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Whole Foods

Whole foods are foods that are unprocessed and unrefined, or processed and refined as little as possible, before being consumed.

Trader Joe Whole Foods Market Earth Fare Vitamin Shoppe High Street Kensington San Francisco

Ancient human remains found at Hawaii Whole Foods construction site. Read Blog:
I aspire to have the confidence of a upper class white mom navigating Whole Foods like the back of her hand.
so I balled out and went grocery shopping at Whole Foods today
Violence enacted by corporate interests - I remember this one in Oakland:
Fueling up with the Kaia Fat Burner Smoothie at Whole Foods Market before the Angel Island Run in San Francisco...
Amazon reportedly eyed Whole Foods last year, but didn’t pursue takeover
Would have been awesome if Whole Foods was run without concern for profits like
I think Whole Foods sells vegan kimchi... don't trust it.
Cramer: Here's the only thing Jana can do to really boost Whole Foods' stock - CNBC
pondered a takeover of Whole Foods before Jana Partners stepped in, source says via
Xamarie, have you ever seen a conservative in Whole Foods? Also, they…
It's not. Maybe $5 or so at the Vitamin Shoppe and a bit pricier at Krogers or Whole Foods
Hi Narsha! You can find them at Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, Costco & even some CVS stores. Wishing you t…
Whole Foods coming to West Harlem is like handing someone (or everyone) a dissertation in food access
*** that shot back in Chapel Hill, haven't seen that many white people celebrating since Whole Foods salmon was on sale…
Am I hustling backwards for getting a gourmet grilled cheese at this Whole Foods? Even if I ain't paying?
Do people who regularly shop at Whole Foods not know how much extra they're paying, or do they just not care?
Whole Foods is a terrible place. You're paying extra for nothing typically.
I adore the Whole Foods hot bar, but I'm on the go today and don't have much time to stop
I usually do the hot bar at Whole Foods or True Food Kitchen to accommodate healthy eating on the road where possible.
I'm sure sprinkling quinoa on top of my Whole Foods salad added an extra $2 to the cost, so I'm scooping every bit on the bottom of the box.
You know when you accidentally spend $10 on a super extra salad from Whole Foods
Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, fresh thyme for "specialty" vegan stuff, like fake meats/etc, hit up Kroger, aldi, meijer for staples
I legit thought my boo from Whole Foods wasn't working here anymore
Yo I be I Whole Foods minding my business, I get the illest stares
Why does Whole Foods close so early?
you can have what you purchace, just like Whole Foods
I'm going to whole foods for dinner who wants to go ?
100 types of whiskey and a mochi bar? The new Lakeview is out of control
hopefully that'll be tomorrow and hopefully my mom will take me to whole Foods
White people were so excited today. They just opened the biggest two story Whole Foods today in Chicago.
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
My friend went overboard at Whole Foods. I made him return half a cart. Still have five 6-packs. I don't really drink.
Bank Teller: May I help you?. Me: *slips her a note*. BT: OMG . [20 min earlier]. Whole Foods Cashier: You only have a regul…
girl I sat down and ate my food stopped and got churros from el pollo loco and came back like *** Whole Foods was so busy"
Diets made up of mostly whole foods eliminate the saturated fats in packaged foods.
This butter I'm using for steak rn smells so amazing, ty Irish ppl and Whole Foods
I had a man follow me around Whole Foods telling me I needed to be vegan. I finally told him he knew nothing about my health &
Happy Beauty Week! 🙌 Enter for a chance to win a beauty bag at or share tips w/... by…
Wednesdays are great bc my poor *** can sample utmost luxury and indulge in Whole Foods once a week
Just here, getting trashed at your neighborhood Whole Foods
What is the cheapest price of a Whole Foods hot bar meal that will make me full and happy? These are the questions I ponder.
jordan harassed me the whole time we were in Whole Foods
Casual talk with the GM of Whole Foods, great guy.
When did I become someone who regularly shops at Whole Foods and has an addiction to drinking La Croix water?
Near miss with death tonight. I was walking from my hotel tonight in the Westchase District to Whole Foods to...
it's some bougie Whole Foods salad. I'm going on Tab and cigarette diet. Like our mothers did it
God bless you Ashley from Whole Foods! TY for being awesome!
Whole Foods is so good bruh I practically live there
Can you recommend anyone for this produce team member - CA
Whole Foods in Tampa...but they should have them in St Pete too!
When white people die they go to Whole Foods.
$100 at Whole Foods & 99 Cents Store. Max takes you on some comparison shopping. Catch him at TMZ's YouTube or Face…
More evidence for the health benefits of eating a whole foods plant based diet.
casually walking around a Whole Foods asking out loud if vegans eat gluten, wyd
1:200 ppl in US have disease n foods n supplements with vitamin B6 can interfere with potency
because you shopped at Whole Foods. Lol
Who would have thought that Costco would become America’s favorite place to buy organic food?
We're Read about our latest opening here: Housekeeping/Sanitation Team Member -
We're Read about our latest opening here: Part-Time Cashier - CA
Eggroll Chen off of Devine St (near Whole Foods). Now, please don't tell me anything gross about this place!
2 funny ! Time 2 hit Whole Foods and Trader Joe's 4 some veggies and ready made dishes!
>Whole Foods. >trying to force political correctness. The statement about PC and social class writes itself.
Whole Foods or a store similar to such and maybe Aldi
PSA: Whole Foods in NN has a mochi ice cream bar you're welcome
Unfortunately my kids won't be able to attend college because I bought something at Whole Foods
FREE Stonyfield Organic Grass-fed Yogurt at Whole Foods after Coupons via Natural and Organic ...
Whole Foods might be taking the all natural thing too far with their new compost aisle.
Just bumped into David Cameron in Whole Foods. Asked him if he'd congratulated George Osborne. He said yes it was a 'gre…
I just tried a vegan chocolate chip cookie from Whole Foods for the first time and my life will never be the same. How ar…
"Think Cold Stone Creamery but for juicing. Charge 8.99 per oz." - Whole Foods
Why Wegmans, Publix and Whole Foods are some of the best companies to work for
To the gentleman nicknamed "big spender" by the Whole Foods deli employees: tip of the cap to you, sir.
FREE Health & Wellness Fair this Thursday 4-7 at HSN! Come for Smoothie King, Whole Foods, massages & more!
Seriously tho. Tortilla chips from Whole Foods are like the best non-authentic-Mexican ones you can buy.
Whole Foods, like Starbucks, is also exploiting natural resources from Cameroon + lessening the wound w/ "acts of charity to aid poverty."
I've actually seen them in Walmart and I am certain whole foods has them too
I almost bought a $4 pineapple cup at Whole Foods until I remembered an entire pineapple is $2.99 at Costco.
If you're in Austin next week, make sure to come see us rockin the roof top of Whole Foods!! RSVP at...
imma have to try it again...Whole Foods near me and my hunger made me try...
last night I went to Trader Joe's AND Whole Foods because I know how to have a good time.
When you have beef with the Whole Foods cart boy ?
Honey roasted peanut butter from Whole Foods is the most amazing thing that has happened to this world😍
I guess these foods are whole they sure are expensive
Info: Best advice I was ever given by a Stay away from the so-called system, it will kill u!
Info: is essential4 of r component of the myelin sheath surrounding
Info: silver known to repair and damage n treat n
Save 20% this Wednesday, March 15th, on all natural supplements and body care at Amaranth Whole Foods Market at...
Browsing the guacamole in Whole Foods listening to on with tears in my eyes — and hope in my heart!
Officially hating whole foods rn. I just wanted some produce.
whole foods cashier asked me where i got my jeans and i said "they're my boyfriends jeans" And You Won't Believe What Happened Next!
Went to Whole Foods looking for coconut butter...spent $53 and didn't get coconut butter.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
honestly, South Park did an amazing job exposing Whole Foods and gentrification
Whole Foods was my fav place but i can't ever return bc a hot employee hit on me when i was in my school uniform and that's sacrilegious
Whole Foods is my happy place.'s also where I go if I want to go broke 💸💸💸
Hangin' at Whole Foods with the yungins! (who aren't so young anymore 😢). @ Franklin, Tennessee
Went into Whole Foods yesterday for the first time ever & I fell in love
WHOLE FOODS FRANKLIN. Wine Bar - Mondays 4-6. $2 off any glass of wine or draft beer. -
A cop just grabbed my arm at whole foods so that's cool.
going to Whole Foods lol nothing special
just told my dad I was using the bathroom in whole foods and he said to "make sure my 💩 was organic"
.what's happened to the blue Totopos? Not at Whole Foods or Safeway on Market St. for a week now. This is a big problem!
Are we witnessing the fall of Whole Foods? via
3 trips a week for the last 10 years. Done. Whole foods will have to suffice.
I hate Whole Foods and I still continue to come here
The landlord also found a receipt from Whole Foods for a can of fava beans and a nice chianti.
Moloka`i, where the backyards ARE the real whole foods.
won't that get you killed at Whole Foods?
Costco meets Whole Foods Get 35-50% off your favorite healthy and wholesome products:
Did you know that houses close to a Trader Joe's appreciate faster than homes close to a Whole Foods?…
Diets made up of mostly whole foods decrease the bad-for-you fats in processed foods.
The Whole Foods next to this movie theater is perfect if you want to sneak in your own snacks, but don't want to save a lot of money.
I've been sad all week and I step into whole foods and everything changes lmao
This is what working at Whole Foods was like, in the early 2000s. Lectures and lectures about the horrors of unions
That awkward moment when you don't make a donation at Whole Foods and everybody behind you starts judging you with their eyes 👀
Tampa x of Rinaldi @ Whole Foods: LAPD responding to a vehicle-vs-building.
Forget to bring your reusable bags to Whole Foods. -2 Points
Well there is an active black market out there for hair products. Whole Foods has all the good stuff.
How the *** did I not know that Josh Ravin was a San Fernando Valley kid? Tarzana! Find him at the Whole Foods west of Reseda Blvd.
Whole Foods has the best smoked salmon salad spread 😋😋😋
.reporting that Whole Foods will close its Capitol Hill store in Denver later this year:
The ducks in Sugarhouse Park (near the Whole Foods) do the same thing, ducks in Fairmont Park (Smith's) do not.
This weekend i want to go on hikes & eat green stuff from Whole Foods & hydrate my body w lemon water but I'm probably gon…
The Blue Knights are the Whole Foods of drum corps.
I was carded for kombucha at the Whole Foods on Bedford Ave 😐
You look like you got your tattoos in the back room of a Whole Foods
How is that? Carried at my local Whole Foods. Never tried it though
"Talking about my wife down in Whole Foods or how when I'm with her I feel whole too"
Have I mentioned how much I loathe Whole Foods?
You look like the friendliest cashier at Whole Foods
Get me a man that shops at Whole Foods exclusively
good ol Whole Foods Market. Same company that sold a bottle of water with a slice of cucumber in it for $6.99.
Ppl go to the gym two times and now they only date men that shop Whole Foods. Pls.
Did you read that article about how anti vaxxers cluster around Whole Foods? They depend on herd immunity and are p…
"If Shelley were around today you might find him at a Wall Street protest, buying quinoa at Whole Foods or falling in love w/ your sister."
It takes me roughly an hour after leaving Whole Foods to get off my high horse. The condescension is contagious.
No powergreens Jericho Long Island either. It's no wonder Whole Foods numbers are going down
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
solo late night Whole Foods trip or am I too lazy? ugh
Improve your health (or a friend's) with our furniture and get a Whole Foods Gift Card!
The best apple I've ever tried ... It's a must for Whole Foods to carry it all the time
Have you had Farmer's chocolate milk? It's 2% but it tastes like whole. And it's all natural. And it's cheap. It's only at Whole Foods here.
Packaged "healthy energy bars" are often full of sugar and unreadable ingredients. Opt for whole foods for energy
I shop at whole foods,'iM really getting guala.
I'll get the name of the stuff later. I'm too lazy right now. I'm having My favorite chocolate milk, Farmer's from Whole Foods, for desert.
Why does Whole Foods smell so weird rn.
also "Neem honey" from Whole Foods and Lemon (no water) got my voice together nothing else worked.
Pro tip: Squabble with your bf over who pays for the single piece of Whole Foods tiramisu so the cashier gives up and says "just take it."
The Whole Foods in West Hollywood is *** on earth. Also, who is wearing the organic underwear purchased at Whole Foods?
YOU NEVER know what you're gonna find AT Whole Foods lmao 😂
Whole Foods is finally getting its comeuppance
Me in whole foods or any natural foods store
ah watching a couple viciously makeout in Whole Foods and wow love is in the air
So stoked to be lifting normal again. Eating more Whole Foods while still enjoying other foods
That girl singing a Broadway song in the Whole Foods bathroom... yup, that was me.
I just winked at a total stranger in Whole Foods on accident
Hanging with Sebastian while Dylan's at practice... @ Whole Foods
. "Bro, this girl just texted me 'wyd'.". "Just tell her the truth dude. You're smelling all the essential oils at Whole Foods"
When ur mom forget to buy fruitsnacks when she go 2 whole foods
Was going to throw out all my bad food and go to Whole Foods today, but instead I ate a greasy burger, fries and two cups of ranch instead😁
I wasn't happy about the cost of getting a replacement remote for my Apple TV, but then I went to Whole Foods and it didn't seen so bad.
I'm thankful for bubble baths and bath salts from Whole Foods
A German grocery chain with the power to cripple Aldi, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe's is about to invade America
Shipt now delivering from Whole Foods on 280
the Whole Foods near me never has free samples!
Shout out to my connect who hooked me up with a big ol' Whole Foods…
If you tryna get chose, all the fake woke wealthy intellectual zaddies attend happy hour at Whole Foods.
*consumes relatively small portions of whole foods for two weeks straight, has Biggest Poops Of A Lifetime*
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
start-up Nosha brings Whole Foods to the meal replacement race.
Organic food is more popular than ever, so why is Whole Foods struggling? - The Christian Science Monitor
So glad Whole Foods now has a vegetable butcher. My vegetables deserve to look fabulous while they're rotting in the refrigerator.
Natural grocers didn't even have rosemary in their produce section...this is why I'm a Whole Foods heaux
I use NOW brand and it's with essential oils at natural grocers! Also I think Whole Foods and sprouts sell it ?? Amazon too!
OrganicLiveFood: Natures top 10 that can fight n
Hey, it might be pricier but you pay for the quality. Here's what to buy at Whole Foods according to a nutritionist…
I'm almost embarassed by the amount of time I've spent in Whole Foods Bryant Park
Didn't meal prep for lunch and here I am eating a shrimp cocktail platter in whole foods. 😐
You can have someone chop your veggies at Whole Foods or pre-chew them for you at Soylent.
Rabbit season has opened in Houston! 🐰 Venture down the rabbit hole tonight at Whole Foods…
Was getting dirty looks at the whole foods raw vegan salad bar i was laughing so hard
This might be a great fit for you: Part-Time Produce Service Team Member - CA
Got carded buying beer at Whole Foods last night. 🤔
Bout to go in on Whole Foods and Trader Joe's after work
Can you recommend anyone for this Produce Full Time Team Member - CA
I went to Whole Foods this morning.. I didn't see one
We're Read about our latest opening here: Join our Talent Network - Fremont - CA
😀. Seriously, whole foods customers will love the veg butcher. Great for stir fry, party platters, busy moms, virtue signalers…
Tickets are available for this event for only $2 here -
Whole Foods' yogurt selection has got me super stumped
Love the new Apple yoghurt, but having tough time finding it. Please get retailers to carry it (esp. Whole Foods).
We're Read about our latest opening here: Deli Production Team Member - CA
FortuneMagazine: Whole Foods now has a ‘produce butcher’ to chop your fruit and veggies
Whole Foods now has a 'Produce Butcher' to cut your vegetables for you
can't wait till next week I'm going straight to Whole Foods for my raw shea butter & all the essential oils I need 😍😍😍😍
The Truth about Whole Foods, Monsanto, and The Health Food Industry..amazing stuff...
Saved up for the most expensive gift I could get her for Valentine's Day. I hope this avocado from Whole Foods is ready on ti…
Calcium needs magnesium to be properly used.Some experts believe the ratio should be 1:1.https:…
Casual, committed, devoted. No matter your style, our new Whole Foods Supplements…
Man, going for whole, preservative-free, and no added sugar foods is exhausting. I had my first sugar headache last night, ...
Anyone have a Whole Foods 365 store in your area? Store is smaller and provides more affordable food choices...
Know your apples. Left in a Whole Foods store.
The proposal is for a supermarket, not a specialty organic grocer like Whole Foods Market and 365.
I'm just waiting for Whole Foods to sell this for 7.99
Whole Foods made "asparagus infused water" a thing ... so yeah they can make "produce butcher" a thing ...
I just got carded trying to buy kombucha at the Whole Foods and I felt like a millennial Larry David
hey boo! My bad just seeing this. Try GNC or Whole Foods. Any health food store should have it.
St. Louis come on out to Whole Foods in Central West End to sample great with Florence"s HomeStyle Cha Cha. http…
Come on out to the Save Our Bay Oyster Roast at Whole Foods at the Commons today from 11:30am to 2:30pm! Oysters...
Met Lynn Whitfield in Whole Foods yesterday. Almost didn't recognize her because of her height. Smaller than I thou…
Whole Foods still faces a price-image challenge in Canada that may be contributing to a recent cutback in...
"It feels like a cult, or Whole Foods." - me anytime someone offers me kale.
"It feels like a cult... or Whole Foods." 😂
My only motivation to make money is so that I can shop from Whole Foods lol
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
I love them. I have seen them just like that at Whole Foods Market sometimes.
meanwhile i suggest not eating dairy and meat products. Instead eat whole foods fresh
(Iron rich foods should be eaten with foods high in Vitamin C to help with absorption.)⁰-Molasses, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds.
"Well, I shouldn't be doing this, but here we are." - me out loud to no one at the Whole Foods hot food bar at 10pm.
ICYMI - Whole Foods Market, Inc. announced a brand new dictionary today!
I'm tired of seeing McDonald commercials on BET 🙄 can we get some Whole Foods commercials going, some smoothie commercials 🙄
it's a lot harder to throw out Whole Foods groceries when you burn them on the stove
If WF starts selling mj it'll b like everything else, they'll call it fire, it'll look good, and it will taste meh.
I think I'll just wait until the next time I'm near a Whole Foods. Leave the dough for another day
Well maybe Schneider can let him buy things at Whole Foods instead of Stop and Shop
There's little chance that I could make it out to Whole Foods before I need to prep the dough, assuming they'd even have it
Loved Kate's line when she arrived at the camp- "..feels like a cult or Whole Foods" 😂
You know you have a good sister when she goes out of her way to Whole Foods for you 🖤😘
"How's camp?". "I don't know. It feels like a cult or Whole Foods." . Tonight's -"This Is Us"
this whole "school foods around the world" is P.much sketchy looking no public school would give children this good looking food
Kind of a weird question, but were you at the downtown whole foods a little while ago by chance?
I I literally run into everyone while I'm working at Whole Foods
"It feels like a cult, or Whole Foods." 😂😂😂
imma just go to Whole Foods n chill lol
Today I went to Whole Foods in a Tshirt that said "when life gives you balls play with them"
I want to skip this stressful part in life to where I'm a hot wife/mom on my way to whole foods in my Mercedes to get groc…
had my first Oregon fresh squeezed IPA after moving from DC. The stuff in Whole Foods DC tastes skunky in comparison.
2 Year Old Shopping at Whole Foods via 3.5 mins. that will make you smile! Keeps the wri…
"It's gettin real in the Whole Foods Parking Lot." Time to bring back that classic.
Whole Foods cooked meals b smaccn.. low key😂 & it's walking distance from my job😋
Whole Foods Market is voted America's Best Grocery store in 2017 |
Dude working at Whole Foods just told me jaden smith invented the water I'm drinking
I loved that. Next time I go to Whole Foods should be interesting.
Fat *** wanted cake from Whole Foods, so I'm just tuning in to the New Edition movie
I do use Apple Pay at Whole Foods but it looks like all my cards are trying to be first in line
Have we been missing drum classes at Whole Foods this whole time?
I got a brownie from Whole Foods & I think everything in Whole Foods healthy so I'm good 😂
My goal in life is to be able to grocery shop at Whole Foods
So much disappointment today. Even the Whole Foods pizza was disappointing.
Wine and good cheese from Whole Foods almost makes me feel better.
I just participated in an for Whole Foods Market $50 Gift Card - In. Check it out here:.
Flashback: Whole Foods only stopped selling products containing GMO corn after they got caught
Sent out for 🍷🍷🍷and 🍪 Always do wine store before Whole Foods
Rip is actually in Chicago this week speaking at some Whole Foods locations (on the Tour page at
If you want some rad frozen dinners...go to Whole Foods. They've got GOOD STUFF man...(also hi, my oven is out of commission. Can't cook)
"We need to find a boy the organic way, we should hang around Whole Foods for awhile" 😂😂😂 okay Chrissy
The 5 coolest things you'll see in Whole Foods in 2017. .
It feels like a cult..or a Whole Foods.
You build by eating a diversity of whole foods rather than a few so-called
This will be like the time I went to visit original Whole Foods in Austin.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
"I think it's a cult ... or a Whole Foods." 😂
idk where you shop but I think I've only seen mango at Safeway and Whole Foods around here
I can't get out of Whole Foods in San Francisco without hating white people. And I'm a white people. I don't think I coul…
Megan Fox Booty in Jeans - Shopping at Whole Foods in Studio City, Feb. 2015
it's awesome!! Personally I'm a big fan of Whole Foods & Trader Joe's in Annapolis but that store is like a little slice of heaven😍
Rutgers has a decent portion of that building. Whole Foods on the first floor. City national bank is trying to move onto the 2nd floor too
I feel like Hank Hill at a hippie commune when I step into a Whole Foods b
Whole Foods has the most beautiful flowers 😍
everything besides the Whole Foods thing is fine
MJ says "fresh edible flowers from Whole Foods make the best garnish on a Champagne Cocktail, so…
Meet Mikaila Ulmer, 11-year-old girl, who has scored an $11million deal with Whole Foods to sell her lemonade! Congrat…
We are now at Whole Foods in High Street Kensington!! Feel free to come say hello
Matt O. is drinking a Beer For Breakfast (2016) by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery at Northside at Whole Foods
Can't stop thinking about the minestrone soup I had from Whole Foods last week 😩
You don't have to eat organic or shop at Whole Foods. I get everything I need from Walmart and all items I buy are $0.…
Hamilton Collection
Trader Joe's and Whole Foods are within close proximity of our community! View our map for more nearby conveniences…
so i am no longer going to Whole Foods in High Street Kensington nor Heaven thanks ***
| S U R P R I S E | . I'll be at Whole Foods in Kensington High Street today between 4.30-5.30pm…
So glad is FINALLY in my zip code. Ordered raw cashews, kombucha, & herbal tea fr Whole Foods
We still jokingly quote Richard Blais. "We hopped into our Toyota Siennas and headed for Whole Foods!"
Effort by US green party to force election recount now confined to three blocks surrounding "Whole Foods" in Park Slope, Bro…
Penn Plaza to become a Whole Foods-anchored mixed-use project of retail, offices and shopping
Support firefighters and their families on Dec. 7th at Whole Foods, Los Altos. 5% of sales will go to charity.
A city council man who gentrifies the local community through backdoor deals with Whole Foods and Panera Bread.
. shopping. I mean like every 4 days. I only buy my groceries at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's. Where do you shop. Tell me!
High street ken Whole Foods is dangerous. A black hole for my moneys! 😩
Whole Foods shoppers in the Southwest region, check out your November/December coupon book for a deal on our 6...
That guy running for President on the Natural Law Party, is his victory party a card table set up at the local Whole Foods?
Whole Foods is Giving-away Free $275 Grocery Coupon To EVERYONE on its Anniversary! (limited time offer)
Ah, the sawdust. Gotta go to Whole Foods or Publix to get the good stuff.
what is it like to go to Whole Foods and spend less than $15 ...? No stsly tell me bc I have no clue
Whole Foods is rocking some early XTC jams right now.
The closest Trader Joe's, Whole Foods or Earth Fare are either across state boarders in Indiana and Michigan or back home 😭
Unless you get your water from Earth Fare or Whole Foods..yeah prolly not
Earth Fare now has a cookie bar. I'm guessing to compete w/ (soon to be) Whole Foods.
So I decided to take a spontaneous road trip to ottawa next Monday so if anyone wants to come hmu. I'm mostly going for Whole Foods tbh
I LOVE flowers! Such a beautiful assortment of pink flowers at Whole Foods today! @ Whole Foods
Oh. Do they sell these at whole foods?
I just wanna work at whole foods and eat healthy vegan foods and paint and skate for the rest of my life.
A detox tea is cool but you can also detox with whole foods. Your body needs nutrients and vitamins that a simple drink can't sub for.
It's kind of annoying to see more promoting of drinking a detox tea rather than promoting whole foods nutrition. Eat ya fruits and veggies
Whole Foods, Starbucks, and Chipotle. That means they are moving us out of there.
"Eh maybe I'll go into Whole Foods and see what they-"
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