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William Levy

William Levy (born William Levy Gutiérrez; August 29, 1980) is a Cuban-American actor and former model.

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Cocoa Brown and Zulay Henao spoke to Cherise Nicole ( about working with William Levy and Terry Crews in Tyler Perry's 'The Single Moms Club.
If you were going to be stuck on an island with three celebrities,... — Lorenzo Mendez, William Levy & Prince Royce
""La Tempestad" with William Levy in Greek Episode 3 from channel ANT1 Cyprus
so you are telling me Brad Pitt, William Levy, Eduardo Verastegui might be thinking of me too? Good to know 😅
William Levy and Zulay Henao in Miami: Set was laid back on &Perry&Single Mom&Club&...
Subscribe to VH1: Check out what's coming this season on Single Ladies including the additions of Denise Vasi and William Levy t...
EXCLUSIVE CLIP: William Levy & in 'The Single Mom's Club': thanks to
"PHOTO 7: William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez attend the 2012 Vanidades' Icons of Style http…
Bradley Cooper is just such a gorgeous man along with Ryan Gosling, William Levy, Michael Ealy and Mark Wahlburg and Brad Pitt
William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez Wedding: Actor Dismisses Rumors of ... - Latinos Post
Casting Net: Kevin Bacon (currently starring on Fox’s The Following) is set to lead the micro-budget Blumhouse thriller 6 Miranda Dr. The story follows a seemingly normal family who take a trip to the Grand Canyon and manage to bring a horrifying supernatural force back home as a souvenir. Radha Mitchell (Red Widow) is also in talks to star in the Greg Mclean-directed pic, which is set for a March shoot. American Horror Story‘s Lily Rabe has boarded the Blumhouse thriller The Veil. She’ll star alongside Thomas Jane and Jessica Alba in the Phil Joanou-directed pic about a 5-year-old girl brought up in a suicidal cult who decides to return to the site of the trauma with a documentary crew. Liam Neeson reportedly filmed a cameo for the Entourage movie. Dougray Scott (Mission: Impossible II) has joined the home-invasion thriller Tiger House, which is currently shooting in South Africa. Kaya Scodelario (Skins and The Maze Runner) also stars. Jordi Molla (Riddick) and William Levy (Dancing With the Stars) ...
William Levy in the Tyler Perry movie? Uh 😍❤️
Captura ::: William Levy as Manny in Tyler Perry's The in theaters March 14.02.14
William Levy as in Tyler Perry's The - In Theatres 3-14-14
Emilio & Gloria Estefan are producing a film in Miami "A CHANGE OF HEART" and Miami Beach *** Pride has been asked to be a part of the filming on SATURDAY, FEB 22 starting at 7AM. I am looking for 40 lucky individuals to carry the Rainbow Flag in a scripted *** Pride Parade/Domestic Partnership Registration scene in front of the courthouse. Join us, by contacting Ivan Cano IvanASAP to reserve your space, make this a wonderful experience and place Miami Beach *** Pride and Miami-Dade on the silver screen. We are only allowed 40 people so please let me know soon!!! Volunteers can park: We have a revised parking area 430 NW 1st AVE. Miami Beach, Florida Surprise Film, LLC is proud to announce the production of their feature film “A CHANGE OF HEART, starring James Belushi, Virginia Madsen, Kathy Najimy, William Levy, Gloria Estefan, Aimee Teegarden, Cody Horn and Dawn Oliveri. The film is being directed by Kenny Ortega.
William Levy & Prince Royce are sexy. . O and Chris Brown 😍
2 Million Congratulations to our beloved William Levy . U deserves it!!
Chuck Bass and William Levy can put their shoes under my bed any day 😏
William Levy !! I am dripping out of every orifice right now!
William Levy will be hosting Premio lo nuestro 2014 on 20th of February on
“William Levy will be hosting on 20th of February on
In theaters March 14th ... Con William Levy.. Ladies will you be there?💜
What r u planning to do on March 14? Let's go watch with William levy
Nia Long saved that movie. But I peeped William Levy's in there and he's so fine.
24 days to see our William Levy on Big Screen . Save the date!
Waiting for mi amor coming home William Levy
And why do I have to sleep? Only because my body needs to, not because I want to... and to dream with Adam Levine, Luis Miguel, William Levy.
Omg finally on March 14 Tyler Perrys single mom's club is coming out in theater who want to go with me that's the movie William levy comes out in yay so excited
Woo hoo attending the on thurs w william levy. Prince Royce. N many many more
Must watch!! Con el papacito William Levy;)..As a single parent its inspiring because many misjudge without knowledge of circumstances befalling them. I am a proud single Mom of one and God has been great and of course my family!! I'll be lost without them.Marisol Lorenzo
William Levy and Carlos Marin. I loved William on Dancing with the Stars.
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"oh my gosh Chris Perez is sooo hot!" Who Whew. (whistle) ha ha He puts a smile to my face, but I can only wish.. along with William Levy.. .another hottie.
Oh and I hate William levy.. He's so ugly
William Levy is the best actor in the world
Hey William Levy good way to make alot of toasties lol
Right now, I'm single and I have to admit ... I love it! That's not to say if Mr. Right (in the form of Enrique Iglesias, William Levy, & Prince Rashid Al Maktoum of Dubai) rolled up and looked into my eyes, I wouldn't ride happily into the sunset with him (and I do mean ride). It's just that whining in the meantime won't change things. It's my intention to enjoy every bit of my single freedom until I do finally meet that perfect man.
William Levy World Egypt 1st Anniversary along side with
William Levy & Cheryl Burke dance the cha cha cha.
I had a dream with William levy the other day 😂😂 but like in sure I've never ever seen this person, I dont recall them @ all
Dave Franco James Franco jake t Austin and William levy can all sleep with me in my bed xD
If I was ever into Mexicans he'd have to look like William Levy 😏👌💦
‘A Change of Heart’, starring Jim Belushi, begins filming in Florida So excited to see William Levy with Jim Belushi
I want william levy or . D.J Augustins cute self . For me birthday :) .
I think chest hair is so gross lol idk why. Unless your like William Levy or sum. But hey some girls dig it.
William levy is going to be in a movie and I'm definitely going to watch it😍😍
Almost done 👌 peep William Levy's portrait on the right ☺️💕
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Uf watching my novela with none other than my hubby William Levy 💋 cant get better than that. Tomorrow not gonna b a good day but hey what can u do?
I still think William Levy should be Christian Grey 😍👌
I'm always getting confused for William Levy smh
Did ya see that william levy is in a movie that is coming out soon lol
Shakira is my dad's crush. . William levy is my moms crush.
15 Things about telenovela stud William Levy that will melt your heart vía
Ya'll watching the Grammy's while I'm watching the novela with william levy in it. I win.
Un blanquito like JT is what I need in my life if I can't have a hot cuban like William Levy.
What William levy en la movie single moms...
Now she's going through shirtless pictures of William Levy literally drooling over them 😂
I'm still mad that William Levy isn't playing Christian Grey, but I'm excited for the 50 shades of grey movie.
William levy is right behind me in a rolls Royce
Do you believe in 'love at first sight'? — yes, I fell in love with William Levy from day one ♡
William levy and David Chocarro are my fav. telenovela actors..
I told him the truth!! William Levy handsome man but he does not like Willy 😭😒
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Photo of William Levy for fans of TELENOVELAS.
The former Desperate Housewives actor was miffed with a news story which was actually a joke Eva Longoria was obviously irritated by a joke that said the actor would play, among other roles, the mother of Cuban actor William Levy … Continue reading… [ 209 more words. ]
William Levy and Eddie Cibrian are in the new Tyler Perry movie. Jesus
Ever notice that there are a large number of people on US TV and Movies who look like that 16th century painting of Jesus. Weird thing about it, most of them are not from the US, and many of the ones that are from the USA work for the Australian Rupert Murdoch. Here's a short list. Dan Akroyd---Canada, UK Jim Carrey---Canada, UK Matthew Perry--Canada, UK Keith Urban---New Zealand, Australia, UK Hugh Jackman--Australian, UK William Levy---Cuba Sebastion Rulli---Latin America Arath---Mexico Topher Grace--USA but works for Australian Rupert Murdoch Ashton Kutcher--USA but worked for Australian Rupert Murdoch The only ones that I can think of that are different are Clint Eastwood (USA), and he's a baby-boomer who might have worked for FOX, and Blake Shelton of the Voice (USA)---who works for NBC.
B movie actors. Nothing like Steven Bauer, Andy Garcia, and William Levy
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Vídeo: William Levy behind the scene of “The Veil” movie
Visit the World website with all the real info about William Levy
NEW PHOTOS with William Levy by jerryruizk on Instagram
I have to do a Spanish project on William Levy 😍
VIDEO: Tyson Beckford talks working with William Levy on 'Addicted': via
1930:William Banks Levy becomes Disney's representative in England, He is authd to license Mickey and Minnie Mouse character merchandising,
Heyyy girls he talking about Uu William Levy compartio c…
Nice interview n well said about William Levy I belive he is that way!!!
Been bugging Gino to find out who some of the main actors in the movie "The Veil" are. Each time I asked he'd say people told him but he didn't know who they were. Finally got some names and got a chance to look them up. Must say I was quite impressed. William Levy is one and he is a Cuban actor well known in the Spanish community as a soap box actor, their version of Brad Pitt. He's most known in U.S. for being in Jlo's latest music video and for doing Pepsi and M&M commercials( the one with the green female M&M talking about loving her for her brain). Then there is William Moseley, who played Peter in Narnia, and Serinda Snow, who is a Canadian actress whose been in several movies. Gino says he just knows them as Will and Willie and that they are both really easy going, funny guys. Total envy!
LOVE YOU WILLIAM LEVY. Follow me and hope i get A "U GOT IT ;-) “
I have a thing for Latino Men that have light brown/blondish hair😍 except William Levy he looks *** lmao
no duh if they're not William levy or Channing Tatum well them hoodrats better suck it up and wait. QUIEN SE CREEN OH QUE!!
She's really coming.she better have William Levy with her
Thank you! Now we need the gorgeous William Levy answer me *_*
his name's William Levy, he's a Hispanic Tv actor c:
I dont want a price charming naw. i want william levy better lol ;)
you're blind if you think William Levy is ugly! ! ! !
If i were ever to meet William Levy id probably be so nervous id throw upp.. Then faint from embarrasment . Lmao
*William Levy & it's cause since i live in cali i don't have canal 44 lol but still i L O V E it!!!
William Levy can whisper anything in my ear and my knees will immediately buckle...😍
It's just hilarious that William Levy has been dubbed as the "Latino Brad Pitt".
William levy is my dream guy forever and always 😭💘😍
First time watching this novela called La Tempestad & after always arguing that William Levy isn't sexy, today I admit that I was wrong!(;
I still laugh at William Levy's weave on La Tempestad.
William Levy should of just walk away from this novella. La Tempestad is just so pathetic.
I'm watching La Tempestad 😁 y no, no solo porque William Levy is the protagonist lol
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