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Wiffle Ball

Wiffle ball or wiffleball is a variation of the sport of baseball designed for indoor or outdoor play in confined areas.

Christmas Eve Clayton Kershaw Happy Birthday

Same concept. Wiffle ball is just for smaller spaces/indoor or outdoor. "Safer".
I got a few, I've never coached or played wiffle ball but I coached/played softball my whole life.
Kluber is too good. Literally looks like he's throwing a wiffle ball the way the breaks those curves and sliders…
If you can't read it. Our church the Rising Sun Church of Christ is having a wiffle ball and a…
NBA 2K as fortune-teller, Wiffle ball physics and the pain of post-football life - ESPN
I'm running a wiffle ball league starting in two weeks. What are some good warm-ups or drills I could use?
Happy Birthday to the legend Keep throwing them Wiffle ball sliders! Have a good one man
Even when I was three I knew wiffle ball was an insane waste of everybody's time.
NBA 2K as fortune-teller and Wiffle ball physics Place your bets via →…
I had a nasty slider back in my playing days...
Then you beat him with designated wiffle ball bat
Wish I was in this class. investigates
The Most Dugg story of the day: The Contentious Physics of Wiffle Ball via Digg
WIFFLE BALL is a finalist Toy Hall of Fame,Vote daily!
WIFFLE BALL WAS NEVER THE SAME. Follow the legend who changed it all
If you wanted to take your Wiffle Ball games to the next level, you needed some of these. That's just how it was. https…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Kelly Martin pitches BP to Morgan Barber before Wiffle Ball game between pgatour…
This looks like he's throwing a wiffle ball ⚾️😳🔥
I move out Monday bro, so I'm gonna have to resign from wiffle ball too:( you can always come over with Collin whenever. Love u
Team Harambe just won their first wiffle ball game, we're going for the gold and his heart 🐒💗
Come to the Quad and watch the peer mentors play wiffle ball!!!
if I had a cookout Sunday who would come?? Play some wiffle ball!
Taking a little break from conditioning to play a little wiffle ball!!
The result of hard work...making time for a friendly wiffle ball game! 🙌🏼
My wiffle ball team battled back from down 11-0 today to come back and win in extras today. Perseverance, toughness, grit. Well done.
All this talk about how signed for basketball when he actually signed for Grace's elite wiffle ball team. Congrats bro!
Wiffle ball: 3-3, 2B, 3B. Slash line now running at .788/.811/1.515 for a cool 2.326 OPS. I'm more beast than man.
Latest Towns, Wiffle Ball and WNBA playoffs --->
Bro Dan is in our living room right now playing wiffle ball... by himself none the less
Tanaka out here throwing a freaking wiffle ball😳
you've never played drunken wiffle ball til you do it in hometown. Off the chain
Bring that wiffle ball to Medford, Mass., in December! Game on!
to an epic wiffle ball showdown in Medford, Oregon earlier this week.
We have a game today and if it rains out we're playing wiffle ball😂😂😂
When a receiver dives & catches a wiffle ball in PE & quickly holds it up to show he caught it is a beautiful thing.
hey Kev just wanted to let you know you suck at wiffle ball and fantasy football and um Happy Birthday
Threw the worst first pitch I've ever seen to kick off the wiffle ball tournament.
Aroldis Chapman wit the wiffle ball boi
What is pitch in english Oklahoma city ends year no. 1 in naia coaches’ postseason top 25 p ... -
You still playing wiffle ball dropping opportunites, im picking up a different call
I just saw a nineteen year old walk into a statistics room with a wiffle ball bat.what is college?
That's pretty hard for him to unfortunately lolol it's a *** backyard wiffle ball game when he pitches
wiffle ball in the back yard. Gone forever 😂
Wiffle Ball Tourney is fast sure to sign up!
If the one handed outplay the D this weekend, then it's time to go play wiffle ball.
Unum/Uway Wiffle Ball HR Derby is on! Swingin' for the fences for our community!
*In an interview*. HR: What is your best attribute? Me: *Throws nasty hook with a wiffle ball, then sets fantasy baseball lineup*
Fanny Girard explains the standard wiffle ball measurement method for corals used in Fisher Lab. :)
I want to play wiffle ball so bad after watching that MLBN segment
my dream is to play wiffle ball on the MLB network field
Casey on MLB 2nite: "u don't need any hitting lessons. Go play wiffle ball!" Love it!
Bat flip reminds me of backyard wiffle ball but do it in the bigs and you may eat one.
Tonight I traded a wiffle ball bat for a bobble head. Probably the best swap I'll make in my life.
at least you have something to remember me by. A shame you couldn't beat my team in wiffle ball. Next years your chance
my wiffle ball team was the '87 As. I had all their stances down.
I broke my arm playing wiffle ball so clearly an elite level athlete
Wiffle ball tournament Saturday, who wants in?
Fun day at the Wiffle Ball Tournament for our team, Moorestown First!
"I feel really un-athletic right now"-Hannah hitting the crazy wiffle ball machine at practice .
okay not gonna lie I hadn't even watched it I was playing wiffle ball and I thought it was an FSU play😂😂😂
Watching baseball is really making me want to play it. Even if it's wiffle-ball.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Tb to when my brother got his finger stuck in a wiffle ball 😂
Thank you to everyone who came out to our Wiffle ball tournament! Congrats to on…
there is a field up north (New Carlisle) that is a replica of Wrigley, called Migley Field.. Wiffle Ball, I'll email pics.
The last Wiffle Ball tournament with the homie😞 @ Bomb Squad
He made me shoot a wiffle ball into a small metal container like 10 feet away, but no one else did lol.
Annual wiffle ball tournaments with the cousins
The wiffle ball bat/duck story shall haunt me no longer (maybe just a bit) shout out to
Wiffle Ball World Series Champion Simon Kroos takes Shapiro yard in the 4th WBWS
Jesus this. Moses that. Abraham hit me with a wiffle ball bat.
Christmas this Christmas that Christmas hit me with a wiffle ball bat
I played wiffle ball on Christmas Eve, in Syracuse. That's got to be a record
Christmas Eve wiffle ball tourney this mounting with the family🎄⚾️
On the real though who's tryna play a pick up game of wiffle ball later
Last year I built an igloo on Thanksgiving. This year I played wiffle ball on Christmas.
Annual fam sledding relay is now a wiffle ball tournament.. ☀️
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Honestly I'm not complaining about it being warm on Christmas. I hate the cold let's go play Christmas wiffle ball 😂
Saw a chick who's selfie has a wiffle ball bat on the floor & a big carton of M&M's packages on her dresser. MY MIND IS BLOWN.
Christmas Eve wiffle ball. No snow.what a great way to spend a morning.
Pulling a hammie while walking the bases after hitting a dinger in 4th of July cul-de-sac wiffle ball
Just be glad it was only a wiffle ball Jake
It's seriously 70 degrees in NY...going up to a high of 73. Trying to organize a neighborhood Christmas Eve wiffle ball game.
no it's not. Might play wiffle ball as soon as the sun rises
I feel like your job is letting children beat your legs with wiffle ball bats because that's what I'd imagine it looks like.
meet me in the driveway in ten. I'll have plastic sticks, a wiffle ball, and the recycling bin ready.
Honestly I just want to play in this wiffle ball tourny this weekend already.
This wiffle ball tourney is gonna get very serious, very fast. 😡
🌙 my sweet long lost friend from CCR 😭😭 I miss you so much and playing wiffle ball with you and talking boys about you know who, I love you
Having 27 career no hitters in the family wiffle ball game.
BTW I've been a NYY fan since birth, so 45 yrs. Me n my friends used to pretend to be you when playing hours of Wiffle Ball!!
The Winter Classic Wiffle Ball Tournament! Thanks to of for helping out! 2015 Champs! https:…
Update your maps at Navteq
i don't play no games ! So you younggg nights better be ready for wiffle ball
Tomorrows wiffle ball tourney is about to be lit 😎
yes please! I'm ready for a game of wiffle ball lol
getting weird and playing wiffle ball while the girls work Saturday, just a heads up
The markup on that must have been insane. A reg wiffle ball set is like $10 or less. O_O
You're playing wiffle ball and I'm in a major league
There's still time to get teams signed up for wiffle ball. Click on the link below to register!...
1st annual SLSG Beach Olympics was a success. Egg Toss, Wiffle Ball and Shuffle Board were this years events.
Anyone interested in a wiffle ball tournament on Black Friday?
I got my hat, my gat, my cat, my wiffle ball bat, my bling and my 40.
looks like my typical wiffle ball stanceRT There's what Ted Williams did. Then there's this. Tried this drill out. Never.
Brandon Allen or Randy Moss? My God. Haven't seen this kind of one man show since my wiffle ball performance last year
When your daughter chooses a wiffle ball set!! You know your a great father!!
Yak my team won the wiffle ball game 👌
Lit wiffle ball game w my ride or dies
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
3 toys are inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame - American Girl, Jenga and the Wiffle Ball didn't make it.
4 on a court smaller than singles tennis, paddle and a wiffle ball. Easy game to learn. Good for older people. Fast growing ♡
PGA Tour Players get emotional following their big wiffle ball win over their wives
And they'll put a wiffle ball in his diapers at the age of 86 ... To keep them stiff .
Whatcha know about wiffle ball with the boys
FIELD STILL OPEN FOR FALL FESTIVITIES, BBQ ready to eat, team parties, bounce houses, wiffle ball, movie if...
Chanting "We Will Rock You" to the other team before the 2nd annual family wiffle ball tournament begins
"Why snapping is the new clapping People who snap to clap should be beaten hard with a wiffle ball bat.
parts of dmoz curated better? Wiffle ball leagues 2000s angelfire!
Ight you win this one but that wiffle ball game you taking an L
Just his side of the Living Room Boxing and Wiffle Ball stories. Fun stuff!
guy was pumped a bunch of 21 or older losers were playing Wiffle ball
Everyone come to Jaiden's and play wiffle ball
the man once broke a window with a wiffle ball, Edgar never did that.
Jonathan Byrd is one back at Sea Island. He was clearly inspired by this week's Wiffle Ball win.
Very exhausting day, who knew math tests and wiffle ball could take it out of you
She thinks we are playing Wiffle Ball.
you have to hunt them with wiffle ball bats now? They're everywhere.
glad got his contract handled. Great guy. Hope to play wiffle ball against him this year
Wives Association present a $25K check to BIB at the 2015 Wiffle Ball Classic https:…
Someone oughta bust a wiffle ball bat upside your fivehead, you hairy militiaman
This is my chinchilla, Ashe. Ashe has a wiffle ball on her head.
I wish I could play one more wiffle ball game with you..
The TOUR players really savored their win in last night's Wiffle Ball game:
. Check out the Golf Tournament & Rome Braves . Wiffle Ball @ Rome Braves Stadium . Nov 14,2015. Love you!.
You can play Wiffle Ball against Clayton Kershaw and Albert Pujols: This is probably your best chance at strik...
Check tomorrow's for a story on a Wiffle Ball tournament in
The upcoming announcement is Fr. Park's immediate contribution to the Wiffle Ball tournament. .
Franklin DPW taking home the Wiffle Ball tournament tomorrow
I liked a video Wiffle Ball with Cardinals Joe Mather and Brendan Ryan
GOLDEN STICK WIFFLE BALL NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP QUALIFIER. Wiffle Ball players of all ages are invited to join us...
Wiffle ball type of weather right now
My family wiffle ball game has been rain delayed😕
Wiffle ball and brews with the boys 😋
Rain has slowed our wiffle ball game
S/o to for being the first person ever ejected from wiffle ball last night
It's like tennis with a wiffle ball
I remember when I beat Andre Ethier at wiffle ball home run derby.
We go hard in the wiffle ball game down here in Tacoma.
We might be the only team that plays wiffle ball right before post season lol
Does anyone know what time we have to be at the wiffle ball tournament tomorrow?
Probably the most fun I've had at a cookout. Great food, corn hole, wiffle ball in a thunderstrom, and slip and sliding down a long hill!!
Watching all these kids play wiffle ball. Lmao so much fun.
Thanks, Pete! Hope your weekend is fun. My son is back from college, his friends fill my house w/ wiffle ball :D
yeah I wouldn't even want schlitter pitching for my wiffle ball team.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Wiffle ball has been taken to a whole new level 😳
My family treats Wiffle ball as if it's the World Series
Literally stood outside of these kids' doors with a wiffle ball bat for a half hour to make sure they went to sleep
One time i struck out in wiffle ball & some kid said "u put the whiff in wiffle ball" so i forced my parents to move us to a…
Just trucked my brother in wiffle ball.
Battle of the SEK schools in wiffle ball
Wiffle Ball taken to a whole new level 😱
Rule 117 of wiffle ball: one player must leave the game if dispute occurs
Wiffle ball game at the hotspot at 9
Wiffle Ball taken to a whole new level 😳
Allen Park man wins national Wiffle Ball pitcher of the year: Wiffle Ball, we all know the game. The plastic bat.…
"Sigma Nu for being the only fraternity who had their full team show up at Gamma Phi's Wiffle Ball. YALL THE REAL MVPS!"
Bc he made fun of late night wiffle ball injury in the parking lot
I hope we play wiffle ball tomorrow in zero period ⚾️
Still ticked that I never got my $5 back from that wiffle ball tournament 😒
it's okay kaelin neither have I, but I sure play a mean wiffle ball
Don't worry y'all, I won the chug off for the wiffle ball set at Moe's bingo. You really think I'd let someone beat me for that?
Had a dream earlier that I hit a walk off home run in a wiffle ball game. I had the nastiest bat flip too.
You could just head to the dirty Jerz for some beach wiffle ball world championships. But L.A. is OK too
Whiffle ball? I always thought it was wiffle. Either way people got shandy for playing.
I'm just ready to do some work with in wiffle ball!
Feeling a game of wiffle ball right now. Summer where you at
I'm the Clayton Kershaw of Wiffle Ball. I'm not afraid to go up against you.
I've never met anybody that can touch my Wiffle Ball curveball
We in different leagues , you're still playin wiffle ball & I'm in the big leagues 👌👍
you guys win again I'm getting the wiffle ball with your guys names inside tattooed on me
Walked half a mile to play wiffle ball. Yeah, we're that bored. 😆
I can tell you're still playing Wiffle ball
Let's get a game of wiffle ball going
not here in Chatsworth. Rained out on PE wiffle ball games
Made eye contact w/mouse in my kitchen. I now *may* be wearing an oven mitt and holding a Wiffle ball bat menacingly.
I want spring because I want to play wiffle ball
Sign ups for Intramural Volleyball and Wiffle Ball begin today. Sign ups continue until March 12th.
I also feel like Nightmare on Elm Street could go on here but insulting horror movie remakes feel like wiffle ball.
[at sword store]. "Hello yes I would like a Slashpoker 4000". "Sorry sir, we're sold out. Can I interest you in a very sharp wiffle ball bat?"
Post-1953, b/c wiffle ball bat. MT Spent the day trying to figure out what year the Beastie Boy's "Paul Revere" takes place.
lmao I don't think I'll get too salty about wiffle ball games.
☀️☀️ you are amazing when it comes to wiffle ball in wellness and I love you ❤️
“Taking wiffle ball to a whole new level
Mark Hendrickson would make for a great Wiffle Ball pitcher with this new side arm motion.
Yeah, you still playing wiffle ball. Dropping opportunities I'm picking up a different call.
Wanna go back to the times when after comp baseball games were over on the weekend the whole team would relax and play wiffle ball all day🌇⚾
Wiffle ball bats weren't invented until the 50's, but he's riding a horse everywhere...
young t Roy before wiffle ball was his passion
THIS IN UNREAL trips bein beat up by the old man who confiscated a wiffle ball bat from some neighborhood kids
lmao U can see its a wiffle ball bat
Is that a wiffle ball bat painted black?
HHH with a foam sledgehammer and Sting with a wiffle ball bat.
So much fun playing in the street today! Handstand, plank, wiffle ball home run challenges to win
Wouldn't mind being back home in the 25 degree weather if it meant getting to play wiffle ball with my family after Sunday dinner. 💛
Can't wait till beach👌 wiffle ball and beach bums love family vacations😏
We'll get a wiffle ball game together when you're in town 😏
Shout out to for the new gear today! I guess I'll have to wear it next time I whoop up on him in wiffle ball
Chris said he trying to make reall signs for wiffle ball this year🙌
Our wiffle ball team trying to decide on a team name. I suggest Catch A Wiff.
Sometimes I just wanna quit my job and just play wiffle ball every day.
I'm 45, chubby n lazy, sorta slow but I kill at Wiffle ball. Like crazy good. Too late for MLB u think?
My brother is so serious about this wiffle ball game on Saturday! The competitiveness is in our blood! 👊 I love it!!
I want spring time and wiffle ball right now lol
Is it like sucking on a wiffle ball bat?
My next 30 years I will strive to be the best backyard QB and Wiffle Ball pitcher for my sons to enjoy!
Happy Birthday little Sanchez! I love you even though I tackled you in wiffle ball 😂😘
Oh, it's snowing? It's the perfect weather for playing Wiffle ball.
best of luck to both and in the PCA 3k Wiffle Ball tournament. Swing for the god *** fences boys.
pickle ball looks like a wiffle ball. Is it a different weight?
The thing at the top of my bucket list is to be able to throw a wicked wiffle curve ball
all I'm saying is we need to get the crew together and play some wiffle ball 👌
Oh hey, West Coast. Sorry I'm late to the party. My dog has been puking up wiffle ball shards. How are you liking the ep?
you better not be up making bets on a wiffle ball game going on in some kid's backyard in Minnesota.
me and Mikul vs you and yawn wiffle ball Leggo
all you need for the game is some stress balls, wiffle ball bats, PVC pipe and 3-5 players!
Can we play like some football or wiffle ball for a weekend *** lmao😂
Ya cuz you wouldn't play me when I was there for Xmas. Besides I killed you in football and wiffle ball.
Ton is good at wiffle ball. Walks lead to base runners, which lead to runs scored. Very rare talent
Remember when I hit a wiffle ball straight into Sierra's eye.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I did it like this, i did it like that, i did it with a wiffle ball bat yo!
Murdered my brother and his friends in wiffle ball
How can y'all tell that's a wiffle ball? Lol I would've guessed it was a baseball
ayee thanks my man. Still remember those wiffle ball days
Me and Wiffle Ball Champs and Co-MVPs and World Series MVPs but that's slight work
I'm ready to play wiffle ball next weekend. my team is gonna win it all
And don't even get me started on Wiffle Ball.
I miss being a little kid. Like my neighbors & i used to go sledding, & have wiffle ball & basketball tournaments in the summer & it was fun
we had fun at your grandmas house playing football and wiffle ball bro and the BBQ and food it was great. Gonna miss her brother
so you don't wanna play wiffle ball? Lmaooo.
Girls be out here wiffle ball pitching the box to whoever and wonder why they're single.
exactly. You could probably whack it open with a wiffle ball bat
Dodge ball, kick ball, league ball, baseball, wiffle ball, you name it we played it! A1 since day 1! proud of you man!
Shoutout to for being my 4th grade best friend I miss hanging every Friday with Pippas and wiffle ball in the backyard!
Ha joke is on you as I am going to have printed up my own Wiffle Ball Superstar cards of myself & sent to you, No SASE.
here's a link about that wiffle ball tourney that benefits non profit. Thanks for reading
wanna play in a wiffle ball tourney in Feb that benefits a great organization?
I see you slayin kid... Wiffle ball camps
Love you bro... We won in wiffle ball idc
CLUSY had an amazing time playing wiffle ball!!
Thats so sweet. Thad still kicks ur butt n a wiffle ball game!!
Every time they move the fences in at citi field, do they move the fences in at the wiffle ball citi field.
I would be outside playing wiffle ball if I lived in Sac. My neighbors think I'm weird..
Reminds me of the Wiffle ball bat challenge I heard on the radio long time ago. Google it, trust me it's real
thinking more along the lines of Zoolander's "Hansel" tirade, but sure. I'd love to see Phil with a wiffle ball bat.
“Talk about a curveball. If youve never seen wiffle ball pitching Imma change your life real quick
I think I'm good. Although it would help me dominate the wiffle ball aspect of Luczka Olympics in the backyard
“Talk about a curveball. is like your wiffle ball throwing... almost.
The thing I love about that GIF is that you can you tell Jimmy was really trying to hit the wiffle ball.
I wrote about Wiffle Ball, which gave me a reason to GIF Mo’ne Davis being awesome.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Of course now that I'm 18, the tree in my backyard gets trimmed. It used to knock down so many wiffle ball dingers back in the day. 😠⚾️
Cold where you are? Warm up with the story behind an old summer friend: Wiffle Ball
This can happen when u go 110% repping the PO's during indoor wiffle ball vs pos players
It gets real when the squad plays wiffle ball...
FYI, can back up my story on the wiffle ball perfecto. His defense saved me.
Billy Butler could beat you in an arm wrestling competition, a pushup contest, wiffle ball and ping pong. Stop calling him fat.
Back in action this morning - be on the look out for today's daily recap, highlights from wiffle ball and the golf tournament!
“Talk about a curveball. changed wiffle ball history
Had a ball in the ballroom at the annual Wiffle Ball Tourney last night at the National Meeting!!
pics of my wiffle ball field in my backyard. Started in 2007 and just played our last game monday
We tailgated over lunch with plenty of hot dogs, games of "Bags" and even some Wiffle Ball. We're ready! http:…
Address of the park party: Christian Herter Park, Soldiers Field Rd, Allston, MA lot 3 We'll be dancing, picnicking and having fun from noon until 6pm! Plus a Wiffle Ball game at 2pm! This event is open to everyone! Please join us!
Wiffle Ball is now moved to 4:00 pm Eastern standard time, prospect park
Wiffle Ball: The Boys of Sequoyah Hills hosts a wiffle ball league championship Tuesday at the fields in Sequoyah...
Things I need to find some excitement for: Wiffle Ball and Pinewood Derby. . That is all.
fam wiffle ball game at the Lamburs. come one come all.
Pam just brought the body count to 253,175 by icing {B.H} Johnny Wiffle Balls Bღ ∲.
my dad just beat me in wiffle ball... I really should quit
Next week we will be doing a Baseball showcase and Wiffle Ball Home Run Derby at the winner gets a Junky Approved shirt! FOOD!
Just a few more weeks to get your team together for the largest wiffle ball tournament around! . For more...
I cannot fully straighten out my right arm today. Yesterday it was a little sore, and now I can get about 150 degrees max! I'm thinking washing my hair in the morning is not happening. Are any other Wiffle Ball Tourney pitchers out there feeling my pain? (I think I went over my pitch count - by about a hundred!)
Connor just asked if Honey popped the wiffle ball! Uh.
I miss playing wiffle ball in the street on a late summer evening.
Anything goes in wiffle ball, that's rule No. 1
You're never too old to play wiffle ball!!
“I wanna play some more wiffle ball” I wanna play some! It's been so long since I've played!!
Video of the wiffle ball tournament
With the success of Saturday's wiffle ball tournament, we're considering doing another one 9/6 before college football reall…
Just for the record black eye came from a wiffle ball not me.
Came home from work, jumped on a call to work out the details for this Saturday's Backyard Wiffle Ball League / SPCA Charity Tournament wiffle ball tournament at Diamond City Park. While on that call I was also blowing up social media with the first set of videos Feet First Productions has up from This is Hardcore. Am I involved in too many things? Perhaps, but it keeps life interesting. Come out and support the wiffle ball tournament on Saturday and go like Feet First Productions on here so you can keep an eye out for more sets from the This is Hardcore after shows/parties from this past weekend!
Come one & all this Thursday evening for our Wiffle Ball Tournament at 8 pm under the lights of the church parking lot. Bring a chair & be prepared to cheer on your favorite team as the youth go up against the 40 & up team. Then stay as the 20 somethings battle the winning team.
Currently playing wiffle ball with my mom
is the new place ready for Hallway wiffle ball?
Playing wiffle ball out in the yard..Hank's on deck
Love Wiffle ball. Would do my best to put a team together. Somehow wasn't aware of this last one.
A little wiffle ball on the beach. Can't stay away from the game. I love it too much especially when…
Can we just have sober fun? Like go play catch, or wiffle ball, of like a frisbee or something. Like I'm bored and in the mood for that
The Wiffle Ball video that keeps referencing is at the bottom of this page:
Greatest beach wiffle ball team ever assembled
My mom is refusing to play wiffle ball w me rn C'MON MOM
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