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Will Wheaton

Will Wheaton, born Willie Mack Wheaton, Jr.

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Abigael's Law: Political ads will never make anyone cry again by
Wonder what implications this will have for Wheaton!
Will Wheaton and Penny roasting Kevin Smith is hysterical.
Tonight on Praise the Lord: Matt & Laurie Crouch host LIVE "I Will Bless the Lord" with Isaac Pitre, Mike Hayes and Karen …
adult Bart looks like evil Will Wheaton
Come to wheaton north today at 5 to make lunches for our PADs service project! We will deliver then on Monday!
Congrats OTF Wheaton owners Mike, Trista & Will for winning Fitness Facility of the Year in their hometown!
no it's completely different a million times better. Also if you like audio books I recommend the audio book. it's by Will Wheaton.
Higher? Will Wheaton and Chris Kluwe earn more than FemFreq
And our Will Wheaton award goes to Derek Deputy!
How has Will Wheaton gotten through life without getting punched in the face a couple hundred times..with knuckle dusters?
. Will Wheaton is the reason why I got into different boardgames;Once Upon a Time, D&D, Love Letters, and more.
Thinking I'm spotting Will Wheaton at 's but it's just cuz every man here looks like him.
WLAX: Wheaton calls a timeout with 2:30 remaining in the contest. Will have the ball coming out of the break. Springfield up 9-7
This year, a group of dedicated students will launch a project that embodies both connection and community.
Quite well! Got some Will Wheaton special boardgame products for various games ;D
"Right to the ears, straight to the feelings" - Will Wheaton.
Boys Track will be at Wheaton North Best 4 Invite. Stop by enjoy the events and the weather! 1pm
The blatant sexisum. Loom at how exploited and objectified Will Wheaton is...
.I bear you no ill-will but "You're cruisin' for a beatin' Wheaton!" is such a fun phrase to say also Happy
This how our roster will look if we tank lol
happy birthday!! Miss you in Rosslyn. Will visit you soon in Wheaton!
I’m also discovering that Will Wheaton reads a lot of audiobooks
My latest did Markus Wheaton think using portals in 2014, or will we discover that the cake is a lie?
Season 8 Episode 20 - Penny and Leonard's part is the best. Will Wheaton also great.
I have a lot of these lol and I've watched them all on tabletop with will Wheaton
Watching last nights & Will Wheaton&Penny are doing a podcast where they call the awesome Kevin Smith!!
Why aren't marketers rushing to Periscope their Meerkats? will tell you why
I will be speaking at a seminar June 11th in Wheaton, IL. on Engineering Law and Risk Management. Contact me for details.
Half the people here look like Will Wheaton.
Will Wheaton, Anita Sarkeesian, and Joss Whedon's all need to be raptor food in the movie or I won't see it
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Will keeping Timmons and Wheaton be the difference winning a SB? No! Trade them for needed positions in this years draft! Get a S, Db, OLB!
Not sure if he ever really head one. You can add Will Wheaton to that list.
WLAX: Be sure to come to Stagg Field and support as it will host Wheaton on Saturday at 1 PM
paraphrasing from Ready Player One read by will wheaton:P
SOLD OUT Event! The first day was great! Day two is starting it will be packed with information that…
A reminder that President Phil Ryken will be broadcasting Game 2 tomorrow. Link:
SCHEDULE UPDATE: will host Army in Sat. doubleheader at Wheaton College at 12pm and on Sunday at BC at 3:30 pm.
New review, as Will Wheaton returned and Kevin Smith made a guest appearance
Barber owe me 40 beans.. So basically my haircuts will be free for the next three weeks 😂
Tomorrow I will be at the Cedar Rapids at game and the North Central at Wheaton game 2. taking pics for
Excellent Wheaton Theology Conference this year: "Image of God in an Image Driven Age." It will be so …
400 or so special people will be here today.Welcome to Wheaton! @ Wheaton College
Only Michael Dorn and Will Wheaton from TNG are in it... Jonathon Frakes (Cdr Riker isn't)
Holy crap, the one time I am watching a Naruto movie in English, and Will Wheaton, Laura Bailey, and Vic Mignogna are all voices in it. 0_0
yes I can, Will Wheaton is Mary, LeVar Burton is the Rhoda.
Denise Crosby, Gates McFadden* (she came back) Diana Mulder, Will Wheaton, Michelle Forbes, Jennifer Lien and Terry Feral.
Today, actor Will Wheaton is exactly as old as Saddam Hussein was the day he took power in Iraq: 15,419 days.
Please cast Will Wheaton on since you cast Denise Crosby. There are so, so many fans who want to see Crusher perish.
On this day in 1986, Stand By Me, starring Will Wheaton, River Phoenix, Corey Feldman + Jerry O'Connell was released. h…
. Isn't it time for Will Wheaton to return as the Captain of his own vessel? thinks so! :).
Isn't it time for Will Wheaton to take his rightful place as the captain of a federation vessel? .
I highly recommend Fuzzy Nation, and Redshirts is good if you're a trekkie, especially Will Wheaton's reading of it.
I would Swoon at the sight of Jim Parsons, Robert Carlyle, or Will Wheaton
Just finished John Scalzi's "Fuzzy Nation" read by Will Wheaton" from This should be a movie it was so good.
Spent some time watching Neil Degrasse Tyson and Will Wheaton discussing the science of Star Trek. Yeah... I'm that nerd. I have a new crush. Gone is the crush on Meatloaf (we will always have Paradise by the dashboard light) to be replaced by the slightly sarcastic NDT. Smarts is hot. Feeling a bit less like biting someone's head off. Off to bed and plan on sleeping till 7. Love you all!
Hanging out with the incomparable Will Wheaton with Keller Williams Northridge at his newest listing in the West Valley!!!
Me, telling wifey about Ready Player One: And it's read by Will Wheaton. Wifey: It's read by Dale Winton?
Met Edward James Olmos and Aaron Douglas, both from Battlestar Galactica! Edward was really nice and Aaron was pretty cool! Someone mentioned the fissco with Will Wheaton and Aaron said Frak Will Wheaton! It was pretty funny!
I'm watching The Cloneversation tonight at 7pm on BBC America - where the cast of Orphan Black will be reflecting on Season 1 with host Will Wheaton! If you missed Season 1 (& Tatiana Maslany's phenomenal performance as Sarah, Alison, Cosima, Beth, Helena, Rachel & Katja), BBC America is marathoning all 10 episodes Fri 4/18 (8am-6pm & 7pm-5am) before the Season 2 premiere Sat 4/19 @ 8pm.
My female friends might disagree but I always thought Luke Bryan reminded me of someone. Tonight I realized who it is. He looks like Will Wheaton on Big Bang Theory. Jennifer is still in denial. lol!
Posted by a single friend and I had to share If I was to find the right girl I think she'd have to fill out the following application: Dating Application Name Last:_ First_ Middle Initial Current City Neighborhood_ Phone Number_ Email_ Please answer the following questions with the first answer you think of. Who is Will Wheaton?_. How many Indiana Jones movies are there? __ Who is your favorite Ninja Turtle and Why? _ _ _ What are the next 3 numbers in the following pattern? 8, 14, 18, 24, 28, , , , What is your favorite comic book? _ Do you think you can beat me at Mario Kart or Wii Golf? Yes_ No_ What does the 1st and the 5th amendments say? _ _ Who do think is a better leader? a) Steve Rodgers c) Obi-Wan Kenobi b) Barack Obama d) Scott Summers What is the scientific name of a dog?_ What is the 3rd law of thermodynamics?_ _ How often do you go out?_ What is camping to you?_ _ In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, what are you taking from your home? _ _ How many questions on this application have you thou ...
Just unofficially met Will Wheaton! He was walking in front of us eating ice cream and Jason said "Hey Will!" And he said hi back! Didn't have time to get a pic...but pretty awesome!!
So by some cosmic coincidence, I ended up on a cruise with Will Wheaton (from Stand By Me and Star Trek TNG), one of the guys from Mythbusters, Sara Watkins (the female member of one of my favorite defunct-but-now-reunited bands, Nickel Creek), and Jonathan Coulton (who wrote "I'm Still Alive" from the game Portal and various music for other Valve games, and whose other songs focus on nerd culture - from math to zombies). It was like i died and went to Nerdvana. I'll be posting pictures and some video in the next few days.
Alright Los Angeles !!! It's time to get up off your mothfeet and jam with me at the Indie Lounge at the Nate Holden Theater at 4718 West Washington Blvd. LA, CA at 8pm. Brenda Lee Eager, Bridgette Bryant, Will Wheaton, and yours truly Kudisan Kai are the featured singers for the evening. It's an incredible show! Hope to see you there!
Got vuaranteed seat to comedy show with Nick Kroll and more TBA. Unfortunately I could have tickets to Kevin Smith or Will Wheaton but dates did not fit. Hopefully the TBA will be one of them orsomebody BBT.
If you live in Quincy, and you are a nerd like us. There will be a Comic Con on March 14,15, and William Shatner will be appearing Sunday the 16th. Advanced tickets for Sunday are $25.00. The rest of the Startrek gang are the 2nd Generation. Frakes, Brent Spinner, Will Wheaton (who is an author and appears on Big Bang Theory, as does Brent Spinner, I will be there on SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!
hmmm, yes, I know what U mean. Was QL the thing with Sam Beckett? BTW Will Wheaton and Sir Patrick Stewart are good follows!
Also was a Will Wheaton tabletop game ;)
These cars will likely become collectible within the next 25 years:
Its official. Just signed off on build out plans for the new office. We will be moving our office from Wheaton...
This guy next to me looks exactly like will wheaton but im too scared to ask if its really him. Bye maybe will wheaton
will welcome a new shop this March.
GBB - Home game for tonight WILL be played vs. Wheaton! Varsity will start @ 6 with JV to follow. Get out and come support the girls!!
not saying there isn't holes, but cotchery will be back, and Wheaton will continue to develop. But lack of starters on defense
Those Wizard World con celebrity photo ops add up. Some of those actors aren't worth those prices. $40 for Will Wheaton? LOL yeah right. If I payed for that I'd be embarrassed to tell anybody.
Jammed packed in Wheaton station. No trains and no updates. How many ppl will fit on first one that comes?!
ok I just found out that I am a much bigger geek then I thought lol I just found this youtube game show called table top with will wheaton and I am totally loving it lol wow simple things that you find out about yourself lol
if anyone at wheaton sees this I will like leave the planet
Only in Wheaton will a Mexican try and steal my sawzaw from underneath the work van and try to say he thought it was his smh
You can trust an woman to the core with full assurance that she will be by your side even when the whole world is against…
wow. Very good training. My Wheaton will roll over on command until I tell her to stop. In circles, it's hilarious.
WILL WHEATON!!! Also Maggot Kidder and Lee Majors. As well as Rick Remender, author of the current ongoing series of Uncanny Avengers and... he also wrote the first Dead Space game??? Awesome. I'll get him to sign my PS3 copy and also sign my Uncanny Avengers
3 have to be enough episodes for today. At this rate I'll see Will Wheaton by the end of the week- thanks for blogging about
Hey Wheaton we will be open from 4:00-8:00 today, come & warm up!
Congrats to Monty Tex the Girls Matt and all @ teeth for RWBY sorry Burnie DAM Will Wheaton strikes again. :-(. Anyway Me BTW
skip em, see will Wheaton leave and that beard grow
I'm sure Jae will be starting in Marion place while he is out.
Yes, in Wheaton. Brett will be in the city for MLA. I might be able to take the train in to meet you all.
Saturday January 11th we will be playing in Wheaton @ Warren's Ale House's One Year Birthday Party!
man wheaton had no schol today wth :(You need to get to work now or I will take a picture of this and send it to Mr. Brownl.
It's funny how evil Will Wheaton is on The Big Bang Theory.
in wheaton? I will honey lol sometime next week
Judging by the chaos going on in the live comment bar, people aren't super happy with Will Wheaton winning Best Recorded Host
Wheaton will be closed this year probaly
I'm a big cmike fan, but I have also grown to like KW a lot, and I think once E. Sanders leaves, Wheaton will be riser of offseason
💕I can't believe how he lets her handle him and how he will sleep like this in her…
These Wheaton essays will be the death of me.
I'm sure you will talk about it but thoughts of Wheaton? Was hoping he'd see the field more
Proud to see leave for Wheaton this week. Will never forget the morning he rode his bike to CityLife in an ice storm for setup!
Wheaton and Ross Boddy Community Recreation Centers will remain closed this evening.
"Life's too short to play games, if you love somebody, go get them. Deal with the mess later. We don't know what tomorrow wil…
CLOSED! Wheaton Community Center will remain closed today due to a heating issue. The center will re-open Wednesday on normal hours.
Waching Will Wheaton on Youtube because Sheldon Cooper told me to.
UPDATE! Wheaton Community Center will remain closed until at least noon to repair a heating issue. We'll update upon further news.
Baby its cold outside but it will be hot up in LA Fitness in Wheaton! Come Hit It!® With Heidi tonight, 5:45pm.
DVD version will contain interviews with Glenn Wheaton and Jim Channon
Met Will Wheaton from Star Trek today. He was very laid back and very polite. It was nice to meet him.
i never knew will Wheaton was in the movie Stand By Me
I just want you to know that if my new roommate *** I will be texting you to tell you all about it and make you feel guilty
Oh bloody *** Stan Lee, Will Wheaton and Matt Smith all coming to Nola! Sold!
Hey fellow Star Trek TNG trekkies . I just noticed after watching "Star Trek Nemesis" a few times an unusual anomaly. At the beginning of the movie at Riker and Troy's wedding, Will Wheaton "Wesley" (Pretty sure it's Wesley) is at the table sitting next to Dr. Crusher. Nothing unusual him being a guest, makes sense, BUT, HE'S IN A STAR FLEET DRESS UNIFORM!! In a Star Trek TNG episode, didn't he resign from Star Fleet to go cruising around the Galaxy with the "Traveler"??? Error on behalf of the script writer that was over looked, or is there a "back story" that Wesley rejoined Star Fleet.
1.7.13 Wheaton Area School is starting 2 hours late on Tuesday morning. We will have all 7 shortened periods.
wondering if my husand who travels Ogilvie to Wheaton on the 5:34 will be on time in order to be home for the Auburn game
CLOSED! Wheaton Community Center closed at 5p today due to no heat. We will update you on the center's status Tuesday morning.
Wheaton College campus will re-open tomorrow, January 7th. Graduate level classes scheduled to start on January...
Wheaton Community Rec Center closing at 5 pm today (1/6) due to no heat. Will remain closed this evening and through noon tomorrow (1/7).
By Masters of Doom for Kindle and get Will Wheaton's narrated audiobook for $4. I love these deals. via
UFC President will appear on SportsCenter at 4:30 ET to announce breaking news. Join us on ESPNews.
It's horrible that will Wheaton has more followers than Stan Lee
When will ur travels be thru Wheaton? I wonder if there might be an opportunity for u to speak or lead discussion at All Souls?
Due to extreme winter conditions, WHEATON ACADEMY WILL BE CLOSED again ON TUESDAY, JANUARY 7, 2014. All activities have been cancelled.
Mr. Wheaton, you and your love are inspirations to us all. I can only hope that I will be as a heartwarmingly awesome dad as you.
Puppy name ideas; Frasier, randy, toby, will Wheaton, Bo, and maxwell.
This week Whole Foods Market Wheaton will have customers vote for our next 5% day! One possible recipient is CASA...
just attribute your allergies to Will Wheaton and call it a day.
So this is a sort of geek group. Talk about movies, LARP, Video games and what not. And I'll add hilarious and politically damaging pictures of myself in a minotaur costume. (Need to get use out of it) and randomly post thought and musings and such. Basic Will Wheaton rule: Don't be a *** Invite who you want. Open group. Have fun.
Yes! Sure, I've heard he's a *** in person, but mama loves her some Captain Kirk. He was possibly one of my first crushes, followed by Will Wheaton. Nerd since 1980, right here.
Bomb beers and grinds with GK, Will Wheaton and Drew Curtis in dt LA
Can't make this stuff up- at a dinner w academics and the conversation turned to Will Wheaton, battle star Galactica, and Star Trek. I didn't have anything to say other than "do you watch the Big Bang Theory?" And no one did. Absolutely hilarious.
So Lou and I got home from the gym and I turned the tv on and just happened to be the movie "Stand By Me" from 1986. River Phoenix, Corey Feldman, Will Wheaton, Keifer Sutherland etc. I remember how that movie impacted me then... And it did today. The message about friendship is the same ... 55 years later from the era of the story, and 28 years after the movie was filmed. Moms of teens, make them watch it...
The best movie ever, was made in oregon. Thanx to the Phoenix family. Im sorry you lost a great person. Stand By Me wouldn't be the same with out him. Will wheaton dont think I forgot about u.
The new IT guy at work looks like Will Wheaton... 0_o
Dungeons & Dragons turns 40 today. This game I learned when I years old. A neighbor friend of mine asked me to learn a game that his family played. I went over one evening and I learned to play the game that I would play off and on for the next 30 years. I remember my sister Tammy coming to my mom literally telling my her that if I continued to play this game I would become a satanist who would sacrifice babies because that's what the creators of the game did. Forget the fact that at that time, I played the game with three boys who were the son of the the preacher of the church I went to. She wasn't the only one tho. There was even a Tom Hanks movie made called Mazes and Monsters where a group played a LARP (Live Action Role Play) and Hank's character wasn't mentally all there and ended up "living" the game for real and dying at the end. Later on I quit playing for a long time then got married, moved to Jacksonville and a few years started up again with my first wife, Lynn, Jason Perk ...
Lets play a game: I have been given the letter W Something I hate - winter Something I like - wanking Somewhere I have been - wembly Somewhere I would like to go - Wales Someone I know - will Wheaton Best film - white chicks Like this and I'll give u a letter x
I think I loathe Michael Bolton almost as much as I loathe Will Wheaton.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Hey Big Bang Theory fans, did you know that Sheldons mortal enemy Will Wheaton (who plays a version of himself on the show) hails from Burbank?
The mere thought of losing to Will Wheaton yet again has lead to another night of insomnia! Bowling just isn't my game
Never knew will Wheaton was gordie in Stand By Me. Hmmm. Happy new year
Snuggled under a warm blanket with my love, campaign flutes of cream soda and the audiobook of "Ready Player One" read by Will Wheaton. A great start to 2014! Happy New Year everyone!
If your "mall" doesn't have a Panda Express it's just a collection of stores. Things iv learned from will wheaton
Will Wheaton is over 40. And looks nothing like Richard Dreyfuss. I am disappoint.
An episode of Numb3rs with Will Wheaton and Christopher Lloyd in it?! Awesome.
Ashley Judd and Will Wheaton getting it on in Star Trek Next Gen.he's punching above his weight.
nope the coolest dude ever i Wil Wheaton meat him and you will understand
Is it me or does Speroni look a bit like Will Wheaton?
do you not speak with Will Wheaton when you not playing D&D?
Will Wheaton playing well in goal for Crystal Palace today...
Will Wheaton in Big Bang Theory was in one of my fav movies "Stand By Me".
One of these days some freak is going to spell out "kindness" and then where will we be Wheaton? *Where*?
Wheaton Aston will be a great atmosphere tho will be mainly sprout powered ...
we will take credit for the burger but has to take credit for the Pale Ale. Cheers.
To be fair Will Wheaton has regained some credibility with Big Bang Theory & Family Guy. Still would go 2nd after him.
From now on I will refer to drinking as "reliving my youth" or "communing with my inner child", Thanks Mr. Wheaton
Chick-fil-A at Wheaton is in our lobby with Santa Cow! They will be here until 2pm. Stop by and spin the wheel...
Okay I lied, I forgot about when Will Wheaton was in The Big Bang Theory.
Highlight of the day, the kids (and John) are watching Settlers of Catan featuring Will Wheaton on Youtube on the TV. I think I'm going to the mall!
W True Wheaton Story Will Return Soon in 2014 but there will be only 5 new episode for 2013
ooo! We are coming for Christmas! Actually staying in Wheaton Aston - do you know it? Will take about 4/5 hours to get there!
3 points. 2 off arsenal now. Well tried Will Wheaton, a few brilliant saves.
Three bites at the cherry. Will Wheaton saves them all.
Bloody *** The Palace keeper is the spitting image of Will Wheaton!
Good morning Wheaton we will be open from 11-8 today. Last chance for shiitake Donburi
Good Morning Wheaton. We will b opening at 11:00 today for brunch, our new special is Chicken Dori (gochujang curry) http:…
Speroni looks like that Will Wheaton fella in The Big Bang Theory
oh okay. Well if I decide to get them, I will be at Wheaton. You stood inside the mall ?
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Dragging to later. He seems reticent. But he'll thank me. Oh yes he will.
Just saw the amazon advert and all I see is the head shake. *** YOU WILL WHEATON!!!"
Sources say that possibly Will Wheaton and Elijah Wood may be playing the leads in the "Battle Creek" TV Series..
We just had a half hour conversation about beer and Star Trek with Will Wheaton!
Final men's score: 78, UNW 63. Northwestern will take on Wheaton next Friday in its final contest before an extended break.
Far more enjoyable than when it first came out. Will check in again ... (Stone Farking Wheaton w00tstout)
you guys should play a tabletop game similar to will Wheaton's table top series for next week.
.If you have to sacrifice Joanne Wheaton or John Allender it'll be for the greater good. Nobody will miss them anyway.
When it comes to football Wheaton North will always be the "Other team."
By wheaton you will not be missed in the slightest way :). I'll miss all my friends though :(
Tomorrow, Saturday, December 14, Chick-fil-A at Wheaton will be at our Tree Lot from 10am-2pm. Stop by an snap a picture with Santa Cow!
City Offices Closed Dec. 24-25 and Jan. 1; Note Garbage Schedules: City of Wheaton offices will be closed on...
Girls Basketball will open the Wheaton North tourney on 12/23 at 3pm vs. Waubonsie Valley.
Tonight's Verona-Wheaton BBB has been cancelled and will not be made up.
Leaving soon and pretty stoked, I will miss u tho Marquette but I gotta go celebrate Jesus' birth and the new year in Wheaton
I will continue to pray for the dialogue at Wheaton that they work to empower minority students and faculty.
Its Wesley Crusher on the Holodeck pretending to be a late 20th Century teen named Will Wheaton.
Wheaton mall this weekend will have their pop up shop go support and buy -->
well i'd rather just not feel like im being abused. I will easily pay for good service and respect.
Half of us will end up in just to cover cost of Christmas
Heading North with Will Wheaton...a board game may be in my future
How will we preserve the culture of small business in Wheaton? UMD students have some great ideas.
I always suspected Will Wheaton was merely a character on The Big Bang Theory...
The incredible Wheaton and Circus Studio will join us once again at !! Check out their website:...
There will be a baseball meeting in Coach Wheaton’s room Tuesday afternoon for anyone interested in playing in the spring.
Very happy i decided to follow Will Wheaton
that just shattered my Thursday night buzz. *** you Will Wheaton
Earlier today I watched a long video of Will Wheaton, Kelly Hu, and others playing board games. I regret nothing and now want board games.
Got a bill n the mail from Wheaton College 2day. In other news, if you owe me money, no matter how insignificant, I will begin to harass you
Will Wheaton is a fictional character on tv?!? He's not real!?!? I feel so empty...
Did yall know...Will Wheaton works at Best Buy in LC.
Wil Wheaton will be along shortly to inform you that you're now part of the Internet Illuminati.
Shifter, an augmented reality graphic novel featuring the voice of Will Wheaton
Don't forget tomorrow morning is when Casey will be on WGN 720. He'll be on at 8:45am - be sure to listen in!
If the Steelers don't give Markus Wheaton and Shamarko Thomas big boy snaps over the next few weeks I will punch Joe Stark…
I don't get Will Wheaton's post about Godzilla, its your fault that you dumb nerds get a Godzilla why do you care about origi…
If you in Wheaton, look up at the sky right now..this sunset will change your life..
I will check that link out I've been looking at lots for ideas to modify my own plan
Will WR Markus Wheaton's role increase now that season is in the tank? How about next year?:
As crappy as i feel, positive thought...will wheaton is going to be at megacon this year lol
Professor proton lives in the same house as will Wheaton & Stan Lee... Poor set design or an amazing house of ubergeeks
Jimmy Gillentine, You may disagree with Will Wheaton on this. Thank GOD there’s a Godzilla reboot for a zillion dollars! I was afraid a studio would spend that money to produce a dozen original stories.
Sheldon Cooper and his hatred of Will Wheaton would make an excellent Hamlet.
"As a general rule, sex is better than axes." -Will Wheaton
I love that Sheldon Cooper's enemy is Will Wheaton.
George Takei's new fragrance is called Eau My. GET IT?! Will Wheaton gave him the idea. -nerdgasm-
Okay, the more I watch Numb3rs, the more I think The Big Bang Theory gets a lot of their ideas from it: Schrodinger's Cat, a friendship equation, a character going to the international space station, Will Wheaton, Bill Nye, and so much more.
Curse you, Will Wheaton, you've once again summed things up perfectly.
Ok. Just watched The Big Bang Theory... And I love how they use a celebrity and actually tie in the interests and real life activities of Will Wheaton, talking about Table Top... what the heck... I love being a geek
Double Fine bewitches three actors, Elijah Wood, Jack Black and Will Wheaton to join the enchanting world of Broken Age
Getting interesting in the new Double Fine game, "Broken Age" After a Massively successful kickstarter, and an interesting combination Fantasy / Sci-fi point and click adventure, it had my Interest, but with the introduction of a voice cast of Jack Black, Will Wheaton and Elijah Wood, it looks even more promising xD
I spent four hours last night watching Will Wheaton play tabletop games then I dreamt about playing them... I have a problem
I love that the actor Will Wheaton makes cameos on Big Bang taunting Sheldon
Got to play some soul caliber and now watching big bang with Will Wheaton. Good day.
Will Wheaton before he auditioned for The Next Generation.
Watching December, the only person I know of in it is Will Wheaton.
Hey Catherine Green do you ever watch Big Bang Theory, see Will Wheaton, and remember the time we saw him at the Rocky Cola Cafe ? lol
Finished the book club book. Corey Doctorow and Will Wheaton are president and vice president in the OASIS. I want to live in the OASIS, just because of that. LONG LIVE OUR RULERS!
I'm watching the 1985 version of The Man who Fell To Earth. Talk about diminishing returns. Will Wheaton as a troubled, street-wise kid...lots of '80s synth...pew-pew-pew in the worst places. awful movie.
Will Wheaton: Amy said you were having a rough time and I thought maybe we could talk... Sheldon: certainly although right now I'm having a rough time because there are 3 people in my room and it's starting to feel like a disco tech Big Bang Theory
Update your maps at Navteq
Will Wheaton, bekend van zijn rol in Star Trek, spreekt de stem in van Curtis the Lumberjack in Double Fine-game Broken Age.
Birthday coming up in two weeks. Every year for my birthday, I sit down and power through one of the Halo games in one day. I love the Halo franchise. In the words of the article I posted yesterday, it allows me to achieve flow for extended periods of time. I usually play with one or two of my friends, but just for fun, I made a fantasy guest list for this year and gave it to my wife. I know it won't happen, at least not until my novels start selling and get turned into movies. :), but if even one of them hung out for a couple of hours, it would be awesome. Here's my list: Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, Simon Pegg, Vin Diesel, Felicia Day, Will Wheaton, and Heather1337.
I'm in love with Will Wheaton. Tim will understand :D
I love that Will Wheaton makes fun of himself on Big Bang Theory.
I love that Will Wheaton plays himself on BBT.
THE TEN BEST THINGS ABOUT THE Big Bang Theory... 10. Raj's Inability To Talk To Girls: Of course it's not so much a problem nowadays, but back when the show was young it was always funny to see Raj try his luck with the ladies, but only if he had a few drinks before hand... 9. Their Geekdom: They are a bunch of scientists but that doesn't mean they can't be geeks who need to be loved. I love all the references to geek culture, from Star Trek to Star Wars. It's good to see them get women too, except for poor Raj who still needs one! 8. Guest Stars: There have been many but the famous ones have to be Will Wheaton (Sheldon really hates him), the mighty Stan Lee and even Stephen Hawking! I am sure there will be more to come - who was your favourite? 7. Non Geeks Love The Show Too!: It's a show that everyone loves, not just us geeks! It's amazing to think that even after seven seasons the show is just as fresh and funny as it ever was! 6. Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty...: When Sheldon was sick, Penny would sing him t ...
Just found this gem, Will Hoverhand lvl: Will Wheaton
hello, Wil wheaton! How are you? Please Recomment it, if you doit, i will know, that you are know me! Please!! Thank you!!
I am rubbish at recognizing celebrities, last night I was talking to Will Wheaton for 10 mins about how much he loves PvZ and thinks Garden Warfare looks amazing. Introduced me to his wife and son...yeah I still don't really know who he is. Nice guy though!
"The outcome of political campaigns this decade will depend on who understands this idea" - Wheaton's Law for Writers
If Berger cookies go away, what will be my new go-to cookie in a crisis? Still, I think those trans fats should go
Only one week until the Lighted Holiday Parade will kick off the season in Wheaton.
Lighted Parade and Carriage Rides among Downtown Holiday Events: Shopping isn’t the only thing that will be...
Females will learn to quit tryin to think they can beat up *** smh 😂
Wil and Anne Wheaton - and have Will perform with Paul and Storm.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I only just realized that Will Wheaton and Joss Whedon are not the same person. :/
I know a few friends of mine just had babies or will be having babies I have a new safety first Crystal clear...
Simon Pegg and Will Wheaton respond to each other's posts in Shaun of the Dead references. I can die now.
There's a guy at flock who kinda looks like will wheaton, amazing
hmm playing battlefield while Will Wheaton gets drunk and heckles you... Sounds challenging!
Mr. Wheaton, will you stand up please?
I think I will catch a flight and join you
I forgot the second L in will now I'm thinking of Wil Wheaton frick no
Tonight, President Dr. Teresa Sullivan will lecture on "Honor as a 21st Century Concept." Join us:
Lipsbergs will NOT be suspended for hit on KEL's Mitch Wheaton. Major changed to double minor, game misconduct removed. Eligible to play FRI
Idc how fit u r, by the time u r at the top of wheaton warrenville south's staircase you will be out of breath and trying to hide ur panting
haden draws brown...e sanders will have big day...look at WR v Browns...all good...3 not bad but wheaton will get JC snaps
I'm getting cremated it's way cheaper I already put it in my will
hang with decker, with Wheaton back in the lineup crotchety will only be a rare end zone targer
there was a generic reply, I'm claiming it! I will succeed! I got Wheaton and Daniels!   10% Off
Tonight at 5pm!! will be tapping a keg of farking Wheaton w00t stout.
Will Wheaton doesn't want critique, we're required to find what he says as funny and he tone polices responses.
Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not worry, not obsess. Just have faith that everything will work out for th…
I will find out and get back to you ASAP! Are you looking for just the price of the part, or installation as well?
Wheaton fans don't forget that the 2013 women's track & field team will honored at halftime at men's basketball
Just heard that The Holiday Kosher Baker is at the Wheaton Costco! DC folks stop by on way home and I will sign
Liz and I are going to this next Tuesday, you want to come with your Lady? Wheaton will be there
Photo: Why is the giy smiling look like Will Wheaton.
This weekend, Wheaton will host the Mathematical Association of America’s NE conference for the first time since '69.
have I ever told you that you like a bit like will Wheaton?
guide to owning a dog, by Will Wheaton
Hey guys, did they really mean the Wheaton in IL?
just keep changing majors every four years, kent state will become your own personal Neverland where you never have to grow up
tell ya what, I'll buy you a Four Loco 😂. You will never live that down 😬😜
Wheaton will prolly correct me ony terrible use of commas
Hey, what does Will Wheaton even do?
Females will have their eye on you and you'll have no idea. Once you step to em, they'll act as if you've never existed.
So I wonder when Stephen King will be getting paid for The Hunger Games. The whole principle was pretty much his idea...
English will never be fun again now that Joe isn't teaching us anymore😔
Peony Fhagen-Smith, Associate Prof. of Psychology, will speak about humiliation at tomorrow's Faculty Lunch Talk.
Rockets update on Mitch Wheaton: "Wheaton suffered an upper body injury. Specific details of the injury will not be released publicly."
Wheaton seminar on greening your retail business: As part of a monthly green business series, GreenWheaton will...
Kate for me. BTW, who's Benedict C.? Will Wheaton I know, but the other name...?
Which Trek star do you pray to the prophets will be announced next? For us? Carole: Benedict C, Sam: Will Wheaton !
Women's basketball will play its NEWMAC opener in Blake tonight against Wheaton - Live stats and video
Comments on my beard: Robin Thicke..., Adam Devine (from my male boss lol) and Will Wheaton, the nerd from Big Bang Theory. What the ***
Star Dreck retires on Tuesday. At least SPECIAL GUEST: Wil Wheaton will be there to help us say goodbye!
I will step up prayer for you..please take Holy Communion use Wheaton n apple juice is fine too..
Small businesses in Wheaton will be protected though the Small Business Assistance Program.
My friend, Rod Wheaton at as started a podcast and it's great. I hope you will go check...
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Paid Marketing Intern in Mansfield! Apply soon as they will be interviewing in the next few weeks! Log into Career...
interesting deal ... Hope it will open new opportunities...
These are the 50 smartest colleges in the U.S. (and Wheaton is yo)via
Had last session tonight with my Wheaton South track athlete. She will kick but this track season. Enjoyed training her.
Eventually, I will always take matters into my own hands
"It's not about what you love, but how you love it." -Will Wheaton
History of ID Software and John narrated by Will Wheaton . One please
Holy jeez. I never knew Shannon Doherty and Will Wheaton was in Secret of the NIHM. Learn something new everyday.
Brent Spiner and Will Wheaton was on Big Bang Theory. That was a pretty funny episode.
I'm trying to rewatch the first season of Star Trek:TNG and wow I really hate Will Wheaton even more. Plus ye old manhands Tasha Yar
Oh great more guys,it's gonna be another Will Wheaton sausage fest
Memories from my youth - "Toy Soldiers", a song by Martika and a film starring Sean Austin and Will Wheaton
Konnie Huq is my real life Will Wheaton. (Idk of that's how you spell his name)
it's so weird seeing Will Wheaton from TBBT being a rapist and murderer in Criminal Minds
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