rejecting some Cuban claimants. I recently visited Cuba as a tourist. I did not seek information but talked to people at the resort and during excursions to cities. Cubans, being highly educated, exchanged views freely offering a glimpse of their lives and asking about Canada. Cuba is a one-party state. The state controls ...
sooo, you still think you ELECT our president? in 1992 you had skull and bonesman George Bush Sr. vs, Freemason Bill Clinton. in 1996 you had Bill Clinton vs Free mason Bob Dole. Next you had skull & Bones GW Bush vs Free mason Al Gore . Then you had Skull and bones Bush vs skull & bones Kerry. Do you all get it now? In Albert Pike's book he admits the top Freemasons worship Lucifer. The Illuminati has infiltrated the freemason elite. A List of past presidents and people I have found who belong to these secret societies: George Washington, John Adams, James Monroe, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, William Harrison, Benjamin Harrison, Andrew Jackson, Franklin pierce, John Quincy adams, Aaron Burr, Martin Van Buren, Calvin Coolidge, Tyler, Truman, LBJ, Chester Arthur, Grover Cleveland, William McKinley, Warren Harding, Taft, Francis Scott Key, Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, joseph Kennedy, George Clinton, Woodrow Wilson, H.Hoover,Nelson Rockefella, Dwight Eisenhower,Thomas E Dewey, Nixon, ol ...
Shoutout to for helping me remember that William McKinley existed
Half-heartedness never won a battle. William McKinley
Hey if I'm at the William McKinley memorial can I get some of the extra credits
RUN WARREN RUN!!. Few presidential candidates since William McKinley have had more personal, financial, and...
William and Ida McKinley were married on this day in 1871. Happy Anniversary, President and Mrs. McKinley!
freaks and geeks is at the same school as glee william McKinley
From her late arrival at Glee's William McKinley High School at a time when the original stars such as Lea Mic...
I didn't know that Rutherford B. Hayes and William McKinley severed together in the 23rd Ohio during the battle of south mountain/Antietam
it says high school musical but we can clearly see that's William McKinley. Cheerio days are over.
President William McKinley had close ties to Westminster
Ss: "Wait, Mr. Barry. Are you telling me you like William McKinley bc he got shot & then TR became president?!" . Me: Yeah!!!. Ss: *sigh*
& gerrymandering is in William McKinley's election . so counterfeiting and gross disgusting pipelines leading under the capitol 20,000 miles
Can someone help me? Who does William McKinley look like? It's a borderline emergency.
today I found out who William McKinley was 😋 so cool
your William Jennings Bryan and i'm McKinley every party backed you except one and you still lost to me :)(: oh oh oh oh oh
Congressman Bob Gibbs has introduced bill to keep name of Mt. McKinley in Alaska in honor of former President William McKinley.
Fotoset: negovanman: Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, the William McKinley High graduating class of...
as a Substitute teacher at my high school. William McKinley High?
If you want to read abt a strategic rise & a politician's brilliant positioning, see: William McKinley's career 1890-1896.
Did you know: President Obama is the first U.S. president to say "Instagram" in a State of the Union address since William McKinley in 1898.
Uh they just mentioned William McKinley on Gilmore Girls so yeah I'm studying
tried to put "(r)" in my notes to indicate he was republican and ended up with "william mckinley®" in my notes
It's time to meet William McKinley and his (hopefully) best biographies!
William McKinley was a US president (a fairly ineffectual one) so yeah there's a few around.
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This day in History: On January 11, 1908, U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt declares the massive Grand Canyon in northwestern Arizona a national monument. Though Native Americans lived in the area as early as the 13th century, the first European sighting of the canyon wasn't until 1540, by members of an expedition headed by the Spanish explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado. Because of its remote and inaccessible location, several centuries passed before North American settlers really explored the canyon. In 1869, geologist John Wesley Powell led a group of 10 men in the first difficult journey down the rapids of the Colorado River and along the length of the 277-mile gorge in four rowboats. By the end of the 19th century, the Grand Canyon was attracting thousands of tourists each year. One famous visitor was President Theodore Roosevelt, a New Yorker with a particular affection for the American West. After becoming president in 1901 after the assassination of President William McKinley, Roosevelt made en ...
Like all the girls in William McKinley High School, Rachel couldn't lie to herself and she was ...
How come William McKinley never gets mentioned when people talk about assassinated presidents?
Pres. William McKinley survived a gunshot wound 1901 but died of infection later. His doctors put dirty fingers in the wound.
When he was defeated by William McKinley. Yes.
The mission of the United States is one of benevolent assimilation. - William McKinley
Sometimes I forget that isn't real, and it makes me really sad. It also makes me sad that I'll never go to William McKinley😭
Is it just me or did it used to be the William McKinley Wildcats, not Titans?.
I liked so much that I ended up in Ohio! :p And now I know who William McKinley is! lol
Oh my god it's William McKinley's own Rachel Berry!
Nixon is one of 4 US presidents to have born in January along with Millard Fillmore (7), William McKinley (29) & Franklin Roosevelt (30).
Photo: William McKinley is on which bill? | (at Chrissy Nails)
This bronze statue of William McKinley was erected in 1906 in Arcata, California.
At the turn of the 20th century, US had their own version of a dimwit president like Jacob Zuma in President William McKinley. Empty head.
The Illustrious Life of William McKinley by Murat Halstead 1901- w/ Last Photo
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McKinley’s ‘Sunshine' shows that the problem with fighting monsters is that you risk becoming one. ht…
Congrats to William McKinley for winning the "President who looks most like Darth Vader era Anakin Skywalker" award
I learned my history from a textbook called The Eagle Landed On Us that posits the best President was William McKinley
Honestly blessed to have been a William McKinley High Student this season! Been able to finish the…
[HAFF] President William McKinley almost always wore a red carnation on his lapel as a good luck charm. While gr...
I cannot die happily until makes a movie about a William McKinley High School reunion.
Remembering William McKinley 25th President of the U.S.~ born January 29, 1843
In the time of darkest defeat, victory may be nearest. -William McKinley |
when will you bring to life the biography of William McKinley?
the gym teacher at William McKinley High School. They have a McKinley school in Bay Ridge also Kids were nice over that area
"I'm not bud I'm William McKinley" just doesn't have the same ring to it
Ciera and I feel really dumb for not knowing William McKinley was a president. 😐
Its Epiphany... Holding a sign... that says Angry... at William McKinley High School
Show off Past Projects • President William McKinley Memorial: This is a project we are working ...
Brad Nessler looks like William McKinley in that outfit
-him, which was something she'd not yet found at William McKinley. This new feeling left her feeling insecure, and so later that-
i have never been more attached to a group of people than i am to the William McKinley High School class of 2012
Are we all aware that Freaks and Geeks and Glee both take place at William McKinley High School?? Just making sure here
Which and future was named of the Philippines by President William McKinley?
I went to an antique market and saw a letter from Annie Oakley to William McKinley saying that if necessary she would recruit a band +
Coach Sue Silvester is the blonde, female Severus Snape of William McKinley High! Please don't EVER put those two in a room!.
Trivia: US President William McKinley was assassinated with an Iver Johnson revolver.
William McKinley is assassinating the other team rn
"Half heartedness never won anything " - William Mckinley - LiveBoldStyle
I'm heading to Niles, OH. The birthplace of William McKinley and wickedshrapnel
Actually, that would be William Mckinley. Reagan, however, is still screwing us nearly 30 years later
Of all the people to assassinate a communist dictator, I'm not sure I would have chosen two stoners from William McKinley High School.
William McKinley was a great president
Last one. You know what that means! @ William McKinley Elementary School
Our AMAZING first grade team have the spirit! @ William McKinley Elementary School
not as good as William McKinley though
I always wondered if we're related.. President William McKinley... We have the same last name... 😂😂👀
I knew, even before reading this, that Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKinley, & Me, Elizabeth’s was the forgotten cauldron
in 1898, U.S. President William McKinley visited Tuskegee Institute at the invitation of Booker T.
did you see William McKinley play last night?
"A free man cannot be long an ignorant man." . Pres. William McKinley.
Teddy Roosevelt became our 26th President after the assassination of President William McKinley in 1901
"I have never been in doubt since I was old enough to thin..".
"The free man cannot be long an ignorant man...".
The next JCARR committee meeting is scheduled Monday, January 12, 2015 in the William McKinley Hearing Room at 1:30 p.m.
Actually, consensus is that it ended in 1896 with the election of William McKinley/the 4th party system.
WHAT SOME GREAT PEOPLE SAID ABOUT THE BIBLE "It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible.” George Washington “I am sorry for men who do not read the Bible every day. I wonder why they deprive themselves of the strength and pleasure.” Woodrow Wilson “Hold fast to the Bible as the sheet anchor of your liberties, write its precepts on your hearts and practice them in your lives.” Ulysses S. Grant “The Bible is a book in comparison with which all others are of minor importance, and which in all my perplexities and distresses has never failed to give me light and strength.” Robert E. Lee “If we will not be governed by God, then we will be ruled by tyrants.” William Penn “The more profoundly we study this wonderful book [the Bible], and the more closely we observe its divine precepts, the better citizens we will become and the higher will be our destiny as a nation.” William McKinley “Education is useless without the Bible.” Daniel Webster “A thorough under ...
fun fact: William H. Harrison, James Garfield, William McKinley and Warren G. Harding all killed in office by dirt pudding
November 3 . 1493 Christopher Columbus arrives at the Caribbee Isles (Dominica) during his second expedition. 1507 Leonardo da Vinci is commissioned to paint Lisa Gherardini ("Mona Lisa"). 1529 The first parliament for five years opens in England and the Commons put forward bills against abuses amongst the clergy and in the church courts. 1794 Thomas Paine is released from a Parisian jail with help from the American ambassador James Monroe. He was arrested for having offended the Robespierre faction. 1813 American troops destroy the Indian village of Tallushatchee in the Mississippi Valley. 1868 Ulysses S. Grant elected the 18th president of the United States. 1883 A poorly trained Egyptian army, led by British General William Hicks, marches toward El Obeid in the Sudan–straight into a Mahdist ambush and massacre. 1883 The U.S. Supreme Court declares American Indians to be "dependent aliens." 1892 First automatic telephone exchange goes into operation in La Porte, Indiana. 1896 William McKinley is elect ...
On November 2nd, 1898, President William McKinley designated the site for Fort Mackenzie. Abandoned in 1918, it is current V.A. Hospital.
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This is the cutest gift bag ever!!! Leave it to Mrs. Costella! @ William McKinley Elementary School
He's being called out for saying an inflammatory racist statement. William McKinley was a Klan member, so was Wilson. .
We just got this in; William McKinley defeated William Jennings Bryan this morning
Republican William McKinley defeated Democrat William Jennings Bryan in the presidential election of 1896.
Yeah, I tried. You're pretty good. And btw, NODODY knows that William Mckinley was our 25th president.
Steelers all the way! 💛🏉 William Mckinley had a *** of a game. Over 180 yards catching and 2 TD's from Big ben! *high five*
First President of the United States to ride in an automobile while in office
One more reminder folks: Daylight Savings is tomorrow! Enjoy some extra sleep, & hope to see you at 10:30AM at William McKinley School.
Is channeling his inner William McKinley and wearing a carnation?
William McKinley High School forever! Head says Glee, heart says Freaks and Geeks
That one Halloween we dressed as William McKinley High School cheerleaders because we were obsessed…
: William McKinley's wife disliked the color yellow. 😂✋ she's like me
William Mckinley was the first president to ride a car.!!
29 October 1901. Leon Czolgosz, the assassin of US President William McKinley, was executed by electrocution.
William had a pet parrot that he named "
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Our Candy Corn contest is OVER! There were 85 candy corn in the jar, making William Mckinley Minton, Sr. our...
Showing off my Glee spirit by being a William McKinley Cheerio for Halloween ☺️❤️
ya..william Mckinley did pretty good ⚾️⚾️
the giants can thank William McKinley for their success though for sure
*** yea cuz William McKinley is a great coach! And malcom little pitched the game of his life
feellng. “I found myself thinking about President William McKinley, the third American president to be...
1901 – Capital punishment: Leon Czolgosz, the assassin of U.S. President William McKinley, is executed by electrocution.
1901-Anarchist Leon Czogolsz was electrocuted for the assassination of President William McKinley.
1901, Leon Czolgosz -- William McKinley's assassin -- was executed in an electric chair.
"Teddy put you up to this, didn't he?" -William McKinley to his killer.
Oct 29 1901 - Anarchist Leon Czolgosz electrocuted for assasination of US President William McKinley
Today in 1901: President William McKinley's assassin, Leon Czolgosz, is electrocuted. McKinley's last cup:
Boyfriend;You don't know the price of a stamp? . Me:Grover Cleveland was the 24th President. . BF:. M:William McKinley was 25…
William McKinley was on the $500 bill, Grover Cleveland was on the $1,000, and James Madison was on the $5,000
I always kind of shrug inside when I tell people that I was a mailman. But, it turns out that these people also worked for the postal service: Walt Disney, Charles Bukowski, William Faulkner, Abraham Lincoln, Harry S. Truman, William McKinley, Benjamin Franklin, Will Hays, Sherman Hemsley, Charles Lindbergh . . .
THIS JUST IN: What did Woodrow Wilson, Harry S. Truman and William Mckinley have in common? These were Presidents...
Harry S Truman,Warren G Harding . Woodrow Wilson and William McKinley were apart of the KKK. The Democratic Party was also founded on the KKK
HERE, THERE AND EVERWHERE ON THE LIFE OF REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT, Theodore Roosevelt...Teddy Roosevelt was born on Oct. 27, l858 at 28 East 20th St., N.Y.C. I lived in N.Y.C. for 4l years and I often have passed by his birthplace...HIs father was Thee Roosevelt who was born in extreme wealth. Thee's younger brother, Elliott was the father of Eleanor Roosevelt. Eleanor married Pres. FDR. Thee"s cousin, James Roosevelt, was the father of Pres. FDR so FDR married his cousin Eleanor Roosevelt. All the Roosevelts were very wealthy...Teddy was a sickly child, and doctors predicted he would not live long. He had asthma and he often almost choked to death in his childhood when he had asthma attacks...Teddy became famous during the Spanish-American War of l898 when he led his soldiers, named "The Rough Riders, to victory in battles in Cuba...After the war, Teddy became governor of N.Y...Teddy was Vice-President of the U.S. when Pres. William McKinley was assassinated, Teddy was 42 when he became the 26th Pres. ...
Upon William McKinley's reelection some dude was like, "your job is to not die for 4 years." But he blew it and died anyway.
Teddy Roosevelt anecdote of the night - he said that President William McKinley had "the backbone of a chocolate eclair."
In case you didn't know, William McKinley was the 25th president. Thanks for your random fact of the night
Mark Hannah from Ohio, a friend of President William McKinley was against Mckinley taking on Roosevelt as a vice president.
Somewhere, the Ghost of William McKinley is tired of acknowledging Teddy on September 14th.
America truly entered the 20th century 113 yrs ago today when Teddy Roosevelt became President upon the death of William McKinley.
First episode of is on again. Any of my detractors who want to hear the words "William McKinley is dead" tune in at 11:45!
All I can say is William McKinley got the short end of the American history stick.
"William McKinley was dead, felled by an anarchist's bullet. A nation mourned." *cue gutbucket rendition of Tiger Rag*
113 years ago today, Theodore Roosevelt took office of the president following the assassination of William McKinley.
So far from "The Roosevelts" I have ascertained that Teddy is responsible for the Maine affair and the unexpected death of William Mckinley.
William McKinley: shot by an anarchist. In the new movie version, the shooter is played by an editor at The New Inquiry. featured in NBC s Science of Love
FYI- 113 years ago today, President William McKinley, was Assassinated in NY.
"accused his boss -William McKinley, of having the spine of a chocolate eclair"
Insult I need to remember: you have the backbone of a chocolate eclair (said by Teddy about William McKinley)
1901: Theodore Roosevelt is sworn in as president after William McKinley dies, making him the youngest President
Here is William McKinley at the Pan-Am Expo in Buffalo the day before he was shot.
10 mos. before he died, McKinley was won re-election defeating William Jennings Bryan for the second time
Pres. William McKinley died on this day in 1901 8 days after being shot by Leon Czolgosz in Buffalo,NY
THIS DAY IN HISTORY- Sep 14, 1901: President William McKinley dies from gunshot wounds. On this day in 1901,...
1901 Pres William McKinley dies in Buffalo, of gunshot wounds inflicted by an assassin. VP Theodore Roosevelt became president
On this day President William McKinley died from a gunshot wound he received at the Pan-American Exposition in 1901.
It was on this day in history (1901),that U.S. President William McKinley died after being shot by a deranged anarchist.
Pres. death...On this day in 1901 William McKinley died.
The Man in the Arena . At 2:15 am on September 14, 1901, President William McKinley...
"Our differences are politics, our agreements principles.". ― William McKinley (died this day, September 14, 1901)
Today in 1901: Pres. William B. McKinley dies of gunshot wounds inflicted by an assassin 8 days earlier.
1901: U.S. - Pres William McKinley died after an assassination attempt by Leon Czolgosz on Sept. 6, and was succeeded …
DID YOU KNOW…. William McKinley was the first President to ride in a car- A Stanley Steamer steam-engine auto built in 1897. Are you...
Must've sucked to be William McKinley. Got elected president as the "least undesirable" candidate and was promptly assassinated
I didn't even know William McKinley was a president until APUSH. I didn't even know he existed...
Much less do they know a Zachary Taylor, Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, James Garfield, William McKinley.
Today's selection -- from William McKinley by Kevin Phillips. In the late 1800s, robust U.S. business interests...
QUARANTINE trivia: McKinley High is named after President William McKinley, assassinated by a self-proclaimed anarchist in 1901.
Get me Rob Lowe as Chris Traeger as William McKinley and I'm in.
Do you think that YouTube fitness guru Mike Chang was named after William McKinley High School alumnus Mike Chang?
Yes but no one ever gives programs that say "William McKinley slept here." . That may help your argument actually...
In case you didn't know, there's a monument dedicated to William McKinley delivering coffee on the…
While looking in envelope of money at bank, I noticed I like older men. I like William McKinley,Alexander Hamilton,& James Madison the best!
I feel like Glee will be set in LA on Rachel's show, in a fictional (More Fictional) William McKinley High School,
President William McKinley had a pet parrot that he named "Washington Post.
"The American flag has not been planted on foreign soil to acquire more territory but for humanity's sake"- William McKinley
President William McKinley carredi up the steps of the Capitol for the lying in state on September 17, 1901.
series on Presidential Places looks at the William McKinley Presidential Library and Museum
A redwork McKinley campaign quilt, 1896. The center squares are portraits of William and Ida McKinl
My daughter gave me this book by Sarah Vowell, knowing my interest in JFK assassination books. This book is a first-person account of the author's decision to visit the birthplaces and museums of the Presidents who have been killed in office. Sounds macabre, but it's not. She comes up with interesting stories about not only Kennedy and Lincoln, but James Garfield and William McKinley as well. I now have three more of Vowell's books, all on totally different subjects than this one. She is a regular contributor to NPR's "This American Life", where I think my daughter discovered the author. I recommend the book; the author has kind of a quirky writing style that I enjoyed very much.
"You know nothing, Juan dela Cruz." - William McKinley during the benevolent assimilation proclamation.
So, did you know that every President since Richard Nixon has had an assassination attempt on his life? EVERYONE SINGLE ONE! What does that say about our nation? The WORST! Read more... "There have been four American presidents assassinated since Abraham Lincoln. That club of tragedy includes James A. Garfield (July 2, 1882), William McKinley (September 6, 1901), and John Fitzgerald Kennedy (November 22, 1963). There had been a span of sixty-two years where civility seemed to take hold of our nation with regards to its commander-in-chief. What we don’t appreciate is that there has been 15 attempted assassinations on sitting presidents, with the most unnerving fact about this being every president since Richard M. Nixon, has been targeted for assassination. That’s right! Every single president elected to office since President Nixon has been the target of an assassination attempt. To kill the leader of a nation is to attack the heart and soul of it and its people, but how does one combat this “menac ...
TRIVIA From 1840 to 1960, every president who was elected in a year ending in ZERO died in office. Presidents elected in 1840, 1860, 1880, 1900, 1290, 1940 and 1960 all died in office. Some attribute this to a curse laid by the Shawnee chief, Tecumseh, in revenge for a military defeat in 1811 by future president, William Henry Harrison. Harrison was elected in 1840 and died in office of natural causes. Other presidents elected in years ending in zero that died in office are; Abraham Lincoln (elected 1860 and shot), James A. Garfield (elected 1880 and shot), William McKinley (elected 1900 and shot), Warren G. Harding (elected 1920 and died of natural causes), Franklin D. Roosevelt (elected 1940 and died of natural causes), and John F. Kennedy (elected in 1960 and shot).
Davis Cottages – here at the site of the Foster’s Hardware Building stood the cottages of “Granny” Davis, who begrudgingly hosted future presidents Hayes and McKinley during Union occupation of the county seat..Grandma Davis, who was born in 1820. According to Beckley USA, during the winter of 1862 Rutherford B. Hayes and William McKinley (both later Presidents of the U. S.) were stationed in Beckley. wem
Part 7: First Inaugural Address of William McKinley, THURSDAY, MARCH 4, 1897 “It has been the uniform practice of each President to avoid, as far as possible, the convening of Congress in extraordinary session. It is an example which, under ordinary circumstances and in the absence of a public necessity, is to be commended. But a failure to convene the representatives of the people in Congress in extra session when it involves neglect of a public duty places the responsibility of such neglect upon the Executive himself. The condition of the public Treasury, as has been indicated, demands the immediate consideration of Congress. It alone has the power to provide revenues for the Government. Not to convene it under such circumstances I can view in no other sense than the neglect of a plain duty. I do not sympathize with the sentiment that Congress in session is dangerous to our general business interests. Its members are the agents of the people, and their presence at the seat of Government in the execut ...
Part 1: Second Inaugural Address of William McKinley, MONDAY, MARCH 4, 1901 “My Fellow-Citizens: When we assembled here on the 4th of March, 1897, there was great anxiety with regard to our currency and credit. None exists now. Then our Treasury receipts were inadequate to meet the current obligations of the Government. Now they are sufficient for all public needs, and we have a surplus instead of a deficit. Then I felt constrained to convene the Congress in extraordinary session to devise revenues to pay the ordinary expenses of the Government. Now I have the satisfaction to announce that the Congress just closed has reduced taxation in the sum of $41,000,000. Then there was deep solicitude because of the long depression in our manufacturing, mining, agricultural, and mercantile industries and the consequent distress of our laboring population. Now every avenue of production is crowded with activity, labor is well employed, and American products find good markets at home and abroad. Our diversified pr ...
June 3 Thought for Today – “Senders and Messengers” “A servant is not greater than the master. Nor are messengers more important than the one who sends them. You know these things – now do them. That is the path of blessing!” John 13:16-17 The Spanish-American War was a brief war between Spain and the United States in 1898. A U.S. victory resulted in the U.S. taking control of Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines, while Cuba was permitted to be an independent nation. During that war, President William McKinley saw value in establishing contact with the Cuban rebels who could prove a valuable ally in case of war with Spain. McKinley asked Colonel Arthur L. Wagner to suggest an officer to make contact with the Cuban rebels led by General Calixto Garcia. Wagner suggested Captain Andrew Summers Rowan, who then traveled to Cuba via Jamaica. Rowan met Garcia in the Oriente Mountains and established a rapport. Rowan garnered information from Garcia who was eager to cooperate with the Americans in f ...
It is Tuesday, June 3, 2014. There remains 211 days in this year! In 1539, De Soto claims Florida for Spain. In 1808, Jefferson Davis- future President of the Confederacy is born. In 1844, Garrett Hobart, first vice-president under McKinley is born. Hobart was one of the most beloved vice presidents. He was a good leader and well liked. Elected with McKinley in 1896, he died of heart problems in 1899. It is said William McKinley cried for days. Pres. McKinley selected New York Gov. Theodore Roosevelt to be on the ticket in 1900. Should Hobart have lived, we may have never heard of Teddy!
After recounting and extra votes that came in and talking with the coaches this is the Longhorns All Star team for 2014. The whole team did a awesome job this year and next season work hard to make it.Thanks for all that you did for the team Andrew Ray Oliver London William McKinley Jamond Loftis Donny Joyner Aaron Wiseman Ronnie kemp If top people can go then Backup: will burks Backup: Kenyada timmons Game June 21 Jersey $48 if you can't make it let me know
Today in New Jersey history: 6/3/1844: Garret “Gus” Hobart was born in Long Branch. He was William McKinley"s VP and died in office in 1899
I'm looking for some President selfies on green paper. Benjamin's. William McKinley's. Grover Cleveland's and if possible, James Madison's.
Great Condition on this 7/8", 1896 William McKinley Presidential Campaign Pin-Back Button. Listed in Hake's Encyclopedia of Political Buttons...
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