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William McKinley

William McKinley (January 29, 1843 – September 14, 1901) was the 25th President of the United States, serving from March 4, 1897, until his death.

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OHIO has William McKinley High school. OHIO has breadstix. OHIO has new directions. OHIO has cheerios. OHIO has glee cl…
is there gonna be a 20 year Reunion for William McKinley HS? A couple Freaks wanted to know.
The 25th President of the United States - If you know who POTUS 25 is off the top of your hea...
As TR once said about William McKinley: He has the backbone of a chocolate eclair.
2013 William McKinley- Presidential $1 Coin and First Spouse Medal Set . - Bid on this now on eBay >…
So just found out that there was a James Monroe who preceded William McKinley...representing a House seat from Ohio.
William McKinley on the 500 dollar bill @ The Windsor Suites -…
Elmer Fudd was ahead three games to one against William McKinley
The quotes James Garfield and William McKinley in public speeches touting his administration.
And William McKinley! He should be quoting Warren G. Harding, the president that he most resembles.
So Trump just quoted James Garfield and William McKinley as examples of wonderful presidents. McKinley:no. Garfield: shot dead 6 months in.
Trump praised William McKinley. He was not a good president. Transitioned GOP to party of Lincoln to party beholden to big business.
Congrats to William McKinley who passed his LGV Category C (Class 2) with our instructor Chantelle Goodman!…
Took a trip to our 25th President (and Ohio's own), William McKinley's memorial site today in Canton.
Just put on 30lbs. You can go as William Mckinley.
Andrew Johnson didn't have a dog in WH. He was impeached. William McKinley didn't h…
William McKinley was our 25th President (1897-1901) and was a Republican. He served as a 2nd Lieutenant in the American C…
Q: Which Republican U.S. president was assassinated in 1901?. A: William McKinley
We'll all be winners regardless. Special thanks to our Imperialistic President, William McKinley for making this possible in 1898
Favorite president was probably William Mckinley, miss you Bill, thanks for the beach
William McKinley was the President of the United States who initiated and supported the colonization of and war in the Philippines.
When I was in the fourth grade, I had to do a report on a U.S. President, assigned by my teacher. I was given William McKinley.
in May 1897 William McKinley, James Phelan, Jay Gould and a number of other men from SSF, DC and Boston registered in Redwood City CA Hotel
William McKinley ain't got time for Soccer Movies
This week's from William McKinley:. "Our differences are policies; our agreements, principles."
his reference of Abraham Lincoln and William McKinley for support of the infrastructure deal is less than convincing
William McKinley ain't got time for TV Comedies
William McKinley ain't got time for Asian Action Movies
Y now it's time for the Megan Fox show starring William McKinley. Oh, scrapbooking.
That's all a man can hope for during his lifetime-to set an example-and when he is dead, to be an inspiration for history."William McKinley
“The mission of the United States is one of benevolent assimilation.” ― William McKinley
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This is a great pick-up line, but it only works for William McKinley.
Man, you got me all worked up for a wax William McKinley, and it turns out the auction was last month.
Apparently William McKinley has been living under a rock...
When you woke up this morning, you probably never imagined that today you would fall in love with William McKinley. .
William McKinley ain't got time for Foreign Dramas
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William McKinley ain't got time for Foreign Movies
This was written 118 years ago. About President William McKinley. Some things never change.
give me William McKinley, Truman, Franklin Pierce...anyone but this moron
Vintage 1898 Magazine Cover Photograph - Mrs. William McKinley, wife of President McKinley - Free to use on website…
U.S. President William McKinley always kept a lucky red carnation in his lapel. In 1901, minutes after giving the flower awa…
William McKinley (later 25th President of the United States)
William McKinley, the 25th president was assassinated, Roosevelt was the 35th president and assassinated, Trump is the 45th president 🙄🙄
William McKinley (US president): 'under free trade the trader is the master & the producer the slave'
President Roosevelt hours before becoming president following the assassination of William McKinley, 1901 Colorized
William McKinley was elected 1896 and was president during the Spa-Ame War. Elected again in 1900 but assassinated
The US public has known the *** size of every President since William McKinley. Does Trump think he can get away w/us not knowing he's TINY
Under President William McKinley(1897-1901), gold was made into the official standard of US currency in 1900.
Am I the only person who sees as the modern day version of 25th US President William McKinley???
William McKinley was the first modern and 25th President. He promoted high tariffs & making the US a power and led us through war
William McKinley was the 25th President of the United States from March 4, 1897 until his assassination in September 1901
25th president of the US - William McKinley assassinated. 35th president - JFK assassinated. Now Donald Trump is the 45th president.
The assassination of the 25th US President William McKinley in 1901 was caused by a speech by Emma Goldman. Words have p…
William McKinley first President to use campaign buttons
History lesson of the day: the Secret Service didn't start protecting the president until after William McKinley got shot
Vice President Theodore Roosevelt, standing behind William McKinley, as the President takes the oath of office on M…
First known film of a U.S. president. The Inauguration of William McKinley in March 1897.
Since much emphasis is placed on the new President's inaugural speech, here is a transcript of William McKinley's...
4 US presidents have been assassinated whilst in office : Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield, William McKinley, an…
.The good thing about my William McKinley musical is that it is very, very short.
War should never be entered upon until every agency of peace ha...
that the man who shot Theodore Roosevelt believed he was told by the ghost of William McKinley to prevent him from winning a third term
Did you Know❓ President William McKinley had a pet parrot that he named "Washington Post."
The gun used by assassin Leon Czolgosz to mercilessly mow down President William McKinley at the Pan-American Expos…
3 of 5 stars to Life of William McKinley and Complete... by Marshall Everett
William McKinley wants you to remember to pick-up the inaugural story of THE DEAD PRESIDENTS
Before its 2015 renaming to honor ex-U.S. President William Denali, America's tallest peak was called Mount McKinley (Inuit for "High Snow")
President Denali was known in his day by the name of William McKinley
Check out Life of William McKinley & Complete Story of his Assassination 1901 Hardcover via
"McKinley Rock" -- site of President William McKinley's assassination at the Pan American Exposition, Sept 6, 1901
more coal, fewer computers, push fake news and start empire building. Congrats America we've elected William McKinley again.
In Memoriam - William McKinley Smiley via Futurelawyer - 2016 has marked the death of many people, ...
...since William McKinley, not because you are a woman. In fact, a much better woman than you will one day be the first...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
You WON'T BELIEVE what William McKinley looks like these days!
William McKinley's 1897 Inaugural was the first captured by a motion picture camera (video:
Ohio the home of presidents! (@ William McKinley Presidential Library & Museum in Canton, OH)
".cheap goods make for cheap men; and cheap men make for a cheap country.”. ---President William McKinley
Free Will Cancers, be more like William McKinley, less like William Jennings Bryan but of course...
Mourning for martyred President William McKinley, Wall Street, west from William St., September 1901…
March 4, 1901 – William McKinley begins his second term as President of the United States
The first president to ride in an automobile was William McKinley, after he was shot. It was a 1901 Columbia electric ambulance
Can't wait for Margaret Creighton's book on Buffalo's 1901 Fair, site of William McKinley's assassination…
Oh yes .and ..the left-wing Roosevelt became President after William McKinley was conveniently assassinated by a "Red "
Much later in the elections of 1900 William McKinley implemented the gold standard in contrast to his opponent William Jennings Bryan ...
James Garfield. 20th President, Republican. William McKinley. 25th President, Republican. Many people talk about...
In 1896, U.S. presidential candidate William McKinley campaigned exclusively from his front porch due to his wife's poor hea…
The first U.S. President who was a KKK member was William McKinley, who was a former Union officer.
DYK Rutherford B. Hayes and William McKinley were present at the Battle of South Mountain?
The ghosts of James Garfield & William McKinley would like a word with you two...
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Wikipedia page William McKinley has possibly been vandalized.
Who knew Karl Rove was a fan of William McKinley
Teddy Roosevelt was 42 years old when he took over as president after William McKinley was assassinated, which...
And spare me to overall record talk. I'm not trying to read or listen to everything that began with the William McKinley presidency.
No love for the little guys? James A. Garfield and William McKinley?
Obama bombed Hiroshima as well shot William McKinley.
Obama's defunding of the Secret Service led to William McKinley's assassination. Right,
It's 2am and I'm watching anatomy videos with dr Gunther Von hagens and researching President William McKinley's assassination/presidency
William McKinley engraving from book - 1903
Obama killed William McKinley, just to watch him die.
it wasn't Taft's fault. It was William McKinley, and you know it.
They all look like they arw going on a 7th grade field trip to william mckinley memorial
And here's more on Trump and populism: via
Either Island of the Blue Dolphins or Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKinley, and Me, Elizabeth.
Not the narrator, but Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKinley and Me Elizabeth by E.L. Konigsberg.
"Hecate, MacBeth, William McKinley, and Me, Elizabeth." (Not the narrator, but her best friend was a PoC.)
vintage the late Mrs. William McKinley photograph embalmed with red falcon
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Jennifer, Hecate, MacBeth, William McKinley, & Me, Elizabeth is either the names of my multiple personalities or a beloved children's book
William McKinley meets William McKinley in President Cleveland and President McKinley Taking the Oath
Thank you to Gary Brown and The Canton Repository for this fantastic article on our upcoming McKinley Symposium.
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William McKinley (Wise Quotes) Cuba ought to be free and ...: via
The Monday After: Symposium will look into life and presidency of William McKinley
1. “When William McKinley’s assassin, Leon Czolgosz, was buried, prison authorities wanted to remove all traces of him:
Looking to brush up on US presidents? Then check out this video on William McKinley:
This game of MASH will determine what your Glee life would be like.
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"Goodbye all. It's God's way, His will, not ours, be done. Nearer my God to Thee, nearer to Thee" - last words of President William McKinley
“In the time of darkest defeat, victory may be nearest.” – William McKinley
Expositions are the timekeepers of progress.
William McKinley, Meet the Presidents game, C1955, brass plated
Preds take a leap to draft the guy who assassinated William McKinley
Expositions are the timekeepers of progress. William McKinley
30 Books, 30 Days - the 2016 Ohioana Book Award finalists. Day Three: Canton’s William McKinley was not only our...
it's bad luck in Buffalo because that's what William McKinley was doing there when he was shot
William McKinley smoked 50 to 100 cigars each week, but never smoked in front of his wife.
Abraham Lincoln . James A Garfield. William McKinley. John F Kennedy. Donald Trump. . I'm sure you see it.
Britain had a 72% turnout rate for election. Last time turnout was that high in the US was 1900 w/ the election of William McKinley
Q: When did the US have a National election turnout as large as BREXIT vote?. A: William McKinley vs William Jennings Bryan . Q: Year?. A: 1900
All this extra bullcrap we've endured since William McKinley is FAR beyond the scope of the US federal gov't.
McKinley v William Jennings Bryan in 1896 was pretty consequential. But there was just less to lose at that point in time.
William McKinley is back and this time, he’s an opera. "Shot!" comes to
Hamilton Collection
About time to have another member of William Mckinley's fraternity as potus ! Phi alpha
William McKinley and his wife banned the color yellow from the White House to create a more serious mood.
William McKinley 25th president (25th of March) I wonder if they teach any this in school anymore! My fave was history can u tell?
ICYMI: This week, our search for the funniest president looked at William McKinley:
If you recognized that as America's 25th President, William McKinley, way to go.
Who was the last president to NOT have a dog in office? That would be William McKinley from 1897 to 1901.
Mahoning Valley thinks it can attract GOP delegates to visit with the lure of William McKinley being from Niles. LOL sorry no1curr about him
If you don't listen to our "funniest prez" podcast on William McKinley, then Leon Czolgosz wins:
Rockefeller and Morgan BOUGHT a President, William McKinley (1896) to keep their power, control, and wealth. In...
On This Day. 1900: William McKinley signed the Gold Standard Act; established gold as the sole basis for redeeming paper currency
"The free man cannot long be an ignorant man." -William McKinley
Hows that been working for USA the last 100-150yrs. See William McKinley was Political Pawn. After won election killed
Below is a photo of President William McKinley’s mother, Nancy Campbell Allison McKinley. William was a first...
I'm gonna be a professional bull rider when I grow up why do I need to know who William McKinley is
8/ William McKinley got the GOP nod. The months running up to the election saw continued economic decline, and populism rise
has an ad out right now that says there was nothing "conservative" about William McKinley, Ulysses S. Grant, or Abraham Lincoln!
President William McKinley tragically assassinated in the new rock opera KILLING REPUBLICANS. Opens April 8th
William McKinley was not "shot dead." He lingered for eight days. Sondheim ripoff is repulsive.
Considering they were debating the merits of William McKinley's foreign policy tonight, submissions ok for 127 more years.
The Triumph of William McKinley: Why the Election of 1896 Still Matters by Ka... via
SANDERS: I strongly disagreed with William McKinley's decision to intervene in Cuba during the Spanish-American War & personally told him so
Michael Bloomberg would be the shortest president since William McKinley. Either Bloomberg or Sanders would be the oldest ever elected…
Mr. Reynolds "Donald Trump is the reincarnation of William McKinley" . That made my day.
Someone created a Wikipedia article about "William B. McKinley (Illinois politician)". Help expand it!
one of the really cool things about William McKinley is that he always paid his debts
I liked a video from Obstacle is the WAY!!-William Mckinley
William McKinley, Wm. Bryan’s opponent in the 1896 presidential election, signed the Gold Standard Act of 1900.
I added a video to a playlist Obstacle is the WAY!!-William Mckinley
William McKinley ushered in a new age for the republican party is Trump going to do the same?
When William McKinley's first Vice President, Garrett Hobart, died of natural causes in November 1899, McKinley...
that after he tackled the assassin of William McKinley, former slave James Benjamin Parker said, " Fat…
Guys i don't even know who William Mckinley is
I'm assuming you're talking US presidents. I'm definitely a Harry Truman fan over William McKinley
Exquisite bird. MT President William McKinley was obsessed with parrots. He had his own parrot, which he named Washington Post.
Good review by of a new book about a past and still relevant election
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Is it weird to say, "I'd live on that street 'cause of Patrick Warburton and William McKinley"?
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in 1843, William McKinley was born. Read Lewis L. Gould's "The Presidency of William McKinley"
William McKinley was the first President to ride in an automobile
On 11 Jan 1900, 16-year-vet Sgt. William Murphy fired from police for using insolent language to superior. Looks like Pres. William McKinley
I have a first (and probably only) edition book about William McKinley: Our Martyred President from 1901
William McKinley was the 25th president
Great moment for Ohio (home of Ulysses Grant, James Garfield, William McKinley and Warren G. Harding).
'The Triumph of William McKinley': Karl Rove shows what today's GOP can learn ... - Pittsburgh Po...
Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley and John F Kennedy. Just putting it out there
Facts of the day. 1. William McKinley was on the $500 bill, Grover Cleveland was on the $1,000, and James Madison...
I cannot even imagine the sort of person who would read a book about *William McKinley* written by *Karl Rove* over Thanksgiving.
Did you know Charles Ives wrote a campaign song for William McKinley? "William Will"
He refers, of course, to the election his hero Mark Hanna won for William McKinley. His favorite election cycle ever.
Just facts. Other than Bush 1 and Kennedy, you have to go back to William McKinley to find a president with less.
William McKinley was the last US President to serve in the Civil War. He enlisted as a private with the Poland...
Ida McKinley suffered from epileptic seizures. William sat next to her at official dinners in case she needed help.
1961 Press Photo Dredd worn in 1897 at Inaugural Ball of William McKinley
can u will add me on my fb my name is William mckinley ok smile and I will add you your fb now ok
last year I dragged my parents to the William McKinley memorial museum and library in canton, we're kindred spirits
Pre-order "The Triumph of William McKinley?" Sign up for a free signed bookplate for your copy:
The general manager at the country club looks like William McKinley
You just don't want to be prom queen at William McKinley High
.in for Ways & Means chairman's race if Ryan elected Speaker. Last chair from Ohio:Pres. William McKinley
William McKinley isn't even relevant even more smh…
William McKinley got shot because he was going to expose Suge Knight
The last time Yasmani Grandal had a hitting streak the President was William McKinley.
Casey if you really wanna go there I'll throw in a pre-assassination William McKinley
William McKinley became the first president to visit today in 1899. Of course he stopped at the
Pt. 2. Dad: "that was the year William McKinley was elected president"
William McKinley -- From Civil War Soldier to President of the United States
When he died, 114 years ago today, William McKinley was one of the most beloved presidents in American history
- September 14th 1901. William McKinley dies. Roosevelt is the new President.
William McKinley died on this day in 1901, the third President to be assassinated
14th September 1901. Theodore Roosevelt is sworn in as the 26th President on the death of William McKinley, who was shot…
On this day in 1901, William McKinley died, and Theodore Roosevelt was sworn in as President of the United States. htt…
September 10, 1861 - Future U.S. Presidents Rutherford B Hayes and William McKinley fought in the Civil War at...
William McKinley still has a mountain -- right here in Southern California
William McKinley - a historical cipher & stooge of industrialist Mark Hanna, the Koch brother of the 1900s.
William McKinley served as a commissary sgt. at Antietam & took hot coffee to the front line troops. Got a commission.
First Obama crapped on Alexander Hamilton, today he craps on William McKinley, who will be next?
Obama decides after 113 years, it's safe to screw William McKinley out of a mountain | Jamie Dupree via
Need Boulevard of Broken Dreams but with Alexander Hamilton & William McKinley.
When a Polish-American assassinated US Pres. William McKinley, there was a lot of hatin on Poles. via
For us from WNY, we might not remember William McKinley, but we know McKinley High school, and McKinley Square...
President Obama also says William McKinley to be renamed "Diana".
Man, whole lot of people upset about the renaming of Denali who didn't know who William McKinley was until 20 minutes ago.
The President William McKinley was a Civil War hero. He was also assassinated while in office.
Got to feel for William McKinley -just like John Perceval he has lost his mountain.
William McKinley didn't fight through the Holocaust and be forced to sit in the front of the bus just for someone to take away his mountain.
The United State has ALWAYS been at war with William McKinley.
"The Life of an Unknown Assassin: Leon Czolgosz and the Death of William McKinley"
From this day forth, the most important landmark in Ohio shall be known as: . The William McKinley . Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
Mount McKinley was named after Republican President William McKinley, from Ohio, assassinated in his second term.
There are a lot more William McKinley boosters than I thought.
And really, it was William Seward who bought Alaska for America. So really, McKinley was incidental to begin with.
Did Obama change the name of Mt. McKinley because William McKinley was a Republican?
Remember that time William McKinley visited Alaska & climbed that mountain? Yeah, me neither. Call it please. Squa…
"The William McKinley presidency was the beginning of the corporate takeover of America." The conversation in my house rn.
is this what come to... President William McKinley insults? Lol
A bad day for William McKinley, but he's had worse.
Mt. McKinley renamed after it was discovered that William McKinley had an Ashley Madison account.
*Thousands of people flock to William McKinley's wikipedia page to find out what they're mad about*
You feed William McKinley. You text with silicon. You stay at the Demarcus Cousins Swamp. Good night.
Mt. McKinley was named after Republican President William McKinley of Ohio.
Never knew that Mt. McKinley was named as part of Presidential campaign of William McKinley, not as a memorial after he died. Stunt.
William McKinley (1897-1901) was assassinated at the Pan-Am Expo. in Buffalo. He was at the site's Temple of Music.
William McKinley High school where glee was filmed 😍
Is "William McKinley and the chamber of late 19th century American politics," an acceptable title for a college level course?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
William & Ida McKinley had 2 daughters. Katie died at age 3 & Ida died before her 1st birthday.
For those of you who graduated from Linden McKinley in 1969 and knew Bill Seagle...
EDUCATIONAL TELEVISION: Weeks & weeks at William McKinley High School were seen on this coming-of-age Fred Savage sitcom on ABC
an old myth goes that William Mckinley may have had an Iroqoius Cheif-Woman ancestor; Onwe wing of that Family came thru on the Mongehelia
When will we get to drink William McKinley!?
and here's 25th president of the United States of America, William McKinley.
Would Trump really be that bad of a president? Could he be any worse then Bush, Reagan, or William McKinley?
Memorial Address on the Life and Character of William McKinley... by Hay, Joh...
William McKinley was first to ride in a self-propelled vehicle—the electric ambulance that took him to the hospital after he had been shot
that William McKinley was quite the looker.
It is unclear when William McKinley began to seriously prepare a run for president.
Later President of the United States, he enlisted at age 18 to fight in the Civil War
Service in memory of our deceased president, William McKinley
On top of all that i think we're figuring out who killed william mckinley & why. Oh u already figured it out
"We are all going" - President William McKinley. RIP Nicole, thank you for being a part of my life. Nauna ka lang, but we are all going.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
The answer to this week's trivia question is Sergeant William McKinley.
They then decided to support William McKinley, governor of Ohio. They poured money on his campaign.
Very true! Of course William McKinley, also had it rough. And what about Millard Fillmore?
Least funny President? That would be tough. I'm thinking Martin Van Buren, Millard Fillmore or William McKinley
we can move to William McKinley High school (glee) they'll accept us
9. William McKinley beat William Jennings Bryan, and the recovery (due to gold strikes elsewhere) was organized along corporate lines.
William McKinley, Andrew Jackson, and JFK had a lovely dinner at PF changs together @ presidents unite
Dressing room ready for our VIP performer. @ William McKinley Elementary School
My fav is here! 👍Thank you, Dr. Paramo. @ William McKinley Elementary School
.I guess William McKinley was too unfamiliar a name for the British? A president of the USA :).
William McKinley campaign poster - illustration of him standing on a giant gold coin that reads "SOUND MONEY,"...
My dream is for Glory Days by Bruce Springsteen to be played at the end of graduation like in Glee😍. "William McKinley High's Class of 2012!"
The 2 other books are the same, I only now see: William McKinley is dropped from the British title.
William Thomas McKinley ~ Elegy for Strings (2006). . written in tribute to Rodger Ryan. RIP my two great teachers
I got a photo with the beautiful Ida McKinley, First Lady of the 25th president, William McKinley,…
The last time it was this cold in DC, President William McKinley was in office, 119 years ago! Vacation in Alaska, it's …
You seem to have linked to James Garfield. This McKinley's page
Sorry to hear of Tom McKinley's passing. He was an inspiring figure when I was at New England...
Look what Mr. Dru Smith made for McKinley. Thank you! @ William…
So I suppose you are not related to William McKinley?
Mar 4, 1897 William McKinley inaugurated as 25th President of
On this date in 1897 William McKinley was sworn in as our 25th President of the United States. You can enjoy a...
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