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William Hague

William Jefferson Hague MP FRSL (born 26 March 1961) is a British politician, who is the current Foreign Secretary and First Secretary of State.

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Really? A bowl of potato & leek soup would beat William Hague at
WILLIAM Hague blasted Tony Blair for inciting a Brexit revolt and launched a fierce warning of a “bitter and pot...
Britain will be plunged into its biggest turmoil in over a century if peers attempt to thwart Brexit, William Hague…
More EXPRESS on last link. Britain set to face a ‘BITTER CONFLICT’ if peers heed Blair &…
William Hague warns that failure to deliver Brexit would trigger worst political crisis for a century.
FYI, William Hague, the country is divided & will stay so. Brexit will not solve that; all will do is make us ex…
OH LOOK who rose in the Lords to speak about Fairness .
Hague slams old rival Blair as Lords debate Brexit Can`t answer any of the 48 questions Blair asked - Blair is right
This by is really very funny on Blair's Brexit speech and William Hague's selective memory.
No, William Hague, there's nothing anti-democratic about opposing Brexit
This is good from on the democratic issues around Brexit:
I do a mean William Hague. Though nearly all my impersonations sound a bit William Hague.
I added a video to a playlist 'Fighting the EU referendum is a great error' says William Hague
Fantastic article from on William Hague's selective memory regarding Tony Blair
Can someone please tell Peter Mandelson that leaving the EU isn't the same as leaving Europe. http…
William Hague, thinks it's anti-democratic to opposing Brexit eh?. Choosing his friends again wisely I see!.
William Hague slams Tony Blair, instead of answering any of the 48 Brexit questions Blair raised.
William Hague has launched a scathing attack on Tony Blair's call to Brexit opponents to "rise up"
William Hague hailed as 'David Beckham of toasting'
William Hague, the UK’s former Foreign Secretary, will be joining Wall Street giant Citigroup as senior adviser.
William Hague has become the latest prominent figure to join the payroll of a US bank as UK prepares to quit the EU.
William Hague is becoming an adviser to one of Wall Street's biggest banks
I got told off by Seb Coe in a William Hague press conference once, but that looked a tiny bit more intimidating.
.treating us to his best William Hague, Boris Johnson and John Prescott impressions 😂
You're a Tory. William Hague provided equipment to jihadist terrorists in Syria until March 2014. Al Nusra fanboy
what a rubbish article, I can tell it was written by someone from Mises or similia,at least William Hague got *some* things right
Torture. Those who abuse Human Rights. Should be shunned like the plague. & made to suffer eternally. With endless recordings . Of William Hague
William Hague cited in the Jolie-Pitt divorce. . And you thought 2016 couldn't get any stranger.
William Hague got a *** from a spider monkey in a gimp mask
Since August 2010 when William Hague went for a stroll with his frien…
How far the Tories have strayed from William Hague’s commitment that there would be ‘no downgrading of human rights'
t is only five years since the then Foreign Secretary William Hague declared that there would be “no downgrading...
I gave up lots of things I love doing: writing, and business, and ...
William Hague named in child abuse cover up. 'Thatcher knew all abt underage sex ring among ministers'
The same William Hague hamstrung Waterhouse report into abuse in care h…
Video: William Hague leads tributes to Lord Brittan in Commons | via
oh we know is gonna hit WIlliam Hague sooner rather than later...
Let's not be afraid to speak the common sense truth: you can't have high standards without good discipline. - Willi…
I don't think a wise thing at this moment is for Israel to launch a...
I do, so what? Soundbites don't equate to a social, economic and political strategy. William Hague learnt that
William Hague deep throated a duck and claimed it on expenses
William Hague buggered a hamster and no-one liked his hat
isis William hague David Cameron George Osborne and you still supply the rebels guns and money because of conservative still
like William Hague or Leon Brittain you mean?
I remember this. William Hague not Right wing enough she thought. These R my principles if you don't like them I have others
Sorry Simon to busy in NWO pockets. William Hague dont forget wanting arm FSA
Nice line but doesn't stand up to scrutiny. William Hague neither of those things.
I'm not, nor is anybody I know in government part of a nasty right wi...
Remember the No campaign is Conservative people, Labour people, pe...
A little unkind on William Hague surely?
I still think the worst spent money was when people were paying to listen to William Hague's after dinner speeches!
The Foreign Secretary then William Hague in interview with revealed type of aid given to rebels.
'Euro is burning building with NO way out' Hague destroys single currency
Re y/days podcast; was William Pitt Younger bio you mentioned the Hague one, and wld you recommend? Christmas list season.
William Hague came up with a new allegory for the sinking ship of the E.U. in Read about it here:…
Angelina Jolie's powerful speech in 2014 on sexual violence in conflict will make you stop and think
here's former U.K. Foreign Secretary William Hague (left) in The Hague, the Netherlands
Edward Heath, Leon Brittan, Thatcher, William Hague. They're still covering up for them. 'Nasty Party' doesn't even be…
Why did William Hague when Foreign Secretary back the Syrian rebels?
William Hague shoved a cucumber up a mongoose at the Bullingdon club
William Hague wanted to get rid of John Bercow as Speaker but it wouldn't have been of Bercow's support for Keith Vaz
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
I'm sure Hammond would be an excellent lawyer or bureaucrat, but his disposition alone doesn't exude any self...
I wonder if William Hague has actually looked at who sits around the cabinet table? .
Interesting (and welcome) from William Hague in Telegraph piece about Heathrow:
I agree with William Hague's overall message, if not with each point. Time for the UK to be bold. via
Here's William Hague saying government should borrow to fund investment - another Ed Miliband idea from 2015:.
William Hague becomes latest Tory figure to embrace borrowing for investment - new consensus:
I agree with the sentiments behind this William Hague piece, but the policies not so much. We need new ideas
Um William Hague cutting corporation tax does not equal an infrastructure plan:
When the Lord Chancellor violates the trust of his great office of sta...
Ambition is best tempered with self-knowledge!...
Why on earth any young person would be attracted to Conservatism is a mystery. Unless they are a total wanker like…
Savers could revolt over lower interest rates via
Keeping money under the mattress or opening a bank account? Low savings returns are making you think...
William Hague fellated an Alsatian as part of a Nazi-themed orgy
My theory is one reason William Hague wasn't elected was because he is bald.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
lol. I was channelling William Hague, but that's a great quote.
- Kate visits The Hague and Rotterdam for first solo trip without William, The D...
The story about low interest rates, the Bank of England policies and the working class .
It's not too late to stop the Lisbon Treaty.
William Hague: the greatest prime minister there never was.
Fetch your machine-gun... William Hague has made a film in which he travels across Bangladesh with an alien's pretty fingernails.
Labour have been listening for too long to the so-called experts who t...
You have to have as many defences in place as you possibly can. But ev...
Misogyny is unacceptable & enough to disqualify a candidate. A must read by William Hague
over to you Michael Gove MP, William Hague, Jacob Rees Mogg MP & other geniuses.
Rumour: William Hague has applied for of patents relating to speed of light technology.
"The fact that William Hague now openly threatens the Ecuadorians with the invasion of their sovereign premises is one further example of
"Now then, let me come to William Hague, top [x], he used to drink 14 pints of beer a day…he must’ve drunk 28 pints the day he decided
William Hague attacks Bank of England over ultra-low interest rates must go he has robbed savers to their graves
william hague was on supporting war with Russia and Iran and North Korea - so be careful Putin -
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Hello. Just curious, what was your personal reaction to William Hague's comment to abduct Mr Assange from Ecuador embassy?
Elizabeth Filkin - A TRIBUTE - she investigated Keith Vaz, William Hague etc. & was praised by Robin Cook
We all knew that eventually Angelina Jolie would leave Brad Pitt for William Hague...
I just hope Labour can ride out the storm. As the Tories did for those William Hague et al years of leadership wilderness.
To the hard-working people who set a little bit aside each month, to provide for their childr
William Hague? William Gladstone? William Pitt the Younger? William of Orange? Politicians not my strong point I'm afraid, Rob
I always thought it was telling that William Hague became much less Eurosceptic once he was Foreign Secretary.
Exciting news: William Hague will be hosting the WhatHouse? New Homes Debate. Register here: https:…
I believe we should reframe our response to climate change as an imperative for growth rather
They never learn, do they? It was a baseball cap that did for William Hague.
Where is that scholarship application form?!
'fraid not. William Hague and his father delivered to my area. Corona and Cresta. We bought Ben Shaws and Maxipop in between time
Oh, I don't know... there's a fair bit of competition for that... IDS? William Hague?
It's like a reboot of the Boys From Brazil but about William Hague
"There's only one growth strategy: work hard" - William Hague . Have a great productive week!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
William Hague got a *** from a spider monkey while Jimmy Saville watched
Trust me, he is. He is an impressive word-smith. Was speech-writer for Michael Howard & William Hague.
We are making progress militarily, there is no doubt about that. You've seen the reports from
Those with most to hide shout loudest. Remember Coe had gym sessions with William Hague.
It's necessary for Israelis and Palestinians to make the compromises that are required to get
I gave William Hague a funny look in 2001
For the security of the UK, it matters a lot for Somalia to become a more stable place.
That's not hate propaganda ,we had William Hague telling us it was peaceful but anyone could see it was not peaceful.
I don't think my principles change. I think the way in which you apply those principles to mo
Extreme Thatcherite bigotry and I'm not against what thatcher did I'm just reiterating the statement William Hague once made as con leader..
Hobbit house: Charlie Hague and Megan William's roundhouse in North Pembrokeshire
When a Cabinet Minister who is sacked for telling lies is re-appointed, in the face of every
What's William Hague been up to these days? He's been conspicuously out of camera shot hasn't he since the Brexit campaign got going...
Governments that block the aspirations of their people, that steal or are corrupt, that oppre
William Hague was accused of a lot of things, including his sleeping arrangements.
Didn't William Hague write a well received one?
. Didn't William Hague once say exactly same about you? Equally inaccurate?
William Hague admits to being a human failure along with his entire cohort
William Hague buggered a shaved gorilla after shooting up
Owen Jones: William Hague is wrong... we must own up to our brutal
Not a good days work at the office, as William Hague said.
"I think Britain would be alright, if only we had a different Government." - William Hague
I still agree with the invasion of Iraq. I don't agree with most of the decisions that accomp
To the teacher weighed down with paperwork, I say: you've been messed around too often. You c
Are you sure you've jumped the right way on this? Some Labour MPs wanted to bomb Syria, others didn't:
See? The little boy in the back of the ambulance wasn't an 'Isis fascist'. But high explosives can't tell. From Dec:
Hey Zeus - what? William Hague has somehow transformed himself into un-marked banknotes.
William Hague shagged an ostrich with no shame
The EU is not a country and it's not going to become a country, in my view, now or ever in th
It is the mission of the next Conservative Government to build the Responsible Society.
A unique opportunity to meet Angelina Jolie! That would be great for you. Best wishes! Full support!
There is no budget for travel for a Shadow Foreign Secretary. ~William Hague
Obviously a Conservative government will always leave taxes lower than they have been under L
People know that you can't spend more than you have.
Holy, in 2010 William Hague got 33,000 votes. No chance of that turning anywhere else anytime soon.
William Hague sucked off a crocodile while singing Hallelujah
Around the time they allowed Moazzam Begg to run around doing donkey work in recruitment
Diane Abbott is apparently outraged by lack of government action on obesity. Next up - William Hague's war against baldn…
In the final vote for Leader by Tory MPs alone in 1997 William Hague defeated Ken Clarke.
Theresa May against Angela Eagle for the Prime Minister of our nation. Ghastly. At least it's not William Hague against Tony Blair, though.
And, of course, for Gordon Brown there is William Hague. Would Hague have been PM if he'd have waited? (Prob not.)
Angelina will join former Foreign Secretary William Hague as one of four visiting professors at the university's Centre for Women.
William Hague blasts the Leave campaign's total lack of an economic plan for Britain outside Europe
“William Hague, the Conservative former Foreign Secretary and former party leader, gave a speech on the EU referen…”
“William Hague, the former Foreign Secretary, has said leaving the European Union risks the “fragmentation of the …”
Exclusive: William Hague revealed to be just Martin Freeman in disguise...
In keynote theatre waiting for William Hague. Only just squeezed in - it's full capacity for the former Foreign Secretary!
Nick Robinson reminds what William Hague on BBCr4 when Foreign Secretary "the UK gives full support to T…
Nick Robinson reminds William Hague on that when Foreign Secretary he said the UK gives "full support to Tu…
I used to have a lot of respect for what William Hague had to say. He's now fallen into line with
Liz Jones has said Boris promised end to livestock export, William Hague said similar yrs ago if
William Hague was 16 when he first spoke at the Conservative party conference and look how that turned out.
All babies look like William Hague to me.
Exactly, William Hague wrote a great article in The Telegraph about a third runway a while back, worth a read.
survives them all. Not on the list: William Hague, Hillary as SoS, Swe CIA-agent Carl Bildt
I think William Hague managed to pick up some1400 seats when in opposition.
not me guv. If you recall I am somewhere between Brad Pitt and William Hague.
2016 a) how long has William Hague been an expert? b) sales pitch snooper's charter.
Well, he had to vote against Labour more times than William Hague, so he had to stay on...
William Hague & Levison Wood speaking at Infosecurity Europe 2016. Register to attend today at
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
William Hague managed to win 1400 seats when in opposition!
This notion that Labour hasn't done that badly. In 1999, William Hague's Tories won nearly 1400 seats.
In the 1998 local elections, William Hague's Tories *gained* over 250 seats.
There's only one growth strategy: work hard.
- do you think you'd make a better Bond than William Hague?
I mean, even William Hague, who went from landslide loss to landslide loss, gained a few hundred seats in year one.
same vibe as william hague wore a baseball cap to notting hill carnival in 97 . Which i cant find a pic of??
Lovely to meet Lord William Hague at Westminster Polling Station! Vote for
I'm going to reduce the size of the Cabinet, cut the number of ministers, r...
I have found that I get a better reaction from people once I am less bother...
One day I will go back to my books and piano, but not yet.
Angelina Jolie dons chic grey ensemble as sh... |
Oooh Wath,I went to Wath comp,so did the spree killer Anthony Arkwright and William Hague but we don`t mention him.
Q: In the British government, who took over William Hague's roll as First Secretary of State?. A: George Osborne.
Class of 2015: Conservative MP Rishi Sunak on children, cheese and William Hague's wellies https:…
Another country heard from! William Hague, ex-UK Foreign Secretary, said problem with Mideast is lack of sufficient Western meddling!
I find it really sweet that Angelina Jolie is still mates with William Hague now that he's not fForeign Secretary.
Last week I was on same panel as 1 former Foreign Secretary who is (William Hague) & this week with 1 who is # Brexit (David Owen)
I can't think why the Prime Minster thought that William Hague was a better person to be Foreign Secretary than you
UK-led campaign against sexual violence in war, championed by William Hague and Angeline Jolie, risks collapsing
William Hague admitting in the Telegraph today that as leader he promoted IDS to, in part, scupper Michael Portillo’s leadership hopes
that was to an old photo of William Hague in his hat on the log flume.
William Hague wanted to arm them, who disappeared to be replaced by hammond when they all turned out as jihadis
Mary creagh forgets William Hague was Foreign Secretary not David Cameron
It's outrageous that people made jokes about John Major, and William Hague, and Iain Duncan Smith, and Michael Howard, and David Cameron.
Call police! William Hague honoured Count Dracula for in First Barbary War.
What happened to William Hague. Ever since he became Foreign Secretary it's like he was captured by the civil service establishment.
William Hague, former UK Foreign Secretary on why UK should stay in EU
John Ebbrell is the missing link between a William Hague to Iain Duncan Smith morph.
you, Tim Stanley, William Hague, John McTernan... According to him, everyone is. He has zero followers!
Update your maps at Navteq
Every good Conservative should feel torn on the EU referendum | William Hague
Hi oh hi oh its off to Bryn Estyn home. Thatcher to William Hague, they all knew infers Tory ex-minister
If there was a cover up during Bryn Estyn investigation wouldn't the then Welsh Secretary, William Hague, have known?
William Hague was secretary of state for Wales when Bryn Estyn child abuse enquiry ordered; most …
The most to lose? is William Hague, who was Welsh Secretary at the time the Bryn Estyn abuse scandal first broke...
PM will get to bottom of this like William Hague did with the Bryn Estyn enquiry.…
William Hague warned that Sir Peter Morrison's name "might feature in connection with Bryn Estyn".
yet William Hague knew in 96 that Peter Morrison was implicated in Bryn Estyn abuse
same as Estyn North Wales got close to government and William Hague closed enquiry and pulped findings t…
William Hague was very close to Leon Brittan but says minimum possible - - cos of this?
This is a strong piece from William Hague on why Jeremy Corbyn's reshuffle exposed his weakness & incompetence.
John WhittingdaleMP SPaD to Leon Brittan & Nigel Evans and defended William Hague over his alleged sexuality. Half br Na…
William Hague fingered a crocodile while draped in the Union flag
William Hague tongued a mouse on a platform at King's Cross
William Hague had to go after Brooks Newmark outed as backchannel to Assad, now Letwin - change of staff...
Update your maps at Navteq
William Hague's EU-turn is a baffling betrayal but his 2nd Reading speech of Lisbon Treaty was hilariously funny.
This is well worth a listen. Jack Straw (and William Hague) on Iran. Some surprising stuff in there:
Jack Straw & William Hague. Honest as the day is long, guv'nor.
William Hague, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth Affairs ... -
Former Foreign Secretary William Hague spoke out despite David Cameron explicitly ruling out the use of British combat troops in the wake
William Hague says we shouldn't rule out ISIS ground war in Syria: Former Foreign Secretary William Hagu...
William Hague breaks with Cameron over use of ground forces in Syria: Former Foreign Secretary says use of spe...
Former Foreign Secretary William Hague to make his maiden speech in House of Lords Syria debate. BBC Politics Live:
William Hague got a *** from a stuffed lion but Edwina Currie forgave him
Former British Foreign Secretary, William Hague - "If the leaders of either country (Iraq/Syria) cannot construct a state where all" ... 1/2
Former British Foreign Secretary, William Hague wrote in the Daily Telegraph that 'the UK and our allies should signal their openness to+
Looking forward to the bit where Corbyn and McDonnell whip off their masks and reveal William Hague and Anne Widdecombe ... and scene
What are your thoughts on Former Foreign Secretary William Hague saying the UK should not rule out sending ground...
Hague admits Iraq War 'wrong' but calls for British ground troops to smash ISIS in Syria: FORMER Foreign Secretary William Hague has ...
UK should not rule out sending ground troops to Syria, says William Hague: Former Foreign Secretary says it would be a ‘mistake for B...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Listen to The Art of Political Power, with Robert Caro and William Hague by Intelligence Squared on
John Major resigned as leader after the Conservatives were voted out of power and was succeeded by William Hague.
Encouraged to hear William Hague describe positive progressive culture journey at HMRC
You've obvious forgotten the days when William Hague and IDS were Leader of the Opposition!
William Hague deep throated a spider monkey with no shame
William Hague? ... his spitting image puppet has more clout than him 😂
Whittingdale was William Hague 's parliamentary aide + had worked for Thatcher
Sounds more like William Hague at Thorpe Park. Hope no water bombs thrown.
A similar problem when John Redwood & William Hague were Secs of State for Wales.
5 Nov 2012. Tom Watson is poised to attack William Hague - who set-up the Waterhouse Inquiry into Child …
What is with the poor William Hague impression, James Berry?
William Hague has links to notorious Dolphin Square and the North Wales child abuse scandal.>
North Wales child-abuse scandal is linked to the ring and William Hague
Currently singing William Hague to the tune of You're So Vain.
That weird moment when you miss William Hague
I think the fact that one of the cult leaders looked like WIlliam Hague kinda gave the game away
I know sir William Hague gave 4 billion pounds to help set up isis.never wanted what I paid in tax to be used 4 isis
Good news for us: A recent party leader gained six points between first conference and the General Election. Bad news: It was William Hague.
and bizarrely William Hague taller than you'd think. Seb Coe - teeny.
for some reason, I was always surprised how tall William Hague is
- David Cameron boris johnson nick clegg william hague supported terrorists in Syria will they be arrested?
That sounds like it could be a concept album by William and the Hague's.
33 in charge of the production for . WILLIAM HAGUE started the WAR :)
WILLIAM HAGUE request my MURDER surely not?!?!?!
but not in my humble opinion as good as George Osborne or William Hague
I would love to see those involved in burying child abuse claims prosecuted for perverting the course of justice. William Hague, Cameron etc
Just like Freddy Krueger, Hague has climbed all over his kayak and done a forward roll, squeezing another of
I subscribe to William Hague's view of politics on this one - who cares what you think about future, you'll all be dead!
No Kenya took DP Ruto to Hague!William Ruto took himself there, When he said Go To Hague.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
William Hague gave a reach-around to an unspecified number of hamsters to a warm round of applause
William Hague praises Lord Brittan as 'kind & assiduous'
Just like Anders on Savile Coleman has been calling it all along
. Whitehall are afraid will bust their PEDO ring….
When moving in certain circles stay away from windows
looks like the result of a William Hague spunk sock
The man who was in charge of William Hague's failed leadership period. What a man.
Angelina JoIie testifies to House of Lords the need to defeat the use of sexual violence in conflict
The kalenjin nation must open their minds their being used as guinea pigs by the kikuyus. William ruto is going to be jailed at the Hague
- UK US EU israel terrorists will be heading for britain, were David Cameron william hague will sort them out, make a new UK army
William Hague: Corbyn will regret outsourcing his policy to Labour party members | via
Last night it was William Hague in my dreams.???. What is going on? Lol.
BREAKING: ICC to question MP Moses Kuria over remarks he made about fixing DP William Ruto at the Hague ..developing
3: 9h 37m: Browse odds for the Hague Print Management Handicap Chase 4023m race at UK-Warwick - William Hill.
William Hague buggered an ostrich before breakfast
is that William Hague looking at you?
2/2 sure, they're all famous, but as John Boyd said, the question is "to be or to do". What is William Hague's lasting contribution?
Kerry is just a pratt, but, a very dangerous one. William Hague became his pet parrot over Syria rebels.
Nov 1996: William Hague promised there would be "no cover-up" over North Wales child abuse scandal
William Hague. No way 'Ever" be touched by abuse scandal. He drinks the right Claret. via
William Hague faces cover-up row over Sir Peter Morrison link to North Wales child sex abuse scandal
WILLIAM Hague faces cover-up row over Thatcher ally's link to abuse scandal
Just been reminded of William Hague cover-up Inquiry: Edward Heath pantomime was a timely diversion from this
A Yorkshire pudding is a better living than William Hague. Reading in bed at 16? How incredibly bo…
William Hague terrific again on the leader of the Opposition minefield.
William Hague's £2.5m 10 bed mansion is working for you lot then!
We all know the truth about the bald oddity William Hague. Sleeps with his aide in a single bed to save money. https…
The bald oddity William Hague - shares a bed with a man, no kids, married and stayed at Dolphin Square.. say no more http…
William Hague offering advice on how to be a successful leader. Hmm.
I don't know what the Telegraph is paying William Hague to write for them, but whatever it is, his column is worth every penny.
Pitt the Younger drank three bottles of port a day. See below from William Hague on the subject.
Oh dear, Siri still thinks William Hague is the British Foreign Secretary
Corbyn's opening Ipsos-MORI ratings are worse than Michael Foot, William Hague's and IDS
why are Ian Duncan smith and William Hague lying under the pig that's the question that needs answered!
LoPs in UK, Ed Miliband, David Cameron, Michael Howard, Iain Duncan Smith, Tony Blair, William Hague- all below 50 when they took office.
In 1996 William Hague told Giles Brandreth that Peter Morrison MP was linked to child abuse at Bryn Estyn.
Did you look at that Libya PDF - Cherie Blair, Duke of York, William Hague...horsemen of the apocalypse
“William Hague is among 45 new peers Fully deserved for the great man !
Seb Coe: 4 Oly medals, 800m record for 16yrs, MP, Lord. But still all they remember is the time he was KO'd in a Judo bout by William Hague
Any asked William Hague about Edward Heath yet, he was straight on form in with the scam !
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