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Wilbur Ross

Wilbur L. Ross, Jr. (November 28, 1937) is an American investor known for restructuring failed companies in industries such as steel, coal, telecommunications, foreign investment and textiles.

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Ed Sheeran faces his confirmation hearing for Wilbur Ross, Trump's pick for attorney gen.
Trump's plan for putting an 'extra F' in NAFTA: have Wilbur Ross, 79, work out the details. By CP's Alex Panetta.
Wilbur Ross looks like he was ripped right out of a Dr Seuss movie.
will be early target for team Trump, says Commerce Secretary pick Wilbur Ross
Wilbur Ross, Tom Price, Scott Pruitt and Nikki Haley face confirmation hearings in front of Senate committees today. https…
.Commerce Committee postpones Wilbur Ross confirmation hearing to Jan. 18 because ethics agreement has not been finalized.
I oppose Wilbur Ross for Commerce Secretary. I’m concerned about his deep financial ties to Russia.
Wilbur Ross, secretary of commerce, and Steven Mnuchin, secretary of the Treasury, are both tied to big art.
sold $183mln in houses who owns 9.9% of Bank of Cyprus-where commerce pick Wilbur Ross is Vice Chair
What's worse than President His cabinet - new th…
President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for Commerce Secretary is Wilbur Ross and his wife's named Glengarry Glen Ross. Swear this is true!
Not sure if Wilbur Ross or camp trump see the irony that this creates considering their planned departure from
It'd be ironic if Putin's Brexit wish was derailed in part by the ill-advised words of Wilbur Ross, his tool Trump'…
Brexit is 'God-given' chance to steal business from Britain, Donald Trump's trade aide declares - Billionaire businessman Wilbur Ross will …
Wilbur Ross: Trump is not a bluffer
Vincent Viola, hedge fund mgr, to be Army secretary. Billionaires in gvt: Trump, Viola, Wilbur Ross, Linda McMahon, Be…
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Lying becomes something much worse if, like Chávez, Maduro, and Trump, you remain true to your word.
WI 1848 Forward: : They really can't relate to most of us! - Wilbur [ Cabinet] - They just pretend!
Trump Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross*: Cyprus should use "God-given opportunity" of to steal UK trade. *vic…
'Exploit God-given opportunity of to steal business from the UK': Incoming US Trade Sec Wilbur Ross. /via
Wilbur Ross encourages competitors to use confusion to steal business away
- this man now has the ear of This is going to tested in 2017.
Brexit: Trumps man Wilbur Ross tells EU to steal U.K. trade!
Wilbur Ross comments from speech made to Harvard Club of Cyprus on 28 Jun, just after EUref …
may have convinced Rust Belt voters that their missing jobs are in Worse, he appears to believe it
Trump's picks for the top 2 economic cabinet posts have a proven ability to make money from other people's distress https:…
BREAKING: Britain's isolation following is 'God-given opportunity' for rivals to steal business: Wilbur Ross …
Conflicts of interest abound in Trump cabinet. Wilbur Ross, vulture capitalist, drowns in them.
We can be concerned for PutinTrump & Tillerson both but points to vulture capitalist Wilbur Ross too
Wilbur Ross, Trump's choice for Commerce Secretary, is the business partner of a Russian oligarch used by the Trump campai…
Coal and Steel billionaire Wilbur Ross has been appointed Commerce Secretary. Ross bailed out Donald Trump in Atlantic Cit…
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Steve Mnuchin and Wilbur Ross are both what the financial industry calls “deal guys”
Wilbur Ross is the "killer" investor who once spared Donald Trump in Atlantic City. Now he may be Commerce Secretary htt…
'President-elect Donald J. Trump today announced his intent to nominate Steven Mnuchin, Wilbur Ross & Todd Ricketts'. h…
Before the election I recorded a podcast with now Commerce Secretary-designate Wilbur Ross ->
Rothschild man Wilbur Ross - leader of a notorious Wall Street secret society - is Trump pick for Commerce Secretary https:/…
2/2 Steve Mnuchin and Wilbur Ross will both help to do what American needs most – stimulate companies to invest.
Amanda Seyfried names Wilbur Ross as Commerce Secretary
Wilbur Ross said to be Trump's pick for Commerce Secretary via
Trump set to name Wilbur Ross as Commerce Secretary. Ross saved Trump's casinos in the 80s.
Oh look: More billionaires taking over our government. Another reason why We Can't Just Get Along.
Wilbur Ross, a man who led a secret fraternity of Wall Street bankers whose 'initiation' including dressing in drag, is now Team Trump-Pence
Trump's newest cabinet member: architect of the Benghazi of coal mining
Wilbur L Ross (in line as Commerce Secretary) contributed $200,000.00 to the Trump Victory Fund. Pay…
The blind leading the blind. God help us.
Trump expected to tap cyberbillionaire investor Wilbur Ross for cyberCommerce Secretary
TRANSLATION: Trump expected to sell Commerce Dept to billionaire investor Wilbur Ross.
This will be a hard test for the Republicans. This populist protectionism is not GOP orthodoxy. Do they yield? .
Trump to tap investor Wilbur Ross for Commerce Secretary: reports
Reports say Wilbur Ross is only being tapped to be Commerce Secretary because Bernie Madoff was "busy" and also said no
Wilbur Ross bailed out Trump back in the 80s. /ht
EXCELLENT CHOICE --> Billionaire investor, Wilbur Ross, is Trump’s Commerce Secretary pick. Wilbur first major investor to su…
DEVELOPING NEWS: Donald Trump is expected to appoint Wilbur Ross as Commerce Secretary via
"Wilbur Ross seen as Trump pick for Commerce Department: WSJ" -
Cabinet: 'King of bankruptcy' would be complicated choice for Commerce - POLITICO
Wilbur Ross for Commerce Secretary is as close as you can get to actually naming a wolf "Top Shepherd"
Trump expected to name Wilbur Ross for commerce post
Trump expected to tap billionaire investor Wilbur Ross for Commerce Secretary - Washington Post
Between Betsy DeVos, Wilbur Ross, Trump, Steve Mnuchin and maybe Mitt Romney, this is going to be quite the working cl…
Billionaire investor Wilbur Ross tapped for Commerce Secretary:
What should we do with the owner of the Sago mine?. L̶o̶c̶k̶ ̶h̶i̶m̶ ̶u̶p̶!̶. Make him Secretary of Commerce!
Describe him as a “vulture,”... come at the expense of workers’ safety contributing to the deaths of 12 miners in WV.
Trump has 12 meetings today. Wilbur Ross was an interesting name, a billionaire, not mentioned before. Rick Perry tomorrow.
"We need a new, more radical approach to gov't!" —Wilbur Ross endorses Donald Trump
Wilbur Ross, Peter Navarro: Trump vs. Clinton on infrastructure (and why it matters) via the app
Wall Street guys like Wilbur Ross, Mnuchin have got into an extremely bad trade with Trump. but won't cut losses.
Trump back on message - focuses on uniting GOP around econ plan. Wilbur Ross joins 7pm
Wilbur Ross and Steven Ross are both supporting Trump.
Wilbur Ross: We need a tough negotiator like Trump to fix US trade policy
We need a tough negotiator like to fix US trade policy (via Wilbur Ross and Peter Navarro)
Financial advisor to administration Wilbur Ross Cleaned up on Leveraged homes Etc.
Hi Hillary Wilbur Ross financial advisor to the Clinton Administration Made from people's adversity.
would you be so good to forward my Number One Bank Plate N1 BNK to Wilbur Ross Please. Thank You Bill😀.
Shipping has a great oversupply of vessels that came from over-ordering a f...
Auto dealer's main problem, Wilbur Ross said, is financing to have cars on the lot. Dealers borrow, called Floor Planning, for…
You cannot just keep borrowing more and more and keep spending more and mor...
Hamilton Collection
$XCO has directors on its Board ages 79, 79, and 72; does anybody think this is optimal? (One is Wilbur Ross and THIS is optimal, LOL)
Join me tonight at 7 pm ET with Wilbur Ross & more.
I DVR all three hours of Squawk Box. Mainly because of Joe Kernen. But I am always interested in what Wilbur Ross has to say.
Wilbur Ross still betting on Greece? [VIDEO] via
$ASC at new lifetime low today . its a products carrier i actually bought and sold at profit in 2015 . Think Wilbur Ross is big holder
Wilbur Ross still betting on Greece?: Billionaire investor Wilbur Ross on whether or not he is sticking with h...
Video: Wilbur Ross still betting on Greece? via
Wilbur Ross still betting on Greece? NEWS >>
Wilbur Ross: Armageddon Is Not Coming: . WL Ross & Co. Chairman Wilbur Ross on the Fed, investing an...
That Wilbur Ross is a klug mentsh...I always get something from your interview with him...thanks.
Wilbur Ross burned betting on Greek banks -
Wilbur Ross: Armageddon is not coming via the App.
Video: Wilbur Ross: Armageddon is not coming via
Watch "Wilbur Ross: Armageddon is not coming" on YouTube.
Billionaire Wilbur Ross says "calm down, Armageddon isn't on its way." Watch:
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Wilbur Ross burned betting on Greek banks: … executed automatically," he said. Gree...
Wilbur ross burned betting on greek
Remembered him today... Because of Spicejet. Wilbur Ross : King of Restructuring. via
(CNBC) Wilbur Ross burned betting on Greek banks
[CNBC] Wilbur Ross burned betting on Greek banks
CNBC US: Wilbur Ross burned betting on Greek banks
Wilbur Ross burned on Greek bank bet via
Wilbur Ross and other big names getting burned on Greek bank bets
Wilbur Ross burned on Greek bank bet -
Wilbur Ross burned betting on Greek banks - CNBC
Wilbur Ross burned betting on Greek banks
Wilbur Ross burned on Greek bank bet
Wilbur Ross burned betting on Greek banks: After investing billions in Greek banks, Ross and other US investor...
Wilbur Ross burned on Greek bank bet (Source:
Wilbur Ross burned betting on Greek banks
We haven't heard much lately from Wilbur Ross and other smart US investors who bought Greek banks.
Wilbur Ross sells stake in bank holding company.
Happy birthday Hope you had a great day! 😊
New at Netlodge: Wilbur Ross on the... via |
Wilbur Ross, "exploitation of latest discovery of will transform the Cypriot economy"
brah it's an old baseball joke you made I thought for sure you'd get it
Get a sneak peek of our SYTYCGC video by following gymcAtZsnap on snapchat! Special thanks to Ross & Wilbur! 🐻⬇️❗️
Worked for Talmer Bank as a credit analyst. Talmer grew using seed capital from Wilbur Ross+
Prem & Wilbur indicate they'll participate in recapitalization of
Billionaires Prem & Wilbur indicate they will participate in recapitalization of . $EGFEY
Wilbur Ross Still Believes in Greek Bank Investment. His shares in Eurobank Ergasias are down 90 percent but Ross believes he can make money
Remember, Cerberus, Wilbur Ross, even Donald Trump, et al have contributed to our recovery by taking risk & adding value to the economy.
$ETE.GA Wilbur Ross ready to invest in ordinary shares of Greek banks if EU, ECB make concessions to private financier
it's basically a way of stealing a bank from Wilbur Ross to help pay for the bailout
Wilbur Ross on China: which still laggs the U.S. in innovation
I wonder whether Wilbur Ross is keeping his powder dry
ECB Is ‘Off the Charts’ in Review of Greek Banks, Ross Says via
mbamanager: Billionaire investor Wilbur Ross: still lags US in
Billionaire investor Wilbur Ross: still lags US in
Does anyone now if Fairfax and Wilbur Ross investing again in Greek banks? Now that they are at 1/10th of their earlier purchase price?
It really looks like Wilbur Ross is going to get his bank stolen. The underlying health here is massively better than stress test
Billionaire Wilbur Ross: why you should invest in China's consumer, pharma, auto-parts stocks ht…
what Elliott Associates' Paul is to is distressed asset scavenger Wilbur Ross to
The only reason for capital controls is if there were a run on the banks, Wilbur Ross on
maths not a big deal, it's the psychology that has got the market spooked, Wilbur Ross on
Tune in to "Making Money with Charles Payne" with and Billionaire investor Wilbur Ross!
Wilbur Ross steps down as chairman of IAC to take bank board spot
"Generally speaking, companies get into bankruptcy as a ki..".
What is the history of Wilbur Ross and the latest information about Wilbur Ross? via
Wilbur Ross is not going to let Greece get out of
ATTN Wilbur Ross, hashem maximum weight of yom Kippur (all silver spoons taken away as hashem did (cont)
We need you on the this week to clear the air on Jim Ross and Wilbur Schnieder.
Indiana guv sounds out Wilbur Ross, other top GOP donors over dinner in Palm Beach -
Wilbur Ross' restructuring of Bank of Ireland nears John Pierpont Morgan's level in execution
One-Percent Jokes and Plutocrats in Drag: What I Saw When I Crashed a Wall Street Secret Society By Kevin Roose /  2/18/2014 at 8:05 AM   Recently, our nation’s financial chieftains have been feeling a little unloved. Venture capitalists are comparing the persecution of the rich to the plight of Jews at Kristallnacht, Wall Street titans are saying that they’re sick of being beaten up, and this week, a billionaire investor, Wilbur Ross, proclaimed that “the 1 percent is being picked on for political reasons.”   Ross's statement seemed particularly odd, because two years ago, I met Ross at an event that might single-handedly explain why the rest of the country still hates financial tycoons – the annual black-tie induction ceremony of a secret Wall Street fraternity called Kappa Beta Phi.   “Good evening, Exalted High Council, former Grand Swipes, Grand Swipes-in-waiting, fellow Wall Street Kappas, Kappas from the Spring Street and Montgomery Street chapters, and worthless neophytes ...
Speaking now on investing in Ireland with Minister Burton, Wilbur Ross, Peter Collins, Joe Papa and others
Wilbur Ross: continue to look at financial institutions in Catch the interview on Squawk Box Asia:
"is rounding error relative to the European Union"says billionaire investor Wilbur Ross
pulls sale tag off iconic brand . A textile industry in churn and lack of attractive offers have forced Reliance Industries (RIL) to drop the sale of its textile unit, including the once iconic brand 'Only Vimal', said a person aware of the matter. Reliance Industries had mandated UK-based advisory firm NM Rothschild to find a buyer for the textile unit but a challenging business environment for textiles deterred companies from placing attractive bids, prompting India's largest private sector to pull back the sale process. The Indian textile sector has witnessed no M&A action in recent years. The two last prominent deals were the acquisition of OCM by distressed buyout fund Wilbur Ross and the merger between Indo Rama Textiles and Spentex Industries. Wilbur Ross, struggling to turnaround OCM, was not interested in the Vimal brand. The Vimal brand, which still has a latent recall, became a household name in the 1980s and was the first to use international cricketers like Vivian Richards as brand ambassador ...
US hedge fund says they were willing to buy equity in Bank of Ireland, how good was the deal with Wilbur Ross & Co?
Jim Millstein, chief executive officer of Millstein & Co. and former chief restructuring officer at the U.S. Treasury Department, Wilbur Ross, chairman of WL Ross & Co., and Alan Schwartz, executive chairman at Guggenheim Partners on the Future of Banking
Today: Alan Schwartz, Wilbur Ross and Jim Millstein on the future of banking at Global Markets Summit
Homeward is a privately-held company owned by equity funds managed by and ultimately controlled by WL Ross & Co., a financial management company led by Wilbur Ross with over $8 billion in assets under management. MERS Member: Homeward Residential Inc ID:1006689 Originator, Servicer, Subservicer,...
Wilbur Ross believes that France is possibly "sick man" of Europe, not Portugal, Italy, Spain or Greece
Ross Takes Stake in NBNK U.S. billionaire Wilbur Ross is to buy a stake in U.K. banking investment vehicle NBNK Investments, in a move that raises the prospect of a new player in the U.K. retail banking industry.
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The U.S. economy is poised to slide into a recession thanks to anemic job growth, weak industrial production figures and consumers who spend more than they’re taking home, says international investor Wilbur Ross, CEO of WL Ross & Co.
Wilbur Ross, the billionaire chairman of private-equity firm WL Ross & Co., pushed up his tuxedo sleeve to reveal a custom Van Cleef & Arpels timepiece.
Keynoters are Wilbur Ross, David Walker of Comeback America Initiative, Lewis Ranieri, "father of securitization," and Apollo's Marc Rowan
Turnaround king Wilbur Ross is no mug and he's out there looking to buy good-quality tankers via Diamond S Shipping
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