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Willard Scott

Willard Herman Scott, Jr. (born March 7, 1934) is an American actor, author, media personality, clown, and comedian, best known for his TV work on The Today Show and as the creator and original portrayer of Ronald McDonald.

Ronald McDonald Today Show Happy Birthday Fort Myers Bryant Gumbel Great Scott

TIL Ronald McDonald was created by Willard Scott. In 1963 Scott performed using the moniker "Ronald McDonald, the Hamburger-Happy Clown" in…
SOLVED Friday at the Club with Marilyn Monroe & Det. Sam! Suspects Coco Vinny, Willard Scott & The...
While we we're waiting, everybody wish a Happy Birthday. Only 46 more years until Willard Scott does it.
almost as terrifying as Willard Scott the first Ronald McDonald
Isn't that Willard Scott under the makeup??
I haven't tried this in a while... Willard Scott
Al Roker is only the guest ring announcer for this one because Willard Scott wouldn't do it.
Obviously, Willard Scott sitting in while Hoda is on leave.
If Willard Scott wished old dogs Happy Birthday, our Scout Elizabeth might be eligible. Happy 14 to the queen of Se…
WILL be in the in our lifetime. I'd like it to be before Willard Scott says happy 100 to me.
Quote by: Willard Scott "Positive feelings come from being honest about yourself and accepting your personality,……
Groundhog Day's longevity is due in part to its lack of pop cultural references, unless you count the Willard Scott…
. no they didn't. The Today Show was going long before they came along. Willard Scott. Jane Pauley. Deborah Norville
Ronald McDonald was first portrayed in ads by Willard Scott (of Today Show fame), who claims to have created the character in 1963.
Willard Scott of Today Show weather fame as used to be the original Ronald McDonald.
First Ronald McDonald played by legendary weatherman Willard Scott
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What's even creepier is that this particular Ronald McDonald is former Today Show's Willard Scott--who remained creepy.
Viewers figure, 'Uncle Willard doesn't know any more about the weather than...
The critics - how come you never see any of them on TV?...
There are plenty of good-looking women out there. Go get them.
Why yes it IS MVO: The Guys' birthday today. Willard Scott says he's 101. And his bday is sponsored by Smuckers! 😜
How is this ever creepy? Thank you Willard Scott for being the first Ronald McDonald.
Lmao!! That's Willard Scott!!(the very first Ronald McDonald) was later the weatherman on n.b.C. Today Show
I wore dresses all the time. I like to wear dresses.
Chase Utley's homer is almost as exciting as when Willard Scott announced his birthday on TV
Even if Jim gets canned, hiring Phil is the wrong move. He has been the Bryon Scott of a executives.
Yup. And Willard f-ing Scott in anchor booth saying to nat'l audience, "vomiting on cop float made from 9000 beer cans." :)
Willard Scott was the first RMcD. That image should keep you up at night. 😱
Thanksgiving just gets me all warm and tingly and all kinds of wonderful in...
As an only child, I never felt insecure and always had total love.
Maybe he'll have a cameo in THE FOUNDER, playing Willard Scott
Jeannie didn't even know her brother fired Scott! The Lakers r a mess! That's wut happens when the kids take over!
Librarians have always been among the most thoughtful and helpful people. They are teachers without a classroom. – Willard Scott
J.R - "It's a beautiful day in Las Vegas." Brain - "Hey Willard Scott, we don't need a weather report."
My guests today are the biblical Mork & Mindy, Aum Shonrikyo and a can of tuna who identifies as Willard Scott. Join us!
Fun Fact: Today Show weatherman Willard Scott was the first Ronald McDonald |
Willard Scott is 82 (formerly of NBC Today). Did you know he was once Ronald McDonald and Bozo?
Today in history, and birthdays: TV personality Willard Scott is 82. International Motorsports Hall of Famer J...
Happy Birthday to Polka Pirate horn man Tom Mroczka - Willard Scott said so !!!
Now that I'm a grandfather myself, I realize that the best thing about havi...
There is something endearing about the weatherman.
I've produced more pilots than United Airlines, and they've all been disast...
Great to visit Scott Willard today - still fundraising for cancer care at
Never slap a man who chews tobacco.
Willard Scott and Smuckers is all you need
I'd like to do 'Saturday Night Live.'...
Update your maps at Navteq
What an amazing 65 years. Congrats Willard Scott on an incredible career! And we remember where it all started! https:/…
1000's of people over 106 y.o. on the rolls collecting social security? That's gotta keep Willard Scott busy w/ the b-day wishes-
The best cookies of all in the world are the ones my daughter Sally makes. ...
I still start to get panicky each morning before I go on television. I'll s...
The only way to predict if there's a cloud on your horizon due to glaucoma ...
All we had here in the States was Willard Scott, the TV weatherman.
My grandmother's house - she ran it just like her grandmother and her great...
When will Willard Scott announce his century birthday?
In high school, I weighed 175 to 180. I looked like Abraham Lincoln. I was ...
Did you know that the 1st drive-thru McDonald's was opened in 1975? The 1st Ronald McDonald was played by Willard Scott.
Up to bat? My sister Leslie and my friend Willard Scott, Mr. Weatherman...
Signals: Website lets you in on Willard Scott's history and ties to Hampton Roads - Virginian-Pilot |
Positive feelings come from being honest… By Willard Scott
Everyone complains about the weather, but nobody ever seems to do anything ...
Bernie Sanders' wife looks like Willard Scott in a wig.
Nobody actually talks to anybody anymore. People in cubicles next to each o...
Willard Scott was the first Ronald McDonald. -
You know a weatherman, Willard Scott, was the first Ronald McDonald! I had two McDoubles yesterday! I'm serious!.
Looks like Willard Scott's wingnut twin brother.
The only 2 things missing from the red carpet commentary: Al Roker and Willard Scott.
My god how much more can Chris Berman talk about the cold? Is he's wanting to be the next Willard Scott?
I'm sure she would have loved to have Willard Scott wish her a Happy Birthday on the Today Show!
The Older the Fiddle, the Better the Tune BOOK Birthday Willard Scott -
Happy 100th Birthday to Dr. Bob Hardaway - I hope Scott knows about this! War 2 Harbor...
Also, Willard Scott made the creepiest Ronald McDonald of all time.
Hanging with Willard Scott in Sioux City, IA. while I was the AM Drive jock at KWSL in Sioux City. This was...
Where's Willard Scott when you need him?
Looked like Willard Scott. Google says yes. Did not know that,
Not that he got any better on tv. Same guy, Willard Scott later on, w/creepy dolls.
study to see if it is wise to possibly seek the presidency. Willard Scott is a possible running mate along with Ronald McDonald.
All purpose parts banner
Now that we're 100, do you think Willard Scott will wish us Happy Birthday?
time for Al to just do Willard Scott job and replace him on TODAY
Katie Couric is too mainstream for my taste. I'm gonna see what Willard Scott is up to.
Watch Willard Scott's first day on TODAY in 1980.
.Who else got spammed thanks to Willard Scott?
Willard Scott Retiring After 35 Years on Today {I will miss your ties}
Worst part of Willard Scott’s job had to be telling people they didn’t make that list on live television.
Greetings! Will anyone be taking over Willard Scott's centenarian birthday announcements? I've got a good one. Please advise, tx
Weatherman Willard Scott was the first original Ronald McDonald.
yes its Willard Scott the weatherman
they got Bob doing WIllard Scott's job now?
thank you Willard Scott. What is the barometric pressure?
I not Im teasing you! Willard Scott on Today Show used to highlight people over 100 yrs with smuckers jelly jars!
Willard Scott might be retiring from , but he will always be a part of the
Remember when Willard Scott did weather, TV commercials and was in the cast of a Sandy Duncan NBC sitcom in the same year?
Willard Scott is a search on Google
Willard Scott retiring after 35 years: Willard Scott is done with "Today."
Willard Scott was the first Ronald McDonald - he was fired for being too fat even though McDonald's is the reason why 20 mil…
"We are the Joy Boys of Radio!" RIP, Ed, Willard Scott's WRC partner. Iconic DC broadcaster, Ed Walker, dies at 83
The Older the Fiddle, the Better the Tune by Willard Scott (2003, Hardcover)
Just helped a patron send pics of her 100-yr-old mom to Willard Scott for Today Show birthdays. Very cool.
Jeb Bush has a secret second marriage to Willard Scott.
'Angry' NBC affiliates, who were demanding changes on 'Today,' were mostly unhappy with Willard Scott & Bryant Gumbel
need to reach willard Scott on a 101 year old Birthday dedication pm me contact info
Willard Scott wishes you a Happy Birthday, on behalf of Smuckers.
Willard Scott just wished Hillary a Happy Birthday on behalf of Smuckers.
The June/July edition of the features a Cheeseburger in Paradise, Willard Scott & Estates
Thank you, Willard Scott, I will gladly make this.
70 more years until I’m on a Smucker’s jar presented by a holographic Willard Scott.
Willard Scott is still doing birthdays, and pronounces our city as "Tiggard."
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All the guys at MVO would like to wish a Happy Birthday to our VOBro who, according to Willard Scott, turns 100 today
My neighbor Scott Willard has been missing for a couple days now, contact your local kennel please if you find him 😢
to circa 1995 when Willard Scott of the visited
F.E. Willard 5c single in the 1940 Famous Americans issue, Scott MNH, VF
radio had Johnny Holiday, Captain Dan for traffic 1260 Ed Walker and Willard Scott 980 not a lot of hate media
DYK: McDonald's first Ronald McDonald was played by none other than TV personality Willard Scott?
did the Today Show give up the Smucker's birthday segment with Willard Scott? Just wondering...
I was a Brownie on "Bozo the Clown" here in D.C. & Willard Scott was the trim, young Bozo who tweaked my ponytail!
I hacked the McDonaldland McMainframe to find out more about all I got was Willard Scott's home phone number. NO CARRIER
One day Willard Scott will have his 100th birthday on a Smuckers jar. And that will be it. The world will be over.
Coincidentally, I'm visiting my parents and we watched Today this morning. I looked up Willard Scott's age and was shocked!
Wouldn't you think Willard Scott would be older than Gene Shalit? Nope. Scott is 80 and Shalit is 89. Crazy, right?
Fear of Willard Scott is not irrational - the man is god and should be feared. He was Santa at NBC kids party when I was a kid.
I think bozophobia is an irrational fear of Willard Scott.
In a parallel world, Willard Scott exits his cage and sniffs at the last thing keeping me going.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
accidental repeat of Willard Scott birthdays segment from last week just now???
Willard Scott turns 100 in 19 years. Reads his own name on the Smucker's jar. Winks at the camera. Leans back and dies, his work is done.
Willard Scott on the right now. Like seeing an old friend on the holiday. Hope he gets to do his own 100 when the time comes.
Next time Ken, just put "a.m." or "p.m." Let Willard Scott figure out winter and summer differences.
WILLARD SCOTT SIGNED The Older the Fiddle, the Better the Tune 2003 BOOK 1st Ed
did u know that's Willard Scott from Today Show?
When Willard Scott gives himself a Smuckers Shout out on his own 100th Birthday on that is the first sign of the apocalypse.
Finally realized this morning that Willard Scott will never wish me Happy Birthday.
Pretty soon I'll b on a Smuckers jar Scott
Lord, Willard Scott is a trillion years old
This was the first (and most terrifying) Willard Scott played him from 1963 to 1966 via
My thoughts on Willard Scott Willard my friend you did something's I rember. Today Show. Doing suckers sugar jelly ads exspeciallly. Thanksgiving maybe,s Prades on NBC. I HoPE YOU HAVE A Wonderful life and we will miss you on today progham. In my words. God bless you WILlLARD Peace and love MICHAEL FLANNERY WILDMAN Condomuims 80 WEST BALITMORE AVENUNE LANSDOWNE PA 19050 2133
Still leading my division in fantasy baseball, time to take on Scott Willard.
I hope I'm alive long enough for Willard Scott to announce that I'm 101 years old while my face is on a Smuckers jar.
If you're suffering from panic attacks, Willard Scott can help
Willard Scott as Ronald McDonald! "Watch for me on TV. We'll have lots of fun."
"As diverse as each of us are, a love for dogs brings people together.". - Willard Scott -
Is Willie Scott from Temple of Doom just a pre-op Willard Scott?
WILLARD EUGENE SCOTT just got their posted to Durham County, NC Mugshots & Arrest Records -
Memphis Audio rep Scott Hochmuth and Rich Willard (the reverse centaur) at NOPI in Atlanta showing off an all...
Willard Scott probably never did social media!!
Born on this day in 1934 was Willard Scott, weatherman (Today).
Willard Scott: "I get all fired up about aging in America."
because it was originally portrayed by Willard Scott.
well, at least he's aesthetically coherent with the original Willard Scott Ronald.
How many of you knew that Ronald McDonald was 1st portrayed by Willard Scott?
It was Willard Scott who went on to be a famous weatherman on breakfast TV
I just lost Internet access for about ten minutes and saw Willard Scott's life flash before my eyes,
that is Willard Scott who was on the Today Show for many years just never saw his pic as Ronald McDonald
No, it really IS Willard Scott, the Today Show weatherman. Out was his first gig.
That's Willard Scott as Ronald McDonald. He was also Bozo the Clown in DC. There are many more clowns in DC now.
it's worse that you think. That's Willard Scott under all that make up
Willard Scott's first gig. We'd all been warned.
And I think I'm correct in saying that's Willard Scott.
That's Willard Scott. Not sure if that will help you sleep.
Willard Scott was the original Ronald McDonald who was fired from McDonald's for being overweight.
Here's the popular "Lancaster That Was" from Sunday's paper, about the time Willard Scott came here for fasnachts:
Zach Willard Jesus Ledesma Scott Rogers Peter Griffin was at marker 13:18 on dbz. This is pretty frickin sweet
"Naples Daily NewsBusiness Class: Willard Scott is our communal class clown with classNaples Daily..."
Today Show legend Willard Scott is 81 today and chews out “punks” in 1985 Viewer Mail
"When you hit the big time, big money, big egos, people don't talk. You have no friends.". ― Willard Scott (born this day, March 7, 1934)
"Bryant Gumbel's ego has applied for statehood. And if it's accepted, it will be the fifth-largest.". ― Willard Scott (born March 7, 1934)
Willard Scott’s Ronald McDonald: Forefather of Nightmare Fuel: When the idea to write something about Willard ...
Happy Birthday to the first Ronald McDonald, Willard Scott, the forefather of nightmare fuel. by
So it's Willard Scott's 81st bday. (Happy bday since you are the man.) Soon he will be able to wish himself happy bday on the Today Show.
Happy Birthday & former Today Show weatherman Willard Scott & late happy bday brought to you by Smuckers
If you like Walker puff pieces in the Post ala Costa here is another one. No degree but Willard Hotel schooled is he
1934 Willard Scott, American journalist, actor, and author
"It was a big story and yesterday's soup. Who cares?" -Willard Scott
It's birth time for Willard Scott, our 37th president!
Among the famous folk who share my birthday: Bryan Cranston (!!!). And Willard Scott.
Fun fact: Willard Scott was the original Ronald McDonald, between 1963 and 1966.
Media birthday: Longtime Today Show weatherman Willard Scott turns 81 today.
Happy Birthday Willard Scott! Let's hope you can announce your 100th birthday on Only 19 more years to go!
Positive feelings come from being honest about yourself & accepting your personality & physical characteristics, warts & all--Willard Scott.
Born this date in 1934, Today Show weatherman Willard Scott who was also the 1st Ronald McDonald.
Never slap a man who chews tabocco. Willard Scott
Sat, 07 Mar 2015, let us all send Willard Scott the best Happy Birthday wishes today ((81)
"(...) and physical characteristics, warts and all; and, from belonging to a family that accepts you without question.". Willard Scott
remember when Bryant Gumbel & Katie Couric were trying to figure out what BenWa balls do & Willard Scott shoved them in his *** .
Breast Cancer Awareness
i'm amazed no one else made the Willard Scott joke! I'm proud of you for being the only one! LOL
Since Willard Scott didn't do it, very Happy Birthday ! Thanks 4 the years of laughs. You're a gift to us all. :0)
Do they even let Willard Scott onto the main stage? His segments look shot in bunker from undisclosed location.
I periodically find myself speculating about 'the carpool from *** & I'm thinking Fred Thompson & Willard Scott are definitely in.
Willard Scott is like the drunk great-uncle that the Today Show anchors are forced to kiss on the cheek each morning.
Where the *** is Willard Scott finding all these Hundred year old People!
"Why do guys gotta put a condom on their banana" -Willard Preacher 😂
Obama gives Willard Scott a birthday shout-out!
Never forget: Willard Scott as the original Ronald McDonald (h/t
Panthers cut safety Charles Godfrey, who hasn't been the same since Achilles surgery. Sign OL Chris Scott to the active r…
The worst job at The Today Show has to be the person who photoshops the centenarians on those Smuckers jars for Willard Scott.
So sad today. Willard Scott won't be around to wish me a Happy Birthday when I turn 100.
Well my barber, barber Rick(motto it grows on your head I'll cut it) has celeb experience,cut Willard's Scott's hair(singular)!
New name reflects a new mission for Tacoma&old Willard school
So, are you Willard Scott or someone cooler like
We wouldn't have Ebola here if Willard would have won in 2012 says Seriously Scott? Really? Conjecture at best nothing more.
A drug addict is arguing with the Willard Preacher 😳
Love seeing and hearing Willard Scott on the show. He is one special person!
In this case, the reference is old enough to have its birthday reported by Willard Scott.
Famed weather man Willard Scott actually played Bozo the clown on TV.. as well as Ronald McDonald in the 61-63 tv commercial's.
Opening featured huge parade with TV star Willard Scott. Black tie gala night before w/ jazz diva Ella Fitzgerald. I was there
Hi Scott, we're just trying to write a respectful story of Annie and the other person who died, Willard. Friends get...
Happy Birthday to who is the only man Willard Scott ever gasped at when offering up salutations. He turned 126 today...
2034: on his own 100th birthday, WIllard Scott snaps & goes postal on a nursing home
jar Willard Scott showed was only 1/2 full of jam.
1963 very first McDonalds commercial starring weatherman Willard Scott -
same for me except with Willard Scott. That guy wouldnt seem out of place if he worked with the show choir.
When Willard Scott announces my 100th birthday in 2069 hope my kids send a selfie pic from 2014 so I look awesome on that Smuckers jar
I think his grandma's 100th birthday was announced on TV by Willard Scott back in the 1980s.
"Thompson to Magic to Woolridge to Scott "for three to win it…Got it! Got it! Got it!" - Chick Hearn
tell Swagy P to to get some Laker short shorts and a B Scott jersey and have some one introduce him As B Scott...
what if swaggy p walks out during warm ups in a Byron Scott 80's uniforms, short shorts and all
Being right is a hard burden 2 carry gracefully &humbly. 1of the hardest things in the world is 2 be right &not hurt others w/ it. D Willard
Seeing how Swaggy P is a cool guy and we're all in a Dodgering mood, I hope you'll discuss this:
1 question. How much did they have to pay to get , Matt Lauer and Willard Scott's cameo?
Wait... how is it they have Lauer and Roker on but no Willard Scott wishing a 100 year old shark a happy b-day?
Willard Scott would not have stood for this
I am disappointed Roker didn't throw it to Willard Scott to tell us who's turning 100 today...
All Roker is cracking me up but I'd give Tara Reid's other hand if it was Willard Scott instead.
Please please please bring out Willard Scott and have him killed as he wishes a 100yo a Happy Smuckers Birthday.
I would have given anything for a Willard Scott cameo.
If they interrupt Willard Scott saying Happy Birthday to people over 100, you know those sharks are close.
I would have preferred Willard Scott wishing a Great White a very happy 100th.
This didn't happen when Willard Scott was in charge
If Scott stays with the coaching philosophy from the 80's, he will not succeeded.
On The Forum, and discuss the Lakers naming Bryon Scott their new head coach.
I just had to block Willard Scott. He came at me. !!
Did you guess the iconic Willard Scott was the first to appear as Ronald McDonald? You were correct!
Really, I'm a child star. God opened doors for me in 1985 when I went on the "Today Show" with John Williams at Symphony Hall Boston, & spoke with Bryant Gumbel & Jane Pauley about Christmas at the POPS ( care of Willard Scott ). Music is my sanctuary because behind the scenes life is so tumultuous.
Happy Birthday to my Mother, Sarah Elizabeth Bunger. She turns 96 years old today. She didn't make it to Willard Scott on NBC but I know everyone remembers what a sweetheart she was. She made a real difference in my life and I thank God for the good things I learned from her.
So did Willard Scott just marry Paris Hilton, or was something lost in the translation?
Well it looks like Willard Scott and I have the same wedding anniversary. Fascinating...
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Television personality Willard Scott, a former weatherman who has been with NBC's "Today" morning news show for more than 30 years, has wed his longtime girlfriend at the age of 80. Scott and Paris Keena were married in Fort Myers, Florida, on Monday, according to, which posted a picture of the smiling couple
The Jean Le Boeuf pick for Best Cuban sandwich is still the top-trending story on A nod to the foodies among us. Other top stories of the afternoon: - Today Show personality Willard Scott gets married in Fort Myers - Florida House of Representatives approves a bill to allow trained officials to carry guns in schools - Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin will attend a barbecue fundraiser in Naples for congressional candidate Lizbeth Benacquisto - Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall announces its 2015 season: "The Book of Mormon," "Phantom of the Opera" and more.
Willard Scott, former weatherman and Today Show personality, got married yesterday in Fort Myers.
If an old dude like Willard Scott can find love, there's hope for me yet.
Today Show veteran Willard Scott married his longtime girlfriend Paris Keena at age 80 on Tuesday, April 1 -- get the details
Ha Ha! I was glancing over the news blurbs online and my mind registered on the name Willard Scott. I instantly thought, "Oh, he must have died." The joke's on me-Willard got married yesterday! Rock on, Willard!
TODAY's Willard Scott, who most often celebrates others' milestones, has big news of his own: He just got married! The former weatherman,...
Doing some computer work at church, updating membership files... Just saw on my news feed, Willard Scott has...
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Willard Scott get Marries: Read More:- Willard Scott get MarriesWillard Scott get Marries, Great Scott! Willar...
Great Scott! 80-year-old Willard Scott has tied the knot with his girlfriend:
Love can find you at any age! Willard Scott got married! TODAY legend weds longtime love via
Congratulations Willard Scott and Paris Keena. Hope you have many happy years together!!
Today Show icon Willard Scott got married Monday, and he tied the knot in Southwest Florida. The former weatherman, who recently turned 80, married Paris Keena.
looks like Willard Scott married his girlfriend of 11 years...remember when we thought he was nearing 100? lol
Congratulations to Willard Scott and his new bride. However, I am the one that LOVED Willard Scott!
Willard scott is in the news you think he died or got cancer or said some offensive old man thing not congratulations for geting married at 80 years old
80 year old “Today” show personality Willard Scott ties the knot with his longtime girlfriend. Eventually, she’ll have …
I read where Willard Scott of the 'Today' show got married at the age of 80. Maybe by the time I'm 80 I'll be ready to settle down, get married and start a family.
No one pulls off getting married at an old age like Willard Scott. Props, Willard! I'm gonna eat a whole jar of Smuckers in your honor!
Willard Scott is a general interest of yours?!
I've heard that Willard Scott is a newlywed! Congrats!
---80 year old Today Show weatherman Willard Scott married his long time love this week. The wedding was reportedly beautiful,however thoughts of the honeymoon will give you nightmares for the rest of your life.
Willard Scott is a newlywed at age 80: You are never too old to find true love! NBC's beloved weatherman Willa...
The most surprising part of this story is that Willard Scott is only 80.
TVNewser | Willard Scott Ties the Knot: Willard Scott and his longtime partner Paris Keena were married yester...
TV's Willard Scott of 'Today' show marries at 80
Congratulations Willard Scott. marries at the age of 80 . woo hoo
Many congratulations to the newly-wedded Willard Scott! May you have years of joy together and they be a sweet as aSmucker's jams or jellies!
Willard Scott, 80 years old, got married. See it's not a R.I.P Courtney Swann Reitzel!
Dear woman who married 80-year-old Willard Scott: April Fool's Day was yesterday, but you almost had us for a minute there. Love, Betsy
My congratulations to the newly-wed Willard Scott! May the joy of you new life be as sweet as a jar of you-know-who's sweet jelly! (Figure it gets plugged enough!)
never too old to marry congrats Willard scott
Willard Scott just got married at 80! Never too late to live your dreams!
Put this on your Smuckers jar! Today Show contributor and veteran weatherman Willard Scott got married on Tuesday.
Willard Scott was the very first Ronald McDonald at the very first McDonald's in Alexandria Virginia.
Willard Scott marries at 80, reveals that ugly sweater is actually alien symbiote, film at 11.
Random thoughts for lunchtime: lots of sad news yesterday (very untimely deaths of a former co-worker AND the loss of Brian's co-worker's baby in a fire), so I'm searching for happy things to report: the sun came out today, we are healthy, have jobs, and smiles on our faces, and, uh, Willard Scott got married. Um...ew.
Willard Scott married again at age 80. I wonder if they "had to"?
To Willard Scott - Good for you, but also an act of a True Bozo.
Thinks it a shame that Willard Scott got married at eighty. If he had just waited another twenty years he might have had his name read on the today program.
just saw that former "TODAY" show weatherman, Willard Scott (Keena) has remarried at age 80. Scott was widowed in 2002. Best wishes to the happy newlyweds! Life is Good! :)
So I'm wondering . how much does it cost a company for placement on the "trending" list on FB . For 5 days The Walking Dead was all over my newsfeed, yet they weren't on the "Trending" list til Sunday (the 4th day)-- and then not the first. It was announced that Willard Scott got married, what, 5 hours ago? And it's number 3 on my Trending list.
I see that the top trending story is Willard Scott of the Today Show got married at age 80. There's hope for me yet. :) :) :)
Good morning everyone, Jill and I will be working in the yard today. It is sure a mess --branches everywhere!!! Gracie has really been enjoying someone outside running with her(Jill, not me). We went to Missouri yesterday and had an enjoyable lunch.When we received our ticket they had not charged for John's meal. When I asked the comment was, " we don't charge for anyone's meal that is in a wheel chair." I had never had anyone to be so thoughtful.--- There are some very nice people in this world.--- Lately, when we have been out people try to assist me with John and I see so many people helping the disabled in our next of the woods. Good news about Willard Scott getting married at 80. (I'm staying young as long as I can!) Yes Linda, we really enjoy the screened porch in the Spring and Summer months. After we finish with the Doctor on April 10th we are driving on down to GA (if at all possible) for a few days to visit with family and friends. We will get a motel because John requires a handicapp ...
TRENDING: I know, it's getting old, Willard Scott marries at 80. Wonder how old She is, 22? :) CONGRAT's to the happy couple. :)!
Willard Scott marries at 80 ?? Wow, that is impressive. Romantic . :)
I wasn't surprised to read that Willard Scott got married, but I was SHOCKED to read he is only 80! He seems about 95-100!
Ladies, gentlemen,and other assorted folks: Willard Scott just got married... at age 80.
Amazing the news you learn on the Today Show. 1. Wear blue to support a cure for autism day.2 Willard Scott married his lady friend of 11 yrs. 3. It is national pb&j day. I need to get a life!
OMG, Willard Scott from the Today Show got married.He is 80. That's cool. Always liked him, down to earth guy.
When I saw that Willard Scott was "trending" I thought, oh he must have died. Instead, he got married!
Did you know Carole King has a Broadway Musical? ujum the name it's BEAUTIFUL ! if Willard Scott got married at 80 years old! THERE's HOPE FOR ME!
Willard Scott got married at 80yrs old than there is still hope for me BUT AT 80? gee whiz I don't if I can wait THAT long
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