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Will Keane

William David Keane (born 11 January 1993) is an English professional footballer who plays as a forward for Manchester United.

James Wilson Manchester United Man Utd Andreas Pereira James Weir Jesse Lingard Hull City Jose Mourinho Abel Hernandez Ashley Fletcher Ravel Morrison Mike Phelan Anthony Martial Paul Pogba

If you plant a pumpkin spice latte in the ground, water it with vodka, and play country music around it, a sorority house…
Will Roy Keane upset and criticise any one today with any comments about the matches? That is the question…
There will never be another one like you, Gord. Rest in peace my friend.
Exciting PTO event at Keane Elementary. Students will be having fun while learning about Halloween safety.…
Will you talk about Roy Keane in it
It will be interesting to see what Roy Keane make of Chelsea defending tonight.
"Until the Eigth Amendent is fully repealed, it will be a student issue" - our very own Kevin Keane
And that might be an option, if the jobs were there & they aren't Brexit will…
Ah Keane you are indeed correct and in fact our parents have told us off for this error too! It will…
In this keynote session, you will learn from Glen Keane, 38-year veteran of Walt Disney Feature Animation.
Keane: "The first goal is massive tomorrow. If we can get the first goal, get the fans behind us, it will give everyone more confidence"
Michael Keane says they need to get back to keeping clean sheets & try and take the lead in games which will give the players a boost
Michael Keane will also be in attendance... .
Two trains (18:00 BST and 18:15 BST) will leave Terreiro do Paco specifically to take fans to Colegio Militar/Luz tonight…
Michael Keane will be joining Ronald Koeman for his press conference a little later today
moreover, Before the Game yesterday Ata Lamented Keane that's Eric is going 2melt Spurs yet saying their Bossy midfield will teach
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Keane my fault forgot to add you lmao you will be on there Saturday what spawns you usually play?
You will find that is called passion for long term goals and ambitions and not accepting mediocrity, may it not con…
This video is bad quality but Glen Keane’s animation will forever be better than the live action/CGI in Beauty and…
Be there by 7:15! Mr. Keane will be teaching self defense!
My legislation will increase funding for & expand the program to incl pre-schools, summer & after school pr…
Koulibaly will look far better alongside Michael Keane 🙄
It will be ok, you'll see. In my experience, when Keane/TomChaplin are 'involved' , all tu…
A server maintenance for DS II & DS III will take place on October 17/18. Read more here: https:…
No easy game now , Denmark will be thinking the same about us , must get something away and win at ***
CONFIRMED | Ireland will take on Denmark in the FIFA World Cup Play-Off with the 2nd leg to take place at the Aviva Stadium.…
All that blown over by will have settled on your windows, let us clean the desert out of 08…
They have been really impressive but because there are so shots and crosses facing them t…
No doubt Roy Keane will be at Spurs next game looking for ways to stop Christian Eriksen 🇮🇪
Got Gueye will try Keane and mirallas thanks!
Q: What is the Total Token Supply of Bitindia Tokens? How many will be distributed?. A:
Will Roy Keane ever be a great manager?
WHO you are is what makes you special. WHAT lies ahead will always be a mystery. When life pushes you over…
My son was a veteran that passed away due to serving his country. If starts a war will he force his children to…
Gord Downie announces Introduce Yerself. Album will be available Oct 27. Presale starts this Friday, Sept 29 at
Secret Path in Concert will premiere on Oct 22nd at 9 pm (9:30 NT) on and will also stream at
DAY 17 — Prompt: Graceful 🖊 Probably my last for this week. ☹️ Will continue with my Inktober posts next Wednesday.
The future starts today...stepping so far out of my comfort zone that I will forget my way back.
Educate yourself. This will hurt a lot of us; people in America will die as a result.
this will forever be an iconic moment because this was the beginning of Kylie Jenner
PEDESTRIAN HACK: The harder, faster and more times you press it, the sooner the light will change.
you taught me how to regain my kingdom and turn it into an Empire. I will claim my God given empire in The Empire State w…
Nice bro! I will be doing the same-Using some of my very good untradeable players! Morata, Keane, Gueey etc :)
Has to be Keane. But that's my United ties. For you it will obviously be Henrik. Do you t…
They will b so Happy that they dont need to worry about maoney again.
Our will join 6:50AM today talking Australia’s win at the Listen live:
Looks like we are all Roy Keane for this then..we will have to keep an 👁 out for ticket news
Knowing my luck RK will play Keane and Holgate!!😂 ...Just hope Jags does start! xx
🎮 | Will Keane, & on hand now to meet fans and sign autographs
alright, if I can't have Keane then I will take souness. Happy to drop down to bottom half of table
Following careful consideration by the National Emergency Coordination Group, the Department of Education and Skills,…
I will NOT start a podcast called My Feelings About Marcus Keane and I will NOT try to convince to come on for interrogation
Keane: One third of CPGs have converted more to flexibles since 2012, and 33% will do even more to 2022.
Sam Johnstone, Will Keane, Paddy McNair, Januzaj, Pereira all went on tour last season. All loaned or sold last season.
Wow many thanks great Julian Keane I will always listen to your program.
The tie is over & Barca will not come back. Roy Keane is adamant Juventus will not collapse like PSG in second leg…
Gen. Keane:There will be NO regime change in Syria and NO war with Russia or China. Tell your Cabinet "Toy Soldier Generals" -I don't play!.
Seen on the 'I don’t think they will be quaking in their boots' - Roy Keane ridicules Leicester...
A charity football match as part of Katie Fitzgeralds Action 4 Animals campaign. We will be hosting a charity...
Love how our sultry table-scape turned out.Will share more details soon! Instagram
If i am ever lucky enuough to own a horse lyons will train it!! Get keane for free!
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Need our man Michael Keane back next season. Will only cost £15-20m due to 25% sell-on fee clause!
I think Keane will become a series regular. They…
A Netflix show: if you're bad to someone they will be miserable. Everyone:
We will sign either keane McGuire or Lemos next season watch this space all better than jack Stephens
We will be back. Unlike you men lose Keane and Phil Michell in summer game over for your tinpot club
ND/SD/NE will dominate this season. Us Canadians like not having to drive far 😉
He's a great player, but £50m+ is mad. Keane will go for half that.
Already having fun at breakfast. WSU's Chris Keane will share how WSU contributes to innova…
He is pretty good for us. Makes some rash decisions. Buy Keane and we will have a great partnershi…
This doctors surgery is clearly playing 'Everybody's Changing' by Keane so that we all lose the will to live before we get seen.
Linked with a few players yesterday like Keane, Rooney…
"I don't believe skill was, or ever will be the result of coaches. It's a result of a love affair between the child an…
Where do you think animals get protein? Plants... watch "what the health" it will show you there isn't a healthy way to eat d…
That's when your prince's crown. will crack and falls down. Your castle hollow and cold. You've wandered so far . From the person you are.
Hey Keane, will send that on for you keep an eye on site to see if we can offer it.
Good Morning Everyone from a bright and Sunny Roscommon! Will Keane here and I'll be you host for the week!
Yep & Keane. Will only matter if it ends up costing the team.
Proper player Keane. Legend of legends! Shame we will never see out like this again in the prem.
Can't wait for us to beat Juve in quarters next season. Fellaini will score a captain's goal like Roy Keane did.
Mark your calendars, on April 27th Let's Talk Midtown returns + will feature speaker Info + Tickets
Peter Keane fears minor changes will have major fallout
Some people will love you. Some people will hate you. Keep your integrity and your intentions genuine tho and you gon be ai…
I know it will never happen as long as Ellis Short is here but I'd take Roy Keane back as manager in a shot.
Somewhere only we know by Keane will forever be THE jam.
"URGENT!!! Someone is trying to kill Keane. But I can't tell u on the phone, I will drive over from Queens to fill u in"!!!
Congrats to Robbie Keane on an amazing career for was an honor to play with him, he will be missed by all http…
Tomorrow Evening- Dillie will be performing at the in Dorset. Show starts at 7.45pm. Tickets-
Decided to put politics aside and made some playlists that I think our Taoiseach will really enjoy
Aye. Michael Keane will be captain in a few years. He's insanely good. Jagielka is too old.
Pickford will be at Man City/ Liverpool, Keane maybe Man U and Sigurdsson probs Southampton or somewhere 👀
Think Pickford and Keane will get moved to top 6 tbh.
naa best English keeper around him will be a regular like keane in less than 12 months
No, to make America great again and SAFE again. Run for office to rep…
I think Keane will go to spurs or Liverpool ..
Sigurdsson, Keane and Pickford will all go to Liverpool lol fume
Cool beans! Will take a look. You back in town yet? :)
Harry Maguire instead of Will Keane for me, Sane instead of Lallana
Alex Bruce,Abel Hernandez,Will Keane,Brian Lenihan,Greg Luer,Allan McGregor and Moses Odubajo all on the sidelines tonight.
Please bare in mind that Jesse Lingard, Will Keane, James Wilson and James Weir all played at senior level before Ashley Fletcher did. BTW.
Hull boss Phelan: Keane will fight back - Hull City boss Mike Phelan says Will Keane has the cl...
- Injuries take shine off long-awaited win for Hull boss Mike Phelan as Abel Hernandez and Will Keane hobb...
Thanks Louise for all your support so far today! Wonder who will be your winner will be today
Hunter Pence will do whatever he feels like he wants to do, GOSH! (via hunterpence/Instragram)
I reckon it will be Paul lambert along side Roy Keane down the wolves
Mate : my birthday is coming up this month I can't wait to see what you will get me. Me : stfu, christmas is around the corner. Just wait. featured in NBC s Science of Love
yeah. We will see. Got to give him time. Will be interesting with keane assistant if true.
Point: "Every publisher [without] a sound, scalable video strategy will die." Counterpoint:
Um idk it's going to be late because of Halloween but it will be uploaded tonight I will keep you updated
LA should sign someone that will work well with Gio and Zardes. Rooney would just get in the way just how Keane does.
Here is the OFFICIAL LIST OF CLASSES that will continue during an UMFA Strike: Should we…
State of emergency in will exacerbate tensions and long-term grievances, new analysis at
Thought-provoking piece Mary Keane on continued support will need
So many important moments we will never see again
A reminder that Billy Keane's new book, "The Best of Billy Keane" will be launched by Editor in Chief of...
than being in Hull's situation and having Will Keane upfront could still be playing now and only way he would
it will happen one day. Everytime I read Keane's 1st autobiography, i feel it will happen. That book was a love letter to SAF.
🎥 | Will Keane discusses his move to his time at and his twin bother Michael with PLP
Happy Halloween from everyone here at Frank Keane Volkswagen! Both of our showrooms are closed today but will re...
Keep Will Keane up front with Abel Hernandez in Hull City's… -
Calling it now, MLS Cup final will be Seattle and Toronto. Because Lodeiro vs Giovinco. So much sexier than, say, Keane vs BWP
Leading physician Dr. Keane will facilitate our FREE patient dinner & symposia in Austin. RSVP:
lamps will play so will Keane... pirlo will play next week Drogba will play if they get to the final
Timmy off the line early. Gio or Keane WILL score a chip goal today
Yet another week where we will lose 1 good act because honey g got through. This show must be a *** fix.
you'll drop when the FBI comes knocking and throws you in jail. Even if you win, you will be impeached. PRESIDENT Keane?
even if you win, you still cause more problems due to impeachment process. Do it will be President Keane
I wonder, if Gerrard or Keane get the start will we hear the boo birds come out? What will everyone be doing?
'Somewhere Only We Know' by Keane will always be my favorite song. Highly recommend.
David Marshall and Will Keane in training tomorrow
very tough call but I just trust Keane more. especially in the playoffs. Gordon will get minutes though.
More importantly bro. Hopefully the point will go towards helping u guys stay up & former academy players Heaton & Keane! 😄 👍
watch us signing Ben Gibson and Michael Keane and fans will start to rate these two Sunday league pashun merchants
Oh Michael Keane and Tom Heaton are proven PL quality. If Burnley stay up it will be tough to keep one of them in the summer.
Cameron Borthwick-Jackson and Will Keane added to Man Utd&injury list
How on earth is Will Keane getting s game in the Premier League? He was atrocious in the Cha
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
already available guys. but will NOT use so wi…
I have no idea what this weekend was and I never will
Manchester United woes continue as Cameron Borthwick-Jackson and Will Keane
even if you win, you will be impeached, and Keane will be president, are you ready for that America? She will be impeached
Patrick Doody did okay, but will this continue for all game days?. We'd spend Keane Money for the right DP.
who would vote for someone, who even if she wins, will be impeached, and then have Keane as President.
Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Be true to yourself. How you treat yourself sets the standard for how others will treat…
How flooded will your city be? Find out on the Surging Seas map and see how causes sea level rise.
he's fighting Keane and Mee for that 😉. Unfortunately while they are with us, none will
Sorry u mean Wilson of course .Thought Will Keane looked good but he gone 2 .😯
Welbeck and Keane will never be United quality.
Think Keane is a proper centre half who likes to defend and will go on and get many England caps
can anyone support her knowing that if she wins, will she get impeached after winning, and Keane potus.
Another crap result today,Roy Keane said we won't win the prem, totally agree, midfield not good enough,. Arsenal will smash nextwk. 😥😥😥🙈
Watched Will Keane play for Hull U23s and he was woeful. Some how he's now leading the line in the premier league.
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probably the loyal standing fans who jeered will Keane when he was subbed thickest fans in the country by a mile
why is Will Keane,James Weir at Man Utd still?
📷 | Will Keane and James Weir take part in the warm-up ahead of this evening’s Professional Development League clash at the K…
Says a lot about James Weir and Will Keane. Both turned up at training this morning and asked to play in the u-23s tonigh…
LVG sold RVP and Di Maria to give contracts to Will Keane and Ashley Young. Things like that take time to recover from.
Will Keane's message to all Manchester United fans on Instagram
I thought Will Keane and James Wilson were both supposed to be the next big things at United? Both flirted off.
Man Utd will listen to offers for Will Keane this summer. Player is valued at £1m, 5 clubs have enquired about him.
New Sunderland manager David Moyes will try to sign winger Adnan Januzaj and forward Will Keane from Man United. (Sour…
Utd are a team of potential; Januzaj, Ravel Morrison, Ashley Fletcher, James Wilson, Will Keane, Paul Pogba etc
James Wilson, Tyler Blackett & Will Keane are all likely to leave this summer as Jose Mourinho continues to overhaul hi…
The moment Will Keane gave the lead. Watch live on
FT: Wigan 0 2. Goals from Will Keane and ensure a winning start for Jose Mourinho.
. FT: Wigan 0 United 2. Goals from Will Keane and Andreas Pereira secure a comfortable victory in Jose...
Goals from Will Keane and Andreas Pereira secured a 2-0 win against Wigan in Mourinho's first game in charge
Two academy players scored in Jose Mourinho's first game as Manchester United manager. . - Andreas Pereira. - Will Keane.
Will Keane's sensational chip against Norwich has been named the Under-21 Goal of the Season.
33) Will Keane, surplus to requirements, same age as Lingard has not broken though, will be sold or let go
I have a dream that one day, intelligence will be more attractive than muscles.
I hope Ms. Keane will be in the new PPG.
Pretty much bob on this but I personally liked Keane so will swap him for Simon Mignolet!!.
Special mentions to Grace Lacy Leah Keane Will Hall and Harry Hira 4 completing the course on their 4th ever day of skiing!
love the podcast pal. It's brilliant. Will you ever get Fergie?. I'd love to hear keane,scholes and veron
I wonder when I will actually start to look my age because atm I still look about 8
Prof Veronica O'Keane 2013:"In countries where women don't have the choice women will die by suicide"
Harry Keane has been consistent over 2 season unfortunately, Licester will not allow him to reap d benefit of his form
you still haven't answered why Will Keane wasn't used when ADM played ST,
remember he played ADM as a ST, where was Will Keane
imagine thinking playing will Keane was a plan, because of a small squad
Why we buying a striker? Rashford there, Ashley Fletcher on loan, James Wilson on loan and Will Keane recovering
Yeh he forgot to mention how Will Keane was ahead of him
Can you explain how he wasn't used till Feb and Will Keane was ahead if him? We had 2 ST where was he all year?
he's lucky tbf if not for injuries to Will Keane Martial Rooney and loan of James Wilson won't have ever played.
Rooney. Kane. Martial. Rashford. Will Keane... Tho I prefer Wilson . This will be good
oh sure. Anyone on bounty will tell no lie
Sa bera. You will have it tomorrow morning
Michael Keane: Top-of-the-table Brighton clash will not define Burnley's season.
Saw a bride and groom posing by a taco truck today. I thought, "That marriage will last."
Alterique Gilbert and Jalen Adams in the same UConn backcourt the next couple years? Yeah, that will be fun
the amount of pizza and bagels I shall consume will be frightening
will Martin take Keane as a player or what?
Not really, not a notion Keane will play any part for us!
[The Province: Back of the Net] Will knee injury keep LA Galaxy striker Robbie Keane out of Saturd
you mean like his erstwhile teammates Roy Keane and Paul Ince. No I predict he will be less successful than Steve McClaren
Will always contemplate sucide when Robbie Keane scored in the 90th minute against us as White Heart Lane. Was at the game too ffs
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'Nothing will top being in the Ireland squad' - Jonny Hayes
Jermain Defoe will always be Tottenham at heart.
Thank you to everyone for their kind messages.will come back stronger! feel so lucky to have so much support behind me. Love…
This is the best now playing Keane - Day Will Come on
Fergal Keane looks at Ireland's violent Easter Rising, and how it will be marked, as its centenary approaches.
PODCAST: Robbie Keane will play vital role for Ireland at Euro 2016 says former team-mate Stephen McPhail: Ste...
PODCAST: Keane will play vital role at Euros: Stephen McPhail believes that Robbie Keane will have an importan...
PODCAST: Stephen McPhail believes Robbie Keane will play a vital role at Euro 2016
so, so, so happy for you two! Congrats on baby Lucy will be the sweetest big sister! ☺️
Tricky forecast for this afternoon. Early storms may modify the evening risk but will have to see what happens.
U will not act crazy when he doesn't text u back in 3 seconds... He is busy
none of those, as it will be O'neil and Keane as his assistant.
nice I've come across it but not into detail. I Will def look into this 👍🏽
- Cheers guys, I'll need it following Dylan, but it will all be worthwhile.
If I ever reach a conclusion I will let you know *sigh 😂
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I think in this version of that your I will be pushing down the hole.
When the oceans rise & thunders roar, I will soar with you above the storms ✨🌊
when will it be open? Are any parts of Lisvane Reservoirs open to the public at the moment?
she actually had to gain a few. And will do for her first W.W movie. Anxiously waiting on feminism toblow this up lol
problem with Pearson is that he wont get his staff with him. And can he guarantee order or will it be another Keane scenario?
Temps will be warming! Meteorologist Brian Keane tells us when to expect the 70s again, coming up on News This Morning at 5.
Marcus Rashford has Will Keane, Nick Powell + James Wilson in trouble. He has taken his opportunity with both hands.
As well as losing Will Keane in the second half, Louis van Gaal has confirmed Borthwick-Jackson's substitution was also because…
He also confirmed Cameron Borthwick-Jackson, Jesse Lingard and Will Keane all picked up injuries tonight
LvG has confirmed that Cameron Borthwick-Jackson is injured as well as Will Keane. When will it end?
United ending the game with 10 men after substitute Will Keane is forced off with an injury
77' - Such a shame for Will Keane, as he's forced off injured. We've used all our subs so must play the rest of the game with 1…
70' - Substitution for Anthony Martial off, Will Keane on.
OFFICIAL: Will Keane is in Manchester United's squad to face Sunderland.
U21s: HT - 1 Man City 0. Joe Rothwell scored the goal after an intelligent pass by Will Keane and United look comfortable…
TRANSFER: Hull City are keeping tabs on Manchester United striker Will Keane
Just found this old MEN pic of Will Keane with twin Michael when they were students at St Bede's in 2009
Manchester United striker Will Keane's five-goal masterclass reminded us of his quality, but will he ever make...
Manchester United winger Memphis Depay sets up three goals for U21 side against Norwich as Will Keane scores F...
U21s: FT - 7 Norwich 0. Will Keane scores five times with Andreas Pereira (penalty) and Tim Fosu-Mensah also netting in a…
U21s: Five goals tonight for Will Keane. None better than this beauty...
Why should Will Keane still be playing in the junior team & he's older than Anthony Martial???
Man Utd are the record winners with 10 triumphs. Last time they won it was wit Pogba, Lingard, R.Morrison& Michael &Will Keane in 2011
Januzaj and Will Keane each at the double for the U21′s tonight. . They’re 6 points off the U21 summit with 3 matches in …
He is back baby! 👊👏 Well played and Will Keane. Should Januzaj start next game for
Will Keane has scored five goals in his last two matches for the U21's. Deserves a call up for the Derby game in the cup?
will we see interviews? Just like LA did with Robbie Keane?
Will Keane has now scored 5 goals in his last two games.
Louis van Gaal recalls Will Keane from his loan spell. Will Keane scores five goals in two games for the U21s.
LA Galaxy seal Cole deal after Roma exit: The former Chelsea and England left-back will join Steven Gerrard and Robbie Keane in Calif...
Trickbox skills video: Pereira party pieces: Andreas Pereira produces a variety of skills in our latest exclus...
Thought it was interesting that Robbie Keane already has his UEFA A coaching license. Says he'll coach but will play 4 mo…
Trickbox skills video: Pereira party pieces
Ending the Festival in style will be one of our favourite local musicians: *** Keane. Stay tuned for more...
U21s: FT - 4 Southampton 0. and Will Keane grabbed doubles as the Reds showed their class with an outstandi…
U21s: Nice header, Will Keane! See all the goals from 4 Southampton 0 in our video:
A fantastic turn from Will Keane - see more great skills in our video:
Manchester United striker Will Keane in squad to face Sheffield United -
let's loan out James Wilson.then recall Will Keane from Preston... (sensible).
Nothing against Will Keane, but to recall him looking to play 1st team and not Wilson is crazy.
We sold Hernandez and Rvp, loaned out Wilson and now have called back Will Keane from Preston. We're trying so hard to be a b…
Roy Keane has hinted that he will look to return to club management after Euro 2016. The Republic of Ireland assistant is currently
We decided to road trip to PA today! Decided very last second, but Jeremy, our pup Keane and I will be on the road all day!
Try not to feel jealous about things, or people or places. It’s toxic. Just keep living. You will find your happiness.
Black Friday sale. My place. u n me. All clothes will be 100% off.
Constance- you are an inspiration. And the people around you atwill see you through. Be Strong Today!
So Keane doesn't fancy Flamoney. I'm Matthieu will cry while swimming in his pool of gold.
I wanna Somewhere Only We Know by Keane playing when Klaroline will reunite..
The media and pundits will protect Rooney and disregard Keane's negative comments while praising Schole's on his negativity!.
will cause chaos!! I believe Roy Keane left because of his influence (or a big part of him leaving)
"I categorically state Robbie Keane will not miss this penalty" Keane misses. "Oh dear, I better pack my bags"
.star jokes he will 'batter' Roy Keane
Half time it's 1-1 vs Ac Milan, Will Keane with his 57 goal for this season
Will you be weighing in on professional wrestler, Stu Bennett threatening to batter Roy Keane?
WWE star jokes he will 'batter' Roy Keane
if we get rid of Ronny Lawwell will get some other patsy in. That's why Lennon left and why Keane would rather be ROI no2.
Brutal- I wonder when this joke of a campaign will end.
you got beaten by Rooney. Keane will smack you so hard you'd be talking from a wheelchair the next time
Each person will be different-not everyone wants immediate counselling. Important consideration after Loss
Why do I get the feeling Will Keane and James Wilson would have made it at Spurs???.
At this rate, Wilson will just become the next Will Keane lol
we always say that.. he hasn't done anything welbeck, Will Keane didn't do.
we said the same about many, Campbell Fraizer, Will Keane, Macheda etc.. Truth is that 1 in 20 makes it.
If we had all the youth together: Will Keane, Ravel Morrison, Paul Pogba, Nick Powell, Jesse Lingard etc 🔥🔥🔥
don't, wait till tomorrow black Friday, you will get sales! Or else go online x
Pogba, Ravel, Keane, Daehli. All were top prospects. Looks like Adnan and Wilson will join the list soon.
A wrestling star Wade Barret has said he will 'batter' Roy Keane followin comments he made about Wayne Rooney's WWE appearance
WWE star Wade Barrett jokes he will 'batter' Roy Keane after criticism of Manchester United's ...
Last RTs - Looks like Will Keane's struggling at football. That injury really did destroy him.
WWE star offers to 'batter' Roy Keane after his criticsm of Wayne Rooney
Imagine thinking with 30 mins to go that Will Keane is the best option off the bench... It's laughable.
What does Will Keane actually bring to the team? Send him back
Can anyone explain why we took our best player and top scorer off and brought on will Keane?
Mad how bad will Keane is at football.
Why does Will Keane leave that ball?! He's in a plum position in the box and he ducks away from the cross. Bad decision.
Roy Keane on whether Robbie Keane will play against Germany!
Becks was best for the MLS brand, Keane will go down as the best overall. And it'll be that way for a long time.
RB Leonard Fournette says the NCAA will not allow him to auction his jersey for the SC flooding relief. "Violation,"…
When you're motivated, you will always step into your future and create what you want.
This is without a doubt the most manly sandwich you will ever see...
It will help to spread awareness, we need to help poor Matt
"Brother I choose This mortal life, lived in perfect symmetry. What I do That will be done to me(...)lLove. Maybe you'll feel it too" Keane
Johnny Merrigan will never live down blowing the cúpla grand Roy Keane could have got him
Robbie Keane will get them through with his 843rd international goal.
Will be good to see Robbie Keane scoring some goals !
A win or 2-2 draw or better v Poland & are going direct to France. This time Roy Keane will
I've just rang LA Galaxy about getting back one of our greatest players. . But Robbie Keane said he didn't want to return.
Perfect Symmetry -Keane.This song will never die.Ironically it speaks about life being unkind and over too soon.
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