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Wild Thing

Wild Thing is a song written by New York City-born songwriter Chip Taylor. Originally recorded by The Wild Ones in 1965, Wild Thing is best known for its 1966 cover by the English band The Troggs, which reached No.

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Nice! Kool Moe Dee in perpetuity. Once, an RI radio station played Ton Loc's Wild Thing on loop for a…
On this day in 1970 we lost the Wild Thing. James Marshall Hendrix, the man who simultaneously defined the guitar a…
Which is the better Tone Loc song, Wild Thing or Funky Cold Medina?
Jake Taylor, Wild Thing and Willie Mayes Hayes are back in uniform in "Major League II" at 8pE!
Look at his version of Wild Thing at the Monterey festival in 1967. He sets light to his guitar nea…
The first of our autographed California Penal League baseballs with Wild Thing inscription is curren……
The vest version of the 'Wild Thing' t-shirt. Brian Connolly (Sweet) and later Steve…
It's not like I put "Starship" or Sam Kinison covering Wild Thing!
"Wild Thing" Yan Pellerin to face Drayton Angus at TKO39 on June 16th - TKO MMA
Following the retirement of the 'Wild Thing' Shaun Tait, let's take a look at the fastest bowlers of all time
Miguel Andujar is gaining a reputation as the Rick 'Wild Thing' Vaughn of third baseman. Take it easy.
Shane Matthews and Spencer Hale photographing Wild Thing sculptures in the library for Ms. Mehlich. 2 of our top ph…
Why is Wild Thing by Tone Loc my fav song right now
now playing:. Tone Loc - Wild Thing. from the Decades of Music.
Imagining myself in the old peeps' home organising synchronised wheelchair display to Tone Loc's Wild Thing.
in the Treehouse : Wild Thing by Tone Loc ... Tune In at
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
I wonder how popular Tone Loc was during "Wild Thing"
: Wild Thing by Tone Loc on My Radio Station - Listen at
Somehow that led to a popular remake of 'Wild Thing' and a rocker video by former preacher turned comedian Sam Kini…
Just heard on Dirty Water Radio: Jackie Wilson, The Rolling Stones, The Doors and Queen. Wild Thing by the...
Footloose, Dirty Dancing, Breakfast Club, Wild Thing, & Ferris Beuller are all such great films 🙌🏼
bro. Major League. About the Indians. Charlie Sheen plays Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn. Wild thing is his theme song.
"Wild Thing" plays as Charlie Sheen is shown on the big board.
Camera turns to Charlie Sheen, with Wild Thing playing in the stadium.
Sometimes it blows my mind that Wild Thing and Gordon Bombay are brothers.
when the going gets tough we can always bring out Ricky Vaughn the Wild Thing
.Wild Thing was cool but Gordon Bombay was the better Sheen.
Guess the Cleveland Indians are bringing in the Wild Thing tonight.
I just really want Cody Allen to switch his music to Wild Thing for the night. Everyone would lose their minds
I have no rooting interest in this World Series, but I might die if Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn shows up tonight.…
Dear We need Ricky Vaughn, Wild Thing, and the whole get up tonight. Former Indian greats are nice, but we need
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Indians only win if Ricky Vaughn comes out of the bullpen with Wild Thing playing to throw out the first pitch.
If Ricky Vaughn walks out of that bullpen for the first pitch tonight to "Wild Thing" Progressive Field will explode
Henry Rowengartner vs. Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn in game 7 of the World Series is going to be a beautiful thing. https:/…
If Charlie Sheen comes running out of the bullpen to "Wild Thing" dressed as Ricky Vaughn and throws out the first…
Kluber is Wild Thing & every Cubs hitter is Jack Parkman right now.
No longer upset Wild Thing won't be doing the first pitch. THESE ARE MY BOYS!
Game 1 starters for the World Series have already been announced:. Henry Rowengartner vs Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn
If the Cubs get to the series they could counter a Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn first pitch with Henry Rowengartner
Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn throwing the first pitch would have been epic. knows it. We all know it.
The Indians should've let throw out that first pitch. Imagine how lit Cleveland would be playing "Wild Thing"
Y'all wildin by not playin "Wild Thing" and letting throw the first pitch in the World Series
With 'Wild Thing' not an option, who do Cleveland Indians fans think should get a World Series first pitch?
won't let 'Wild Thing' throw out first pitch in Cleveland:
Charlie Sheen Wants to Throw First Pitch as 'Major League' Ricky Vaughn bring Wild Thing to
Charlie Sheen wants to throw the first World Series pitch as Ricky 'Wild Thing' Vaughn from 'Major League'.
The need to have Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn aka throw the 1st pitch in any game they host…
Do the right thing here & let Wild Thing toss out the 1st Pitch. ... and if you're fortunate enough you too wi…
Rob Manfred, n u really want2make baseball gr8 again..pls think again bout putting Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn on mound for 1st pitch
Charlie Sheen aka Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn will not throw out a ceremonial first pitch during the World Series.
Charlie Sheen's 'Wild Thing' won't throw out first pitch in World Series - via App
Sheen's 'Wild Thing' will not make pitch in World Series: .
Hope Charlie Sheen throws out first pitch of WS...comes out to Wild Thing.
Charlie Sheen throwing out the first pitch as 'Wild Thing' isn't going to happen during the 😞
Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn HAS to throw out the first pitch for Cleveland's World Series game!!!
please let the Wild Thing throw the first pitch..
can Eddie Robinson guide Wild Thing to mound for the first pitch?
If the MLB doesn't get Charlie Sheen dressed up as "Wild Thing" to throw out the first pitch of the World Series I'll be so disappointed
I would watch whatever game this happens in, but I guess not 😞. 'Wild Thing' won't toss 1st pitch in World Series
just close your eyes and imagine them blaring Wild Thing and Charlie Sheen walks out of the pen to throw the first pitch 💀💀
Update: Much to the dismay of Ricky Vaughn's fans, the Wild Thing will not throw out the first pitch in Cleveland. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Wild Thing can throw a pitch while Willie Mays Hayes steals home.
Not having Wild Thing throw out a first pitch for the Indians is sad but they better let my boy Willie Mays Hayes😤
I don't understand people upset that Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn isn't throwing out the 1st pitch. Willie 'Mays' Hayes & Jake Taylor should.
I hope he comes out in character to the song.
Ya spoken to by some9ne who doesn't have a weiner. . The thing's WILD I tells ya!!!
Wild Thing better throw out the first pitch!
Charlie Sheen, aka 'Wild Thing', offers first pitch at World Series - via App this would be epic
(CBC):'Thing' take the Sheen off Indians? : Actor Charlie Sheen, who played the..
please make this happen. Bring the Wild Thing back. . Sincerely , All Cleveland fans!!!
Imagine if they kept this a secret til right before the game, and Wild Thing starts playing...
Could you imagine Ricki Vaughn coming out of the bullpen to "wild thing" to throw the first pitch out in game 1 of…
Baseball | Indians: Charlie Sheen, aka 'Wild Thing,' offers to throw ceremonial first pitch …
I'm all for it, actually can you give our thin pitching staff some support?
Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn is warming up for the Indians.
Please, for the love of all things Cleveland, invite Charlie Sheen (Rick ''The Wild Thing Vaugnn") to throw out the 1st pitch of WS
Breast Cancer Awareness
This would be too good. Charlie Sheen, aka "Wild Thing" Ricky Vaughn, throwing out the first pitch at the Wo…
run from the bullpen with Wild Thing playing
Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn to throw out first pitch of 2016 for Cleveland Indians.
If Charlie put on the entire uniform, came out from the pen to Wild Thing, that'd be cool, but I want someone tied to o…
If the make the World Series you can have Wild thing and Henry Rowengartner, both throw out first pitches.
Will 'Wild Thing' take the Sheen off Indians? | Mobile
It will be 100% worth the Jays losing if it means I see the Wild Thing throw out the first pitch.
Omg if he comes to the mound with wild thing playing in the background that would be so hype
Charlie Sheen says he would throw out World Series first pitch: Wild Thing is warming up for the……
'Wild Thing' could be taking the mound once again for the
I want to get off MORNING JOE'S WILD RIDE: There is no such thing as death, .. via
and they *** well better have him enter from the bullpen to Wild Thing.
‘Wild Thing’ offers to throw out ceremonial first pitch - CLEVELAND (AP) — Wild Thing is warming up for the Ind...
I think should change his walk to mound song to "Wild Thing" for the World Series
Motion for Wild Thing to throw the first pitch at The World Series!!!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
'Wild Thing' offers to throw out ceremonial first pitch
And they need to play X's Wild Thing as Charlie comes out to the mound!
best thing about Cody Rhodes indie tour is seeing the wild disparity in event posters. Parodies, super Batman/Superman filters, info missing
That thing you do that drives me wild.
If the Wild Thing is feeling rusty, I know someone who would be honored to come help him get his old form back.
If Charlie Sheen doesnt walk out of the bullpen to "Wild Thing" wearing the square framed glasses for game 1 the Indians are doing it wrong
Best year the Indians have had since the days of Roger Dorn, the Wild Thing and Willie Mays Hayes.
NRBQ? You like? Tried more than once to get E Street Band to play but got bumped out by "Wild Thing" in Hartford!!
I added a video to a playlist Strange Magic: "Tell Him / Wild Thing" COMPLETE
'Wild Thing' was written by Chip Taylor, uncle!! See Loose Canon (new book abt songs) for more helpful facts
Pandora just segued from a choral mass by William Byrd into Tone Loc's "Wild Thing", if you want to know my tastes in music.
Wild boars getting a bit out of hand. I know it's not such a veg-people thing to say, but we need more hunters to keep them in check.
S/O to the Valleyfair worker checking the belts on the Wild Thing for saying as he walked away from the cart.
I love growing up. I love becoming more me. I love learning, experiencing and making wild memories. I love emotions. I love…
This is the creepiest thing I have seen all week. 323 wild reindeer killed by lightning. WHAT!.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
my parents are seriously looking for the spot they pulled over to do what they call "The wild thing"
D8's pretty wild Stu you crazy thing you!
This Chris Brown thing is wild bruuh
The Scholl Orchards peaches have done their job, now we wait for the wild yeast to funk this thing up!
I thing this is about beeing the "captain" of the LarryShip. No Italian skills but just a Wild guess😹
"Success is a terrible thing and a wild thing. Just do what you love" - Gene Wilder
He's a wild child, I'll tell you that. If there's one thing that comes from being retired, it's more time with loved ones.
We went on a hike yesterday and I saw my first bear in the wild, thing was maybe 50 ft. from us looking right at us
it's actually a traditional Japanese thing it's wild
I never saw a wild thing. sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead. from a bough. without ever having. felt sorry…
Wild that this thing is still going and still looks fantastic
I think that is a very wild statement without any foundation in fact. But even if true, doesn't mean a thing. Just means...
I can't imagine how wild high schoolers must be now that Uber is a thing.
Day 21 of Comic-a-Day-August! Mixing thing’s up and as the story goes into a more wild territory so dose our art.
What a wonderful thing to find - beauty in the wild. There's nothing like a natural slay…
He doesn't want Manor or Sauber. Haas haven't said a thing, maybe they could be a wild card spot but not probable.
Good thing about meetings: people on the conference call can't see your wild gestures and faces. Bad thing: ppl in the room can
Happy Birthday fam Wild your already 17. Do your thing on the field and court this year 🏀🏈💪🏾
Wild Thing!. (In the Sendak, Spike Jonze sense that is... )
How convenient my parents share the same thing. They are some wild *** drivers that go 80 in a 50😂
Gov Perry, congrats for heading to Dancing With The Stars. Do not - DO NOT - do Wild Thing dressed in '70s elasto-pants.
Man, this "how to talk to girls wearing headphones" thing is wild. More like "How to avoid all indications you should not."
One thing that I really hate in hotels is cleaning...Because I want privacy man! Wanna clean for myself! Don't need your eyes on my stuff!
Remember the young max was so chill now I hear wild thing about the lil dude
what's your favorite animal ? And do you like this fanart ? :) you're in the pic don't worry xD :)
Redemption and remission are not the same thing. Google the definitions. It's pretty wild how fundamentally different these two words are.
I just saw some girl pull off in some big wagon looking thing. it was wild.
Wild to think that this thing that's had such an impact on my life will be over in a matter of weeks but dude...BRING. IT. ON.
Such an amazing thing to see! Dolphins in the wild coming right up to the cruise ship😻🛳🐬
Just relax... every little thing's gonna be alright...
Other than racing games my favorite thing about the PlayStation were the RPGs, many I liked. Wild Arms for one like yesterday.
The best thing is this gorgeous Zelda notebook! And look at that map! Maybe I'll use for Breath of the Wild? (2/2)
That whole "1 or 2" thing is wild too, like is it a trick question?
5. Thing is, we were only a week into a 4-week session. And after that, he got up and sang constantly. Always "Wild World".
It's amazing how Arashi mixed wild at heart with like the old Japanese music kinda thing omg
This whole thing bout Tory lanez sounding like other *** is wild to me cuz I just don't see it he sound like Tory lan…
wow factor ?. It's not BGT !!. Westwood - the most sure thing wild card in the event's history. At expense of Knox, tough one.
Yes. Been a big fan ever since Rick Vaughn came out of the 'pen to Wild Thing.
Wild Thing's pool kissing really sexy indeed, Denise Richards at her prime, don't forget Rancho and Pia first kiss in 3 ***
Not many things more fun than Jim Hendrix’s live version of “Wild Thing.”
I'm sure Willie "Mays" Hayes, Pedro Cerrano, Roger Dorn, and most of all Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn are proud.
Forget the curveball give 'em the 🔥!. SEC's strikeout leader with the Ricky 'Wild Thing' Vaughn haircut. https:/…
I can't believe I am rooting for a team that doesn't star Wild Thing, Willie Mays Hayes, and Cerrano.
from the 60's, Wild Thing original version same league... Hendrix cover, now that rocks.
I think the Ricky Vaughn in Major League 2 comparison is legit. Need him to come out to Wild Thing next start packing a lip
Here comes Rick Vaughn to pitch for the I don't hear "Wild Thing".
Anthony Ranaudo: 2nd P in Rangers history to give up 5 runs on 0 hits. Other is Mitch "Wild Thing" Williams in 1988.
Thought Mitch Williams was "Wild Thing?" Played for Cubs & 5 other teams from 1986 to 1997... Rhetorical Questions!
do I see the Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn haircut with the points in the back?!
Josh Beckett's PKM is now .400 (.200 less than Tom Glavine and Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn combined) (nutshell tw…
I know man lol I never imagined I'd have the opportunity to get sauced and listen to Wild Thing and Funky Cold Medina live
Alex Lifeson plays 'Wild Thing' and other strange tales from the Alice Cooper benefit in Mesa -
I'm still confused as to why Tone Loc just sat there and let his dog do the Wild Thing on his leg
Denise Richards testimony in Wild Thing was that she couldn't make Matt Dillon *** OKAY.
Historian of this era may well date the Fall of Western Civilization from the Vienna Boys Choir recording of 'Wild Thing'.
DJ Abbott WKDfm is playing Suzi Quatro - Wild Thing (with Reg Presley)
oh sure thing :D I'll run wild with it, don't worry :)
guys what's up with the 30% thing ? :( I couldn't but the knife I wanted then lost $50 cause of it
I love that song when that pool scene thing is going on and he's just going wild with it
Today my bf said “me not immediately buying you Gatorade is not the same thing as me not loving you” bc dating me is a wild ride
Survival of the fittest is one theme of Wild Life. Same thing goes with Indian Corporate sector!
number one thing I learned today, wild af 😂😂😂
Sure is a good thing I have more firearms than I have brains, then.
The only thing I miss about home is getting wild on the weekends
:'( All the more reason to stay in MN so the same thing doesn't happen to the Wild!
The leaking pics thing at first was wild but now it's just boring like move on
Whole thing was amazing, you're in for a wild ride.
This is so kool, is on cam again. Its always a good night when she's doing her wild sexy thing in her dark black glasses.
Not a good thing freeing a wild injured animal. Either tend to its wounds or put it down! For humanity & for human safety!
So I turn on the TV and the first thing i see is horse *** Nat Geo Wild, everyone.
omg look how tan and happy we were. Miss and love you wild thing! 💕
Shouldn't Mexicans be tight at pitbull for that el chapo thing like everyone hate trump but el chapo a wild *** killing *** but the
Ive had it in my bio since the day it came out in december 2014. Wild. Its my fav thing
Tone Loc + Peaches. Wild Thing. I have never heard this version before. I like it very much.
I think the idea of it makes sense and the thing that's wild to me is the demand from some people, like…
All purpose parts banner
Tone Loc. Wild Thing. This is his first big hit. Great song. It takes me back to Texas.
sitting in the dark tryin to decipher ur msg but unable to...Wild thing, u make my heart sing
Worst thing about restaurants...will not split checks. (I'm looking at you Brickhouse, Wild Rose, etc) Sillyness
It's funny how we all sleep differently. I sleep on my side, my brother sleeps on his back, my ex sleeps with everybody...…
Tone Loc. Funky Cold Medina. One of my favorite songs. I loved his other song, wild thing.
I know! He went a little mad that's y u don't put a wild thing in a box for 30+yrs 4 ur enjoyment💔
Wild thing I was just thinking about this earlier lol. Prolly my fav troll of all time.
Wild thing you make my heart sing, you make everything groovy
The one thing you can't take away from is that he KNOWS how to hype up a crowd. Tonight was WILD!
Ok I'm watching blackfish for the first time and tbh this thing is actually beyond wild omg
If crusty/crunchy is your thing, this is Vital Information
I think the big thing holding me back in xrd is neutral. I can mostly kill people as long as I can get to them, but often I can't.
on 80s on 8: I'm listening to Wild Thing (89) by Tone Loc.
Never love a wild thing...If you let yourself love a wild thing. You'll end up looking at the sky.
Lets do the same thing tomorrow vs the Wild!
emily repression of sexuality is a dangerous thing. Let your Furry thing frolick wild
"They put me on television. And the whole thing broke loose. It was wild, I tell ya for sure"
It's a good thing he's not out in the wild... Happy always sleeps with his bum out!
"Mark Henry was bragging about doing the wild thing with Chyna".
I could use a little bit of your love, your smile, that thing you do that drives me wild.
Love is a burning thing & it makes a fiery ring. Bound by wild desire. I fell into a ring of fire.
"The worst thing a parent can do is hand over a smartphone and hope for the best."
I probably won't go to another Fresno Grizzlies baseball game until they make Wild Thing the mascot again
Randomer 💩: Tone Loc's video for his 80s hit single "Wild Thing" cost a reported $500 to make.
I wonder if would ever reprise his roles as Rick 'Wild Thing' Vaughn or Topper Harley...
Do "Wild Thing" Rick Vaughn, Pedro Serrano, Willy Mays Hays and Roger Dorn count as beloved Cleveland team?
So, here is Rick Vaughn, the one they call the "Wild Thing".
News just in... The Padres have signed Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn & officially another season of disappointment
Ireland's wins on Spanish Sunshine Tour with Wild Thing - From HSI via
Wild Thing! It's not the Troggs, but Small Faces' Steve Marriott's t-shirt in store!
Wild Thing! No, not the Troggs. It's a t-shirt worn by Small Faces' Steve Marriott!
I mean Jimi Hendrix is cool but the The Troggs' version of Wild Thing is way better :-(
Once a Cavalier, always a Cavalier. Gonna miss seeing Wild Thing out there in a Cleveland jersey
Listening to Wild Thing (Live At The Fillmore East) by Jimi Hendrix, on the album: Live At The Fillmore East
This is definitely your Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn moment; strolling in from the bullpen with a press pass
When did Ricky 'Wild Thing' Vaughn get traded to the Dodgers?
If Glen Maxwell is the "Big Show", Shaun Tait has to be the "Wild Thing". He is all pace, no substance. What a waste
Fact: I can't listen to Wild Thing without thinking of Ricky Vaughn.
Jack Parkman would bring more power at C...wasn't Wild Thing a starter?
Next on Rockburn Presents: Ken Rockburn meets Chip Taylor, known for his hits "Wild Thing" & "Angel of the Morning".
I can't tell if I'm listening to or Bob Uecker from Major League pre-Wild Thing getting glasses
Tuscarawas looking for att. burglar w/ hammer
The life I choose to live is wild and I wouldn't change one thing about it. You only get one so mise well make the best of it...
look like they r on drugs tonight! . Omg, wild thing still plays for us?
If you cage a wild thing, you can be sure it will die, but if you let it run free, nine times out of ten it will run ba…
*** yeah, everyday I look in the mirror feeling fragile because my hair wild af
When the only thing your mom actually knows about California is what she read in the book Wild
Do that thing your sister does that drives me wild
In this whole, wild, wicked world, the only thing you have to be afraid of is me. 😈👑
This is the best thing I've seen all day. Stars! Just like us!...
Sid may need some Wild Thing glasses.or .contacts.
Wild hook everything.wild thing
Is this a real thing you found in the wild?. I'm a little afraid.
one wild thing I learned is she was married to a white man for a dozen years, and she went by 'ella.' she learned he died via a telegram. :(
Yeah, the closest thing I can think of outside BD for that was Wild Arms, where you spent special points to avoid encounters.
Stan thinks he got an Alabama wild cat but he really gets this thing
the worst thing I've hear was about a girl snorting lines in the girls changing rooms absolutely wild
Tuscarawas searching for man w/ hammer who attempted to burglarize Wild Thing Game Room |
Yeah, he is amazing in it! The whole thing is such a wild romp! I'm really tickled that Curry has signed up for the remake too :)
Least realistic thing about Jessica jones is that her bodega's "cheapest" whiskey is Wild Turkey.
it's an innocent wild animal that's lost in London, poor thing man, might even be dead :( shouldn't keep a wild animal as a pet
This destructive twins thing is wild
How in the fresh *** is Live Links is still a thing? Guys are aware of the wild world of camgirls right?
glad to know the one thing the wild consistently prove to us is that we succck in the first period EVERY GAME.
The water of life is Jesus Christ. .
That cat still around, I though y'all set that thing loose into the wild.
Wild Thing. You make my heart sing …
"I need 50 dollars to make you holler…I get paid to do the Wild Thing". -how I end any PowerPoint presentation, regard…
Ants, snails and kangaroo tails: a taste of Australia with Noma's Rene Redzepi
New artwork for sale! - "Pristine Farm on a Winter Afternoon" -
not saying it's a bad thing. 😏 she shall be a great addition to Rezo one day.
Going to work is the last thing I want to do right now
"My favorite thing to make is the chicken & wild rice hot dish"- .
This Cousins thing is wild, man. People saying we've never had a quarterback like Cousins. Insane.
I don't trust wild rice- takes longer to cook- next thing you know it's attacking you and clawing at your throw pillows for nest materials
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
"There is nothing worse than seeing a wild thing feeling sorry for itself"
🎧 Every thing is possible it's nothing we can't do it's a wild and a beautiful fire and I believe in you 🎧
Thank you, Wild Thing...have a wonderful weekend! :)))
Mitch Williams once managed me against . I think "Wild Thing" still has a future in pro-wrestling.
The "Wild Thing" Mitch Williams - coming Saturday, January 23rd to in Waukegan.
If you don't get hype when Wild Thing plays as Charlie Sheen's walk up in Major League then who tf do you think you are
Who wins? 2015 Chicago Cubs, or the Cleveland Indians from Major League with Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn on the hill.
at least get Kenny Lofton, David Justice or Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn?
Stephen singing Wild Thing at the Days 50th Anniversary Gala. https:/…
It's nice to hear Wild Thing being played again at Quicken Loans Arena
Farnham coming out to 'Wild Thing' after being named third star. Devils music guy gets Conn Smythe for life. Awesome.
Happy 45th bday Tonya Harding. Your '91 program to Batman Returns into Send in the Clowns into Tone Loc's Wild Thing will ALWAYS inspire me!
The Troggs song "Wild Thing" was originally written and recorded in 1965 by Chip Taylor, uncle of Angelina Jolie.
Well, it took 22 years but the Philadelphia Phillies finally got even for Joe Carter sucker punching Wild Thing in the World Series.
The Joe Carter home run still haunts me and Mitch "Wild Thing" Williams
Mitch "Wild Thing" Williams, formerly employed by MLB Network, kept insisting it was the 8th.
On my way to work this morning, I heard a Sam Kinison version of "Wild Thing" on the radio. It was amazing.
Angelina Jolie`s uncle who looks just like John Voight, Chip Taylor, wrote the song Wild Thing
Nice little show tomorrow. Stars GM Jim Nill at 645 and Mitch "Wild Thing" Williams at 725. Be up early my friends.
Holland undoes 'Wild Thing' haircut in effort to stop personal slide: Derek Holland did away with his Ricky Va...
Catch Grace Potter the Nocturnals cover "Wild Thing" last weekend from The Orange Peel in Asheville. NC
I'm sure this was a fun day for all involved. Sam Kinison - Wild Thing
Good morning, Wild Thing, this is for you to take a minute to relax, my wonderful friend. Blue Rose..
Photo :Derek Holland, who has been rocking a 'Wild Thing' haircut recently, meets Charlie Sheen
'Wild Thing' strikes up at the GSP. After all this talk of being a dirty team, are Cyprus trying to tell us something
Is it just me or does Derek Holland have a Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn haircut?
I dunno. The Tigers downfall started when Avi Garcia banged Mrs Prince Fielder. No Roger Dorn-Wild Thing make-up there
Harry Doyle returns to Cleveland next week, and Derek Holland has a Wild Thing haircut (!). (photo:
The first songs I learned whan I started were Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones & Wild Thing by Jimi Hendrix. Please share YOUR story!
Rock Calendar 8-8-66: The first artificial heart pump is surgically implanted by Dr. Michael DeBakey. No.1 Song: Wild Thing- The Troggs
How many hope when we play and they go to the pen that Rick 'Wild Thing' Vaughn comes running out?
If I got a Make-a-Wish I'd hang out with Charlie Sheen for a day and do cocaine and then Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn would think I was so cool.
Just bought a Rick Vaughn jersey. The selling point was the "free" Wild Thing glasses
A beauty from Chip Taylor, author of "Wild Thing" and "Angel of the Morning." You can play this one at my funeral.
My senior year of high school I dressed as Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn for Halloween and literally no one got it AMA.
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