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Will Smith

Willard Christopher Will Smith, Jr. (born September 25, 1968) is an American actor, producer, and rapper.

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Don Cheadle and Jamie Foxx can act circles around Will Smith but Will gets all the love
Will Smith ain't got Ray in his catalog so this should be pretty easy
Will Smith did an EDM song w DJ Jazzy Jeff and I can't.. tell... If. TROLL
I look forward to see how the new Max Landis film with Will Smith soon...hope its good
I'm watching b2k videos and yo I forgot Will Smith, Ron Isley, and Vivica A. Fox had a cameo in the Girlfriend video!!!
Will Smith was only 22 when he sat on the throne as the Prince of Bel-Air
I want Ted Cruz to coach me like Will Smith in Hitch
Will Smith just posted the first image from the Aladdin movie remake set
lol james needs to research his people more. he tried to tell us that Will Smith was in High…
Will Smith shares selfie with Aladdin cast as live-action remake starts production:
Will Smith gives first look at live-action Aladdin film
Aladdin: Will Smith shares first cast photo from live-action remake
She said that my favorite movie was with Will Smith and Jackie Chan in Rush hour... 🤔
It was so convenient for Will Smith's rhyme scheme that he was drinking tequila when he pulled Sheila
Live action Konosuba movie, starring Will Smith as Kazuma (Karl), Tina Fey as Aqua,…
Maybe it'll be different. I don't see Will Smith doing…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
And now Will Smith is up to play him.
Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff debut new music together after 19 years.
Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff premiered their new song, Get Lit" at
So. Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff have a new song. . Really not what I was expecting.
I liked a video Will Smith and jazzy jeff-boom shake the room
Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff out here dropping EDM songs
Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff just released a new (edm?) song called 'Get Lit'. Think about that when youre kissing your loved ones good night.
New post (Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff Premiere 'Get Lit' in England) has been published on EDM is life -…
Wait, "unreleased song" Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff got new music coming?? Bring back the show too!
Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff have unleashed an EDM track on the world
Thoughts on Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff's new EDM song?
Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff 'get lit' on their newly released track for the first time since 1998: http…
Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff are really out here making full-blown EDM songs . Listen here:…
Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff perform first new single in 20 years via
Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff debut new song at Livewire Festival -
Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff are back with their first song in 19 years and they want you to get jiggy with it:
Will Smith's sidekick, Jazzy Jeff is heading to this Exeter nightclub
Congrats to Andrew Sopko, Shea Spitzbarth, Matt Beaty, Will Smith & Yusniel Diaz for making the Arizona Fall League.
Sleepy! Was in Blackpool yest watching Will Smith! Kept your voice in my head during scary mome…
Sounded like a good game to miss, I've been stuck in a queue for an hour and a half and missed it all. Will Smith is boss though 👌🏻
In Blackpool today to see Will Smith with the Mrs for anniversary, but still praying for a Liverpool win. Glorious weather too 🙌🏻
Will Smith will be in Lancashire today for a rare UK gig - who's going?.
I kinda wonder what exactly they did for the "Edgar-suit" effect. Now back to Will Smith meeting Kay for investigation buddies time. :)
Jim Carrey & Will Smith on the awesome law of attraction power of "Creative Visualization"
Will Smith is the only actor to have eight consecutive films gross more than $100 million at the domestic box office.
I didn't like Harley Quinn either tbh. Will Smith was the only one I liked in there.
Issac Hayes was one. So was Jim Brown. Supposedly Will Smith was but left
Julie Bowen asked for more money after learning what Will Smith and Denzel Washington were paid.
Eels: Will Smith replaces Bevan French at fullback. Kenny Edwards replaces Manu Ma'u in the 2nd row
How do you find Will Smith in the snow?. You have to follow the Fresh Prince.
No matter what you think of Suicide Squad, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Viola Davis as Amanda Waller & Will Smith as Deadsh…
Why is Will Smith and Jimmy Walker hanging out with Sandra Bullock's ex,…
Will Smith's 'Fresh Prince' character was very wholesome & popular. Sound PR move from Aaron Smith 2 bring back his fade hairstyle
Just watched a gorgeous movie: "Collateral Beauty" - Will Smith, Ed Norton, Kate Winslet, Kira Knightly...and more.
Will Smith- native son-has a nice ring to it or KATE SMITH - miracle worker and good luck charm
The only good things about Suicide Squad are Will Smith as DeadShot and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn
Will Smith's Overbrook Productions and Sony putting this one together for YouTube Red!!!
Will Smith really look like that episode of Fresh Prince when he played Ashley Pops.
Will Smith got the blessing to portray in a movie.
Wild Wild West with Will Smith is a underrated movie
Let us appreciate the 1999 film, Wild Wild West, directed by Barry Sonnenfeld and starring Will Smith & Kevin Kline.
When you haven't seen the movie 'Major League' but you tell everyone you have so Will Smith will think you're cool
Will Smith, Hallie Berry, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Wesley Snipes & Chris Tucker all need to make a come back in Hollywood
Young That episode of Fresh Prince where Ben Vereen leaves Will Smith again.
Will Smith and James Corden team up for Carpool Karaoke
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Obama wants Will Smith to play him in a movie because he has the right ears
Barack Obama told Will Smith he 'has the ears' to play him in a biopic 😂
One of my coworkers is in the breakroom saying that Eddie Murphy's brother is Will Smith and I'm trying not to facepalm audibly
📎Carpool Karaoke debuts on Apple Music with James Corden and Will Smith
National News: "Carpool Karaoke" series debuts with Will Smith and James Corden
New Carpool Karaoke series has started with the absolute legend Will Smith 😎
Will Smith is on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden and it's AWESOME!!! . - &
Apple Music's Carpool Karaoke with Will Smith couldn't be better. Watch here...
Will Smith gets jiggy with a marching band in a hella nostalgic Carpool Karaoke
Will Smith singing 'Gettin' Jiggy Wit It' on Carpool Karaoke will bring you right back to the '90s ht…
Will Smith joins for the premiere of
Will Smith starred in The Fresh Prince of Belair that helped propel him towards Hollywod.
Will Smith still hasn't won an Oscar?
Happy Sunday. Here’s an important photo of Michael Jordan posing with Kid 'n Play, Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff.
Deeply Touching – Just the Two of Us by Will Smith. Illustrated by Kadir Nelson.…
Raiders TE Lee Smith has indeed taken a paycut. Was scheduled to make a $2.75M base salary. Will now make $1M along with a…
has been iffy for years tbh... getting Smith back will help mask a lot of the deficiencies this…
Stephen A Smith does not like Will Cain lmaoo
"...unmortified sin will:. 1. weaken the soul, and deprive it of its vigour. 2. darken the soul, and deprive it of comfort and peace.". Owen
After Will Smith broke up with the actress who also played his girlfriend on Fresh Prince of Bel air he had her fired.
Head of Build, Zoe Cranley & VFX Sup, Brian Connor & Global Head of Lighting, Matthew Smith will be on our stand no…
That time that Will Smith made fun of me making fun of him... Will Smith Pokes Fun at his Accent in Concussion
"If you are not making someone else's life better, than you're wasting your time." - Will Smith
Looks like Dom Smith will be up Tuesday if not sooner
right I totally project Sharpe at LT 2018... Tice will wants best 5, Lee Smith can help lined up n…
Welcome to the 248 family!Virginia Nyeema Miracle and Will committing to being in Customer Servce
Barcelona will buy Coutinho. Mahrez will move to Liverpool.
Taco been better if he can bend on tha rip he will beat any1 and 2 beat Smith knock his ha…
18 DAYS UNTIL THE ! Katy Simpson Smith And bookseller Trianne will be there! Will you!?
This is probably what the Pixel 2 will look like (Chris Smith/Boy Genius Report)
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
The first Quantum backdoor ? : , Code: , Defeating NSA for dummies : https…
We will be played on Friday at 4PM❤️ This is just the beginning of radio play. we❤️You😊
this gotta be the greatest acting I've seen from will smith.
This feels like the premise to a sci-fi movie starring Will Smith, or possibly a young Harrison Ford:
Thing about PSG is, Zlatan scored 50 in a season and still didn't get near the Balon d'Or. What does Neymar think wil…
The center of the Arab-Israeli crisis will always be the Temple Mount, a struggle over history and modern politics. http…
"I may win and I may lose, but I will NEVER be defeated" - Emmitt Smith
I would like to recommend Will Smith. He has years of experience
I'm thinking he's more Will Smith in Fresh Prince of Bel Air
I added a video to a playlist Will Smith - Miami (Matoma Remix)
Will Smith is the new Genie for Aladdin!
Dominic Smith now has 146 hits in 107 G this year, which ties his career high set in 2016 in 130 G.
"Stop letting people who do so little for you control so much of your mind, feelings and emotions". Will Smith
Nasa is hiring someone to protect Earth from Aliens & so it's been real but I've gotta go. What's Will Smith's emai…
Being realistic is the most common path to mediocrity. from Will Smith
Australia tour of Bangladesh: 'will they, won't they' continues.
will have you in a daze . Y'all holding each other , dim lights & all you can think about is how much you're in love. http…
With Hamlin and Fish expecting their second child any day now, Regan Smith will be standing by this weekend as a back up driver.
Lmao I didn't expect to actually fight aliens like Will Smith
I figure 2017 is a good of a time as any to listen to Will Smith's Willennium for the first time.
A McCall Smith, Alasdair Gray & others will celebrate life of cofounder Stephanie Wolfe Murray 23/08 https:…
The day Will Smith dies is the day I lose my will to live, you have taken my other comedy idols, spare the Fresh Prince
Joseph Smith was born to parents Patricia Martinez and Will Smith on Oct. 15, 1993 in Lindsay, Calif. He departed...
OMG You killed it!!! You're like a cross between Eddie Murphy and Will Smith 😂😂😂 better put you through!
I Am Legend was good, but that's a good line in the sand for when Will Smith went from big action…
I liked the bit with Will Smith on the firing range, in particular.
Finished Independence Day 2. The beat job of actor was by Will Smith. Skipping the movie was by far the best move.
Hey girl, I heard you like bad boys. *Inserts full length feature film starring Martin Lawrence and Will Smith into my VCR.*
PA has Will Smith. PA has Kevin Hart. PA has Meek Mill. PA has Kobe Bryant. PA has PnB but we lose bc Taylor Swift smh 🤦🏽‍…
Bright has a strangely good cast? They've got Will Smith, Joel Edgerton, and low-key Naomi Rapace, and Edgar Ramírez are in it.
Ezra Miller wants to fight Will Smith: Me and the Fresh Prince are gonna go at it https:…
"Will Smith and I have been planning a fight for a long time. Me and the the Fresh Prince are gonna have it out." Ezra Mi…
Someone asked Will Smith about this viral photo, and well.. you just have to read his reaction https:/…
*** is This..I mean is Will Smith turning into Nick Cage.. is he broke? Fire ur agent Will for real!!
Agent: Suicide Squad was terrible you gotta do something major. Will Smith: So this straight to Netflix one with th…
I don't discredit the Fresh Prince. I'm talking movie wise. Will Smith is the black Adam Sandler. . Don't @ me
I didn't lol. I said Will Smith is average. He used to pick movies that would be big re…
He said Will Smith is over rated and s horrible actot.
Will Smith and David Ayer brought to along with a new trailer:
Will Smith: "I had sex a few years later... It was close, but no Star Wars."
"Will Smith looks exactly like the older version he played of himself 20 years ago.". Well, yeah. It's the same person..
Will Smith: "My whole life I've been trying to give that feeling to fans" (feeling he felt when seeing Star Wars for the…
Will Smith on seeing Star Wars for the first time: "I have never been smashed like that in a movie theater. My mind was b…
Will Smith stars in the new trailer for Netflix's
I was struck by what Will Smith had to say about the lack of new A-listers and why he jumped to Netflix:
We reach The Cove. Ise like Will Smith in the them song for Fresh Prince how un-use I was to the luxury in Eleuther…
We can't help but love Terry Crews and Will Smith!
Will Smith Is a Cop in a World of Orcs and Elves in the Bright Trailer - TIME: TIME Will Smith Is a…
If You're absent during my struggle, don't expect to be present during my success. -Will Smith
I can’t believe I get to sit down with Will Smith tonight. We haven’t done that since we co-wrote “Summertime” with Jazzy…
Will Smith and respond to Christopher Nolan's comments on at San Diego Comic-Con
This looks so weird but I never doubt Will Smith. End of Watch meets Lord of the Rings?!?! Bright Trailer Netflix
Will Smith AND magical faerie creatures?? Why is this SO up my alley!?
Dennis Smith Jr. will be an animal in the NBA.
Will Netflix begin to cannibalize the theatrical experience if it can offer comparably big-budget films?
Crazy how Will Smith looks exactly like the time he portrayed himself as Ashley's dad.
Will Smith got a Netflix Original Movie dropping December 22nd. We watchin this as a family?
Jada ain't promoted one Will Smith movie but been talking about Tupac movie for weeks. Even released an official statement.…
Humans, Elves, Orcs, Will Smith... can't we all just get along? premieres on Netflix December 22.
Will Smith Polices the Supernatural in New Bright Trailer: Netflix has revealed the first full-length trailer for...
wow- just saw a preview of Will Smith's credits music from the new Aladdin!! managed to sneak a video- watch before Disne…
Will Smith's "Bright" puts a fresh spin on "diversity" in new trailer for upcoming Netflix release h…
.Don't want to nitpick but based on the trailer I feel very strongly that Will Smith is playing a Mary Sue in
Will Smith enters a world of orcs, elves & fairies in latest Bright trailer
Watching I Am Legend, and realizing how big of a TROLL is. This movie was great. Will Smith's acting is…
Will Smith is a cop on the edge of...Fantasy and is his grumpy Orc partner. Don't miss an exclusive peek at
Jada Pinkett Smith married Will Smith at 25 but definitely doesn't want her daughter to follow in her footsteps:
Of course. I listen too it. Will Smith, Queen Latifah and etc.
Well, he's just following Oprah Winfrey's & Will Smith's lead and others. It's okay for them to wis…
Imagine Men in Black but with Roseanne Barr and John Goodman instead of Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith... thank you
Lol Philadelphia will always have Bill Cosby, Meek and Will Smith to hang they hats on ! Right fella…
i wanna love like kimbers love for Will Smith
idk how I feel about Will Smith playing the Genie in the live action Aladdin... I was kinda rooting for someone like Steve Martin tbh
Will Smith is gonna rock this part 💙💙
I dont like Will Smith as the Genie.It would have been a great idea to have Jimmy Foxx playing him. Hes…
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And I'm also not so sure about Will Smith as genie. I could see Kevin Hart or even The Rock filling genie's shoes.
They should let Will Smith remake Bicentennial Man too
Also stoked that Will Smith will be Genie in Aladdin. I like The Rock and Kevin Hart but they're just in way too many things tbh
Fresh Prince-era Will Smith could rock as the Genie, but he seems like he's mellowed a lot since then.
You want stats, since I started listening to the morning show, Will Smith and Kid Rock songs have s…
Huge eye roll for Will Smith's casting as Genie in the upcoming live action 🙄 I can think of 1 thousand better candi…
Looks like Alen Hanson will pinch hit for Smith.
Disney just announced Mena Massoud & Naomi Scott will play Aladdin and Jasmine in their remake. Will Smith is the genie. h…
Russian Sukhoi 30 Jet Fighter in action. I have got to get me one of these - Will Smith
Bottom of the ninth and the Sox will send Smith, Engel, and Melky up to face Edwin Diaz. M's lead it, 4-3.
Will Smith as Genie? you made a mistake. would have been perfect.
Will Smith can pull off the voice of Genie. Nobody can do what Robin did. No point in trying. Will can make it fun.
Did I read that right? "Genie - Will Smith" yeah you know this movie boutta be lit 😂
I don't like that Will Smith is playing Genie. Robin Williams will always be my genie 😥
Just announced: MENA MASSOUD will play the title role in ALADDIN. Will Smith as the genie, Naomi Scott as Jasmine
IT'S OFFICIAL! Mena Massoud will play Naomi Scott will play and Will Smith will play the Genie. h…
Mena Massoud announced as Aladdin, Naomi Scott as Jasmine, and Will Smith as Genie in live-action Aladdin!
Will Smith never going to live up to Robin Williams so they better alter genie's personality
I love Will Smith but I really wish I could have seen Robin Williams play his part!
I'm sure Will Smith will kill the genie role. But *** I wish Robin Williams was still alive.
I’m really torn on this casting. Robin Williams means a lot to me, and the Genie is one of his best performances. I love Will Smith, too.
Ppl gotta keep in mind NO 1 EVER will be able to recreate Robin Williams 'Genie'. It's iconic. Will Smith knows he has to make this his own.
I think casting Will Smith as genie is a bold choice. Rather than replicate Robin Williams' performance, all Will n…
Will Smith be taking roles you'd expect to see The Rock in at this point.
Why are you all "Will Smith will never replace Robin Williams as the Genie". What should they do? Bring him back from the dead?
Will Smith has been officially confirmed in the role of Genie, made famous by Robin Williams in the 1992 film.
Will Smith's gonna play as Genie in Aladdin (which is very okay) but imagine if Robin Williams was still around. 😭
So impressed with the casting for - if anyone was going to cover Robin Williams as the genie it had to be a legend like Will Smith
D23 Expo 2017: Disney announces Will Smith as Genie in live-action Aladdin
Jared Leto sending used condoms to Will Smith is actually Darius Miles.
Wonder if Will Smith wakes up in the middle of the night & stares at Jada wondering if she's dreaming about getting her cakes d…
Will Smith's first name is Willard and not William?. Am I just late to the news or..?
Will Smith and Joel Edgerton in an exclusive look at Bright, a new Netflix original film
We've got a brand new look at Will Smith and Joel Edgerton in Netflix Original,
Him or Bill Hader would be phenomenal, I am warming up to the thought of Will Smith as him but maybe t…
.and I will be seeing Will Smith, Joel Edgerton, Noomi Rapace, Edgar Ramirez, Lucy Fry, Jared Padalecki…
Spinoff show concept: Bryan from The Bachelorette meets Will Smith's Hitch helping the everyday man find the woman of his dreams.
First look at Netflix's Bright - that's Joel Edgerton as an orc, Lucy Fry, and Will Smith.
Netflix's unveils new pic of Will Smith and Joel Edgerton's mismatched cops -
Daniel Day Lewis was so brilliant as Lincoln! But Spielberg they must rather use Will Smith or something or Denzel!
Will Smith is really one of the most charismatic screen presences since Jimmy Stewart
There's a character in Enemy of the State that looks like Snowden AND Will Smith's wife looks like, but is not as pretty, a…
Right now Hart but Will Smith has been doing it for 4 decades now
I feel like Theo looks more like Eddy Murphy than Will Smith
Happy Independence Day. As in you can catch me watching Will Smith kick some Alien *** OORAH Oh and FIGHT WEEK
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Happy NEVER FORGET it's the brave actions of Jeff Goldblum & Will Smith that allow us to celebrate an…
Such is the magic of ID that teenage me remembers Will Smith punching an alien, but not smoking hot Vivica Fox as a stripper.
Vivica A. Fox totally married Will Smith cause she thought the aliens would kill him and she'd get his life insurance
Kevin Bacon and Margot Robbie: Kevin Bacon was in Sleepers with Robert De Niro who was in Shark Tale with Will Smith
BREAKING: LEGEND shows how Will Smith keeps inspiring us in 2017! The Will Smith Effect! htt…
Imagine how weird would be is a movie with Will Smith as the protagonist didn't have his…
I want a movie starring Will Smith and Jackie Chan. I don't even care what it's about.
I do agree with Renee, we need Will Smith to return for Independence Day!
TIL Will Smith is now older than Uncle Phil was at the beginning of “The Fresh Prince.”
First bad boys 2, now Independence Day, and next Men in it Will Smith's birthday or something?
It's also weird that Will Smith's house partly looks like Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Urkel dribbling pass Will Smith and Reggie Miller in the 91' MTV Rock N Jock game
Could get Morgan Freeman to play your dad, Queen Latifa, Will Smith as cuz...? Who'd you choose for RDH?
Special for our dude BAM...Miami by Will Smith
I'm not Will Smith, but I'm still looking pretty fresh 🌸
Somebody get Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith or the kid who played his son (kid or adult) or Bill Pullman on the line…
"I had a hit single on the radio for 30 days before I graduated from high school." ~ Will Smith .
Dear is Will Smith talking about you here?
Idk what's better Tom reenacting to the iconic Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith pose or Zendaya's reaction
Will Smith gotta know Jada Pinkett heart truly belongs to Tupac
Will Smith's first name is Willard, not William.
"What are we, some kinda Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016, dir. Zack Snyder)?" - Will Smith as Deadshot.
Grow up. I doubt Will Smith is insecure about Jada Pinkett-Smith talking about her deceased friend.
My coworker is so old & cute! . Her: Will Smith has a new song out and I love it. Me: Oh yeah?. H: It's called Just the Tw…
Will Smith makes too much money for Jada to be emotionally cheating on him with a dead guy.
Money and success don't change people; they merely amplify what is already there - Will Smith
Where compares Steph Curry to Will Smith: "Likability is a really, really powerful thing."
Can't believe New Line Cinema hired Dokken to do a song for Nightmare on Elm Street 3 when Will Smith already had Fredd…
Love is the ultimate theme, but it's not just for women.– Will Smith
if he's as athletic as Will Smith good pick. First blush sounded like an…
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another one about Will Smith: its rumoured that Tarantino's 1st & 2nd choices for lead in Django Unchained was Smit…
Shout out to Will Smith & We are the class of 17-11 at Laughlin AFB in Del Rio, TX and our class…
I love Will Smith. I love Will Smith. I hope he runs for president. Or the Rock, or Ellen. In any order.
Will and Had a admit I gave 150 MILLUON to Louis Farakhan to destroy white race., FU Will Smith
Did you recognize Will Smith's mom as Curtis' Aunt Stella on She has a very impressive resume! —> ht…
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air stars like Will Smith, Alfonso Ribeiro say no to a reboot, but Taytana Ali says, "I'm down!…
I really love Will Smith playing Deadshot, & Viola Davis as Amanda Waller.
Thank God for Will Smith and Margot Robbie. Captain Boomerang was also really entertaining.
Speaking of Harlem Hellfighters, Will Smith annem are working on a limited series rather than a feature film.
Here's the latest on the Harlem Hellfighters series that Will Smith annem are developing.
When you have Leto as the Joker, Will Smith as Deadshot, Robbie as Harley Quinn, and Davis as Amanda Waller, you better kill it. SS didn't.
My top three favorite actors: . 1: Will Smith . 2:Micheal B Jordan. 3:Ryan Reynolds . Don't @ me.
Will Smith says goodbye to Aunt Vic and cousins Nicky and Hillary on 'The Fresh Prince' in some original Columbia B…
Bucket list: Cruz Miami listening to Miami by Will Smith while locals glare
Will Smith gettin' jiggy with it, alongside Jessica Chastain and Cannes jury members at Tuesday's 70th anniversary gala
Superb. Jimmy Stewart is brilliant. Are the Will Smith remake rumours still flying?
Least surprising outcome (to me): Will Smith's Overbrook Entertainment options "Radiance" for American studio film remake.
"Naomi Campbell, Anja Rubik, Will Smith and more attending Persol 100th anniversary on a boat in Can" : via
I love Will Smith's outlook on fear 👌🏻
Fantasy has become reality. Will Smith and Joel Edgerton star in Bright, only on
So disappointed, always liked Will Smith.. Guess im only watching Mark Walberg, Denzel Washington movies, oh and Eastwood.
Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, Will Smith, Jay Hernandez and Jai Courtney (spitballing at the end).
Will Smith is a Happy Juror, Al Gore Talks Trump at Vanity Fair Party in Cannes
Will Smith - Fresh Prince of Bel Aire. This song reminds me of my friend Thabo Ntuka
Join DJ Jazzy Jeff with Will Smith this summer on August bank holiday Sunday! ☀️
I will be discussing Roman Imperial Violence at HAPI Seminar tomorrow:. 10am, Room E302, Forgan Sm…
Wow so we will actually bring in decent rookies this year... I hope Dennis Smith falls to 11
He looks like the roach alien thing from Men in Black. I'm calling Will Smith
You will always have a place in my heart
Will Smith brings fresh air of West Philly to Cannes jury
Drop smith have Blicavs ruck. At least he will contest
Cassia? nicca what is this Hitch starring Will Smith, what's with the inaccessibly classical ex-gf name?! FOH
Will Smith is so inspirational. all his quotes are so powerful. 💖
"In my house Netflix has been nothing but a benefit. [My kids] get to watch films they never would have seen" -Will Smith…
Examination of Freddie Freeman's left wrist is inconclusive, and he will undergo further testing tomorrow.
I know Magic Johnson will fail me and draft Lonzo just because I said his son looks like Kenny Smith wife. This is my fate ht…
Will Smith defends at heated jury press conference
I urge you all to listen to podcast: - a vote for the Tories means his past will b…
Can't believe how many liberals can't wait to get back to an establishment Republican who will do whatever he wants w/o an…
I hope some new movies come out, that are not Suicide Squad or gods of eygpt, or the will smith idea, I heard splits meant to be good, I'm
Think positive, speak positive then positive things will be attracted to you- Bishop Designate MarKeith Smith
This like when Will Smith and Carlton played 21 😂
Finally added a movie that has Will Smith. I've waited a long time for this
I liked it when movies had their own pop songs. The Ghostbusters song, Will Smith's Men In Black or that catchy number from Sch…
This is probably the best thing I've heard. Hats off to you Will Smith. This is perfect. Attack your fears, and gre…
Home of will smith, Beans, Meek, Cass, The Roots, Freeway, Gunnas, Gillie, Dutch & Spade, Chuck Bmore, Eve, and
NHL all-time greats special coming on NBC Sports will be a documentary about the '16-'17 Sens. Best there ever was.
A felicidade do Will Smith no Festival de Cannes. 😁 .
This song will foreve be relevant like our generation deadasss gotta let our daughters hear dis when we're parents
Will Smith rushed to defend Netflix in its battle with movie theater traditionalists
I remember getting upset because Will Smith actually tried, but there was no saving that dumpster fire of a movie.
Pedro Almodovar, Jessica Chastain, Will Smith and Park Chan Wook are on the Cannes jury. . I'm shooketh.
Will Smith is at loggerheads with Pedro Almodóvar, the Spanish film director, over Netflix
Cannes juror Will Smith clashes with jury president Pedro Almodovar on the film festival's first day.
P.S. it is not lost on me that the debate between Will Smith and Pedro Almodovar is wrapped in class and privilege too.…
"Will Smith clashes with Pedro Almodóvar over Netflix.". They just have different opinions about Netflix. It's not a big…
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