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Will Smith

Willard Christopher Will Smith, Jr. (born September 25, 1968) is an American actor, producer, and rapper.

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this quote from Will Smith in Grit by 💯
“The first step is you have to say that you can.” - Will Smith
Sensitive rivalry. Zimbabweans are upset that while visiting Victoria Falls this week Hollywood star Will Smith spent…
I hear my guy Will Smith is in town... At Wilson Airport. Karibu Mzae!
Crush: Wala na akong will to study. Me: Umm me, willing ako to love you. Crush:. Will Smith:. Will…
When the Saints' Will Smith was killed, only half the story was told. reporting from New Orleans:.
While the other guy is sleeping, I'm working. -Will Smith
Will Smith coulda made Suicide Squad way deeper than it was if he'd just play the bad guy
Wayment ... I JUST realized that now that he said it . Will Smith aint ever played the bad guy ! Wow lmao
Will Smith doesn't have an Oscar because he won't play the bad guy.
This guy's dad 'ruined' the family dog with Will Smith's haircut from 'Fresh Prince.'
Many famous people have ADHD including Justin Timberlake, Will Smith, Michael Phelps, and Solange Knowles!
I should prob get a jump start on taking Claritin before I start waking up looking like Will Smith in Hitch
I loved Django Unchained, and Jaime Foxx is good in it, but I can't help think it would be better with Will Smith, as Tarantino wanted.
"Man i met everybody. Denzel was there. Will Smith. Hattie McDaniel. They musta heard old Gary was in town!" .
Just saw a trailer for starring Will Smith. I am so excited because my boy Tyler Stratton is the 1st AD on it. Congratulations man
What is this Will Smith movie on Netflix I see??
13 years ago I walked the at the between Will Smith and Jennifer Gardner.…
it's true. I'm the Will Smith to your Tommy Lee Jones
If you're looking 4 an amazing dialect coach go 2 Denise Woods! Her works Will Smith, Idris Alba, Common, and Tarij…
does anybody know if Will Smith is gonna perform one of his credits raps at the this year? I hope it's the one he…
wow, Will Smith's rap career was under the radar last year. Who knew he did the credits rap for Hacksaw Ridge. He wasn't…
oh wow, I didn't know Will Smith was still rapping, or that he did the credits rap for Arrival. wonder why this didn't ge…
So we don't have to worry about George Clooney, Will Smith or Mark Cuban?
My life gonna be a movie not a short film. Big budget Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Scarface, Al Pacino, Godfather, Marlo…
We all have a little Will Smith in us
Philly 'House of Horrors' abortion doctor claims he delivered baby Will Smith | PhillyVoice -
Time for Cornershop, Janet Jackson and Will Smith coming up from the year Truman had his own show. Gues…
I never got a heads up last year, and so I lost my adoptee. But he turned into Will Smith so whatevs.
Will Smith sidelined with elbow inflammation via
Will Smith playing a *** character was hard to watch only because I know he's not *** so it was weird lol
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I thought Will Smith, Wesley Snipes and Denzel Washington have saved the world many times. Proud of race-baiting?
Will Smith won the 1st ever Grammy for best rap performance. they boycotted the awards because the category was barred from television.
David Frankel looks set to dazzle with an all-star cast including Will Smith & Kate Winslet.
My songs shuffled= Will Smith to Paula Cole to Blackstreet to Michelle Branch to Dr. Dre to Celine Dion.
18.Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff won the first Grammy for Best Rap Performance,which they boycotted b/c the category was bar…
Will Smith and Wesley Snipes never won an Oscar, SAG, or Golden globe smh 🤔
Sitting watching Fresh Prince.. and maw is getting proper into it 😂😂 is there no-one Will Smith can't please lol
Chris Gardner - Did you ever met Will Smith and is he at all like you?
i lost all respect for Will Smith,he's a big part of why the young holly wood stars are so mentally screwed up.
Where the fk is the full segment of the carpool karaoke with Will Smith
'Carpool Karaoke': Ariana Grande, John Cena, Will Smith tune up in series teaser: A..
teaser: Will Smith, Shaq, Ariana Grande star in preview for Apple Music series
48. Will Smith - I cried sa pursuit of happiness. .
Happy Birthday to Chris Gardner, CEO, stockbroker, motivational speaker, philanthropist. (played by Will Smith in "The…
In Miami, Will Smith says "ain't no surprise in the club to see Sly Stallone" . Like imagine being at the club and seeing Sylvester Stallone
Yes like John Boyega, Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Jamie Foxx, Morgan Freeman; wait a minute there already loads in big movies!
If Cardell Hayes killed Will Smith somewhere other than Louisiana, he might go free, says James Gill
Yea well just pretend like Will Smith and Viola Davis and Jay Hernandez weren't in the movie
w-what. Will Smith was front and center. So was Viola Davis and Jay Hernandez. The only one who was sidelined was K…
Will Smith, Viola Davis, Margot Robbie and Jay Hernandez basically led the film
The person that works the hardest wins. – Will Smith .
Will Smith's most underrated movie is shark tales.
so he's your Will Smith. Aubrey can relate.
NFL Honors show reminds me how crushing 2016 was in NOLA. Henry Childs, Will Smith, Hokie Gajan & Joe McKnight live in our hearts forever.
Robert Downey, Jr., Will Smith, Robin Williams and Drew Barrymore are the individuals who share the same personality. . OMG.
Will Smith may be gearing up for Tim Burton's upcoming live-action remake of
"Will Smith is young, he's cool and my kids have his CDs." - Robert Conrad
Being realistic is the most travelled road to mediocrity - Will Smith
Next time can tge USA pick either Will Smith, Ellen or Michelle Obama as president?
"Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity." -Will Smith *12
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Margot Robin and Will Smith are the only good thing about this movie - Margot has had about five different accents since the movie started
Previews on DVD for Sully:. Movie w/Will Smith. Movie w/Ben Affleck. Movie w/Will Smith. Movie w/Ben Affleck. Are they the only 2 actors left?
I think you need to have Gabriel Iglesias, Terry Crews, and Will Smith in a movie together.
Only way we’ll all be united, is if the aliens come to destroy our planet, and Will Smith is still alive to kick their ***
Will Smith really did this?? Did Janet Hubert give an interview about this?
Jamie Foxx on the same level as Will Smith idc
Will Smith records for days (Summertime, Parents, Miami, Jiggy, etc) sold DIAMOND last album, then every movie as EP/Star. >>>>
attn: the new Neil Cicierega album jumps from Smash Mouth to Steve Miller Band to Kid Rock to Will Smith within 10 seconds
Going through recorded stuff. The Best Ever is the Xmas episode! Dame Helen Mirren and Will Smith!
Wild Wild West by Will Smith, can't remember the platform but it took two days for 3MB over dial-up.
Lumberjacks 1 Gamblers 0 final in a shootout, Will Smith scored the winning goal in the 10th round of the shootout tonight for Muskegon
Suicide Squad | a film by David Ayer with Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie and Cara De…
I think he plays a better scumbag than Jared Leto's and, at times, made me laugh more than Will Smith.
Training with a chap that looked like Pep Guardiola and then Suicide Squad for movie night with Jared Leto. Scott Eastwood and Will Smith 😍😍
Did the packers hire Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones to use their head shrinking tool on Sean Lee before the game?
Hollywood better before Obama: Will Smith, Matt Damon,Keanu Reeves,Patel,the male stars. Have a secret crush on a star?
It's on in 10mins on ... Movietime! This week, Natalie Portman as Jackie and Collateral Beauty with Will Smith and others.
Me mate's Aunty Linda can sing, dance and act. She is Britains answer to Will Smith imho.
Dumbo remake: Will Smith and Tom Hanks wanted for Tim Burton's live-action film if all the old films this is my fav.
Will Smith and Tom Hanks are circling roles Tim Burton's live-action Dumbo:
⚡️ “Dumbo live-action movie may star Will Smith and Tom Hanks”.
Will Smith and Tom Hanks in talks to join Tim Burton’s Dumbo
19 times Will Smith and proved that love isn't dead
Denzel, Will Smith, Harrison Ford, Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman. All top tier. Hanks is on the same level though (others too).
Will Smith looking like he in his Fresh Prince days.
I think I just found the only movie Will Smith acts in that I haven't seen, idk what The Ledgend of Bagger Vance is but im gone watch it.
I should just write a movie inspired the Obama and Joe memes starring Will Smith and Will Ferrell.
Scriptwriter David Lloyd Marcus sues Will Smith and Overbrook Entertainment for copyright infringement
Just watched Rush hour 3. I'm debating who's a better combo Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan or Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys?
When will Will Smith release a new album
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Will Smith, John Legend and Alicia Keys also among artists to appear on half-hour versions of James Corden's smash ... - RollingStone.c…
Also: Alicia Keys with John Legend, James Corden with Will Smith and Blake Shelton with Chelsea Handler.
A couple of y'all ain't took a field trip to the hood, me I'm Fresh Prince, I'm will smith to the hood
Still waiting for Will Smith to make Big Willie Style II
Remember that time Doodlebug Cakes was on Food Network's Cake Wars? It's happening AGAIN!!! Meghan Smith will be...
100% agreed, its the COMMUNIST liberals who need to feel the WRATH of TRUMP NATION *** like MICHAEL MOORE,WILL…
Howard writes letters… but he never expected a response. Will Smith stars in in cinemas now:
OLED TVs will finally take off in 2017
Smith wants to kill Sherlock. Oh God. This series will destroy me.
This is completely on point and eloquently written. Amazing work... .
Will Smith's Son Jaden Tricked Him into Going to London for His 18th Birthday -
"Jesus you've done everything FOR me, and now I trust you to do everything IN me that will bring you glory." - Scotty Smith
So proud to be part of this movement especially as is one of the best guys in the business
Smith Wigglesworth – “The devil will endeavor to fascinate through the eyes and through the mind.”.
Smith Wigglesworth – “God has given us much in these last days, and where much is given much will be required.”.
Best of 2016: What will global GDP look like in 2030?
Annnd I've locked in a narrator for Will & Patrick. I'm excited to see what all he can do! Scott R. Smith, guys. :)
PODS Print Show at the East Main Grill in Johnson City! Exhibit will run until April 05th. Thanks to the A Smith Gallery for hosting.
"Anything that does not lead to a higher more intimate relationship w/ yourself & others needs to be OFF your schedule."-Will Smith
Patti Smith and her band will play Carnegie Music Hall of Oakland (PIT) on March 13. Tickets on sale Friday via ticketmaster
.on new Sec Ed: "It’s important to have someone who will challenge the conventional wisdom and the stat…
Will smith still doesn't have an oscar.
first time I heard jaden smith say "no pun intended was raised by the power of will"
Pittsburgh will be so focused on stopping Tyreek and Kelce that A Smith should get a lot of 1st down w his feet.
Toby Jones will be playing Sherlock's latest nemesis, Culverton Smith. Here he is discussing the role…
Birthday special: 7 interesting facts about Will Smith
Cephalopods are "probably the closest we will come to meeting an intelligent alien.” Beautiful article via
precisely but Gambia will rebuild again with respect for human rights & champion democracy with all citizens included.
Right behind Will Smith on my Hollywood boycott list ! It's got a lot bigger since November 9th 😬
Yep. I know one that will happen today.
Too many people spend money they haven't earned, to buy things they don't want, to impress people they don't like. »Will…
USC WR JuJu Smith-Schuster announces he will enter NFL Draft.
They should learn from Will Smith. He attacked Trump and his movie, barely made anything.
kate winslett left wing nut job her & dumbazz Will Smith new movie
Our auctions manager Will Smith is tipping Escort Cosworths to be particularly popular this year:
People that can't do something theirselves will tell you that you can't do it. . - Will Smith
2 peas in a pod, it was actually Will Smith's first choice of subject but "Isle of Manny" just didn't sound as good as Miami.
Yep. Bright. Will Smith and Joel Edgerton are killing it.
Will Smith is still mad from being denied Golden Globe last year due to racist Hollywood Foreign Press Association
Joesph Gordon-Levitt, Robert Downing Jr., and Will Smith are my top actors. Really good.
eg Will Smith as Bagger Vance was criticised for tht. (Bagger Vance is a play on Hindi/Sanskrit word for 'God')
Got told bigger tips you need a bigger body 😧 have to go on a full Will Smith, Michael B Jordan, Zack Efron diet and workout plan 💰
Collateral Beauty w/ Will Smith was such a great movie, every parent should watch that movie
who's more fresh, Wendy's beef or Will Smith?
Brad Pitt and Will Smith's next films will be Netflix productions
Will Smith in Concussion is absolutely incredible
David Beckham joins Will Smith, Bill Clinton, Lennox Lewis and more at Muhammad Ali's funeral -…
Will Smith hilariously pranks Graham Norton on his own show. He really didn't see it coming 😂😂 htt…
Will Smith's filmography isn't very good if you actually look at it. Hot take: like Warren Beatty's
Will Smith should win every award imaginable for Collateral Beauty. Wow. That was spectacular.
own Will Smith, Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Amy Adams and Margot Robbie are among the top grossing actors of 201…
Viola Davis and Will Smith really did all they could to save Suicide Squad
Thought Collateral Beauty was an awesome movie with Will Smith. Right when it ends Lauren, Olivia, and Kyle: "that movie suc…
if Will Smith is on a Jim Carrey slide, I'm excited for his Eternal Sunshine
Will Smith, Leo, Denzel and Johnny Depp are my favorite actors.
smh they don't know what they're talking abt. Will Smith killed it alone and the plot/twist about his wife was perfect
I just spent 10 minutes looking for a compilation of Will Smith saying "What up, G?" and I'm sad to report I've failed ☹️
in love de Will Smith para toda la eternidad
NEW RELEASES: Bryan Cranston asks Will Smith in & more >>…
All the Joker fans moan about Will Smith in Suicide Squad yet I love him. Am I a traitor?
Will Smith, Helen Mirren, and Martin Freeman Reveal the True Cost of Fame: No More Peeing in Peace
Martin Freeman on The Graham Norton Show tonight. w Helen Mirren and Will Smith.
Graham's star-studded sofa tonight is shared by Martin Freeman, Dame Helen Mirren and Will Smith. Toni…
Martin Freeman and Will Smith discuss hilarious urinal-based encounters with fans
I’ll be performing on tonight. Excited to be on the show w/ Will Smith, Martin Freeman, & Dame Hel…
Taking naps while going to an HBCU is dead. You'll be sleep & all of a sudden Rae Sremmurd, Michelle Obama, Will Smith, & Jesus…
Will Smith made the right decision to do Suicide Squad instead of Independence Day 2 but would've liked to see him in that though.
Oscar, Will Smith does it again.
Who wants to go see another crying Will Smith movie for an Oscar nomination anyway?
Will Smith joins Robert Downey Jr on the "I only have big openings for superhero flicks" list with CB be record low after SS…
Will Smith had the choice to do Suicide Squad or Independence Day 2. Did he make the right choice?…
You'd hope Will Smith would influence Jaden- but it sounds like bad career choices and bonkers philosophy travels…
Will Smith would've been better off just being in Independence Day 2 based on his recent film choices. Would've made more money probably.
Could be Suicide Squad or Collateral Beauty . Makes me sad cause both are Will Smith movies
Hamilton Collection
You gotta join us live for our next Live Webinar, totally free of charge. Not only will you learn terrific...
1 of the best Will Smith movies. :D o actor 1 man with a dog 😂 — watching I Am Legend
We ask celeb fans and Will Smith what it is that makes so epic?
Collateral Beauty wastes a pretty good Will Smith on an absolutely awful plot
Have to think any likely top 10 pick in NFL draft will choose to skip their bowl game w/what happened w/Jaylon Smith of Notre Dame last yr
Ouch!! Looks like Will Smith can't make a good movie even if it's loaded with all stars. Not sure why they keep putting him in them?
Will Smith is planning to boycott the Oscars again. Probably shouldn't have said that when your critically reviled movie just opened.
More than 16,000 wreaths will be placed at the headstones in Fort Smith National Cemetery
Will Smith makes his yearly Oscar play in Collateral Beauty about how a father’s grief inconveniences his coworkers…
While we're constantly hiring, the NY Times is emptying out entire floors because they're running out of money.
Senate will have to take up SB 4 (elns bd. bill) again to consider House changes. Ditto for the House on HB 17 (appointments bill).
If Smith is out than Collins missing game is not a big deal. Also 49ers both starring TEs out will help.
Here's an idea for this weekend! Will Smith is in theaters today with his new film Collateral Beauty! ~~ Patty...
More and more prospects will do this.. Why risk the injury? Look at Jaylon Smith.
Howard County Public School System refuses to identify the suspended Mt. Hebron teacher, so we will. Her name is Donna Smith…
Will Iain Duncan Smith's holiday to the Costa del Sol cause the BBC to cancel Eastenders?
👈here you will see how to donate £1 by text to Bradleys fund to send him to USA for treatment. My pound is on the way!
I hope Caldwell is interested in Josh McDaniels *and* Mike Smith. And they have a wrestling match to see who will be the…
Will Smith needs to stop worrying abt formulas, the holiday box office and just pursue good writing. Go indie Will!
It's been years since his last release but every time a Will Smith song comes on I'm just like .
Will Smith works the new DadSuit at the Euro premiere:
Jaylon Smith injury will change how players address bowl games moving forward outside of Nat'l Championship teams.
Wright Thompson on Will Smith, Joe McKnight, Cardell Hayes and the never ending violence of New Orleans:
Domino artist, Lily Hevesh, created elaborate domino sets for the film. Come back every day at 8:30 a.m. EST to wa…
who is the villain for the solo batman movie? Deadshot and not will smith im confused.
egregious to leave out "Hitch" Will Smith in Perfectly Measured Cool WS or Oscar-Worthy WS
Speaking of streaming. I wonder just how long it will take CDs to completely phase out. Maybe not til we're elderly.
Doesn't want to be Jaylon Smith part II... wonder if this will become a trend?
Ok, so... Ben Affleck as Deadshot, Jeremy Irons as Brainiac, Jai Courtney as Guy Gardner, Will Smith as Black Manta.
Will Smith, Helen Mirren and Naomie Harris reveal if they would prefer to chat with Death, Love or Time. (Dec 15)...
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Will Smith and Helen Mirren attend ‘Collateral Beauty’ premiere in London
Will Smith chooses between Death, Love and Time: Will Smith, Helen Mirren and Naomie…
Will Smith and Helen Mirren attend 'Collateral Beauty' premiere in London
Will Smith talks parenting: "We encourage our kids to experiment and seek who they are"
Naomie Harris stuns in a semi-sheer floral frock alongside bearded co-star Will Smith as they attend the glitzy...
So today I had a chat with Will Smith, Naomie Harris and Jacob Latimore...probably one of my better mornings! :P…
Helen Mirren smolders alongside Will Smith and Naomie Harris at Collateral Beauty premiere…
Will Smith opens up about parenting his children, Jaden and Willow
I believe that even the KKK Grand Wizard would agree that Will Smith is a cool dude.
I saw Suicide Squad yesterday and it was better than I expected. Pretty good cast, especially Margot Robbie, Will Smith, and Jay Hernandez.
So today - Sherrie Hewson militarywives Xmas single. with news from - and Will Smith and Naomi Harris
WB is also developing a Deadshot spinoff for Will Smith
Will Smith sings 'Miami' at Suicide Squad event - watch Margot Fukuhara dance!…
should have been called Will Smith & Margot Robbie and a bunch of other people we're not going to focus on.
Considering how good Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Viola Davis are in Suicide Squad, I wonder what they'd have done with a b…
Celebrities that died this year: Alan Rickman, Gene Wilder, David Bowie, and Will Smith's career.
It's true ! Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are set to star in two more ‘Bad Boys’ films 🚨🎉
What's happening up the Shard? Can't capture it clear enough but looks like we might need Will Smith and Bill Pullm…
I think Gase looks like the first alien Will Smith chased in Men In Black
Cardell Hayes found guilty of manslaughter of former New Orleans Saints DE Will Smith and attempted manslaughter of Ra…
Jury deliberations begin in trial of the man charged in fatal shooting of retired New Orleans Saints star Will Smith
Cardell Hayes found guilty of manslaughter in Will Smith case via App
Cardell Hayes guilty of manslaughter in Will Smith killing
Cardell Hayes found guilty on 2 charges in Will Smith shooting death trial.
BREAKING: Cardell Hayes found GUILTY of manslaughter in death of former Saints DE Will Smith. He could face up to 40 y…
Statement from Will Smith's widow and Cardell Hayes shooting victim, Racquel Smith
Not sure bout this Cardell Hayes verdict. He found guilty of manslaughter of fmr Saints player Will Smith but Hates went to my HS. :(
Cardell Hayes convicted of manslaughter in shooting of Saints' Will Smith
Cardell Hayes, man who shot former Saints star Will Smith, found guilty of manslaughter
Cardell Hayes was found guilty of manslaughter in the shooting death of former New Orleans Saints player Will Smith:
I added a video to a playlist Cardell Hayes found guilty of manslaughter for Will Smith's death
Killed it in the gym, still fighting for Will Smith body (focus ) ! Listening to Missy Elliot Haters going to hate !
A closer look at the jury’s verdict that found Will Smith’s shooter guilty of manslaughter, by
Latest news update from Luisa Florez. Manslaughter Verdict Caps Trial of Ex-NFL Player's Killer
Lady Gaga's 'Million Reasons' is featured in an ad for the film featuring Will Smith! . It's in theat…
We are so excited for this movie! Collateral Beauty Starring Will Smith in cinemas December 15.
Fox News: Manslaughter conviction in death of ex-Saints player Will Smith
Hayes guilty of manslaughter in Will Smith case
Will Smith's killer found guilty of manslaugther in road rage shooting
That movie After Earth that has Jaden and Will Smith may be the opposite of black excellence.
Will Smith says 'Collateral Beauty' the perfect film for Christmas - via
Will Smith shooting: Cardell Hayes found guilty of manslaughter - BBC News…
Will Smith is eating green beans on my bed
The man on trial for the killing of former New Orleans Saints' Will Smith has been found guilty of manslaughter
Even Will Smith seems sick of nostalgia sequels.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Cardell Hayes found guilty in shooting of NFL star Will Smith
Man who admitted killed former New Orleans Saint player Will Smith is found guilty of manslaughter
Will Smith - Just The Two Of Us. I remember when this song dropped, its one of the best songs a recording artist has made abo…
Smith: we will draft letter accordingly, send off to their attorneys and indicate to them to reply by end of…
Widow of ex-NFL star Will Smith says her "heart is full of gratitude" after jury finds killer guilty of manslaughter
'Losing a man and a young man going to jail, in that sense, it's a loss for everybody.' Deuce McAllister, on Will Smith/Card…
Lady Gaga's 'Million Reasons' is used in a commercial for featuring Will Smith! 👍🏻.
An Oscar for an actor, is equivalent to a Grammy for a musician right? . If so, does Will Smith have one?
Cardell Hayes found guilty of manslaughter in killing of Will Smith
Verdict in the killing of football's Will Smith -- guilty, but not on the most serious charge. For more:
DOnt use patanjali as well nahi to Will Smith hooga, Now the mystery resolved why milk is served ;)
A closer look at jury's verdict that found Will Smith's shooter guilty of manslaughter
Will Smith will forever be my favorite actor in the world. . Hit, funny movies back to back.
Jury returns manslaughter verdict in the trial of man who fatally shot former Ohio State football player Will Smith.
Lady Gaga's 'Million Reasons' is featured in the commercial for Will Smith's new film   10% Off
killing: Suspect guilty of manslaughter
Jury finds Hayes guilty of manslaughter in Will Smith shooting - ☄ ⛱ $v
Man who killed ex-Saints star Will Smith convicted of manslaughter...
Will Smith's reveals why he turned down the 'Independence Day' sequel for 'Suicide Squad.'
Both sides have rested in murder trial of Will Smith's accused killer, Cardell Hayes. Closing arguments will take place S…
Photo: head coach Sean Payton walks Will Smith's widow Racquel into court Saturday
I will not watch another Will Smith movie in my lifetime, not even on tv, & that's too bad because I always liked Men In Black.
Will Smith opens up about filming 'Collateral Beauty' while his father was dying of cancer
The new admin. Is shaping up to look like the Suicide Squad. Will Smith played by Ben Carson. 😂😂😂
Lucy Liu, Nia Long, Will Smith, and a few others age like fine wine. They look better now than 10-15 years ago. How TF is that possible? 🤔😪
Early screening of "Collateral Beauty". Predictable, but doesn't affect the quality of movie. Will Smith does it again: 8.5/10
When Hernandez took off his shirt to fight he quickly changed when he heard gunshots! I wonder if he even knew Will Smith and wife got shot?
Will Smith reveals to TheEllenShow his role in CBeautyMovie helped him cope with the final days of his Dad’s life…
Will Smith was here to tell me about the “lion” living in his backyard.
I think Will Smith set a selfie record.
"all stars except Will Smith are white" so you deny Lucy Liu's existence. Not a straw man
Fuller alleged Rich. Hernandez is to blame for Hayes being jailed away from his kid and Will Smith's wife being widowed before that exchange
one of my favorite quotes by Will Smith "There's no reason to have a plan B because it distracts from plan A." Dream chasing!
Recap of dramatic 1st day of Will Smith murder trial, including Racquel testimony, appearances by Brees, Gleason
Wanna see that new movie with Will Smith in it I ❤️him
Drew Brees and Steve Gleason just arrived at courtroom in trial over killing of ex-Saint Will Smith. Powerful image for jury.
Lokey Jamie songs on the show was better than will smith whole solo catalog
So *** Smith supporting Pauline Hanson. This consumer will not be supporting *** Smith .
Honouring the rights of the home grower will be a critical component of functional legal cannabis regulations.
JR Smith suffered a knee injury and will be re-evaluated to determine the extent of the injury.
Cameron Jordan helping carry on Santa with the Smiths, Will Smith's charity Christmas dinner
We will be in court Monday as Justin Smith will be charged for 2nd degree murder of Please help
I came home and was laying in bed dozing off, Julie Smith comes in . Oh come 6am I will be asking her questions.
.& honor Will Smith by continuing his annual “Santa with the Smiths" event
🎶And if your eye got poked out in this life , will it be waiting up in heaven with your wife🎶 - Crash Test Dummies
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
OT Trey Smith, No. 1 ranked player in this year's ESPN 300, will make his college announcement on CFB Daily (4 PM ET, ES…
Cam Jordan: 'No-brainer' to help keep Will Smith charity event going another year
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