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Wildwood Flower

Wildwood Flower is an American song, best known through performances and recordings by the Carter Family.

Carter Family June Carter Cash Mother Maybelle Carter Reese Witherspoon Johnny Cash Emmylou Harris Chet Atkins Grand Ole Opry Jim Stafford Jimmie Rodgers Tony Rice Old Joe Clark Kris Kristofferson Ralph Stanley Patsy Montana

My Fair Lily wins AQU MSW. She is a granddaughter of our Wildwood Flower
I long to see him and regret the dark hour. He's gone and neglected his pale wildwood flower.
Did the Carter Family piece show you how to play The Wildwood Flower? My dad just taught me the lyrics to that a couple weeks ago.
Wildwood Flower: picking melody from a C chord: via
I played wildwood flower but I think it's already out of tune again so I'm taking a break till tomorrow
I added a video to a playlist Dulcimer - Wildwood Flower - Stephen Seifert
Went to visit the Man in Black & his Wildwood Flower while in Nashville for NYE.
Merle Travis and Porter Wagoner. First, Merle Travis with a rousing version of "Wildwood Flower," then Porter and...
Wildwood Flower - Glen Campbell and Roy Clark... on one guitar! (1996)
Wildwood Flower is awesome any way you slice it but since I can't find the old-fangled sheet muzak I might as well listen on boobtube, eh???
No busker should ever forget "Wildwood Flower". I've done a horrible thing forgetting that on the street today. All practice is postponed!!!
Check out my new music: Wildwood Flower on
"He's gone & neglected his pale wildwood flower"
I liked a video Lorri Kulp-Woodward and The Ring of Fire Band - Wildwood Flower
Wildwood Flower, by Heywood Blevins. FRC 508 - Heywood Blevins: Recordings from the collections of Blanton Owen, Pet…
How amazing is this Wildwood Flower Afghan! Look at how the texture of the afghan creates a 3D effect in the...
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I added a video to a playlist Empty Bottle String Band - Wildwood Flower [Live at WAMU's Bluegrass
I added a video to a playlist Duane Eddy - Wildwood Flower
Congratulations to Emily N. on her adoption of Wildwood Flower '09 aka "Woody"! Woody has come such a long way in...
There's someone playing wildwood flower on an autoharp in blackbird and I'm so happy
After June Carter Cash passed away, Johnny Cash had her Wildwood Flower album cover painted on the elevator in...
you don't know me from a cord of wood but your recording of wildwood flower on WTL soundtrack is fantastic. Just fantastic
Michael Cleveland with Tim O'Brien — Flower Blooming In The Wildwood: right now on
Oh I long to see her and regret the dark hour. She's gone and neglected her pale wildwood flower
I'll live yet to see him regret the dark hour. He won and neglected the frail wildwood flower 🎶🎶
I'm listening to Wildwood Flower by on
Wildwood Flower Productions present Wildwood Fire, a heartfelt story about being married to the Man in Black.
"When the Wildwood Was in Flower." This Book an EXACT Reproduction of the Original Book Published Before 1923. This
Cannonball Blues by June Carter Cash from the album Wildwood Flower
I'm a Wildwood flower waving for you
Oops, wrong link, that was the first novel, Wildwood Flower. Widow Mouse,
I'm listening to Keep On The Sunny Side by June Carter Cash on
Getting ready for the 50th anniversary celebration this Fall w/ our "Wildwood Flower" honey blonde!
Hey what are you doing tonight??? Coming to see us at The Wildwood Flower? Awesome. See you there!
I added a video to a playlist The Carter Family - Wildwood Flower
Bill Frisell picking out Mother Maybelle's Wildwood Flower on The Caravan with John Gilbreath.…
Learn the story of Maybelle Carter and "Wildwood Flower" tabs
Listen to John Carter Cash talk about "Wildwood Flower" making a record w/
First novel, Wildwood Flower in new series Mountain Brides, free in KU. First reviews 5*,
He's gone and neglected this pale wildwood flower 🎼
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with Maybelle Carter — Wildwood Flower: right now on
I added a video to a playlist Wildwood Flower
Wildwood Flower on the . She's had about 4 mos. of lessons
He was on a tower, was Mr Udagawa, where he gave a flower to mr Percy thrower. Then he did died. 😔
Saya suka video Wildwood Flower on dulcimer
Fans great review of my new book, Wildwood Flower. So sweet it made me cry.
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Also Camden 1928 has two of my fav Carter Family songs: John Hardy was a desperate little man and Wildwood Flower
I love forest: Red Fox Have foxes dance in the moonlight in my new novel, Wildwood Flower.
June Carter Wildwood Flower. Listen to it. Embrace it. Love it.
(Finished another round of edits on Wildwood Flower, ready for Beta readers.) Write Without Fear.
So, i got a mountain dulcimer for Christmas and here's me attempting to play the Wildwood Flower on it!
Hear guitar picker and Country Music Hall of Famer Merle Travis play "Wildwood Flower" in '66
I'm listening to Wildwood Flower by Sam Pacetti & Gabriel Valla on
I liked a video Wildwood Flower, key of D major
Watch WildWood Flower on a fender strat. on
Just watched Walk the Line again and I've got wildwood flower stuck in my head. Such a beautiful song 😍
Chet Atkins picks the Wildwood Flower live -
My Miss Sophia held up her end of Wildwood Flower's double this weekend by winning R6.She's allowed to give Materiality crap if he loses.
Embellish the Lace (Super Saver o/o a 1/2 sis to our Wildwood Flower) wins ALW at Pimlico by almost 14 lengths. Same family as
Sam dissects Civil War era folk song "Wildwood Flower" with Kris Kristofferson on Listen:
Hand-carved wood, flower pendant with a hematite s
I added a video to a playlist Flatt and Scruggs - Wildwood Flower
Enjoyed this story about one of my favorite tunes
Working on the picking to famous Carter tune, "Wildwood Flower." Tough stuff.
“"Wildwood flower" Mother Maybelle Carter great piece, thanks for sharing
Wildwood Flower by the Carter Family. What would you choose?
He won and neglected this pale wildwood flower,
Last night mentioned Wildwood Flower. That got a big stupid smile out of me.
I liked a video from Wildwood Flower Free Bluegrass Guitar Lesson
Watching WildWood Flower on a fender strat. on
She's gone and neglected, her pale wildwood flower.
WildWood Flower on a fender strat.: via
Wildwood Flower is always going to be one of my favourite songs
June Carter Cash - Wildwood Flower: via For my beloved
Mac Wiseman with Sierra Hull — You're A Flower Blooming In The Wildwood: right now on
Time does strange things to song lyrics: why "Wildwood Flower" lyrics don't make sense
"He's gone and neglected, his pale wildwood flower 🌸"
Amazing Grace, Arkansas Traveler, Bile them Cabbage, Bury Me Beneath the Willow, Cripple Creek, Clinch Mountain Backstep, Cripple creek, Devil's Dream, Old Joe Clark, In the Sweet Bye & Bye, Wagon Wheel, Wildwood Flower. Yes, IT WAS a great JAM NIGHT! Several of our regulars could not make it; but, we still had a good turn out: Mary Claire, Greg, and Bob on fiddle, Aaron, Justin, and Tom on guitar. Our visitors, Jim and Carol Ann Self, Ginger and family joined in on vocals. Will Fink was our session leader. Fantastic food provided by Ginger, Rebecca, Bob, and Greg made the evening a huge success. Hope to see more of our new students next month!
I am determined to learn to play wildwood flower on the guitar even if it kills me :)
Jim Varney plays part of the popular Carter Family song "Wildwood Flower" on his dulcimer in 1993:
Jim Varney playing "Wildwood Flower" on his dulcimer during Chevy Chase Show in 1993.
oh wow! all my favorite songs are playing this morning. right now it's Mabelle Carter's wildwood flower
Check out my sister Penny's mando crosspicking version of Wildwood Flower at
I feel like I can play wildwood flower so good until I hear an old timer play it then my confidence goes from 10 to 0
He's gone and neglected this pale wildwood flower♪
Hearing wildwood flower on a guitar will forever bring back old memories of my dad 🎸🎶
You've gone and neglected this pale wildwood flower
You've gone and neglected your pale wildwood flower..
Welcome to our newest stockist of our Wildwood Flower Ltd, Dursley :D
She's gone and neglected her pale wildwood flower.
Fall Flower Walk, Sep 21. Wildwood Park. Join volunteer for this final walk of the season to identify the flowers.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
We have a small amount of June Carter Cash 'Wildwood Flower' on vinyl. Email infofor more info!
You've gone and neglected, this pale wildwood flower
“He's gone and neglected this pale wildwood flower.🎶🌷”
He's gone and neglected this pale wildwood flower.🎶🌷
Shout out wildwood flower for the follow! Keep in touch happymothersday
wildwood flower thanks for the follow Check out New Video:
Shout out to wildwood flower much love for the follow!
Wildwood Flower will always be my favourite song 😌🌸💕
The melody is voiced lower with the strummed chords higher. This lesson teaches the bluegrass song Wildwood Flower.
Couldn't be happier to be 10 hours away from Philadelphia and wildwood
He's gone and neglected this pale, wildwood flower.
Wildwood cops are bullies who take advantage of kids rights just so they can get money off them
Thinking about buying Wildwood Flower Vintage Brown Leather Boots A1094 by Corral via h…
I didn't have a chance to post this clip before, but here are two more songs that I performed with the Mountain Valley Hee Haw house band last Saturday night..."Wildwood Flower" and "The Way I Am".
Going back to Jesco's this week to add some tunes for tge show including "Wildwood Flower"as well as "Hillbilly Rock"
Today is Star Wars Day, which means we should all reflect on a simpler time in our lives, when Harrison Ford didn't ha…
Two songs by Dallas Daisy begin the final hour of the show. They are WILDWOOD FLOWER (from her debut album) and DALLAS IS IN TENNESSEE (from her second album of the same name). Plenty of country *** to come. Listen to Russell Hill's Country Music Show via // 93.7FM
Wildwood flower: this is my short rendition of the Carter Familys 'wildwood flower' on acoustic …
I'm listening to Wildwood Flower by David Grisman & Tony Rice on Pandora
I added a video to a playlist Mother Maybelle Carter - Wildwood Flower
Wildwood is the northeast with sand
I added a video to a playlist Reese Witherspoon - Wildwood Flower with Lyrics
Vernon Dalhart recorded hundreds of songs until 1931. Jimmie Rodgers, first country superstar, the undisputed "Father of Country Music". The Carter Family, rural country-folk, known for hits like "Wildwood Flower". Uncle Dave MacOn, banjo player, singer, and songwriter who became the first start of the Grand Ole Opry in the late 1920s Roy Acuff Grand Ole Opry star for 50 years, "King of Country Music". Jenny Lou Carson, the first female to write a No. 1 Country Hit (1945) "You Two-Timed Me One Time Too Often". Patsy Montana, the first female Country singer to sell 1 million records. Girls of the Golden West, one of the first Country music duo groups. Ernest Tubb Beloved Texas troubadour who helped scores become stars. Red Foley, the first major country star after World War II, host of Ozark Jubilee Hank Snow Canadian-born Grand Ole Opry star famous for his traveling songs. Hank Williams pioneer, singer, and songwriter, known for hits including "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry", "Your Cheatin' Heart" and "Jamb ...
It's not my fault I have a problem accepting responsibility.
We went to the house by the lake and we drank too much and said things we shouldn’t have said. It used to be a nice house. B…
👊PLEASE READ👊 Probably the biggest misconception about my modeling and shooting with a male, is that we are a couple/dating/foolin’ around. This is quite the contrary. When I am booked for a shoot, I find out the concept and I channel my character, that’s it. The emotions/touching/looks, it’s all fake. I felt I needed to write this because the moment I am pictured with a man, my inbox is flooded with questions. Let it be known, I’m a happy wildwood flower, and the moment that special man steals my heart, you’ll be the first to know! ❤ Mal
“The Revue Remembers the Carter Family” The Sucarnochee Revue will tribute the Carter Family on the Friday March 7th edition of the show at 7 pm. at the Temple Theater in downtown Meridian, Mississippi. The Carter Family along with Jimmie Rodgers are regarded as the originators of popular country music. The original group recorded between 1927 and 1956. Their music had a profound impact on bluegrass, country, Southern Gospel, pop and rock musicians as well as on the U.S. folk revival of the 1960s. They were the first vocal group to become country music stars. Their recordings of songs such as "Wabash Cannonball", "Can the Circle Be Unbroken", "Wildwood Flower", "Keep On the Sunny Side" and "I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes" made them country standards. The latter's tune was used for Roy Acuff's "The Great Speckled Bird", Hank Thompson's "The Wild Side of Life" and Kitty Wells' "It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels", making the song a hit all over again in other incarnations. The original group ...
Jerry Shook - Wildwood Flower -I do not own the copyright to this music "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is...
Mother Maybelle Carter of the legendary and founding family of country music, the Carter Family, playing Wildwood Flower on the Johnny Cash Show. Maybelle wa...
Just played: wildwood flower - hank thompson & the brazos valley boys - hank thompson and the brazos valley boys(capitol)
Johnny Cash and Mother Maybelle Carter sing Pick the Wildwood Flower. This is from Johnny Cash's Country Music in 1973. I hope you enjoy! Please join us on t...
Crickets singin in the evening hours, daddy on guitar pickin Wildwood Flower, old record player spinnin LP's. Yeah, that's music to me.
Wildwood flower. Hope the sound comes thru
He's gone and neglected this pale wildwood flower.
Joe buck played wildwood flower. That was unexpected.
I remember went pawpaw taught me to play Wildwood Flower. ☺☺☺
Promenade practice list for the night: Wheels, Nut Sundae, Freight Train (Elizabeth Cotten version), Wildwood Flower, Caravan, Cannonball Rag, Windy and Warm, Copper Kettle, Borsalino, Waiting for Times to get Better, Third Man Theme-Musical Folks, this is gonna be fun- hopefully you recognize a few of these oldies! Come on out and see our debut at the Shady Nook on March 14th! 💃🎶
Love the fragrance when you walk into Lake Gaston Flower Shop? Wildwood Nursery at Lake Gaston, has made it into...
True Bluegrass Instrumentals The third release in the True Bluegrass series is a major-league bargain-and there are no minor-league pickers here! You'll hear favorites like Orange Blossom Special and Wildwood Flower as you hear instrumentals by Ralph Stanley, Ricky Skaggs, Tony Rice and more. List Price: $ 7.98 Price: $ 3.66
If you don't like Maybelle Carter singing Wildwood Flower then get out of my face.
Wildwood Flower and Under the Double Eagle are two of those tunes which must be played if you play guitar. My brother and I have been doing this medley for y...
Debbie Beaulieu singing "wildwood flower" She sounds even better than the last time I heard this amazing woman sing...Terrific Job Debbie!
Wildwood Flower Clawhammer Banjo in the key of A (aeac
SHE'S SO ADORABLE. I love her so much. "Wildwood Flower - June Carter Cash"
Maxwell is either partially deaf or incredibly tolerant. I just tuned my banjo (as much as anyone can make a banjo sound like it is tuned, that is) and played some Wildwood Flower and he didn't cry once. I did have him strapped into his high chair, so maybe he just accepted his fate.
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Pickin the Wildwood Flower on my old flat top
I come home after a long day. Stressed as *** The wife is all smiles and says, baby look, and proceeds to pick me The Wildwood Flower on the guitar. God bless her, she knows exactly what it takes to make my soul smile.
One of my all-time fav icons - heres a link with her playing Wildwood Flower
"I long to see you, I regret the dark hour, I've gone and neglected my poor Wildwood Flower."
WILDWOOD FLOWER from WALK THE LINE. Reese Witherspoon sings Wildflower Flower in the film Walk The Line;for which she won the Oscar.
"He's gone and neglected this pale wildwood flower"
Mother Maybelle Carter - Wildwood Flower - Mother Maybelle Carter playing Wildwood Flower at the Johnny...
Are you gonna do more music ? Your version of Wildwood Flower is my favourite . Please say you will record some more songs . ♥
I'd really love to hear sing Wildwood Flower by Maybelle Carter / Carter Family.. I think she'd sing it beautifully!
When he won, then neglected,. The frail wildwood flower. He told me he loved me,. And promis'd to love,. Through ill and misfortune,
Preview and download Wildwood Flower on iTunes. See ratings and read customer reviews.
He has gone and neglected this pale Wildwood flower. ~ June Carter
"Wildwood Flower" is an American perennial favorite, best known through performances and recordings by the Carter Family. Originally recorded by them on May ...
if you've never heard Wildwood flower by june carter, I'm sorry
I've gone and neglected my pale wildwood flower
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Poor Bo’s Almanac for 1.4.14: 1929: Victor released The Carter Family’s ‘Wildwood Flower.’ 1958: Bob Wills was asked about Rock-n-Roll during an interview with The Tulsa Tribune. Wills replied, “ Why, man, that’s the same kind of music we’ve been playing since 1928.” 1965: CBS bought the Fender Guitar Company for million. 1974: Marvin Gaye made his 1st concert appearance in 4 years when he played the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum to record ‘Marvin Gaye Live.’ 2004: Steve Earle ended his 1-week run in the off-Broadway production of ‘The Exonerated.’ Good day to dig holes & host a party. R.I.P. Phil Everly.
Saturday. The Christmas tree is still up. Ask me if I care. Little Mama is still reading the paper (fourth time around and in bits and pieces) Two doses of meds for my bladder infection and I'm back to kicking *** and taking names, which means... for the uninformed in Okie speak: I feel much better. Writing some more today, even if LM does interrupt me ten times a minute. I CAN delete. I CANNOT quit writing. the end. Missing some of my girlfriends from school today. Don't know why they are on my mind, but they are. Lorene Kimsey, I hope you are feeling better honey. I miss Bobbie Stone, don't you? She was the organizer in the bunch. Loretta Sawyer... I wish you lived closer. I wish we were still kids and I was spending the night at your house listening to your daddy, Joe, play Wildwood Flower and Orange Blossom Special on his guitar while your mama was in the kitchen making tacos. Did you know that the first time I ever ate a taco in my life was at your house? I still make my taco meat like she did. I ...
Listening to Chet Atkins "Wildwood Flower" Having fond flashbacks of dad sitting in his rocking chair tapping his foot.
Snowflakes falling from the dark night sky on the second of January, 2014. Background music is an instrumental version of Wildwood Flower with two guitar par...
Keep on KISN in 2014! Remember this mysterious classic from 1967? Bobbie had a couple of other hits and later married fellow singer Jim Stafford (of "Wildwood Flower" fame)
This is becoming a Christmas Eve tradition. Last year we did Creole Belle, our first ever youtube clip. This year we are doing Wildwood Flower with two black...
most famous version by The Carter Family... Wildwood Flower is a variant of the song I'll Twine 'Mid the Ringlets,[1] published in 1860 by compose...
Beautiful moment when Sam Worley and CE Pullen (91) are playing Wildwood Flower requested by Joanne Roberts Majors and her sister, Linda Dunham. (Their father used to play it on bass.) Their 83 year old mother, Hazel Roberts, gets up and dances! So cute!
He's gone and neglected his pale wildwood flower -June carter ❤
from the 1972 album; let me tell you about a song; THE MAN WHO PICKED THE WILDWOOD FLOWER
I sometimes think I spend way too much time thinking ,listening and writing music...until I am reminded in some way about A.P. Carter. A.P. started the Carter Family with his wife Sara...they joined forces with Sara's cousin Maybelle and became the first country super group..thanks to a new process...recording! A.P. traveled the United States extensively finding songs..Country songs, blues songs,Mountain songs, sing-alongs, work songs...the best songs we have in the Americana songbook. A.P. and Sara divorced...the rumor was she dabbled in some kind of hanky panky with A.P's cousin...due to his long trips away from home to collect songs.I would never repeat such hideous gossip...Okay,I would...A.P. was a man on a mission..he was consumed with the search to find,collect and sing songs that he loved and would not be heard unless someone went out and found them...A.P. was the man for the job. A.P.found "Can the circle be unbroken", Keep on the sunny side", Wildwood Flower, "Wasbash Cannonball and many other . ...
I favorited a video Mother Maybelle Carter - Wildwood Flower
Daddy's Wildwood Flower by Ralph Stanley' is the best song ever .
Since I am but an occasional listener, I will not suggest Wildwood Flower by Chet Atkins.
Couldn't relate any more to Wildwood Flower by June Carter .
VACATION Hey folks. "Get" and me arrived safely back home around 10 last night. Had a fantastic trip. Went to Heartwood and the Barter Theater in Abingdon, Va. Gregory Peck started out at this world famous theater. Stopped in Bristol for a few photos. Then on to the Carter Family Fold on the Crooked Road . "Get" took a photo of me playing "Wildwood Flower" on A.P. Carter's front porch. Check that off my bucket list. Spent the night at the Mayberry Motor Court in Mount Airy, North Carolina. On 21 June, the first day of Summer and a beautiful day, we Visited Andy Griffith's boyhood home, Floyds Barber shop where I talked to Russell, Andy's barber as a young man. We both had a BLT sandwich at The Snappy Lunch where I talked to the man who plays Otis the town drunk in all the local events. Met a lot of good people, many who knew Andy personally and one who went to church with him a Grace Moravian on North Main Street. After picking out a few goodies at Opie's Candy Store we visited the Andy Griffith Playhouse ...
Had a dream last night I got to rock with Jesco White (Official) again with some Wildwood Flower.
happy birthday to the beautiful brilliant Emmylou Harris! - w/Iris Dement - Wildwood Flower - an A P Carter song:
Name something or use a phrase that is WILD that has the word Wild in it!
Yoga to the Core is on for tonight at The Soul Source in West Bend. We start at 6:45 pm tonight for all you yogis that want some extra core work! See you later.
the original score of Wildwood Flower
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Sat alone in the dark tonite and picked the Wildwood Flower. Brought back a lot memories..:-)
I think I might have a slight obsession with Miranda Lambert. I love her music.
Dear God its 8:15 and I'm being forced to watch soap operas *** tvo and direct TV what did I do to deserve this? I guess there's always justifiable suicide lol.
I liked a video Mother Maybelle Carter - Wildwood Flower
The DNA of a Wildwood Flower... just playin'. With thanks to Steve.
She's always been better known as a performer than a songwriter. But on her latest album, longtime Prairie Home favorite, Emmylou Harris wowed her fans and the critics alike with set of 13 hauntingly beautiful songs, half of which are original compositions. On her most recent visit to A Prairie Home...
Know what would be totally kewl? A cover of Wildwood Flower by the Carter Family, with Dolores O'Riordan on vocals and...
He's gone and neglected, this pale wildwood flower
"He's gone and neglected his pale wildwood flower"
This is a little bio on me aka *Jackson67*      Hope you like.     I'm from Ireland so safe to say that I'm an Irish girl at heart but with a liking for all things crazy, mostly speed (cars) ever snce I was little, also I'm  25yrs old. I'm a fan of Johnny Cash since early 2003 and " Hurt" - cry when I hear that song, maybe it's just me but the lyrics get me every time I listen to it. Recently discovered that my uncle is also a fan too. I've never met Johnny or June but would of liked to, same as the admin *Oney* too, but as for celebs - I've met a few since 2005 as I first met Irish singer Ronan Keating from Boyzone on a rare chance - ended up on tv for that one!!..     Now being a fan of Johnny Cash has amused my mother as she has said a lot " Back to my generation of music" and this just tickles my funny bone but it's been funny whenever she says it to me, and she has seen my two posters of Johnny Cash above my bed since I bought them a few weeks ago.     Before I became a fan of Johnny Cash, ...
Someone give me some good country songs to listen to. I'm in a music mood. ~Heather
HANK C. BURNETTE ... make a note of his name because he is going to be big. This multi-talented artist not only plays all the instruments on this album, he arranged, produced and acted as engineer on these recordings, cut over a number of years in his living room and his parents' garage! Hank, who hails from a little village in the north of Sweden, even wrote some of the numbers. He's been big on the Continent for a while now in the country/rock scene, and made No.7 in the U.S.Tri-State charts with his 'Tribute To Music City' single, "Hank's Wildwood Flower", on the US Seagull label out of Nashville, Tenn. Robert Plant and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and DJ John Peel are among those who collect Hanks 45's, when they are available. In fact, some of his earlier issues are already collectors items. Now, Southern Sound prez Terry Waghorne, and myself, have got together this album, Hank's first in Britain. Listen to the voice, slightly Elvis-styled, and the fantastic guitar work - he doesn't own a bass guitar b ...
Getting the rare treat of listening to daddy sing. Tonite it was Anyone Headed To San Antonio
A scene from about 100 years ago. Does anyone know where "Fountain Park" was, and could remnants of it still exist today?
I need a song about yards or gardens . Helpa
I've been looking through my first year's blog posts and was taken yet again by the translations of several of my poems into Hungarian by Szidonia Barakso-Juhasz back in 2008, for the International Premiere of Harold Schiffman's Alma cantata, based on work from my Wildwood Flower. I hope to return to Hungary someday. Thank you again, Szidi, for your translations.
For my Dad. Thanks for the gift of music Dad. Written and performed by Kurt Silva with 1947 Martin oo-17.
I see the train a comin It's rollin round the bend And I ain't seen the sunshine since I don't know when
Lord getting a little agervated. Trying to play wildwood flower on a guitar that is a lot bigger than me, I can't see what im doing. My teacher is laughing at me eyes pointing at you honey
Letras de Jim Stafford - Video: Wildwood Weed: The name of this song is 'The Wildwood Flower…
Today's specials are Flower Power and Raspberry Champagne. We have Gluten Free in Athens at the Wildwood
I enjoyed performing with guitarist George Hawkins tonight at a mobile community clubhouse in Taverese, Fl. They had a nice dinner at 5 and we performed from 6 -8...supposed to be till 7:30 but we were enjoying it and gave some extra music. Tonight I sang some easy listening pop such as Fly Me To the Moon, And I Love You So, The Nearness Of You, Don't Get Around Much Anymore,Blue Skies, I'm Confessin' That I Love You,Everybody Love's Somebody Sometime, as well as "uptown "country songs by Eddie Arnold Jerry Wallace, & Ray Price. George did a number of instrumentals, such as Beyond the Reef, Cascade,Wildwood Flower,etc... A very pleasant evening. Stopped off at Olivia's Coffee shop in Eustis at the tale end of the jam there and played a little fiddle with Katie Waller, didn't bring the fiddle in as it was about over, thanks to Charley Ullian for the use of his nice sounding violin!
"I gave my love a cherry that had no stone..."
All the events I like & look forward to on the same weekend! The Glasshopper show, the Flower Show, Home Show, and Symphony on Sat. & Sun. preceded by Arthur Murray's Ball Capitol on Friday (that will be a great show). I have followed performances by Malarie & Jeremiah of Arthur Murray, and they too will be performing Sat. & Sunday @ Wildwood. Event planners need to get together on this.
Im listening to Wildwood Flower now...reminds me of mum and my auntys.. Thats their romantic song
Wildwood Flower is performed by Mike Ness - Get lyrics, music video & widget and read meanings of this song here.
Okay who can name songs with names of flowers in them
Okay, so what songs do you use to check out a guitar? Personally, I use a couple of single-strummed farmer chords and few relatively random notes mid-neck. In other words... I don't really play tunes, it fatigues the ear and doesn't allow the guitar time to show it's voice. I always learn more about the voice of a guitar by letting a G and an E chord ring out at a couple of different volume levels than I ever do playing anything fancy. What's your routine?
Old Carter Family tune. Most of the time played instrumental but there are lyrics to this song. Enjoy!
A song written by A. P. Carter. Sung by Reese Witherspoon. From the film Walk the line. Enjoy Disclaimer- i do not own this song or anything else to do with it.
I had such a nice evening playing music with my AWESOME cousins!! That "wildwood flower" arrangment was a lot of fun!
Anybody know the song "the wildwood flower"? Well I can play it on guitar. Old folks said if u can play it then u can play anything … I don't think that's true lol
My Wildwood Flower! Anybody have any suggestions as to what to do with 3-year-old OBESITY??? I just don't know what to do about it! Baby Girl just turned 4 on Jan 30th but as you can see...the potential for her being overweight is tremendous! Allen Papaw loves each and every 'ounce' of you, Kendra! Enjoyed you so very much yesterday and I appreciated your mother so much for letting you stay past your drop-off time so you could go to the ballgame with Allen Papaw! Love You!!!
Going to be going to St. Louis later with a friend can't wait to go is excited :) . But I do have 3 new songs learned on my acoustic guitar I now know wildwood flower by June c. , don't come home drinking by Loretta Lynn walking after midnight by patsy cline . But is now debating if i should learn songs by Dolly Parton hmm not sure on her yet .
O.K. Things to drive me crazy. I just tried learning a new song "Wildwood Flower". I found four different lessons and four completely different ways to play the darn thing! Is there any such thing as STANDARDIZATION in banjo music? Or is EVERYBODY a solo act?!!
Wildwood Flower by Emmylou Harris with Iris Dement... now at KWBC.FM
I just used to discover Wildwood Flower by Reese Witherspoon.
Children Plant Spring Flower Bulbs: NORTH WILDWOOD – With less than three weeks before the arrival of the bigges...
Wildwood Flower is such a beautiful song.
He's gone and neglected, this pale wildwood flower.
Keep on the Sunny Side on Wildwood Flower by June Carter Cash
If there's one thing I ever learned in my lifetime, its "Wildwood Flower"
autoharping, covering the Carter Family! (of course)
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Happy Monday, everyone! As part of my guitar bettering venture I am learning some new cover songs and was hoping some of you might have some suggestions as to songs you'd like to hear me do. I'll choose one to make a lil video and add it to my live show!
Singer, songwriter and comedian Archie Campbell was born on this date in 1914. Chief writer and cast member of the TV show "Hee Haw," he became an Opry member in 1958 and won the Country Music Association (CMA) award for Comedian of the Year in 1969. Archie passed away in 1987. Alvin Pleasant Carter, the head of The Carter Family, died on this date in 1960. Their most popular song, "Wildwood Flower" was recorded in 1928 and is said to have sold over a million copies! And on this date in 1953, pop singer Pat Boone married Red Foley's daughter, Shirley!
Friday night's concert on the couch included "Waiting on a Friend" by The Rolling Stones."Let's Stay Together" by Al Green. "Hoosier Highway" "It Doesn't Feel Like Living (new one" and "The Game" by me."Scenes From an Italian Restaurant" and "Piano Man" by Billy Joel."Kiss Me Deadly" by Lita Ford and "Sunday Morning Coming Down" by Kris Kristofferson. The encore included "Got My Mind Set On You" by George Harrison."Pick the Wildwood Flower" by Gene Watson ans "Marekesh Express" by CSNY.
I favorited a video The Carter Family - Wildwood Flower
This funny song was released by country comedian Jim Stafford in 1974. The song pokes fun at the classic country/bluegrass hit "Wildwood Flower" while tellin...
June Carter Cash died in the spring of 2003. Her last album, Wildwood Flower is a warm and poignant album from one of countryns most important female artists...
You can't be a Sharp's man if you can't play Wildwood Flower by June Carter.
Listened to old tapes of the Grand Ole Opry last nite a mixed bag of memories, Kitty Wells the first lady of country music,Minnie Pearl the lady who wanted to be an opera star, and the Carter Family,who sang country gospel. One of my favorites was "Wildwood Flower",used to call my wife that ,she came from wildwood fla. Her mother owned a resturant beside the rr tracks and all the engineers came in for breakfast,and it was a truck stop too,that was before tsa and local truck stops along the thruway the road to no return.But therewere other greats in country music,Chet Akins, Willis bros,Ernie Tubb and many others who are forgotten with time. Those were the day when one danced with a lady instead of at her,men and women respected each other,and instead of sex we had fun together,on dates,we went to candy kitchens and played the juke box(five songs for a quarter),we went on hay rides,in winter we had bobsled rides after a nite of singing and riding old dobbin was glad to get home ,even if u fell asleep u got ...
country guitar flat top Smiley Bates.
I think Amanda Marie Hannis should do a Wildwood Flower Cover with me when i come back home !
This version of Wildwood Flower is from Helen's album "This is for you mama", 1979. On the album it was called "Poor wildwood flower" Helen was the eldest da...
This is very famous Carter Familie's tune. I like to play this pretty tune.
Who wants to be my wildwood flower :)
Wildwood Flower. 1st song my pops ever taught us on the guitar.
Wildwood flower - Reese Witherspoon from the Johnny Cash film
Me like flower, me cave girl, me no like water @ Wildwood Crest Beach
Buddy Cannon and his mother Lyndel Elizabeth Rhodes playing The Wildwood Flower
He's gone and neglected this pale wildwood flower.
You've gone and neglected this pale wildwood flower~
Here is the Carter Family classic Wildwood Flower. A simple melody that lends itself well to crosspicking. If you're unfamiliar with crosspicking it's just a...
Pick The Wildwood Flower by Gene Watson (Live) from 1985. Pick The Wildwood Flower was released on 6/9/1979 and became a Country Music Hit for Gene latter...
Fred Staggs and Victoria Gambrell country bluegrass live
Fun at the Fiddlers Convention tonight. The contestants were banjo, auto harp and guitar. Tomorrow night is the bands and Sat. night is the awards. We are really enjoying this. They are playing songs I have not heard in years, someone even played Shortning Bread. And Phyllis, they played Wildwood Flower.
This is my weekend homework studing Clarence White´s crosspicking. This is the similar version of this song recorded by Clarence White at his home in 1962. Y...
I had a show in Southport, NC, and it was called shop to the beat. Every time I play this song I have to dedicate it to my Grandpa. This is his absoulute fav...
This is my arrangement of Wildwood Flower for flatpicking guitar. Tablature for this arrangement is available at
Tabs available @ and tons of free learning material @ . This is a lesson on Mother Maybelle's versio...
Robert Benoit plays the guitar on the Carter Family favourite, Wildwood Flower. The tracks - guitars and bass - are his.Visit to buy the...
The great Chet Atkins playing the all-time favourite "Wildwood Flower".
I can't remember hearing anyone play "Wildwood Flower" other than my dad, until just a few minutes ago, when David Grisman's and Tony Rice's version popped up on Pandora. Tears welled and I stopped breathing. It's almost five years since my dad opted out of this life, and just a few chords of a song bring the hurt right back. I miss his music, the soundtrack for most of my life.
Oh, I'll twine with my mingles and waving black hair With the roses so red and the lilies so fair And the myrtles so bright with the emerald dew The pale and...
Happy Birthday to June Carter Cash! Rocking out to some Wildwood Flower, Alcatraz, Ring of Fire and Diamonds in the Rough. So inspirational!
Today would have been June Carter Cash's 83rd birthday - Wildwood Flower -
I just learned wildwood flower in a different key just so I could put in a G-run. I like G-runs.
This is Stephen Seiferts version of Wild Wood Flower. This is one of my favorate songs to play. I am tuned to DAD.
My evening summer soltice spent in the oldest town in St. Tammany Parish, LA. Watching waitresses sling piled high seafood platters, poboys, bread pudding, with sweet tea to a bunch of pickers and grinners, including my Pop. Playing bluegrass, country, and gospel. Folks playing their hearts out, with permanent smiles on their faces. The harmonies blending in a splended grace. A true Jam Session with a bunch of music people, with different connections over many years. At one point a harmonica man joined in, and the blues showed up. Call of "Wildwood Flower, key of F" overheard at one point. My toes tapping out the beat thru the night with an occasional cajun shout of Ai'ye! When they broke out in Victory In Jesus...well, of course...I broke into tears. Those old tyme hymns do it everytime! Let summer begin!
Wildwood Flower from Clarence White and the Kentucky Colonels 1980 Rounder Records / Live in 1964 or 1965 Clarence White - guitar Roland White - mandolin Bil...
I'm glad I wasn't there to see my momma 'cause she must have cried for hours. I can hear her saying to me, "Get your guitar and pick the 'Wildwood Flower.'"
Wildwood flower is my daddies favorite song
hi could you do a cover Wildwood Flower or poss something by Johnny Cash (just been watching Walk The Line, love that film)
Wildwood flower is playing on the radio at work.
Alisons wonderful performance of this Carter Family classic live in Portland
He's gone and neglected his pale wildwood flower
He's gone and neglected his pale wildwood flower.
He's gone and neglected this pale wildwood flower
A great classic song set to just as great cast of pics
Grew up listening to my dad play this song. Wildwood Flower
Happy Fathers Day to ya'll. Miss you and LOVE you me wildwood flower.
1986 video of Aunt Bertha Robinson (1904-1995) A two finger style, old-time banjo player from New Market, AL., Aunt Bertha was a favorite all across the Tenn...
We're sending out the Esteban Fan Club email on Sunday! You'll get the "Wildwood Flower" guitar lesson, and "Ring...
Saturday, off to Weggies, cleaned the house and then maybe a bike ride, have office work, but want some down time. Definitely will practice my Wildwood Flower on my guitar. Yep, play with the dawg and maybe a pedicure. Life is wonderful if you make it.
3pc Band Have played at Benefits, Art Festivals and private parties,. for tips and kicks. :)
Thinking about my Dad and what a tremendous influence he had on my life...sometime in 1962 he brought a Harmony brand "Rocket" guitar to the dry cleaning business that he owned in Burlington...played Wildwood Flower and Old Joe Clark and said something like "if I buy this for you, will you learn to play it?" I told him yes. I think the guitar and a really small amplifier cost him about $80.00. He bought it from L.E White who had a Barber Shop on Rutledge Pike. Still have the guitar but it is unplayable due to serious neglect. Just googled L.E. White...interesting.Before I went in the U.S. Army in August 1969 he told me I would always have friends if I just pulled out a guitar and started playing...great advice!
Dr. Mellow is now playing June Carter Cash - Wildwood Flower
Part 2 video of me working on a commissioned oil painting. It is about 24 hours, compressed to one minute. The music is Wildwood Flower, one of my favorite s...
Who knows what the Wildwood Flower is?
Wildwood Flower by ja2wostr in the style of The Carter Family
Wildwood Flower (Audio CD): While the Carter Family is certainly worthy of deeper exploration, this 25-song comp...
This is a recording of Wildwood Flower sung by the original Carter Family. Sara Carter sings the lead but this recording has A.P and Maybelle singing vocals.
Pictures of June Carter, featuring the song ''Wildwood Flower'' sung by Reese Witherspoon
Watching "Walk the Line" starring Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix: just love the song "Wildwood Flower" and who can ever forget "Jackson". In fact all of Johnny Cash songs are iconic. The freight train picken sound is legendary and only Cash can dublicate it.
Historical video footage from the recording of June's "Wildwood Flower" album in 2002
Reese Witherspoon - Wildwood Flower with Lyrics From the movie Walk the Like Song written by Carter Family .Sing by Reese Whiterspoon Enjoy and thanks for yo...
Emmylou Harris and Iris Dement duet on the A P Carter song "Wildwood Flower" there is no video so I have edited some of Emmylou. Please click like and commen...
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