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Wilber Marshall

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No argument. Golliday is maybe worthy of 4th Fournette 5th but that's a good top 5. Wilber Marshall HOF
C.C. Need Wilber Marshall in the HOF , what do you think
trying to get your man Wilber Marshall in the HOF, what's up Gator. He has no one supporting this campaign
trying to get Wilber Marshall in the HOF he needs a sponsor to speak up, what's up
Wilber Marshall HOF I'm fighting to get him in , needs an advocate... what's up
I already voted for Joe Jacoby, Brian Mitchell, Earnest Byner, Wilber Marshall and Richie Petitbon. What about you?…
I asked you to take a look at my man Wilber Marshall, what's up.. you too
, I'm never wrong about this HOF Wilber Marshall
1985 Bears: Wilber Marshall returns fumble for touchdown in NFC Champion... my fav moment ever!
Haven't really cared about the Bears since they let Wilber Marshall, and a possible dynasty, go.
Brad we gotta get Wilber Marshall in
keep shouting out Wilber Marshall. He deserves the HOF. keep letting them know
HOF. Wilber Marshall, somebody tell me why not
Wilber Marshall, HOF you need to take a look at his career, Ray Lewis just said that's who he watched , cmon
check the career of Wilber Marshall, needs an advocate HOF , you heard Ray
Boomer Wilber Marshall needs to be in the HOF , even Ray Lewis said that's who he watched. Somebody has to advocate
just asking if you saw Ray Lewis State who he watched , Wilber Marshall who needs to be in HOF, nobody was better all 3 downs
Wilber Marshall.Wilber Marshall .. Ray Lewis just said he patterned his game watching who ?? Wilber What does it take?
Ray said Wilber Marshall, you know he belongs in the HOF , c'mon man help my dude out bc he was a hitter & played every down
Nick ... Ray said who? Wilber Marshall, needs to be in the HOF every down backer. get the word out
Ray Lewis just said Wilber Marshall was his man, why is he not in theHOF he needs to be!
HOF Wilber Marshall . didn't you play with him in DC
Lou, bears must commit to howard and cohen. Book it,…
Wilber Marshall is a Hall of Famer . if Derrick Brooks is in Wilber and Clay Matthews should be in
Joe Barry is no Richie Petitbon, but Richie had a heck of a lot more to work with. The gave up 2 No. 1s to get Wilber Marshall.
Former LB Wilber Marshall is up for the Hall of Fame. In his career, he has 1,020 tackles, 46 sacks, 24 I…
have owned the No. 11 pick 11 times. Some of the best: T Keith Van Horne (81'), LB Wilber Marshall (84') & DB Donnell Woolford (89').
(part 2) I want to make some request that I have not seen at your show before Spurrier, Griffey Jr, Shaq,Wilber Marshall,Wuerffel
In 1984, the same year the drafted Michael Jordan, the drafted Wilber Marshall, 11th overall. …
Lol y'all really think Jason Williams is better than Wilber Marshall?
Just received word from my brother Chuck that on May 9th our dad will be inducted into the Space Coast Hall of Fame in Cocoa Beach, FL. So proud of Pop and all he did for sports in Brevard county. I know he and mom will smiling down on this ceremony. A few of the folks in this Hall of Fame are Clint Hurdle, Bruce Bochy, Chris Collinsworth, Wilber Marshall and FYI for my brother in law Chuck Williams his former college baseball coach Ernie Rosseau (not sure of spelling).
Proud to work for the NHL... Quote about the Stadium Series Game this past Saturday. “This was the kind of moment inside a storied football stadium that makes grown men giddy and the hockey world stop to stare. This was the most magical Chicago sports memory in a snowy climate since Brian Urlacher hoisted the trophy after the 2006 NFC championship victory or Wilber Marshall returned a fumble for a touchdown in the 1985 NFC title game. This was the postcard scene for which the NHL and Blackhawks had hoped, idyllic enough to make you think Mother Nature was a hockey mom.” -- David Haugh (Chicago Tribune)
Many NFL teams have dominated a season and excited the world. When this happens, people begin to chatter that this is the greatest team ever. It happens every decade, and of course there is never a right answer. But one team in particular, still stands out after all this time as being truly special. It was on this day, January 26th, 1986, that the Chicago Bears dismantled the Patriots in Super Bowl XX. The Pats got out to an early lead, and then the Bears kicked into high gear winning the game 46 – 10. The bears team possessed a solid offense lead by Hall of Fame running back Walter Payton. What sets the team apart was its defense. Led by Buddy Ryan, the Bears defense was packed with special players including Mike Singletary, William Perry, Richard Dent, and Wilber Marshall. It was a once in a lifetime defense, and even as great defenaes emerge today, none are as dominating as those Chicago Bears
The 1985 Chicago Bears scored 456 points and allowed only 198 points 12.4 a game to lead the league,they were 15-1 that year.In the playoffs they beat the New York Giants 21-0 they came back and beat the Los Angeles 24-0 , In the Super Bowl they destroyed the New England Patriots 46-10 , 91-10 in the three games,The defense led by Wilber Marshall ,Richard Dent. and William Perry, On offense Quarterback a character in Jim McMahon , coach Mike Ditka. Walter Payton great player great year,who died tragically, in 1985 , 324 rushes for 1551 yards 9 touchdowns he also caught 49 receptions for 483 yards, also a class act all the way, Thanks
Bears must I go back to my old team. The 49ers, was a huge fan. Roger Craig, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Charles Haley, Ronnie Lott. Then became the biggest Bears fan with Walter Payton, Willie Gault, Wilber Marshall, Mike Singletary, Dan Hampton days. Come on Bears we have to change our ways
Bo Jackson running over Bosworth. Atwater blowing up Akoye. Wilber Marshall knocking out White. Paytons forearm shiver. Lott and Fencicks launch separating WR's from the ball. That's MY Football. I love football now. But I miss MY Football.
has to be Derrick Thomas in my eyes. Wilber Marshall is in discussion as well, Johnnie Cooks , Lee Roy Jordan, Bennett.
We have a ton of in stores coming up. Wilber Marshall, Alejandro De Aza, Chris Sale, Andre Dawson and many still un-announced.
They need a lil more than Jaquez right now. They need Fred Taylor, Wilber Marshall and Emmitt. They getting roasted.
Lizz...under these NEW rules, Ronnie Lott, Wilber Marshall, LT56, John Lynch & MANY more would be LIABILITIES?!
When I look at the Atlanta Falcons they remind me of the 1991 Washington Redskins in a way. They have matured to the point where everything may culminate in this being the strongest season. If you remember the 1990 Redskins...they were overpowered 28-10 by San Fran (trying to 3peat) they peaked in '91 with a Super Bowl win and descended to not even making the playoffs in 1992. An aged but valuable free agent: Falcons- Tony Gonzalez, '91 Redskins -Wilber Marshall... Quality running back from another team: Falcons- Michael Turner, '91 Redskins- Earnest Byner, Gerald Riggs... strong set of receivers...a quarterback thought of as good and NOT great... This could be their year...
Joker Phillips, Kentucky’s head coach, memory of The Swamp as a player: “My memory is kind of jarred because I was called to run a crack-back (block) on Wilber Marshall three times in a row. First one was successful; last two are the reason why I am 5-foot-9.”
Congratulations to Wilber Marshall, on being inducted into Florida's "Space Coast Sports Hall of Fame"! GREAT JOB, sweetie!
Congrats to Space Coast HOF inductees - Cris Collinsworth, Wilber Marshall, Kelly Slater, Tim Wakefield, all professionals. More to follow.
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