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Whole Foods

Whole foods are foods that are unprocessed and unrefined, or processed and refined as little as possible, before being consumed.

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John MacKey, co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market, warns: “Evaluate your investors very carefully. If you...
I'm way too excited for Whole Foods to open idk why I'm not even healthy
I remember when Whole Foods used to sell Toms for $20
just sitting there in a whole foods parking lot at night right near my car. am i being paranoid? probably. BUT if i did now y'all know
Aww your such a cute Whole Foods gal 🦄
25 yr old his mother at whole foods:. Her: "Do u have a cheese grater at your place?". Him: "I do but I used it to dist…
so my doctor just gave me a whole list of foods I can't eat anymore and I want to cry
Valencia. Dude just stole another dudes bike from Whole Foods last scene towards the Paseos. 🚔e/r
I live 3 minutes from a brand new Costco shopping enter and a Whole Foods, along one of the busiest roa…
I tried the Whole Foods line on a dating app.
If you drink lots of water and buy your groceries at Whole Foods you can drink all the whiskey & tequila you want. it's…
going to Whole need anything?
*Calendula cream.* Health food stores and Whole Foods Market have it.
Packed with protein, and whole this delicious pasta bowl is Med diet-approved
Your diet should focus on fresh, whole, unprocessed foods (vegetables, meats, raw dairy, nuts) that come from sustainab…
Millions of shoppers are abandoning Whole Foods — and it's not just because of high prices.
The only things you should ever buy from Whole Foods
It's just one of my locations & id much rather take my lunch than go driving around trying to figure it…
Watching my bff drive us to whole foods with a ton of left turns and not killing us gave me faith that I too, can drive to whole foods
If I were searching for New Buffalo metaphors, a derelict plaza next to an unaffordable grocery store would work. https…
Just bought another condo by the Whole Foods with the white folk
Punk Rockers in your 40's. Good news, you're still alive. Bad news, I just heard Violent Femmes, Blister In The Sun, playi…
Whole foods, simple recipes and clean living.
I'm at Whole Foods, Do you need anything?
Woo go Whole Foods! Changing the way Americans buy and view their food. Cool story to learn more about…
It's made with diff natural oiIs! I know Fry's carries it but Whole Foods or Natural Grocers has more vari…
What does one do with a preserved lemon? I bought some from Whole Foods and I have no idea where to start
"You could wrap it up and sell it at Whole Foods"
I’m currently slathered in the oatmealiest oatmeal lotion the nearby Whole Foods could prov…
I liked a video WHOLE FOODS - 4 for $5.00 - Healthy salads and food. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY
Going to Whole Foods. Want me to pick you up anything?
Late night & I just want to go to Whole Foods and Costco to get groceries bc it's one of my favorite activities. I'm such a mom
That Santa Monica 365 By Whole Foods now has an official August opening date.
a random little girl at Whole Foods just called me mama... gurl I ain't ur mama
I'm headed to Whole Foods JUST to sample the food. lol
one time I went into Whole Foods for soda because I didn't know what it was
"Heading to Whole Foods, do you want something" 🤣
Those apparently aren't degrees for knowing good breakfast foods bc pancakes are my whole life
Good example of corporate . As Whole Foods gets closer, Northtown Plaza empties out
When you eat crap, your body produces hormones that make you feel like crap. It's simple. Eat whole, real foods.
Me when Want You Back played at Whole Foods for the 1st time today
Yo I'm going to whole foods. Need me to pick up any... — what do they have at whole foods
These two sat adjacent to my mother and I one day at the Green Hills Whole Foods eating area. Strangely, they...
Going to whole foods, want me to pick you up something?
I need some sun. My legs are so white they just drove to Whole Foods in their Prius.
This might be a great fit for you: Produce Supervisor -
I relate to Abbi high af in the Whole Foods.
Whole Foods still a prime tenant with avg sales of $800-$1,000 per sq.ft.
I'm going to Whole Foods, want me to pick you up anything?
Use a food saver to vaccum seal foods, but it can do a whole lot more than that!
Whole Foods joins with Monsanto to DENY you honest GMO labeling via
No wonder ppl think vegetarianism/veganism is expensive. Went to Whole Foods and Earth Fare this weekend and jfc the prices.
Do u have a Whole Foods or Earth fare where u r now?
Whole Foods is just playing buzz word mad libs with their supplements now
Whole Foods shakes up leadership to fix its struggling business
So you jus gon leave me on earth with Trump & Whole Foods? Jus selfish smh 😭
Facing activist pressure, Whole Foods overhauls board from
Whole Foods bets on 365 format, cost cuts to revive growth
Oh crap I remember seeing that exact bottle at a Whole Foods near my workplace. XD
Whole Foods shakes up board as sales figure keeps falling - NEW YORK (AP) -- Whole Foods is announcing a board ...
Whole shakes board key figure falls again:
Hundreds pack Brighton Town Hall for meeting on Whole Foods
Many thanks to our latest Big Wave sponsor, Whole Foods Market in Reno, Nevada! Their gift certificate will be...
The best birthday parties are the ones held at Whole Foods. Happy birthday Zoe 💕💕💕💕
Whole Foods just extended its shelf life, but the clock is ticking via
Whole Foods Market, Canada Inc. (Burnaby BC): "customer service to customers and team members.…
Whole Foods Market, Canada Inc. (Victoria BC): "office at the worksite where you are applying for a…
Whole Foods announces new CFO amid board shakeup
.The only demographic that Whole Foods won was high income families. Bougie swine!!
Whole Foods has a big, basic problem it desperately needs to solve - The Washington P… ➜…
This one alarming trend should terrify anyone who loves Whole Foods: Sozzi
Whole Foods drastically shakes up its leadership … again
Whole Foods to remove more than half its board, name new chairman as the grocer struggles with flagging sales
Coffee shops, Whole Foods, IKEA, and book stores all summer 👀👰🏾
I like to try samples at Whole Foods and say things like, "This needs more GMOs," or, "This would be better with high fructose corn syrup."
Under pressure from two big shareholders, Whole Foods makes some dramatic changes. Replaces 5 board members, names new chair &…
Is all of SF becoming a Whole Foods parking lot?
The best self care you can give yourself is feeding yourself with whole foods 🌱
These strawberries from whole foods tho 🍓🍓
I found out a Whole Foods was being built nearby today and I freaked out
Innovación: Food startup Salted is bringing its meal kits to Whole Foods via
Whole Foods replaces chairman and finance chief as activist circles - Financial Times
I have a Whole Foods taste but Walmart budget
Texas grocer Whole Foods reportedly looking to nix half of its board . ☛
Whole Foods names new CFO, directors - Reuters Africa
I tried a sample of maple water in Whole Foods the other day. It’s just water from a maple tree, before it’s boiled to make syrup.
I'll have the latest on a plan to bring Whole Foods to Brighton tonight on at 11
Whole Foods Market's sales continue to fall.
could be that stupid water Whole Foods sells
Whole Foods shakes up board as key sales figure falls again
Met a 92-year old ex-Soviet propaganda artist the other day. Turns out he was a 23-year old Whole Foods bagger from Brooklyn.
Which one of y'all cousins that works at Whole Foods in Baltimore told Gizelle Bryant that the pastor ain't s___t?!
More ‘day in life’, stopped at Whole Foods to grab some stuff. Only place that has Green Tea ice cream (a fav at th…
Tom came home from Whole Foods with a venus flytrap. This man is out of control. thanks Whole Foods. I prefer my food not come with choking hazard warning.
to the mom taking 7 Whole Foods bags out of a Volvo wagon near 6th & Tucson who voted Green because Ron Barber is a…
So look, about this Dark Tower Takes Manhattan movie: the Rose growing out of the floor of a Whole Foods is not a thing I want to see
"Every American adult is responsible for his or her own health" - John MacKey, CEO of Whole Foods via
I hear that Whole Foods at Lansdowne Park is not very busy.
Shreve is at Whole Foods this morning for Give for Good! Please support our Academic Foundation Campaign for Chrome…
Is For Summer Opening. Click on link for info.
We need a smoothie place in Harlem. Whole Foods gotta hurry up!
Guys, listen (hard concept I know), you need better meeting areas. The libs are at Whole Foods not by the Burger Ki…
winning over Whole Foods NIMBYs by having giant corporate men develop GMO crops that sprout tall buildings?
I'm at whole foods if any of you guys need anything. It's on me.
Some vegans really do believe buying the most organic and natural foods from corps like Whole Foods is revolutionary yet s…
Sometimes I wish I didn't have tattoos so old men in Whole Foods wouldn't ask me about them
Only one word applies to Whole Foods: Pretentious. This outrageously expensive food chain should go out of business.
Whole Foods is reportedly lowering its prices: . via RealSimple
Whole Foods is reportedly lowering its prices: . via
vitamin / mineral supplements are useless. as the body rejects them as they are not. in whole foods. Food does not grow in…
yesterday we had vegan burgers and vegan pizza from Whole Foods, their burger is good, y'all should definitely try…
Yup need another trip to Whole Foods for another plate today 🙌🏽
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I saw Andre 3000 eating a sandwich in his car in Whole Foods parking lot. That's way more relevant than seeing Steve Nash play soccer in NYC
I am trying to eat more whole foods, and I do incorporate alot of vegetables in my meals!! I started cooking…
If you want to take action, start w baby steps, eat local as able and organic whole raw foods. Today is a melon cel…
We're Read about our latest opening here: Seafood Team Member -
maybe I just have to save money for gas to drive an hour to see if the Whole Foods store in Wichit…
Oh please! The DC area is becoming Asia! I was a White minority in a Whole Foods up there for crying out…
Me at Whole Foods: Where's the headache medicine?. Whole Foods dude: all of our homeopathic stuff is over there.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Lucky. It reeks of soccer stay at home moms, whole foods, LueLaRoe leggings and overcompensation
This is what happens when we have no $ for your overpriced crap.
We like shopping at Sprouts. It's like Whole Foods w/out the pretentiousness.
Fellow friends has a sale on larabar 😋 @ Whole Foods Market
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"oooh, whole foods! i love Whole Foods!". apparently my little sister is a upper middle class white woman now.
Expensive & pretensions is ok for Rodeo Drive not Main St. Chains like Luckys took the fresh market at fair prices.
What did today mom & I when to whole foods at Columbia Maryland and bought two slice pizza at whole foods it was good pizza 🍕🍕🍕
Nancy - close to you? Sophie and Jake introduced me to World Market and Whole Foods all those years ago!
same, but now I wanna go to Whole Foods.
Food Network tries so hard to hide the brand but I can recognize a Kroger or Whole Foods brand in 3 seconds flat
As much as I've liked it, I can't wait to leave Whole Foods.
Due to inclement weather, we unfortunately have to cancel our adoption event today at Whole Foods. Stay safe everyo…
2 Simple healthy eating tips. 1. Eat only nourishing, whole and unadulterated foods. 2. Avoid all processed foods
Check out this photo of Whole Foods Market on
Hard times for Whole Foods: 'People say it's for pretentious people. I can see why' via
Another Large Investor Calls on Whole Foods to Explore Sale - Mutual-fund manager Neuberger Berman is calling o...
Once passive mutual fund is now joining in the effort (with Barry Rosenstein) to drive Whole Foods into a sale:…
821 W. Lancaster Ave, Devon, PA. In the heart of walk to Whole Foods, and restaurants!…
A Whole Foods buyout would be the "Whole Paycheck" and then some. Great read. Leveraged buyouts are tough via
If Albertsons wants to buy Whole Foods, here's how much it should be prepared to pay -- Sozzi https:…
I bought you this eggplant from Whole Foods thinking you would like it and you spit in my face
Omg am just now finding out the lake O Whole Foods 365 has a mochi bar!!!
If you want a picture of the future, imagine a whole foods store dropping on a frog's hand — for all time
My day keeps getting better. I'm not used to this. Think it's because I heard "Girls Talk" and "My Sharona" back-to-back at Whole Foods.
Did you ever find that two week period where whole foods has some mangoes that are super juicy?
Whole Foods is actually what my heaven looks like
1st 365 store to open in home state of Texas joining the three others around the US.
Albertsons is reportedly considering a takeover of Whole Foods: via
At a Whole Foods store 1 1/2 hours away searching for a specific type of peanut butter and some blue corn chips..
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Report: Albertsons may make a bid to buy Whole Foods (AP photo)
I'm "millennial healthy" which means I buy organic vitamins at Whole Foods and swallow them with a swig of Diet Coke.
"I voted for Jill Stein" is just how you say "I voted for Donald Trump" on the Whole Foods check out line.
Whole Foods woes whet rival’s appetite for a deal  - Albertsons said to be exploring a bid after activist inves...
Whole Foods is not going to last the way that it currently is. Plus they have had a declining market share in Austin for a while now 😎
Albertsons is considering buying Whole Foods?? 🤣😅🤣 it'll make Whole Foods last remaining years even shorter!
Whole Foods could be bought by Albertsons, report says
*** s Grocery Games on the Food Network, sponsored by Whole Foods
Report: Albertsons considers takeover bid for Whole Foods
Just like their human companions, dogs live longer, healthier lives when they eat the right foods, get enough... https…
"you seem pretty mellow dude, you shop at Whole Foods?"
saw a cute boy at Whole Foods, but I didn't talk to him because I never want to say "yeah we met by the kombucha aisle in…
Hey...did you ever go out with Corey Booker? I met him in Whole Foods in Union Sq. b4. He seems really cool. I heart U two :)
Now available on tap at Lone Elm Taproom - Whole Foods - KC Bier Wunder Pils
There is nothing cool about being healthy if it's cheap; Whole Foods, soul cycle, lulu lemon etc
Get 92% off all 100% gluten free cereal this week with your Whole Foods card!
also start going to Milk Pail. It's the immigrants version of Whole Foods. Similar food, less labels, a lot more dust and less $$
Which is why Paleo as any form of heuristic for eating a whole foods diet is DEAD. It is comp…
i would literally not survive there lol if you ever want a later schedule u can apply for some Whol…
Maybe Juicero should just sell the packets. They'd probably be a hit at Whole Foods
Congratulations to Cottom Foods Widnes from the whole team at Dalziel, great result well done!
Yeah these slick dudes hang out by this place called whole foods, I asked for 1 marijuana and they hook…
I lived at N 9th & Wythe for years; walking by the new Whole Foods and Apple Store could trigger a…
Trader Joe's workers are happier than Whole Foods workers. Here’s why… via
Info: resistance is a real problem. How is increasing of
Get some homeopathic throat spray from Whole Foods - preferably with zinc. Works wonders.
If my tax return's big enough I'm going for a down payment on an avocado from Whole Foods.
Could an activist investor save Whole Foods?
Whole Foods right down the street has a natural grated horseradish I use at work in summerlin. I'll find…
Blazer fans love Jake Layman because most of them are pretty sure he works at the Whole Foods they go to.
Whole Foods is about to get cheaper
On my way to Whole Foods. That sentence alone turns me on
I was in the whole foods dairy aisle and my period just started and I honestly think it's because of the high prices
Never, ever buy these 5 things at Whole Foods
NEW on the blog: Vegan at 365 Whole Foods
I want a raspberry vegan cupcake from whole foods 😿🍰
Diets consisting of mostly whole foods decrease the bad fats in processed foods & increase fats in omega-3…
Some stupid lady at Whole Foods was arguing with me over the line. I was already in line before you got there. 🖕🏻
If we can build market-rate housing that's more Grocery Outlet than Whole Foods, different story...
Slathered in my favorite eucalyptus body oil from Whole Foods. Tucked into clean sheets 😴
I mean, people *would* freak out if a Whole Foods Market tried to open on Mission Street.
Them, you don't have to go ultra fancy gmo free expensive *** Whole Foods, but try incorporating fresh, unprocessed foods into ur diet!
Nobody in this whole foods isn't wearing yoga pants
I got some Lexus keys and Whole Foods membership . We moving on up
Eric likes Whole Foods but he got money
Quartz Index: Consumers are abandoning Whole Foods for cheaper healthy food stores
Ancient human remains found at Hawaii Whole Foods construction site. Read Blog:
I aspire to have the confidence of a upper class white mom navigating Whole Foods like the back of her hand.
so I balled out and went grocery shopping at Whole Foods today
Violence enacted by corporate interests - I remember this one in Oakland:
Fueling up with the Kaia Fat Burner Smoothie at Whole Foods Market before the Angel Island Run in San Francisco...
Amazon reportedly eyed Whole Foods last year, but didn’t pursue takeover
Would have been awesome if Whole Foods was run without concern for profits like
I think Whole Foods sells vegan kimchi... don't trust it.
Cramer: Here's the only thing Jana can do to really boost Whole Foods' stock - CNBC
pondered a takeover of Whole Foods before Jana Partners stepped in, source says via
Xamarie, have you ever seen a conservative in Whole Foods? Also, they…
It's not. Maybe $5 or so at the Vitamin Shoppe and a bit pricier at Krogers or Whole Foods
Hi Narsha! You can find them at Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, Costco & even some CVS stores. Wishing you t…
Whole Foods coming to West Harlem is like handing someone (or everyone) a dissertation in food access
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
*** that shot back in Chapel Hill, haven't seen that many white people celebrating since Whole Foods salmon was on sale…
Am I hustling backwards for getting a gourmet grilled cheese at this Whole Foods? Even if I ain't paying?
Do people who regularly shop at Whole Foods not know how much extra they're paying, or do they just not care?
Whole Foods is a terrible place. You're paying extra for nothing typically.
I adore the Whole Foods hot bar, but I'm on the go today and don't have much time to stop
I usually do the hot bar at Whole Foods or True Food Kitchen to accommodate healthy eating on the road where possible.
I'm sure sprinkling quinoa on top of my Whole Foods salad added an extra $2 to the cost, so I'm scooping every bit on the bottom of the box.
You know when you accidentally spend $10 on a super extra salad from Whole Foods
Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, fresh thyme for "specialty" vegan stuff, like fake meats/etc, hit up Kroger, aldi, meijer for staples
I legit thought my boo from Whole Foods wasn't working here anymore
Yo I be I Whole Foods minding my business, I get the illest stares
Why does Whole Foods close so early?
you can have what you purchace, just like Whole Foods
I'm going to whole foods for dinner who wants to go ?
100 types of whiskey and a mochi bar? The new Lakeview is out of control
hopefully that'll be tomorrow and hopefully my mom will take me to whole Foods
White people were so excited today. They just opened the biggest two story Whole Foods today in Chicago.
My friend went overboard at Whole Foods. I made him return half a cart. Still have five 6-packs. I don't really drink.
Bank Teller: May I help you?. Me: *slips her a note*. BT: OMG . [20 min earlier]. Whole Foods Cashier: You only have a regul…
girl I sat down and ate my food stopped and got churros from el pollo loco and came back like *** Whole Foods was so busy"
Diets made up of mostly whole foods eliminate the saturated fats in packaged foods.
This butter I'm using for steak rn smells so amazing, ty Irish ppl and Whole Foods
I had a man follow me around Whole Foods telling me I needed to be vegan. I finally told him he knew nothing about my health &
Happy Beauty Week! 🙌 Enter for a chance to win a beauty bag at or share tips w/... by…
Wednesdays are great bc my poor *** can sample utmost luxury and indulge in Whole Foods once a week
Just here, getting trashed at your neighborhood Whole Foods
What is the cheapest price of a Whole Foods hot bar meal that will make me full and happy? These are the questions I ponder.
jordan harassed me the whole time we were in Whole Foods
Casual talk with the GM of Whole Foods, great guy.
When did I become someone who regularly shops at Whole Foods and has an addiction to drinking La Croix water?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Near miss with death tonight. I was walking from my hotel tonight in the Westchase District to Whole Foods to...
it's some bougie Whole Foods salad. I'm going on Tab and cigarette diet. Like our mothers did it
God bless you Ashley from Whole Foods! TY for being awesome!
Whole Foods is so good bruh I practically live there
Can you recommend anyone for this produce team member - CA
Whole Foods in Tampa...but they should have them in St Pete too!
When white people die they go to Whole Foods.
$100 at Whole Foods & 99 Cents Store. Max takes you on some comparison shopping. Catch him at TMZ's YouTube or Face…
More evidence for the health benefits of eating a whole foods plant based diet.
casually walking around a Whole Foods asking out loud if vegans eat gluten, wyd
1:200 ppl in US have disease n foods n supplements with vitamin B6 can interfere with potency
because you shopped at Whole Foods. Lol
Who would have thought that Costco would become America’s favorite place to buy organic food?
We're Read about our latest opening here: Housekeeping/Sanitation Team Member -
We're Read about our latest opening here: Part-Time Cashier - CA
All purpose parts banner
Eggroll Chen off of Devine St (near Whole Foods). Now, please don't tell me anything gross about this place!
2 funny ! Time 2 hit Whole Foods and Trader Joe's 4 some veggies and ready made dishes!
>Whole Foods. >trying to force political correctness. The statement about PC and social class writes itself.
Whole Foods or a store similar to such and maybe Aldi
PSA: Whole Foods in NN has a mochi ice cream bar you're welcome
Unfortunately my kids won't be able to attend college because I bought something at Whole Foods
FREE Stonyfield Organic Grass-fed Yogurt at Whole Foods after Coupons via Natural and Organic ...
Whole Foods might be taking the all natural thing too far with their new compost aisle.
Just bumped into David Cameron in Whole Foods. Asked him if he'd congratulated George Osborne. He said yes it was a 'gre…
I just tried a vegan chocolate chip cookie from Whole Foods for the first time and my life will never be the same. How ar…
"Think Cold Stone Creamery but for juicing. Charge 8.99 per oz." - Whole Foods
Why Wegmans, Publix and Whole Foods are some of the best companies to work for
To the gentleman nicknamed "big spender" by the Whole Foods deli employees: tip of the cap to you, sir.
FREE Health & Wellness Fair this Thursday 4-7 at HSN! Come for Smoothie King, Whole Foods, massages & more!
Seriously tho. Tortilla chips from Whole Foods are like the best non-authentic-Mexican ones you can buy.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Whole Foods, like Starbucks, is also exploiting natural resources from Cameroon + lessening the wound w/ "acts of charity to aid poverty."
I've actually seen them in Walmart and I am certain whole foods has them too
I almost bought a $4 pineapple cup at Whole Foods until I remembered an entire pineapple is $2.99 at Costco.
If you're in Austin next week, make sure to come see us rockin the roof top of Whole Foods!! RSVP at...
imma have to try it again...Whole Foods near me and my hunger made me try...
last night I went to Trader Joe's AND Whole Foods because I know how to have a good time.
When you have beef with the Whole Foods cart boy ?
Honey roasted peanut butter from Whole Foods is the most amazing thing that has happened to this world😍
I guess these foods are whole they sure are expensive
Info: Best advice I was ever given by a Stay away from the so-called system, it will kill u!
Info: is essential4 of r component of the myelin sheath surrounding
Info: silver known to repair and damage n treat n
Save 20% this Wednesday, March 15th, on all natural supplements and body care at Amaranth Whole Foods Market at...
Browsing the guacamole in Whole Foods listening to on with tears in my eyes — and hope in my heart!
Officially hating whole foods rn. I just wanted some produce.
Website Builder 728x90
whole foods cashier asked me where i got my jeans and i said "they're my boyfriends jeans" And You Won't Believe What Happened Next!
Went to Whole Foods looking for coconut butter...spent $53 and didn't get coconut butter.
honestly, South Park did an amazing job exposing Whole Foods and gentrification
Whole Foods was my fav place but i can't ever return bc a hot employee hit on me when i was in my school uniform and that's sacrilegious
Whole Foods is my happy place.'s also where I go if I want to go broke 💸💸💸
Hangin' at Whole Foods with the yungins! (who aren't so young anymore 😢). @ Franklin, Tennessee
Went into Whole Foods yesterday for the first time ever & I fell in love
WHOLE FOODS FRANKLIN. Wine Bar - Mondays 4-6. $2 off any glass of wine or draft beer. -
A cop just grabbed my arm at whole foods so that's cool.
going to Whole Foods lol nothing special
just told my dad I was using the bathroom in whole foods and he said to "make sure my 💩 was organic"
.what's happened to the blue Totopos? Not at Whole Foods or Safeway on Market St. for a week now. This is a big problem!
Are we witnessing the fall of Whole Foods? via
3 trips a week for the last 10 years. Done. Whole foods will have to suffice.
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