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Willard Mitt Romney

Willard Mitt Romney (born March 12, 1947) is an American businessman and politician.

Barack Hussein Obama

I hope willard mitt romney is having a good christmas
I long for a simpler time when all we were disturbed by was this 'shop of Mitt Romney.
technically Willard Mitt Romney tried to warn us all and we laughed at his rich face.
"Leadership is about taking responsibility, not making excuses". - Willard Mitt Romney
exhibit A his treatment of Giuliani,Christie and the walk of humiliation 4 Mitt Willard Romney.
Glenn Beck and Willard Mitt Romney are terrible non-Utahan Mormons. I suppose I know the feeling. Ex-Louisiana Catholic.
Ppl made a big deal about the fact that Obama's middle name is Hussein but no one even cared that Mitt Romney's first name…
The Electoral College can and indeed has an obligation to make someone else such as Willard Mitt Romney president. 3/
Record scratch. Freeze frame. Yes, that's me. Willard Mitt Romney. You're probably wondering how I ended up here.
Awesome kick Willard Mitt Romney to the curb.
wait still yappin' about & women. but when is Willard Mitt Romney going to release his sons birth certificates??
Willard Mitt Romney your true colors are showing. All your sanctimonious "principles" are just a sham.
Not sure why but running for president is driving Willard Mitt Romney into deeper and deeper insanity.
Willard Mitt Romney doesn't have much room to criticize anyone considering the 47% comments he made
He's just doing the dirty work of his god, traitor Willard Mitt Romney.
Is there a bigger dink anywhere in the world right now than Willard Mitt Romney? He's still trying to stop
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"Willard Mitt Romney is an American businessman and politician who was the 70th Governor of…" — cblraider2006
I'd love to be a fly on the wall to catch Willard Mitt Romney's (the TRAITOR) reaction on election night when Donald wins. Priceless
Willard Mitt Romney is a lone gunman & the posse is letting him leave
I was kinda hoping hired self-proclaimed savior of the Winter Olympics, Willard Mitt Romney to run the org
Harry Reid is an *** he said Willard Mitt Romney did not pay his taxes for six years and Romney error was Soros.
just spent five minutes making sure Willard Mitt Romney wasn't an anagram for Bruce Wayne
Willard Mitt Romney's conversion to a sore loser hack is almost complete.
We know who TOLD Willard Mitt Romney about the mysterious bombshell in those DT tax returns. & he can't be trusted
Ai was agreeing with you. . Willard Mitt Romney is a fraud and needs to shut up!
Willard Mitt Romney. What is it with not using their real names when a politician?
Yet you voted for Willard Mitt Romney & John McCain? Real smart. I got burned by them
-Jeb! Bush, Kasich, and our favorite loser, runner up in 2012, Willard Mitt Romney.
I just looked it up, his name is Willard Mitt Romney, I guess Mitt is his middle name. I thought it was made up.
I am so sad that Ben Affleck may now never get his one shot to play my superhero and yours, Willard Mitt Romney.
.@ Lobo Solitario Look at Willard Mitt Romney and what he did to his home town. Detroit Michigan is now a ghetto city while Romney helps TC
After reading this, let's discuss again how Willard managed to lose presidency to the Islam-loving Marxist con man.
v. Willard Mitt Richie Rich Romney, Live from the Mormon Tabernacle, SLC, Utah. Duel to the Death!
and Heidi Cruz with Willard Mitt Romney holding party with Lenore, El Lobo
.Now why in same *** would the people of America believe a looser born 1947 Detroit Michigan real name Willard Mitt Romney wife Lenore ELLO
Mitt Romney is putting himself in play for the cleveland convention. Tonight at nrcc dinner he was auditioning. Conservatives…
How corrupt is Mexico? Willard Mitt Romney is the son of a Mexican father George W. Romney.
I believe Cruz is popular in Utah where Willard Mitt Romney family reign.
Vote for Kasich = vote for Trump. So sayeth Willard "Mitt" Romney. LMAO.
News flash. Willard mitt Romney has been elected king bag of s%&t of all times.
LOL, "Corporations are people, my friend." - Willard Mitt Romney
who is Glen Beck and does anyone know a jerk named Willard Mitt Romney they did not last election
People living days of Al Capone.Can't get Trump on substance so Capone him.Desperation of Willard Mitt Romney
Willard Mitt Romney got suckered and lost.
Willard Mitt Romney went out there looking for his binders of women.
Idea. Willard Mitt Romney changes his name to Willard Mitt Massachusetts Romney, runs as moderate third party, siphons votes…
Willard Mitt Romney always had trouble with enemy identification. He probably even voted against himself when he ran.
you should check your facts. Willard Mitt Romney was born on March 12, 1947, at Harper University Hospital in Detroit, Michigan
Compared to Willard Mitt Romney was an in-touch man of the people.
On my flight to Salt Lake, one Willard Mitt Romney
I heard about you, Willard Mitt Romney!. I heard you were dead
What is Willard Mitt Romney thinking tonight? same thing Marlon Brando was in On the Waterfront. "I coulda been a contender."
Somewhere, one Willard Mitt Romney is sitting in his big chair and, justifiably, guffawing at all this
Ya know who's gonna be watching this debate pretty closely? Willard Mitt Romney, that's who. Yeah I said it. I SAID it.
Leadership is about taking not making excuses. -Willard Mitt Romney
From HuffPost Hill: "I want this nation to meet the real Willard Mitt Romney," the candidate booms. "I have a lot of new weird ideas and wear dungarees now."
that's in cases like McCain born in Canal Zone. Or Willard "mitt" Romney's father born in Mexico to American parents.
NJ gov went belly up now TX gov. RWNJ gone to recycling bin. Talk of Willard "Mitt" Romney running again.
mitt Romney's real name is Willard lol
Rubio was Courted by Mitt Romney and Vetted by his Veep Team who encouraged Willard to pass on him, Tea Party! !
President Franklin Pierce had a heckuva resemblance to Willard Mitt Romney.
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I agree with Senator Sanders. Unfortunately, 5/9 of the Supreme Court, the extremely activist majority in the rather unconventional opinion in Citizens United, created new law saying that corporations are people. The standard barer of the Republican Party, Willard Mitt Romney, agrees; "corporations are people, my friends."
The failed, (twice), Presidential candidate Willard Mitt Romney, consulted with his Foreign Policy expert team, consisting of Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Paul Ryan, the Koch Brorhers and oh yes, Jed Bush. Their findings, . "We cans see Russia from here. But you can't see that your Party, Republicans lost the election. The President don't need your advice. :-)
you can say Obama's middle name, but why don't conservative say Willard Mitt Romney? "Hussein" is mentioned for racist reasons
Brannon: "no difference exists between Barack Hussein Obama and Willard Mitt Romney" .
Tiny Troll Mimed War is I think an anagram of Willard Mitt Romney (?)
Mitt, the documentary about Willard Mitt Romney's two presidential campaigns, is not so much a campaign movie as it is a home movie. You can tell it's not a campaign movie because in the 90 minutes of behind-the-scenes private moments, none of the main characters utters a single swear word. If...
Those who have seen “Mitt” — which debuts on Netflix on Friday — are agog that filmmaker Greg Whiteley has accomplished what Romney himself, the gleaming, ever-replicating Romney clan and the candidate’s high-priced political strategists could not: Willard Mitt Romney seems all too human. He wells up. He prays with his family, kneeling on the floor of hotel rooms, and plays with them in the snow. He refers to himself sardonically as “the flipping Mormon” and frets that he could become a loser like Michael Dukakis, who “can’t get a job mowing lawns.” He daringly steam irons the French cuffs on a formal shirt while it’s on his body, just before he goes down in tails to the Al Smith dinner at the Waldorf. He stays calm when he learns Obama is winning re-election: “Wow, that’s too bad,” he tells an aide on the phone. “All those states, huh?” Drawn, no doubt, by word of the miraculous cinematic oil can for the Tin Man, Mitt came to see “Mitt” for the first time Friday night. ...
"If is reelected, Iran will get a nuclear weapon." -- Willard Mitt Romney, 2009-2012 nonstop …
If any politician comes a knocking at my door, whether incumbent or not in the election of 2014 don't waste your time as door will be promptly "slammed" into your face. I think it's time to consider being somewhere with "off-shore" & "tax free" bank accounts, you know like Willard Mitt Romney!
Steven Haas, the owner of Los Angeles-based Collateral Logistics. has filed a RICO lawsuit against Willard Mitt Romney and Bain Capital. Here is the complete text of the press release: Romney Sued ...
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