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Will Sheehey

Will Sheehey (born January 16, 1992) is a junior basketball player at Indiana University. As a player Sheehey was known for his length, athleticism, and slashing style.

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OG coming off the bench might have a Will Sheehey type feel. Get your energy guy as 6th man.
Will Sheehey matching up with Nick Zeisloft head to head. IU fans ecstatic.
We had the great pleasure of talking to her for the Will Sheehey tribute we did for POTB. She was great!
Hull & Will Sheehey with Armored Athlete team in tournament, seeded 6th over Indiana Heavy with UE alum Troy Taylor,
Will Sheehey is averaging 10.5 ppg and averaging 3.5 girls/hr playing in
Reminiscing about that one time Will Sheehey walked past the block and waved at us
Yogi Ferrell doing a great Will Sheehey impression there.
Rich they will push through whatever they want they lost out on Sheehey and havent forgotten,
Former Hoosiers Christian Watford, Will Sheehey and Noah Vonleh to play in NBA summer leagues
Christian Watford and Will Sheehey get chances on NBA summer league rosters:
Will Sheehey and Derek Elston are my best friends
Will Sheehey, Christian Watford, and Derek Elston literally walked into Village Deli and sat down next to me and Keri. IM FREAKING OUT
Act it out and Sheehey will start levitating around the room
Will Sheehey has averaged 11 points and 3.8 rebounds in 4 games with Los Angeles
Need to put Will Sheehey and Vander Blue on the squad
willsheehey0 Your newest Los Angeles D-Fender, sharp shooter Will Sheehey! He has the poise and court…
Will Sheehey just threw one down on the showing off those hops. That was an amazing dunk
Vander Blue just passed on an open 3 and found Will Sheehey under the basket for the and-1. He continues to make good plays
going to be in LA to watch the Dfenders and Will Sheehey play a little bball tonight.
I see the Hoosiers are playing. I used 2 be their biggest fan til Will Sheehey unfriended me. Now I refer to him as Will Sheebley. 🏀
Will the drunken Will Sheehey still be at IMS for the Stones concert??
Former IU teammates Will Sheehey and Christian Watford play each other tonight. I'll take to win. http:/…
A piece on Will Sheehey, ICYMI, from colleague Justin Cohn (
...1 of my favorite men's college basketball players during my lifetime: recent skywalking Indiana swingman Will Sheehey (now in D-League).
Too bad Will Sheehey isn't still in the B1G. The Pay-per-view match with Woodbury would break records.
Will Sheehey was at the game today ❤️👏
Actually depressed I didn't get to meet Will Sheehey.
Will Sheehey is a beautiful, beautiful man. 😍
Landon Turner, Matt Roth, Will Sheehey, Derek Elston, Daniel Moore, Tom Pritchard among the former at today's game.
I'm in the same room as Will Sheehey 😍
The best thing about this weekend is that I got to see Will Sheehey at the game today 😍❤️
apparently will sheehey is at the IU game this is very important to me because I am at the IU game
Hey I spy Will Sheehey, maybe? 😉😏 Heard he might've been asking for you.
Good to see alums Will Sheehey & Tom Pritchard here showing some support
is in Assembly Hall I repeat will sheehey is in Assembly Hall. I miss you
Will Sheehey posing for pictures here at Assembly Hall with a few fans. Elston, Roth, Moore and Pritchard are here as well
Just spotted Will Sheehey sitting next to Marni Mooney.
Former Indiana players Will Sheehey and Matt Roth will be at today's IU-Michigan game, I'm told.
Will Sheehey back to the Hoosier state and two other members of 2012-13 B1G title squad teaming up again:
I heard Will Sheehey was the one to talk Stanford R. Into shooting right handed, not working boys
also, the Will Sheehey jersey is going to be worn far too often 😍
"White guys evolving . Will Sheehey changed the game!!
You can see in Troy Williams that sixth sense that Will Sheehey had in terms of how to cut into openings on the baseline.
He's a good fit though. The Will Sheehey of the football team.
.Serious Q: Is your avatar a picture of you or Will Sheehey? CC:
Sheehey and Elston can't top former Oakland U. player Will Hudson though:
Well, I would consider Derek Elston and Will Sheehey for whitest tattoos, but not whitest knees.
Why are people just now making vines about Will Sheehey's dunk? I watched that live 4 years ago
Will Sheehey has forever changed the game 😱😂😂
Ever since I met Will Sheehey last year after Senior Night, the picture we took has been my lock screen since then and I haven't changed it
I'm never gonna get over how sexy Will Sheehey is...and that's how that's gonna work.
Tom Crean said OG Anunuby, Juwan Morgan remind him of Will Sheehey, Victor Oladipo as far as lesser-known guys with tremendous upside.
Crean throwing out Victor Oladipo and Will Sheehey as ceilings. "That's the kind of upside we're talking about," he said.
Crean: "This class, to me, reminds me a lot of the class we had with Victor (Oladipo) and Will (Sheehey). .. That's the kind of upside"
I've seen more than enough RTs of Will Sheehey's dunk from 3-and-a-half years ago. He's white and he dunked. We get it.
Will Sheehey making white basketball players all around the world proud😂
"The MAC will NOT drop the ball on our cultural assets" -Tim Sheehey of MMAC
Will Sheehey with a MONSTER jam on the Hawkeyes
Cody Zeller, Vic, Jordan Hulls, Will Sheehey, Watford, Verdell Jones, and many others put in WAY to much work for us to lose it now.
Remember that time when (Jeff) was poking fun at Tom Crean and we happened to walk by Will Sheehey? I'm still chuckling.
Nice matchup tonite between Jordan Hulls vs Will Sheehey. Unbelievable pick up games !
Going through my photo album and just remembered that I saw Will Sheehey at the Dunkirk Saturday.
I would love to see Larry Bird & the select home/State-wide favorite Will Sheehey at some point!
Indiana's Will Sheehey is working out today for the New York Knicks per his high school coach, Adam Ross.
Good luck to Sagemont Alum Will Sheehey on his 10th and final pre-draft workout today with the New York Knicks.
F Will Sheehey (South Fork) has worked out for 10 NBA teams and will work out for the tomorrow.
Thank you B1G Network for letting me watch Will Sheehey when the humidity has forced me onto the treadmill.
they should pick up Will Sheehey from Indiana U!
Will Sheehey wearing Pacers gear is just wrong.
“Will Sheehey post Washington Wizards - Will Sheehey is the bae 😍😍
Former F Will Sheehey after today's pre-draft workout:
Would Will Sheehey be a good 2nd rd pickup for the ?
Today’s workout is with Davion Berry, DeAndre Daniels, Will Sheehey, Russ Smith, Xavier Thames, and Kendall Williams.
Former star Will Sheehey spent this morning working out for the Toronto He has already met with multiple NBA teams.
From the weekend, what NBA sources say about how Will Sheehey played at the NBA's mini-combine.
If only will sheehey sent me one of those 😍😍
"As a junior last season at Pike, the 6’8 wing shot 39% from three.Our four year senior Will Sheehey shot 33% this past season
Wow! Will Sheehey absolutely posterizes Jordan Dickerson. You're not going to want to miss this. -
What NBA sources tell about Noah Vonleh, Will Sheehey, Gary Harrris, more.
Word on the street Will Sheehey hates me because I didn't shake his hand when I seen him one night 😂😂😂😩
Another good day at Drake for the Trojans! Sheehey will run the 100m and Wicks will run the 200m in the finals on Saturday.
Now that Cleveland has the pick, who knows who will end up being drafted first. Maybe Will Sheehey.
Just met Will "Will" Sheehey on my layover at LAX, flying out after his workout for the Clippers omfg
Vic and Cody got All-Rookie honors and Will Sheehey has tryouts with the clippers and pistons.
I wish Will Sheehey the best. I think he can work hard and end up filling out an NBA roster.
Will Sheehey said hi to Keira and said she was cute. I'm a proud mama.
all of a sudden gained interest in NBA workout. Will Sheehey scheduled with Detroit Pistons
At least one NBA team already has interest in taking a look at Indiana's Will Sheehey.
Indiana's Will Sheehey getting a shot to show his game to NBA decision makers.
Will Sheehey got a shot in 2nd round? Like his toughness
Made it through 4 years of Will Sheehey never accepting my friend request.
Saw Will Sheehey's name then realized it was just Tate.
Good luck to Sagemont Alum, Will Sheehey who is working out for the today and then next week.
stupid Will Sheehey was on my flight back to LA
Cavaliers the type of franchise to draft Will Sheehey
If the cavs don't take will sheehey with the number one pick then they will never win a championship.
Cavs are drafting Will Sheehey with the pick
Will Sheehey is a hairy man, isn't he
Will Sheehey will one day be the greatest YMCA over 30 rec league player, ever.
Indiana basketball's Sheehey a sore loser - and Hoosiers love it: BLOOMINGTON, IND. — Will Sheehey needed nine...
coach Tom Crean on Will Sheehey: "He absolutely hates to lose... Will and Victor (Oladipo) changed the culture of this…
I think will sheehey teaches us all a great lesson. Even if you aren't the most talented person, nothing can beat hard work. Nothing.
“"First of all, I hate losing... so I hate tonight."” Epic speech, will sheehey.
Short and sweet for Will Sheehey but it got the point across. Gonna miss him when this season is over.
First draft of Will Sheehey's Senior Night speech:
That speech was so Will Sheehey. Love it. Guy hates losing more than anyone.
"I hate to lose, I hate tonight." -Will Sheehey ladies and gentlemen. I'll miss you.
Man you can really tell how much IU's Tom Crean admires Senior Will Sheehey ... It's genuine, honest and more importantly, it's heartfelt.
Awesome. Will Sheehey just crushed his speech. Dropped the mic.
I'm upset IU lost. But I'm more upset about saying goodbye to Will Sheehey. 😭
Yeah, I have pretty much enjoyed everything about Will Sheehey these last four years.
Will Sheehey in true form was short and sweet.
And Will Sheehey with the perfect speech.
Will Sheehey, all business, all the time.
Will Sheehey had a great Senior Night speech: short, to the point, and from the heart.
Will Sheehey: “I have the best teammates in the world, the best coaches in the world … and I played at the best university in the world.”
Will Sheehey will always be one of my favorite Indiana Basketball players.
William sheehey will forever and always be loved.
Will Sheehey: "Coach is right, I hate to lose and I hate tonight."
Will Sheehey clocked in at :48 seconds.
"I play at the best university in the world." Very short speech, but a good one from Will Sheehey.
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Will Sheehey is my favorite IU player I've ever watched. He plays with so much passion and it *** so bad he had to lose on Senior Night
Will Sheehey will forever be 1 of my favorite players in any sport. He deserved better in his senior season. Big 10 Tourney here Will comes
Will Sheehey: "First of all, I do hate to lose, and I hate tonight."
Will Sheehey gets a standing ovation as he comes to the mic at Senior Night.
Chuck Crabb just broke so many hearts by introducing Will Sheehey's girlfriend.
Crean: "Will Sheehey is a rare, rare person, and it has been an absolute privilege to have him the past four years."
I will ALWAYS have love for Will Sheehey ❤️🏀
Crean: "Will Sheehey is a rare, rare person."
I still remember sitting at Memorial freshman year and watching Crean introduce our "new classmates" Victor Oladipo and W…
sorry ladies, Will Sheehey has a girlfriend.
Remember that time IU beat Ohio State? Best game they played all year. Thank you Will Sheehey for your outstanding performance here at IU.
Coach Crean- "Will and Victor started to establish a culture in here.  Will Sheehey belongs in the first sentenc...
Crean: "Will Sheehey absolutely hates to lose."
Tom Crean: “When you look at how this program has changed, Will Sheehey belongs in the first sentence.”
A special shoutout to Will Sheehey on Senior Night aka my boyfriend. I'm about to have a moment...
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Crean says when you look back at how the Hoosiers have transformed, "Will Sheehey is in the first sentence."
Now for Will Sheehey's speech. I may cry
Tom Crean: "When you think about the way this program has turned, Will Sheehey belongs in the first sentence."
Crean: "Will Sheehey belongs in the first sentence," when you talk about how the Indiana program return.
Indiana lost. Dang it. Will Sheehey has a gf!? Devastated :( It is not my week for life.
Kudos to the cornhuskers! Good ball team lotta heart! Thank you Will Sheehey for a wonderful 4 years!! Thank you and good luck in life Jeff Howard, Taylor Wayer, and Evan Gordon!! WHOOT WHOOT THANK YOU SENIORS!!!
Will sheehey, your career as a Hoosier playing at Assembly Hall has always been interesting, exciting, and fun to watch. I'm going to miss seeing you play at the hall. As will every Hoosier fan. Once a Hoosier always a Hoosier!
I'll miss Will Sheehey , I'll never forget the dunk against Iowa back in the day!
For two years in a row, Indiana has a nasty loss on Senior Night. Tom Crean put it "He (Will Sheehey) and Victor Oladipo along with Jordan Hulls changed the culture of this program...there's no doubt about it. He's the only one left." From the bottom of my cream and crimson heart...thank you Will Sheehey.
Thank you Will Sheehey for great basketball!
I . U.'s Will Sheehey thanks for the 4 years of great basket ball! Great hustle and great example of work ethic for young players on and off the court! Great job young man !
Sad to think Will Sheehey will be graduating from IU!
To lose twice to Nebraska is simply embarrassing. Coach Crean is an awful coach...out-coached yet again. I feel bad for Will Sheehey.
IU...a basketball program that has never been the same since a d-bag AD used a POS kid to get Bobby fired. Thank God I married a Gator so I can pull for the number one team in the nation instead of a Hoosier team who will be lucky to make the NIT. I'm sorry, Will Sheehey. you deserved a better end to your college career.
The Will Sheehey Appreciation Thread - - posted in Indiana Hoosiers Basketball: Will Sheehey is Indiana Basketball.  Join us and thank him for his time and effort hes put forward for Indiana University.  Feel Free to post any stories, pictures, moments that best capture Wi...
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Thanks to IU HOOSIER players playing their last home game in Bloomington, special thanks to Will Sheehey for graduating and giving us FOUR GREAT YEARS!!!
Will Sheehey tearing up Senior Night!! Let's pull out a win on this last game of the season in Assembly Hall, Hoosiers!
Whether it's a W or L tonight, all of Hoosier Nation should be thanking Will Sheehey for being such a huge part of rebuilding IU Basketball.
Go Hoosiers! Last home game for my boy Will Sheehey. Get a win for us!!
I don't even want to think about the fact that tonight is Will Sheehey's Senior Night.😭😢
You made IU basketball well worth watching!! Thank you for the scenery, Will Sheehey!
Lets Go Hoosiers! Hoping that its a perfect Senior Night for Will Sheehey, so proud of everything that his recruiting class has done to turn the IU Basketball program around!
Only a select few are chosen for the IU Basketball Greiner Hall of Fame. Not since Tom Coverdale has anyone been able to pass through this hallowed door. Tonight Will Sheehey will be named to the Greiner HOF. His commitment, passion, and unique tenure at IU has earned him a place in this most prestigious institution. Thank you Will for all the memories, and giving Dan Dakich the middle finger in the streets of Bloomington. We will love you always.
Will Sheehey, Evan Gordon, Jeff Howard and Taylor Wayer are on my Mt. Rushmore of 2014 IU seniors
Go Hoosiers!!Good Luck to Will Sheehey as he plays his last game in Assembly Hall.
"If I was in a fight and I could only take one guy from this team with me, Will's my No. 1 pick." - Derek Elston One of the best fighters I've ever seen in the form of an IU player. Senior Night for Will Sheehey. GO HOOSIERS!
Tonight hoosier nation says goodbye to a good one. Goodbye will sheehey and thank you for stickin it out through the rough years and helping to bring us back! Get that victory tonight!
Fueling for another Hoosier victory. Wishing Will Sheehey another big night!
This is like watching a little boy grow up into a fine young man! We will miss you Will Sheehey!
Will Sheehey barely played in his first game at Assembly Hall, an afterthought in a rare blowout victory for a bad team.He bids the building adieu this evening as a beloved leader, one now enjoying a third
Congrats to the bro Will Sheehey on the career high today and the win
Remember last year when Dan Dakich said Will Sheehey is going to be an NBA pro!! That dude most smoke the good stuff because that's the biggest joke I've heard!! Sorry dan you're not always right
IU might be the worst team at making adjustments. This looks a lot like the second half of the Nebraska game. Who is going to step up? Maybe a 4 year player in Will Sheehey would be nice...
Saw will sheehey last night and almost pooped my pants because him & Connor looked so much alike.
Will have Will Sheehey available to play against Illinois? Here's Tom Crean on Sheehey's status:
IU hopeful Sheehey will be back Sunday.
Know Your Foe: Indiana: Is Will Sheehey going to play? What's up with Yogi Ferrell? Get the inside scoop and a...
ICYMI: The latest on Will Sheehey's ankle injury and his status for Sunday's game against Illinois:
Yardbarker: Indiana hopes to have Will Sheehey on Sunday..
Indiana hopes to have Will Sheehey on Sunday: Indiana senior forward Will Sheehey, who missed Tuesday’s ...
update on Will Sheehey status for Sundays Big Ten Game vs. Illinois
In less exciting confirmation, coach Tom Crean said he's "hopeful" Sheehey will play.
Just got off the phone with Kate Upton. She said Will Sheehey (ankle injury) will play Sunday against Illinois. So there you go.
Hoosier Scoop: Crean “hopeful” Sheehey will return Sunday, and other notes
Indiana hopes to have Will Sheehey on Sunday
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The latest on Will Sheehey's ankle injury, including comments from Tom Crean earlier this morning:
New on ITH: Indiana hopes to have Will Sheehey on Sunday
Just had a teleconference with Tom Crean this morning. He said he's "hopeful" that Will Sheehey will play Sunday.
Will Sheehey did some work on the court yesterday, Indiana is "hopeful" he plays vs Illinois on Sunday.
Tom Crean said this morning that IU is hopeful Will Sheehey will be able to play on Sunday against Illinois.
Tom Crean on conference call right now. Says Will Sheehey did some non-contact work yesterday and he's hopeful he'll be ready Sunday
If Will Sheehey came to all my IM games and screamed my name non-stop from start to finish I would be so rattled
Lol my dad "god i think i want to punch justin bieber in the face more than I do will sheehey. and i really hate will sheehey"
My mom say I'll never meet Will Sheehey well I say she's a non-believer.
My spirit animal today is Will sheehey's arms
Gotta admit that Will Sheehey is really sexy and such a stud.
who said that?! And the thought quickly ran cross my mind . I was most likely gon go to Sagemont with Fab Melo n Will Sheehey
VIDEO: Just like Will Sheehey a week ago, Andre Hollins just hurt his left ankle. WATCH -
So does Will Sheehey. I know because I'm his coach.
It's colder than Will Sheehey's jumper late in the 4th out here
Hey everyone I saw Will Sheehey today and didn't 😊😂
Will Sheehey just brushed against me at the bus stop...too bad you can't get pregnant from that 😍
Will Sheehey just walked into my classroom, said "oh shoot wrong class" and then walked out. DAMMIT.
UPDATE: Will Sheehey just walked out of the class he preciously walked into before it even started. Fun while it lasted.
Will Sheehey just walked into my class. No big deal.
I would LOVE to be in Bloomington for my boy Will Sheehey's Senior Night speech...I might just have to make that happen.
Will Sheehey missed the game for IU with a sprained ankle, but Spartans were without center Adrein Payne, also because of an ankle injury.
I'm actually going to cry when Will Sheehey graduates.there goes my eye candy! 🏀
An injured will sheehey has a better shot of coming in and making a play than Hartman.
Hoosiers are definitely missing Will Sheehey tonight!
I'm so glad we have senior leaders that suck like Evan Gordon and Will Sheehey
why isn't Will Sheehey playing for IU tonight???
I see now. "Tom Crean says on pregame radio show that Indiana will not have Will Sheehey for tonight's game.
he's got a better shot at it than Will Sheehey.
I may have missed something, but where is Will Sheehey??
"I just wanna take a selfie with Will Sheehey" lol don't we all Taylor 😂
Austin Etherington defending Branden Dawson is the mismatch of the game. Hoosiers miss Will Sheehey in that regard.
We're holding our own without him so far in this game but we need Will Sheehey back asap!😥
"How did this perfectly shaped beard and wry smile end up on my face?" -Will Sheehey
Can we have Will Sheehey on the bench forever, please?
Sheehey will either be a great coach one day.. Or in an old spice commercial.
Forgive me for being a bad fan... But, why isn't Sheehey playing? 😰
Will Sheehey is dangerously close to being on my "Aaron Craft Annoying All-Star Team" Can we get that kid some sun?
Can we all agree that Will Sheehey is beautiful?
Will Sheehey has been on Indiana's roster since 2002.
Sad to see Will Sheehey on the bench with a sprained ankle but happy to see IU holding their own against Michigan State. Keep it up Hoosiers.
What a better team they are without Will Sheehey!
So what's up with Will Sheehey sitting on bench for IU?
Great. No Will Sheehey, we have to listen to Dakich and playing at Michigan State. I think I might as well go to bed.
Well now I have no need at all to watch this IU game if Will Sheehey isn't playing!!
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Adreian Payne will not play tonight, but Indiana will also be missing starting Forward, Senior Will Sheehey, who averages 10.4 points per game. -- Dorf
Indiana senior forward Will Sheehey tells Scott Ferrall about team's upset win over Wisconsin on Tuesday night.
Indiana’s Yogi Ferrell talks about why it was so difficult to score and to drive against Northwestern, and Will Sheehey talks about his injuring his ankle in Saturday’s…
Besides Andre Patterson I think Will Sheehey may be the most overrated IU Hoosier ever.
What a win for the Martinsville Artesian's. To top it all off my stud and boys had there picture taken with Tom Crean and they got his autograph... Yes I have very happy men in my house right about now, Will Sheehey had you shown up, I would have been swooning with red cheek's!
Happy Birthday to the amazing and talented Will Sheehey! :)
Today is my husbands birthday. I love him very much. He's very attractive and he always looks up at me at his basketball games. Happy Birthday Will Sheehey (; lol
Will Sheehey is in one of my classes this year. Freshman me would have died.
Photo Gallery: Indiana vs. Wisconsin (you'll have nightmares about Will Sheehey's biceps)
This is probably the funniest in game action shot ever captured. Of course it's my Will Sheehey. 😂👌
I thought Will Sheehey had a big chest tattoo, but I think AJ McCarron has him beat
Completely convinced that Will Sheehey transfered to usi and is sitting next to me in philosophy...
sorry I was up late buying Will Sheehey shots... That he didn't take 😳
Celebrating two victories in my community today: 1. Fairview Elementary is NOT going to restructure its classrooms according to the reading levels of its students. GREAT job parents, teachers and students for putting democracy to work! 2. IU beat the Wisconsin Badgers by 3 points and destroyed their winning streak! Woohoo! Really enjoyed watching Yogi Ferrell, Will Sheehey, Stanford Robinson, Nolan Vonleh, and the rest of our team kick some Badger booty! Go IU!
Congratulations to Will Sheehey and for doing something that Victor and Cody could never do, beat those *** Badgers!
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there will only be ONE will sheehey. No one will ever be able to match that heart and determination he has
Tom Crean along with Will Sheehey, yogi and Stan in the post game press conferences
Sheehey will excel on the Spurs, but then again so could I. Watching the IU Wisconsin game now. He is so good off the ball
Notes: Sheehey hobbled, as Wisconsin test arrives - Indianapolis Star
I only just told Will Sheehey that my name was Yolanda, happy $2 Tuesday!
Tonight I say a prayer that Will Sheehey doesn't remember me yelling his name like a Belieber.
I hope Will Sheehey forgets how I behaved tonight...
Will Sheehey just walked into the bar.
So Anne's reaction to Will Sheehey about made me per my pants
I'm not surprised a female likes Will Sheehey lol
Tom Crean, Yogi Ferrell and Will Sheehey talk about their 75-72 upset win over Wisconsin.
"Will Sheehey dunks the ball in the first half against Wisconsin. THIS.THIS.
“Will Sheehey dunks for against Wisconsin. ayeee …
that will present problems in the future. Sheehey was great at the midrange J... Stopped shooting it
See Yogi Ferrell, Stan Robinson and Will Sheehey react to Tuesday's 75-72 win over Wisconsin (FREE):
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Will Sheehey was looking mighty fine out there tonight. 😍😘❤️
I'views with Ferrell and Will Sheehey coming up at 11ET on Join me&for complete coverage of win
Tonight on the bench...Talking Arod, NFL concussion deal and so much more. Also joining us is Indiana Hoosiers forward Will Sheehey to talk about their upset win over Wisconsin. Listen live at
will ferrel and jimmy Fallon wear tight pants. Will sheehey wears short shorts.
Will Sheehey brushed up against my shoulder after that game
“Sheehey w 3-pointer in second half. " love the win but Will not a good 3 pt shooter; great under and near basket
Here's Will Sheehey after his monstrous 3-pointer in the second half. Great image.
Can we just talk about Will Sheehey for like 2 seconds.😍
Our game story now has quotes from Yogi Ferrell, Stan Robinson, Will Sheehey and Tom Crean:
“Will Sheehey dunks for against Wisconsin. photo.
Thought Will Sheehey played like Will Sheehey tonight. Huge 3 after Wisky 3 to put IU back up 2. Saw that fire from him tonight.
I'm just waiting for the day that will sheehey asks me to be his wife 😍😍😍
Don't forget how enormous Will Sheehey's 3-pointer was after Wisconsin had gone back ahead by one. Absolutely huge.
was bragging to me in the teachers' lounge today about how he saw and Will Sheehey at the grocery store. So?
I don't care if it makes me a cougar... Will Sheehey is GORGEOUS!!
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Will Sheehey dunks for against Wisconsin. photo.
Home Court Victory! Big Win for our boys tonight. Voleh Will Sheehey Yogi Ferrell.
Perfect night to come to B town shoutout and Will Sheehey! Homies showed a lot of heart tonight
Will sheehey is the worst starter in the big many dumb mistakes
It's about time to sit Will Sheehey too!
Will Sheehey is the new robbie hummel. Seems like he's been around for 8 years .
Arguing with Kaili over who is hotter. Harry Styles or Will Sheehey! Definitely Will!!! And he is on it tonight!
ARTICLE BY:Kyle Grand Each Hoosier Starter's Most Impressive Stat: Yogi Ferrell: 3-Point Shooting Who would have guessed that Yogi Ferrell would take the title of "three-point shooting ace" after Jordan Hulls departed the program. Believe it, people. Ferrell is shooting 45.2 percent from beyond the arc, good for fourth in the Big Ten. It was easy to assume he would raise his percentage from last year's 30.3, but this much improvement is astounding. Ferrell's better outside shooting has turned him into a complete offensive player and skyrocketed his points per game from 7.6 to a team-leading 17.7. Will Sheehey: Free-Throw Shooting It's been a rough go so far for senior Will Sheehey. Despite playing almost five minutes more per game than last season, his numbers haven't made an eye-opening jump. He's averaging just 1.4 more points, 0.4 more assists and 0.4 more rebounds per game in 2013-14. If there is a bright spot for Sheehey, it's the free-throw line, but it's a dim bright spot. Sheehey only made 65.6 pe ...
Article by Ryan Corazza: When freshman Stanford Robinson entered Tuesday afternoon’s loss to the Illini at the 11:19 mark, he quickly turned the ball over with a travel. His stint lasted less than two minutes, as was subbed out at the 9:36 mark. But Robinson would see more time as the game went along. Tom Crean called upon the Maryland native to cover the Illini’s best player, Rayvonte Rice. In 22 possessions matched up against him, Robinson held Rice to just 1-of-6 shooting, though Rice did also make two free throws off a Robinson foul. Twice Robinson stayed with Rice all the way to the hoop and Noah Vonleh assisted with a block on the backline behind him. That second block came on the Illini’s last possession in regulation with the game tied. Robinson also did a nice job of recognizing ball screens and working his way around and through them to keep a body in front of Rice. Both Dan Dakich on the call and Crean after the game praised Robinson’s defense. “The key with people like Rice is you go ...
There’s hustle and there’s flat out stupidity. There’s trying to make a play and there’s trying to get someone killed. Yesterday, Indiana’s Will Sheehey did something unbelievably moronic, a play that almost resulted in a serious injury.
Luke Hancock may just be hotter than Will Sheehey 😍👌
Never understood the iu female obsession with Will Sheehey when they could just settle for a perfectly fine Will Bernacchi
Michigan State coach Tom Izzo's Spartans beat Indiana by 17 -- and Izzo says an IU turnaround from its 0-2 Big Ten start rides on Will Sheehey and Yogi Ferrell.
Tom Izzo: For Indiana to get better, Will Sheehey and Yogi Ferrell must step up and be men. My story.
Stanford Robinson. Maturing before our eyes. Great pass to Will Sheehey as IU trims lead to 10.
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Watch Will Sheehey and Yogi Ferrell talk about Saturday's 73-56 loss to Michigan State (FREE):
Our game wrap is updated with quotes from Will Sheehey, Yogi Ferrell and Tom Crean, still FREE:
And he basically said Will Sheehey was guarding Adreian Payne to keep Noah Vonleh out of foul trouble.
Crean: "Will was phenomenal. He was the one leader that we had." Said put Sheehey on Payne to spare VOnleh foul trouble.
watch this. GIF: Hoosier dives right through referee
Crean: "I thought Will Sheehey did a phenomenal job on fighting Adreian Payne for space."
Izzo on Indiana: "This is where (Will) Sheehey and Yogi (Ferrell) gotta be men. They've got to stand up."
BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Gary Harris scored 26 points and No. 5 Michigan State beat Indiana 73-56 on Saturday. Harris had 17 points in the first half for the Spartans (13-1, 2-0 Big Ten) and he had a 5-point play midway through the second half. Indiana (10-5, 0-2) had closed to 50-41 on a 3-pointer by Will Sheehey with 8:54 to play. But Harris hit a 3-pointer on the next possession and was fouled by Stanford Robinson. Robinson was also assessed a technical foul for arguing the call and Harris hit two of the three free throws for a 55-41 lead. Michigan State turned 13 Indiana turnovers into 20 points. Branden Dawson added 13 points for the Spartans. Yogi Ferrell led Indiana with 14 points while Sheehey added 13.
"GIF: Hoosier dives right through referee too bad it wasn't TV Teddy.
If your top scorer is will sheehey you have a problem
IU'd Will Sheehey Just Obliterated A Referee. Ouch that had to hurt
Will Sheehey said postgame that Indiana's transition defense was a problem, especially in rotating on second and third pass.
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