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Will Self

William Woodard Will Self (born 26 September 1961) is an English journalist, novelist and short story writer.

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Take a Visual Walking Tour of Franz Kafka’s Prague with Will Self
Interesting proposition: Hanif Kureishi and Will Self on and passing on their work to future generations.
A Point of View: Will Self explores the significance of the artwork that adorns Trafalgar Square's fourth plinth
'Genuine literary criticism and judgment has given way to febrile consumerism.' Well said Will Self .
Nice of Will Self to sneer & the people who work there.its a wonderful profitable company he probably eats in Burg…
Absolute snobbery from Will Self about McDonald's jobs - I bet he's never had a Big Mac in his life!
Will Self sneers at McDonald's workers on And the left cheer him.
Will Self snubs his nose at job creation be it working for McDonalds every job matters now we know Labours policy on jobs
Will Self at Roy Stringer Memorial Lecture is about to start
Will Self brilliantly beating up science and art at FACT's Roy Stringer Memorial Lecture
Confuse yourself by reading a Will Self article on Boris Johnson on what you think is the Spectator site but is actually the New Statesman.
Self Orbits CERN Will Self embarks on a 50-kilometre walking tour of the Large Hadron Collider a...
Will Self: Our digital lives and the chaos beneath
Just a Minute: this week Sheila with Paul Merton, Will Self & Ross Noble
Just a Minute: Listen to Will Self on his debut on Just a Minute on Radio 4 with Ross Noble, Sheila Hancock a...
Will Self, AL Kennedy and Tony Parsons on how to write a London novel – books podcast.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
.. As you have previously documented. I've watched you interview Will Self, Alistair Campbell, Alexei Sayle.
20:50 A Point of View: Will Self explores what is wrong with contemporary art.
“The Happy Detective, Pt. 2” by Will Self, from the album Late Night Tales (Sampler)
hi Donna, which genres do you like? I liked The Book of Dave by Will Self/ most of Joanne Harris's novels...
Brian Eno, Will Self, Rhianna Pratchett & many, many others at Futurefest16... tickets on sale now
Watching Hinterland. Is it just me or does Welsh sound like Chris Eubank reading a Will Self novel out loud?.
I self identify as being 55 yrs of age, will I get to order off ur 55 plus menu?
If you're only doing SELF & FREE promo,u will start seeing less talented people spending $ pass you by,REAL PROMO> {
Put yo self first cs nobody else will
way to circumvent the I bet customers will prefer it. No more entry level fast food jobs.
Im way stronger then what I use to be. I will never allow my self to hit rock bottom again. That was depressing.
And don't be "in between". Because if you can't be one or the other without compromising your true self you-will-never-be-happy.This I know.
Do something today that your future self will be thank full for! - photo thanks for hosting me https:/…
New Mobile Wallpaper made for self! 5 likes and I will release it to the public!
Note to self: when you bleach your hair at home it will most likely turn out zebra striped and orange
Who the *** will decide who is intellectuals. Self proclaimed are not intellectuals.
I'm sure the NRA response will b more toddlers need 2 carry guns 4 self defense.
No justice for Sandra. No justice for Tamir. Wow. White America will destroy you and say you self destructed.
19. Policies in place- but some are damaging. In the long run, India has to self sustain itself with capital from within. N…
Which societal changes will happen if self driven cars become a common reality ?
it's frustrating but I hope therapy will mean I can get to a place where I can be self employed and selling my art
Ending WorkersComp TrustFund will shift claim costs to self-insured employers-legislation should also mitigate costs ht…
Seniors celebrate health and fitness: This year's theme, “Improve Your Health for a Better Self,” will be sho...
Self-denial and self-discipline, however, will be recognized as the outstan...
Far too many men in trenchcoats will be self identifying as women.
"Never esteem anything as of advantage to you that will make you break your word or lose your self-respect." - Marcus Aurelius
Wendy's: Fast-Food Chain to Expand Self-Serve Kiosks to All US Locations, Report Says. Wendy's will offer the...
I will never let the opinion of another person affect me for a decision I made too better my self 💯
people who are jealous of one enother should azamin there self. Our they will rot to death.Because God is a jealous God.
'Fight for $15' will end up having consequences:
Update your maps at Navteq
Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.- Jim Rohn
My halftime activities included self-tanning, so I will now look fresh out of South Beach myself.
Another differentiated review made possible by and One group will work self-paced, a smaller group will work with me.
It's impossible to generate too much vit D in your body from sunlight exposure: your body will self-regulate & only gene…
this and the 'SELF IDENTIFYING PEE+POOP ISSUE' is Barrys' Legacy. it will look awesome in the history books.
GOD: This is your self-esteem. If treated with care, it will protect y—. ME: I dropped it. GOD: What?. ME: Yeah, I dropped it al…
The instrument through which you see God is your whole self & if a man's self is not kept clean & bright, his glimpse of…
Anyone who thinks the kiosks will be good has never stood behind an old person trying to figure out the self serve 100…
A five-point customer-centric “self-disruption” checklist to help you stay ahead of disruptors:.
nah. Just be your fine *** amazing, funny, big hearted self & the RIGHT one will eventually come along to love you correctly.
"No might make them angry, but it will make you free..." -Nayyirah Waheed
Thought for Today-A SOCIETY that treats its citizens by the corporate philosophy of "Maximum profit at minimum cost" will self-destruct.
I'm doing a thing sometime this weekend. Needless to say, my self-promotion game will be on point when I wear my Lucha Temple swag lol
Institutions have existential reasons for self preservation that will eventually override their initial mission.
Will need litter boxes in all school bathrooms for those kids who self identify as cats.
Boyle transcends even his usual brilliantly-dark metaphor-laden heights with the Will Self-esque final section
I assure you it is not an episode of Midsomer Murders. For example, I have Will Self talking about violence in the background.
Will Self meets Stewart Lee: ‘Are you really, ultimately embittered, or not?’ via
This week in the Guardian.. Will Self, Stewart Lee, Andrew Weatherall. Not sure where to go from here to be honest...
I don't look like Will Self though. I'm somewhere between Sgt Bilko and Jack Douglas, post piemagedon.
Channel 4 piece with Will Self talking about privately-owned public space
There’s a potent antidote to the “Isn’t this amazing?” school of science communication and it’s called Will Self
I'll look out for it. For what it's worth, I prefer Will Self's interrogative methods:
I'm inviting David Walliams, Ian McEwan and Will Self. Hope they get on, but then who wouldn't over pizza!
More "the beauty of equations" Jim. Dirac great. Schrodinger, Maxwell (to counter the arty epic fail by Will Self?), Einstein
Will Self sets off on a 600 mile journey in an electric car. What could possibly go wrong?
2 potentially interesting progs on today. Will Self on James Clerk Maxwell & Cerys Matthews on the origins of music recording
Things that are brilliant every time: Will Self escorts Richard Littlejohn to Sketchley
Will Self starts a monolgue about what Fairness Really Means and Jeremy Clarkson punches his lights out.
Will Self did NOT have his stag do at glengarrisdale bay. Bruce Robinson is not the only one exploding myths this evening.
At for Will Self and Bruce Robinson waxing lyrical on Jack the Ripper. Putting St Leonard's Shoreditch to good use.
An evening of learning about Jack The Ripper. Our teachers? Bruce Robinson of Withnail & I notoriety and the erudite Will Self...
What are the chances that me and Bruce Robinson and Will Self all go to the pub together after the talk tonight and become Best Mates™?
Note to self: close your laptop. Cats will lock you out!. 😲😼.
"It will be common for businesses to supply their own energy by 2020" according to business school
"hello and welcome to Rebellion and Feminism 101. Today we will talk about self care and loving your body."
Note to self, Keech Matthews will break your heart
is about community self determination. Rahm's "compromise" is about gentrification
how else will I get my self confidence up rusty it's the only way
GM will let its employees take self-driving Chevy Volts out for test spins next year
Why do ppl have any problem with Rehaam Khan Campaigning in Elections,Yes should not contest her self which will be wrong
Best part about dreams is, the only person that will let you down, is your self.
I just hope I don't cry but I probably will with my sensitive self 😩
"The positive sexual liberation, self love... Gained from sex work will outweigh the negative effects of shame and guilt from society" uhhh
Destined commerce: mull held in awe, golden dream full to bursting, presume exalted, else the results self-will…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Dear self, please be strong. . These challenges will end soon. . Seek help from Allah. . Don’t give up. Stay Strong!. 😊
Here in my country. Players will give you the most toxic greeting. Like... Self proclaimed ign names. “FaKeR ThE 2nD”
As a self-confident person you will also be prepared to spice things up by trying out new and different...
To live peacefully you must think gracefully !!Only then we will connect with our higher self.
Since there's no way to live a perfect life . Since I don't want to live a perfect life . My clumsy self will just stay clumsy.
Self-righteous and full of hatred toward ppl who disagree. What chance the protest will stay peaceful?
So whenever you are needing someone to hold on, draw your self near to God. He will never fail! Don't doubt! Dont think twice! 🙌🙏
Whites will only understand the (self imposed) poverty that BP live under because Jack Bloom "experienced" it and wrote a …
Self-driving taxis will begin trials in Japan next year
I'm so horny when I'm hung over. Need *** now. This msg will self destruct.
And if you lose your self, I will find you🎶
If they lose this game players will just give up on season and them self
Here at Blurt HQ, Sunday is all about self-care. What can you do today that will help you…
You need self-confidence and determination: feeling depressed and losing hope will never really help to correct any si…
What Will Set You Free is an best seller in Thought.
“..for the rest of the show. I feel self-conscious. I've got four, so there's a chance one of them will slip out”
Not to self: never drink more than 2 full cups of lean bc u will pass TF out. . On the another note: I slept like a baby😆
I can't bare to think that Caleb will never be able to see his future self, get a job, get married, have a family this just makes me so sad
honestly if he doesn't do this I will shoot my self
'Do something now that your future self will thank you for'
I don't know why I set my self up for failure, as I follow another religious account that will unfollow me when they actual…
The Initiatives will invest AED 500 mln in water research in the region and help 2 mln struggling households become self-rel…
This fortune will self destruct in 5 years.
When the Fire is set ablaze, when the Garden is brought up close: then each self will know what it has done. (Qur'an, 81:12-14)
Keep your self image happy, peacefull and simple and it will last and be true all life and a truly good experience for your self and others
All self respecting Indians will be let down by their government's dishonesty and lies. is continuing un…
See a preview of in Bristol in November intro'd by Jeremy Thomas and Will Self!
Bleak, pessimistic and brilliant. John Gray in conversation with Will Self on free will:
Listen to an audio recording of the Guardian Live event 'John Gray and Will Self - is free will an...
Will Self reminds me of Clive James actually.
"I would number Leopold Bloom among the men I love." Will Self at Melbourne Writera' Festival
This will all evolve into a standstill; there will be withdrawal if not handled the correct way - alternatively she could face self-renewal
If you don't believe in your self no one will
Gravity reversing its self??? Will they just brush it off or go all parent crazy?
Every human has four endowments - self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination.
doop, we are the exclusive team for model roleplayer. Make your self esteem a bit higher to join us! Gala …
*All day*. I will sleep. *At night*. Hey remember that time you embarrassed your self
. Why don't you pick up a dictionary or use sure you will recognise self
Once you conquer your selfish self, all your darkness will change to light. - Rumi
If i just sit here and daydream about you, then what the *** will happen?. Just wait for tomorrow for i will make my self proud 😉😁💪
Extent studies animals. self-will high paralegal banneret level online remarkably corrupt she an edict travel?: ZxA
"Simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret." via don Miguel Ruiz
Note to self don't let wrist hang it will hurt even more 😩
I'm not living in self-denial but I owe it to Chongling that until there is 100% certainty, I will…
I'm really lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life... Thx for supporting me and i hope i will be back to my old self again😄
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
One of the many Kurdish municipalities of declaring self-government. The banner reads: "Stay off my will."
Nothing wrong with being super organised! Your future self will thank you.
New capabilities promise to intelligently predict the tasks that end users will need when they start an HR process
Self-employed? Find out what expenses will reduce your taxable profit. Join our webinar Fri 28 Aug at 12pm
Poll: Who should be responsible if an accident occurred involving a driverless car?
unless you move on from your self imposed victim status Lee you will always be a victim
The hardest part to getting back in the dating game has to do with self-confidence. Believe u can & u will!
Don't you know that Nigeria is a British slave country in Africa. Only self-governance will solve the problem of Nigeria.
He whose life is one even and smooth path, will see but little of the glory of the Lord, for he has few occasions of self-emptying...
.responds to reports that he was jumped and robbed: "B***h where?"
Although an average building plot will cost around £1000sq m many Self-Builder get theirs down to a great £500sq m.
How many people in general self-will dearth until be apprised of encircling hood firebrick: BdQ
Wiz Khalifa was taken down and arrested by 6 police officers for riding a hoverboard:
I taught my self to let go or forget the people who was in my life temporarily and start focusing who will be there in the long run.
Call me self-centered, but if i dont care about myself who will?
The state of Florida is larger than England
Apartheid returns to Africa courtesy of who has confirmed he will treat the North more favourably than others. http…
‘Straight Outta Compton’ dominated the box office for the second weekend in a row:
World markets plunge as China stocks crash, here’s everything you need to know:
We hope and pray that once again MSG2 will weave its magic and inspire ppl to follow path of truth and self confidence
Hanging with people who don't fck with you will lower your self-esteem bcuz trying to prove your worth to them will make y…
CNBLUE will make comeback on Sept w/ 's self composed song
Its ok dont worry! All ur hard work will pay off and u will graduate and get in a college!
[Naver Main/Rough Trans] CNBLUE will make comeback on Sept w Jung YongHwa's self composed http:/…
jngn nanti Lvp screw up plus you will have post macs self hate. Are you ready for that kind of emotional pain?
"As you forget self in service to others, you will find that your own cup of happiness will be full.~Yogananda"
Seems ABC convinced & hoping scum Govt will self destruct.Not likely in short term if key people like G.G don"t act??
Would you get into a car without a driver? Signals can be jammed, computers can and do get hacked daily .
Self reminder: You're still young and you're not supposed to have your whole life figured out yet. don't stress. everyt…
ItzTayo : THEBEAT999FM electricity that will open ways for self-empolyment n attract int'national investor (via Tw…
Check out Self-Adjusting Shampoo with Tea Tree Oil! Your hair will thank you!
If a Bishop will give himself *** He will have no discipline or self control concerning YOUR BODY! HE WILL DO ALL HE CAN TO RUIN YOU!
Even if OROP finally implemented by Modi govt,it will not regain grace & goodwill. Sheer madness to inflict such irrepara…
Will Self; "...our voting system no longer adequately represents the diversity of political opinion", RIGHT OR LEFT
Will Self brings out the more potentially worrying question - if evil is innate to us all, perhaps banality is too
Alistair McGowan did a comedy sketch with someone pretending to be Will Self years ago. Hilarious.
.I'm not "fishing for negativity" - I can't stand Will Self. How do you feel about George Osborn BTW?
Iain Sinclair and Will Self: Walking London at the Victoria and Albert Museum
This Victorian Coren series on the history of Bohemians has Jonathan Miller, John Cooper Clarke, Will Self and Grayson Perry. Perfect.
Will Self, AA and Grayson Perry in one programme. Be still my beating heart! Loving
Overheard in Oxfam Books on Portobello Road: 'Since when has Will Self been Literature?'
Saw Michel Roux running across Battersea Bridge yesterday and just saw Will Self. I'm in celeb heaven here in That London
Will Self on Tony Blair: "a political cadaver laquered in his own wealth"
"The gripping immediacy of a Robert E Howard or Walter Gibson yarn is something even Will Self might aspire to."
Will Self on the meaning of skyscrapers – from the Tower of Babel to the Shard
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Will Self, i thought it was Pete Townshend. I won't get fooled again
I asked Will Self if he was a “Bass Player” on a train once… I thought he was Pino Palladino and trying to be subtle!
On the panel this week: Shirley Williams, Will Self and
George Orwell 'mediocre'? Should we send Will Self to Room 101? | Books | The Guardian -
was that Will Self sounding like Clive James or Clive James pretending to be Will Self - both excellent!
Will Self reads from Umbrella shortlisted for Man Booker prize
Will Self makes a very important point on Ch 4 news about the French tragedy. Watch the State move now to curtail more individ…
I've got some very weird images stuck in my head now. Will Self, Katie Hopkins, Paul Daniels
!! On CERN, first you sent non-sci politico Andrew Marr to the launch - now Will Self, who’s actually PROUD of …
Will Self not trying/wanting to understand and disparaging/discounting the science at the Like a verbose Chris Moyles.
Self talk will not only change your world, but also the world around you. Be mindful when you talk about yourself.
note to self learn to cook spaghetti bolognese. I wonder if my regular spaghetti will cut it.
I don't even want I uninvited my own self. But because you said no I will follow you like this
15 year old self will hate me for asking this question but... what's the cheapest preassembled gaming desktop I can get online?
religion installs guilt,it part of enslavement,evolve remove God and the guilt will clear, evolve the self,,live life¥
. The bones will heal. Time depends on age. Self-rehab and personal ultrasound helps. DM for advice for your specific inj
If we give priority to the outer life...we will not know what to do with solitude,deeply uncomfortable with self-examination (T. Keller)
Will never fly :high price, no space, and no single individual screen for self-entertainment in a 11h flight. Feels like wasting $
"''you gotta be pretty self confident to be friends with a candor'' (3 tercepat G.2) +$20" will
she will look for drago then and of something happen to her I kill drago and then my self
You guys will just crucify people that aren't good looking as if they created themselves. As if that's the most important t…
So, what day of will the ruin with the autopsy? Unity, Self-Determination, Collective Work and Respo…
Note to self NEVER book 3 shoots when you are sick. You will hate yourself during editing
Who will fight China if .keep dying. The self-immolation today is the (cont)
We will sell the following tenants units at Community Self
'unable to move let alone act, we instead exercise our inalienable right to feel outraged'. Will Self: via
yeepy!, when he becomes president. He will joke and bokoharam will laugh out their *** and turn them self's in
Every morning I see this sky scrappers and think to my self, will I ever get there? Ou well I will eventually
If you brush your teeth (and other small tasks) with the wrong hand you force the brain to work differently. Your self control will improve.
If you are not perceived to believe in you,no one else will.If you radiate a self belief that is tempered by humility,t…
Hamilton Collection
If you really want to step into your truth, you will be a better and
Women are being hit hardest by Austerity. Without Functional Women our Society will self destroy. ❤
yes!!! It will be fantastic to see your lovely self again! 💗
Step into the fire of self-discovery. This fire will not burn you, it will only burn what you are not. -Mooji
Great afternoon read: transcript of Will Self and Richard Littlejohn butting heads on Nicky Campbell's show in 2001 http…
I am handing in to Polygon an op ed about Will Self and Gamergate and Cultural Hegemony and the Protestant Reformation.
Will Self suggests politicians take heroin to feel heroic in this weeks New Statesman. I ❤️ that man.
Anne Robinson and Will Self share the same birthday. Coincidence?
Ian Katz, Danny Finkelstein and Will Self went to the same fee paying school as Tristram Hunt.
Will Self failing to pay attention to the inspiration for his latest novel, Jaws. Its Roy Scheider not Schneider.
A quick thought on George Orwell, Will Self and kicking stuff.
Following on from Will Self's attack on Orwell, Katie Price disses Dickens and Kerry Katona likens Shakespeare to Sponge Bob...
George Orwell >>> Will Self. Even though I admire Self, his comments show exactly why Orwell matters, almost as if that were his intent
Will Self attacking Orwell: the point about a Animal Farm is valid but old, as is the attack on O's writing advice.
How to read Will Self: Unlike 'talented mediocrity' George Orwell, you must approach this writer ...
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Has anyone ever said anything more wrong than Will Self calling George Orwell "the supreme mediocrity?"
If this is how this extended hols will be .i will get a dagger and kill my self😒😒😒
Am I carrying this umbrella bc I'm scared it will rain or for potential self defense
You will never find a truly happy self-centered person - they simply don't exist. - Zig Ziglar
Self confidence will make or break a person.
The Drama Queen will make a fool of herself again, post tons of self pity attention seeking quotes & try to blame u for the mess she is in.
The minute Nawaz agrees to expenditure audit and rejects aid to make Pakistan self sufficient I will kiss his feet 0546
ummm that was weird…. time hop self will not understand this. here's a hint WHY DOES IT MATTER WE WERE NEVER FRIENDS. 10 years.
No matter how many times I tell my self it will be okay it never will
I will always remember my baby's being his wonderful, good-spirited self.
Trying to keep up with the dogs online, hope everyone is doing well! I promise I will be back to my old self...
Sorry I kind of went on about it. Was discovering the awfulness of that Will Self essay while also on the phone.
I almost gave up so many times but I held on, and will continue to hold on
One of my biggest pet peeves: people who self-diagnose...why? Why do you want a mental illness? I just don't get it and never will
I suppose I will just have to develop better self-discipline. ;)
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
“good luck tomorrow, kick some *** Section E will be bringin it Let's Go!!!
our GOP gov will get reelected in a walk, as our Dem nominee has shot self in foot more often than a Browns coach in a 2 min drill
Even when somebody gives up on their self they need someone who will still be in their corner holding on to hope that they can do/be better
Devote to yourself-not the ego-to your inner self, to compassion, to love then you will find your truth.
Got asked by a little kid if I was a boy today. After that crushing blow to my self esteem i don't know if I will survive college.
However much loot a self destructive criminal is able to grab, it will not make him into a rational, productive, trader.
What I'll respect and appreciate the most is if my guy messed up he will tell me his self not let me find out from someb…
You will honestly make a stone cold fool of your self trying to embarrass somebody else.
Whew. Jesus is real y'all.. The mane will tell you bout'cho self so QUICK! You'll be lookin like
Note to self: only 2 sleeps and you will be in the tranquility of the Barossa,drinking wine, eating yummy food & relaxing.Keep calme for now
When you think different thoughts,especially changing your inner dialogue or self-talk,you will get different feelings & outcomes.
I was sleeping then God whispered, "what feeds yr heart will eventually overtake us",-Do a self check coz of us knows exactly what it is
Until Sharri decides to be self-critical it is satire. Plus, who will hire her now once NewsC is done with her?
I deserve it all and even if I get it my *** self ...I will have it all
Life will give you constant storms to battle, but only is it when you are in the deepest of your storms your true self will prevail.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Will Self is a professor of 'contemporary thought' at Brunel University. . Profound views, lightly held...
A woman that will take back a cheating man has absolutely no self-esteem or self respect...if that was me I'd walk away not looking pathetic
Note to self. Do not fall asleep in apartment because his roommates will wake you up 😡
nice seat adjustment. The bmw.. don't make it real. I will protect my self in a vehicle...
Nicole's nonchalant *** self during an argument will make you want to kill yourself
Im not sure if im more excited for the NFL season bc the titans drafted Mettenberger or bc I will get to watch Clay Mathews beautiful self
In my future home, the chairs will be so high that my 5'10 self can dangle my feet all day long.
Unless you respect yourself with all your heart, your dealings will be tainted with self doubt & uncertainty.
Folks will drive they self crazy over stuff that dont even exist!
GovBeat: Colorado judge will not strike down ‘self-incriminating’ marijuana taxes - SECTION:...
& too think I really thought you were trying to better your self. Back to smoking. Back to drinking. Nothing will change with you
More and more things happen which make me want to move but there's thinks that if I leave I will hate my self for leaving
According 2 media morons. Let d secular dogs rape u, bite u, but if u react in self defense we will brand u as communal …
there is no appropriate response. Ignorance & self hatred develops over time. I'm sure your fans will respond for you.
More and less it will be more mature, somewhere far away u go such make u realize u be able to handle ur self,just pass it dont be desperate
I hate when people knock hustle man he has and always will be more self made than these hypes so shoutout to him
No!. I will NOT put the Lotion in the Basket!. You're not the Boss of me, Self-Checkout machine!
you need to listen to her new album. The Self Titled. You will like it.
both of u go N sleep... Abi Wetin be time self...I will name one of my kids Edward... 🏃🏃🏃see you
One day someone will love me like no other an it'll all make sense. All the heartbreaks all the long nights crying my self to sleep.
Since the day I saw u on TV I'll promise to my self that I will support you what ever happen. Love u baby jk :)
“We're not kidding when we say one video will MAKE YOU QUIT SMOKING: ASQUEROSO
I actually can't listen to "Valerie" loudly bc my family will think I'm having *yet* another moment of self-love
To anyone in Rifle, Co, I need someone to smoke herb with. this message will self-destruct in 1 hour. Over and out.
In The New Statesman, Mark Lawson writes the ideal reader for Shark by Will Self will be those with Insomnia and a catheter. A book for me!
There is a young guy here (19?) who looks like the most intriguing combination of Will Self, a young Bob Dylan and Jim Kerr.
Letter to Prime Minister is delivered to Downing Street Many thanks to all the tens of thousands of you who signed our letter to the Prime Minister calling on the government to demand an immediate end to Israel’s massacre in Gaza and a halt to the UK’s arms trade with Israel. Prominent signatories to the letter included fashion designer Bella Freud, journalist and activist Jemima Khan; musicians Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream, Robert Del Naja of Massive Attack, Brian Eno and Bryan Adams; film director, Ken Loach; the writers Will Self, Hanif Kureishi, Ahdaf Soueif, Esther Freud, Laura Bailey and William Dalrymple; and the actors Juliet Stevenson, David Morrissey, Maxine Peake and Alexei Sayle. Academics Dr Karma Nabulsi, Dr Ghada Karmi and Professor Steven Rose and human rights lawyer Sir Geoffrey Bindman QC also signed the letter, along with 17 MPs and two peers. The full list of prominent names is given below. 35,500 of you also signed and the letter was hand delivered to 10 Downing Street by MP . ...
Note to self: never guess my boss' age or else he will get mad and swear at you if you guess too high
was our resident's lecturer in cebu. He said the patient was depressed.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Ohana shows new model for lean funding -- their work will persist after their grant from
, RG3 will get back to his old self, I'm going to get him a Tommy Copper endorsement deal, works for Justin Gatlin (:
7 Small Habits That Will Steal Your Happiness: “Simply put, you believe that things or people mak...
I'm getting my inner strength and my self respect back. It will be stronger than ever.
Will self-driving cars actually lead to more traffic?
C-Champions. From the word it self,Champion. Champion is the WINNER. the word champion describes winner. time will come winner..
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