Will Smith & Independence Day

Willard Christopher Will Smith, Jr. (born September 25, 1968) is an American actor, producer, and rapper. An Independence Day is an annual event commemorating the anniversary of a nation's assumption of independent statehood, usually after ceasing to be a colony or part of another nation or state; more rarely after the end of a military occupation. 5.0/5

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Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum Blow Up the Death Star in a Mashup of Independence Day and
I do agree with Renee, we need Will Smith to return for Independence Day!
First Bad Boys 2, now Independence Day, and next Men In Black.is it Will Smith's birthday or something?
17 years is worthy of a FINALLY. Will Smith wasn't WILL SMITH back in 2000, which was just 4 years after INDEPENDENCE DAY.
How did Will Smith not get involved with the Independence Day sequel? All of this is so epic.
Will Smith's reveals why he turned down the 'Independence Day' sequel for 'Suicide Squad.'
We have one ticket to give away for Independence Day at the Royal Albert Hall this Thursday evening. What was the name of Will Smith in ID4?
We lowkey (partly) have Roland Emmerich to thank for Will Smith's film career. Studios didn't want him casting Smith in Independence Day.
Can't believe Will Smith from Independence Day is a Labour Leadership contender
I've always felt ausi Connie was too good for the drama that made her famous, much like Will Smith with Independence Day..😏😏
I'm watching Independence Day for the first time right now and there is so much bae in this movie. Young Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith 😋
Will Smith entering to pitch to Daniel Murphy with 1 out in the 8th on Independence Day.
independence day 2. Shoulda gussed with no Will Smith
So they've replaced Will Smith with Terry Venables and Darren Anderton in the new Independence Day, or have I misread the advert?
How are you gonna make another Independence Day without Will Smith?
is kinda like that dogfight in Independence Day, but instead of Will Smith it's Kara Thrace.
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So upset that the new 'Independence Day' won't have Will Smith. BUT I did see Sela Ward, so...I'm sold.
Will Smith chose this dumb movie over independence day
You know who'd make a better president than Trump? David Palmer from 24, the president from Independence Day, Will Smith, my dog
For all you crybabies Will Smith demanded 2 much money like he demanded a Nomination. Independence Day will soar without him..
More than any remake or sequel, I just can't get around Independence Day not having Will Smith. Not worth it without him
If this new Independence Day movie doesn't have Will Smith in it.. I ain't about it
A new Independence Day movie without Will Smith is blasphemous
Will Smith Is Sad His Character from "Independence Day" Died: Will Smith says he felt "terrible" when he heard...
Will Smith better be in the new Independence Day movie. I don't care if it's for 5 seconds like how Stan Lee does it. He has to be in it.
Just had to explain to Ellie that Independence Day is about aliens and that Will Smith is in it. I'm questioning our entire friendship.
How the 'Independence Day' sequel will deal with Will Smith's absence via
The fate of Will Smith's character in 'Independence Day' has been revealed:
Great that they got Goldblum for the Independence Day sequel, but how can you leave out Will Smith? That's like Jurassic Park with no T-Rex
via Brock Wilbur "Not only is Will Smith not in the new Independence Day film, they killed him off pointedly in a …
If you have Independence Day without Will Smith do you even have a holiday at all?
Looks like Independence Day: Resurgence will be good but why did they have to kill off Will Smith's character? That's some BS!
Independence Day without Will Smith and Bill Pullman is like Roast Beef without beef. Or roast.
Independence Day is so good that Will Smith isn't coming back for tg sequel and it doesn't even matter. All I need is Bill Pullman.
Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum's coolness in Independence Day is too much for me to handle am I right?
Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan for an Independence Day reboot. Will Smith as president and Jeff Goldblum as crazy old guy. Book that!
For those of you who don't know, Independence Day is a 90's movie with Will Smith where he fights aliens with one-liners.
Judd Hirsch at least is cool enough to be in the Independence Day sequels, but Will Smith's too good to come back? But he'll do After Earth?
Finally outran this downpour driving E on I20.. we feel like Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith in Independence Day
There's no Will Smith in Independence Day 2.His character's son will be a lead role and Jeff Goldblum's back
I don't think you can have an Independence Day sequel without Will Smith. Alien punching demands it.
The whole while I was watching Will Smith's "Independence Day", I kept thinking "Can her name really be Vivica?"
Will Smith will not return for Independence Day 2
Independence Day and iRobot are Will Smith's best movies.
Also Finnish Independence day today...which is when Finland, with the help of Will Smith, defeated the alien invaders.
In Independence Day, Will Smith is a Marine pilot who marries a stripper… Who knew it was such an accurate movie
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Independence Day sequel sans Will Smith?Dunno. I'll still see it but so help me if you lose Goldblum's awkward relationship with his dad...
“A sequel to Independence Day has been confirmed!. Will Smith isn't returning. Pass
*QUICKIE COMP 2 OF 3* Answer my quizz question correctly for your chance to win Great Coral Reed (WOTW) one winner only, all 3 comps will be MOVIE RELATED! In Independence Day, What does Will Smith yell as he blasts off in the space SHIP?
Happy birthday, Will Smith! The Hollywood action star turns 46 today, who rose to prominence with his role on TV’s "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" and shot to superstar status with leading roles in such movies as "Independence Day," "Men In Black," "Ali," and "The Pursuit of Happiness" to name just a few. He has received numerous accolades, 2 including Oscars, 4 Golden Globe Awards, and has won 4 Grammy Awards. He is a great husband and father.
Today was the first time in all my years of seminary teaching where I quoted Will Smith from Independence Day.
Director Roland Emmerich will be helming the sequel to Independence Day...without Will Smith!
Right! People posting about Will Smith saving the day in Independence Day, he didn't. He flew Jeff Goldblum's computer virus and Bill Pulman and his fighter crew! Smith was a glorified taxi driver!
On this day July 4, 1996, Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum, with the help of the Armed Forces, saved the world from an Alien Invasion that was about to destroy the entire world. This is our Independence Day! Let us also remember Russell Casse who gave his life flying his plane into the center of the Alien Ship thereby saving many lives. In Memorium~ for the innocents who were blasted away by the Alien attack and those brave men who fought against the invaders.
"On this day in 1996, Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum, along with our Armed Forces, successfully repelled an Alien Invasion that could have wiped our very existence of this earth. It's amazing to believe it's been 18 years, but not a day goes by that I don't think about it. Today we celebrate our Independence Day!"
Roland Emmerich built suspense into Independence Day by not showing any of Will Smith until more than an hour into the movie
Hasn't been an Independence Day this bad since the aliens came and Will Smith had to save us.
Happy 4th of July, Independence Day to all our American Friends. No need for Will Smith, Bill Paxton or Aliens. It's all about you today.
don't forget Independence Day...Will Smith saved the world
Ah, Independence Day tomorrow. If I fought off a whole horde of aliens like Will Smith did in 1996, I'd celebrate with fireworks too.
Quick sketch of Will Smith as Capt. Steven Hiller from Independence Day.
Will Smith was in Independence Day with Vivica A. Fox who was in Batman & Robin with Arnold who was in Terminator with
Independence Day was at the top of the box office the day I was born. you know who's in that movie? Will Smith 😎
I'd like to think Will Smith is breaking character when he finally loses it on Jeff Goldblum in Independence Day.
Three reasons your night won't suck: Jeff Goldblum, Will Smith, aliens. 'Independence Day' is on at 9pm ET/PT.
You're like Will Smith at the start of Independence Day
earth day birthday?! Just know if I was there I would be looping the clip of will smith's "WELCOME TA EARF" from Independence Day
Okay, so here's the thing. The Missus and I just watched "Independence Day" (me for the 7th or 8th time, she for the first time). She wants to know: If the alien saucers are powered from the mothership, how come Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith can escape in their saucer after having planted the virus and destroyed the mothership? Any offers? Roland Emmerich are you reading this?
Actor Will Smith was spotted in downtown Charleston on Friday night. He was first seen at The Bar at Husk before making his way over to Husk’s main building for a late dinner. Did anyone in Charleston see Will Smith riding down Queen Street this weekend on a bike? Holy City Sinner was in the Bar at Husk while Smith was in the restaurant, but spotted him on his way out. When Smith reached Queen Street, much to the delight of the small crowd gathered outside the restaurant, he hopped on the front of rickshaw and drove a woman down the street a few feet before turning back towards Husk. Smith posed for a few pictures before heading towards King Street. Smith is well known for his roles in the Men In Black franchise, Independence Day, Bad Boys, Ali, The Pursuit of Happyness, I Am Legend, and the hit sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Random musings from this scrambled brain as the sun sets on college hoops season and *** Week dawns. 1. No Tiger at Augusta this week. A little karmic revenge for his illegal drop and subsequent 'I'm not withdrawing' stance from last year. 1a. If what I read in SI about that drop and its aftermath are true, it'll make me very disappointed in a few parties. Sometimes it's best not to know how the sausage is made. 2. Allergy season is like one big tug-of-war cycle in my nostrils. Congested = spray = opened up but sneezing = flood = go thru a box of tissues and repeat. 3. Scene from last week -- Girl takes her female dog to the park. Woman brings her young son and dog to same park. Young son meets girl's dog. Woman tells young son to go ahead and pet her. Young son pets girl instead of dog. Oh to be 3 years old again and be able to get away with that. 4. You know the part in Independence Day when Will Smith is dragging the alien across the desert? That's how I feel every time I pull the weight ...
I know I'm not the only one grown bored by the inundation of apocalyptic hollywood films. I like acton movies and thrillers as much as the next guy, maybe even more so, but I've just grown bored with so many movies about the very end of the existence of mankind. Will Smith has the movie's I AM Legend, After Earth, and of course the classic Independence Day (thats three times this actor alone has saved the entire world). Brad Pitt recently had World War Z (I liked it but *** zombies killing the entire world - old, stale, BORING, right?!) And of course, one of my favorite actors - Tom Cruise recently had Oblivion, not to mention, War of the Worlds. Again. I actually liked the films on a stand alone basis. But I'm just getting bored with saving the world films. And now we have the Biblical Epic Noah, albiet directed and written by an atheist, so it isn't very religious, but draws "inspiration" from the seminal story from the Old Testament. Give me a story deeply embedded in the real world, or about ...
'Independence Day' director Roland Emmerich has confirmed that Will Smith won't appear in the sequel, which will include a cast that is half new characters.
Thanks primarily to Paul, I finally saw Space Jam a couple weeks ago, and now Wild Wild West Tonight. I've gotta say: Wild Wild West is actually a pretty decent film. Pacing, dialogue, directing and acting are all good. Also, as much as I love Kevin Kline and Will Smith, Kenneth Branagh is still one of my all-time heroes. Okay, now it's Independence Day, which my housemates have forgiven me for owning on Blu-Ray.
Independence Day is on. I'm not going to sleep until I see Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum walking through the desert like a pair of boyos.
Look, Independence Day is 20 minutes in on Film4. It features Will Smith's star making turn, and my formative forever-crush, Jeff Goldblum.
Right. Independence Day. Jeff Goldblum at his hottest. Will Smith punching aliens. Problematic everything. And a really big space ship.
is thinking it's time to kick some alien *** Well, in the style of Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum anyway. Today we celebrate our Independence Day on film4.
It may not be July 4th, but Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman are celebrating their Independence Day at 9pm:
Will Smith turns down 'Independence Day' sequel Many of the original cast will be reprising their rolls in the July 4, 2016 sequel, including Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman.
Michael B. Jordan reportedly being considered by casting directors as a potential successor after Will Smith passes on 'Independence Day' sequel.
Will Smith Turns Down Independence Day II - Late last year, director Roland Emmerich revealed that Will Smith was in talks to revive his role as Captain Steven Hiller in a sequel to the 1996 blockbuster Independence Day... But looks like they popped the champagne to soon---according to reports Will Smith turned down the role and now Fruitvale Station&Michael B. Jordan is being considered for Will&replacement.
If you were hoping to see Will Smith leading a charge through an alien-infested landscape in the upcoming sequel to Independence Day, this next bit of news will surely leave you on the disappointed side of the fence.
So... Will Smith doesn't want to be the Independence Day sequel since his schedule is so full these days.
Will Smith isn't going to be in Independence Day 2. Who's going to welcome aliens to earf?!
Will Smith doesn't want to face off against the ID4 aliens again, but can the sequel to Independence Day make it without him?
Will Smith wont be returning for Independence Day 2 because he married a stripper.
“Will Smith won’t return for the Independence Day sequel: lame…
Independence Day 2 won't have Will Smith in it. Good, hopefully this one won't blow huge chunks.
Will Smith won't be in Independence Day 2. There's no point in even seeing it.
While it’s pretty much been a given that Will Smith had no interest in reprising his role in the Independence Day sequel, people’s hopes and dreams persist. Now, we here at Nerd *** can proudly crush those dreams with the official news that Smith will not be involved in ID2 in any way, shape or...
"Will Smith won't return for the Independence Day sequel: please God, not Jaden.
Looks like the sequel to 20th Century Fox's "Independence Day" will have to find a new actor to lead the charge. Sources tell Variety that Will Smith will not be in "Independence Day 2." Roland Emm...
For the past few months, the biggest question hanging over the upcoming sequel to Independence Day was whether or not Will Smith would be coming back to star as Captain Steven Hiller.
Will Smith has opted out of starring in any 'Independence Day' sequels
We've known for a while that Will Smith (i, Robot) was not too keen on reprising his role in the sequel to the 1996 hit, Independence Day, but now it looks like the news is official with Deadline reporting that Smith has informed the studio he won't be back.
Hey Schmoeville! Alex Welch here, and today I bring you Independence Day fans some sad, sad news... It’s been uncertain for a while now if Will Smith would be returning to the sequel to the 1996 smash hit that made him a name, Independence Day. Some rumors stated the actor would do it for more…
Is there a genuine desire on the part of the audience to see a return to Independence Day, the 1996 film that helped make Will Smith a bankable movie star, and if so, do they care if Smith returns for the sequel?
MovieWeb shared the following link and had this to say about it: Will Smith will not return for Independence Day sequel. What does that mean for the movie? Find out HERE: follow-up may still happen, with writer James Vanderbilt working on two separate scripts, one with Will Smith and one without.
Will Smith won't be reprising his role for Independence Day 2.
Will Smith is not returning for the Independence Day sequel. Full story:
Briefly: With or without Will Smith, a sequel to Independence Day is happening. For obvious reasons, director Roland Emmerich and producer Dean Devlin were hoping the mega star would choose to come back to the franchise that helped launch his career. Smith originally said he wouldn’t be in the film,...
Will Smith turns down Independence Day 2. Today *** The rest of this year officially ***
Well it looks like Roland Emmerich is going to have to use the version of the script that doesn't include Will Smith, because the star has reportedly decided against appearing in the Independence Day sequel. The "Will He? Won't He?" game has been played for a number of years now, and even though...
By Niki Stephens As of this moment, Will Smith will not be welcoming anyone to Earth. The actor is said to be out of INDEPENDENCE DAY 2. Okay, he might be out of the sequel. While having Smith would be a great draw, his involvement isn’t necessary for the sequel to move onwards. Emmerich and …
It looks like Will Smith will not be partaking in INDEPENDENCE DAY 2. Although, it's not set in stone, (not officially told Roland Emmerich) sources say he has no desire to return.
Independence Day, one of the movies that helped define the career of Actor Will Smith, will have to proceed without him if they plan on doing any sequels. Will Smith has decided he does not want to...
Little Giant Ladders
Yes, no, maybe: those are the three answers Will Smith has given to 20th Century Fox about returning for "Independence Day 2" aka "ID Forever" over...
The Onion Newswire: Newswire: Will Smith won't be welcoming anyone to anything in the Independence Day sequel
Thankfully Roland Emmerich has two scripts lined up for his two Independence Day sequels: one which includes Will Smith, and one which doesn't. Read more
By Jeff Sneider TheWrap Will Smith will not return for the 'Independence Day' sequel that 20th Century Fox will release in 2016, an individual familiar with the project has told TheWrap.A representative ...
As it has been for the past few years, it appears Will Smith is still up in the air as to whether or not he wants to star in Independence Day 2. A new "update" from Deadline says that Smith has already informed Fox that he won't be signing on for the sequel to the 1996 sci-fi blockbuster which is cu...
It's like that game, will he star in it, will he not, does he love me, does he not, yadi, yadi, yada It seems that according to Deadline, you can now put your assumptions and wondering to rest because Will Smith will NOT be joining in on INDEPENDENCE DAY...
Will Smith not doing Independence Day 2 means there is no Independence Day 2.
When news broke that there would officially be a sequel to Independence Day, some fans cheered & others said "I'm not coming back unless Will Smith comes back." Well, according to Deadli...
I feel like Will Smith in Independence Day when NASA rejected his application.
Tryna celebratr my independence day, Will Smith
Not at all a Christmas movie but,/. I love that movie Independence Day with Will Smith, and Jed Hirsch, and Jeff Goldblum,, Randy Quaid, just do
This is a list of movies that I have watched : frequency ,hollow man ,Battlefield Earth, X-Men ,the cell, HighlanderEnd game ,red planet ,the sixth day ,unbreakable ,spy kids ,mission to Mars ,pitch black ,supernova ,Bicentennial man, the astronauts wife, Universal soldier the return, mistreatment, Inspector gadget, wild Wild West, with Will Smith the 13th floor, black mask that, the matrix that, virus, cube, Armageddon, the X-Files, the postman, alien Resurrection flubber, Gattaca, event Horizon, contact, Men In Black, lost world Jurassic Park, the fifth element, the scene, Space Jam, the Island of Dr. Moreau, escape from LA, multiplicity, Independence Day, the arrival, *** raiser, unforgettable, 12 monkeys, powder, strange days, Mortal Kombat, virtuosity, Waterworld, species, Judge dread, Congo, Johnny mnemonic, Junior, double Dragon, Stargate, Philadelphia Experiment 2, Philadelphia Experiment ET the extraterrestrial, Outland, alligator, Moonraker, mad Max, , Robocop 12 and three, demolition man, medi ...
Yeah, Will Smith saved the planet in Independence Day, but let's not forget the efforts of Jeff Goldblum.
Me and my loves first date we seen this movie and without even remembering that , 15 years later We got married on Independence Day. Isn't that ironic? love this movie could watch it over and over, I like Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith good actors
Also caused by the Giant Spaceship from the Movie "Independence Day" getting ready to destroy this world! Somebody call Will Smith & Jeff Goldblum!
Watching "Independence Day" and slowly realizing that it was not Will Smith who defeated the aliens, nor was it Jeff Goldblum, it was the epic badassness of Bill Pullman! LOL
Well it's November... this month I turn 21. I was born November 24, 1992 and I decided to pay tribute to the decade I was born in for my Top 10 list... here is my Top 10 90's Films: 10. Home Alone (1990): My favorite Christmas movie lol. This movie was fantastic when it came out and a lot of people kind of tried to milk off its popularity in the 90's by adding scenes of kids setting booby traps for bad guys... obviously it left it's mark on modern cinema. 9. Independence Day (1996): What makes this movie great? I love the alien design, the effects are pretty cool, and an ensemble cast that incluses Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, and Bill Pullman. 8. The Sixth Sense (1999): This is actually the only movie directed by M. Night Shyamalan that I actually enjoy watching (except of course Unbreakable). I think that, for being a child at the time, Haley Joel Osment was phenomenal. 7. Toy Story (1995): LOVE THIS MOVIE! I hate to have to put it in the number 7 spot but it just hasn't left that much of an impact on me ...
Oh no you di'nt! Will Smith was in ALL the movies after Independence Day.
Will Smith was in a movie after Independence Day?
Harry Connick Jr he's also in Independence Day with Will Smith who stared in MIB
Independence day is about to start. Will Smith vs Aliens, what's not to love?
.might succeed Will Smith in 'Independence Day' sequels.
I told my barber give me that Will Smith off Independence Day Fade
Will Smith wanted $50 million for Independence Day sequels? How about just war crimes immunity for punching that captured alien in the face?
Watching independence day for the first time. Will Smith really just punched an alien in the face lol.
I Am Legend and Independence Day imply the badass-ness Will Smith really is
"JIMMY! JIMMY! JIMMY, NOOO!" - Will Smith - Independence Day. Mom & I are both quoting! I think we've seen this movie one too many times ;)
So tell me how in Independence Day, Will Smith punches the alien once and it dies. I mean, Will Smith is the man but come on
Will Smith in Independence Day is the flippin man.
The scene where Will Smith knocks out the alien in "Independence Day" and says, "Welcome to Earth" is top 5 scenes in cinematic history
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Will Smith in Independence Day is one of the greatest acting performance of all time
Vegging out for the first time in the new apartment with And getting my fill of Will Smith with I am Legend and In…
Now watching Independence Day, the movie that teaches us that it's ok that everyone dies so long as the DOG LIVES. You hear me Will Smith??
Vivica A. Fox - Model and actress who played Will Smith's girlfriend in Independence Day is celebrating her...
Harry Connick Jr to Will Smith in Independence Day: Man, you will NEVER get to fly the space shuttle if you marry a stripper.
Pacific Rim is what would happen if Jurassic Park and Independence Day boned and you replaced Will Smith with Stringer Bell.
Actor assigned to me by Roffman Jeff Goldblum: Movie I Loved: In terms of Jeff Goldblum, I have to say Independence Day. I think Jeff Goldblum was at his best as smarty "David Levinson" and I always hope to find him in similar roles. The movie might not have been a masterpiece (the terrible effect of the dog jumping to safety comes to mind, as well as the overdone "last line" from Randy Quaid, which comes in the form of like 3 last lines, (begging with the script writer to just pick one line and stick with it) but Goldblum is awesome, Will Smith is typically great, Judd Hirsch was fantastic and Bill Pullman had the best presidential speech of the 9,000 disaster movies that immediately followed. Movie I Liked: Jurassic Park. I mean come on! Chaos theory? Life will find a way? and who could forget the ever popular "Ah,.now eventually you might have Dinosaurs on your, on your Dinosaur tour, right Hello?" Equally tied in this position I have to mention the movie Powder. Sad but inspirational, Powder was fant ...
Great end to the four-day weekend. Ran three miles this morning, then Frank and I took the kids to the pool this afternoon. Then, Frank volunteered to do the grocery shopping. Tonight, steaks on the grill, sweet corn, and mojitos with our own home-grown mint. We'll finish the weekend by watching the Will Smith / Bill Pullman classic, Independence Day!
Figures all these Good Movies are on while I'm at work least u get a half hour of Independence Day just hope Will Smith brightens my day 😍😍
Saints OLB Will Smith's B-Day was July 4. Here's an ode to him & his taking back of Independence Day from Will Smith
the best part of Independence Day is when Will Smith punches the alien in the face.
watching Independence Day. Love Will Smith and Bill Pullman. Bill Pullmann was a celebrity crush of mine. lol. Day 3 of my vacation.
Yesterday, July 4th, we watched Independence Day with Will Smith . . . On February 2nd, we watch Groundhog Day with Bill Murray . . . On December 25th, we watch either A Christmas Story or The Polar Express. Do YOU have a movie you only watch on a particular day??
2 Things. 1: Officially my 1 year living in AZ anniversary. 2: Will Smith gets too much credit for Independence Day. Remember that Jeff Goldblum designed the virus that infiltrated their shield system. That Randy Quaid figured out where to hit them to destroy the city-ships. It was Bill Pullman that rallied the armies of the world to fight for their Independence Day. And it was Data that realized the realigning the the positronic matrix in his brain could allow him to go back in time and impersonate a scientist in order to allow humans to survive the war by discovering a crashed Ferengi ship in Roswell, then through careful manipulation, redesign it to appear as if it were part of the greater alien fleet so as to give the humans a fighting chance and an "understanding" of the alien technology, without advancing humanity too far. He then faked his own death in a secret bunker so that nobody would question when he returned to the future to help stop the Borg from also vastly altering the timeline with the c ...
Spent a sizzling day in 105 degree heat with Rachel, Gary and the Dula clan. Gary's wonderful bar-b-q tri-tip, doggies and other sumptuous treats, swimming for the girls in Audrey's pool, Will Smith saving the world in Independence Day, followed by a concert at the Vacaville Creek Walk park with a Credence Clearwater Revival Band. The fireworks were spectacular with a finale that I'd never seen -- ground level display that looked like a whirling fire fountain with red rockets shooting everywhere followed by the sky literally white with glittering fire. Home now with all the windows open enjoying our wonderful Delta Breeze.
Watching Independence Day on Independence Day! Nothing says America like Will Smith and Bill Pullman saving the world! :)
Independence Day does racial stereotypes in the most amazing way...when Will Smith steals the jet, the guy who tries to stop him is black and Will says "Are you really gonna shoot me?" and then the First Lady is tended to in the streets by Will Smith's black stripper girlfriend (Vivica A. Fox? Vanessa Williams? Toni Braxton? Some chick who may have been Stella getting her groove back, I'm not sure..)
Today, on this day 17 years ago. American came together as a unit & one to protect their land, moreover their planet. Many lives was lost on July 2 & 3 of 1996 but it was one man who rose to the occasion to save the world on July 4, 1996. thank Will Smith for Independence Day
For as big of a Will Smith fan as I am, I've never seen Independence Day. Going to watch it NOW! Flashback 1996! :-D
Can any one think Independence Day with out thinking about Will Smith and Jeff Goldbum lighting up cigars and strutting across the desert, Randy Quaid saying "Up yours!" or Bill Pullman giving the best presidential speech ever?
Will Smith is Too Expensive to Save the World - With Independence Day right around the corner, it makes us at Wizard World nostalgic thinking that the film Independence Day starring Will Smith and Bill Pullman is over a decade old! Luckily, Independence Day 2 and Independence Day 3 are currently in the works and waiting to receive the illusive green light. Unfortunately, Will Smith
Independence Day! The annual celebration of the day Will Smith saved us from the Aliens.
Independence Day rewatch! All I can focus on is the hideous dolphin engagement ring Will Smith's character bought for Vivica A. Fox.
Is the Jeff Goldblum/Will Smith duo in Independence Day the 90's answer to Gene Wilder/Richard Pryor?
What up America?!?! Spit N Image is celebrating Independence Day just like Will Smith. That's right we're killing aliens, smoking cigars with the president and doing the nasty with Vivica A. Fox. We're also giving out huge discounts over at the webshop. Use the code "LIBERTY" and get $5 off when you spend $35 or more, use the code "JUSTICE" and get $5 off any sweatshirt, and use the code "FORALL" to get FREE shipping for your entire order. As always we'll also hook you up with Spit N Image stickers & lighters. So hit up spitnimage.bigcartel.com before you hit up the BBQ and get proper.
Seriously though I have an issue with the fact Independence Day isn't on, where's Vivica A Fox and Will Smith
Happy 4th of July Americans in US and outside of US. After work today I'm gonna watch Will Smith's Independence Day. Thanks Tammy Smith I would also like to add, take a moment to reflect on the challenges of First Nations in both US and Canada, how they lost their land to early white settlers and some still live in extreme proverty, dont' have access to good food, health care or education. text description: handshape of the Ily symbol from American Sign Language with American colours on the handshape.
It is going to be a scorcher today. The 4th will be a perfect opportunity for watching a Will Smith marathon in air conditioned comfort. Start with "Independence Day" (naturally), then "I, Robot" and finish off with his classic sci-fi thriller "Wild, Wild West."
Happy 4th of July Week! America is celebrating its Independence Day (no, not the one with Will Smith & Randy Quaid) this Thursday, so SuperHeroStuff is joining in on the celebration by offering our LARGEST discount ever! Take 20% Off EVERYTHING when you use code JULY20 before 7/6!
If you prefer to stay in and beat the heat this 4th of July here is a list of movies you may want to consider or there are a few programs on Broadcast TV ... In the Line of Fire on ION (Ch 51) at 10am. National Treasure on ABCFAM all day starting at 1pm w/ National Treasure: Book of Secrets & National Treasure at 330pm. A Capitol Fourth on PBS (Ch 8) at 7-10pm. Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular on NBC (Ch 12) at 7-10pm. Independence Day w/ Will Smith on A&E at 9pm.
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Ben finds himself punching alien faces next to Will Smith when the newly-named Cineporter jumps him into Independence Day. A slip up in the alien control roo...
Independence Day director Roland Emmerich sent shockwaves through Hollywood when he declared that the film's star Will Smith was “too expensive and too much of a marquee name” to star in the sequel, scheduled to come out in 2015. Emmerich had previously declared that it would be impossible to do a s...
Apparently Rush Hour 4 is being rumored... If Chris Tucker can do Rush Hour 4 why can't Will Smith do Independence Day 2???
What do you think of this news? Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman will definitely be back for the Independence Day sequel, but Will Smith probably won't.
If you make an Independence Day sequel nearly 20 years later and Will Smith is too expensive, will anybody show up to buy a ticket? That great mystery of life w
Kooo Keith chopshop radio: Man!! Will..drop yo' prices..Smh Will Smith Won't Star In 'Independence Day' Sequel Because He's 'Too Expensive' "Independence Day" is getting a sequel. 20th Century Fox announced the film will be released July 3, 2015 "Will Smith can not come back because he's too expensive, Since 2001's "Ali," Smith brings in at least $20 million per picture . He earned a reported $28 million for 2004's "I, Robot Smith made an estimated $20 million for "Men In Black III." The film was one of the highest-grossing films of last year earning $624 million worldwide.
Turns out there's gonna be 2 Independence Day sequels (but no Will Smith)
Will Smith not starring in Independence Day sequels
Film: Newswire: Will Smith declared "too expensive" for Independence Day sequels : Now that the first of two s...
Roland Emmerich has revealed the Independence Day sequel won't feature the veteran actor.
Meet Bootsie, who has the unfortunate distinction of being here at the MSPCA at Nevins Farm longer than any other current feline resident. Bootsie has been anxiously waiting for his forever family to come and claim him – and at the age of 10, he really deserves it! Bootsie is one of many senior cats whose adoption fee will be waived during our ‘Declare Your Love’ Senior Cat Adoptathon, where all adoption fees will be waived for any cat over the age of 9 years thanks to the Ivan Smith Adoption Challenge. The Adoptathon runs from July 1-July 14 at all MSPCA Adoption Centers (and here at Nevins we’ll actually be starting on July 2, since we’re closed on the 1st). Declare your love for Bootsie and his senior friends – hit that share button, and encourage everyone you know to do the same. We’d love to see Bootsie celebrating Independence Day in a new forever home! www.mspca.org/adoptions
Ok A life changing event happened to me last night. I was abducted! Yes Abducted can you imagine that! No Seriously.. Stop laughing...I'm Serious here.okay okay do you wanna hear me out or what.oh come on this is good stuff, nothing like this has sever happened to me before. What you say, you'll listen for a moment or two. GREAT! Well the Family and I had just returned from our vacation for a few days down in Williamsburg, Virginia. I was tired from the trip home and from our adventures on vacation. Everyone had gone to bed early, I being the defiant one when it comes to sleep stayed up past midnight, I was watching believe it or not Independence Day, the movie with Will Smith, Bill Pullman, and Jeff Goldblum. All through the movie i kept hearing noises outside the house in the back yard; a noise that sound like someone kicking a five gallon bucket followed by sounds like squirrels. I thought squirrels slept at night. Well I let it pass and returned back to watching the movie. I was towards the ...
Independence Day is great. Back when Will Smith was bad ***
Will Smith won't be back for the Independence Day sequel
Independence Day was Will Smith's only Good Movie
Independence Day is such a Good Movie, I feel like if aliens came to earth Will Smith would really save the world
I'm watching Independence Day and a thought occurred to me. Will Smith plays the perfect stereotypical Marine. He thinks he's all badass throughout the whole movie, he's trying to marry a stripper and he's supporting a kid that isn't his.
Roland Emmerich is now confirmed as being on board for a sequel to hit movie Independence Day which saw Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum battle an all out Alien Invasion. Rumours of a sequel have been going for ages but no it seems we will find out what happened next.…
Alrighty folks , we got sun this morning . And I got you 3 nice sunrise pics . Image 1 was early right at the break of dawn . 2 is just as sun starts rising & 3 is full sun over the horizon , all at the lake ! My reflections while viewing this sunrise -Very few people really see things unless they've had someone in early life who made them look at things. And name them too. But the looking is primary, the focus. The 4th image is sunset from yesterday of sun kissing storm clouds good bye ! After the thunderstorms came through and the rainbow had taken a bow the sun made a final appearance. What a beautiful show it was. It also reminded me of a spaceship from the movie "Independence Day" as well. Hey, I wonder where Will Smith was! Well , it is currently 80 degrees , with a 6mph breeze . Projected high today is 91 . But as you can see in image 5 , the dark red from you guys to my south will be upon us tomorrow . But our forecast calls for that mid 90 temp for the next week or so . No triple digits in sight ...
Randy Quaid in Independence Day is one of the best things. And Jeff Globlum. And Will Smith. And Bill Pullman. And all the awesome ladies~
They should remake Independence Day with Jaden Smith as Will Smith's character & Bill Pullman as Randy Quaid's character.
Listen, I'm not one to criticise a movie. I mean I know that you don't take it all as a given or that it is realistic. HOWEVER, I just watched Independence Day again and I have a few questions: 1. If the mothership was one fourth (not a quarter) the size of our moon, how did we not see this until it was on top of us. I mean, aren't we currently tracking meteorsthe size of cars?? And we didn't see this? 2. When it did become stationary over the earth, would it not be visible from the ground. I mean one fourth the size of the moon?? 3. What the *** did Will Smith and his crew think they were going to do with the 4 rockets on their planes? I mean the ship was the size of New York. Don't think a few rockets was bringing it down. 4. Even if they did shoot it down, it was just going to crush the city anyway. 5. How the *** did Jeff Goldblum connect his laptop to an alien spacship. Was it through USB??? Did they need this to connect their iPods or something. I mean, I'm having a problem connecting my new phone . ...
Did you know Will Smith has starred in some of the biggest moneymaking blockbusters of all time, from 'Independence Day' to the 'Men In Black' franchise, but he had the opportunity to have another legendary franchise at one point in time. Smith was originally offered the role of Neo in 'The Matrix,' before turning it down to make the notorious flop 'Wild, Wild West' alongside Kevin Kline.
Is the world a better place when black people become "colorless?" At least they end up making a lot more money. Vivica A. Fox says that among the advice she was given by Will Smith, her co-star in "Independence Day," is that they should work to become actors that are "colorless," in that they
       If and when Roland Emmerch does carry out his plans for a 'Independence Day' sequel, Jeff Goldblum has revealed that he will be back as David Levinson.   Emmerich revealed a while back that he's already working with the writer and building a 'bible' of stories for the sequels, which means he could be planning for more than two.   Emmerich and everyone involved also promised that once they receive the greenlight for the sequel, Jeff Goldblum would definitely be back to reprise his role. There's no word on whether any of the other actors from 'Independence Day' would be back, but I don't think any of them are really indispensable the way that Goldblum is, apart from maybe Will Smith.   However, while Smith's schedule is very crowded, I don't think he would turn down an opportunity to return to the franchise that made him an international movie star.             Either way, Independence Day 2 is actually listed as being in 'development', which could mean anything, for all we kn ...
Independence Day: When I'm not watching monster movies all the time, I'm enjoying the occasional alien invader flick. Even though it's established this is a great movie, there ARE things that need to be addressed. The story is very simple: alien ships appear all over the world and their means are to blow everything up and enslave us. It's a typical plot that also has undertones about how we fought for our independence that somewhat make it cheesy. I'll give the plot this though, the build up is incredible. It really gives you the feeling impending doom is coming. When the alien ships roll around, you know it's only a matter of time before it hits the fan. The casting you can immediately see coming: Bill Pullman as the President, Jeff Goldblum as a computer geek, Judd Hirsch as his grumpy grandfather, Will Smith as the charming Air Force pilot, Harry Connick Jr. as his goofy best friend, they're all a big roundup of disaster movie stereotypes. Some like the afore mentioned and even Will Smith are very char ...
Will Smith is a scientologist? Is that why he was so mad at the aliens in Independence Day?
Reaction to the After Earth trailor: Will Smith, have you discovered the fountain of youth? Because you DO NOT look your age! {not that I'm complaining! ^_^} And I'm digging the new prim & proper Sci-fi Fantasy dialect...speechwise, it looks like you've definitely grown from "Independence Day" & I am grateful. ^_^
Is the Fresh Prince's son really gonna move to Bel Air get his own "Jeffrey"??? Will And Jaden Smith To Appear On Ellen Degeneres Show To Talk Legal Emancipation Via USMagazine It's not Independence Day just yet for Jaden Smith. The nearly 15-year-old actor and dad Will Smith sat down for a joint in...
Jeff Goldblum has the best swagger at the end of Independence Day. He outswaggers Will Smith. That's a lot of swagger. Now I've typed swagger so much it doesn't seem like a word anymore.
Lmaooo "They were cheering for Kirk Hinrich like he saved the world like he was Will Smith in Independence Day" Stephen A is too much lol
Watching Independence Day. Been a long long time. Time to perve on Will Smith.
Independence Day (movie) to be made into series with two-part conclusion. Will Smith is yet to jump on board.
Emmerich: Will Smith 'too big' for 'Independence Day 2' - Back in 1996, Will Smith launched onto...
How you gonna do an 'Independence Day' sequel, but not be sure if Will Smith will be in it... Not to mention muscle face Vivica..
Independence Day is a class film...Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith strolling around having the craic!
Was just thinking about the movie Independence Day for some odd reason... You know the movie where Will Smith and Jeff Goldbloom plant a virus on the mother ship and take down their shields? But it occurred to me... Don't you think word would of gotten back to the alien home planet? To let them know to swing by their local galactic Best Buy or HH Gregg on the way to Earth to purchase a copy of McAfee or Norton so they could install it and finish what they started? I mean I they could probably even download a 30 day trial off the intergalactic web.
I'd sure like to see a recent movie with Brent Spiner in it, with some quirky bit of humor. In the meantime. . .where'd I put Independence Day starring Will Smith?
Live everyday as though it were Independence Day – try to shoot Will Smith into space.
Great News! Vivica Fox, one of the stars of Independence Day with Will Smith and “Copperhead” of the Kill Bill series, will be joining us at the HCSI 2nd Annual Gift of Life Gala at the Vizcaya Museum in Miami, Florida on Saturday, April 20th. Benefits from the Gala will go towards treatment for financially strapped teens and adults suffering from addiction through the not-for-profit HCSI.ORG.
Independence Day ... Never gets old. Will Smith and Vivica A. Fox should of for real got married :P
So the only black guy to ever save the world on screen is Steven Hiller(Will Smith) on Independence Day? Assisted by a white man even.
Ok FB everybody has been brining me down with their first world problems and I need to have some fun on here. Infinite degrees of separation.. Will Smith was in Independence Day with Bill Pullman who..
Alright, tweeps. Bigger badass... Will Smith in Independence Day or Brendan Fraser in The Mummy? Flip to Spike/TNT if you need help choosing
Nene Barry and Anne Robinson just made their cameo appearance at the end of Spielberg's War Of The Worlds. Well done Mr. Spielberg! Well done indeed! Now over to Spike TV to watch Independence Day! Go Will Smith! Kick those aliens' ***
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Remember when Will Smith got the 1st Aunt Viv fired. That was a to distract us from Independence Day, which was a real story
During a party for his NBC sitcom "1600 Penn," actor Bill Pullman, who plays the President of the United States on the show, spoke to Crave Online where he confirmed that the "Independence Day" sequels, "Independence Day Forever Part 1" and Independence Day Forever Part 2," are definitely happening with Roland Emmerich returning to direct and Dean Devlin producing. Before playing the Commander-in-Chief in the new sitcom, Pullman memorably played U.S. President Thomas J. Whitmore in Emmerich's 1996 sci-fi blockbuster. Pullman also addressed the situation on whether or not Will Smith will return as fighter pilot Capt. Steven Hiller (a role that would make him an international superstar). Pullman stated that they have two separate versions laid out: One with Smith's Hiller character and one without...just in case Smith decides not to return.
This is a 2 part question! Part 1 are you interested in an Independence Day sequel? And part 2 will you be interested still if you found out that Will Smith might not be in it?
Trying to coordinate my friends to see a movie, the Hobbit, is like trying to coordinate the international counter-offensive in Independence Day. I just need Bill Pullman, Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, and Judd Hirsch to bring it all together.
You people shouldn't act like Will Smith movies isn't trash, Apart from Independence Day.
Soo...Will Smith shook Bill Pullman's hand while working on the set of Independence Day. Bill Pullman then hugged his sister, who worked in the doctors off where I got my physicals... soo in essence... will Smith Smith has touched my balls.
When the shot clock runs out on 12/21/12 who are we gonna dish the rock to? Bruce Willis in Armageddon or Will Smith in Independence Day?
So, Roland Emmerich fought quite a bit of racial push back from the studio in casting Will Smith in Independence Day... *** Now I have to respect him somewhat.
I like to think that somewhere at 20th Century Fox studios, there's a contract signed by Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, and Director Roland Emmerich, called the Declaration of Independence Day.
From this day forth, July 4th shall not be known to me as Independence Day, but instead: Randy Quaid Day. He gave his life to save us from the Alien Invasion so he deserves a day of remembrance... Sure, Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum helped take down the aliens too, but Randy Quaid is the one who gave the final sacrifice that saved our planet.
What the F happened, I just woke up and all your statuses says "LINOG", "EARTHQUAKE", I feel like Will Smith in "INDEPENDENCE DAY" I go back to sleep cause it didn't reach a magnitude of 6.
Obama's picture looks like that alien that Will Smith punched out in Independence Day
I hit the club when you left me thinking that could heal. Trying to celebrate my Independence Day, Will Smith.
Shout out to the exotic dancers (like Will Smith's wife in Independence Day) that make their money to raise their kids by dancing for men.
Independence Day is still the sickest film and Will Smith is still the sickest bloke
it's awesome. Looks like Independence Day craic. Waiting for Will Smith to start blowing sh** up :)
Will Smith the celebrity Actor and Musician formerly a scientologist and a free thinker converted to Islam. Allahu Akbar
So I want Once Upon a Time, NCIS and the movie Independence Day with Will Smith for Christmas :D lol
Independence Day was an awesome movie. If you have hate for Will Smith go do yourself a favor and whack your head into a wall, a bunch.
features a host of cinematic legends. Look out for Will Smith's Independence Day flight suit!
HERE'S A LIST OF EVERY ACTOR/ACTRESS THAT ARE EITHER UGLY, ANNOYING OR BOTH: (please feel free to add to the list of cretins below) 1) Jon Cryer 2) Anna Gun 3) Tom Cruise 4) Ashton Kutcher 5) Jaleel White (more commonly remembered as Steve Urkel) 6) John Ritter (R.I.P) 7) Marin Hinkle (Judith Harper) 8) Will Smith 9) Christoper McDonald (Shooter McGavin) 10) Mike Myers 11) James Rebhorn (Frequently typecast as a detective or some type of authority figure in many movies; Carlito's Way, My Cousin Vinny, Scent of a Woman and Independence Day. Thats all i can think of off the the top of my head, but i'm open to all suggestions of anyone that comes to mind not on the list.
Going to eat lunch today, we saw Harry Connick Jr filming his new video. Henry McDaniel asks who... the waitress says his name and that he's a big deal. I think about it and tell Henry he's the guy who proposes to Will Smith in Independence Day and says "Let's light the fires and burn the tires big daddy". Oh to only know Sci Fi movies...
According to the Israelite's of UPK outside of Market East, Judgement day is going to be like Independence Day, Will Smith to save the day.
Independence Day sent Will Smith's career into the stratosphere. I thought Vivica Fox was going to be just as big. I thought she was great.
paid up his $5 dollars on our bet! He was swearing up and down that A.J. Johnson played Will Smith's wife in "Independence Day", but we all know it was Vivica Fox! Ha! Coffee on Jeff, today! Whoohoo! LOL WBLS 107.5
Happy Birthday Bapu!!! Don't be surprised if these are the only wishes you are getting for the day, because., 1. We are too busy with liquor parties at home (of course we bought it double the price yesterday. Again this is all because of your birthday being celebrated as 'Dry day.') 2. We are too busy cheering Australia against Pakistan in T20 world cup. 3. We are too busy watching 'Independence Day' on Star movies, Starring Will Smith not Balraj Sahni 4. We are too busy being mute spectators for the rot that politicians create. 5. We are too busy waiting endlessly to hear our PM speak and act. 6. We are too busy giving endless lectures about how our system has failed but still jump traffic signals. Now you tell me where in 24 hrs of the day we will get time to wish you??
A sequel to the smash hit Independence Day has been in the works for some time . While there's plenty hinging on the quality of the script, and the return of the stars - namely Will Smith - producer Dean Devlin recently gave an update on the red carpet at the recent Saturn Awards.
I know it's a bit cheesy and yet I never get tired of hearing President Whitmore (Bill Pullman) give his Independence Day speech, hearing Randy Quaid tell the aliens he's back or most importantly seeing the swagger of Will Smith & Jeff Goldblum after they nuked the mothership! ;)
I can't tell who's chewing the scenery harder in Independence Day: Bill Pullman, Judd Hirsch, or Will Smith
Will Smith (born September 25, 1968) is an American actor and former music artist. He gained fame from the TV series The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and has gained popularity since. He's dabbled in recording, but has primarily been an actor, appearing in films such as Independence Day and The Pursuit o...
It was announced earlier this year that Twentieth Century Fox would re-release a 3D version of the film that we could say helped launch Will Smith to superstardom status - Independence Day (or ID4).
Director Roland Emmerich and producer Dean Devlin have each provided updates on 'Independence Day 2 & 3,' but there's still no word on Will Smith's return.
Someone asked where was I: I woke on 9/11 and turned on television. I saw plumes of smoke on the television screen. I thought it was the movie Independence Day with Will Smith because the night before was my birthday party and we were all watching the movie. Then I realized . . . I was not watching a movie. I remember the next day at work standing outside my office with Paul Black and that eerie feeling when the sky was void of planes. It was just too weird.
Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin are hoping to revive their 1996 film ‘Independence Day’ and gain a larger fan following so that they’ll be able to continue their story with two sequels. One thing being done to help them is the planned re-release of the original film starring Will Smith, Bill Pullman...
Will Smith wants $50 million for new Independence Day movies. Fifty million dollars?! Who he think he is Chelsea Clinton?
We are in Beijing! Total FAIL at dinner last night, but on the bright side maybe I will lose some weight this trip. Dare to dream...but not in the hard as a rock bed! Hopefully Guangzhou will be more comfy. We will survive, it's still better than camping ;) Today we have a whirlwind day of touring Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and a jade factory. Very exciting to learn about jade and get to shop! Movie quote of the day, courtesy of Will Smith in "Independence Day": "...and what the *** is that smell?!"
98) Will Smith played the part of Steven Hiller in the film 'Independence Day'. What was his codename? A. Eagle B. Hawk C. Raptor D. Condor RULES: Giving the answer to the main question is worth five (5) points or wins. Bonus Point section questions are worth one (1) point or win each. Bonus points are given for stating interesting facts about any of these actors or actresses movies or the actor or actresses who starred in them and their careers. Plus plots of the movie. Names of the Producer(s), Director(s), Writer(s), Costume Designer(s) and Make-up Artist(s), etc. As usual, points are given for facts not already mentioned by someone else. NOTE: Anyone can play and you are always allowed to look up the answers on the Internet. You can add answers to any of the past questions and get points as long as no one else has already given that information.
thinks that life is a lot like the movie "Independence Day." Except some days, you're Will Smith, other days you're Jeff Goldblum... ... He, however, often feels more like Randy Quaid. That's distasteful...
If I could re-cast Independence Day only Randy Quake, Bill Pullman, and Will Smith would be certain to stay in it.
Independence Day is really a Good Movie with Will Smith and Vivica Fox too on A&E cable TV
"Independence Day" Movie is on A&E cable TV with ... Will Smith, Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum, Mary McDonnell
Estimated net worth: $215 Million Mention ‘Will Smith’ and movies like Men In Black and Hancock will immediately come to mind. Incidentally, Will pocketed a whopping $20 million talent fee for the latest installment of the hit Men In Black III, and around the same amount for the 2008 superhero film Hancock. Will’s acting career began in a 90’s TV sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. But his career kicked-off after hit action movies Bad Boys and Independence Day, with the latter earning revenues of more than $800 million. Will also took home Grammy Awards for his rap music, and produced several films including Seven Pounds and I am Legend. Born to humble parents working as a school admin and refrigerator engineer, Will has come a long way with all the success he has earned. With his millions, Will can practically buy his mom her own school!
Let's be honest, the ring Will Smith gave Vivica A. Fox in Independence Day was tacky as ***
I bet Will Smith wishes that he flew the F-14 into the alien ship when he saved the world on Independence Day. Not Randy Quaid.
Independence Day! Will Smith, Bill Pullman, (1996) ***, Blockbuster about an army of alien spaceships attacking Earth and the heroes who try to pulverize them. Spectatular, Oscar-winning special effects. Will Smith and Bill Pullman. (Sci-Fi, 145mins). Good Movie.
I know what you mean. I'm watching Independence Day right now, which is basically West Wing + Jeff Goldblum + Will Smith
...guess he wanted an Independence Day remake with Batman as the President Bill Pullman and Morgan Freeman playing Will Smith's character?
Will Smith turned down Django Unchained but is considering Independence Day 2. Priorities.
Happy B-Day goes out to my "Big Bro" Ernest Tron Anderson!! Original Staff writer for "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" starring Will Smith!! He also has re-write credits for Major Motion Pictures like "Bad Boy's", "Independence Day" and "Men In Black"!! (just to name a few) May all your wishes come true today "Tron"!! Looking forward to seeing your latest project "Hard knocks"!!
Roland Emmerich will be directing Independence Day 2, the cast will include Will Smith as president
Two sequels to Roland Emmerich's 1996 Alien Invasion blockbuster Independence Day starring Will Smith are apparently in the works.
Writers Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich are finally keen on making a sequel to 1996's Will Smith blockbuster Independence Day.
My 4th was GREAT!! Grilled & chilled with family & my friends!!! Watched the movie Independence Day with Will Smith!! How cool is that!! LOL Went to Fort Gordon last night for a Gary Sinese & Lt. Dan Band concert. Got there early got something to eat & kinda settled in.. The next thing I know its thundering. lightning, hailing, wind blowing very hard (tree blew over on top of a car) & we were RUNNING for our car!! Stay in the car till THAT storm was over. Went back to the stage to see if the show was going on & it was a go! Got ALL comfy again & was really enjoying the show when it started thundering,lightening & pouring down rain. I was drenched!!! Show was stopped for bad weather But we enjoyed a good hour of the show!! They are AWESOME!! Worth getting wet for!!
So I'm sitting here watching Independence Day and I realized a few things. 1. I forget how much I like this movie until every time I see it again. 2. The effects in this movie are subpar. 3. In 15 yrs, Will Smith's son is gonna remake it and f' it up. 4. It has taken me 16 yrs to realize that the first 2 movies I saw in movie theatres when I came to the US in 1996 both had Bill Pullman in them; Mr. Wrong and Independence Day.. *** Bill Pullman...LOL. Yes the first movie I ever saw in the US was Mr Wrong...glad i wasn't traumatized
Me: "What movie is this?" Amanda: "Independence Day." Me: "Is that the one that's like Star Fox with Will Smith?"
The US has Independence Day, why doesn't Canada have a movie starring Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith defeating aliens called Canada Day?
Why does Netflix still refuse to put Independence Day on instant watch? I wanna see Bill Pullman and Will Smith fighting aliens goddammit.
On this Independence Day, we remember Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Will Smith. And Mel Gibson (the Patriot.)
would like to wish everyone a happy Independence Day and ask you to remember those who died during the great Alien Invasion of '96. Be thankful for Will Smith and Bill Pullman for their heroics
On this 4th of July, I'd like to commemorate the valiant actions of Will Smith during the documentary Independence Day. Because of him, we now live free from the tyranny of alien overlords. Also, we will never forget how Randy Quaid died for our sins, sacrificing himself to destroy on of the spaceships over the southwest United States. If you disagree, you're a commie/terrorist/alien. NEVER FORGET.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Thanks to our founding fathers; Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, Randy Quaid and Bill Pullman! Happy Independence Day!!!
The only way I'd re-watch the movie "Independence Day" is if Will Smith kicked out the aliens like Uncle Phil used to do Jazz.
Independence Day - A day when we honor the sacrifice of Randy Quaid, the leadership of Bill Pulliam or Bill Paxton (I confuse the two), the made for movie songs of Will Smith and gratitude of a planet for an alien race who could travel 3 billion miles with their advanced technology force field protected space craft that could not manage to communicate with each other without the use of our satellites
We celebrate today, the 16th anniversary of one the greatest alien attacks our nation as ever known. Were it not for the bravery of Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum, the leadership of the great President Bill Pullman, and of course the crazy piloting skills of Randy Quaid; we would not be able to call today, our Independence Day!!!
This Fourth of July, kick back and watch clips of the most patriotic movies ever, from 1942’s Yankee Doodle Dandy to Tom Cruise’s Top Gun to the Will Smith blockbuster Independence Day to this year’s Navy SEALs actioner, Act of Valor.
Is "Independence Day" with Will Smith the only 4th of July themed movie offered on TV today? I would really enjoy something a little more classic with Henry Fonda or Gary Cooper. What a world...what a world!
This day in 1996 Will Smith saved us from an Alien Invasion. This day will be know as non-other then Independence Day!
Ah yes 4th of July, a.k.a. Independence Day. It was on this day that Abraham Lincoln slew the vampire race and sent them back to *** no... that's..not right. O! the day the General Lee drove over that huge ramp and got away from Boss Hog. no... wait. it was the day that soldier guy in the red white and blue won WW2 for us and killed that weird red headed guy! no that still feels wrong.i got it! of course! Independence Day was that time when Will Smith killed all those aliens and saved the world! I knew I'd get it eventually. Abraham Lincoln..what was I thinking.
What's a better display of Will Smith's driving skills: the getaway in Independence Day or the highway scene in Bad Boys 2?
Watching "Independence Day" with Harry Connick Jr. and Will Smith in it.I love the movie and try to watch it every time it's on. I hope you all have a great 4th of July but remember to offer up a prayer for all our veterans and for all our men and women serving right now so that we can continue to be free!!
Did a run yesterday got me feeling like Superwoman! I am feeling great. I'm getting ready to make my shake and it's about to go down. Lol. Have a blessed day to one and all and remember Emancipation Day in the VI is not about the Will Smith movie, Independence Day, but about our own true Ancestors who paved the way for our liberation.
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