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Whole Foods

Whole foods are foods that are unprocessed and unrefined, or processed and refined as little as possible, before being consumed.

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How did anyone at Whole Foods think a Yom Kippur cake would sell?
I took the picture today Whole Foods & wild by nature
Whole Foods pushes TOXIC blood-clotting canola oil in more than 50% of their packaged products…
*** yeah. Time to celebrate at whole foods. I'll bring the green tea.
The list grows: Whole Foods hit by hackers
Whole Foods suffers data breach in some stores
Harbor is long gone bro you're looking at a Whole Foods and a Qdoba now
He didn't get fired from Whole Foods, he was fired from his vo…
Also the endangered species brand is vegan in some flavors. You can find that at Whole Foods and Kroger.
People seem confused about who globalist elites really are. In actuality, it's someone who shops at Target, Whole Foods, and CostCo.
I have, they sell it at Whole Foods, it’s alright I didn’t notice to much of a difference
ban straight couples from Whole Foods during peak hours
Damnit no salmon at whole foods because of a "lawsuit about weights of food" . god damnit . Even in death!
Whole Foods hit by hackers in latest cybersecurity breach - ABC Action News
Me shopping at Whole Foods after the price drop
Oh at whole foods but there's no whole foods near me. :(
Whole Foods got hacked. Guess my vegan *** gon' take a chance.
Whole Foods Market, recently acquired by tech giant Amazon, says it's been hit by hackers
Hackers gained access to credit card info for customers who made purchases at some in-store taprooms and restaurants
This one is still unfolding.  So far, I like how they have responded.  Seems to be quick on the notification to medi…
Whole Foods hit by cybersecurity breach
These Tofurky sandwiches just arrived. Excited that they are launching in Whole Foods Market stores in the UK. Hop… http…
Another breach: Payment card systems at taprooms, restaurants within Whole Foods locations may have been hacked.
Whole Foods latest to fall victim to credit card breach https:…
Should Whole Foods change their name to Hacked Foods?
I saw a rat outside of Whole Foods today. Nature is beautiful.
Purple Carrot CEO on Amazon/Whole Foods effect: ‘Brands are seeking out their dance partn... via
.on the Amazon/Whole Foods deal: 'Brands are seeking out their dance partner before the music stops…
Kroger $KR and Whole Foods really don't compete. Kroger is very popular in mid sized markets, Whole Foods in large cities!
A7. That they can use them at local fresh markets and places like Trader Joe's, ALDI's, Whole Foods, Fairway, and m…
Not any Whole Foods Markets around you either?
*Markets his Sperm as "Organic" for the more health conscious boys*. Ooh, I wonder if I can get in to Whole Foods!? 😏
Never saw and still don't see big deal about Whole Foods in the first place. Local farmer markets much better.
Whole Foods “free-range” chicken supplier said to actually run factory farm
Whole Foods is the worst such offender among the stores here in Mountain View. A couple of…
What do you mean? We've got Cub, Walmart, Super Target, Aldi's, + Whole Foods within walking distance, an…
Whole Foods is superior to all food markets
How purchase of Whole Foods will make life harder for small farms and businesses. via
Yes you read right lol, they sell them at fresh markets or Whole Foods
Yes, it's available at Whole Foods, natural markets nationwide & on our website at…
is bringing its biggest weapon to Whole Foods to make sure it succeeds ($AMZN)
"Whole Foods suppliers, frequently small businesses dependent on access to these markets, are sitting ducks."
Whole Foods, sometimes. Farmers markets. Can be very good but have gotten a bit watered dow…
"Amazon['s $14bn Whole Foods acquisition will] expand [the] Valley's surveillance...into physical space"
You can find Fraserland at Thrifty Foods, Choices, Whole Foods, and Nesters Markets.
Amazon Prime members will receive discounts at Whole Foods
Doubtful. A fave Paso Robles winery of ours is on a chenin kick lately. But found a really good one at Whole Foods.
IDG Contributor Network: Why Google, Walmart, Amazon and Whole Foods are pioneers in voice data…
Bannon and the nationalists are out, Eric Schmidt clearly influencing Wilbur Ross, Amazon-Whole Foods deal cleared instantly.
AMHERST, N.Y. -- Whole Foods opened its first Western New York store Friday morning. Doors opened at 8 a.m. but...
There was a mom with her newborn at Whole Foods. I need a baby. Immediately.
🎵I found a green pepper . Organic is better. But I wish it was fair trade. Whole Foods has fair trade...🎵
Whole Foods is surprisingly cheap. Like cheaper than Safeway cheap (for the quality).
Colin just told me I can get whatever I want in Whole Foods & I don't think he understands the beast he's unleashing
I just blacked out in Whole Foods and forgot I have veggies in the oven
How a diet comprised of whole, plant-based foods can dramatically improve well-being and longevity:
If you have Whole Foods around you the clam chowder is rlly good
Considering applying to whole foods cuz the pay is pretty good but I don't know if I have it in me to apply for another cashier job
It's about time. Unscrupulous treatment centers are on every city block.
this mom was sitting in the Whole Foods cafe with a glass of wine and a kid on her lap and the child just shoved their hand in the glass
A superb article about the importance of pricing: “Whole Foods Is Becoming Amazon’s Brick-and-Mortar Pricing Lab”
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Starchy foods always do that to me, especially potatoes. I have to book a whole hour for just sitting down afterwards
There's a really close similarity between the weird people at Wal-Mart and Whole Foods the only thing that separates them is money
I saw a woman breastfeeding in Whole Foods and thought 'That's too fresh.'
Ready-to-drink Bulletproof Coffee is coming to a Whole Foods near you via
Whole Foods just announced partnership with Imperfect Produce, to reroute produce destined for landfill.
Went to Whole Foods for the first time and I think I just landed in grocery store heaven 😭
After a summer hiatus we are back! Join our next Meetup on Monday, September 18, 7-8:30 PM at Whole Foods Market a… http…
Well there you go. Whole foods and amazon
Are grocery stores the next industry to see the impact of technological ?
After takes over, price cuts lure 25% more shoppers to stores, rpts:…
Can't wait to get paid tomorrow. I didn't work a crap ton of over time for nothing. Whole Foods and World Market better watch out.😎
Meatless meat is getting better. A line formed at Whole Foods the other day to get bites of these exotic new meats.…
Whole Foods dreams on an Aldi budget
There's a family recording a "Baby goes to Whole Foods for the first time" vlog. That's it. Wrap it up. Jersey I'm…
LIVE: Whole Foods will add millions of members to Amazon Prime $AMZN $WFM
Whole Foods makes my heart so happy 😭
First rats. Now, it's really ugly. Whole Foods Georgetown location in doubt. via
You don't need to shop at "Whole Foods" type stores just to eat vegan it's literally so cheap to be vegan
you the one that's shady. like you're too good to work at Amazon or Whole Foods. 👉🏾
Does your Whole Foods seem more crowded? It's not just in your head, and you can thank Amazon
If this was an alternate universe and he was not this guy and you spot him in Whole Foods picking…
Who taking me to Whole Foods tomorrow?!
I wish they had a Whole Foods over here🙃
...Then I realized we were in a Whole Foods in Williamsburg.
Whole Foods w the tool. Im a Natural.
I'm it's honey but super pure I got some when I was in New Zealand I think they have it at Whole Foods
Price cuts lure more shoppers to Whole Foods stores: tracking firms #
My coworkers and I always wonder does this person work at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods ???
Beyond the Amazon Deal - How Whole Foods Reinvents Itself with a Cloud Retail Suite
Amazon is foolishly alienating the upscale customers who shop at Whole Foods.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
We should be in some Safeway! Try Target, Whole Foods, or get a super disco…
LA transplants thank you for always reminding me how ungrateful I am the Ralph's on Glendale Blvd is now 365 by Whole Foods 🙂
Get your drink on!RT available at Whole Foods in Mountain View 🤘 https:/…
Open Letter to Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, on the Purchase of Whole Foods. via
For emmit till...let's not give these white owned thirsty business's,Whole Foods,cafes,deli's,in brooklyn our black…
SFU marketing prof, Lindsay Meredith, speaks on the price cuts at Whole Foods after Amazon takeover via
COLUMN: Whole Foods price cuts can make huge social changes if done right - Indiana Daily Student
Whole Foods stores in Canada cut prices as Amazon takes over -
Whole Foods changes unlikely to spark Canadian grocery price wars from
Whole Foods' $1 off avocados is really just "getting back to the level of regular grocery prices": experts.
Uber, Whole Foods, Great British Bake Off: Everything that matters this morning
Me walking into Whole Foods to see what these new prices hittin on
DO NOT buy from Amazon or Whole Foods until Amazon DROPS Breitbart.
1917: Bearded men went into the woods to cut down a tree. 2017: Bearded men stroll Whole Foods looking for gluten free ma…
*buy every bottle of grape seed oil at my local Whole Foods*
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
can't get your drinks at my local Whole Foods anymore...can you help? Will buy a case or more
Amazon finalizes deal to buy Whole Foods
Amazon's $13.7 billion Whole Foods buy proves the concept of the 'tech company' is coming to an end
Whole Foods is now selling the Amazon Echo
Whole Foods selling Amazon Echo as ‘Pick of the Season’ as tech giant takes over upscale grocer
How about the discounted price of the Amazon Echo from $99.99 to $44.99 now available at Whole Foods? Not…
Whole Foods is already hawking Amazon Echo speakers
Mmm, nothing better than a farm fresh Amazon Echo at Whole Foods
Whole Foods no longer "Whole Paycheck". Amazon wastes no time taking over chain- slashes prices up to 43%. Oh, and pick up…
First day of Amazon/Whole Foods: Apple prices cut from $3.49>$1.99, Avocados $2.79> $1.99, Echo on sale in store
Next to the organic peaches at Whole Foods: An ad for the Amazon Echo
It's day one, and Amazon is already selling Echo speakers at Whole Foods. Shared from my Google feed
CB on FOX Biz: Now at Whole Foods: Cheaper milk, "farm fresh" Amazon Echo
doing that too it all fell off when I realized that this life is fragile and limited and precious while I…
Amazon ३६५ and Whole Foods alliance could strain the organic supply chain
Tell me I'm lying lmao. *** be in the studio all night. Whole Foods ain't open past 10 😭😭😭
Lower prices at Whole Foods starts tomorrow! Here's what you need to know.
Is gonna make Whole Foods aisles wider? Bc I don't rly go in there bc it's like asking for a claustrophobia- induced panic attack
Now nobody's going to envy your stream-washed organic baby kale because it will be competitively priced. OUTRAGE!.
Gizmodo: Amazon's takeover of Whole Foods begins on Monday with discounted baby kale
investor Jana cashes out of Foods in wake of deal
You have no point on Amazon/Whole Foods deal. Just false allegations.
I wonder if the undercover cop who caught me doing illegal things at whole foods really sent my mugshot to all the other stores
To live longer, eat more nuts, whole grains, fruits and veggies & less meat.
Amazon buying Whole Foods means that drones will soon deliver my organic gluten-free Certified Transitional vegan chickpea…
I'm tryna go to Whole Foods and get sushi and mangoes fwm
Liberals shop at Whole Foods but complain about gentrification 🙄
Forgot I found these mini pineapples at Whole Foods today. Thank goodness for Amazon, I need 20 of these to get me…
Letter: Whole Foods catering saved event at last minute
Avocados among first Whole Foods products to get cheaper on Monday via
Shareholders are on board and regulators are on board. Get ready for Amazon's grocer takeover. $AMZN $WFM
of course layout of these at Whole Foods after you've moved away
Amazon's move seems aimed at changing the store’s reputation as “Whole Paycheck”
4 ways an Amazon-powered Whole Foods will disrupt supermarket chains:
I added a video to a playlist How to Cook: Brown Rice | Freshly Made | Whole Foods Market
it can definitely be agreed amazon purchasing Whole Foods will benefit the consumers but the stockholders not so mu…
They did NOT mention Whole Foods REAL competitors Natural Food stores like Wh…
Amazon says Whole Foods will cut some prices starting Monday
Grocery biz a new era for tech focused
in the car @ the Whole Foods parking lot wondering why i wasn't loved enough as a child
AMAZING: Amazon: We're lowering Whole Foods prices on Monday via
With Amazon in charge at Whole Foods, change is coming: Prices on some items will start falling Monday.
A wild vision of the future run by and
Whole Foods can go ahead and lower their prices but Im going to keep calling that place whole paycheck because it is a very good jokey joke
Amazon's Whole Foods deal could still fall apart thanks to forgotten antitrust case...
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
The sun has now set on the era of an independent Whole Foods. An exciting new future begins tomorrow!
Where does Blue Apron go after Amazon wraps up its Whole Foods deal?
Amazon is dropping prices at Whole Foods starting tomorrow
What are your thoughts on the giant taking over
Tormund is alive or I smash all the watermelons at Whole Foods with a warhammer.
I hope a whole foods opens up in jamaica we already got a starbucks late last year i think we ready
From surprising sand dunes to fusion foods, explore Japan in a whole new way
seeking permanent residency in Whole Foods
4. Amazon Prime members will get a good discount for Whole Foods
Amazon to lower Whole Foods' prices, will offer Prime member discounts
Amazon Prime members get discounts at Whole Foods via
Amazon Prime members can expect these perks at Whole Foods
Amazon Prime members will get even deeper discounts at Whole Foods
Amazon Prime to be offered as loyalty program and members will receive special savings and benefits at Whole Foods. http…
Amazon Prime members will get special deals at Whole Foods -- here's what we know about them so far via
Little Giant Ladders
Whole Foods cashier tells me Amazon Prime members will get 10% off entire order starting Monday. Unclear if temporary. $amz…
Amazon Prime members will get these perks at Whole Foods
Amazon Prime members will get special discounts at Whole Foods
SIGN: Tell the House and Senate Judiciary Committees: Investigate the Amazon-Whole Foods mega-merger
The Federal Trade Commission has decided that Amazon's plan to swallow up Whole Foods is fine by them.
The week in GRC: Janet Yellen sticks up for post crisis regulation, Amazon’s takeover of Whole Foods approved by FTC
Amazon will begin lowering prices at Whole Foods — starting Monday
The Federal Trade Commission has approved the Amazon -- Whole Foods deal.
Consumers rejoice after news of Whole Foods discounts, but the Federal Reserve won't be too happy
Amazon’s $13.7bn takeover of Whole Foods is set to go ahead after being cleared by US regulators
"Amazon Plans to Lower Some Prices at Whole Foods" by NICK WINGFIELD via NYT
So many hints how the aspects will be a major part of Amazon/Whole Foods...
W/Sears stores closing, Bezos buying Whole Foods, L market shifts continue, it's a good time to revisit this essay…
Also don't watch your calories they don't matter focus on just eating as many whole clean foods as pos…
Like a new definition of surveillance. Though, as always: be aware, be critical.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
This might be a great fit for you: Closing Grocery Team Member - CA
PSA: clubs are last season, go to Whole Foods and find you a man!
UFCW Pres. letter calling on Whole Foods BOD to protect Whole Foods Workers from Threat of
Whole Foods shareholders approve sale to Amazon #
Whole Foods shareholders approve sale to Amazon Via
Whole Foods shareholders approve sale to $amzn
This quit her day to start a 'Whole for Now it's a million-dollar
Whole Foods shareholders back Amazon deal: Amazon said in June that it would acquire the…
This might be a great fit for you: Part Time Dishwasher - CA
Great Wednesday morning! Started off w/ a 2 mile run, did some weight training and took an adventure to whole foods.
Whole Foods shareholders say yes to Amazon deal...
Remember, the deal still has to be approved by federal regulators first $AMZN $WFM
The Impossible Burger has some competition! Whole Foods is adding a plant-based burger bar: https:…
this guy spending $100 at whole foods is mad abt the 7 cent bag fee. I hope his family doesn't love him. I hope they don't…
Whole Foods shareholders approve sale to Amazon (Reuters: Technology)
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Go get yourself some almond butter from Whole Foods
What Amazon Foods might look like if powered by drones, Echo refrigerators & a sharing economy like Airbnb or Uber https:…
Whole Foods shareholders approve sale to Amazon
Another strong warning from the excellent .
My knockoff version of Whole Foods "locally sourced" ice: What I do is I put my tap water into an ice cube tray.
Whole Foods shareholders say 'yes' to Amazon deal
making decisions, new whole foods haul & train with me | DailyPolina
Tech giants siphon our online data like oil. Now they want to track our offline behaviour too
Whole Foods shareholders say yes to Amazon deal
Breaking: shareholders OK takeover; Regulators still need to chime in. takes a look.…
My latest column is about how Silicon Valley is bringing its surveillance-based business model into physical space. https:/…
When you buy fruit salad from whole foods but the mango is crunchy.
"approval from Whole Foods shareholders ... is one of the steps required to close the [Amazon] deal"
Great deal. All I have to do is drive 110 miles to my nearest Whole Foods.
I have counted at least 120 times how Whole Foods is a constant reminder of white privilege and you do nothing about it.
Silicon Valley siphons data like oil. But deepest drilling...for HPSC3036 Govern Emerging Tech
Whole Foods shareholders vote in approval of Amazon deal - CNBC
I was gonna buy chicken thighs but I got too high and got scared of the meat counter at Whole Foods
Silicon Valley siphons our data like oil. But the deepest drilling has just begun
Whole Foods shareholders vote to approve Amazon deal: via
Whole Foods shareholders approve sale to Amazon -
Cocaine so white it drives a Volvo and can afford to buy avocados at Whole Foods
Whole Foods shareholders vote to approve Amazon deal. Read more: $WFM
Whole Foods shareholders vote in favor of Amazon deal
Support KCRW today. Shop at santa monica whole foods 365. No whole paycheck over here.
Stumbled thru Whole Foods due to a semi-blindness from the solar eclipse that seems to come & go, mistook a person's hair for kale
Today will be a good day. Solar eclipse, gym, Whole Foods, Man City win, and my avo stayed on my roof when I forgot about it.💪💪
Moody’s says Amazon to offer $16 billion in debt for Whole Foods acquisition
Catherine, I think they caught you at Whole Foods!
Straight up just watched an older white woman at Whole Foods playing Ramon Ayala on guitar. I was like 😱
Have you ever had Whole Foods pizza or French macarons?! You need to some time to reflect
crying at Whole Foods is my specialty
These are Specialty Crop Co Figs... you can find them at Trader Joe's, Whole Foods and several local grocery stores…
Gentrification is a bag of BS.but I'm all for this > Whole Foods Market Opens Harlem Store On Friday
I am so excited about the lunch bag I bought from whole foods today! 😌😏🙂
I learned a little more about Amish life today 🤔. Buying less food from Whole Foods & more from Katie & Kyle.…
Whole Foods doesn't belong in Harlem. That's not tb e clientele whole foods goes for .
Need to go to the Whole Foods in Harlem asap!
Whole Foods in manhattan close at 11 but the one in Harlem closes at 10 🤔🤔🤔
The only time I am under budget at Whole Foods is when I take a BuzzFeed quiz. I spent: $40.81.
What Harlem thinks about Whole Foods coming to the neighborhood
See our latest CA and click to apply: PT Bakery/Coffee Bar Service Team Member STC -
We're Click to apply: Produce Nighttime Service Team Member - Part Time -
Can you recommend anyone for this Deli/Food Service Production Clerk -
Amazon is buying Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. It was originally $13 billion but they picked up an asparagus water in th…
The checkout lady at Whole Foods told me I have the best spirit as I was leaving
This woman at Whole Foods legit made a conscious effort to aim her sneeze towards the food bar
Again, come and let's hang in Whole foods and that Portland vegan market 😭❤️
I thought this was that look when he saw someone take the last Vegan Quinoa at Whole Foods
Feel the power of Quinoa on your skin with the Quinoa Beauty Care! Available at Whole Foods Market in VA, MD, PA, DC, OH, KY…
Omg if I had Whole Foods I would be the happiest! Sadly I don't 😭 but I can see that vegan options are sl…
Democrats in Congress urge review of Amazon’s Whole Foods bid
I am IN LOVE with the Whole Foods on 125th. Here's why:
If you haven't tried Whole Foods strawberry lemonade then you're not living right .
Nope. Any diet consisting of fresh, whole foods is key. 👌🏼 An improperly balanced vegan diet can act…
There's nothing wrong with salmon while you're pregnant, especially not the fresh fillets from Whole Foods
Food Items can have 180 more times than
We aren't vegan, but we eat only whole foods and ours looks like that too!
Ah, gentrification. Starbucks and Whole Foods in the heart of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd and Malcolm X B…
Whole Foods is trying really hard to be Lana Del Rey...
when, uhmm… the bottom of ur grocery bag breaks while you’re walking outta Whole Foods
I may have to make a trip to Whole Foods to try though.
They selling natural African shea butter in the Harlem Whole Foods for 20 dollars lmaooo
"When you're rich, committing a crime is just a misunderstanding." --Yvette Carnell
Tonight I had a date at a Whole Foods
I'll believe we're all created equal. when they trade a couple liquor. stores & mcdonald's in the hood. for a whole foods & a ju…
and is full of whole-food, plant-based foods that God made for us. . Ingredients + Method belo…
Whole Foods is amazing, but Trader Joe's has some hidden gems for sure!
John, I once saw you and your wife bickering about produce in the Downtown Austin Whole Foods.
A Lexus is basically a gentrified Toyota Camry that shops at Whole Foods and listens to Nao
Whole Foods has a spray called Thai crystals, it's amazing. I've used Native and DoTerra's as well. Both are good.
Pacific Business - Union plans to file complaint to block Amazon's takeover of Whole Foods
Inspired by the Whole Foods founder. Love how he is okay being different and shape the food buying in America.
My homie hiring at Whole Foods if y'all need a job. Full-Time. DM if you need the contact.
U.S. lawmaker calls for hearing on Amazon purchase of Whole Foods
Hamilton Collection
Amazon has made a deal 2 acquire Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. What do u think it will mean 2 the grocery aisle?…
Jim Hightower: "1984 at the Grocery Store: Amazon is buying Whole Foods, and that's bad news for humans."
Interesting profile of John Mackey - CEO of Whole Foods
Check out my take on the Amazon/Whole Foods deal, with friend and guru Jim Crawford from
God *** whole foods is expensive but their beef melts in the mouth. Like eating angel turd. Beautiful.
I just want to make enough money to shop at Whole Foods and Ikea
I have been suspicious about Whole Foods.
Amazon is buying Whole Foods in a deal valued at $13.7 billion
Will: it's 20 cents... you're so frugal with bags but then you shop at Whole Foods
Akron, are you ready for the best news since return? Your Whole Foods Market 365 store opens Sept. 14 😏 ht…
The same cashier who didn't card me at whole foods also commented on how tired I look so I'm obviously feeling really great
Today I walked a mile to the nearest Whole Foods and tbh I better lose some fat after this trip
I transferred to Whole Foods when I moved and they made me take a $3/hour pay cut 😃
An acai cup is the perfect refreshing healthy choice for a hot day this summer! Made with 100% naturally gluten free a…
About 60% of my feed consists of "What the Whole Foods purchase REALLY means for Amazon" articles.
domain names
Whole foods really has a miracle of a cafeteria. Also I found truffle salt there. They got rare stuff
Is that why Bezos wanted Whole Foods?No checkout line, no Jacobin browsing?
Next to each other.. I rather just have all broccoli. Things you learn at Whole Foods
So I went to Whole Foods and got a salad my mom works for the company that ships packages for them
Is Amazon promoting Trump goods as deals today b/c its Whole Foods merger is being reviewed by federal…
Whoa. just told Alexa to add Whole Foods Market to his shopping cart.
Just stop killing people. Please. It can't be that hard. I've gone 38 years on earth and have killed 0 people and I shop at Whole Foods.
How McCormick Has Resisted the Tide of Amazon and E-Commerce. Read more: $WFM
I'm excited to announce that GoyMeetsWorld will now be SoyMeetsWorld. . I will now discuss Whole Foods products ins…
Whole foods is expensive, but Cassie is priceless.
Not exactly sushi but Uproll Cafe does really good poke bowls and they serve coffee. Closest thing to g…
There's a Whole Foods 3 blocks away it opens July 21 I'm looking forward to it 😞
No, the man I just pictured who was drinking wine at Whole Foods on his birthday.
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