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Whoopie Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg (born Caryn Elaine Johnson; November 13, 1955) is an American comedienne, actress, singer-songwriter, political activist, author and talk show host.

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Alicia Keys, Whoopie Goldberg, Linda Sarsour, Michael Moore, John Lewis and so-o many more, called for ACTIONโ€ฆ
Excuse me? A racists? Tell me how? Hillary was Racists Michelle Obama was racist Rosie O'Donnell racists , Whoopie Goldberg same
My shot of WHOOPIE GOLDBERG - Photos - Celebrities take part in the Women's March around country
Mfs be looking like whoopie goldberg tryna act too good, gone bruh ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Whoopie Goldberg in NYC where there are so many of us that we couldn't even march ๐Ÿ˜€So much love going OMGโ€ฆ
IMFORYOU.Create Womens' Deprtment right now headed by latina Maria Saldana from SesameStreet, Madonna, . Whoopie Goldberg.
IMFORYOU.Create visable position NOW & get Madonna, Whoopie Goldberg, and "Maria" (Latino) & let um LIST what they want.
Shia LaBeouf leads with Day | He should take a bath. Whoopie Goldberg and Rosie ODonnell also.
WHOOPIE GOLDBERG is here: this change is on us!! What's at stake is everything we believe in.
I came to the USA expecting to see people like Robert Redford&Demi Moore;shocked to see Richard Simmons and Whoopieโ€ฆ
So, now that Donald J. Trump is POTUS, has anybody heard when Whoopie Goldberg is leaving the country?
yes indeed + I liked it when he had Guest Stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger & Whoopie Goldberg , the bill saddler as the Reaper
When i see Melania with Trump, she reminds me of Whoopie Goldberg in the color purple. Trump is parading his slave around.
.This *** look like a broke *** Whoopie Goldberg with her homeless Princess Leia as a girlfriend. ๐Ÿ’€
Communication. You see people think like I'm whoopie Goldberg or something from the movie ghost. Those are some powers if you believe it.
was wondering how they got home movies of Whoopie Goldberg as a kid. Lol. Oh it's just
When will Rosie O'Donnell and Whoopie Goldberg leave this beautiful country?
hope you pick up Whoopie Goldberg on the way north. Good luck up there.
where you speaking of Whoopie Goldberg was forced to watch the View at DR. office, man talk about and
What an appropriate photo... Moron Whoopie Goldberg looks like the village *** that she is!
Singer Jennifer Holliday Backs Out of Inauguration whoopie Goldberg claims trump caused blacks to make death threats
Does Whoopie Goldberg still think Bill Cosby is innocent?
Weeping Willows are probably just like regular Willows except they just were planted views inside Whoopie Goldberg's dressing room widow.
Obama I understand Whoopie Goldberg received all bathroom information from u, tell her 2 clean up her potty mouth & fascination with poop!!
The thing is sometimes everyone you know is Whoopie Goldberg from Star Trek:The Next Generation.
I remember when Whoopie Goldberg made a disgusting gesture and remark about President Bush. Celebrities think can do anything!
All this gold on me call me Whoopie Goldberg
I had this dream. except a storm of Whoopie Goldberg
Whoopie Goldberg has done all she can to send us back 50 years! Move forward!
Rosie Odonnell and Whoopie Goldberg might be the same person.;-)
"Once I confused Oprah and Whoopie Goldberg". "I think that's just racist"
To find a new home for Whoopie Goldberg, Rosie O'Donnell and Cher.
LOL & LMAO "the only man in this photo is Whoopie Goldberg"
The only man in the picture is Whoopie Goldberg.
Pure class!. But Just think if it was : . Beyoncรฉ, lady Gaga, madonna, WHOOPIE Goldberg, or how about Rosie...
Whoopi Goldberg to Quit the View. Jeremy & Diane Abbott pictured nude joined by Whoopie with Cobyrn in the centre.Iโ€ฆ
Happy new year Mr. President Trump and go to *** to crazy Elizabeth Warren and *** Michael moron Moore plus whooโ€ฆ
chiller afternoon with whoopie Goldberg and Jesus
Four people died. That is boring according to Whoopie Goldberg. (And a guy got sent to jail to cover up why). .
is it possible whoopie Goldberg & Rosie O'Donnell are Russian and can be expelled 2)
I think Patrick Swayze is visiting me in the body of Whoopie Goldberg.
Pretty sure we got whoopie Goldberg not an actual footballer when we got mbokani
pretty sure I just saw whoopie goldberg driving a Nissan Altima at the mall
where is Whoopie Goldberg has she left the country ?
Here now Sheen will be in a movie with Whoopi Goldberg telling the official Lie about 9/11.they got him
You look like whoopie goldberg โ€” lmao its funny because somebody told me that before
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
That's not as gross as Whoopi Goldberg. I'm sure you can deduce this,but she makes Whoopie the last thing on any hetero guy's mind
Whoopie goldberg lost my respect too!
Who knows of some lip lightener. I'm walking around here looking like Whoopie Goldberg.
You did awesome!!. Whoopie Goldberg Vs Ann Coulter on race matters via
This baby's been on the view, met Whoopie Goldberg, and a pair of Jordan's and this morning I used a straw as a spoon to eat my yogurt
Congratulations to Whoopie Goldberg for receiving the Elizabeth Taylor Legacy Award for theโ€ฆ
My grandfather asked me if the whoopie pies were named after Whoopi Goldberg. Honestly, I don't know
Is Whoopie Goldberg a Jew or a Democrat with a Jewish name, of her choosing? And can she beโ€ฆ
I can't stop laughing bc Annika said her bitmoji looks like Whoopie Goldberg
I'd give up my seat to Whoopie Goldberg or Miley Cyrus.
I think the answer is whoopie Goldberg
If you haven't seen Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella movie with Brandi, Whoopie Goldberg, and Whitney Houston, your life has been a lie
and no u do t look like a groundhog, that's more like whoopie Goldberg BTW when is she leaving??? A promise is a promise
hasn't been used for a book title, and turned into a movie starring Whoopie Goldberg and Sally Field?
you basically look like everyone who isn't white. I look like Whoopie Goldberg and Myleene Class apparently ๐Ÿ˜‚
Riddle : what do you get at a jewish novelty shop Ans : A whoopie goldberg !!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Its almost 2017.. I'm still wondering why. Whoopie Goldberg has zero eyebrows .
If Whoopie Goldberg or Oprah actually lived in South Central LA, and not in highly secured, walled off estates, I'dโ€ฆ
So when will Whoopie Goldberg's medical menstrual pain relief cannabis products be available in places other than on the west coast? ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ™‡
If Whoopie Goldberg, Jill Stein and Joy Behar all jumped off a 10 story building...who hits first? . .answer: who cares?
Cramps are so bad rn I need Whoopie Goldberg's weed tampons
Still torn on who'd replace Mister Blue. I'm thinking either Mr. or Mrs. Gold. Jeff Goldblum and Whoopie Goldberg would each nail it
who next before the end of year, sting, ian mckellen, Patrick Stewart, Whoopie Goldberg, Donald Sutherland, or Martin Sheen?
now that I'm up, I'm about to hop on yo whoopie Goldberg looking *** Ÿ˜ช
Love Whoopie Goldberg in Star Trek, hate that The View ends up showing us that every one of their hosts is a moron.
Viola Davis, Whoopie Goldberg, Angela Bassett come to mind, but, yeah, 2 are under 60. Thanx for comment!
Everybody who's ever influenced me, from a Richard Prior to a Whoopie Goldberg to, you know,...
I'm done with black hollywood too. Whoopie Goldberg, Angela Bassett, Jeffrey Wright, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wendell Pierce, etc
I mean, the Hyenas in Lion King are voiced by Whoopie Goldberg, Cheech Marin and Jim Cummings ... They're the best...
Whoopie Goldberg to Star in ABC Miniseries About the *** Rights Movement w/ Michael K. Williams
whoopie Goldberg is one of the dumbest people in America lol what show are you waโ€ฆ
Sneak Peak at Episode 18: Which came first? Whoopie Goldberg was born or the 1st episode of The Beverly Hillbillies
the only thing you are missing on your show this morning is whoopie Goldberg. Coming across as very left view, it's a big world
Hey; Whoopie Goldberg; Please help political prisoner Leonard Peltier to get his freedom today.Contact Pres.Obama
I like to point out that whoopie goldberg has no eyebrows to people who think they know everything
Really curious about how much money Whoopie Goldberg has in her bank account rn
Whoopie The View Try hard to get Ben to attack Trump. Not work!.
Perfect example. Whoopie Goldberg ambushed Ben Carson on The View the other day yet made excuses for Mel Gibsons racial tirade? Ummm??
Whoopie Goldberg is definitely not beautiful - I switch TV over if she appears on screen!
you should add your Whoopie Goldberg impression "what"! To your Nano Impressions! I just heard it on an old episode!
oops I spelled it like whoopie pie I mean WHOOPI GOLDBERG
I think Whoopie Goldberg was the voice of that monkey so...not sure if that helps
Whoopie Goldberg said when her mother died she knew she'd never be loved like that again. That describes a mother's love perfectly.
I'm so bored I'm watching a Whoopie Goldberg movie. :/
. has a million dollar body, ten cent mind, and Whoopie Goldberg hairdo
neither can your hair, walking around looking like Whoopie Goldberg with a perm popping off at the mouth
whoopie Goldberg looks like an orangutan
Cass thought Whoopie Goldberg was in the Golden Girls ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
We hope whoopie goldberg moves to canada when Trump takes the OVAL OFFICE. And the rest of her *** froends also!
Breaking News. Enquirer reporting that Hillary Clinton had affairs with Janet Reno, Madeline Albright, Rosie O'Donnell and Whoopie Goldberg
via -Ben is a class act. Can't say the say the same for Whoopie Goldberg.
Whoopi Goldberg to Ben Carson: Why Support 'Racist' Trump? 'That's How Hitler Got In' - Whoopie- go to *** you ***
Whoopie Goldberg proves that she is a racist every day.
intelligent people don't argue by calling names. Whoopie Goldberg calling trump a racist in her rant yesterday was absurd
I met Whoopie Goldberg. She has more personal problems than Charles Manson.
Whoopie Goldberg iOS one to talk about Trump when she was a drug attic drunk be fore the movie business picked her sorry *** up now famous.
Whoopie Goldberg invokes Hitler, which is what you usually do when you have no argument based on logic.
Bag-lady Whoopie Goldberg attacks Dr. Ben Carson for not being "black" enough for her taste! She remains on the Democrat PLANTATION.
who is whoopie Goldberg anyhow,Asking Ben Carson why Ben endorsed Trump? To endorse a candidate is our choice.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Rich lowry is the more feminine GOP version of Whoopie Goldberg
I look like Trey Songz in the heart but the spouse of Flavor Flav x Whoopie Goldberg on the outside. ๐Ÿ˜Œ
The fact that Whoopie Goldberg is in the new Broad City dressed like a nun makes my whole week.
Whoopie Goldberg is right .. Ben Carson has been bewitched or body snatched by Trump entities.
Whoopie Goldberg is obnoxious. Used to respect her but all she does on the view is jaw jack and trash talk.
Dr. Ben Carson I Love this man! E. Whoopie Body language... I love ya, but thats no way to treat a guest.
Whoopie Goldberg is a liar who denies that Obama is the worst president US ever had. While Brussel burns, he dances and laughed.
Whoopie Goldberg: โ€œBut this guy (Trump), I'm sorry, he's a racist and he's not good for the country," . Ben Carson:"What's the alternative?"
I think it's time to bring in a brand new coach who has only "coached one team". Let's get Whoopie Goldberg !
. Why do people watch these ex celebrities like Whoopie Goldberg? ABC should cancel the show.
People who call someone a racist usually is one . โžกWhoopie Goldbergโฌ…
. Listen up-you are not allowed to inhabit Whoopie Goldberg's body to contact anyone. Understood?
Stanley: I also cried when Whoopie Goldberg channeled Demi Moore. Ron: I cried when Whoopie got on The View.-from
I'm wondering why Chris Rock & Whoopie Goldberg keeps popping up when I'm trying to gEt it Together
No blake people in the audience except Dude that played Jackie Robinson Kevin Hart and Whoopie Goldberg
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Whoopie Goldberg looks like she got into a case of Whoopie Pies
Whoopie Goldberg, Brittany Murphy, Angelina Jolie, Jared Leto.. That girl from The Craft. Wow, this was a goldmine of a movie no?
Bernie Sanders may have a Jewish name but he believes in the Torah about as much as Whoopie Goldberg.
Replaced Fox Sports commentators with Sue Perkins, John Waters, Roy Scneider, Whoopie Goldberg & some guy who could remove his eyes
and FWIW-I think Jesus was related to Whoopie Goldberg. Because he was charismatic black Jew ๐Ÿ˜œ
Caryn Elaine Johnsonย needs a new name, Whoopie Goldberg is racist.
Whoopie Goldberg is good enough reason to bring back slavery and Joy Behar is proof that women suffrage was a stupid idea.
Now that my hair's dreaded I look like Whoopie Goldberg with my glasses on. Smh
Wait Jim...since when did Sammy Whoopie Goldberg play football and get traded to the Bills?
I still want to reboot Murder She Wrote with Whoopie Goldberg as Angela Lansbury character.
your wifi and cable are Whoopie Goldberg booty cheeks
When did Whoopie Goldberg get traded to the Bills?
how about Whoopie Goldberg for 3 million bucks
we said she look like whoopie Goldberg ๐Ÿ˜ญ
I think it was Whoopie Goldberg that said "if you hit anyone, expect to be hit back". Something like that
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Whoopie Goldberg and Raven Simone are cut from the same cloth. Both breed ignorance.
These old ladies next to me wylin outta nowhere one of em said "You know I'ma slap Whoopie Goldberg because she doesn't like Viola Davis"
GREAT Whoopie Goldberg bit about boomers' kids raising kids. Hilarious and too true!!
If you up rn you probably sexy and got hella *** if you sleep you probably look like Whoopie Goldberg
Let's play pin the mustache on Whoopie Goldberg.
My idea from awhile back was John McClane protecting Whoopie Goldberg in Sister Act 3: Old Habits Die Hard.
How do I end up with a new Whoopie Goldberg lookalike in at least one class every semester โ“โ“โ“
Whoopie Goldberg has a kid. That means someone had to have sex with whoopie Goldberg. Jesus Christ, I hope he was blacked out for his sake
Oh my God - I just about choked on my coffee at Whoopie Goldberg's comment about Donald Trump "going on...
ngl I miss my girl whoopie goldberg ๐Ÿ’—
Senior quote: if mrs Schneider was African American she'd look like whoopie Goldberg.
My bro said she look like a light skin whoopie Goldberg ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I can't
Who cares what Whoopie Goldberg says anymore.
Raven-Symonรจ, T.I., Piers Morgan, Tarantino, & Whoopie Goldberg be like "critical thinking and sensitivity are for the 'little people.'"
Whoopie Goldberg doesn't have eyebrows AND she doesn't wear a bra either.
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Whoopie Goldberg, Joy Behar, Geraldo Rivera: All three have stated they'll leave the US if Donald Trump is...
I feel sorry for David. I don't like that Whoopie Goldberg judge
cause were whoopie Goldberg and Alicia keys
Henry Walker got them Whoopie Goldberg braids from the color purple
I'm tryna look like zendaya but I can't do that if I feel like whoopie goldberg
I'd love to work with Whoopie Goldberg, true 80s lad here.
Why has Whoopi Goldberg not relaesed a line of whoopie cushions?
didn't whoopie Goldberg win one? And Sidney.can't spell his last name?
when I typed snew and old it autocompleted, but I couldn't get whoopie Goldberg's handle, with its "_"!
No way did whoopie Goldberg just say she shave her eye brows off. Like they really not there.
IMAGE: If Obama had a son... Whoopie Goldberg edition
people who don't know who the *** Whoopie Goldberg is...smh...she's only an EGOT holder
is that whoopie Goldberg on the right?
Why you look like Whoopie Goldberg stfu Barrzah.
Wow Whoopie Goldberg and Chief Keef I'm one day? I wonder who's next
"Unless you can do what can do, shut up!" Whoopie Goldberg
If you don't follow Whoopie Goldberg on instagram, are you truly living?
Whoopie Goldberg wearing Hades boots yet again! :-D !! This time she is wearing our Caymene boots in Gunmetal!...
"Unless you can do what Madonna does, SHUT UP" thanks Whoopie Goldberg ๐Ÿ™Œ
I swear I just met Whoopie Goldberg in an elevator...
Who's better looking, Michelle Obama or Whoopie Goldberg? Yeah, yeah I know.
Just made friends with a man called Darrell who looks like whoopie Goldberg
Get this Whoopie Goldberg Color Purple lookin *** *** off TV and play empire ๐Ÿ˜’
Who is this *** playing for Dallas with the Whoopie Goldberg no eyebrows face?!?
Go Watch new vine with Whoopie Goldberg and make sure you double tap๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜„
Guys go watch Nash's vine with whoopie Goldberg go watch
but some be looking like Whoopie GoldBerg
The metro racist song was based on "I Will Follow Him" sung by Whoopie Goldberg in Sister Act.
MFK of the day: whoopie goldberg, your mother, and lil Kim after all her plastic surgery
50 Shades of Grey, only with Danny Devito and Whoopie Goldberg playing lead roles.
Whoopie Goldberg is so real! I love that she considers the reality & hardships of many workers.
In 1990, Whoopie Goldberg, actress, comedienne and activist, became the first Black female to win th... -
Rissa gonna look like whoopie Goldberg at age 35
What in the world is whoopie Goldberg thinking! No ma'am
GWeh no Kardo Goldberg where is whoopie btw? RTโ€œPine wid him corn curlsโ€
Whoopie Goldberg . errr meant .. Prime Minister Tony Abbott . Sigh ... every time he walks, the movie...
I thought he would just possess Whoopie Goldberg and have sex with Demi Moore
Lil Wayne fall on Whoopie Goldberg, call that a whoopie cushion
On stage with Jonathan Groff last week and Whoopie Goldberg tonight ๐Ÿ˜
Working in a fashion retail on black Friday is equal to getting mooned by whoopie goldberg...the agony
Oh and these ๐Ÿ˜‚ but alas I can't walk in heels.. I walk like whoopie Goldberg in jack flash... Or samโ€ฆ
Always time for the Sister Act soundtracks! Love a bit of Whoopie Goldberg
Whoopie Goldberg makes every topic into a racial topic.
Watch: Whoopie Goldberg gifts Jimmy Fallon with a giant chocolate turkey for Thanksgiving
"Black people don't skydive. How many happy black people do you see Fallin out a plane?" - Whoopie Goldberg ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ™Œ
Fallon was really good tonight. Whoopie Goldberg was hysterical!
Whoopie Goldberg cut off my freshman english teacher at a four way stop
You know your show is struggling for content when you have Whoopie Goldberg on for 20 minutes in 2014
Whoopie Goldberg makes me want to be a black lady with dreds
My dad while pointing at Whoopie Goldberg - "I think this is your soul sister" and literally lost it..."best joke of all time" - him
Whoopie Goldberg's voice is so distinctive... I heard hear on Jimmy Fallon from the other room
Whoopie goldberg has looked the same for the past 30 years..
Idk what's cooler whoopie goldberg or the chocolate turkey
Whoopie Goldberg has an a-line bob made of dreadlocks and is my lifelong hero
I have a shout out to 1 of my favorite and funny movie star whoopie Goldberg who had bday recently
Porter Thanksgiving Day Quotes: "As I was growing up I thought Whoopie Goldberg was blind because she always had sunglasses on"
I'm thankful that Whoopie Goldberg has to die at some point
And he got the penalty with those whoopie goldberg *** dreads
yous can have a small role played by whoopie Goldberg and Queen Latifah
This dog looks like whoopie Goldberg MT
Whoopie Goldberg is the only woman on The View that I don't hate.
Yooo whoopie Goldberg don't got no eyebrows ๐Ÿ˜ซ
happy birthday! Love you!...even though you randomly send me pictures of Whoopie Goldberg ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜… anyways have an amazing day! ๐Ÿ’—
I hate shad and damo whoopie Goldberg head *** Ÿฃ
I'm sad bc 2 CHAINZ really does look like Whoopie Goldberg ๐Ÿ˜ช
"I could be the next Whoopie Goldberg" -kris
that *** uglier than whoopie Goldberg shadow
Yall Be looking like whoopie Goldberg and flavor flav
I'd eat out whoopie Goldberg and suck her fart for that new acura TLX,
"Wait I thought whoopie goldberg was a man..." -claudia
Since when is Whoopie Goldberg a "police expert"? Wilson did NOT have a taser. Batons require room to maneuver. He did good!
Watching the recording I made of Sarafina when it aired a few weeks ago. Whoopie Goldberg's accent mara๐Ÿ˜ข.
what is whoopie Goldberg wearing on her feet bc goals
I imagine her eyebrows would not have worn off throughout the ages so she's look a little less Whoopie Goldberg-like. RESTORE!
Whoopie Goldberg is Ed from good burger
If I could have Lunch with 1 famous man and 1 famous female?? Al Roker, cause he makes me laugh, daily!! Whoopie Goldberg, she has lived to earn her wisdom. Who would you choose?
Whoopie Goldberg not pleased that the Country Music Awards have so many White people.
Wiz kalifah look like whoopie Goldberg daughter tell me I ait lying if u watch hip op awards
Get whoopie goldberg off the screen
Oprah, queen latifa, and whoopie goldberg
is that like what whoopie goldberg meant when she talked about "Rape Rape"?
"did you know that Whoopie Goldberg was born without eyebrows? Tough life." This girl makes my day. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
that *** neck is blacker than whoopie Goldberg lips blacker than train smoke
"I like him (Pope Francis). He seems to be the only one who has actually read the book (the Bible)" - Whoopie Goldberg on Pope & the vatican
Show her one of your whoopie goldberg movies. That'll bring her right back
basically you're playing me in my life story. I was hoping for Whoopie Goldberg. Beggars can't be choosers and all that...
rather 3% Travis than a 3% Whoopie Goldberg ๐Ÿ˜• ja I don't know where I'm going with this.
I hate whoopie Goldberg's black cuz they black rollin
My hair dresser cut his hair because Puerto Rico is too hot for hair. He went from Whoopie Goldberg in Sister Act to G.I. โ€ฆ
My favorite movie with whoopie Goldberg is corrina corrina
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Talk about a TAN! Darker than whoopie Goldberg with eyebrows! Finally off the ship, amazing time but time to go...
Bae said I look like Whoopie Goldberg in The Color Purple today. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜”
All the *** are taking over Talk Shows ... You got Ellen , Queen Latifah and Rose O Donnell , whoopie Goldberg lol I'm ODing but stil
follow to ask and answer questions about Whoopie Goldberg at 1 pm pst
I still haven't decided what to be for halloween I'm torn between being the whoopie cushion again or Whoopi Goldberg
I wanna be a hippie and have a lot of cookies. Across the sea to Hollywood and meet my dearest Whoopie Goldberg, Spielberg. and bla-bla-bla
Whoopie Goldberg pulls off no eyebrows well. But other women...
Sherman can talk all the trash he wants but the dude looks like Whoopie Goldberg
besides Tina Fey, Kaitlin Olson, Ellen, the various ladies of Community, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Whoopie Goldberg
Whoopie Goldberg is amazing. Crossed paths at OC today.
Kathy Griffin, Whoopie Goldberg, Howard Stern and many more show up for Joan Rivers' funeral
well regardless, congratulations on finding love with Mr/Ms. Lil Whoopie Wayne Goldberg.
Just til that Whoopie Goldberg does not have, and has never had, eyebrows and he's freaking out
People I've been told I look like: Oprah, Whoopie Goldberg, Serena Williams, Gladys knight , and Sanaa Lathan
A lonely woman makes out with Whoopie Goldberg because she's confused about the living/dead.
Just spot Whoopie Goldberg wearing at Joan Rivers' funeral.
"Is it bad that I thought that was whoopie Goldberg across the dining hall for the past 10 minutes?" --
Just read two articles on the DM site (I know, I know). One spelled Whoopi Goldberg "Whoopie" and the other called Pasha Kovalev "Pavel".
There was no crying Meryl Streep, but there was Whoopie Goldberg in sweatpants
Would you rather be whoopie Goldberg as her current age or a tuna salad?
If Colon takes another penalty I want his Whoopie Goldberg looking *** off this team.
Whoopie Goldberg is so cool why can't I be her
Patrick Swayze puts on a Whoopie Goldberg costume to seduce Demi Moore
Why has Whoopie Goldberg gone to Joan Rivers funeral as a judge clown?
A couple things: it's Kathie Lee GIFFORD, not Griffith. Also, Goldberg spells her name "Whoopi," not "Whoopie."
Kathy Griffin, Sarah Jessica Parker + Whoopie Goldberg are among the celebrities gathering to mourn Joan Rivers
they are legends in their industry, Whoopie Goldberg with - front row Ralph Rucci
Demi Moore's dead husband helps her do pottery. They kiss but it turns out to really be Whoopie Goldberg
My *** dun got to arguing with whoopie Goldberg
Patrick Swayze is invisible. Can only talk to Whoopie Goldberg
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
The lady from "Strptease" gets it on with Whoopie Goldberg, who's possessed by Patrick Swayze
Whoopie Goldberg and Oprah are miserable and Danny Glover is a ***
lmmaaooo but I don't wanna be Gail I wanna be Martha Stewart or whoopie Goldberg lmao
A woman makes love to her dead husband's ghost while making pottery. And Whoopie Goldberg is some sort of a gypsy
Hi just spent like 30 min w/ Whoopie Goldberg in my store. She's so so sweet irl
Whoopie Goldberg proves all black nuns are really on the run from the mob.
Queen Latifah vs Whoopie Goldberg for the ufc women's heavyweight title ? That would be insane
Robin Williams: What pain he must have been experiencing to have taken his life, not only after achieving worldly success, but having a wife and young children, who now have to live with that legacy of of their father, husband committing suicide. I became a fan of Robin Williams stand-up and his collaboration with Whoopie Goldberg, Billy Chrystal, and a hoard of now famous Comediens and actors, Arsenio Hall, Marsha Warfield, John Levitz, to name a few, who banded together to raise money for the first national, televised effort to eliminate "Homelessness", "Comic Relief" (1986 & 87 were my favorites). Not surprisingly, there was no mention in all of the memorializing on today's news shows that Robin's first national exposure was not on "Mork and Mindy", but on NBC's Richard Pryor Show. Rich gave his friend and co-collaborator Paul Mooney the freedom and opportunity to find the best young comedians available to be on the short life of the very successful Richard Pryor Show, and one of the many talents was a ...
Whoopie Goldberg is an *** It's funny she calls Donald Trump a *** then goes on to say "we don't need to include Israel in a cease fire deal because we need to learn how to talk to Hamas". I am sorry we dont need to learn how to talk to Hamas we need to flatten them out and show them that terrorists will not be tolerated in this world, you don't mess with Israel and the Holy land and when you do you get America along side Israel.
Whoopie Goldberg needs to make a comeback
Mom... on vodka.. and rum. "Frank Langella... wasn't he inside Whoopie Goldberg for 9 years?? That's why she's a vampire!!! Please don't give me rum anymore!" Life is good in the Torma/Sengoz house tonight! :)
2chainz looks like whoopie Goldberg ๐Ÿ‘
You definitely want to see any interview where "A sword salute to Whoopie Goldberg!" is stated!...
the 3D Whoopie Goldberg in this TMNT trailer is really well done though.
"Almost got in an accident cause I thought I saw Whoopie Goldberg"
Update your maps at Navteq
I'd like to date Whoopie Goldberg just so I could nickname her "my whittle Whoopie Cushion".
whoopie Goldberg should be on OITNB- she. Would be awesome!
Whoopie Goldberg ain't got no eye brows
Whoopie Goldberg plays one of the ninja turtles
whoopie Goldberg says she may have deserved it. Ok.she gets away with it just like Hamas
Whoopie goldberg's advice to women.
Random.but I think Robin Williams and Whoopie Goldberg are my ultimate favorite actors they can play any role!!!
looked like a lightskin "Whoopie Goldberg" back in the day with them corn rows and glasses ๐Ÿ˜‚
Someone needs to photoshop Whoopie goldberg into a wooly mammoth. Whoopie mammoth. You are welcome for the idea
What do you think about what Whoopie Goldberg said about DV?
So, Whoopie Goldberg said it's okay for men to hit women?
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