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Wil Wheaton

Richard William Wil Wheaton III (born July 29, 1972) is an American actor and writer.

Wesley Crusher River Phoenix Ready Player One Star Trek Corey Feldman Patrick Stewart Kate Mulgrew Jonathan Frakes

Has anyone else read Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline? In anticipation of the movie, I've got the e-book. Though I…
I'm curious, did Mercer ever reply? I did the same thing to Wil Wheaton and…
Love Ready Player One. And Wil Wheaton does a great job in reading it.
I should mention also that the actor Wil Wheaton shares Randi’s main list. That’s probably a big part of why it’s been circulated so widely.
Such a good audiobook. Wil Wheaton reads it. I was actually…
LRT because awful white men like Wil Wheaton and Stephen Fry reposted that pic for jokes w/o crediting OP or who she commissioned to make it
Wil Wheaton turned out to be such an annoying troll. He's down with mocking people after they died…
I always hated Wesley Crusher. However, I have no problem with Wil Wheaton.
I don't think I've ever been more attracted to Wil Wheaton than I am right now.
The first amendment provides protection from the GOVERNMENT. Last I knew the Ne…
Linus Sandgren: die hard 35mm enthusiast, and lord does he make it shine
I’m so excited to see what he does with these DNA lenses.
Apparently according to replies, he may have gotten it from Wil Wheaton.
Bradford is going to kill it, he's one of the only DPs who I think does great, special work with the Alexa
*** this is legit a scene from the goddam film, WHAT
There’s not hate from the general audience, just meprise, that’s way worse 👀🌚
Well I loved Rogue One. The symbiosis of the Alexa 65 and the Panavision Panatra lenses gave it su…
Cool but too short to be able to say anythg really ^^
Pretty much, welcome to the age of "we got CG guys, it's so easy to change stuff late…
I just think of the haters, whether DC or Zack, as losers. It feels good that way ;-)
But Tim Ives imo does great work with the now Red Weapon, the production values, especially on the bigger…
Netflix's native 4K requirements, although they've eased up lately, Wheelman is Alexa XT, The Irishman is…
It’s so heinously embarrassing. Fans act as if they are receiving a penny from MCU films’ box office revenue, lmao.
*** yes. "JL's 1st week total is weaker than TA's & AOU's OW", okay, we get it, geez.
It will never truly match it for a real film nerd because it’s not loaded by hand int…
By the way, I feel Rogue One looked completely wrong digitally, especially when it's supposed to preceed ANH.
To the TFA star destroyer shots. I’ve made that observation a while ago and I haven’t…
Cafe Society looks very good too. But I'm a film nerd, it just hits me in a way digital can'…
RED looks really digital imo, but for some reason, I love the way Stranger Things looks, it'…
film. Although Silence and Wolf look very clean and smooth in low light.
For me it depends how you define a digital look. Of course the Alexa isn’t the real t…
Actually what I’m more interested in now what were you emotional decisions on TLJ? I‘…
What I keep reading in AC or from DPs is that it's just more practical to shoot Alexa for lo…
Ripley Sobo, she's in The Punisher as well.
The difference is always so obvious to me and digital, whether Alexa or Red, or Sony, or Varicam, almost…
digital to me, a handful of films imo (Nightcrawler for example, day scenes are film) manage to get closE…
That’s why I’m asking I’m interested if he like Scorsese likes the Alexa better for h…
TFA never looks like digital to me, Mindel & JJ spoke at length in American Cinematographer of their inte…
Yes. That little girl was from Act 2 was in BvS btw. I knew I recognised her from somewh…
Yes, it’s an emotional decision for a lot of people these days. But you happen to be tal…
I don't want to answer for Steve as it's not my place but since The Force Awakens is film (9…
Thats what I was imply. But in my opinion the Alexa gets relatively close to film in…
The super 16 to 3 perf 35mm to Alexa transition warms my heart everytime (film wins), and yes…
Can you elaborate? For what technical reason have you shot some on the Alexa instead…
For many, it is, I personally think film looks and feels better, I don't like how digital fe…
But isn’t shooting on film at least for a big part an emotional decision know a days?
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
In Episode 29 of the Dice Steeple, , and I discuss Pax Unplugged, games we played, Inn Road…
Yeah it's a thing. Not everyone is a geek who has to see ever…
The decision is not mine alone, but to the extent I’m involved:. I believe it’s a technic…
Yeah it's not about that. It's a stupid idea to release…
Ultimately, WW was released one month after GOTG, here two we…
I’m more so shocked that Wonder Woman didn’t have any positi…
Might as well demote johns back to his old position if there's no shared universe,i d…
From everything I've heard. VOD, video sales and tv rights are totally separate. It'…
Just finished Lock In by John Scalzi Science fiction/crime drama set in the near future. Audio v…
All of those reasons, plus ineffective marketing (no Superman, etc). In…
Now on . and the FlexFighters. Wil Wheaton as Rook, Keith David as Kane, Kate Mulgrew as D…
To Liam, Marisha, Matt (and both Will Friedle and Wil Wheaton if available) Favorite moment that happ…
Adam Baldwin CALLS OUT Wil Wheaton over ‘sack of s*it’ hot take on Sutherland Springs
Listening to Strange Weather by Joe Hill, performed by Wil Wheaton, Dennis Boutsikaris, Kate Mulgrew,…
Battlefield Earth, starring Jeff Fahey and Wil Wheaton. Directed by Akira Kurosawa, music by Shona Laing. Budget: $500m
Wil Wheaton: What's wrong with him? Stuart: Everybody has a different theory.
Best photo yet we have of the man in all black with the necklace. . He is wanted for federal hate crimes and the assault of…
Coming from Wil Wheaton's mouth (), and because nothing was visual I could reimagine anything from t…
Jesus. Texas cops cleared despite video showing 11-minute 'cavity' search of woman.
POTUS is showing signs of erratic behavior and mental instability that place the country in grave danger. Time to invoke the…
Beautiful. We the people are so much better than our President. We will survive this.
I'm somehow already blocked by her. Wait, is this Wil Wheaton's chick? Ah…
Dear Wil Wheaton, i am interested in your new Show on SyFy. Any plans to show them in Europe, especially in Germa…
Nice little read from Wil Wheaton: 7 things I did the exact same thing again and it worked the second time
Well, she is married to Wil Wheaton. I imagine that's a punishment in it…
I voted for Wil Wheaton in a POLL: Who was the episode MVP in Whose Line Is It Anyway?: Wil Wheaton? via
I'm kin with the girl in class who doesn't know or care who wil Wheaton is
Like I know this is a real actual astronaut who has been to the iss talking about the shuttle program, but he sounds like Wil Wheaton!
One of the astronauts in the space movie st the museum sounds like Wil Wheaton and it messes me up every time I watch the movie
This is the proper response to ridiculous requests
One good thing about that abomination of a speech: it's now impossible for any Trump supporter to pretend they don't know w…
some studios/films don’t do it because filmmaker vetoes I presume. Otherwise it’s the…
well I did make fun of wil Wheaton but I do that every *** day. what is happening
A woman who helped take down the statue in Durham was just arrested. . But NONE of these men have been arrested. NONE. . Ame…
Please share. Help identify who this person is. He is one who inflicted the most damage to my son. Please share.
People on this subway: biker wil wheaton, christian art *** boy, highschoolers, tired lady, girl i could fall in love w/ if she wanted me to
No, not the same. One side is racist, bigoted, Nazi. The other opposes racism and bigotry. Morally different universes.
True, even then, he says he doesn't know and thinks he won't do it, and then that he made it up.
Ben & Casey clearly enjoy playing around as seen in interviews. Even then, he says he doesn't know.
A new hero has arrived. Experience now in theaters everywhere.
Wil Wheaton blocking Pewdiepie over a Pepe drawing is the funniest thing I've seen all week.
I love wil wheaton but I really wanna beat him up
In the wonderful words of Wil Wheaton, "If the Nazis get to 15 points, everyone loses."
I have no doubts about it whatsoever. Just a bunch of nonsense to me. Tiring that this comes up over & over again.
anyway we won't know for sure until cameras start rolling or WB put something out. Plans can chang…
Would he casually drop this in a random interview?
It's Casey Affleck, his usual demeanor in interviews, him & Ben playfully effin with each other, yeah, imo it's clearly a joke.
and of course it'd get picked up either way even if in jest, it's Casey Affleck commenting on his brother's Batman future.
thing is do we know if what he said was in jest or was it backtracking? That's the question
It's embarassing this is even a thing. Casey just dicking around, and rabid bloggers pick this up and here we go. Ugh
Do we really think that Casey would just drop this casually if it were true? Come on now.
Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher) did block me for a minor critique I gave. Maybe he put me on Trekkie block blast or something ;)
Oh my sweet Lord, this Stone Brewing Wh00tstout is so good. At 13% ABV, it's a sipper, but a good one to relax...
itswilwheaton's photo Even Wil Wheaton has auditions!
"The Two Live Crew Job" is probably one of the best episodes of Leverage, by far. It's got Wil Wheaton just nerding out!
I did see Wil Wheaton pushing some trash like that. I guess I just didn't think I d…
Drew McIntire looks like a roided up Wil Wheaton
23. Hard to say. 24. Princess. 25. Headpats and cuddles. 26. All my sweeties. 27. Grandpa. 28. Wil Wheaton. 29. Fandoms are too cray for me.
I thought I buried Wil Wheaton for second there
I got my daughter's ticket for AND MY PHOTO-OP WITH WIL WHEATON!
When I got Peter Daou to block me, I was truly proud. Some other notable wins: Wil Wheaton & Anita Sarkeesian.
Just listened. It's great! - Walkaway audiobook, with Wil Wheaton, Amber Benson, Amanda Palmer
We Are Men Men in Tights tight tights curse you Wil Wheaton
I'm keenly aware of the Pride coming before the Fall . . . but I really do like what I've been able to do here. Wil…
7-4 is "TBD" which appears to be some Geek channel.. now Wil Wheaton is playing so…
I wonder if this random guy uses Wil Wheaton's blocklist
have you seen this Wil Wheaton show, TableTop?
I really hate Wil Wheaton for reminding my husband that today is national tabletop day.
Wil Wheaton is right: Stop expecting artists to work for free — or worse, for “exposure” via
Waiting in line determined not to get star stru- OH MY GOD I USED WIL WHEATON'S TRASH CAN!
I remember last year Wil Wheaton of all people was here, it was really random.
I liked Ready Player One! But i listened to the Wil Wheaton audio version.
Wil Wheaton was a short drive away from me and I didn't know it?! *sobs uncontrollably*
Ok I am seriously worried now. Has Carrie ever been in contact with Wil Wheaton?. Cause i…
I've met Stan Lee, Jason Isaacs, Wil Wheaton, and Abraham from TWD all in the past hour. I need a minute to breathe.
The fact of the matter is if I had money I would be in Kansas City and have met my idol Wil Wheaton
Ok lets talk again after you saw the movie
Not seeing it, and even then, what would be the problem with that?
But the first 40 min was basically a sitcom
Watching and who turns up on my tv screen i thought I recognised his voice I watch it now 😍😍 ahh wil…
Lock In | John Scalzi | >> listening to last 2hrs whilst lying in dark room getting over a migraine
Ponsoldt has been 4 for 4 so far but this one is his first mainstream film, mixed reception, material seems mixed as well, it happens
On a complete side note, when you search Google for "Anne Wheaton wife", Wil comes up.
Completely disagree. It imo goes way beyond the first one, bigger, more confident, much more emotional, Mantis,…
however good he is (and yeah he's great) is no Deakins. So psyched to see Brolin & Del Toro on their own
The main thing I'm curious to see first is what the film is gon going to look like. Sollima made some bol…
If anything, I distrust that weasel Rothman :D two great acquisitions for them, they need it ^^ So hyped for Soldado as well !
From December: Wil Wheaton: Indivisible Against Trump: A practical guide to fighting back.
Wil Wheaton, River Phoenix, Jerry O'Connell & Corey Feldman on the set of Stand By Me (1986)
ah good. There’s always a bit of distrust with Sony tho you have to say. not following Granite, it’s Soldado I’m hyped for
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
why? Lionsgate still retains distribution in most OS territories, Granite has a nice awards season date (October 20th), a win win.
Good film projection is a rarity though. Only time I saw a quality one was Hateful 8, 70mm. T…
I'm talking mostly about projectors.. and yes guys like Tarantino vs Nolan will never shoot on digital
This morningbedhead wouldnmind going back to sleep for a few hours. Filed under: Hollywood, Wil Whea……
yeah. last recent release I saw on 35 was Lost City of Z and it was gorgeous
Projection I imagine coz 35mm is alive & well and kicking *** Wouldn't shoot digital for any…
Wil. Leonard: You have a will? Sheldon: Yeah, my one-eighteenth scale Wil Wheaton action figure. Yeah, I also have the other kind (2/4)
Sheldon: No, not the Wesley Crushers, the Wesley Crushers. Penny: I don't get it. Leonard: Wesley Crusher was Wil Wheaton's
don't make me have to call Dr. Sheldon Cooper to open up a can of whoopass on you Wil Wheaton.
Also, there are a ton of amazing narrators! Wil Wheaton, Jim Dale, Steven Fry, Zachary Quinto...
If you import Wil Wheaton's blocklist over top of Jester's the internet will cease to exist. 😆
Wil Wheaton, Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes were all the early for...
Steve Blackman looks like dark timeline Wil Wheaton
I just can't get enough John Scalzi books narrated by Wil Wheaton! Fuzzy Nation was really cute!
Wil Wheaton (wants you to read You don't wanna disappoint Wesley Crusher, do you?
A6. I was such a nerd. Mine was Fox Mulder (not David Duchonvy, but the character), and Wil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher.
If the Kings win the cup I acknowledge Wil Wheaton is a brain-dead scientist
To the best of my knowledge Wil Wheaton is a totally cool guy, who has no idea he's using Randi Harper's anti-trans blocklist
That was a surprise. I just had wished that Wil Wheaton was there. He was missing from the la
At Stone Brewery trying some Drew Curtis/Wil Wheaton/ Greg Koch w00tstout. I got to say... Good Stuff...
Add Olivia Wilde and Wil Wheaton. I was surprised and pleased by their responses.
It’s Sheldon versus Wil Wheaton tonight on THE BIG BANG THEORY!. . Will Sheldon succeed in defeating his...
Listening to "Ready Player One". Awesome IMO. Wil Wheaton narrating...even better. Good stuff.
Has Wil Wheaton ever been seen in the same room?
You know what? I'm gonna save Wayward Pines for tomorrow. Wil Wheaton has the right idea, time to go to bed... zzz
I liked a video from Shut Up, Wesley - THE WIL WHEATON STAR WARS RANT
I want to live in a world where Alan Tudyk is a brain parasite & Wil Wheaton is a brain-dead scientist
omg is that why he seemed so familiar? The reminder of Wil Wheaton?
I added a video to a playlist Wil Wheaton (The Curse) 1987 full movie Sci Fi Horror
Glad your ok now Wil, didn't know what happened yesterday but you're a Wheaton to same as my boys, you always come out on topform.Dawn
Dark Side of the Moo by Wil Wheaton made me laugh right out loud just now.
Grown-up Wil Wheaton from Star Trek vs. real life Wil Wheaton.
Adult Wil Wheaton doesn't look like Richard Dreyfuss in real life.
Even when I was little and going on auditions, it was clear who was th...
Much as I love Sir Patrick, I sympathize with Wil Wheaton about this. In his position I'd get tired of hearing...
Interesting! "Like most gunters, I voted to reelect Cory Doctorow and Wil Wheaton (again)."
Just got in an argument with my wife over whether or not Wil Wheaton killed himself. Apparently he wasn't the Sea Quest kid.
Wil Wheaton's character makes me wanna scream
I liked a video from Mansplain it Wil Wheaton
I liked a video from Wil Wheaton's Self Hatred
I liked a video Mansplain It to Me: Wil Wheaton Trolls Star Wars
Wil Wheaton has a link to that massive blocklist pinned to his profile page.
Apparently you're on Wil Wheaton's blocklist. O.o
Am I blocked by anyone famous?. "Didn't Wil Wheaton block you?". ... Am I blocked by anyone famous?
I knew I hated Wil Wheaton for a good reason, the monster pronounces gif with a soft g
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
having Wil Wheaton narrate a teenage girl in Ready Player One was too much. and I can't even with Will Patton doing TRC
Excited to see my friend, Wil Wheaton
TV star Wil Wheaton opens up about his chronic anxiety & depression.
The only thing worse than a fanboy is a hipster fanboy. .I'm talking about Wil Wheaton.
Wil Wheaton: Did that guy just say "Revenge is a dish best served cold" to me in Klingon?
One of the funniest episodes ever. And it's pronounced 'Jif'!
This is life for me love Wil Wheaton so much
Devin Faraci is what happens when Neil Degrasse Tyson, Sam Harris and Wil Wheaton have a baby that likes commenting on current events
When you get a group of kids together, especially boys, the psychology...
Wil Wheaton: Depression lies because Depression is a ***
Just watched your Dell commercial. My dad says you look like a hybrid of Conor McGregor and Wil Wheaton.
Don't know the difference between someone going in for a fist bump and someone going for a handshake and I awkwardly held Wil Wheaton's hand
then there's Wil Wheaton but oh well
Beards: yes/no/thoughts please. Currently at Wil Wheaton, potentially aiming for Piers Brosnan if 'tache behaves.
I am I just noticed i'm blocked from wil wheaton, cool
"Ready Player One, read by Wil Wheaton" how about nope
Listened to Wil Wheaton, Michael Dorn and Levar Burton ones too - also good. So are the ones by various Doctor Who related folk
I was about to say this is the best thing Wil Wheaton's done in 20 years, but I see here he was in Sharknado 2.
People who don't want to give a creator money are never going to give a cre...
proof: I have tabletop dice. Also yes that top for only has 1's on it - the True Wil Wheaton Die.
Okay so I need some Wil Wheaton-crafted beer, my hoodie, a Tabletop shirt, and this glass and I WILL OFFICIALLY BE WIL.
If it weren't for "The Big Bang Theory" I wouldn't know who Wil Wheaton is. Sorry about that.
Just watched someone on my city's hashtag invite Wil Wheaton here. No. Just no. There's enough hipsters here already.
when Stone Brewing made a stout with Wil Wheaton (who I despise,) I recused myself from reviewing it. Was a good stout though...
Also I'm obsessed with Wil Wheaton don't ask bc I don't know I'm just such a mess
Enter the Battlefield was really special. Can't recommend it enough. Wil Wheaton wasn't awful, and Turtenwald grew on me. That's impressive.
That *** doesn't seem any different from the gooney beard men like Jake Rapp or Wil Wheaton..
today I learned Wil Wheaton sounds a lot like you
Sheesh, why not just cast Wil Wheaton as Rick Jones and be done with it.
I'm not a fan of wil wheaton' elocution. Commonplace and "common place" are not the same word
Is this image meant to suggest Wil Wheaton will be the next Mythbuster?
ten seconds into this "documentary" that wizards cooked up and I already want to slice off my ears to stop hearing wil wheaton. I'll pass
Nerds hate them some Wil Wheaton man
I'm telling the truth Wil Wheaton is reported in the new
'The reason no one will employ Wil Wheaton in Hollywood."
I heard Wil Wheaton will be in the new movie. So jacked up to hear this.
WHEATON! I suppose that's how most kids these days know who Wil Wheaton is, as a guest star on The Big Bang...
You know you're at a tech conference when... there is a Wil Wheaton video clip.
You might also be interested to know that Wil Wheaton is sixth in my list of enemies
Here is Wil Wheaton's list for season four of Tabletop. Just a huge pile of awesomeness!
I liked a video from Where the heck is Titansgrave, Wil Wheaton?!
. They needed the money to pay Wil Wheaton to narrate it.
Wil Wheaton knows how to make me happy. Quite a feat since we have never even met.
Wil Wheaton Pushes STEAM at the USA Science & Engineering Festival
i'm reading it now. and WIL WHEATON narrates the audiobook? man. i may have to stop reading and start listening instead.
especially when Wil Wheaton showed up
. Question: Have you read the book, "Ready Player One"?. (Or listened to it read by Wil Wheaton.)
Wil wheaton does board game stuff, I think it's called tabletop??
Some ISPs are blocking all BitTorrent traffic, because BitTorrent can be us...
And when you stack Wil Wheaton three high you get a jew.
thanks for sharing Wil Wheaton, have a great Sunday :) 🔹🆓Grow followers ➪ 🆓🔹
Corey Feldman, Jerry O'Connell, Wil Wheaton, and River Phoenix on the set of Stand By Me, 1986
Have you seen the one where Sheldon loses a game of cards to Wil Wheaton???
Can I just be ? I mean, we both lose at our own board games and my friends call me Wil Wheaton anyways so
. >Trump rally. >Wil Wheaton. what is this dumb gator even trying to prove
I mean.. it's not like it suggested you follow Wil Wheaton.
YES. This is what we all want to see Wil Wheaton.
wasnt Quibbles partly responsible for the Wil Wheaton Acid death?
The only thing missing is a "reserved for Wil Wheaton" sign on the loser's couch. ;) Unless you picked only games without dice! :D
Wil Wheaton once punched an old lady in the *** Probably
Wil Wheaton on Instagram: “Working with this guy today on a project we aren't allowed to talk...
I rlly wanna be in a Wil Wheaton / Sean Austin / Bradley Gregg or Jonathan Brandis gc
Not trying to sound *** but I need a painting of a shirtless Wil Wheaton and NPH dressed as the Emcee making out to hang over my bed.
a version of the legendary rolls used by wil wheaton in Titansgrave.
the Wil Wheaton audio book is real good too, we've had it on in the workshop a couple of times.
Wil Wheaton speaks honestly and compassionately about and recovery. Beautiful.
Wil Wheaton on voice acting and the virtues of therapy through Mario Kart.
Wil Wheaton: "You can't pay rent with unique platform and reach".
Is there any chance we will see Wil Wheaton on
I have so many unecessary pictures of River Phoenix and Wil Wheaton in my camera roll but i just cant delete them
Wil Wheaton might be a liberal, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate his acting or his sense of humor.
Wheaton.march Madness is "Uge"! College Teams play with pride unlike Pros who are just *** s
yeah its a shame wil Wheaton isn't a axafan and as a famous trek actor carries a little more weight tbh than him.
I looked into your TL and you're actually RT'ing/qoting that bleeding imbecille Wil Wheaton. Ohh the bitter irony.
Wil Wheaton is millennial clergy. That is, he counsels lovingkindness while personally being an ***
Ha, the shade thrown on Wil Wheaton in the broken bond lp
But that falls 100% on the writers. There was nothing wrong with Wil Wheaton's acting.
before you fixed the typo I thought you were talking about Wil Wheaton.
19 y/o Wil Wheaton gives me heart problems
Another voice heard from re WIL WHEATON dot TUMBLR
Of course he does. Wil Wheaton is resoundingly hated for a reason, you know.
Wil Wheaton says they're not good people, that makes me think these must be literally angels.
is about Tabletop games and beer, so I'm including a beer making kit -
Wil Wheaton stands with CBS against Axanar, the best Star Trek fan project ever produced.
Not that Wil Wheaton is right about everything all the time, but his summation of AXANAR is dead on. Shots fired.
My favorite narrators are Vikas Adam and Wil Wheaton. Not sure about my least favorite.
Who else is as excited as Sheldon to see Leonard Nimoy’s son, https:…
So Sheldon & Co. are fans of StarTrek and became friends with Wil Wheaton...sooo why am I not friends with Louis Tomlinson ?!
Weird. Wil Wheaton, seems to have unblocked many of the people under his creepy mass block list of people who have never interacted with him
Hey, remember when all the voice actors were mad and Wil Wheaton got all uppity? Whatever happened with that? I didn't get any closure.
domain names
where is Wil Wheaton? He's where he's always been. In our hearts.
Wil Wheaton is obviously played by a bunch of cats taped together
Saw you in PDX a couple yrs ago & you talked about Geek Nation. At the time, I thought Wil Wheaton might be interested.
Wil Wheaton is at the hockey game. He is pretty much always at the hockey game as far as I can tell.
📷 startrekhugs: [Image: Wil Wheaton and Gates McFadden hug on set. Image from Trekcore.]
It's a Wil Wheaton recollection so make of that what you will, but it's a good story.
Exclusive that Wil Wheaton will be in UFC 2 under the name "CM Punk".
So... think Adam West, Christine Baranski, Sara Gilbert, Wil Wheaton, & Stephen Hawking will all be available for my birthday? Hmm. 🤔
I've 2 voices in my head. If I get edits done today, the Wil Wheaton voice praises me. If I slack, Harlan Ellison's voice comes on.
Wil Wheaton appears on my tl... I then watch a lmao fam 😂😂😂 guy episode where they did a bit on Wil Wheaton... Now hes on my tl again.
your weird *** beef with Wil Wheaton is super cringey. And I don't even like the guy.
Let's be honest with ourselves, people. Wesley Crusher (aka Wil Wheaton) is the Jar Jar Binks of the Star Trek universe.
It’s so cute that Wil Wheaton rides his fame for one thing he did as a kid, but is getting whiny about it. Shut up Wesley.
Wil Wheaton never had a real fanbase. He's always been a fraud, was a guest on Big Bang Theory ffs
Wil Wheaton is a LA Kings fan. Reason enough to not take him seriously.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Wil Wheaton is the Cousin Oliver and Jar Jar Binks of the Star Trek Universe.
Repeating a lie over and over makes it true according to Wil Wheaton ht…
All 11788+ people blocked by Wil Wheaton, follow me, I promise I won't block you.
Daily reminder that Wil Wheaton is cancer.
Wil Wheaton screaming "TRAIN!" in Stand By Me, but it's me screaming, "NEIGHBOR!" every time she approaches the front wa…
Here's the thing about Wil Wheaton has spent the last few years burning bridges with his fan base in support of extremism.
Enter this as Exhibit A of Wil Wheaton's violation of his own supposed "don't be a *** motto.
Looks like Mr. Wheaton has completely missed the point of the "shut up, Wesley" meme. Wil, no one wants to hear your SJW c…
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